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'Summer Vacation' Ultra Street Fighter 4 costume DLC announced - new costumes for Poison, Elena, Decapre, Dudley, and more

Today during the Street Fighter panel at San Diego Comic-Con, new DLC for Ultra Street Fighter 4 was announced.

Numerous panel attendees on Twitter report that a "Summer Vacation" costume pack is on the way. This will feature new outfits such as bikini Decapre, prep school Dudley, golf club Dan, China dress Poison, Hawaiian Blanka, scuba gear Rufus, summer dress Elena, and more.

We are currently awaiting images of these costumes, but we will update this story as soon as they surface.

Source: Shidoshi on NeoGAF.

Nuki was disgusted by 15-year-old Daigo's lame Guile in SF2 at first: New manga series depicts The Beast's teenage years, appearances by Xian, Tokido

When Nuki first met MCZ|Daigo, the latter had been a new kid on the block in the arcade that Nuki frequented.

The year was 1996. Although both Nuki and Daigo were both 15 at the time, Nuki had already been a familiar face in his local arcade scene. He was known not only for his amazing ability to rack up humongous win streaks, but also for being a nice guy in general.

Despite his friendly disposition, however, when Nuki first saw Daigo in the arcades, he didn't even bother walking up to talk to him. He was too disgusted by the lame way that Daigo had been playing Guile in SF2 to want to, the first chapter of "Umehara Fighting Gamers", a new manga series based on The Beast's teenage years, reveals.

Although it's entirely in Japanese, you can read Umehara Fighting Gamers for free in a "Shuukan Georgia" smartphone app that's available on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

The first two chapters, which came out today, not only features Daigo and Nuki in their teenage years; MCZ|Tokido and RZR|Xian also made cameo appearances in a brief introduction of the FGC to readers.

Check out their mugs in the images below, as well as a concise summary of what the first two chapters covered after the jump.

Click images for larger versions

5 Axe Kicks and 900 stun in a single combo; RyuApprentice's latest CMV focuses on Evil Ryu's 'stun gun' in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Prepare to get dizzied! RyuApprentice has published a new Evil Ryu CMV, this time focusing on the various ways you could pull out the stun-gun that Capcom gave the character, when you've successfully landed a heavy jump-in attack.

It may not be as abusable as the gun that Capcom gave T. Hawk, but it's still a fairly fearsome-looking weapon, if you can manage to pull it off in a real match against an unsuspecting opponent. Stay vigilant, online warriors! The streets in USF4 are no longer safe!

But that's a big 'if', of course -- many of the links you see in these combos are 1F links.

Still, it doesn't make any of these combos less entertaining to watch, especially since RyuApprentice managed to string together five Axe Kicks in a single combo -- and that's before Evil Ryu's opponent gets dizzied.

Hugo has a different kind of pass-through glitch: Light punches completely whiff on crouching Poison after body splash in Ultra Street Fighter 4

It seems that Poison's wonky hurtbox strikes again. We were recently sent a video in which Hugo's crouching light punch passes through Poison after a Body Splash in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

When Hugo hits a cross up Body Splash on a crouching Poison, both his crouching and standing light punches will actually go right through her, causing the attack to completely whiff.

This isn't the first time we've seen strange properties come as a result of this strange hurtbox, as earlier this week we reported on an odd bug that allows Poison to completely avoid low attacks when she transitions from a crouching state to a standing position.

Capcom's own Peter "Combofiend" Rosas informed EventHubs that the is company is aware of the aforementioned bug and is currently working on a fix, so hopefully our story here will get the word out to them about this new glitch discovery.

Below you can check out Hugo's light punch pass-through glitch.

Wednesday Night Fights off-season episode 2 results, archive ft. Gootecks, Hugo101, Alex Valle, Jayce the Ace, and more

Wednesday Night Fights off-season episode 2 results, archive ft. Gootecks, Hugo101, Alex Valle, Jayce the Ace, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to the story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday night once again and Level|Up is bringing us more fighting game action. Although they won't be streaming from Super Arcade in Walnut, California, tonight Wednesday Night Fights returns with episode 2 of their off-season.

We can expect some excellent Ultra Street Fighter 4 action tonight, as Jayce the Ace, Gootecks, Hugo101, Happy Tang (a.k.a. Kai), LU|Alex Valle, and more are set to compete.

Challonge brackets are posted here, and you can find last week's results here.

Next Level Battle Circuit #80 results, archive ft. Dieminion, Sanford Kelly, Smug, Sabin, and more

Next Level Battle Circuit #80 results, archive ft. Dieminion, Sanford Kelly, Smug, Sabin, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to the story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday night, so it's time for some great fighting game action from The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

SteamCo|Sanford Kelly, Dieminion, PIE|Smug, TS|Sabin, Adnan, QCB|Klitschko, and more are in attendance tonight to compete in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site, and results for last week's tournament are posted here.

