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StormKubo and Misse absolutely dominated Taiwan Fighter Major with seldom seen characters; relive their stellar top eight performances here

Taiwan Fighter Major was filled with strong competition and notable fighters, but two players in particular shone brighter than the rest during this tournament.

StormKubo and Misse, Hugo and Makoto respectively, continually wowed audiences with their consistently impressive play while utilizing characters that're not considered amongst the strongest of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 cast.

Overcoming the obvious obstacles their characters present, both of these fighters made their way through the top eight, until they eventually met in grand finals. We've collected a few of their notable matches from TFM, so you can see their top-notch play.

Hit the jump below to see the adjustments, comebacks and domination that defined both of these players' performances at TFM 2015.

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Kazunoko officially a free agent, Zeveron's dissolution confirmed

Ryota "Kazunoko" Inoue - one of the strongest Ultra Street Fighter 4 players on the scene today -- has ran into a number of issues with sponsorship lately. After being picked up by the eSports organization Zeveron following his 1st place win at CEO 2015, things were looking good for Inoue as he went on to tie for 9th at EVO 2015 last month.

Unfortunately, reports of Zeveron's dissolution began to appear on Twitter early this month, one of which outright stating that the company was no more. On August 18th, Zeveron CEO Jeff "Zavion" Suddarth spoke with The Daily Dot and explained that the organization had not yet been dissolved legally and that plans were still in motion to keep the company going.

Today, The Daily Dot has confirmed via Suddarth that Zeveron has officially shut its doors.

With Kazunoko no longer being contracted by the organization, the exceptional Yun player is now officially a free agent, leaving him open to any other sponsorship opportunities that may come his way.

Source: The Daily Dot. Photo via Kazunoko on Twitter.

The new 1.05 patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PlayStation 4 fixes display bugs, audio issues and more

With the Capcom Pro Tour season to finish out, developers continue to fine tune Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the PlayStation 4. We've come quite a long way since USF4's initial release on Sony's PS4, but there are still a few wrinkles to iron out.

The 1.05 patch has been released for download, and is a 556.6 MB update. This patch features audial and visual changes within the game's many menus, but does not contain any alterations to any of the 44 characters' game play.

You can view the changes in the image below:

1.05 Ultra Update image #1
Click images for larger versions

Thank you to XxTigerheartxX, Kira665, and PersonaUser for the submissions.

'Let my beauty intoxicate you...' check out these slightly scandalous drawings of Street Fighter favorites by Trixie Lix

Deviant Artist Tixie Lix dances around our senses of sensuality with this selection of illustrations from her Street Fighter catalog.

From kitten-loving Cammy to Chippendales Vega, these realistic renditions of some of our favorite Street Fighter figures are beauties to behold. Check out the first few here, then hit the jump for the full gallery.

Trixie Lix image #1 Trixie Lix image #2 Trixie Lix image #3 Trixie Lix image #4 Trixie Lix image #5 Trixie Lix image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Win free airfare and entry to SoCal Regionals 2015 via r/StreetFighter's Online Classic

If you're hoping to make it out to Southern California Regionals for Ultra Street Fighter 4 this year, you may be able to do so for free.

r/Street Fighter is hosting a series of online tournaments, via PC, with the winner earning their airfare and entry fee into the Premier Pro Tour tournament in October.

Second and third place will make $100 and $50 respectively, and the tournament itself is free to enter. To earn entry into the Online Classic, you'll have to win one of 10 qualifier tourneys.

Hit the jump below for more details.

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Long Island Joe's one-handed Sagat makes Gootecks feel a bit... inferior; check out episode 78 of The Excellent Adventures, 'MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!'

The adventurous duo is back with their guest from the East coast, Long Island Joe.

In this episode, Joe shows us what he's been practicing on in his free time: developing a one-handed Sagat. Joe's surprisingly strong one-handed play makes our heroes feel a bit demoralized as they question if their game play is worth anything at all anymore.

Joe gets his however, when their nemesis for the episode, "bone oar," sends a fairly hilarious dis comment. Gootecks, Joe and Mike also each give a brief two cents on who they hope, or don't hope, to see in Street Fighter 5.

Hit the jump to see "MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!"

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'I expected a difficult match against Momochi, since he had both skill and luck on his side' - Infiltration recounts his EVO experience in comic form

What's better than reading an EVO interview with Infiltration? How about reading that interview in a comic format? This creative approach is the handy work of an artist by the name of Kenarious.

In this interview, Infiltration discusses the origins of his gaming career, his approach to fighting games in general, his EVO 2015 opponents and more.

From the frustrating match against AVM|Gamerbee, to the incredibly close set against EG|Momochi, Kenarious documents each portion with illustrations, thus bringing a welcomed twist to the traditional interview.

We've collected a good portion of the interview for you to see here. Click the jump below to get started.

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Alex Valle reveals his biggest concern about Street Fighter 5

As far as the competitive fighting game scene is concerned, they don't get much more veteran and knowledgeable than LU|Alex Valle.

With a nickname like "Mr. Street Fighter," you can bet your bottom dollar that most of what Valle has to say is worth its weight when it comes to fighting games, and he's got a big concern for newcomers in Street Fighter 5.

Just yesterday, Valle tweeted out the following: This is a pretty broad statement at first glance, and could be alluding to multiple meanings. Luckily, the head of Level Up continues on to specify exactly what he means. Hit the jump for more.

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Misse's unrelenting Makoto, Tonpy's unblockable Viper and StormKubo's unbelievable comebacks make up our top seven Taiwan Fighter Major hype moments

Taiwan Fighter Major has concluded, and we have collected some of our favorite moments from the tournament to share with you. Though there was top notch play throughout, we nabbed seven moments that impressed us the most.

