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He can command grab from full screen, his normals reach insanely far and he can hurt you with boogers; check out our day one Birdie character analysis

Twitch's Mike Ross and Capcom's Combofiend sat down so that Combo could show Mike the ropes with a few Street Fighter 5 characters. The first character under the spotlight? The very large, very grotesque Birdie.

Birdie doesn't really rely on combos, as the longest we've seen is a whopping four-hitter thus far. He does have the longest normal reach of the cast at this point, which makes up for his relatively slow movements. Furthermore, he is no longer a charge character like in Alpha 3.

First thing we discovered, Birdie's idle animation sees him throw a booger, which actually does damage. The second thing we learned was that Birdie has some heavy-hitting, far reaching normal attacks:

Click images for animated versions

Combofiend confessed that characters with a parry technique can actually absorb the booger flick... hit the jump to see some of Birdie's special moves, command grabs and V-Skills.

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More DLC characters incoming for Super Smash Bros. 4; Ryu, Roy and Lucas were not ballot selections

Back in April of this year, Nintendo opened up a special website which allowed users to vote on who they'd like to see in Super Smash Bros. 4 as DLC fighters.

Masahiro Sakurai recently clarified that Lucas, Roy and Ryu were actually in development before the ballot was created, even though he had some idea of their popularity and demand for these characters in advance of the voting.

He added that this balloting system received an extremely large number of votes.

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Mortal Kombat X Brazilian skin pack now available on all platforms

We're not exactly sure why Johnny Cage loves Brazilian soccer so much, but nonetheless he, Kung Lao and Liu Kang are all decked out in their Brazilian best and are ready to be downloaded.

Soccer Johnny Cage, Gaucho Kung Lao and Capoeira Liu Kang are now officially available via Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Steam. You can grab these new kombat skins for $3.99.

See the three characters showing off their new threads in action poses below:

Mortal Kombat X Brazil image #1 Mortal Kombat X Brazil image #2 Mortal Kombat X Brazil image #3
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see the video feature.

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Street Fighter 5 isn't just Street Fighter 4 with a fresh coat of paint - EventHubs E3 impressions final entry

Today we cap off our series of Street Fighter 5 E3 2015 impressions with DreamKing and my overview of the game.

One of the best things that I experienced with Street Fighter 5 is that it still felt like Street Fighter, but not just a rehashed version of Street Fighter 4 with updated graphics and running on a new engine.

While the influence of SF4 is felt in this title, Capcom has added — and in some cases taken away — enough elements where this feels like a unique entry in the series.

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Predator variations, finishers, and upcoming costumes ft. Carl Weathers Jax shown off in these Mortal Kombat X screenshots and first gameplay footage

We recently learned that Predator -- Mortal Kombat X's next playable DLC fighter -- will be arriving next month along with the new Predator-themed costume pack. Though Predator can be seen in the in-game Krypt, his finishers and variations are currently locked.

A large batch of images have surfaced that not only show off the new characters variations (from the Krypt), but also show all of his Brutalities and Fatalities. Additionally, we get to see in-game screenshots of the new costumes: Carl Weathers Jax, Commando Johnny Cage, and Infrared Scorpion.

Check out some of the images below to get you started, and hit the jump for more.

Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #1 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #2 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #3 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #4 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #5 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Impressive parry sequences and downright mean counter hit combos; veteran Alex Valle's day one Street Fighter 5 Ryu tramples the competition

Every fighting gamer's favorite uncle, Mr. LU|Alex Valle, jumped on a Street Fighter 5 cab at E3 and didn't jump off for a long time.

It may have been a first experience with the new title, but Valle has been around since the beginning, and his application of fundamental Ryu play harmonized nicely with the character's newest iteration. Luckily for us, Vesper recorded a run of Valle's casual matches.

Many reports categorize the game, at least to an extent, as a meld of Alpha 3, Super Turbo and Third Strike. Seeing as Valle has competed in all three of those titles, it made sense that he'd be already semi-fluent in the game, as the slick parry and beefy combo sequences below suggest:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see the full video of Alex Valle's SF5 streak at E3.

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Street Fighter 5 will be playable at the BET Experience in Los Angeles

If you're one of the many who've been itching to play Street Fighter 5 as you've watched it all week long at E3, but haven't had the privilege to get your hands on it yet, we have exciting news for you.

There will be playable demos for SF5 at the upcoming BET Experience in Los Angeles, California on on Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th, 2015. This will take place at the BET Gaming Lounge, and will feature the same version of the game as seen at E3.

Capcom's Combofiend announced this on his Capcom Unity blog, stating:

"In addition to being able to try out all the characters revealed up to E3, players will also have the chance to participate in a series of single elimination tournaments where they can win a custom Street Fighter V branded PS4. Players may even get a once in a life time chance to challenge a celebrity or two to see who's the best in Street Fighter."

To see more details, or to get tickets, check out Combofiend's Unity post.

Street Fighter 5 playable throughout the summer at various Six Flags amusement parks across the country

A particular image, shown below, has been floating around the internet ever since the floor opened up at E3. The image in particular is a promotional poster detailing the opportunity to play Street Fighter 5 all summer long, starting July 6th, all across the United States in various locations.

This has since been confirmed to be absolutely true by multiple sources, though further details have not left the E3 show floor. The image in question, along with subsequent locations and dates, are pictured below.

