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There will be no pre-release demo of Mortal Kombat X, 'big surprise' may be coming this month

Were you hoping to test out Mortal Kombat X before you settled on a purchase? Well, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.

Mortal Kombat series creator Ed Boon recently addressed a question over on Twitter regarding a pre-release demo on consoles. The verdict? There will be no pre-release demo of Mortal Kombat X. MKX producer Shaun Himmerick added a bit to Mr. Boon's statement, explaining that the team would rather focus on making the launch version of the game better than spend time on a demo.

Meta Knight's down throw into Blade Coaster combo can KO Fox at 23% damage - should custom moves in Super Smash Bros. Wii U be allowed at EVO?

Since EVO organizer Joey 'Mr. Wizard' Cuellar confirmed last week that custom moves in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will tentatively be allowed in the official EVO 2015 rule set (subject to change), there's been quite a bit of discussion on if customs should stay on.

Word of the tentative ruling has reached the eyes and ears of competitive Smash fans in Japan. And like the Smash scene over here in the English-speaking world, our counterparts in Japan appears to have mixed feelings about the matter.

On the one hand, it's certainly true that leaving custom moves on would allow for a wider range of depth and strategy.

On the other, everyone is concerned about potentially overpowering combinations that could ruin the tournament.

Earlier today, a Japanese Smash player who goes by "bauto_dz" on Twitter posted a vine video demonstrating one such deadly combination: Meta Knight's down throw into Blade Coaster (custom up+B), which can KO Fox at just 23% damage.

Possible Mortal Kombat X 'Feudal Japan' costume pack leak; 'No console-exclusive characters' says executive producer

April 14th is just under two months away, and we eagerly await the arrival of Mortal Kombat X.

NetherRealm Studios has been releasing information on new characters, game features and other special content bit by bit to keep us satisfied while we wait. With all these announcements, an interesting question arises, "Will we see Xbox and PlayStation-exclusive characters?"

Recall that Mortal Kombat 2011 featured God of War's Kratos as a secret character that was only available on the PS3 version of the game. Someone asked executive producer, Shaun Himmerick, this exact question, and his answer was pretty blatant.

With the recent increase in competitive fighting game play, it's likely NRS choose to avoid console-specific characters to keep the game tournament viable.

But enough about what's not going to be in the game. Hit the jump to see the picture that's been floating around the internet that prompts us to think there may be a special DLC skin pack in the works.

Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai tips his hat to Steam, stating that it 'is superior and offers the most incentive to buy from'

In his semi-weekly column with Weekly Famitsu, Masahiro Sakurai used his time to commemorate Valve Corporation's digital distribution platform, Steam.

You don't have to rack your brain trying to think what correlation Sakurai has with the online store, as none of his titles have been featured on Steam. This seems just to be a simple acknowledgement from one professional to another at a job well-executed.

Kotaku has translated some of Sakurai's piece:

"I write this because on varying levels, I have complaints with every other online shopping format." says Sakurai.

"When someone opens Steam, depending on their purchase and viewing history, suggested titles pop up. And there are sales almost every day with massive deals. The changes vary, making me check in frequently."

He also praised the amount of thought that's been invested into making Steam a go-to source for legitimate reviews and feedback. Steam's policies do not allow for internet trolls or single, unsatisfied users to spam negative feedback or affect a title's reputation beyond what should be allowed.

It means something, when a successful professional takes the time to acknowledge the work of another. This is especially true when the two aren't financially affiliated.

Steam really is the go-to source when it comes to online gaming stores, and evidently, this is for good reason.

You can view Kotaku's full article here.

Source: famitsu.

Snake Eyez's monster moments: ambiguous jump-ins, dominating reads, smart EX Green Hand into Red Focus Attack meter usage - USF4 highlights

Not too long ago, there was a bit of a debate as to which North American Ultra Street Fighter 4 player would rightfully be the best in the whole of USA at the moment, based on their current level of competitive play.

A couple of names were dropped into the hat for consideration -- EG|PR Balrog, Snake Eyez, PIE|Smug, NuckleDu and EG|Ricky Ortiz. But really, outside of having these players actually go up against one another in a round-robin league style competition, there's no real conclusive way to settle this; this is an argument based purely on semantics here.

But it was nonetheless still an interesting discussion to have. At the time, we embedded a PIE|Smug highlights reel from vid maker The Beast in our story on the discussion, since UVG|Noel Brown and EG|Justin Wong both opined that Smug is probably the best USF4 player at the moment.

The Beast's PIE|Smug highlights reel was certainly pretty convincing -- but now that we've looked at a new USF4 highlights reel from The Beast, this time featuring Snake Eyez and his recent performances at Apex 2015 and Winter Brawl, we're not quite sure which highlight reel is more convincing.

