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Nana and Popo haunting the newest Smash Bros.? Remnants of Ice Climbers discovered in the 3DS version

While it's commonly known that Ice Climbers were removed from the Smash Bros. roster due to the 3DS's hardware limitations, a recent glitch in the handheld version has now revealed remnants of the cut characters.

Gema Yue recently discovered that when you play as Villager and KO two Dr. Marios simultaneously with 100% damage, the game will begin chanting and praising none other than Nana and Popo.

Destructoid tried replicating the glitch, but found that the chant correctly matches Villager. Whether this was fixed for the U.S. release or a hoax remains unknown.

Check below to watch the original footage.

'It's Pretty Awesome' - Maximilian's official verdict on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS in this video review

While Maximilian is hardly a pro Smash Bros. player, he knows quite a bit about fighting games in general. As such, in his review of the new Super Smash Bros. game, he manages to approach it both from a casual and a competitive aspect, and the verdict seems solid for both factions.

If you want to hear everything Maximilian has to say about the game, then fret not. We have the full video embedded right below.

Taunt an A rank Hugo, suffer the hard-hitting comeback! Khanniball takes on Chris, Brentt, and more in this USF4 spotlight

Olympic Gaming returns with another astounding Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight. Tonight we're giving DS Khanniball's wicked Hugo his 15 minutes of fame, (well, about 13:40).

Unlike a traditional highlight reel, this compilation features full-length matches that are meant to show newcomers, intermediates, and even the pros a thing or two about USF4's monstrous grappler. And Khanniball definitely delivers the goods here.

There are a number of high-level techniques being put to use here, including the kara EX Ultra Throw. One of this writer's favorite moments comes after Chris, most known for his frequent placings at Wednesday Night Fights, decides to taunt Khanniball after scoring a stun. Let's just say, don't ever feel yourself too early.

Check out the full player spotlight below, and let us know what you think of Khanniball's Hugo in the comments below!

Stage Ultras confirmed for Killer Instinct - IGN walkthrough also covers all of Maya's colors, new UI and command list

Yesterday, we posted the official reveal trailer for Killer Instinct's latest addition, and the second character launched for Season 2, Maya.

If you're curious about more of the stuff she's capable of, then you're in luck. IGN have posted a Maya walkthrough which also details some new Season 2 stuff, such as stage-based Ultras. Additionally, we get to see all of Maya's colors in-game, along with her full command list.

We've also included a separate IGN video which has some regular match gameplay of the character. Find them both below, including screenshots of her colors and move list.

Click images for larger versions

Pepeday vs. Jayce the Ace: Ultra Street Fighter 4 first-to-10 results, archive

Earlier this morning, YBK|Jayce the Ace and FGC|Pepeday went head-to-head in a first-to-10 Ultra Street Fighter 4 battle. With Jayce having defeated TKD 10-1 in an exhibition, Pepeday felt it was time to avenge his fellow Fuerte player.

There was a bit of trash talk leading into this bout, as seen in an interview released by Yubiken that features both players.

Pepeday is coming straight off of his 1st place win at Tokyo Game Show 2014, where he defeated Bonchan, the EVO 2014 runner-up, in grand finals. Jayce was also quite active at TGS, where he squared off against MCZ|Tokido in an insanely close first-to-5 set.

Below you will find the stream archive for this match, along with results.

Raiden's new X-Ray attack looks like it comes right out of Injustice! Check out his updated, bone-shattering attack in Mortal Kombat X

The folks over at NetherRealm Studios have been uncharacteristically quiet since they unveiled the release date and inclusion of Goro in their upcoming fighting title, Mortal Kombat X. If you're looking for that MKX fix, though, today we've got something to tide you over until the next big reveal.

New gameplay footage was shot over at EGX in London -- a gaming convention that concluded this past weekend -- and in it we get to see an updated version of Raiden's X-Ray attack.

The new sequence is much more cinematic, as the Thunder god launches his opponent into the sky, gives them a quick electrocution, zaps them further with lightning, then finishes the attack with a bone-shattering knee to the spine.

