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Capcom Pro Tour Asia Shanghai Qualifier partial results ft. Xian, Tokido, Fuudo, Xiao Hai, HumanBomb, Dakou, Dark Jiewa, QQEL and more

This weekend, another Capcom Pro Tour Asia qualifier is taking place, this time in Shanghai, China.

This Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament features some top-level competition of players from Asia, including RZR|Xian, MCZ|Tokido, RZR|Fuudo, Qanba|Xiao Hai, CCG|HumanBomb, Qanba|Dakou, Dark Jiewa, DouyuTV|QQEL and more.

Unfortunately, due to internet restrictions, this event cannot be streamed, but thanks to the eternal efforts of Cameraman, match videos will be uploaded to GameStartAsia as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, hit the jump for almost full results - the Grand Finals are being held temporarily, to be played on the main stage tomorrow.

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Bracket Reset #29 results ft. Problem X, Andreas, Hurricane237, Isam, RMZ, Flawless Deku, Ninja Shakz, Packz, Afii, Jester Power and more

Bracket Reset #29 results ft. Problem X, Andreas, Hurricane237, Isam, RMZ, Flawless Deku, Ninja Shakz, Packz, Afii, Jester Power and more Update: This story has been updated with final results and a stream archive.

This week, Bracket Reset #29 is taking place in London, United Kingdom.

As usual, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the game of choice, and you can expect to see players like KIG|Problem X, WSO|Deku Andreas, BTM|Hurricane237, UM|Isam, UM|RMZ, Flawless Deku, ECO|Ninja Shakz, Packz, Afii, IND|Jester Power and more.

Hit the jump for the live stream action.

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Next Level Battle Circuit #132 live stream ft. Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat X

Next Level Battle Circuit #132 live stream ft. Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat X Update: It seems that Spooky is under the weather, so there may not be a stream for this week's tournament. Should they begin streaming, we'll update via Twitter.

It's Wednesday once again, so it's time for some great fighting game action from The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

The games being played tonight include Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat X.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site. Hit the jump below to see the live stream.

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Gamerbee used Healing 21 times in his EVO showdown with Infiltration; with her unorthodox style, is Elena the best pocket character in USF4?

The top three placers at EVO this year for Ultra Street Fighter 4 all brought out Elena at some point. She's only been in the game for its most recent iteration, but it's debatable that, because of her incredibly unique tools, she's the strongest pocket character.

In our EventHubs USF4 tier ratings, Yun holds the highest score at 235.3. In just the last week Elena went up nearly 2.5 points to 221.4, which is a pretty major jump for an established game. You can see her progress since June of last year in the graph below:

Elena's Tier Change image #1
Click images for larger versions

In AVM|Gamerbee's EVO set against Infiltration, he utilizes Elena's Healing a profound 21 times in just four matches. You'll see that set, our analysis of it and our overall thoughts on Elena after the jump.

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Did you know that Gouken has mastered nothingess AND juggling? You'll see supers into ultra, ultra into ultra and much more in this style combo video

Though he's never been the most popular character in the Street Fighter 4 series, Gouken does get some time in the spotlight every now and then, and when he does, he shines.

Cjbquilix has put together a Gouken combo video that sees the old man flip his foes around the screen like they were juggling balls. He also features combos wherein Gouken hits two ultras, two counters and other flashy sequences.

While most of these aren't practical, keep in mind that practicality isn't necessarily the point here. These style combos are meant to wow you, and are probably best approached as a form of art as they take much premeditation and work to pull off.

You can see the video after the jump, and please let us know which combo was your favorite in the comments section below.

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'I was really discouraged after winning Evo... I was at my lowest point' - Xian shares the ups and downs of his career in an interview with Red Bull

Most of the FGC knows him as the EVO 2013 Street Fighter 4 champion, or "another one of those guys you'll see in top eight," but RZR|Xian's gaming career actually comes from fairly humble origins.

Xian sat down with Red Bull eSports writer Michael Martin, and provided an in-depth chronicling of his unlikely path from playing with a "lackluster Xbox Live connection and with a dwindling arcade scene," to competing, and winning, on the world scale.

Xian's story is full of highs and lows, for instance, after winning EVO, a time that many would think to be a high, Xian actually sunk to a place of total dejection: “I was really discouraged after winning EVO. I was at my lowest point. When you win, your mind starts wandering. You do the most predictable moves. People figure you out easily. You can’t think properly about the risk versus reward of the moves you’re doing.”

There's much more to the story, hit the jump to read on.

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Makoto gets counter hit while blocking, Seth shoots Rose through a wall and Sakura hits a full screen U1; check out this crazy SF4 glitch compilation

We've had Street Fighter 4 for roughly six years now, and chances are for anyone who's played the game for a good portion of those six years, they've seen a handful of strange happenings.

You've probably played a match wherein a character teleports through their opponent, or somehow makes contact with a move that should've whiffed by a mile. It goes to show you can work day and night trying to perfect a video game, but it's near impossible to get rid of all the glitches.

Smash and Grab has made a compilation video of some of their favorite goofy glitches and mid-match mishaps. They've spent hours figuring out just the right match ups, spacings and timings that send the game into moments of chaos as it scrambles to make sense of what's going on.

You may have seen some of these before, like Decapre's strange ultra two whiff, but some of these will have you rewinding the video as you yourself try to make sense of what you've seen. Hit the jump below to see the video.

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Desk uses Juri's Feng Shui Engine (U1) twice in one combo, does the same for Rose's orbs: New USF4 combo video tackles 'practical' setups

Despite a handful of players gaining access to the Street Fighter 5 beta (including this story's featured player), it seems that Desk has not yet forgotten about good ol' Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Today, the combo wizard tackles "super practical" combos that mostly focus on using two ultras in one sequence.

