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First look at Phase-4, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade's newest fighter - combo trailer

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a brand new fighter would be entering the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate mix soon. Phase-4, a hooded Kasumi clone created by the M.I.S.T. organization, receives her first gameplay trailer today.

This is the first time we actually see Phase-4 in action, and this footage focuses on showing what this new character is capable of with the use of combos.

Although this is just a taste of what the Kasumi clone has to offer, we can expect much more footage to surface soon as Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei will be holding arcade location tests with the latest build of the game beginning March 18.

Hit the jump to check out Phase-4 in action.

New playable fighter in Guilty Gear Xrd is Ramlethal Valentine - has more ways to attack than any other character

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-'s boss character, Ramlethal Valentine, will become playable in the next update for the game.

Ramlethal has a familiar who helps out during the battle, so you can vary your attack patterns. She's reported to be a tricky fighter.

According to Arc System Works, her giant sword can be split and used as two weapons. Depending on the situation, there's a wide variety of tricks you can employ when splitting your sword, which will vary according to the player's style.

Ramlethal also has fireballs, and a special throw, to nail opponents who are blocking.

With sword mode, sword-split mode, and her combos, and other things — Ramlethal boasts more ways to attack than any other character in the game.

The game is only available in Japanese arcades, but a PS3 and PS4 version is expected to be released some time this year.

Hit the jump to view some images of Ramlethal.

Problem X: 'Seth has been nerfed beyond high level use', EventHubs exclusive interview covers Ultra changes, record against Ryan Hart and more

The weekend before last, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, which we will publish daily during the week.

Today, we publish our fourth interview, with the English Seth player who ended up winning the Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 tournament at the event, CG|Problem X. Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: First of all, congratulations on winning IVGC 2014. This was a pretty stacked tournament, where you sent both Dieminion and Popi to Losers bracket, and defeated Ryan Hart in Grand Finals. How does it feel to have won a tournament with such strong competition?

CG|Problem X: It feels amazing to have won IVGC with such strong contenders in attendance. It makes me more motivated and determined to put more work in so that I can get more results like this.

Hit the jump to read the rest of the interview, touching upon Ultra Street Fighter 4, record against fellow UK player Ryan Hart, character choices and more.

High-paced extreme action at the latest Guilty Gear Xrd Mikado tournament - Almost an hour of footage with FAB, Heven, Kazunoko, Samitto and more

Finally seeing Guilty Gear being brought back to life almost brings a tear to this writer's eye.

Hopefully, you're as excited as I am about the new installment, in which case you'll be overjoyed at this hour of tournament footage from the game, featuring several top players like FAB, Heven, Kazunoko (Inoue) and Samitto.

Hit the jump to find out if your favourite character was played during these captured matches from the tournament.

Dieminion: 'This could very well be the year a US player wins EVO', EventHubs exclusive interview covers Guile changes, new titles, US scene and more

The weekend before last, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, which we will publish daily during the week.

Today, we publish our third interview, with USA's East Coast superstar EMP|Dieminion. Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: Let's get straight to the subject that's on everybody's mind lately. What do you think about the changes to your character, Guile, in the current build of Ultra Street Fighter 4?

EMP|Dieminion: Well, I played him quiite extensively today, here in France. He seems more complete than he's ever been. I think the one change I would've liked is his crouching medium kick to be FADC cancellable. Not saying that I want it special cancellable, just able to be focus cancelled.

Because, as it is now, I feel like it's still very susceptible to Focus Attacks, which is probably his main weakness. Add to that, he doesn't have a complete answer to certain characters' focus attacks. But I think that if it were focus cancellable, it would be a much better tool to have in his arsenal.

Other than that, he's fine. If you don't safejump properly when he's using Ultra 1, you're going to get hit, stuff like that makes him a really good character, so I'm liking the changes a lot so far.

Hit the jump to read the rest of our interview with Dieminion.

