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Topanga World League results, standings, battle logs and more, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 round robin tournament

Updated: This story has been updated with final results, standings and battle logs for all days of Topanga World League.

Reminiscent of last year's Topanga Asia League, this year a league featuring global players is being run. Topanga World League features top players MCZ|Daigo, RZR|Fuudo, Bonchan, wao, Infiltration, Qanba|Xiao Hai, EG|PR Balrog and RZR|Xian battling it out for a massive prize of 1,500,000 yen ($14,769) to the winner.

Hit the jump to check out current standings, battle logs and more.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 full change list for Japanese arcade release

Updated with complete change list: We've translated all of the changes for the Japanese arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Today, a full change log for the arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 was released onto the net, on the USF4 Nesica site.

It detailed changes for all of the returning characters in the game, along with system mechanic alterations.

EventHubs' own MajinTenshinhan and KarbyP provided translations for the community. Hit the jump to view the complete breakdown.

How will DPs being -5 on block after an FADC impact Ultra Street Fighter 4? Video examines punishes and potential after effects of change

If you're curious about the repercussions of the -5 on block change to all Dragon Punch-type moves in Ultra Street Fighter 4, Carnoustie put together a clip examining what this may mean for the new game.

He shows that after a DP FADC setup, characters will be punishable by a crouching light move, and for some fighters who have 5 frame or faster attacks, the punishes could be much more severe.

You can find the clip after the break which examines this change.

'Balrog has no good changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4; I have to change' - PR Balrog looking to drop Boxer soon

After suffering losses to players such as MCZ|Daigo, Bonchan, and RZR|Xian in the Topanga World League this week, it seems Eduardo "EG|PR Balrog" Pérez is looking to drop his namesake Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 character soon. Pérez is easily the most accomplished Street Fighter 4 series Balrog player to date, and numerous tweets from the Evil Genius are definitely indicating an impending character switch.

Although some may think that PR 'Rog is just upset at the moment and venting via the social media outlet, this may not be the exact case as he does provide some very solid points regarding why he may be dropping Boxer. Eduardo states that he cannot win with Balrog in long sets due to the character's linear play-style and a lack of mix ups.

When asked if he'd drop Balrog after 6 years of competitive use, Pérez seemed quite sure of himself, replying, "he's no threat anymore, so yes."

Hit the jump to continue reading.

Do you feel Ultra Street Fighter 4's early arcade release gives Japanese players an unfair advantage?

Earlier today Capcom announced that Japanese arcade gamers would get their hands on Ultra Street Fighter 4 on April 17, 2014.

An exact date for the console release of USF4 hasn't officially been unveiled, but Capcom has said multiple times that fans can expect it in early June 2014.

This creates about a month and a half to two month head start for gamers in Japan to get more familiar with the game, in preparation for tournaments and other big events.

As there's a considerable amount of money and bragging fights on the line for winning Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournaments, some players felt this was creating an unfair scenario for them and voiced their disapproval at these turn of events.

We wanted to gauge what the community's collective opinion on this subject was, so we've setup a poll which you can vote in after the break.

PR Balrog: U.S. scene doesn't help each other enough, in Japan players will teach even if it means they'll get beat

Eduaro "EG|PR Balrog" Perez dropped some knowledge on Twitter recently from his time spent in Japan playing in the Topanga World League.

Perez specifically noted the difference in styles from the U.S. to Japan, saying that he feels players over there are more concerned about their image, and that's why more emphasis is placed on playing perfect.

PR Balrog also said that one of the reason Japanese players have an advantage over the U.S. scene is they're geared more heavily towards helping one another — even if it's to their own short term detriment.

Hit the break for the rundown of Perez's thoughts on his trip and the scene overseas.

Decapre's alternative costume in Ultra Street Fighter 4 revealed

Decapre's alternative costume for Ultra Street Fighter 4 was revealed today, although it's just the artwork and not the actual in-game look.

Like the other new characters, this was designed by Udon and you can see Decapre is sporting locks, chains and belts.

If you missed them the first time around, we've included the artwork for the alternative outfits for Hugo, Rolento, Elena and Poison as well.

Click images for larger versions

Tip from Shinkuu_Kikoken.

Predict who will win the Topanga World League

The Topanga World League is scheduled to go down in just a few days, and about $24,245 USD will be on the line.

Eight of the world's best Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 players will be converging on Japan on April 10-13, and we want to know who you think will take top honors.

If you hit the jump, you can vote in our poll and select either Bonchan, MCZ|Daigo, RZR|Fuudo, Infiltration, EG|PR Balrog, Wao, RZR|Xian or Qanba|Xiao Hai to win it all. You can also see live results of how everyone else is voting.

