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'If you want to evolve into a pro player... you gotta pick T. Hawk' - Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross Ep. 36

This week's episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross begins innocuously with a fan question addressed to the Cross Counter duo.

"Hey Gootecks [and Mike Ross], what do you recommend for players like me to evolve into a pro player?" LABBEdpj asks.

Gooteck's answer to this hard question? "Pick T. Hawk," he says as he selects the Indian warrior from Mexico on the character-selection screen, to walk the talk.

Other tough questions being answered in this latest episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures include the following exchange between Gootecks and Mike Ross.

Gootecks: Haolipino... Haoli means "White", like a White person, in Hawaiian.
Mike Ross: Oh, so you think he's half-White, half-Hawaiian.
Gootecks: No no no, he's Hawaiian. He's half-white, he's a Filipino -- but he's Hawaiian.
Mike Ross: Wait, what if he's, like, a quarter-Hawaiian, and a quarter-White and... or...

Find out Gootecks's response to that in the new episode, embedded below.

Mike Ross picks Makoto, Gootecks puts on his robe and wizard hat in Ultra Excellent Adventures Ep. 35: Big Dreams

In this first part from the next batch of The Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross episodes, Gootecks puts on the proverbial robe and wizard hat as he takes on all comers on Xbox Live as Rolento.

Apparently, watching BE|Nemo win so much with Rolento recently has made Gootecks realize that he's got a Rolento -- from the Street Fighter X Tekken days (anybody remember that game?).

Meanwhile, fresh off his most recent pilgrimage to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show, Mike Ross goes through the entire episode playing nobody other than his Ultra Street Fighter 4 waifu -- Makoto -- who he had hoped to see in her Summer costume.

Which Gootecks did not buy.

Gootecks: Well Mike, I tried to buy the Summer outfits. But, you know, we're in Fall now. *Laughs* I like to stay current.

All that and more in the The Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross Ep. 35: Big Dreams, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Become a Lucina master: Smash and Grab covers tactics, kill moves, set ups and more in this Smash Bros 3DS tutorial

Smash and Grab has just released a detailed character breakdown video for Lucina. There are three segments that they specifically focus on including her combos, kill moves and neutral game.

We were especially impressed with the level of detail the video goes into. For example, it offers a chart depicting locations on the stage vs. health percentage needed for a forward smash kill on Robin.

Specifics like this accompanied by real-time game play footage makes for a very informative and easy-to-learn-from tutorial.

Hit the jump and start learning Lucina now!

Snake Eyez vs. Pepeday FT10 at TFC and the Salty Suite runback! Watch the El Fuerte player also take on Smug, Sabin, Strider, and more

During the weekend of The Fall Classic, /r/Kappa|Pepeday faced off against Snake Eyez in an exhilarating first-to-10 Ultra Street Fighter 4 set. If you happened to miss the action, you're in luck because the full set replay has since been uploaded on to YouTube, courtesy of Team Spooky.

What's even better is that the two players actually ran it back in a FT5 set at the Salty Suite after the tournament concluded. But Pepeday didn't stop there, as the fearsome Fuerte took on a number of other competitors at the suite.

The matches you'll find here are as follows:

• Pepeday (El Fuerte) vs. Snake Eyez (Zangief) FT10
• Pepeday (El Fuerte) vs. Snake Eyez (Zangief) FT5 Salty Suite runback
• Pepeday (El Fuerte) vs. Smug (Dudley) FT5
• Pepeday (El Fuerte) vs. Sabin (Dhalsim) FT5
• Pepeday (El Fuerte) vs. 801 Strider (Yang) FT5

So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some quality Ultra Street Fighter 4 action from The Fall Classic.

Yoga Tauntastrophe! Dhalsim's taunt works as a novel mixup tool in Ultra Street Fighter 4

It was always amazing in Third Strike how every taunt had some minor purpose. Sure, some were obviously more effective than others, but it felt oddly satisfying to have that extra, unique move. With Ultra Street Fighter 4, we've seen the return of a select few taunts being useful. For example, Dudley's rose is back as a corner pressure tool to help with mixups on knockdown. Dan's taunt builds meter and changes his air trajectory.

But in a surprising twist, Dhalsim can use his taunt as a mixup tool in Ultra Street Fighter 4. In the video, by activating his taunt in close range to Blanka, Dhalsim stretches into the air and leans over his opponent only to teleport to the other side before attacking. While it's certainly shocking to see, the usefulness of the trick will will likely decrease as more people see it done.

The question to its longevity is if it can be ambiguous with a slight change in Dhalsim's positioning making it difficult to tell which side he'll land on. Nonetheless, this could be the perfect way to clinch a close match with someone unfamiliar with the trick.

Check out the short video below to see it in action.

R.O.B. goes chrome while the evil Gannondorf... helps children across the street... New screenshots for unlockable characters in Super Smash Wii U

As November 21st draws closer and closer we grow more and more hype for Super Smash Bros. for WiiU.

Nintendo recently released some screen shots of two more of their secret characters. Look out for R.O.B. and the Great King of Evil, Gannondorf.

Visually speaking, this game looks fantastic and if it's anything like its predecessors it'll be just as much fun to play. Here are a few images, click the jump to see the rest.

Yoshi can teleport to the edge after throwing out air projectiles in Super Smash Bros. 3DS due to a glitch

Either this is a glitch, or Mario's dinosaur pal secretly took Satsui no Hadou lessons from Akuma: When recovering from an edge grab, Yoshi can throw a couple of egg projectiles at his opponent as he jumps back into the fray -- and quickly teleport back to the edge grab position soon after landing.

After seeing some Japanese players pull this off consistently, popular Smash player D1 (also one of the shoutcasters at Nintendo's E3 invitationals) decided to try it out for himself, and came to the realization that the glitch is incredibly easy to do.

