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Mike Ross vs. Combofiend: the 1st Street Fighter 5 real match - watch the stage demo from Capcom Cup 2014 again

A few moments ago Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas and Twitch's Mike Ross took the main stage at Capcom Cup 2014 to play the first ever real match in Street Fighter 5, giving us a taste of what this very early build of Capcom's next-generation fighting game could play like.

Regardless if you're watched the entire Capcom Cup end to end, or are just joining us and have missed the SF5 stage demo earlier today, you'll want to check out this video archive that the official Capcom Fighters YouTube channel has just posted.

You'll want to check it out, watch it over and over, pore over all the details, and let everyone know (via the comments below) what you notice that may give us a better idea as to how this spanking new game plays. For starters, it looks like our assumption that there is guard crush in this game could be entirely wrong altogether.

Where's the guard crush meter? Why does Ryu only have two EX bars whereas Chun-Li has three?

Check out the stage demo below, and let the speculations begin.

NEC 15 results feat. Justin Wong, ChrisG, Pepeday, Snake Eyez, Ricky Ortiz, Smug, PR Balrog, Sanford Kelly, K-Brad and more

Updated: This story has been updated with final results.

Earlier: This weekend, Big E Gaming will be hosting the 15th Northeast Championships, with tons of action lined up for the entire weekend.

Games being played at the event include Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Injustice: Gods Among Us, King of Fighters 13, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, Skullgirls, Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Killer Instinct, Soul Calibur 5, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Project M and more.

As for players who will be attending, you can expect to see EG|Justin Wong, NYChrisG, /r/Kappa|Pepeday, Snake Eyez, PIE|Smug, EG|PR Balrog, SteamCo|CD Jr., EG|K-Brad, SteamCo|Sanford Kelly, MOR|Rico Suave, CTRL|RayRay, FNATIC|Perfect Legend, BE|Abegen, REO, AS|Reynald, LDA|Romance, LDA|Misterio, LDA|Luis Cha and many more.

That's not all, though. This event will also feature the Curleh Mustache Battle Royale, a team tournament featuring some of the finest Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players around - which you definitely don't want to miss.

Hit the jump for the full action.

New Tekken 7 trailer in glorious 60fps 1080p shows adjusted hit sparks, various stages and characters

Bandai Namco Games has uploaded a brand new trailer for Tekken 7 along with the Lucky Chloe character introduction trailer previously shown at the 20 years of Tekken fanfare event to YouTube -- and both trailers are available in stunning 1080p, 60 frames-per-second.

Unlike the previous Tekken 7 trailer, this one shows a more updated build of the game with its hit sparks adjusted; they're closer to the sparks you've seen in past Tekken games now. With that said, it appears that during certain situations or when specific moves like Rage Arts land on a character, the game does increase its hit sparks output.

The new trailer also covers nearly all of the characters announced for the game so far, and shows off several stages in the new-generation fighter.

Check it out below -- and don't forget to tweak the setting in the lower-right hand corner of the video to ensure that you're watching the 1080p60 version of the trailer.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 coming to PlayStation 4 in spring 2014

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in the spring of 2014, but it will not feature cross platform play with PC gamers.

It will have all DLC and costumes available from the start though, and be a console exclusive as far as current-generation systems are concerned.

You can watch the official trailer below.

Street Fighter 5 in silky-smooth 60fps, running at 1080p - watch the gameplay trailer again in stunning hi-res

You've seen the Street Fighter 5 gameplay trailer. Now watch it again in silky smooth 60 frames-per-second, running at a stunning full 1080p. For it just may change your impression of the game.

It certainly did mine. When I first saw the SF5 gameplay trailer, the gut instinct I got was that it did not look that much better from Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Of course, at that point in time I had been looking at a 30fps version of the trailer. Even things as simple as the door at the corner of the stage breaking apart into shards, or Chun-Li getting guard-crushed, look that much more impressive in 60fps.

We've embedded both the 60fps and 30fps versions of the trailer below, so that you can compare and contrast the difference.

Will Killer Instinct make its way to PC? Microsoft currently gathering community feedback

One of the main gripes players have with the third installment in the Killer Instinct series is that the next-gen title is exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox One. Dropping $400+ for a console, a new fightstick, and the game itself is a bit of a tall order, and since the game's release last year, players everywhere have stated that they'd be willing to pick up KI if it were available on other platforms.

