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Mortal Kombat X's new stamina meter could make zoning characters much less effective

In NetherRealm Studios' previous fighting title, Injustice: Gods Among Us, players of the zoning character archetype were capable of imposing their "keep away" style as much as they saw fit. Fighters such as Deathstoke and Green Arrow -- two characters with incredible zoning tools -- were able to fill the screen with projectiles freely as there was no general game mechanic in Injustice that really put a damper on their attempts. However, that might not be the case in NRS' upcoming next-gen fighter: Mortal Kombat X.

According to an article from a writer over at Destructoid (who recently scored some time with the game), MKX's stamina meter may prevent zoning characters from being as effective as they once were in other fighting titles.

For those unfamiliar, the MK developers have implemented a new stamina meter in their upcoming fighter that gives players the ability to run, dash, and interact with stages. Once this meter fully depletes, these actions are no longer accessible, however, but the meter refills automatically after a short cool down period. Putting a limit on these maneuvers potentially affects zoning in MKX.

"The dash meter alone does much to make hard zoning a much less viable option, as you can't get the necessary distance as fast," the article states.

Ed Boon drops another hint on new characters using fashionable boot compilation – How well do you know your Mortal Kombat footwear?

In a manner that suggests Ed Boon has been taking notes from Capcom's Ono-san, the Mortal Kombat creator recently tweeted a screenshot compilation of characters' boots. The lineup includes six images of various footwear.

Speculation is already on the rise, with replies swearing the third from the left belongs to Kung Lao and a debate on the size of Sheeva's feet.

If you fancy yourself a Mortal Kombat shoe connoisseur, take a gander at the image below and see if you can unravel Boon's mystery.

Click image for a larger version

Source: Ed Boon's Twitter

Summer Jam 8 results, stream archive feat. ChrisG, Ricky Ortiz, K-Brad, Sanford Kelly, CD Jr., Smug and more

Updated with final results: We've added the final results for Summer Jam 8 into this story. Check them out below.

Summer Jam 8 kicks off today, and is streaming live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A slew of games will be played at this event, including Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, King of Fighters 13, Killer Instinct, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Project M, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and many others.

We can also expect to see some exceptional talent in attendance. Players such as GG|NYChris G, EG|Ricky Ortiz, EG|K-Brad, SteamCo|Sanford Kelly, SteamCo|CD Jr., PIE|Smug, KIT|Cloud 805, bTri|NuckleDu, BIFU|Coach Steve, CTRL|RayRay, CCG|Chi-Rithy, RG|SonicFox, CT|Zero, and more are set to compete. Brackets for this major tournament can be found over on Challonge.

Today will focus primarily on team tournament action, and singles events/exhibitions will be taking place over the course of the weekend.

Xian loses to commentator's curse, Dudley anti-airing with rose throw taunt - LianHuBBB's Funny & Cool Moments Ep. 86

LiangHuBBB is back with another installment in his Funny & Cool Moments series of montage videos.

In this new episode, Dudley successfully anti-airs with his "throw rose" taunt three times in a row, Xian puts on his commentator's hat while playing on Xbox Live and finds himself losing due to his own commentator's curse, plus amazing resets and funny glitches galore, presented through a wide variety of fighting games.

There's a bit of Killer Instinct here, some SoulCalibur V there, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Dead or Alive 5, and more. Even niche titles like Koihime Musou gets its fair share of attention.

Updated: Mortal Kombat X streaming live from PAX Prime; Mango, Mew2King and more - Super Smash Bros. invitational tournament

Updated: Mortal Kombat X is now streaming at PAX.

The first day of PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington has begun, and Twitch's official livestream from the venue has got plenty of video games coverage for you -- including spotlights on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U and Mortal Kombat X.

At 1PM PT today, Nintendo is hosting an "iron man tournament" for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, and that will run on the Twitch official livestream all the way till 3PM.

Following that, Mortal Kombat X is slated to take center stage on the stream at 3.30PM PST; will NetherRealm Studios have any surprises in store for us?

Join us as we watch the livestream over here together, via the embed below.

