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Tekken 7 arcade intro trailer released, features gameplay footage of new characters Claudio and Katarina

Just last month, location tests for Tekken 7 took place in Japan. A demo for the game was playable via arcade cabinets, and it looks like the introduction trailer is now available online for everyone to check out.

In this video, we're shown quite a bit of new gameplay footage featuring characters such as Kazuya, Dragunov, Xiaoyu, and more. Additionally, Tekken 7's newest characters -- Claudio and Katarina -- also make an appearance in this trailer.

You can check out the Tekken 7 arcade introduction trailer below.

Luffy takes the top spot at Chengdu Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament in China; grand finals set between him and Dark Jiewa

While most of the fighting game community's attention was fixated on Canada Cup this past weekend, halfway across the globe, in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province of China, there was another Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament going on with some very notable players.

One of those players is the current reigning EVO champ MD|Luffy. Other notable players in attendance at the Chengdu tournament included GL|Saunic and Dark Jiewa..

As the entire tournament was streamed on a Chinese streaming site and brackets were not posted online, there's very little information on the tournament to go on. Fortunately, an anonymous EventHubs reader who tuned into the tournament sent us the top 4 results for this tournament, while another reader -- who goes by SAMURAI -- sent us YouTube links to the grand finals match..

Check out the results and the set between MD|Luffy and Dark Jiewa from the Chengdu tournament below.

Win joysticks or Smash Wii U GameCube controllers with adapters by writing about Ultra Street Fighter 4 or Smash Bros. Wii U

We're very pleased to announce our latest contest, to coincide with the launch of our moves databases for Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

To win, all you need to do is leave helpful advice on either section on how to use specific moves, or how to play the characters. Here's an example I wrote for Rose's Soul Spiral in USF4.

Again, the concept is very simple, just leave advice on how to play USF4 or Smash Bros. Wii U. We'll choose the people who submit the best advice — and the more you submit — the better your odds.

For people who leave advice on Ultra Street Fighter 4, we're giving away a Mad Catz (or possibly EightArc) joystick to two different individuals, either for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, we're giving away a Smash Wii U GameCube controller, plus the USB adapter to three different people. Here are links to each section where you can submit your tips.

Click either logo to access the Moves Database for that game

You can find the official rules after the break.

Street Fighter-style gameplay, GGPO netcode, and a 'frame data bar' underneath the health bar - Pocket Rumble Kickstarter project

The folks over at Cardboard Robot Games are working on a project that should be interesting to anyone who's a fan of Capcom fighting games, and they need your help to make this game a reality.

They're working on an indie fighting game called Pocket Rumble, which essentially combines Street Fighter-style gameplay, SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color-inspired graphics, GGPO netcode, and a whole slew of innovative features that aim to deliver the depth and strategy of fighting games without the complex execution required: there won't even be quarter-circle motions in this game.

Is this even possible? While watching the Pocket Rumble's Kickstarter video, at first I was skeptical, too. But the solution that Cardboard Robot Games have arrived at in lieu of the commonplace QCF motions sounds pretty legit.

Other key features in Pocket Rumble include a "frame data bar" underneath the health bar that makes it easy for players to learn the game, hurtbox data in training mode, and the ability to perform moves on the very first frame after you come out of hit-stun or get up from a knockdown by holding down the attack button of your input to make those pesky 1F link combos easier.

Check out the introduction video below.

Kan-Ra's official Killer Instinct season 2 trailer is here, first glimpse of Riptor shown

The time has finally arrived. Those anxiously waiting to see the third Killer Instinct season 2 character in action do not have to wait any longer.

Early this morning, the folks over at Iron Galaxy and Microsoft released the official reveal trailer for Kan-Ra -- KI season 2's third character to be released.

Not only do we get to see some of what this brand new character to the franchise has to offer, but at the very end of the trailer we get our first glimpse at Riptor.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

1st screenshots of Raidou in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, new hairstyles for Mila, Alpha-152, and Tina shown

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine is officially out on newsstands today, and (like we reported yesterday) this week it's giving fighting game fans their first look at Raidou in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, who's one of two new characters being added to this final revision to the title.

Apart from giving DOA fans their first look at Raidou, Famitsu magazine also featured screenshots of some of the new costumes in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round -- specifically, those for Mila, Alpha-152, Tina and Marie Rose.

