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Mortal Kombat X's online play will be region-locked on PlayStation platforms, just like with Injustice and MK9

Update: EventHubs reader Juanito Calvicie notified us that the region locks for online play only apply to gamers on the PlayStation 3 versions of NetherRealm Studios fighting games; online play for Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice is region-free on the Xbox 360 version.

Earlier: The online play in Mortal Kombat X will be region-locked, just like it was in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat 9, NetherRealm Studios's Studio Head Shaun Himmerick confirmed today via a tweet.

This means that the online servers you'll play on in Mortal Kombat X will depend on if you purchased a North American edition of the game, or a European one -- there are separate servers for US and Europe. Edit: This is only true for the PlayStation versions of the game.

And until further notice, players on the US server will not be able to play with those on the EU server, and vice-versa.

Generally speaking, this isn't a big problem, unless you have friends from across the ocean that you'd like to play with (in which case you may want to think about importing the game), or if you live outside of the United States and Europe, like I do.

Fireballs, ice swords, telekenisis, explosions and helicopters - These seven minutes of the Mortal Kombat X storyline are action packed!

Today's NetherRealm Studios stream revealed nearly a full seven minutes of the story mode for Mortal Kombat X.

If we've learned anything from Mortal Kombat 2011 and Injustice, it's that NetherRealm knows how to make an entertaining story mode for its fighting games.

As aesthetically pleasing at it is exciting, Mortal Kombat X's story mode looks like it could NRS' best work yet.

What can you expect to see in this sequence? Check out this little gem for a taste...
(This GIF is NSFW.)

Click image for animated version

Now that we've set the pace, click the jump below and see the full video.

Check out Johnny Cage in action as NetherRealm Studios developers show off the mouthy actor in their latest stream

Update: Stream archive has been added to this story.

Earlier: Kenshi, Shinnok, Jason, the Cage family, what else could NetherRealm have in store for us?

With so many reveals in recent days, the hype is building like mad and it shows no signs of slowing. Today at 1pm PST, NetherRealm is going to do a live stream wherein we hope to hear all the details on the extensive list of recent reveals.

We wouldn't put it past NRS to present us with even more new content for Mortal Kombat X, but we'd also be just fine with them giving us some time to process all this new information.

As of now, they've titled the stream, "A story 25 years in the making..." so it sounds like we're looking at a historical recount and how it has shaped NRS and MK into their current enterprises.

Whatever they have in store for us, you're surely not going to want to miss it. Hit the jump below to tune in.

Mortal Kombat X on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 delayed

The Mortal Kombat X news continues to roll in as we have just learned that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of NetherRealm Studios' upcoming fighter will be delayed.

Warner Bros. confirmed this information in an official statement today, telling that the last-gen versions -- which are being developed by the Chicago studio High Voltage -- will see a release this Summer.

"Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today confirmed that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Mortal Kombat X being developed by High Voltage Software will release this summer," VideoGamer reports.

Even though the last-gen titles are seeing a delayed release, the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions are still on course for their April 14th release date.

Source: VideoGamer. Mentioned by jleadership.

Jason Voorhees, Shinnok, and Kenshi confirmed playable in Mortal Kombat X

Being that today is Friday the 13th, Warner Bros. has officially announced the inclusion of Horror icon Jason Voorhees in Mortal Kombat X.

Jason will come included with the Kombat Pack, which will also feature two Klassic Mortal Kombat Kombatants and another special guest character. The Kombat Pack comes with the Mortal Kombat X Kollector’s Edition by Coarse, Limited Edition and Premium Edition, and can also be purchases separately for $29.99.

Click image for larger version

Those who purchase the Kombat Pack will also receive the Samurai costume pack featuring the following alternate skins: Ronin Kenshi, Samurai Shinnok and Jingu Kitana. Based on the press release, it looks like both Kenshi and Shinnok have also been confirmed playable today.

Hit the jump for a quick video of Jason in Mortal Kombat X.

Here's Johnny! New Mortal Kombat X trailer officially reveals Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage as playable

This morning, WBGames has released a brand new trailer focusing on the Cage family. Snappy dialogue, Fatalities, combos, and more await you. The family dynamic is both hilarious and brutal, especially considering the kind of universe the Cage's live in.

Despite constant violence and the risk of death, the Cage family comes off like they're from a 1980's sitcom. One-liners appear a healthy part of the bloodline. Not only that, but this trailer officially reveals that both Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade will be playable characters in Mortal Kombat X.

