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Why Level|Up left Super Arcade: Exclusive interview with Mike Watson on the details of the Super Arcade/Level|Up dissolution

It's been just over a week since the sudden disband between Super Arcade and Level|Up. Mike Watson was kind enough to do an interview with us to discuss some of the unanswered questions and issues that have been circulating.

Here are the first two questions. Hit the jump to see the entire interview.

EH: Who initially proposed the split? Why did it happen so suddenly?

MW: Level|Up actually initiated the split by showing up to my shop at 1:30 on Friday night. This was surprising to me, but I guess they felt that strongly about it that they had to move fast. I understood my actions and can't blame them I guess. I think they were a little surprised by the fact that I instantly agreed though...

EH: How do you feel about the statement Level|Up released? Anything specific in that you'd like to address?

MW: I was actually a little disappointed by some of the comments they made. My personal finances should never be brought to light and the fact that it was mentioned irked me a bit. I was also unhappy with how they portrayed themselves as this saint helping me run more events as if they weren't profiting from them at the same time.

The most powerful Street Fighter can only be matched by Ingrid from Fighting Evolution - Capcom UK shares top 5 strongest characters in the franchise

The Street Fighter franchise is known for having some truly powerful fighters among its ranks. Characters can shoot plasma from their palms, deliver bone-shattering attacks, soar into the sky with spinning kicks, and much more. It's safe to say that the average human isn't capable of such feats and Street Fighter's world warriors are incredibly strong beings. But which characters are the strongest?

Capcom UK has released a video that lists the top 5 candidates in order of strength, based on their backstories and their attributes.

We all know that Akuma is one of the strongest characters in the franchise, but the other four characters listed here are quite interesting. Capcom Europe's Matt Edwards, the company rep presenting this video, mentions that the only character who may have a chance at challenging the strongest on this list is Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution.

Below you will find out which characters Capcom feels are the absolute most powerful in the franchise. Check out the video list below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Player Points boosting method using Yun's Summer Vacation costume taunt glitch discovered in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Looks like France's Alioune Sensei wasn't the only member of the FGC to have found ridiculous applications for Yun's Summer Vacation costume taunt glitch.

Over in Japan, some players have discovered that the glitch can actually be used to boost a player's PP easily. They've posted the method on Japan's 2ch forums, and now there are reports of Ultra Street Fighter 4 players having used the method to get their PP -- not BP -- up to 7,000 and higher.

EventHubs's Steven "DreamKing23" Chavez has tested this out himself, and we can confirm that the exploit works. He played a single match with his test partner, and here are what their respective BPs and PPs look like, before and after the single match.

Click images for larger versions

Below we're going to reveal how the PP boost exploit works, for knowledge purposes, but please do not boost your PP.

The Super Arcade/Level Up split: An insider's perspective on how things have changed thus far

'First and foremost, our parting has nothing to do with parties or individuals outside of Level Up and Super Arcade. There were no external influences or arm bending. The decision is mutual and there is no friction between Mike and Level Up.' That's straight from Level Up's post on the matter.

The 'big news' in our community right now is the sudden split between Super Arcade and Level Up. While there are certainly others involved, the faces of these respective enterprises are Mike Watson and Alex Valle.

Both of these men have been leaders in this community since day one. Albeit two very different styles in and out of game, both brought much to the table and have been there since the inception of the American FGC in the 90's.

Level Up and Super arcade seemed to have had a good thing going. A trusted company name with events to run and an iconic, centralized location where the events could run.

So what happened? Why the abrupt stop? So far we have a statement from Level Up and a blog post from Super. You can hit the jump to see both of these plus get a bit of my own perspective on how the arcade's atmosphere has changed thus far.

Why I taught fighting games' most famous moment to my college composition class

Despite spending evenings masquerading as an online warrior named “GentlemanTryken” in Ultra Street Fighter 4, most people throughout my day refer to me as Professor Tullis. I teach English, reiterating to a diverse student population how to format essays, argue logically, and interpret literature. This sounds like an easy gig—and sometimes it is—but there exists an almost insurmountable barrier that tries to prevent me from connecting my love of communication with my students. I've learned to call this blockade “a lack of interest”.

The first day of class in Comp. 1 is particularly problematic. Many of my students are fresh out of high school. Some of them have been spoon fed Shakespeare, To Kill a Mockingbird, and other state required texts. More than a few have little knowledge of active reading or good writing. Furthermore, the first day of the semester is usually all business. It's where the professor usually goes over their syllabus and discusses class expectations, which is also extremely important.

So how do you shake up the routine in students who've been going through the same day one lecture over and over again, who've grown up in an age where communication is flaunted all around us, but hardly anyone is effectively communicating?

