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Anti-air jabs are out, big damage is in; here's how EventHubs readers would change Street Fighter 5

Update: Poll results have been finalized. You can view the final numbers after the jump.

Capcom has expressed that they plan to do yearly updates to Street Fighter 5 to tackle any major tweaking deemed necessary over the preceding year.

There are still a few months before Capcom Cup, which we assume will mark the end of the Street Fighter 5 "year", after which we expect to see some fairly large game play adjustments.

The game's eight frames of input lag is surely the most discussed issue among players, but we've also heard complaints about anti-air jabs/shorts, overpowered forward dashes and even damage output.

Below you'll find a bit of information on each of these aspects of SF5's gameplay, and an option to vote to remove it from the game. Keep in mind that just because something is powerful does not make it game breaking. The whole point of this article is to try to identify what is strong and what is game breaking.

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Alex Valle calls out 'novice' Street Fighter 5 complainers, reveals five characters that are going to sneak up on us if we're not careful

Do you know someone who complains about anti-air light normals in Street Fighter 5? "Ryu and Necalli's jabs are broken! Chun-Li's standing short is TOO GOOD!"

LU|Alex Valle has seen a broken character or two in his day, and he's come forward to say that it's not as much the game as it is attitudes that need adjustments.

Mr. Street Fighter took to Twitter recently with the intent of hitting complainers or, "novice players" as he puts it, with some fighting game wisdom. He acknowledges that the aforementioned characters do indeed have an advantage when it comes to anti-airs, but proceeds to ask why people are jumping so much in the first place.

He also redirects attention to a handful of characters that he feels people are sleeping on right now, and that actually have great potential.

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Buff Zangief, nerf Chun-Li: Here's which Street Fighter 5 characters our readers feel need the most re-balancing

Updated: Poll results have been finalized. You can view the final numbers after the jump.

Earlier: What are we getting ourselves into here?

After Capcom Cup this year, we expect to see Street Fighter 5 developers roll out their yearly update to the game. This update will supposedly deal with character re-balancing, something that we haven't seen outside of major bug fixes yet.

Our newest poll asks you EventHubs readers the question: Which Street Fighter 5 characters need the most change? The catch is you can only choose three, so you'll have to narrow your decision.

This includes who you'd want to make better or worse in your dream patch for SF5, so don't forget to keep both extremes of your tier list in mind. What's more important? Nerf the top tiers or buff the low ones? You can offer your vote in the poll below.

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Street Fighter 5 penalizes player when server disconnects before match; takes 1,000 LP and serves with 24 hour ban

Editor's note: This story has been updated to clarify the situation taking place in the footage.

Updated: Another example of this rage quit punishment bug occurring has been added to our story in which a player's match fails to load, though they remain connected to the server.

There has been a lot of talk recently of players being wrongfully punished by Street Fighter 5's new system that aims to deal with rage quitters. A number of reports have claimed that points have been deducted and a ban has been served to players who were the victims of rage quits -- not the offender -- but we haven't seen any concrete proof of this happening.

Seimo Godios has uploaded footage showing a 24 hour ban and the loss of 1,000 LP when the server disconnects before a casual match starts.

As we see in the video, Street Fighter 5 considers the pre-fight and post-fight screen as actually being in a match. When the server disconnects, the player attempts to log back in. After a couple of tries, the login is successful, but they are served with the new rage quit punishment.

This is the first time we have seen actual footage of something like this happening, and though it wasn't a traditional rage quit, we now see that the system can indeed punish players when they haven't actually quit a match early.

You can catch the video below.

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Where do we draw the line with heel-like behavior? Best of III welcomes both Gllty and Aris to discuss controversial personalities in the FGC

Best of III is primarily an eSports show, but it also explores the culture of the fighting game community from time to time. This week's episode welcomed two guests in Gllty and Aris, both of whom are not at all unfamiliar with controversy and being occasionally identified as heels in the FGC.

Last week's broadcast focused on the Low Tier God/DT|ANTi dispute, and was ultimately poorly received by viewers simply because it drew attention to a community figure (Low Tier God) who often promotes negativity.

