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T. Hawk Ultra Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Guide last updated on
June 2, 2014 at 9:06 p.m. PDT

T. Hawk: Ultra Street Fighter 4 Character Guide

Character Overview
Guide by DreamKing

T. Hawk is a devastating character when up close and can end matches fairly quickly with just a few command throws. Having the highest stamina rating in the entire game allows Hawk to sacrifice a bit of health in exchange for getting in on his opponent. The damage output T. Hawk retains is massive for both his combos and command throws.

Hawk also has some long ranged normals that deal good damage and can help him whittle away at his opponent’s health when he is not in range to score a command throw. With multiple moves to help him get around projectiles, Hawk can turn the tide in a match if the opponent throws one mistimed fireball.

Being the largest character in the game combined with being a grappler causes T. Hawk to struggle against characters with a strong zoning game that much more. Without meter it can be very tough for Hawk to advance on his opponent and he requires a ton of patience to play effectively. In many instances you will find the opponent completely running from you for the majority of the game and this can become very frustrating.

T Hawk also has many moves that are good on paper but lack the right properties to make them completely effective. His Tomahawk Buster lacks invincibility on all versions except for Ex, so without meter you will find yourself struggling with your wake up game. Even the Ex version of Tomahawk Buster can get beaten out by quite a few different moves and without the ability to FADC any version of the move, it is always a gamble to throw it out.

+High damage output
+Highest stamina rating in the game
+Long range normals with good priority
+Multiple moves to get around projectiles
+Easy combos that deal large chunks of damage
+Versatile Ultras that deal good damage

- Struggles heavily against projectile characters
- Requires meter usage to get around fireballs more effectively
- Ex Tomahawk Buster could be better; loses to quite a few moves
- Many players will run from Hawk the entire match
- Very few good match ups
- Slow movement and walk speed
- Requires heavy meter usage to successfully get in on opponent

Notable Normal Moves and Unique Attacks
(while jumping forward or backward)
Heavy Body Press
Much like Zangief, T. Hawk spreads himself out horizontally in the air for a large body splash attack. This move is a great jump in attack, can be used a a cross up and when set up properly can be very ambiguous and difficult for your opponent to block.
(while jumping forward or backward)
Heavy Shoulder
Hawk angles his elbow vertically and drops down on to the opponent with a quick attack. This command normal is has a peculiar trait and can be quite deceiving.

Heavy Shoulder retains a very unique property in that it does not actually hit a grounded opponent. If the opponent is either standing or crouching, this move will actually pass right through them and not connect at all.

Although this may seem like a handicap, using this move can make for some tricky set ups. Jumping in on your opponent with Heavy Shoulder makes it seem like you are going to make contact, which will cause them to block. Since your attack passes through them you can immediately go into a Mexican Typhoon command throw.

While using this attack as an air-to-air, Heavy Shoulder will make contact and deal damage to your opponent. This move has a relatively quick start up and actually works great as an air-to-air move, beating out a wide array of enemy attacks.

Thrust Peak
A quick downward chop that is special cancel-able. This move isn't used too often as a poke or in combos but mainly as a tick set up. Thrust Peak leaves the opponent in a decent amount of block stun and gives you time to buffer a command throw, Super or even Ultra 1.

Standing Hard Kick
A very long range poke that deals great damage. This is one of T. Hawk's main pokes and can be used as an anti-air from the proper distance.

Close Standing Hard Kick
In Arcade Edition, close standing Hard Kick was given the ability to juggle an opponent on contact and can now be used for combo variety. After close standing Hard Kick you can combo into Ex Tomahawk Buster or go straight into Ex Condor Dive on certain characters.

Crouching Medium Punch
This poke has a decent amount of range and has great priority. Use this poke often as it will beat out an opponent's standing pokes at mid-range quite often. This poke can also be used up close for a tick command throw set up.

Crouching Medium Kick
A long range crouching poke that isn't quite as good as some of the shotos but still works well when used at max distance. Using this poke up close for a command throw set up works great due to the deceiving push back.

When crouching Medium Kick is blocked up close it pushes Hawk back quite a bit and makes it appear as though he is no longer in command throw range when he actually is. Change up your pokes when going for tick throw set ups and use this one to get under your opponent's skin.

Crouching Hard Kick
A double sweep attack that is relatively fast and has good range.

Crouching Hard Punch
A large chop attack that hits above and in front of Hawk. This is the main anti-air normal attack you will be using. It has a pretty good hit box but will trade with various jumping attacks occasionally.

Close Standing Medium Punch
Used mostly in combos, this attack has the ability to anti-air an opponent but can be quite difficult to do so.

Standing Hard Punch
A long range standing chop attack that deals good damage.

Standing Medium Punch
This is another great poke that is fast and has good range on it.
  or    or    or 
Jumping Attacks
• Jumping Hard Kick is a long range attack that deals great damage. Mostly used when jumping in from a farther distance.

• Jumping Medium Punch has good range and doesn't cause quite as much block stun as jumping Hard Kick. This can be used to get a quick command throw in after a jump in.

• Jump Medium Kick is another good jump in attack with solid range.

• Jumping Light Punch is a great normal when used air-to-air. It is very fast and can beat out a lot of enemy attacks but it also has a peculiar trait.

You can cancel jumping Light Punch into Condor Dive and Ex Condor Dive. Use this technique when you connect jumping Light Punch in the air and dive down to mix up your opponent. More often than not you will end up diving behind the opponent after you reset them in the air with jumping Light Punch so it can be very difficult for them to keep track of your whereabouts. You can immediately go for a command throw or perhaps an Ultra 1 once you land to catch your opponent slipping.
Special Moves
Tomahawk Buster


This is T. Hawk’s version of a Dragon Punch. The Light Punch version travels the shortest distance and works decently as an anti-air. The only version of T. Hawk’s uppercut that has any invincibility frames is the EX version, so the Light, Medium and Heavy version do not work well as wake up reversal options. Also, none the Tomahawk Busters are FADC-able, so be sure to use them wisely. If your opponent happens to block a poorly timed uppercut, you’re going to eat a big punish.

EX Version: The EX version is your go-to choice if you’re looking to get the opponent off of you with a reversal. Unlike the non-EX versions of Tomahawk Buster, this attack hits twice and can beat out an opponent’s focus attack.

