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ARIA, Killer Instinct season 2's final character, stream archive added

Updated: You can now find the stream archive in this story.

Earlier: Combo Breaker is currently taking place in Chicago, Illinois, and the Iron Galaxy team is in attendance.

Earlier this month, we heard rumblings of a live stream set to air at the event on which ARIA, Killer Instinct season 2's final character, was to be shown off for the first time. Word on the time/date we could expect the stream were previously unavailable, but we now know that the stream is set to kick off today, about 15 minutes from when this story was posted.

If past streams from IGS are any indication, we are gearing up to see a full breakdown of what the latest Killer Instinct character can do.

You can catch the live video feed after the jump.

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Miss Power Stone? Skeptical of crowdfunding? Combat Core already has a free alpha version of its game on Kickstarter for you to try right now

Power Stone is a series loved by many that hasn't seen a sequel or even spiritual successor in years. Harkening back to the Dreamcast days, Combat Core aspires to bring that feeling back for $30,000 dollars.

There have been successful fighting games that have been crowdfunded in the past. Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm and Pocket Rumble are the first two that come to mind. With that said, though, neither game has gotten a version into the general market's hands aside from footage or arcade testing.

Combat Core understands that you might desire more than promises to back them, so they've included an alpha version for free on their Kickstarter page. You can decide whether or not you want to back it after you've played it.

I downloaded and gave the alpha a try myself. While it still has some work to be done, I was surprised to be playing a fairly competent version of the game. It definitely showed off its intentions and future. You can have a go at it and back Combat Core by going to its Kickstarter page.

While you wait for the game to download, check out my screenshots and the trailer below.

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'There are only two reasons you'd ever use X-ray in tournament' - Ketchup and Mustard teach meter management in episode two of 'Casual to Competitive'

We posted episode one of Ketchup and Mustard's 'Casual to Competitive' Mortal Kombat X training series, and you guys ate it up.

We're back today with episode two, wherein the MK pros teach us the ways of meter management in MKX. They start with the basics, discussing how special moves work and how you can enhance them by using the meter that you build throughout the match.

This tutorial isn't simply for beginners, as K and M delve into some deeper theories regarding meter. As an example, one of the sub-topics they cover is the meter-costly X-ray. Though the X-ray appears to be an incredibly powerful tool at first, you can get the same 30%-40% you'd get from a combo using only a single bar of meter.

The twins also cover Stamina and when to utilize the Combo Breaker mechanic. Hit the jump to see the video.

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A chance to work for Shadowloo, a glorious music career, and tons of air kicks: Learn all about Dee Jay in The World Warriors ep. 5

Capcom UK continues their World Warriors series -- a series in which the back-story of Street Fighter characters is detailed -- with episode 5. Today's installment focuses on everyone's favorite kickboxing musician, Dee Jay.

Not only are we walked through Dee Jay's story and motivation for fighting across each Street Fighter title he appeared in, but we're also given interesting facts about him. Did you know that Dee Jay is one of the few characters designed by an American artist? Neither did I!

What makes this video even better is the fact that there are bits of gameplay footage scattered throughout that sometimes show off interesting combos and/or useful techniques.

If you find yourself wondering how Dee Jay fits into Street Fighter lore or just want to know more about him, be sure to catch episode 5 of The World Warriors below.

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Capcom Publisher Weekend means USF4 is free to play on PC until Sunday, on sale for $14.99 along with a plethora of other titles

It's currently the Capcom Publisher Weekend on Steam. If you've ever wanted to try Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PC, now is your chance. For the weekend, the game will be completely free to play. If you decide you like it, you can purchase the full game for $14.99 or the digital upgrade for $7.49.

Why get the PC version of USF4? For one, you can enjoy the multitude of mods for your game. Do you want Karin to be in Street Fighter 4? Turn Sakura into Karin with a drop of a file. Do you want to make the entire user interface of your game resemble Capcom vs SNK 2? You can.