Gllty discusses her somewhat disrespectful antics at major tournaments while Aris revisits the famous Cross Assault incident from a few years back.

In the panel discussion we discuss names such as TriForce, PG|Filipino Champ, Low Tier God and the show's two guests, particularly whether or not each person's approach has an ultimately positive impact on the community.

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What do Street Fighter 5's sales numbers actually mean?

It has been well documented that Street Fighter 5 sold 1.4 million copies, but what does this actually mean for the franchise?

To help answer this question, we wanted to take a look at Capcom's recent fighting game history, and the paths other titles have taken.

Exploring the histories of titles like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken give us a better picture of how SF5 could shape up, or not.

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New Street Fighter 5 Rage Quit penalty implemented - 24 hour ban and 1000 LP loss for serial rage quitters

One thing that's been a hot topic regarding Street Fighter 5 ever since the game's initial release is players online rage-quitting when they're about to lose. This was especially common in the beginning of the game, though it has since been lessened considerably after Capcom took measures to punish players who disconnected often.

Now, though, an automated rage quitting penalty has been implemented in the game, where any player who quits 3 times within a 2-hour window will get a 1000 LP deduction from their account as well as a 24 hour ban from online play overall. You can see an image of this occurance below.

Street Fighter 5 Rage Quit Penalty image #1
Click images for larger versions

There have been various reports around Reddit that the player who is ragequitted on, rather than the player who ragequits, also gets this punishment, but as of yet, there has been no proof that this is actually the case. We'll keep you posted with further details.

It's also been mentioned that the newly issued penalty isn't working properly on PC, but this, too, remains to be fully confirmed.

Thanks to NoizyChild, HiryuMK, appomo and VengefulGiblets for sending this in.

More rejected Street Fighter 5 costume designs; Capcom says they could make it into the game if demand is high enough

The CFN Portal has decided to release more concept art pieces that show designs of alternate costumes that didn't make the cut.

Though these designs were rejected initially, the blog post states that they could still come to fruition if there is enough fan request for them.

Our very own MajinTenshinhan was able to fully translate the latest blog, which gives us quick details on each of the rejected designs. Below is just one to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to see such costumes as bathing suit Alex, casual Zangief, and more.

Chun-Li - Panda

"She's like a stuffed animal. How cute. We had this in Street Fighter X Tekken, too, you know? Panda costume."

More rejected Street Fighter 5 costume concepts image #1

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Will King of Fighters 14 dethrone Street Fighter 5 as the spotlight game in the FGC?

This week's Best of III, a fighting game news broadcast that focuses on the eSports side of the community, dove into some pretty bold waters as host Efren Salinas asked the question: Which games have a shot at supplanting Street Fighter 5 as the FGC's main focus?

Seeing as King of Fighters 14 dropped this week, the discussion kicked off with new SNK title, but moved right along to investigate the potential in fighters like Injustice 2, Tekken 7 and others.

This discussion fit nicely into the "Block or Grab" segment, wherein each member of the panel gets to quickly offer their opinion and brief explanation thereof for each game in question, and made for some colorful discussion.

We also get to see Mike "Danke" Schiller delve into KOF 14, are updated on the current Capcom Pro Tour standings and more.

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CvS2? USF4? Darkstalkers? If Capcom added another game to the Capcom Pro Tour, which one would you want to see most?

Each year, Capcom runs a large tournament circuit called the Capcom Pro Tour. There are qualifying events all around the world that allow players to earn points that will potentially secure them a spot in the large end-of-the-year tournament, the Capcom Cup.

Throughout its almost three year lifespan, we've seen both Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 as the tour's main game. With Street Fighter 5 being the latest from the company, it has become the CPT's mainstay and will likely be so for years to come.

But what if Capcom were to add another game to the tour's line up? Which one of their previous fighting titles would you like to see competed it the most?

