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Vega's Rolling Izuna Drop, when traded, can freeze his opponent for about 5 minutes in Ultra Street Fighter 4 v1.03

In order to make Vega's Rolling Izuna Drop super connect with opponents when performed against the corner, Capcom had to make some modifications to the way the move worked -- and it appears that those modifications have resulted in this pretty neat (but probably impractical) bug in Ultra Street Fighter 4 v1.03.

When the second hit of Rolling Izuna Drop trades with Vega's opponent, it will freeze him or her in place. According to Momi_777, the Japanese player who found this bug, the freeze will last for about five minutes -- he found that out by waiting for Yun (the character he discovered this bug) to unpause in Training mode. After the character has unpaused, certain moves (like Yun's Dash Punch and Ultra Combo) will no longer be able to hit Vega.

You can see for yourself how this bug works in the first two animated GIFs from the left below. The third GIF shows what happens when you wait five minutes for the opponent to unpause, and the final one shows Yun's Dash Punch and Ultra Combo completely whiffing on Vega at point blank range, after he has recovered from the freeze.

100 100 100 100
Click images for animated versions

Below, we've also embedded an HD video of the bug in action, in case you'd like to take a closer look.

PS3 fight sticks compatible on the PS4!? Next-gen Skullgirls release will have joystick backwards compatibility via custom USB driver

If you are looking at purchasing Skullgirls on PlayStation 4, but didn't want to shell out another $200+ for a console exclusive fight stick, then you're in luck. The next-gen release of Skullgirls will be compatible with PS3 fight sticks by way of a custom USB driver.

Not only is Lab Zero making this cross-compatibility possible, but the company has stated that they will allow other developers to use their PS4 driver in their titles for free. This means we could potentially see PS3 fight sticks used on Sony's next-gen console for more competitive fighting games in the future.

Although Sony is not directly supporting this new software, it was developed by someone who knows a thing or two about the platform. A Naughty Dog programmer named John "Cowboy" Bellomy stepped in to create the driver in his free time because the project "sounded neat," according to Lab Zero.

The following is a statement from Lab Zero's CEO Peter Bartholow, courtesy of Polygon.

Any stick that reads as a Generic USB GamePad or Joystick will work. This covers MadCatz TEs, which are the majority of what the fighting game community uses right now, as well as many other smaller brands and custom options such as the GodLike Controls' Cthulhu boards.

With all the different custom sticks out there, we won't be able to test everything ourselves. So we'll be building out the compatibility list through public testing and listing it online, so people know what will work beforehand.

Filipinoman's tier rankings for Rose in Ultra Street Fighter 4

We continue our top player tier lists today with SoCal's FRQ|Filipinoman and his match ups for Rose. Rose was buffed in this most recent iteration of the SF4 franchise and Filipinoman has certainly shown us she's a force to be reckoned with.

Coming off of an impressive 13th place performance at this year's EVO, Filipinoman has recently risen to the top of the Wednesday Night Fights scene with consistent top 3 placings and multiple tournament victories.

Click on the thumbnail below to head over to the tier list.

Click image for Filipinoman's Rose tier ranking

With an incredible score of only 2 unfavorable match ups, 19 even and 22 favorable, Filipinoman does not downplay his character in the least. At this point, we feel it's only natural one would look to compare rankings with EVO 2014 champion MD|Luffy which you can conveniently do by clicking the link below in our list of USF4 top player tier rankings.

Fuudo lists Rose as his main for upcoming Topanga 4-man round robin; will face Tokido, Dashio, and Ninomae in USF4

This weekend, a 4-man round robin tournament is being held to determine which players will secure the final two spots in Topanga's upcoming A League. The line up consists of B League's current 5th and 6th placers -- MCZ|Tokido and Ninomae -- along with #7 and #8 from last year's A League -- RZR|Fuudo and Dashio.

The official Topanga website has just updated with new information regarding this weekend's event. Players are given the opportunity to choose a main and sub character for this tournament, and must stick with these choices throughout. What's interesting is, it looks like Fuudo is running with a new "main chicken" this time around...

As you can see in the banner above, Fuudo has listed Rose as his main for the Topanga round robin. Fuudo's rise to fame came as a result of his stellar Fei Long play, and we most recently saw him compete with his trademark character at the TGS tournament last month, where he was eliminated by Inco before reaching top 8.

