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Perfect Legend officially joins Team Razer! Just in time for the Mortal Kombat X Fatal 8 Exhibition Tournament

Today on his Twitter, Carl "Perfect Legend" White announced that he has joined up to represent team Razer. Very good timing to pick up a sponsor as Perfect Legend is prepping to play in the MKX Fatal 8 Exhibition Tournament tomorrow, on April 11th.

He will face off against seven other "kombatants" including the likes of Ryan Hart and HitBox|Tyrant. RZR|Perfect Legend may be the scariest competitor of all however, with back to back EVO victories for Mortal Kombat 2011 in both 2011 and 2012.

We'd like to offer a congratulations to both Perfect Legend and Team Razer for the exciting partnership.

Photo source: Perfect Legend's Twitter.

Thank you to Tinja for the tip.

PDP's Mortal Kombat X fight pad will not be available for the PS3 and PS4 in the UK

Are you excited about the new Mortal Kombat X fight pad for the PS3 and PS4? If you live in the UK, you might want to simmer down. According to PDP, the fight pad's manufacturer, those two versions won't be out in the UK.

The fight pad looks pretty sleek. It features a traditional d-pad, micro switch buttons, and an extended right side for a better grip with the left hand.

Click the images for larger versions

To find out why the pads won't be making it to the UK and to watch a preview video of them, continue reading below.

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The Final Kountdown: Mortal Kombat X Kombat Kast to show off Jacqui and Jax - stream is now live

Updated: The stream is now live.

Earlier: Another Kombat Kast airs today, and with these streams typically going live on Thursdays, this should be the last kast before Mortal Kombat X is officially released next week.

Today, we can expect to see breakdowns of Jax and Jacqui Briggs' variations and play-styles. Sure enough, we'll also see gameplay footage of different characters, as Tyler and Derek usually engage in a 2/3 battle at the end of the stream.

The broadcast is set to go live at 1 p.m. PDT / 4 p.m. EDT / 3 p.m. CDT (about 30 minutes from when this story was written.)

Be sure to catch the live stream embed after the jump.

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1.8 gigabyte patch for Mortal Kombat X available, adjusts balance, fixes bugs and provides online stability

If you're one of the lucky ones who has scored a copy of Mortal Kombat X on the PlayStation 4, you're greeted with a 1.8 gigabyte update once you pop the game in.

The patch brings the game up to v1.01 and adds the following things:
• Improved online stability.
• Multiplayer invite improvements.
• Gameplay fixes and balancing.
• Localized language fixes.
• Bug fixes.

Here's a screen shot of the update history page.

Click images for larger versions

DreamKing contributed to this story, via Product Reviews.

Mortal Kombat X mobile app now available for free on iOS, Android version coming soon

Those who are anxiously awaiting the release of Mortal Kombat X may be looking for something to pass the time. Today, fans are getting just what they've been looking for, as the Mortal Kombat X mobile app has been officially released and is now available for download.

The download is free for everyone, and is currently available for iOS. The mobile app will see a release on Android as well, but creative director at NetherRealm Studios, Ed Boon, stated on Twitter that it will be "coming soon."

Mortal Kombat X mobile, like Injustice: Gods Among Us, is a card game with fighting elements to it. There are interactive Fatalities in which the player must swipe the screen and hit different inputs, and those how play the mobile app will be able to unlock alternate skins and content that can be used in the console version.

Be sure to check out the official Mortal Kombat X mobile trailer below.

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Mortal Kombat X move pages heavily updated, listings for Goro, Jax, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Kenshi and Jacqui added

DreamKing has been super hard at work updating our moves database pages for Mortal Kombat X.

Now you can find listings for all of the 25 playable characters, along with updating listings for cast members we'd previously had posted.

Goro, Jax, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Kenshi and Jacqui all received new pages, and basic moves for many of the other fighters were added.

We also posted a few fatalities and brutalities, and many more updates are coming soon.

You can find links to these sections below.

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Throws really strong in Mortal Kombat X, performing a breaker takes two super bars plus half your stamina - Alioune weighs in

One of the most respected and consistent pioneers of new technology in the fighting game community, Alioune, has weighed in on the soon to be officially released Mortal Kombat X.

He has already started relaying details about some of the finer points of the game, including just how important the stamina bar is to the all around gameplay.

Alioune notes that back dashing consumes 50% of your stamina bar, and that performing a breaker takes two super meters plus half of your stamina bar. He also feels that throws are very strong. Check out his thoughts below.

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NetherRealm has plans for grassroots tournaments around the world, says ESL creative producer; explains why MKX Pro League is on Xbox One

It was recently announced that NetherRealm Studios will be partnering up with ESL to run a series of Mortal Kombat X tournaments this year. Known as The Worldwide Competitive Program, this series will feature the Fatal 8 Exhibition Tournament and Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League Tournament -- one pitting 8 of the world's best Mortal Kombat players against one another, and the other a string of online events with a local grand final, respectively.

Joshua Gray, creative producer at ESL America, recently took to the TestYourMight forums to run an AMAA (ask me almost anything) session. Naturally, the Mortal Kombat community over at TYM wanted to know more about The MKX Worldwide Competitive Program.

