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General news roundup: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax release date, Capcom XBL sale, Under Night In-Birth, Tekken, Arcana Hearts 3

It's been a while since we've done one of these news roundup posts. About time, huh?

In an effort to bring you the latest news on fighting games whose names do not start with "Street" and end with "Fighter Four", we've decided to finally do another general news roundup after such a long time.

Games covered in today's roundup news bulletin: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, Arcana Heart 3 Max Love, Tekken Revolution, and even some Capcom fighters.

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Street Fighter 2: Ryu vs. Sagat human beatboxing performed live on talent show, impresses stage audience and judges

Some of you may remember Marcelo Carvalho from this story we posted last year, about how the very talented human beatboxer was able to replicate all of the sound effects in a single match of Street Fighter 2 using only his voice -- and perhaps some clever audio and video editing.

In that video, a certain level of video editing was required simply to piece the entire scene together, sound effects, an acoustic rendition of Guile's Theme from Street Fighter 2, video insets and all. It may even look a little like Marcelo was cheating.

But in reality, the talented beatboxer needed no such editing skills to replicate the SF2 sound effects. And he proved just that by performing the entire beatboxing act live on a talent show, which you can see below.

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Nemo to face Filipino Champ in high-stakes UMvC3 exhibition at West Coast Warzone 4, event added as Capcom Pro Tour ranking event

West Coast Warzone returns with its fourth installment in the tournament series and with it will come some very nice surprises for the fighting game community.

First of all, BE|Nemo, one of Japan's best Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players, has been invited to compete at this year's West Coast Warzone. He has already accepted the invitation, and is set to go head-to-head with one of the US' best, Filipino Champ, in a high-stakes UMvC3 exhibition match.

The all-star bout will take place on finals day of the tournament (Sunday), and although the monetary details could not be shared at this time, this match-up may rival the classic MvC2 money match between GoldenBoyNeo and BT|Clockw0rk.

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Street Fighter underwear, wallets, tablet cases, stationery and more - Capcom merchandising gone wild in Japan

Here's a funny story: a while ago, shortly after the official e-Capcom online shopping site had set up a physical storefront in a shopping mall in Tokyo's Odaiba district, I made a pilgrimage to it fully expecting to score some awesome Street Fighter swag.

Except, I didn't find anything worth buying. The place was called the e-Capcom store, but the selection of Street Fighter goods was almost non-existent. A couple of Street Fighter II T-shirts, and that was about it, as opposed to the shelves upon shelves of Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, Sengoku Basara and Mega Man-themed merchandise.

Yes, even Mega Man had a bigger presence at the e-Capcom store than Street Fighter did. It was the same elsewhere in Japan; Street Fighter merch was incredibly hard to find.

Fast-forward to today. With Ultra Street Fighter 4 finally about to be released on consoles in Japan, Capcom is pulling out all the stops to capitalize on the brand's recognition.

Take a look at some of the SF swag that's been hitting stores in Japan.

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Nuki was disgusted by 15-year-old Daigo's lame Guile in SF2 at first: New manga series depicts The Beast's teenage years, appearances by Xian, Tokido

When Nuki first met MCZ|Daigo, the latter had been a new kid on the block in the arcade that Nuki frequented.

The year was 1996. Although both Nuki and Daigo were both 15 at the time, Nuki had already been a familiar face in his local arcade scene. He was known not only for his amazing ability to rack up humongous win streaks, but also for being a nice guy in general.

Despite his friendly disposition, however, when Nuki first saw Daigo in the arcades, he didn't even bother walking up to talk to him. He was too disgusted by the lame way that Daigo had been playing Guile in SF2 to want to, the first chapter of "Umehara Fighting Gamers", a new manga series based on The Beast's teenage years, reveals.

Although it's entirely in Japanese, you can read Umehara Fighting Gamers for free in a "Shuukan Georgia" smartphone app that's available on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

The first two chapters, which came out today, not only features Daigo and Nuki in their teenage years; MCZ|Tokido and RZR|Xian also made cameo appearances in a brief introduction of the FGC to readers.

Check out their mugs in the images below, as well as a concise summary of what the first two chapters covered after the jump.

Click images for larger versions

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Happy birthday to the Street Fighter poster child: Ryu turns 50 today

We have had a number of readers write in to inform us that today is a very special day in the Street Fighter universe.

The wandering warrior and Street Fighter poster child, Ryu, celebrates his 50th birthday today. Now I know that many of your are thinking, "but DreamKing, Street Fighter has only been around since 1987!"

Although you are correct in stating that fact, Ryu's bio from the Super Nintendo port of Street Fighter 2 indicates that he was actually born on July 21, 1964.

Click image for larger version

Fun fact: T. Hawk also celebrates his birthday today.

Via Polygon. Submitted by GothLawyer, zUkUu, Mastr3, and a few anonymous readers.

Relive the hype, the salt, and the tears: EVO 2014 grand finals sets for all games now available

IGN has uploaded each and every one of the grand finals sets from EVO 2014.

Included in our story are the final bouts for Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma, and Killer Instinct. IGN has the remainder of the grand finals sets over on their site, including side tournaments, so be sure to check them out.

In case you happened to miss them, you can find the EVO 2014 results and battle logs here on EventHubs.

