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View in-game attack hitboxes with this new Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 PC tool: 'SF4BV' available as free download

A new Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 PC tool has hit the internet, this time courtesy of Slitherware. With one simple download, players can now view the hitboxes of each attack, in-game, using the "Street Fighter 4 Box View."

In order to use this PC mod, you must first open SSF4 AE v2012 in windowed mode, then boot up SF4BV. After entering a match, you can select each of the hitboxes you wish to view in the SF4BV settings.

This tool is only compatible with the Windows Aero interface, (so this won't work for Windows XP users), and Siltherware has a list of solutions to any errors you may encounter over on the main page.

This definitely seems like a handy tool for any fighting enthusiasts, so be sure to check out a video demonstration of the SF4BV after the break.

Tiers for Injustice: Gods Among Us launched on EventHubs

We've just launched our tiers pages for Injustice: Gods Among Us, giving our users the ability to vote on the game's match ups, along with providing areas to discuss them with their fellow players.

If you're knowledgeable about Injustice, please get in there and vote on the match ups you're familiar with.

Keep in mind this section updates once an hour, so keep checking back to see how the tiers are taking shape.

When a tier section is first launched, just a few votes can have a drastic impact on how the list shakes out, but over time the picture gets much more defined and normalized.

As promised, we're going to be rolling out new tiers sections on a regular basis now, so we'll have yet another game available in about three or four days. Stay tuned.

Ryan Hart in top spot for Capcom Cup, Infiltration and K-Brad tied for 2nd - Eight new events added to official ranking system

Ryan Hart, hailing from the United Kingdom, currently sits atop the Capcom Cup Tour's ranking boards with 320 points, and of course automatically qualified for the event after winning Final Round 17.

He's followed by Infiltration and EG|K-Brad, who are tied for the 2nd spot overall with 130 points each.

If you're curious how the top 24 has shaken out so far in regards to rankings, plus which 8 events were added to the official ranking system, hit the jump for a complete rundown.

Let Bonchan show you, how to Bonchan-Shoryu with Evil Ryu in this new Ultra Street Fighter 4 character breakdown video

What's Bonchan-Shoryu, you ask? Well, it's the art of... playing so well that you won't have to rely on Shoryukens as much.

And with Evil Ryu's uninterruptible crouching medium kick into Hadouken blockstring, and an improved forward+MK command normal that no longer whiffs on certain situations, you won't have to pull out an UmeShoryu (which translates to "Nice Shoryu") as often.

That's a good thing in Ultra Street Fighter 4, given that Shoryuken FADCs have been nerfed in general.

Hit the jump to watch Bonchan's breakdown of Evil Ryu's play style and changes in USF4, along with a written transcript of what he said, provided by EventHubs's very own KarbyP.

Sequel to Super Smash Bros. in the works? Job posting says release next year for 'Smash Bros. 6'

Something interesting is afoot with the Super Smash Bros. franchise, but what exactly is happening isn't readily clear at this moment.

A recruitment ad was recently posted on a Japanese career opportunity website, e-Career FA, searching for programmers for "Smash Bros. 6" which was listed for a 2015 release date.

The page was subsequently taken down, but not before Game Jouhou secured a screen shot of the job offerings.

The listing noted that this project currently has 120 people working on it, but they expect that number to increase to 200. It also said that:

Social games are currently a big hit, but the current state of job opportunities for making retail games is critically low. In the midst of this, this will likely be your only chance to be part of a development project for the Smash Bros. [series], which has surpassed a total of 10 million in worldwide sales. And Bandai Namco believes that now is the best time to recruit programmers for retail games.

Hit the jump to continue reading.

Daigo, Mago, Tokido, and Bonchan to hold special Ultra Street Fighter 4 stream the night before launch; tune in April 16th

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will officially be released in Japanese arcades on April 17th.

To commemorate one of the most highly anticipated fighting games of this year, a handful of Japan's best Street Fighter players plan to run a live stream on the night before launch. MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago, and Bonchan are joining forces to bring us some quality Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage next week.

The live stream can be found over on Nico Nico, and the incredibly hype commentator, Nuki, will be the host for the night. The event will kick off around 8:00 p.m. JST / 4 a.m. PST (April 15th) / 7 a.m. EST (April 15th).

Unfortunately, Ultra Street Fighter 4's 5th character, Decapre, will not be playable upon release as Capcom is still fine-tuning her. Regardless, we can expect to see some great matches between the four top-level competitors.

Source: BeastNote and Nesica.

Virtua Fighter FeverCombo announced for Japan, comes out mid-April... it's an iOS/Android smartphone browser game

There's a new Virtua Fighter game coming out very soon (later this month) in Japan, and development work on it is even said to be supervised by the series creator Yu Suzuki himself.

But it isn't a sequel to Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. It's not even a fighting game.

Instead, Virtua Fighter FeverCombo (VFFC) is a smartphone browser game for iOS/Android devices, that reimagines the series's intense battles for a whole new generation of gamers. The game is published by Japanese video-on-demand giant, in partnership with Sega Corporation.

