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'Falco, Fox and Jigglypuff are all underrated characters, to me' - Mew2King talks Apex, character strength and more

Since Apex 2015 is happening this weekend, we here at EventHubs decided to catch up with some of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee has to offer, and will be publishing a series of interviews every weekday. Today, we're covering one of the biggest veterans in the Super Smash Bros. Melee scene, Mew2King.

You can expect more interviews like this to be posted the coming days at roughly the same time as this one, so look forward to hearing from these top level competitors.

Below is a snippet from the interview with Mew2King to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: I recall hearing you say that in Melee, the character you feel most comfortable using is Sheik. Why is it that Sheik feels more comfortable to you than maybe Marth or Fox, who you also tend to use?

Mew2King: I just use Sheik a lot... But I'm starting to see her weaknesses now. I'm good with all three, though.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

First look at one of Omen's different masks, his full Ultra, and Maya's Retro costume w/accessories - new Killer Instinct season 2 gameplay

This past weekend, the Iron Galaxy crew stopped by the Frosty Faustings tournament in Illinois to allow players in attendance the opportunity to get their hands on Killer Instinct season 2's next character -- Omen.

The build brought to the event featured an updated version of the character, along with the other additions set to come along with the 2.3 update that drops this Friday. During the tournament, Omen was given quite a bit of stream time, and today we have over 40 minutes of the Herald of Gargos in action.

Although the extensive match footage is what you'll come to see, there are a couple of interesting things that we'd like to point out. Firstly, we get a look at one of Omen's alternate masks (accessories) and it looks excellent. Additionally, we get to see Maya's Retro costume in action, along with her different accessory sets.

Check out the animated GIFs below to see Omen's new mask and Maya's Retro outfit in-game.

Click images for animated versions

Also, you can find 60 FPS footage of Omen's Ultra, in its entirety, after the jump.

Apex no longer affiliated with CLASH Tournaments due to 'a breach in confidentiality'

One day after the Apex series, known for holding the world's largest Super Smash Bros. tournaments, announced that co-owner Johnathan 'Alex Strife' Lugo would be stepping down in light of recent harassment allegations, the group is announcing another departure.

This time around, it's CLASH Tournaments (CT), who has been the Apex series's official streaming partner for the last couple of years, that's going.

Apex announced today that it is no longer affiliated with CT due to "a breach in confidentiality" -- a breach that CLASH Tournaments's owner Mark 'Chibo' Korsak says he was never informed of.

"Last night, I did make a post in the group (Team Apex) saying [that] I understand if you do not want me here due to my involvement with the accusations against Strife, and I would not think any less of Apex staff in general if asked to not be involved," Korsak told EventHubs.

"However, since I was never contacted after the accusations [against Strife], never removed from the group, and even tagged in a post regarding work on the stream after we had posted such accusations, I figured it was safe to say that we were still involved. This all happened last night," he continued.

"By the time I woke up this morning, I had been asked to leave, though without any precise reasoning, specifically not related to what they said on Twitter. I was prepared for the case of no longer working with Apex, but with the timeline of events, it did come as sort of a surprise and with no exact reasoning."

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round release date delayed on Steam

Those who are anxiously awaiting the release of the next installment in the DoA series may not be too pleased with this news. Though the game is set to become available on Xbox 360/Xbox One, PlayStation 3/PS4, and PC on February 17th of this year, it was revealed today that the Steam release date has been pushed back.

A message on the official Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Steam page states that the update is being delayed until March 30th in order to provide players with the best experience possible. To make up for the wait, however, the Halloween 2013 costume set (containing 28 alternate outfits) will be given, free of charge, to those who purchase the game on Steam.

If you're looking to pick up Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, pre-ordering before March 30th may be the way to go as you'll receive a nice 10% discount over on Steam. And with a free set of 28 costumes, how could anyone go wrong?

Source: Steam. Submitted by Shinkuu_Kikoken.

Ermac's human pretzel; Kung Lao's hat check... check out these gruesome fatalities from Mortal Kombat X

With the reveal of Reptile two days ago and today's announcement on Ermac, it's been a huge news week for Mortal Kombat X.

