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EVO 2015 results ft. Daigo, Momochi, Luffy, Mago, Xian, JWong, ChrisG, Mango, Leffen, ZeRo, SonicFox, Ogawa, JDCR, CD Jr. and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results for EVO 2015.

EVO 2015 is finally upon us, so hopefully you've cleared your entire weekend and are ready for some serious fighting game action.

This year's main lineup will feature Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Tekken 7, Killer Instinct and Persona 4: Arena Ultimax. If none of these games tickle your fancy, though, don't worry - there are more side tournaments than you could ever hope for. For full details, check out our EVO 2015 spectator guide.

As for notable players, there are more than we could even attempt to count. Safe to say, if it's a player name you know, they're most likely there. Just in case, though, make sure to check out the EVO Player Locator to check for your favorite players.

Streaming duties for the main tournament will be covered on SRKEvo1, Capcom Fighters, SRKEvo2, SRKEvo3, SRKEvo4, SRKEvo5, SRKEvo6 and SRKEvo7.

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Updated: Street Fighter 5 beta now live on PS4, Combofiend explains what to expect for the first phase

Updated: The first phase of the Street Fighter 5 beta is now live on PlayStation 4. Some players have reported being able to access it, while others are stuck at the title screen.

Capcom is aware of the server issues and is addressing it. We've got move listings for all of the beta characters and more after the jump.

Earlier: With the Street Fighter 5 beta going live soon, Combofiend has taken to his Capcom Unity blog to explain some things about what to expect from this opportunity to play the game.

First and foremost, when the beta first starts, only Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison, and Nash will be available, with Birdie and Cammy coming on Saturday to test their content delivery system. Daily maintenance will also take place from 11 p.m. - 1 a.m. PST to correct any issues and keep the experience stable.

Also mentioned is that fight money and experience, found in the beta, are currently just placeholders and do not effect the experience whatsoever. Inviting friends for matches is disabled for this beta, as is the share functionality of the PS4, with all matches being completely random worldwide, something that will change upon final release.

It is worth noting that streaming the game, however, is entirely possible. How the actual game will work is that you will choose a character, hop into a space called "the grid" to configure buttons and practice against a dummy, and a match will be made for you against a random opponent.

Capcom is encouraging players to provide feedback of this beta. You can fill out a survey here (for Europe, click here), and also leave comments in this thread.

Hit the jump to check out our Street Fighter 5 move listings.

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Street Fighter 5 gets its first brand new fighter; introducing Necalli

Just before the Ultra Street Fighter 4 top 8 -- EVO 2015's big finale -- Capcom unveiled the next fighter set to join the Street Fighter 5 roster.

Today, we saw the first brand new fighter to enter the game -- Necalli.

Necalli is the first of four original warriors making their debut in Street Fighter 5 and entering the Street Fighter franchise for the first time. Necalli is a savage fighter that battles using hard-hitting, close-range attacks. He has a command throw, a ground pound that can be hit at different places on screen, and more.

Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #5 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #6 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #7 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #8 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #9 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #10 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #11 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #12 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #13 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #14 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #15 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #16 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #17

Hit the jump to read about his V-Skill, V-Trigger, and also to check out his official trailer.

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Street Fighter 5 will have 16 fighters at launch, four of them brand new; Capcom will continually add characters post launch

During the EVO 2015 Street Fighter 5 panel today, Capcom opened up the gates and let loose a tremendous amount of information pertaining to the game's future. We here at EventHubs got the chance to discuss this new information with the company, and in turn acquired details on Street Fighter 5's roster size, their goal of making Street Fighter into a growing platform, and much more.

Capcom got started by explaining their new content strategy for Street Fighter 5, and how it differs from previous iterations of the franchise.

"We're positioning Street Fighter 5 as more of a service," Capcom's Director of Brand Marketing & eSports, Matt Dahlgren, told us. "We're moving away from having a disc-based model, such as compilations like Super Street Fighter 4 or Ultra Street Fighter 4, and focusing on Street Fighter as a platform itself, which is going to grow over time."

"Our goal is to have a constantly evolving Street Fighter world that delivers fun for all different player types."

Capcom reiterated that the initial Street Fighter 5 disc will be the only one you'll ever need to own. Then they announced something that is sure to please most Street Fighter fans out there.

"Moving forward, all balance and system adjustments will be made available for free to players. All post launch gameplay related content can now be earned by playing the game," Dahlgren stated.

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Street Fighter 5 beta officially postponed; Combofiend addresses the community with apology and plans for future beta tests

After the multitude of issues in launching Street Fighter 5's first beta run, Capcom has officially decided to withdraw from the battle for the time being so they can offer a more user-friendly experience.

