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Moment 37|Reloaded early results, stream feat. Daigo, Justin Wong, BAS, Sanford Kelly, Alex Valle, Mike Watson & more

Updated: This story is being updated with results for Day 2, finals day, as they occur.

Moment 37|Reloaded is kicking off today from Pomona, California and the over the course of this weekend we can expect some top-quality fighting game action.

This tournament celebrates the 10th anniversary of the legendary EVO moment #37, and the players that took part in that infamous Daigo parry are going to be in attendance to create some new incredible moments.

MCZ|Daigo, EG|Justin Wong, D44|BAS, SteamCo|Sanford Kelly, LU|Alex Valle, Watson, and many others will be competing this weekend in games such as Ultra Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. We'll also see an exhibition between the same two players that made EVO moment #37 possible, so you'll definitely want to tune in.

The live stream is underway, so check it out below.

Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano explains why Ryu's motif is not dragon, Cammy's not killer bee in the Wild Costumes pack for Ultra Street Fighter 4

After GameStart Asia 2014 in Singapore wrapped up, we caught up briefly with Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano, one of the key people behind the development of the Street Fighter 4 series, for an exclusive interview. We spoke on a number of subjects.

For this first part of the interview, we asked Ayano-san about the most pertinent questions you had with regards to the Wild Costumes pack that was recently announced for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

KarbyP: When [Yoshinori] Ono told us that you were about to announce the new "Winter" costumes for Ultra Street Fighter 4 at GameStart Asia 2014, I had thought that the new costumes would be based on a Winter motif of some sort. But it turned out to be the Wild Costumes pack.

What was the inspiration behind the animal-themed pack?

Tomoaki Ayano: In Street Fighter X Tekken, there were characters like Chun-Li and Cammy who had received animal-themed alternate costumes, right?

Our decision to create the Wild Costumes this time around were partially influenced by those animal-themed costumes in SFxT.

Armor Break results, live stream ft. Luffy, Valmaster, Will2pac, Gagapa, Lior and more, Ultra Street Fighter 4 and King of Fighters 13 tournament

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Today, the Armor Break Ultra Street Fighter 4 and King of Fighters 13 tournament is taking place at Meltdown eSports Bar in Paris.

The tournament will feature, among others, MD|Luffy, GL|Valmaster, CDV|Will2Pac, Gagapa, Lior and more.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream and current results.

Video: Guile's cr.LP beats Hugo's 'cross-up' in Ultra Street Fighter 4; Why does this work?'

"Hey EventHubs," leutor writes in.

"[I] Have a cellphone-recorded video of a Hugo KO, [which happens] while he jumps over Guile's head, as I was mashing jab."

Click image for bigger version

"He (Hugo) is not even close to Guile's fist. It's ridiculous. I don't think I have the match as a saved replay unfortunately, just the cell vid."

Yossan (Juri) is 'secretly American', takes on the Cross Counter team in Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross ft. Floe Ep. 41

"This is a 9-1 (Juri vs. T-Hawk) match," Floe says about the very first Xbox Live online ranked match featured in this week's episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross ft. Floe.

"But, if you look at the player points on this Juri," Mike Ross points out, "unfortunately we're not going to see the match prepped correctly".

Eeliejah, the Juri that Gootecks was about to play, had 385 PP and 445 BP. But as the match gets underway, Mike Ross quickly changes his tone.

"Yo (Gootecks), why is this 385 Player Point guy beating you?" Mike asks.

"...It's Yossan."

"Yeah, it's Yossan. Secretly. Secret American account," Floe adds.

Find out how this match goes in Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross ft. Floe! Ep. 41: Dancing With The Stars, embedded below.

Topanga A League - Day 8 results, current standings, battle logs and more, Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament

Update: This story has been updated with results, standings and battle logs for day 8 of Topanga A League.

It's finally time for the curtain to open, and reveal one of this year's most prestigious events, Topanga A League, which will continue for roughly one month.

In this league, you will find MCZ|Daigo, Bonchan, EG|Momochi, Kazunoko, Michael-tan, Uryo, HORI|Sako, YBK|Santarouman, FGC|EX Pugera, BE|Nemo, RZR|Fuudo and MCZ|Tokido.