Relive the hype, the salt, and the tears from this year's EVO!

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Gritty short film 'Matador' explores Vega's backstory - live action segment about Street Fighter's Spanish ninja

Chubby Boy Films, the group who did the awesome Balrog: Behind the Glory short film a few years back, put together another project which debuted at this year's EVO.

It's a gritty drama focusing on Street Fighter's sociopathic Spanish ninja, Vega.

Titled 'Matador', it follows Claw's traumatic upbringing and the pivotal sequence of events that made him into the assassin he is today.

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Honda wins over Zangief, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Ryu and Ken - Honda Fit car commercial parodies Street Fighter 2's Bonus Stage

If you consider yourself a fan of Street Fighter, then you're probably familiar with Street Fighter 2's bonus stage, where your chosen character is tasked with completely thrashing a brand new car as "a test of strength".

Whatever car that's supposed to be, it must be a pretty crappy vehicle for the world warriors to be okay with completely wrecking it.

if it were a beaut -- like, say, a 2015 Honda Fit -- then the world warriors couldn't possibly bear to tear it apart. Or at least, that appears to be the message these two Honda Fit X Street Fighter commercials that we've embedded below are driving at.

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Just plain weird: Capcom developed Street Fighter 'whack-a-mole' game emulated in MAME

All sorts of interesting things have been created by Capcom through the years based on the Street Fighter franchise, but one that may not have caught your attention was SF: Ken Sei Mogura.

Basically, it's Whack-a-mole Street Fighter, where you knock Bison in the head(s) instead of a mole, while your fighter hits the on-screen opponent using Street Fighter 2's engine.

Just to prove this thing actually existed, you can find two videos below. One shows the emulated port of the game running in MAME, and the other is the real life version, complete with a guy whacking away at M. Bison's heads trying to beat Chun-Li.

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What if Street Fighter 2 had an open-world element? Saturday Night Live Korea skit explores 'GTA Street Fighter' idea

When Street Fighter 2, the game most commonly credited for bringing about a fighting game boom, was released back in the early 1990s, open-world games had not yet been in vogue. Heck, the genre might not have even been invented yet.

But what if open-world games came along at an earlier time in history, and had become popular by around the time Street Fighter 2 was released?

And what if, to better capture the minds of gamers in that what-if scenario, the developers implemented an open-world element to Street Fighter 2?

The crew has put together a hilarious skit that explores exactly that.

Although this skit originally aired on a much older episode of the show, thanks to the power of the Internet, YouTube user Bumdidlyumptious2 has brought us this curious oddity from the South Korean show, complete with English subtitles.

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Mr. Street Fighter himself discusses matches vs. Daigo, John Choi & more - Alex Valle Spring Fighter sit down covers his FGC history

If you played Street Fighter back in the Alpha days and followed the competitive scene at all, you knew Alex Valle.

One of the most successful and storied Street Fighter players ever, Level|Up's Alex Valle sat down with Seth Killian at Spring Fighter 2014 to discuss some of his most high profile match ups through the years, including the rivalry with John Choi, and his Alpha 3 championship set against Daigo Umehara.

Valle is one of the most influential people in the FGC's entire history, and on a personal level, he's one of the individuals who helped inspire me to start EventHubs.

Uncle Valle demonstrated how incredibly competitive and deep these games could be, and to this very day he's ushering in a new generation of players, teaching and providing them with a place to improve at Wednesday Night Fights.

When you can spare the time, I'd highly recommend watching this discussion. It's a long one, clocking in at one hour and 43 minutes, but it covers many of the origins of this scene we all have so much passion for.

So sit back and grab some popcorn and beverage of choice, and enjoy the show. There are some really terrific stories told here.

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Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist now available on Machinima, watch all 12 episodes at your leisure

It's been a long wait, but it's finally here. Who would've thought, a few years ago when it first appeared, that one really cool YouTube video would spawn a whole miniseries chronicling the journey of Ryu and Ken? Not this writer, at least.

But the time is here, and all episodes are now available. Hit the jump to check out the official livestream showing all of the episodes in a row, as well as a link to where you can watch them in your own time, as you please.

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Daigo was 'disappointed' when he won Japan's national tournament for Street Fighter 2 at age 15, talks about 1998 match against Alex Valle on radio

Last month, MCZ|Daigo was invited to be a guest on NHK1's radio show, Suppin Interview.

While on the show, Daigo answered questions submitted by listeners, and also talked about a number of topics with the radio show's hosts -- one of which being his thoughts at the time when he became a national Street Fighter champion at the age of 15, and the world champion at 17.

Female radio host: How did you feel when you became the national champion when you were 15? You must have been thrilled!

Daigo: Hmmm... I can't really say that I felt that way.

Find out why -- as well as Daigo's thoughts going into the match with Alex Valle in 1998 -- after the jump.

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Triple threat: Tiers launched for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and HD Remix

Keeping with our tier progression, we've rolled out our next listings for three games. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

In the case of SSF2T, we've added spots for all of the "Old" characters, e.g. the SSF2 version of these fighters in SSF2T.

In both the SF2 games, we've omitted Akuma from our tier lists, as he's banned in tournament play.

If you're knowledgeable about these games, please head on in and vote on the match ups.

Tiers for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Tiers for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Tiers for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

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