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Hugo's Super completely whiffs on Rose, Cammy, and Chun-Li when confirming from Clap - Ultra Street Fighter 4

Earlier today we were sent a quick Ultra Street Fighter 4 clip that shows off a peculiar occurrence when Hugo tries to confirm his Super after his Clap.

When Hugo goes for his Super on a crouching Rose, Chun-Li, or Cammy, the first hit of the attack is subject to whiffing completely.

For Rose, if Hugo hits any version of his Clap and cancels into Super, she will fall out of the combo. For Cammy and Chun, however, this only happens when Hugo confirms from LP Clap.

The Super will still connect fully if you hit a light punch or light kick before cancelling, but that deals a bit less damage. Still, any Hugo player out there should be very careful when confirming into this attack, as it may leave you open for a big punish and may even cost you the game.

You can check out the clip below.

USF4 video roundup: Daigo Evil Ryu hype moments, Bonchan vs. Kazunoko ft-to-10, Olympic Gaming's Angry Andoryou (Oni/Cammy) player spotlight

There's been quite a few noteworthy video submissions sent in to us over the weekend.

In an attempt to get more fighting game vid makers' efforts recognized, we're going to do a quick Ultra Street Fighter 4 round-up this time.

First up is an MCZ|Daigo Evil Ryu hype moments compilation from the Rush N Kill (RnK) clan. The video contains many of the memorable moments during Daig's recent encounters with AVM|Gamerbee, EG|Momochi, EG|Justin Wong, among others.

It also shows us just exactly how much The Beast loves to abuse Evil Ryu's far standing MK move.

Weird tech: Juri's ground fireball can be punished by aerial grab UCs (Hakan, Zangief, T. Hawk, Hugo) in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Weird but true: Although Juri's Fuhajin fireball release is, for all intents and purposes, a ground-based projectile attack (as opposed to Akuma, Rolento and Ibuki's aerial projectile moves), for a couple of frames during the MK and HK versions of the move, she's actually considered airborne -- and can be punished with aerial grabs accordingly.

So for instance, after blocking the first part of Juri's MK or HK Fuhajin, Hakan can begin buffering the motion for his anti-air Ultra Combo 2 move, and hit the three kick buttons if he sees Juri follow-up with the projectile release part of the move to punish it during the airborne frames.

T. Hawk and Hugo can even punish that move from a distance, as their aerial grab specials and Ultras travel a good distance forward on the way up, as you'll see in EventHubs user TheFlyingGrayson's video below.

PandaxGaming's EU & US Ultimate Fight Night USF4 stream archive ft. Problem X, Valmaster, Veggey, MBR, Shine, Poem and more

Update: Stream archive for EU Ultimate Fight Night has been added to this story. US Ultimate Fight Night will start later today at 7PM PST (9PM CST).

In order to spread awareness for the PxG Online Championship (which you can sign up for over here) that's taking place this Sunday, Pandax Gaming has organized a very special two-part edition of their Ultimate Fight Night series -- featuring notable players from both the EU and US regions.

The EU edition of Ultimate Fight Night is currently live now, and features the following first-to-5 matches:

LLL DoomDomain (Netherlands) (Hakan) vs IND OMH (UK) (Oni)
LLL RSD MBR (Netherlands) (Akuma) vs GL| Valmaster (France) (Chun-Li)
Veggey NO (Norway) (Zangief) vs RZR|CG ProblemX (UK) (Viper/Seth)

There will also be a US edition of UFN taking place later tonight at 7PM PST (9PM CST) -- check out the live stream and US players' list below.

Nemo: 'Justin Wong is the one player I respect on a whole other level than the rest' - the accomplished UMvC3 & USF4 player explains why

BE|Nemo is one of the most respected fighting game players today. A great deal of players in the FGC look up to him.

And a whole lot more paid attention to him after his recent win at West Coast Warzone 4 with Rolento, his very narrow defeat at the hands of Filipino Champ in a UMvC3 first-to-20 at the same tournament venue, as well as convincingly beating MCZ|Daigo in a first-to-5 exhibition match last weekend at Mad Catz's Tokyo Game Show event.

MCZ|Daigo, of course, also gave huge props to BE|Nemo in his recent Reddit AMA interview.

But even the most respected people in the world must have people that they look up to.

In BE|Nemo's case, there's actually a humongous list of such people he respects, but only one particular person he looks up to on a completely different level from the rest -- Evil Geniuses's Justin Wong.

