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New stage in Skullgirls displays different banners depending on the characters picked, Beowulf's new moves shown off on Salty! stream

On the latest Salty! weekly Skullgirls live stream, Lab Zero Games showed off the first revision for the Beowulf's Ring stage, which has a pretty cool dynamic element to it: the banners in the background changes to show whichever characters you and your opponent pick in each match.

Other than the new stage, a newer build of the Beowulf character was also shown off, now that most of his normal and special moves have been animated.

Air's Poison perfects Blanka twice, crushes Smug's Dudley - Ultra Street Fighter 4 highlights compilation

Normally I'd avoid posting highlights compilation videos where all the clips are taken from a single tournament (it'd be boring for anyone who's tuned in to the entire tournament broadcast; at least splice in some other recent hype moments).

But in this case since CCG|Air debuted his Poison as a main character at Canada Cup 2014 (he switched his main to her a month ago), there were really no other clips of him beasting with Poison to speak of.

This isn't the first time CCG|Air has played Poison, sure. According to EventHubs's Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, Air played Poison at Mad Catz's Tokyo Game Show 2014 tournament as well -- but he didn't enjoy the same level of success he had at Canada Cup this time. Edit: CCG|Air has wrote in to inform us that actually he only played Ryu at the TGS tournament, so he made his Poison debut at Canada Cup 2014.

That's because right after the TGS tournament, Air went to a waterfall somewhere and began to train his Poison under the tutelage of one of the most respected Vega and Poison players in Japan, Reiketsu.

And all that training has paid off. As you'll see in the video below, Air's Poison manages to perfect Blanka not once, but twice, in the course of the tournament. Watch out for the sick ambiguous jump-in Air pulls out of his backpocket -- it's just not possible to see that coming.

Cobwebs in the corner: Nashi's deadly Juri pressure game on display in this Ultra Street Fighter 4 highlights reel

Can't get enough of Juri's long legs at work in ScrewAttack's latest One Minute Melee video? Then you're in luck: vid maker The Beast has put out another Ultra Street Fighter 4 highlights reel, and this time he's given Nashi (Juri) the spotlight.

Arguably the best Juri player in Japan at the moment, Nashi's play style is one that revolves around Juri's immense pressure game when she has her opponent trapped in the corner. If you watch this highlights reel carefully, you'll notice that Nashi goes for Juri's pinwheel kicks combo ender and her forward throw a whole lot mid-screen -- he wants to put his opponent into the corner as soon as he can.

Once in the corner, Nashi's Juri is so good at controlling the momentum that his opponent rarely gets out. Like a fly stuck on some cobwebs.

Cody can KO Oni with only one reset, hit forward + MP mid-combo, and much more: Character-specific USF4 combos

Joakim Tynell recently uploaded a couple of videos that Ultra Street Fighter 4 Cody players are definitely going to want to set their eyes on.

First up to bat is a clip showing a combo specific to Oni that deals an immense amount of damage. After the inevitable stun, Cody can reset with a cross-up jumping heavy punch, and if Oni doesn't block correctly, that could quickly be the end of his life bar.

If you find that you enjoyed the aforementioned character-specific combo, then you're in luck. What follows is a whole combo video devoted to demonstrating even more set-ups specific to other characters on the roster. You'll find combos into sweep, multiple heavy punches, and even one that uses Cody's F+MP mid-combo.

Check out the latest Cody tech below.

Hugo's light normals gain +3 frames instead of +1, Level 1 Focus Attack can crumple, and more: Learn the intricacies of Counter Hits in USF4

Bafael is back with yet another extraordinarily useful Ultra Street Fighter 4 primer this time focusing on Counter Hits.

Although much of this may be knowledge you've already acquired through endless hours of play time, this instructional video covers all of the bases newcomers will need to fully grasp the concept. Not only that, but Bafael throws in a few interesting bits of information that may not have been previously known by even competitive-level players.

Did you know that Hugo's light normal attacks gain +3 frames instead of the usual +1 on Counter Hit? This allows him to confirm Counter Hit light punch into EX Clap for some harder hitting combos.

There's a lot to be learned here, and if you already know everything covered in this video, this will at least serve as a great refresher course.

