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C. Viper and Sakura engage in a slug fest, Cody shatters the glass, and everyone is corrupted by the Dark Hadou? Street Fighter art from UDON

Tonight we end our news day with a great Street Fighter artwork gallery from the incomparable UDON crew.

Below you will find art pieces featuring many fan-favorite characters illustrated by various UDON artists. C. Viper and Sakura engage in a heated battle, Ryu and Ken spar, and multiple characters get corrupted by the Dark Hadou; there's plenty to see here, so be sure to hit the jump for even more awesome artwork.

Which were your favorite EVO moments this year? - Maximilian's top 5 hype moments at EVO 2014

This year's EVO was undoubtedly one of the craziest yet. From crowd favorites and former champions getting eliminated early in Ultra Street Fighter 4, to the insane comebacks, and real men shedding manly tears, it's been one helluva ride for anyone who's a fan of fighting games.

But which EVO moments were your favorite this year? Which moments brought in the most hype? Which ones made time stop, overloaded your senses, or otherwise made you yell a cheer or jeer out loud as you watched the tournament happen, through the streams, from the comforts of wherever you were at?

Maximilian has made a video recapping his top five hype moments for EVO 2014, across all of the games featured.

Regardless if you were a stream monster who caught all the action over the entire EVO weekend, or if you only tuned in to the streams to watch the parts of the tournament you cared about, it's worth taking a bit of time to list your favorite moments over EVO weekend, and see how your list compares with Maximilian's.

Wao switches to Evil Ryu, is currently Osaka's #10 strongest player; Topanga Banzuke footage also ft. KOG, Mago and more

Since the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 in Japanese arcades, Japan's Oni specialist Wao has been very vocal about the changes made to his character in this version of the game.

He believes that due to the introduction of delayed wake-up, even though Oni has received a couple of buffs here and there, overall his tier position has dropped slightly from his days in SSF4 AE 2012.

The situation didn't improve very much for Oni with the release of the console version of the game, and so it appears that Wao has decided to drop Oni for another character: Evil Ryu. With his new main, Wao is currently the 10th strongest player in Osaka, and 83rd overall in Japan going by the amount of BP in the arcade version of the game.

Unlike MCZ|Daigo and Hori|Sako, the play style that Wao has adopted with Evil Ryu seems to be a little more defensive in nature, prioritizing pokes and zoning tools over the chance to get huge damage off of the axe kick or a crouching MK into fireball FADC, as seen in a set of matches he played in a recent Topanga Banzuke tournament, shown today on the latest episode of Topanga TV.

The new episode of Topanga TV also features matches played by KOG (T. Hawk) and Mago (Fei Long). Check out the stream archive embedded below; the matches start at 01:30:00, beginning with KOG (T. Hawk) vs. Furikuri 2 (Rufus). Wao's matches begin at 01:41:40.

'I don't mind playing top tier, but don't like them in UMvC3' - Justin Wong talks EVO win, top 5 characters, and more in EventHubs exclusive interview

EVO 2014 has wrapped up, and finally, the crowd favourite EG|Justin Wong has won 1st place in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

While Justin has taken several tournaments in the game with his signature team of Wolverine, Storm and Akuma, that EVO title has always been just out of reach for the veteran fighting game master.

We caught up with Justin in the wake of EVO 2014, and asked him a few questions about what it feels like to be the champ. Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: Last year, you did an amazing run through top 8 of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but fell short in the end against RG|Flocker, who took home the gold. Since then, people have been very vocal about you bringing the hype to Marvel, so all eyes were definitely on you this year, even moreso given your prestigious history with the game's predecessor. How does it feel playing on the big stage, knowing that you have so many people out there rooting specifically for you?

EG|Justin Wong: It felt really good, just because making it back on the stage for top 8 of a Marvel vs. Capcom game gave me hope, and hope for everyone else. I wanted to win really bad, and I didn't want to let people down again.

You can find the rest of Justin's answers below.

Chun-Li, Juri, Cammy and gang head to the beach; Udon Entertainment's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive book covers

It's the first day of San Diego Comic-Con! And the folks over at Udon Entertainment are all stocked up on convention-exclusive items over at their booth (#4592) at SDCC.

