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'Mario feels like the strongest character in the demo,' 'Mega Man is fairly weak' - EventHubs discusses Super Smash Bros. 3DS in today's Round Table

First and foremost, I'd like to give a huge thanks to SummerUndercover, Wintry, and Nyoro for providing the EventHubs team with Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes. This Round Table wouldn't have been possible without you, so thank you! We very much appreciate it.

Now, on to the crux of the matter. Today we return with another EventHubs Round Table discussion focusing on Super Smash Bros. 3DS and the demo that was recently sent out to select Club Nintendo platinum members.

How do the 3DS controls feel for Smash Bros.? Do the initial demo characters seem particularly strong or weak? Will Smash 4 be payed as competitively as Melee once it is officially released? We address all that and more in our latest Round Table.

Below you will find EventHubs' answers, along with our impressions of the game so far. Please feel free to answer the questions as well, and let us know what you think!

Weird tech: Juri's ground fireball can be punished by aerial grab UCs (Hakan, Zangief, T. Hawk, Hugo) in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Weird but true: Although Juri's Fuhajin fireball release is, for all intents and purposes, a ground-based projectile attack (as opposed to Akuma, Rolento and Ibuki's aerial projectile moves), for a couple of frames during the MK and HK versions of the move, she's actually considered airborne -- and can be punished with aerial grabs accordingly.

So for instance, after blocking the first part of Juri's MK or HK Fuhajin, Hakan can begin buffering the motion for his anti-air Ultra Combo 2 move, and hit the three kick buttons if he sees Juri follow-up with the projectile release part of the move to punish it during the airborne frames.

T. Hawk and Hugo can even punish that move from a distance, as their aerial grab specials and Ultras travel a good distance forward on the way up, as you'll see in EventHubs user TheFlyingGrayson's video below.

Updated: Pre-orders now available, play TJ Combo a day early; Killer Instinct Season 2 early access now live โ€” balance changes in full effect

Updated: Pre-orders for Killer Instinct season 2 are now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Those who purchase the game will get access to TJ Combo, along with Killer Instinct 2 Classic.

Earlier: Killer Instinct Season 2 early access is now live for all owners of the game, and what this means is that all balance changes that have been made to Season 1 characters are now in effect.

Another nice bonus is that anyone who pre-ordered the disc version of Killer Insinct Season 1, as well as anyone who grabs the opportunity to pre-order the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct Season 2 (available tomorrow), gets TJ Combo available right off the bat tomorrow.

That's not all, though. If you pre-order Killer Instinct Season 2, you also get Killer Instinct 2 Classic Online as a bonus. All other users have to wait until the official launch on October 15th to play with this new character.

In case you don't remember what balance changes are coming into play come the new season, you need not worry. We have them all listed right below, character-by-character.

E. Honda's sumo stance perfectly encapsulated in Pop Culture Shock's latest Street Fighter statue

The good folks over at Pop Culture Shock are adding another Street Fighter character to their long line of figures. Everyone's favorite sumo wrestler, E. Honda, joins the statue ranks and comes with a couple of variations.

Three versions of this 1:4 scale statue can be purchased: original E. Honda, Ozeki exclusive, and Kabuki exclusive (based on the alternate costume found in Street Fighter 4.) The former two statues stand 15โ€ (38cm) tall with base, while the Kabuki figure 17.5โ€ (44.5cm) tall with base.

Both the Ozeki and Kabuki exclusives come with additional E. Honda heads to change the appearance of the statue. The three Honda figures run from $350-$370, and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Hit the jump for more images and links to each statue.

Over 700 feel Daigo will beat Justin Wong at the TGS 2014 exhibition - Mike Ross, Tokido, Mago and Jayce results as well

Later tonight, Mad Catz will be streaming a series of Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibitions live from Tokyo Game Show 2014. The match ups are as follows:

MCZ|Daigo vs. EG|Justin Wong
MCZ|Mago vs. Mike Ross
MCZ|Tokido vs. YBK|Jayce the Ace

This week we ran a poll to gauge which players our readers felt would win each of these sets. The results are in, and over 700 voted that Daigo will prove victorious in his set against Justin Wong.

