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Ryu's nifty new parry and Dhalsim's invincible chop attack: An intro to USF4 Omega mode changes ft. Ken, E. Honda, Chun-Li, Blanka, Zangief, and Guile

ComboFiend over on Capcom Unity has shared a glimpse at some of the changes set to appear in Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode.

Tonight we learn about some of the alterations being made to the original 8 world warriors. There are a number of wacky tweaks set to debut when Omega Mode drops, and this writer would be lying if he said he wasn't excited to test them all out.

Below are a couple of changes explained by ComboFiend himself.


Hanagashi: Forward + HP + HK to activate damage-nullifying armor.

Some of you will get it just by looking at the screenshot, but this is pretty close to the parry system from SFIII.

Click images for larger versions

While the move is active and after absorbing an attack, Ryu can use EX meter to deliver a follow-up strike. This gives him another form of defense in addition to the Focus Attack and is sure to completely change up his footsie approach!

Hit the jump to read about more of Ryu's changes, along with Dhalsim's invincible chop attack.

PS3 fight sticks compatible on the PS4!? Next-gen Skullgirls release will have joystick backwards compatibility via custom USB driver

If you are looking at purchasing Skullgirls on PlayStation 4, but didn't want to shell out another $200+ for a console exclusive fight stick, then you're in luck. The next-gen release of Skullgirls will be compatible with PS3 fight sticks by way of a custom USB driver.

Not only is Lab Zero making this cross-compatibility possible, but the company has stated that they will allow other developers to use their PS4 driver in their titles for free. This means we could potentially see PS3 fight sticks used on Sony's next-gen console for more competitive fighting games in the future.

Although Sony is not directly supporting this new software, it was developed by someone who knows a thing or two about the platform. A Naughty Dog programmer named John "Cowboy" Bellomy stepped in to create the driver in his free time because the project "sounded neat," according to Lab Zero.

The following is a statement from Lab Zero's CEO Peter Bartholow, courtesy of Polygon.

Any stick that reads as a Generic USB GamePad or Joystick will work. This covers MadCatz TEs, which are the majority of what the fighting game community uses right now, as well as many other smaller brands and custom options such as the GodLike Controls' Cthulhu boards.

With all the different custom sticks out there, we won't be able to test everything ourselves. So we'll be building out the compatibility list through public testing and listing it online, so people know what will work beforehand.

Desk's new USF4 CMV: an Akuma string that combos into his UC1, Ibuki launches her opponent backwards, extensive Dudley juggles and more

It's only been four days since Desk's previous Ultra Street Fighter 4 CMV, but he's already back with a brand new one -- and we sure aren't complaining!

If anything, we're actually super glad that his latest CMV, entitled "Ultra Combos Red", has a whole lot more to see when compared to his previous one.

Desk starts off this CMV by performing Akuma's infamous HK loop on E. Honda in Ultra Street Fighter 4, which he says is only possible by taking advantage of a number of quirks that may not be apparent at first glance (he's going to document this in a future video).

Other impressive feats in this CMV include a combo in which Ibuki launches her opponent (Sagat) backwards, highly-extended Dudley air juggle combos, landing M. Bison's Head Press and Somersault Skull Diver in a single combo, and an 18-hit Akuma string that leads into his Wrath of the Raging Demon UC1.

Fuudo lists Rose as his main for upcoming Topanga 4-man round robin; will face Tokido, Dashio, and Ninomae in USF4

This weekend, a 4-man round robin tournament is being held to determine which players will secure the final two spots in Topanga's upcoming A League. The line up consists of B League's current 5th and 6th placers -- MCZ|Tokido and Ninomae -- along with #7 and #8 from last year's A League -- RZR|Fuudo and Dashio.

The official Topanga website has just updated with new information regarding this weekend's event. Players are given the opportunity to choose a main and sub character for this tournament, and must stick with these choices throughout. What's interesting is, it looks like Fuudo is running with a new "main chicken" this time around...

As you can see in the banner above, Fuudo has listed Rose as his main for the Topanga round robin. Fuudo's rise to fame came as a result of his stellar Fei Long play, and we most recently saw him compete with his trademark character at the TGS tournament last month, where he was eliminated by Inco before reaching top 8.

Vega freeze bug in Ultra Street Fighter 4 v1.03 to be fixed by year end; Capcom has already pinpointed the cause

It's only been about a week since the Vega freeze bug was discovered in Ultra Street Fighter 4 v1.03, but already Capcom has pinpointed the root of the problem, and is currently working on a fix for it.

