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'We’d like to make the transition as seamless as possible' - Capcom providing tournament organizers with PlayStation 4 consoles for Pro Tour

At EVO 2015 last month, Capcom announced that the remainder of the Capcom Pro Tour will be played on PlayStation 4. This means that all events on the tour would need to make the hardware switch, beginning with the US.

Summer Jam 9 is the first event on the Pro Tour to take place after the switch to PS4. Considering the fact that purchasing enough consoles / Ultra Street Fighter 4 software for a large-scale event such as SJ9 probably isn't cheap, we decided to reach out to Capcom to see if the company had plans to assist the tournament organizers with said switch.

Capcom's Director of Brand Marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, and Associate Producer Peter "Combofiend" Rosas assured us that the company is indeed providing tournament organizers (TOs) with PlayStation 4 consoles that are pre-loaded with Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Additionally, Capcom is equipping events with fightsticks whenever possible.

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'International licensing for the cast wasn’t too hard' - SEGA talks localizing Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, how it differs from Virtua Fighter

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is a 2D fighting title that pits characters from the Dengeki Bunko manga universe against each other on stages taken from various SEGA titles.

Since the game is making its way stateside later this year, we took the opportunity to chat with SEGA about the upcoming release. EventHubs' Contributing Editor Nyoro managed to catch up with SEGA of America's Localization Producer, Sam Mullen, over at Anime Expo last month.

In our interview, Mullen sheds some light on the localization process, examines differences between DFC and SEGA's most popular fighting title (Virtua Fighter), and more.

Below is a snippet to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump for the full interview.

Nyoro: Before we begin the interview, please tell all the EventHubs readers who you are, your job title, and what an average day at SEGA is like for you.

Sam Mullen: My name is Sam Mullen, and I am a Localization Producer at SEGA of America. My average day at SEGA is taking Japanese-published games and working hard bringing them over here!

Nyoro: So, let’s talk about Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, otherwise known as DFC, since that’s the reason we are here. This game was released in Japanese arcades first. Then, for the Japan-only console release, characters were added as console-exclusive content. We at EventHubs are very familiar with the arcade model of fighting game releases because Arc System Works uses the exact same model. The arcade version is released exclusively, the console release version has extra non-arcade content, and then that content is patched back into arcade at a later date. I assume DFC will continue to follow this pattern?

Sam: That is indeed the business model used for arcade fighters, and I don’t see that changing for DFC.

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Could Necalli be the first tie to Satsui no Hado in Street Fighter 5? Check out Voltech's theory on the how the berserker may fit into the story line

Very little is known about the Street Fighter 5 story line at this point, but that just means we have more to speculate about.

Destructoid blogger, Voltech, has come up with an interesting theory involving Necalli's dark nature, and the character's possible influences on the Street Fighter universe. With his glowing, red and black aura, Necalli looks like he echoes, if not represents, a warrior consumed by Satsui no Hado.

Right now, we don't know what power Necalli utilizes, but we do know it causes the user to surge with an overwhelming blood lust. The first part of Voltech's theory asks us consider Necalli a being from an era long past:

"Necalli is a warrior from an ancient tribe, one that put plenty of stock in fighting and strength -- not unlike a whole city’s worth of Ryus. But somewhere along the line, their lust for battle became corruptive; as a result, people in droves developed and used a new form of ki -- the proto-Dark Hadou -- to gain an advantage over their opponents. The problem? Use of it became so widespread that it brought more ruin than it did victory, and Necalli’s people ended up wiping themselves out. Necalli is the only survivor, preserved partially because his devotion to -- and corruption by -- the proto-Dark Hadou gave him a body and mind perpetually primed for battle."

Hit the jump for more.

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Ogawa, Kazunoko, Nage, Sako, Daigo, FAB, Dogura and more battle it out in Guilty Gear Xrd - Toshin-Gekitotsu team exhibition archive is available

The Toshin-Gekitotsu team exhibition event is a Guilty Gear Xrd event that's been in coordination for quite a while, with one team representing the brightest of Guilty Gear, and the other representing players of other fighting games. The event took place this morning, and an archive video has finally been made available.

This event features excellent Guilty Gear gameplay, with plenty of hair raising moments and clutch matches, as well as a perfect or two. There's plenty of excitement, and the "others" team represents themselves well in the face of Guilty Gear veterans.