In order to better unify the online players for season one of the competitive program, Gray states that Warner Bros., ESL, and NetherRealm decided that the best course of action was to have everyone play on one platform. Xbox One was the console of choice for a number of reasons.

"After months of meetings, it was decided to go with the Xbox One for NA/EU for a variety of reasons, including: the track record of support from Xbox for competitive leagues, the robust performance of Xbox Live, [and[ the ESL App on the Xbox One," Gray explained.

The three entities behind this competitive league feel that their choice was indeed the best one, even if the decision was a difficult one to make.

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Mortal Kombat X live stream on PlayStationLATAM right now, Tyler Lansdown to show more Goro

Updated: The event has ended now, but we've tossed a stream archive into this story so you can check it out still.

It looks like a surprise Mortal Kombat X live stream is taking place today over on PlayStationLATAM.

Community specialist at NetherRealm Studios, Tyler Lansdown, will be at the helm of this live broadcast.

Although it is currently unclear what is scheduled to be shown off today, with Tyler in attendance there's a fairly good chance we'll see some more character breakdowns. At the very least, we will witness more Mortal Kombat X gameplay footage before the game hits stores next week.

Check out the live stream below.

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Mortal Kombat X official launch trailer featuring System of a Down now live

The official Mortal Kombat X trailer is now available for viewing online.

Directed by System of a Down's Shavo Odadjian, in this trailer we see a number of epic clips from the game's Story Mode and general gameplay footage all set to the band's hit song, Chop Suey.

Click images for larger versions

Mortal Kombat X will be released on April 14 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Hit the jump to view the official launch trailer.

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Jax rips your head open and puts a cigar out on you, Jacqui lands a barrage of punches: Check out the Briggs' Fatalities and X-Ray attacks

Yesterday, the Mortal Kombat X All Access stream ran for roughly 5 full hours. We saw quite a few things for the first time here, including official Goro gameplay (including his Fatalities), more of MKX's Test Your Luck mode, and more.

During the broadcast, Jax and his daughter Jacqui also made an appearance, and for the first time ever we were shown their first Fatalities, in full, and their X-Ray attacks.

So, rather than have you sift through 5 hours of footage to find them, we've gone ahead and tracked the down for you. To start, we have Jacqui's X-Ray attack: a barrage of torso punches, followed by a devastating uppercut and finishing with a leaping punch to the spine.

Warning: These GIFs are graphic and not for the feint of heart.

Jacqui Briggs' X-Ray attack

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see the rest.

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Variation descriptions added to Mortal Kombat X move lists on EventHubs

We here at EventHubs continue to update our Mortal Kombat X move listings with as much information as we can find.

Today, we're happy to announce that Variation descriptions have been added to all 19 of the characters we currently have in our moves database. This includes all three Variations for every character in our moves section.

Want to find out what Liu Kang's Variation C is all about? Or how about Shinnok's Variation A? Well, we've got them!

We will continue to update our Mortal Kombat X move lists each time we acquire new info. Naturally, once the game drops you can expect a fully fleshed out MKX moves section here on EventHubs.

Hit the jump to check out the 19 Mortal Kombat X characters' moves and Variations we have here on the site.

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Goro's second Fatality may be even more brutal than the first! Check out both of his Mortal Kombat X finishers here

The All Access Mortal Kombat X stream is currently underway. As promised, the first ever gameplay of Goro was shown off.

During the live stream, both of Goro's Fatalities were demonstrated in full. Now we get to see the ending of the first one that was teased in his official trailer and an all new finisher.

Click images for animated versions

I have to say, I think Fatalitiy #2 may be more gruesome than the first.

What do you think about Goro's Mortal Kombat X Fatalities? Let us know in the comment below.

Source: Amazon Games.

Goro lives! 5-hour Mortal Kombat X live stream to show more Goro and tons of gameplay footage

Updated with stream archive: We've added a stream archive to this stream from today's MKX showcase.

Earlier: There is quite a large Mortal Kombat X event going on in San Fransisco today.

The All Access happening will bring fans together with gaming celebrities and the game's developers for a day of Mortal Kombat goodness. This live broadcast is kicking off here shortly and is scheduled to have enough content to satisfy any MKX fan until the game drops in 10 days.

So what can we expect to see on stream today? Well, the event's official website promises an exclusive Goro reveal, Twitch celebrity match ups, sit-downs with MKX developers and much more. The stream is scheduled to run for 5 hours, so there is no doubt we'll be seeing a ton of new gameplay footage here.

Click image for the event schedule

The event will begin in about 30 minutes (from when this article was posted), so be sure to tune in here on EventHubs.

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Goro Mortal Kombat X gameplay footage shows off brutal X-ray and fatality

One of the most anticipated playable characters finally had some gameplay footage shown for him. Mortal Kombat X's Goro gameplay debut happened tonight, and you also get to see his outrageous fatality and X-ray move.

If you're jazzed about playing this four-armed beast, half-man, half-dragon, you're going to love this clip. Here are a few screen captures.

Click images for larger versions

You can find the footage below.

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