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This week in Smash tiers! Current top 10 characters in Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Marth among the best across three games

Last Thursday we here at EventHubs launched our Super Smash Bros. 3DS tiers section. Since its debut, our readers and Smash players alike have provided over 35,000 match-up votes, painting a clearer picture of which fighters are the strongest in Nintendo's handheld title.

Today we take a look at which 10 characters top the tier charts. Now, we're fully aware that this is only a week one list, but if you've been playing the game since it dropped last week (or picked up an early Japanese copy), you'll find that the current top picks definitely have reason for being up there.

Check it out for yourself by hitting the image below.

Click image for SSB 3DS' current top 10

You'll notice that a few familiar, top-tier faces from previous Smash titles have already made their way to the top of the 3DS charts. On that subject, Fire Emblem's Marth has placed in the top 10 across all three Super Smash Bros. titles: 3DS, Brawl, and Melee. As it currently stands, he is the only character to sit among the upper echelon of characters in all three games.

There are, however, more fighters that are in Smash 3DS' top 10 that aren't exactly new to being top tier.

Mega Man's got combos: Offset the Super Fighting Robot's low damage output with these nifty tricks in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Mega Man was one of the first characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS that I really enjoyed playing with. Out of the five characters playable in the Smash 4 demo that was put out prior to the game's release, Capcom's super fighting robot had been my go-to guy for combating mighty CPU Lv. 9s.

I especially loved the way his pellet attacks worked as an action-starter of some sort, similar to Ryu's fireballs in Street Fighter, and I used it mainly to force the CPU opponents to block so that I could go for a grab into a combo.

But then the game came out. And I realized how incredibly low Mega Man's damage output was. I switched to playing a different character (Link) soon afterwards.

But YouTube user Dezmu didn't give up on Mega Man. Together with Kuroudo and MDSmashVids, they've found some great tech for the Capcom guest character, that you can use to do a decent chunk of damage. My personal favorite: when used as an item the Metal Blade can be used to cancel your dash approach, allowing you to combo into Mega Man's up A for that meaty uppercut.

Don't give up, Mega Man fans! Watch this video, hold out hope, and maybe one day Capcom will see the light! keep on fighting for everlasting peace!

Get nerfed! Meta Knight's hitboxes severely toned down in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Hey, remember Meta Knight from Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

You know, that small character that did massive damage, was extremely agile, had top-priority moves, could essentially fly horizontally, had extremely long range and had an anti-edge guard move? For time's sake we won't open volume two of the 'Why Meta Knight was Broken' encyclopedia.

Well the good guys at Nintendo seem to have heard your universal cries for nerfs. Here we have a video depicting just how much worse some of Meta Knight's hit boxes have become in the new Smash Bros. 3DS.

Hit the jump to see the video.

Cross Counter hits over 100,000 subscribers - Mike Ross and Gootecks confirm fLoE as next Excellent Adventures guest?

The good folks over at Cross Counter have released a video to commemorate their latest achievement: reaching over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Anyone who operates their own channel knows that hitting the 100k milestone is quite the big deal, and these guys definitely deserve it.

Gootecks and Mike Ross recorded a special message to thank all of the fans and subs that supported them along the way.

Towards the end of the video, Gootecks and Mike thank all of the guests they've had on their shows, and mention that they just had fLoE visit the Cross Counter studios. For those who aren't aware, each series of Excellent Adventures episodes is recorded well before they go on sale/get uploaded on to YouTube.

Looks like we may be seeing fLoE guest star in the upcoming installment.

Be sure to check out Gootecks and Mike Ross' thank you video after the jump, and please feel free to congratulate everyone at Cross Counter for reaching the 100k milestone.

Daigo's Evil Ryu isn't so scary; Dunhill's Dee Jay, Sakura goes toe-to-toe with The Beast in this Ultra Street Fighter 4 set

To many (including myself), MCZ|Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is a legend. A lot of players look up to him, and sometimes that's a problem for them -- if they're about to play him in a tournament.

That's because sometimes players pay MCZ|Daigo so much respect that before their match against him has actually begun, they're already at a slight disadvantage: they don't think they can take it over MCZ|Daigo.

That's not the case here, however, in this set between MCZ|Daigo and Dunhill, Japan's top Dee Jay and Sakura player, played earlier this week on Xbox Live.