Final Round 17 preview: Infiltration, GamerBee, K-Brad, ChrisG, Justin Wong, PR Balrog, NuckleDu - 5th character reveal, USF4 location test

This is going to be a very exciting weekend for fighting game fans, as Final Round 17 is happening in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 5th character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be officially unveiled, there will be a location test for the game, plus more live streams than you can shake a stick at.

Also, there will be a ton of great fighting game tournaments featuring players like Infiltration, AVM|GamerBee, FNEX|K-Brad, GG|NYChrisG, EG|Justin Wong, EG|PR Balrog, EMP|NuckleDu, RG|Filipino Champ, EMP|IFC Yipes, EMP|Flocker, EG|Ricky Ortiz, Wolfkrone and more.

For a complete breakdown of Final Round 17, hit the jump to view our preview.

Tokido knows how to nail a slam dunk - Funny and Cool Moments Episode 83 shows crazy Sean shenanigans, unbelievable game bugs and more

As always, you can count of LiangHuBBB to bring content to the people.

Today, we have a new installment of his Funny and Cool Moments series, showcasing things such as MCZ|Tokido's masterful Sean play in 3rd Strike, game-breaking bugs all over the place and the reason why Guy wears Nike sneakers.

Hit the jump to check it out.

Updated: Results and archive added, The Runback 2014 1.8 ft. NYChrisG, Infrit, Paradigm, Miniboss, Royal Flush, and more

Updated: Results and archive added, The Runback 2014 1.8 ft. NYChrisG, Infrit, Paradigm, Miniboss, Royal Flush, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to the post.

Tonight, The Runback returns and is streaming live from Super Arcade in Walnut, CA. This time around, they'll be running Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, BlazBlue, GGAC+R and KoF13, if there are enough entrants for each.

NYChrisG, 1ATK|Infrit, 1ATK|Miniboss, UGC|Paradigm, Royal Flush, WickedxMage, and more are expected to compete tonight.

You can follow along with the action on Super Arcade's Challonge website.

If you missed them, last week's results are available here. Click the link below to see the coverage.

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Indiegogo campaign started, development team seeking $450,000 to fund game

Many people are aware of the old fighting game Shaq Fu, which was released for home consoles back in the 90s. The game was based on basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal, and wasn't particularly well-received.

But with all the attention fighting games have been getting lately, what better time to revive this old classic, and give it another shot?

A fundraising campaign over at Indiegogo is underway to fund such a project. Hit the jump to find several videos pertaining to Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn, and details on how to be a part of the effort to bring this game to life.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R patch now live on PSN, SF3 3S OE and MvCO updates hitting Xbox 360 tomorrow - check out the patch notes here

Some of the digital download fighting games on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are receiving / have received long awaited updates this week.

First up, the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R patch is currently live on PlayStation Network. This includes improvements to ranked match searches, bug fixes, and more. You can find a list of full patch notes after the jump.

Additionally, the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition update #3, that which is already live on PSN, will be available for download on Xbox 360 tomorrow, March 6. You'll find a list of what comes along with this update here.

Lastly, the Marvel vs. Capcom Origins update is also set to become available on Xbox 360 tomorrow, and this patch improves matchmaking, along with other miscellaneous fixes.

Hit the jump for the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R patch notes.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate's next character revealed, introducing Phase 4; Marie Rose hits consoles March 25

The Japanese gaming publication, Famitsu, posted a bit of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate news recently, regarding upcoming content. First up, DOA5U will be receiving a brand new fighter to the roster: a Kasumi clone created by the M.I.S.T. organization named Phase 4.

Naturally, this new combatant's fighting style is derived from Kasumi's, however, the article refers to her as a "human stealth weapon," and notes that Phase 4 may have some stealthy attacks hiding underneath her cloak.

Additionally, images of some new costumes for Marie Rose have surfaced, including a cheerleader uniform, nurse outfit, and more. Marie Rose will become available as paid DLC, along with her stage and 1.05 patch, which will be free on March 25 for PlayStation 3 users, and the following day on Xbox 360. Phase 4 is only available in arcades at the moment.

