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ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League week 1 results ft. Perfect Legend, SonicFox5000, REO, Pig of the Hut, and more

Updated: Results have been added to this story.

Earlier: Week 1 of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League kicks off today. This broadcast will feature the top 16 North American players that qualified this past weekend going head-to-head in an online, single elimination tournament.

Today's combatants will be competing for cash prizes and ranking points that will help secure a spot in the ESL Global Finals later this year.

Below you will find a bracket for the week 1 top 16.

Click image for larger version

You can check out the live stream after the jump.

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Updated: Mortal Kombat X PC patch now live, save data loss issues ironed out; Jason Voorhees now playable

Updated: An updated patch for Mortal Kombat X on PC has gone live today. This patch adds all of the previous changes (hit the jump to view the list) and also adds Jason as a playable character.

An official post over on the Steam forum explains that players should no longer be losing save data after downloading the updated patch. Those who did experience any loss of data will be hearing from Steam soon with details on how the situation is being handled.

Earlier: Earlier today, a patch for Mortal Kombat X on PC went live that was set to address a number of bugs and issues that made the game nearly unplayable at launch. While today's update did apply corrections, it came packed with an all new issue, and a rather large one at that -- save data loss.

Numerous Steam users have reported save data loss after applying the nearly 16GB-sized update. Fortunately, Steam has already pulled the patch and is working on addressing the issue.

"We are temporarily removing the patch until we can pinpoint the cause of save data loss. We are actively working on this and will keep everyone posted as we work towards a fix. We sincerely apologize for this disruption," said a Steam developer over on their forum.

You can check out the full list of patch notes after the jump.

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Gootecks and Mike Ross venture deeper into the wonders of Mortal Kombat X in X-Cellent Adventures Episode 4 - BOTTOM OF THE BARREL

For the first time since 2011, Gootecks and Mike Ross are exploring a game not from the Street Fighter 4 series in their Excellent Adventures series.

At first, they took a glimpse of the story mode, and fell in love. Then, Mike got to explore training mode and find a character suited to his unique skillset. And finally, last time, the duo ventured online to try out the competition.

Today, they hit the lab quickly, and then head back online in full adventure mode. What will they encounter? Where will they end up? Hit the jump to find out.

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SoCal Regionals new date tentatively set for October 9-11, two lesser 'SoCal Regionals Prelude' tournaments announced to fill the gap

Notably, one of the Capcom Pro Tour's premier events, SoCal Regionals, was unfortunately delayed from its original May date due to construction issues at the venue.

While the tournament organizers at LevelUp assured would-be attendants that they were in full gear trying to find a new venue and securing the event itself, a delay was inevitable.

Thankfully, we now have a target date for SoCal Regionals 2015 - October 9th to October 11th of this year.

In addition, two lesser tournaments were announced to be planned during the gap. Hit the jump for more details regarding SoCal Regionals Prelude.

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Jason Voorhees Mortal Kombat X roundup: All Fatalities and Brutalities, X-Ray attack, and day 1/advanced combos and tricks

If you haven't been on the internet today, then the fact that Jason Voorhees is now playable for Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack owners is probably news to you.

For those who are waiting to purchase him separately on May 12th, or are just looking for some tech to get you started, you've come to the right place. Today we have a day 1 roundup of videos focusing solely on the classic slasher.

The clips included here show off all of Jason's Brutalities, both Fatalities, his intros, some day 1 combos, and even some that are more advanced.

You can check out everything after the jump.

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Updated: Jason Voorhees now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Kombat Pack owners

Updated: Some PlayStation 4 users are now gaining access to Jason.

Earlier: Mortal Kombat X gets its first DLC fighter today. Kombat Pack owners have been given access to Jason Voorhees, the first of four additional fighters set to grace the Mortal Kombat X battlefield.

As it stands right now, Jason is only available for Xbox One users. Reports have been flooding in all morning concerning the character's accessibility on PlayStation 4 in North America.

