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Ono explains why there's no arcade release for Street Fighter 5

Ono explains why there's no arcade release for Street Fighter 5

An arcade release and Street Fighter are something that has went hand in hand for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the financial hits the arcade industry has taken through the years isn't something businesses have been able to shake off — even in Japan.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono was recently asked why Tekken 7 is receiving an arcade release, and why it isn't happening for Street Fighter 5.

"The Japanese arcade isn't what it used to be," explained Ono.

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'[Zangief's air grab] is godlike; it's better than Guile's in SF2' - Snake Eyez shares his early Street Fighter 5 Zangief impressions

Back in October, RhodyJIN managed to catch up with Red Bull's own Darryl S. Lewis, better known in the community as Snake Eyez. The top-level Zangief player in both Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo had quite a bit to say after trying out his main character in Street Fighter 5.

Up front, Snake says that Zangief has a very different feel than past iterations. With shorter normal ranges and a lariat that doesn't really anti-air that well, he feels that the new Red Cyclone is actually more of a brawler than a grappler, taking advantage of the up-close scramble rather than playing footsies.

He went on to comment on the impressiveness of one move in particular: Zangief's air throw. Apparently, it's pretty great.

"That is godlike. Out of all the fighting games I've ever played, that's the best air throw he's had -- a character has had," Snake Eyez explained. "It's better than Guile's air throw from Street Fighter 2 and if it's better than Guile's, it's better than everyone else's."

There's more to this interview, so be sure to hit the jump.

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How have Chun-Li's looks evolved in Street Fighter 5? We take a closer look at the various releases

Street Fighter 5 is a game still actively in development, but one character who has been with us since it was announced is Chun-Li.

We wanted to take a closer look at the work Capcom has been putting into the game, all the way from the initial trailer/unveiling, to the 2nd beta build of the game.

Chun-Li, in particular, has received a number of changes, and we've compiled several galleries showcasing how her look has evolved between versions, starting with her intro pose, which Capcom has added different camera angle into the latest build.

Chun-Li intro pose gallery of changes image #1 Chun-Li intro pose gallery of changes image #2 Chun-Li intro pose gallery of changes image #3 Chun-Li intro pose gallery of changes image #4 Chun-Li intro pose gallery of changes image #5
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to continue.

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LPN shares his top four characters in the current build of Street Fighter 5

With special access to the Capcom HQ build of Street Fighter 5, Long "pH|LPN" Nguyen has spent quite a bit of time getting to know the characters in their updated states.

Today he brings us the final two tier sections on the list, A+ and S tier, presenting his top four characters in the game thus far.

Beta users will be interested to scope out the list to see any changes that may have happened since the time the game was available online just a few weeks ago.

Hit the jump to see who LPN thinks are currently the strongest characters in SF5.

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NuckleDu's cockiness levels are over 9,000 as he terrorizes SoCal with his tear of tyrannical tournament taunting

With a top eight finish at EVO 2015, multiple major tournament victories and a reserved slot in this year's Capcom Cup leading to back to back appearances, Liquid|NuckleDu surely has garnered himself a few bragging rights.

Not only is Du one of the best Ultra Street Fighter 4 competitors in America, he's also one of the youngest. As one might expect from a more youthful player, Du enjoys the occasional showboat spree from time to time.

During his recent trip out to Southern California, Du participated in both the iBuyPower Cup and Wednesday Night Fights, winning them both. It wasn't enough to simply win, as Du turned the showboating up to 11 against a few of SoCal's best players.

Click on Horatio Caine to get a quick glimpse of what this was like:

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Mad Catz, Evil Geniuses, Red Bull or Razer? The results are in; see who you voted as the strongest team in the FGC

Update: We've closed our poll, and you can see who the EventHubs readers have chosen after the jump.

Earlier: As the FGC gets more corporate attention, we've seen some incredibly strong teams form.

With Razer's recent signing of Infiltration, there's been quite a bit of buzz about how strong Team Razer has become. Naturally this leads to discussion about Team Evil Geniuses, Mad Catz and even Red Bull.

We've set up a poll for you to give us your feedback on who you think is the strongest team right now. Taking into account size, diversity in strengths and overall accomplishments, who do you think has the strongest Street Fighter 4 representation?

Hit the jump to see more details on each team, and to vote for your favorite.

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Daigo loses 7-0 to Kazunoko at Topanga League; find out how and why in our in-depth analysis

As Topanga A League closes in on the final days for this year, we're seeing the absolute cream of the crop facing off.

Today, MCZ|Daigo took on Kazunoko in a first to seven set, and lost in seven games. For clarity's sake, the final score was 7-1, as Daigo was automatically awarded a win for placing higher than Kazunoko in the previous Topanga round.

Seeing as Daigo is argued to be the greatest Street Fighter player in the world, we had to stop and take a closer look to see exactly how Kazunoko pulled off this incredible feat.

We've gone through the archives, analyzing how and why The Beast, who is known for his adaptation in set play, wasn't able to take a single game in this bout.

Hit the jump to get started.

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Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals results ft. Xian, Bonchan, Nemo, Poongko

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The whole year has been building up to the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals, with nine different qualifiers having taken place to bring together the best of the best.

The lineup is nothing to scoff at - In this round robin, you'll get to see RZR|Xian, RB|Bonchan, Nemo, Qanba|Xiao Hai, Poongko, Kindevu, Misse, MOV and Qanba|Dakou fighting it out to get that spot in the Capcom Cup finals in December.

This is a two-day event, so there's a lot of action to go around. Hit the jump to check it out.

