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Red focus mix-ups, massive combos, and 'disrespect' every which way โ€“ Sanford fights Veloc1raptor in this first to ten exhibition set

SteamCo|Sanford and DSC|Veloc1raptor recently ran a ft10 exhibition set at House of Chaos. The Oni and Gouken matches are often down to the wire, with one fighter edging out the other.

These are extremely high octane matches with both players taking wild risks. Be advised, there is a lot of NSFW language from the commentators during the match.

Check below to find out who takes it all.

Stream directory no longer lists non-fighting games, additional improvements may be on the way

Josh 'TheUncharted' Kapple made a nifty improvement to our live stream directory based on some of the new features Twitch has made available to developers.

Now, for a streamer to show up in our live listing, they need to be streaming a game that's approved by our team โ€” e.g. an actual fighting game.

If a streamer who normally hosts fighting games decides to stream a bit of Call of Duty, they'll no longer show up in our listing for the time they're running that game.

As soon as they start streaming a fighting game, they'll show up again, though.

We're also looking at adding a few more bells and whistles to our stream directory in the very near future, so please keep checking back.

After the jump you'll find a list of games our stream directory supports, and if we missed anything you think should be included, please leave a comment below explaining why.

Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge movie heads to theaters August 21, stars Kane Kosugi (Ryu Hayabusa from DOA: Dead or Alive)

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the new live-action Tekken film that Crystal Sky announced, supposedly a prequel to the 2010 Tekken movie.

Back in January word of a new Tekken live-action movie coming out this year first surfaced on Kane Kosugi's official blog. The Japanese actor, who played Ryu Hayabusa in the live-action Dead or Alive movie, was said to be the star in "Tekken: The Man Called X".

But this announcement was later refuted by Kosugi's management (according to SGCafe), who said that the movie Kosaugi would be starring in was something tentatively entitled "Agent X", as opposed to a Tekken film, much to the relief of Tekken Project development chief Katsuhiro Harada.

But I suppose somehow Crystal Sky was able to keep the live-action movie-making rights to Tekken in the end, and proceeded with the prequel movie under a slightly different title.

In any case, Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge was released on DVD and Blu-ray this week. And the movie will be making its way to theaters on August 21. Check out the laughably cheesy trailers below.

Capcom working on fix for Steam multiplayer issues; private Endless lobbies are unaffected and playable in Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC

Since the PC version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 was released on Steam earlier this week, there has been many reports of users experiencing a number of issues with the game.

Most notably, many USF4 PC players have claimed that the online modes are virtually unplayable at the moment, due to severe latency issues.

Capcom is aware of the issues, and they're currently working on a fix to root out the problems, the official Capcom Fighters Twitter account announced yesterday.

USF4 funny glitches roundup: Hugo parodies Titanic, Ken does a funny dance, Yun teleports behind El Fuerte with his shoulder ram, and more

Shortly after the release of the new Summer Vacation costumes for Ultra Street Fighter 4, there's been a video going around YouTube, demonstrating a peculiar glitch where Hugo appears to be parodying that famous scene from Titanic when he performs the Moonsault Press (his SPD) while in his new costume.

This was just too funny not to share. And while we're at it, we thought we'd do a quick round-up on a number of weird and funny glitches that EventHubs readers have submitted.

Before you go off to watch the videos below, I'd just like to take a moment to remind everyone that these are harmless, non-game-breaking glitches that are more funny than they are a problem.

Before anyone goes mouthing off about what Capcom should or should not do, please keep in mind that the developers are hard at work trying to bring you the features and fixes that you want to see happen.

If they can fix these odd glitches in an upcoming update, they will. But if they can't or decide not to, please understand that it's because they are already taking on a lot trying to bring you things like Online Edition Select. So please keep your behave in check.

Dudley's mixup will leave you breathless - Can net 953 damage and 1503 stun if the opponent guesses wrong

Have you ever felt as if a Dudley just hit you once and the entire match was over? I think we all have, at some point, in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

To amplify that feeling, we have a new video from DriveCancelled which shows off a very grueling Dudley mixup that'll leave his opponents wondering just what the hell happened. You'll find the video below.

Kim Dragon, Fei Long, Dragon Chan -- What do all these characters have in common? Top 10 video game characters based on Bruce Lee

There are no shortages of games that have shamelessly used Bruce Lee's image. But what really separates cheaply stealing his identity from honoring the famous martial artist's legend? WatchMojo has compiled a list of the best tributes to Bruce Lee. And, what a surprise, most of them are all based in fighting games.

Hit the jump to find out if your favorite Bruce Lee inspired character is Enter the Dragon or Game of Death 2.

'He still sucks Mike' - Mike Ross plays Dee Jay and shows off a 'new' character: Ultra Excellent Adventures ep. 27 ft. Flash Metroid

The gentlemen over at Cross Counter are back with the latest installment of Ultra Excellent Adventures with Gootecks & Mike Ross. In today's episode, the Wyld Stallyns of Street Fighter are joined by Flash Metroid.

The online action continues here as Mike Ross shows off his "newest" character, and even decides to try his hand at scoring a win with Dee Jay. Additionally, Gootecks demonstrates just how lame Guile can be, while Flash plays several different characters including Dudley and Abel.

This is only the first episode of the four latest that are currently available for purchase/rent. If you can't wait three more Sundays to watch the rest, (as each episode will be released over the course of the next three weeks), be sure to head over to the Excellent Adventures site and download episodes 27-30.