It looks like the idea of Killer Instinct branching out of its Xbox One exclusivity may be an actual possibility now. A thread recently went up over on the Ultra-Combo Forum that prompted users to comment on whether or not they'd like to see KI make its way to PC.

Since then, Microsoft Studios' creative director Adam Isgreen has jumped into the thread and confirmed that the MS team has their eye on the community comments regarding a potential PC port.

The Killer Instinct community will surely grow in numbers if a PC port is introduced, especially if Microsoft implements cross play functionality. Needless to say, I'm all for it!

If you'd like to have your voice heard, be sure to visit the Ultra-Combo Forum and cast your vote on "To PC or not PC."

Source: Ultra-Combo Forum. Via SRK. Submitted by maelxich, riotgamer4513, and PlasmaWaffle.

Patch released: 1.04 update and Omega Edition for Ultra Street Fighter 4 available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam

Update: The patch has just been released for Steam on PC has well. PC players, while you update your copy of the game, check out Omega Edition's full command list here, and the list of changes for Ver. 1.04 of Ultra Street Fighter 4 over here.

Earlier: The 1.04 patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 is now available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. This brings in a whole new set of balance changes, adds Omega Edition to the game, and opens up new Ultra trials.

While the game's original trials are still accessible, when you initially access them again, you'll receive a note that they're not compatible with USF4.

When selecting Endless Battle mode, there's now a toggle option to enable Edition Select, which opens up Omega Mode, along with the vanilla through SSF4 AE v2012 characters, who previously weren't accessible for competitors playing online.

The download size for the 1.04 update is 69 megabytes.

Submitted by Zombiebrian, RobbyS, Bunny, Blaze7690 and EstOct101990. Also thanks to Kenshin025 for writing in to let us know that the patch is live on Steam.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Wild Costumes trailer: see the new DLC in motion before you buy

The Wild Costumes DLC packs for Ultra Street Fighter 4 are out!

You've seen the images for what the costumes look like for all 44 fighters -- now see them in motion in this official trailer that Capcom has just released.

If you still can't decide which packs you'd like to buy, maybe the trailer will help; it provides a brief overview of what each separate costume pack contains, on top of teasing just how awesome Ryu looks in his Wild Wolf costume.

Doge would easily give Ryu's costume a two-thumbs-up rating (if he had opposable thumbs, that is).

All characters in Street Fighter 5 will be more unique than ever expected, Capcom feels game will bring fighters into the next era

If you didn't catch the live stream of the Capcom Cup yesterday, you may have missed some of the notable quotes Yoshinori Ono relayed through a translator at the end of the tournament.

Ono expressed optimism that Street Fighter 5 would usher in the next generation of fighters.

"We've been hard at work on Street Fighter 5, and we promise this game, this product, will be the one that brings fighting games into the next era," said Ono, through a translator.

"This will be a huge step for us and our community," he added.

Haunts confirms that Capcom Cup will be 2 out of 3 until grand finals, explains why

While many Capcom Cup Qualifier Events featured a best out of five format for top 8, Capcom Cup itself will ironically stay in standard two out of three until grand finals. This has sparked outrage among some members of the community.

The reason? There simply isn't enough time. A recent Tweet from Haunts yesterday stated, "Capcom Cup is 2/3 until Grand Finals in the interest of time. I did the math and 3/5 all the way wouldn't work. Sorry. :("

Do you think the reduction in matches will detract from the tournament's hype, or will we still see an event that crowns only the best of the best champion? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Haunt's Twitter.

Gen infinite combo discovered in Omega Edition: Ultra Street Fighter 4

Ultra Street Fighter 4 players who are about to head into an online endless lobby for some Edition Select and Omega Mode fun, take note: a Gen infinite has been discovered and it is currently running amok online -- in fact, I just got hit with it myself.

If you go into an Edition Select online match with a player who picks Omega Edition Gen, be mentally prepared for it. Don't freak out. Stay calm, stay focused, and remember: try your best not to get hit.

This is the exact scenario the people's champ Mike Ross faced when he fought against a tool-assisted Abel player online. Thanks to Edition Select and Omega Edition online, you can now experience the same struggle that Mike Ross himself underwent back in that epic online ranked match.