During the stream today, we got to see some game play footage of characters old and new.

Amongst all this carnage, we got to see one of Kung Lao's full fatalities as well as the beginnings of one of Ermac's.

We've put both of these finishers into convenient gifs so you can watch the gore on repeat! Hit the jump and check em' out!

Guilty Gear round up! Check out these compilation videos for Ky Kiske, Venom and Sol Badguy

The newest iteration of Guilty Gear has really taken off and we've been getting plenty of video submissions as of late.

Today, we have a few videos depicting combos for Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske and Venom. Anyone learning any one of these characters would greatly benefit from the tech in these videos.

We also have a clash video, which is entertaining even for those who don't play the game.

Hit the jump to see them all!

11 Ultra Enders in one go, a 100% combo, record-breaking 175 hits: 'Hold onto your butts!' DreamKing returns with a Riptor CMV

Finally... the King HAS COME BACK to combo videos!

Sorry. *Clears throat* Anyway, the headline says it all. I, the DreamKing, have finally found the time (and right setups) to make another Killer Instinct combo video.

This is my first full-fledged Killer Instinct season 2 CMV, but you may or may not (most likely not) have seen my season 1 work for Fulgore, Spinal, Thunder, and Sabrewulf.

Now, before the angry mob comes after me and says, "DreamKing, you're just promoting yourself since you work for EventHubs!" I'd like to point out that there are a number of techniques and accomplishments featured in this Riptor combo video that many may not be familiar with and that I feel should definitely be shared.

For example, in KI season 2 the ability to Instinct cancel Enders was removed, meaning that the highest number of Ultra Enders you can land this season hovers at 1 or 2 depending on the character. In this video, you'll see Riptor hit 11 Ultra Enders in one combo, and I'll explain how it's done after the jump.

You'll also see that Riptor has the ability to land a 100% combo, which again, is difficult to do for most characters since the removal of Instinct canceling Enders.

There's quite a bit going on in my latest work, so if you'd like to check it out and/or find out what's happening in each combo, hit the jump!

Tales of drunk Daigo, drunk Xiao Hai & good samaritan Xian - AirBehr Chat ft. Gootecks S2 Ep. 1

Looks like AirBehr Dojo isn't the only show from CCG|Air and Behrudy that has returned for a second season this year. AirBehr Chat, which is a show where the two Canadian gamers talk about the FGC and life in general rather than play or demonstrate Street Fighter tech, is also back for a Season 2.

And they're kicking it off with a special guest: Gootecks of Cross Counter and Excellent Adventures' fame.

In this first episode of AirBehr Chat ft. Gootecks, the trio shares stories about some of the funny happenings that occurred during the Canada Cup Masters Series afterward.

Tales of a drunk MCZ|Daigo, drunk Qanba|Xiao Hai, and a good Samarian RZR|Xian who was out $400 that night (although only half of that had to do with his act of kindness).

AZ Driftwood's Fei Long beats John Choi, Velociraptor, Brentt; immense corner pressure, unlikely comebacks - Ultra Street Fighter 4 spotlight

Fei Long is still a force to be reckoned with in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and Tucson, Arizona's AZ Driftwood demonstrates that in Olympic Gaming's latest USF4 player spotlight reel.

In the matches picked out for this highlights montage, you'll see AZ Driftwood apply immense corner pressure and mount unlikely comebacks against the likes of John Choi, Brentt, and even EventHubs's very own John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero.

Here's a comeback moment to start you off:

Click image for animated version

Watch all of AZ Driftwood's highlight matches after the jump below.

From getting INCREDIBLY LUCKY to making INCREDIBLE READS; Mike Ross shows off his Honda in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Mike Ross' Honda is one of a kind. He's incredibly offensive with a character that's traditionally supposed to sit and do nothing.

His uncanny ability to read his opponents wows us again and again, and it always seems that he's one step ahead of both his opponent, and the crowd watching him.

Here we have a compilation of some of Mike's matches in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

From absolute domination to crazy comebacks, these are sure to leave you with a smirk of disbelief on your face... especially the game against FRQ|Filipinoman.