Furthermore, despite a rocky start to the game due to various netcode problems, Steam and Capcom have managed to resolve majority of the issues through various patches. If you feel skeptical, however, this is a great chance to try it out for yourself. Even the SSFIV:AE All-in Costume Pack is on sale for $7.49.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 joins a variety of other Capcom titles. While they're not all specific to fighting games, I've saved you some time by including the full sale list below.

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The ladies take centre stage in this cool Mortal Kombat X combo video focusing on Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Kitana, Mileena, D'Vorah and Jacqui Briggs

Mortal Kombat X has a pretty large cast of characters, but looking at the characters themselves, it's a bit more skewed towards male characters.

That doesn't mean that the women in the game don't pack a serious punch though, as Fighting Game Kaos has been more than happy to show us.

In this 8-minute long combo video, you'll see combos from Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Kitana, Mileena, D'Vorah and Jacqui Briggs - and every combo within will exceed 30% damage. Hopefully, you'll find something (or a lot) in here that's to your liking, and who knows? Maybe you'll even pick up a few new tricks for your main. Hit the jump to check it out.

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Street Fighter X Adventure Time is a thing that needs to happen; see this artist's interpretation of SF characters in the Adventure Time universe

Ever wonder what it'd be like if the cast from Super Turbo wound up in the Land of Ooo? Well we hadn't either, until we saw these brilliant illustrations from Jenoz Ngyuen's blog.

Though it takes roughly nine months to create each 11 minute episode via storyboarding, Adventure Time has a very simplistic art style which lends itself nicely to the Street Fighter cast.

The bare-bones Adventure Time facial expressions compliment characters like Balrog, Honda, Zangief and, somehow, even Vega. Take a peek into the world of Street Fighter Time with this entertaining imagining of the two worlds. {% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 12 2 as gallery12 %} {{gallery12.showgallery}} Hit the jump to see more!

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A Double Dragon fighting game based on the 1994 movie? James and Mike Mondays tackle an obscure Neo Geo CD title

James and Mike returned to the realm of fighting games last week with their weekly "Let's Play" show -- James and Mike Mondays.

This time around, the guys play a very obscure title from the Neo Geo CD library. While the Double Dragon series is known for being a side-scrolling "beat 'em up" game, apparently, a legit fighting game was created that was based upon the 1994 Double Dragon movie.

A movie-based fighting game on the Neo Geo CD doesn't sound promising, but from the look of it the game actually looks fun. James (the Angry Video Game Nerd) goes so far as to say that this title is one of his favorite fighters of all time. Though he isn't a fighting game aficionado per say, James' judgement is solid.

Check out the Double Dragon episode of James and Mike Mondays below.

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Vega's Bloody High Claw simply cancels itself? Yet another glitch found for Vega in Ultra Street Fighter 4

It's not the first time we've seen odd happenings with Street Fighter's most vain character. From a pass through glitch that makes routine combos whiff, to his freeze glitch that leaves his opponent stuck in mid-air, Vega is no stranger to bugs in Street Fighter 4.

Today, we find yet another unintended handicap for Claw, as his Bloody High Claw Ultra can seemingly cancel itself mid animation if conditions are right.

If an opponent knocks Vega down and performs a late cross up normal, it's possible for Vega to wake up with a non-reversal Ultra 1 and have it suddenly cancel, leaving him on the other side of the screen.

Hopefully, these glitches will be addressed in future updates to Ultra Street Fighter 4, but for the time being, Vega players be careful! Hit the jump to see the video.

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Has Kung Jin fallen from the top ranks of Mortal Kombat X? An in-depth look at his nerfs may help us decide

Kung Jin has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in these still early stages of Mortal Kombat X. Recently, Tempo|ChrisG showed us what the character had to offer when he took the character all the way to Grand Finals at Texas Showdown.

If you saw the recently released patch notes you may have seen that Kung Jin received a few nerfs in the damage and frame advantage departments.

It's one thing to see such changes on paper, but seeing them in action often offers a whole new level of comprehension. Willie Fresco has made a video examining Kung Jin's nerfs and translating what that's going to mean for the character in practical game play.

