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Gym, School Uniform Dead or Alive 5 DLC costume sneak peek

Since the release of Dead or Alive 5, Tecmo Koei has been steadily releasing new downloadable costumes packs, the next set that will be releasing are the Gym Clothes pack, School Uniform pack and Special Pack 2. These will be releasing on October 30, 2012.

Here is a quick look at few of those costumes.

Click images for larger versions

Another thing to note, Tecmo has been giving away a ton of DLC codes on their Facebook page. Make sure you like it for a chance to win.

Via CrunchyRoll.

IGN's Dead or Alive 5 in-depth Gen Fu guide

IGN's Dead or Alive 5 in-depth Gen Fu guide IGN returns with another extremely detailed Dead or Alive 5 guide this time for Gen Fu. This guide is divided into many different sections and includes video examples for further reference.

Much like the previous guides for Sarah Bryant and Tina, this one is written is extremely detailed and is a great read if you're looking to learn Gen Fu.

Here is a bit to get you started.

On the surface, Gen Fu can seem like a limited character to the uninitiated. He relies heavily on mid punches, making him potentially predictable, and while many of his moves have decent speed, many others are unsafe or just not that fast. Many people pick him up out of curiosity, only to drop him shortly after for a character with more flash and a more varied looking striking game.

That's their loss. Gen Fu is thoroughly excellent in ways that are less obvious, but more devastating than your average character. While his best attack strings consist almost entirely of mid punches, he can alter their timing more dramatically than any other character can. Combined with the many moves of his that crush high attacks, he can score counter hits easily, which lead to some of the longest stuns in the game.

In-depth Guilty Gear XX Accent Core beginners tutorial, system mechanics, OTG burst, super-free unblockables and more

With the release of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus coming this week, we here at EventHubs thought it would be a good idea to post an extremely well done tutorial for anyone who is new to the system.

The guys at HitConfirm have put together this great video guide that goes over everything you will need to know from the basics to advance tactics like OTG burst, super-freeze unblockables and more

Note that this is guide is for Guilty Gear Accent Core and not Accent Core Plus, but there are very minimal system changes.

The only system changes we know about are HP increase (from 420 to 460), Faultless Defense's Knockback increased and Burst untechable time changed. There was some talk about Slashback's penalty on whiff during the loketests, but we're not sure if it carried over to the final version

Street Fighter and X-Men themed rap verses, EmperorCow's DoA5 Jann Lee combos, BBCS EX Tager Magnetism combos and more

A YouTube user by the name of Accentlyrics uploaded some footage of himself performing a couple of Street Fighter and X-Men themed rap verses. He tosses in some very clever references and overall does a nice job. Even if you are not particularly a fan of hip hop, it's still worth a listen to try and scope as many references as you can.

Hit the jump for more.

New Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus XBLA/PSN release trailer

Arc System Works released a brand new trailer regarding the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network release of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (the same title that was released on the Wii, PS2 and PSP earlier). While this trailer is entirely in Japanese, it covers:
  • The implementation of online for the title
  • The addition of Kliff and Justice as playable characters
  • The large amount of game modes
Guilty Gear is a series with a lot of history in fighting game communities all over the world, and this release may just be the beginning of a modern revival of the Guilty Gear fighting scene. Unfortunately, this release does not include the +R update that was released in the arcades which featured large rebalancing and refreshing changes. It is assumed that these changes will occur through a downloadable patch later.

Anarchy Reigns coming to North America and Europe in January, half the price of a normal retail game

Anarchy Reigns coming to North America and Europe in January, half the price of a normal retail game The online multiplayer brawler Anarchy Reigns was scheduled for a Western release a while back but was mysteriously delayed by Sega. Now the game is ready to rock and will be hitting stores in North America on January 8, 2013, and January 12, 2013 in Europe.

Both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 versions of the game will be available on the aforementioned dates and the will run for roughly half of the price of a regular retail game. You can snatch up Anarchy Reigns on it's release day for $29.99 USD, £19.99 Pounds and €29.99 Euros.

Below you can check out the official press release from Sega.

Press Release:

SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. are pleased to announce their groundbreaking multiplayer brawler Anarchy Reigns will launch on January 8th 2013 in the US and January 11th 2013 in Europe, for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

Developed by the talented team from the critically-acclaimed studio, PlatinumGames, Anarchy Reigns delivers over-the-top close combat, set in a massively open and fantastical world in a bleak, mutant-filled future. Watch iconic characters from the PlatinumGames stable duking it out in a series of vibrant arenas that could only have been thought up by Japan’s critically acclaimed studio. Up to 16 players can take part in multiplayer matches over a variety of game modes; engage in all-out Battle Royale destruction, co-operate with your friends and vanquish hordes of monsters in Survival mode or test your sportsmanship over a few rounds of Deathball! With an SRP of £19.99/€29.99/$29.99, Anarchy Reigns is a high quality game, selling at a fantastic price.

Stone Ocean's Jolyne Kujo and Hermes Costello confirmed for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

The Salt Mine posted an article recently with a bit of information concerning Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle. According to a picture recently released in an issue of Japanese manga series Shonen Jump, Stone Ocean's Jolyne Kujo and Hermes Costello have been confirmed as playable characters in the upcoming Jojo title.

Jolyne's stand, Stone Free, is capable of breaking Jolyne and itself into strands of string. This power has high utility value in the manga. Hermes stand is called Kiss and has the ability to duplicate objects using a stamp, and by removing the stamp she can force the duplicated objects to "reassemble" and damage themselves.

