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Update: Ono's tweets hints about PAX Prime and TGS; Capcom's Tokyo Game Show 2015 adds Street Fighter 5 to their official lineup

Update" Yoshinori Ono has tweeted about a "funny plan" that the SF team is putting together for Tokyo Game Show: Hit the jump to see Ono's tweet about PAX Prime.

Earlier: Today we learned that Street Fighter 5 has been added to the official Tokyo Game Show 2015 line up. Not only will the game be playable for attendees, but it will also have its own stage and live stream.

Our fingers are crossed in hopes to see some kind of new reveal for the game. Yesterday, the official Street Fighter Twitter dropped a very enticing hint as to a possible future character.

Tokyo Game Show will take place September 17th to 20th, and features an exciting lineup including Resident Evil 0 and Monster Hunter Stories amongst other popular titles.

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Daigo forgets the team pose, but then gives Ogawa a run for his money in this incredibly close set at the Toshin-Gekitotsu team exhibition

MCZ|Daigo is most prominently known for his standard-setting Street Fighter play, but The Beast has also been known to venture into other games' territories from time to time.

Daigo has been dusting off his Guilty Gear game, and at the Toshin-Gekitotsu team exhibitions, he faced off against this year's EVO champion for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, Ogawa.

Showing his fighting game fluency is certainly not restricted to Street Fighter alone, Daigo presents the head honcho of Guilty Gear with more than competent competition.

Was the effort enough to actually dethrone the king? Watch this hilarious GIF from the event, then hit the jump to watch the set.

Click image for animated version

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What to expect from the PlayStation 4 port of Ultra Street Fighter 4

There was a bit of a delay from initial intentions, but Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be living the rest of its Pro Tour life on the PlayStation 4. As the PS4 is now the new standard, many players have begun the transition to the next generation platform.

Others haven't had a chance to dive in yet, and so we've taken some time with the game on PlayStation 4 to jot down any notable differences, good and bad, from the previous iterations.

The first note, which we're excited to be able to make, is that overall, the game looks and runs more smoothly than before. It was built for the previous gen consoles, and so we're not expecting lifelike graphics, but edges do look a little smoother this time around.

Offline play runs just as good, if not better than before. We hit all of our links pretty consistently, so this port should be viable for tournaments moving forward. Having said that, there are certainly still some hiccups in the less integral parts of game play. Hit the jump to read on.

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R. Mika's Street Fighter 5 move list revealed

R. Mika's move list has been discovered floating around the PAX Prime floor, and we've managed to grab an image of it

Below you'll see the grappler's full move set. In step with Combofiend's claim at E3, none of her command grabs are 360 motions, but half circles instead.

Also, her V-Reversal is called "Peach Gator," but you can, and we all will, still call it "The Stunner."

Click image for larger version

Image source: badatgames.

'Online tournaments are the future of the FGC' - Alex Valle offers predictions for tournament play in the scene

Technology is ushering the fighting game community towards the next generation of consoles and connections. As this happens we begin to turn our heads, with bit more optimism, toward network play. How long until we reach a level of online play that's regarded as an acceptable determinant of a player's skill?

The Capcom Pro Tour will see out the remainder of the current season with Ultra Street Fighter 4 being played on the PlayStation 4. After that, Street Fighter 5 will do the same. Mortal Kombat X is currently only available on the latest generation consoles, Smash 4 is exclusive to Wii U and Killer Instinct to Xbox One.

LU|Alex Valle has been a part of the scene since the early days of arcades, and has progressed through the evolution of fighting games with a notable flexibility that has allowed him to remain at the forefront of tournament organization.

Valle has offered us his input on the ever changing world of tournament play.

"Online tournaments are not prominent right now, but they're the future for the FGC. Local scenes are not accessible in many regions around the world, so players have to play online to rush people down."

There's plenty more to be said, hit the jump below to see it.

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Chun-Li has a 'head stomp cancel' in Street Fighter 5 that creates low-to-the-ground air Lightning Legs and high pressure

The worldwide Street Fighter 5 beta test is still currently running and with it, tech continues to be discovered.

In Street Fighter 5, Chun-Li can perform her Lightning Legs in the air. Only the light kick version drops down fast enough to allow for a quick air pressure tactic, but the hit/block stun on the attack isn't much, making its usefulness questionable.

StreamFighters figured out what they are referring to as a "head stomp cancel" which allows for Chun-Li's medium kick Lightning Legs to behave much like the aforementioned light kick LL technique. By performing a tiger knee motion from the ground, then hitting down before the MK, Chun will seemingly cancel out of her head stomp attack and transition into Lightning Legs in almost a kara fashion.

You will see in the video that this set up has a ton of utility and can lead into full combos or pressure when the opponent is blocking.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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New footage of Combofiend's R. Mika in Street Fighter 5 shows interesting set ups, resets, and more

The latest build of Street Fighter 5 was featured at PAX this past week, and on Saturday the Capcom team dropped by the BAIT clothing store in Seattle to give those not attending the convention some time with the game.

Luckily, Khaos Gaming was on the scene and managed to score a direct-feed recording of Combofiend's R. Mika in action.

Facing off against a Birdie player named Harrison, Combofiend demonstrates a number of new Mika techniques such as a corner reset, Critical Art set ups, and much more.

Check out the footage after the jump.

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'I expected a difficult match against Momochi, since he had both skill and luck on his side' - Infiltration recounts his EVO experience in comic form

What's better than reading an EVO interview with Infiltration? How about reading that interview in a comic format? This creative approach is the handy work of an artist by the name of Kenarious.

