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Tremor spotted in MKX? - Images show Tremor's bio page, new klassic and MK3/4 costumes

Though we've just been getting over seeing Predator coming to life in the world of Mortal Kombat X, it seems that the next character is already on the horizon.

Tremor, first seen in the not so great Mortal Kombat: Special Forces, has been known to make his first playable debut in Mortal Kombat X for some time now. However, new imagery has surfaced that appears to show his bio in-game, as well as multiple new costumes, including various outfits from MK3.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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New Predator gameplay trailer released, reveals some absolutely brutal footage and an interesting character interaction

Main purpose of Street Fighter 5's beta is to test out online infrastructure; Sony key in assisting with cross platform play

Can't wait for the upcoming Kombat Kast on July 6th to watch some Predator gameplay? A new Mortal Kombat X trailer was released today, presumably in Russia because it contains Russian subtitles (and the video comes from Russian gaming channel Nonetheless, it shows off some fantastic gameplay footage and an X-ray attack.

Additionally, a very interesting interaction occurs between Shinnock and the extraterrestrial hunter. Hopefully, once the character releases to Kombat Pack owners on July 7th and July 14th to everyone else.

Watch Predator do what it does in the video below.

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Artwork gives a Saturday morning cartoon twist to Mortal Kombat X's roster

Main purpose of Street Fighter 5's beta is to test out online infrastructure; Sony key in assisting with cross platform play

Xamoel at DeviantArt has drawn the Mortal Kombat X's roster in a style reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. This isn't the first time the artist has done so with a Mortal Kombat roster, as he's also given the interpretation to the original one from 1992, but it is certainly his most ambitious looking to date.

According to Xamoel, the picture took him five months to complete. The image is so crowded with MK goodness that it doesn't look there's any room left on the page for future DLC.

Check out the cartoon take on Mortal Kombat X's roster below.

Martal Kombat X cartoon image #1
Click images for larger versions

Source: Xamoel's DeviantArt.

Tanya loses invincibility on teleports, Jacqui gets increased damage on Bionic Blast: Mortal Kombat X v1.06 patch notes

A brand new Mortal Kombat X patch has arrived.

Currently live on PlayStation 4, this update adds compatibility for the new Predator costumes, adds a number of bug fixes, makes online match making improvements, and more.

Additionally, a number of character tweaks have been made. Among the changes, Tanya has since lost the invulnerability frames on her teleports, which has been a popular topic of discussion since she was first released.

The patch is live on PS4 and will be hitting Xbox One soon.

Hit the jump to check out the character balance changes in the v1.06 patch.

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Predator Kombat Kast to air this Monday, character available on July 7 for Kombat Pack owners

Updated: NetherRealm Studios has just released a quick trailer confirming the release date for Predator in Mortal Kombat X. Kombat Pack owners will get him on July 7 and he'll be sold separately starting on July 14. You can check out the trailer after the jump.

Earlier: Ever since the big Predator leak in Mortal Kombat X, fans have been wondering when we can expect to get the next official look at the DLC character.

Well, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon took to Twitter once again this morning, announcing that a new Kombat Kast will air this coming Monday July 6. As expected, the broadcast will be devoted to showing off Predator and what the character can do.

He also suggested that the character will become available the following day. His tweet reads, "We are long overdue for another Kombat Kast !! Next one is this Monday. Or as I like to call it.... Predator-Eve" (the day before Predator).

If past experience is any indication, we'll be seeing Predator become available to Kombat Pack owners on July 7, then unleashed upon the public a week later. As always, you'll be able to catch the Kombat Kast over on NetherRealm's Twitch channel.

Hit the jump to check out Boon's tweet.

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Who's number one in Mortal Kombat X? Yomi Gaming's DJT posts his MKX tier list

Just a few days after CEO 2015, Arturo Sanchez took to Twitter to spread a tier list for Mortal Kombat X that has been posted by the people at Yomi Gaming on Test Your Might.

Specifically, YOMI DJT shares his thoughts with a tier list that gives reasoning for the top seven, and encourages people to discuss it. It's gotten quite a lot of attention over the past two days, and is worth noting that it looks like it's a team effort in the making, with planned revisions based on feedback.

Hit the jump to check out the tweet and tier list for yourself.

