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Urien to be released next Thursday; Capcom shows off his alternate costumes, new stage transitions, and more

Capcom held a presentation showing the latest Street Fighter 5 build at Tokyo Game Show 2016 this evening. They officially announced that Urien will be released next Thursday, September 22nd (Friday the 23rd in Japan).

A clip from the broadcast has already hit Twitter showing a brand new stage transition in the game. This footage shows Urien knocking M. Bison into the secret room at Kanzuki Estate.

During the next round, Bison still wears the helmet that falls on his head during the transition. In one of the slides below, we see images of even more screen transitions, as well as Urien's alternate costumes and the menu for Daily Challenges.

Tokyo Game Show build of Street Fighter 5 image #1 Tokyo Game Show build of Street Fighter 5 image #2 Tokyo Game Show build of Street Fighter 5 image #3 Tokyo Game Show build of Street Fighter 5 image #4
Click images for larger versions

After the jump, you can check out the footage showing one of the new stage transitions, as well as GGP|Kazunoko playing Urien against Ayano.

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Capcom reiterates plans to keep updating Street Fighter 5 to their investors

If you thought Street Fighter 5 was going away any time soon — think again.

Capcom briefly spoke about their intentions for the game in a report to their investors, stating that they have additional plans to update the game from the next fiscal year onward.

For those who don't closely follow their business, this last fiscal year for Capcom ended on March 31, 2016, so the next fiscal period would end on the same date in 2017.

"Capcom plans to continuously update game content [for Street Fighter 5] from the next fiscal year forward," they wrote.

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Why we need Capcom vs. SNK 3

To many, the early 2000s was one of the best times to be a fan of fighting games. A handful of the games released during that time period are to this day widely regarded as some of the best titles that we've had the pleasure to spend some time with.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 is without a doubt one of those titles. Hardcore fans of not just the game, but fighting games as a whole have had a sequel on their wishlist for ages now.

In the current era, we once again have Street Fighter and King of Fighters releases competing for the attention of the gaming community at large. While the majority is quite likely aiming most of their interests in playing their favorites, some still hang on to the dream.

Youtuber Cammyplayer is one of the fans hoping that Capcom vs. SNK 3 comes to fruition, and he's put together a video to share his thoughts on the matter. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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New anti-hacking measures cause issues for PC players, Capcom blog offers workaround

As you may know, yesterday's update to Street Fighter 5 came with some anti-cheat measures. Seeing Capcom take steps to prevent people from cheating should come as no surprise, but unfortunately those steps left a portion of the PC playerbase unable to load the game.

The new patch introduced a driver intending to prevent the game from being hacked while offline through a "handshake" feature that requires players to click-confirm each time they load the game. For some, this new driver breaks the game.

According to the Capcom Unity blog, the new anti-cheat system prevents memory access in certain ways, and is possibly creating a false positive with antivirus software, or Windows Defender.

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Urien officially released for Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's latest update is now officially live. The September update brings with it a slew of new content and additions for players to enjoy.

First and foremost, Urien is now available as a playable character. He can be purchased for 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99 USD / €5.99 / £4.99 real currency, and at no extra charge to anyone who purchased the season pass.

This update also implements new stage KOs / transitions, .Daily challenges and Versus CPU, bug fixes, and more. For a full breakdown of the September update, click here. Necalli's Japanese Warlord costume is also available now, and can be obtained by purchasing the Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle.

We here at EventHubs will be adding Urien's complete combo trials and story mode playthrough shortly, so stay tuned.

You can check out some hi-res screenshots of Street Fighter 5's Urien in action below.

More Urien image #1 More Urien image #2 More Urien image #3 More Urien image #4 More Urien image #5 More Urien image #6

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Why exactly has Capcom rearranged the Street Fighter 5 character select screen for Urien? Fan theories for future DLC begin to circulate

The sixth and final DLC character for Street Fighter 5's first season drops this coming Thursday the 22nd, and excited fans can't wait to get their hands on Third Strike Illuminati villain, Urien.

