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Nine added as playable character in BlazBlue Central Fiction

Konoe A. Mercury, also referred as Nine in the BlazBlue series, has been a known, albeit unplayable character for some time now. But according to the most recent issue of Famitsu, her days of sitting on the bench are over.

Nine will be a playable fighter in BlazBlue Central Fiction. Below, you can check out a few shots of her in-game.

Nine to be playable in BlazBlue Central Fiction image #1 Nine to be playable in BlazBlue Central Fiction image #2 Nine to be playable in BlazBlue Central Fiction image #3
Click images for larger versions

We'll likely be seeing much more of Nine very soon, as BlazBlue Central Fiction is set for a Japanese arcade release on November 19th, 2015.

Source: Famitsu. Via Siliconera. Sent in by icejohn and Sarcastic_Black_Koshinomi.

What would happen if you were Shoryukened in real life? The answer is... pretty gross

VSauce3 is back with another video combining science with fighting games, this time analyzing the effects of a Shoryuken on a human head.

Done somewhat in the spirit of Myth Busters, Sauce delves into the mathematics and physics behind one of Street Fighter's most iconic moves.

Using a human-like dummy, recall Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior, Sauce recreates a Dragon Punch in real life. The video offers all the scientific explanation and theory, but if you're just here for the action, you can see it below.

Note that there's some gore involved, so it may be a bit NSFW.

Hit the jump for the full video.

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Man plays Ultra Street Fighter 4 in his living room...while falling from 10,000 feet out of an airplane

I believe it is safe to say that many of us here have a deep interest in fighting games as a hobby. I imagine a few of us may have gone skydiving at one point in our lives but I highly doubt any of us have ever played any fighting games while skydiving at the same time.

NVIDIA has uploaded a YouTube video that is obviously intended to advertise their NVIDIA SHIELD product. This video showcases a man being dropped out of an airplane in a makeshift living room from 10,000 feet in the air while playing games such as Ultra Street Fighter 4.

The man falling from the sky plays through a few games despite flipping in the air several times. Once the man reaches a certain altitude, he abandons the falling living room and parachutes to safety.

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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'I hope that people who avoided Vega in the past will like him in SF5' - Reiketsu talks tournaments, Street Fighter 5, reasons for using Vega and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

We're very committed here at EventHubs to bringing you as many interviews with top players as possible. As such, we've reached out to a bunch of top-level Japanese players that people outside of Japan might not be too personally familiar with.

Our final player in this phase is the masked terror himself, Reiketsu. With strong showings across his several tournaments appearances this year using his stellar Vega, he's gearing up for DreamHack this weekend along with Gonzales.

In the interview, Reiketsu talks about his reasons for choosing Vega, how he feels about the drastic changes made to the character in the upcoming Street Fighter 5, DreamHack prospects and more. You can find a snippet below.

MajinTenshinhan: When did you start playing fighting games?

Reiketsu: The first fighting game I touched was the first version of King of Fighters 2002, so that was 13 years ago. At that time, I was satisfied just having learned the special moves for my characters.

It wasn't until Street Fighter 4 that I started playing fighting games seriously. A big trigger for me was seeing Kindevu's match at SBO 2010. The whole match fired me up, and I remember thinking "I want to be up on that stage one day!"

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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Street Fighter 5 steelbook edition announced for Europe, comes with 'all content from the game'

Another collector's edition of Street Fighter 5 has been unveiled, this time for Europe. Capcom has announced the day one steelbook edition, and it's set for a limited PlayStation 4 release.

This limited edition, much like it sounds, gives players the Street Fighter 5 game disc in a nifty steelbook case with Ryu on the cover. It is set to come equipped with "all content from the game," however, what that entails exactly -- as far as DLC goes -- is still to be determined.

Street Fighter 5 steelbook edition image #1
Click images for larger versions

Pricing details have not been released, and whether or not we'll see the steelbook case edition ship stateside remains unknown. If you want something more than just the steel case, though, you can pick up GameStop's exclusive bundle that includes a Mad Catz Chun-Li TE2 fightstick.

Source: GameSpot. Sent in by sic and Redgouf.

Makoto's super dodges an attack on wake up, uses scary corner mix ups, and more: Melee It On Me's Bobby Scar plays some serious Street Fighter

Melee It On Me's Bobby Scar is most known for his work in the world of Super Smash Bros.. However, thanks to Gootecks and Mike Ross' Excellent Adventures, we not only learned that Scar can play Street Fighter, but he can also play it pretty damn well.

Instead of fighting random opponents online, this time we get to see the Smash aficionado play out a serious Ultra Street Fighter 4 set. Going up against DM|Burn Notice at a recent installment of Churning The Butter, the Makoto player and the C. Viper, respectively, put on a great show.

Using Makoto's super on wake up to avoid a meaty attack and hitting his opponent with a devastating corner mix up are just a couple of the hype moments you'll see from Scar here. You can check out both in the GIFs below.

Click images for animated versions

There's much more to see, so be sure to check out the full set after the jump.

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Remember this Star Wars fighting game gem? It's almost 20 years old, and still absolutely, positively horrible

I was about nine years old, meandering the electronics section of Target when I looked up to see what appeared to be Tekken with Luke Skywalker wielding a green light saber. Star Wars was one of the most badass things in existence, and now I could control a Jedi? Good night.

Maybe these screen shots will help jog your memory to a similar experience:

Star Warz image #1 Star Warz image #2 Star Warz image #3
Click images for larger versions

Unfortunately, the demo only let you play as two characters, neither of whom had a light saber, and the game was for PlayStation, and I was a Nintendo kid.

