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Beautiful reads, huge comebacks, no shirts... Poongko, 'The Machine's' best moments at Cannes Winter Clash 2015

A few years ago at EVO 2011, Korea's premier Seth player, Poongko, walked onto the main stage carrying a Korean flag for his top 8 match.

He proceeded to slam a Red Bull, remove his jacket, beat MCZ|Daigo's Yun 4 rounds in a row, ending that spree with a perfect, and secure his name as one of the game's best players.

After that... it seemed things went rather quiet for Poongko. In reality, he was still tearing through opponents, as evidenced by his repeat top 8 placing at the following EVO, but we didn't really see a return to that same realm of hype that we saw at EVO 2011.

Poongko's top placings seemed to become less frequent over the next few years. Some would begin to believe his prime had passed.

It was not until recently that we saw a return to the central spotlight for Poongko, Even with nerfs to his character in the latest iteration of Street Fighter 4, he shows us his capabilities as a player and an entertainer with his chaotically amazing game play and stage gimmicks.

Any and all doubt was laid to rest at last weekend's Cannes Winter Clash, where Poongko would give an amazing performance in both the 5v5 team tournament and the singles tournament.

His one character victory in the team tournament grand finals grabbed our attention, but his dominating performance in the singles tournament solidified the statement. Poongko's back and angrier than ever.

Hit the jump to see some of his greatest moments at Cannes Winter Clash 2015!

Next Level Battle Circuit #111 results feat. Sanford Kelly, Smug, Coach Steve, Shine, Kreymore

Next Level Battle Circuit #111 results feat. Sanford Kelly, Smug, Coach Steve, Shine, Kreymore Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday once again, so it's time for some great fighting game action from The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

The games being played tonight include Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if there are enough entrants.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site, and results for last week's tournament are posted here.

Rob the Magician brings his magical prowess to Excellent Adventures with some crazy tricks that'll have you watching and re-watching this video!

The Gootecks and Mike Ross show's fan-favorite guest is back!

Rob the Magician brings the magic and leaves Gootecks and Mike dumbfounded in the newest Cross Counter series.

From grabbing cards out of thin air to putting things in Gootecks' closed fist, Rob's slight of hand leaves the adventurous duo dumbfounded again and again.

The question now is, does he have any Street Fighter tricks up his sleeve to eek out some wins with his Dan?

Street Fighter and magic, what else do you need? Hit the jump and see the preview now!

Bracket Reset #9 results and stream archive ft. Problem X, Andreas, Hurricane237, Affi, Isam, Flawless Deku, RMZ, Tyrant and more

Bracket Reset #9 results and stream archive ft. Problem X, Andreas, Hurricane237, Affi, Isam, Flawless Deku, RMZ, Tyrant and more Updated: This story has been updated with results and a stream archive.

After a heated weekend in Cannes, Bracket Reset is back with the ninth installment of its weekly Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament series.

This week, you can expect people such as CG|Problem X, WSO|Andreas, BTM|Hurricane237, Affi, BTM|Isam, Flawless Deku, UM|RMZ, UM|Tyrant and more to take center stage on the stream.

Look no further than right below for the live stream.

ComboFiend vs. Mike Ross runback! Zangief HK instant overhead, Ken EX Tatsu shenanigans - find out which player 'goes dumber' in this FT5

On the first episode of Pro Talk, Mike Ross was visited by Peter "ComboFiend" Rosas so that he could share all the details on this year's Capcom Pro Tour. After that segment, however, Mike and Peter engaged in a first-to-five Ultra Street Fighter 4 set that left Mike salty.

Last night, ComboFiend returned to battle Mike in a Pro Talk runback. The theme of this set: Going dumb.

Throughout this match-up, both players were not afraid to let the other know how less-than-intelligent their USF4 play was. At one point, ComboFiend attempts to use Zangief's jump back heavy kick as an instant overhead, for some reason -- which wouldn't work on a crouching opponent -- but of course... it works on Mike's standing Hugo. Mike returns the favor with his own "dumb" play, capturing Peter in Ken's EX Tatsu shenanigans and securing a round with an empty jump low.

For a taste of what you can expect from this set, check out the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

After the set, the two fielded questions from Twitter followers, discussing E. Honda's viability in tournament play, their fighting game origins, and more.

This set is wildly entertaining, and trust me, you don't want to miss it!