The Art of Fighting 2014 tournament final results, archive ft. Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Angelic and more

Updated: This story has been updated with final results and a stream archive for finals day.

Earlier: The Art of Fighting 2014 charity event stream experienced some technical difficulties earlier today when they tried to kick things off -- but it's all been resolved now, and they're coming to you live from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kicking things off on the stream is some Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament action.

Check out the stream below. All proceeds from the event goes to charity, so do support the stream and event in any way you can.

PR Balrog's tier rankings for Evil Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter 4

It's that time once again, true believers! Another top-notch fighting gamer has stepped forward and brings to us an Ultra Street Fighter 4 tier ranking using the tiers section right here on EventHubs.

Evil Geniuses' own PR Balrog has voted on each of the character match-ups for Evil Ryu in the latest installment of the Street Fighter 4 series. 'Rog needs no introduction, as he is easily one of the best USF4 players representing the states.

Below you can check out how PR Balrog feels E. Ryu does against the entire roster.

Click image to view PR Balrog's Evil Ryu tier ranking

Do you agree with this Evil Ryu tier ranking? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

You can also check out some of our past tier lists from other prominent players below.

Smug's Dudley tier rankings
Julio's Yun tier rankings
Kelvin Jeon's Hugo / BJ Unchained's Cody tier rankings
Veloc1raptor's Gouken tier ranking
Mike Ross' E Honda tier ranking

Photo via Karaface.

Capcom's Ayano on why Omega Edition is not being developed as a brand new Street Fighter game, but as a bonus mode for Ultra Street Fighter 4

With new moves for all 44 characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4's playable roster, as well as vastly different properties for many of their existing moves, Omega Edition is quite a departure from previous updates to the SF4 series.

So why did Capcom decide to release Omega Edition as an additional mode for USF4, rather than use the ideas for a completely brand new installment in the Street Fighter franchise instead? Doesn't that sort of betray fan expectations, for those who are eagerly anticipating a brand new title in the Street Fighter franchise?

That's the question had for Capcom's assistant producer for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tomoaki Ayano, when they caught up with him and USF4 producer Koichi Sugiyama at the sidelines of Mad Catz's Tokyo Game Show tournament.

Oni's electric fireball, Raging Demon, then UC2 works as a combo? Evil Ryu's hurricane kick into UC2? LiangHuBBB's latest USF4 compilation

With the recent announcement of Omega Edition coming out as free DLC for Ultra Street Fighter 4, popular fighting game video compilations maker LiangHuBBB has been inspired to put together a series of '30 ways to combo into Ultra' videos featuring for all 44 characters in the game's roster -- both their regular versions and Omega Edition counterparts.

That's a total of 60 cool and funny ways to combo into their UC1/UC2 for each character. It's quite the undertaking, and will certainly take some time to complete (if the series ever gets finished... this seems like a massive undertaking).

In the meantime, to get our appetites all whet up for what's to come, LiangHuBBB has put together a brief preview of what the series is all about, featuring clips of some of the rarest UC combos to have ever been performed in real matches.

Some of the cooler combos include Evil Ryu connecting with UC2 after a hurricane kick, Oni super cancelling out of his electric fireball special move and following that up with his UC2, a Yang Super into Ultra combo, and more.

Mike Ross finally jumps on the Decapre bandwagon in Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross ft. K-Brad Ep. 33

It's finally happened. In spite of many of his fans requesting for Mike "Mike Ross" Ross to drop E. Honda for Decapre, including three members of the EventHubs team, everyone's favorite low-tier hero and Twitch employee has firmly ignored all the pleas for him to get on the Decapre bandwagon -- until now.

In episode 33 of Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross ft. K-Brad, which has just gone live today on the Cross Counter TV YouTube channel, Evil Geniuses's Kenneth 'K-Brad' Bradley has finally managed to bring Mike Ross into the dark side, converting him into a Decapre player through the use of... hypnotism?

Find out what that's all about in the latest episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Topanga B League - Day 4 results, current standings, battle logs and more, Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament

Update: This story has been updated with final results, standings and battle logs for Day 4 of Topanga B League.

Today, we see the beginning of this year's Topanga B League, which will be a round robin battle between 16 top Japanese players, continuing throughout the whole month, with the goal being to get a position in the prestigious Topanga A League this year.

