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Darkstalkers and original MvC were among Capcom's most requested games - disc version of DSR would have cost more

Darkstalkers and original MvC were among Capcom's most requested games - disc version of DSR would have cost more Team Evil Geniuses managed to catch an interview with Capcom producer Derek Neal to discuss Darkstalkers Resurrection. Topics ranges from how development came to be, the amount of input fans had on the game, to why the Western audience didn't receive a disc copy of the title.

Michael “angstygaijin” Migliacio: How did the Darkstalkers: Resurrection project originate?

Derek Neal: After Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition was released, we put out a call and asked our fans to tell us what games they most wanted us to bring back. I’m proud to say that the DarkStalkers games were some of the most requested, right alongside the original Marvel vs. Capcom.

Angstygaijin: Why was a disc release not considered for Western markets? There are many fans that would love to have a physical release of this compilation.

Derek Neal: It’s more expensive to print and ship discs, so to do a disc version, it would probably mean raising the price. Since we’d already set people’s expectations at $14.99 through our previous titles, we didn’t think the fans would appreciate seeing a large jump. If this is something fans want in the future, though, let us know and we’ll see what can be done!

Neal then covers things such as putting up a mailing list where more than 250 letters came to him directly in which most of the feedback was included in the production, which version of Vampire Savior that was included in the bundle, the goal of HD remakes, and even the team's favorite game of the two, in which he replied, "the team loves its children equally."

You can check out the full interview here.

Daigo vs. Sako Darkstalkers Resurrection pre-fight interview with English subtitles

CCG|Air has added English subtitles to the pre-fight interview between MCZ|Daigo vs. Hori|Sako for Darkstalkers Resurrection.

We've seen this video but it was only accompanied by minor notes from the video. It's nice to see the interview with translations.

If you'd like to see actual matches, you can head here.

Updated: Darkstalkers Resurrection released on XBL and PSN, games added into Fight Tracker, move lists added to EventHubs

Updated: Darkstalkers Resurrection released on XBL and PSN, games added into Fight Tracker, move lists added to EventHubs Updated again: Darkstalkers Resurrection is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1,200 Microsoft points. If you'd like to try the game out before purchasing, a trial version for the game is also up for download.

Darkstalkers is now available for download on the PlayStation Store with a price tag of $14.99. Additionally, we have also added the game into our Fight Tracker.

Darkstalkers Resurrection is being released on the PlayStation Store today and tomorrow on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It'll cost $14.99 on PSN or 1,200 MS points on XBL. This is an HD version of both Darkstalkers 2 and Darkstalkers 3 and uses the same version of the game that is still used in Japanese arcade tournaments today.

The producer of the game, Ayano-san noted in a Q&A that this has a 2 frame input delay.

With it's release, we here at EventHubs have put together basic move lists for both games, you can head over to both the Darkstalkers 2 and Darkstalkers 3 index pages, or you check out links to the characters guides below. Note that the Darkstalkers 2 fighters are after the jump.

Darkstalkers 3

B.B. Hood
Jon Talbain
Lord Raptor

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Possible reboot to other Darkstalkers games depending on sales and feedback of Darkstalkers Resurrection, input lag from arcade and console versions

Possible reboot to other Darkstalkers games depending on sales and feedback of Darkstalkers Resurrection, input lag from arcade and console versions Darkstalkers Resurrection's producer Tomoaki Ayano told GameWatch that Capcom may consider doing a sequel to Darkstalkers Resurrection with reboots of Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire and Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers' Revenge depending on the sales and fan feedback.

Additionally, Combofiend has posted a new Q&A session with Ayano-san over on Capcom-Unity

Any hidden characters?

A: Obviously I can’t say, but no one has been removed, that’s for sure!

What exactly is this Premium Sound Track for the Japanese e-Capcom version?

A: It includes a special mix of original tracks from Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, character BGM, and so on. The cover art was done specially for the CD.

Please tell us about the input lag in the arcade and console versions.

A: We tested Darkstalkers Resurrection with CRT monitors. Compared to the arcade versions of Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, the input delay on Darkstalkers Resurrection is within 2 frames. From a software and hardware perspective, that is the closest we can tune the game. The main reason that you may experience a lot of input lag is due to the type of TV/monitor you use, so we recommend using either a monitor with a very high refresh rate, or a CRT monitor. (The latter may be hard to do in this day and age…)

We used Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PRO controllers to do our testing. There’s no difference in input between the Mad Catz controllers and the standard controllers that come with your system.

