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Input time will be unified across PlayStation 4, legacy controllers, and PC when Street Fighter 5's September update drops

Street Fighter 5's September update is only a couple of days away now, and with it will come some flashy new content for players to get their hands on.

On top of that, though, fans can look forward to a handful of bug fixes that are aimed at enriching the Street Fighter 5 experience for everyone.

One such fix comes in the form of an extra frame of input lag on PlayStation 4 fightsticks when used on the console.

In their recent blog update detailing the September patch, Capcom noted that they have located the issue that causes the difference in input times and have since corrected it.

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Urien joins the roster, stage KOs added and more - Street Fighter 1.06 patch currently available for pre-download while servers are down

Although the Street Fighter 5 servers are currently down for maintenance, the 1.06 patch is currently available for pre-download, so that you're ready to launch the game with all of its updates intact the second the servers are back up again.

The patch is 7.187GB in size, and containts Urien as a playable characters, stage KOs and more.

Street Fighter 5 Patch image #1
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For a fresh reminder of exactly what you've got to look forward to, hit the jump.

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Files for Halloween stage and Effie, Necro's girlfriend, as a background character included in new Street Fighter 5 update

Data files for a new stage in Street Fighter 5, along with a model for Effie, best known as Necro's girlfriend, as a non-playable character were also discovered.

With Halloween a little over a month away, we should expect an official announcement from Capcom in the near future.

Effie's appearance highly suggests she'll be a part a background.

Halloween stage and Effie Necro's girlfriend (NPC) image #1 Halloween stage and Effie Necro's girlfriend (NPC) image #2
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Images from CountBlack on NeoGAF.

Clothing is optional for the vice president of the Illuminati - brilliant easter egg has Urien's Third Strike costume hidden inside

Fans of Urien's Third Strike threads should be excited to know that suits are completely optional in Street Fighter 5. In a nod to the classic game, Capcom slipped in an easter egg that gives Urien an alternate intro.

If you're holding the light punch, medium kick, and heavy punch buttons while the match is loading, Urien blows his suit away as he comes to meet his opponent. This trick works no matter which of Urien's costumes you select:

Click image for animated version

It's definitely interesting to see Capcom give Urien an alternate introduction; he certainly stands out as a character, and a fun addition like this can only add to the hype.

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After running into Rolento, Doctrine Dark became a killing machine focused only on revenge - Another SF EX character detailed in new CFN profile

The Capcom Fighters Network profiles have taken a somewhat surprising turn the last few days, delving into Street Fighter EX characters.

These characters have long been considered off-limits to Street Fighter fans, considering the games were developed by Arika, and although each profile has a "Copyright Arika" mark at the bottom, these characters are still being introduced, and some even contain references to Street Fighter 5's story and current happenings.

Whether Capcom and Arika have reached some sort of deal or not, it's quite exciting to see. Next up is Guile's former subordinate and all-around freaky dude, Doctrine Dark. Check out his image here.

Street Fighter 5 Doctrine Dark Profile image #1
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To read Doctrine Dark's full profile, continue below.

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Street Fighter 5 has an average input lag of 6.5 now according to Display Lag's initial draft test

Initial tests of Street Fighter 5's input lag with the 1.09 release of the game show a reduction in input lag, down to about an average of 6.5 frames.

The game has previously been documented as having about 7.9 frames of input lag on the PS4, prior to this patch that was released on Sept. 22, 2016.

Display Lag posted a new video which added a caveat that the "test is a rough draft until our new testing method is finalized soon. Due to the nature of this test, it may be slightly inaccurate due to the lack of an LED to determine activation point."

Display Lag also noted that "it's still ~2 frames behind Ultra Street Fighter 4 using this testing method," but they will update with new information when new testing equipment arrives, as this current method is prone to inaccuracies.

You can find the clip below.

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Street Fighter 5 color packs are on their way, Capcom clarifies exactly what you'll get with each purchasable bundle

The go-to single player mode when Street Fighter 5 dropped back in February was Survival, an endurance gauntlet that would unlock character colors upon completion.

While nabbing a character's third costume color by completing the 10-level easy setting on Survival was a breeze, finishing the 30-level normal setting for colors four, five and six was much more difficult, and completing the 50-level hard difficulty was cause for many players to throw their controllers out of frustration.

Thus many players seldom sought to obtain colors seven, eight, nine and 10, seeing the difficult and time-consuming Survival Mode as simply not worth it.

Capcom recently promised to make colors purchasable, and have since specified further exactly how this will work.

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Which Batman villain would you most like to see in Injustice 2?

Injustice 2 is coming up next year, and the character gallery available to choose from is unbelievably vast.

So vast, in fact, that making a poll containing DC characters could impossibly contain all the characters you might want to vote for, even if we were to narrow it down to just bad guys.

With that in mind, we decided to zero in on specifically Batman, given that Batman titles tend to top the charts where DC is concerned.

In our poll, we've done our best to put in any and every Batman villain that's at least somewhat of a big deal, and also decided to include characters who've been on both sides of the fence - such as Catowoman and Riddler - as well as villains who might not be strictly Batman villains, but have had more than their fair share of run-ins with the caped crusader - such as Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy.

