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Dash forward passes over Dee Jay for nasty mix up, lethal fake cross up, and more; V-Ryu shows the power of Makoto's EX Fukiage resets in USF4

Earlier today we stumbled upon a new video from Makoto extraordinaire V-Ryu that shows off what she can do using her EX Fukiage buff in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

There are a bevy of useful set-ups included here involving the beefed up special move used in conjunction with a jumping normal attack. Fuzzy guard on the taller characters in the game, ambiguous cross under mix-ups, and fake corner cross ups are what you'll find here, and most of these sequences lead to a quick stun.

Another great set-up to keep an eye out for is that which is performed on Dee Jay. After a back throw, Makoto can step over the downed fighter using her forward heavy kick. If she dashes forward after that, well, just be sure to see for yourself.

8-bit roundup: Poison's USF4 theme would fit perfectly in a Mega Man game; Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Cammy, and Fei Long stages hit you right in the nostalgia

Earlier today, 8-bit theme extraordinaire Mr. BulbaMike uploaded a brand new song conversion that features Poison's Ultra Street Fighter 4 track.

After hearing this new composition, (and having personally beaten Mega Man 1 - 6), I can say that this particular track sounds like it would fit right in as one of the robot villain stage themes.

Additionally, we have added in some of Mike's past works that include 8-bit renditions of the stage themes for T. Hawk, Cammy, Fei Long, and Dee Jay. Not only will these songs take you right back to playing Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers on your Super Nintendo, but the style of these tracks really add a retro feel to them.

As an added cherry on top, you will also find an 8-bit version of Decapre's Ultra Street Fighter 4 theme. Check them all out below, and feel free to let us know which you enjoyed most.

'Tier placing ain't nothing but a number, baby' - Amazing grand finals set between Julio's Yun and Hoodaman's E. Honda at Churning the Butter #2

It's fairly agreed upon that in Ultra Street Fighter 4, if Yun isn't the best character, he is at least among the very best. In a similar sense, many have said that E. Honda has fallen to the very bottom of the tiers, and isn't really viable to use anymore.

Despite this, and dabbling in Decapre for a while, pH|Hoodaman has decided to stick with his guns and bring the classic sumo wrestler into the spotlight once more against MMG|Julio, one of the USA's top Yun players. This match occured as the Grand Finals of Churning the Butter #2, a newly-established NorCal weekly tournament, with pH|Hoodaman coming from the Loser's Bracket.

You can find the matches below.

What can Guile do with two meters? More than you might think, as shown by this video

Guile has been a very popular character in the Street Fighter series since its rise to popularity back with Street Fighter 2 in the early '90s, but he's never been considered a very combo-heavy character, which still holds true in the Street Fighter 4 series.

That's not to say that he can't unleash some devilish combos, though. This video from Wade Sikander shows just what Guile can be capable of when he has two meters. Also worth noting is that these combos build one meter, so even though you'll have to start from two, the effective cost is just one meter.

You can find the video itself below.

'Knock it off, Fox!' Stop simply back jumping away from focus attacks - Tutorial teaches you how to properly react to focus spammers in USF4

Are you tired of having to jump back when your opponent initiates his focus? Do you often feel overly pressured when people leak ink from their bodies while in an aggressive pose? Well, as Peppy would say from Star Fox 64, "Knock it off, Fox!"

Bafael is back with a primer on how to properly handle those online warriors that focus attack then back dash. In it, you'll learn the correct way to make your opponent regret not respecting your options.

Check below for a fantastic video on how to level up your own excellent adventures.

Happy birthday? Nope! Merry Christmas! - one combo wipes out an entire team of three in this UMvC3 tournament clip

In a recent event streamed on the Air Juggle Twitch channel, an awesome moment was captured during the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament.

DCB|4th Star went up against Chris D in what appeared to be a one sided fight in favor of the latter. Chris D's Chris Redfield knocked out 4th Star's Dormammu, and things were looking just as bleak for his Dr. Doom. That's when Vergil appeared...

Feeling himself just a little too much, Chris D went for a Team Hyper Combo, and instead of dealing massive damage on 4th Star's Vergil, got caught in the Spiral Swords.

It looks like Christmas came early for the this Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player.

Check out the footage below.

To defeat your enemy, you must first understand how they think - Footage of Bonchan using Rose in online ranked matches

After having become the Topanga A League champion last year, Bonchan was on a roll. At EVO 2014, he was in the best possible position one can be - in winner's side of Grand Finals for the biggest tournament of the year.

Yet, it all came crushing down once the eventual EVO 2014 champion, Olivier 'Luffy' Hay, confronted him from the loser's bracket with his signature Rose, and sent Bonchan's Sagat back home to Japan.

Perhaps in preparation for their next bout, Bonchan has now been spotted using Rose online. Is this signifying a character change, or is he simply trying to figure out how to fight against the character by fighting as the character? You be the judge.

More red focus combos than you can throw a stick at – Videos display a red focus combo for almost every fighter in USF4

EventHubs reader HighOnPCP has uploaded not one, not two, but four videos showcasing red focus combos for the Ultra Street Fighter 4 cast.