NetherRealm Studios launches 'Kollective', an outlet for your Mortal Kombat kreativity

Perhaps inspired by all of the Mortal Kombat fan-art and cosplay images that fans tweet to series creator Ed Boon on a regular basis. NetherRealm Studios has launched 'Kollective' today -- a crowd-sourced site where talented series devotees can submit their Mortal Kombat images, videos, and music.

All of the fan works submitted will be looked over by the NetherRealm Studios community team, as well as three key members of the studio: Creative Director Ed Boon, Art Director Steve Beran and Director of Audio Rich Cable.

Click images for larger versions

Weekend tournament preview: Summer Jam 8 and Shadowloo Showdown V ft. Gamerbee, ChrisG, Latif, Ryan Hart, Ricky Ortiz, Armada, and more

The next few days will be host to two major fighting game events that are sure to bring the hype.

Summer Jam 8, taking place on the east coast, will be held this Friday-Sunday. Shadowloo Showdown V, which is being held in Australia, will also run this weekend.

A ton of games are set to be competed in, including Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice, Killer Instinct, and much more. AVMGamerbee, GG|NYChrisG, Latif, DIGRyan Hart, EG|Ricky Ortiz, EMP|Armada, and many, many others are expected to compete, so you'll definitely want to tune in.

Below you will find a full breakdown of both events, including event schedules, stream information, and more.

Kano's aesthetic comparison, new in-game screenshot, and Raiden's Mortal Kombat X Variations detailed

The official Mortal Kombat Facebook page continues to upload Mortal Kombat X related images on to their wall. In today's assortment we have breakdowns of Variations, visual comparisons, and a fresh in-game screenshot.

First up, we have three images detailing each of Raiden's Variations: Thunder God, Displacer, and Master of Storms. What follows is an aesthetic comparison of Kano's different looks based on which Variation is selected.

Lastly, NetherRealm Studios has uploaded a new in-game screenshot that shows Kano slicing into Raiden's chest with a giant hunting knife. If you're hankering for a quick Mortal Kombat X fix today, we've got you covered.

Click images for larger versions

Source: Mortal Kombat on Facebook.

Will Brutalities return in Mortal Kombat X? 'Mmhmm, it's definitely a possibility *big grin*' - Boon hints at Sonya, says netcode has been optimized

In a recent interview with The Kombat Tether at Gamescom, NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon discussed the upcoming next-gen fighter, Mortal Kombat X. The MK creator touched on a variety of different subjects such as the game's netcode, the MKX roster, and even dropped a couple of cryptic hints at past features/characters we may see make a return.

We have heard previously that a certain "-ality" -- other than the Fatality, of course -- would make an appearance in Mortal Kombat X. Since Brutalities were originally intended to return in MK9, but did not make the cut due to time constraints, Boon was asked if we could expect to see them featured in the 10th installment of the Mortal Kombat series. His response leads us to believe that Brutalities may be back.

"Mmhmm. It's definitely a possibility. Yeah. *big grin*"

5 characters that should make guest appearances in Mortal Kombat X

In a recent interview, NetherRealm Studios' own Ed Boon confirmed that there will be console-exclusive guest characters in Mortal Kombat X.

Mortal Kombat 9, released back in 2011, had its own cameo fighter -- Kratos from God of War -- however, he was exclusive only to PlayStation 3 as Sony owns the rights to the franchise. We also saw the Dream King himself, (no, not me), Freddy Krueger enter the ring as post-release DLC, although he was available across all platforms.

NetherRealm kept with the motif in their next fighting title, Injustice: Gods Among Us, as Mortal Kombat's fiery ninja Scorpion guest starred as a playable character in the DC Comics brawler.

Since we'll be seeing more guests in NRS' upcoming Mortal Kombat X, we here at EventHubs have selected 5 different characters that we'd like to see make an appearance. Some of the following content may be considered NSFW, so proceed with that in mind.