If you're wondering how the EH readers felt about the rest of the line-up -- Mike Ross vs. Mago and Jayce the Ace vs. Tokido -- be sure to continue reading. You'll find the full breakdown below, including voting percentages for each match-up.

Settle It In Smash! Solve disputes about pizza, bus seats and parenting with your 3DS from now on - Nintendo's new SSB4 3DS commercials

Today, Nintendo unveiled a set of commercials for Super Smash Bros. For 3DS set to air in the US market, and if this writer's opinion is anything to go by, they are nothing short of genius.

The tagline "Settle It With Smash!" seems to go with anything, as any and all conflicts can apparently be resolved as long as you have your trusty 3DS available.

One slice of pizza left? Settle it. Bus seat taken? Settle it. Kids ignoring you? Settle it. Best EventHubs editor? SETTLE IT.

If you have a beef to settle, look no further than right below for instructions on how to do so.

Ever wanted to see the inside of a Japanese arcade? Spooky brings you on a tour in one of his latest videos from his trip to Japan

Ah, the arcades. While they exist outside of Japan too, there's nothing quite like entering a Japanese arcade, which by all accounts can be considered the proverbial mecca of not just fighting games, but all kinds of different games.

With Spooky recently visiting Japan to handle the tournament streaming duties during TGS, he decided to gather some more videos for all of his loyal yet-to-be-set-free viewers.

If you're interested in seeing what the inside of a Japanese arcade might be like, without putting up money for an expensive ticket, then you can get a free look at what the experience is like, thanks to good old "Mr. Victor Font" himself.

Raiden's new X-Ray attack looks like it comes right out of Injustice! Check out his updated, bone-shattering attack in Mortal Kombat X

The folks over at NetherRealm Studios have been uncharacteristically quiet since they unveiled the release date and inclusion of Goro in their upcoming fighting title, Mortal Kombat X. If you're looking for that MKX fix, though, today we've got something to tide you over until the next big reveal.

New gameplay footage was shot over at EGX in London -- a gaming convention that concluded this past weekend -- and in it we get to see an updated version of Raiden's X-Ray attack.

The new sequence is much more cinematic, as the Thunder god launches his opponent into the sky, gives them a quick electrocution, zaps them further with lightning, then finishes the attack with a bone-shattering knee to the spine.

The first thing that came to mind when I first saw this new X-Ray attack was, "SHAZAM!" For anyone who played Injustice: Gods Among Us, (or took a quick look at this story's banner), you'll find that Raiden's updated MKX X-Ray attack shares some similarities with Shazam's Super.

You'll find the new Mortal Kombat X Raiden footage after the jump.

Orchid's grenade toss is incredibly strong, air Breakers are a huge, but welcome change - DreamKing's Killer Instinct season 2 early impressions

Killer Instinct season 2's early access began yesterday, and with it came a slew of character and system mechanic changes.

EventHubs' own DreamKing (that's me!) has taken it upon himself to test out as many of those changes as he could. So far, I've played over 100 matches and spent a couple of hours in the lab testing out the specific character tweaks.

I have compiled my day 1 impressions on the game, and in this article I will discuss how some of the combat system changes affect the overall gameplay, along with my experiences using Thunder, Spinal, and Orchid.

You can read what I had to say below, and please feel free to share your experiences with Killer Instinct season 2's early access in our comments section!

Infiltration plays Evil Ryu now? Watch him and Hoodaman beast at the WECG Ultra Street Fighter 4 quarter-finals

The World eSports Championship Games's Ultra Street Fighter 4 South Korea open qualifier took place last weekend (top 8 results in our previous here). But due to an arrangement to air the matches on national television, the organizers could not broadcast the top 8 playoffs live on Twitch on the actual weekend it took place on.

Nevertheless, broadcasting the matches online had always been part of the plan, and this weekend the WECG is streaming all of the top 8 Ultra Street Fighter 4 over Friday, Saturday and Sunday (South Korea time) on its official Twitch channel.