Reimagined retro stages, new costumes/colors, and Ganondorf can fly! Project M 3.5 to be released on November 14

The hard working folks over at Project M have been showing off new content for their Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod for quite some time now, and those who've been waiting to get their hands on it won't have to wait much longer.

A new trailer went live today revealing that Project M's 3.5 update will become available to the public on November 14th. The update first hits NTSC users in North America, and the first-ever PAL region release will follow shortly after.

The new version comes packed with a plethora of truly amazing goodies such as reimagined retro stages in HD, fresh colors and costumes for nearly the entire roster, and much more.

You can download Project M by hitting the link, and check out exactly what the 3.5 update has in store for you in the trailer below.

Justin Wong: EVO moment #37 may have helped save the FGC as many games were dying at the time, it brought some new life to the scene

EventHubs' very own John "Velociraptor" Guerrero had the chance to catch up with EG|Justin Wong today at the Moment 37|Reloaded tournament to pick his brain on his upcoming Street Fighter 3 Third Strike rematch against MCZ|Daigo Umehara.

Justin remembers more simple times in the FGC, and talks about how both players skills have dropped off since EVO moment #37, but he's looking forward to possibly reenacting the infamous scene.

Wong also feels that EVO moment #37 may have helped save the FGC, as many games were dying at the time and it brought some new life to the scene.

You can find the full interview below.

Capcom to fix Yun Summer Vacation costume glitch in next USF4 update, costume/taunt combination banned at Capcom Cup

Just a few days ago, a strange glitch for Yun in Ultra Street Fighter 4 was discovered. When players selected the character's Summer Vacation costume in conjunction with this taunt #10, the ability to properly taunt was disabled and instead, Yun would perform a standing light kick.

Because of this anomaly, players began to experiment, and it wasn't long before a number of interesting results emerged. Over the past few days, Yun was given a parry, the ability to boost player points for players, and also received an option select that cancels into a standing medium punch, (courtesy of BCN|Alioune).

Capcom is fully aware that this taunt glitch exists, and in Ayano's latest blog -- the same that detailed the new Omega Mode changes you see below -- the producer states that the abnormality is set to be patched out in the next Ultra Street Fighter 4 update. A release date for the next update has not yet been decided, but we should have more information soon.

Not only that, but if any of the Capcom Cup qualifiers were hoping to take advantage of the new techniques Yun gained as a result of this glitch, they will be sad to hear that the costume/taunt combination are officially banned from use at the upcoming event.

You can read exactly what Ayano had to say below.

Another Rosalina & Luma nerf has been discovered in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Like we thought, Luma's longer respawn times in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the forthcoming Ver. 1.0.4 patch for Super Smash Bros. 3DS isn't the only nerf that Rosalina & Lume will receive.

But whereas the previous nerf increased the amount of time Rosalina will have to go without a Luma, once it is KO'ed, by almost twice as long, this second nerf isn't anywhere near as significant. It will, however, force Nintendo to remove one of the player tips currently included in the 3DS version of the game.

Nintendo may also release an altered version of Rosalina & Luma's character reveal trailer -- one of the moments shown in that trailer is no longer possible.

Can you guess what the new nerf discovered is?

Gootecks gets salty after winning, Mike Ross picks Ryu in spite of Floe's advice - Ultra Excellent Adventures Ep. 40

In this latest episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures, Gootecks gets a message from BeezyKnowsBest after beating him online in a ranked match.

"I wanted to play Mike Ross lol," BeezyKnowsBest writes, causing Gootecks to make a face on reaction. This is what Gootecks gets for putting on a good performance? Where's the respect? Where are the props for playing well? It sure doesn't pay to put up a good fight in Street Fighter. The struggle is indeed real.

Although admittedly if Mike Ross had played him, BeezyKnowsBest would probably have stood a better chance of winning.

Other highlights in this episode include Floe breaking down Mike Ross's character compatibility in Ultra Street Fighter 4 for him.

"You're not a Ryu or a Dhalsim," Floe tells Mike... who picks Ryu right upon hearing those words.

Does Mike have a Ryu in his backpocket? Find out in Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross ft. Floe Ep. 40: Golf Claps, embedded below.

