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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round extended trailer and screenshots show new stage; Senran Kagura collaboration in the works

Today the official website for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round went live, along with the first screenshots for the game, as well as an extended version of the debut trailer shown at Summer Jam 8 yesterday.

Click image for larger version

This extended trailer shows off a new stage added for DOA5LR (the one with blue and green panels on the ground), as well as what we presume to be new tag team animations -- let us know in the comments if you spot anything else new.

At the end of the trailer, a somewhat bewildering announcement was made: Koei Tecmo Games and Marvelous AQL have arranged a collaboration between DOA5LR and Senran Kagura.

Check out the trailer below.

Can Chun-Li topple the EVO champ? Luffy and Valmaster square off in the VS Fighting 4 grand finals; more USF4 bouts ft. Ryan Hart, Problem X

The Capcom Fighters YouTube channel has already started uploading hype Ultra Street Fighter 4 replays from the VS Fighting 4 tournament that took place in Birmingham, England, this past weekend.

In this batch of matches you'll find quite a few of Europe's top competitors. Players such as DIG|Ryan Hart, CG|Problem X, Im Still Da Daddy, and more are featured here.

Additionally, we get to see the Ultra Street Fighter 4 set between EVO 2014 champion, MD|Luffy, and one of the best Chun-Li players around right now, GL|Valmaster.

You can catch all of the action below, and be sure to check out the VS Fighting 4 results here.

Odd afterimage-removal glitch causes Yang's Super Combo to lose its effectiveness after Yun's UC1 is performed in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Victor Rivera has discovered and documented on video a peculiar Ultra Street Fighter 4 glitch involving the afterimages that accompany some of Yun and Yang's attacks.

According to Victor, the afterimages that trail behind Yun when he does his dash punch may on occasion disappear completely after an Ultra Combo is performed -- and if your opponent happens to be Yang, this glitch will remove Yang's afterimages as well.

What begins innocuously as a simple graphical effect glitch turns out to possess very real gameplay repercussions, as Victor discovers that Yang's Seiei Enbu Super Combo ceases to function properly when the afterimages are gone, as you'll see in the video below.

How will Tekken's Harada top Yoshinori Ono's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge attempt? Find out in his video response

Yesterday, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono posted a video of himself accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in which he dumped a bucket of ice water over his head -- but not before nominating Bandai Namco Games's Katsuhiro Harada to do the same.

Not to be outdone by Ono, today the Tekken series director has issued his video response to the challenge, well under the 24 hours' time limit as per the rules.

How will Harada top Yoshinori Ono's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge attempt? Find out in his video response embedded below.

Steam opt-in beta test for Ultra Street Fighter 4 network fixes begins August 20th

Last week, a Capcom representative named wbacon over on the Steam forums announced that an opt-in beta test would open up in order to allow PC players the opportunity to help test network fixes in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Today, wbacon followed up with more information confirming that the beta test will begin on Wednesday, August 20th.

Capcom is aware that players have been experiencing issues with online play, and this beta program will help the company more accurately determine what the issues are.

Detailed instructions for how to join the Ultra Street Fighter 4 beta program are set to drop this Wednesday.

Source: Steam. Image. Submitted by Gamogo, xCROOKEDx, gtfopanda, and David_I.

Fully grasp the nature of unblockables using Hitbox Viewer – Another RyuApprentice video that dives deep into the mechanics of USF4

Unblockables being removed from Ultra Street Fighter 4 was a big selling point for the newest iteration of Capcom's fighting game series; however, even in this latest entry, the hated component still occasionally appears.

While everyone has an opinion on unblockables, do they know how and why they exist? Fortunately, RyuApprentice saves the day with another excellent video, this time showing how unblockables as a bi-product of the space a character occupies on the screen to avoid phasing.

Check below to watch RyuApprentice's explanation.

'Tier placing ain't nothing but a number, baby' - Amazing grand finals set between Julio's Yun and Hoodaman's E. Honda at Churning the Butter #2

It's fairly agreed upon that in Ultra Street Fighter 4, if Yun isn't the best character, he is at least among the very best. In a similar sense, many have said that E. Honda has fallen to the very bottom of the tiers, and isn't really viable to use anymore.

Despite this, and dabbling in Decapre for a while, pH|Hoodaman has decided to stick with his guns and bring the classic sumo wrestler into the spotlight once more against MMG|Julio, one of the USA's top Yun players. This match occured as the Grand Finals of Churning the Butter #2, a newly-established NorCal weekly tournament, with pH|Hoodaman coming from the Loser's Bracket.

You can find the matches below.

Mago's master-class Yang goes YOLO with UC1, Vivi lands a 67-hit combo - Ultra Street Fighter 4 replays ft. Dieminion, Wolfkrone, Poongko

MCZ|Mago has been playing a lot of Yang lately. In fact, he's recently attained enough BP with his Yang to obtain the Master rank for that character in the arcade version of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

You can catch some of his Yang antics in action -- including an insane read where he punishes his opponent's block string with a prediction Ultra Combo -- with this set of USF4 replays from YogaFlame24 and i Shoryuken.