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Darkstalkers Resurrection official release trailer - hits PlayStation Store tomorrow, Xbox Live Marketplace on Wednesday

The Darkstalkers Capcom channel has uploaded the official release trailer for Darkstalkers Resurrection. The game will hit consoles this week; PlayStation 3 will be receiving it tomorrow, March 12 and Xbox 360 users will have to wait until Wednesday, March 13.

Darkstalkers Resurrection contains both Darkstalkers Revenge the Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3. This HD release features various graphic options, online play, achievements / trophies and more.

You can purchase Darkstalkers Resurrection once it's released for 1200 Microsoft points or $14.99 USD.

Via Capcom Unity. Tip by GakoTheChef and an anonymous reader.

Ono: Announcing Street Fighter as early game on the PS4 would be restrictive, experience we gain from Deep Down will put us in a better position

Ono: Announcing Street Fighter as early game on the PS4 would be restrictive, experience we gain from Deep Down will put us in a better position When Capcom's Yoshinori Ono took the stage at the PlayStation 4 press conference a few weeks back many people thought a new Street Fighter title would be announced, but Ono quickly stomped down that assumption by saying he wasn't there to talk about the franchise he's best known for working on.

A little while later, Ono told MCV that the reason Capcom chose a new brand (Deep Down) instead of an established franchise like Street Fighter or Resident Evil was because of consumer expectations, saying that, "We wanted to be free to utilize the PS4's hardware capabilities and unique services without the constraints of working within an existing IP."

All isn't lost though, as Yoshinori noted that the development experience they gain from this title will put them in a better spot to bring their existing franchises to the new hardware, and do a better job taking advantage of the features and services they offer.

"Of course, the development experience we gain will put us in an even better position to bring our existing series to the console in a way that takes full advantage of its hardware and services."

How much time will pass before Capcom puts the latest iteration of Street Fighter out on a next generation console is up for debate, but it's good to know Ono is still very much aware of the fan demand and expectations surrounding the title.

Daigo and Sako square off in Darkstalkers Resurrection - Strategies and moves for B.B. Hood, Jedah and Pyron

Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano and top player Nuki conducted a walkthrough of Darkstalkers Resurrection, which also features a casual match between HORI|Sako and MCZ|Daigo Umehara, who are testing the title's online play, even though they're playing in person.

Umehara notes that the title is speedy, without lag, but this match was hosted in Japan, instead of state side, where the connections are known to be considerably better.

You'll notice that the clip is spoken in Japanese, but while the translation ends up being a bit wonky, if you enable the CC option and then use the "translate" beta setting on YouTube, you can get a rough idea of what people are saying in the clip.

Here's a transcript of notable details via the always awesome Beast Note website.

- Capcom producer Ayano and Nuki talk about screen styles that you can choose in the game: Over-the-Shoulder, Retro, Arcade Cabinet, Wide.

- Although it says in the video that Sako is Vampire Savior national No.1, Sako had never won any major individual tournament. His best was top 4 in Tougeki 2004 (according to Famitsu). (He won pre-Tougeki 2004 5 on 5 tournament which is a team tournament.)

- On the other hand, Nuki was actually Vampire Savior national No.2 at Gamest Cup (where he lost to Umehara in the final). (When Gamest Magazine stopped, many staff went with Arcadia Magazine that later organized Tougeki.)

Combofiend and Haunts have also done another entry in their character strategy videos, this time for B.B. Hood, and IGN has new overviews of Jedah and Pyron. Hit the jump to check them all out.

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Darkstalkers Resurrection's list of trophies for PS3

PS3Trophies have released a list of all 20 Darkstalkers Resurrection trophies. Most of these are what we expect from a fighting game such as finish arcade mode without losing, win 10 ranked games, then a few go on about getting to different tiers for each character.

Click images for larger versions

Sent in by an anonymous reader.

Svensson: If I have my way, PC users will not be left out in the future of fighting games - Capcom will be doing more surveys

Svensson: If I have my way, PC users will not be left out in the future of fighting games - Capcom will be doing more surveys Assuring PC users that he's on board with pushing Capcom's products out to their platform specifically, Christian Svensson said that while he can't make promises — if he had his way — PC users won't be left out in the future of fighting games. This is potentially good news for fans of this platform, as Svensson has a good amount of clout within the company.