We get to see Juri activate Feng Shui Engine twice in one combo, making for an awesome, extended arrangement. Additionally, we witness Rose doing the same thing, activating her U2 and using four orbs in combat instead of only two.

Hit the jump to see Desk's latest "practical" combo video. (And if you're wondering, yes, "practical" is definitely sarcasm).

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'I was reading the reactions of the crowd, and sneaking peeks at Gamerbee's face' - Infiltration discusses his intense top 8 duel at EVO 2015

As this year's Ultra Street Fighter 4 third place finisher, and winner of EVO 2012, Infliltration is no stranger to the pressures of facing the world's best with incredible payouts of pride and prizes on the line.

Core-A Gaming interviewed the Street Fighter superstar after his EVO experience to get an idea of just what was going through his head as he sat on the grand stage and faced off against such talent as AVM|Gamerbee and EG|Momochi.

Infil is known for using a multitude of characters, and at one point he retreated to the character select screen for a prolonged period. He tells us that he was indeed listening for guidance when the crowd reacted as he moved the cursor over each familiar face.

Core-A also gets Infiltration's thoughts on the upcoming Street Fighter 5, asking which characters he hopes to see and use. The interview is jam packed with content, so hit the jump below to get started.

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'How do we money match Sleepy Cats?' - Mike, Gootecks, and Ricki Ortiz hit the online circuit in Excellent Adventures episode 74

The Excellent Adventures series with Mike Ross and Gootecks is always a great way to have some laughs over some solid Street Fighter, as well as engaging discussion. Today's episode, featuring none other than EG|Ricki Ortiz, is definitely sure to fulfill both of those expectations.

All three of them step up to the barrage of Xbox Live players, with a Chun-Li player named Sleepy Cats giving Mike a hard time. Gootecks brings out a surprise Rufus, and Mike plays Makoto as they struggle against a top ten Vega.

Will they be able to overcome these challenges? Or will they have to be saved by the great Ricki Ortiz for her last appearance in the two episode block?

Hit the jump to find out.

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Topanga Ranking Battles 2015 live stream, early results

Updated: Results have been added for the 4th round of the Topanga Ranking Battles.

Earlier: This summer, Topanga is holding regular events at various Taito Station arcades in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, where participants will receive points based on their placements, and the person with the highest points at the end of the season will become their region's representative in Japan's national Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament.

There will be three tournaments held per region, during different dates throughout the summer. The action is streamed regularly on the TopangaTV Twitch channel. This story will be updated with continuous results as the events occur.

Hit the jump to check out current results and upcoming dates.

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Taming The Beast: Daigo Umehara falls to AiAi's Juri at EVO 2015; see the full, off-stream match here

A favorite to win EVO 2015, or any of the previous EVOs for that matter, MCZ|Daigo Umehara ran into trouble fairly early in the tournament when he wound up facing the likes of /r/Kappa representative, AiAi.

AiAi would actually end up taking his Juri all the way to fifth place in the tournament, but surely there were few who would have put their money against The Beast in this match.

Though both players used characters capable of high-damage and flashy sequences, combos would be surprisingly sparse in this set. Truly, it seems as though AiAi scored most of his damage off of throws and small ticks here and there.

Daigo was never far away from a quick tag with a low forward that would have translated into one of Evil Ryu's devastating combos, but the dream was never realized, and AiAi kept his opponent at bay long enough to take the set.

Hit the jump to see their fight.

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Smug discusses his tournament approach, which player he's most cautious of, his EVO 2015 performance and more in this exclusive interview

We've seen immense growth in American Street Fighter play over the past year or so, and one of the major contributors to that fact is Bryant "PIE|Smug" Huggins.

Easily the most notable Dudley player in the states, and probably the whole world, Smug has been a dominant force on the East Coast, won multiple major events and won the hearts of many, many fans with his 0-100 mph Dudley play.

Just after playing at EVO this year I caught up with Smug, and he gave me a little insight on his world when it comes to Street Fighter. Here's the beginnings of our dialogue:

Raptor: First off, you've almost single handedly changed many people's perspective on Dudley with your performances. So I have to ask, where do you feel he ranks in the USF4 tier list? Would you put him in the top 5? Top 10?

Smug: I honestly don't think Dudley is top 10 but I'm sure he is top 15.

Hit the jump for the full interview.

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PR Balrog clutches it out, Gamerbee times out Infiltration, and more - Relive the hype with Capcom Fighters' USF4 top five from EVO 2015

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament at Evo this year was arguably one of the most exciting of all time, being a roller coaster ride right until the end. For the occasion, Capcom Fighters has created what they think are the top five moments of the entire USF4 tournament.

Players featured are ZV|Kazunoko, EG|PR Balrog, RZR|Fuudo, LU|Alex Valle, Bonchan, Liquid|Knuckledu, AVM|Gamerbee, Infiltration, and more. It's a great way to relive the excitement of some of the tournaments most clutch matches and unexpected outcomes.

Hit the jump for the top five.

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GamerBee heals three times in one round, Momochi's fightstick malfunction, and more: USF4 top 8 replays from EVO 2015

This year's EVO Ultra Street Fighter 4 top 8 was among the most exciting we've ever witnessed. We saw players bring out characters we never knew they could play, new strategies that proved incredibly effective, and much more.

If you managed to miss the USF4 finals this past weekend or just want to relive the hype, you're in luck. Today we have the entire EVO 2015 top 8 for you to check out.

Here, you'll see AVM|GamerBee's U2 strategy in which he used Elena's Healing an incredible amount of times against Infiltration in losers finals. Additionally, you'll find the epic fightstick malfunction in grand finals.

There's much to see here, so be sure to hit the jump to get started!

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