EX Duck completely avoids Thunder Knuckle, Short Swing Blow dodges Tiger Knee: Learn to punish un-true blockstrings with Dudley in USF4

Often times, blockstrings are used to tack offensive pressure on to an opponent in Ultra Street Fighter 4. The most effective blockstrings are "true blockstring" -- a series of two or more attacks that have no frame gaps in between them, making it so the opponent is locked in block stun. However, it is not uncommon for players to use "un-true blockstrings" in combat, and they usually go un-punished.

ForbiddenTechniqueTV wanted to put a stop to all of that, and in order to help out the Dudley players of the world put together a video that shows the best ways to punish un-true blockstrings as the gentleman boxer.

This tech boils down to two moves: Duck and Short Swing Blow. Using these special moves at the proper time can cause Dudley to completely avoid the latter part of the blockstrings and set himself up for some incredibly damaging punishes. There are even a few very interesting sequences here that show Dudley completely evading C. Viper's Thunder Knuckle using EX Duck and another where he dodges Sagat's Tiger Knee with SSB.

Check out the video after the jump, and learn how to punish your opponents for attempting un-true blockstrings!

Wednesday Night Fights 2015 1.3 results feat. Nekromantic, Jaren, JCVD and... a mysterious wario-themed Dudley

Wednesday Night Fights 2015 1.3 results feat. Nekromantic, Jaren, JCVD and... a mysterious wario-themed Dudley Update: This story has been updated with results and stream archive.

Earlier: Wednesday Night Fights returns tonight with the another installment in their 2015 season. This time around, the WNF crew is operating their event entirely online on PC.

Every Tuesday, WNF will hold a qualifier that will narrow down the tournament to the top 16 players. On the following Wednesday, those players will battle it out for the #1 spot, which is what we can expect to see tonight.

Of course, the game of choice here is Ultra Street Fighter 4.

You can find the brackets on Challonge, so be sure to follow along with all the action as the tournament goes along. You can also check out last week's results here.

Hit the jump to view the live stream.

Momochi, Xian, Daigo, GamerBee headed to Texas next week (March 13-15) for SXSW Gaming Fighters Invitational, with $20,000 on the line

16 of the world's greatest Ultra Street Fighter 4 players are set to descend upon Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas from March 13 to 15 for the SXSW Gaming Fighters Invitational (presented by Twitch).

It's a tournament that's truly impressive not only because it has a total of $20,000 on the line, but also due to its exceptionally intense fight format: group stages on the first two days, and a double-elimination tournament on the final day.

The 16 players are first divided into two groups of eight, and everybody has to play against everyone in their group. The top four players from each group will then head into an 8-man tournament on the final day.

So who's coming to the tournament? Here's the full list of players, along with information who's in which group:

Click images for larger versions

If you'll happen to be in the area on those dates, entrance into the SXSW Gaming Expo is free of charge. You can register for your free pass to go in and watch the tournament in person over here.

Daigo, Infiltration & ChuChu are going to Red Bull Kumite - here's the full list of all 14 invitees

Japan's MCZ|Daigo, Korea's Infiltration, and South America's CNB|ChuChu are among the 14 players Red Bull has invited to attend the Red Bull Kumite, which takes place on March 28 in Paris, France, the drinks maker announced today.

In their announcement they've also included the full list of all 14 invitees. Just look at all of the international names on that list! Why, this is almost like the second coming of Capcom Cup 2014!

Click image for larger version

Sako vs. Luffy ft-to-10 exhibition match results, archive from Post-Cannes Winter Clash stream

Update 2: Results and stream archive have been added to the story. Update: The stream has gone live.

Earlier: Cannes Winter Clash 2015 may be over -- but the party hype don't won't stop!

The good folks over at Gamesline are making final preparations for a post-Cannes Winter Clash show that will begin later today at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern time). It will feature a Hori|Sako vs. MD|Luffy first-to-10 exhibition match, along with several more featuring Dieminion and other European players.

Check back here at EventHubs at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET to watch it with us; we'll bump this post again so it's the first thing you see on the frontpage.

If you follow @EventHubs on Twitter we'll let you know over there as soon as the stream goes live, too.

Watch Yoshinori Ono play through Ultra Street Fighter 4... with the Steel Battalion controller - Capcom UK Triple Boss Challenge

While you wait for the Gamesline stream to go live (a Hori|Sako vs. MD|Luffy first-to-10 exhibition match is set to take place on the stream, among other things), here's a pretty funny video you can watch to pass the time.