Since T. Hawk can not FADC his uppercuts, you can cancel EX Tomahawk Buster into EX Condor Dive by pressing all 3 kick buttons while Hawk is in the air. This can allow you to dive out of trouble at the cost of one extra meter. Remember that this is not entirely safe because if an opponent predicts your dive you run the risk of eating a long range horizontal punish such as Ryu’s Super.

Ex Tomahawk Buster can also get beaten out by various attacks even as a reversal. Moves such as Adon’s neutral jumping Heavy Kick or other Shoryukens that have longer invincibility frames will knock Hawk clean out of his uppercut.

Condor Dive


By pressing all 3 punch buttons during a jump, T. Hawk will dive down forward very quickly and attack the opponent. This move is primarily used to get around opponents who abuse their projectile usage. Upon block, this move is highly punishable so be sure to use the Condor Dive at the correct time.

This move can also be used to cross up the opponent when used at the correct distance. Cross up Dive works especially well after you knock the opponent down from a command throw or successfully hitting a Condor Dive.

You can perform the Condor Dive rather quickly once T. Hawk leaves the ground and pretty close to the ground before you land from the jump. Adjusting the timing of your dive can really throw off your opponent’s anti-air attempts and allow you to get a free knock down and begin your close up game.

EX Version: EX Condor Dive is fully projectile invincible during the entirety of the move. When the EX version is blocked it is much safer than its normal counter part. If the EX Dive is blocked when making contact with the opponent’s head or torso, Hawk will bounce back a good distance away making it tough to punish. You are still susceptible to fast moving horizontal moves so be careful. If the blocked Dive makes contact closer to the opponent’s legs, T. Hawk will drop down immediately right in front of the opponent and will be completely safe.

Condor Spire


T. Hawk hops off the ground and lunges forward with a horizontal moving attack. The heavier the punch pressed the more distance the move will travel forward. This move is good for advancing on opponents and because of its short hop off the ground, can cause low attacks to whiff. Using Condor Spire after block strings or option selecting a Spire after a special cancelable poke also works well for pressuring the opponent.

Condor Spire builds a decent amount of Super meter so using the light version when an opponent is full screen away is a good way to build meter for EX Condor Spire. You can also use Condor Spire as an anti-air if timed correctly and can follow up with an EX Tomahawk Buster for some extra damage.

EX Version: Much like EX Tomahawk Buster, EX Condor Spire is the version you will be using most when trying to get past an opponent’s fireball game. EX Spire is projectile invincible and travels a good distance forward allowing Hawk to punish characters trying to keep him at bay.

Using EX Spire in a combo is one of T. Hawks main tools for dealing big damage. You can find an example of a combo using EX Spire in the combo section below.

When used at the correct distance, Condor Spire can be difficult to punish on block. If an opponent blocks any version of Condor Spire at close range, however, you’re guaranteed to eat a big punish.

Mexican Typhoon


Grabbing the opponent and taking to the skies, T. Hawk spins his enemy around and slams them to the ground with this devastating command throw. When playing T. Hawk, much like any grappler, your game plan revolves around catching your opponent with the Mexican Typhoon. Although Hawk’s combos deal solid damage, successfully catching your opponent with a command throw allows for you to begin T. Hawk’s okizeme game.

Each version of Mexican Typhoon plays a roll in Hawk’s meta game. The Light Punch version deals the least amount of damage but leaves you closer to the opponent allowing you to set up some very tricky mix-ups involving cross over Condor Spires and ambiguous cross ups using Body Splash. Medium does more damage but leaves you a bit further away. The Ex and Medium versions of Mexican Typhoon deal the same damage and leave you almost the same distance away from your opponent after landing successfully. When grabbing your opponent with Ex Mexican Typhoon you will be left slightly closer to the opponent than the Medium version.

The Heavy version deals the most damage but also leaves you much farther away from the opponent than any of the other versions. You can easily close the distance however with a foward dash then Heavy Condor Spire or a Condor Dive. Using the forward dash, Heavy Condor Spire method will leave you right in front of your opponent and can lead into T. Hawk's mix up game.
Super and Ultra Moves

Super — Double Typhoon


T. Hawk slams his opponent to the ground causing them to bounce up; he then follows up by spinning them multiple times in the air and slams the back down dealing a great chunk of damage. Since Hawk relies heavily on meter to get in on his opponent, Double Typhoon isn't used too often. But if you find yourself with the meter you can land this super in a tick throw set up or after a Heavy Shoulder fake out.

Ultra 1 — Raging Typhoon
Ultra 1


This is the traditional grappler Ultra attack. Like Double Typhoon, this can be used in tick throw set ups, after Heavy Shoulder and is great as a wake up reversal option. Raging Typhoon deals a ton of damage and can really turn the tide of a match when you catch your opponent slipping.

Ultra 2 — Raging Slash
Ultra 2

T. Hawk's anti-air Ultra attack. This Ultra can be used most effectively on opponents who fear your command throw after a knock down. A lot of players will try to jump away from the throw vortex on wake up and when they become predictable, you can scoop them up with Raging Slash.

Interestingly enough, since the hit box was increased in v2012, you can now combo into this Ultra after a focus attack. When an opponent has been smashed with a focus attack level 2 or higher, they will drop to their knees before they fully fall to the ground. There is a brief moment where they are actually considered airborne and that is when you can hit them with Ultra 2, since Raging Slash only hits opponents whilst they are in the air.

After connecting a level 3 focus attack, try back dashing out of it then forward dashing back into the opponent to properly set up the timing. This can be tricky to land at first but once you familiarize yourself with the timing it becomes much easier.

Important Note: Not every possible combo is listed here. Instead, you'll find the most common and helpful combos that you should know. There are many variations to these as well.

(While jumping)
Cancel into Heavy Tomahawk Buster
3 Hits
308 damage
A basic bread and butter combo that deals great damage without meter.

Cancel into Ex Condor Spire, Ex Tomahawk Buster, Ex Condor Dive
5 Hits
425 damage
One of T. Hawk's highest damaging combos but it requires 3 bars of meter to pull off.

