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Tsuko G's kazoo rendition of Ken's Theme (which you didn't ask for) is epic and actually pretty good

Kazoos are probably one of of the worst musical instruments ever invented. The sound it makes is so annoying that I think calling it a musical instrument is somewhat inaccurate.

Or at least, that's what I thought, until I heard Tsuko G's latest kazoo rendition of this famous video game track -- Ken's Theme from the arcade (CPS1) edition of Street Fighter 2.

The kazoo sounds in this track aren't anywhere near as annoying as I thought they'd be. In fact they complement the notes in Ken's Theme quite well. See if you agree in the video embedded below.

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Guile's theme now has lyrics, highlight the one thing you've probably never noticed about this fiercely American Street Fighter

As the saying goes, Guile's theme goes with anything.

But even with that said, his theme goes particularly well with these hard-hitting lyrics that the creative folks over at Fox's Animation Domination High-Def show, which point out something you may have never noticed about the American Street Fighter. Or at least, I hadn't noticed until now.

What am I talking about? In case you're wondering: nope, it has nothing to do with Guile's apparently preferred mode of transport (image used in the banner up top).

Just watch and find out. Note that the language used in the video is mildly NSFW.

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Check out this $1,000, 155-piece Swarovski Crystal Bejeweled Kirby Amiibo and this this $850 Akuma 36-inch figurine

The first item up for bid in our figurine story today: a brand new Kirby Amiibo covered in Swarovski crystals!

Bidding starts at $100, but you can skip the hassle and just buy it now for $1,000.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see the three foot Akuma statue.

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ST Akuma, Marvel's Vergil, Brawl's Meta Knight? Who is the most broken playable character in fighting games? WatchMojo counts down their top 10 here!

Do you remember the first time you played Akuma in Street Fighter 2? How about when Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out and people figured out how to run over everyone with Meta Knight? Remember Scorpion in Injustice before the patch?

There are quite a few fighting game characters that left their mark of extreme frustration on our hearts as we quickly discovered how incredibly overpowered they were.

WatchMojo has created a list of some of these characters, ranking them from 10-1 based on how ridiculous their abilites are. Not every character on this list is from the fighting game genre, but there are certainly a collection of notables from the FGC's neck of the woods.

Now, please be patient as the video may not go into quite as much detail as you'd like in regards to why a character is too strong or which specific iteration of said character is the most overpowered.

Who do you think will make the list? Hit the jump to see if and where your favorite, or most hated, OP characters landed on the count down!

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Yoshi drops the beat, 'Eye of the Family Man' mash up, Aganos' hard rock theme and... too many kazoos in this fighting game musical round up

Every so often, we get a musical mash up or remix from a popular fighting game theme. I've had my eye on a couple for a while now, and I happen to be in a musical mood so here they are.

The range is here is pretty wide as we have dance music from Yoshi, Aganos' heavy war theme, Super Smash Bros. Melee theme: kazoo version and a metal mash up of Guile's theme and "Eye of the Tiger."

It's fairly amazing what crazy ideas people come up with. That's one of the beauties of the FGC, so many different kinds of people with different kinds of talents. That's what makes videos like these possible.

Hit the jump and prepare for your mood to change about three or four times very quickly.

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Welcome to Bisonopolis: I wanna take you for a ride, into the Street Fighter 2 video game - funny 3D simulation ride video from the '90s

Every single part of the headline for this story before the dash was an actual line used in a four-minute-long "Street Fighter 2 Ride" 3D simulation attraction, produced by ShowScan in the '90s.

"I wanna take you for a ride, into the Street Fighter 2 video game," the announcer says at the outset of the attraction.

I wonder if maybe someone at Capcom -- who was working on sound and music for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at the time -- happened to stumble upon this curious invention, and was so inspired by it that he or she decided to turn that one-liner into the entire MvC2 character selection screen theme. That's probably not how it happened. But then again, we'd never know for sure.

"It's Bison's warp tunnel, into Shadowlaw!' another line goes, presumably spoken by Chun-Li. You can't make this stuff up, people. The entertainment is real.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy this blast to the past as you travel down a funky warp tunnel, into the land of "Shadowlaw".

