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New Mortal Kombat X character to be revealed early next month in UK gaming magazine

Earlier today, the official Facebook page for Games Master -- a UK based gaming publication -- posted a glimpse at the cover for their upcoming January issue. On said cover, it boldly states that a new Mortal Kombat X character will be revealed exclusively within the magazine's pages.

According to the status update, the next issue will become available for purchase on January 2nd, 2015, so we can expect the latest MKX warrior to be unveiled once that day arrives.

You can check out the cover below

Click image for larger version

NetherRealm Studios' own Ed Boon even addressed this status update over on Twitter when one follower sent him the image above. In classic Boon fashion, the MK creator simply replied saying, "Time to start dropping clues!"

Looks like we'll have to stay glued to Boon's Twitter from now until January for any potential hints at the next MKX fighter.

Who do you think we'll see revealed next month? Will it be another returning Mortal Kombat character or someone entirely new? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Games Master on Facebook. Via Twitter.

Adventure Time Dhalsim, Hellboy Hakan, Karin KOs her opponents, and more: Awesome Street Fighter fan art

As a build up to the Capcom Cup, the folks over at Capcom Unity shared some awesome Street Fighter fan art pieces that were created as a collaboration project by artists from Brazil. A number of truly amazing submissions were featured in a recent Tumblr post, and tonight we'd like to bring to you a few of those great pieces.

Below you will find an assortment of godlike Street Fighter artworks that range from wacky Adventure Time Dhalsim to Karin putting a beat down on her opponents. You'll also spot a variety of characters such as Geki, Twelve, Yun, Eagle, Poison, and more among the bunch.

Hit the images below to get started, and be sure to check out the rest after the jump.

Updated: Full list of patch notes for Killer Instinct 2.2 update added

Updated: The full list of patch notes for the Killer Instinct 2.2 update have been added to this story.

Earlier: The folks over at Iron Galaxy Studios are running their Tender Moments stream once again today. This broadcast -- much like streams of the past -- will feature quite a bit of Killer Instinct season 2 footage.

We can expect to see some of the balance changes set to be included in Killer Instinct season 2's upcoming update discussed, that which will include Riptor and Story Mode. Additionally, the IGS team will offer tips on how to defeat Kan-Ra in the current version of the game.

You can check out the live stream below.

Pepeday vs. Smug ft-to-7 exhibition match at NEC 15 - who will come out on top this time?

At NEC 15 yesterday, r/Kappa|Pepeday and PIE|Smug -- two of the rising stars in the competitive Ultra Street Fighter 4 circuit -- went head-to-head with one another in a long first-to-7 set.

This is, of course, not the first time the two of them have played each other; they last played against one another only last month, at Canada Cup 2014.

But that has only made this set that much more enjoyable to watch, as this time around both players have come prepared for their adversary, having made minute adjustments to their game to better suit the other.

No Wave Dash in Smash 4? Here's the next best thing! Learn how to 'Perfect Pivot' in both the Wii U and 3DS versions

Wave Dashing is a technique that allows players to quickly glide across the screen by quickly cancelling a jump with an air dodge. This maneuver is a staple in Super Smash Bros. Melee competitive play, but as the franchise progressed it became less prominent -- especially in Smash 4.

It looks like a new way to move around a bit more quickly in the latest Smash Bros. title has been discovered. My Smash Corner recorded a tutorial for a technique called "Perfect Pivot" that utilizes a lightning fast input to cancel a dash. After a dash in either direction, the player must hit the opposite direction on the control stick almost immediately afterward.

Performing this input properly will allow the player to perform multiple dashes subsequently and move across the screen a bit faster.

The video demonstrates how to perform Perfect Pivoting, discusses what its main uses are, and even displays a chart with numerical distances for each character to show which fighters have the most effective ranges.

You can check out the tutorial after the jump.

Mew2King covers why he thinks Diddy Kong is only the second best character in Super Smash Bros. 4, who's number one, and more in this video interview

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS's tiers have been in hot debate since the game's launch and subsequent patch. Diddy Kong, in particular, has become the center of attention for many fans of the series, some referring him to Smash 4's "Meta Knight" (a character so strong in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that he was banned from multiple tournaments).