My Answer: You show them EVO Moment #37.

Keep reading below to continue the editorial.

Moment 37|Reloaded results feat. Daigo, Justin Wong, BAS, Sanford Kelly, Alex Valle, Mike Watson & more

Updated: This story has been updated with final results.

Moment 37|Reloaded is kicking off today from Pomona, California and the over the course of this weekend we can expect some top-quality fighting game action.

This tournament celebrates the 10th anniversary of the legendary EVO moment #37, and the players that took part in that infamous Daigo parry are going to be in attendance to create some new incredible moments.

MCZ|Daigo, EG|Justin Wong, D44|BAS, SteamCo|Sanford Kelly, LU|Alex Valle, Watson, and many others will be competing this weekend in games such as Ultra Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. We'll also see an exhibition between the same two players that made EVO moment #37 possible, so you'll definitely want to tune in.

The live stream is underway, so check it out below.

Ryu dashes through Guile's UC2 Sonic Hurricane unscathed - how is this possible? A new glitch in Ultra Street Fighter 4?

EventHubs user hondahands has stumbled upon what appears to be a new glitch in Ultra Street Fighter 4. That is, unless someone in the community can explain what exactly is going on in this video given what's already been known about the game.

In the clip you're about to see, Ryu scores a knockdown on Guile with an EX fireball. The Guile player does not activate quick stand, which gives the Ryu player some time to back away (after throwing out a whiffed overhead).

The Guile player then wakes up with a reversal UC2: Sonic Hurricane. And that's where things start getting weird.

Omega Mode changes for Dudley, Yun, Hugo, Elena, Ibuki, Yang, and Makoto

Capcom has just gone live with another blog post detailing more Omega Mode changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Tonight's batch focuses on the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike characters: Dudley, Yun, Hugo, Elena, Ibuki, Yang, and Makoto.

Changes include a counter move for Yang, a Dragon Punch for Hugo, and much more.

Below are a couple of previews to get you started.


Sway: We’ve changed Dudley’s Short Swing Blow into a follow-up move, and in return we’re giving him Sway and Sway Back. Sway is done with the light attack. He has upper-body invincibility while he’s posing.

Click images for larger versions

The medium and fierce versions will give him Sway Back. It’s a much bigger Sway with throw invincibility! Press a punch button during Sway for a new move, Cutting Upper, or press punch during Sway Back for Short Swing Blow.

Capcom vs. SNK 3 dream match: Juri Han vs. Kim Kaphwan realized in ScrewAttack's latest One Minute Melee

Capcom vs. SNK 3 -- we all want it to happen. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that's something Capcom or SNK would consider turning into a reality at this point.

But if there were a Capcom vs. SNK 3, one of the fierce rivalries we'll get to see in the game would have to be Street Fighter 4 newcomer Juri Han vs. King of Fighters veteran Kim Kaphwan. Both are Korean Taekwondo practitioners, which is an easy connection to make. But on top of that, I like that Kim fights for justice, as opposed to Juri who's a villain in the SF series.

Who do you think would win in a fight between the two? ScrewAttack's latest One Minute Melee explores precisely that. No geeky analysis. No overly lengthy tale-of-the-tapes. Just a straight-up sprite-animated brawl where we get to see the two fighters land a bunch of devastating combos on one another.

As a bonus, it looks like both fighters are on the P Groove from CvS2. There's even some cool parrying action here.

Older Capcom fighting games less prone to glitches? Street Fighter Alpha 2 video proves otherwise - bugs more severe than in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Ultra Street Fighter 4 has its share of glitches, sure. But one of the great things about the game is that once Capcom is aware of the problem, they can investigate the causes for it and put together a fix.

These things take time to fix, and it isn't always possible to fix these issues without making a few compromises (like ultimately making Dhalsim a tad bit weaker). But at least such post-release support is within the realm of possibility, thanks to update patches served through the Internet.

Some of you have argued in the past, however, that precisely because it is now possible to update games post-release, that fighting game makers such as Capcom are making less of an effort to properly test their titles for bugs. And that as a result, fighting games these days are more prone to bugs and glitches than they used to be, in the 90's.

That's simply not true. Older fighting games have some really severe bugs too -- they were just not very well-documented because the Internet was still in its infancy, and YouTube hadn't even been born yet. So not a lot of people knew about the bugs in older fighting games.

Take, for instance, this Street Fighter Alpha 2 glitches compilation video that izumojinX put together. How many of these bugs did you know about back in the day, when you were still playing Alpha 2?

