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Sony director confirms first patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PlayStation 4 being submitted tomorrow

The PlayStation 4 release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 dropped earlier this week and unfortunately, the next-gen port came riddled with bugs and issues. Players everywhere have been wondering when we'll see an official update to address these problems, and although Capcom and SCEA are currently looking into the matter we haven't heard anything concrete from either, until now.

Gio Corsi -- who is listed as the "Director of Third Party Production & Developer Relations for Sony PlayStation" on Twitter -- has taken to the social media outlet to assure players that a patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 is on the way. According to Corsi, a patch is being submitted tomorrow. Judging by the tweet, we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out the specifics of this first patch, but it's to know that fixes are on their way sooner rather than later.

Submitted by nightmaresteam.

Mortal Kombat X gets another stage Brutality, and yes, it involves Blanche

The latest Mortal Kombat X patch has been unleashed upon the masses, and this update adds a number of balance changes, bug fixes, compatibility for some new costumes, and more.

Among the added content comes Mortal Kombat X's another stage Brutality. As the headline reads, it involves Blanche (the old women interactable in the Outworld Marketplace stage).

Today we have footage of the new Brutality in action, and according to the video's description, you must use all three interactables to finish off your opponent using Blanche. Throwing an old woman into someone so hard they explode is... farfetched, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

Check out the new stage Brutality after the jump.

Updated: Originally, this story reported that the Blanche Brutality was the first stage Brutality in the game. A couple of our readers pointed out that the first can actually be performed in the Dead Woods stage.

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USF4 leads the pack for Combo Breaker registration numbers, Mortal Kombat X in hot pursuit

Taking place this weekend in Chicago, Illinois, Combo Breaker recently put out their pre-registration numbers for the games they're running this year.

In what shouldn't be a surprise to most, Ultra Street Fighter 4 stayed the top dog in terms of numbers, but it was trailed very closely by Mortal Kombat X, and it's even possible it will get overtaken by this title once emergency registration numbers are tallied.

There's been a great turnout so far in terms of numbers, likely heavily buoyed by the pot bonuses for Mortal Kombat X and Killer Instinct.

You can find a full rundown of the numbers below, along with the official trailer for the event.

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'UMVC was my main game... it's time to move on' - Filipino Champ discusses his plan to focus games other than Marvel and Street Fighter

A recent tweet by Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 legend Ryan, Filipino Champ, Ramirez disclosed that he would not be focusing on his strongest game for this year's EVO. A fairly bold statement, in tandem with F-Champ's confident style, though no one would be all too surprised to see him still take UMVC despite not practicing. The logical question that follows such a statement: "What will F-Champ be doing with his time? Is he planning on moving away from competitive fighting games, or just shifting his approach?"

We reached out to the Marvel champion to get a few answers, and he kindly obliged us. Hit the jump below to see what he said.

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Momochi: 'Mago is free, Daigo is one of the reasons I play Ken' - Stunfest 2015 video interview

'Mago is free, Daigo is one of the reasons I play Ken' - Stunfest 2015 video interview

In the current version of Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ken is widely considered a character who's highly viable in the competitive scene. In fact, BE|Nemo would even go so far as to call Ken a top five character.

So it's no surprise then that EG|Momochi -- a player who intends to make 2015 his year -- is sticking with Ken.

But for Momochi, that's not really the top reason why he's chosen to play Ken.

Speaking to French blogger Looping Showgame at Stunfest 2015 this past weekend, Momochi revealed that one of the main reasons he's decided to main Ken has to do with Daigo -- and it's got nothing to do with the Ken vs. Evil Ryu match-up.

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A fireball reflect, a speedy teleport and a slide that pops up? Velociraptor's analysis of the Street Fighter 5 Bison trailer

Something, something Tuesday...

Bison officially joined the cast of Street Fighter 5 today and there's quite a bit to talk about in regards to his trailer. I've isolated a handful segments to take closer looks at in hopes of getting a better grasp of everyone's favorite dictator's potential.

I have a few quick notes before we look at his specific moves. First off, his hair is a light, perhaps white color. I'm assuming this is to show age, though with Bison, that may be irrelevant... you know... since he dies and gets new bodies. Not sure that this trailer offers any real indicators of where in the Street Fighter timeline SF5 lands.

Secondly, many of Bison's moves turn his opponent purple, seemingly with Psycho Power. This may or may not have significance, it's not uncommon for certain moves to electrocute or set characters ablaze, this may just be a similar effect. In any case, let's jump to the moves in the trailer.

Finally, we see Bison flash yellow when he performs some of his enhanced attacks. My question here is, is this something that has just been recently added to the game, and is common to all characters now?

Pop Up

One of the first things to catch my eye in the Bison trailer is this new, pop up move which sees Psycho Power erupt from the ground and sounds like it hits three times:

Click image for animated version

It looks like he combos into it and launches Charlie up into the air. The big question from here is, "can Bison continue to juggle after this?" It's very hard to tell from the trailer because we don't actually see Bison recover from the move. If it's not a launcher, it may be a low attack meant to be used in low/high mix ups.

Hit the jump to see more.

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Evolve or Die... Aria shows off her moves in her brand new Killer Instinct trailer

The trailer for Aria, the final character of Killer Instinct's Season 2, is finally here for us to see.

The cybernetic warrior stands in what looks like a skyscraper stage as she states her intents and purposes. She then moves to fight a collection of the KI cast, showing off her special moves and assists in the process.