Check out the images below, and hit the jump for some additional details on Raidou -- such as who revived him -- and the new costumes.

Click images for bigger versions

Moves database beta test for Ultra Street Fighter 4 launched

We're very happy to officially launch the EventHubs move database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 today.

This is a beta launch, so you may notice a few things off, and if you do, please use our handy Report problem or error on this page link you'll find towards the bottom of most pages, or you can use the contact form and choose the tech support option.

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect.

EventHubs moves database

• Moves are sorted by their rating, so finding the most effective attacks for a character are easier than ever.

• Tips for how to use moves/characters can be upvoted and downvoted, so that the most useful information appears first.

• Button inputs can be changed to PS3 or Xbox 360, and directions can be mirrored so that they look correctly when performing them from the 2P side.

• Detail pages for moves show properties like invincibility, if the move is airborne, etc.

• We'll have a brand new and innovative way to look at frame data coming in the future, but for the time being, we're just linking to our old frame data pages.

• All data from the beta will be carried over to the production release.

More details are available below.

Raidou - Dead or Alive 5 Last Round's new male character is the boss from DOA1 with a cyborg twist

Raidou, the final boss from the very first Dead or Alive title, is returning as a playable character in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round with a twist, a Japanese video games magazine is revealing on Thursday.

Although Raidou was killed off by Kasumi after the very first Dead or Alive tournament, story-wise, the character is being resurrected in cyborg form for the final installment of the Dead or Alive 5 series. Voice actor Tetsu Inaba will reprise his role as Raidou in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

A master of the Modified Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu (Tenjinmon) style, Raidou is said to specialize in powerful attacks made possible by his large body build.

According to the early report, the magazine is also revealing this week the game's first-print bonus in Japan: a set of 4 swimsuit costumes for four female characters in the game along with a gravure movie featuring those characters, and a Ninja 2015 DLC costume pack.

Check out Raidou's moves from his appearance in the original Dead or Alive in the video below.

Third new Killer Instinct character Kan-Ra is on his way! Mark your calendars for Nov. 24th!

We've been teased enough, we're finally getting our "not a mummy" character for Killer Instinct!

His release date is just ten days away.

Click image for larger version

Click the jump for info on his back story as well as a few more release details!

Air sends Smug packing, Lap Chi hits FChamp with 4 crazy Blanka balls, and 4DSam's fearless Ryu goes in on Zangief: Canada Cup top 16 highlights

Canada Cup 2014 has officially wrapped up tonight after a weekend packed with incredible fighting game action. The Ultra Street Fighter 4 top 16 was particularly exciting, so we bring to you some of the most hype moments, in case you missed the action.

The first hype moment came from a match in top 16 between 4D Sam's Ryu and Under Night In-Birth.EXE champion Clim's Zangief. At one point during this match, Gootecks stated 'everything I thought I knew about Street Fighter is wrong.'

Sam's very unorthodox style had the crowd's attention and kept it throughout the entire match. From seemingly psychic uppercuts to relentless rush down against Zangief, this match left the crowd hype and the commentators rolling with laughter.

By the end of the match, Mike Ross, with a hint of sarcasm on his tongue, stated that there's a new Ryu Sheriff in town and his skill level surpasses that of even Daigo.

This gif captures the nature of the match all in a few seconds. Six back dashes. One forward dash. No fear...

Click image for animated versions

Hit the jump to see more hype moments from Canada Cup!

Yun has a parry in USF4, and no, this isn't Omega Mode! New tech allows players to absorb attack and go right into light kick

Some new Ultra Street Fighter 4 Yun tech has just surfaced, and this is something you'll definitely want to check out.

When wearing Yun's Summer Vacation costume, his taunt #10 performs a far standing light kick instead of his regular taunt, by way of glitch. MrWaffleSlapper shows that if a player Plinks the taunt from focus attack, it allows Yun to absorb an attack, then cancel into the standing light kick taunt immediately, much like Hakan can do with his normals when oiled.

This light kick isn't special cancelable, but it can be canceled into standing medium punch and converted into combo. The MP actually acts as his close standing MP, meaning he has more hit stun on the attack and can perform similar setups to those that follow his grounded target combo.

