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Hugo can armor cancel into his Ultra 1, SPD and many other moves - This tutorial from Ryu Apprentice shows you how he got to be NUMBAH ONE

If there's one thing we know about Hugo, it's that he's NUMBAH ONE. According to himself, at least. People who've tried him out in Ultra Street Fighter 4 seem to largely disagree, and while this might not tip the scales for him, it's certainly one point in his favor.

Thanks to our ever-working lab monster RyuApprentice, we've got a new video which details armor canceling for Hugo and ways to make it work well, including some other tips and tricks for the ginormous grappler. Check it out in full below.

Decapre just got much scarier! These amazing mix-ups/resets avoid reversals, cross under, and are down right lethal

Decapre is the newest character to be introduced into the world of Street Fighter 4. Making her playable debut in Ultra Street Fighter 4, this Cammy clone hasn't been getting too much time in the spotlight, short of a few tournament players selecting her at majors and weekly events.

That very well may change after you witness the madness that is this video. NYC Kreeds put together a compilation of Decapre resets and mix-ups that prove extremely effective and practical.

Using close standing medium punch after her ground pound Scramble follow-up, Decapre will reset the opponent while they're in the air. This situation opens them up to a whole world of devastating mix-ups, including some that cross up, cross under, and even avoid reversal uppercuts or command throws.

Get out your note pad for this one, as there's much to learn here.

Trouble beating Daigo, Sako, PR Balrog, and every other Evil Ryu out there? This quick tutorial on stopping Axe Kick pressure may save your life

Evil Ryu has had a sudden resurgence in popularity since the release of USF4, and the master of the dark hadou is popping up everywhere from ranked matches to being the secondary or tertiary character for many prominent players on the tournament scene today. MCZ|Daigo, EG|PR Balrog, HORI|Sako, and even GG|NYChrisG have been known to play E. Ryu in recent times, and the character can already be tough to beat without these Street Fighter behemoths playing him. So how do you beat Evil Ryu?

Well, Bafael continues to belt out tutorial after tutorial for Ultra Street Fighter 4, and today's feature may prove quite useful to you active tournament/online players out there.

This video provides us with an Axe Kick analysis, explaining the uses of each version of the attack. Being that this special move is often used by Evil Ryu players as a pressure tool, it can prove very helpful to learn which can be punish, which can be interrupted, and how to stop the others.

Check out the video below, and learn how to stop being Axe Kicked to death by Evil Ryu.

Mike Ross took Hugo!? Mago selected Yang?!? Highlights of USF4 TGS exhibition between these two competitors

Mike Ross and MCZ|Mago had an entertaining first to 5 exhibition yesterday in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and we wanted to look back at some of the highlights you may have missed.

Ross shocked many people by picking Hugo instead of his typical main, E. Honda, in this set, but Mago had a surprise of his own, choosing to go with what many are saying is his new main, Yang, instead of Fei Long, which he's ran for the last several years.

Ross opened strong in this set, with a lot of very clever reads, which did massive damage to the low stamina Yang. Here are a few early highlights in animated form.

Click images for animated versions

Taunt an A rank Hugo, suffer the hard-hitting comeback! Khanniball takes on Chris, Brentt, and more in this USF4 spotlight

Olympic Gaming returns with another astounding Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight. Tonight we're giving DS Khanniball's wicked Hugo his 15 minutes of fame, (well, about 13:40).

Unlike a traditional highlight reel, this compilation features full-length matches that are meant to show newcomers, intermediates, and even the pros a thing or two about USF4's monstrous grappler. And Khanniball definitely delivers the goods here.

There are a number of high-level techniques being put to use here, including the kara EX Ultra Throw. One of this writer's favorite moments comes after Chris, most known for his frequent placings at Wednesday Night Fights, decides to taunt Khanniball after scoring a stun. Let's just say, don't ever feel yourself too early.

Check out the full player spotlight below, and let us know what you think of Khanniball's Hugo in the comments below!