(While jumping)
Cancel into Ex Tomahawk Buster, Ex Condor Dive
4 Hits
360 damage
A follow up combo after using close standing Heavy Kick's juggle property.

Level 3 Focus Attack, back dash, forward dash Cancel into Ultra 2
7 Hits
425 Damage
The only way to combo into Ultra 2.

Anti-air Light Condor Spire, Ex Tomahawk Buster, Ex Condor Dive
3 Hits
250 Damage
A combo after scoring an anti-air Condor Spire.

T. Hawk General Strategy
With T. Hawk you want to be up in your opponent's face as long as you can; this is where you are most dangerous. You want to try and hit your opponent with a hard knock down via crouching Hard Kick or command throw. Once you get the knock down you can begin the ambiguous cross up set ups using Body Press and the side switching mix ups using various versions of Condor Spire.

When playing against projectile characters you want to try and have as much meter as possible. Ex Condor Spire and a well timed Condor Dive are your only ways in on characters with a strong zoning game. If you find yourself full screen away, take the time to throw out a few Light Condor Spires to build a bit of meter. You want to try and get to max Ex Condor Spire range so that you can punish your opponent on reaction and begin your mix up game.

When it comes to T. Hawk's poking game you typically want to stay at max standing Hard Kick range. It's a great poke with insane range and will really keep your opponent at bay. If they try to advance on you and begin closing the distance, use crouching Medium Punch to beat out any standing pokes and crouching Medium Kick to deal with low attacks. Standing Light Kick and standing Light Punch also have decent range and are both special cancelable. You can use these to option select into Light Condor Spire to pressure the opponent or to set up an empty Condor Spire mix up into command throw.
T. Hawk Mexican Typhoon Mix-ups
After landing a Light Punch Mexican Typhoon you can use either a Light or Heavy Condor Spire for a very tricky mix-up. If you perform a Heavy Spire after the command throw you will cross over the opponent while they are on the ground and end up on the other side. From there you can hit a crouching Light Kick and set up a tick throw or try a cross up Body Splash to really confuse them. If you feel the opponent is trigger happy and will be hitting buttons on wake up or trying to jump away, you can even go for an EX Tomahawk Buster to put them in their place. The heavy Condor Spire cross over works on the majority of the cast.

Once you condition your opponent to think you will be crossing over them after a Light Mexican Typhoon, use a Light Condor Spire and you will end up staying in front of them. You can hit a meaty crouching Medium punch or a crouching Light Kick from there and set up a tick throw then begin your vortex once again.

Heavy Mexican Typhoon can also be used for a great mix-up game. This version of Hawk’s command throw will leave you the furthest away from the opponent so after you successfully catch them, dash forward then perform either a Heavy or Light Condor Spire. Heavy Spire will leave you right in front of the opponent when they are getting up so you can go straight into another command throw. If you feel they are going to be hitting buttons on wake up you can hit them with an Ex command throw to stop their attempts.

Just like the previous command throw mix-up, once your opponent is conditioned to think you will use heavy Spire, you can bait out their reversal with a Light Spire then punish accordingly. These are just a few of the numerous mix-ups that fall under Hawk’s metagame using his command throws.
Other Resources and Credit
You can find more information about playing T. Hawk on the Central Character Discussion Thread on the forums
Contributions to this guide by DreamKing23 and Thai Senpai.


Cammy said on March 30, 2010 at 1:17 p.m.

I was really excited about landing the Mexican Typhoon, because of how easy those moves were at Street Fighter IV. Seeing now that it will require 7, not 6 directions, does create some problems. I hope I can still land it consistently, but right now I'm a little worryed I won't.

Also didn't care for the Raging Slash imput. I was sure it would be a double QCF, but now it seems to be a little more tricky than that.

Tirahawk said on April 8, 2010 at 6:11 a.m.


It's not a big deal seven directions from six.
If you always played T.Hawk before (at the previous titles) and generally grappler characters and you have used to execute perfectly 360 or 720 it's nothing.
Especially if you consider the fact that T.Hawk posses almost the same tick->command throw from Turbo i think its fair this change.
His combos looks very easy and if i have to say something difficult for T.Hawk i'll say Condor Spire while T.Hawk walking (especially forward).It could be a hadouken than a reversal shoryuken.But even this is not a trouble.

Tirahawk said on April 19, 2010 at 7:23 a.m.

So it is true.
T.Hawk's special moves (especially command grabs) can actually do less damage than Zangief's.
But i guess has more properties for tick->command throw than Gief's.
Compare it to Abel's throws i can see that he has similarities with medium and EX throws but Abel's light is a bit more stronger while T.Hawk's hard is stronger.

Tirahawk said on April 19, 2010 at 8:39 a.m.

There is a case for sure that Abel's and Gief's command throws get nerf to their damage.
So we have to see.

Blanks said on April 19, 2010 at 8:59 a.m.

Is it just me, or does T Hawk seem OP? In most of the demo matches I've seen he seems to win with relate ease...

Blanks said on April 19, 2010 at 1:39 p.m.

Typo *relative ease;)

Guardsian said on April 24, 2010 at 4:41 a.m.

T.Hawk is great to use, I tried him out yesterday and if you get 3 bars you can do a Ex-Condor Spire>Ex-Tomahawk Buster>Condor Dive which deals a lot of damage. Raging Typhoon is the better ultra Imo, Slash is good because of the anti-air factor, but it's kind of weird to pull off.

Donkey_Disk said on April 28, 2010 at 7:46 a.m.

EX Condor Spire goes through projects from what ive seen so far. It is NOT hyper armor like balrog's (boxer) charge punches, it is complete avoidance like a well timed turn punch

So far, used it to get through sonic boom, hadouken, and sonic hurricane (to the guile's profound sadness =D)

I'd think it works on any projectile though

CpE_Wahoo said on April 28, 2010 at 3:45 p.m.

T Hawk is a beast. Just picked him up today for the hell of it, and I actually love playing him. He's definitely my number 2 when I get bored of Balrog.

RT said on April 28, 2010 at 6:41 p.m.

I legitimately got my 10 win streak achievement with T.Hawk yesterday.

T.Hawk has solidified himself as at least a mid-high spot, at least in my eyes.

THORNCRUSHER760 said on April 29, 2010 at 12:59 p.m.