It's also worth noting that Shinnok, Baraka, Kenshi, and someone who appears to be Jax (a man with two cybernetic arms) show up in the trailer, though they're not confirmed as playable.

Click images for larger versions

To check up on the Cage's, check out the trailer below.

Mileena and Johnny Cage are playable characters in Mortal Kombat X, outed by Amazon listing

We previously caught a glimpse of both Johnny Cage and Mileena in the story trailer for Mortal Kombat X. But as the trailer did not depict either of them fighting, it was hard to tell if they would be making non-playable appearances in NetherRealm Studios's next-gen fighter, or if they were indeed part of the playable roster.

If you're a fan of either fighter, today we've got some very good news for you: wonder no more if Mileena or Johnny Cage would be playable or not!

A listing on Amazon for Mortal Kombat X has revealed that both fighters will indeed be playable.

Update: Apart from the artwork for Mileena and Johnny Cage, new hi-res character artwork for eight other fighters were also released, which we've included in the gallery below.

Click images for larger versions

Mortal Kombat X move listings (in progress) added to EventHubs moves database

Mortal Kombat X is set to drop on April 14th of this year, and we here at EventHubs cannot wait to get our hands on NetherRealm's next big fighting game release.

In the mean time, we have decided to begin adding move listings for Mortal Kombat X to our moves database here on the site. As of right now, we have the special move quick lists (seen when the game is paused) for 12 of the 14 characters found on the character select screen during the last Kombat Kast. This includes everyone except for Goro and D'Vorah.

To get these move listings, we had to rummage through every stream and gameplay video we could find online. Though you'll find at least the basics for the 12 MK kombatants, some fighters have variation special moves as well.

We will be adding more special moves to our moves database as we spot them, and when the game officially drops you can expect a fully fleshed out moves section.

For now, be sure to get an early look at the Mortal Kombat X move listings right here on EventHubs!

NetherRealm Studios Producer Adam Urbano confirms Johnny Cage as a playable character for Mortal Kombat X!

In a recent interview with GameCrate, Senior Producer for NetherRealm Studios, Adam Urbano confirmed Johnny Cage as a playable character for Mortal Kombat X.

We recently saw an image of Cage in the mobile version of MKX.

If things follow in suit, we may very well see Kenshi as playable for the console versions as well. Both he and Cage have an appearance in the mobile game and both have descendants that are confirmed as some of the game's new combatants.

Urbano states, "You'll get to play as Johnny Cage, but we're also showing Cassie Cage, who is the daughter of Sonya and Johnny. You'll get a chance to see Kenshi and a chance to see a couple more."

This doesn't quite confirm the blind fighter, but it's pretty darn close.

Urbano continues on to discuss a bit about the MKX story mode as well, stating it takes place 25 years in the future and referencing quick time mini games that will affect the way the story plays out.

Hit the jump to see the interview!

Did we already get a glimpse at the first Feudal Japan costume in Mortal Kombat X?

These past couple of weeks, fans of Mortal Kombat X have been swept up by a wave of new footage and reveals. With the large amount of announcements dropping so closely together, eagle-eyed viewers are analyzing every second of any new trailer that happens to be released. In the last character reveal trailer, a number of returning MK faces were spotted in the background.

Tonight, however, we take a closer look at the Mortal Kombat X mobile trailer that dropped earlier this week. EventHubs user MechaMEK pointed out to us that a potential glimpse at a new alternate costume may have been shown in the trailer in question.

In the GIF below, you'll see Sub-Zero fighting against what appears to be Scorpion wearing a different outfit. That costume looks a lot like what we'd imagine his Feudal Japan skin would look like.

Click image for animated version

This alternate Scorpion skin looks different than any we've seen so far in Mortal Kombat X, but is it a part of the rumored Feudal Japan costumes?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

You can also find the Mortal Kombat X mobile trailer (Scorpion skin appears at 00:45) after the jump.

More potential Mortal Kombat X leaks show older Johnny Cage, Jax, and possibly Sonya Blade

Earlier today, we saw a screenshot from the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X that may have leaked the inclusion of Kenshi in the game's playable roster. Now, it looks like we may have a few more leaks.

A handful of images have surfaced that show what appears to be aged versions of Jax, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. The first screen appears to be a still from the game's story mode featuring all three classic MK fighters.

Those that follow give us a look at what could be concept art for Jax's character model in MKX, along with an in-game screen shot of his chest and bionic arms.