Dee Jay has a 'Force Stand' move that whiffs on crouching opponents - Bafael reminds us why he's the worst character in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Thanks to an extensive and rigorous balancing process, plus plenty of location testing, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the most balanced version of Street Fighter 4 yet. There are now plenty of tournament-viable characters in the playable roster.

But then there's also Dee Jay, who at this point is without a doubt one of the worst characters in the game.

Don't get me wrong; there are certainly players who can still win with Dee Jay.

It's just that there's just so many things wrong with the character at this point that it's both sad and funny all at the same time.

Take, for instance, Dee Jay's close standing HP, which is a move that forces stand, but will actually whiff on many crouching characters at point blank distance.

You'll see that and other sad (and funny) examples of why Dee Jay's so bad in this new video from Bafael, embedded below.

Ono: 'Virtua Fighter is the game by which all fighting games are measured' - the Capcom producer shares his experiences with the 3D fighting series

Last year, Virtua Fighter celebrated its 20 year anniversary. A website was created to honor the milestone, and featured various articles of VF news, video clips, and even interviews from 15 different fighting gaming producers and developers, sharing their thoughts on the 3D series.

These interviews were posted exclusively in Japanese, and luckily, a member of the Virtua Fighter forum by the name of Modelah has been hard at work presenting translated versions of each. There are 6 translated interviews so far, and sitting among the bunch is none other than Capcom's own Yoshinori Ono.

When Ono first got his hands on Virtua Fighter, the Capcom representative was awestruck not only by the giant leap in technology being utilized by the title, but also by the "gimmick-free, bare knuckle" gameplay style. To Ono, Virtua Fighter was fresh and beautifully complex.

"The way the game requires players to build on their attacks to create an offensive flow really shows how deep VF is," Ono explained. "It’s no exaggeration to say that VF is the game by which all fighting games are measured."

He elaborates by saying that in a game such as Street Fighter, players have the ability to cancel attacks into other moves and/or combos. This creates a certain flow to a battle, and although Virtua Fighter doesn't quite operate the same way, it matches this flow with its "attacks into movement and vice versa" style.

Red Fight District 2014 results ft. Luffy, Justin Wong, GamerBee, Valmaster, Ixion, and more

Update: This story has been updated with early results for the final day.

This weekend, Red Fight District is taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a lot of Europe's heavy hitters are there, as well as a few non-European visitors.

The event will feature tournaments in Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters 13, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Killer Instinct, UNIEL and more.

Players expected to take part in the event include MD|Luffy, EG|Justin Wong, AvM|GamerBee, GL|Valmaster, IND|Ixion, UM|ImStillDaDaddy, CDV|Will2Pac, LLL|Emersion, PropBB2|Ettelman, Andreas, LLL|MBR, BCN|Fasoll and more.

Stream duties are being handled by Armshouse and Fight Club NRW.

Look below for live streams.

Daigo vs. Xian 'Omega Edition' Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition match, Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals match schedule at GameStart 2014

Update 2: The Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals match schedule (4th image) have been updated. As previously some players had as many as five matches in one day, a number of the matches have been shifted.

Update: We've added the full match schedules for the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals to this story. Find out what times your favorite players will be up on stream in the 4th image below.

MCZ|Daigo and RZR|Xian are amongst the eight finalists who will compete in the Capcom Pro Tour Asia finals at the GameStart 2014 convention in Singapore this coming Saturday and Sunday -- but that won't be the only occasion where we'll get to see the two former EVO Street Fighter champs play against one another.

Capcom, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (Singapore branch), will also be holding an "Ultra Street Fighter 4 Showcase & Challenge with Ono Yoshinori and MCZ|Daigo Umehara" on October 25 at 12AM PST (3AM EST, 3PM Singapore time) at the GameStart 2014 main stage, and EventHubs has learned through our sources that an MCZ|Daigo vs. RZR|Xian exhibition match on Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition will take place during the segment.

Apart from Capcom's USF4 stage program and the Capcom Pro Tour Asia finals, an entire slew of activities will be held at GameStart 2014, including a Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- 3on3 team tournament (the game will also be playable at the venue) and meet-the-producer stage segments with SCE Japan Studio's Masaaki Yamagiwa (Bloodborne) and Junichi Yoshizawa (Freedom Wars). Check out the full program schedule below.

100 100 100 100
Click images for bigger versions

Dr. Strange, Poison, Nightwing, Cammy, Sub-Zero, and more - cosplay gallery from NYCC

New York Comic Con took place this past weekend, and EventHubs correspondent Jason24cf was in attendance. If you're unfamiliar with Jason's work, he is not only known for his excellent interview/product review work in the FGC, but is also one Hell of a photographer.

