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UFC fighter Uriah Hall performs what looks eerily like Akuma's taunt during fight

While it can be fun to make comparisons between UFC and Street Fighter, it doesn't get much easier to do so than in a fight last night.

In what is a 1st round TKO, Uriah Hall takes a walk around the ring looking pumped. Suddenly, he stops and stomps down on the ground in a manner that will make many fans think the Satsui no Hado took him over. FOX Sports has released a clip of the moment on Twitter.

You can check out the real life Akuma pose below.

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It's been almost a year, but Comeback Compilation is back with episode 40, covers 10 months of brilliant rallies

Finally making its return, LiangHuBBB's Comeback Compilation series provides thirty minutes of one of the best episodes in its history.

Not bound to any particular game, you can expect to see some outstanding footage from Ultra Street Fighter 4, Guilty Gear Xrd, Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and more with such players as Alex Valle, Alioune, Bonchan, among others.

I will give you one warning. Expect Guile's theme to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day after watching this. It uses different versions and mixes in other songs, but that only does so much to stop you from humming it to yourself hours later.

Check out almost a year's worth of hilarious moments below.

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'The game that's taken more quarters from children than every bully combined' - Honest Game Trailers goes in on the Street Fighter franchise

It's been long overdue, but we finally have it. Smosh Games has done an Honest Game Trailer on the Street Fighter franchise, or to some, "The game you played because your mom wouldn't let you play Mortal Kombat".

Many times when companies that are not directly associated with the fighting game community give their input on titles like Street Fighter, it becomes very quickly apparent that their knowledge of the game goes about as deep as "I played it when I was growing up."

Smosh have a reputation for hitting the nail on the head with HGT, and they live up that reputation in their spot-on analysis of everything Street Fighter.

Their jokes are ones that you'd hear within the inner circles of the FGC, such as the excess of different versions for SF games, online lag and Capcom's overtly stereotypical characters. Hit the jump below to see Honest Game Trailers' take on Street Fighter.

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'He's the grandfather of Street Fighter to me'—Clip from upcoming FGC documentary explores the massive influence of Alex Valle

Main purpose of Street Fighter 5's beta is to test out online infrastructure; Sony key in assisting with cross platform play

"He's the grandfather of Street Fighter to me," Justin Wong states in black and white. Alex Valle is a household name for almost any FGC fan, but many aren't aware of just how grand his legacy really is. At a time where the U.S. didn't have a scene that could compete internationally, he was one of the few that stood above the rest of his counterparts.

Beyond just being a strong player, his community building efforts weren't rivaled until years later when Alex Jebailey would step forward to create Community Effort Orlando.

Fortunately, this upcoming documentary by Shankar Tablada, titled The Fighting Game Community, makes sure to give due time to one of the greatest trailblazers of our scene. Also, in case you missed it, check out the first trailer for it here.

Check out the clip below for today's history lesson.

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CEO 2015 preview - Your resource for the big event this weekend, including players, games, schedules, and streams

CEO 2015 is upon us this weekend, and a ton of information has been made available for tournament go-ers and spectators alike to take advantage of.

The tournament is featuring an incredible amount of players, including EG|Justin Wong, EG|PR_Balrog, MCZ|Daigo Umehara, MCZ|Tokido, RZR|Fuudo, MVG|Mew2King, Liquid|Hungrybox, Liquid|Knuckledu, Steam Co.|Yipes, YOMI|Michaelangelo, Kazunoko, Velociraptor, Tryken, and countless others in all sorts of head to head competition.

For such a large amount of players, a large amount of games is expected. These include the main event titles (Smash Bros. for Wii U, Smash Bros. Melee, USF4, MKX, UMvC3, Xrd, P4AU, KI, TTT2, and Divekick) as well as a bevy of side titles like Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Def Jam: Fight for New York, Windjammers, Soul Calibur 3, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Capcom versus SNK 2, and a lot more, including Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7.

Hit the jump to check out all you'll need to know for this weekend.

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Justin Wong takes people to school, Kitana pulls out Reptile's soul, and more - LiangHuBBB's Funny and Cool Moments reaches episode 90

Though it's certainly been a while, LiangHuBBB returns with his 90th episode of Funny and Cool Moments, a series of videos in which the spectacular and the silly in fighting games are captured for our viewing pleasure.