Click images for larger versions

We are not entirely sure where these images originated from, but they certainly look legit.

Editor's note: Please remember that this does not confirm that these three characters will be playable in Mortal Kombat X. Still, it's definitely interesting to see that they may play a role in NetherRealm's upcoming fighter.

Via Test Your Might. Submitted by csword.rain, Aerox, JTCircus, and an anonymous reader.

Kenshi confirmed to be playable in Mortal Kombat X... for mobile platforms, at least

Update: The screenshot also depicts a 3-on-3 King of Fighters style match format, oddly reminiscent of what was described in the official EVO 2015 rules for the game prior to the organizers updating it.

Since this is a screenshot for the mobile version of the game, there's no guarantee if the console versions would also feature a similar 3-on-3 mode -- but it's certainly a possibility.

Earlier: Kenshi has been revealed to be a playable character in Mortal Kombat X... for mobile platforms, at least.

A screenshot for the mobile version of the game clearly showing the Possessed variation of Kenshi as a playable character in mid-fight against his opponent, Kotal Kahn (Sun God variation) has surfaced in this IGN news story about Warner Bros.'s upcoming mobile game apps. Interestingly, the screenshot won't appear if you're viewing it on your PC Internet browser; it's only there if you're looking at it from the IGN Mobile App on your smartphone.

Here's the screenshot in question:

Click image for larger version

It is unclear at the moment if Kenshi would also be a playable character in the console versions of the game as well, as much as that would likely be the case, or why this revealing screenshot only appears in the mobile version of the news story. There is also no information on what Kenshi will play like, or what his three variations are.

Free-to-play version of Mortal Kombat X to hit iOS and Android devices in April; said to be a fighting/card-battler hybrid

Mortal Kombat X (MKX) drops for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms on April 14.

Sometime before or after that, also in April, a free-to-play mobile version of MKX -- said to be a "free-to-play fighting/card-battler hybrid" -- will also be released for iOS and Android devices, NetherRealm Studios announced today.

The iOS version will work with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, suggestion that the gameplay mechanics in the free-to-play mobile version will be highly scalable across all types of devices.

According to the game's Creative Director Ed Boon, the development studio has managed to expand "the unique cross-connectivity feature that links the mobile and console versions of Mortal Kombat X, delivering unique rewards to all players for simply playing the mobile game."

One way that the cross-connectivity will manifest is through the WB Play account. By logging into one and completing tasks and achievements in each version of the game, players will be able to unlock certain content in the opposite version.

A teaser trailer for the mobile version was also released alongside today's announcement; check it out below.

3 brand new characters revealed in Mortal Kombat X: The daughter of Jax, the son of Kenshi, and a descendant of Kung Lao

Mortal Kombat X has seen a huge reveal this morning.

A trailer was officially released today that gives a much closer look at what we can expect to see from story mode once the game drops in April.

We are also introduced to three brand new fighters.

Taking place 25 years after the events of Mortal Kombat (2011), the new generation of characters will discover that Outworld is not the only threat they face. Fans will get a first look at the newest fighters to join Cassie Cage, including Jacqueline Briggs, daughter of Jax, Takashi Takeda, son of Kenshi, and Kung Jin, descendant of Kung Lao.

Click images for larger versions

Shinnok and Mileena also make an appearance in this trailer, however, we don't see any actual gameplay footage of either, leading us to believe that they are merely a part of MKX's story. That doesn't rule the idea of them being playable out just yet, but as of now there is no confirmation.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

Rain, Baraka, Erron Black, Shinnok and more... non-confirmed characters in the Mortal Kombat X story trailer; Who we think will and won't be playable

It's a huge week for Mortal Kombat X! Early today, we got to see the story trailer, which was packed full of exciting content.

New characters Jacqueline Briggs, Takashi Takeda and Kung Jin were shown as playable characters and that's reason enough to get excited. There were a few other faces that popped up in the trailer that piqued our interest as well.

While we have no indication that any of these characters will end up as playable, we'd still like to take the time to point them out.

The first one is rather obvious. Mileena is back and just as hot as ever, given that you keep the mask on. She seems quite involved in the storyline, apparently leading an entire rebel army against Kotal Khan. She seems to be enemy of both Khan and the "good guys," which leads us to think there might be something of a triple threat dynamic at some point in the story.

Given that she's so intertwined in the story, of all the characters we've seen, she seems the most likely to be playable.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see all the others.

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