First, there will be a online league with first-to-3 matches between all 12 players. The top 4 places in this stage will advance to the second level, wherewas placers #5 to #10 will battle it out in a new round robin which begins on November 22nd, where the top two placers will also advance to the second level. In the second level, which begins on December 5th, these top 6 players will battle it out offline, in a first-to-7 format.

While the tournament is presented in a pay-per-view format, the first hour of viewing is free each day, so make sure to visit Beast Note for the link to the appropriate day. Today's stream link can be found here.

Hit the jump to follow the 4th year of Topanga A League.

Why I taught fighting games' most famous moment to my college composition class

Despite spending evenings masquerading as an online warrior named “GentlemanTryken” in Ultra Street Fighter 4, most people throughout my day refer to me as Professor Tullis. I teach English, reiterating to a diverse student population how to format essays, argue logically, and interpret literature. This sounds like an easy gig—and sometimes it is—but there exists an almost insurmountable barrier that tries to prevent me from connecting my love of communication with my students. I've learned to call this blockade “a lack of interest”.

The first day of class in Comp. 1 is particularly problematic. Many of my students are fresh out of high school. Some of them have been spoon fed Shakespeare, To Kill a Mockingbird, and other state required texts. More than a few have little knowledge of active reading or good writing. Furthermore, the first day of the semester is usually all business. It's where the professor usually goes over their syllabus and discusses class expectations, which is also extremely important.

So how do you shake up the routine in students who've been going through the same day one lecture over and over again, who've grown up in an age where communication is flaunted all around us, but hardly anyone is effectively communicating?

My Answer: You show them EVO Moment #37.

Keep reading below to continue the editorial.

Vivi (Japan's #1 Chun-Li) performs a 218-hit, 840-damage Lightning Kicks loop combo on Dee Jay in Ultra Street Fighter 4

So we've known for a while now that Chun-Li has some really ridiculous Lightning Kicks loop combos. And that Dee Jay has one of the biggest character hurtboxes in the game, making him more susceptible to extended combos.

And we've certainly seen Chun-Li combo loops before, such as the 86-hit one that Desk performed in this CMV.

But a Chun combo that's over 218 hits? 300 hits (our estimation; the combo counter stops at 99 hits) (Edit: Our thanks to szakigeri who wrote in and told us the exact number of hits in the combo)? That does 840 damage on Ultra Combo Double and utilizes three FADCs? Yep, this combo builds up so much meter during its execution that you can actually afford to FADC for a third time.

That's not something we get to see everyday.

Japan's top Chun-Li player Vivi managed to perform a combo like that -- for the first time ever, he noted -- on his live stream this week. See it for yourself below.

The Street Fighter scientist: Ultrachen takes a closer look at Capcom Cup contender Xian as he rushes down Poongko in this player analysis

UltraChen is back with another edition of World Warriors of Capcom Cup.

This time around they're breaking down Evo 2013 champion RZR|Xian's game play.

This video sees Xian playing in the grand finals of Capcom Pro Tour Asia qualifiers in Korea. He squares off against one of the most offensive players in the game, namely Korea's own Poongko.

Xian puts on an offensive clinic, commands control of the match and seems to be on the attack nearly all of the time.

One of the most notable aspects of Xian's game play is his ability to successfully attack through his opponent's offense. James Chen attribute's this ability to Xian's time spent analyzing the game and knowing just where the gaps in his opponent's offense are.

Really? Who else can wake up sweep against Poongko's Seth and get away with it?

You can view the video by clicking the jump.

Omega Mode changes for Dudley, Yun, Hugo, Elena, Ibuki, Yang, and Makoto

Capcom has just gone live with another blog post detailing more Omega Mode changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Tonight's batch focuses on the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike characters: Dudley, Yun, Hugo, Elena, Ibuki, Yang, and Makoto.

Changes include a counter move for Yang, a Dragon Punch for Hugo, and much more.

Below are a couple of previews to get you started.


Sway: We’ve changed Dudley’s Short Swing Blow into a follow-up move, and in return we’re giving him Sway and Sway Back. Sway is done with the light attack. He has upper-body invincibility while he’s posing.

Click images for larger versions

The medium and fierce versions will give him Sway Back. It’s a much bigger Sway with throw invincibility! Press a punch button during Sway for a new move, Cutting Upper, or press punch during Sway Back for Short Swing Blow.