@96 i agree his real fun to use

Stingah said on April 29, 2010 at 5:36 p.m.

Tira and others who main Hawk and have contributed to these comments - care to update? I would be interested to hear your thoughts now that it has been released.

dequann said on April 30, 2010 at 7:51 a.m.

anyone know any any good buffers for a 720 super or ultra for t.hawk played yesterday he is awesome. kinda think condor spire sucks though espcially ex version know distance

Tirahawk said on April 30, 2010 at 10:48 a.m.

@ Stingah
I'll be happy to.

First of all T.Hawk is a beast to damage factor and to his stamina.
1100 stamina together with Zangief.
But even if he hasn't the same damage to his command throws like Zangief (especially Lp Typhoon = 150 while Gief's Piledriver= 170) he throws opponent in front of him to continue his mix up/pressure game.Which is very good.It's better most of the times to go for Lp Typhoon than something more stronger because the other sends opponent far away.Especially when you deal with characters like Cody or Juri which they haven't something good for reversal after a wake up game and they can actually be a pain to T.Hawk in far range because of projectiles and good anti air moves.
I have collected all grabbers damage stats:

360+P Lp= 170 Mp= 200 Hp= 230 EX= 200
360+K (close) Lp= 220 Mp= 220 Hp= 220 EX= 240
360+K (far) Lp= 200 Mp= 200 Hp= 200 EX= 220
Ultra 1= 520
Ultra 2= 450
Super= 450

180+P Lp= 160 Mp= 180 Hp= 200 EX= 200
Ultra 1= 500
Ultra 2= 480
Super= 335

360+P Lp= 150 Mp= 200 Hp= 230 EX= 200
Ultra 1= 510
Ultra 2= 450
Super= 430

180+P Lp= 180 Mp= 190 Hp= 200 EX= 190
Ultra 1= 510
Ultra 2= 450
Super= 400

El Fuerte
Tortillia= 132
Buster= 150
Leg Throw Lp= 120 Mp= 130 Hp= 140 EX= 180
Ultra 1= 470
Ultra 2= 500

360+P (no oil) Lp= 150 Mp= 160 Hp= 180 EX= 210
360+P (with oil) Lp= 170 Mp= 180 Hp= 200 EX= 230
360+K (no oil) Lp= 150 Mp= 180 Hp= 210 EX= 240
360+K (with oil) Lp= 180 Mp= 200 Hp= 220 EX= 250
Ultra 1 (no oil)= 480
Ultra 1 (with oil)= 530
Ultra 2 (no oil)= 401
Ultra 2 (with oil)= 450
Super (no oil)= 400
Super (with oil)= 450

To see the difference between them.

Tirahawk said on April 30, 2010 at 10:48 a.m.

continues here...

Now to T.Hawk's gameplay mechanics.
I think he is a solid mid character with medium risk/high reward gameplay.

He has very good pokes that they can deal damage and catch opponent from a very decent range.He has Condor Spire which is very safe and from a medium range he can do a free conmmand throw especially Lp Typhoon or a poke to hit the opponent.Lp poke is very good because it has a lot of range for an Lp move.
He has also very easy combos and very abuse since almost everything starts with his Light punch.
His anti air moves are not bad but not excellent also.
crouching Hp is good from a certain distance and very good if the opponent is very close and jumps for a cross up.
If you standing close Mp is also good for anti air.But not ofcourse something like Ryu's Hp or Sakura's.
I also made a video (probably you have seen it in shoryuken or Capcomumity) which shows how T.Hawk can do Cross Ups with Condor Dive and combine it with jumping Lp.
See here=>
If you have questiong ask me but i have good info during the video to understand.

Now the bad things.
Zangief (SADLY) is again superior.
Even if he has lost the hitbox of Lariat when the opponent crouching, Lariat is still one of the best moves in the game.T.Hawk's tomahawk buster isn't that good.
It can be punished with a lot of damage and it hasn't the same invurnable frames like Turbo's.Also the hitbox is very weird right now since he can't punish/catch the opponent very good if opponent stands a little bit more far.
Many characters has very good moves while jumping that they can do all the time a free jump to T.Hawk.
Condor Dive is by far the worst dive of T.Hawk's versions generally in Street series.
It's VERY unsafe.Don't spamm it for God sake because you be doomed.It's only good fro it's cross ups and if you "smell" a projectile.But try it to characters with not so good recovery time like Rose or shotos.Beware of Guile's projectiles and Cody's.Extremely good recovery.They can do a projectile and instantly block the Dive.After that T.Hawk can be dead or he can lost a lot of his health.
Generally at an advance level you will see a very few Dives.
Generally T.Hawk's game will be something like walk->try to grab->dash->try to grab->walk->do Ultra 1->dash->Do Ultra 1.
And ofcourse good use of his pokes.
Fortunatelly moves like Jumping down Hp,Jumping Hp,Jumpin Hk has a lot of range and takes priority from other moves.which is good to not let your opponent jump or generally got away.
if your opponent knock down don't hesitate go for a mind game.from jump,walk or dash.Even with a Condor Spire will be nice.

Tirahawk said on April 30, 2010 at 10:49 a.m.

continues here...

Also after a Hp Typhoon or a Mp Typhoon use Hp Tomahawk to approach.It's very handy.Don't be afraid the opponent will rise when T.Hawk has already land and you'll be ready to block or do a mix up move.
Also one thing is the match up with Rufus.
Since i played Rufus in SFIV and i know his traps and generally how to pressure his/her opponent since i know that Dive kick can't be done very good to Balrog or Zangief because of their neutral stances i was experimental this to T.Hawk also.And guess what.....Sadly Rufus Dive kick can hit T.Hawk like Ryu and other characters.:(
So Rufus can pressure him very easy.
And thinking that T.Hawk don't posses a very good shoryuken or fast anti airs i presume that probably can be a difficult match up for T.Hawk.

So far i think that Juri,Cody and Rufus will be some tough matches for T.Hawk.
We will see at the near future.
I'll keep you informed as much i can.

Tirahawk said on April 30, 2010 at 10:52 a.m.

I forgot to mention that some moves like standing Mk or crouching Mk gives T.Hawk a slight advantage (on block ofcourse) to perform a command throw.
Very usefull when you have the opponent at the corner when he/she doeasn't expect it.