But Mew2King doesn't share the same sentiment as his peers. He places Diddy as the second best fighter on the belief that there exists someone even better.

This isn't the only moment in the footage his ideas fly in the face of accepted knowledge about the game, either.

Check out some text snippets from the video interview below to get you started and find out who this top player thinks holds the number one spot in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Jab into ultra, anti-air-tatsu super, amazing combos and reads - French Balrog player Pacheco has it all in this highlight reel

If you're anything like me, you don't really know who Pacheco is. Thanks to this video, however, it's now a name I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

While Balrog is a pretty straightforward character, I'm sure we've all experienced moments where we've been wowed by fantastic play from EG|PR Balrog. Perhaps this highlight reel will wow you in similar ways, as the french Balrog master puts everything out there in amazing display throughout these matches, including a combo ending in a standing jab into Ultra 1.

Curious? Look no further than after the jump.

Dan hits 11 Gadokens in one combo, Decapre easily stuns Guy, and more: "That Ain't Omega!" Doopliss' USF4 v.1.04 combo video

With the latest Ultra Street Fighter 4 patch now live, combo/tech extraordinaire Doopliss has officially thrown his hat into the ring with a brand new combo compilation.

While many others are currently trying to discover the wackiest setups possible in Omega Mode, Doopliss has decided to explore the wonders of the latest balance changes in USF4.

What we have for you tonight is yet another stellar CMV packed with intricate sequences and high-damage goodness. In Doopliss' latest montage, appropriately titled "That Ain't Omega!", we get to see Dan hit 11 Gadokens in one combo by way of a corner loop, Decapre land a big stun combo on Guy, Rolento hitting Ultra 1 after his EX Roll, and much more.

There is definitely much to see here, so be sure to check out it out after the jump.

New build of Tekken 7 is slower-paced? Korean location test shakycam footage

A newer build of Tekken 7 is on location test this weekend over in South Korea, and judging from these shakycam videos from G Manu (via AvoidingThePuddle), it looks like the Tekken Project development may have made some tweaks to the game to make it play slightly slower.

Or at least, that's the impression ATP reader Starman got from watching these videos. Looking them over, the game does look slightly slower-paced compared to the last time I've seen videos -- but I can't say for sure.

Do note, however, that even if the new build of Tekken 7 is indeed slower, the pacing of the game still falls largely in line with past installments of the franchise.

Check out the shakycam footage of the new build below, and let us know if the game does indeed look slower-paced to you when compared to an earlier build of Tekken 7.

Killer Instinct World Cup with $10,000 prize pot announced; organizer Brandon Alexander currently in talks with Microsoft

Inspired by the Capcom Pro Tour, Ultra Arcade co-owner and Kombo Klash organizer Brandon Alexander has announced a Killer Instinct World Cup competitive circuit for 2016 -- with a cool $10,000 prize pot for the grand finals.

To enter the Killer Instinct World Cup finals, however, players will have to first earn a qualifying spot. Winning at any of four Kombo Klash tournaments (which includes Kombo Klash Japan) or at EVO for Killer Instinct automatically qualifies a player into the KI World Cup. Outside of those five guaranteed spots, the remaining spots will be awarded to the top 11 players with the most number of ranking points throughout the circuit.

Ranking points can be earned through attending officially-sanctioned tournaments, or participating in official online ones. Here's the point breakdown -- unlike the Capcom Pro Tour, winning a Kombo Klash tournament will award you more points than if you were to win at EVO.

Click image for larger version

Brandon Alexander, also known as UA|Odinson, also recently did an interview with eSportsMax to shed more light on his reasons for organizing the Killer Instinct World Cup.

Second chances, psychic ultras, Pepeday's insanity, grenades and more... Hype moments from NEC 2014

It's been 15 years running strong and NEC has delivered yet again. A special thanks to Big E and all those involved in making awesome events like this possible.

We have a recap of some of the hype moments throughout finals day. We tried to grab clips from a few different games mix things up a bit.

This first clip is from Smash Wii-U top 8. Thunderst0rm's Luigi takes on EMP|Sion's... you guessed it... Diddy Kong!

Sion took a commanding lead and had Thunderst0rm on the ropes with a strong life lead and control of the ledge. Despite two instances wherein Thunderst0rm SHOULD have been dead, he repeatedly found his way back to the stage.