His 90th episode contains a plethora of games, including Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat X, Chaos Code, and many more. Everything from infinites, high damage combos, silly bugs and glitches, and general absurdity are more than present in this compilation.

Hit the jump to view the 90th episode.

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Third Strike replays with commentary by James Chen show Justin Wong going for a win without meter, Tokido against Higa, and Kokujin versus Rom

YogaFlame24's back with Third Strike replays featuring some of the best players from around the world. Perhaps most noteworthy, though, is that James Chen has stepped in to lend his excellent commentary for the matches. In fact, he has an ongoing playlist of these.

What can you expect to see in this batch? First, you'll have Kokujin, arguably the best Dudley in the world, take on Rom's brilliant Yang. It's a high octane match where constant mix-ups and pressure can cause the round to end regardless of starting health.

After that, we have EG|Justin Wong's famous Chun-Li taking on EmphyNAPS's Urien. Perhaps most interesting about this match is that Justin Wong goes through the entirety of it without ever using meter. That means supers or EX moves for the duration of the fight. Can Justin win off of footsies alone and his defensive style alone?

Finally, MCZ|Tokido faces Higa's very tricky Ibuki in a battle between the top tier and the not-so-top tier. While Tokido might be the more familiar name, both Higa and Tokido exhibit some impressive corner pressure.

Check out these excellent Third Strike replays below.

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Poll: Which old school Street Fighter title had the best balance?

A little ways back, we asked our users which version of Street Fighter 4 had the best balance, with Ultra Street Fighter 4 winning by a large margin.

Today we wanted to open up a new poll for every old school entry in the franchise, running from Street Fighter 2 (1991) all the way through Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (1999), to find out which version our readers thought had the best character balance overall.

The poll includes all major releases from Capcom in the Street Fighter series, before SF4, but doesn't include the Vs. or EX titles.

You can find the early results below, along with a spot where you can cast your vote.

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Check out the first look at a Street Fighter 5 Charlie statue, Oro statue complete with turtle, and much more

BornFree has uploaded a preview for all the worldwide Street Fighter statues currently in development. There's a lot more of them than you might have thought.

While some of these are still pending approval from Capcom, almost all of them are gorgeous. Seeing Oro rendered as a statue with his turtle is wonderful. Also, the Evil Ryu statue featuring his alternative costume with long hair is refreshing. It's rare that we get to actually view statues wearing any outfit other than their primary ones, so it's a treat to see these designers take risks.

Particularly exciting is the first look at Charlie. He will make his display appearance at the Capcom Booth at SDCC this year. Despite being a work that's in progress, the model itself looks outstanding.

Fortunately, BornFree appears as passionate as the designers, and he goes into detail discussing his thoughts on each one.

I've grabbed images of a few that stood out to me. There's plenty more, though, so make sure to watch the video after you've checked out the my selections.

Street Fighter Statue Preview image #1 Street Fighter Statue Preview image #2 Street Fighter Statue Preview image #3 Street Fighter Statue Preview image #4
Click images for larger versions

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Stunfest 2015 results Daigo, Momochi, Xian, Bonchan, Luffy, Ryan Hart, Infiltration, Kazunoko, GamerBee, Tokido, Fuudo, Mago, Poongko

Updated: Day 2 results have been added to this story.

Earlier: A new premiere event is upon us, and this time it's Stunfest, taking place in Rennes, France. Most of Europe's heavy hitters will be in attendance, but that's not all - there's a huge influx of Asian players looking to grab that Capcom Cup spot and the prize money for themselves.

At the event, you can expect to see MCZ|Daigo, EG|Momochi, RZR|Xian, Bonchan, MD|Luffy, FA|Ryan Hart, /r/Kappa|Infiltration, Kazunoko, AvM|GamerBee, MCZ|Tokido, RZR|Fuudo, MCZ|Mago, /r/Kappa|Poongko, D44|BAS, GL|Valmaster, IND|Pro Fluke, Gagapa, YBK|Santarouman, /r/Kappa|Ebi, Eita, RF, BX3|Veggey and more.