Many users, including myself, were able to download and install both Jason and the Horror costume pack, however, only the costumes are useable in-game. Jason still hasn't appeared on the character select screen.

There have also been reports of PC users experiencing similar issues as those on PS4. We have reached out to NetherRealm Studios to find out if there is a fix on its way. We will update this story as soon as more information unfolds and/or Jason becomes playable.

You can check out the Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees launch trailer after the jump.

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50% damage combos using run cancels - Earn your ticket into the A-List crowd with these Johnny Cage combo videos/tutorials

With Mortal Kombat X just recently having been released, there's obviously tons of stuff to still find out in the game.

Today, we got two videos sent in that cover the same area, namely Johnny Cage's A-List variation, and his ability to run cancel to do more interesting and damaging combos. Both of these videos also explain how to do this, and the authors have encouraged viewers to try and find their own optimal combos using this technique.

Hit the jump to check both videos out.

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Boon talks big changes for the Mortal Kombat X online experience, mobile Android release slated for tomorrow; pot bonuses for Combo Breaker and CEO

There were a ton of Mortal Kombat X announcements during the Kombat Stream today. Much of the content revolved around the newest character, Jason Vorhees, but series creator Ed Boon jumped on and had some pretty interesting announcements of his own to add.

Probably the most intriguing was his addressing of online issues. Since the release of Mortal Kombat 2011, the franchise has garnered a reputation of having one of the worst netcodes in the fighting game realm. Netcode is something of a broad term that relates to the synch between servers and clients. In layman's terms, Mortal Kombat has been notorious for their latency problems online.

Boon announced that there will be a patch for the PC version of MKX tomorrow, May 5th, that will bring it up to par with the console versions' online experience. That wasn't all when it came to web corrections though.

Hit the jump to see more!

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Command grabs, health regen, teleports, oh... AND YOU CAN'T KILL HIM! First look at Jason Vorhees from NeathRealm Studios

Update: Stream archive and Fatality gif have been added to this story.

Here's a look Jason's first Fatality:

Click images for animated version

Earlier: After the warm reception for Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat 2011, it only made sense that we'd end up seeing Jason Vorhees in Mortal Kombat X.

He seems to be a perfect fit in the MK universe, and we're excited to see how NetherRealm studios has gone about integrating him into it.

If you haven't already seen it, quickly take a look at the Jason trailer, which just went live earlier today.

We're hoping to see the character's Fatalities, Brutalities, variations and play style. What do you expect from this iconic character in MKX? Let us know what you're hoping for in the comments!

Hit the jump to see the live stream starting at the top of the hour.

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Official Jason Voorhees trailer shows first gameplay of the slasher in Mortal Kombat X

This just in: Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have released the official trailer for Jason Voorhees in Mortal Kombat X.

For the first time, we get to see the classic Horror slasher in action. This trailer shows some of Jason's special moves, intro, and a quick glimpse at a Fatality.

Jason will become available to Kombat Pack owners tomorrow, May 5th. Those who didn't purchase the Kombat Pack can pick up the Horror Pack -- that which includes Jason and three horror-themed skins: Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile and Pharaoh Ermac -- beginning May 12th for $7.99 USD. Players will also be able to purchase Jason and the costumes separately for $4.99 and $3.99 respectively.

Click images for larger versions

Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Over 500 players prepare as we settle in for the first Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League online tournament!

Over 500 players prepare as we settle in for the first Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League online tournament! Update: Results have been added to this story.

Earlier:The Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League kicks off today! Official start time is around 3pm Pacific time.

With over 560 entrants already signed up, this should be quite an exciting tournament. Today's matches are 2/3 rounds and single elimination.

We'll play down to the top 16 today, and then finals will finish out on Wednesday. This will be the event format each week.

Stay tuned here for coverage and results. You can see the rules and regulations, or sign up for future tournaments ESL Gaming's website and you can see the tournament bracket here as soon as it goes live.

