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'This is probably going to be my last EVO with Mad Catz' - MarkMan announces his planned departure from the gaming company

Mark "MarkMan" Julio is, officially speaking, the Community & Sponsorship Manager for Mad Catz. To many in the fighting game community however, he's the face of Mad Catz.

Consistently appearing at major events, and always very approachable with his welcoming demeanor and upbeat attitude, Mark is surely established as a beloved family member of the FGC. That being said, it's with remorse that we bring you the announcement of his departure from Mad Catz:

"This is probably going to be my last EVO with Mad Catz... After I complete the Street Fighter V range of products and help launch them to market, I will be taking a seat back from gaming and focusing on other passions."

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RayRay survives Phoenix, Apologyman hangs on by a pixel and KaneBlueRiver takes it all home in our EVO 2015 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom highlights

EVO 2015 was a roller coaster of emotions as many of the greatest competitors from around the world clashed.

Despite not having the numbers that some of the other titles had, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was the second to last game to play out on finals day. This was likely due in part to the hype reputation this game has always carried, and it certainly lived up to that hype.

BE|KaneBlueRiver, CTRL|RayRay, Apologyman and more contributed to a very exciting top eight bracket. We have some of our favorite moments for you here today. The first of these involves YKWIS|GoldenBoyNeo and RayRay.

Always a daunting opponent, Phoenix is something of a wildcard on any team, and even more so in the expert hands of Neo. In the second match of their losers bracket set, RayRay watched as Dark Phoenix nearly negated all he'd worked for the entire game. In a very smart game of cat and mouse, RayRay avoids Phoenix long enough for her to let her guard down, then capitalizes.

Click images for animated versions

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Ono will be making an appearance at Hong Kong Anicon & Games with Street Fighter 5 in tow, teases potential new details

Adding to the list of atypical events Capcom has been bringing Street Fighter 5 to this year, Ono announced that he will be attending Hong Kong Anicon & Games with Street Fighter 5, making it playable at the event. Said event takes place this weekend, from the 24th to the 26th.

Of course, it wouldn't be Ono without a tease, with him claiming "We announced Necali as a new character for SFV...We already have preparation for the next!". Besides the potential for new details at this event, it'd be nice to see a new build of the game with Necali playable for people to get their hands on.

Do you think we'll hear any new details of note out of this event? Sound off in the comments.

Tip submitted by Firemadeprime.

Sources: Yoshinori Ono's Facebook, Yoshinori Ono's Twipple

Ryu combos into throw, hits big damage corner combos, and more - Desk experiments with crush counters in Street Fighter 5

With more and more people slowly uploading the footage they've managed to capture of the Street Fighter 5 beta, which has been indefinitely suspended as of this morning, we are lucky enough that Desk was able to get some hands on time with it.

His penchant for getting into the nitty gritty of a game is already showing in Street Fighter 5, with him putting up a video of him experimenting with the crush counter system. For those who do not know, the crush counter system is a way of rewarding counter hits using particular moves for each character, and resemble fatal counters from the Blazblue series and other anime fighters.

Using this system as Ryu, he manages to combo into throw and pull off some big damage combos and set ups, including a combo that does over 50% damage.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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'He stole his soul, he just reached out and grabbed it' - James Chen on Alex Valle's amazing victory over Bonchan at EVO 2015

To focus the scope a bit, 44.8% of EventHubs users have rated Sagat vs Hugo a 7-3 match up in favor of Sagat. Pepper in the detail that Bonchan is probably the world's best Sagat player, and you might skew those numbers even a little more in Sagat's favor.

Despite these odds, LU|Alex Valle sat down and became the embodiment of adaptation for just under four minutes. Known for once holding the crown as king of the American FGC during a previous generation, Valle granted us a quick reprise of such days in his match with Bonchan.

Using a character that many have deemed to have some of the most lop-sided match ups in the game, Valle swiftly navigated Bonchan's maze of normals and projectiles. He showed onlookers a version of this match up that almost all of us, including Bonchan, had never seen.

Expertly-placed normals, perfect reads and an unrelenting, forward march led Alex Valle to both a four-round victory and into the graces of crowd. You can see it all in the video after the jump.

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Snake Eyez officially signs with Red Bull

It's been a long time coming, but top Ultra Street Fighter 4 player Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis has officially signed with Red Bull.

