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NorCal Regionals Street Fighter X Tekken finals and a playlist for each game

The guys at iPlayWinner have finished uploading all of the top 8 footage from NorCal Regionals onto YouTube.

Street Fighter X Tekken top 8 has now been posted along with playlists for all of the games. The SFxT top 8 features EG|Floe, coL.cc|Combofiend, FC|Chris G, Infiltration, Lamerboi and more.

After the jump will be the losers and grand finals along with a link to a playlist for each game.

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Street Fighter X Tekken - The Online Warrior: Episode 5 'The Death of Hype?'

Maximilian's fifth episode of The Online Warrior for Street Fighter X Tekken series. In this episode Max discusses the death of the hype especially with timeouts being such a problem as of late.
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Street Fighter X Tekken ranked match footage featuring Poongko and high ranked PSN players

YogaFlame24 and Ssf4evo have uploaded some more great Street Fighter X Tekken matches.

Up first YogaFlame24 uploaded a nice compilation of TH|Poongko matches where he only uses Ryu and Kazuya but there are some nice combos here including another re-stand combo.

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Clockw0rk's Fight for Youth Charity tournament on April 14th

In last night's episode of Cross Counter Live Mike Ross and Combofiend debuted a trailer for a special tournament being put together by BrokenTier's own Daniel “Clockwork” Maniago. Fight for Youth Charity is a tournament set to raise money for an after-school program in the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District in Southern California.

Fight For Youth is a charity tournament being held to benefit ASES Prep, which is the afterschool program that operates in 12 schools in the Norwalk/La Mirada School District. Funds raised will go towards their "Afterschool's Got Talent" show on May 16th which will be held at Excelsior Auditorium in Norwalk. The money will also be used to rent charter buses that allow the kids to take field trips to locations farther than the immediate vicinity of Norwalk.

The tournament will be held April 14th during the day and will feature Street Fighter X Tekken (doubles tournament) and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (singles). More trailers and details will be released within the next few days!

The venue and other details will be announced in the next few days over on the Fight for Youth Charity FaceBook page.

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Street Fighter X Tekken roundup: Jin & Xiaoyu TAS combos, Hugo combo exhibition, Mega Man glitch and more

Jadeshikonapan has put together a new video showing off some combos in Street Fighter X Tekken for both Jin and Xiaoyu. These are tool assisted but are still really nice combos especially the Jin solo 47 hit combo.

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Street Fighter X Tekken April 3 update breakdown by Maximilian

Maximilian uploaded a breakdown of the downloadable content that dropped today for Street Fighter X Tekken. Max mostly discusses the new color packs and swap costumes that are now available.
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Capcom's fighting game team has presentation at Captivate, 'new future' mentioned

Capcom's fighting game team has presentation at Captivate, 'new future' mentioned With the quote possibly getting a bit lost in translation, Yoshinori Ono mentioned that Capcom's fighting game team was giving a presentation at this year's Captivate event, and talked about a new future.

Ono's English isn't stellar, so proceed with that in mind, but he stated:

So we're having Captivate at Rome just now! Fighting team had presentation for new future.

Hit the jump for more.

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Tournament DLC gem selection and online sound fix for Street Fighter X Tekken on April 10

Tournament DLC gem selection and online sound fix for Street Fighter X Tekken on April 10 Capcom made it official today that Street Fighter X Tekken will receive a free tournament mode DLC update which makes gem selection easier and another patch which will improve the quality of sound in online matches. Both of these items will be rolled out on the same day — April 10, 2012.

If you're curious about why Street Fighter X Tekken has sound issues, Seth Killian offered an interesting breakdown on the subject, noting that it has to do with the game's built from scratch netcode.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Wednesday Night Fights AE 2.1 YouTube replay - Street Fighter X Tekken and SSF4 AE v2012

A YouTube archive of last week's Wednesday Night Fights Arcade Edition 2.1 is now available from Level|Up. It mostly features Street Fighter X Tekken, but there's some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 action thrown in as well.

If you missed it, you can scope out the results here.
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Updated: Street Fighter X Tekken downloadable content available now on Xbox Live and later today on PlayStation Network

Updated: You can view all of the costume swaps and alternate colors without downloading anything from both PSN and XBL in the customization menu. To use them though you must download the unlock keys. Even though while temporally listed as free, the prices have been added for character outfit swaps.

