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Jack-7 revealed for Tekken 7, releases on May 19th in arcades

Jack-7 was revealed as a playable character for Tekken 7 this evening.

He's set to be released on May 19, 2015 in arcades, so if you're looking to get your hands on this popular fighting android, and you have access to an Tekken 7 arcade machine, you'll be in luck soon. Here are some screen grabs, along with his official artwork. {% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 18 0 as gallery18 %} {{gallery18.showgallery}} You can find his launch trailer below.

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Video game input lag - How do Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN and Killer Instinct stack up?

Have you ever noticed that some fighting games feel a bit more heavy/weighty that others? You swear that even though said game is running at 60 FPS, it just feels different than other titles.

Well, the cause of this might be the game's input lag, and the folks at Display Lag have put together another outstanding article exploring just that on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Display Lag crew put in a lot of effort to capture the input lag of Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN and Killer Instinct on their next generation platforms, and their results might tell part of the tale about why members of the FGC feel some titles feel more sluggish than others.

To get right into it, check out the images below. {% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 14 0 as gallery14 %} {{gallery14.showgallery}}

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Sneak peek of Tanya's finishers, along with the Klassic Pack, Brazil Pack, and Klassic Reptile costumes in Mortal Kombat X

Along with a slew of fixes and changes, the latest Mortal Kombat X patch provides a look at Tanya, as well as a peak of the Brazil Pack, Klassic Reptile, and Klassic Pack costumes.

This update is already out for PlayStation 4, and will soon be available for Xbox and PC users.
{% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 20 7 as gallery20 %} {{gallery20.showgallery}} Check out the rest of the costumes and Tanya's finishers below.

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'Perfect execution is the exception, not the rule' - BJ Unchained discusses the dangers of 'The Scrub Mentality' in this exclusive interview

Known for his clutch Cody play, perhaps best highlighted in his match against Bonchan at NorCal Regionals, BJ Unchained has been turning heads as of late in the Street Fighter 4 community.

In a few recent tweets, BJ has expressed some distaste for a common mindset in the fighting game community that he calls "The Scrub Mentality."

This piqued our interests and so we reached out to BJ to see if he had any more to say on the matter. He did indeed, and agreed to an interview. Here's how it played out:

Raptor: You've been kind of going in your Twitter as of late, talking about the "Scrub Mentality." First off, what exactly are you referring to?

BJ: It's a common pattern I see among players who have the desire to get better but are disappointed in their lack of success. "Scrub Mentality" is a detrimental player state that roots from lack of humility. Players who refuse to recognize the harsh truths of their play will quickly find themselves in such state, although they wouldn't admit it.

For example, let's say your last set wasn't too hot and you dropped a lot of important stuff. Instead of "I need to work on my execution in the clutch", a scrub would say "My execution is not good today". This notion that your execution is expected to be flawless and anything otherwise is "just today" is a jaded one, and leads to a perpetual deprivation of addressing real weaknesses.

Hit the jump to see the rest.

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M. Bison still has regular Scissor Kicks in Street Fighter 5, but it looks like they no longer cause a knockdown

If you visited the site over the course of the past couple of days, chances are you may have seen the official M. Bison reveal trailer for Street Fighter 5. Much like all SF5 character introduction trailers, we were given a look at new gameplay footage showing off some of the things the fighter can do in-game.

What was peculiar about the M. Bison trailer, though -- aside from the fact that, for Bison, it was Tuesday -- is that the regular version of this trademark Scissor Kick special move was absent. This left fans wondering if the staple in Dictator's play-style was deliberately omitted from the new Street Fighter title in exchange for an EX-only version, which we did see in the trailer.

Well, the official Street Fighter Twitter account sent out a quick Vine video clip this morning that shows very brief glimpses of Bison gameplay in Street Fighter 5. One of these small clips shows M. Bison executing the regular version of his Scissor Kicks on Charlie, however, it looks as though the special move no longer causes a knockdown.

In the Street Fighter 4 series, all strengths of the regular Scissor Kicks cause a knockdown, making the attack a crucial part of Bison's game-plan. We may be looking at a very different play-style for Bison in SF5 if the attack no longer knocks down. I will say, though, that we're only seeing one strength of regular Scissor Kick in the footage below, and it very well may be that other strengths of the attack do cause a knockdown. This is just speculation on the possibilities, but only time will confirm.