Check out the latest episode below.

Why you didn't tech that throw when you're sure you did: Your brain reorganized reality to create a delusion โ€“ this and more in gaming science

Have you ever felt like you teched a throw in time, but for some reason still ended up lying face down on the ground? How about that time you thought you caught Yun's dive with an anti-air, but instead ate a combo into his red focus?

The good news is your Xbox or PC is working fine. The bad news is your brain literally reordered the sequence of events so you'd believe you hit the button in time. The problem is your brain lies to you, blinds you from incoming attacks, and overall just loves betraying you.

These are just a few of the fun facts covered in "Your Brain Sucks at Video Games," a YouTube video teaching the science of losing at your favorite pastime.

Check below to watch the full video and find out all the ways your brain has lied to you.

Oni transforms into a Super Saiyan, Akuma hits 4 far heavy kicks in one combo, and Yang glitches behind Decapre: RnK's latest USF4 combo video

The RnK Clan is back with a brand new Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video.

In this montage we see a myriad of impressive setups, some peculiar glitches, and more. There are a number of characters represented here, including Oni, Cody, Yang, Akuma, Decapre, Yun, Hugo, and a few others.

During Oni's combo, some nifty video editing tricks allow the powerful Shoto to actually transform into a Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan. Although this obviously has no kind of in-game benefit, let's face it, it's just incredibly awesome.

Another thing to look out for in this video is Yang's combo on Decapre. The Arcade Edition twin hits an air reset on the Cammy clone, lands behind her, then somehow ends up right in front of her. It's a very strange sequence and happens quite fast, so keep your eyes peeled.

Snake Eyez poses with Zangief, Akuma protects Infiltration, and more: Check out this spectacular Street Fighter artwork from Omuk

We recently stumbled upon some fantastic artwork by an artist who goes by the name of Omuk over on DeviantArt. The following works are Street Fighter related, and were created for the Shadowloo Showdown V tribute book.

The first two images below feature Snake Eyez and Infiltration posing with their respective main characters on select Street Fighter 4 stages. The others are simply depictions of Street Fighter characters, but are equally as awesome as the former two.

Check out each of the art pieces below, and feel free to let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

Click images for larger versions

Source: Omuk. Via Boss Logic.

Megan Fox plays Mortal Kombat 9 and sets her opponent ablaze in this MTV interview

Every so often we get wind of celebrities and professional athletes indulging in the competitive fighting games we know and love. We've seen everything from a WWE superstar to a Major League Baseball outfielder, and now it seems we've got an actress joining the bunch.

Josh Horowitz over at MTV News recently sat down with esteemed actress Megan Fox in order to play Mortal Kombat 9.

While the level of play here isn't near a tournament level, the Transformers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star does seem to know quite a bit about the MK franchise based on some of the terminology she uses throughout the video.

It's always interesting to see popular actors and athletes taking the time to play some of our favorite fighting titles, even if they aren't competing at a hardcore level as many of us do. If only Alison Brie actively played Ultra Street Fighter 4... *sigh*

Who is the strongest in USF4 Edition Select? Bonchan, Fuudo and Kazunoko play Vanilla Sagat, SSF4 Fei Long, AE Yun, and more

What happens when a former SSF4 EVO champ, an EVO champ runner-up, and a Yun player walks into a bar with a copy of Ultra Street Fighter 4 for consoles, which has (finally) been released in Japan?

Why, there's only one thing to do, of course: turn on Edition Select, hop into Versus Mode, and face your nightmares. In order to figure out once and for all who the strongest Street Fighter character of all time is.

On Kachitagari TV this week, that's exactly what Bonchan, RZR|Fuudo and Kazunoko do. The trio not only play the strongest versions of the characters they're associated with (Sagat, Fei Long and Yun, respectively), but also a bevy of other fighters, such as Seth, Akuma, Rufus, Guy and even Ryu.

Who will come out on top? Find out starting from 01:18:00 in the Twitch archive embedded below.

There was also some footage of two Topanga Banzuke matches, played during this past weekend, on the stream: a first-to-two set between Seritasan (Chun-Li) and EX Pugera (Ibuki), and another one between Bonchan (Sagat) and MCZ|Tokido (Akuma). The Topanga matches start at 01:00:00.

Soon there will be a joystick attachment for the Nintendo 3DS XL - The 'Cyber Arcade Stick'

We're now one step closer to the day when we'll all be able to play fighting games with a joystick virtually anywhere we go -- at a diner, on the train, and even on a plane (that was a wish that Capcom's Yoshinori Ono had once expressed).

The only problem? This solution is built specifically for the Nintendo 3DS, a platform on which not many fighting games are released on. At least, not when compared to the PS Vita.

Meet the Cyber Arcade Stick attachment peripheral for the Nintendo 3DS XL. Slated to be released in Japan in late October for the price of 3,002 yen (approx. US$30), this accessory literally mounts a fight stick on top of the 3DS XL's d-pad, and is said to be easily removable for quick storage.

Click images for larger versions

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 unused feature allows you to instantly tag in your teammates, lets the new generation of combos begin

A recently discovered Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 feature that never made it into the final build allows characters to instantaneously switch mid combo. In this off screen footage, you can see Vergil and Dr. Doom almost glitch into the place of the previous fighter to continue their combo.

It's interesting to wonder the new possibilities this feature might have brought into the game. Possibly, Capcom simply deemed it too broken, even for the likes of a Marvel vs Capcom game.

Check below to see the wild feature that didn't make the cut.

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