Street Fighter 5 playable at Six Flags image #1
Click images for larger versions

What do you all think of this opportunity? Sound off below!

Tips submitted by Hamster, Darth48076, and ExTheUberOne.

Cammy has new homing qualities, crazy damage output and is even more offensive than in SF4; see our Street Fighter 5 day one Cammy breakdown

As offensive as Cammy was in Street Fighter 4, she plays with even more aggression in Street Fighter 5. Combofiend has described her as a character meant for players who just want to press buttons.

Her basic design and flow should look pretty familiar to SF4 players, but she does have a few new techniques, as well as alterations old favorites.

Critical Art

We're going to kick things off by showing you Cammy's Critical Art. This hard hitting combo pops Cammy up in the air to come down with a vicious Cannon Spike. You can also combo into it, as seen below, for about 50% damage:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see everything else, including normals, specials and V-Moves.

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801 Strider's incredible Falling Sky read, Smug and PR Balrog do battle: CEO 2015 USF4 replays ft. grand, winners, and losers finals

CEO 2015 has come and gone, and with it we were brought hours upon hours of amazing fighting game action.

Today, we have replays from the Ultra Street Fighter 4 top 8 from this year's event. Relive the action by checking out the winners, losers, and grand finals sets (and more), or catch it for the first time if you were unable to watch this past weekend.

To get you started, we have a quick highlight from the losers finals set between 801 Strider and EG|PR Balrog. In the third game of the set, 801 Strider found himself at a large life deficit, but one well-timed step kick was all he needed to recover. Watch the ridiculous Falling Sky to close out the round.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to check out the CEO 2015 Ultra Street Fighter 4 top 8 matches.

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The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash; Udon's latest and limited Street Fighter book looks incredibly intriguing

Since he was announced as a character in the upcoming Street Fighter 5, Charlie Nash has been a new focal point for the Street Fighter community.

Certainly the Lazarus of the SF universe, we've seen Nash murdered by Bison, tossed over a waterfall by his own men and blown up in an exploding base. Despite these tragic ends, the character makes an appearance in the newest installment with some Frankenstein-esque patches on his face.

Udon Entertainment is focusing on Nash in their upcoming 48-page hardcover book, Street Fighter V: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash. This book will only be available at Comic Con International in San Diego, and only 300 copies are to be printed.

Hit the jump below to see a collection of illustrations

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Street Fighter 5 PlayStation 4 beta registration now open for European players

The Street Fighter 5 beta will kick off on July 23rd for those who pre-order the game on PlayStation 4 in North America. Players in Europe, however, won't have to do as much to gain access.

The official Street Fighter website has opened up the beta registration for folks residing in Europe. Instead of pre-ordering the game, players simply have to visit the registration page, select their country, then sign in with their PlayStation ID.

According to Geek Snack, those selected will be sent an email with the beta code and more details. It is not yet known how long this registration window will open, so if you're looking to gain access to the Street Fighter 5 beta, it would behoove you to throw your hat in the ring as soon as possible.

Street Fighter 5 is due out in Spring 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Street Fighter.

Record breaking competition - Ultra Street Fighter 4 at Evo 2015 passes 2000 attendents

Announced yesterday morning via Twitter, Mr. Wizard, one of the founding members and head coordinators of the yearly Evo tournament, announced that Ultra Street Fighter 4 has surpassed 2000 attendants this year.

This amount is rarely reached, even for such a large tournament like Evo, and is definitely worth noting. One of the biggest competitions of the year is getting that much more intense, with players from all over the world attending.

For this year in particular, Evo 2015 has record breaking attendance, and this is the largest player pool the tournament has ever had.

Hit the jump to check out the twitter announcement.

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K-Brad: Cammy is a little too broken in Street Fighter 5, I expect her to be nerfed; blow ups are about bringing excitement & drama

We spoke with Evil Geniuses' Kenneth "K-Brad" Bradley at E3 2015 to get his thoughts on Street Fighter 5.

Bradley thought the game was pretty good and he's really liking the direction so far. He compared it to Street Fighter 4, noticing things like light, light, medium combos were still intact. There were some things that were different, though.

"The damage output is pretty high for certain characters and throws are a big deal," said Bradley. "It's a little different, you have to commit a bit more, you can't make things as safe, although you can make certain things safe with V-Trigger."

He noted in some instances, you can cancel your normals into V-Trigger to keep applying pressure. He also said you can use it to counter throw attempts.

"If you feel like someone is going to throw, you activate V-Trigger, and then go into your Super [to counter]," said Bradley. He stated since it's day one, they're still figuring out things, but there are a lot of new tricks to discover.

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Four Wude: High damage in Street Fighter 5 should satisfy old school players, they did a great job of balancing old and new

Four Wude: High damage in Street Fighter 5 should satisfy old school players, they did a great job of balancing old and new

DisplayLag's Adeel "Four Wude" Soomro was the final top player we spoke with about Street Fighter 5 at E3 2015.

We asked Adeel if this entry in the series reminded him of the previous Street Fighter titles, in regards to rehashing or adding new elements into the mix.

"I think they did a great job of trying to balance new and old. When you pick it up for the first time, it will feel familiar to you when you're coming from Street Fighter 4," said Adeel.

"The buttons and the way chains work is really similar, but it's also very old school in the sense that a lot of things from SF4 don't really work in this game," he added.

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