Check out the clip after the jump.

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ARIA has shotguns built into her knees, can call assists, and goes full anime: Let's talk about Killer Instinct's final character

Earlier today, we got our first in-game look at ARIA, Killer Instinct season 2's final boss character. Much like every other character that was released this season, this fighter has some very interesting capabilities.

ARIA is refered to as a "team of characters." She is unique in that she is the only character to have 3 health bars, however, her health is the exact same amount as everyone else's in-game. Instead of having her health split into 2 bars, it is simply split into 3, and you most deplete all three to defeat her.

Click images for animated versions

She has 3 body types: Booster, Blade, and Base. You can switch between types by pressing all 3 punches or all 3 kicks. Each mode gives the Ultratech CEO access to different attacks and traits.

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Mortal Kombat X gets another stage Brutality, and yes, it involves Blanche

The latest Mortal Kombat X patch has been unleashed upon the masses, and this update adds a number of balance changes, bug fixes, compatibility for some new costumes, and more.

Among the added content comes Mortal Kombat X's another stage Brutality. As the headline reads, it involves Blanche (the old women interactable in the Outworld Marketplace stage).

Today we have footage of the new Brutality in action, and according to the video's description, you must use all three interactables to finish off your opponent using Blanche. Throwing an old woman into someone so hard they explode is... farfetched, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

Check out the new stage Brutality after the jump.

Updated: Originally, this story reported that the Blanche Brutality was the first stage Brutality in the game. A couple of our readers pointed out that the first can actually be performed in the Dead Woods stage.

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USF4 leads the pack for Combo Breaker registration numbers, Mortal Kombat X in hot pursuit

Taking place this weekend in Chicago, Illinois, Combo Breaker recently put out their pre-registration numbers for the games they're running this year.

In what shouldn't be a surprise to most, Ultra Street Fighter 4 stayed the top dog in terms of numbers, but it was trailed very closely by Mortal Kombat X, and it's even possible it will get overtaken by this title once emergency registration numbers are tallied.

There's been a great turnout so far in terms of numbers, likely heavily buoyed by the pot bonuses for Mortal Kombat X and Killer Instinct.

You can find a full rundown of the numbers below, along with the official trailer for the event.

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'UMVC was my main game... it's time to move on' - Filipino Champ discusses his plan to focus games other than Marvel and Street Fighter

A recent tweet by Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 legend Ryan, Filipino Champ, Ramirez disclosed that he would not be focusing on his strongest game for this year's EVO. A fairly bold statement, in tandem with F-Champ's confident style, though no one would be all too surprised to see him still take UMVC despite not practicing. The logical question that follows such a statement: "What will F-Champ be doing with his time? Is he planning on moving away from competitive fighting games, or just shifting his approach?"

We reached out to the Marvel champion to get a few answers, and he kindly obliged us. Hit the jump below to see what he said.

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Daigo takes the lead in the Capcom Pro Tour standings; see who else is currently leading the pack

After an impressive win from the Losers bracket at last weekend's Stunfest, MCZ|Daigo Umehara has now jumped up to 514 points, passing /r/Kappa|Infiltration in the process.

Despite a third place victory, Infiltration has been awarded Capcom Cup berth as both Daigo and EG|Momochi had already qualified via previous Premier tournament victories.

Thirty-two players will qualify for this year's Capcom Cup Finals, and they will prepare to pass the half way point of the season as we finish out the month of May. An interesting natural outcome of this year's system, many top players who have already qualified continue to attend, and win, Premier tournaments.

As a result, just as we've seen in Stunfest 2015, we can expect to see third, fourth and possibly even fifth place finishers of future Premier tourneys still securing spots for the finals. This is likely a result of the inflated pot bonuses Capcom has sprinkled the events with.

Hit the jump to see the current top 20 list for the Capcom Pro Tour.

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Johnny Cage as Jean Claude Van Damme? Ed Boon proposes a DLC skin for the Mortal Kombat original character

First of all, it only makes sense.

Mortal Kombat was originally supposed to be a game based on the 1992 film Universal Soldier, starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Johnny Cage was created as a Van Damme spoof since it ended up being the actor's busy Hollywood schedule that made the original game idea impossible to execute.

