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'None of them are people I can't potentially beat' - Dashio talks Capcom Cup prospects, character choices, Street Fighter 5, Yubiken and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

Since we've just gotten a batch of new people qualified for the 5th Topanga A League, we reached out to get some interviews.

The fourth interview in our series is with YBK|Dashio, who talks about his chances in both Topanga A League and Capcom Cup, what he looks for in a character, his recent affiliation with Yubiken and more.

You'll find a snippet below to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: You may well be Japan's strongest Seth player, but I've heard that you're very good with other characters as well. When you choose your character in a fighting game, what do you look for?

Dashio: I try around a lot of characters, and I end up choosing the characters that feel fun and have movement options that fit my playstyle. In Ultra Street Fighter 4, that ended up being Seth.

What I like about Seth is that at any time when you and your opponent are reading eachother, you can turn the tables and have them play right in to your hands because he has so many options.

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'Execution is so much more important in Melee, it's not even funny' - Bobby Scar joins the Excellent Adventures

Mike and Gootecks have released their first episode of Excellent Adventures featuring Smash player: Bobby Scar, a.k.a. "The other Mike Ross."

For a Smash Bros. player, Bobby's Ryu doesn't look too shabby, but will it be strong enough to earn a win in the unforgiving realm of online Street Fighter? At the very least, it's good enough to make online players think they're actually playing against Mike Ross.

When asked to compare Melee and Street Fighter, Scar confidently states that "execution is so much more important in Melee, it's not even funny." That may or may not strike a chord with some of the Street Fighter community.

Hit the jump for episode 84 of the Excellent Adventures: "TWO MIKE ROSSES?"

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Red Fight District 2015 final results ft. Luffy, Ryan Hart, Valmaster, Problem X

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another Capcom Pro Tour ranking event is upon us, and this time it's Red Fight District 2015, which is taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

While Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the main draw, the tournament will also feature competitions in Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Killer Instinct.

As for competition at the event, you can expect to see MD|Luffy, FA|Ryan Hart, YP|Valmaster, KIG|Problem X, UM|ImStillDaDaddy, BX3TPL|Phenom, EG|K-Brad, WSO|Andreas, Gonzales, IND|Pro Fluke, Melty|Cuongster, Gagapa, UM|Tyrant, Melty|Will2Pac, Packz, LLL|MBR, Rize|Infexious, IPlay|Halibel, IPlay|Sheva, Emersion, ArF|Gamein, Afii, Ettelman, StarNab and more. Streaming duties are being handled by Fight Club NRW.

Hit the jump to check out the action.

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Ze Fighting Game Championship results ft. Fuudo, Xiao Hai, Gackt, HumanBomb, Dakou

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Besides the Last Chance Qualifier taking place right before the main Capcom Pro Tour Asia event, this is the last qualifier of the CPTA circuit, and it's taken place in Chengdu, China.

As such, a lot of people have gathered to get those points, as well as a qualifying spot to Capcom Pro Tour Asia, so prepare to see some very high level Ultra Street Fighter 4 action.

Players you can expect to see include RZR|Fuudo, Qanba|Xiao Hai, RZR|Gackt, RZR|Itabashi Zangief, CCG|HumanBomb, Qanba|Dakou, MF|Tonpy, YBK|Shirou, Dark Jiewa, Chuan, KOK, StormKubo, God of Sky and more.

Hit the jump to check out the event.

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5th Topanga B League results and battle logs

Update: This story has been updated with final results for Topanga B League.

Update 2: YBK|Santarouman and -6 had told the organizers of Topanga League that if they were to get 3rd place and reach the playoffs, they would not be able to participate. Unfortunately, this is what happened, and as such the 4th placers Misse and Gachikun will take their places in the playoffs.

While it might be saddening that summer is on its way out, that's also the cue for Topanga to be starting up for its annual league play. The 5th Topanga B League launches today, and it's bigger and badder than ever before.

The contestants have increased from 16 to 20, and are now divided up into two different leagues (Team Black and Team Red), in which they will have to battle it out for a chance to qualify for the prestigious A League. The top 2 placers in each group go directly to the A League where MCZ|Daigo, EG|Momochi, RB|Bonchan, Uryo, FGC|Michael-tan and Kazunoko are waiting. The third placers in each group go into a final chance qualifier round robin together with BE|Nemo and MCZ|Tokido to try and grab the last spots in the A League, so the stakes are huge.

As for the people participating in this year's B League, you can expect to see MCZ|Mago, RZR|Fuudo, Misse, -6, MDR, Nishikin, YBK|Santarouman, Ninomae, Sasaki, YBK|Dashio, FGC|EX Pugera, FGC|Pepeday, Gachikun, Hagejin, AiAi, YBK|Kawaguchi, YBK|Shirou, Matsuri, Kenzou and KitasenjuDJ.

