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Daigo's pride kept him from counterpicking FChamp at EVO; Kazunoko, Bonchan, and Fuudo feel Fuerte is top 10 - AirBehr Chat: season 2, ep. 2

CCG|Air and Behrudy are back with the second episode of AirBehr Chat season 2.

Joined once again by Cross Counter's Gootecks, the three content creators discuss a number of different topics and share some very interesting stories.

At EVO 2014, MCZ|Daigo suffered a loss to Filipino Champ's Dhalsim. Later in the year, The Beast underwent a similar loss to RZR|Xian's 'Sim at Capcom Cup. Many have wondered why Daigo didn't simply counterpick during these matches, and according to Kazunoko and FGC|Pepeday, the decision to stick to his guns lies solely in pride.

Air recalls a moment in time where he talked to the aforementioned Japanese players about this very subject, and they both explained that refraining from counterpicking is part of their culture. In Japan, most feel that pride is more important than victory.

Become a Web Assistant for EventHubs - Application deadline Jan. 30th

Updated: Thank you to all of those that applied. The deadline for applications is Friday, Jan. 30th at noon PST. We're looking over apps now and we'll be contacting people over the next couple of days.

We’re looking for a web assistant to join our technical staff. This is an entry level, part-time position with roughly 16 hours per week commitment needed. Pay will depend on experience.

If you have an interest in learning how to program and how to manage the technical aspects of websites under a full-stack developer, we’d like to hear from you.

Learning opportunities for this position will include:
• Implementing HTML/CSS from Photoshop mock-ups.
• Programming web site functionality in a popular web framework.
• Working in a Unix environment.
• Quality assurance testing techniques.
• Bug tracking.

'How we handle this situation will determine whether Smash 4 will live or die' - Omni discusses Diddy Kong's strength in the newest Super Smash Bros.

"Diddy Kong is the best character in the game... right now."

Omni, a Smashboards moderator, addresses a very relevant issue in the Smash community: How to deal with seemingly overpowered characters.

He explains why Diddy is not as ridiculous as many would say he is, citing multiple strengths from other characters that rival or exceed the strengths Diddy Kong has.

Perhaps the most sobering part of his rant however, is when he addresses the community's reception and reactions to having a top tier character like Diddy. He argues that the game's life will be cut short if the community does not handle this issue in a graceful manner.

After you watch the video, we'd like to hear your comments on the subject. There's plenty to discuss so don't be shy!

Hit the jump to see the video.

Ermac confirmed playable in Mortal Kombat X

The Kombat Kast live stream has just revealed Ermac as the next playable character in Mortal Kombat X.

You can check out a screenshot of him in-game below.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to check out the official Ermac trailer.

'I only have maybe another 20 years working here... how many more games do I have left in me?' - Harada talks future plans; TxSF is NOT cancelled!

Katsuhiro Harada is one of the most recognizable names in the fighting game community today.

Most known for his contributions to the Tekken franchise, Haruda has been hard at work for the past 20 years creating successful titles for Namco Bandai.

Matt Leone of Polygon was recently able to interview the game designer, discussing the forthcoming Tekken 7 along with Harada's potential plans for several other games.

In it, Harada discusses a few upcoming games, a few of which are of the fighting game genre.

First on the list is Tekken 7, the latest in the series that made him famous. He says he's been spending "less and less" time on Tekken recently, because the team working on the series has enough experience to handle it on its own. But he says the team is aiming to make the game more accessible to newcomers compared to previous Tekken titles, and they are tying up a lot of character story threads to bring some closure for the series' 20th anniversary.

Next is Pokken Tournament, an arcade fighting game using characters from the Pokemon universe...

Hit the jump to see more on Pokken as well as Harada's statements on Tekken X Street Fighter and his goals beyond the immediate future.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 occasionally crashes during local play - Beware of the 1.04 bug that's begun popping up in tournaments

There's been a bug sweeping the world of Ultra Street Fighter 4 fans ever since the 1.04 patch was released, and while it won't leave any lasting effects to your game or console, it's most certainly annoying.

What happens is, suddenly during a match, the game will slow down to slow-motion and start a very loud grinding sound. This does not go away unless you exit to the dashboard and restart the game entirely - going to the main menu and back into a new match will not make the problem go away.

This is an issue that's come to light only after version 1.04 of the game was released, and has begun to pop up at a few tournaments, among others, Kakutop League this last weekend. Personally, I also ran into it at a local tournament called King of Sweden during one of IND|Ixion's matches.

This phenomenon has been captured on video, and you can find it occuring during a match between UM|ImStillDaDaddy and GxC|Damascus at the monthly event HYPEdown after the jump.

The Excellent Adventures of ... Tokido and Mago? Watch the return of Momochi's Cody as he joins the MCZ warriors to conduct some online antics

If you thought that Gootecks and Mike Ross were the only ones to try and capitalize on the joys and horrors of online Street Fighter 4, think again - Japan's top players MCZ|Tokido and MCZ|Mago have the same thing going every week at the TopangaTV Twitch cannel.

Lately, EG|Momochi has also been partaking in the fun, and he brought out his long dormant Cody to show some tricks. Follow along as the Japanese master players endure both glorious victory and shameful defeat after the jump.

Omen's Killer Instinct trailer includes a sneak peek at Golem, the next fighter to be introduced in Season 2

Iron Galaxy Studios has released the official character introduction trailer for Omen, Killer Instinct Season 2's bonus character that is given out free-of-charge as an exclusive to players who purchased the Season 2 pack -- the only way you're getting this character is by picking up the value-for-money pack.

