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Katsuhiro Harada: 'Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development and moving forward; it has not been cancelled'

During the Tekken panel at San Diego Comic-Con today Bandai Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that Tekken X Street Fighter, the company's 3D crossover with Capcom, is indeed still in development. Due to such a heavy lack of news since it's initial announcement back in 2010, many fans have wondered if the project had been dropped.

"It's still in development and it is moving forward," said Harada's translator, Michael Murray.

He goes on to explain that the reason we haven't seen any official Tekken X Street Fighter reveals is due to a tricky marketing situation the company has found themselves in.

"With all of the products that we have, there's that special timing that we need for it to have its own spotlight. So from the marketing side it's kind of a difficult situation. But it is proceeding, it hasn't been cancelled."

Medium attacks aren't safe from an instant Ultra 1! Computer controlled 'KenBot' goes online and terminates the competition in SSF4 AE v2012

Dantarion has created a fully functional and competitive Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 AI. Known simply as "KenBot," the computer controlled Ken reads the game's memory, getting the position of both characters, as well as their current frame by frame action. After studying the game state, KenBot then sends commands back to the game to respond accordingly.

Now on version 2.0, KenBot's reactions are so fast he almost appears psychic. Even medium attacks are met with his instantaneous Ultra 1. In footage of the machine fighting against a Chun-Li player online, you can see him automatically punishing mix-ups and dropped combos in a fraction of a second.

Could KenBot become Street Fighter's Deep Blue? Check below for videos of Dantarion's creation taking on the world.

Interrupting a move that can't be interrupted: Elena can punish Balrog during his true block-string Super in Ultra Street Fighter 4

In Street Fighter 4, a true block-string is a series of attacks that locks your opponent into a blocking state (with block stun) making it so that they cannot attack you during. Some basic combos, Ultras, and even Supers retain this trait, such as Balrog's Crazy Buffalo Super.

Bendermac recently stumbled upon something very interesting involving Elena in Ultra Street Fighter 4. It appears as though the Capoeira fighter is immune to the true block-string quality of Balrog's Super, allowing her to interrupt and punish him during the latter part of his attack.

This is more than likely due to Elena's strange hurtbox, as there have been numerous reports of other attacks not hitting her properly.

Capcom does have a patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 in the works at the moment, so hopefully we will see this corrected some time soon.

Check out the video below.

Daigo unleashes the Satsui no Hadou on Yeb, Pro Fluke, Coach Steve, and more in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches

Bifuteki has just uploaded a series of Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches from EVO 2014.

These bouts feature none other than Mad Catz' own Daigo Umehara as he goes up against any opponent willing to accept the challenge. Although there are a couple of players here that aren't of the highest skill level, we do get to see a few familiar FGC faces compete.

Yeb, the veteran Gen player, Pro Fluke, the exceptional El Fuerte, and BIFU|Coach Steve, East Coast's baddest Blanka, all take a run at caging The Beast.

You can check out the EVO 2014 Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches below.

Luffy: Ryan Hart knows the Rose-Sagat match-up much better than Bonchan does - 4Gamer interviews the EVO 2014 Ultra Street Fighter 4 champ

Like they did with Qanba|Xiao Hai after he won EVO 2014 for King of Fighters 13, 4Gamer caught up with MD|Luffy for a short interview after he accomplished the same feat for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

In this interview -- the first with MD|Luffy after he won EVO, I believe -- the Rose player from France speaks about the tactics he used during his match against RG|Snake Eyez, as well as why he had absolutely no difficulty in his matches against Bonchan and RZR|Fuudo.

He also explains his reasons for choosing to play on a PS1 pad, which has no analog sticks on it whatsoever -- something that has intrigued the mainstream gaming press at large since the moment MD|Luffy was crowned champion.

All that and more in our full translation of 4Gamer's interview with MD|Luffy below.

Google purchases Twitch for $1 billion, reports say deal now confirmed

Google's arrangement to purchase Twitch, the massive live streaming service, has been confirmed today, according to VentureBeat.

In May of this year, word began to spread about YouTube's possible acquisition of Twitch for $1 billion. According to unnamed sources that are "familiar with the matter," the deal has been confirmed as of today and is being handled by Google's YouTube branch.

Google purchased YouTube back in 2006 for $1.65 billion, and it appears as though they will be dishing out another grand sum of cash to take hold of Twitch.

Both companies have decided to stay silent on the specifics of this deal, so the exact amount settled on, among other things, is currently unknown. We will update our story once more information unfolds.

Via IGN. Submitted by FuryofFrog.

The most watched Evolution 2014 grand finals on YouTube is Mortal Kombat 9's side tournament, even more views than USF4 and UMvC3

According to a recent tweet from Ed Boon, director of the Mortal Kombat series, the ninth iteration of the American fighter received more YouTube views of its grand finals than any other game of Evolution 2014.

The YouTube video has more than 260,000 views. By comparison, Ultra Street Fighter 4's footage only has 116,000 views. Even Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, the most live-watched finals of the tournament, rounds out at less than 100,000.

What about Mortal Kombat 9's grand finals made them such a success on YouTube? Check below to watch the footage and find out.