As for games, you can expect to see not only Ultra Street Fighter 4, but also Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters 13, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, Soul Calibur 5, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Breakers Revenge.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will of course be streamed on CapcomFighters. The English language stream for the rest of the event is being handled by ArmsHouse.

Hit the jump to check out the action.

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Start your combos with throws in SF3!? Paolomiragli shows off some incredible looking tech that begins with the humble grab

Paolomiragli on YouTube has uploaded a series of wild SF3 combo videos. While the Street Fighter 3 series has long seemed to lend itself to hype footage, it's still amazing what new tech can be discovered. Many of these are highly impractical or improbable in a real fight, but to start off every combo with a throw is astonishing.

We've particularly zeroed in on one video that highlights the bunch. If you like this set, it's highly suggested that you watch the whole bunch.

Check out this unique combo video below.

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'Street Fighter IV is a garish, sloppy eyesore with sub-par animation' - artist Blake Reynolds discusses video games' departure from pixel art

Before we even start, there's an easy trap to fall into here and I want to clarify things right away so as to avoid it. This article does not argue that lower resolution or 2D graphics are superior to their high-res 3D counterparts, or that Street Fighter 3 has better art simply because it is "pixelated." Moving on...

Blake Reynolds, an artist who works for Dinofarm Games, has written a thoughtful piece that touches on the evolution of video game art over the years. Specifically, he examines how we've gone from "pixelated" and two dimensional to our beloved 1080p in three dimensions.

Reynolds attempts to topple the somewhat ignorant and popular generalization that "pixelated art is behind the times and ultimately, not as impressive as higher-res art." He takes a look at these animations of Chun-Li from Third Strike and Street Fighter 4:

Click images for animated versions

He goes on to state "SFIII’s animation is orders of magnitude better than SFIV’s. It’s not even close..." hit the jump to see his argument, and to get a better understanding of the incredible process that is pixel art.

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Taunting is only cool if you don't get knocked out while doing it; check out 'Skill Not Included,' a comical collection of Third Strike bloopers

EPsilon933 has compiled a few of their most ridiculous moments whilst playing Third Strike online.

Just after watching a few replays, it's become pretty apparent that EPsilon is the type of player who will repeat the same move or gimmick just to get into an opponent's head. The outcomes vary, but sometimes work in a hilarious fashion.

Then again, sometimes such an approach will simply make you look like a fool. Take a look at these clips below as examples:

Click image for animated version

You can see the video after the jump.

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Texas Showdown 2015 results ft. Infiltration, Justin Wong, ChrisG, Snake Eyez, K-Brad, NuckleDu, Ricki Ortiz, RayRay, KaneBlueRiver and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results and a stream archive.

This weekend, there'll be tons of high-level fighting game action courtesy of Texas' prime fighting game event, Texas Showdown 2015.

On the tournament's schedule, we can find Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Killer Instinct, Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. There will also be a Tekken 7 stream going on for the majority of the event.

As for players showing up, you can expect the likes of Infiltration, EG|Justin Wong, Tempo|NYChrisG, Snake Eyez, EG|K-Brad, Liquid|NuckleDu, EG|Ricki Ortiz, CTRL|RayRay, BE|KaneBlueRiver, 801 Strider, CCG|Air, Hsien Chang and many more. Streaming duties will be handled by LevelUp Live, PandaxGaming, BeastChan23 and Texas Melee.

This event also has a new installment of Ultra Fight Night Exhibitions, which is detailed towards the bottom of our story.

Hit the jump to check out the action in full.

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Character portraits, in-game action and emotional snap shots, Danusko's displays his artistic versatility with these fighting game-based drawings

We delve into the depths of Deviant Art yet again to bring you another fighting gamer's unique interpretations of some of his favorite characters from the genre.

Danusko, Dan for short, has a variety of illustrations. Some drawings are bubbly character portraits, while others depicting a single scene from which a story might surround. These are particularly interesting as they set different moods and prompt the viewer to fill in gaps.

Most of his art is rooted in Street Fighter 3, but he also features King of Fighters, Tekken and Killer Instinct. Take a look at a few below:

Danusko Gallery image #1 Danusko Gallery image #2 Danusko Gallery image #3 Danusko Gallery image #4
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see more from Danusko.

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