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It's hard to judge, but it's very possible Alex is in the top 10 - Justin Wong chimes in on the popular character that few people are using

Alex is an interesting case in Street Fighter 5. He is undoubtedly among the most popular characters in the franchise's history, and was one of the most highly requested characters for the game's roster placing among the top 3 in two separate character choice polls (1, 2) we ran last year.

All throughout March, fans clamored for Alex, with some going to the lengths of creating their own trailers for the character in anticipation of his release. Needless to say, people love Alex.

Despite all of this, we don't really see much of him now that he's in the hands of the public. Compared to the frequency that we see other characters used in tournament, Alex falls quite short.

This might be due to the fact that many feel Alex isn't that strong of a character. He is currently ranked second to last in our tiers, only placing higher than Zangief -- another fighter thought to be quite weak in his current state.

Grapplers seem to struggle with the higher-tiered characters in Street Fighter 5, and without a viable reversal on wake up and relatively slow normals, the claims of Alex's weakness might be justified. But that's not stopping some players from using the Third Strike brawler competitively.

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Nash is a rogue badass and Decapre a central villain; Episodes 1-4 of Street Fighter Resurrection available to watch

After a positive response from the fighting game community to 2014's Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, producers jumped right into creating their next SF miniseries: Street Fighter Resurrection.

Resurrection actually came out back in March of this year, but unlike its predecessor it was not available on YouTube. As a result a lot of the FGC seemed to miss it, and so we felt it prudent to highlight the fact that episodes one through four are currently available to watch on go90.

The series follows Street Fighter 5's version of Charlie Nash, and may very well give us some insight into the game's story, which we'll be getting next month.

Below is a quick sequence that highlights Nash's "badassery" as he takes on multiple armed guards and introduces Decapre to his boot.

Click image for animated version

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King of Fighters 14 team Fatal Fury trailer shows off Joe Higashi in action

The latest King of Fighters 14 trailer highlights team Fatal Fury.

We watch Terry, Andy and Joe show off what they've got in the latest iteration of the long standing franchise. Our attention is most grabbed by the fact that we're finally getting to see Joe Higashi in action.

We see Joe bringing back his traditional Muay Thai style and trademark whirlwind attacks. Take a look at a few shots from the trailer below:

KOF Joe Trailer image #1 KOF Joe Trailer image #2 KOF Joe Trailer image #3 KOF Joe Trailer image #4 KOF Joe Trailer image #5 KOF Joe Trailer image #6
Click images for larger versions

You'll see a display of his special moves as well as his Desperation Attack in the full trailer after the jump.

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Battle Arena Melbourne 8 results ft Mago, Haitani, Xian, Momochi

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, Australia's finest are putting on a good show for us with Battle Arena Melbourne 8, which has tournaments in a whole bunch of different games.

At this tournament, you can expect to see high-level tournament play in Street Fighter 5, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend.

As for players attending, you can expect to see big names such as Mago, MJS|Haitani, RZR|Xian, EG|Momochi, LLL|Mr. R, Abadango, 9B, Somniac, SL|Burnoutfighter and many many others participate for the glory.

Live streams are being handled by NewGamePlusTV, Melbourne Melee, Kaizmo, SASMelbourneSmash, Jett Smash, Googie Gaming, and ZeroX_FGC.

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Alex Valle shares his top 7 characters in Street Fighter 5, thoughts on Ryu, and why people aren't playing Rashid right now

We recently caught up with fighting game veteran LU|Alex Valle to pick his brain and find out his thoughts on Street Fighter 5.

In this interview, Valle tells us how he feels about Ryu in this iteration, gives us a bit of insight into why he plays Rashid, and more. Additionally, we learn which seven characters he feels are at the top of the tier list right now.

Below is a snippet to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to read the full interview.

DreamKing: Ryu is regarded as a very strong character right now, with some players feeling that he might actually be the best in the game. How strong (or weak) do you feel Ryu is in Street Fighter 5?

Alex Valle: Ryu is very strong in Street Fighter 5 for sure. However, to achieve success with him requires extremely high levels of spacing, fireball game, match up knowledge, and patience.

Many characters out range him, can get around fireballs, mash 3-frame light attacks in the middle of his pressure, or just put him in a bad beat.

Tokido is one of the only Ryu players consistently placing at the top while others are struggling to make top 8 around the world. Very similar to how RB|Daigo utilized Street Fighter 4 Vanilla/Super Ryu and showcased to the world how strong he can be.

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eSports petition surpasses 100k signatures, White House now has 60 days to respond

What started with the #FreeLeffen campaign has now made its way to the White House. Over 130,000 gamers have signed the petition to have the American government recognize eSports as official sports.

This was incited when Smash Bros. Melee player TSM|Leffen was denied entry into the US with his tourism visa on the grounds that his United States-based sponsor, Team Solo Mid, were his employers.

This petition is the first step toward the goal of granting competitive gamers P-1A visas just like the country does for athletes visiting from other nations.

Having surpassed the 100,000 signature quota the petition will now go straight to the White House, which has 60 days to issue a response.

Thank you to LordAkira for sending this in.

'My goal isn't to win Stunfest...' - Daigo on his approach to this weekend's CPT Premier tournament; Toryuken and Get on my Level this weekend too

Last year's Stunfest was one of the most memorable events in FGC history, and this year Rennes, France is planning to do it all up even bigger.

May 20-22 will see over 800 competitors meet up to take part in tournaments for Street Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat X, King of Fighters and other popular titles. MCZ|Daigo will be leaving his stream show for the week to compete with other top players like Tokido, Mago, Kazunoko, RZR|Xian, RZR|Fuudo, RB|Luffy, AVM|Gamerbee and many more.