Below are a few images of Phase 4 to get you started, but hit the jump to check out more.

SoCal Regionals 2014 results, stream archive ft. Infiltration, Justin Wong, Gamerbee, ChrisG, Wao, Michael-tan, PR Balrog & more

Story updated with final results: We've updated this story with final results from SCR 2014, including battle logs and other notes, plus stream archives. Hit the jump to view them.

SoCal Regionals 2014 is kicking off today, and will be running from February 28 - March 2 in Irvine, California. This event is going to be huge with 20 tournament games, and a slew of amazing players in attendance.

Players expected to compete include Infiltration, EG|Justin Wong, AVM|Gamerbee, NYChrisG, EG|PR Balrog, Filipino Champ, FNEX|K-Brad, Wao, YBK|Michael-tan, CCG|Chi-Rithy, EG|fLoE, Knives, CTRL|RayRay, MMG|ApologyMan, BT|Angelic, EMP|NuckleDu, EG|Ricky Ortiz, Snake Eyez, NGL|Chris, iPeru, NGL|Marq Teddy, FRQ|Filipin0man, Damdai, and many others.

Additionally, SCR will be holding an Ultra Street Fighter 4 location test that is open to attendees. A special exhibition is also taking place this weekend, featuring Infiltration, EG|Justin Wong, EG|PR Balrog, AVM|Gamerbee, Chris King, Snake Eyez, Wao, and YBK|Michael-tan.

Hit the jump to check out the results, battle logs, event schedule and more.

IVGC 2014 final results added, USF4 location test and tournaments ft. Xian, Luffy, Dieminion, Ryan Hart, Bala, Bubblan, Popi and more

Story updated with final results: This story has been updated with final results and a stream archive.

Formerly known as the World Game Cup, IVGC 2014 has gotten underway this weekend in Cannes France.

This event runs February 28 - March 2, 2014 and it'll feature players like RZR|Xian, Luffy, EMP|Dieminion, Ryan Hart, Bala, Bubblan and Popi, among others.

It will have competitions for USF4, SSF4 AE v2012, UMvC3, KoF13, SC5, Naruto Shippuden, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Guilty Gear, VF5: FS, DoA5U, SF3 3s and more.

Hit the jump to view the live video streams, and find a complete schedule.

New Shaq-Fu announcement on the horizon, image of tshirt to be used in game's campaign

Shaq O'Neal confirmed a sequel/reboot to Shaq-Fu was in the works earlier this year, but Joystiq got their hands on the tshirts the company likely plans on using for the new game, indicating the title probably isn't far off from being announced.

The tshirt sports a new logo on the front and the phrase "DON'T FU IT UP!" on the back, which seems like a surprisingly self-aware statement for the development of this title. Check out the image for yourself.

Click image for larger version

Tip from UncleBibby.

A burst from the past: Daigo Umehara not only competed in Guilty Gear XX at EVO 2003, but won 1st place - check out the rare footage here

MCZ|Daigo Umehara is most widely renowned for his incredible skill / accomplishments in Street Fighter. From SF2 to SF4, it is no secret that Umehara is one of the greatest fighting game legends to ever roam the earth.

Many of our readers (including myself) didn't find out about Daigo's rise to fame until the Street Fighter 4 era. But before he was under the Mad Catz wing, before he wrote his own book, Daigo was also tearing through the competition in games that weren't Capcom related.

Today we stumbled across some rare footage, (courtesy of Beast Note), that features Daigo taking part in the Guilty Gear XX tournament at EVO 2003. Not only did Daigo compete that year, but the Beast actually went on to take home the gold.

To clarify, this may be old news to Guilty Gear and FGC veterans, but coming across a gem like this that we were previously unaware of is something we just have to share with our readers. Hit the jump to check out three videos of Daigo in action, along with the EVO 2003 Guilty Gear XX grand finals set.

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