Uryo: 'Decapre can end a round almost instantly with a few good reads' - an analysis of the Russian assassin's options when her prey is cornered

According to Japanese C. Viper and Sakura player Uryo in an entry published today on his blog, the most fun part about playing Decapre is when you get to abuse her "dagger trap" after zoning your opponent all the way into the corner.

Although Decapre's LP Rapid Dagger is -3 on block, due to the decent amount of pushback from the move, if you perform the move from the right range, not a lot of characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4 have viable punishes for it.

You can thus abuse the move repeatedly on these characters in the corner, in a manner similar to Ryu's fireball trap, and the only way out for them is if they can make the right read to jump out.

But that's easier said than done. Especially not once you've managed to apply these tips on Decapre's dagger trap game from one of Japan's foremost character specialists.

Below you'll find our translation of Uryo's detailed run through on what to do after a cr.MK -> LP Rapid Dagger when Decapre's opponent is in the corner.

Chun-Li, Juri, Cammy and gang head to the beach; Udon Entertainment's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive book covers

It's the first day of San Diego Comic-Con! And the folks over at Udon Entertainment are all stocked up on convention-exclusive items over at their booth (#4592) at SDCC.

Of particular interest are the special Comic-Con exclusive hard cover editions of three of Udon's Street Fighter comic books -- Street Fighter 4: Wages of Sin, Street Fighter Classic Vol.2, and Street Fighter Classic Vol.3.

Not only do these oversized hard cover format books come with brand new dust jacket illustrations by James Ghio, but each book contains hidden beach images from Arnold Tsang inside.

Take a look at the Street Fighter character beach images and SDCC covers below. And don't forget to check out Udon Entertainment's post on what other items you can expect to find at their SDCC booth.

Can Daigo's UmeHugo take down Sako's Evil Ryu? Part 2 of Team Daigo vs. Team Sako, also ft. Mago, Bonchan, Kazunoko and Itazan

Last week, Capcom Japan published the first half of a first-to-5 3-on-3 team battle exhibition match between six of Japan's top Ultra Street Fighter players.

In the first half, the team captained by MCZ|Daigo, comprising himself, Kazunoko and RZR|Itabashi Zangief, took an early lead against Hori|Sako's team, with MCZ|Mago and Bonchan as his teammates.

The second half of that match was published today, and in it we get to see more great matches, including -- finally -- a direct confrontation between the two team captains, MCZ|Daigo and Hori|Sako.

Due to the special rules in the exhibition match, in this particular match, MCZ|Daigo was required to use one of USF4's new characters, picked at random for him by means of drawing lots, due to his team being in the lead.

As luck would have it, however, MCZ|Daigo managed to draw the lot for the one character that's the worst possible Scenario for Hori|Sako to deal with: Hugo, whom The Beast has had extensive play time with.

Will MCZ|Daigo's "UmeHugo" take it over one of USF4's top-tier characters? Or will Sako's mastery of Evil Ryu be enough to overcome his unfamiliarity with the match-up? Find out in the video below.

Mike Ross hits EX Hundred Hands, Hundred Hands, and Headbutt all in one combo on Latif; Justin Wong, Kazunoko, Momochi and more in these USF4 replays

With so many Ultra Street Fighter 4 matches taking place off-screen at EVO 2014, the footage keeps flowing in.

In this assortment you'll find another handful of top level competitors. In our first match, we have the People's Champ Mike Ross going up against Latif as he manages to land a couple of big combos that utilize EX Hundred Hand Slap, heavy Hundred Hand Slap, and Sumo Headbutt all in one go.

Below are the list of match-ups you can expect to see here.

• Twitch|Mike Ross (E. Honda) vs. Latif (C. Viper)
• EG|Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Kazunoko (Yun)
• DaFeetLee (Cammy, Decapre) vs. John Choi (Ryu)
• Alex Myers (Sakura) vs. Kazunoko (Yun)
• EG|Momochi (Juri) vs. RG|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)

Snake Eyez: 'Rose is top 10, probably #7 or #6; Zangief is like #20, but can fight some of the top tiers' - the best 'Gief plays USF4 ranked matches

Yesterday, arguably the best Zangief player in the world, Snake Eyez, took to his personal stream in order to run some Ultra Street Fighter 4 ranked matches. During his broadcast, the exceptional 'Gief player talked a little bit about where he feels a couple of characters rank among the rest of the pack -- specifically Rose and his main, Zangief.