According to Capcom's Peter 'ComboFiend' Rosas on the Capcom Unity blog, putting together a fix for the bug will take time, but the fighting games maker expects the fix to be released by the end of the year.

Until then, ComboFiend recomends taking the following steps to resolve the situation, if you should encounter the bug.

GameStart Asia 2014 Ultra Street Fighter 4: Omega Edition exhibition stream archives feat. Daigo and Xian

Update: We've updated this story with YouTube videos highlighting some of the key moments during the stage program -- a quick introduction to some of the eight original World Warriors' new Omega move sets, the Daigo vs. Xian Omega Edition exhibition match, as well as the Daigo vs. The Public matches.

Earlier: Capcom will be announcing new DLC for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on stream today at GameStart in Singapore. We'll post the full details once everything is officially announced.

Also, MCZ|Daigo Umehara and RZR|Xian will be participating in an Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition exhibition match on the GameStart live stream shortly.

The action is scheduled to go down at 12 a.m. PDT, and Capcom's Yoshinori Ono will be showcasing the new mode with the help of Daigo.

You can find the live stream embed below.

Ghandi sits next to you on stream, 3 MorriDooms in your EVO pool, and more - the best of '#FGCHorrorStory'

Halloween is right around the corner, and last week, in the spirit of the holiday, a hashtag hit Twitter that spread across the fighting game community like wildfire. Social media users began sharing their FGC horror stories, and so many people participated, that "#FGCHorrorStory" actually became a trending topic on Twitter in the US.

We here at EventHubs has sifted through the seemingly hundreds of posts to find our favorites, and we share them with you here tonight.

This goes without saying, but many of these Tweets were made in jest. So please keep that in mind before you continue on.

Now! Hit the lights, nestle under the covers, and prepare for the Sp00kiest, spine-tingling FGC stories you'll read all day! Mwuahaha! *lightning strike*

Ono: 'Virtua Fighter is the game by which all fighting games are measured' - the Capcom producer shares his experiences with the 3D fighting series

Last year, Virtua Fighter celebrated its 20 year anniversary. A website was created to honor the milestone, and featured various articles of VF news, video clips, and even interviews from 15 different fighting gaming producers and developers, sharing their thoughts on the 3D series.

These interviews were posted exclusively in Japanese, and luckily, a member of the Virtua Fighter forum by the name of Modelah has been hard at work presenting translated versions of each. There are 6 translated interviews so far, and sitting among the bunch is none other than Capcom's own Yoshinori Ono.

When Ono first got his hands on Virtua Fighter, the Capcom representative was awestruck not only by the giant leap in technology being utilized by the title, but also by the "gimmick-free, bare knuckle" gameplay style. To Ono, Virtua Fighter was fresh and beautifully complex.

"The way the game requires players to build on their attacks to create an offensive flow really shows how deep VF is," Ono explained. "It’s no exaggeration to say that VF is the game by which all fighting games are measured."

He elaborates by saying that in a game such as Street Fighter, players have the ability to cancel attacks into other moves and/or combos. This creates a certain flow to a battle, and although Virtua Fighter doesn't quite operate the same way, it matches this flow with its "attacks into movement and vice versa" style.

Daigo vs. Xian 'Omega Edition' Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition match, Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals match schedule at GameStart 2014

Update 2: The Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals match schedule (4th image) have been updated. As previously some players had as many as five matches in one day, a number of the matches have been shifted.

Update: We've added the full match schedules for the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals to this story. Find out what times your favorite players will be up on stream in the 4th image below.

MCZ|Daigo and RZR|Xian are amongst the eight finalists who will compete in the Capcom Pro Tour Asia finals at the GameStart 2014 convention in Singapore this coming Saturday and Sunday -- but that won't be the only occasion where we'll get to see the two former EVO Street Fighter champs play against one another.

Capcom, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (Singapore branch), will also be holding an "Ultra Street Fighter 4 Showcase & Challenge with Ono Yoshinori and MCZ|Daigo Umehara" on October 25 at 12AM PST (3AM EST, 3PM Singapore time) at the GameStart 2014 main stage, and EventHubs has learned through our sources that an MCZ|Daigo vs. RZR|Xian exhibition match on Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition will take place during the segment.

Apart from Capcom's USF4 stage program and the Capcom Pro Tour Asia finals, an entire slew of activities will be held at GameStart 2014, including a Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- 3on3 team tournament (the game will also be playable at the venue) and meet-the-producer stage segments with SCE Japan Studio's Masaaki Yamagiwa (Bloodborne) and Junichi Yoshizawa (Freedom Wars). Check out the full program schedule below.