Fresco recreates a few scenarios wherein Kung Jin's new move properties will result in unsafe situations against certain characters. As Kung Jin looks to be a relatively common character in MKX tournaments, it's important for everyone, Kung Jin players and others alike, to know what's safe and what's not.

Hit the jump to see Willie Fresco's analysis.

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Relentless onslaughts into Brutalities, intelligent reads and a Flawless Victory on ChrisG; check out Digit's unstoppable Raiden from Texas Showdown

He makes it look so easy! Digit finds multiple ways to quickly take his opponent to the corner where seemingly endless pressure strings drain away their life bar as they die slowly from chip damage, or take the quicker route and just get hit.

Truly though, half of Digit's success comes from his knowledge of other character's safe and unsafe moves. At such an early stage in a game's life, it's common for players to simply find a strong, offensive tactic and run with it. Truly though, it behooves any serious player to know the rest of the cast's weaknesses, as exemplified by Digit's play.

Check this sequence below, where Digit makes a great read using armor to stop Jax' attempt to reverse the pressure, then kills him for it:

Click image for animated version

Click the jump below to see the full video.

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This girl's a stunner! These Makoto highlights show impeccable reads, relentless pressure, ambiguous axe kicks and red focus cancel to bait super

Makoto may not be the most usual character in Street Fighter 4 tournaments, but there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that she packs a real punch.

If you don't feel you've seen enough of this scrapper who originally came from 3rd Strike, then here's a highlight reel for you, courtesy of etherealwtf. Within it, you'll see countless axe kicks hitting ambiguously, relentless pressure in tons of situations, a red focus cancel to bait out a Decapre super and absorb the whole thing and most of all - tons and tons of stun.

Hit the jump to check out the highlight reel - and a little something extra as well...

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Safe blockstrings, teleport mix ups, and big damage: Maximilian teaches you how to play Jason in this Mortal Kombat X 'Assist Me!'

The Assist Me! series makes its return today, and the game featured this time around is none other than Mortal Kombat X.

Instead of a general tutorial that instructs how to play NetherRealm Studios' latest fighter, Maximilian and his crew focus on teaching viewers the ins and outs of Jason Voorhees, Mortal Kombat X's first DLC character.

This video covers all three of Jason's Variations: Slasher, Relentless, and Unstoppable, and provides useful set ups and attack tips for each.

Be sure to check out the latest Assist Me! video starring Jason Voorhees after the jump.

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Who's Sarah? What happened to Cammy and Ryu's kicks? Dhalsim's stage had a window? Street Fighter 2 mysteries from The Cutting Room Floor

"For every mystery, there is someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is watching. Perhaps... it's you!"

Or perhaps not. Putting Robert Stack aside for a moment, all sorts of interesting things have surfaced when people have taken a closer look at the files from the Street Fighter 2 series.

While not all of these things are mysteries โ€” and some have clear explanations โ€” a number of others are pretty open to interpretation.

The Cutting Room Floor is a great website which examines the core files of games to see things that were either cut in the development process, or just didn't make it to the final release for some reason or another.

The Street Fighter 2 series is no exception to this rule, as there are likely a number of things you didn't know existed in the arcade releases' original ROM files. For a closer look, click the link below โ€” if you dare.

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'Wanted for hoo-hahing, needle tossing, and firing shots' - there is a $500 Smash Bros. bounty on ZeRo's head at CEO 2015

ZeRo has made great success for himself since the release of Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS. With a plethora or first place wins under his belt, his streak in the 4th Smash title has been incredibly strong.

The streak has been so strong, in fact, that a bounty has been placed upon his head at CEO 2015.

After contributions by Smash Boards, players can collect a total of $500 by eliminating ZeRo from CEO's Smash Wii U tournament. If you can actually defeat the top Smash player, you'll score $100 for sending him to losers and $400 for sending him home.

Click image for larger version

CEO 2015 is taking place on June 26-28 in Orlando, Florida.

Do you have what it takes to dethrone ZeRo?

Source: CEO on Twitter. Via Destructoid. Sent in by sidney_E.

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