"What rank would I place Rose? Maybe somewhere in top 10," Snake Eyez says. He goes on to state that among the best characters in the game, she would probably place at around #7 or #6.

Continuing with the character ratings, Snake Eyez takes a shot at placing his own main, Zangief, on the ranking list. "'Gief is probably 20th, or something like that; he just happens to be able to fight some of the top tier characters pretty well."

The grappler player mentions that Rose also shares the ability to combat some of the top tier fighters, especially Fei Long.

Below you will find the archive which is packed with excellent footage of Snake's Zangief in action.

Daigo might have pursued a boxing career if he wasn't a pro gamer, attacks everyone in GTA5 aside from seniors/kids; 60 random facts about The Beast

Back on the first day of EVO, we translated a pretty lengthy interview that Gadget Tsuushin did with MCZ|Daigo just prior to The Beast jetting off for the world's biggest fighting games tournament.

In that story, we said that accompanying the piece was an even lengthier "50 questions" side-interview (it turned out to be over 60), which we would get to translating sometime over EVO weekend.

Except, that never came to pass. Because, well, you know, MCZ|Daigo got knocked out from the tournament fairly early. So we felt that random trivia -- such as whether he's a dog or a cat person, or that The Beast can actually use a kitchen knife (If Daigo can cook, Sho Ken Ryu...?) -- about a player who got eliminated at that stage would be among the very last things on anybody's mind that weekend. And so we refrained from doing it.

It's somewhat disappointing to see The Beast get sent home so early in the tournament, but there'll be a next time. This is the man who wrote an entire book on the willpower to continue winning, after all.

As such I present to you, Umehara believers, this fully translated list of over 60 short questions about MCZ|Daigo's private life, almost two weeks after EVO weekend.

Because we think you might care.

Wao switches to Evil Ryu, is currently Osaka's #10 strongest player; Topanga Banzuke footage also ft. KOG, Mago and more

Since the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 in Japanese arcades, Japan's Oni specialist Wao has been very vocal about the changes made to his character in this version of the game.

He believes that due to the introduction of delayed wake-up, even though Oni has received a couple of buffs here and there, overall his tier position has dropped slightly from his days in SSF4 AE 2012.

The situation didn't improve very much for Oni with the release of the console version of the game, and so it appears that Wao has decided to drop Oni for another character: Evil Ryu. With his new main, Wao is currently the 10th strongest player in Osaka, and 83rd overall in Japan going by the amount of BP in the arcade version of the game.

Unlike MCZ|Daigo and Hori|Sako, the play style that Wao has adopted with Evil Ryu seems to be a little more defensive in nature, prioritizing pokes and zoning tools over the chance to get huge damage off of the axe kick or a crouching MK into fireball FADC, as seen in a set of matches he played in a recent Topanga Banzuke tournament, shown today on the latest episode of Topanga TV.

The new episode of Topanga TV also features matches played by KOG (T. Hawk) and Mago (Fei Long). Check out the stream archive embedded below; the matches start at 01:30:00, beginning with KOG (T. Hawk) vs. Furikuri 2 (Rufus). Wao's matches begin at 01:41:40.

Daigo unleashes the Satsui no Hadou on Yeb, Pro Fluke, Coach Steve, and more in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches

Bifuteki has just uploaded a series of Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches from EVO 2014.

These bouts feature none other than Mad Catz' own Daigo Umehara as he goes up against any opponent willing to accept the challenge. Although there are a couple of players here that aren't of the highest skill level, we do get to see a few familiar FGC faces compete.

Yeb, the veteran Gen player, Pro Fluke, the exceptional El Fuerte, and BIFU|Coach Steve, East Coast's baddest Blanka, all take a run at caging The Beast.

You can check out the EVO 2014 Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches below.

Interrupting a move that can't be interrupted: Elena can punish Balrog during his true block-string Super in Ultra Street Fighter 4

In Street Fighter 4, a true block-string is a series of attacks that locks your opponent into a blocking state (with block stun) making it so that they cannot attack you during. Some basic combos, Ultras, and even Supers retain this trait, such as Balrog's Crazy Buffalo Super.

Bendermac recently stumbled upon something very interesting involving Elena in Ultra Street Fighter 4. It appears as though the Capoeira fighter is immune to the true block-string quality of Balrog's Super, allowing her to interrupt and punish him during the latter part of his attack.

This is more than likely due to Elena's strange hurtbox, as there have been numerous reports of other attacks not hitting her properly.

Capcom does have a patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 in the works at the moment, so hopefully we will see this corrected some time soon.

Check out the video below.

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