The Shonen Jump scan also reveals a new stage based on the prison that held the aforementioned characters in the story line. The stage is called Green Street Dolphin and will have a particular hazard of a storm raining down poisonous frogs that players will need to look out for when fighting upon it.

Click image for larger version

Sent in by the Salt Mine.

$5,000 prize pool for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's free to enter event at MLG Dallas

Major League Gaming announced that they would be having a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale tournament at their upcoming MLG Fall Championships in Dallas, Texas on November 2nd-4th.

Most importantly though, this will be a free to enter tournament that will featured a $5,000 prize pool. The format of the tournament has not been made clear as of yet, just earlier this week Seth Killian said he thought 2v2 was the best when playing serious as a 4 person free for all was a bit too random.

As another small reminder, the open beta for non PlayStation Plus members starts this upcoming October 23.

What are you thoughts on how this event should be ran? 1v1, 2v2, 4 person free for all? Let us know in the comment section below.

Tip sent in by jtir123.

Dead or Alive 5 mousepads are... curvy

Coming soon to Japan are some rather... curvy Dead or Alive 5 themed mousepads, featuring Ayane, Kasumi and Hitomi. A few years back, it was a bit of a thing for Japanese companies to release mousepads with "enhancements" for PC users to rest their hands on.

Not shy about this kind of thing, Tecmo Koei jumped onto the bandwagon and is offering up their own flavor of Dead or Alive 5 themed mousepads. They are set to be released in early December 2012, here are a few screens.

Click images for larger versions

These boobies products will set you back a bit though, as they cost 4,200 yen or about $53 USD each.

From Inside-Games via Kotaku.

Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic The Fighters for PSN and XBLA coming this fall

It was rumored that Sega was releasing some of their older fighting games last week. Today, Sega uploaded a video onto their YouTube channel showing off a trailer for their Model2 Collection that is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic The Fighters are among the games being released.

Hit the jump to check out the price and extra features for the game.

Updated: Dead or Alive 5 new costume DLC in game preview - All three sets

Updated: BloodBurger has created another video showing off the last set of costumes in the Special Set DLC pack.

BloodBurger has once again done a preview video for a game's DLC. In this video he goes over the costumes released for Dead or Alive 5 in the Kitty Pack and What a Character sets.

These are both on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points. Hit the jump to ee the Kitty Pack and What a Character set.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus coming to Xbox Live Arcade October 24, 2012

Major Nelson of Microsoft put up everything that is coming soon to the Xbox Live Marketplace today. This confirmed that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus will be releasing on October 24th, 2012.

Upon release you can purchase this for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) and if you're unsure about it, you can download the trail version and give the game a test.

It was announced that the game would have full online multiplayer with ranked and runked matches.

Via Siliconera and sent in by an anonymous reader.

Dead or Alive 5 Round 2 costume pack officially released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 today

The second batch of Dead or Alive 5 costumes has been officially released today on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Each individual pack will cost you $4.99 USD on PS3 and 400 MSP on Xbox 360 or you can wait until October 23, and purchase all three packs together for $12.99 USD or 1040 MSP.

Below is a list of the costume packs, what characters are included and pricing.

Kitty Pack: Helena, Christie, Tina, Lisa – $4.99 USD (PS3) / 400 MSP (Xbox 360 )
What a Character: Hitomi, Mia, Rig, Lisa – $4.99 USD (PS3) /400 MSP (Xbox 360)
Special Set: Kasumi, Leifang, Hayabusa, Lisa – $4.99 USD (PS3) / 400 MSP (Xbox 360)
Dead or Alive 5 Round 2 Costumes: – Full Set – $12.99 USD (PS3) / 1040 MSP (Xbox 360)

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the costumes.

Dead or Alive 5 online function improvement patch now available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 patch still undergoing certification

Dead or Alive 5 online function improvement patch now available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 patch still undergoing certification It was announced a while back that Team Ninja was working on a patch to improve the online functions in Dead or Alive 5. This patch has been officially released today on the Playstation 3 but unfortunately, the update is still undergoing certification by Microsoft so Xbox 360 players will have to be patient.

Below is a list of the changes that come with this patch.

1. Fixed bug where skipping a command then clearing would halt progress during La Mariposa’s and Tina’s command training.
2. Adjusted the AI’s excessively fast reactions to player attacks on hard difficulty.
3. Power Blow settings carry over when resetting position in training mode.
4. Position reset can now be performed by pressing SELECT + R2 at the same time.
5. Titles can now removed at the Mission title set screen with the △ button.
6. Ayane’s Tenryukyaku~back turn (→→KK←), Kikkaryukyaku~back turn (Back stance PP→KK←) are changed from +7 on guard to +1.
7. Tina’s down throw (face up & towards legs, face down & towards head) at completion is changed from +5 to ±0.

T13 Toronto Series Championships results, battle logs and stream archive

T13 Toronto Series Championships results, battle logs and stream archive Updated: The results and the stream archive for all games have been added into the story after the jump.

Toronto Top Tiers has begun the streaming of their major this morning. Top players in attendance include EG|Justin Wong, BT|Dieminion, MTLSF|Chi-Rithy, MH|RayRay, UVG|Noel Brown, DMG|CD Jr., Maxster, REO, NYC Fab, DMG|FightingGM, A&C|RDK and more of Toronto's best..

Hit the jump to see the stream schedule that covers both today and tomorrow. Like with all fighting game tournaments, times are tentative. The stream schedule also includes the list of games being played.

Also after the jump is the actual stream.

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