Thus the excitement of the moment would soon fade, and I'd have to go through life envying the kids the PlayStations because they could play that really cool Star Wars fighter.

The game was called Star Wars: Masters of the Teräs Käsi, and as it turns out I wasn't missing anything, because it was absolute crap. Hit the jump to see why.

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GameStop's Street Fighter 5 Collector's Edition bundle offers a special edition SF5, a TE-2 and PlayStation Plus... but there are only 400 in stock

If you haven't ordered your copy of Street Fighter 5 yet, or if you're the type that likes their new games in a bigger, fancier box with extra goodies, now is the time to act.

GameStop has opened up pre-orders for its SF5 Collector's Edition mega bundle. It'll set you back $329.98, but it looks to be well worth it.

With the CE Bundle, you'll not only get the game, but also three free months of PlayStation Plus, along with this Mad Catz limited edition Chun-Li TE 2 stick:

GS Bunduru image #1 GS Bunduru image #2
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for the full list of details, as well as a link to purchase.

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What happens when you put Zhi, Xian and Infiltration in a room with unlimited Red Bull and USF4? Cross Counter Asia is on its way back

Most of us are familiar with the entertaining antics of the Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross. Watching them take to the online world of Street Fighter to get emotionally shaken week after week never seems to get old.

Following a similar model are a pair of EVO champions, and one of the most notable commentators in the FGC. RZR|Xian, RZR|Infiltration and MCZ|Zhi are back to entertain us on Cross Counter Asia.

These three will be hilariously subjecting themselves to the bowels of the online Street Fighter 4 realm, welcoming an array of guests to join them in the process.

We've got the season trailer for you to view, and you can watch it after the jump.

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'C' is for Cammy; check out the alphabet of fighting game characters in this creative gallery by Jiggeh

Deviant Artist Jiggeh has compiled 26 of his own hand-drawn portraits into an alphabet of fighting game characters.

The catch? Jiggeh has restricted himself to using only one character per game, so you're only going to see one Street Fighter, one Mortal Kombatant and so on.

This means you'll likely catch a few titles less commonly discussed in the day to day buzz. You can see a preview of the gallery below:

ABC Fighter image #1 ABC Fighter image #2 ABC Fighter image #3 ABC Fighter image #4 ABC Fighter image #5 ABC Fighter image #6
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for the other 20 portraits.

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And then there was one... Poongko and Misse qualify for Capcom Cup, and all eyes turn to DreamHack

One auto-qualifying spot remains for the Capcom Pro Tour now that the Asia Finals have concluded.

Points can no longer be earned, so the only way things can change is if someone ranked below Qanba|Dakou, who currently holds the 31st rank, wins DreamHack Winter.

Poongko, who is slated as 16th in the standings, has virtually done nothing in terms of rankings but ensure Misse's Capcom Cup berth with his dominant victory at CPT Asia Finals.

As the final stop on this year's Pro Tour, DreamHack Winter will be the last influence on Capcom Cup. Hit the jump to see who is slated to attend this penultimate tournament.

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EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players 41-50 - top players, pundits weigh in this year

EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players 41-50 - top players, pundits weigh in this year

2015 is almost at a close, and we're running our top 50 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player list again — but this time with a change.

Instead of just EventHubs staff nominating and voting for players, we invited top players and pundits in the community to vote on which competitors should be in the top 50, and offer up their scores.

In this story, you can find a complete panel list, along with the rules for panel members.

This year's top placer came down to an extremely close 'photo finish', and was the most closely contested spot for the best UMvC3 player around we've ever had.

The start of the top 50 UMvC3 list kicks off today with 50-41 placements, and we'll be running ten people per day, finishing up on Friday. Hit the jump to view it.

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Can't beat Tokido or Infiltration's Akuma? Laugh's negative edge tech can help you stop those pesky anti-air Raging Demons

Not too long ago, we featured an impressive compilation of Raging Demon set ups from some of the best Street Fighter 4 series Akuma players to ever compete. Many of these instances involved the anti-air raging demon -- a set up that uses a low normal to avoid an oncoming jump attack and counters with U1.

Today, we have intelligent tech from seasoned player Laugh that might help you stop getting anti-aired by the demon.

Laugh explains that players can actually counter with an invincible reversal upon landing, but the timing is incredibly strict. However, using negative edge gives you three times the chance of landing it successfully.

Click image for animated version

This not only works for characters with a DP, but can even be utilized by fighters such as Guile or Dee Jay.

You can check out the full demonstration and explanation below.

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The PlayStation Store is offering 70% off Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, while Steam has discounts on a whole lot more; now is the time to shop

We find ourselves on the Wednesday before Black Friday... so... online fighting game sales? Apparently it's the thing to be doing, as both Steam and the PlayStation Store are discounting a whole bunch of their fighting titles.

In the PS Store right now, you can get a whopping 70% off Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- and BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, knocking them both down from $50 to $15. They've also got Ultra Street Fighter 4 at 30%, but these deals will only last until the 30th.

Over at Steam, they're slashing prices on a plethora of titles and add-ons for your favorite fighters like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Skullgirls and quite a few more. These deals will last until Dec. 1st.


Big discounts on consoles, Smash Bros., Mortal Kombat X and more; check out these Black Friday deals from around the net

Some of us will be quietly digesting our Thanksgiving feasts come Thursday evening, and starting in on leftovers Friday morning, but for those of you that are into the chaos and excitement of Black Friday shopping, we've got some deals for you.

Kicking things off, Nintendo is releasing a special Wii U bundle in which you can get both Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon with your brand new 32GB Wii U, and the whole thing only costs $249.

The idea here is to give you a general idea of what you'll find if you choose to go out on Black Friday. Hit the jump to see what we've found for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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