Lewis, a Zangief specialist, won the Street Fighter 2 HD Remix tournament at EVO in 2010, placed in the top eight of Ultra Street Fighter 4 at last year's EVO, and participated in the Capcom Cup Finals last December. He broke the news via twitter just minutes ago: Though we've seen him in contact at some capacity with Red Bull, it wasn't until now that the partnership became official. Perhaps USF4's nearly 250k viewership numbers at this year's EVO is in, part, to thank. In any case, we wish Mr. Lewis the best of luck in his well-deserved partnership with Red Bull.

Source: Twitter.

Smash Bros. creator speaks about Satoru Iwata's funeral

On July 16th and 17th, the wake and funeral of former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata took place. Among those in attendance was close friend / coworker Masahiro Sakurai -- the creator of the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

After his previous entry about Mr. Iwata, Sakurai returned to his column in Weekly Famitsu this week to share his experience. “Normally at a place like this, one’s eyes go to the photo [of the deceased]. The smiling face of Mr. Iwata surrounded by flowers was a very nice picture,” Sakurai said, according to Kotaku's translation.

One of the few seats at the funeral reserved specifically for close friends of Mr. Iwata was given to Sakurai. Despite the lovely picture of Iwata on display, Mr. Sakurai states that he couldn't bring himself to look away from the casket.

“Inside there was the still body of Mr. Iwata. He was probably dressed in traditional white funeral garb, his glasses removed, and his nose stuffed [with cotton]. And today, his body was going to be burned and reduced to nothing. Mr. Iwata would no longer exist in this world,” Sakurai wrote.

After the final ritual at the ceremony -- an offering of incense -- guests began heading home. Sakurai notes that he decided to stay, however, as this would be the last time he'd be able to spend with his friend. "I wanted to remain there as long as I could," he says.

You'll find Sakurai's closing words after the jump.

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Street Fighter 5 beta roundup: Chun-Li combos Critical Art from anti-air heavy kick, Ryu combos from overhead, and more

Updated: The Chun-Li re-stand combo was found to be illegitimate. The combo counter counts up so quickly during the F+HK that it appeared to be one complete combo. Still, we get to see a F+HK into cr.MK combo in V-Trigger.

Earlier: While the Street Fighter 5 beta was live (before beingofficially postponed), a number of players managed to record footage and put together combo/tech videos showing what the first six characters are capable of.

Today, we've rounded up some of the best and most recent submissions. Included here, you'll find an interesting combo that uses Chun-Li's flip kick as an air-to-air (while in V-Trigger) and re-stands the opponent.

Also, we see that Ryu has the ability to score a full combo after a meaty overhead.

Hit the jump for some awesome Street Fighter 5 tech.

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Cosplay contest, free stuff and a top-level player tournament - Dead or Alive Festival kicks off in Tokyo, Japan tomorrow

This weekend, a very special event is being hosted in Tokyo, Japan.

The Dead or Alive Festival will be kicking off, and it features a multitude of special treats, including a cosplay contest, the presence of current Dead or Alive series producer and the head of Team Ninja Yosuke Hayashi, a tournament with 8 of the best Dead or Alive 5: Last Round players the world has to offer, including voted-in American champions MC Kwiggle and XCalibur Bladez, as well as a pre-tournament where people can qualify for the last 3 spots in the main event.

Also, there's a special announcement scheduled at the end of the event.

This is a one-day event, and it's going to be jam-packed with awesome stuff for any Dead or Alive fan, so make sure to tune in for it. You can catch all of the action on Team Ninja's YouTube stream.

After the jump, you can find an official trailer as well as a detailed schedule of happenings at the event.

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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is getting new stages, new costumes and a brand new character

Fans of the Dead or Alive series will be excited to hear that Last Round will be receiving quite a bit of content in the coming months.

The first of this content will be available on August 11th. The 1.04 patch will bring with it the new "Fireworks" stage as well as the Lovely Summer Costume 2015 pack. September will offer yet another set of costumes, but these will be based on Nihon Falcom games.

In October, the winning costumes from the DOA Designer Challenge 2015 will be released. DLC based on Square Enix’s Schoolgirl Strikers will be available in November.

Though it's a ways off, in Spring of 2016, DoA5:LR will receive a major update with both a brand new character and another new stage. At this point, we don't know much else in the way of details, but surely more information will become available as we grow closer to the release date.

