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Second wave of DLC characters confirmed for Street Fighter 5, Capcom intends roster selection to be level playing field

Second wave of DLC characters confirmed for Street Fighter 5, Capcom intends roster selection to be level playing field

It's long been hinted at, if not outright stated that Street Fighter 5 would be supported with additional characters for quite some time — if everything went to plan, but Capcom recently confirmed that there would be a second wave of DLC characters after the initial batch that may have been leaked are released.

Revisiting an interview we previously covered via GameSpot, Capcom's Matt Dahlgren was asked if there would be a second wave of new characters for SF5, and he responded simply, "Yes," to the question, confirming we'll see more beyond the 22 fighters announced right now (16 launch + 6 DLC).

In terms of who we'd see, Capcom once again stated that they're having many conversations about which characters they'd like to add and what structure they'll take.

"We have a lot of discussions about who we want to add and what form they will take if they are added," said Yoshinori Ono, through a translator.

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The results are in; see who you voted as the strongest characters in Street Fighter 5 thus far

Update: The poll has now closed, after the jump you'll see the final results of the EventHubs readers' Street Fighter 5 beta 2 tier list.

Earlier: Street Fighter 5 beta players have been able to get their hands on 13 of the 16 characters that will be on the game's initial roster, and though the foundations aren't set yet, we're beginning to get a feel for who will be amongst the top of the tier charts.

As we await the game's release in February of next year, we've decided to take some time to spitball and speculate on what we've seen thus far. We've set up a poll for you EventHubs readers to chime in and tell us who you think are the best in SF5 right now.

You'll be able to select up to three characters that you think are better than the rest. We also encourage you to give your reasoning for why you voted the way you did in the comments section.

With so many different opinions flying around we ask you to please... be excellent to each other. You'll find the poll after the jump.

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Final Fantasy's Cloud joins the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U roster

During Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo announced that Cloud, of Final Fantasy VII, would be coming to Smash 4.

As one of the series most beloved characters, and that's saying something, the excitement for Cloud is absolutely through the roof.

You can see a few images of Cloud in action below:

Cloud Smash image #1 Cloud Smash image #2 Cloud Smash image #3 Cloud Smash image #4 Cloud Smash image #5 Cloud Smash image #6 Cloud Smash image #7 Cloud Smash image #8 Cloud Smash image #9 Cloud Smash image #10 Cloud Smash image #11 Cloud Smash image #12
Click images for larger versions

As of right now, we don't have an official release date for Cloud, but we'll surely keep you posted as more information becomes available. We've got his official trailer for you to check out, and you can do so after the jump.

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LPN shares the four weakest characters on his Street Fighter 5 tier list

Correction: This story had initially stated that this information from LPN was based on the public beta version of SF5, when in fact it was from the latest build he played at Capcom USA headquarters, which is different than the betas that have been released to the general public.

If you've ever met Long "pH|LPN" Nguyen, you know that he's a mad scientist when it comes to fighting games.

Traditionally a jack of all trades in any game he touches, Long spends many hours investigating, testing and experimenting with different characters, approaches and styles.

Showing an overwhelming enthusiasm with the latest build of Street Fighter 5 he got to play at Capcom USA headquarters, Long has graciously detailed for us a full breakdown of all the characters in the game up to Laura.

He has organized them from weakest to strongest, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses for each, and backing up his opinions with facts. Today we bring you the bottom four characters on Long's tier list.

Hit the jump to see them.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5? Melee and Wii U? EVO organizer asks if same-franchise games should coexist in next year's line up

After the recent poll asking which games fans would most like to see on the main EVO 2016 line up, the tournament's organizer Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar took to Twitter once again to prompt followers with a handful of other questions.

Street Fighter 5 is set to be released on February 16th, 2016, so we'll undoubtedly see Capcom's upcoming title on the main stage at next year's EVO. But what about Ultra Street Fighter 4? Should the new franchise installment squeeze its predecessor out of the line up?

It looks like the EVO TO is considering the possibility of only having Street Fighter 5. Not only that, but he also asked fans if Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U should coexist as main games next year, posting two poll questions: the first asking if there should be one or two Smash games in the line up and the other asking which of the two people would most like to see.