Decapre intended to appeal to newcomers in Ultra Street Fighter 4, will have 'substantial story'

Ultra Street Fighter 4's development team sees the addition of Decapre as something that will appeal to newcomers, Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano recently told Siliconera.

"We wanted to introduce a character that would interest newcomers, which is why we went with charge moves," he said.

"In fact, charge characters were originally conceived as a way to bring a second style of play to users who were after a simpler control scheme. This hasn't changed since the era of Blanka, Chun-Li, and Guile as they appeared in Street Fighter 2.

"She has a move called the Rapid Dagger that is executed by repeated button presses, for instance. She's actually rather easy to control and I think she'll prove to be enjoyable for users of all skill levels," Ayano said.

Ease of use wasn't the only thing the developers were aiming for with Decapre though. Hit the jump to continue reading.

Japanese players being given unfair advantage in Ultra Street Fighter 4 readers say

Is having a nearly two month head start on learning the systems, character changes and more in Ultra Street Fighter 4 an unfair advantage for Japanese players?

Hundreds of readers voted, and said that this indeed was the case.

Some interesting arguments were made on both sides of the fences though, especially in regards to EVO. One reader claimed that with the players in North America essentially having "home field advantage," and not having to deal with as much traveling and jet lag, that balanced out some gamers getting the game early.

Others disagreed with this point, saying there was no substitute for hands on time with Ultra Street Fighter 4.

You can find the original discussion area here, where a lot of interesting back and forth dialogue happened.

Hit the jump to see the complete results.

Bringing the hype: Hyper Dragonball Z is a throwback to Capcom's 2D fighting games of the 1990s

What happens when you create a Dragonball Z game with MUGEN which is quite similar to Capcom fighters from the 1990s?

The answer comes in a ridiculously hype trailer with a ton of fan service.

Team Z2 is the group behind this project, and they've done an exceptional job recreating parts of the franchise in a style that 2D sprite fighting game fans should absolutely love.

The team currently has 5 characters and 11 stages available for fans to check out, and you can find their excellent trailer after the jump. Even if you're not a Dragonball Z fan, you should watch this, as the work they put into this trailer really shines through in its 5 minute run time.

GamerBee lists the top 5 characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4, says Sagat may become #1 in the game

AVM|GamerBee is currently in Japan and logging in time with the arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4. After checking it out for the past couple of days, and testing things out for himself, he has taken to Twitter in order to relay his discoveries unto the world.

The top Adon player notes that Ultra Street Fighter 4's new delayed wake up mechanic makes set-play, or vortex-style play, more difficult. GamerBee states that characters with strong footsies have improved simply due to the changes made to the overall game, not necessarily due to specific character tweaks.

He goes on to list who he feels are the top 5 characters in the game so far, and although he doesn't know how the tiers will end up exactly, GamerBee did mention who he feels will eventually reign supreme. "I can't tell the order yet," he said, "but I think Sagat has a better chance of becoming number 1 because he got almost everything he need[ed] in USF4."

Hit the jump to check out who GamerBee feels are the top 5 characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Topanga World League won't be viewable outside of Japan

One of the most hype tournaments of the year is going down in a few days, but unless you happen to be living in Japan — you won't be able to watch it.

The Topanga team posted a message this evening on Twitter stating: "Unfortunately, TOPANGA WORLD LEAGUE is not available in outside of Japan."

The always informative Beast Note website was one of the first people to publicly discuss some of the text on the Nico Nico page for the upcoming Topanga World League, where it stated that the stream for the event would not be available outside of Japan.

This story continues after the break.

Ultra Street Fighter 4's arcade intro - cinematic opening video

With Ultra Street Fighter 4 being officially released in Japan now, it seems that someone has already gotten ahold of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 cinematic intro.

The intro is made up of some clips from past Street Fighter 4 version openings, combined with footage of the new characters in the Super Street Fighter 4 art-style.

The quality of the video here isn't incredible, but you can still check out the full intro video in all of it's glory.

Hit the jump to view the Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade intro.

Making -5 Dragon Punch FADC setups safe in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Following up on his previous video which showed how the -5 disadvantage could work on a blocked Dragon Punch FADC in Ultra Street Fighter 4, Carnoustie also showed how you should be able to make these moves safe in the new version of the game, plus bait out attacks for punishes.

While these setups won't work on every single cast member, they are applicable to a wide variety of the roster.

The video also shows a number of Dragon Punch, Focus Attack Dash Cancel setups functioning the way they did previously, helping to assure fans that characters with DP FADC setups/combos still have some of the same tricks up their sleeve.

Hit the jump to watch the clip.

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