Tirahawk said on April 30, 2010 at 11:05 a.m.

Also....sorry about the posts but i'm trying to write most of his gameplay and i forget other things.
Sorry again.

So also....his Medium standing punch is very good poke with more range than Gief's Mp but Gief's is a little more faster.

About T.Hawk's Ultra.
Ultra 1 Godlike.
Ultra 2 garbage.:(
It has very unfriedly command input and to do it you must have the most great reactions or the opponent must jumping all the time like the rabbit lol.
U2 hitbox is similar to Rose Ultra 1.But Rose is better because the range of hitbox goes horizontal while T.Hawk's goes diagonally and vertical so he must catch the opponent at the maximum frame of jump or a little bit more lower.
But again Ultra 2 (even is so awesome) is very bad for an Ultra.It's not Rose's and ofcourse it's not the Godlike anti air Ultra of Hakan's!

dequann said on May 1, 2010 at 8:57 a.m.

hey tirahawk i am a zangief user and is it bad that i constanly punish oppenets with his grab move the mexican typooh. i heard on a website t.hawk players should'nt grab as much. i guess what i'm saying is as a zangief user should i not incorparate my gief playstlye with t.hawk.

Hanzy4 said on May 2, 2010 at 4:10 p.m.

Tirahawk! hi!

I liked the small commentary on T.Hawk you made. I found it accurate for the most part.

I kind of disagree with you on two things:

First. The condor dive is utility. Very effective move even in trading. 'half-inching' off the ground into dive is a good way to mix up if your opponent is trying to deter you from using the dive; it make the opponent jump kick right over you (allowing for a free punish) and it makes sonic booms (and the other small projectiles) whiff entirely. Dive has uses. It just shouldn't be abused.

Second. Speaking of sonicboom's, I dont know if most Ps3 online Guile's suck, but he's honestly one of my (i mean T.Hawk's) easier matchups. I've fought only two rufus so far, both not knowing what to do when they realize condor "anything" punishes alot of their moves.

my toughest matchups hands down. Cody, Ryu.

Hanzy4 said on May 2, 2010 at 4:25 p.m.

Oh and Dudley. That dude is gooood.

TheParryIsPro said on May 3, 2010 at 8:59 p.m.

LOL wait till you guys face a good blanka that much is definetly in blankas favor, if i have advice play patiently against him condor dive gets beaten multiple ways, condor spire has the same fate, the only legible move vs. blanka is maybe tomahawk in SOME situations. If your hella quick you can maybe punish a horizontal ball. Buuuut maybe im just terrible which is probably it.

Ghost83 said on May 4, 2010 at 11:37 p.m.

T hawk is a beast, I've always been one to play underdog characters, I hate using the same character as everyone else, in the past games he hasn't been the greatest fighter, but I think as far as SF4 he's up there.
Fistly he absolutelty destroys Zangeif, his lariat can be broken all day long with Hawks flying chest splash move (down HP) effectively shutting down any hope Gief has at anti-airing you, from here you're in control, you can jump all day long at him, but he can't jump at Hawk cos you'll Tomohawk him, bye bye Gief. Shoto fighters are a little different and will require a much smarter aproach. Obviously Condor dive any oppurtunity over fireballs, but they'll wake up to this pretty quick, so you've gotta switch it up a bit, what I like to do is bait a dragon, when you're just out of range of a dragon jump up and down on the spot ( making them think you're gonna Condor dive) if they throw a fireball, dive if they dragon move in and punish, if they're a smart player they'll only throw a light dragon and you may not have time to move in, make use of Hawks massive standing H kick, which has great range. Cross up with the chest splash any chance you get, but vary your follow up (this is where you can get the majority of your hits) if chest splash hits combo into M punch or kick to
Tomohawk, if they block L punch then Mexican typhoon, next time vary it, cos a smart player may try to sneak their own jab in to disrupt your throw, so this time either M Typhoon straight after chest splash crossup, or throw 2 or 3 jabs then Typhoon or even pop a Condor spire in the mix and typhoon as you come out of spire, keep mixing it up like this, play mind games and you'll punish any unsuspecting fool.
Hope this tactic works well for those starting out, the great thing about Hawk is because of his high stamina your gonna be able to take a few hits and take a few risks to set up your moves. I played against a Juri user and quite a good one at that, the whole match she kept away backing off and hitting me with quick little combinations, alas it wasn't enough, i only got in close 3 or 4 times and each time the punishment I dished out far surpassed the crappy little combos I was being peppered with.
T Hawk is an animal, hopefully players will now pay respect to this hulking beast of a man   

Cammy said on May 5, 2010 at 5:08 a.m.

Well, now I have played the game, I can say that the 360 and 720 comand grabs are easy as pie to do. Guess there was no need to worry: even I can do them all day long, and I'm not a very skilled player on those 360 moves.

And because of that, T. Hawk is a complete BEAST in this game. If on other titles I had to pray to be able to land ONE M.Typhoon, now I do it easily everytime my oponent screws something up, and makes Hawk super, super dangerous.

I'm loving playing with this guy. I hope he's not TOO powerfull, since I like to earn my victories. So far my Hawk has demolished his oponents. Some characters, specially, seem to have no chance against his high stamania and massive damage output.

sabrewulf said on May 8, 2010 at 3:18 a.m.

anyone else use sclose hk as antiair?

Rivu said on May 9, 2010 at 8:21 a.m.

Aight, I need some help BEATING T. Hawks.

Every single one I come across I'm prepared to go WTF on. The aerial special, even when defended, does not knock him back outside of Command Grab range. You can't Focus against it, because it's armour breaking, and I'm being spammed by just that over, and over again.

Any good counters you guys could recommend? It doesn't help I'm a Gen player either, but still... rather not have to change my character just because of one notable git with an over-easy BnB.

Tirahawk said on May 9, 2010 at 9:05 a.m.

