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Capcom: There's no reason fighting games shouldn't be bigger than they are - Pro Tour born out of this thinking

Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas was recently asked by Lone Star Gamer about the Capcom Pro Tour and the methodology behind their approach of why they launched this new venture.

"We were sitting around thinking that 'there's no reason fighting games shouldn't be bigger than they are'," said Rosas.

He noted that fighting games are the closest people can get to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) matches, and there's no reason that these titles shouldn't be broadcast to a greater amount of people.

"We feel that [Capcom] stepping in can definitely help bring everything together, help create this one cohesive league," said Rosas.

Asked about the future of the Capcom Pro tour, Rosas believes things will grow beyond what users currently see.

Peter also delves into other topics like if he misses competing at tournaments, and covers some of the balancing philosophy they're trying to use when working on Ultra Street Fighter 4.

To see the full interview, hit the jump.

First in-game look at Decapre, Rolento, Elena, Hugo, and Poison's alternate costumes in Ultra Street Fighter 4, 2nd wave of costumes also shown

Famitsu, a Japanese gaming publication, posted in their magazine the first in-game look at Decapre, Rolento, Elena, Hugo, and Poison's alternate costumes in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Each of these outfits was designed by UDON, and just yesterday, we saw the Decapre's costume design for the first time.

If you look closely at the image below, you can see that there are in-game screenshots showing a 2nd wave of alternate costumes for Rolento, Poison, Elena, and Decapre. It appears as though Rolento is donning his plumber getup from Street Fighter X Tekken, and Poison is also getting one of her SFxT outfits.

Players will be able to use these costumes if they have save data from Street Fighter X Tekken on their hard-drives. Decapre's costume isn't actually a new design, but rather, Cammy's SFxT alternate outfit. These costumes will also be available in the arcade version of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

You can check out the scan below, courtesy of Kurushii.

Click image for larger version

Source: Famitsu. Via SRK.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 trailer showcases save state mode, YouTube upload and more

Capcom has just released a brand new trailer for Ultra Street Fighter 4, and it showcases the new save state option in training mode, along with the YouTube upload feature.

It also has some Decapre combos for users to check out, along with offering a rundown of new gameplay mechanics and modes.

Hit the jump to view it.

Over an hour of Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade version footage - see the new characters, costumes, and more in action

With the Japanese arcade version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 being released yesterday, GameCenterTecnopolis has uploaded over an hour of footage for everyone to enjoy.

Featured here are a variety of characters, and we get to see each of the new fighters in action, (minus Decapre as she is not currently in the arcade build of the game.)

Additionally, Poison and Elena's Street Fighter X Tekken alternate costumes are shown here, and this is the first glimpse we've got of these outfits in action.

You'll find the large batch of Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage after the break.

Skullgirls Encore's Big Band available today on PlayStation 3 and Steam, free for a limited time

Skullgirls Encore is receiving its second DLC character today. Big Band, the giant, instrument wielding warrior, can now be downloaded on Steam, and will hit PlayStation 3 later today.

This new fighter will be available as a free download for a limited time, so be sure to act now. Some additional content new to Skullgirls Encore will also become available today, including a brand new stage, character tutorials, and story mode.

Content prices will increases once the promo period concludes.

You can check out the Skullgirls Encore Big Band announcement trailer after the jump.

Rico Suave explains Sanford Kelly stick throwing incident, Alex Jebailey talks about Iron Galaxy Studios, CEO 2014

Jason24cf conducted a few more interviews at PAX East with RG|Rico Suave and Iron Galaxy Studios' Alex Jebailey.

Rico Suave explains what happened during the EMP|Sanford Kelly stick throwing incident at NLBC a ways back, breaking down how the match was progressing and what lead to that happening.

Rico also notes that Abel is a very psychological and reads-based character, and while you can still play him more textbook, he likes to play the character based on his opponent's tendencies.

In the next interview, Jason speaks with Iron Galaxy Studios' Alex Jebailey, and he discusses what it's like working for the new company, along with what the plans are for CEO 2014.

Hit the jump to view both interviews.

Civil War 6 results, stream archives feat. Ricky Ortiz, RayRay, Smug, Zeus, Unkn0wn, Flux, DJ Huoshen, Arturo Sanchez & more

Updated: This story has been updated with final results for multiple games.

This weekend, we have Civil War 6 going on in Richmond, Virginia, with a lot of players present to fight for that first place prize.

The games featured at the tournament include Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us, King of Fighters 13, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Killer Instinct and more.

The event will feature players such as EG|Ricky Ortiz, CTRL|RayRay, PIE|Smug, PIE|Zeus, CTRL|Unkn0wn, CTRL|Flux, DCB|DJ Huoshen, TS|Arturo Sanchez and more.

Hit the jump to view our coverage.

Rolento, Hugo, Abel, Oni, tons of Ibuki, and more: Hours of Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage

Readers continue to send in every bit of Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage they can find, and today, we've got quite a bit for you all to enjoy.

There are two videos here containing over 2 hours of footage from the Japanese arcade version of the game.

The first video features a ton of Ibuki action, as she fights in every match. The second video has a bit more character variety, and includes characters such as Hugo, Rolento, Yun, Yang, Oni, Abel, and more.

Hit the jump to view the Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage.

Chun-Li is underrated in SSF4 AE v2012 says Valmaster, one of Europe's top players

Zombiebrian, head moderator here on EventHubs and long time contributor to the FGC, recently caught up with Valmaster after his win over Ryan Hart at Hypespotting 3 in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

Valmaster plays one of the rarest characters to see in the SSF4 AE v2012 tournament scene, Chun-Li, and many people regard him as one of the better players around with that character.

