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APEX tournament organizer steps down in the wake of harassment allegations

Controversy surrounding the APEX tournament series -- specifically one of its co-owners -- has come to light in the fighting game community this week.

Harassment allegations involving APEX's Johnathan "Alex Strife" Lugo have been made by several Smash Bros. community members, and as of today, the tournament series has made a change in management.

The APEX team has issued an official statement announcing Lugo's departure from the tournament series.

At this time, Alex Strife will be stepping down from his duties at Apex. We will be moving forward with Apex 2015.

As it stands Apex 2015 is the largest Smash Brothers tournament ever and the Apex staff hopes to bring you the best experience we can.

APEX remains the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament on the scene today and will be taking place January 30 - February 1 in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Source: Smash Boards. Sent in anonymously.

Big E plans to bring Dead or Alive 5: Last Round to EVO 2015 despite it not being on the main line up

The line up for EVO 2015 was announced just a few days ago.

Unfortunately for Dead or Alive players, DOA 5: Last Round was absent from the roster.

Tournament organizer Eric 'Big E' Small, known for such events as Winterbrawl, NEC and Summer Jam, would not let DOA go completely unrepresented.

He has called for players to come out to EVO 2015 despite their game not being a part of the line up. Hit the jump to see exactly what he had to say.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend to introduce new characters Mai Natsume and Cajun Faycott from BB: Remix Heart manga

The next version of BlazBlue to be released on consoles later this year, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, will introduce two new characters -- Mai Natsume and Cajun Faycott from the BlazBlue: Remix Heart spin-off manga, this week's Famitsu magazine will reveal on Thursday.

But these two characters will not be playable in the game. The 2D sprite of Mai Natsume you see in the banner image above was created by DeviantArt user Eriad-Eternas.

Click images for larger versions

Instead, Mai and Cajun will be making appearances in a new chapter in BB:CPE's story mode entitled "Remix Heart Tour Version". The story mode chapter is based on the manga series's storyline. In the game, Mai Natsume (green-haired girl) is voiced by Saori Hayami, while Cajun Faycott (violet hair) is played by Saki Fujita.

Although they aren't new playable fighters, if you're a fan of the BlazBlue fiction, the extra story mode arc is one more reason Arc System Works is giving you to buy BB:CPE -- on top of two new playable characters Celica A. Mercury and Lambda-11, some major changes to the core gameplay mechanics and a bevy of balance changes to all of the existing characters.

For a look at how much the game has changed in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (also known as BBCP Ver. 2.0 in the arcades), here's nearly two hours' worth of gameplay footage of BBCP Ver. 2.0 from Kyoto's A-Cho arcade.

'I feel like a HUGE underdog going into Apex, honestly' - Last year's champion PPMD talks Apex, SSBM's meaning to him and more

Since Apex 2015 is happening this weekend, we here at EventHubs decided to catch up with some of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee has to offer, and will be publishing a series of interviews every weekday. Today, we're covering last year's champion, EG|PPMD.

You can expect more interviews like this to be posted the coming days at roughly the same time as this one, so look forward to hearing from these top level competitors.

Below is a snippet from the interview with EG|PPMD to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: You're the reigning champion of Apex, winning the event last year, but due to personal issues you haven't been traveling to many national events, besides the big ones like MLG and EVO, since then. In light of this, do you feel more like an underdog or a defending champion, going into Apex 2015?

EG|PPMD: I feel like a HUGE underdog going into Apex, honestly. I know I won last year, but being out of the game for so long and still having the mental handicap that I do, I have to be playing the best I can play in this condition to have a shot at winning.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

Tekken 7's initial release date finally confirmed; this is when you can expect to see the full game being played

Tekken 7 will finally be ready to play at the Super Nova arcade in Fukushima -- and other arcades that have placed orders for the "early release" version of the game -- on February 18, the official Twitter account for Super Nova revealed today.

But not all arcades in Japan will be receiving the game on February 18 itself, as the game was previously confirmed to be rolling out in Japanese arcades through two staggered phases: an early release in February, and a March "general release" period that will feature machine configurations slightly different from the early batches.

So mark your calendars, Tekken fans. February 18. Although we won't actually get to play the game in February ourselves (unless you happen to be in Japan in mid-February), given that more and more arcades have begun to stream or upload gameplay videos to the Internet, chances are we'll get to see some direct-feed footage of the full game right around that date.

The European Kakutop League is right around the corner! Watch Luffy, Ryan Hart, Valmaster, Veggey and more duke it out to see who's top dog in Europe!

The fun all starts Saturday, January 24th as 8 of Europe's best come together to play in a Topanga-style round-robin tournament.

The line up is as follows:

- MD|Luffy
- GL|Valmaster
- DIG|Ryan Hart
- Gagapa
- LLL|Kenpachi
- BX3|Veggey
- BX3|Phenom

The eight players will be divided up into two groups of four. All of group A will play each other in first to 5 sets. The same goes for group B. The top two players of each group will then face off on Sunday in first to 10 sets for title of Kakutop League Champion as well as a part of the 1,500 euro prize pool.

