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Mortal Kombat X will let players turn off negative edge, tag special move inputs to be displayed on-screen during a match

The Know has just published a video preview for Mortal Kombat X in which presenters Adam Kovic and James Willems get their co-host Lawrence Sonntag (who went to visit NetherRealm Studios in Chigago) to tell them about what he was able to check out.

Lawrence went into a lot of detail on the game, some of which you've probably heard about already elsewhere. But there's at least two features Lawrence mentioned that we haven't really quite heard about in other interviews or previews: the ability to turn off negative edge, and helpful feature to tag special moves so that their inputs are displayed on-screen during your match.

He also recorded quite a bit of footage from his play session, and the entire verbal exchange between Lawrence and his co-hosts was pretty entertaining to listen to, to boot.

Lawrence Sonntag: Where that came from is that, according to the combat designer he was watching a lot of tournaments and some people in MK9 would lose tournaments because special moves would come out when they didn't want them to. He wanted to expose these options so that people can play exactly how they want.

Adam Kovic: So that's why I've been losing in fighting games all those times. Negative edging.

Check out The Know's video preview of Mortal Kombat X below.

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Ed Boon: The obscure character Tremor was included in Mortal Kombat X due to 'this swell of people pushing for it with petitions online'

When Tremor, Tanya, and Predator were revealed to be playable characters that would be added to Mortal Kombat X via a Kombat Pack add-on, one question that many fighting game fans asked were "who's Tremor and Tanya?"

Tremor and Tanya, of course, are relatively obscure fighters who made their first appearances in the franchise from Mortal Kombat: Special Forces and Mortal Kombat 4 (MK4), respectively.

What's particularly interesting about Tremor though is that, unlike Tanya who was a fully playable character in MK4, Tremor would be making his first fully playable appearance in Mortal Kombat X. Back in Special Forces, Tremor was not playable and only appeared during the cutscenes. And although you could play as Tremor in the PS Vita port of Mortal Kombat 9 as part of a couple of special tower events, the character himself isn't exactly selectable in Versus mode or online.

So why did the folks over at NetherRealm Studios decided to make him playable now, almost 15 years after his first (non-playable) appearance?

"A big reason [we decided to make him playable] was because of fans yelling loud enough," NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon told GameSpot.

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Mortal Kombat X move listings updated - Erron Black, Shinnok, Mileena, Kung Jin, Liu Kang and more added

DreamKing and I put in a long day yesterday to update our Mortal Kombat X move listings, and we've added some of the new characters, plus revised some of the older listings.

We'll have a complete listing up for the game as soon as possible, along with a rundown of the variations and what they do.

Plus, we'll be launching the usual sections like tiers and stats, on the same day that the game launches, April 14th, so please look forward to that.

You can find move listings for Erron Black, Shinnok, Mileena, D'Vorah, Kung Jin, Takeda, Liu Kang and updated sections for Ferra/Torr and Kotal Kahn. We've added links to all of the MKX moves sections below.

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Compilation of brutally disgusting Mortal Kombat X fatalities feat. Kitana, Ferra/Torr, Reptile and more

If you're like me, you haven't kept up on the fatalities that have been released for Mortal Kombat X yet, so this clip from CaRtOoNz fills that gap in perfectly.

If you're hardcore, you've seen many of these before, but this was all captured from a recent event, so many of the characters being ... fatalitied, fatalized, err, having a fatality performed on them, is all new footage, even if the actions themselves are stuff you've seen previously.

If you dare, you can find the clip below.

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Ed Boon promises better netcode, talks about 'easy fatalities', DLC character try-outs in Mortal Kombat X in this interview with AngryJoe

YouTube personality AngryJoe has just published an in-depth 20-minute interview with Mortal Kombat co-creator and NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon, and it is filled with several nuggets of new information about the soon-to-be-released new-gen fighter.

In this interview, Boon reveals that there will be ways for players to try out DLC fighters without having to purchase them beforehand, an "easy fatality" feature that you can unlock in the Krypt, and that Mortal Kombat X's story mode has "more cinematic footage in this one than any of the games we've (NetherRealm Studios) done before."