This is a pay-per-view event, but if you're prepared to pay you can find today's broadcast here. Also, you can watch the first hour of the broadcast every day without paying.

Hit the jump to check out current standings, battle logs and scheduled matchups.

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'We've got two Mike Rosses today' - Melee It On Me's Bobby Scar joins Gootecks and Mike Ross on Excellent Adventures

The latest batch of Excellent Adventures is now available to the public, and this time Gootecks and Mike Ross have a very special guest. Making his transition from the world of Super Smash Bros., Melee It On Me founder Bobby Scar joins in on the Ultra Street Fighter 4 fun.

Episodes #84 - #87 are currently available for purchase ($4.99) and rent ($2.99). Of course, if you're an Excellent Adventures subscriber, you can currently watch free of charge.

New subscribers can get a 2-week free trial right now, and the first 50 EventHubs readers can receive 50% off by using the promo code EVENTHUBSSCAR.

In this installment, Gootecks clearly has his hands full as the spirit of Mike Ross is very much apparent in Bobby Scar. With two Mike Rosses on the sticks, you know it's real!

Hit the jump to check out a preview of the latest Excellent Adventures.

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Hagejin takes to the Russian skies to escape, Snake Eyes demonstrates amazing footsies, and more: An epic USF4 mirror match

A video has been posted that pits two renowned Zangief players against one another in a set of matches for Ultra Street Fighter 4. RB|Snake Eyes and Hagejin are both players that have been called the best Zangief players in the world.

Snake Eyes is a Street Fighter 4 player that is often associated as the best Zangief player in the world, at least here in America. On the other hand, Hagejin, and not Snake Eyes, is the world's strongest Zangief for the Japanese scene.

Regardless of whichever player comes out on top, there are many very impressive displays of skill from both players on how to utilize the Red Cyclone. It will be interesting to see if these two players will have another round of mirror matches when SFV is released with Zangief being recently announced.

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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‘It took me maybe the duration of Super [Street Fighter 4] to figure this [controller] layout out’ - BrolyLegs and CastBlanka talk SF5 and more

Best of III is an hour long show hosted by Daily Dot that is broken up into three rounds of news, an interview with a special guest, and a replay analysis. This week, they’ve brought in two special guests, BrolyLegs and CastBlanka, in for an interview.

During this particular episode, BrolyLegs provides justification for what each button on his controller layout does, and he even goes into detail about how he accesses moves that are not mapped to any of his buttons. CastBlanka also talks about how he prefers not to use the typical method of plinking in order to combo into Blanka’s ultra.

Best of III is an excellent show to watch if you are looking to keep up with fighting game current events, as well as understanding the mindsets of top players. Their method of interviewing top players is a great way to level up one’s own game as they also go over replays of their latest accomplishments.

Hit the jump button below to check out the video.

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'The Dee Jay mindset is to deceive your opponent' - KitasenjuDJ talks Dee Jay's playstyle, Topanga prospects, practicing a rare character and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

Since we've just gotten a batch of new people qualified for the 5th Topanga A League, we reached out to get some interviews.

The third interview in our series is with the impressive KitasenjuDJ, who managed to bring Dee Jay to new competitive heights with his superb performance in this year's Topanga B League. In this interview, he covers topics such as why he chose Dee Jay as a character, how he goes about finding tech and training with the character, his prospects in the Topanga A League and more.

You'll find a snippet below to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: Dee Jay is considered a pretty weak character by most players. Why did you choose to use Dee Jay, and how good do you feel he is compared to other characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4?

KitasenjuDJ: Before covering why I chose to pick Dee Jay, I'd have to go in to why I picked T. Hawk, who I was using at first. At the very beginning, I tried playing the original Street Fighter 4 a little bit with Ryu, but since that was my very first fighting game I had difficulty with combos and I didn't understand footsies very well so I ended up quitting pretty quickly.

However, when Super Street Fighter 4 came along and new characters were added, I met T. Hawk. T. Hawk felt like he had more freedom than his fellow grappler Zangief, and his combos were easy to do, so he was a perfect simple character for a beginner like myself. Because of this character, I was able to start having fun with the game.

KitasenjuDJ's response continues after the jump.

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Hagejin would love to play against Snake Eyez to see how good he is - Talks Topanga League, Zangief as a character, Street Fighter 5 and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

Since we've just gotten a batch of new people qualified for the 5th Topanga A League, we reached out to get some interviews.

Our second interview is with Zangief master Hagejin, who touches upon his reasons for picking Zangief, how he'll try to overcome bad matchups in the A League, answers what he'd expect from a battle between himself and RB|Snake Eyez and more.

Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: How long have you been playing fighting games, and what fighting games have you taken seriously?