Zombiebrian asked Valmaster a number of questions about Chun-Li's overall power, and he expressed that he felt she was an underrated character, but still not very strong. He feels she's simply good.

He also covers subjects like her bad match ups, upcoming tournaments and more. Hit the jump to read the entire interview.

Is the rivalry between Daigo and Nuki set to be reignited? Over 3 hours of Nuki vs. Daichan and Naruo's Ryu footage, comments from Daigo and more

Back in the day, the rivarly between MCZ|Daigo and Nuki was at a legendary level in their home country of Japan. This rivalry has yet to be reignited in the Street Fighter 4 era, since Nuki hasn't been as serious with the game as he'd been with older titles.

About a month ago, however, we ran a story saying that Nuki seemed keen on returning to fighting games more properly again.

Today, we have a single-match video of Nuki facing off against Naruo's Ryu embedded, but we've also included links to NicoNico where you can find over 3 hours of footage where Nuki brings his Chun-Li out against Daichan and Naruo's Ryu.

Since this footage was recorded a few weeks ago, it seems fitting to assume it played some part in Nuki's recent victory against Daigo in their one-match exhibition at the Ultra Street Fighter 4 launch event.

Hit the jump for the video, the links to the 3 hours of footage, Daigo's comments on Nuki's recent activities and some information regarding the upcoming Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Tournament of Legends event.

Major League Baseball star Hunter Pence has a pretty sick Green Arrow in Injustice: Gods Among Us

IGN's Destin Legarie recently sat down to play a few games of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and with him he had a special guest opponent. Major League Baseball athlete, and outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, Hunter Pence stopped by to get in some matches.

Despite devoting his life to being an MLB star, it seems that Pence has clocked in a great amount of time playing Injustice. As you can see in the following footage, the Giants' outfielder not only has a solid understanding of the game mechanics, but also has a pretty sick Green Arrow.

Not only that, but Pence mentions in the video that he enjoys watching Injustice streams in his spare time. It's always a treat to see people in other specialties enjoying fighting games and taking the time to acquire the knowledge.

Hit the jump to see Hunter Pence square off against IGN's Destin Legarie in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

K-Brad: I might not play Cammy anymore, I might play Decapre; That mask? I'm ready for it - SCR champ talks EG sponsorship, character choice, and more

Lone Star Gamer caught up with the SoCal Regionals 2014 champion, Kenneth "EG|K-Brad" Bradley, over at Texas Showdown last week. During their conversation, K-Brad discussed a wide array of topics including how he went about scoring his newly acquired sponsorship, character choice, his experience at ESGN TV's Fight Night, and more.

On the subject of his main character, K-Brad states that he actually liked Cammy much before she was considered top tier in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012. Although he's since made a name for himself using the blonde rushdown fighter, he mentions that he may actually be dropping Cammy in exchange for Decapre once Ultra Street Fighter 4 hits. "I might not play Cammy anymore; I might play Decapre because, that mask? Decapre in that mask? Oh my god, I'm ready for that!"

He also discusses his time at ESGN TV's Fight Night in Berlin, Germany. The Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 show featured numerous top-level competitors, and during his time there, K-Brad felt as though he wasn't quite on their level of skill. Upon returning home, K-Brad buckled down and practiced every day, which he feels led to his victory at SCR 2014.

There's much more included here, so be sure to hit the jump and check out the video interview.

Daigo, Tokido, Bonchan, GamerBee, and plenty more: Tons of new Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage

With the arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 in Japan, the footage keeps flooding in.

First up, GAMEacho has uploaded a little over an hour and a half of USF4 action. Featured in the video are a plethora of different characters, stages, and players.

Additionally, Warren Patten was able to capture numerous top player matches, off-screen, from the Taito Station arcade in Japan. Some of the players you'll find here include MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Tokido, AVM|GamerBee, Bonchan, and more. Although you can't see Daigo, Tokido, and Bonchan in their respective videos, (due to them being on the other side of the arcade cabinets), you can still see that the level of play here is quite high.

Hit the jump to check out more Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage than you'll know what to do with.

A lethal double perfect from Marn shows that UMvC3 is actually a one player game: Check out this clip from his match against CJ Showstopper

RG|Filipino Champ sent EventHubs a clip from his most recent Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 stream in which esteemed Zero player, Marn, showed off a bit of what he can do.

During a set against CJ Showstopper, one of NorCal's great UMvC3 players, Marn managed to score not one, but two perfects in a row. With his trademark Zero on point and Vergil/Strider to back him up, Marn made sure that CJ Showstopper was never able to land even the smallest hit for two games straight.

Many have joked that when the right characters are on screen, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 becomes a one player game. After watching this video... I think those jokes may be more truth than anything.

Hit the jump to see the clip.

'Since Japan is getting the same amount of time with Decapre as us, she is going to be very strong factor at EVO' - Justin Wong talks USF4

EventHubs correspondent Jason24cf was recently able to catch up with Evil Geniuses' Justin Wong over at PAX East 2014. In this interview, justin discusses Ultra Street Fighter 4, the addition of EG|K-Brad to the team, the Topanga World League, and more.

With Ultra Street Fighter 4 already playable in Japan, many players have been concerned with the head-start that their competitive scene has been given. Justin says that their advantage doesn't only lie in being given the game first, (as Street Fighter titles are always first released overseas), but also in the fact that Japan's competitive community is stronger, in general.

Wong added that, luckily, Decapre is not yet available in Japan. He states that since Japan will be getting the same amount of time with the 5th Ultra Street Fighter 4 character as the rest of the world, Justin feels that she will be a "very strong factor" at EVO this year.

Hit the jump to check out the video interview.

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