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Ver. 1.0.4 patch is out; Little Mac's KO Punch buffed, Bowsercide kills Bowser first - list of changes found thus far

Now that we're mere days away from the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the Ver. 1.0.4 update patch for Super Smash Bros. 3DS is now available to download from the Nintendo e-Shop! You will need 859 blocks of system memory on your 3DS to download the patch.

Ver 1.0.4 brings with it a ton of balance changes to the 3DS version of the game in order to bring it up to speed with the tweaks made in the forthcoming Wii U version.

Although Nintendo did not put out a full change log to detail these tweaks made in Ver. 1.0.4, the incredible Smash community has been hard at work testing the updated version for changes made to their favorite characters.

Over here we'll present some of the most comprehensive change lists we've seen so far -- from Smash Boards's SamuraiPanda, R/SmashBros's Tainic and NeoGAF's Metal B. We've also included a note about Little Mac's KO Punch from Smash Boards user Venks, as that also stood out to us.

Do note that some of the changes listed here have not necessarily been verified for accuracy.

Click images for details

Guy teleports after absorbing a hit, Dan gets a pushblock: USF4 Omega Mode changes for the Street Fighter Alpha characters

Capcom has just gone live with another blog post detailing more Omega Mode changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Tonight's batch focuses on the Street Fighrer Alpha characters, which includes Sakura, Gen, Rose, Dan, Guy, Cody, Adon, and Rolento.

Guy can now teleport behind an opponent after absorbing a hit. Dan has a pushblock, but instead of sending the opponent away, he retreats. There are all kinds of wacky changes this time around, so be sure to check them out.

Below are a couple of previews to get you started.


Utsusemi: They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Click images for larger versions

Got it? Yep, Guy gets his very own Kawarimi no Jutsu! It’s got armor on startup, and as you absorb a hit Guy will teleport to the other side of the opponent. This is good for setting up combo opportunities, and can be used in place of the Focus Attack.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U is getting rave reviews! Check out our roundup here

Super Smash Bros. on Wii U has been officially released today, and a number of online gaming publications have already posted reviews for the popular Nintendo fighter.

So far, it seems that the console version of the latest Smash installment has been very well received by critics. Of the ten different reviews we have listed below, no site gave the game below a 9 / 10 (or 4 / 5).

Hit the jump to check out the latest Super Smash Bros. Wii U scores.

Poongko throws his shirt in anger, Pepeday makes an amazing air throw read: Watch the unbelievable Canada Cup grand finals here

If you didn't catch the Ultra Street Fighter 4 grand finals set at Canada Cup 2014, then you truly missed out. Ask anyone that saw it and they'll tell you that this set was one of the most hype, most insane tournament sets they've ever seen. The crowd, the commentators, and even us here at EventHubs were going crazy as Poongko and FGC|Pepeday slugged it out in a high-flying, fast-paced battle to the KO.

Luckily, Canada Cup Gaming has already uploaded this set on to YouTube, and we have it here for you today.

For those pressed on time, we have also added a few animated GIFs that we feel perfectly express just how nutty this set was.

Hit the images below to see Poongko stop El Fuerte's run from fullscreen with a crouching elbow, Pepeday making a sick read and tagging Poongko with the Ex Guacamole Leg Throw, and a sequence that features both players going for Ultra, both players missing them, and then a scramble to get the next hit after recovery.

Click images for animated versions

After the jump, you will find the Canada Cup 2014 grand finals set in its entirety.

GamerBee is going to DreamHack Winter 2014, thanks to a $1,200 donation from Emogothcha

After failing to secure a top 4 win over at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals at GameStart Asia 2014 in Singapore, Bruce "AVM|GamerBee" Hsiang was visibly upset.

Unlike MCZ|Daigo or any of the other 6 competitors at the 8-man league, he didn't even need to make it to number one. He's been putting in a lot of hard work and clocking up air miles by making it out to as many of the Capcom Pro Tour events as possible, vying for those precious ranking points that would eventually put his goal of qualifying for December's Capcom Cup in San Francisco within his reach.

All he had to do was make it into top 4 at Capcom PT Asia Finals -- but a bad run at the tournament ruined his chances of doing so, and nullified all of the hard work he put in so far.

That's way too harsh a fate, but the dream's not over yet. There's one more chance to qualify for Capcom Cup. If AVM|GamerBee can emerge victorious at DreamHack 2014 in Jonkoping, Sweden, he'll earn his ticket into Capcom Cup. But it'll be tough. Lots of killers are headed there.

And that's not even the biggest problem he has to worry about: The air ticket from Taiwan to Sweden costs a bomb. GamerBee wasn't sure if he could go.

But now thanks to Emogothcha, a generous donor and good man who gave GamerBee a $1,200 donation live on stream, that's one less problem the Adon specialist has to worry about.

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