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Blanka Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Blanka Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves, tips and strategy guide


Stamina: 1,000Stun: 950 Tier Ranking: 32nd
Popularity: 29th Frame DataCombos

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Jake_da_Thrilla posted November 18, 2014

A key thing to keep in mind about Blanka that he is first and foremost a mobile character with a strong 50/50 mix-up game thanks to his throw, long-range sweep, various ways to avoid and punish projectiles spammers and hop move. His strengths does not lie in his combo ability, but in his ability to be an annoying douche to play against. It should be noted that if the opponent guess his mix-up correctly, Blanka will be punished HARD for it. Never be predictable.

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