We recently saw some footage of the Urien build when Capcom Japan showed off the character at Tokyo Game Show.

We caught a few glimpses of the updated character select screen, which sees a few fightersswitched around for no apparent reason. The first image below is how character select looks now, the second is with Urien:

Urien Character Select image #1 Urien Character Select image #2
Click images for larger versions

This has led to some interesting speculations about future DLC for the game.

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Capcom Cup 2016's winner will help design a special Street Fighter 5 character costume; Haunts provides update on the 2016 Pro Tour

The 2016 Capcom Pro Tour is nearing its grand conclusion -- the Capcom Cup in December -- and Capcom's own Neidel "Haunts" Crisan has released an entry over on PlayStation Blog to let fans know where the tournament season stands at this point in time.

Over the weekend, we saw the reveal of the "mystery costume" that players who purchased Street Fighter 5's Pro Tour DLC bundle were eventually going to receive. Haunts explained that this alternate outfit is actually special in that last year's Capcom Cup winner, GGP|Kazunoko, not only chose the character who received the costume, but provided feedback to help develop the new digs.

Capcom Pro Tour update gallery image #2 Capcom Pro Tour update gallery image #3

Kazunoko said that the reason for choosing Necalli as this special costume recipient was because the character looked cool, and he hopes that this new look would make more players try out the warrior.

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Why do you think Street Fighter 5's DLC characters haven't had a major impact on the Capcom Pro Tour so far?

We're up to six DLC characters in Street Fighter 5, but excluding Urien who's not eligible for Capcom Pro Tour tournaments yet, we haven't seen the new fighters have much of an impact on the Capcom Pro Tour so far.

Back in early September, we noted Guile was the only DLC character who'd won a CPT event.

While the characters have shown up here and there at events, it's still fairly rare to see the DLC fighters in the latter parts of a tournament.

Compared to Mortal Kombat XL (Alien, Triborg, Predator) and Smash 4 (Cloud, Bayonetta, Mewtwo), some would argue that the DLC characters in SF5 are more rare to see on the big stage.

We wanted to ask our readers why they think this has been the case, so we've setup a poll below.

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He's got great damage, neutral game and mix ups, but he might not make the top tier club; Urien breakdown from WSO stream

At this point in Street Fighter 5's life, the general tier list seems to have a major division between the characters that have the combination of invincible reversals and three frame moves, and those who do not.

Those who don't are by no means invalid by tournament standards, they're just playing with a notable disadvantage to the Chun-Li's, Ryu's and other fighters in the top group.

Looking at the Urien showcase on the recent episode of Winner Stays On, we begin to get an idea of how the character will play once he drops in the game's upcoming patch. Though he lacks a three frame move, he does have a few other tools that lead us to predict he'll be amidst the best of the second group of the tier list.

We'll kick things off by showing you some of Urien's damage potential. Not only does he dole out the big hits, he does it in style with his Aegis Reflector:

Click image for animated version

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They have better work ethic, and we complain too much - Justin Wong on why America is behind Japan in fighting games

Long, long ago there was a fighting game community talk show titled "Best of III" which tastefully blended FGC climate, culture and compendium and packaged it into an entertainingly digestible broadcast every week.

On one such broadcast, EG|Justin Wong made a special guest appearance to talk about his perspective of Street Fighter 5. Wong interviewed live from Japan, and commented specifically on the divide between American and Japanese fighting game play, the latter traditionally having the edge over the former.

Wong said he feels the American FGC gets a bit too wrapped up in their complaints, and does not spend as much time as their Asian counterparts putting in work to better their game.

He went on to speak about his character placement for a few of the top tiers, traveling to Japan for events and more.

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Why the tournament standard for Street Fighter 5 should be a best of five format

In an article a few weeks back I likened Street Fighter 5 to a chess match as opposed to a shoot out. The central idea there was to say that SF5 is based more on reads than it is on reactions.

As a result of the game's read-based nature, some would argue against the game's consistency when it comes to competitive play. With the exception of a few top players, placings for many competitors vary quite a bit from event to event.