More surveys will also be forthcoming, like the one they did in December which over 60,000 people responded to. Svensson also talks about why there wasn't an arcade release for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and if Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact is likely to see a re-release.

Hit the jump to read everything.

Ross: Why can't the PC Get more of the fighting games?

Svensson: No promises, but if I have my way, PC users will not be left out in the future of fighting games.

Beyond that, I can't provide any details but PC continues to be in our discussions across a variety of genres.

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Capcom blog: Darkstalkers Resurrection's turbo speed, online battle speed and ranked match design

Capcom blog: Darkstalkers Resurrection's turbo speed, online battle speed and ranked match design Capcom's Ayano-san recently gathered around 100 Darkstalkers enthusiasts in Osaka to play Darkstalkers Resurrection during an in store demo.

Ayano-san has once again updated a blog with some new information on the game and his thoughts about how the store demo went.

Hit the jump to check out information on the game's turbo speed, online battle speed setting and ranked match design.

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here yet again to give you the dirt on Darkstalkers!

Last Saturday we had an in-store demo of Darkstalkers Resurrection in Osaka, Japan. We tried to include all of the requests that we’d got from our fans at the Akihabara event in Tokyo. This time, around 100 people showed up for the demo!

Even though it was raining and cold as heck, our outdoor display was greeted by a slew of red-hot combatants!

For a while, we even had to hand out numbered tickets to people in line. At first, many people were testing to see just how accurate the game was compared to the arcade versions, but later on we a ton of people playing just for fun.

There were a lot more new players than I thought there would be, and it was impressive seeing them have fun playing each other, exchange opinions and ask things about the intricacies of Darkstalkers such as what was Auto-Guard, how do you do chain combos, what does Dark Force do and so on.
Near the end of the demo I jumped in for some matches

I only won 1 out of 8 matches... I thought I’d win more than that, but things weren’t working in my favor that day.

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Street Fighter X Mega Man reaches 1 million downloads

According to the creator of Street Fighter X Mega Man, Seow Zong Hui A.K.A. Sonic's Twitter, the fan made 2D platformer has reached 1 million downloads.

The Street Fighter and Mega Man crossover title began as a small fan made demo until Sonic showed the product to Capcom. It has since flourished into a classic 8 boss, 8-bit Mega Man game that received some additional updates along the way including a new boss battles.

If you still haven't gotten your hands on it, you can download it for free over on Capcom Unity.

Darkstalkers Resurrection: Felicia character breakdown from Capcom, Sako vs. Daigo pre-fight interview

Haunts and Combofiend are back for another character breakdown for Darkstalkers Resurrection. Today's video features Felicia where Peter will be going over various options for her including anti-air, her wall jumps, best specials and more.

Capcom Japan has put together a promotional video for their upcoming release of Darkstalkers Resurrection. This is only the first part which features interviews with Hori|Sako and MCZ|Daigo, the second video that will release next Friday will feature matches between the two.

As it's in Japanese, BeastNote has compiled some notes about the various questions. Hit the jump to see the video along with all the notes.

- Umehara began the series at around 13 years old, Sako at around elementary school.
- Umehara said that Vampire has more ways to approach the opponent. In Street Fighter II you can't jump. He also said that Guard Cancel can counter tick throw.
- Nuki asked about Umehara's 286 winstreak legend at Akihabara district. Due to system limitation, the counter stopped at 255 and reset, Umehara said it's sad you need a witness (laugh). (The competition was high in this district.)

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Lilith and Huitzul character strategies and move listings for Darkstalkers Resurrection

If you'd like a bit more information about Lilith and Huitzul in Darkstalkers Resurrection, IGN has a new set of videos which walks you through both fighters, courtesy of Capcom's Derek Neal and Andrew Schnorr.

Hit the jump for the rest of the videos, including move listings and strategies for most of the game's cast.

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Capcom's limited edition Darkstalkers shirts now available

Capcom has released a set of limited edition Darkstalkers shirts for the upcoming release of Darkstalkers Resurrection.

These are available over on the Capcom Store and will be $49.95 for the 3-pack set.

Click images for larger versions

Darkstalkers Resurrection - Lilith character breakdown from Combofiend

Capcom has posted a new Darkstalkers Resurrection video today, this is a character breakdown for Lilith one of the game's weaker characters. Even though she's considered weak, he has some strengths which Combofiend go goes over in the video.

Additionally, Combofiend covers all of her normals and super movies giving you a good idea of what is safe and what's not safe.

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