Ok listen to me.
Many people say that T.Hawk is a beast.
Like i said at my first post T.Hawk is a beast to damage factor and because he has the greatest stamina him and Gief.
His not a beast his a decent character.
When the tier lists comes out you will see that T.Hawk is at best at mid tier.I really think he is a solid mid character because he has both bad and good tools.
You see him broken and very good in online because every grabber in online can be dangerous because even with the slightest lag can actually do an SPD.
Also many people don't know (yet) how to punish things like Dive,Spire even Tomahawk moves.Especially in online because of the lag sometimes if you don't do it instantly a move you can loose the opportunity to punish things.And that goes to every character and every move that can be punished.
For example Dive can be punished with Ultras.Spire isn't so safe as many thinks.
From a medium range is very safe.But from a close range can be punished (example) from Ryu a free Super or an FADC shoryuken.
Tomahawk can be punished to.

now for some questions and suggestions.


1)Yes it has this trading thing and ofcourse the mobility thing and it can be very usefull especially when an opponent thinks that Dive it's gonna hit them.Because if it lands infront of them an SPD as a follow up can be usefull.
The think is that Dive is so unsafe that if 2 or 3 dives hits on block the opponent T.Hawk may lose a major damage so after that you must think if you "throw" another Dive.
Surelly its a great move (especially for Dhalsim player ) to move and approach but its way too risky.

2)Yep you are right about that.
I was hear this thats why i wrote it.
Actually Guile i don't know if its a match up for T.Hawk.
Actually now i'm thinking about 2 bad match ups for T.Hawk.
First is Bison and second is Abel for many reasons.

Cody isn't a match up for T.Hawk.
My brother plays a good Cody and he is using great anti T.Hawk stuff.But then again i'm always winning. ;)
Just have this in your mind.Cody has NOTHING as a reversal to his wake up.Only bingo (Zoning Knuckle).
T.Hawk can pressure him any time.Just becarefull how to move when you have to approach him.Don't dive to him or don't do many jumps.Ruffian kick HK is the best tool to destroy everything from the air.Condor spire,dashes and walking to bait Ruffian kicks to SPD them or generally to punish him and do an effective jump in to end the game. ;)
Cody players will always try to get distance and avoid your jump ins because almsot every Cody's move can be punished with an SPD or jab or generally anything.
Doesn't hurt if you can small Dives to approach him but beware.

Tirahawk said on May 9, 2010 at 9:06 a.m.

continues here...

Hi my friend.No you must use Zangief's playstyle to T.Hawk's.
T.Hawk was and will always be more technical grabber than Gief.
Gief is an easy character because of the spam (easy) movelist and his poke motivation which T.Hawk lucks.
Generally Gief is more safe except Banishing Flat (but he can FADC it while T.Hawk has nothing to FADC).Don't count EX dive from EX Tomahawk.It's not an FADC.It's just a cancel and takes 3 ex bars.

T.Hawk in SSFIV must go for his own game.In a part he has the same gameplay with Gief.Go near opponent and grab.
But to his motivation system and generally his gameplay are so different.
Don't think like you have to go for a grab generally.But if you can do it.
Don't go for a grab all the time.the Recovery to a lost grab is so punishable to.and advanced player knows that from Gief.

Use effectively Dives and approach with walk,dash or condor Spire.If you do a condor Spire and opponent jumps over you.Try to do an SPD.It works the same as Gief's Banishing flat.EX codnor spire is very good especially for projectile characters.It's like EX banishing flat of Gief's but safer.
After a knock down don't be afraid to pressure.Jumping down HP,Dive to cross up,Jumping and SPD,Jumping and light Punch (you see you have many tools to pressure) are good to scary your opponent.Even if he/she goes for reversal.A good cross up Dive or jumping down HP always win.

Also don't be thinking that you are great like Gief.
T.Hawk is not like Gief.Gief again (even with some nerfs) is the best grabber in the game.Unfortunatelly.:(

Tirahawk said on May 9, 2010 at 9:06 a.m.


My friend i don't know with which Gief player you played and how much lag you have but you can't always jump to Gief freely.This happens more to T.Hawk like Gief.
There is an option select to Geifs lariat if you dont know it.
It's very different to do a Lariat than to do a CROUCHING Lariat.It's far more better than shoryuken.And if it trade hi can EX Banishing flat him/her.
I'm not saying that the match up between T.Hawn vs Zangief is at Zangief favors.I believe that is 5-5.
T.Hawk has Dive to destroys Zangief Lariat which other character are not able to do something like that so easy.
But then again Gief has better and more safer motivation of T.Hawk.T.Hawk can abuse him with his pokes because they have extremely good priority and not let him get in.
Use T.Hawk's DP and anti air jabs wise and watch Gief while jumping because Gief has also posses the short jump which T.Hawk hasn't.

pelofino said on May 10, 2010 at 2:38 p.m.

UGH! his condor dive isnt like the Super turbo HD remix where he would stay close,safe and dangeours. I think Capcom could,ve done better with his Ultra 1 i looks HORRABLE! to what i was expecting unlike Zangief's ultra. but his new move is pretty decent so i cant wine about that and it gets me pretty close and dangeours

Stingah said on May 12, 2010 at 7:19 a.m.

Tira thanks for this. Here are my comments based on my experiences.

Firstly, Ill say that in vanilla my main was Gief but since the release of SSFIV, I have switched it up to play with Hawk. I think that while I am an ok Gief player, Hawk filled some of the voids that I had with Gief and ultimately my play style.

- I totally totally agree with the lp poke. Nuff said!
- Didn’t know about the cHP or MP as a good anti-air. I have used Ex-RH to “break” combos or get out of a cross-up or bad situations instead.
- Nope I have not seen the video but I have noticed it from my own experiences. Regardless, this is still some good stuff that I will use later! Lol I have also subscribed to your channel! Good stuff with that lp to CD!
- Hard match-ups for me: Juri I agree can be a pain. Cody I need to be careful with but I am comfortable against. Rufus I have not played against much of. But hands down I get trouble with Guile, Ibuki and Guy…. And maybe a Bison(Dic).
- Yeah I have found that playing against another Thawk opponent the U2 sometimes gets beat by a DH…. Which is lame.

But I think the U2 has some potential that I have not tapped into yet. Namely, ppl tends to jump a lot against grapplers (in my experience). Jumping gets away from command throws on the ground. I find that ppl tend to get in close, get me to whiff my throw and then punish me from a string that starts with a jumping punch or kick (especially I am in a downed situation).