Listed below in the quote from Capcom-Unity's blog with everything that has been release today.

Three new quick combo pre-sets
Three new color packs with four colors each

Swap Costumes - $1.00 (80 MSP) each or in two $13.00 (1,040 MSP) Street Fighter and/or Tekken packs

Click images for larger versions

Please note when in game and you go to the store it doesn't show the updates currently. Go through the Xbox Live Dashboard or PlayStation Network to find the downloads.

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UltraChenTV: FirstAttack and Lv3Focus - developing game plans

UltraChenTV: FirstAttack and Lv3Focus - developing game plans UltraChenTV will be streaming live again tonight. James Chen will kick off the night with FirstAttack beginning at 8 p.m. PDT / 3 a.m. GMT. Lv3Focus with UltraDavid will follow at 9 p.m. PDT / 4 a.m. GMT.

On FirstAttack, James will be discussing evaluating moves and developing a game plan.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream.

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Wednesday Night Fights Season 2 under way, now with two days of streaming

Wednesday Night Fights Season 2 under way, now with two days of streaming IGN posted a blog talking about Level|Up's Season 2 of streams, this being the first season where Level|Up has split the WNF series into two different nights with two different streams.

Here's a bit to get your started.

Last Wednesday marked the first time that the WNF series split into two nights. The first, on Wednesday, will feature Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition version 2012 and Street Fighter X Tekken. And the second night named “The Runback”, on Thursday, will feature King of Fighters XIII and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The main attraction for Wednesday would be the new game, Street Fighter X Tekken.

The variety of AE on stream saw a mix of established players with up and coming ones. From a couple strong San Diego players in “Mr Certified” and Chris King to established veterans like Mike “Mike Ross” Ross, Alex “Calipower” Valle and “Hungbee”, there would be no easy rounds in this tournament. The reputation for being one of the hardest 60+ man tournament in the country was maintained because of the constant emerging players; many of whom played on stream. There were players like “Masarap”, “Kane”, “Grandmaster J”, “Hugo101” and “OnlineTony” providing high-quality matches.

Check out the full blog post over on IGN.

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Street Fighter X Tekken roundup: UltraChenTV - You're Doin' It Wrong, unscaled launchers mid combo and multi-character combos

We have quite a few interesting Street Fighter X Tekken videos for you today. First off, UltraChenTV uploaded an archive of their Tuesday show that aired last week. In this episode they cover how players can improve the quality of their skill level in Street Fighter X Tekken and increase the overall excitement of their gameplay.
Hit the jump to check out the rest.

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High ranked PSN Street Fighter X Tekken replays featuring -6 and more

Ssf4evo has uploaded some new Street Fighter X Tekken footage PlayStation Network footage of high ranked players.

There are a few notables names here including -6, but on top of that there are some pretty interesting teams. In particular a player named Frog-Block's 10,000+ BP with the team of Yoshimitsu and Hugo.

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Capcom's response to SFxT BBB complaints: No distinction between DLC and disc-locked content - sound patch possibly on April 10

Capcom's response to SFxT BBB complaints: No distinction between DLC and disc-locked content - sound patch possibly on April 10 Someone who purchased Street Fighter X Tekken filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau concerning Capcom's DLC practices with the game. Cinemablend posted the response Capcom sent the user, which reads:

At Capcom, we value our customers and make every effort to resolve customer complaints. We are sorry to hear that [censored] was so disappointed with the Street Fighter X Tekken game (''SFxT''), and would like to respond to his complaints.

SFxT has an enormous amount of content, fully developed and available for play and enjoyment immediately on-disc. Given the 38 characters available for full play, as well as multiple play modes, SFxT provides great value for all players from day one. While Capcom is sorry that some of its fans are not happy about the chosen method of delivery for the DLC, we believe that this method will provide more flexible and efficient gameplay throughout the game's lifecycle. There is effectively no distinction between the DLC being ''locked'' behind the disc and available for unlocking at a later date, or being available through a full download at a later date, other than delivery mechanism.

We hope that this addresses [censored]' concerns

CriticalBlow also wrote into the BBB concerning SFxT, and during their correspondence Capcom mentioned that the patch to fix the online sound issues should be out around April 10.

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