Johnny Cage has always existed as a parody of the Muscle from Bussels, so really, it's kind of surprising that we haven't seen more JCVD references already. Check out Ed Boon's tweet on the matter: While this doesn't at all confirm that NetherRealm Studios will indeed develop the skin, it puts us in a place to almost expect that it will eventually happen. Mortal Kombat's humorous, Easter egg-laden side would absolutely allow for such a reference. As the tweet mentions, they've already made a similar move in including Carl Weathers for Jax.

What do you think? Good idea or just too obvious at this point? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Ed Boon's Twitter.

A fireball reflect, a speedy teleport and a slide that pops up? Velociraptor's analysis of the Street Fighter 5 Bison trailer

Something, something Tuesday...

Bison officially joined the cast of Street Fighter 5 today and there's quite a bit to talk about in regards to his trailer. I've isolated a handful segments to take closer looks at in hopes of getting a better grasp of everyone's favorite dictator's potential.

I have a few quick notes before we look at his specific moves. First off, his hair is a light, perhaps white color. I'm assuming this is to show age, though with Bison, that may be irrelevant... you know... since he dies and gets new bodies. Not sure that this trailer offers any real indicators of where in the Street Fighter timeline SF5 lands.

Secondly, many of Bison's moves turn his opponent purple, seemingly with Psycho Power. This may or may not have significance, it's not uncommon for certain moves to electrocute or set characters ablaze, this may just be a similar effect. In any case, let's jump to the moves in the trailer.

Finally, we see Bison flash yellow when he performs some of his enhanced attacks. My question here is, is this something that has just been recently added to the game, and is common to all characters now?

Pop Up

One of the first things to catch my eye in the Bison trailer is this new, pop up move which sees Psycho Power erupt from the ground and sounds like it hits three times:

Click image for animated version

It looks like he combos into it and launches Charlie up into the air. The big question from here is, "can Bison continue to juggle after this?" It's very hard to tell from the trailer because we don't actually see Bison recover from the move. If it's not a launcher, it may be a low attack meant to be used in low/high mix ups.

Hit the jump to see more.

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Capcom releases M. Bison's official screenshots for Street Fighter 5

Capcom released a handful of glamour shots for the newly announced M. Bison in Street Fighter 5 today.

While you've probably watched the trailer a good four or five hundred times like us, these shots are a tad nicer than anything anyone has ripped from the video.

What's more, though they depict Bison fighting Charlie, they're not all straight from the trailer itself... so technically they're new. Take a look at the first three below:

{% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 26 3 as gallery26 %} {{gallery26.showgallery}} Hit the jump to see the rest!

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3 Heavy Shoryuken in one combo, trade into Ultra, Ultra reaction to Guy's slide and more - Ken player DudeBag 'Ode to Skill' highlight reel

While Ken is hardly a character we're unfamiliar with, what with EG|Momochi being one of the best in the world right now, and him using Ken almost exclusively for the last few years.

However, there's always good players, regardless of how common or uncommon the character is, that are simply not recognised by the masses. Thankfully, highlight reels like these help expose them to everyone.

In this highlight reel from RnK Clan, RnK|DudeBag blasts through several tough competitors online with some pretty damn stylish moves, and then the video finishes off with an impressive round from an offline set against EG|Justin Wong's Rufus.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

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Perfect Legend teaches Playboy Playmates Mortal Kombat X

It's been a good year for Carl "RZR|Perfect Legend" White as he's gotten sponsored by Razer, the newest installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise, of which he is a world champion, has dropped and now he gets to play video games with Playmates.

On a recent episode of Gamers Next Door, Amelia Talon and Pamela Horton, Miss June 2012 and Miss October 2012 respectively, sat down with Perfect Legend to learn the ropes of Mortal Kombat X.

For those of you that may be suspicious of gimmicks, watching a few other episodes of Gamers Next Door reveals that these two Playmates are indeed into video games on a fairly serious level. In other episodes, they've done reviews, countdowns and exploratory sessions. These ladies know what they're talking about when it comes to gaming culture.

It's nice to see Playboy reaching out to the gaming community in this way. Gamers Next Door is a fairly new channel as it was started in March of this year. If you like what you see, be sure to check them out on a regular basis, no pun intended, to ensure the channel is a success.

Hit the jump to see the video!

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