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Updated: Skullgirls's second mystery DLC character getting stage and story mode - Crowdfunding finished with 5 DLC characters funded

Important update: The Skullgirls Facebook updated noting that one of their character development line items had evaporated, which gave them an $40,000. They will be using this money to create a story mode and a new stage for the second mystery character.

Non-disclosure agreements with the powers that be prevent me from getting too specific, but in the last week one of our character development line items has evaporated, meaning we’ve got an additional $40,000 to play with.

Naturally we’ll be using your extra money to give the 2nd fan-selected Mysterious Character a stage and story mode.

Updated: The Crowdfunding just ended with $825,000 raised. Five DLC characters have been funded including Squigly, Big Band, Robo-Fortune and two mystery characters which fans will be able to vote on.

In under 24 hours the Crowdfunding for Skullgirls DLC has reached it's initial goal of $150,000 and is currently up to $196,000. This confirms that Squigly will get a her full DLC including a stage and a story mode. Now the next goal is for $375,000 which will get Big Band, who will be the game's first male character in the game.

Below are images of the characters fans will be able to vote on.

Skullgirls' new stage Glass Canopy, Isaac's time-travel mechanics demonstration

Not long ago the Skullgirls team added some more Patron Saints to their perk system on the Crowdfunding page. Anyone who claims this perk will work with the team to put them or their character in a stage. Fans were wondering where these new NPC's would hang out, so they released an image of the new stage Glass Canopy.

Click image for larger version

Additionally, Isaac was announced as the 29th mystery character. Isaac is a time-traveling archaeologist and Mike Z put together a quick demonstration of the time-travel mechanic using Cerebella.

Via Skullgirls official Facebook.

Skullgirls 1.01 Xbox 360 patch file size issues resolved - same problem will not reoccur in Squigly update

Skullgirls 1.01 Xbox 360 patch file size issues resolved - same problem will not reoccur in Squigly update The folks over at GameZone recently conducted an interview with Peter Bartholow, the chief executive of Lab Zero games to discuss all things Skullgirls. Bartholow touches on a multitude of subjects such as the Indiegogo Kickstarter, the inclusion of Skullgirls' first male character, the future of the game and more.

Earlier this year, we learned that one of the reasons the 1.01 Slightly Different Edition patch has not made its way to Xbox 360 is due to the update's file size being too large. Bartholow states that these issues have since been resolved and the current hold up for this patch is of bureaucratic nature.

He also mentions that this file size issue will not be happening again with the future update that adds Squigly to the game.

Below is a snip from the article to get you started.

GZ: Speaking of patches, how is the XBLA patch coming along? Are you still trying to make that a possibility despite the file size?

Bartholow: The file size issue has been resolved thanks to some clever coding by Mike and the help of Microsoft’s developer support. The current hang-up is a bureaucratic one, and hopefully we’ll have a breakthrough on that shortly.

And for people concerned about this happening again on the next Xbox 360 patch, the one containing Squigly, don’t worry — these issues shouldn’t arise again now that we’ve worked them out once.

Tip by CarlitoKeyes.

Rough time frame given for DLC characters Squigly and Big Band in Skullgirls

Rough time frame given for DLC characters Squigly and Big Band in Skullgirls In response to a question about the release of DLC characters, the Skullgirls Twitter gave a rough time frame we can expect both Squigly and Big Band to be released.

Squigly should be out with the PC version, console around the same time or shortly after. Big Band 3-4 months after that.

Back in January, Autumn Games were in the final stages of signing an agreement with Marvelous AQL to fund the PC version of the game. It was also noted that they expect the project to take around four months to complete.

Lab Zero to give MLP project Skullgirls engine if $725,000 mark is reached, Skullgirls linux port in the making

Lab Zero to give MLP project Skullgirls engine if $725,000 mark is reached, Skullgirls linux port in the making Lab Zero has recently added a new goal to their Indiegogo campaign. If they can pass the $725,000 mark in the remaining 11 days of their campaign, they will give Mane6 their fighting game engine for free.

Mane6 are the developers behind My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic which was recently cancelled by Hasbro due to copyright infringement. The fighting game engine would be used for the current project that is being developed which is not the cancelled project, but a slightly different game that is being led by one of the creators of My Little Pony.

In other news, Mike Z recently announced that a Linux port for Skullgirls is currently in the making.

The Skullgirls team also said on Twitter that the beta release of the PC version should be out in June, followed by the final release in July.

Via Destructoid, tips sent by Nago, Teohkaka, and Gailim.

Skullgirls - Big Band's early combat concepts including multiple attacks, parry and crouch block

Yesterday, the Skullgirls Crowdfunding was able to raise over $400,000 for DLC for the game, which means we will see the game's first male character Big Band along with a story mode and a stage for him.