Source: Gamestalk via Gematsu. Thanks to originalhuman, nightmaresteam and HooliganComboFTW for the submissions.

'We're trying to layer [classic Street Fighter moments] into Street Fighter 5' - Matt Dahlgren takes us behind the scenes of Street Fighter 5

Although the excitement surrounding the beta test has calmed down, news is still abuzz about Street Fighter 5. In this case, Capcom's director of brand marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, spoke with Gamasutra about the developmental aspects of Street Fighter 5.

In the piece, he gives us a look at Capcom's mentality going into Street Fighter 5, the aspects of making it a service rather than a single product, the ideology behind game balance, and the idea that the variable system was brought in to highlight popular elements from past Street Fighter games, and making them present in Street Fighter 5.

Dahlgren states, "basically, we've gone back and looked at the previous iterations of Street Fighter and the elements that were the most popular, that we could layer in to create Street Fighter 5." One of the examples he notes involves Ryu's V-Skill, encapsulating an entire game's mechanic into a single V-Skill.

Hit the jump for more details, and some insight to what we may be seeing in the future from Street Fighter 5.

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'All of us [at Capcom] had the exact same vision for [Street Fighter 5]' - Combofiend talks his involvement, post-KO transition, and more

After EVO 2015's hype conclusion, the folks over at Daily Dot Esports caught up with Capcom's own Peter "Combofiend" Rosas to discuss Street Fighter 5. In this interview, Rosas touches on a number of different subjects, including his direct involvement with the game, the idea behind Necalli's design, character differences, and much more.

One quick but interesting tidbit that we haven't heard much about is Street Fighter 5's post-KO transition. In most Street Fighter titles, when a round comes to an end, both fighters return back to a neutral position on their respective sides of the screen dependent upon which player they are (player 1 or player 2). In SF5, however, characters begin each round on whichever side they were last standing.

"We just felt it was more natural," Combofiend explained. "We wanted the fight to feel like a continuation. When you get knocked down, you wake up on the side you were knocked down on. It is a little disorienting at first, but we think players will definitely get used to it."

Hit the jump to read what else Combofiend had to say.

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Street Fighter 5 move listings (in progress) added to EventHubs move database

Street Fighter 5 is set for a Spring 2016 release, and we here at EventHubs are anxiously waiting its arrival.

In the mean time, we have decided to begin adding move listings for Street Fighter 5 to our moves database here on the site. Our own Action_John has put in the work to get these moves up and running. As of right now, we have as many special moves, V-Skill, V-Trigger, critical arts, and as any command normals as we can find.

To acquire these move lists, we used various footage as a reference, officially released lists, as well as our own time with the game. You can find moves for the first seven announced characters (Necalli excluded, of course).

We will continue to add more character moves to our moves database as the information becomes available, so be sure to stay tuned!

For now, be sure to get an early look at the Street Fighter 5 moves right here on EventHubs.

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'Wait, Birdie!? Are you serious?' That's exactly the reaction Capcom wants during reveals; Ono covers five things you need to know about SF5

The roller coaster that has been the unveiling of Street Fighter 5 has been filled with plenty of ups, and perhaps a few downs thus far, but it's certainly been exciting.

Yoshinori Ono stopped by PlayStation headquarters to give us the run down on the five things we need to know about SF5. The first of these important tidbits is Capcom's vision for characters.

When Birdie was announced, featuring his brand new, rotund figure, many fans weren't entirely sure what to think. It was certainly unexpected, and a bit out of left field, but Ono states that that's exactly what they want us to feel and think during the reveal process.

The game creators are thinking very specifically about every aspect of their product as it pertains to the fans. They're involving their consumers in just about every step of the way, which, if effective, could very well lead to the community sense perceiving Street Fighter 5 as "our game."

No doubt such a company-consumer relationship would lead to new levels of success. Hit the jump below to see the video.

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Nash V-Trigger cancels command throw during a combo, hits Crush Counter into Critical Art, and more - Nash combo videos from the Street Fighter 5 beta

Though we've all had issues even playing the Street Fighter 5 beta, it would seem that a few players were lucky enough to get some real hands on time, creating two separate Nash combo videos.

These videos give us a great look at some of Nash's potential combo options, and he's looking like an extremely flexible and flashy character. Included are normal strings, combos extended using Nash's V-Trigger, combos out of his command throw, and more.

Hit the jump to check them both out.

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