In this video, he explains how you too can perform Yoshi's teleportation glitch.

First-ever Killer Instinct Stage Ultra shown off in season 2 launch trailer - watch the wrecking ball in TJ Combo's stage destroy Fulgore

The Killer Instinct season 2 launch trailer that was released earlier this morning has given fans everywhere much to talk about. Most of us have been so busy discussing the new characters that were shown off, that we completely missed the first-ever KI Stage Ultra that aired at the very end of the video.

We first got word of the new match-enders last month when a Maya gameplay clip featured a quick look at her move listing. There we saw that below the standard "Ultra" command was one for "Stage Ultra," a finisher that is limited to specific stages and where you stand upon said stage.

In today's KI season 2 trailer, we get to see TJ Combo perform a Stage Ultra on his respective stage. Unfortunately, Fulgore is his victim...

Click image for animated version

What do you think about Stage Ultras? Which stage would you most like to see get the same treatment? Let us know in the comments below!

Jayce the Ace KOs Tokido in 13 seconds, Smug puts a hurt on NativeImpact - a compilation of amazing Perfects in USF4

For those who may be unfamiliar, a "Perfect" in Street Fighter, (or in any other fighting game), is when one player manages to KO his/her opponent without ever taking any damage. Today, we have a compilation featuring a handful of talented players that do exactly that.

Among the assortment of clips you'll find moments from various high-end FGC events, along with a portion online footage. Witness YBK|Jayce The Ace take out MCZ|Tokido in 13 seconds at the Mad Catz TGS exhibitions, PIE|Smug going unscathed against AG|NativeImpact at Summer Jam, and much more.

Below you will find nearly 5 minutes of amazing Ultra Street Fighter 4 action in which top-notch players score some of the fastest Perfects we've seen in recent times.

Killer Instinct season 1 and original arcade soundtrack double album now on sale, season 2 available earlier than intended

This has been a big week for Killer Instinct fans so far. With season 2 being officially released tomorrow, players can expect quite a bit of fresh content coming their way.

Firstly, we are happy to report that the long awaited KI soundtrack is finally available for purchase. Not only will you get 10 killer tracks from the game's composer, Mick Gordon, but you'll also received the original Killer Instinct arcade OST along with it.

You can download the epic double album over on Amazon for $11.49 USD, and also on iTunes for $12.99.

Additionally, some folks (including myself) have already gotten their hands on Killer Instinct season 2, even though it is set to hit consoles tomorrow, October 15th. While some reports say that the game is openly available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, most cases involved a series of steps that will allow you to download the add-on early.

Hit the jump to find out how.

Which Quan Chi is the meanest of them all? Aesthetics for Sorcerer, Warlock, Summoner variations in Mortal Kombat X compared

NetherRealm Studios has released a batch of visuals that depicts and compares the aesthetic differences between all three variations of Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat X.

The character was first announced and shown off in a character introduction trailer a little more than two weeks ago. Although it gave us a good look at the various special moves and play styles usable by each of the three variations, as far as aesthetics are concerned these stills do a far greater job at highlighting the differences visually.

Click images for larger versions

Mortal Kombat X is due for release on the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms on April 14, 2015. Gamers who pre-order a copy of the game will receive Goro as a bonus character free-of-charge.

Source: NetherRealm Studios. Sent in by sarif2soon.

DC announces Mortal Kombat X digital comic

Today at New York Comic Con DC announced that they are going to produce a digital comic for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

The storyline for the comic will be based on the storyline established in Mortal Kombat 2011, commonly referred to as Mortal Kombat 9, and will expand based on the story of the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

Shawn Kittleson and Dexter Soy, writer and illustrator respectively, will be teaming up on the project. Kittleson has stated that he will have every character in the entirety of the Mortal Kombat gaming canon.

This likely means we will be seeing a variety of characters jumping in and out of the storyline to interact with the new cast of characters set to appear in MKX.

We have one image from the upcoming 'komic', along with more details. Click the jump to check them out.

DarkSydeGeoff's brand new Killer Instinct breakdown video will teach you TJ Combo and have you laughing at the same time

DarkSydeGeoff is at it again, this time with a very informative and very entertaining TJ Combo tutorial.

Geoff goes over the basics, unique notable moves, special moves, and combos or 'the juice' as he calls it.

As is traditional with Geoff, this video is a little NSFW so please put your kids to bed before you click the jump.

Capcom Pro Talk episode 1 with Mike Ross live stream - talking Pro Tour and playing USF4

Capcom is airing their first episode of a new series entitled "Capcom Pro Talk."

During this broadcast, Mike Ross is discussing the Capcom Pro Tour, Capcom Cup, and more.

Additionally, Mike will be playing Ultra Street Fighter 4 against viewers.

Catch the live video feed below.

Yoshi Bomb High Jump glitch lets him timer-scam, Villager warps when he pockets Pac-man's trampoline - Super Smash Bros. 3DS bugs roundup

Yoshi might very well be the most glitch-prone character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

We reported last month that Yoshi's Egg Lay neutral B special move can supersize his opponents over and over in Multi-Man Smash, and a little more than a week ago that his up+B Egg Throw special lets him warp back to the edge of the stage when performed in a specific sequence.

But it looks like we missed one that might have some consequences in competitive play, should custom moves be allowed in a tournament. Some of you may already know this, but when Yoshi replaces his up+B special with the High Jump custom move, by performing a down+B Yoshi Bomb and quickly following that up with a High Jump, you can launch Yoshi into the stratosphere of the stage without killing him -- essentially allowing you to timer-scam whenever you'd like.

You can take a look at how that works in the video below, along with two other bugs in the game we're taking a quick look at today.

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