The first thing that came to mind when I first saw this new X-Ray attack was, "SHAZAM!" For anyone who played Injustice: Gods Among Us, (or took a quick look at this story's banner), you'll find that Raiden's updated MKX X-Ray attack shares some similarities with Shazam's Super.

You'll find the new Mortal Kombat X Raiden footage after the jump.

Xian's Poison brings the hype against GamerBee in the Saigon Cup's FT5 Grand Finals set, don't miss this incredible long set between masters

At first, this set looks like a match from the RZR|Xian we're used to seeing, where he uses his signature character Gen, who he won EVO 2013 with, but before long, he decides to change his strategy up against AvM|GamerBee, and goes over to his new flame, Poison.

While RZR|Xian has definitely played Poison publicly before, this is a really good set to show what the character is capable of, as he goes up against AvM|GamerBee, one of the world's best, who is using his main character Adon, and making one hell of a match out of it.

At Saigon Cup, the Grand Finals were played as a FT5 set, with RZR|Xian on the winner's side, and AvM|GamerBee on the loser's side. Hit the jump to check out the action.

Hugo's Super completely whiffs on Rose, Cammy, and Chun-Li when confirming from Clap - Ultra Street Fighter 4

Earlier today we were sent a quick Ultra Street Fighter 4 clip that shows off a peculiar occurrence when Hugo tries to confirm his Super after his Clap.

When Hugo goes for his Super on a crouching Rose, Chun-Li, or Cammy, the first hit of the attack is subject to whiffing completely.

For Rose, if Hugo hits any version of his Clap and cancels into Super, she will fall out of the combo. For Cammy and Chun, however, this only happens when Hugo confirms from LP Clap.

The Super will still connect fully if you hit a light punch or light kick before cancelling, but that deals a bit less damage. Still, any Hugo player out there should be very careful when confirming into this attack, as it may leave you open for a big punish and may even cost you the game.

You can check out the clip below.

Daigo vs. Nemo, Justin Wong; Tokido vs. Jayce the Ace; Mago vs. Mike Ross - Relive the Mad Catz exhibition matches from Tokyo Game Show

Apart from a 64-man single elimination Ultra Street Fighter 4, over the weekend at the Tokyo Game Show, Mad Catz also arranged for four exhibition matches between some of the most popular names on the competitive circuit: MCZ|Daigo vs. BE|Nemo, MCZ|Daigo vs. EG|Justin Wong, MCZ|Tokido vs. YBK|Jayce the Ace, and MCZ|Mago vs. Twitch|Mike Ross.

If you've missed the exhibition matches, fret not, for the Mad Catz team have worked extra hard after disassembling their booth at the end of the Tokyo Game Show to upload the moments on their YouTube channel, so you don't have to scroll through an entire day's stream archive just to get to the moment you want to see.

Check out the four Mad Catz exhibition matches, embedded below.

Xian wins Saigon Cup 2014, currently #11 in Capcom Pro Tour standings; results, archive ft. Gamerbee, Marn, Humanbomb, Leslie and more

Saigon Cup 2014, Vietnam's major fighting game tournament and a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event, happened earlier today in Ho Chi Minh City.

Several notable players -- RZR|Xian, AVM|Gamerbee, MRM|Marn, and Singapore's Sagat king Leslie -- attended the tournament to duke it out for the championship title at Saigon Cup 2014, as well as those much-coveted Capcom Pro Tour ranking points, which could lead to them earning qualification rights into December's Capcom Cup.

In fact, as of this moment, due to his win at Saigon Cup 2014, RZR|Xian will be listed as the #11 player on the official Capcom Pro Tour standings, once the results for the Vietnam tournament have been updated on the tour's official site.

This means that he has made it, for the first time, into the list of top 6 players for consideration into this year's Capcom Cup, outside of the players who have already qualified through a Premier Event -- but that list is subject to change as other players earn more ranking points at various tournaments around the world.

AVM|Gamerbee, with his second-place victory at Saigon Cup 2014, has also made it into that list of top 6 ranking points players, coming in at #10 on the overall list.

Full results for Saigon Cup 2014, as well as the stream archive available below; the top 8 playoffs start at around 02:45:00 in the stream archive.