Each video is organized by the game appearance of the fighters. For example, one video is titled "Red Focus Combos for the Alpha Characters." Currently, the other sets include fighters from Street Fighter II, Third Strike, and simply one titled "Remaining Characters."

Check below to find out what your character can do with one of Ultra Street Fighter 4's new mechanics.

Canada Cup's The Masters Series rescheduled until early 2015, EVO 2014 champion Luffy confirmed to compete

The Canada Cup Masters Series, originally set to take place in November, is an event that is being held in order to honor the tournament's past champions. MCZ|Daigo, Kazunoko, RZR|Xian, and QANBA|Xiao Hai have all been invited to compete, however, only the latter two players have confirmed that they will be in attendance.

Just the other day, Kazunoko commented on the status of his invitation over on the Topanga stream. The incredibly skilled Yun player stated that if the scheduled dates of The Masters Series conflict with those of the Topanga A League in Japan, then he will not be able to attend.

We have just received official word from the folks over at Canada Cup Gaming that The Masters Series has been rescheduled until early 2015. The decision was made in order to better align with Daigo and Kazunoko's schedules, and to deliver the best event possible.

"We want to do this event in a very specific way and would much rather compromise on the dates than the quality."

Dudley's rose throw taunt deals enough damage to end a game, tutorial for optimized damage combos: Sweet tech for USF4's gentleman pugilist

DriveCancel recently put together a quick video in hopes to aid players on their quest to learn Dudley in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

What follows is a montage that demonstrates a plethora of useful combos that focus on optimizing damage. You'll find combos for numerous situations, along with setups that feature heavy meter usage, FADC combos, no meter combos, and more.

As an awesome little cherry on top, DriveCancel also uploaded a clip from an actual online match in which Dudley's rose throw taunt actually deals enough damage to end a game and score the win. We have both videos for you today, so check them out below!

Daigo unleashes Evil Ryu's tricky 'okizeme' setups on Momochi - Topanga Banzuke matches also ft. Nemo, Darui, Mago, Fuudo and Kazunoko

On this week's episode of Topanga TV, MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago and EG|Momochi run through some of the highlights from the Tokyo Topanga Banzuke event from two weekends ago, before diving into an online tournament session with stream viewers who had 3,500PP or more.

Of particular note within the matches shown today was the one played between MCZ|Daigo and EG|Momochi, in which The Beast shows off a bunch of Evil Ryu's okizeme (wake-up offense) options that catches Momochi by surprise.

Other notable players featured in these Topanga Banzuke matches include Darui (Dhalsim), BE|Nemo (Rolento), MCZ|Mago (Fei Long), RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long), and Kazunoko (Yun).

Check out the stream archive embedded below, along with time codes for the matches.

General news roundup: P4AU Margaret trailer, DOA5U maid costumes, KOF13 PC for under $7, UNIEL tutorials from UltraChen TV

In this general fighting game news round-up, we go over a couple of brief news items for the following games: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, The King of Fighters 13, and Under Night In-Birth EXE Late.

All of the news items covered this time around are fairly recent developments. Unfortunately, as each individual item had not been newsworthy enough when it broke to stand on its own, we've decided to round them all up in one place here instead.

ChrisG reveals nearly everything he knows about Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil in this massive Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo/tech video

GG|NYChrisG is by far one of, if not, the best Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players around today. Known for pioneering the Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil team, his and nasty mix-ups keep the wins rolling in.

If you ever sat around wishing that one day you could use this particular team as effectively as Mr. Gonzales, well, you're in luck. Today we have a massive combo/tech video from ChrisG himself that shows off nearly everything he knows about the team.

In this compilation you will find a number of combos that deal optimal damage, resets involving Vergil's Rapid Slash attack, TAC infinites, and so much more. Chris even mentions in the description that this video runs through nearly everything he knows about the Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil squad.

So tell your little brother to stop hogging the internet, because you're going to need an uninterrupted connection to download all of this tech!

Chun-Li's stockings, Ken's surname, rock operas and Mikhail Gorbachev - All this and more in this 10 Kick-Ass Facts About Street Fighter video

There are a lot of interesting factoids about Street Fighter, and chances are you've heard quite a few of these before. But do you know about all of them? I, personally, certainly wasn't aware about the existence of a Street Fighter Rock Opera, but now I know better.

Courtesy of Alltime10s, we have a video for you all today which showcases, in its own words, 10 kick-ass facts about Street Fighter. Think you know them all already? Continue below to find out.

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Korea qualifier results feat. Xian, Poongko, Laugh and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Capcom Pro Tour Asia continues with another qualifier event taking place in Seoul, Korea. The winner will earn a spot at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals set to take place in October of this year.

Tonight we have some heavy-hitters in attendance ready to compete in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

RZR|Xian, Infiltration, Poongko, and Laugh are just some of the players on the list. If you'd like to follow along with the action, you can find the event brackets over on Razer's Challonge page.

You can find the live stream, courtesy of Capcom Fighters, below.

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