100 100 100 100
Click images for bigger versions

ChrisG announces departure from GamesterGear

Christopher "NYChrisG" Gonzales, one of the fighting game community's best Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players, has announced on Twitter today that he will no longer be representing team GamesterGear.

Based on the message he posted earlier, it seems that the split may not have been particularly amiable.

You can check out what Chris had to say on the matter in the Tweet below.

Fantastic new way to find and share information about fighting games - EventHubs moves database coming soon

The launch of the EventHubs moves database is a very short while away, weeks or less, and today we're doing our final preview of the new section.

The moves database represents a brand new way to share and find information about the characters and games we love to play.

Here's what users can expect.

EventHubs moves database features

• Joysticks and games awarded to the best tip submitters via contests.
• Rating systems for moves and tips so that the most useful information is easy to find.
• All games in our tiers area will eventually be supported.
• Detail pages which show properties and alternative names for moves.
• Inputs can be mirrored (for the 2p side) and inputs can be changed to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

In a nut shell, finding and sharing information about your favorite characters will be easier than ever before.

Here's a quick look at the new sections.

Click to see image previews of the sections

In a few of these screen shots, you can see there are sections for combos and frame data, we'll be announcing plans for these areas in the near future, but just like the moves database, you can expect some heavy innovations with these areas.

Daigo may have lost to a Dhalsim at EVO, but he still thinks the character is weak - EventHubs's post-CPT Asia interview with The Beast

EventHubs caught up with MCZ|Daigo for a brief interview after he clinched a victory over RZR|Xian in the grand finals of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia tournament, earning himself a spot in the Capcom Cup 2014 finals later this year in December.

In our interview with The Beast, we asked MCZ|Daigo on his afterthoughts on Capcom Pro Tour Asia, whether or not he agrees with BE|Nemo's assessment of Ryu and Gen being bottom-tier, as well as a couple of questions submitted in to us by you readers (EventHubbers?).

KarbyP: Firstly, congratulations on winning Capcom Pro Tour Asia and qualifying for Capcom Cup 2014. How are you feeling right now?

MCZ|Daigo: I'm feeling very relieved right now. Now that I've managed to make it through to the Capcom Cup finals. Initially I didn't have any plans on attending the Capcom Cup finals, but mid-way through the Capcom Pro Tour -- about two months ago, shortly before the Taiwan qualifier -- I decided to give it a shot.

Since then I've been quite worried about whether or not I'd be able to qualify, so right now I'm really glad that I managed to.

Is Boon hinting at Ermac? Kenshi? Or someone entirely new for Mortal Kombat X

Ed Boon is back with another "kryptic" Mortal Kombat X hint.

Earlier on Twitter, the MK creator posted a photo of two actors performing a new Fatality using motion capture. As seen in the image, the aggressor is attacking from a distance using what appears to be mental powers of some sort.

Click image for larger version

Fans are already speculating that this Fatality belongs to Ermac -- Mortal Kombat's red, telekinesis-based ninja. Others feel it may be the finishing move of Kenshi -- another MK fighter that uses telepathy in his attacks.

Whether Boon is pointing to the return of one of the aforementioned characters or a brand new warrior entering the ring has still yet to be determined.

Let us know in the comments below who you think is the focal point of Boon's latest hint. You can also check out the original tweet after the jump.

Tekken 7 tentatively set for release in Japanese arcades February 2015; new batch of customization screenshots

Bandai Namco Games held an amusement games machine business event for members of the trade and Japanese media at its Shinagawa, Tokyo headquarters earlier today.

At the event, Bandai Namco not only showed off a number of new titles -- such as Time Crisis 5 and Pocket Monster Battle Nine (which I am extremely relieved is not Pokken Tournament) -- but also revealed tentative pricing and release schedule details for Tekken 7 to arcade operators.

Check out the new Tekken 7 screenshots, along with arcade version release and pricing details below.

100 100 100 100
100 100 100 100
Click images for bigger versions

Team Ninja announces Dead or Alive 5: Last Round release date, DLC and the return of an old fan favorite from DOA2

It's official, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will launch early next year on February 17th in North America. Europe will have to wait a few days until the 20th to get their hands on the game.

In the midst of the birth of the new console generation, Team Ninja has decided to support both old and new and has included versions for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The next-gen versions will cost $39.99 while the other two will be $29.99.

Koei Tecmo also revealed that “The Crimson,” one of the most popular stages from DOA2, will make a return in Last Round.

Here we have a few screen shots.

Click images for larger versions

Click the jump to see more shots as well as some game play footage.

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