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El Fuerte Ultra Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Guide last updated on
June 2, 2014 at 9:09 p.m. PDT

El Fuerte Ultra Street Fighter 4 Character Guide

Character Overview
Guide by Nyoronoru

El Fuerte is a pure mixup and stun character that also doubles as a grappler. He has fast footspeed, fantastic bait and feint techniques and a huge momentum-based offense game. There is no other character who can capitalize so heavily on knockdowns like Fuerte can, and it shows in his domination during okizeme. Fuerte also has very good punish Ultras and solid anti-fireball tactics and is the only character in SSF4 with an infinite.

El Fuete's biggest problem is his damage output. He has to make quite a few successful educated guesses to inflict significant damage. Also, one wrong guess by El Fuerte could lead him to eating really big damage which hurts him badly since his stamina is pretty low. Fuerte's options after he is knocked down are also really poor, forcing him to take really risky gambles to avoid knockdown pressure. His normal attacks are also sub-par, not allowing much in terms of pokes or space control.

+ Has multiple moves that initiate hard knockdowns.
+ 50/50 mixup game on opponent's wakeup.
+ Best wall jump in the game.
+ Very damaging Ultras.
+ Focus Attack has great range.
+ Incredible mobility options and fast walk speed.
+ Infinite combo.

- Poor poking game.
- Wakeup game is very weak.
- Extremely short backdash.
- Low damage output over time.
- Has few safe offensive options.
- Has no way of comboing into either Ultra other than a Focus Attack.

Special Moves
or follow with          
Habanero Forward Dash
Tostada Press
Fajita Buster
Gordita Sobat
Calamari Slide


El Fuerte dashes forward at the opponent at high speed. Depending on the button you press afterwards, El Fuerte will perform a different attack. The EX version of this attack has two-hit super armor, which is really great for blowing through normal moves and projectiles to begin El Fuerte's mixups. During the run portion of this move, you can cancel it into the Habanero Backwards Dash.

LP: Sudden Stop. Repeatedly dashing and stopping the dash is good for baiting responses from opponents. There is a bit of recovery time after ending the dash but it's very short.

MP: Tostada Press. Fuerte attempts a splash attempt that must be blocked high. It's unsafe on block, but it knocks down on hit. Usually because of the frenetic nature of El Fuerte's offense some opponents have trouble punishing this move, but against experienced players you really don't want this blocked.

You can control El Fuerte's drop point using the joystick giving you the potential to steer El Fuerte past the opponent to do a crossup attack. Unfortunately, this requires you running up very closely to the opponent, which is risky as you could get hit with a jump-back attack or reversal.

This move is briefly invincible to attacks and projectiles after Fuerte leaves the ground. It's not a bad idea to use it if someone is trying to control your run pacing with fireballs. It also has great priority as it is coming down and it has the potential to beat uppercuts and other special anti-airs (especially if you strike the opponent's back).

HP: Fajita Buster. A flying grab attempt that can only catch standing opponents. Like Tostada Press, the startup of this move is invincible to attacks and projectiles and you can control where Fuerte drops with the joystick.

Whiffing with this move is a really bad idea, and is just as bad as whiffing a Tostada Press completely. It will give the opponent even more time to punish you.

LK: Back Dash. It's the same as Sudden Stop except Fuerte takes a backdash at the end. If you don't like canceling back and forth into the Habanero Dashes then use this.

MK: Gordita Sobat. El Fuerte takes a small jumping kick that can avoid low attacks but can still be thrown. Surprisingly, it's safe on block against even grappling moves and gives quite a lot of frame advantage on hit. There's still not much use for this move though unless you want to cancel into your Super with it.

HK: Calamari Slide. This slide attack is really unsafe on block, but it has a lot of active frames making it easier to catch backdashes. Another component of Fuerte's high-low mixup game since it strikes low. Also, this attack can go under fireballs.

or follow with          
Habanero Backwards Dash
Tostada Press
Propeller Tortilla


The same dash as before except Fuerte runs backwards. After you execute this Fuerte will run straight to the opposing wall and back to the opponent again. The properties and locations of the attacks are a little different during the Backwards Dash.

Just like the Habanero Forward Dash, the EX version of this move has two-hit super armor. During the run portion of this move, you can cancel it into the Habanero Forward Dash in case you need to correct your spacing.

LP: Sudden Stop. Stops the dash.

MP: Tostada Press. If the opponent tries some sort of attack that chases your Habanero Backwards Dash (or even tries dashing after you) you can use this to quickly jump backwards and body slam the opponent. This attack is a little more safe than the Forward Dash Tostada Press but not by much so don't get try to get fancy.

HP: Propeller Tortilla. A command grab that can latch onto standing or crouching opponents. This is definitely one of the choice attacks you will use as part of the Habanero Dash mixup as it is one of Fuerte's best moves.

It's unsafe on whiff so you'll have to be very careful not to miss. If you want to make contact with this move without fail, try to position Fuerte with the joystick so that he falls in front of the opponent.

LK, MK or HK: Picadillo Jump. El Fuerte jumps at the wall. There are several unique attacks Fuerte can perform when he jumps off the wall with his Wall Jump commands. If Fuerte is not close to a wall when he does this move he'll just shout and jump at nothing. If you like to make lots of noise with El Fuerte to annoy your opponents this is another option.

or (Hold, then release)
Quesadilla Bomb
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3


Hold down a Kick button for a certain amount of time and release it. El Fuerte will do a dashing chest slam and knock the opponent down(except for the Level 1). The longer you hold down the button, the more powerful the attack becomes. Charge times are listed below, and do not forget this refers to a real clock, not the in-game one.
  • Level 1 Quesadilla Bomb: 2 seconds
  • Level 2 Quesadilla Bomb: 3.5 seconds
  • Level 3 Quesadilla Bomb: 6 seconds
It doesn't matter which kick button you use to charge Quesadille Bomb. Each version starts up in the exact same amount of time and has the exact same high risk on block. Even though this attack is very unsafe on block, El Fuerte tends to fly back quite a distance making it such a surprise that some people might have trouble punishing it. Regrettably, the only way to combo into the Quesadilla Bomb is from Fuerte's standing Hard Punch.

There are not too many uses for this move because of the high risk and low reward. The best use for it is as a surprise attack if your opponent keeps trying to aggressively approach you. Don't ever use the Level 1 version, because it is unsafe on hit and does poor damage.

EX Version: This starts up at the same speed and has the same recovery on block as the regular versions, but it does more damage. If you're really desperate to hurt the opponent, use this as a surprise attack. It takes 7 in-game seconds to charge.