The problem is this game is unforgiving and allows for very few do-overs, and the way tournaments are formatted right now may not best determine who is the better player.

It seems the true skill in SF5 is measured in an individual's ability to see their opponent and alter their own strategies. You might not be able to see Nash's dash coming, but you can see what prompted someone to perform said dash, and be ready for it with a beefy punish next time.

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Street Fighter EX characters being reintroduced to series canon? Darun Mister, whose moustache gets longer the more he wins, detailed on CFN

The Capcom Fighters Network profiles have taken a somewhat surprising turn the last few days, delving into Street Fighter EX characters.

These characters have long been considered off-limits to Street Fighter fans, considering the games were developed by Arika, and although each profile has a "Copyright Arika" mark at the bottom, these characters are still being introduced, and some even contain references to Street Fighter 5's story and current happenings.

Whether Capcom and Arika have reached some sort of deal or not, it's quite exciting to see. Starting off, here you have the Indian pro wrestler Darun Mister's profile. Check out his image here.

Street Fighter 5 Darun Mister Profile image #1
Click images for larger versions

To read Darun's full profile, continue below.

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It's back! Urien sheds his suit to reveal the classic Third Strike costume in Street Fighter 5

Fans of Urien might be familiar with his Street Fighter 3 Third Strike intro. You know, the one where he powers up and his suit explodes off of him to reveal his... revealing fighting attire.

That animation is one of the character's trademarks, and people love it. Let's be honest, if you could shed your suit whenever you wanted simply by being a badass, wouldn't you do it? If you've never seen the intro, you can check it out below.

Click image for animated version

Anyway, Third Strike fans were hoping to see the same intro in Street Fighter 5, and though Urien does appear in a fancy suit, this time he keeps it on to fight. But it looks like Capcom threw in a little Easter egg just for said fans.

Earlier today, the Street Fighter Vine page shared Urien's Street Fighter 5 animated trading card. It shows a couple of quick in-game clips of the new character, and ends with what appears to be an alternate version of his intro where, you guessed it, he sheds his suit to reveal the classic Third Strike costume.

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SNK still interested in making Garou 2 and new Samurai Shodown; currently considering adding DLC characters to King of Fighters 14

Recently, both Yasuyuki Oda and Neo G of SNK Playmore sat for an interview with 4Gamer, and they had some very interesting things to say about what they would like to do as a team moving forward.

King of Fighters 14 is soon to receive a balance patch, but that may not be all that the developers want to do with the game. Even though it's been previously stated that there is no DLC planned for the game at this time, so many fans have asked about it that the team is considering ideas for what they could do for a major patch in the future.

One of their major causes of concern with adding more characters is the current size of the roster; 50 characters is quite the package to release with, and adding additional characters to the mix could not only cause issues with balancing the game, but also alienate fans who may not want to see additional characters come on board.

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Soul Calibur has had a lot of exciting guest characters throughout its history - Here's who we're hoping to see if Soul Calibur 6 happens

There's been a bit of buzz lately regarding the Soul Calibur series, with rumors flying around that a sixth installment in the franchise might be in development.

While we don't have anything to support these claims as anything more than rumors, it did make our imaginations start to run a bit wild. Ever since Soul Calibur 2 pulled off the novel idea of giving each console an exclusive character to their version - Link for the Nintendo Gamecube, Heihachi for the Sony Playstation and Spawn for the Microsoft Xbox - it's become a bit of a staple for guest characters to appear in Soul Calibur.

The fun, but also daunting, part of making a wishlist like this is that there are literally no limits. The guest characters so far have been from all over the place - Namco games, other companies' games, comic books, even movies.

With this in mind, me and Steven "Dreamking" Chavez did our best to think up characters we think would fit well in the game, and wouldn't be TOO unrealistic to maybe consider. Our main focuses when picking characters were that they'd be weapon-based, since that's pretty much what the Soul Calibur series is known for, but also it's a nice bonus if they lend themselves to a lot of customization - another staple of the series.

Continue below to check out 2 picks from DreamKing and 3 picks from yours truly.

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