So we'll leave it up to you to make the judgement call: watch The Beast's new "Snake Eyez monster moments" highlights reel below, perhaps compare it with the Smug one he previously put together, and tell us who you think should be named the best USF4 player in USA at the moment.

First gameplay details for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden - Goku is good with air combos, Gohan has a dash-in 50/50 mix-up

An official site for publisher Bandai Namco Games and developer Arc System Works's upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden 2D fighting game has gone live this week, bringing with it the first gameplay details on the new 3DS title through the descriptions of four playable characters, as well as some additional screenshots.

The first four characters confirmed to be playable in Extreme Butoden are Son Goku, Son Gohan (Teenage version), Vegeta and Trunks (Future Super version).

Click images for larger versions

Son Goku is said to be the game's standard all-around character. He possesses fairly good reach on his moves, as well as speed, making him easy to play as. On top of all that, Goku is also quite capable with aerial combos.

Goku's signature special moves are the Kaio-ken 20x Kamehameha, and the Genkidama.

Read on for the first details of the other three characters.

Hey, NetherRealm Studios! Our readers want to see Spawn in Mortal Kombat X!

A week ago today, we saw Spawn creator Todd McFarlane state in an interview with GamerFitNation that the inclusion of his character in a NetherRealm Studios game is entirely possible. He explained that the company has permission to use Spawn in some of their games for a limited amount of time.

With Mortal Kombat X -- NRS' next massive fighting title -- hitting consoles in April, and the confirmation that we will indeed see guest characters in it, many fans have been wondering: will we see Spawn make an appearance?

We here at EventHubs included a poll in our previous story asking if our readers would indeed welcome Spawn into Mortal Kombat X as a playable character. The results are in, and the decision is unanimous.

Hit the jump to check out the poll results.

40% off the retail price of Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late! Here's how you can get the game for under $24

Co-developers Ecole Software and French-Bread's latest 2D fighting game Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (PS3) is finally officially out in North America this week.

If you go to your favorite online retailer or local brick-and-mortar game store now, you can pick up a physical copy at the MSRP of $39.99.

But if you just to get the game on the cheap so you can play it, and don't mind not being able to smell the intoxicating scent of your fresh, minty brand-new-in-box copy (or do whatever it is people want physical copies of games for), then boy does publisher Arc System Works and the PlayStation Store have a deal for you.

You can purchase a digital copy of Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (which can be installed and simultaneously played on two separate PS3s in your possession) for just $33.99.

But that's not all -- if you're a PS Plus subscriber, you can get the game at $23.79 right now, for a limited time. That's a 30% off the PSN digital price, and 40% off the disc version's MSRP.

So what are you waiting for? Destructoid described UNIEL as an "intelligent, tactical fighting game occupying a niche between breakneck air-dashers and slower, more grounded titles like Street Fighter". Go get it today.

Via Arc System Works.

Super Arcade has finally found a new home! Twitter posts reveal their new location to be in Azusa, California

It was back in mid-December that Mike Watson declared that Super Arcade would be moving to a new location.

It all happened quite quickly, as the arcade was emptied and closed no sooner than a week later. Suddenly, Wednesday Night Fizz-zights was no longer, and SoCal's premier FGC gathering locale ceased to exist.

It's been just over 3 months with very little word on the state of the arcade's transition. Rumors of the establishment dying off completely had begun to circulate in some rings of the SoCal community.

Today, the silence was broken as Superdojo tweeted out that they have found a new location, just about 25 minutes North from the previous one, in the town of Azusa.

We still don't know how long the moving process will take, but we are certainly excited to have some hope on the horizon for Super.

While we have seen some of the regular SoCal players branch out to new locations for weekly tournaments, the community hasn't quite seen the numbers nor the fervor that it had when Super Arcade was the hot spot.

Hopefully we will soon see the return of Super's regular tournaments such as Wednesday Night Fizz-zights, The Runbizz-zack and Super Smash Sundays.

Source: Twitter.

Tekken 7 features customizable life bars; Check out some alternate win poses and intros for Paul, Asuka and more!

Tekken 7 is leveling up its customization department yet again with a brand new unique, customizable feature.

If you import your Tekken Tag Tournament 2 data into Tekken 7, you'll be rewarded with a few bonuses. Along with 100,000 gold, you'll also receive some special Mokujin life bars.

Below, you can see the image of the Mokujin bars which was displayed on the Tekken Official website.

Click image for larger version

These bars feature a leafy theme with Mokujin peaking over the top. We look forward to seeing what other life bar customizations will be available.