Associate Producer for SF5, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, has written up an apologetic response to the community:

"After three days of testing, while we were making progress and collecting valuable data, we felt the majority of players were not having a good experience, and the best course of action would be to take the servers offline for extended maintenance."

He doesn't stop there however, as he goes on to discuss some of Capcom's plans to make things right with the community in terms of the beta testing process for SF5.

Hit the jump to see what else Combofiend had to say.

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North American beta for Street Fighter 5 continues as Cammy and Birdie join the mix

Update: Capcom have added both Birdie and Cammy into the SF5 beta. Additionally, they've opened up more space to accommodate more players at one time.

Earlier: The beta is officially live, and a global test will be scheduled once the quality of the servers is deemed proper for it.

Though it's been a bumpy ride for the Street Fighter 5 beta, last night's testing seemed to be more successful, with people being able to consistently play and more connections being added over time. While it wasn't on a larger scale, it raises hopes for the next attempt of the beta.

That next attempt is going to be today, starting at 11 a.m. PST, in much the same fashion as it has before, and is still restricted to North America. Connections to the game will be random, with more potential connections being added over the course of the day, barring any hiccups.

It is worth noting that like last night, it would be wise to keep an eye on Capcom Unity's Street Fighter forums for continued updates on the progress of the beta, and the condition of the servers, which can also be scoped out on Street Fighter's main website at the top of the screen.

Thanks to Soriku for the tip off.

'The new netcode won't save a horrible connection... but it's definitely better than Street Fighter 4's' - What we think of the SF5 beta thus far

As many have heard, and experienced first hand, it's a task in and of itself to actually make it into the beta, but once you pass that hurdle, we're finding that things are actually pretty fun.

The team at EventHubs have been playing as much of the Street Fighter 5 beta as possible, and we have some general impressions for you thus far.

Since the beta exists primarily to test the online experience, we've focused our analysis accordingly, looking at overall connection and ease of general gameplay.

Given Capcom's intention to make SF5 more simple than its predecessor in terms of technicality, it should lend itself to online play with a bit more fluidity. Hit the jump to see what we've found.

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Street Fighter 5 beta put on indefinite hiatus until further notice, will be rescheduled for a later date

Announced on the Street Fighter Facebook page this morning, the Street Fighter 5 beta is now being put on an indefinite hiatus for extended maintenance, to try and repair the issues found during yesterday's attempt.

It's worth noting that they truly mean indefinite, stating that they will re-schedule it entirely and announce a new date once it is ready for users. Here's the post in question:

"We apologize for the ongoing issues that users have been experiencing with the SFV beta test. In order to allow us to fix the issues as quickly as possible, we are going to initiate a period of extended maintenance, during which time the beta will be unavailable to all users."

"We will let you know the date on which the closed beta test will re-open once all problems have been fixed. We sincerely apologize for having to bring this unfortunate news to you. Thank you for your patience. Please stay tuned for further updates."

Tip submitted by DarkRyu94.

Source: Street Fighter Facebook page

Street Fighter 5 beta codes are already becoming available, download the game now

Updated: Capcom stated that Sony will be sending out codes for European users on Thursday, July 23rd, at 3 p.m. BST.

Though the beta for Street Fighter 5 is not slated to be officially playable until this Thursday, lasting until Tuesday the 28th, codes for beta access are already being circulated. Those who have pre-ordered the game from GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, or the PlayStation Network should have gained access to a code as of yesterday, July 20th.

What exactly does this mean for you? If you get your hands on a code, you can begin downloading the 1.4 gigabyte file now, so you'll be ready to go come game time.

We've actually done so ourselves, and reached the point of launching the game, though we were eventually stopped by an "unable to play SF5 beta right now" message. Just a friendly heads up so you don't get too excited like we did.

Hit the jump for more details to help you get ready for the SF5 beta.

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Capcom to begin testing Street Fighter 5 beta tonight, will be live in North America only (for now) from 7 p.m. - 1 a.m. PDT

The launch of the Street Fighter 5 beta's first phase ran into immediate issues last night with most players being unable to access it. Capcom has since been working on fixes for the issues, and a new Capcom Unity post from Capcom's own Peter "Combofiend" Rosas has details on when we may be able to play.

According to Combofiend, "currently things are still broken." However, the team will be trying to get the beta up and running as soon as tonight.

To do so, Capcom is limiting the access to North America for the time being. Limiting the access reduces the strain put upon the servers and will allow for a better opportunity for fixes to be put into place.

The test run will take place tonight beginning at 7 p.m. PDT and will last until 1 a.m. PDT. Combofiend notes that there is a chance we'll be able to get games going tonight, but it's not guaranteed.