During his recent broadcast, Daigo briefly discussed his goals for Stunfest. He noted that he is not preoccupied with winning the event, but rather wants to focus on bringing his unique style to the dance. He seems more interested in making sure he stays true to implementing strategies he's been developing, and seeing how they pan out.

Head over to the event page for more details. You'll catch Daigo's discussion after the jump.

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Ernesto Lopez's latest comedy skit shows us a side of the FGC that we may not want to admit is true...

They say there's a bit of truth to every joke. This rings quite true in Ernesto Lopez's latest video.

When a player wins a big event, it's not uncommon to see the community's perception of that character lean towards the strong side. People often feel the characters winning tournaments are best in the game, and it makes sense why.

In his latest comedy skit, Ernesto shows us how extreme we can be sometimes, outright declaring that any character that wins a tournament is the best in the game. "Snake Eyez has been killing it at Wednesday Night Fights! They're saying that Zangief might be the best!"

He goes on to give some more humorous examples, and even throws in a little surprise at the end. Be sure to check out Ernesto's latest skit below.

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Big weekend for Evil Geniuses as Justin Wong passes Infiltration in Pro Tour points; Momochi clinches Capcom Cup berth

The Capcom Pro Tour roars on as we delve deeper and deeper into Street Fighter 5. This past weekend held three CPT events, and the results have led to a new top dog on the point leaderboards.

With his victory at Toryuken, EG|Justin Wong now has four Ranking event wins under his belt. This weekend's win saw the Evil Genius overtake RZR|Infiltration's 512 point first position with a whopping total of 588 CPT points. You'll see the updated rankings from the Pro Tour home page below:

CPT Standings 5/23 image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Xiao Hai learns a lesson, Fuudo turns his Mika up to 11 and Momochi is unstoppable; final day Stunfest highlights

The highly anticipated Stunfest 2016 has concluded, and though the event was held in France, top eight of Street Fighter 5 featured only Asian fighters.

We've compiled some of our favorite moments from top eight for you to relive.

Our first highlight sees Qanba|Xiao Hai experience that all too familiar feeling you get when you don't spend the meter to win the round, and Tokido comes back to kill you.

Click image for animated version

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How Street Fighter EX looked in its early stages - check out Arika's early development footage

Developer Arika has given us a glimpse at how Street Fighter EX looked in its early stages.

The early parts of the video feature featureless characters that have yet to receive their names. The lack of hitboxes makes it seem as though at that point they were still playing with the animations.

Later on, you get a fun look into a bit of the combo system. A lot of what was showcased at least visually is telling of how they tried to make Street Fighter work in a three dimensional setting.

Street Fighter EX early build image #1 Street Fighter EX early build image #2 Street Fighter EX early build image #3 Street Fighter EX early build image #4 Street Fighter EX early build image #5
Click images for larger versions

The music choices were interesting at this point too, featuring remixed versions of classic tunes rather than the original music that ended up in the final game.

You can check out the footage in the video below:

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Birdie's lighter-skinned first appearance was a result of... illness? Let's look at his visual evolution over the years

Birdie's first appearance pales in comparison to his modern look.

Graphical improvements weren't the only changes made to the towering warrior throughout his fighting career; his overall design has been altered quite a bit, with the largest jump being the one from Street Fighter 1 to the Alpha series.

So, today we're going to take a closer look at the visual evolution of Birdie in Street Fighter.

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Mai's fire meets Kula's ice, Terry thows his hat, and more: New King of Fighters 14 screenshots ft. Daimon and team Japan

A fresh batch of King of Fighters 14 screenshots have been uploaded over on the SNK Playmore Twitter account.

These images give us another look at some of the game's current roster, including the recently revealed Daimon and team Japan.

Below are a handful to get you started, but be sure to check out the rest after the jump.

New King of Fighters 14 screenshots image #1 New King of Fighters 14 screenshots image #2 New King of Fighters 14 screenshots image #3 New King of Fighters 14 screenshots image #4 New King of Fighters 14 screenshots image #5 New King of Fighters 14 screenshots image #6

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Street Fighter 5 PC mod: Karin returns to her Alpha 3 glory with this awesome retro costume

PC Best Mods brings us footage of another epic Street Fighter 5 PC mod. Today, we get a look at Karin's Street Fighter Alpha 3 outfit.

Though Karin's new design isn't too far off from the original, it's still awesome to see her return to Alpha 3 glory.

You can check out a handful of screenshots below, and after the jump you'll find the footage. The video's description contains download info, if you'd like to use the mod yourself.

Karin Street Fighter Alpha 3 PC mod image #1 Karin Street Fighter Alpha 3 PC mod image #2 Karin Street Fighter Alpha 3 PC mod image #3 Karin Street Fighter Alpha 3 PC mod image #4 Karin Street Fighter Alpha 3 PC mod image #5 Karin Street Fighter Alpha 3 PC mod image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Sagat gets double teamed by two Chun-Lis, Blanka is more soccer ball than beast - check out this wild clip from Future Cops

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, "What if someone took Street Fighter 2 and combined it with Supercop?" Chances are, you haven't, but that didn't stop it from actually happening.

Future Cops is a 1993 film from Hong Kong that takes some "creative liberties" with iconic Street Fighter characters.

For example, in a moment when Chun-Li finds herself on the losing side of a fight with Sagat, her mother suddenly appears from the sky to assist with a Spinning Bird Kick.

If that wasn't enough, the two go on to show Sagat their "powerful stance," and knock him out complete with Street Fighter 2 sound bytes.

Click image for animated version

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