In this set of XBL matches (streamed by Dunhill himself on Nico Video, and compiled by TokidoFans Blog), Dunhill starts out picking Dee Jay against The Beast -- and actually manages to go toe-to-toe with him for a few games.

Eventually Dunhill felt that Dee Jay was holding him back, however, and switches to Sakura. From that point on, the matches got incredibly intense. Every match could have gone either way. Here are a few highlights:

Click images for animated versions

Daigo faces Mago, his Mad Catz brethren; Momochi, Kazunoko, Bonchan, and more take center stage - USF4 Taito Arcade Nationals replays

Capcom Fighters returns with more amazing Ultra Street Fighter 4 action from the Taito Arcade Japan National Finals that took place over in Shinjuku, Tokyo the weekend before last.

Last time, we saw Tarezou of Shikkari Dynamic dismantle the entire Mad Catz team during the 3v3 portion of the tournament. Tonight, we bring to you the Taito Finals' star-studded singles bouts.

In this assortment of matches, you'll witness MCZ|Daigo Umehara take on his Mad Catz brethren, MCZ|Mago, as they both use their Ultra Street Fighter 4 mains -- Evil Ryu and Yang, respectively. Additionally, players such as the EVO 2014 runner-up, Bonchan, EG|Momochi, Kazunoko, Nishikin, and many more battle it out for Street Fighter supremacy.

You can catch all of the action below.

Video: Super Smash Bros. 3DS start-up times cut by half on the New 3DS portables, C-stick allows for charged Smash attacks, back aerial moves

We've known for a while the the CPU on the New Nintendo 3DS and its XL cousin (or "LL" in Japan) is quite a bit faster than the existing model. That extra processing power in the New 3DS is the chief reason why its C-stick feature is supported in Super Smash Bros. 3DS, whereas the Circular Pad Pro attachment for the older 3DS models is not.

But just exactly how much faster is the New 3DS's CPU? How much of a difference will it make in actual usage scenarios? Those are the questions 4Gamer have looked into, by comparing the loading times of three items on the newer and older portables: time it takes for the system to power on, time it takes for a game (Super Smash Bros. 3DS, in this case) to boot up, and how long it takes for the different 3DS consoles to download Super Smash Bros. 3DS's latest patch.

The results turned out to be a lot more significant than you'd imagine -- across the board, the speeds are pretty much cut by half.

Decapre fully 'parries' Cody's Super Combo, does 2 EX Scramble Breaks into UC2, fireball Ultra into EX Spiral Arrow and Psycho Sting - USF4 CMV

pepopulo is back with another Ultra Street Fighter 4 CMV, this time centering on Decapre, a character whom, sure, you've already seen quite a bit of from the likes of NuckleDu, Uryo, and PH|Hoodaman.

But this is different. Whereas the aforementioned competitive players are mostly focused on tech that can be applied in tense tournament moments, pepopulo's Decapre CMV focuses on style.

Running at over three minutes long, there's bound to be a Decapre combo or two that you haven't quite seen below in this finely-edited CMV. Check it out below.

Daigo vs. The Public 'Win A PS4' challenge will be played on Omega Edition: Ultra Street Fighter 4 at GameStart 2014

It's not been confirmed yet, and the rules are subject to change, but according to RZR|Xian the Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition exhibition match between him and MCZ|Daigo is likely to be a race-to-5 with random selects.

So what happens if neither RZR|Xian or MCZ|Daigo picks the Omega Edition character you want to see? Does that mean you're completely out of luck?

Well, not quite.

As it turns out, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (Singapore branch) and Capcom are also organizing an MCZ|Daigo vs. The Public segment, similar to the one conducted recently in Hong Kong.

Except, this time, the public will be playing against MCZ|Daigo on Omega Edition. Oh, and if you manage to beat him, you win a PS4 too.

Daigo gets outzoned by El Fuerte, Infiltration (Rolento) vs. Dunhill (Gen), JaycetheAce and Arturo Sanchez jump on the Decapre train - USF4 replays

We've got a great line-up of Ultra Street Fighter 4 Xbox Live replays for your viewing pleasure this morning.

First up, MCZ|Daigo goes up against a Japanese El Fuerte player, Zeny53 on Xbox Live, who manages to out-zone one of the original masters of zoning in Street Fighter. This guy may not be Pepeday, but watching him play has certainly made Alioune Sensei's day.