To find out, we generated a poll that allows you to vote for some of Capcom's most competitive fighting games. Though there are no plans to add a second game to the CPT (that we know of), we are running this poll as a fun experiment to see where interest lies.

If you'd like to participate, be sure to hit that jump.

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Urien is slated for a September release; Capcom clears up the recent Street Fighter 5 confusion

Yesterday, information on Street Fighter 5's September update was released by Capcom. Among the details about double Fight Money events and a new punishment system for rage quitters (which is actually rolling out later today), a note about colors for the DLC characters seemed to cause confusion for fans.

The Capcom Unity blog entry states that Street Fighter 5 season pass owners will be receiving colors 3-10 for the default and battle costumes on all six of the DLC fighters free of charge. This perplexed many fans, since only five of the six DLC fighters are currently available and the update blog did not mention Urien's release at all.

FGC members began wondering: Is Urien going to be released in August before the September update drops? Though the blog entry seemed to suggest something along those lines, it look as though a release for Urien this month isn't the case.

We reached out to Capcom to get the lowdown, and they confirmed with us that Urien will be seeing a release sometime in September.

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Are unjust rage quit penalties happening in Street Fighter 5? Tampa Bison allegedly punished after opponent exits match early

Since Street Fighter 5's stricter guidelines for rage quitters went live earlier this week, reports have been coming in about players being struck with penalties when their opponent rage quits. There have yet to be any video clips backing up these claims, which has left many wondering if these unjust punishments are actually happening.

Last night, long-time FGC member and pro player Dexter "Tampa Bison" James took to Twitter to share a similar experience in which he lost League Points and was locked out of online play after an opponent exited early.

Tampa Bison went on to explain that the reason he was unable to capture footage of this occurrence is due to the PlayStation 4 disabling its recording feature during the game's blocked screens.

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Kid Kazuya to be playable in Tekken 7's story mode alongside young Heihachi, new stage revealed, Claudio's story purpose also indicated

A lot of new Tekken 7: Fated Retribution information has come from Gamescom, and when Namco-Bandai shared more details on the game's story mode (that will reportedly several hours long, by the way), they also bundled in a bunch of screenshots which showed, among other things, young Heihachi and Kazuya as a kid, both of which will be fully playable.

Whether kid Kazuya will serve as his own character outside of story mode remains to be seen, but for now, you can get a look at him in these images.

Tekken 7 Story Mode Images image #1 Tekken 7 Story Mode Images image #2 Tekken 7 Story Mode Images image #3
Click images for larger versions

Continue below for a story synopsis directly from Namco-Bandai, images and information regarding Claudio, as well as a few more pictures of the recently unveiled Lee Chaolan.

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Street Fighter 5's new rage quit punishment system may see some top-ranked players drop on the leaderboards

Street Fighter 5's latest addition went live just a few days ago, and with it, players are now seeing stricter guidelines for those who choose to rage quit when playing online.

The new punishment system makes it so that anyone who exits a match early three times within a two hour span will be banned from playing online for 24 hours and will lose 1,000 League Points.

In their latest update blog, Capcom noted that the initial rage quit penalty system implementation resulted in a rapid decrease of offenders. Now that the stakes are higher, what does this mean for Street Fighter 5's rage quitters?

The first, and most obvious answer, is an overall decrease in rage quitters. If the new system holds strong, we should be seeing less frequent rage quitting -- due to the 24 hour lockouts -- and an eventual decrease in rage quitters when the penalties begin to dissuade players from doing so.

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'The foundation is good, the connection CAN be perfect' - King of Fighters 14 netcode impressions from VesperArcade yield hit-or-miss results

King of Fighters 14 is finally upon us, and the question that's been burning on everyone's mind during the whole development is about to be answered - "How's the netcode?"

VesperArcade, frequent contributors to everything fighting game-related, have given us their qualified opinion, explaining what goes right and what goes wrong with the netcode.

The basic gist of it is that it's hit-or-miss and can be really, really good sometimes, but it's kind of hard to discern when good connections are going to be established based on the bars in the game.

To hear the full verdict and the reasoning for it, check out the video below.

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