Guacamole Leg Throw


El Fuerte's anti-air grab attack similar to Alex's Air Knee Smash from Third Strike. It has a nice amount of startup invincibility and as long as Fuerte makes contact with the opponent they will always be knocked down. The Light version starts up the fastest and travels at the shallowest arc while having the least startup invincibility. The Hard version is the opposite, with Medium right in the middle.

Regrettably, the invincible frames of this move do not overlap the active frames meaning that it's hard to use this as an anti-air against opponents who like to throw out high-priority limbs while jumping. The Light version is good for building meter full-screen against an opponent due to how quickly it recovers on the ground.

It's not difficult at all to combo into this move, from either Far or Close Standing Hard Kick. The damage it offers is great for Fuerte and it also places the opponent in an untechable knockdown situation which is the ideal situation you want to take advantage of.

EX Version: This attack has a massive amount of invincibility frames that cover the entire startup of the move and some of the recovery. It also has a lot less recovery than the normal versions, though it does have the same startup as the Hard Guacamole Leg Throw. Ultimately El Fuerte's best anti-air move.

Super and Ultra Moves

Super — El Fuerte Dynamite


This Super starts up really fast, making it a good punishing attack if you have fast reactions. The Light version starts up the fastest, but travels the least distance. Hard is the opposite. All versions of the move have startup invincibility but cannot reliably travel through projectiles, and if you want to use this Super as a reversal you should always use the Light version.

El Fuerte has some interesting hit confirms into his Super, and there's a high probability you will build enough EX meter should the momentum of the match be in your favor. Sometimes there are matchups where EX meter comes into play for El Fuerte though (EX Guacamole vs. Rufus), so don't expect to get a Super every time.

Ultra 1 — El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster
Ultra 1


A command grab Ultra that will only grab grounded opponents. It is possible to control El Fuerte's initial jump path with the joystick and because of the range you can cover it is quite simple to punish projectile throwers.

The best use of this Ultra is to punish people who jump recklessly towards or away from you. This Ultra has a lot of startup invincibility, meaning that El Fuerte will be able to sail straight through jumping attacks. If you time it correctly El Fuerte should land on their shoulders during their jump recovery. This is extremely important to remember because jumping away from El Fuerte's mixups is a popular tactic.

Ultra 2 — El Fuerte Ultra Spark
Ultra 2


El Fuerte crouches down and goes for a sliding grab with his legs. This is an unblockable command grab and the startup is extremely fast. After the Ultra animation is complete, it sets up a free knockdown situation for you.

Like Ultra 1, you can punish people who recklessly jump at you with Ultra Spark. You can also punish projectiles since this Ultra has complete projectile invincibility (though it has short range). You won't be able to punish people jumping away from you with Ultra Spark because of the short range, so choose your Ultras carefully.

A popular tactic is to do an EX Habanero Run through a projectile, activate Sudden Stop and then fire up Ultra 2 to punish the projectile thrower's recovery. Be sure to check the frame data to see how many moves you can punish with Ultra Spark.

Important Note: Not every possible combo is listed here. Instead, you'll find the most common and helpful combos that you should know. There are many variations to these as well.

Cancel intoHabanero F. Dash Cancel intoSudden Stop
Cancel intoHabanero F. Dash Cancel intoSudden Stop
Cancel intoHabanero F. Dash Cancel intoSudden Stop
3 Hits
261 damage
See the description of the RSF Infinite below.

Cancel intoHabanero F. Dash Cancel intoCalamari Slide
2 Hits
190 damage
A close-range punish combo that leads to an untechable knockdown.

Cancel into Hard Guacamole Leg Throw
2 Hits
220 Damage
The starting move must be a Close Standing Hard Kick. If you want, swap out the Hard Guacamole Throw for an EX to really lay on damage.

Cancel intoHard El Fuerte Dynamite
10 Hits
394 Damage
The standing Hard Kick has to be done from a distance. Also this combo is much easier when the opponent is crouching.

Cancel into El Fuerte Dynamite
10 Hits
344 Damage
There are not too many characters that can combo from an overhead in Super Street Fighter 4. Also, to link into the standing Light Kick correctly you must wait until El Fuerte hits the ground.


Cancel into Habanero F. Dash Cancel into Gordita Sobat

Cancel into El Fuerte Dynamite
11 Hits
489 Damage
Outside of the RSF infinite this is definitely the most damage El Fuerte can do at once.

5 Hits
147 Damage
El Fuerte is not a very combo-centric character (excluding his infinite combo) but this is a good choice for a combo since it is entirely composed of links. Doing a couple of Light Punches and then deliberately stopping is a good way to catch those mashing reversals.

Notable Normal Moves and Unique Attacks

Shower Kick
This is an overhead attack that allows you to link into your Super. If you use it right next to a knocked down opponent, you'll cross up their "corpse" and end up on the other side. Good for disrupting the back charges of charge characters.
Close Standing Hard Kick
This move launches the opponent into the air. From this move you can combo into a Guacamole Leg Throw anywhere on the screen or your Super in the corner.

If you're not proficient at El Fuerte's infinite, see the third combo in the Combos section.
Far Standing Hard Kick
This belly flop attack has two stages where it can hit the opponent. The initial stage of the move has a very wide hitbox that can hit standing opponents, and the next stage has a lower, smaller hitbox meant to hit crouching opponents. The second stage is an overhead attack that must be blocked high.

This move is really good for interrupting attacks at mid range. It also recovers very quickly. If you land the "second stage" of the hitbox, you can link into certain normals for combos. Check the Combos section for some minor details.

If you catch an airborne opponent with the first stage of this move, then you will juggle them into the air where you can either follow up with the Hard version of El Fuerte Dynamite or the Light version of Guacamole Leg Throw.

Anti-Air: Crouching Hard Punch
This is El Fuerte's only anti-air normal attack, and it only works on people that are almost directly above him.

Manual Calamari Slide
This move is one of El Fuerte's best knockdown attacks. Not only is it safe on block at long range, but it has loads of active frames that can catch backdashes much more proficiently than the Habanero Dash Calamari Slide. You must use this move to force the opponent to respect your low-hitting option.

Jumping Hard Punch
This is El Fuerte's crossup attack, and it's a really good one because of how hard it is for the opponent to tell which way to block. This is the main jumping normal attack you will want to be using.

Air Throw
The range on this air throw is average, but air throws in SSF4 have great utility value. Easy examples for using this air throw include catching Honda's Headbutts or Dictator's EX Devil's Reverse on wakeup.

Just like a grounded throw, this sets up an untechable knockdown situation for Fuerte.
or (Near Wall)
Wall Jump
If you are near a wall, press in the opposite direction to jump off of it. El Fuerte's wall jump is a little better than most characters in that he actually gains forward momentum from it. You can use all your regular jumping normals after you leap off of a wall, and you can also control where you land with the joystick.

Try to bait attacks by holding back after doing a wall jump, then run up with the Habanero Dash's Calamari Slide or Gordita Sobat to punish.