Hagejin: I've been playing fighting games since Street Fighter 2 came out (1991, was it?), so it's been about 24 years now. But I didn't start playing seriously until Street Fighter 4 came out, which was when I started participating in tournaments.

Actually, I used to not participate much in tournaments at all, and just playing in my local arcade and enjoying the feeling of not losing to the people in my area.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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Latif vs. Fuudo; an in-depth look at the history between these two titans of Street Fighter

Two great competitors of our time, RZR|Fuudo and Latif, clashed in the Grand Finals of EVO 2011 in a high octane bout filled with explosive sequences. It would be Fuudo who'd take home the victory, but Latif would leave a permanent impression on the FGC.

Four years later, the two would meet again in Kuwait in Winners Finals of K.O. Fighting Game Festival. This time around, Latif showed he had much more of a handle on the match, though ultimately Fuudo would come out on top again.

We're taking a look at these two epic sets, in an attempt to analyze exactly why they played out the way they did, what adjustments were made and what crucial sequences were most influential in deciding the outcomes.

Hit the jump to get started.

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'I've been practicing Elena because of Smug' - Poongko confesses his reasoning behind picking up Elena

Known primarily for his Seth play, and perhaps some side El Fuerte action, Poongko surprised audiences when he brought out Elena to combat Naraks' C. Viper at a recent tournament.

Core-A Gaming caught up with the FGC's angriest player to ask exactly why the switch to a character with such a different style than Poonko's traditional chaotic offense.

He reveals, somewhat abashedly, that he's actually chosen to play Elena as a counter pick to PIE|Smug's Dudley. According to Poongko, the Seth/Dudley match up is 5-5, but Smug has become a demon for the Korean player, and he feels a change of pace is needed should they meet again in tournament.

You can hear everything Poongko has to say on the matter by clicking the jump below.

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Instantly better your footsies and decision making with this break down of game four of Daigo and Momochi's incredible Stunfest set

There's little doubt in our minds that taking the time to watch breakdowns such as these will absolutely level up your personal fighting game play.

One of the biggest reminders that we get from Jay Rego's Analyze This! series is the fact that a round is not won all at once, but rather through an accumulation of small victories.

"Victories" is a concept not even restricted to earning damage. Something as small as gaining the minuscule space needed to resume throwing safe fireballs can ultimately lead to overall victory. Top players such as MCZ|Daigo and EG|Momochi exemplify this perfectly in game four of their Stunfest set.

We even get to see the play by play leading up to Daigo's memorable, 25-hit Evil Ryu combo. While it'll take some time to build the mental awareness to compete with the likes of Daigo or Momochi, you can begin implementing these lessons right away in games against friends.

Hit the jump to see the video.

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'[Fuerte] might be top 10, but Sakura and Guile are weak characters' - Pepeday talks Topanga, Street Fighter 5, tier placings and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

Since we've just gotten a batch of new people qualified for the 5th Topanga A League, we reached out to get some interviews. Our first interview is with my personal friend FGC|Pepeday, and in this interview he touches upon several subjects, including his reason for choosing El Fuerte, what he's looking forward to in Street Fighter 5, his chances in this year's Topanga A League and more.

Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: You really exploded last year after your victory at the Tokyo Game Show tournament, and since then you've been traveling to many tournaments across the world, due in no small part to crowdfunding efforts from the /r/Kappa community. How do you feel about having become a "World Warrior"?

FGC|Pepeday: Having made fighting game-playing friends across the entire world has really increased my outlook! Characters' popularity and people's playstyle really vary from region to region, and I'm very happy to have experienced this first-hand.

Also, I've gotten to interact with professional players much more often, and hearing their thoughts as well as hearing and feeling their approach to the game, which I think has been a very valuable experience. I'm kind of repeating myself, but I feel like a very fortunate person!

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the interview.

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'He just scored a double perfect... with his face' - Brolylegs discusses his strongest tourney performance yet in this exclusive interview

Update: Broly has just informed us of a vehicular emergency he and his family have just encountered, stranding them on their travels home from AB6. He's started a GoFundMe in an attempt to fix the situation.

Earlier: For those unaware, Mike "Brolylegs" Begum is a competitive fighting game player from Texas, who plays primarily using his tongue due to arthrogryposis.

At last weekend's Absolute Battle 6, Broly got farther than he'd ever gone in a major tournament, placing 5th overall. Seeing as Broly is such an inspiring figure to many, we approached him for an interview on his performance, and he graciously granted one.

Raptor: What was your favorite match, or rather, the most significant match you played in during the tourney?

Broly: "My favorite match was against this Balrog player named Jonas. He seemed to have my number early on and really tested my patience in the match. It took some serious adjustments to counter his defensive strategy... I was able to beat him in a close set 2-1. But let's not forget my double perfect in my first match vs. Vega! Haha."

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump for the full interview.

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