Of course, it may help that they actually had a veteran of their own, with MCZ|Daigo Umehara making a great showing, harking back to his days of mastery in Guilty Gear. Ogawa and MCZ|Daigo Umehara have quite the thrilling set, in particular.

Hit the jump to check out 4 hours of Guilty Gear goodness.

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Yoshinori Ono will be featured as a character in Capcom's upcoming Dragon's Dogma Online

If there's one thing everyone in the FGC can agree on, it's that we've all fantasized about fighting dragons with Ono. Apparently Capcom was happy to oblige, as the executive producer for both Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 will be getting his own Pawn in Dragon Dogma Online.

Alongside Sony Computer Entertainment President, Atsushi Morita, Yoshinori Ono will be represented in role playing/hack and slash action game. The Pawns will be non playable characters that will aid the player in their various quests throughout the course of their adventure.

You can see images of the in-game Ono figure below:

Ono: Dragon Hunter image #1 Ono: Dragon Hunter image #2
Click images for larger versions

So... what do you think? Dragon's Dogma Online comes out in Japan on August 31 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Source: Siliconera.

Next Level Arcade in New York City to close in February, co-owner sheds light on the situation

For those unfamiliar, Next Level Arcade is an arcade in New York City host to the NLBC weekly, as well as many FGC gatherings. Despite a long running, co-owner Henry Cen has stated that they will be shutting their doors on February 29th, 2016.

It would seem that this sudden turn of events is due to a disagreement between both owners concerning the future of Next Level Arcade, resulting in an agreement to go their separate ways once the lease ends in February.

This comes as a shock to much of the community, especially in the east coast, with another beloved arcade closing up shop. Victor "Spooky" Fontanez, the man responsible for running NLBC at the location, gave the first hints at this trouble in a discussion he held over his stream.

Hit the jump for more details, and a stream archive.

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Think Tanya was nerfed in the latest Mortal Kombat X patch? Think again! Tanya's throws do more than double damage with this new glitch

In the most recent Mortal Kombat X patch, NRS developers intended to nerf Tanya a bit, but they may have accidentally given her an incredibly strong buff.

In her Pyromancer variation, Tanya can use her Dark Shroud technique to make opponents more vulnerable to fireballs on both hit and block. Now however, when opponents are "Shrouded," they take a full 32% damage when thrown.

Tanya's throws normally only deal 12%, meaning that this glitch boosts them with a 260% damage increase. No doubt NRS is likely already aware of this, and probably working on a ninja fix as you read this. In the meantime, Tanya's Pyromancer variation may be the way to go.

Hit the jump to see video footage of the glitch.

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Ai-Eye's art is so inspiring that it made its way into Udon's Capcom Fighting Tribute

Ai-eye is a Japanese artist with a love for fighting games. Looking through her galleries, we've nabbed a few samples of her work that we found particularly interesting.

Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Marvel vs. Capcom and other titles are represented in her work. She actually created two images, which you can see after the jump, that have successfully won spots in Udon's upcoming Capcom Fighting Tribute book.

Ai-Eye image #1 Ai-Eye image #2 Ai-Eye image #3 Ai-Eye image #4 Ai-Eye image #5
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see more of ai-eye's art.

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Phenom's OCV, an in-game bug sends DJT home, and another grand finals controller malfunction - Summer Jam 9 highlights

Summer Jam 9 was jam-packed with exciting match ups and epic moments. Having tuned in for the whole weekend of tournament goodness, we here at EventHubs wanted to share with our readers some of our favorite and some of the most intense moments from the event.

Featured here, you'll find an OCV (one-character-victory), perfects, comebacks, and much more! Below is our first highlight to get you started.

Phenom OCV's Noel, Strider, and NuckleDu in USF4 teams

During the Ultra Street Fighter 4 team tournament on day one of Summer Jam, BX3TPL|Phenom's M. Bison put in work. When going up against a team consisting of some of the U.S.'s strongest warriors (WFX|801 Strider, Liquid|NuckleDu, and UVG|Noel Brown), Phenom managed to take out all three in a OCV.

Even more impressive is the fact that Phenom defeated NuckleDu's Guile, which is one of Bison's worst match ups and regarded as one of the worst match ups in the game.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for more.

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VesperArcade releases detailed SFV tutorials with text annotations of almost every BnB, antiair, or punish you need for Chun-Li and Ryu

Throughout Street Fighter 5's development, VesperArcade has continued to be one of the most valuable resources on the web. He quickly discovered there would be no proximity normals in the game and made other early observations that would later be confirmed.