Meaty Tatsu loops lead to big damage, Otoshi combos into Ultra 2: Learn this and more in the ultimate USF4 Sakura combo guide

Sakura is one of the most combo-heavy characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Players looking to learn the street fightin' school girl may be easily overwhelmed by the ocean of combo options she has at her disposal.

Luckily, shano sent us the perfect jumping off point: the ultimate Sakura combo guide. In this video, you'll find every combo you could ever hope to use in the heat of a real match.

This guide is divided up into chapters, and you'll find useful setups such as meaty Tatsu loops, counter-hit combos, BnBs, and much more.

To view this incredibly helpful resource, be sure to continue on after the jump.

Yun travels straight through Elena with Lunge Punch; Balrog, Cody, and more cross over a downed Seth: Interesting USF4 pass-through glitches

A couple of videos have recently surfaced that showcase a number of interesting cross over properties in Ultra Street Fighter 4. More commonly known as "pass-through glitches," the following footage features certain characters literally going through the opponent -- by way of specific setups -- when they normally wouldn't be able to.

The first example includes Yun and Elena. Apparently, when a player activates Yun's Genei-Jin Super and uses his Lunge Punch from close range, he'll pass right through the Capoeira fighter. This doesn't just apply to raw Lunch Punch, however, as we see that Yun still activates the pass-through property when mid-combo.

Additionally, Seth suffers a similar fate as Elena, only his occurs when he is downed. If Seth is knocked down and doesn't use quick rise, certain characters will be able to pass over to the other side of him using certain attacks. Characters such as Rose, El Fuerte, Balrog, Cody, and more can take advantage of this tricky little mix-up.

Editor's note: While the Yun glitch could potentially pose a problem in that match-up, these set-ups aren't game breaking in any way. Makoto can also pass over opponents with her forward + heavy kick, and this has been in the game since she was first introduced in Super Street Fighter 4.

Hit the jump to check out pass-through clips.

Orchid's grenade explosion hitbox reduced, sweeps are now unbreakable and can't be counter broken: Killer Instinct 2.1 patch notes

It's been a busy day in the Killer Instinct world with the release of Kan-Ra game play footage and the announcement for Riptor.

Things continue to chug along as the newest patch details have just been released via the KI forums.

These changes are set to take effect this upcoming Monday the 24th along with the release of Kan-Ra.

As stated during the live stream, Orchid players may feel a little down in the dumps as their character received a few nerfs on her damage and hitboxes.

You can see the list of changes for Orchid as well as for the entire rest of cast by hitting the jump.

Sheik, Greninja and Meta Knight's moves 'replicated' in real-life - Super Smash Bros. 3DS character impressions from a Japanese fan

So you think you love Super Smash Bros. But do you love it enough to imitate some of the characters' moves in real life, record them on video, and put them up on Twitter for all to say?

That's what one crazy fan from Japan, who goes by Migapoi on Twitter, decided to do. Putting out funny Vine videos is kind of something he enjoys doing, so after spending some time with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, he thought it would be interesting to try and replicate some of the characters' moves in real-life.

Except, of course, he isn't exactly a trained stuntman or anything. The results are decidedly hilarious, and have received nearly 2,000 retweets combined across all four Vine videos.

Below you can check out Migapoi's Vine videos for yourself. Sheik's moves are featured in the first two videos, while Greninja's are the focus of the third vid. The fourth one is a little different -- it's meant to illustrate the difference in attack speeds between the Super Smash Bros. Brawl and 3DS versions of Meta Knight.

Click images for animated versions

Videos from Migapoi via

Daigo, Mago, Tokido & Sako looking sharp in manga form; the 'Mad Dog' & 'Hobi' pro gamers make cameo appearances in Brothers Conflict Purupuru

Yesterday, some images from the latest issue of the "Brothers Conflict Purupuru" manga series have been spreading around on the Interwebs via Twitter. And they have caused quite a stir among members of the Japanese FGC.

For some reason, MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Mago, MCZ|Tokido and Hori|Sako have made cameo appearances in the manga series's latest issue -- but that's not all. This isn't the first time Daigo and gang have been depicted in Japanese manga, after all.

What's truly curious is the way they are drawn here: is it just me, or do the four aforementioned pro gamers just look ridiculously dreamy in the manga below?

Click images for bigger versions

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