Jason has provided us with a hefty batch of exclusive photos featuring some of NYCC's best cosplay. In this gallery you will find a slew of familiar fighting game faces, including Chun-Li, Dr. Strange, Poison, Sub-Zero, and plenty more.

Below are a select few photos for you to check out, but be sure to hit the jump for the others.

Mewtwo revealed as playable for owners of both Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS, will be added as free DLC in Spring 2015

It has been officially announced that Mewtwo is set to appear as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS.

He will be given out to those who own both copies of the game, and can be obtained by way of free download.

Click images for larger versions

Mewtwo will drop in Spring of 2015.

Capcom Cup 2014 to take place in San Francisco on December 13; Yoshinori Ono to make 'special announcements'

Capcom has revealed today the date and venue details for this year's Capcom Cup.

Slated to be held on Saturday, December 13, at the Warfield Theatre in downtown San Francisco, Capcom Cup 2014 will see 16 of the world's best Ultra Street Fighter 4 players slug it out for the title of World Champion, as well as over $50,000 in cash prizes.

The tournament will be streamed live on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel, of course, but if you're able to make it to the venue, you can also catch all of the action live in person. Capcom will announce ticketing details at a later date.

Different ticket tiers for the event will be available. Although details on that will come later, Capcom revealed today that there will be a VIP program tier, limited to 300 tickets, that will include entry to an official after party at the Folsom Street Foundry -- on top of a premium seat at the theatre (which can fit up to 2,300 people), a swag bag, and more.

Other festivities scheduled to take place at the Capcom Cup on December 13 include a live performance by The Megas, Omega Mode exhibition matches, and "special announcements" from Capcom corporate officer Yoshinori Ono (what will he announce -- tell us your best guesses in the comments below).

Here's an official trailer Capcom released today for the Capcup Cup 2014 details, which also gives us a brief look at some of Balrog's Omega Mode changes:

Hiro's tier rankings for M. Bison in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Players continue to come out of the woodwork with Ultra Street Fighter 4 tier rankings here on EventHubs.

Today we take a trip back to the East Coast with Jeron "EMP|Hiro" Grayson's M. Bison list. Hiro has been playing Dictator since the very beginning of the Street Fighter 4 series, and is one of the best M. Bison players here in the US.

Below you will find Hiro's full Bison tier rankings that show how he feels the character stacks up against the rest.

Click image for Hiro's M. Bison tier ranking

You can find all of our previous tier rankings from other notable players below.

Is Boon hinting at Ermac? Kenshi? Or someone entirely new for Mortal Kombat X

Ed Boon is back with another "kryptic" Mortal Kombat X hint.

Earlier on Twitter, the MK creator posted a photo of two actors performing a new Fatality using motion capture. As seen in the image, the aggressor is attacking from a distance using what appears to be mental powers of some sort.

Click image for larger version

Fans are already speculating that this Fatality belongs to Ermac -- Mortal Kombat's red, telekinesis-based ninja. Others feel it may be the finishing move of Kenshi -- another MK fighter that uses telepathy in his attacks.

Whether Boon is pointing to the return of one of the aforementioned characters or a brand new warrior entering the ring has still yet to be determined.

Let us know in the comments below who you think is the focal point of Boon's latest hint. You can also check out the original tweet after the jump.

Chris Tatarian's tier rankings for Ken in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Wednesday Night Fight's Chris Tatarian tells us his opinion on Ken in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Chris is one of the top competitors each and every week at WNF and has been in grand finals nearly every tournament this season.

How does 'the hardest working man at Super Arcade' think his character stacks up against the rest? You can click the pic of Ken below to jump to the tier list.

Click image for Chris' Ken tier ranking

Tekken 7 tentatively set for release in Japanese arcades February 2015; new batch of customization screenshots

Bandai Namco Games held an amusement games machine business event for members of the trade and Japanese media at its Shinagawa, Tokyo headquarters earlier today.

At the event, Bandai Namco not only showed off a number of new titles -- such as Time Crisis 5 and Pocket Monster Battle Nine (which I am extremely relieved is not Pokken Tournament) -- but also revealed tentative pricing and release schedule details for Tekken 7 to arcade operators.

Check out the new Tekken 7 screenshots, along with arcade version release and pricing details below.

100 100 100 100
100 100 100 100
Click images for bigger versions

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