You can also use this to escape the corner if the opposing character does not have good aerial counter options.
or (Near Wall)
Flying Tostada Press
This Tostada Press is exactly the same as the one from the Habanero Forwards and Backwards Dash, but since you jump off the wall the opponent can see it coming from a mile away and can also easily punish you. Be very careful using this move.
or (Near Wall)
Flying Fajita Buster
The Fajita Buster is exactly the same as the one from the Habanero Forward Dash. It can only grab standing opponents, but it's a good sneak attack since most people would expect an attack from a wall jump to be a move that has to be blocked high.
El Fuerte Mixups and Strategy
El Fuerte operates heavily off of the knockdown. How you get the first knockdown is important and how much damage you take before you get it is important in determining whether or not you win or lose. Because of this, you'll want to have an extremely good understanding of all of the reversal options that your opponents have so that you can avoid them or bait them properly.

You'll want to carefully study your opponent's wakeup habits before you commit to something too heavily. If they jump neutrally, you can tag them with a Tostada Press. If they jump torwards you run backwards and grab them with a Tortilla. If they backdash repeatedly, do a Calamari Slide to catch them. Keep eliminating the opponent's options and keep the momentum going. If you've sufficiently scared your opponent into reacting on wakeup then the match has turned in your favor and you can apply slightly riskier setups for more damage.

Run, Stop, Fierce Infinite
El Fuerte's infinite is very simple on paper, but a little difficult in execution. The idea is to take a close standing Hard Punch and cancel it into a Habanero Forward Dash, thus removing the recovery frames on the Punch. You then stop the dash using Sudden Stop and go straight into another Hard Punch. Repeating this sequence is possible because El Fuerte's Habanero Forward Dash makes up for the knockback that such a heavy attack usually causes. The notation for the infinite looks like so.


While at first glance this looks way too good and abusable, keep in mind that damage scaling in Super Street Fighter 4 cuts down on damage and stun severely after about four or five repetitions of this infinite. Good El Fuerte players know this, so they usually end the infinite with a Calamari Slide for the knockdown, a Tortilla Propeller reset, or a Sudden Stop and throw reset.

El Fuerte does not have good options for big damage outside of his Ultras, and being proficient at doing at least two repetitions of this infinite is one of the requirements to becoming an above-average El Fuerte player.

Other Resources and Credit
You can find more information about playing El Fuerte on the Central Character Discussion Thread on the forums.
Contributions to this guide by Nyoronoru and scrubby_elf.


Kash said on March 13, 2010 at 1:29 p.m.

El Fuerte is the reason I am in love with SF4. I can never feel bored using him :D He is so lovable, I adore his personality <3 and his style of play makes me feel very involved in the match since I have to always remain on top of the game to win. Can't wait to try his new ultra in SSF4, looks like it will add a new aspect to his mind games.

There is a detailed and very informative thread on his matchups on, covers most of the details on the first page of the thread (in the El Fuerte sub-forum).

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:33 p.m.

I will be posting some matchup info in here against all characters, all taken from the El Fuerte matchup thread from shoryuken website. The thread contains more info, but I will put the essentials in here. Here is the source:

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:35 p.m.

VS. Abel:

~ Air grab is beat by his j.hp
~ Abel's Ultra gets owned by slide (Props to Pestazoid), and low attacks in general.
~ Falling Sky can grab you out of Tostada Press/ Fajita Buster /Tortilla
~ He has poor AA sans Falling Sky, look to cross up
~ Quesadilla Bomb beats Wheel Kick, it starts off slow enough to counter on reaction. So does a well placed Back Run xx Tortilla
~ Wheel Kick is his Armor Breaker. If the correct strength is used it is generally safe on block.
~ Always be looking for his Marsielles roll to get an easy throw.
- Pay Attention to his meter, EX Change Of Direction will blow through and put the hurt on.

Ultra Setups:

After properly guessing his Change of Direction combo.
During Marseilles Roll when he is just passing you.
Ultra is immune to Falling Sky
After blocked or whiffed Wheel Kick.
After blocked or whiffed Heartless (Super) and Soulless (Ultra)

Well times slides are a nightmare for him. Slides go under wheel kicks if you wanna setup your range game; goes through his roll; beats ultra; knocks down, etc..

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:37 p.m.

VS. Akuma:

~ You WILL eat Demon if he blocks Q-Bomb.
~ EX run can be used to get through Air Fireball. watch the timing.
~ Demon Flip's Sweep, if you see it, Ultra that, or at least FA -> Punish

Ultra Setups:

After any projectile is fired from the right distance.
After teleport, but this is difficult because you’ll be guessing which way he’ll go.
After he reaches the peak of his Hyakkishu (Demon Flip). Warning, his kick and punch attacks post Demon Flip can kill the Ultra. You may be better off countering it with Guacamole Slew.
After jumping over Raging Demon (Super) and Wrath of the Raging Demon (Ultra)

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:40 p.m.

VS. Balrog (Boxer)

~ Don’t jump in on him recklessly, his AA is solid. FIENT more forward Run xx lp or lk

~TAP (Turn Around Punch) is his Armor Breaker. So is the Overhead Dash Punch. Don't be afraid to EX run and slide him for the knockdown or Focus if you feel you got this guy figured out.

~Headbutt is annoying as hell. and they love doing it during a back run wait till it stops going up to counter

~Knock him down? CORPSE HOP with Forward + MK

~QBomb beats all of Boxer's charge moves, Be mindful of the distance due to Q-Bomb start up.

Ultra Setups:

Basically, for all his specials, you need to master doing your Ultra on a Reversal. Some only give you a few frames, but there are some that will give you more. The same goes for his Super and Ultra, but you have more time if you dodge them.

Bait a Headbutt.

Dash Punches can be Ultra'd on Reaction.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:44 p.m.

VS. Blanka:

Let's get one thing clear. YOU MUST DODGE HIS ULTRA

~Up ball is kinda a breaker for your wake up game

~His command dash is annoying as hell and can repeatedly switch sides on you, he counts as being in the air so you can't throw him

~ If he slides too close to you THROW HIM.

Countering his tools
~ Tortilla Beats Electricity All day
~ The instant you block a Blanka Ball Run xx Slide him!
~ Rainbow Ball is an obvious of a Crossup attempt. Don't confuse yourself, Focus it, dash forward, and punish him with Guacamole, Ultra or slide.
~ His command Dash can be tricky. Look to Block/Tech. especially at close range.

avoiding Blanka's ultra

1. You can EX quac his ultra and grab him out of it.
2. You can also use EX quac to escape it because of the invincability frames.