Except unlike with Mike Ross's scenario, you're not playing for Player Points or Battle Points. Since Edition Select and Omega Edition online is restricted to Endless Lobbies only, it's all just for fun. If someone in the lobby keeps abusing the Gen infinite, the host can even boot the bugger.

So how is this Gen infinite combo performed? It's fairly simple -- check out the video below to see how it works.

'Except for Evil Ryu and Yun, I think my characters are even with others present'- ChuChu talks Capcom Cup, online/offline play, and more

The road to Capcom Cup continues on, and tonight we bring to you another interview from one of the event's qualifiers. Eric Moreira Silva, better known as CNB|ChuChu, took the time to talk to us here at EventHubs, and in this interview we discuss his predictions for this Saturday's big tournament, how he feels his characters stack up against the rest, and more.

As you may know, ChuChu secured his spot in the Capcom Cup via the online qualifier events that were held throughout the year. We asked ChuChu how he feels about taking to the big stage, offline, and what he feels it'll be like to face off against some of the most notable players on the scene today.

Below is just the beginning of the interview to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to read everything.

DreamKing: How do you feel about your competitive performance throughout 2014?

ChuChu: I think 2014 was the year I’d had my best performance as a player. I trained a lot and reached several outcomes that satisfied me.

Finally, some high-level Tekken 7 matches - exhibition tournament footage from the 20 Years of Tekken fanfare event

At the 20 Years of Tekken fanfare event (which I've been referring to previously as the Tekken 20th anniversary fan appreciation event), a single-elimination first-to-3-rounds Tekken 7 tournament was held, giving us our first look at what competitive play on Bandai Namco's next-generation fighting game could be like.

For this special event, eight top Tekken players from all over the world were invited to play a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 exhibition tournament for the audience.

These eight players were then entered into the Tekken 7 tournament afterwards at the same event, and they are Nobi, Gen, Take and Tanukana (the lady you see in the image below) from Japan; Saint Saint Saint and JDCR from South Korea; AK from Philippines; and Mr. Naps from America.

Click image for larger version

Check out footage from the Tekken 7 exhibition tournament below.

Next year's Capcom Pro Tour will have a total prize pool of $500,000 thanks to partnership with Sony, Yoshinori Ono confirms

Clarification: An earlier version of this story said that the prize pool for Capcom Cup 2015 is confirmed to be at least $500,000. This is incorrect.

According to Capcom's Associate Director of Brand Marketing and eSports Matt Dahlgren, the $500,000 prize pool is for the entire Capcom Pro Tour 2015 season, of which the Capcom Cup tournament is part of. We apologize for the error.

Earlier: Yoshinori Ono took the stage after the Capcom Cup finals, and confirmed that Capcom Cup will in fact be returning next year, but that wasn't all.

He also noted that thanks to the partnership with Sony, they can make the event even bigger than it already was, and the total prize pool for Capcom Cup 2015 all of the tournaments involved in the Capcom Pro Tour season for 2015 is confirmed to be at least $500,000, meaning that the stakes are even higher next year.

Please look forward to further announcements regarding Capcom Cup 2015 in the near future.

SherryJenix (C. Viper) vs. Mad Titan (Sagat) ft-to-5, Hiro (M. Bison) vs. Brentt (Rufus) ft-to-3 & more - off-stream USF4 matches from NEC 15

Outside of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament at NEC 15 this past weekend, a number of notable players -- also sat down to play a couple of longer sets with each other, off-stream.

Olympic Gaming was able to capture some of those off-stream matches -- specifically, a GG|SherryJenix (C. Viper) vs. KPB|Mad Titan (Sagat) first-to-5, a WNF|Brentt (Rufus) vs. Hiro (M. Bison) first-to-3, WNF|Brentt (Rufus) vs. AG|Native Impact (T. Hawk) first-to-3, and an Ikari_Panda (Abel) vs. AG|Native Impact (T. Hawk) first-to-3 -- and this morning we've rounded them up for your viewing pleasure.

Before we dive into the actual matches, however, here are two great moments from the GG|SherryJenix vs. KPB|Mad Titan set.

Click images for larger versions

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