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Jason Voorhees is slashing prices left and right; play as the horror icon for free in Mortal Kombat X from now until Monday

For those of you who are a tad on the unsure side of things when it comes to playing with Mortal Kombat X's newest downloadable character, this weekend is your chance at a free test run.

Tournament players have likely already purchased the $30 Kombat Pack, as they'll need to know the ins and outs of every character they may run into. Casual players on the other hand, may not be so easily convinced to fork over extra cash on top of what they payed for the game itself.

Never fear, for NetherRealm Studios has gone live with the Jason Challenge Tower. This tower allows users who haven't purchased Jason to play through six matches with him. You'll have a chance to test out all of Jason's variations and become well-acquainted with the undead murderer...

So if that sounds like a good time to you, and you've been on the fence about purchasing Jason, now's the time to dive into the waters of Camp Crystal Lake and check him out for yourself.

Source: Polygon.

Has Kung Jin fallen from the top ranks of Mortal Kombat X? An in-depth look at his nerfs may help us decide

Kung Jin has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in these still early stages of Mortal Kombat X. Recently, Tempo|ChrisG showed us what the character had to offer when he took the character all the way to Grand Finals at Texas Showdown.

If you saw the recently released patch notes you may have seen that Kung Jin received a few nerfs in the damage and frame advantage departments.

It's one thing to see such changes on paper, but seeing them in action often offers a whole new level of comprehension. Willie Fresco has made a video examining Kung Jin's nerfs and translating what that's going to mean for the character in practical game play.

Fresco recreates a few scenarios wherein Kung Jin's new move properties will result in unsafe situations against certain characters. As Kung Jin looks to be a relatively common character in MKX tournaments, it's important for everyone, Kung Jin players and others alike, to know what's safe and what's not.

Hit the jump to see Willie Fresco's analysis.

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'Shinnok got the biggest buff of all, I believe he's gone up to top 10' - Tom Brady and CD Jr. feel Kung Jin is still among the best

This past Thursday, Mortal Kombat X received a patch that implemented a number of balance changes to the roster. Some fighters were hit with the nerf gun, while others received buffs.

We've reached out to the Mortal Kombat pros to see how they feel about the recent changes. EventHubs talked to MK Tom Brady to find out which characters have seen the most improvements, how he feels about the patch overall, and more.

Of all 26 characters in Mortal Kombat X, Tom Brady feels that Shinnok has seen the most improvement.

"Shinnok got the biggest buff of all, and I believe he has gone straight up into the top 10 or even higher," Brady told us.

Looking at the patch notes, Shinnok was given the following changes:

• Shinnok – Can now enhance Hell Sparks & Hell Blast on block.

• Shinnok – Away + 3 (Shin Kick) is now towards + 4 and he has a new away + 3 (Devious Heel)

• Shinnok (Necromancer) – Can now control the location of Judgment Smash & Judgment Fist.

• Shinnok (Impostor) – Now steals Dash Punch from Jax instead of Ground Pound.

Tom feels that the first two changes listed there have heavily contributed to Shinnok's potential rise in the tiers.

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Mortal Kombat X gets another stage Brutality, and yes, it involves Blanche

The latest Mortal Kombat X patch has been unleashed upon the masses, and this update adds a number of balance changes, bug fixes, compatibility for some new costumes, and more.

Among the added content comes Mortal Kombat X's another stage Brutality. As the headline reads, it involves Blanche (the old women interactable in the Outworld Marketplace stage).

Today we have footage of the new Brutality in action, and according to the video's description, you must use all three interactables to finish off your opponent using Blanche. Throwing an old woman into someone so hard they explode is... farfetched, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

Check out the new stage Brutality after the jump.

Updated: Originally, this story reported that the Blanche Brutality was the first stage Brutality in the game. A couple of our readers pointed out that the first can actually be performed in the Dead Woods stage.