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Capcom cites joystick compatibility and frame rate issues as reasons for unifying Street Fighter 5's platforms

Capcom cites joystick compatibility and frame rate issues as reasons for unifying Street Fighter 5's platforms

Capcom is hoping that Street Fighter 5 is able to unite their part of the fighting game community. Yoshinori Ono, who's a corporate officer, and head of their consumer games development division 2, recently spoke about the company's change in approach with the new game.

"In previous titles we'd say 'we're having a tournament' and it's like 'which version? Is it PC, Xbox, PlayStation? Which joystick should I bring? Which frame rate should I practice in?' It was all over the place.

"We wanted to have it be one place to play Street Fighter," said Ono through a translator on GamesRadar.

These were just some of reasons why Capcom made the decision to have SF5 only available on the PS4 and PC, and Ono elaborated further.

He said that Sony provided them with community building support, in addition to technological support and advice.

Ono noted that Sony helped them achieve their goals, giving them an all in one place where the community and everyone else can play together.

LPN shares the next five characters on his Street Fighter 5 tier list

We're back with another portion of Long "pH|LPN" Nguyen's Street Fighter 5 tier list.

Today we examine the heart of the list, checking out the five characters that make up the "A" and "A-" sections of his list.

Though he's thoroughly invested the game whenever possible, Long has made this list from his experiences with the Capcom HQ build of the game.

After today, we'll have nine of the thirteen characters accounted for. As a reminder, Long doesn't imply any specific order within each tier class, meaning just because a character is presented first doesn't mean they're necessarily better.

Hit the jump to see the list.

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King of Fighters 14's character select screen may have already been shown in the first trailer, and it looks like it has 48 fighters

This past weekend, we here at EventHubs ran a story that showed a quick look at the graphical improvements King of Fighters 14 has gone through between its first and second trailer. Taking a closer look at Kyo's character model, we can see that the game is definitely becoming more detailed.

ATRyoSakazaki has gone a step further, creating a video that shows clear-cut instances where you can see the improvements between trailers. Not only are the character models being touched up, but the stages are also becoming more robust.

You can check out a handful of screenshots below that show the comparisons.

King of Fighters 14 graphics / char select image #1 King of Fighters 14 graphics / char select image #2 King of Fighters 14 graphics / char select image #3 King of Fighters 14 graphics / char select image #4 King of Fighters 14 graphics / char select image #5 King of Fighters 14 graphics / char select image #6

What's even more interesting, though, is that the first King of Fighters 14 teaser trailer may have slipped a very quick shot of the character select screen right past us.

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No one likes to be called an online warrior, even though everybody leveled up with online play - Valle talks about network play's importance

Very few people in the FGC have the kind of resume that LU|Alex Valle has built up over the years. From being one of the world's best fighting game players, to running tournaments and hosting high production streams, there's little he hasn't tackled, earning him the nickname Mr. Street Fighter Himself.

Valle recent went in on Twitter discussing how many players in the FGC leveled up their play online, but that no one likes being called an online warrior, and how this attitude and perception could be hurting out scene.

Whether or not you agree with Valle, there's no denying this is an interesting discussion. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments below, however you feel.

You can find Alex's stream of dialogue below.

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PC mods bring Nadeshiko, Evil Ryu and Shadow into the Street Fighter 5 fray

Over the years, we've seen hundreds of PC mods ranging from the Street Fighter 4 series to the last two Mortal Kombat games. Today, however, we have something a little bit different.

PC Best Mods has uploaded footage of the very first Street Fighter 5 PC mods we've ever seen. Using the last beta phase as the base, these mods bring Nadeshiko (R. Mika's partner), Evil Ryu, and Shadow from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter into the mix.

Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #1 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #2 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #3 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #4 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #5 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #6
Click images for larger versions

While Evil Ryu and Shadow are simple recolors of their heroic doppelgangers, Nadeshiko's in-game character model has actually used in place of R. Mika, giving her all of the wrestler's moves.

You can check out a handful of videos showing these slick Street Fighter 5 PC mods in action.

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Ono calls idea of having different versions of Street Fighter 5 characters interesting, isn't something that we'd see within the next year

Eurogamer recently held an interview with Yoshinori Ono that brought about some very interesting details about Street Fighter 5. In particular, Ono found the idea of different flavors of each character to be an interesting idea when asked about it.

In Ultra Street Fighter 4, players have the ability to choose between different versions of each character from many different versions of Street Fighter 4. This is similar to the idea of players being able to choose between the turbo version of a character and an "old" version of a character in Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

So far, we have not heard of such a feature even being a possibility in Street Fighter 5. This latest interview may have hinted at the possibility in the future.

Eurogamer: Back to Street Fighter V. You're moving away from different iterations, and you've now got a base platform, which I think everyone's happy about. But something that might be lost - going back to Ultra Street Fighter 4, there's so many different flavours of each character. Is that something you're hoping to have somehow in Street Fighter V?

Yoshinori Ono: It's an interesting question. That's not my entire answer, by the way...

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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator to hit Sony consoles in North America and Japan early 2016

It was announced today that Aksys Games will be bringing Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator -- the latest update in the Xrd series -- to consoles.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users in both North America and Japan will be able to pick up the game in the Spring of 2016.

Revelator takes the fighting system and graphics of Xrd and adds new content such as character balance changes. The game also features a handful of new playable fighters including Johnny, Jack-O', Jam Kuradoberi, and Dizzy.

For more information about Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, be sure to hit the jump.

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