Of particular interest are the special Comic-Con exclusive hard cover editions of three of Udon's Street Fighter comic books -- Street Fighter 4: Wages of Sin, Street Fighter Classic Vol.2, and Street Fighter Classic Vol.3.

Not only do these oversized hard cover format books come with brand new dust jacket illustrations by James Ghio, but each book contains hidden beach images from Arnold Tsang inside.

Take a look at the Street Fighter character beach images and SDCC covers below. And don't forget to check out Udon Entertainment's post on what other items you can expect to find at their SDCC booth.

Fan Made Smash Bros. features Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, and more – Check out these screen shots and footage of Super Flash Bros. 2's latest update

Super Smash Flash 2, a fan-made game of Nintendo's popular Super Smash Bros. series that includes characters such as Goku, Chibi Robo, Ichigo, Sora, and even Bomberman, recently uploaded a trailer to introduce new content.

All of the characters are rendered to a pixel art style harkening back to the original a mixture of the Super Nintendo and the original Playstation. Not only has detail been put into animating the characters, but the designers have put in massive amounts of attention in having each fighter play according to a style befitting to them. For example, the narrator in the trailer explains that because Sora is a combo based character in Kingdom Hearts, the team felt it necessary to keep accurate to that feel in their game.

Below we've included some screenshots of Super Smash Flash 2, which just released its latest version on Thursday. Hit the jump to also watch a trailer detailing some of the game's mechanics.

D'Vorah's Variations can lock opponents down, chip away at them, and effectively zone players out: Learn what each one does in Mortal Kombat X

The official Mortal Kombat Facebook page has uploaded a series of images that give a quick overview of D'Vorah's Variations in Mortal Kombat X.

Each of her three Variations: Venomous, Brood Mother, and Swarm Queen, are represented here, and we get to learn the specific traits each one retains.

Hit any or all of the images below to read about D'Vorah's Variations in Mortal Kombat X.

Click images for larger versions

Source: Mortal Kombat on Facebook. Photo via NicciFett.

Kim Wu and Riptor hinted to return in Killer Instinct season 2, next character revealed will be brand new

Earlier today, Microsoft Studios' Adam Isgreen took to the new Killer Instinct forum in order to divulge a bit of information on KI's upcoming season 2.

Firstly, he mentioned that TJ Combo is in the final polishing stages of development. Killer Instinct's classic boxer now has facial animations, a new stance, and his height was increased to reach just under Thunder's.

Additionally, we get some new information on Maya, the recently revealed returning combatant. According to the latest post, Maya is actually taller than previously noted, (now about 6'2"), and although her order of monster hunters is Incan in origin, she is actually Brazilian with lineage from South and Central American cultures.

Below you will find out how Kim Wu and Riptor were hinted.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Ver 2.0 - Celica's fireball, healing, footsie tools and Lambda-11's differences from Nu-13 shown on stream

Yesterday, on the Japanese stream program "Gachi de Game wo Yattemiyou" (or "Gachige" for short), Arc System Works's Toshimichi Mori made an appearance to show off Celica and Lambda-11 -- the new playable characters that will be added in an Autumn update to the arcade version of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, which is officially being called "Ver2.0".

Both characters were demoed pretty extensively on stream. Due to Lambda-11's addition into the game, In BBCP Ver2.0, Nu-13 will lose her Phase Shift move which allowed her to switch between two fighting styles, Dia Forma and Luna Forma. In other words, Nu-13 will permanently fight in Dia Forma, while Lambda-11 has nearly all of the moves formerly featured in Nu-13's Luna Forma fighting style.

Lambda-13 also has some new tricks up her sleeves, such as a jumping Drive attack that comes down at her opponent at a 45-degree angle and leads into a full combo.

Most of Celica's normals and special moves were also covered. It was mentioned on-stream that Celica's Drive button will perform auto-combos when pressed repeatedly, somewhat similar to that of Noel Vermillion's -- the D moves that come out will change depending on which direction you're pushing the stick in.

Check out the rather lengthy demonstration videos below.

Which fighting game player is the most popular on YouTube and Twitter? 34 of the biggest names in fighting games ranked

Who are the most popular fighting game players trending on YouTube and Twitter in the world? Japanese fighting game fan Tiger Knee Ojisan wanted to know the answer to that question, to the point that he decided to create a rather arbitrary method to judge the overall popularity of 34 notable names in the FGC -- and made a video to answer it.

