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El Fuerte Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

El Fuerte Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves, tips and strategy guide


Stamina: 900Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 20th
Popularity: 40th Frame DataCombos

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Afrobliss posted November 23, 2014

Fuerte is a master of mind games in being able to continually mix your opponents up over and over with his flurry of Habanero Dashes. Fuerte can't do large chunks of damage at a time outside of Ultras and a damaging but difficult combo in his infamous RSF (Run, Stop, Fierce), so defeating opponents will often be a slow process, chipping away at life hit by hit. And then, if your opponent hits you, Fuerte will fold like a tortilla. Many opponents find themselves annoyed due to the constant movements and sounds thus applying even more pressure to the opponent so if you like a champ who never stops, dont hesitate to pick up this awesome Luchadore. For starters, try watching Pepeday, a current El Fuerte master.


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