The Omen trailer ditches the tongue-in-cheek humor featured in several of Killer Instinct's past character trailers, choosing instead to introduce the new fighter with an ominous vibe and a sinister tone.

You'll also get a good look of many of Omen's special attacks, including a Lightning Kicks move (that under the right conditions can shoot projectiles), and a slide that lets Omen switch sides with his opponent.

Click images for larger versions

Finally, as a bonus, the trailer also teases what appears to be the next fighter who will be introduced into Killer Instinct: Season 2 - Golem.

Ed Boon wants you to guess who the next Mortal Kombat X reveal is based on these hints - says Kiefer Sutherland has zero involvement in game

The master of obscure tweets has returned, as NetherRealm Studios, Ed Boon, left a couple of interesting things on his timeline today for Mortal Kombat X fans.

Most notably there's a video which has a fatality being performed with the screen completely dark, but you can hear all of the sound effects and screams, and many users have already begun to guess at who it could be.

The official reveal will happen tomorrow at 3 p.m. CST on the official NRS Twitch stream.

Boon also tweeted a picture of the late comedian, Bernie Mac, with a question mark, as another hint towards the reveal.

Lastly, Boon disconfirmed Kiefer Sutherland being involved in the new title, as the actor had previously said he was involved with the franchise.

Mew2King officially parts ways with EMP, cites monetary issues as the reason for his departure

Yesterday, EMP tweeted: So the relationship between Empire Arcadia and top Smash Bros. player Jason, Mew2King, Zimmerman was a bit rocky. Unfortunately, things would not get better between the two.

As of today, Mew2King is no longer affiliated with EMP. You can hit the jump to see what he had to say on the subject.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round game play footage featuring new characters, new hairstyles and new costumes!

With the prospect of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round being at EVO this year, we look forward with even greater anticipation to the game's release next month.

Today, we have a preview video filled with 20 minutes of game play featuring the new playable characters Honoka and Raidou. While Honoka plays through part of the arcade ladder, Raidou gets a run through command training where you'll get to see the names of a few of his attacks and what they look like.

The video also shows off some of the new hairstyles and costumes for old favorite DOA 5 characters. Please let us know what you think of them! Which are interesting and which are just kinda meh?

Click the jump button below and check it out!

New Super Smash Bros. has almost 10 million in sales, but do you know which version is close to double the numbers of the other release?

Nintendo recently released their sales numbers for the new Super Smash Bros. games on both the Wii U and 3DS.

Both titles together came in at a beyond impressive 9.58 million, collectively, as of December 31, 2014.

The 3DS release by far had the lion's share of the numbers there, with 6.19 million in units moved, nearly doubling the Wii U's release at 3.39 million, but both numbers are beyond impressive.

We take a look at how these numbers stack up against other recent fighting games below.

Hey FGC! We're in The Wall Street Journal!

The American Dialect Society held its 25th Word of the Year proceedings at its annual conference last week.

For those of you who don't know, 'The American Dialect Society, founded in 1889, is dedicated to the study of the English language in North America, and of other languages, or dialects of other languages, influencing it or influenced by it.' That's the statement of purpose on their website.

Guess which term won the 'Most Likely to Succeed' category?

Salty - 'Exceptionally bitter, angry, or upset.'

Hit the jump to see exactly what they had to say.

The #1 Reason Why You're Not Better At Street Fighter - Gootecks gives some tough-love advice for anyone who wants to get better at fighting games

When people ask me why they can do well online or at home, but then can't perform at the same level in tournaments, I take them through the "Velociraptor Stages of Fighting Game Development" lecture.

It goes as follows:

At first, you can't do your combos for squat. You can't make quick decisions and you don't know how to react to anything your opponent may do. So you practice, and pretty soon you get a handle on all of these things and you reach level one: Training Mode competency.

Now you're comfortable with your character, the space around you and doing your combos in training mode... but not when you play your friends. Eventually, you become familiar enough with the game that you no longer have to think about the small stuff as it becomes second nature. You've now reached level two: Casuals competency.

So now you beat up on your friends and you're hot stuff. Drunk with power, you go to a tournament and are quickly sobered up by the fact that you go 0-2. Why? Because the new pressure of tourney play made you forget all you'd learned. Fortunately, you go through a Rocky training montage and achieve level three: Tournament competency.

Now you're bodying fools left and right... that is until you get on stream. Suddenly, the nerves come right back with a newfound intensity you've never felt before. Thousands of eyes are on you, watching, analyzing, and you know it. It doesn't help that you're playing against a top player who is hitting every combo perfectly while you suddenly forgot how to make the guy on the screen do punchy moves.

The list continues on like this for every new setting with increased pressure until you hit Grand Finals EVO competency. Once you can play there as though you're at home in training mode, you've ascended.

How does one reach GFEC? Gootecks has written a blog on the matter. Hit the jump and see what wise words of wisdom the tournament veteran has to say.

APEX tournament organizer steps down in the wake of harassment allegations

Controversy surrounding the APEX tournament series -- specifically one of its co-owners -- has come to light in the fighting game community this week.

Harassment allegations involving APEX's Johnathan "Alex Strife" Lugo have been made by several Smash Bros. community members, and as of today, the tournament series has made a change in management.

The APEX team has issued an official statement announcing Lugo's departure from the tournament series.

At this time, Alex Strife will be stepping down from his duties at Apex. We will be moving forward with Apex 2015.

As it stands Apex 2015 is the largest Smash Brothers tournament ever and the Apex staff hopes to bring you the best experience we can.

APEX remains the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament on the scene today and will be taking place January 30 - February 1 in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Source: Smash Boards. Sent in anonymously.

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