Lots of Blanka players love throwing lp Blanka Balls which, at mid -long range is slow enough to react to, go far enough to stop in front of you I think this may be a good time to Q-Bomb his ass and make'em stop that and commit to

After blocked Vertical Roll
After whiffed Backstep Roll falls or just as he’s landing
During Electric Thunder
After blocked High Amazon Run
After blocked Ground Shave Roll (Super)
After blocked Lightning Cannonball (Ultra). Must be activated once he’s falling.
Note, once the super or ultra is blocked (when the roll is on the ground), you can return the stick to neutral.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:50 p.m.

VS. Cammy:

~ Spiral Arrows are safe from the right distances (They'll hit for chip damage once), and can be linked into her cannon spike. Block and look to tech throws. If the Cammy player does it wrong (you block two hits), Punish her QUICKLY.

~ Cannon Spike Kinda ruins your options on her wake up. On that note, be sure to faint plenty of times and bait her. Cannon Spike's recovery time is horrid, any whiffed Cannon Spike = hardcore punish. as the video shows, you can safe tortilla as far as having her fly past you.

~ Cannon Strike. I tried countering a Cannon Strike I saw coming with Run Back Tortilla and ate Ultra, I tried it again with Ultra and ate Ultra again. Until I see otherwise, this is a dangerous move due to her AMAZING recovery speed from this move. But remember this key fact, with the exception of the EX version, this move can ONLY be done when jumping forward. Regardless, this right here makes it very tricky to land ultra.

~ Hooligan Combination. This move can grab you out of the Air, or when standing. If you DUCK she can't grab you, meaning she needs to cancel it quick, or go for the slide..... but you were ducking already, so block and punish. You can also remove this from the game after you air throw her out of it a couple times. Yes that includes EX Hooligan. Air Throw her.

~ Spinning Back Knuckle (Armor Breaker) Great for fireballs, but USELESS against Fuerte. It's slow as hell, if she uses this against you just jump straight up and beat her down, or run back tortilla/Tostada

~ Air Throw. She has one too. Throw her first.
(a lot more info in the thread)

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:55 p.m.


Normals of note
jFP, FP This hits twice in air and KNOCKS DOWN and can be used to juggle. be on the lookout

Air throw. She has one too. she has other options in the air. Stay alert.

Wall Jump, she has one, but she doesn't accelerate like Fuerte does. It's floaty. Guac Early or Tortilla.

sMP Good poke, but very Good to Focus through.

Back + Mk -> Mk -> Down, Up +Mk , this is that little mini combo thing she has. it has recovery time. be aware of this and counter. If the player is dumb enough to finish the entire thing RSF / Punish

Stupid jump overhead and hit you from behind kick Obvious when she does it, Focus and dash outta there or just EX run.


Spinning Bird Kick (SBK) (Armor Breaker). This move is GARBAGE and you'll likely never see it used. EX SBK is good at a wake up... but if you can bait it, then you can splash right in between her legs ;)

EX SBK is probably her most stable/reliable AA option. It comes out quickly, has good priority, and does decent damage. EX SBK however is far from perfect...

If the jump-in attack comes in at a steep downward angle, EX SBK will flat-out LOSE. Some jump-ins that beat EX SBK include but are not limited to; ... El Fuerte elbow

Neat trick vs Chun: once she starts reacting to your tostada/tortilla with ex sbk, do the fake tortilla (run-back, stop, jump toward) and air throw that ex sbk.

Kikoken - Each Punch is a different version, Light = elegant stance, Kikoken goes far, is slow. Medium strikes a sentai pose, medium distance/speed, Hard = sticks dat ass out, quick, short range. If done from far range it helps her gain ground, but don't forget, it doesn't go full screen, if she does it at mid range, punish her, as she has LOADS of recovery. Be careful for the EX one at mid/close.

Legs Not so useful for her, but EX Legs is a different story, and is part of her Bread n Butter combos.

Hasan Shu (Overhead flip split kick) Due to Fuerte's slow normals I'm pretty sure it's safe on block If she whiffs / you Focus it, she WILL pay for it. EX Version knocks down. You MUST block this high.

Ultra - Her Ultra can be seen coming a mile away and has horrible start up and recovery time, Both of these times are your best bet to Ultra her right back.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:57 p.m.

VS. C.Viper:

~Viper can Feint her ALL Seismic Hammers (even EX) AND her Thunder Knuckles.

~Viper's Thunder Knuckle's pretty much the best Armor Breaker in the game it's quick, has three versions, and can be Feinted.

~Be careful after either of her throws, each can setup a crossup with Burning kick jMK and jHK... but the good news is that Ultra and EX Guacamole beats it. PAY ATTENTION that does not mean INSTANT Ultra on her jump in. Burning kick can be done late as hell, which allows her to hover in mid air for just a bit, that can throw off your Ultra.

~ NO needless jumping, it can be punished with a well-placed Seismic Hammer
~EX Seismic fients has lots of invincibility frames
~Burning Kick will skip under low attacks
~Feint more. once you see and hear the gleam you have enough time to stop and jump hold the stick the way you wanna jump as you run so you can stop and jump immediately.
~Seismo Spam, just hang back and LK Guac for meter. you can always Focus it too for Ultra.
~Burning Kick can be Focused, Air Thrown (Jump straight up), or you can back run and see if Viper bites and goes for the move anyway (Tortilla).
~Anything done in the air can be guac'd or Air Thrown

tecniques to counter the most annoying attacks of C.Viper which listed below:

C.Viper = Fuerte
Seismic Hammer(EX) = Normal HK (sometimes two hit damage)
Seismic Hammer(EX) = 1 sec delayed Tostada
Burning Kick(EX) = Crouching HP or Absorb damage (EX) and Tostada/Fajita/Calamar
Everytime she jumps = Crouching HP

Ultra Setups:

After blocked or whiffed Viper Elbow (Overhead)
After blocked ,whiffed (during also) Double Kick
After blocked or whiffed Thunder Knuckle, Seismic Knuckle (during too), Super, or Ultra. You're better off not countering the Thunder Knuckle and Seismic Knuckle attacks since they can be feinted.
During Flame Kick (ground only)
Jumping Burning Kick = Crouching HP - No matter if it's high, medium or super delayed Burning Kick, if u don't connect u have chance to start a combo when she lands

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 1:58 p.m.

VS. Dan:

His Ultra can be Focus'd. Initial startup has invincibility so don't go all Gung-Ho when he's sitting on Ultra, it can be used as a counter to a sloppy jump in.

Super Taunt can be canceled into Ultra. Do Not fall for it.
Dan Kicks will throw off Ultra
Dan's Back dash has ZERO in-air frames. Use this to your advantage.
Not much Info here...

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2 p.m.

VS. Dhalsim:

If you are full screen his limbs and fireball will not reach.