PC Mod: Vanilla Sagat now soft-serve in Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012

Modder JoeBushido has shown a creative new way to view the dreaded Vanilla Sagat. While this PC mod was developed for Arcade Edition v2012, it will make for a fresh take on the classic fighter when Ultra Street Fighter 4 and edition select drop onto PC August 8th.

Below are some images to get you started in a variety of flavors, such as neapolitan, mint, and strawberry. Hit the jump to see video of the Muay Thai master fighting it out in vanilla and chocolate.

Click images for larger versions

Snake Eyez no longer with Revolution Gaming, cites issues with sponsor

According to a recent Tweet, Darryl S. Lewis (Snake Eyez) has chosen to leave Revolution Gaming due to problems with the sponsor.

The Zangief player made a big splash at Evolution 2014 this year by being one of only two Americans to advance to Top 8 before ultimately being eliminated by MD|Luffy.

The sponsorship wasn't a long one, as announcement of his signing with Revolution Gaming only came about on May 16th of this year. Currently there is no word as to whether or not a new sponsor has approached Snake Eyez.

Check below to view Snake Eyez's original tweet.

Capcom releases costume trailer for the retail edition of Ultra Street Fighter 4

Preparing for the retail release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 on August 5th, Capcom has put out a costume trailer displaying the various outfits of the cast. Buyers of the retail version will have access to the entire wardrobe of Street Fighter 4.

Only a handful of characters are shown off in the trailer. Most likely there'll be more incoming as the release of the retail version approaches.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.

Happy birthday to the Street Fighter poster child: Ryu turns 50 today

We have had a number of readers write in to inform us that today is a very special day in the Street Fighter universe.

The wandering warrior and Street Fighter poster child, Ryu, celebrates his 50th birthday today. Now I know that many of your are thinking, "but DreamKing, Street Fighter has only been around since 1987!"

Although you are correct in stating that fact, Ryu's bio from the Super Nintendo port of Street Fighter 2 indicates that he was actually born on July 21, 1964.

Click image for larger version

Fun fact: T. Hawk also celebrates his birthday today.

Via Polygon. Submitted by GothLawyer, zUkUu, Mastr3, and a few anonymous readers.

Street Fighter 4 Producer Yoshinori Ono will be at San Diego Comic-Con – 'May be a surprise or two'

A recent tweet from Ultra Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed he will be at San Diego Comic-Con. Furthermore, the link he provides to Capcom's event page shows both a Street Fighter focused panel along with a general Capcom panel and signing.

While Yoshinori Ono has a reputation for hints, the fact that an hour long Street Fighter panel guest-starring Ono-san has been slated for the convention is bound to draw some attention. Not only that, but Capcom-Unity's website has mentioned there may be a surprise or two in store.

Check below to find out more about Capcom at San Diego Comic-Con along with the schedule for relevant events.

Yoshinori Ono transforms into Hugono at the San Diego Comic-Con Street Fighter Panel - we've got photos!

Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono is known for being an eccentric fellow with a tendency to have fun. In the past we've seen him dress up as Chun-Li, the first lady of Street Fighter, at events, pose with his infamous Blanka toy, and even get the entire crowd to simultaneously Shoryuken.

Today at the San Diego Comic-Con Street Fighter panel, Ono came dressed as someone entirely new. That's right...he's Hugo. There really isn't much I can say here that the photos won't do a better job of saying.

Ono will forever be awesome.

Click images for larger versions

Photos via Michael McWhertor, Yoshinori Ono, Anthony Silva, and Gail Salamanca.

Scientifically-accurate Street Fighter: Ryu and Ken's Hadouken fireballs would have to travel faster than 93mph in real life

In Street Fighter, fireballs are said to be a physical manifestation of a fighter's "Ki" or inner energy, focused intensely onto their palms and then projected forward with great force.

And depending on if you activate the move with the light, medium or heavy punch (or kick) button, the speed at which the fireball can travel may differ. At the slowest settings, some fireballs may even be travelling at the speed of the average pedestrian.

But that's not possible in real life, according to science -- not that we really needed to hear it from them.

According to a group of students from the University of Leicester's Department of Physics and Astronomy who looked into the possibility of recreating the fireball phenomenon in real life, the Hadouken would have to be travelling at a minimum of 93mph for the ball of Ki to ignite into flames and be visible.

How did they arrive at that conclusion?

First-time champions, roaring crowds, and tears of joy - a closer look at EVO 2014's two most emotional victories

EVO 2014 was undoubtedly one of the most emotional events of the year, and quite possibly, ever. We witnessed numerous public displays of emotion as players expressed their anger, exultation, and even sorrow due to the outcomes of their matches.

Two of the most memorable EVO moments were birthed from the conclusion of the Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma and Killer Instinct tournaments, as the grand champions of each game, Garireo and RM|CD Jr. respectively, openly expressed their elation with literal tears of joy.

Many of the viewers in attendance and watching from the comfort of home reacted to these incredible victories with applause. Others, those who may not have truly grasped the amount of dedication and time these players put in to achieve their goal, responded with mockery.

Vince Ingenito, IGN's resident fighting game expert, was in attendance that day and experienced the passion first-hand. He has since put together an excellent piece that analyzes the reasons behind these champions' initial reactions to victory.

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