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One player puts two projectiles on screen at once in Street Fighter 5: Desk's latest video explains how this is possible

Throughout Street Fighter history, it has been a general rule that one player cannot fire a second projectile while their first one is still on screen. For example, if Ryu tosses a Hadouken, he cannot fire another one until that first one makes contact with the opponent or travels off screen.

However, as with any rule there are exceptions. Desk's latest video not only shows us that one of Capcom's fighting titles of yore didn't completely abide by this rule, but also brings to our attention that Street Fighter 5 is another game that allows double projectiles.

On Sega Saturn and the original PlayStation existed a game called "Street Fighter Collection." The version of Super Street Fighter 2 allowed Guile -- and Guile only -- to place as many Sonic Booms as he wanted on screen, as long as he could get his charge quick enough.

In Street Fighter 5, we see that double projectiles are also possible.

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We'll let Desk do the explaining, but it should be noted that the first projectile loses its hitbox once the other appears on screen. You can check out the full video below. So intense.

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