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Street Fighter 2 Ken theme acapella version performed by Smooth McGroove

Acapella extraordinaire Smooth McGroove returns with another excellent rendition of a classic Street Fighter 2 theme, this time Ken's. Smooth McGroove performs each of the musical parts with only his voice and has a bit of gameplay in the center of the video.

A few months ago we saw his acapella version of Guile's theme. Be sure to check out McGroove's Ken theme and share your thoughts on it in the comments below.

Tip by karlnichol_36 and an anonymous reader.

Daigo once practiced punishing single move for 5 hours with help of friend in SF2T days, before advent of training mode

Daigo once practiced punishing single move for 5 hours with help of friend in SF2T days, before advent of training mode Talking about some of his old school experiences playing fighting games, MCZ|Daigo Umehara relayed a story where he spent 5 hours learning to punish a single move, with the help of a friend.

On the Super Famicon (SNES) release of Street Fighter 2 Turbo, it was possible to jack up the speed setting to 10 stars (Turbo 10) making the action incredibly fast, but the game was released at a time when training mode wasn't a standard issue.

As such, Umehara enlisted the help of a friend to spam Guile's crouching medium kick so he could learn the timing to punish it with Ryu's crouching hard kick sweep, and apparently do it with super fast reactions, considering the insane game speed setting.

Also, while looking through old issues of the publication Gamest, who's staff later went on to make Arcadia Magazine, Umehara pointed out that Guile vs. Zangief is 9-1 match in Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition and Ryu vs. Guile is a 4-6 set.

These topics were part of Daigo's promotional interview for a new manga that was released in Japan, starring none other than Umehara himself, and Beast Note has a full rundown of details and information about the event.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist promises to 'redefine what to expect from the genre' of live-action video game adaptions in Comic-Con video

Most of you likely remember Street Fighter: Legacy, and hopefully you've been keeping track of the project that spawned from it, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, which has recently started filming and is aimed for an early 2014 release.

There's a vidoe below from Comic-Con, where the writers and series' producer, as well as the actors, talk about the project and the level of authenticity it will be bringing to the brand. You can check it out below.

With all the talk about staying true to the source material and authenticity being key, this certainly sounds like something to look forward to. Are you excited about this direction, or do you just not see Street Fighter working in live-action? Let us know in the comments.

Capcom sale on Xbox Live for up to 75% off, includes SSF4 AE and UMvC3 - Mortal Kombat 9 on sale

Capcom sale on Xbox Live for up to 75% off, includes SSF4 AE and UMvC3 - Mortal Kombat 9 on sale Capcom and NetherRealm Studios are having some pretty nice sales on some of their fighting game content on Xbox Live.

Items like the games on demand version of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are on sale for $14.99 currently, which is a great price point for either title. Also, some costumes for both games plus SF3 and SSF2T HD Remix can be downloaded for pretty reasonable price points as well.

Also, if you prefer non-disc versions, Injustice: Gods Among Us will be available on Games on Demand today, although it's not on sale. Hit the jump to check out a listing of stuff that is on sale and the prices they're currently at.

EVO 2013 preview: Notable players, streams, brackets, schedule, vote for winners and more - July 12-14 in Las Vegas

EVO 2013 preview: Notable players, streams, brackets, schedule, vote for winners and more - July 12-14 in Las Vegas The world's biggest fighting game tournament is going down this weekend, and we'll have full coverage of everything happening in and around EVO 2013 here on EventHubs.

You'll be able to check the site for all of the latest results, live streams, battle logs, bracket updates and more updated constantly throughout the weekend, as the world's best fighting game players descend on Las Vegas, Nevada at the Paris hotel.

There will be a panel from Capcom USA staff and NetherRealm Studios will announced a 5th DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us, likely on Sunday, possibly before the finals for that game plays out.

Hit the jump to check out our full preview of the event, including notable players, a schedule, stream information, polls to vote on which players will win SSF4 AE v2012 and UMvC3 and quite a bit more.

Curious what the FGC looked like back in 2001? Check out TechTV's coverage of B5, tournament footage

EVO 2013 will be taking place this coming weekend, but before it became known as "Evolution", there was an annual gathering of fighting game players in California titled Battle by the Bay.

These events attracted some of the best talent at the time from that region, and back in 2001, TechTV did a segment on the fighting game community, interviewing players like Viscant and Duc Do at B5.

If you keep a sharp eye, you should be able to spot Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz and Alex Valle, among others, in their younger days.

If you want to go further, hit the jump to find some tournament footage for Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, featuring some well known players, who are still active in the FGC to this date.

Shao Kahn and M. Bison face off in ScrewAttack's latest Death Battle

Ever wondered who would come out of top between the Emperor of Outworld and the Master of Psycho Power? Well, ScrewAttack is here to make you wonder no more, with the latest installment of their Death Battle-series covering that very matchup. Mortal Kombat's Shao Kahn goes up against Street Fighter's M. Bison in a glorious battle, but only one can survive. Check it out below.

Do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to RebornNYC6 and Kuei for the news tip.

Capcom 25th Anniversary Music Box - 11 disc Street Fighter set and 6 disc Darkstalkers collection

It is no secret that Capcom games have some of the best soundtracks in the biz. The Street Fighter 2 series alone was littered with unforgettable tracks and themes that induced hype while giving us the urge to knock out any opponent that stood in our way.