He also talks about how they're potentially looking at adding more DLC guest characters, and how they've sought to improve the netcode in Mortal Kombat X over Mortal Kombat (2011) and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

AngryJoe: Are there going to be any substantial changes to the netcode? Are you guaranteeing that it's going to be improved?

Ed Boon: Oh yeah, yeah, it's going to be improved over MK9 certainly, improved over Injustice. We really are focusing a lot on it, as well as the messaging [you get when something happens in online mode].

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Jax gameplay footage, Fujin makes an appearance, and classic fighters return as undead warriors: First 25 minutes of MKX's story mode

Mortal Kombat X is just shy of two weeks away from release, and footage of NetherRealm Studios' upcoming fighter continues to hit the internet.

Today, we have the first 25 minutes of the game's story mode, courtesy of IGN. We previously saw 7 minutes of story in action during one of the Kombat Kasts earlier this month, however, there is much more to witness in today's clip.

This video provides the first look at Jax's gameplay, shows some of Mortal Kombat's classic fighters return as undead warriors (in the story cinematics, not as playable characters), and we even see Fujin make an appearance alongside Raiden, although no footage of him being playable is shown.

Check out the first 25 minutes of Mortal Kombat X's story mode below, but be warned, there are spoilers.

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Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League Tournament and Fatal 8 Exhibition Tournament announced; prize pool starts at $100,000

Updated: We've added the full list of 8 players set to compete in the Fatal 8 Exhibition. You can find the list after the jump.

Just this morning, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have unveiled their plans for the competitive Mortal Kombat X scene. With the help of The Electronic Sports League (ESL), this year we'll see a large tournament circuit called the "Who’s Next? Mortal Kombat X Worldwide Competitive Program."

The Worldwide Competitive Program consists of two major events: the Fatal 8 Exhibition Tournament and Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League Tournament. According to the official press release, MKX players can "secure winnings from a prize pool that starts at $100,000" in this tournament series.

The Fatal 8 Exhibition will pit pro fighting game talent against one another, and the first player to be announced is MK champion Perfect Legend. Ryan Hart has confirmed on Twitter that he will be competing as well. The exhibition will take place on April 11, and those who wish to spectate can do so in person by heading over to the ESL studios in Burbank, California (tickets available here), or catching the action over on the official NetherRealm Twitch channel.

On April 19, the Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League Tournament kicks off. Xbox One players from North America and Europe will be able to compete in weekly tournaments that offer cash prizes and allow players to secure their spot in the grand finals on July 11 in Los Angeles, California. There will be 16 grand finals spots up for grabs.

Those who wish to support the ESL Pro League can do so by purchasing Sub-Zero's Blue Steel alternate costume in Mortal Kombat X. A portion of the proceeds will go to the tournament series' prize pool.

Click image for larger version

You can check out the official announcement trailer below.

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The sounds of Mortal Kombat X - what you're REALLY hearing during all the decapitations and disembowelment

Mortal Kombat has always found a way to make us cringe with their trademark Fatalities.

The shock value associated with the game has always been strong, and developers have done a terrific job upping the ante with each iteration to keep things fresh and interesting.

In earlier versions, fatalities found most of their effect in the visual realm. Aside from a small "smack" or "break" followed by an over-emphasized cry from the victim, there wasn't much audial contribution.

With technology in gaming having progressed to where it is today, sound has become just as much a part of the gore as the impaling and dismemberment we see on screen.

In yesterday's Kombat Kast, we got to see a video of the audio engineers at NetherRealm Studios hard at work, creating the disgustingly awesome audio content for MKX. You can hit the jump to see it yourself.

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Erron Black is in Mortal Kombat X and he might be the coolest character ever; check out character breakdowns for Black, Shinnok and Liu Kang

We're just over two weeks away from finally having Mortal Kombat X in our homes. All the intense competition, exciting game play and brutal gore will finally be at our fingertips.

Yesterday, NetherRealm kept the hype going with their "Black Friday" Kombat Kast wherein they revealed Erron Black as a playable character. Alongside the outlaw, they also gave us some breakdowns for MK veteran Liu Kang and the evil Elder God Shinnok.