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Sneak peek of Tanya's finishers, along with the Klassic Pack, Brazil Pack, and Klassic Reptile costumes in Mortal Kombat X

Along with a slew of fixes and changes, the latest Mortal Kombat X patch provides a look at Tanya, as well as a peak of the Brazil Pack, Klassic Reptile, and Klassic Pack costumes.

This update is already out for PlayStation 4, and will soon be available for Xbox and PC users.
{% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 20 7 as gallery20 %} {{gallery20.showgallery}} Check out the rest of the costumes and Tanya's finishers below.

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Wednesday Night Fights 2.2 results featuring Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat X

Wednesday Night Fights 2.2 results featuring Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat X Updated: Results and stream archives have been added to this story.

Earlier: The top 16 players for Wednesday Night Fights Online are ready to play things out and crown yet another champion.

Both Mortal Kombat X, returning for its second week, and Ultra Street Fighter 4 will play out tonight.

You can find the brackets on Challonge, so be sure to follow along with all the action as the tournament goes along. You can also check out last week's results here.

Hit the jump to view the live stream.

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Next Level Battle Circuit #121 results feat. Ultra Street Fighter 4 and a $200 pot bonus for Mortal Kombat X

Next Level Battle Circuit #121 results feat. Ultra Street Fighter 4 and a $200 pot bonus for Mortal Kombat X Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: Wednesday night in Brooklyn means Next Level is priming for yet another night of fighting game action.

The games being played tonight include Ultra Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat X and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if there are enough entrants.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site, and results for last week's tournament are posted here.

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ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League week 2 results ft. Perfect Legend, MK_REO, Pig of the Hut and more

ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League week 2 results ft. Perfect Legend, MK_REO, Pig of the Hut and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: Week 2 of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League finishes today on NetherRealm's live Twitch stream. This broadcast will feature the top 16 North American players that qualified this past weekend going head-to-head in an online, single elimination tournament.

Today's combatants will be competing for cash prizes and ranking points that will help secure a spot in the ESL Global Finals later this year. Below you will find a bracket for the week 2 top 16.

Click image for larger version

Click for last week's results.

You can check out the live stream after the jump.

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Mortal Kombat X patch adds balance changes, ping accuracy, ranked connection rejections and more

A patch for Mortal Kombat X on the PlayStation 4 is set to drop within the next few hours, and it offers a whole host of changes and improvements. A patch for the Xbox One is said to be dropping "soon."

There has been no word on when this update will be released for PC gamers.

Online players will be happy to know that higher ping accuracy will be included in this release, along with the ability to reject people in ranked match if their connection is too awful.

Today's update comes in at a nearly 4GB file size. From the looks of it, players on PlayStation 4 can already begin downloading it.

There are a considerable amount of balance changes as well, and you can find it all below.

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Video game input lag - How do Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN and Killer Instinct stack up?

Have you ever noticed that some fighting games feel a bit more heavy/weighty that others? You swear that even though said game is running at 60 FPS, it just feels different than other titles.

Well, the cause of this might be the game's input lag, and the folks at Display Lag have put together another outstanding article exploring just that on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Display Lag crew put in a lot of effort to capture the input lag of Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN and Killer Instinct on their next generation platforms, and their results might tell part of the tale about why members of the FGC feel some titles feel more sluggish than others.

To get right into it, check out the images below. {% load imagegallery_extras %} {% do_story_gallery 14 0 as gallery14 %} {{gallery14.showgallery}}

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Relentless onslaughts into Brutalities, intelligent reads and a Flawless Victory on ChrisG; check out Digit's unstoppable Raiden from Texas Showdown

He makes it look so easy! Digit finds multiple ways to quickly take his opponent to the corner where seemingly endless pressure strings drain away their life bar as they die slowly from chip damage, or take the quicker route and just get hit.

Truly though, half of Digit's success comes from his knowledge of other character's safe and unsafe moves. At such an early stage in a game's life, it's common for players to simply find a strong, offensive tactic and run with it. Truly though, it behooves any serious player to know the rest of the cast's weaknesses, as exemplified by Digit's play.