Over on the Crowdfunding, Lab Zero has been releasing some early combat concepts including a crouching block state, a parry and two different attacks.

Click images for larger versions

Updated: Skullgirls' first male character Big Band officially funded along with a stage and story mode

Updated: The Crowfunding is now over $400,00, which means Big Band is fully funded and he will be getting a stage and a story mode.

The Skullgirls Crowdfunding has reached over $375,000 raised, which means we will see the game's first male character Big Band, as DLC after Squigly is finished.

Lab Zero left a message on their Crowdfunding thanking everyone.

Once again, Lab Zero would like to thank you and everyone else that have contributed to this campaign! We are unbelievably grateful to have such devoted and supportive fans, and can’t wait to get this new content into your hands.

Once Big Band’s story mode and stage are funded, we’ll begin releasing information to help you make your decision for the forthcoming Mysterious Character vote, so keep those contributions coming in.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support.

Click image for larger version

Sent in by t0fu, zferolie and multiple anonymous readers.

Details on Skullgirls' possible DLC characters from Lab Zero

During last week's Satly Cupcakes stream, the Lab Zero crew were jumping on the stream to give some details on the possible additional character to Skullgirls.

In particular Mike Z was going over how some of the characters would play if they were added into the game. Below are a few that we here at EventHubs found interesting.

Stanley - Attack names and ideas are Shark Bite, Street Shark Dive, Rising Upper, and Shark Knuckle (from Captain Kid in World Heroes 2). Mike said he would probably be a charge character.

Andy - He would be a mix of Tekken Steve (not SFxT), Dudley's dodge attacks, T.J Combo from Killer Instinct, and Akihiko from P4. He would be more of an up close rush down character. Might have a counter attack utilizing his anvil head. I believe Alex said he was initially a joke character.

Taliesin - Has a remote parasite named Muse and his arms have been replaced with Muse's wooden arms. Remote Parasites always require a body part from the host. In Taliesin's case, his fingers are in Muse's mouth, which is why her mouth is always closed (this info came from Alex). A creeper who likes to turn women into living instruments using the abilities of his remote parasite. Muse is very loyal to him despite this personality trait of his. Muse is a Violin and not a Cello, contrary to popular belief. Part of the assassination group of the Circus Troupe that Cerebella is apart of.

Mike said that his kick buttons would control Muse when she's separated from him; however, no details were given on what constitutes as being separated from Taliesin or how that would be done. Mike said that Taliesin would not be a traditional puppet-type character, ala Blazblue's Carl. Mike was thinking about something similar to Kankuro's puppet-style from Naruto games (not sure if he meant the gamecube ones or the PS3 ones). From my experiences with the PS3 games, if Kankuro moves around the puppets don't follow him but if you press the block button the puppet would come back to Kankuro, so there was a lot of positioning involved.

Head over to the Skullheart forums for a breakdown of all the characters.

Sent in by twochep, Angelglory and some anonymous readers.

Skullgirls' Parasoul was completely reimplemented based on player feedback at EVO 2011

Skullgirls' Parasoul was completely reimplemented based on player feedback at EVO 2011 Showing how close to the community the development team is, and how much of an impact players can have on the process, Peter Bartholow, a designer for Skullgirls, shared a story that happened during EVO 2011.

Mike Z first unveiled the character Parasoul to the public at the event, but apparently, people who tried the game just weren't feeling her. Undeterred, Mike Z went back up to his hotel room and completely reimplemented Parasoul based on the feedback he'd received from the players who tried the game out, and brought her back for testing the next day.

Bartholow mentions the feedback was markedly improved, and that it resulted in basically the character as you know her that's in Skullgirls today.

This is just one of the many nuggets of information Bartholow shared in an interview with GameZone, which also touches on the highly successful crowd funding through Indiegogo, the status of the Xbox Live patch — plus the future of the franchise. Here's a snip from the write up.

GZ: If enough money comes in, you could be introducing three new characters. With those additions, would you be happy with the total size of the roster, or do you want to go bigger?

Bartholow: You’ve seen the line-up of mysterious character silhouettes — we’d love to get every one of those characters into a Skullgirls game at some point in the future. [Creative/art director Alex Ahad] has a ridiculously involved canonical story planned out that we’d like to execute someday, and those are most of the characters needed to execute it up to Skullgirls 3 or so.

Skullgirls' lead animator Mariel Cartwright animating Squigly on live stream

Ever wondered how exactly characters are animated in fighting games? Skullgirls' lead animator Mariel Cartwright, recently streamed herself animating Squigly as her Crowdfunding goal has already been reached.

There is a little over three hours of her animating Squigly along with responding in The TwitchTV chat.

