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Dee Jay Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Dee Jay Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves, tips and strategy guide


Stamina: 1,000Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 42nd
Popularity: 35th Frame DataCombos

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de_climax posted November 16, 2014

Dee Jay's anti-air normals:

Far mp - Extremely good. 90 damage, high for a medium normal, good hitbox that reaches far in front of him. Basically just stick it out any time someone jumps over a fireball and would land in front of you, and it'll blow up most jump-ins.

Close mp - ALSO extremely good. 70 damage, good hitbox that reaches fairly far above him. Great anti-air while walking forward. This and far mp can be cancelled to a fireball if you have charge, for some free chip and pushback, great for keeping people in the corner that are trying to jump out.

Crouch hk - Killer anti-air, slide that puts him low to the ground and extends a leg upward, great hitbox. 100 damage. Cannot be stressed enough how amazing this move is.

Neutral/diagonal jump lp - Absurd air-to-air move. Pretty good hitbox, 50 damage, what makes it so attractive is the enormous NINETEEN active frames--it'll intercept most other jumping moves.

Diagonal jump hp - Fast, 120 damage, good hitbox/hurtbox. All around just a very good move to preemptively stop a jump.

Neutral jump hp - Slightly slower and fewer active frames than diagonal jump, 120 damage. Causes a soft knockdown on hit, good for a safe neutral jumping option--jump up, if they jump at you do hp, if not, do mk on the way down (slow to start up but has stupid range, great for stopping someone walking forward.) Or just do nothing, either works.

Far hp, close hp, crouch hp, far hk, and far mk are all okay anti-airs too for various angles, but for the most part you'll be using the above.


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