Check this sequence below, where Digit makes a great read using armor to stop Jax' attempt to reverse the pressure, then kills him for it:

Click image for animated version

Click the jump below to see the full video.

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The ladies take centre stage in this cool Mortal Kombat X combo video focusing on Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Kitana, Mileena, D'Vorah and Jacqui Briggs

Mortal Kombat X has a pretty large cast of characters, but looking at the characters themselves, it's a bit more skewed towards male characters.

That doesn't mean that the women in the game don't pack a serious punch though, as Fighting Game Kaos has been more than happy to show us.

In this 8-minute long combo video, you'll see combos from Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Kitana, Mileena, D'Vorah and Jacqui Briggs - and every combo within will exceed 30% damage. Hopefully, you'll find something (or a lot) in here that's to your liking, and who knows? Maybe you'll even pick up a few new tricks for your main. Hit the jump to check it out.

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Take your Mortal Kombat X game 'From Casual to Competitive' with Ketchup and Mustard's training series

Pro Mortal Kombat gamers Ryan and Jake Neal, also known as Ketchup and Mustard respectively, have put together a series of tutorials to help newcomers bridge the gap between casual and pro level play. These tutorials are aimed to "teach a man to fish" as opposed to simply breaking down a specific character or strategy.

The very first episode launched today and is titled "Finding Your Character." In it, Ketchup and Mustard break down their method of approach in selecting a new character to play. They teach to you to choose a character you like, then teach you what to look for specifically to see if that character is right for you.

Beyond this, they help you decide which character variation will suit your style best. Whether your fighting game personality is rush down, defensive, zoning or otherwise, Ketchup and Mustard will equip you with the tools to start your climb on the MKX mountain.

It's content like this that will surely aid in growing a scene for a new game such as MKX. It's great to see top players take the time to help new players break the ice and find their stride.

Hit the jump to see the tutorial.

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Johnny Cage as Jean Claude Van Damme? Ed Boon proposes a DLC skin for the Mortal Kombat original character

First of all, it only makes sense.

Mortal Kombat was originally supposed to be a game based on the 1992 film Universal Soldier, starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Johnny Cage was created as a Van Damme spoof since it ended up being the actor's busy Hollywood schedule that made the original game idea impossible to execute.

Johnny Cage has always existed as a parody of the Muscle from Bussels, so really, it's kind of surprising that we haven't seen more JCVD references already. Check out Ed Boon's tweet on the matter: While this doesn't at all confirm that NetherRealm Studios will indeed develop the skin, it puts us in a place to almost expect that it will eventually happen. Mortal Kombat's humorous, Easter egg-laden side would absolutely allow for such a reference. As the tweet mentions, they've already made a similar move in including Carl Weathers for Jax.

What do you think? Good idea or just too obvious at this point? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Ed Boon's Twitter.

Perfect Legend teaches Playboy Playmates Mortal Kombat X

It's been a good year for Carl "RZR|Perfect Legend" White as he's gotten sponsored by Razer, the newest installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise, of which he is a world champion, has dropped and now he gets to play video games with Playmates.

On a recent episode of Gamers Next Door, Amelia Talon and Pamela Horton, Miss June 2012 and Miss October 2012 respectively, sat down with Perfect Legend to learn the ropes of Mortal Kombat X.

For those of you that may be suspicious of gimmicks, watching a few other episodes of Gamers Next Door reveals that these two Playmates are indeed into video games on a fairly serious level. In other episodes, they've done reviews, countdowns and exploratory sessions. These ladies know what they're talking about when it comes to gaming culture.

It's nice to see Playboy reaching out to the gaming community in this way. Gamers Next Door is a fairly new channel as it was started in March of this year. If you like what you see, be sure to check them out on a regular basis, no pun intended, to ensure the channel is a success.

Hit the jump to see the video!

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