Daigo's amazing 'download' ability in action - long set vs. Ace Eirin/Blue Emblem (Guile) in Ultra Street Fighter 4

One of Japan's top Guile players, Ace Eirin (also known as Blue Emblem on Xbox Live), recently played a long set of ranked matches against MCZ|Daigo while he was streaming on Nico Video.

Daigo has said before that Guile is a bad match-up for Evil Ryu. And that does certainly seem the case as Ace Eirin manages to score some convincing 2-0 games against The Beast without much difficulty.

Initially, the two top players appear to be quite evenly matched, with each player scoring one to two consecutive games before losing to the other.

But at some point in this long set, Daigo's "download" was completed, and he proceeded to rack up a bit of a win streak on Ace Eirin. Check out the long set below.

'Mario feels like the strongest character in the demo,' 'Mega Man is fairly weak' - EventHubs discusses Super Smash Bros. 3DS in today's Round Table

First and foremost, I'd like to give a huge thanks to SummerUndercover, Wintry, and Nyoro for providing the EventHubs team with Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes. This Round Table wouldn't have been possible without you, so thank you! We very much appreciate it.

Now, on to the crux of the matter. Today we return with another EventHubs Round Table discussion focusing on Super Smash Bros. 3DS and the demo that was recently sent out to select Club Nintendo platinum members.

How do the 3DS controls feel for Smash Bros.? Do the initial demo characters seem particularly strong or weak? Will Smash 4 be payed as competitively as Melee once it is officially released? We address all that and more in our latest Round Table.

Below you will find EventHubs' answers, along with our impressions of the game so far. Please feel free to answer the questions as well, and let us know what you think!

Daigo vs. Nemo, Justin Wong; Tokido vs. Jayce the Ace; Mago vs. Mike Ross - Relive the Mad Catz exhibition matches from Tokyo Game Show

Apart from a 64-man single elimination Ultra Street Fighter 4, over the weekend at the Tokyo Game Show, Mad Catz also arranged for four exhibition matches between some of the most popular names on the competitive circuit: MCZ|Daigo vs. BE|Nemo, MCZ|Daigo vs. EG|Justin Wong, MCZ|Tokido vs. YBK|Jayce the Ace, and MCZ|Mago vs. Twitch|Mike Ross.

If you've missed the exhibition matches, fret not, for the Mad Catz team have worked extra hard after disassembling their booth at the end of the Tokyo Game Show to upload the moments on their YouTube channel, so you don't have to scroll through an entire day's stream archive just to get to the moment you want to see.

Check out the four Mad Catz exhibition matches, embedded below.

How fast is the 3DS version of Smash compared with Melee and Brawl? Check out these side-by-side move comparisons

If you want to know how Smash Bros. on the 3DS stacks up with previous entries in the series in terms of move speed, this clip from ProJared will be right up your alley.

He compares how the animations of Mario, Link and Pikachu's attacks compare with the prior versions.

The clips are all recorded starting on the first frame of the idle animation. Jared notes that some character animations have changed from game to game, and very few are exactly the same.

First Duck Hunt high-level tournament play – Super Smash Bros. 3DS replays featuring Chibo, Nyani, NAKAT, and Nairo

CLASH has uploaded some footage from a recent tournament of Super Smash Bros. 3DS.

The first replay features CT|Chibo (R.O.B.) versus Nyani (Mario). Despite it being early in the life of the game, the matches play out at a fairly high level. Also, for those of us only with the Demo, it might be an excellent idea to take notes and get a head start as Nyani shows off her Mario.

The second has Chibo putting his R.O.B. against RJ's Duck Hunt Dog. It's especially a treat for seeing some of the most recently revealed characters in action. The third video, and the grand finals set, has NAKAT's Megaman and Lil Mac going against Nairo's Zelda.

What ties these tournament videos together extremely well is the commentary. For those of us from the Street Fighter scene looking to figure out the ins and outs of competitive Smash Bros., these replays give some fantastic insight into the latest entry.

Check out the videos below for some excellent commentary and even better Smash play.