Welcome to Bisonopolis, Street Fighter fans. Population: Sagat, Balrog, and Giant M. Bison.

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Juri's tragic origins revealed; Dhalsim fights Twelve; Check out Udon's SSF New Generations comic series that bridges the events between SF4 and 3S

For those of you who haven't gotten a chance to get your hands on Udon's Super Street Fighter New Generations comic book, we have you covered.

Just what is this comic you ask? It's a take on the Street Fighter world between the events of Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter Third Strike. Though SF3 came out years before SF4, the story's timeline actually places the events of 3S after the events of SF4. (Confusing huh?)

This inevitably leads to some interesting ends that could use some tying up. Just what were the characters of Third Strike doing while the events of Street Fighter 4 were taking place? Why aren't some of the characters in 4 around for 3?

A lot is left to the imagination and Udon has taken the reigns and given us some possible answers! Now, this comic is actually just over two years old now, so why bring it up at this juncture? Well, volume 2 is on the way so you best get acquainted now so you'll be ready!

For those of you that don't like to turn pages, Gouki213 has put a few of the stories into convenient videos that turn the pages for you! As a bonus, you'll also get sound effects and music! So hit the jump and check out three of these videos including:

- Juri's tragic origin wherein she loses her parents, her eye and her patience with society.

- Dhalsim's super stretchy fight with Twelve.

- Honda's wrestling bout with Hakan.

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Blanka is more iconic than Sagat!? WatchMojo ran a poll to determine the top 10 characters in Street Fighter – here are the results

Top 10 lists can almost always be a good time. You get to see the opinions of others, then shout out in the comments about how they're wrong. WatchMojo has just released its own picks for the long running series's roster.

Before you watch the video, you'll want to keep some of your expectations in check. The choices heavily rely on the cast of a single Street Fighter entry and feature such classic stereotypes as Ryu and Ken essentially counting as the same person since they "share the same fighting technique."

I will leave you with one hint, though. It ranks Blanka higher than Sagat.

So why share the list? WatchMojo's vote has been made up of a more casual crowd than fighting gaming dedicated sites like EventHubs. Since Capcom is looking to attract new players for Street Fighter 5, this might give some insight into the opinions of those Capcom are trying to attract.

If you're ready to find out who WatchMojo viewers value the most in Street Fighter, check out the video below.

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Fighting game music kazoo covers? The Super Smash Bros. Melee theme like you've never heard it before - Also SSB Wii U main theme and Guile's theme

We've all heard the Super Smash Bros. Melee theme many times, probably more than we can even count. But this version might not be something you're accustomed to.

YouTube personality TsukoG put his kazoo to the test, and the results are ... Surprisingly good.

Hit the jump to hear this masterpiece performed in a most unexpected way.

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Street Fighter 2's Car Crusher bonus stage replicated in real-life on Korean TV show

This is just nuts.

As everyone who's played Street Fighter 2 knows, after a world warrior has successfully defeated three opponents in the tournament he or she is sent to a Car Crusher bonus round where the objective is to wreck a car that's in perfect working condition, as some sort of crazy test of strength or skill.

Ever wondered how impressive or (more likely) ridiculous that would look like, if Street Fighter 2 were real and an actual Car Crusher bonus round took place in real-life?

Some TV executives in South Korea did, and they've arranged for the particular spectacle to be performed on a variety program, by a man decked out (poorly) in Ryu's outfit who may or may not be an actual martial artist.

Why am I questioning if the man performing the Car Crusher stunt is indeed an actual martial artist or otherwise? I think you'll see what I mean in the following clip from the Korean show, provided by Versus Fighting TV.

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'I’m going to make a game so good, it will make the original Street Fighter look like a knockoff!' - Akira Nishitani on creating Street Fighter 2

We have a real treat for you here. Shmuplations has translated a 1991 interview with developer Akira Nishitani about the creation of Street Fighter II.

In it, Nishitani describes the bold, leap-of-faith process that would eventually result in the creation of the foundation of the fighting game genre as we know it.

It's fascinating, having the retrospect that we have now in 2015, to be able to look back at the inception when the concepts that we're so accustomed to were brand new and unexplored.