In this interview, Infiltration discusses the origins of his gaming career, his approach to fighting games in general, his EVO 2015 opponents and more.

From the frustrating match against AVM|Gamerbee, to the incredibly close set against EG|Momochi, Kenarious documents each portion with illustrations, thus bringing a welcomed twist to the traditional interview.

We've collected a good portion of the interview for you to see here. Click the jump below to get started.

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Jacqui, Kano, and more reportedly getting buffed, 'news and klues' to be shown - Kombat Kast returns this coming Monday

The last Mortal Kombat X Kombat Kast broadcasted showed off Tremor -- the final DLC character in the first Kombat Pack. This was over a month ago...

Today, NetherRealm's various Twitter accounts, including MK co-creator Ed Boon and Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown, announced that the Kast would be returning this coming Monday, and according to them this stream will be jam-packed with good stuff.

A new Mortal Kombat X patch with balance changes is on its way, and we can expect to see some of the alterations demonstrated / discussed during the upcoming Kombat Kast. Boon, Lansdown, and the official NetherRealm Studios Twitter account report that Jacqui, Kano, and the sun god (Kotal Kahn) will be receiving buffs in the next patch.

Boon doesn't go into specifics about Jacqui, merely telling fans of the character to "rejoice." However, Kano will be receiving a new combo extending popup attack and a new move is being added to Kotal's arsenal. Obviously, these reported changes don't make up the entire list of patch notes, so we'll be seeing more buffs and nerfs next week.

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Ed Boon's recent tweets pique our interest as he makes nods toward Terminator, Alien and Bo' Rai Cho in Mortal Kombat X

With the slew of cryptic tweets in the past week or so, Ed Boon has Mortal Kombat X fans on edge as we wait and hope for new content.

A few more tweets in recent days have had fans inching ever closer to the edge of their seats in anticipation for a second Kombat Pack. Perhaps the strongest of these references comes from the tweet below: Apparently Nether Realm Studios has had thoughts, at some capacity, about including the Terminator. This isn't where it stops though, hit the jump to see the tweets regarding the two other possible future fighters.

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The new 1.05 patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PlayStation 4 fixes display bugs, audio issues and more

With the Capcom Pro Tour season to finish out, developers continue to fine tune Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the PlayStation 4. We've come quite a long way since USF4's initial release on Sony's PS4, but there are still a few wrinkles to iron out.

The 1.05 patch has been released for download, and is a 556.6 MB update. This patch features audial and visual changes within the game's many menus, but does not contain any alterations to any of the 44 characters' game play.

You can view the changes in the image below:

1.05 Ultra Update image #1
Click images for larger versions

Thank you to XxTigerheartxX, Kira665, and PersonaUser for the submissions.

Don't look under the bed... Dogura and Eita freak out when they experience the terror of Five Nights at Freddy's

Recently, a few of our favorite fighting game players from Japan took a break from their usual beat em' ups to experience the horror game phenomenon that is Five Nights at Freddy's.

For those unaware, Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) is a first person horror game that features possessed animatronic figures that pop out to jump scare the user when they fail to solve the game's puzzles correctly.

We normally see players like Dogura and Eita only as they engage in intense tournament matches. Under such circumstances, they often appear fairly stoic, which can help a player maintain their center while playing.

In this video however, we get to see view players in a much more relaxed light. Watch as they traverse the haunting halls of FNAF 4, and collectively react with hilarious outbursts of pent up anxiety. You'll find the video after the jump.

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Enjoy 20 minutes of continuous Vega footage in Street Fighter 5

Despite a small amount of Vega footage getting out, extended playtime of the Street Fighter 2 veteran has remained somewhat elusive.

It looks like a player known as "Tuxedo Kidd" had the forethought to gather twenty minutes of continuous Vega gameplay. While it's off-screen, the quality of the camera is good enough that it doesn't hamper your ability to study Street Fighter 5's latest addition.

Be warned, though, that there's some strange editing choices here and there, including a Pokemon spoof at 2:58 and what looks like a pseudo-interview with former Evolution champion MD|Luffy and his fiancée that's difficult to hear over the loud music.

Nonetheless, it still contains a good portion of Vega, so make sure to watch it below if you're interested in getting some extended study time.

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GamingSins exposes a TON of inconsistencies, cheesy sequences and other hilarious mistakes in the Mortal Kombat X story line

Insanely cool and powerful characters taking on other equally cool and powerful characters in a death match? That's great. Said characters getting beat down by inexperienced newbie characters just for the sake of making a less-than-perfectly-thought-out story line work? Sinful.

GamingSins has gone through the Mortal Kombat X story and nitpicked just about each and every example of lazy writing, mismatched fights and unexplained happenings.

Mortal Kombat X is one of the most entertaining and successful games of the year, and we're not debating its status as such in the least. Still, it's pretty fun to sit back and play the role of the nit picky critic sometimes.

You'll see the video after the jump below, and just as a warning, the language and gore are a little bit NSFW at times.

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Street Fighter 5's M. Bison scores crazy damage - This 70% combo will leave your opponents stunned

While we certainly know Street Fighter 5's damage can be quite high, we've never seen such a large damage combo without using a critical art. UM Tyrant shows us how it's done with a 70% combo using the tyrant himself, M. Bison.

The combo is off of a jump in, and uses two meters to reach stun, as well as Bison's V-Trigger throughout. At the end of it all, it uses three meter for 644 damage (70% on Cammy), and is sure to make it's mark on would be opponents.

With a large amount of the game's elements being combined for this combo, it gives us an interesting look into the potential Bison may have, especially while in V-Trigger.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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