Beware of Up Fire... it beats Flying manuevers off the run

For dhalsim you can guac him if he teleports behind you

if he's within range of your ultra midair and he's already thrown his limbs out, you can go for it, just time it right since he has a lot of air time. if he didnt throw his limbs, he'll definitely teleport out of your ultra.

if he keeps jumping back and tries to reaction fierce you when you try to chase him down, well-timed dashes or run-stop then ex guacamole will catch him when he throws out his limbs (dhalsim's hitbox stretches along with his limbs, and ex guac will go through the fierce)

don't run straight into dhalsim's attack range. bait his limbs and fireballs, once he makes a bad mix of the two (hopefully he does ) you can wall dive hp, close hp to get in, finish it however you'd like for a knockdown

if he teleports behind you, quickly throw out a jab since normals always come out right, and it'll reset them before they have a chance to attack. once he's reset, any of his poke attempts can easily be crossup splashed, if he mk.slides then it's a free splash (just steer it correctly to land right on him).

bait teleports on wakeup and quesadilla, throw, etc. if he has meter he might ex yoga blast against your splash, fajita, and tortilla, but if you bait that too then you can get another knockdown, and he's one meter short of his super.

in this match, whichever player loses patience and walks into the unsafe zone will most likely be punished.

fuerte shouldn't chase them because you're running right into their trap. he'll jump back and hp a lot to gain distance. sit on your life leads and be careful not to gradually lose it by getting hit by limbs.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:03 p.m.

VS. E.Honda:

he can't really go towards you aggressively & you can't either.

If he goes towards you, he gets knocked down and gets mixed-up to death with cross-up j.HP, c.HK, f.MK, or tortilla propeller.
If you go towards him, all of your wall-jumps are beaten by j.HP or a well-timed headbutt. Blocked splashes can be punished with s.HK and doing any FA game not on wake-up is too dangerous due to headbutt/ochio/hhs.

whoever gets the life lead and turtles effectively wins.

His Ultra takes you out regardless of what side you try to splash/throw him on

Make sure and hop over him so he can't wake up with ex torpedo.

You can airthrow him out of any whiffed headbutt. You can beat his buttslam but not its Ex version with splash. Don’t make it a habit to run in on a standing Honda his orochi throw eats your run game alive.

that s.HK cleanly beats Honda's headbut on reaction

jHP to counter a headbutt will make Honda recover in mid air. This is a Reset Mixup opportunity.

Tortilla should not be utilized against a upright and down charging Honda/ Butt splash will hurt you.

Tostada Press' invincible frames goes THROUGH the second part of the butt slam.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:06 p.m.

VS. Fei Long:

By Skisonic: HK chicken wing is generally the first "troublesome" thing you run into, because the invincibility screws with all your "harder to avoid" mixups. Then he's still got a DP when for if he sniffs out a safer mixup. I deal with it like this: in any non reversal situation, I should be at range such that I can LK guac the chicken wing. It is very reliable. If I'm not at that range, I should be pressuring him. If he's pressuring me, well he did something right so I might have to block one and a mixup every once in a while. So be it.
Perhaps most importantly, run back charge focus works VERY well vs this move because it only armor breaks at close range and he has no way to threaten you from distance otherwise.

Post knockdown Reversal HK chicken wing is a real bitch because now he took away your lowest risk manuever because reversal HK chicken armor breaks all the way through. What I do is usually start out with the same thing, run back charge focus. So this is at the range where again only the end of the chicken wing would hit, but you're still far enough away that you have plenty of time to react so just backdash just to see if he's going to do it. Use this knowledge to employ (or just go directly to) to the counter of run back, neutral jump, falling whatever heavy attack into whatever combo you can get. Although this is low probablity to hit, it's virtually riskless.

The rest of the game I think runs a little even for the chars. If either gets his offensive pressure game going he is going to have a strong advantage, the other just has to use his inherent tools to accurately avoid that. For Fei, that's pick the right time to DP. For Fuerte, that's block and avoid the mixups/f+mk overhead/throws/inevitable random DP.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:08 p.m.

VS. Gen:

If he does his off the wall kick (The one where he immediately flies off the wall towards you), you can land an Ultra on top of it. If you don't have Ultra and are fairly quick at reacting, you can back run into Tortilla on top of him. Otherwise, block and throw him.

You can air throw Gen out of most of his off the wall moves
- Can't airthrow: Immediate kick off the wall, or where he jumps off the wall and then immediately goes back to the ground near the wal
- Can airthrow: Any move where he goes straight off the wall - I think his options here are a kick straight down on top of you, kick to either side of you, or just a fly straight of the wall. If you can meet him in the air you should be able to airthrow.

Gen's jump is very strange, and he has a slightly different timing on his jump depending on which stance he is in. Trying to land Ultra on a naked jump is very risky due to this.

Focus attacking is super risky against any competent Gen, they will pull out hands almost immediately and break your armor. It's really not a great idea, because they will probably get another m.K to hands out of it and take a nice chunk of your health.

Slides work well against Gen, safe tortilla doesn't seem to work on his upkick but I believe you can do it to avoid him. Splash works but only on his far side, his upkick will beat splash if he guesses correctly or gets auto correction.

If Gen does his upkick and you block the first hit, immediately jump and airthrow OR jump and l.K - otherwise he CAN do the second kick of the upkick if you try to punish him from the ground. If he whiffs the first kick, then he can't continue the sequence, but if you block the first one he can get the other 7 hits on you.

Safe tortilla definitely works on gen's upkick, or anything he does except ex walljump. If you block the upkick, just wait patiently for him to hit the ground then rsf him, he has a lot of recovery. Getting hit by the extra kicks of the upkick would just be silly, just wait for him to come down.Ex walljump is the bitch move of the gen match cause he can really escape any mixup with it fairly easily. Important to limit gen's meter gain for this reason since if he has no meter and fuerte knocks him down it's really really hard for him.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:08 p.m.

VS. Gouken:

~ His Fireballs do crap damage. Get in there and play the guessing game.

~ If he charges a Fireball, EX Run and wait for him to fire it or until you are dead in his face for the slide knockdown, he's committed to that move, so get the free knockdown.

~ His EX Fireball is two of them, one straight, one angled, each hits once unless he charges, which is a get-in-free for Fuerte.

~ He has Ultra I wonder what he's gonna do? Tech that throw. I guarantee you it's coming. It has a BIG tech window.

~ He has counters, he will be going for them here and there. Bait that or sucker'em with mixed in grabs

~ EX hurricane Kick is great, it distance between you. If you are taking him to splash mountain be wary of it and bait that. Free RSF

~ He has the Demon Flip move too. FA /ULTRA.

He's at his most dangerous at mid range, his fire balls are pretty quick, and his dash punch can push you away. Stay at Mid long rang and go from there to in your face. his normals up
close are nothing special and his AA is lousy.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:11 p.m.