Nemo: 'Justin Wong is the one player I respect on a whole other level than the rest' - the accomplished UMvC3 & USF4 player explains why

BE|Nemo is one of the most respected fighting game players today. A great deal of players in the FGC look up to him.

And a whole lot more paid attention to him after his recent win at West Coast Warzone 4 with Rolento, his very narrow defeat at the hands of Filipino Champ in a UMvC3 first-to-20 at the same tournament venue, as well as convincingly beating MCZ|Daigo in a first-to-5 exhibition match last weekend at Mad Catz's Tokyo Game Show event.

MCZ|Daigo, of course, also gave huge props to BE|Nemo in his recent Reddit AMA interview.

But even the most respected people in the world must have people that they look up to.

In BE|Nemo's case, there's actually a humongous list of such people he respects, but only one particular person he looks up to on a completely different level from the rest -- Evil Geniuses's Justin Wong.

Mike Ross took Hugo!? Mago selected Yang?!? Highlights of USF4 TGS exhibition between these two competitors

Mike Ross and MCZ|Mago had an entertaining first to 5 exhibition yesterday in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and we wanted to look back at some of the highlights you may have missed.

Ross shocked many people by picking Hugo instead of his typical main, E. Honda, in this set, but Mago had a surprise of his own, choosing to go with what many are saying is his new main, Yang, instead of Fei Long, which he's ran for the last several years.

Ross opened strong in this set, with a lot of very clever reads, which did massive damage to the low stamina Yang. Here are a few early highlights in animated form.

Click images for animated versions

Nemo makes quick work of Daigo, scores 5 Perfects, and more: Watch the world's best Rolento do work in this USF4 highlight reel

If you haven't had the opportunity to witness the spectacle that is BE|Nemo's Rolento in Ultra Street Fighter 4, then today is your lucky day.

DaBeast has compiled some of the greatest footage of the mercenary in action, toppling top-level competitors in various major events.

Among his victims is none other than MCZ|Daigo. We get to see Nemo pick Umehara apart with high-flying mix-ups, and eventually score a stun with a very tricky fuzzy guard set up (as seen in this story's teaser).

Not only that, but five different clips in this compilation show Nemo scoring the five golden letters on players such as Keno, FRQ|FilipinoMan, and more.

Prepare to witness the devastating power of Nemo's Ultra Street Fighter 4 Rolento.

'Mario feels like the strongest character in the demo,' 'Mega Man is fairly weak' - EventHubs discusses Super Smash Bros. 3DS in today's Round Table

First and foremost, I'd like to give a huge thanks to SummerUndercover, Wintry, and Nyoro for providing the EventHubs team with Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes. This Round Table wouldn't have been possible without you, so thank you! We very much appreciate it.

Now, on to the crux of the matter. Today we return with another EventHubs Round Table discussion focusing on Super Smash Bros. 3DS and the demo that was recently sent out to select Club Nintendo platinum members.

How do the 3DS controls feel for Smash Bros.? Do the initial demo characters seem particularly strong or weak? Will Smash 4 be payed as competitively as Melee once it is officially released? We address all that and more in our latest Round Table.

Below you will find EventHubs' answers, along with our impressions of the game so far. Please feel free to answer the questions as well, and let us know what you think!

Weird tech: Juri's ground fireball can be punished by aerial grab UCs (Hakan, Zangief, T. Hawk, Hugo) in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Weird but true: Although Juri's Fuhajin fireball release is, for all intents and purposes, a ground-based projectile attack (as opposed to Akuma, Rolento and Ibuki's aerial projectile moves), for a couple of frames during the MK and HK versions of the move, she's actually considered airborne -- and can be punished with aerial grabs accordingly.

So for instance, after blocking the first part of Juri's MK or HK Fuhajin, Hakan can begin buffering the motion for his anti-air Ultra Combo 2 move, and hit the three kick buttons if he sees Juri follow-up with the projectile release part of the move to punish it during the airborne frames.

T. Hawk and Hugo can even punish that move from a distance, as their aerial grab specials and Ultras travel a good distance forward on the way up, as you'll see in EventHubs user TheFlyingGrayson's video below.

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