Now VesperArcade has decided to release some extremely well made tutorials for Ryu and Chun-Li. The other characters can be expected in the near future. Much like Bafael's excellent Ultra Street Fighter 4 tutorials, VesperArcade has even provided text annotations, so don't worry about having to jump through the video trying to remember a combo or option you saw but couldn't remember.

While other videos coming out claim to be tutorials but are really just edited match footage, VesperArcade's is exactly what the beta player ordered.

You can check out both videos below.

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Necalli's V-Trigger changes up his frame data - Constantly updated notes detail this Street Fighter 5 character's capabilities

The team at Unequaled Media has had the chance to play the current build of Street Fighter 5 at Capcom headquarters recently, and one of their members has begun compiling and updating his notes on Necalli, the first brand new fighter to join the roster.

Not many have had a lot of time with the brutal fighter, so this document has a ton of fresh information, and is being updated constantly with more as UM Chaos gets more time with the game, as well as compiles his own research.

For example, we find that Necalli's V-Trigger isn't any ordinary power up, with it changing up his frame data and making previously impossible combos entirely doable. His claw rush special, The Disc's Guidance, also has one hit of super armor and reaches quite far.

Hit the jump for another example, and a link to the document.

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'Taking my shirt off is kind of embarassing, but it's become my trademark' - Poongko feels good about Street Fighter 5's potential

Recently, the crew over at Arcade Stream had the opportunity to interview Poongko, who had quite a bit to say concerning his shirt-removing showmanship, Street Fighter 5's potential and how he felt about the game, and character choices in Street Fighter 4.

When discussing showmanship, he specifically talks about the incident at Evo where he removed his shirt in response to another player. It seems he felt he couldn't just sit there and not respond, and that removing his shirt does actually embarrass him, but it's become something of a trademark and a way to excite him before a match.

Later in the interview, Poongko gives his thoughts on Street Fighter 5, noting that whenever he tries a new Street Fighter game he always does so by using Ryu. He praises the game, talking about how he feels that it has great potential from his experience playing it at Evo.

Hit the jump to check out the full interview.

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5th Topanga B League dates and competitors announced, including a new qualifying system in place - Pepeday, AiAi, Misse, Matsuri and more partaking

We're at that wonderful time of the year again when the Topanga League is starting up. This year's B League is set to start this very week, and we got the full rundown of when to tune in, what to expect and who to root for in this 5th Topanga B League preview.

First off, there's a new system in place this year. Instead of one big Round Robin featuring all players battling it out, the player number has been expanded to 20 players (up from 16), and will now divide them into two different groups of 10, where the top 2 players go directly to the Topanga A League, while the 3rd placers in each group have to battle MCZ|Tokido and BE|Nemo, last year's 8th and 9th placers in the A League, for the final 2 A League spots.

Players still waiting in the A League since last year include MCZ|Daigo, EG|Momochi, HORI|Sako, Bonchan, Uryo, FGC|Michael-tan and Kazunoko. Hit the jump to read about this year's participants, and the broadcast dates.

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Street Fighter 5's frame data uncovered by ToolAssisted, full charts for Nash and Ryu detailed within

ToolAssisted has had quite a bit of time with the Street Fighter 5 beta, and has certainly put the time to great use. He has since tweeted out full google spreadsheets for Ryu and Nash's frame data in Street Fighter 5.

These comprehensive charts detail all of their normals, specials, throws, dashes, and more, showing the entirety of their frame data. This includes recovery, start up, and even things like damage. Some of them are also color coded by speed to give an idea of a normal's usefulness.

It goes without saying that any of this data can change, as it is a beta, but it's certainly interesting to see where it's at as of now, and what it's like in the environment currently being tested.

Hit the jump to check out two of ToolAssisted's tweets, with the spreadsheets enclosed.

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Location test footage of Blazblue: Central Fiction shows off new characters, changes for old characters, and more

Though news about Blazblue: Central Fiction, the upcoming new title in the series, has been scarce as of late, we've been made aware of some location test footage that does an excellent job of showing off the two new characters, and some changes for veterans of the roster.

There's plenty of footage within of the two new characters, Naoto Kurogane, and Hibiki Kohaku. Better yet, the footage provided is of a strong level of play, with the players definitely being familiar with the characters.

That being said, there's plenty to see in the returning characters as well, with balance changes and new moves abound, as well as the effects of the overdrive system on the new characters.

Hit the jump to check out some of the matches.

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