Hit the jump to see the Mike Ross magic!

View hit boxes, set the USF4 training dummy to reversal on-hit - Frame Trapped 3.2 for Ultra Street Fighter 4 now in open beta

Frame Trapped, a tool for the PC version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 that lets you view hit boxes, move the camera around freely to explore the game's stages, program tool-assisted combos and more has now been updated to version 3.2.

New features added in FT 3.2 include a speed modifier that lets you slow down or speed up the game's animations in real-time, an auto-reversal bot that makes the training dummy throw out a reversal whenever you drop a link in a combo, and a better user interface.

An FT Director feature, which lets you freely control the game's camera and cue up camera movements on a timeline for movie-making purposes, will also be added to FT 3.2 in the near future. This was previously included in Frame Trapped, but has been removed due to the lack of a proper user interface.

Along with the update, the development team has also decided to release FT 3.2 as an open beta -- the previous version, FT 3.1, had been a closed beta release.

Read on for the link to download Frame Trapped 3.2 (open beta), as well as to check out some video demonstrations of the tool's new features in action.

Street Fighter 2's Car Crusher bonus stage replicated in real-life on Korean TV show

This is just nuts.

As everyone who's played Street Fighter 2 knows, after a world warrior has successfully defeated three opponents in the tournament he or she is sent to a Car Crusher bonus round where the objective is to wreck a car that's in perfect working condition, as some sort of crazy test of strength or skill.

Ever wondered how impressive or (more likely) ridiculous that would look like, if Street Fighter 2 were real and an actual Car Crusher bonus round took place in real-life?

Some TV executives in South Korea did, and they've arranged for the particular spectacle to be performed on a variety program, by a man decked out (poorly) in Ryu's outfit who may or may not be an actual martial artist.

Why am I questioning if the man performing the Car Crusher stunt is indeed an actual martial artist or otherwise? I think you'll see what I mean in the following clip from the Korean show, provided by Versus Fighting TV.

If the floor was lava, Third Strike's Chun-Li and Gill would be safe in these masterful, infinite juggles – one even catches Gill's resurrection!

Combo videos can always be a joy (infinite combo videos even more sometimes if they involve interesting strings); however, infinite combos that keep the opponent in an eternal juggle state are almost always something special.

In the first half of the video, you'll get to enjoy watching AlexShadenkk's Elena masterfully keep Chun-Li airborne with enough craft to make Oro blush. In the second, Ken takes on Gill, going so far as to even keep juggling after his resurrection!

If you're a fan of giving your opponents some air time, do not miss out on the video below.

Update: Apex 2015 switching venues, 'This event is still happening'

Updated: D1, Apex's CMO, has announced on Twitter that the event will be moving to a different venue -- the Garden State Convention Center -- thanks to the efforts made by Twitch. Apex 2015 is set to continue on as planned.

Earlier: Apex 2015 -- the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament around -- kicked off this morning, but quickly ran into a number of issues.

After the fire alarm at the event was pulled, the fire marshal arrived and ordered an evacuation of everyone in attendance. It was then discovered that the venue's garage suffered structural damage (seen below) due to heavy storms in the area.

Click image for larger version

Alex Jebailey, who is currently in attendance and posting updates on Twitter, reports that the Wii U / other fighting games room is shut down for the entire weekend because of faulty support. The Melee room at Apex is also closed down for the day, but after further inspection from the fire marshal could reopen tomorrow.

LevelUp announces Wednesday Night Fights Online Edition official start date in February!

With Super Arcade closed and currently looking for a new location, Wednesday nights in SoCal have been somberly silent.

LU|Alex Valle and LevelUp have decided to take this opportunity to reach out not only to the hungry players in SoCal, but to the rest of the world as well.

LevelUp updated their page yesterday to include this bit of information:

Wednesday Night Fights Online Edition is coming to the North America Region(Canada, US, and Mexico) on February 18, 2015!

We’re also excited to announce the platform of choice is Steam (PC)!

More details coming very soon!

Now, players that are not fortunate enough to live in areas with a thriving scene can partake in the action of WNF!

Hit the jump to see the official announcement on Rushdown Live!

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