Hit the jump to see who's playing who!

NO FLY ZONE: AfterDeathLive, Xbox Live's #1 Zangief, body slams the #1 Ibuki, #1 Yang, Ranmasama and Native Impact in his Olympic Gaming spotlight

Is there anything scarier than an online Zangief?

AfterDeathLive has earned himself an Olympic Gaming spotlight video with some impressive victories over some pretty recognizable names.

As per the usual, we also get an interview with our highlighted player so we can learn about the man behind the SPD's.

OT: What is your real name?
AfterDeathLive: George Hu

OT: Where are you from?
AfterDeathLive: Born in China and grew up in Australia, but now I am living and working in Maryland USA.

OT: How Old are you?
AfterDeathLive: I am 29.

OT: What are your hobbies?
AfterDeathLive: Games of various types. Other than SF, I also play Marvel, Warcraft, Hearthstone, etc.

OT: Whats your top 3 Main characters in SF?
AfterDeathLive: Zangief. If any characters are alts I would say Fei Long and Sagat. Generally I learn new characters not to learn how to play them, but how to beat them.

OT: How long do you practice per day/been playing SF?
AfterDeathLive: I don't really have a schedule, but usually it is a couple of hours a night.

Hit the jump to see the action!

Capcom UK delves into Rose's backstory: 60fps Street Fighter Alpha series footage of her soul power in action

The Street Fighter series has got some 27 years -- and a whole lot of fighting game releases -- under its belt.

With so many titles in the franchise, it can be a little hard to keep track of the characters' backstories from the video games. Especially since players only get a glimpse into their backstories mostly through the endings for each character in the single-player arcade mode -- which a lot of players don't really bother completing anyway as the whole point of the game is to fight against other players.

That's where Capcom UK's latest video series comes in.

Today, Capcom UK community manager Matthew Edwards has kicked off the first episode in a bi-weekly "The World Warrior" video series that delves into the backstories of various Street Fighter characters' across the numerous games.

This first episode puts the spotlight on Rose, revealing quite a bit of trivia on the character (can you guess which other Street Fighter character rescued her, damsel-in-distress style, not once but twice during the Alpha series?).

It also features some silky smooth 60fps gameplay footage of Rose in action during her Alpha days, in case you don't quite remember what she looks like back when Street Fighter games were still rendered in anime pixelated sprites.

More hints and/or a new Mortal Kombat X character reveal coming next week, Kitana's Variations to be shown off soon

NetherRealm Studios' own Ed Boon has been active on Twitter lately, as he usually is.

With the surge of Mortal Kombat X news that dropped last week, fans were left licking their lips, anxiously awaiting more. Boon has been addressing as many fan questions on social media as he can, and through this, we how have an idea of when we can expect more.

One Twitter user prompted the MK creator with the question, "when will you drop a hint on the next MKX character?" The response was vague, but certainly promising. "Next week is going to be a lot of fun," Boon replied.

We can hope that this means a new character will be revealed, but at the very least, we can expect a hint at who the next fighter is.

Hit the jump to see the tweet and read more.

EventHubs In-Depth: 'In that matchup... Fei Long cannot win the ground game' – a chat with Hamad, the KiT champ that went 6-2 against Justin Wong

While the stacked tournament of Canada Cup's Master Series attracted heavy attention two weekends ago, the biggest upset happened on American soil. Down to his last round of life in grand finals, Hamad faced the reality of being swept by veteran EG|Justin Wong's new character Rose.

At one point during the match, you can hear a commentator say somewhat solemnly, "It looks like Hamad is running out of gas." It was a sentiment many viewers were sharing. Besides, let's not forget the "Wong" factor, an element of Wong's clutch play and intimidation to opponents that has been elevated to an almost mythical status.

Of course, that's not what happened. In the moment of what could have been the end of Hamad's tournament, the Fei Long player instead had one of the most dominant performances over EG|Justin Wong since Wong's defeat at the hands of MCZ|Daigo at Capcom Cup.

Exactly how did Hamad change the tides of grand finals? What made Wong so dominant initially?

Read below to follow my match analysis along with an interview of the KIT champion.

Selling out soon: Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter 4 TE2 fight stick for PS3/PS4 open for pre-orders again, back in stock on the X360, XB1

Mad Catz's popular Tournament Edition 2 (TE2) fight sticks for PS3/PS4, X360 and Xbox One were completely sold out for all platforms during the holiday break. But now you can finally order them again from the Mad Catz online store.

To be more precise, only the X360 Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Xbox One TE2 fight sticks are actually back in stock. You should be able to get one shipped to you fairly soon after placing an order.

As for the PS3/PS4 version of the stick (which KarbyP calls a thing of beauty), due to popular demand the sticks are still completely sold out at the moment -- but they are open for pre-orders again, and slated to ship in late March 2015.

With that said, if you plan on picking up a PS3/PS4 USF4 TE2 stick, you might want to head over to the Mad Catz store to pre-order one soon, as according to Mad Catz's Mark 'MarkMan23' Julio, even the pre-orders are already on the verge of selling out.