Hit the jump to see some alternate intros and win poses for Paul, Lili, Asuka and Lucky Chloe.

Could a masked gun-slinger be Mortal Kombat X's next new character? Erron Black introduced in MKX comic book

With the release of Mortal Kombat X just around the corner, speculation about potential playable characters and content is at an all time high. Just this week, we heard rumors of Predator being added to the roster as a guest character, and the day before that, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane gave fans hope that his character would be in MKX during an interview with GamerFitNation.

So what's the latest word on the streets? Well, in chapter 4 (digital) / issue #2 of the Mortal Kombat X comic book, a fresh face made appearance. Erron Black -- a masked figure that looks much like a gun-slinger from an old Western movie -- is seen standing among the ranks of other new characters: Kotal Kahn, D'Vorah, and even Cassie Cage.

Click image for larger version

According to the comic book panel, both D'Vorah and Erron Black are working with Kotal Kahn to destroy Mileena and the league of the Red Dragon.

While Black's inclusion on the playable roster remains speculation, it is definitely interesting to see him alongside Kotal and D'Vorah. Plus, we haven't seen a brand new character revealed in Mortal Kombat X since shortly after the game was first officially announced (all other reveals being returning MK warriors). I'd say it's about time for a fresh face, albeit, a masked one.

Source: LazyGamer. Via IGN. Submitted by madsoul242.

MarlinPie's Marvel comebacks, Valmaster's dance with Dogura, Infiltration's Decapre and... Snake Eyez; Highlights from this weekend's big tournaments

The Fighting Game Community had a very full weekend with two major tournaments, Winter Brawl 9 and Sonic Boom.

From international mayhem to coastal rivalries, things didn't let up for even a moment all weekend long, and we have some of our favorite moments from both tournaments to share with you.

First up, BT|MarlinPie and his amazing performance at Winter Brawl's Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tourney.

Though he would end up getting second to PAG|Cosmos, MarlinPie had some great moments on his road to grand finals. The first one is right here, where he brilliantly resets J Rosa's Strider to close out the match.

Click image for animated version

Pie wasn't done with his flashy comebacks however, as he would meet KPB|Randomfiend and handle things in a similar fashion, this time with his Amaterasu.

Hit the jump to see the USF4 moments.

Daigo's Ex-Tatsus destroy the likes of Bonchan, Uryo and Micahel Tan; Sako's ridiculous reads destroy Daigo! Crazy highlights from Topanga League 4

It doesn't really matter how many times you've watched MCZ|Daigo play, he seems to always have something up his sleeve that'll make you chuckle in disbelief or make your jaw hang in a glazed stupor.

Though it was a little while back, Topanga League 4 saw The Beast run an Ex-Tatsu train over some incredible competition like FGC|Michael Tan and Bonchan, ,aking them look as though they were just beginners.

Not to be left behind by any means, HORI|Sako had some jaw-dropping moments during Topanga League 4 himself. The funny thing is, many of them were against Daigo.

His comebacks via some amazing Ultra reads will leave your jaw just as low as the Daigo video.

Click the jump below to see the Daigo/Sako insanity.

From bread and butters to a nearly half-life combo, check out what the newest member of the Dead or Alive cast can do

The newest installment of the Dead or Alive series was released just four days ago, and we have here some basics for one of the two newest characters, Honoka.

Though she doesn't seem to be a "big damage" character, Honoka still can dole out quite a beating if the set up is right.

This video will show you a variety of her basic, practical bread and butter combos, and you'll see a few flashier sequences towards the end.

We also get a bit of a character analysis in the description:

"She's not very safe in terms of committing to block strings, then again, none of the characters with i9 jabs and i11 mids are really safe. Opening up your opponents will be a mix of guard break/CH frame traps, bear hug, and just knowing your match up's. She lacks damage and her mixup's are only viable once she lands in stun, so she's a bit weak in neutral."

Hit the jump to see what she can do.

Check out Xiaoyu's changes, final boss Kazumi in her demon form and a whole bunch of game play from your favorite characters in this Tekken 7 round up

Tekken 7 has hit arcades in Japan with its limited, early release and you've been sending quite a bit of content our way. Now Tekken fans have something to pass the time with while we await the wide release next month, and eventually get the game over here in the states.

We have a handful of videos of game play featuring Paul, King, Lili, Shaheen, and more all taken straight from Japanese arcades.

In addition to these, we also have footage of the game's final boss, Kazumi. The first round against her is pretty straight forward, but if you manage to get past that, she turns up the heat and engages her devil form.

Finally, YouTuber Sento has documented Xiaoyu's changes and new movements so you can see how she differs from her previous iterations.

There's quite a bit to get to, so click the jump and experience Tekken 7!

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