U2 has its uses but yeah U1 I superior. I tend to use U1 when I am playing guys who don’t jump often. The Guiles, Balrogs(boxer) and the likes.

Tirahawk said on May 13, 2010 at 3:37 p.m.

"Tira thanks for this." You are very welcome my friend. ;)

I don't find Ibuki a bad match up for T.Hawk.Since every single move on block can be punished by an SDP.Ibuki's power is at her pressing game with kunai.
But again Ibuki players will always avoid a grabber character because one mistake can cause a lot of damage.
An considering the fact that Ibuki has very low stamina they want go for something crazy.So the game will be something that most characters they do against a grabber.Hit and run at most cases.Once you corner Ibuki with Hawk remember that always you have the upper hand.If they try to use choke move block and grab.if they try to use quick step grab.The only thing that they are going to do is her shoryuken which is very unsafe.You can do whatever you want after block.
Also don't be scared to jump for a cross up.A cross up always win against shoryukens.Especially jump down hard punch of T.Hawk's and Zangief's.
You are pretty right about the match ups that you mention before.For Guile i can say it now.In an advanced game T.Hawk will never win. :( sadly
Yes Guile has all the tools to destroy T.Hawk's attacks and keep him out of range.Especially if Guile player knows how to use perfectly sonic booms etc. T.Hawk can be in a very difficult situation.
This match up is at list 7-3 to Guile's favor.At best 6-4.
I don't know yet about the others with certainty.
I play yesterday with a guile player not very skilled but he was decent(offline ofcourse).I win but every win was very difficult and i thought that i will lose every time.
I used everything thats why i won.
I'm sorry for what i'll tell you but Zangief is better than T.Hawk in every section.
I can write you some things why i believe this.
First of all hw has Lariat.Even if its a bit nerf its still better than shoryuken.
He has better range at his command throws.
He has better mobility than T.Hawk's at his pokes.
Banishing flat even if its not so safe as Condor Spire it has more speed and Gief can close the distance more fast than T.Hawk's.
His U2 is one of the best in game while U2 of T.Hawks one of the worse :(
The only thing that T.Hawk has is his poking game which is more fast.
I mean look at his stading Light Punch.3 frames.
The only grabber in the game with so good and fast light punch.And has nice reach.
Condor Dive has very good mobility.But it's so unsafe from any move of Zangief.
Basically Zangief is way more better again.
T.Hawk is not a low tier character ofcourse.
But i can say that he is a mid character more or less.
So if you want to play a better character to tier list yoy should think it again.
Personally i don't mind if T.Hawk is mid or low (which is not).I have played in my life very low in tier list characters so i don't have problems with that.

Stingah said on May 20, 2010 at 10:56 a.m.

Any videos or tips on counterbalancing cross-ups with TH?

Like in a knockdown situation and someone is about to put the smack down on you. I know that at a certain distance I can hit them with a Rising Hawk but what advice do you have if they are like directly above you?

Tirahawk said on May 28, 2010 at 11:25 a.m.


It's really tough when T.Hawk has been knock down.
Because except from EX Tomahawk any other move is pretty useless.
That's why T.Hawk has nothing like Gief to counter an air attack.
So the best tools to try to avoid a pressure are:

1)EX tomahawk if you have EX bar ofcourse.
2)A quick focus back dash.
3)try you c.HP because it's pretty good as an anti-air move.
4)try Thrust peak because it has good hit box as an anti air and also can hit very fast the opponent while standing after he/she lands.
5)If you block the air attack just block and if you have the opportunity grab the opponent with EX SPD.
Unfortunatelly T.Hawk hasn't the great weapon (lariat) as Gief has so the opponents won't scared to jump in everytime. :(
So becarefull when you are knocking down.
T.Hawk has very good poking game so when you play at the ground you haven't to scared almost anything.Also you have great tools like Condor Spire which beats almost anything at it's range.
Also you can play with instant Condor Dive for more mix up.
So keep an eye if your opponent is trying to jump in.
If you see that always use Hard Tomahawk (because light and medium are very weak) or anti airs like Thrust peak and c.Hard punch or jump to the air and do Dive (because it can destroy many moves or at best can trade which is to your favor again) or do an air jab like Hard Punch,hard kick or light punch because it can beat a lot of pokes in the air.
Tomahawk buster is not a good shoryuken actually.
It has awful start up frames. LpTomahawk = 5 , MpTomahwak = 6 and HpTomahawk = 8 frames. EX has the same frames start up as light but with more invurnable frames at it's start.
Also None of 3 versions has invurnable frames like EX or Ryu's shoryuken (for example).
So that's why T.Hawk is suffering from many Jump in attacks.

Felecorr said on August 10, 2010 at 10:29 p.m.

If Jump in really are an issue for you, Focus the air hit, backdash, and buffer out a 360.

SF4junkie said on September 7, 2010 at 3:19 a.m.

T. Hawk is no Gief. You gotta keep moving with him and his range with his command throw is disgustingly OP'ed. but then again, he doesnt have much to work with. I have used the Mexican Typhoon to stop ex moves, supers and even ultras. His standing HK is a great poke, too bad you cant FADC it. An easy but damaging combo is j.Hp + down,, ex tomahawk buster, ex condor dive.

Anyone play random vs random?

PSN: OoDemonSeedoO
XBL: GotDemonSeed

Just let me know your from eventhubs.

darkspirit138 said on September 11, 2010 at 1:03 p.m.

T.Hawk has a lot to learn from Guile's saying: 'If you can't dodge, just take the hits and throw the fight. No use even trying'

navajo said on September 17, 2010 at 1:08 p.m.

t.hawk is a great character he is only for people who use there head and arent in a rush to win you guys are saying jumping is problem for t.hawk not really just block you arent playing ryu you dont have to mash a shoryuken just block then you got them where you want them most people would jump away after a jump in and thats when you tomahawk if you notice he doesnt jump away take him for a spin ex tomahawk then ex dive is a waste i only use ex tomahawk and dive to get maxima dmg knowing i wont need meter to finish the match you need save for ex spire becuase people run away like little girls all that muscle for throwing fireballs -_-? Fight with conviction leads to victory

Tirahawk said on September 23, 2010 at 8:06 a.m.