Storm Doesn't Care

In our first highlight, we see StormKubo's Hugo up against RZR|Itabashi's Zangief. Taken down to just a pixel of health, the audience is surprised when Itabashi's Spinning Pile Driver doesn't score the KO.

Kubo however, doesn't miss a beat as he stands up and runs through Itabashi, as though he were the one on offense the whole time.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for more, including Misse's unstoppable Makoto, Tonpy's flashy Viper and an even greater comeback from StormKubo.

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What to expect from the PlayStation 4 port of Ultra Street Fighter 4

There was a bit of a delay from initial intentions, but Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be living the rest of its Pro Tour life on the PlayStation 4. As the PS4 is now the new standard, many players have begun the transition to the next generation platform.

Others haven't had a chance to dive in yet, and so we've taken some time with the game on PlayStation 4 to jot down any notable differences, good and bad, from the previous iterations.

The first note, which we're excited to be able to make, is that overall, the game looks and runs more smoothly than before. It was built for the previous gen consoles, and so we're not expecting lifelike graphics, but edges do look a little smoother this time around.

Offline play runs just as good, if not better than before. We hit all of our links pretty consistently, so this port should be viable for tournaments moving forward. Having said that, there are certainly still some hiccups in the less integral parts of game play. Hit the jump to read on.

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Taiwan Fighter Major 2015 results ft. Itabashi Zangief, KojiKOG, RB, HumanBomb, Shirou, Tonpy, Rockpon, Misse, Reiketsu, StormKubo and more

Update 2: This story has been updated with final results.

Update: Due to being one of the organizers of the tournament, AvM|GamerBee has disqualified himself from participating.

Today, we have a spectacular event lined up. The latest of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia qualifiers is taking place in Taipei City, Taiwan, and it has a great gathering of top-level players ready to battle it out.

At this Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, you can expect to see RZR|Itabashi Zangief, KojiKOG, RZR|RB, CCG|HumanBomb, YBK|Shirou, Tonpy, Rockpon, Misse, Reiketsu, Gonzales, StormKubo, Dark Jiewa, Chuan, YBK|Kim1234, Inco and more.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream.

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Next Level Arcade in New York City to close in February, co-owner sheds light on the situation

For those unfamiliar, Next Level Arcade is an arcade in New York City host to the NLBC weekly, as well as many FGC gatherings. Despite a long running, co-owner Henry Cen has stated that they will be shutting their doors on February 29th, 2016.

It would seem that this sudden turn of events is due to a disagreement between both owners concerning the future of Next Level Arcade, resulting in an agreement to go their separate ways once the lease ends in February.

This comes as a shock to much of the community, especially in the east coast, with another beloved arcade closing up shop. Victor "Spooky" Fontanez, the man responsible for running NLBC at the location, gave the first hints at this trouble in a discussion he held over his stream.

Hit the jump for more details, and a stream archive.

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'Taking my shirt off is kind of embarassing, but it's become my trademark' - Poongko feels good about Street Fighter 5's potential

Recently, the crew over at Arcade Stream had the opportunity to interview Poongko, who had quite a bit to say concerning his shirt-removing showmanship, Street Fighter 5's potential and how he felt about the game, and character choices in Street Fighter 4.

When discussing showmanship, he specifically talks about the incident at Evo where he removed his shirt in response to another player. It seems he felt he couldn't just sit there and not respond, and that removing his shirt does actually embarrass him, but it's become something of a trademark and a way to excite him before a match.

Later in the interview, Poongko gives his thoughts on Street Fighter 5, noting that whenever he tries a new Street Fighter game he always does so by using Ryu. He praises the game, talking about how he feels that it has great potential from his experience playing it at Evo.

Hit the jump to check out the full interview.

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Get your groove on with 'Synth Fighters' by Console Crusaders - This album's a total ear drum beat-down

Have you ever wanted to hear your favorite Street Fighter 2 tracks completely remade, piece by piece, with 90's era synthesizers and electronic instruments, with each track being done by a different artist? If that's the case, today is your lucky day.

Console Crusaders, a group under 30th Floor Records, has compiled a commemorative album of completely reworked Street Fighter 2 songs, for every song in the game. All of the tracks can be listened to for free, and are truly out of this world.

Each piece uses a clever mixture of synthesizers, electronic drums, game sound accents, and other instruments to make each piece truly come alive, in a way that makes me ask why this wasn't done sooner.

Support for this project contributes to their next one, a Mortal Kombat compilation titled 'Synthality'. Be sure to give all of the tracks a listen on the album's Bandcamp page, which also contains links for all of the respective artists that worked on this project.

Tip submitted by Bender411.

Source: Synth Fighters on Bandcamp

Poongko's El Fuerte drops Tokido's Akuma by landing just three hits; watch Sabin, Strider, Jayce the Ace and more in these YogaFlame replays

Yoga Flame's YouTube channel features hundreds upon hundreds of top level Street Fighter 4 online matches. We've rounded up a few that we thought were particularly entertaining for you today.

Primarily known for his Seth, Poongko chooses his equally-zany El Fuerte from time to time. In our first match here, he challenges MCZ|Tokido in an online bout that absolutely had to have had Tokido fuming by the end of it.

Not to be left in a loser's light, we later see the Japanese god take out his anger on an unsuspecting Dudley player. Tokido specifically utilizes Akuma's new and improved standing fierce punch. You can see sequences from both matches below:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see the full matches, including fights featuring WF|801 Strider, Jayce the Ace and TS|Sabin.

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