Mr. Wizard clarifies that these polls aren't the final say by any means. Instead, these are just being used to collect data and see where the community stands.

You can check out all three Twitter polls and the results after the jump.

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Who are the top 10 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players currently?

Who are the top 10 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players currently?

2015 is almost at an end, and we're about to start up our top 50 lists for the year, kicking off tomorrow with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. We're doing a special twist on this year's panels by inviting top players and pundits from the community to vote on each of our panels.

That said, we'd like to know who our readers think are the top 10 players in Ultra Street Fighter 4 currently, and we've compiled a list of almost 60 players to vote on.

To make the list of candidates, we took the top 50 players from the Capcom Pro Tour standings, everyone from the Topanga A League and the top 16 placers at EVO 2015.

The competition for Ultra Street Fighter 4 has never been more intense, and we'd like to know who you feel stand at the top of the heap, currently. You can vote in our poll below, and see the early results.

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King of Fighters 14 received visual upgrades between trailers comparison shows

Quite a bit of disappointment has been expressed regarding the graphics in the upcoming King of Fighters 14 title. Based on the first and second teaser trailers shown, fans have been less than complimentary about the state of the visuals, as they currently exist.

While it's common knowledge that games at this stage of development are still receiving various upgrades, KingsofCO on Twitter pointed out that Kyo looks a bit different between versions, and picked up some graphical upgrades.

We did a few screen grabs did illustrate this.

King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #1 King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #2
King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #3 King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #4

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Ono: Everyone will understand the changes we made to Ken once they see Street Fighter 5's story

In a recent interview with GameBlog France, Yoshinori Ono was asked about the negative reaction to Ken's new design in Street Fighter 5, and the alterations they made to the character.

The interview was conducted in French, but lucky for the community, GaijinB translated the details for everyone.

"We heard that people aren't happy with the changes we made to Ken, but be sure that we're not changing him because we hate him," said Ono.

As it turns out, there are reasons regarding the plot as to why Ken has been adjusted in Street Fighter 5 — and those will become clear with time.

"We think everybody will understand why we made those changes [to Ken] by playing the story mode we'll be announcing eventually," stated Ono.

There's a bit more to this interview, as Yoshinori discusses his relationship with Harada, the SF5 leaks and how much he loves France. You can find the entire translation below.

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Ono implies Street Fighter 5's story mode will be heavily improved, when asked about character trials feels company will exceed expectations

Ono implies Street Fighter 5's story mode will be heavily improved, when asked about character trials feels company will exceed expectations

Yoshinori Ono was recently asked about Street Fighter 5's story mode, a subject Capcom has been notoriously tight lipped about.

The interviewer queried Capcom about how past entries didn't explore the lore of the franchise as well as they could have, and wondered if they would improve their offerings in this regard. He also asked if Capcom would look to recent Mortal Kombat entries for ideas or inspirations in regards to story mode.

Ono said simply that the answer to that question could be found by looking at his face, which showed the corporate officer with a huge smile, implying that the answer to those questions was a resounding yes.

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'The top players in SF4 are so much better than any other fighting game' - Snake Eyez sits down with Gootecks and Mike Ross

Gootecks and Mike Ross sit down with one of the strongest and most celebrated Zangief players in the world: Darryl "RB|Snake Eyez" Lewis.

In this interview, Snake opens up about how he got into fighting games, what he loves about them and the things he finds most fun and entertaining within and about them.

Snake offers some insight into his incredibly successful approach to competitive fighters in general. He also gives us a few thoughts on the upcoming Street Fighter 5, as well as how he is preparing for the Capcom Pro Tour's ultimate event: The Capcom Cup.

Hit the jump to see "The Conversation" between Snake Eyez and Cross Counter.

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Street Fighter 5: Service-based platform means Capcom can be a lot more reactive to balancing, will keep listening to fans on adjustments

Street Fighter 5: Service-based platform means Capcom can be a lot more reactive to balancing, will keep listening to fans on adjustments

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is often regarded as the most balanced entry in the SF4 series, and the developers went out of their way multiple times to solicit feedback from the community in the process of tweaking the game.