Next, watch two of the world's greatest multi-character specialists -- South Korea's Infiltration and Japan's Dunhill -- slug it out in a high-level match using characters they wouldn't really consider their mains: Rolento and Gen, respectively.

And finally, it looks like two more top players in the FGC -- YBK|JaycetheAce and TS|Arturo Sanchez -- are beginning to realize the hidden potential embedded deep within Decapre. Watch them take on a Yun and another Decapre player, respectively, in two separate matches.

All that and more, in this latest episode round-up of Ultra Street Fighter 4 Xbox Live ranked match replays.

Cinder's infinite forced Nintendo to manually update 17,000 arcade cabinets: Did You Know Gaming? Killer Instinct ft. Maximilian

This video is fascinating!

Did You Know Gaming takes a look back at the history of the original Killer Instinct and offers some pretty interesting facts about the game's release and development.

The initial arcade release saw great success with some machines raking in over $1,000 weekly. People quickly discovered an infinite combo with Cinder and in order to retain relevance, Nintendo released a team to travel out and patch every last one of the 17,000 cabinets.

It's always fun to learn about character inspiration, difficulties in game development and the embarrassing mistakes that all sit behind the scenes of our favorite games.

Click the jump and learn a thing or two!

Video: Rosalina has an infinite combo that works on Sheik (and possibly other characters) in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

As if the ability to perform multiple air dodges during her jump, a god-tier air recovery move, and a semi-controllable buddy that can cover her weakspots isn't enough, it looks the developers of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS also accidentally gave Rosalina an infinite combo.

A Japanese Super Smash Bros. 3DS player has discovered (and documented on video) that it is possible for Rosalina to perform an infinite combo on Sheik, by simply having Luma land the first two hits of her regular A attack over and over on her opponent.

'If you want to evolve into a pro player... you gotta pick T. Hawk' - Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross Ep. 36

This week's episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross begins innocuously with a fan question addressed to the Cross Counter duo.

"Hey Gootecks [and Mike Ross], what do you recommend for players like me to evolve into a pro player?" LABBEdpj asks.

Gooteck's answer to this hard question? "Pick T. Hawk," he says as he selects the Indian warrior from Mexico on the character-selection screen, to walk the talk.

Other tough questions being answered in this latest episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures include the following exchange between Gootecks and Mike Ross.

Gootecks: Haolipino... Haoli means "White", like a White person, in Hawaiian.
Mike Ross: Oh, so you think he's half-White, half-Hawaiian.
Gootecks: No no no, he's Hawaiian. He's half-white, he's a Filipino -- but he's Hawaiian.
Mike Ross: Wait, what if he's, like, a quarter-Hawaiian, and a quarter-White and... or...

Find out Gootecks's response to that in the new episode, embedded below.

Who needs physical attacks? Ultra Street Fighter 4 video exclusively uses projectiles for combos

Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo videos are getting more and more creative. This time Bafael has decided to throw his hat into the creative combo arena with a video that constructs its attack sequences using only projectiles.

It's particularly interesting to see what characters like Guile or Chun-Li can do with some creative FADCs and careful charging. And, of course, there's the plasma Gouken can fire off in the corner when he gets a full set of meter. While the video starts off a bit slow by utilizing some ideas that most veteran players are familiar with, it quickly escalates into some impressive territory.

Hit the jump to watch Bafael's take on the Ultra Street Fighter 4's projectile system.

Diddy Kong and Palutena in the grand finals; highlights from Japan's Game8 SmaOff Tokyo tournament

It's purely a coincidence, but on the same weekend that JTalis -- a Diddy Kong player -- was crowned the champion of the KTAR X Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS tournament in Namuel, New York, the exact same thing was happening to another Diddy Kong player over in Japan.

On October 5 (October 4 in the United States), the Game8 online community in Japan held a Super Smash Bros. 3DS offline meet and tournament in Tokyo, and Gomibako, a Diddy Kong player who got his start into the competitive Smash scene in Japan with Brawl, came in first place.

2nd place went to a Palutena player who goes by the nickname Coral, with Tamanyaso (Lucario) and Ii (Ganondorf) rounding up the top four. The tournament was played in a single-elimination, single match format, with each match being a 2-stock, 7-minute game.

SHI-Gaming (who provided this set of Super Smash Bros. 3DS tier lists prior to the game's official launch in the US) attended the event and was in charge of streaming duties. They've also uploaded some of the matches from the tournament onto their YouTube channel -- check out the matches below.

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