Hit the jump to see the stream.

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Fight stick or game pad for Mortal Kombat X? Vesper Arcade helps you choose the controller that's best for you

As an '09er, and more specifically a Street Fighter player, I learned early on that "fight sticks are the only legitimate controllers if you take your gaming seriously." I actually started playing street fighter on the Xbox 360 controller, and was rather shunned for doing so.

Although Street Fighter 4 may be a game that tends to lend itself to the arcade stick layout with its multitude of multi-button commands, there are plenty of top tier players who don't use a stick. If you recall, our current EVO champion won with an original PlayStation pad.

Mortal Kombat X is still in its infancy, and there are surely many of you who are still getting your bearings. You may have seen players using both fight sticks and pads, and wonder which is best for competitive gaming.

Vesper Arcade has made a video wherein he goes over the perks and drawbacks to both types of controllers, specifically as they pertain to Mortal Kombat X. The goal here is to help you decide which would most benefit your style.

Hit the jump to see the video.

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Mike and Gootecks resort to prison rules in The X-cellent Adventures Ep. 3: 'BEATDOWNS & JUMPSCARES!'

"He's throwin' digital ass beatings at you!" This phrase, uttered by Mike Ross as he watches Gootecks get stomped for the umpteenth time, kind of sums up episode three of The X-cellent Adventures.

In a demoralizing attempt at breaking into the the online Mortal Kombat scene, Gootecks and Mike Ross try to implement their previous training into the real world of kombat. It doesn't go well.

After a few hilarious beatings, the duo begins to reflect on how to develop one's own game play. Mike Ross offers some pro advice, mentioning that the best way to go about leveling up is playing someone in your own skill bracket.

After enough disappointment and frustration, the two head into the single player Krypt mode seeking a bit of a break the action. They are welcomed with a hilarious jump scare. Mike's face says it all:

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see the episode.

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'Stay hungry to fight hungry!' Going to your first tournament? Gootecks gives 5 tips to make your debut the best it can be

With the Capcom Pro Tour oiled up with $500,000, and a growing arsenal of popular games such as Mortal Kombat X attracting new players to majors, maybe you think it's about time to go out and test your might--and you should! Going to a tournament can be an extremely rewarding experience where you'll make friendships, memories, and rivalries that will last you a lifetime.

But tournaments can be confusing and disheartening if you're not equipped with the right ideas and approaches. That's why CC|Gootecks has offered up 5 tips for you to keep in mind when you go to your first tournament. It should be noted that this advice is useful to more than those that have never gone; maybe you went to your first tournament already, but the experience didn't play out the way you hoped it would.

Some of the advice is logical but often not thought about. Tip number 2 demands that you "eat light throughout the day." With tournaments comes fast food and any other greasy meal that's quick to put you into a digestive coma. Across from my first CEO was a Popeyes Chicken, and too many players (myself included) were running back and forth between the tournament with combo meals full of fried everything. Gootecks suggests keeping to fruits, vegetables, and nuts during the tournament.

To get all 5 of this tournament veteran's tips, check out the video below.

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Summoner Quan Chi can do up to 71%-damage combos, create a throw trap and perform a 'Bat-ality' with his deadly Demon Spawn technique

You may recall seeing a Lui Kang combo video from Carlos Azcarate wherein we saw the Shaolin fighter do a full 75% damage combo.

Mr. Azcarate is back with yet another high-damage combo video, this time for the evil sorcerer Quan Chi. Utilizing his Summoner variation, Quan Chi can extend combos with his Demon Spawn attack.

This attack sees Quan Chi summon a winged, bat-like demon that hovers above him until he decides to send it in a dive bomb swoop at his opponent. Beyond combos, he can also use it when an enemy attempts to tech his throw, hitting them while they're caught up in the tech animation.

This makes Demon Spawn-equipped Quan Chi a terrifying adversary. Hit the jump to see the technique in action.

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