Slowly but surely, Luigi was able to mount enough offense to make things interesting again. The two combatants found themselves dancing in the neutral game once again. The next hit would surely win the match.

Then Thunderst0rm writes his own death sentence and whiffs an uppercut...

Click images for animated versions

Luckily, Sion stayed just out of range for the punish and St0rm was able to take the game. Despite this incredible comeback by Thunderst0rm, Sion would eventually take the set.

Hit the jump for more!

PR Balrog eliminates Daigo with an amazing Red Focus, Bonchan's sick Tiger Uppercut read: Capcom Cup 2014 round two matches ft. Xian, Fuudo, and more

The Capcom Cup 2014 replays continue to hit the internet as today Capcom Fighters has uploaded the round two set of matches from the event.

In this batch of matches, you'll find match-ups such as Infiltration vs. RZR|Fuudo, EG|Ricky Ortiz vs. MD|Luffy, RZR|Xian vs. MCZ|Daigo, and more.

These bouts are jam-packed with amazing plays, but just to give you a taste of what you'll find here we decided to highlight two in particular. In the first animated GIF below, you'll witness EG|PR Balrog send Daigo home with an outstanding Red Focus. Sitting right next to it, we have Bonchan blasting straight through Momochi's fireball with an EX Tiger Uppercut to finish the round.

Click images for animated versions

Below you will find a handful of the Capcom Cup 2014 round two matches.

Street Fighter 5, Capcom Cup qualifiers SF2 parody, and Pro Tour - Teespring's latest shirts are amazing, and on sale now!

Teespring has just unveiled their latest batch of Capcom Pro Tour shirts, and believe me folks, you won't want to sleep on picking these up.

The three newest t-shirts feature the official Street Fighter 5 cover art, an insanely awesome parody of Street Fighter 2 in which all 16 of the Capcom Cup qualifiers are the world warriors, and an official Capcom Pro Tour shirt complete with the tour's locations on the back of it.

As always, part of the proceeds from merchandise sales will go to the Capcom Cup prize pool.

Check out each of the shirts below and pick your poison!

Click images for larger versions

Each of these shirts are currently available for purchase, so be sure and head over to Teespring to pick up your favorites.

Check out Riptor's full Ultra, stage finisher, accessories, and early mix-ups; TJ Combo's Retro costume includes a 70's afro

Earlier today, the Microsoft team ran a live stream to show off the most recently revealed fighter to enter the Killer Instinct season 2 fray: Riptor. During the broadcast, the MS team showed off what Riptor is all about, along with some fresh content reveals that fans can expect to receive in the upcoming update -- that which drops on Wednesday of this week.

For those of you wanting to see the best of Riptor, but don't have time to sit down and watch a 2-hour stream archive, you're in luck. Tonight we bring to you a few animated GIFs that feature the prehistoric fighter's stage finisher, accessories, and even a quick glimpse at early mix-ups that players should definitely look into using when they get their hands on the character. Not only that, but Maximilian has uploaded footage of Riptor's full Ultra, which can be found after the jump.

Fans of TJ Combo also get a special treat tonight, as the KI boxer's Retro costume was displayed on stream today. We caught a glimpse of the default Retro outfit -- which is based mostly on TJ Combo's KI2 iteration -- and two of the accessory sets for the alternate outfit, one of which is a full-blown 70's look complete with an afro.

Click the images below to check everything out.

Click images for animated versions

If you'd like to check out Riptor's Ultra in full, be sure to hit the jump.

Death Battle! Deadpool squares off against Deathstroke in a battle of gunfire, swordplay, regeneration and chimichangas

Here's another FGC-related Death Battle featuring my personal favorite Marvel character Deadpool and DC's Deathstroke.

Always entertaining, Wiz and Boomstick break down the stats of each of these characters and pit them against each other in a fight to the death.

This episode sees a return to the 3D fighting world and is one of the most entertaining and well-done bouts the program has created thus far.

Both of these combatants are experts in sword fighting, gun play and have that OP regenerative factor. Things are sure to get messy...

Oh, and like anything involving either Deadpool or Boomstick, this is a bit NSFW, so keep that in mind while watching. Without further adieu, hit the jump and check it out!

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