Skullgirls' Team Fortress 2 Leviathan hat not being released for now, Lab Zero trying to find an opening in Valve's schedule to salvage it

Lab Zero's CEO, Peter Bartholow, has posted a short press release giving some details on the Leviathan Team Fortress 2 hat that was promoted in the Squigly Crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, Valve informed Lab Zero that they don't have the cycles to accommodate the Skullgirls TF2 hat.

Click image for larger version

Hit the jump to read the full release.

We’ve received word from Valve on the Leviathan Team Fortress 2 hat, and have informed us that the Team Fortress 2 team “just doesn’t have the cycles to accommodate the Skullgirls TF2 hat.”

We’re naturally disappointed, and understand that many of you will be, too. Nix’s early model was looking solid, and we were also really excited for the Big Band hat/item concept he was proposing, too.

So how did we get here?
We announced on a recent stream that we intended to make TF2 hats, thinking that didn’t count as 100% confirmation. People were excited and the story took on a life of its own, and we felt it would be hard to go back on that. Given that there were a handful of recent and upcoming releases that featured promotional hats, we took a chance and included it in the campaign. At the time we felt confident that getting approval would not be a problem, but obviously we were wrong.

We haven’t given up – since the PC version and beta are still a few months away, we are currently investigating to see if the Team Fortress 2 team will have an opening in their schedule between now and then to see if we can salvage this.

Skullgirls AOD2013 panel - Early concept artwork, voice acting, origins of characters and more

During AOD 2013, the Skullgirls team held a panel for the game where they discussed a ton of different topics including voice acting, origins of characters, sprites, models, the art process and more.

Additionally, they show off a ton of the game's concept art which features some of the game's early sprite art, various back stories for Valentine and Cerebella and more. Hit the jump to check out the video of the panel.

Click images for larger versions

Skullgirls Crowdfunding campaign for DLC character Squigly - opened and now accepting donations on Indie GoGo

The fundraising page for Squiggly, the next DLC character in Skullgirls, is now up on IndieGoGo and open for donations. The amount Lab Zero is looking to achieve is $150,000 in order to fully complete the first Skullgirls DLC character and the campaign will be active for the next 30 days.

Below is a video from Mike Z and Alex Ahad that explains the goals they hope to achieve, rewards for donating including wallpaper packs, t-shirts, soundtracks, a Steam code that gives early access to the Skullgirls PC beta and more. The video also includes a breakdown of Squigly and discusses her playstyle and story.

For even more information on donations, rewards, stretch goals and more, be sure to visit the Indie GoGo campaign page.

Tips by Eternal, HooliganComboFTW, Nyoro, jetfox, Marsh, AlgeKevin, werewolfgold, Vawned, zferolie and andresbernalc.

Winter Brawl 7 results, battle logs, stream archives and more - UMvC3, SFxT, SSF4 AE v2012

Winter Brawl 7 results, battle logs, stream archives and more - UMvC3, SFxT, SSF4 AE v2012 Updated with final results: This story has been updated with the final results for Winter Brawl 7, hit the jump to check them all out.

Winter Brawl 7 has kicked off in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it runs through this weekend, ending late Sunday evening. There are three streams of the festivities being ran by Team Spooky, Bifuteki and 8WayRun.

Notable players in attendance include: EG|PR Balrog, AGE|NYChrisG, EG|Justin Wong, EG|Ricky Ortiz, BT|Dieminion, BT|IFC Yipes, BT|MarlinPie, AGE|Snake Eyez and many more. You can find our preview of the event with additional players who are attending here.

Hit the jump to check out the live streams, schedules and additional notes.

Big Band confirmed for Skullgirls DLC character after Squigly, first male character

Last night one the Salty Cupcakes stream, some new Skullgirls DLC information was released, including who their first male character will be.

Big Band, has been confirmed as future DLC after the release of Squigly. Details on Big Band, general crowd fund, goals and reward tiers, PC version and more are available over on the SkullHeart forums.

Big Band:

• Big Band, the gigantic iron lung wearing character from the Lab 8 stage is confirmed as the first Male Character stretch goal after Squigly.

• He will be a charge character with anti-air and command grabs.

• It was previously mentioned that MikeZ wanted to make Big Band play like Q from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, "but good".

• He will be called サックスでか (Sax-Deka) in Japan. Deka is both a slang term for someone who is extremely tall and also for a police officer/detective. So his name is basically "Sax Detective". Peter Bartholow mentioned previously that this name was what Japanese fans started calling him before the game was released there and is thus a nod to them, and a nod to characters in fighting games having different names in different regions.

• If you select Big Band in a fight he won't appear in the backdrop for Lab 8.

Click image for larger version

Head over to the Skullheart forums for all the details.

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