With proper execution, this parry could be used in real matches, and BCN|Alioune has already stated on Twitter that he's found a useful option select that utilizes this technique. Still, we'll have to wait and see just how large an impact this makes on competitive play.

So far, we know that this works on the Xbox 360 version of the game, and reports claim that it does not work on PC.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.

Over-sexualization of women, character balancing and staying relevant: Venture Beat talks to Team Ninja about the challenges in DOA5: Last Round

How much work goes into creating a fighting game? Things have changed drastically since the scene emerged 20 years ago.

Nowadays you have to worry about the myriad of other games vying for gamers' attention, making your game stand out, balancing your characters and the list goes on.

Team Ninja sat down with Venture Beat to discuss all the obstacles they are currently facing as they create the final iteration of Dead or Alive 5.

Where will they go with Last Round? One of the biggest questions fans have: Will Ninja maintain their trademark hyper-sexual themes in their female characters? Click the jump to find out.

Mewtwo may be the only DLC character; Sakurai says Nintendo is not working on any paid DLC for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS at the moment

Longtime Smash fans cried tears of joy when Nintendo announced that Mewtwo would be joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a special bonus for gamers who own both versions of the game. It was like a dream come true for many.

But at the same time, fans had hoped that Mewtwo wouldn't be the only such post-release DLC character for the game. This announcement had signaled a brand new possibility -- but it was unclear if Nintendo and the game's director Masahiro Sakurai actually had plans to introduce more characters into the new Smash game in this manner.

Until now, that is.

According to an interview Sakurai did with, at the moment Nintendo does not have any plans on making DLC characters for Super Smash Bros.s 3DS/Wii U. Do you have plans for any additional characters or stages as DLC?

Masahiro Sakurai, Game Designer, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS: I understand that DLC could add a lot to the appeal of Smash Bros., and I appreciate that a major part of the excitement for these games come from which characters will appear in the roster, so I think fans could really enjoy DLC that could keep this excitement going.

$10,000 first-to-5 money match with Gootecks & Mike Ross coaching: Steve Aoki takes on Kid Ink in Ultra Street Fighter 4 for charity

Previously, famed electronic dance musicians Steve Aoki and Borgore played each other in a first-to-5 Ultra Street Fighter 4 set to settle a score, after Aoki called out Borgore publicly on Twitter to face him in digital combat.

The fans wanted to see it happen and so Borgore very graciously accepted, only to fall into the hands of defeat as Aoki managed to triumph over his opponent in USF4 live on the Twitch stream.

Fast-forward to November 2014. There's a new challenger in town -- accomplished American rapper Kid Ink.

According to Kid Ink, Street Fighter is one of his favorite video games of all time, so when he heard that Steve Aoki was challenging artistes to Street Fighter, he knew that he had to be a part of it.

And that's how this Steve Aoki vs. Kid Ink first-to-5 USF4 set came to be. The two played each other for $10,000 (the loser had to donate that amount to the winner's charity) this past Monday live on Twitch, with Gootecks and Mike Ross taking on coaching duties.

Because, you know, since there's ten thousand dollars on the line, Aoki and Ink deserve to have the best in the biz by their side for advice. And, as you'll see in the video below, the Cross Counter duo's coaching turns out to actually be pretty effective.

Sakurai on why Ridley isn't playable in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

Ever since it was revealed that Ridley from the Metroid series would not be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but that he will instead be a boss character on one of the stages, one question has remained lingering in the heads of many Smash (and Metroid) fans:

"Why, Sakurai? Why? You made Lucina and Dark Pitt playable characters -- but not Ridley, who's one of Metroid's most recognizable and distinctive villains?"

It just didn't seem to make any sense. Fans were shown a teaser where you could clearly see shadows of what appears to be Ridley performing a grab on a Pikachu, and there was a lot of debate on whether or not Ridley was likely to be a playable character -- mostly because there were a lot of fans who'd like to see this happen.

But Masahiro Sakurai, the game's director and a man who worked tirelessly to make the game as delightful to fans as humanly possible, chose not to make Ridley playable. Why?

That's the question IGN got to ask Sakurai in an email interview. And surprisingly, the explanation Sakurai gave was very convincing.

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