His methodology for determining a player's popularity is quite simple: search on YouTube for the player's name, take the average view count of the top 5 videos listed for that player, and add it to the 10 times the number of followers he has on Twitter to drive that player's "PP" -- popularity points, we suppose.

Why 10x the number of Twitter followers? Beats me.

But surprisingly, in spite of the seemingly random formula, the list he has assembled seems to be pretty legit. In fact, the top two contenders on his list were even neck-and-neck in terms of the amount of PP they've amassed.

Check out the video below, and see if you agree with the list -- but do keep in mind that this is only one person's opinion of how a player's popularity should be tabulated.

Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dota 2, Hearthstone made official games at the inaugural World eSports Championship Games; co-organized by former WCG staffers

Earlier this year, the World Cyber Games announced that it would be shutting its doors -- and just like that, after 14 years of operations, the dream of holding an Olympic-sized eSports festival had been over.

Or so we thought. Not wanting to give up on that dream, former WCG COO Bory Jun, along with a bunch of the most experienced staffers from the eSports company, founded AGN Inc in South Korea.

And they're teaming up with China's Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC) to organize the inaugural World eSports Championship Games (WECG), an international e-Sports festival much in the veins of the WCG this year.

In June, WECG 2014 announced StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft as the first two official games in its line-up.

This week, they've announced two more: Dota 2 and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Sub-Zero looks real 'ice in this fresh Mortal Kombat X wallpaper - seriously, it's quite cool!

The good folks over at NetherRealm Studios have answered the frequent requests for official Mortal Kombat X Sub-Zero artwork. Earlier today, a brand spankin' new wallpaper was posted over on the Mortal Kombat Facebook page that features everyone's favorite frosty ninja.

You can hit the image below, save it to your computer, and use it as the background to whatever you see fit.

Click image for larger version

In case you missed them, you can find similar wallpapers for each of Mortal Kombat X's newly introduced fighters: D'Vorah, Kotal Khan, Cassie Cage, and Ferra & Torr, by hitting the link.

Source: The official Mortal Kombat Facebook page.

Kuma's fart can KO in 1 hit? Incredulous comebacks, timer scams, shenanigans and gimmicks in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

With so many characters, moves and possibilities, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is an incredibly rich game with plenty of depth -- and also shenanigans.

For instance, if you're not careful, you could be making all the right reads and be winning in most of the round, only to lose the entire round in a single hit to Kuma's fart attack, as seen in the first 23 seconds or so in this TTT2 highlights compilation video.

And that's just the beginning. Other cool and funny moments featured in this video include amazing combos, tricky mix-ups that involve conditioning your opponent through move spamming, and even some incredulous timer scam tactics -- like lying down prone on the ground once you have the health lead to minimize damage.

And you thought playing lame was a legitimate tactic only in Street Fighter!

Daigo vs. Hong Kong 20-man kumite stream archive ft. Dakou, Humanbomb, GameOuttt and more

Update (10AM): We've embedded the stream archive into the story, along with timecodes for all the MCZ|Daigo matches.

Original story: MCZ|Daigo is currently in Hong Kong to attend a special Capcom Pro Tour event that's part of the Ani-Com & Games 2014 convention over there.

And part of the activities include a Daigo vs. Hong Kong 20-man kumite session that's being streamed live right now.

Wario's inclusion in Smash leaked by Nintendo? Super Smash Bros. 3DS appears under "Wario" game section in eShop

Earlier this morning something quite peculiar took place over on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Super Smash Bros. 3DS, the handheld version of the upcoming Smash Bros. title, prematurely appeared under the "Wario" game section.

All of the games listed under this section feature Wario in one way or another. What makes this interesting is the fact that though most of the titles shown are Wario series specific games like WarioWare or Wario Land, games like Mario Party and Mario Kart -- titles where Wario was not the main protagonist, but rather a playable character -- are also listed.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS has since been removed from the Wario section, but luckily Twitter users Yoshirider123 and Wario64 were able to snap quick photos of this strange occurrence before it was rectified.

Click images for larger versions

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