Hit the jump for screenshots and gameplay details on Virtua Fighter FeverCombo.

Fulgore now playable in Killer Instinct, patch adds arcade mode and more

Showing up a little earlier the anticipated, the Killer Instinct team released a new update for the game today which makes Fulgore playable.

The update is a 6.8 gigabyte download, and Fulgore will be selectable if you own the $20 or more editions of Killer Instinct.

The update also adds Arcade Mode and online lobbies into the mix, featuring eight player rooms and spectating functionality.

We've transcribed notes straight from the development team on how Fulgore plays, and some strategies you can employ with him.

You can find Fulgore's reveal trailer after the jump, if you haven't seen it already.

Infiltration, K-Brad join Gootecks and Mike Ross for online madness - Excellent Adventures 2014 ep. 10

EG|K-Brad and Infiltration have joined forces with Gootecks and Mike Ross for the latest Excellent Adventures.

The foursome takes turns battling online players in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, and you get to see a good amount of character variety of hype moments with the guys.

Episode 10 is titled America, Online and you can view the entire 30 minute segment after the break.

NorCal Regionals 2014 live stream ft. Justin Wong, PR Balrog, K-Brad, Infiltration, Filipino Champ, Ricky Ortiz, Mike Ross, Reynald and more

The second premier event of Capcom Pro Tour is finally upon us, namely NorCal Regionals 2014, and the lineup is stacked.

Games set to headline the event include Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Killer Instinct and King of Fighters 13.

There's no shortage of top players, either. Big names expected to attend the event include EG|Justin Wong, EG|PR Balrog, EG|K-Brad, Infiltration, RG|Filipino Champ, EG|Ricky Ortiz, Mike Ross, AS|Reynald, BE|KaneBlueRiver and many, many more.

Stream duties are being handled by Team Spooky, CapcomFighters, iPlaywinner and NYCFurby.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream and event schedule.

One of the most unique designs for a fighting game controller you may ever see - Terminator T-800 hitbox

Hitboxes are a pretty unique style of controller for fighting games, but since they lack a joystick, modders can come up with some really innovative ways to lay out their designs.

One such product popped up from RoBoBOBR, based off of the T-800 cyborgs from the Terminator movies.

If model numbers of cyborgs from science fiction films are a bit too far out of your knowledge range, it's the robot Arnold Schwarzenegger played, but without any of the living flesh around it. Check out the shots.

Click images for larger versions

Images and details from Joystick Vault.

Apocalypse in Paris #3 results, stream archive feat. Dieminion, Luffy, Ryan Hart and more

This weekend, Apocalypse in Paris #3 went down with players like EMP|Dieminion, MD|Luffy, Ryan Hart, CDV|2Pac and LLL|Kenpachi in attendance.

The games competed in were Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, Injustice: Gods Among Us and King of Fighters 13.

We've added the results and stream archives for this event, and you can find them after the jump.

El Gato breaks Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 again! New snapback glitch discovered, makes for some very strange occurrences

NL|El Gato, a frequent Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 content creator, recently discovered a variation of the snapback glitch, that which snaps out a downed fighter and brings in the remaining two characters simultaneously.

This new glitch can only be recreated using characters that have a cinematic hyper combo, (except for Viewtiful Joe's Slow hyper combo and Amaterasu's level 3.) The original glitch was triggered by snapping in the second assist character, but in this one uses a snapback on the first assist.

Once that character jumps back on screen, if they perform a cinematic hyper combo on the aggressor, some... strange things take place. This video shows which of the Capcom side of characters can pull this off, and El Gato is already working on getting the Marvel side done.

You'll find the glitch video after the break.

Christopher 'ChrisG' Gonzalez officially joins team GamesterGear

It has been announced today that Christopher "NYChrisG" Gonzalez is now officially a part of team GamesterGear.

Gonzalez is one of the most dominant Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the tournament scene today. He most recently took first place in UMvC3 at Texas Showdown 2014. ChrisG joins GG|SherryJenix on the GamesterGear team.

Below is what GG|NYChrisG had to say on the matter.

I'd like to thank GamesterGear for giving me the opportunity to play for them, they are great people to work with and make quality, immersive headsets that I use in and out of gaming.

I hope to contribute to the GG team, grow with them, and learn from them as well. GamesterGear shares the same vision that I have for the fighting game community, I hope that we can build and improve the community together.

Image from Jason24cf. Tip sent in by cwarren.

Classic Fulgore costume leaked in Killer Instinct, see it in action here

It seems that yet another Killer Instinct classic costume has been leaked in-game by means of some strange bug or glitch. With the large update that went live yesterday, a player by the name of Matthespio stumbled upon Fulgore's classic costume.

Needless to say, this was not an intentional discovery, and Matthespio mentioned that he simply jumped between a few different modes, returned to ranked matches, and classic Fulgore was there. You can see all of his different colors in the images below.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see classic Fulgore battle it out against an Orchid player online.

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