Capcom is releasing an incredible 11 disc set of Street Fighter tunes that span from the original SF all the way through Street Fighter X Tekken. A 6 disc Darkstalkers collection will be released simultaneously that contains music from all games, including Darkstalkers Resurrection.

Both CD sets will be seeing a release in Japan on July 10 of this year. The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Sound Box will run for 11,550 yen ($118 USD) and the Darkstalkers Sound Box costs 9,450 yen ($96 USD).

For a full track listing of each disc, check out Siliconera's article.

Click images for larger versions

Via Siliconera.

Fighting game related artwork gallery featuring Dan, Thanos, Akuma, Servebot, Morrigan and more by Mundokk

Deviant Art user Edmundo Landaverde Jandres aka Mundokk has uploaded several great pieces of fighting game artwork over on his online gallery. Some of the works featured below include franchises such as Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Darkstalkers, Soul Calibur and King of Fighters.

These are only some of Mundokk's images but if you'd like to check out more, be sure to visit his Deviant Art Gallery. Hit the jump for more.

Jimmy Fallon sets record for fastest 20 Hadoukens performed by Ryu impersonators

In honor of video game week over on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy tries his hand at setting a couple of world records with the assistance of the guys from RecordSetter. RecordSetter is a website in which anyone can come up with their own world record and send in footage as proof of completion.

The first record Fallon sets consists of having numerous Ryu impersonators perform 20 Hadoukens as fast as possible. The other record has one of the members from the Roots blowing into as many NES game cartridges as he can in 20 seconds.

It goes without saying that this clip is fairly silly in the typical Jimmy Fallon style, however, it's pretty awesome to see Street Fighter referenced on national television.

Tip sent in by Aluppoj.

Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia found listed on Amazon, set to release on October 21

A listing for a Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia was recently found over on Amazon and is said to be released on October 21 of this year. This hardcover book will feature 208 pages that give concise information about all major Capcom characters including key artwork, statistics, their background, and history of each character and their game franchise.

The Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia is being published by Brady Games and will contain roughly 200 characters. The price is listed at $16.99 USD but you can currently pre-order it for $12.77.

Click image for larger version

Via Joystiq. Tip by phoenixkusanagi.

Northwest Majors V results, stream archive - featuring Filipino Champ, Ricky Ortiz, KaneBlueRiver, Air and more

Northwest Majors V results, stream archive - featuring Filipino Champ, Ricky Ortiz, KaneBlueRiver, Air and more Updated with final results: This story has been updated with the final results from Northwest Majors V.

Northwest Majors V is about to kick off at 6 p.m. PDT / 9 p.m. EDT, live from Des Moines, Washington. The tournament will take place June 7th-9th, and features Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Street Fighter X Tekken v2013, King of Fighters 13, Persona 4 Arena, Mortal Kombat 9 , tekken Tag Tournament 2, Virtua Fighter 4: Final Showdown, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Quite a few top players will be in attendance including coL|Filipino Champ, EG|Ricky Oritz, KaneBlueRiver, CCG|Air, Hi I'm Nastyy, AC|XsK Samurai, Dragoomba and more.

Hit the jump to check out the streams and the event's schedule.

ScrewAttack's Worst Ever: Street Fighter - a closer look at some of the less than awesome characters in the franchise

Street Fighter is known for having some of the most memorable moves, music, stages and most importantly, characters in fighting game history. Unfortunately, not all character designs can be winners.

ScrewAttack put together an episode of their series the "Worst Ever" in which they examine some of the characters that aren't so great in the Street Fighter franchise. We won't tell you exactly who has made this list but we will say a character from Street Fighter: The Movie (the game) makes an appearance. Yeah...

Check out the video list below and be forewarned, there is a bit of language NSFW.

Who are some of your least favorite characters from the Street Fighter series? Shoot off in the comments.

Tip by Fawaz.

Daigo Umehara: 'I've never thought of myself as talented', talks about his gaming career and views on what winning means

Daigo Umehara: 'I've never thought of myself as talented', talks about his gaming career and views on what winning means In a 7-page interview with Tokyo Keizai, Daigo Umehara's life is detailed, and he explains his thoughts regarding his pro status in fighting games and what it has taken to bring him there. This article will feature several translated quotes from Daigo, as the original article is exclusively available in Japanese.

Below, you'll find the line Daigo started the whole interview with, and after that, there will be several quotes and excerpts covering different periods of his career.

Though I've been called "God's Hand" and "The Beast", I've never thought of myself as someone with talent. Actually, if we're only talking about talent, I think there are a lot of people who have more of it than I do.

Hit the jump to read more about Daigo Umehara.

Infinite chip damage Hadouken combos, Blanka's electricity shoots fireballs and more - competitive Japanese footage of SFII: Rainbow Edition

Back in 1993, a hack of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition was created that made some very interesting changes to the game's mechanics. Players were given the ability to switch between characters instantly, mid-match, special moves could be performed in air and teleportation occurred at the drop of a dime. The tweaks made in this iteration made for absolute chaos and zaniness. By the aforementioned description, no one would ever want to play this competitively, right?...

Well, roughly 20 years after its creation it seems there are players in Japan who are still competing in Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition. Zero3japan has uploaded nearly 50 minutes of footage that does a stellar job of showing off what Rainbow Edition is all about.

Hadoukens litter the screen, Dhalsim retains the fastest walk speed to ever exist in a fighting game, Blanka's electricity shoots fireballs and so much more. If anyone can describe what exactly is going on at 9:14 in the video, it would be greatly appreciated.

Via EG|Justin Wong's Twitter.

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