Capcom UK has just posted on YouTube a "Triple Boss Challenge with Yoshinori Ono" video, in which Ono (the boss of Street Fighter) takes on Seth (the boss of Ultra Street Fighter 4) using the Steel Battalion special controller (the boss of Capcom controllers).

The punch buttons are mapped on the control stick, the kick buttons and directional keys are elsewhere.

And the emergency eject button is mapped to start. This is the best idea ever.

The experience is so good that Ono has said in the video that Street Fighter 5 will not only support the Steel Battalion controller, but Capcom will build a new cockpit controller for it, for a fully immersive experience.

Mike Ross and ComboFiend challenge the viewers tonight and might have the USF4 runback we're waiting for: Capcom Pro Talk

Mike Ross returns with another live broadcast of Capcom Pro Talk.

In tonight's episode, Mike will be joined by Capcom's very own Peter "ComboFiend" Rosas to talk shop. Afterward, the two will face off against stream viewers in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Those who manage to score a victory against Mike and Peter will win a month free of Twitch Turbo.

Additionally, we may see the runback between Mike and ComboFiend that we've been waiting for. Last time they faced off in USF4, things didn't go so well for Mike.

Hit the jump to check out the stream.

Team /r/Kappa (Poongko & Infiltration) vs. Sako & Xiao Hai, Poongko vs. Andreas ft-to-3 and other off-screen matches from Cannes Winter Clash

Now that Cannes Winter Clash 2015 has wrapped up and players are making it back into their humble abodes safe and sound, off-screen footage of some of the matches played at the tournament that may not have been shown on stream are making it onto YouTube.

For instance, Shoryusengan has posted videos of Team /r/Kappa (Poongko and Infiltration) taking on the teams Hori|Sako and Qanba|Xiao Hai, as well as RMZ and Damascus, in the 2-on-2 Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. I'm not sure if either match had been shown on stream, but if you hadn't seen it yet, there are quite a number of hype moments for you to savor here.

On top of those matches, Shoryusengan has also provided off-screen videos of /r/Kappa|Poongko taking on Pro Fluke and Andreas in first-to-3 sets. All of the action's right here below after the jump.

'Oppa Poongko style' Chun-Li overhead mix-ups, lightning fast E. Honda and M. Bison reactions - 4th SG vs. HK 22-on-22 match videos

The 4th SG vs. HK 22-on-22 exhibition match (full results and battle log here) that took place on Sunday had been a great showcase of Ultra Street Fighter 4 talent from both sides of the fence.

Don't believe me? Why, just check out these clip of Bell's Chun-Li from Hong Kong hop-step-kicking all over Gouken in what I'm calling an "Oppa Poongko style" mix-up.

Click image for animated version

Although the stream archives for the exhibition match were previously only available to ToughcookieTV Twitch channel subscribers, the stream's organizer BEast of the East (Beastapac) are already hard at work processing the footage to upload on their official YouTube channel, where you'll able to watch everything on.

Not all of the matches are up on YouTube yet, but here in this post we'll highlight a couple of matches from what's available that we felt were noteworthy during the stream.

Kitasenju DJ will be going to Final Round 18, all ready to show EventHubs readers what he can do with a 'pillow' character

It's happening! Thanks to your generous contributions, the /r/Kappa campaign to send Infiltration, Kitasenju DJ and Kazunoko to Final Round 18 on March 20 to 22 in Atlanta has successfully reached its second goal -- Kitasenju DJ will be making his North American Ultra Street Fighter 4 major tournament debut at the event!

The good Samaritan within the community who donated $1,000 in the hopes that Kitasenju DJ would get to go, has got his wish granted!

Previously when we posted about this /r/Kappa campaign, we mentioned that Kitasenju DJ believes that he is the best Dee Jay player in the world, and that he would very much like this opportunity to show the world what he can do.

To that, EventHubs reader Existent had this comment to make: "Saying you're the strongest Deejay in the world is like saying you can swing a pillow harder than anyone else."

His words struck a nerve with some fighting game fans (certainly myself, at least), and may even have inspired a few of you to donate to the campaign -- just so Kitasenju DJ can show Existent and other non-believers what the "pillow" character Dee Jay can do.

Here's hoping Kitasenju DJ will live up to those lofty expectations. On Twitter he's said that he has already begun looking over his game plan:

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