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'The community should continue giving us constructive criticism' - Alex Valle responds to concerns about SoCal Regionals' omission of Marvel and KI

One of America's mainstay yearly tournaments, SoCal Regionals, has been officially announced for 2016. Upon inspection of the event's game list however, a good portion of the community has expressed some distaste in games chosen.

You'll see the full lineup in the image below:

SCR 2016 Lineup image #1
Click images for larger versions

You may have noticed that both Killer Instinct and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are not included, while both Smash 4 and Smash Bros. Melee are. Players from both communities quickly took to social media to call attention to their games' omissions.

We reached out to LU|Alex Valle, SCR's main organizer, for comments on the matter. According to Valle, the event is still developing, and there's a chance more titles could make an appearance.

"This year we are consolidating titles and we knew backlash was coming no matter what," he said. "While the roster size is much smaller, we are planning to possibly add a few more titles that make sense, focusing on core titles for a quality event instead of trying too much this time."

"We have only released our lineup without announcing any special features yet. The community should continue giving us constructive criticism and we will take note of things to work on."

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NYChrisG wins first EVO Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 championship

NYChrisG is now an EVO Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 champion.

Despite holding down the most dominant run in UMvC3 history, being nearly unbeatable for a long span of time, one mountain Christopher Gonzalez had never climbed was an EVO championship, until now.

Gonzalez was knocked into the losers bracket by NB|DualKevin in the top 16, and proceeded to make an extremely clutch run through top level competition to take 1st place.

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LI Joe stands as America's last hope in Street Fighter 5 at EVO 2016

It should come as no surprise that EVO 2016 is the biggest tournament that Street Fighter 5 has seen thus far; over 5000 players came to Las Vegas hungry for the title. After the grueling process of whittling that number down to just 8 players, LI Joe ended up being the only American representative left in the tournament.

Joe's road to top 8 was paved with a ton of killers, and he managed to excel while other American players started to drop like flies around him.

During Top 32, Joe found himself pitted against BxA|Squall and his Necalli. Up until that point, Squall was looking quite strong, but Joe's Nash put him down 2-0. Afterward, Fuudo was up to face him. Although he managed to hold his own, Fuudo's Mika sent Joe to losers.

There was no rest for the wicked, as Joe had to step right back up to the stage to face Kazunoko to hold on to his tournament life. To the surprise of many, a clutch hit confirm nets Joe the upset victory, and his spot in the top 8.

Click image for animated version

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Ed can emit Psycho Power and Abel was originally a replacement body for M. Bison - Street Fighter 5 profiles continued

Moving along from Shadaloo's dolls, here are some new Street Fighter 5 character profiles for you to peruse.

This time, we have two characters who were involved with the game's Story Mode, namely Ed and Abel.

Ed is a mysterious young boy who was saved by Balrog a while back, while Abel was originally meant to be a replacement body for M. Bison but was discarded. You can check out Ed's picture below.

Street Fighter 5 Ed image #1
Click images for larger versions

Continue further to read Ed's profile and to see Abel's images and read his profile.

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Nightmare Geese Howard DLC costume revealed in new King of Fighters 14 trailer

Fatal Fury's big baddie has a brand new look in King of Fighters 14.

Nightmare Geese makes the already terrifying fighter even more horrific, as now he inspires fear with both his hard hitting attacks and his appearance.

This ghoulish alternate costume will be available via DLC after the game's release. As you'll see below, it's received its own trailer for the sake of highlight, so you'll be able watch Nightmare Geese in actual gameplay action.

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Oops! The EVO 2016 lanyards have a kind of awesome typo on them

EVO 2016 is officially kicking off tomorrow, and players are already at the venue in Las Vegas picking up their badges for the big show.

Multiple attendees have reported on social media that the 2016 badge lanyards have a small typo on them. You can check it out in the photos below.

EVO 2016 badge lanyards gotz a typo image #1 EVO 2016 badge lanyards gotz a typo image #2 EVO 2016 badge lanyards gotz a typo image #3
Click images for larger versions

Yes, it looks as though the "p" in "championship" was left out. With the handful of accounts we've already seen of this typo, it's likely that all of the lanyards printed sport the same error.

Obviously, this is a small oversight and won't take anything away from the excitement and amazing play we will undoubtedly witness over the course of this weekend.

Photos courtesy of meanmeanpork.

Sabin's clutch win over Momochi at the buzzer, PR Balrog and Bonchan double KO, Hungrybox resets the bracket: EVO 2016 highlights

With EVO 2016 now over, we thought it'd be a great time to share with you, the EventHubs reader, some of our favorite moments from the event.

Featured in tonight's batch of highlights, you'll see clips from some of the main games on the EVO line up, featuring players such as BST|Daigo, Tokido, RZR|Fuudo, Liquid|Hungrybox, EG|Momochi, EG|PR Balrog, TS|Sabin, Ally, and more.

To kick us off, we have one of the most amazing sets to take place over the course of the entire EVO weekend. Former Mad Catz teammates Tokido and Daigo squared off in an intense Ryu mirror match.

Tokido showed that he was able to keep up with Daigo's top-level footsies, so to mix things up, Daigo threw out a number of quick overheads to keep Tokido honest. In the GIF below, you can see Daigo gain ground with a double dash and end the round with forward + medium punch.

Click image for animated version

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Powdered Toast Man in Killer Instinct!? Highly unlikely, but the game's Battle Director is giving us hope

You know, normally when we post about someone blowing up Twitter, it's something about Ed Boon, but this time around we have a different developer getting the people going.