Seemingly more of a zoning character with gun play and ground traps, Black has some pretty awesome looking moves. He can actually flip coins into the air and ricochet bullets from them.

As slick of a move as the coin flip is, Black's X-ray is probably his slickest.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see the character breakdowns for Erron, Liu Kang and Shinnok.

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Sub-Zero revamps an old Mortal Kombat classic in his new 'Chest Cold' fatality

During the Kombat Kast early today, we saw a plethora of new Mortal Kombat X material.

Amongst this material was a spot for the new "Fatality Practice" mode. As far as we can tell, this is simply a mode wherein you can practice spacing, timing and inputting fatalities... or just use to quickly view the finishers instead of playing full matches.

In any case, we got to see Sub-Zero's "Chest Cold," or as some of the developers referred to it, "Skate Fatality."

You can hit the jump to see it for yourself.

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Stop what you're doing... it's time to FIGHT! Mortal Kombat X's official TV spot, featuring System of a Down, is live

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released the Mortal Kombat X: Official TV Spot. The spot depicts a collection of various people getting the message "fight" through various means.

They all form a massive, spontaneous fight circle that takes over an entire city amidst the backdrop of System of a Down's "Chop Suey!"

A mixture of classic Mortal Kombat wry humor and brutal action make us even more eager to start playing MKX. Eighteen more days... eighteen more days...

Hit the jump and check it out!

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NetherRealm Studios break down Erron Black, Shinnok and Liu Kang in the most recent Kombat Kast

Update: Archive has been added to this story.

Earlier: We're getting ready for yet another Kombat Kast today as the good guys over at NetherRealm Studios prepare for their live stream.

What do we expect to see today? We've gotten a number of new faces added to the character select screen so we're hoping to see what these fighters can do in Mortal Kombat X.

Will we see Liu Kang, Shinnok, Jason or Predator? We hope for any and all of these combatants to be featured showing off specials, X-rays and fatalities.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream!

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Heavy metal group System of a Down teaming up with NetherRealm Studios for Mortal Kombat X launch trailer

The SOAD fanatic inside of me is screaming right now...

It was announced today that NetherRealm Studios will be teaming up with heavy metal band System of a Down for the official launch trailer of Mortal Kombat X. The group's bass player, Shavo Odadjian, is directing the upcoming trailer, and the band's hit song "Chop Suey" will also be featured in it.

The TV spot for the trailer will premiere tomorrow (Friday, March 27th), and the official launch trailer will make its world debut on Monday, April 6th.

You can check out a quick behind-the-scenes look at the project with Shavo Odadjian after the jump.

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Liu Kang, Kung Jin & NetherRealm Kung Lao's playable appearances in Mortal Kombat X revealed by Maxim Russia's 'Official Shaolin Trailer'

Maxim Russia has just published on their YouTube channel NetherRealm Studio's "Official Shaolin Trailer" for Mortal Kombat X -- it is highly likely that Maxim made the trailer live earlier than the intended timing by accident.

In any case, the official Shaolin trailer reveals that -- yes, you guessed it -- Liu Kang is making a return in Mortal Kombat X, this time as a fighter on the NetherRealm side of things, due to the incidents in Mortal Kombat (2011).

Click images for larger versions

Liu Kang is joined by newcomer Kung Jin, and the previously unveiled Kung Lao (who appears in an alternate costume in the 3rd image above, and says that he "serves Shinnok and NetherRealm") in this trailer, which showcases many of their specials as well as X-Ray moves, and at least one Fatality near the end.

Check out the trailer below, before it's taken down!

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Another Mortal Kombat X announcement coming this Friday? Boon continues his kryptic hints on Twitter

As the headline states, Ed Boon is at it again! The Mortal Kombat creator recently took to Twitter to set forth another hint at a potential Mortal Kombat X reveal.

Boon tweeted out a picture that simply reads "Friday," depicted in the same style and font as previous Mortal Kombat X announcements. The only other hint in the tweet is a question mark. I know that you're probably thinking, "but DreamKing, that's far too cryptic a hint to assume we'll see something new this Friday!" Well, there is one other reason why I feel that NetherRealm Studios is gearing up for another reveal. Continue reading to find out what that is.

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