The PS3/PS4 Mad Catz TE2 is the only PS4 fight stick on the market right now to feature the Start and Select buttons on the side of the stick rather than on the top panel, by the way, so that you don't accidentally hit the Start button when you try to slide it like RZR|Xian.

Check out an unboxing video for the PSs/PS4 Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition 2 stick below, along with the links to the various product pages you can order the stick for the platform you want from.

Frost fights Cassie Cage, Kotal Kahn seeks Sonya Blade's help to combat Mileena - Mortal Kombat X comics overview

Although there's still a couple of months to go before Mortal Kombat X (MKX) is released on all the major gaming platforms today, DC Comics has been working with the fine folks over at NetherRealm studios to publish a series of MKX comics that explores some of the events that took place between Mortal Kombat (2011) and the new game.

Currently the comic series is up to chapter four, and it has revealed that in the world of Mortal Kombat X, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage are both still alive.

In fact, Kotal Kahn has actually come to Earth seeking Colonel Sonya Blade's help (yep, she's a colonel now... why the heck did she end up with Johnny Cage?) to defeat Mileena over in Outworld.

MK series characters Fujin and Frost also makes appearances in the comic book series. For a more in-depth overview at what's happened in the series so far, check out Perfect Legend's video review of the series so far below.

'How many Bruce Lee clones fighting power-mad dictators did we really need to see?' - Capcom Unity's BigMex on the copycat nature of fighting games

Yesterday, we posted a piece that delved into the creation of Street Fighter 2.

Moving right along with the theme of FGC development, we have an extremely in-depth blog review of the copycat nature of fighting games.

What do we mean by copycat nature? Look at the banner for this story and check out Joe Fendi, Clemence Kleiber and Tetsuo Kato from the game Fighting Layer... look at all like a certain Jamaican fighter, Muai Thai king and tireless wanderer?

Fighting games are notorious for borrowing not only from other titles, but shamelessly sampling from popular culture as well. We're all familiar with Mike Bison, and I wonder who Fei Long and Forest/Marshal Law are supposed to represent? Let alone the fact that Mortal Kombat was originally going to be a game based around actor Jean Claude Van Damme.

In his blog on Capcom Unity, BigMex discusses numerous examples of blatant copies of characters and ideas between fighting games throughout the past three decades.

Capcom found themselves on both sides of the issue, as you can see in this tidbit here:

One of the more blatant entries was a 1993 game called Fighter's History by Data East. The game was so familiar in form and content that Capcom slapped the publisher with a lawsuit. The funny thing however was how much Capcom had stolen from other studios during the development of Final Fight, originally called Street Fighter '89 in addition to Street Fighter II.

Data East had released Kung-Fu Master in 1984. That game was a one player affair but it did feature villains of different backgrounds to fight against. Then Konami released Yie Ar Kung Fu in 1985 which added the familiar format of 1-on-1 combat against different martial arts forms. Yie Ar Kung Fu even featured a health meter at the top of the screen so players knew when they were close to a knock out. The original Street Fighter would not debut until 1987. It took elements of the aforementioned titles and Technos' Karate Champ from 1984 but was not called a copycat. That was because history always favored the most successful franchise, which was not necessarily the first.

He goes on to discuss the outcome of this lawsuit and how the results would shape the fighting game development culture, and much more! Hit the jump to check it out!

Daigo playing Ryu, takes on Blue Emblem in offline match - Attack of the Beast!! Gaming Legend “Daigo” vs. 100 Gamers event in Japan

MCZ|Daigo paid a visit to Takamatsu city in the Shikoku region of Japan this past weekend for a special "Attack of the Beast!! Gaming Legend “Daigo” vs. 100 Gamers" event that commemorated the release of the first volume of his manga series, Umehara Fighting Gamers.

As the name of the event suggests, while in Takamatsu city MCZ|Daigo took on as many event attendees as time would permit. The whole affair was streamed live on Nico Video, and Daigo also played a number of characters that stream viewers said they wanted to see -- including Ryu, Guy and Hugo.

Here are three highlights from the "kumite" matches:

Click images for animated versions

Although most of MCZ|Daigo's opponents weren't that strong, there was at least one event attendee he played who was also a notable member of the Japanese FGC: Blue Emblem (Guile).

You can watch the two top Japanese players square off against one another, offline side-by-side style, in part 4/4 of the archived footage below, starting from 26:40.

PxG Online Championships USF4, SFxT results ft. Dieminion, K-Brad, NuckleDu, Perfect Legend, BrolyLegs and more

Updated: Results and replays have been added to this story. You will find the Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken grand finals, along with a playlist of the entire top 8 for each after the jump.

Earlier: The PxG Online Championships is taking place today on Xbox Live.

A total of 74 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players and 24 Street Fighter X Tekken contenders have signed up for the tournament, and they include some of most renowned names such as Dieminion, EG|K-Brad, NuckleDu, Perfect Legend, BrolLegs and more.

Check out the live stream below.

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