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Dan Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Dan Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves, tips and strategy guide


Stamina: 1,000Stun: 900 Tier Ranking: 44th
Popularity: 33rd Frame DataCombos

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Kijui posted November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dan!

HerbieDancock posted November 27, 2014

Dan has long been considered bottom tier in SF4 and there are a lot of valid reasons for this. That being said, he's also an extremely fun character and has a really unique and interesting play style that is sadly underdeveloped.

He is essentially a bare-bones Shoto with an emphasis on rushdown. Dan has no ranged projectile (Gadouken is only really a combo-extender) and therefore has to get in close to pose any kind of threat. However, if Dan is able to land a full combo, he can deal a surprisingly large amount of damage and stun.

The biggest hurdles for anyone picking Dan for the first time are his poor normals, his lack of far-range and mid-range options, and his limited mobility. These factors all contribute to a large number of bad match-ups, particularly against zoning characters.

But if you play patiently, slowly close the distance, pressure your opponent into the corner, and then finally land that counter-hit Saikyo Kick... the sense of achievement can make the struggle feel entirely worthwhile.

Just remember that there's so much more to this character than spamming Dankukyaku into throw / uppercut 50-50s. As tempting as this might seem at first, cheap tactics won't get you anywhere.

BlackiechanKL posted December 19, 2014

Dan low tier, HA I think not-

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