With Street Fighter 5, Capcom intends to listen to the fans once again, and they'll be able to be a lot more reactive in the balancing process because of the new setup.

"Moving to a service-based platform means we can be a lot more reactive to balancing; we don't have to wait for another disc version. We'll be making sure we have a dedicated balancing timeframe," said Capcom's Brian Ayers, in an interview with MVCUK we wanted to revisit.

"It also allows us to react to fan feedback — maybe if we don't get something quite right or if fans want to see more of something else. Capcom has a pretty good reputation for listening to fans, and we can continue that and be a lot more reactive," he added.

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Street Grand Battle 2015 results ft GamerBee, Luffy, Valmaster, Ryan Hart

Update: This story has been updated wtih final results.

This weekend, Street Grand Battle 2015 will be taking place in Lyon, France.

There will be both single and team tournaments for Ultra Street Fighter 4 as well as a special 16 player invitational tournament with the latest build of Street Fighter 5.

A ton of notable players are attending this event - you can expect to see AvM|GamerBee, MD|Luffy, YP|Valmaster, FA|Ryan Hart, KIG|Problem X, CCG|HumanBomb, Keoma, BX3TPL|Phenom, Rize|Infexious, IND|Pro Fluke, BX3TPL|Veggey, Melty|Cuongster, BTM|Hurricane237, UM|Tyrant, Melty|Will2Pac, SML|SolidJin, GxC|Damascus, GL|Saunic, Packz, Afii, UM|RMZ and more.

Streaming duties are being handled by VersusFightingTV and Unequalled Media.

Hit the jump to check out the action.

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Ono explains why there's no arcade release for Street Fighter 5

Ono explains why there's no arcade release for Street Fighter 5

An arcade release and Street Fighter are something that has went hand in hand for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the financial hits the arcade industry has taken through the years isn't something businesses have been able to shake off — even in Japan.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono was recently asked why Tekken 7 is receiving an arcade release, and why it isn't happening for Street Fighter 5.

"The Japanese arcade isn't what it used to be," explained Ono.

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Street Fighter 5's first DLC characters aren't finished yet; Ono says 2020 might be the year of Skullomania (but probably not)

Back at Paris Games Week, GameSpot sat down with Capcom's Director of Brand Marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, and Street Fighter's Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono for a lengthy discussion about the company's upcoming title, Street Fighter 5.

The interview recaps information such as the way in which Fight Money will work, the new business model, and more. However, the Capcom representatives also share new information pertaining to the first set of DLC characters.

We know that Street Fighter 5 will receive six post-launch DLC characters before 2017 hits. Though fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the first real glimpse of these warriors, they're actually not finished being developed yet.

"Street Fighter 5 in itself is a 16-character game," Dahlgren explained. "The characters that are going to be released as post-launch content are not finished yet. They’re actually going to be released once they’re finished.

"So, we’re still working out the cadence on how quickly that’s going to happen, but what we’re working towards internally is about one character every two months. So we’ve been able to map out that we’re going to have six within the first year and plan to continue to build after that."

As for a DLC character limit, Capcom doesn't want to get overeager.

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'[Zangief's air grab] is godlike; it's better than Guile's in SF2' - Snake Eyez shares his early Street Fighter 5 Zangief impressions

Back in October, RhodyJIN managed to catch up with Red Bull's own Darryl S. Lewis, better known in the community as Snake Eyez. The top-level Zangief player in both Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo had quite a bit to say after trying out his main character in Street Fighter 5.

Up front, Snake says that Zangief has a very different feel than past iterations. With shorter normal ranges and a lariat that doesn't really anti-air that well, he feels that the new Red Cyclone is actually more of a brawler than a grappler, taking advantage of the up-close scramble rather than playing footsies.

He went on to comment on the impressiveness of one move in particular: Zangief's air throw. Apparently, it's pretty great.

"That is godlike. Out of all the fighting games I've ever played, that's the best air throw he's had -- a character has had," Snake Eyez explained. "It's better than Guile's air throw from Street Fighter 2 and if it's better than Guile's, it's better than everyone else's."

There's more to this interview, so be sure to hit the jump.

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