She will be available for the Ultra edition on May 29th, Combo Breaker edition on June 2nd. Check out a few images from the trailer below: {% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 34 0 as gallery34 %} {{gallery34.showgallery}} Hit the jump to see the Aria trailer.

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Capcom releases M. Bison's official screenshots for Street Fighter 5

Capcom released a handful of glamour shots for the newly announced M. Bison in Street Fighter 5 today.

While you've probably watched the trailer a good four or five hundred times like us, these shots are a tad nicer than anything anyone has ripped from the video.

What's more, though they depict Bison fighting Charlie, they're not all straight from the trailer itself... so technically they're new. Take a look at the first three below:

{% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 26 3 as gallery26 %} {{gallery26.showgallery}} Hit the jump to see the rest!

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Blanche's second Brutality is a geriatric gore fest...

With the update patch a few days ago, Mortal Kombat X received a new Brutality featuring everyone's interact-able stage grandma, Blanche.

What we didn't realize was there is a whole second Blanche Brutality, which you can execute by holding down when you finish your opponent.

While the first was satisfying enough, the second brings about a whole new level of ridiculousness and hilarity that syncs up perfectly with Mortal Kombat's brand of shock humor.

We don't feel quite as bad throwing the poor old woman around anymore, now knowing that she has a a violent and brutal nature of her own. The icing on top of this new finishing move is certainly the battle cry Blanche makes as she finishes off your opponent for you.

Hit the jump to check out the senior slaughter.

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CEO will feature a playable demo for Street Fighter 5

During the stream for Combo Breaker, a special announcement was made in regards to Community Effort Orlando next month.

Attendees of CEO will have access to a playable demo of Street Fighter 5. This will be the first time the game has been at all made available to the public.

As of right now, Ryu, Chun-Li, Charlie Nash and M.Bison have been announced for the game. This is an incredibly exciting announcement for Street Fighter fans as the upcoming SF5 is one of, if not the, most highly anticipated Street Fighter games of all time.

No further details have been released at this point, but we will keep you updated should any specifics be revealed.

Hit the jump to see the announcement trailer.

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Ermac can drain an infinite amount of meter from the opponent in Mortal Kombat X

Welp, it wasn't long until someone discovered what appears to be another meter glitch involving Ermac in Mortal Kombat X.

Last month, Ermac had the ability to gain one stock of meter using only one attack in his Spectral Variation. Now, Ermac can infinitely drain an opponent's meter at the expense of one of his own stocks of meter in the Master of Souls Variation.

After hitting the opponent with a Soul Ball, then an EX Soul Ball, the opponent's meter will begin to drain at a steady rate. The meter will continue to drain until Ermac lands another hit on his foe.

This could potentially be abused in actual matches, as Ermac players could simply block and/or run away until the opponent's meter is completely gone. We hope to see a patch for this soon.

Check out the video showing off this strange phenomenon.

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Tanya officially playable in Mortal Kombat X on June 2nd

Ed Boon, Creative Director at NeatherRealm Studios and creator of Mortal Kombat, has tweeted Tanya's official release date.

Owners of the Kombat Pack will be able to play Tanya as of June 2nd. Those who haven't purchased the Kombat Pack will have to wait another week until June 9th before she'll be available.

Tanya is the third DLC character after Goro, who was available after the game's initial release, and Jason Voorhees.

Hit the jump to see Boon's tweet.

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'Tis but a scratch!' Jason lives up to his undead reputation, even after losing his head and legs in this funny Mortal Kombat X glitch

One of Jason's variations in Mortal Kombat X, Unstoppable, allows him to come back after being knocked out. When he goes down in this variation, his body gets struck by lightning, his remaining meter is deposited into his health bar and gets up to fight again.

It seems as though developers may have not taken this into account when they created the Brutality mechanic, which allows a character to perform a kill move as their final hit in a match.

We're not sure if this applies to all Brutalities, but we have video of both Raiden and Kenshi killing Unstoppable Jason only to have the maimed killer get back up.

The game doesn't actually continue and the aggressors are both awarded the victory. Jason just kind of stands there awkwardly as if to say, "Well, what happens now?" The real question falls along the lines of whether or not you should be able to Brutality Jason before he is revived in this variation.

Hit the jump to see the videos.

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Karin was hidden in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, gore was removed from Street Fighter Alpha 3 and more

There's so much stuff hidden in the files of Street Fighter series and vs. Capcom titles that it would be impossible to cover it all in this story, but one of the more interesting tidbits is that Karin was actually partially created in the Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter arcade game.

While Karin's head looks like the one that debuted in Street Fighter Alpha 3, you can see her body is actually almost identical to Sakura's sprite, except for the boots. {% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 27 0 as gallery27 %}

Karin hidden in MSHvSF, gore removed from SFA3 image #1

That's not all, as some gore was censored out of SFA3, Zangief had a backflip in Alpha 2 and there were some... unique hidden characters in some of the vs. games, you can see our rundown below.

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Demon Jax, Bane-like Torr and Kung Lao with a mask and claw? Check out this early concept art for Mortal Kombat X

We have some intriguing concept art from the development days of Mortal Kombat X.

We've had some time with the game now, and we've gotten somewhat used to the appearance of MKX's cast. It's interesting to see what might have been, and what still could be, that developers tossed around when initially creating these characters.

Take a look below at some of the early iterations of Liu Kang, D'Vorah, Cassie and others: {% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 30 6 as gallery30 %} {{gallery30.showgallery}} Hit the jump to see more.

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