Mortal Kombat X to receive console-exclusive guest characters, Boon says roster will have more new characters than any MK game

With Gamescom having taken place this past week, quite a few new details about NetherRealm Studios' upcoming fighter, Mortal Kombat X, have surfaced.

In an interview with IGN, Boon discussed the thought process behind designing the the title's roster. The Mortal Kombat creator stated that the previous installment in the franchise, Mortal Kombat 9, was a "complete fan service title" because it had so many returning faces that players have known and loved for years.

Boon says that many classic characters will not return in Mortal Kombat X, however, and the company feels that it's time for some fresh fighters to enter the arena -- more new combatants than ever before.

"It was more important we did introduce new characters," Boon explained. "We're probably introducing more in this game than in any other MK title ever."

Kano slices your abdomen open before burning a hole in your head: Mortal Kombat X impressions of Kano's fatality, overall character balance, and more

A lot sooner than expected by most fans, a playable build of Mortal Kombat X actually appeared at Gamescom. The Kombat Tether, a fan website dedicated to all things Mortal Kombat, got a chance to view new fatalities and play the latest entry to the gory series.

After witnessing a new Jungle stage, panel attendees were treated with seeing Kano's fatality in full. According to the writers, "It was amazing... Kano unsheathes one of his knives and swiftly cuts into the opponent's abdomen which casues intestines to spill out onto the ground. As the character begins to drop to their knees, Kano grabs them from behind and hoists them up in front of him as he proceeds to burn through their skull with his laser eye."

But the fun didn't stop with new footage. The audience was then directed to Mortal Kombat X stations to play builds for both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

Read below to find out their discoveries and first impressions of Mortal Kombat X.

'Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter is a possibility, but not a probability', Ed Boon on crossover potential and new finishing moves in Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat director Ed Boon was present at GamesCom this year, and while at the event, he talked not only about his own desire to make a Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat crossover, but also one of the Mortal Kombat series trademark finishing moves, besides Fatalities, returning in the new installment, Mortal Kombat X.

Throughout the years, Mortal Kombat has had all manners of bizarre finishing moves, even though the Fatality is the most well-known one. At times, moves called Brutality, Animality, Babality and Friendship, among others, have existed within the series. Boon stated that one of these old classics will be returning in the new installment - but couldn't unveil which. Below, you'll find a snippet of what Boon had to say.

Ed Boon: For those who are familiar with the Mortal Kombat, we’ve first had the Fatality and we added a Babality. We had the Friendship moves, Brutality moves and all of these crazy things over the years... We are going to be reinstating an ‘Ality’ from a previous game into Mortal Kombat X. And I can’t wait to be able to talk about it but at the moment I can’t.

Hit the jump to hear what Boon had to say about the dream crossover between his own franchise and Capcom's fighting game juggernaut.

Megan Fox plays Mortal Kombat 9 and sets her opponent ablaze in this MTV interview

Every so often we get wind of celebrities and professional athletes indulging in the competitive fighting games we know and love. We've seen everything from a WWE superstar to a Major League Baseball outfielder, and now it seems we've got an actress joining the bunch.

Josh Horowitz over at MTV News recently sat down with esteemed actress Megan Fox in order to play Mortal Kombat 9.

While the level of play here isn't near a tournament level, the Transformers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star does seem to know quite a bit about the MK franchise based on some of the terminology she uses throughout the video.

It's always interesting to see popular actors and athletes taking the time to play some of our favorite fighting titles, even if they aren't competing at a hardcore level as many of us do. If only Alison Brie actively played Ultra Street Fighter 4... *sigh*

Eye lasers, grenades, high/low counters, and enhanced attacks: A quick breakdown of Kano's Variations in Mortal Kombat X

Just yesterday, NetherRealm Studios revealed that Kano will be joining Mortal Kombat X's playable roster.

In the official trailer, Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat, explained what each of Kano's Variations do for the character. The returning MK warrior gets access to all sorts of goodies, including eye lasers, counters, grenades, and more.

Click image for animated version

Below you can find a quick breakdown of what Kano's Variation (Commando, Cybernetic, and Cutthroat) are all about in Mortal Kombat X.

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