Capcom will be providing updates every 20 minutes in this thread, and they encourage beta members to leave their feedback in that thread as well.

Source: Capcom Unity.

Updated: Only one person thinks Dhalsim will win EVO 2015... Find out which characters got the most votes in USF4, MKX, SSBM, and SSB4

Updated: The results for our "which characters will win EVO" poll are in. Unfortunately, both Dhalsim and Oni got only one vote a piece in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Be sure to hit the jump to see which characters were voted #1.

Earlier: Fighting gamers from all over the world are beginning to pack their things and start their travels to the biggest tournament of the year. EVO 2015 awaits us in Las Vegas this coming weekend.

As we sit in anticipation, we've decided to create a poll in which you can vote which character will be used to take home a first place victory in each of this year's most popular titles.

We've chosen Ultra Street Fighter 4, Smash 4, Smash Bros. Melee, and Mortal Kombat X because they have all surpassed 1,000 entrants. Surely we have an idea of the strongest characters in each game, but we also have to take into account the strongest players.

History tells us that it's certainly not always the most broken character that wins tournaments to the same caliber as EVO. With that in mind, hit the jump to start voting.

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Which Mortal Kombat character(s) would you hope to see in future DLC for MKX? Cast your votes here

Mortal Kombat X has finally finished releasing the first Kombat Pack, featuring the four DLC characters Jason, Tanya, Predator and Tremor. During their Tremor Kombat Kast, developers briefly hinted at the possibility for another Kombat Pack, and therefore more new characters.

With the success of MKX thus far, evidenced by the popularity of the Mortal Kombat ESL Pro League, and attendance numbers at major events such as EVO 2015, few would be surprised if developers continued to generate new content for the game.

With a massive cast of characters from previous titles, possibilities are vast. Having experienced about four months of MKX now, we'd like to hear who you'd want to see as playable in the latest Mortal Kombat universe.

We've created a poll featuring the Mortal Kombat cast from which you can choose up to five characters you'd like to have in MKX. Are they really going to leave out Baraka? What about Rain or Smoke? Would we like to set up our own Freddy vs Jason death match?

Hit the jump below to vote.

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Necalli's V-Trigger has no time limit once activated, new information and screenshots of Street Fighter 5's latest character

Capcom has unveiled some new and very interesting information on Necalli, Street Fighter 5's first brand new fighter. In a recent Famitsu post, a handful of new screenshots and details about Necalli were released.

According to the post, Necalli is an ancient warrior who feasts on souls. He smells his way to battle and will only face the strongest foes. "With overwhelming destructive force, he overpowers everything."

For the first time, we get an official breakdown of what Necalli's moves are called / what they do. In the description of his V-Trigger, Torrent of Power, we learn that Necalli can remain in his transformed state indefinitely. As a trade off, however, Necalli loses access to his V-Reversal during V-Trigger.

New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #1 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #2 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #3 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #4 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #5 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #6 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #7 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #8 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #9 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #10 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #11 New screenshots of Necalli in Street Fighter 5 image #12
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for a translation of Famitsu's post detailing Necalli's special moves.

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Ono teases in game Street Fighter 5 image, possible new character or move, for today's announcement

Though we know there will be a Street Fighter 5 panel today at EVO, around 2pm PST, Ono wastes no time in teasing us and giving us a hint image related to today's reveal. The image has Ryu getting hit by what seems to be a new move in the Brazil stage, with the traditional Blanka figure covering the other character quite well.

Here's the image in question:

Street Fighter 5 EVO tease image #1
Click images for larger versions

Who could it be? Someone we know, or someone new? Comment below with your thoughts.

Tip submitted by IntruderN313.

Source: Ono's Twipple

Both Gill and Urien make appearances in the latest Udon comic... could this be a hint that they'll show up in Street Fighter 5?

A few theorists have recently speculated that new Street Fighter content that is developed outside of the games themselves, such as figurines, comics and the like, may very well foreshadow actual content in the upcoming Street Fighter 5.

The idea is, though these items don't come directly from Capcom, Yoshinori Ono and other developers would like to stay current with Street Fighter merchandise. They would therefore influence and sign off on content that is relevant to where the central story, from within the games, is at.

In Udon's latest The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash, both Gill and Urien, make an appearance. Check out the panels below:

Gill + Urien = Seth image #1 Gill + Urien = Seth image #2 Gill + Urien = Seth image #3
Click images for larger versions

This is all speculation, and they may be nothing more than comic book characters at this point, but do you think this ups the chances of these two making it into SF5? Only time will tell, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Deviant Art.

Thanks to YaNoob and Zombie Brian for the submissions.

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