Participating in this year's B League, we have 16 entirely different characters being played by MCZ|Mago, MCZ|Tokido, YHC-Mochi, Nishikin, RZR|Itabashi Zangief, BE|Nemo, FGC|EX Pugera, YBK|Santarouman, HORI|Sako, FGC|Ooitajin, KojiKOG, Katakana de Aoki, Akutagawa, Ninomae, Sasaki and Yossan, respectively.

The top 4 places in Topanga B League will advance directly to the A League, while places #5 and #6 will square off against last year's 7th and 8th places in A League, RZR|Fuudo and Dashio, in a second round robin event for the final two A League spots, meaning that both RZR|Fuudo and Dashio are in danger of being removed from this year's A League.

Hit the jump to follow along with current standings of the Topanga B League in its 4th year running.

Hoodaman's Decapre fights Dakou's Cammy - WECG Ultra Street Fighter 4 stream archive also ft. Infiltration's Chun-Li

Updated: Stream archives have been added to the story. Full full results, check out our previous story here.

Earlier: WECG's Twitch stream broadcast for its Ultra Street Fighter 4 South Korea qualifier, held in Seoul last weekend, has begun. Today's stream will take us from the semi-finals of this double-elimination tournament all the way to the grand finals.

Some very good matches are in store for us, including PH|Hoodaman playing Decapre against Qanba|Dakou's Cammy.

Check out the live stream embedded below. We will also be updating this story later today with a stream archive as soon as it's available.

Capcom Japan: No more balance changes for Ultra Street Fighter 4 within 2014, but we have plans to further rebalance next year

In an interview with 4Gamer right before the Tokyo Game Show began (at a time when nobody knew that an El Fuerte player was going to win Mad Catz's TGS tournament with over 30 Quesadilla Bombs in a single match), Ultra Street Fighter 4 producer Koichi Sugiyama and assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano spoke at length about future support for the fighting game.

In it, the two Capcom representatives not only revealed that there are plans to further rebalance the game in some fashion next year, but also that Ultra Street Fighter 4 will only receive feature and bug fix updates from now till the end of 2014 -- for good reason.

4Gamer: At Capcom's EVO 2014 panel session, there was an announcement about future updates for Ultra Street Fighter 4. Could you please talk a little more about the subject, for the sake of [4Gamer's] Japanese readers?

Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano: That announcement was made about 1 to 2 months after the game was released in North America, after we've received quite a number of requests on things players over there were hoping we could implement. Things like support for Edition Select online, and for Training mode to support a Delayed Wakeup setting.

Capcom's Koichi Sugiyama: We still can't say anything with regards to when these features will be implemented, but we're currently still looking into a way to implement them.

Infiltration's Rolento faces off against Hoodaman's E. Honda, Decapre; Dakou vs. Humanbomb in the semi-finals of WECG Ultra Street Fighter 4

Although the tournament itself was held last weekend, the World e-Sports Championship is streaming all the action from their Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament's top 8 playoffs this weekend instead, due to a TV broadcasting agreement in South Korea.

Yesterday you saw Infiltration's Evil Ryu square off against Iima83's Akuma, as well as USA's PH|Hoodaman (E. Honda) take on China's Bao (Evil Ryu, Yang) in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Carrying forth from that point, WECG has streamed today the semi-finals matches in the tournament: Infiltration (Rolento, Evil Ryu) vs. PH|Hoodaman (E. Honda, Decapre) and CCG|Humanbomb (Sakura) vs. Qanba|Dakou (Cammy).

Check out the stream archive embedded below. If you'd like to see the full top 8 results for the tournament, head over to our previous story here.

DreamHack Stockholm 2014 results, battle logs and stream archive ft. Luffy, Ryan Hart, Popi, Valmaster, Ixion, Yagami, F-Word, Phenom, veggey and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's DreamHack Summer, DreamHack Winter and even DreamHack Valencia, which all carry high-prize Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournaments, but the DreamHack franchise is not done growing just yet. This year, for the first time, DreamHack Stockholm is taking place in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Notable players attending include MD|Luffy, DIG|Ryan Hart, HOG|Popi, Valmaster, IND|Ixion, Yagami, F-Word, BX3|Phenom, BX3|veggey, propBB2|Ettelman and more.

Streaming duties are being handled by Armshouse over at the official DreamHack Fighters Twitch channel, and you can find an embedded live stream, and early results, below.

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