Recently, Killer Instinct's Battle Director Keits took to his Twitter with a tounge-in-cheek "campaign" to see Powdered Toast Man of Ren and Stimpy fame join the cast of Killer Instinct.

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LI Joe gets live shout out on Smackdown! as commentator references him during Tuesday's broadcast

It's no secret that a good percentage of the FGC also tunes in to professional wrestling, and after last night's Smackdown!, it seems some of the WWE crowd are fans of us as well.

Commentator Mauro Ranallo directly referenced 5th place EVO 2016 finisher, LI Joe while commentating a match. What's more, Ranallo didn't even preface his reference with any backstory, perhaps implying his viewers should already be familiar with the Street Fighter player.

You can watch the quick clip yourself just below: "Ryder's going to have to have more game than Long Island Joe Sunday..." is the quote in case you had a hard time hearing. Click the jump to check out LI Joe's top 8 match with Eita at EVO 2016.

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'In my opinion, R. Mika is just behind the top 5 in this game' - Luffy talks R. Mika character choice and tier placing, KoF14, EVO prospects and more

DreamHack Summer 2016 took place recently, and your very own Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor was on the scene.

Now, what kind of EventHubs writer would I be if I didn't take the opportunity to grab as many interviews as I possibly can? Next in line, we have RB|Luffy, who in this interview talks about what's important to excel at Street Fighter 5, his character choice in the new game, R. Mika's place in the tier list and more..

Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: What do you think is the most important thing to be a good player in Street Fighter 5?

RB|Luffy: The most important thing to be a good player in Street Fighter 5 is to be good at adapting your play according to your opponent, to decipher their defensive habits, as there are less options available for defense.

Hit the jump to read the full interview.

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Ryu travels the world, aiming to become a true martial artist - Street Fighter 5 profiles move on to playable characters with Ryu leading the pack

The latest profile on the CFN portal is actually profile #100 overall, and who would be more fitting for such a iconic number than the series' main character himself, Ryu.

As we move on to playable characters, they have more art pieces attached to them as well. Ryu also has a two-fold profile, one for himself and one for his dark side, when he's swallowed up by the Satsui no Hado. Here's a glimpse at Ryu's artwork.

Street Fighter 5 Ryu Profile image #1 Street Fighter 5 Ryu Profile image #2 Street Fighter 5 Ryu Profile image #3
Click images for larger versions

You can find Ryu's full profile below.

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Desk lets the A.I. rock in his new video featuring the Bison Dolls

Normally when we see something from Desk, its some new creative way to mess with game mechanics, or an impressive display of his execution. This time around, he's done things just a little bit differently.

Desk's most recent video features the Bison Dolls, characters exclusive to the story mode, playable only by using mods. Since Desk doesn't use hacks or mods in his videos, he had to let the A.I. be the star of the show this time around.

If you haven't played the "extra mode" on Street Fighter 5's cinematic story yet, this video will give you a decent idea of what you'll find yourself up against. Some of the dolls, Decapre especially, feel pretty fleshed out when compared to other NPCs.

Click image for animated version

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Alex Myers shows off the latest build of Juri in Street Fighter 5 from the Comic-Con floor

We saw her briefly in Street Fighter 5's story, and some PC users hacked their way into playing the early build of Juri, but we're now seeing gameplay of what's likely the character's final build at Comic-Con.

RN|Alex Myers jumped on one of the Comic-Con SF5 set ups to explore the sadistic fighter for himself, and he recorded five short videos so that we could share in his findings.

Click image for animated version

We've included all Myers' footage below. Those of you who are familiar with Juri's early build, please feel free to shout out any differences you notice in the comments.

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Street Fighter 5 PC mod: Chun-Li dons a new sparring costume

Brutal Ace has been hard at work putting out mods for the PC version of Street Fighter 5, and this time around he's cooked a little something up for Chun-Li.

This sparring costume mod has a couple of different variants available. The video after the jump also features a couple great covers of Chun's classic theme.

You can check out a few screenshots below. If you want to use the mod yourself, be sure to hit the video description to find the download links.

Sparring Chun-Li image #1 Sparring Chun-Li image #2 Sparring Chun-Li image #3 Sparring Chun-Li image #4 Sparring Chun-Li image #5 Sparring Chun-Li image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Combofiend: We want to keep option selects in Street Fighter 5, but make them extremely challenging to do

Back in March, we learned of the existence of Street Fighter 5's jump-throw tech option select. This particular set up was deemed quite strong, and was patched out of the game by Capcom shortly after it surfaced due to how many different options it covered.

With Capcom planning on making big balance changes only once a year, we were left curious about what challenges their team may have run into when removing the powerful option select. Luckily, Street Fighter 5 Associate Producer, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, was happy to oblige during our chat at E3.

"We looked at all the various ways to address it," Peter started. "One of the big things we didn't want to do was affect the game too greatly, because we said we wouldn't make any real balance changes [for about a year.]

"At the same time, we didn't want the game devolving into option selects, that was one of our missions when we first designed the game. That solution was thoroughly tested, and it seemed to be the best one to stop that option select."

Combofiend feels as though the implemented fix has successfully done its job, as the OS isn't quite as prominent as it was before. "Now what I see is someone just jumping away because they're freaking out, versus before where it started to look like that's all anybody was doing," he said.

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