Vs. Guile:

Standing Far HK can go over Sonic Booms, handy for Guile's that like to walk behind their slow ones.

Get a life lead and make him come to you.

Guiles that love crHK sweep are being foolish. After you block the first one, focus the second one, then proceed to punish.

A FA and RSF loop seems to be the cure for any Guile that thinks he can sweep you.

Against Guile, don't jump over a sonic boom toward him if the boom is already out and he is fully recovered, either with a jump, walljump, splash, whatever. He will just airgrab you. Beats everything, even your own airgrab most of the time, Guile's has longer range than yours. You have to run and splash/fajita buster over the boom as he is throwing it. Takes a little prediction, but so does his airgrab. If he is trying to airgrab you without any sonic boom cover, then he has to guess when you are going to splash/fajita, if you fake him out you can trick him into jumping that way. That and ex guac to keep him from jumping backwards and you'll be able to convince most Guiles to get a little more aggressive. If not, it's only a matter of time before you push him to the corner where fuerte does his best work.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:12 p.m.

VS. Ken:

First and foremost. DO NOT treat every Ken player as an automatic Flowchart Ken, make your assumptions after the first round / after seeing starter patterns. This is the easiest way to get your ass kicked.

~His Back dash has ZERO frames where it counts as him being in the air.

~ Watch out for his Kara Throw

~ His Fireball recovers slower then other shotos, so it should be easier to run xx Tostada/Fajita or EX run through -> whatever.

~ His Ultra Animation ENDS with him crouching, yes that means hitbox. DO NOT GO FOR close HK, it WILL miss

~Safe Tortilla does NOT beat his DP do it to get behind him

~Safe Tortilla Interrupts his super

~ Hurricane kick: beat clean by: Q-Bomb, guacamole, cr. FP, Jump straight up -> Airthrow, and punished with Run back tortilla, and a well placed slide.

~ his f+MK lets him gain ground quickly.

~ His Jumping HK tends to beat cr.FP and late Guacs. Just run back Tostada/Tortilla or EX guac that.

cr.FP is pretty badass, cept against Ryu and Ken. Somehow, they have mighty feet that stuff it . I'd stick with tortilla landing

Get a knockdown. Then turtle.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:14 p.m.

VS. M.Bison (Dictator):

This guy can beat you just because of his fast normals, standing MK/HK are a real pain. You need to block/Tech alot.

Scissor Kick Hits twice on all versions. It's fast and downs. But at max range it's FA-able.

his jMP can be done twice in mid air, and knocks down.

Devil's Reverse hits ONCE, Focus. EX hits twice, but costs TWO meters (one up, one down)

EX Headstomp hurts. Avoid /Block it at all costs

Psycho Crusher sucks vs Fuerte's standing Far HK (Dropkick), it goes right through and gives Bison a face full of Boot. Q-Bomb beats it too.

Bison's Ultra can be Ultra'd on block, you hear noise during the psycho crusher, where it goes VOOM-VOOM-VOOM, after the third one (where by here he has gone past you, you can Ultra him.

mix ups are pretty much 100% safe on his wakeups; his escape moves don't do damage except for ex psycho, which is an easy ultra punish on block

when bison is on you, just block patiently. he's either going to do a counter to you trying to get out (stand rh, ex headstomp, etc.), or he's going to try to keep you pinned with scissor kicks. If you blocked and he did a get-out counter, then you're out. if he's going to try to keep you pinned and you ex run -> rsf through it, the risk/reward is wayyyyyyyy in your favor

If you do psychic EX guac (meaning right before he does EX headstomp or almost at the same time) then he will win. However, if you do it after he does, you will either escape through it or even catch him if you do the timing well. Try it in training, I just did and I caught EX headstomp with EX guac several times cleanly without a trade.

Something on that note, if you want an easier way to beat EX headstomp without even wasting EX meter, just jump and hk! If you jump in place (without right or left direction) Fuerte's hk in air (aka his ass) beats all headstomps (EX and none) cleanly. If you do it a bit late you might trade however.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:17 p.m.

VS. Rose:

~Pay Attention for her Slide, Not as Annoying as Blanka's but its still a slide.

~Be alert for her far f+HK It's got range and it's speed.

~ Her fireballs are slower then most, both on start up & recovery. EX Run = free feels on her chestinality (RSF)

~In addition to the usual wake-ups that get away from our Okizeme game, watch out for EX Scarf Drill (Initial invincibility) and EX Soul Throw. Cross-Ups are the best bet here.

~ Her Ultra can punish you on a stupid Wall Jump.

Ultra Setups
~ Whiffed Soul Throw
~ Soul Spark

Regarding Rose, she is not easy at all, but it is still a 5-5 matchup if played well. There is one thing that I try to capitalize a lot on: Rose recovers very slowly from most of her moves, even her slide. By knowing this, you can try and bait her *** and punish. Her slide is slow so you can do FA on reaction (be careful though since the drill breaks the FA, so random FAs are risky).

Rose is a pain if she starts controlling the pace, so being aggressive works better. She can't deal too much damage, so keep that in mind and don't be afraid to put on the pressure. Also, I find j.cross fierce to be effective as a mix up option, it punishes her back dash, and gives some chance to follow up with a punish if she decides to escape with EX drill.

Her dash is very annoying, and a good Rose will almost never do Soul Throw.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:20 p.m.

VS. Rufus:

~ Rufus has the 2nd most life in the game. So bring the entire menu.

~ A stupidly done Wall Jump can = j.HK ---> EX Snake Strike / Ultra

~ c.FP is a long range poke. FA bait?

~ Rufus' dive kick Get's him out of ultra :(

~ He has a f+mk move too.

Also far s.MP smacks Rufus's moves trying to close in on you.
It can even stuff EX messiah from a distance.

If they are conditioned to think you are going to slide, splash or whatever the standing roundhouse confuses the hell outta them and has great recovery so relatively safe, mind you not against peeps with srk but the others its a great mixup option, good dmg and breaks focus.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:22 p.m.

More Rufus:

Stand rh is very good in the rufus match. Itll catch divekicks and give you a knockdown and it'll cleanly counter the df+MK rolly thing. Give it a try.

by Buktooth: whenever i try to rsf any character that does that weird reel (most notably shotos and rufus), it seems like i have to run extra far to get the fierce to connect, which makes the timing extremely tight. there's ways to ensure that the reel doesn't happen, but when it does happen it doesn't seem realistic to continue rsf. against rufus you never seem to be able to rsf off a jump in

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:26 p.m.

VS. Ryu:

~DO NOT ULTRA on an empty jump in when he has meter, obvious EX tatsu escape is obvious

~ For some reason, his jHK tends to beat Guac and cFP....