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Wednesday Night Fights season 2 finale results ft. Damdai, Wonder Chef, Alex Valle, Lap Chi and more

Wednesday Night Fights season 2 finale results ft. Damdai, Wonder Chef, Alex Valle, Lap Chi and more Updated: This story has been updated with results and a stream archive.

The top 16 players for Wednesday Night Fights Online are ready to play things out so we can crown this week's champions.

Both Mortal Kombat X and Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be featured tonight.

You can find the brackets on Challonge, so be sure to follow along with all the action as the tournament goes along. You can also check out last week's results here.

Hit the jump to view the live stream.

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ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League week 7 results ft. Sonic Fox, Perfect Legend, Bread and more

ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League week 7 results ft. Sonic Fox, Perfect Legend, Bread and more Updated: This story has been updated with results and a stream archive.

It's week 7 of the Mortal Kombat ESL Pro League. Today's broadcast will feature the top 16 North American players that qualified this past weekend going head-to-head in an online, single elimination tournament.

Today's kombatants will be competing for cash prizes and ranking points that will help secure a spot in the ESL Global Finals later this year. Below you will find a bracket for the week 5 top 16.

Click image for larger version

Click here for last week's results.

You can check out the live stream after the jump.

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Predator's regular win pose is a Fatality; game play, finishers and more leaked for Predator in Mortal Kombat X

This character looks awesome. A good portion of leaked content for Predator in Mortal Kombat X has surfaced in the past few hours, and we've got some of the essentials here for you.

Predator uses most all of his iconic weapons such as his spear, disk, plasma cannon, cloaking and self destruct sequence, but his claw looks to be the most commonly used. We have isolated his Fatality, his deadly win sequence and his Brutality below, and naturally, they're NSFW:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for multiple videos showing off a whole lot more Predator in Mortal Kombat X.

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Ed Boon is hinting at something again, and we... have no idea what the Hell it is; check out Johnny Cage and Jax reenact a classic Predator moment

After yesterday's big Predator leak, it looks like Ed Boon is rolling with the punches and showing that not everything has been revealed just yet.

The Mortal Kombat creator took to Twitter earlier this morning to share an image of Tanya from the in-game character viewer. Now, normally that wouldn't be interesting at all, but upon the screenshot we see an arrow drawn on, along with the number one and another line running over one of the background's rock structures.

What the line and number indicate, I don't know, however, we see that the arrow is pointing to what appears to be a blurry figure peaking out from behind the rocks. Below, we've snapped a screenshot of our own and pointed out where you can see the figure.

Ed Boon's Mortal Kombat X teasers image #2

Said figure could simply be an extension of the rocks, but it looks a bit too different to be just that. And what do the rest of the clues in Boon's teaser mean? We're stumped here at EventHubs. This is definitely Boon's most kryptic hint yet.

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Toast your opponent at the Lin Kuei Temple... Erron Black's X-ray just became even more lethal; brand new Mortal Kombat X Brutalities

Two more Brutalities have been discovered for Mortal Kombat X since the latest patch just last week. One of these is a stage Brutality, performable only at the Lin Kuei Temple.

It involves using the intractable fireballs held by the statue in the middle of the stage. After fulfilling a few requirements, mentioned in the video, you'll be able to finish your opponent in a way that seems to pay tribute to Scorpion's original Fatality in the first Mortal Kombat.

In addition to this, Erron Black has received an augmentation to his X-ray. So now he has a brand new method of finishing off his foes in style. The first of the two can be seen below, and perhaps it's just me, but I find Kotal Kahn's post-toast animation quite comical:

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see the video.

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Predator variations, finishers, and upcoming costumes ft. Carl Weathers Jax shown off in these Mortal Kombat X screenshots and first gameplay footage

We recently learned that Predator -- Mortal Kombat X's next playable DLC fighter -- will be arriving next month along with the new Predator-themed costume pack. Though Predator can be seen in the in-game Krypt, his finishers and variations are currently locked.

A large batch of images have surfaced that not only show off the new characters variations (from the Krypt), but also show all of his Brutalities and Fatalities. Additionally, we get to see in-game screenshots of the new costumes: Carl Weathers Jax, Commando Johnny Cage, and Infrared Scorpion.

Check out some of the images below to get you started, and hit the jump for more.

Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #1 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #2 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #3 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #4 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #5 Predator variations, finishers, and more in MKX image #6
Click images for larger versions

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CEO 2015 results ft. Momochi, Daigo, Kazunoko, Tokido, GamerBee, Infiltration, Mago, Mango, Armada, Snake Eyez, Fuudo, Xiao Hai and more

CEO 2015 live stream ft. Momochi, Daigo, Kazunoko, Tokido, GamerBee, Infiltration, Mago, Mango, Armada, Snake Eyez, Fuudo, Xiao Hai, SonicFox and more

Updated: This story has been updated with final results for CEO 2015.

One of the biggest events of the year is finally upon us. This weekend, CEO 2015 will be taking place in Orlando, Florida, and it will feature a huge amount of known players competing in a large variety of games.

The game list includes Ultra Street Fighter 4 (for which this is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event), Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Killer Instinct, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Dive Kick.

As for players attending, the list is huge. You can expect to see EG|Momochi, MCZ|Daigo, Kazunoko, MCZ|Tokido, AvM|GamerBee, Infiltration, MCZ|Mago, C9|Mango, Alliance|Armada, Snake Eyez, RZR|Fuudo, Qanba|Xiao Hai, SonicFox, Bonchan, TSM|Leffen, Liquid|Hungrybox, Tempo|NYChrisG, ZeRo, PIE|Smug, YOMI|Dieminion, EG|Ricki Ortiz, TSC|CD Jr., Liquid|NuckleDu, Qanba|Dakou, TS|Arturo Sanchez, YOMI|ForeverKing, EG|K-Brad, EG|PR Balrog, CCG|Air, /r/Kappa|EX Pugera, VGP|Tom Brady, TSC|Sanford Kelly, 801 Strider, DL|Hamad, EH|Velociraptor, CTRL|RayRay, CEO|CJ Truth, EG|ChocoBlanka, Hsien Chang, Julio, DL|FourWude and many, many more.

Streaming duties are being handled by Capcom Fighters, Team Spooky, VGBootCamp, VGBootCamp2, FunkyP, CEO Gaming and Shin Tristan.

Hit the jump to check out the action.

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Daigo defeated by Strider's Abel, Smug's huge comeback on Momochi, Sonic Fox's Pyromancer Tanya: CEO 2015 day 2 highlights

CEO 2015 is well underway. Today marks day 2 of the event, and the action so far has been bigger and badder than ever.

We've seen a ton of top-level talent going toe-to-toe, and the hype cannot be contained if you tried. There have been upsets, comebacks, and enough salt to make Kramer thirsty.

So, tonight we bring to you some of the best plays we caught on stream. In this story, you'll witness MCZ|Daigo taking a loss to 801 Strider, PIE|Smug facing off against the Capcom Cup 2014 champion, and much more.

Tanya too stronk

We kick off our highlights with easily one of the best Mortal Kombat X players on the scene today. CR|Sonic Fox ran into Hitbox|Tyrant during pools today, and instead of going with his already trademark Erron Black, the young champion opted to use Tanya, MKX's latest DLC fighter. While most Tanya players are using her Dragon Naginata variation, Fox showed off what her Pyromancer style is all about. He dominated his match against Tyrant by constantly evading the Jax player and throwing well-placed fireballs everywhere he could.

The excellent Tanya play continued in the match between Ricky Walker NS and YOMI|Kush. In the second round of the first game, Ricky scored a flawless victory over Kush's Sonya. The most impressive thing here, is that Walker managed to teleport three times in a row, evading everyone one of Kush's counter attack attempts. Kush, however, went on to win the set.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to continue on.

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Predator coming to Mortal Kombat X in July, Klassic Fatalities confirmed and likely to be released in next update

Mortal Kombat X is gearing up for a big update.

Firstly, it looks as though Klassic Fatalities have been confirmed. As with previous DLC, the proof lies in The Krypt, where we see some of the upcoming content listed in the "Finishers" section.

In the past, we've seen both Jason Voorhees and Tanya -- the game's first two DLC characters -- appear listed in The Krypt a short time before they were released. Now, we see that Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Sonya all have a third fatality listed.

This time, the reveal goes one step further, as you can see in the images below that the fatalities can actually be found in each character's move list. The names of these finishing moves fall match up with fatalities found in previous MK games, such as Scorpion's Toasty fatality.

Klassic Fatalities coming to Mortal Kombat X image #1 Klassic Fatalities coming to Mortal Kombat X image #2 Klassic Fatalities coming to Mortal Kombat X image #3
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to read more.

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