People who saying stuff like that above are people who are used to play the online only.
Most of these that you are saying before shows that you are mashing most of the times 360 command throw.
That in an online match isn't a bad thing....most of the times.BUT in an offline match this things are completely different.
They can easily jump from a command throw if they want.
They can easily do a cross up because T.Hawk has a large hitbox compare to other characters.
And ofcourse do a throw after a poke (tik - throw) and everybody knows that normal grabs wins command grabs except of Ultra's and Abel's grab.
So try to play more offline and less online to improve yourselves than to say things like that (example T.Hawk is a great character while his one of the lowest because the characters suffers in almost every section)and see what's the truth about the character.
I have already said my thoughts about T.Hawk's possible changes in the Arcade edition in other forums so i guess if they change and add some stuff T.Hawk can be a very good characters.

navajo said on September 24, 2010 at 4:13 a.m.

T.hawk may be low on the tier list dosent mean crap to me as every good grappler knows mashing a throw is stupid i never mash i play depending on my oppnent not on a plan online or offline it dosent matter i played grapplers for 7 years since sf2 if you think t.hawk is weak becuase stuff isnt in your face easy then you not very good

navajo said on September 24, 2010 at 12:20 p.m.

who are you the self proclaim best hawk? what wrong with a cross up you dont know how to block or tech from what u say it sound like you play with a plan and when you lose sound like you blame the character for you own weak points I find it funny what makes you think i play just online? i think you need to hit the trainng room before you play others tira seem like you know very little about hawk his move have a big start up but high priorty tomahawk is able to beat a dp when done first but you know that right tira? and like I said I play off reading my opponent not off cross up command grabs

Devilman said on November 6, 2010 at 6 p.m.

I think many people make the mistake of talking about tiers...

Tiers means almost nothing, the lowest tier character will always be a killer in the hands of... a killer lol

I prefer talking about characters for beginners, medium or advanced players.

For me, T. Hawk is a character for beginners at using grapplers.

He's the easiest grappler to master, most of his moves and strategy are quite easy, he has a good reach, good priorities, good strength, good mobility (with his special moves) and so on...

It's not so easy to "zone" him like you can zone most of the other grapplers, or even characters like Honda or Blanka... and other characters who have no projectile, or a good way to break a zoning game.

Characters like Zangief, Abel can be more devastating, but you need more skills and focus to play well with them, while T. Hawk is quite easy to handle, that makes him a good choice for beginners who want to play a grappler :)

chrisconway82 said on November 18, 2010 at 1:05 p.m.

I agree that the tier fixation is boring. I tend to main T. Hawk online and have had great success against all types of characters. Some have said he struggles against shots and fireball characters. T. Hawk can take out shotos by controlling them. Jump over fireballs and break out his tomahawk buster. If they consistently jump in during this situation, you buffer Raging Slash ultra duirng jump and finish input when you land. Great way to scare shots. Against turtles - use lots of empty jumps into command throw, condor spire into command, etc. Empty jumps into throw v. good against reversal happy Gouken players. T. Hawk is not complicated. In fact he can dominate anyone if you learn to control the air and buffer the command grab. Also, don't forget to use wake grabs and ex-grabs. Better to take a few pokes and hurt opponenets bad. T. Hawk rocks.

destruktor666 said on November 30, 2010 at 9:31 a.m.

I'm a good t.hawk player. if anybody ever wants to spar with a t.hawk you can add me as a friend on live and we'll spar.

Gamertag: Destruktor21666

THawk said on December 14, 2010 at 11:52 a.m.

I also suck irl.

t4j3 said on July 3, 2011 at 1:42 p.m.

They need to add that you can now EX Condor Dive by pressing all 3 kicks.

doneybonez said on December 12, 2011 at 11:16 a.m.

What are the mechanics behind ex dive? Sometimes on block he bounces and sometimes he drops in front. Can u control what happens on block?

SamuraiGhost63 said on June 4, 2012 at 11:51 p.m.

I use nothing but grapplers. I can truly say people are afraid of Hawk getting close. I have more ppl jumping away from me when using Hawk then when I play Zangief. Hawk is a force to be reckoned with.

TEFightSTands said on June 19, 2012 at 8:40 p.m.

Justin here, I recently got some game capture software and figured I would put up some footage of using T Hawk in ranked matches from my battle log, maybe it will help someone out.

Here is a link to the playlist:

Jake_da_Thrilla said on August 9, 2012 at 1:43 p.m.

Man, someone REALLY needs to get around updating this guide.

JoeLewis said on October 21, 2012 at 3:58 p.m.


Artiskan said on October 22, 2012 at 10:07 a.m.

been messing around with him for awhile...glad to see the guide updated...there were a few things i noticed though that weren't mentioned....crouching heavy kick has upper body projectile invul frames around his head and especially useful in the gouken and juri matchups...also his medium tomahawk has throw invul., it might be useful option selects or something... and the damage on the ex typhoon is wrong along with the wrong symbol for the far standing medium punch...the amount of hit stun on the hits for the crouching heavy kick weren't mentioned either...just a few things i noticed....

DKOBlueLotus said on December 2, 2012 at 1:16 p.m.

Wooohoooo!! Update!!

WorstHawkEver said on March 1, 2013 at 6:43 a.m.

I love this site! It has helped me level up my game to the point of instead of being a horrible Hawk player,I'm now slightly below average. More time in the lab and online and one day I won't be so free. Thanks, Eventhubs! :p

lopedawg said on July 23, 2013 at 7:46 p.m.

I didn't read every comment but I noticed that it didn't say that hawk mp buster is immune to grabs on startup so if the are getting a little predictable its a solid punish without the useof precious bar

SennenGenjin said on October 13, 2013 at 10:46 a.m.

His throw needs to be nerferd. My suggestion to Capcom is that you can block throw moves like Hawks Mexican typhoon, Zangief's piledriver and Honda's orochi throw by pressing the throw button yourself (X and Square on PS3)to block there attacks because theres no way of defending it. Even if you are in mid attack the grab will just stop your move completely.

mouse501 said on August 2, 2014 at 8:52 p.m.

best T hawk come back

AAKZ said on August 28, 2014 at 5:16 p.m.

This data is really old. Can someone update this stuff?


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