We can see the humble beginnings of things that have become well-known staples in the genre. For instance, did you know that the Shoryuken uppercut came about as the result of a side effect from the creators tweaking the game settings?

From the earliest successes to major issues and the forward-thinking brilliance that overcame them, this interview documents a process that everyone in the FGC can appreciate.

I’m going to back up for a moment here to talk about the Final Fight development. Final Fight was actually going to be Street Fighter II. I had been diligently working on the design plans for another game, but Capcom told me we needed to make something with less memory (the price of ROM had just gone up, they said), and they ordered me to make a typical belt-scroll fighting game. That was how I got started on Final Fight, and since our Street Fighter game had some name value to it already, I thought I’d use that title.

I wasn’t really too enthusiastic about this project, and so, as you might expect, when we exhibited it at the AM Show it was roundly criticized. That prototype was “Street Fighter 89.” Everyone knows it as Final Fight now, the name we eventually settled on.

Hit the jump to find out original character names, abandoned ideas and more!

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Feel the rhythm! Man plays Super Turbo and drums... at the same time!

This is a fun little video wherein musical YouTuber Todd Bryanton, a.k.a. LilDeuceDeuce, has mapped his Maschine Mikro MK2 to play drum beats AND Super Turbo.

It's a clever idea that provides something of a new way of looking at music and games in an artistic synthesis.

Which stage does he play on? You probably could've guessed... the one with the most famous theme from Super Turbo.

Hit the jump and see if he makes that comeback!

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'Can't beat Daigo Umehara' - ChocoBlanka and 4Gamer's Hameko sing this song about The Beast

It hasn't been that long since we last heard EG|ChocoBlanka's musical talents at play, but already she's back with more.

And this time she's roped in her band Saisoku Fuujinken ("The Fastest Possible Wind Godfist") and even 4Gamer's Hameko (he writes many of the Japanese gaming site's fighting game-related articles) to perform this song about one of the FGC's longstanding legends.

I'm talking, of course, about MCZ|Daigo "The Beast" Umehara.

The song is entitled "Can't Beat Daigo", and although it's a parody of another song called "Can't Beat Airman", nearly all of the lyrics have been replaced here to describe some of MCZ|Daigo's most memorable moments in fighting games history.

Even though the song is entirely in Japanese and there are no subtitles, the music video is worth watching simply for the visual accompaniments alone -- but that's not all. There's also a wicked guitar arrangement of Daigo's Ryu's theme introduced mid-way.

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'Go home and be a piano man! err...woman!' - Player Piano's incredible rendition of Guile's theme and classic NES tunes

Sonya Belousova is an amazing pianist. Earlier this month, her, along with director Tom Grey, uploaded a couple of videos onto their YouTube channel -- appropriately named Player Piano -- that feature truly remarkable renditions of classic video game themes.

First up, we take a look at Player Piano's Street Fighter 2 Guile theme. We've seen a number of musicians take on our beloved Street Fighter themes over the years (many of which have been posted here on the EventHubs front page), and Sonya's version sits among the best of the best.

Although the second video isn't necessarily fighting game related, we thought we'd share it with you as Belousova takes on a number of memorable NES themes after only hearing them for a short period of time. This "on the spot" video is simply amazing, and with tracks like Castelvania's Vampire Killer and the main Mega Man 2 theme, we know many of our readers will enjoy watching it.

To find out more about Player Piano, you can visit their IndieGogo page. If you'd like to contribute to their project -- that which involves them creating more amazing piano videos -- be sure to drop a donation.

Check out both of Player Piano's videos below.

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Ugly sweaters, Blanka socks, coffee mugs, and more: Capcom UK shares their favorite Street Fighter themed Christmas gift ideas

Are you hoping to give your FGC friends and family some great gifts this Christmas, but can't quite figure out what to get them? Well, have no fear; Capcom UK is here to help!

Today, a video rounding up the best Street Fighter themed X-Mas gifts has hit the interwebs, and there are a number of great choices here. You'll find everything from a SF2 coffee mug to a wicked Chun-Li statue, along with links pointing to where you can pick each item up yourself.

Our favorite is this painfully ugly (yet awesome) Street Fighter Christmas sweater. I... must have it...

Click image for larger version

Check out the video below, and let us know which gift ideas are your favorite!

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