Win joysticks or Smash Wii U GameCube controllers with adapters by writing about Ultra Street Fighter 4 or Smash Bros. Wii U

We're very pleased to announce our latest contest, to coincide with the launch of our moves databases for Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

To win, all you need to do is leave helpful advice on either section on how to use specific moves, or how to play the characters. Here's an example I wrote for Rose's Soul Spiral in USF4.

Again, the concept is very simple, just leave advice on how to play USF4 or Smash Bros. Wii U. We'll choose the people who submit the best advice — and the more you submit — the better your odds.

For people who leave advice on Ultra Street Fighter 4, we're giving away a Mad Catz (or possibly EightArc) joystick to two different individuals, either for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, we're giving away a Smash Wii U GameCube controller, plus the USB adapter to three different people. Here are links to each section where you can submit your tips.

Click either logo to access the Moves Database for that game

You can find the official rules after the break.

Blanka has more useful Red Focus combos than you may have thought! Learn how to utilize the new mechanic as the king of the jungle in USF4

In Ultra Street Fighter 4, some characters utilize Red Focus -- one of the game's new mechanics -- better than others. Characters such as Yun and Evil Ryu have effective uses for the meter-heavy facet, but when you think "Red Focus," you tend not to think of Blanka.

Fortunately for those who main the king of the jungle, Indo Imran did tie the two thoughts together, and as a result has created a combo exhibition to show what Blanka is capable of with Red Focus in USF4.

Much of these combos are practical, so they can easily be adopted and used in actual matches. You'll find setups that leave the opponent open for Ultra, Red Focus after tricky hop mix-ups, and much more.

We've seen a number of helpful resources on the front page of EventHubs lately, and today we add yet another. If you're looking to up your Blanka game, you won't want to miss this video.

'Man, I am getting really salty right now...' Watch Snake Eyez try to topple the defensive wall of BrolyLegs in Ultra Street Fighter 4

It's no secret that Chun-Li is a rough match-up for Zangief. Her defensive capabilities and strong, long-reaching normals make her a nightmare for the Red Cyclone. The Eventhubs tier list puts the match-up as 6.3:3.7 in Chun-Li's favor, ranking it as second least favorable character for him to face.

So it's understandable that even Snake Eyez, considered one of the top Zangief players in the world, would become frustrated against a strong Chun-Li--especially when BrolyLegs is playing her. At one point in the video, Snake Eyez confesses, "Man, I'm getting really salty right now. I'm like extremely salty right now."

Can the colossal Zangief manage to break through Wall Chun-Li?

Watch the matches below to find out.

Wednesday Night FIZZ-ZIGHTS 1.2 results ft. Chris Tatarian, Snake Eyez, Marq Teddy and Velociraptor

Wednesday Night FIZZ-ZIGHTS 1.2 results ft. Chris Tatarian, Snake Eyez, Marq Teddy and Velociraptor Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier:Welcome back to Wednesday Night Fizz-zights' second tournament ever.

Much of the community anxiously waits to see how things will continue to work now that Super Dojo is running the show exclusively.

Tune in for some Ultra Street Fighter action. We will also be running a Super Turbo side tournament.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 saw a bigger turn out than usual with 16 competitors last week!

I have Chris Tartarian here with me right now, he says "I'm here instead of studying for my mid-term tomorrow. I have to win."

Challonge brackets are posted here, and you can find last week's results here.

Over 35 ways to combo Cody's Ultra 1 in USF4 - HK Ruffian into U1 on grounded opponent, anti-air Rock Throw, and more

Cody has been gaining popularity in the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tech world as of late.

Last week, we reported on a couple of videos that featured the handcuffed hero dealing huge damage on Oni with one reset, along with a number of character-specific combos. Tonight, we get to see an incredible amount of different applications for Cody's Ultra 1.

Durran SD put together a compilation of over 35 different ways players can land the Ultra Combo. These range from simple, but useful tactics such as level 3 Focus Attack into U1, to more intricate set ups such as landing a level 3 FA on an airborne opponent followed by a level 1 FA and finally U1.

Additionally, we are reminded of Cody's ability to land the comeback attack on certain characters after a HK Ruffian Kick on a grounded opponent. Meterless set-ups into Ultra are always useful.

You can check out this new compilation after the break.

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