~ Safe Tortilla. Learn it.

~ c.FP(easy, reset mix-up), Q-Bomb (Easy) Light Guac (Technical), Neutral Jump Air Throw to defeat Tatsu. Only stupid Ryus use this outside of combos.

~ Guac or well placed run back xx Tortilla vs Air Tatsu

~ EX Guac owns baited air EX Tatsu

~ He recovers respectably from fireballs, Run xx Tostada over them

Ryu can actually anti-air (ugh) with crouching mk (ugh) if you do j.hp, so in the rare event you feel the need to jump at Ryu, don't be afraid to try (which beats

you can rsf ryu pretty normally off of a cross up jump fierce, and off of a jump fierce on top of his head. any farther out will cause him to do that stupid reel animation

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:29 p.m.

More Ryu:

by Halcyonryu:

-you need meter in this fight if ryu gets a knockdown. if he wants to play defense at the start, let him, stay full screen and lk guac over fireballs to chunk up some meter. You do not want to be under ryu's pressure and have no ex runs
-I think everyone knows how to counter fireballs, these shouldn't be a huge issue except a surprise ex one while you're running from time to time
-don't splash often at all, it is braindead easy for him to low roundhouse you and he can even dp xx ultra on block if he is on point
-make sure that you punish all uppercuts with at least a fierce to a slide. run up then stop is a good way to bait either a jump or an uppercut which you can punish
-you have a ground game, don't forget. it isn't great but it's essential. you can use f+mk to get in and punish whiffed low forward kicks. low forward xx fireball from the tip of the foot is not a true blockstring and you can ex run or ultra in between those. standing strong is also pretty solid against his other pokes besides low forward. Try not to get into a normals war with him obviously but remember not to let him get away with mistakes and misplaced buttons
-keep him grounded with low fierce, airthrows, ex guac. don't guess ex guac. his jump isn't that fast, if your eyes are peeled you can confirm jumps
-don't try to antiair ultra him. Even without meter, a hurricane kick will alter his fall enough that you will miss. You have to totally change your timing to predict a hurricane and if you do that you're risking missing ultra and losing immediately. And if he has ex then there's no way to antiair ultra him period
-once you get the knockdown, this is where the match gets really ugly for ryu. He has few options. learn and love the proper range and timing for your tortilla throw. A properly placed tortilla throw will beat hurricane kicks, beat or avoid all uppercuts allowing you to punish, and grab forward dashes. If he jumps out and hits a button it will miss you and you get a free antiair guac or airthrow. So the ryu player will figure out that really the only option that he has to escape is a backdash. This is great for you since you only have to mix up between 2 options really. tortilla throw the hell out of the guy, and punish backdashes with runback -> stop -> jumpin fierce, fierce, slide. Since you run back then jump in it looks like a tortilla throw and baits backdashes well. If you guess backdash and jump in and he doesn't backdash, then you are still in a crossup position and may get a hit that way. Always option select a throw break into your crossup fierce so that you won't get grabbed if it misses.
-no meaty slide, no meaty splash. minimum random splash. risky moves that are asking for punishment are a no no. If he likes to focus attack when you run forward or at midrange, then remember your stand roundhouse

More on next post

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:29 p.m.

-midrange charging focus isn't really all that great, if he likes to sweep then you can get some mileage out of it but he can easily stop it with ex fireball or low fwd xx ex fireball on reaction. some ryus however will try to hurricane it so you can use it bait and punish those
-ex run straight at him into regular lp+lk grab works more than you'd think
-when he knocks you down it's trouble. wake up ex run is not all that great here because he can either throw you or meaty ex hurricane to ultra if near the corner. wake up ex guac is not all that great period. Best to block, be patient, tech throws when you can, and then ex run out of there as soon as you have a clear chance. If you get knocked down with no meter it can easily be ggpo. see step 1

ryu has the least options of almost any character when knocked down by fuerte, if he wants to escape the tortilla throw then backdash is his only option so keep your mixups simple and damaging, your main options are going to be tortilla or backrun jump to punish backdash with an occasional crossup fierce. If you get knocked down don't panic and wait for your chance to ex run away, don't get armor broken with ex hurricane and lose. It is better to get thrown if you are going to guess wrong than to eat ultra. MOST IMPORTANT is don't mess up your timing on tortilla meaty, and get hit with a jumpout strong or an uppercut or allow an escape that shouldn't work. get that timing and distance perfect and practice it. I can say with confidence that the majority of my losses to ryu, I beat myself rather than him beating me because I get uppercutted out of my tortilla or he jumps out and is able to hit me on the way up due to my mistiming/misplacing.

There are 2 proper positions, pick one or use both, one is to run back just a tiny bit from point blank then tortilla without aiming it at all, timing it so that the last frames of the grab make contact. the other is a bit easier to do and is to run back to about 2.5 character widths then pilot the tortilla all the way forward. timing is vital.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:32 p.m.

VS. Sagat:

~Crouching LK lowers your hit box enough to duck under Tiger Knee then you can (Input Needed)

~ Sagat can cross you up after a knockdown with Tiger Knee

~ Tiger Knee hits once it is safe, Look to block/tech.

~Tiger Knee Hits twice you can punish with (Input needed)

~Random Tiger Knee from long range can be Tortilla'd for free.

~EX Guac owns all Tiger Knees

~Sagat stands up slower than other chars time your attacks later

~Sagat's Uppercut CAN NOT be interrupted by the Safe Tortilla, use it instead to get behind an uppercutting Sagat

block sagat tigerknee cross up standing up; it makes it whiff

Airgrab>immediately jump forward>j.rh will cross Sagat up anywhere on screen. Walking back A LITTLE WEENEY BIT before jumping will not cross Sagat up.

You can really run circles around sagat. His fireball game is useless and he has a really bad backdash so he has a really hard time. Just don't splash him like ever because blocked splash is a free TU -> rh -> ultra, and don't get hit by random uppercuts in general, and you should have good results.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:34 p.m.

VS. Sakura:

Just don't try to antiair her with guacs or low fierce. Her jump rh is pretty beefy. Just run away from it. Play runaway until you get a chance for a knockdown, then get brave all of a sudden and don't let her get up. That's the basic gameplan for fuerte vs. anyone tbh but it's especially effective on people that have a hard time getting near you like her.

~ You can not Guacamole her Jumping HK, don't even try.

~ If she wants to be stupid and charge her fireball, punish it

~ crMK xx Shouken is dangerous. Don't be reckless.

~ Her focus has good range and is moderately quick.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:35 p.m.

VS. Seth:

Seth's stand fierce is actually pretty risky stuff which he should never use, you can easily splash those, walljump, focus dash, ex run.

ex run puts the game in close range whether he wants it there or not.