Of course, Harley Quinn and Deadshot are exempt from the poll since they've already been confirmed to be in the game.

Cast your votes - 2 votes per user - below.

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Filipino Champ, Luffy and Sanford Kelly share their lists of top five Street Fighter 5 players in the world

While RZR|Infiltration is a clear cut front runner to just about everyone that follows Street Fighter 5 right now, the rest of the top five best players in the world is surely up for debate.

Mutiny|Sanford Kelly posed his top five list on his Twitter recently, asking others to do the same. Both RB|Luffy and PG|Filipino Champ obliged, giving us a total of three separate lists that actually vary quite a bit.

One of these players omits Tokido completely, and in fact, Infiltration is the only name to make all three lists. Interestingly enough, BST|Daigo, a name the community is very used to putting on or near the top of any recent Street Fighter list, is absent from all three.

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Street Fighter 5 servers projected to be down for 10 hours preceding tomorrow's patch

According to the Street Fighter 5 Server Twitter, the game's online functionality will be dark for a full 10 hours tomorrow.

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. PDT, no one will be able to use the game's online features. While these blackout windows are nothing new to the SF5 community, 10 hours is quite a bit longer than the usual.

Capcom does not always use the full time they project, and will sometimes relaunch servers early. This update is bringing with it not only a new character in Urien, but also new game features and bug fixes as well.

We'll keep you updated on when the patch officially drops and when you can get online to finally play as Urien.

'In short, you're not in control of your game at 100%' Xian shares his concerns on the state of Street Fighter 5 in his Reddit AMA

To the appreciation of many, RZR|Xian has been offering his insight to the community quite a bit as of late. Recently, he took to Reddit for an AMA session where he took on questions from any and all curious redditors.

As with any AMA the questions ranged from the goofier things people asked just to have a little fun, to really picking Xian's brain about his thoughts on Street Fighter 5. When he was asked about how he felt about the game feels currently, Xian really broke things down. According to him, some of the more major issues he has with the game lead to players having less control over consistent play.

As it stands, Xian feels that the input lag and the state of the footsie game could use some tweaks. "A mix between dash and jump can be really had to react to, so people don't enjoy the way they lose now," he says, before going on to state that the game feels imprecise, leading players to wonder whether they lost because they guessed wrong, or if they were just hitting the buttons too late. "In short, you're NOT in control of your game at 100%."

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Four characters accounted for over 50% of Japan Cup's top 64... and there were zero R. Mikas; see the full character usage breakdown here

If you eyeball the top 64 results for Japan Cup, you'll notice quite a few repeats for Necalli and Chun-Li. Both characters were represented by no less than 10 different players in the latter brackets of the tourney.

Karin, the character with the most CPT wins this year (10), had only three appearances in the top 64. Ryu, another prominent character, had seven appearances but none of them made it into the top 24.

We've gone through to get the details on the representation for each character at this very stacked and fairly diverse Japanese Premier event. Only 15 of the game's current 21 characters wound up in the top 64 as there were no Dhalsims, Juris, Balrogs, Ibukis, Guiles and perhaps most surprisingly, no R. Mikas.

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Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailer for Tekken 7 is all kinds of epic

Bandai Namco released a brand new trailer for Tekken 7 at the Tokyo Game Show, and it's a sight to behold.

This features a ton of epic plot elements from the series, with iconic characters Heihachi, Kazuya and more thrown into the mix.

We don't want to spoil the ride, so just check it out below.

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New character skins, colors, Kim Wu gets a new move, and much more: Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, free Shadow Lords mode, and patch released

Today is a big day for Killer Instinct fans. Season 3's conclusion is upon us, and with it comes several large releases that will undoubtedly keep you playing for hours on end.

Firstly, Killer Instinct's newest mode, Shadow Lords, is now available. This feature allows you to battle through numerous matches on your quest to defeat Gargos and stop him from conquering the world. Players are able to pick up loot along the way that allows them to add power ups, harness the power of guardians, and more to help improve the chances of defeating Season 3's boss character.

In Shadow Lords, players can unlock the new Astral Plane stage, as well as new "Mimic" character skins. You can also obtain two new colors for Gargos by purchasing the Killer Instinct Definitive Edition.

This physical copy of the game includes everything ever released throughout all three of the game's seasons. This comes along with the new Shadow Lords mode, and runs for $39.99 USD.

Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #1 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #2 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #3 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #4 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #5 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #6
Click images for larger versions

Lastly, the Killer Instinct 3.4 patch is officially live, which adds a plethora of balance changes, bug fixes, and even gives Kim Wu a new command normal. You can find the full list of patch notes after the jump.

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Supers were considered 'cheap' and 'dumb' by many initially during the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo era, how perceptions changed over time

History has a funny way of repeating itself.

When new mechanics are introduced to fighting games, especially well established titles — the response from some fans can range from very apprehensive — to outright refusal to switch over to the new title.

Back when Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo was released in February 1994, supers were considered by many to be a cheap or dumb thing Capcom put in the game, meant for weaker players to even the odds.

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