Updated: Pre-orders now available, play TJ Combo a day early; Killer Instinct Season 2 early access now live — balance changes in full effect

Updated: Pre-orders for Killer Instinct season 2 are now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Those who purchase the game will get access to TJ Combo, along with Killer Instinct 2 Classic.

Earlier: Killer Instinct Season 2 early access is now live for all owners of the game, and what this means is that all balance changes that have been made to Season 1 characters are now in effect.

Another nice bonus is that anyone who pre-ordered the disc version of Killer Insinct Season 1, as well as anyone who grabs the opportunity to pre-order the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct Season 2 (available tomorrow), gets TJ Combo available right off the bat tomorrow.

That's not all, though. If you pre-order Killer Instinct Season 2, you also get Killer Instinct 2 Classic Online as a bonus. All other users have to wait until the official launch on October 15th to play with this new character.

In case you don't remember what balance changes are coming into play come the new season, you need not worry. We have them all listed right below, character-by-character.

E. Honda's sumo stance perfectly encapsulated in Pop Culture Shock's latest Street Fighter statue

The good folks over at Pop Culture Shock are adding another Street Fighter character to their long line of figures. Everyone's favorite sumo wrestler, E. Honda, joins the statue ranks and comes with a couple of variations.

Three versions of this 1:4 scale statue can be purchased: original E. Honda, Ozeki exclusive, and Kabuki exclusive (based on the alternate costume found in Street Fighter 4.) The former two statues stand 15” (38cm) tall with base, while the Kabuki figure 17.5” (44.5cm) tall with base.

Both the Ozeki and Kabuki exclusives come with additional E. Honda heads to change the appearance of the statue. The three Honda figures run from $350-$370, and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Hit the jump for more images and links to each statue.

Over 700 feel Daigo will beat Justin Wong at the TGS 2014 exhibition - Mike Ross, Tokido, Mago and Jayce results as well

Later tonight, Mad Catz will be streaming a series of Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibitions live from Tokyo Game Show 2014. The match ups are as follows:

MCZ|Daigo vs. EG|Justin Wong
MCZ|Mago vs. Mike Ross
MCZ|Tokido vs. YBK|Jayce the Ace

This week we ran a poll to gauge which players our readers felt would win each of these sets. The results are in, and over 700 voted that Daigo will prove victorious in his set against Justin Wong.

If you're wondering how the EH readers felt about the rest of the line-up -- Mike Ross vs. Mago and Jayce the Ace vs. Tokido -- be sure to continue reading. You'll find the full breakdown below, including voting percentages for each match-up.

Nana and Popo haunting the newest Smash Bros.? Remnants of Ice Climbers discovered in the 3DS version

While it's commonly known that Ice Climbers were removed from the Smash Bros. roster due to the 3DS's hardware limitations, a recent glitch in the handheld version has now revealed remnants of the cut characters.

Gema Yue recently discovered that when you play as Villager and KO two Dr. Marios simultaneously with 100% damage, the game will begin chanting and praising none other than Nana and Popo.

Destructoid tried replicating the glitch, but found that the chant correctly matches Villager. Whether this was fixed for the U.S. release or a hoax remains unknown.

Check below to watch the original footage.

'I never get outplayed, except when I play Mike Ross!' - K-Brad shows his Dhalsim skills in Ultra Excellent Adventures ep. 31, pt. 2

The Cross Counter boys are back with the latest installment of their Ultra Excellent Adventures featuring EG|K-Brad.

Today we witness K-Brad's Dhalsim skills as he goes up against a high-pressure Dan player. The Evil Genius also makes it known in this episode that he never gets outplayed, except when he is matched up against the incomparable Mike "Mike Ross" Ross.

Gootecks and Mike stick with their guns here, playing Yun and Hugo respectively. Ross tries to provide his Excellent Adventures co-host with some match-up advice, but it doesn't go so well...

"Just hit him with the Kazunoko: do some jabs, then randomly Red Focus!"

Ultra Excellent Adventures episode 31, part 2 is only a click away. So what are you waiting for?!

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