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F.A.N.G takes off his hat, Chun-Li readies her gear, and more: New Street Fighter 5 story mode artwork from Bengus

It is no secret that famed Capcom artist Bengus is illustrating Street Fighter 5's story mode cut scenes. We got our first taste of these during the tutorial mode that sprung up for beta users late last year.

Today, we get a look at a handful of new story cut scenes, this time featuring F.A.N.G, Ken, Chun-Li, and more.

Included below are the new images coupled with each of the art pieces we've already seen, for those who may have missed them. Be sure to check them out, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #1 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #2 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #3 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #4 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #5 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #6 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #7 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #8 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #9 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #10 Street Fighter 5 story mode art by Bengus image #11
Click images for larger versions

Via Gamer and Street Fighter.

'I believe that by release, everyone will be happy with how [KoF14] looks' - SNK also notes that future games won't necessarily be 3D in new interview

Note: The interview portions of this article were translated into English from Japanese by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor, the author of this piece.

Yasuyuki Oda, the battle designer for King of Fighters 14, recently did an interview with Japanese site GAME Watch, and in the interview they touch upon a lot of subjects, but the focus of this particular piece will be on the discussion of the game's graphics.

Ever since it was first unveiled, King of Fighters 14 has received a lot of criticism for its graphics, which have shifted from 2D to 3D, and according to a lot of consumers don't have the same level of quality as the 2D games used to have. Below, you can see Oda's response as to what their general approach to this feedback has been, internally.

GAME Watch: With this being the first numbered King of Fighters in 3D, what has the user feedback been like?

Oda: We've seen a lot of people rejecting the new look, so we're constantly working on brushing up the graphics. I believe that by release, everyone will be happy with how the game looks.

Hit the jump to see more of what Oda had to say regarding the graphical direction of King of Fighters 14.

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New Samurai Shodown game rumored to be in development - Series revival would use 2D gameplay, 3D graphics and be released in 2017

Samurai Shodown, or Samurai Spirits as the series is known in Japan, is one of SNK's classic fighting game franchises, which has unfortunately gone completely dark since the release of Samurai Showdown: Sen (known in some regions as Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny) in 2008.

Sen was poorly received, and ever since, Samurai Shodown fans have been pining for a new entry to the series, and if you're one of said fans, you just might be in luck. It's important to stress this story's status as purely a rumor, but claim that two indepdendent sources from within SNK have confirmed that a new game is indeed in development.

Hit the jump for more information regarding this rumor.

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F.A.N.G's Street Fighter 5 move listings

F.A.N.G is the final playable character for the Street Fighter 5 launch roster, but how his moves are performed have remained a mystery, until now.

John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero was able to capture how all of F.A.N.G's attacks are performed in SF5 today, and also offer a rundown of what they do.

Click image to view a larger version of F.A.N.G's moves

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Street Fighter 5 games mode trailer - costumes and colors can be unlocked with story and survival modes

Capcom released a new games mode trailer for Street Fighter 5.

It showcases the game's tutorial, character story mode, survival mode, training mode, network battle and the Capcom Fighters Network.

"Remember, we’ll have tons of free content updates for the game post-launch as well, including the awesome looking Cinematic Story Expansion that we just revealed on Monday!" wrote Capcom's Neidel "Haunts" Crisan.

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Ono: Street Fighter 5 will bring together the events that happened between SF4 and SF3, game ships with a taste of story mode

Street Fighter 5 will fill in the gaps of what happened to the characters between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3.

"Talking about each individual Street Fighter title, they all take place in their own spot on the timeline. It's not one cohesive straight line," said Capcom's Yoshinori Ono in an interview with Venture Beat.

"The concept for Street Fighter 5 is to finally bring together the events that happened between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3," he added.

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Famitsu gives Street Fighter 5 an official rating; scores even higher than Vanilla Street Fighter 4

Famitsu, a well-respected line of Japanese video game magazines, has officially offered their ratings for Street Fighter 5.

Their ranking method includes four reviewers each offering a score of 1-10, meaning a "40" is the best possible score. Street Fighter 5 received scores of 10/8/8/9, reaching an overall score of 35/40.

Compare this to 2009's rating of Street Fighter 4, which achieved a 34/40 with individual scores of 9/8/8/9. We're just seven days from SF5's official launch, and news like this continues to encourage as we prep for the newest and biggest chapter in Street Fighter history.

Source: Famitsu via Gematsu. Sent in by Nightmaresteam, Jimmyeatsquaids, HooliganComboFTW, Technically_BetR and LeonX,

Ono: We can say very firmly that no one will be disappointed with the level of story in Street Fighter 5

In a recent interview, VentureBeat caught up with Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and Capcom's director of brand marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, to discuss the highly anticipated title -- Street Fighter 5.

This piece focused mainly on Street Fighter 5's upcoming story and the free expansion the game will see in June.

Though the Street Fighter franchise is very much established in the competitive gaming world, Ono feels that due to a lack of an intricate story mode over the years, it is seen more as a "video tool" rather than entertainment.