Friday's broadcast is already over, but you can catch the stream archive with us here via the video embed below. Check it out to see an Evil Ryu vs. Akuma match where Infiltration is actually the one playing E. Ryu (with Iima83 controlling Akuma).

There's also a quarter-final match where USA's PH|Hoodaman (E. Honda) takes on China's Bao (Evil Ryu, Yang).

Count the number of Perfects and push ups! Alex Myers and LowTierGod duke it out in Wednesday Night Fights' latest USF4 grudge match

Earlier this week, another Wednesday Night Fights grudge match took place at the weekly event in Walnut, California. Alex Myers and LowTierGod battled it out in a first-to-five Ultra Street Fighter 4 set, but street cred wasn't the only prize on the line that night.

The loser of this particular set had to perform 30 push ups on stream. This bout proved to be incredibly entertaining, and with commentary from Aris and Blockbuster Jon, this is one you won't want to miss.

If you'd like to cut straight to the results, be sure to check out our Wednesday Night Fights 3.5 results story. This video contains a bit of language NSFW.

Catch all of the action below, and let us know who you'd like to see duke it out in the next grudge match!

DreamHack Stockholm 2014 results, battle logs and stream archive ft. Luffy, Ryan Hart, Popi, Valmaster, Ixion, Yagami, F-Word, Phenom, veggey and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's DreamHack Summer, DreamHack Winter and even DreamHack Valencia, which all carry high-prize Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournaments, but the DreamHack franchise is not done growing just yet. This year, for the first time, DreamHack Stockholm is taking place in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Notable players attending include MD|Luffy, DIG|Ryan Hart, HOG|Popi, Valmaster, IND|Ixion, Yagami, F-Word, BX3|Phenom, BX3|veggey, propBB2|Ettelman and more.

Streaming duties are being handled by Armshouse over at the official DreamHack Fighters Twitch channel, and you can find an embedded live stream, and early results, below.

Character-specific infinite combo discovered in Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Zero Suit Samus seems to have a personal vendetta against poor Robin

Oh, poor Robin. No amount of tactical advantage will be able to save you from infinites. Well, assuming the other player can even get them going, that is.

It's been discovered that Zero Suit Samus has a character-specific infinite against Robin, which supposedly does not work on any of the other members of the cast. With today's age of patches, Nintendo might try to do something about this, but there has been no official word to that effect as of yet. Want to see the infinite in action? Look right below.

7 Condor Spires lead to a Perfect, Hugo gets annihilated by fireballs - KojiKOG and ProudStrawberry strut their stuff in these USF4 compilations

Keeping with the highlight motif, we wanted to give a couple of players that don't usually get too much time in the spotlight some time to shine. Luckily, we stumbled upon two Ultra Street Fighter 4 compilations that will help us do exactly that.

KojiKOG and ProudStrawberry are known for being character specialists -- T. Hawk and Gouken, respectively -- and tonight we get see these players doing what they do best.

In KojiKOG's reel, the massive, Mexican grappler performs an obscene amount of Condor Spires to pressure his opponents. In one bout, you'll see him toss out seven Spires almost back-to-back, leading to his enemy's inevitable K.O. and more importantly, a Perfect.

ProudStrawberry's compilation has a different flow to it, as he imposes his will using a series of well placed Hadoukens and pokes. The very first match up shows a Hugo player getting completely, 100% obliterated by the Gouken's sick fireball game.

One your face rushdown and cool, calculated zoning; you'll get the best of both worlds in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 highlight reels.

Project M: Fusion Suit Samus may be the coolest thing you see all day - new, in-game costume revealed

The good folks over at Project M return yet again with their Art Tuesdays on which they show off a new, in-game alternate costume. Today, we have fresh digs for Samus as she dons her Fusion Suit from the Gameboy Advance release, Metroid Fusion.

Below you can check out an assortment of screenshots showcasing the Fusion Suit alternate outfit in action, along with her official character artwork.

Click images for larger versions

What do you think of Project M's latest costume for Samus? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Project M on Facebook.

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