Also included in this set of replays is a match where Vivi lands a 67-hit combo on his opponent on Xbox Live (just in case you couldn't get enough of seeing the top Japanese Chun-Li player in action, after yesterday's videos), and other online ranked matches featuring Dieminion, Wolfkrone and Poongko.

XBL's #1 Decapre takes on Dieminion, Lap Chi, Sabin, Alex Myers - Olympic Gaming's spotlight on NoobTron in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Olympic Gaming is back with another installment in their Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight video series. This time, they've chosen to feature NoobTron, who is currently #1 Decapre in the ranked match leaderboards on Xbox Live.

In this spotlight reel, Olympic Gaming has picked out a couple of choice NoobTron matches for your enjoyment, and they include matches against Dieminion, Canada Cup Gaming's Lap Chi, Team Spooky's Arturo Sanchez (Sabin), and /r/Kappa's Alex Myers.

Check out the spotlight video below, along with a brief interview to help you get to know XBL's top Decapre player better.

PAX Prime CPT Ultra Street Fighter 4 archive, results ft. Justin Wong, PR Balrog, Air, Sherryjenix and more

Update: Stream archive and results have been added to the story. The tournament starts from 05:56:00 in the archive.

Previously: Just in case Summer Jam 8, Shadaloo Showdown 2014, the Isshuu Sengeki Cup Osaka qualifiers in Japan and Hong Kong Esports Tournament haven't provided you with enough Ultra Street Fighter 4 action this weekend, here comes PAX Prime with a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event tournament for your viewing pleasure.

Players in attendance at the PAX Prime CPT tournament include EG|Justin Wong, EG|PR Balrog, CCG|Air and GG|Sherryjenix.

Dash forward passes over Dee Jay for nasty mix up, lethal fake cross up, and more; V-Ryu shows the power of Makoto's EX Fukiage resets in USF4

Earlier today we stumbled upon a new video from Makoto extraordinaire V-Ryu that shows off what she can do using her EX Fukiage buff in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

There are a bevy of useful set-ups included here involving the beefed up special move used in conjunction with a jumping normal attack. Fuzzy guard on the taller characters in the game, ambiguous cross under mix-ups, and fake corner cross ups are what you'll find here, and most of these sequences lead to a quick stun.

Another great set-up to keep an eye out for is that which is performed on Dee Jay. After a back throw, Makoto can step over the downed fighter using her forward heavy kick. If she dashes forward after that, well, just be sure to see for yourself.

Happy birthday? Nope! Merry Christmas! - one combo wipes out an entire team of three in this UMvC3 tournament clip

In a recent event streamed on the Air Juggle Twitch channel, an awesome moment was captured during the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament.

DCB|4th Star went up against Chris D in what appeared to be a one sided fight in favor of the latter. Chris D's Chris Redfield knocked out 4th Star's Dormammu, and things were looking just as bleak for his Dr. Doom. That's when Vergil appeared...

Feeling himself just a little too much, Chris D went for a Team Hyper Combo, and instead of dealing massive damage on 4th Star's Vergil, got caught in the Spiral Swords.

It looks like Christmas came early for the this Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player.

Check out the footage below.

'Knock it off, Fox!' Stop simply back jumping away from focus attacks - Tutorial teaches you how to properly react to focus spammers in USF4

Are you tired of having to jump back when your opponent initiates his focus? Do you often feel overly pressured when people leak ink from their bodies while in an aggressive pose? Well, as Peppy would say from Star Fox 64, "Knock it off, Fox!"

Bafael is back with a primer on how to properly handle those online warriors that focus attack then back dash. In it, you'll learn the correct way to make your opponent regret not respecting your options.

Check below for a fantastic video on how to level up your own excellent adventures.

Street Fighter turns 27 today; Would anyone like some video game cakes? [Image Gallery]

The first Street Fighter game was released in arcades on August 30, 1987, making today the 27th anniversary for the beloved Capcom fighting game franchise.

To celebrate the occasion, we thought we'd do a roundup of all the cool Street Fighter-themed video game cakes we could find on the Web.

Since this is a fighting game, a lot of the cakes turned out to be themed around joysticks as well -- what's better than a Mad Catz joystick? How about a Mad Catz fightstick that's also edible and tastes like vanilla and chocolate?

Let Dakou's Evil Ryu show you how to deal with Rose; insane reactions, solid footsies, plus Akuma and Oni play in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Back when I translated this interview with Qanba|Xiao Hai, in the back of my mind I was more than a little skeptical when the EVO2014 KOF13 champ said that his training partner, Dakou, had a command of Gen on or about the same level as RZR|Xian.

But then I just watched this 46-minute-long video of Dakou playing Evil Ryu, Akuma and Oni, from a recent DouyuTV livestream that the Chinese player did, and suddenly most of my doubts just faded away.

In this extended casual play session, you'll get to see Dakou's insane reactions and extremely calculated footsies at work. Check it out below.

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