"People use [Street Fighter] as a tool to play in tournaments," Ono begins. "That’s where a lot of the entertainment in it comes from. However, we do want to provide something for people who want to immerse themselves in a world. Those are gamers who are more into the video entertainment style."

Despite this, Ono assures that Capcom is working diligently to make Street Fighter 5's story very strong and give fans the depth they've been hoping for in a Street Fighter title.

"There have been people who’ve been disappointed with the way our story content has been handled in the past," Ono explains. "This time we can say very firmly that no one will be disappointed with this level of story."

Source: VentureBeat.

First in-game match footage of Akuma in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution

As many know, Akuma is appearing as a playable character in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution.

Since his initial announcement, we've only ever seen the Street Fighter warrior in his official trailer. However, the first actual match footage of Akuma that we've seen has been uploaded onto YouTube.

From this match video, we can see that Akuma retains his signature Goshoryuken, can cancel a crouching medium kick into Hadouken, and more. It appears as though he still has quite a bit of his Street Fighter style in the latest Tekken title.

Hit the jump to check out a match between Akuma and Nina.

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Full Street Fighter 5 costume color gallery for story and pre-order outfits, features all characters from beta #4

Yesterday, we featured a handful of Street Fighter 5 alternate costume colors here on our front page. But thanks to X-Kira over on the NeoFighters forums, now all currently revealed story and pre-order costume colors for each of the characters in beta #4 can be seen.

This gallery shows all 10 colors for each outfit, and we also see each of Nadeshiko's normal colors -- even though she isn't technically playable.

Below are just some of the images to get you started. Hit the jump to see the rest.

All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #1 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #2 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #3 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #4 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #5 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #6

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EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players 1-10 - it all comes to an end

Our top 50 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players of 2015 list comes to a close tonight, and with it the final panel we'll be doing for this past year.

A gigantic shout out goes to all of our panel members for their efforts on behalf of the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat X, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and of course USF4 communities, as they made our lists more dynamic and interesting.

This has also been an intense process for our staff, as the resources to pull off four separate top 50 panels was extremely taxing, but we wanted to take the time to spotlight the players in our community who did great things in 2015.

Even if you don't agree with every placing, we hope you enjoyed reading through the breakdowns. If you did, please give our panel members a big shout out for their work.

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Desk figured out how to pull off Street Fighter 5 Birdie combos with more than one jump-in

Even if we dismissed his unworldly execution, Desk's insightful eye for amazing combo potential already sets him apart as one of the most artistic players the FGC has ever seen.

Some of us wouldn't even entertain the thought that a slow-moving Street Fighter 5 character like Birdie could ever possibly perform a combo consisting of more than one jump in attack, but...

Click image for animated sequence

That's just one example, but Desk has a few more in the full video. He's also posted a quick Dhalsim video in which he uses all of Sim's meter in a single combo via three different EX moves. You'll see it all below.

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Street Fighter 5 Complete Presentation live stream ft. Kazunoko, Momochi, Bonchan, Tokido, Haitani, Fuudo, Mago and more starting at 6 p.m. PST

Capcom is building hype for next week's release of Street Fighter 5 by holding a special "Complete Presentation" featuring some of the biggest names in the Street Fighter world.

This presentation will be streamed live on YouTube at 6 p.m. PST, the live feed of which you'll find after the jump below.

We'll be getting the latest information on Street Fighter 5, a "Miss Chun-Li" match and a special four on four exhibition featuring eight top players.

We'll see the likes of Kazunoko, EG|Momochi, RB|Bonchan, MCZ|Tokido, Haitani, RZR|Fuudo, MCZ|Mago and others, and are especially interested in seeing exactly what this "latest information" will be.

They're kicking off with some Street Fighter 4 action, and Street Fighter 5 will be a bit later in the event.

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Smug discusses who he's playing in Street Fighter 5, which characters look the scariest, how to sharpen your game and more in this BornFree interview

Just last weekend, 10 titans from the East Coast gathered to participate in the King of New York round robin, Ultra Street Fighter 4 send off tournament.

When the dust settled, PIE|Smug emerged as royalty with a convincing 9-1 record. YouTuber and Street Fighter enthusiast Mark "BornFree" Sheridan was able to catch up with the young champ for an interview.

Smug shared his thoughts on an array of topics ranging from his Street Fighter 5 impressions to how he feels about Ultra Street Fighter 4 not being at EVO this year.

He also gives a bit of advice on how newer players can better their game as they enter the fray. You'll catch the full interview below.

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Winning ranked matches rewards you with Fight Money in Street Fighter 5, leveling up a character offers bonus as well

Capcom's Matt Dalhgren recently told Venture Beat that Street Fighter 5 will offer a plethora of ways to earn Fight Money.

"Players are going to be able to earn Fight Money through playing single-player content that’s available. If you complete any of the character stories, you’ll earn Fight Money. If you complete survival mode with different characters, you’ll earn Fight Money.

"If you level up individual characters, every time you reach a new level, you’ll get some Fight Money," he said.

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