Seth can play a bit of runaway but if you get a machoman elbow on him, his night is over.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:36 p.m.

VS. Vega (Claw):

by Mexiwont: Against Vega, usually once I get a knock down I just don't let him breath. Mixup the presses, slides, and crossup HPs. If all he's doing is that invincible back somersault, do a slide on his wake up and it will recover fast enough to do another slide and catch him at the end of that move. I personally LOVE air throwing his wall jumps. Jump towards when you see him hit the air backwards, and even if he does the drill you'll go right over it. Of course, be careful doing that when he has his ultra. You could also use runs and slides to just plain out avoid the wall jump air claw/throw/drill. A lot of Vegas like to go for a throw right after that spinning HK so be ready to tech. They could also mix it up with EX wall jump to claw/throw so watch out for that.

After he does his little roll, EX run to press or tortilla will usually catch those guys who spam the low MP afterwards, so yeah you're on the right track with that. You could try FA, but if you don't time it right then you'll eat 2 claws.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:38 p.m.

VS. Zangief:

by halcyonryu: If I have even a slight lead, then I don't do wakeup games on him. It's a risk that I don't need to take. Q-bomb is actually really good on him, as long as he has no stocks, since without stock all he can punish with is regular green hand which is a free throw for you on hit, trade comes out well for you, but if he has stocks that'll be ex hand which is really bad. Why attack when you can make him chase you, he is really not good at chasing fuerte. Keep him honest with stand MP and bombs if he has no meter, he can't jump so he just has to walk you to the corner, at that point, you just have to be careful and not predictable getting out, don't do a telegraphed walljump or you'll be headbutted, but if you can fake him into jumping(empty jump back and pretend to walljump usually works) then you can ex run right under him and start the benny hill music all over again while he chases you back across the stage some more.

If you are behind or it's even then the main mixup I use in this is

1. run back really far and aimed all the way forward tortilla, then start inputting back and forth (db, df, db, df, db, df, mash like its sf4) lk guac. This will grab him out of ex hand, forward dash, lariat(unless they do the jump cancel). Only answers for him are jump or backdash. If they jump in any direction then the lk guac will catch them(replace with EX or ultra if you have it for more damage). So really all he can do here to escape is backdash or jump cancel lariat. If he backdashes then you will recover a few frames before his backdash does if you timed the tortilla right, if he tries to spd you or ultra, your lk guac will come out and it will miss, you get free combo. Backdash SPD IS NOT FREE vs tortilla grab, if it is free on you, then you are doing your tortilla too late. However of course if he backdashes and doesn't immediate spd, you're whiffing a guac and you're in trouble, so occasionally you want to

2. run back, stop, jump in fierce aimed to crossup where he rises. This counters both jump cancel wakeup lariat and backdash. If he does jump cancel lariat, that means it isn't a crouch lariat, so your elbow will beat it clean 9/10 times, and if he backdashes, your elbow will punish it. Follow up with a couple hits of rsf then slide and begin again. You really have to train the opponent to backdash using option 1 before you start doing this cause if you do this and they don't backdash it's a free crouch lariat, or if he forward dashes on wakeup, he can get a spd or ultra on you here, but this is the most damaging way to keep him honest. Another way is to run back, stop, jump in airthrow to catch the backdash, but this will also lose to jumpcancel lariat and does less damage so I don't like it as much in this match.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:40 p.m.

More Zangief: Continue from previous post:

Honestly those are the only 2 things that I do against his wakeup. I don't ever splash or slide ever. Those are both risk/reward not in your favor. Free backdash spds, splash is free anything on block, slide puts you right next to gief on block which is bad imo. MIXUPS DONT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED this is true for all matchups...if you have something that they can only escape in one possible way, then all you need to do is mix it up with something that counters that one thing, and you will have them guessing. You don't have to do 6 different random things on someone when you can mix them with 2.

If he knocks you down, ex run back on wakeup then mash kick to jump the hell outta there. Don't ex run back to tortilla or splash, unless you know the gief doesn't know what's up, cause if he knows the match you can easily be ultra'd for that. To stop you from doing ex run back to jumpback he will have to grab you immediately on your wakeup, so you can just jump away from that or vertical jump and punish if it is a spd or ultra. Its a guess and if you guess wrong you take damage, but that's the price of getting knocked down.

Gief is not hard at all but you gotta know the match, you can't play a good gief the way that you play other characters, sliding on him and splashing at him etc. that's all suicide.

Kash said on March 14, 2010 at 2:43 p.m.

All the tips are provided by various members of the Fuerte community of shoryuken. There is more info on some matchups in the thread itself, as well as some general info on Fuerte

Hope that helps :D

Blanks said on April 27, 2010 at 7:46 p.m.

I'm trying to learn Fuerte. He's so much fun to use. Does anyone have any tips for getting out of tight corners? I know there's the EX leg throw, but is there anything else?

csirus said on April 28, 2010 at 8:11 a.m.

Hey, I'm brand new to the SFIV scene, just picked up SSFVI for ps3, gonna buy a pad soon, anyways i had trouble with a couple things. One that seems like it should be simple but im haveing trouble with is the linking to It seems simple but the timeing is insane... you have like a fraction of a second to make the difference between a link and a fail. Any tips, i have hit it a few times, but I cant land it consistantly. Also level 18 on challange mode is giving me trouble. Its j.HP to s.HK to ultra, im having trouble hitting the j.hp to consistantly. Thanks.

Rivu said on May 11, 2010 at 2:07 p.m.

The input for Ultra Spark is incorrect. It's double QCB+3K

ElfSupreme said on May 20, 2010 at 9:37 a.m.


The best thing to keep in mind when trying to link c.LK with c.MK with El Fuerte is to develop a rythm by listening to the sound you make as your c.LK hits your opponent. The instant you hear your c.LK connect try inputing c.MK right away. One of two things will likely happen: either your c.MK won't come out, which means you hit the c.MK too soon, or it will come out but it won't link (or of course it connects, in which case sweet!). Keep doing this until you get a good feel for the timing, and soon enough you will be able to connect c.LK to c.MK. (Sounds and maintaining a rythme with El Fuerte are key!)

As for Elf's Level 18 Trial, in order to connect j.HP to s.HK the trick is to hit your opponent low with j.HP, which will then leave you close enough to connect your s.HK. So, in other words, as you're jumping toward your opponent don't press HP right away because if you do that you will hit him too high and you won't be able to connect your s.HK. Sometimes when you delay the timing of your j.HP it won't come out. Just keep trying until you hit him low enough with j.HP and you'll connect your s.HK (almost) every time.

Hopefully this makes sense!

ElfSupreme said on May 20, 2010 at 9:45 a.m.


It's always a tricky situation to be in with Elf when trapped in a corner, but one of the best ways I've been able to escape with relatively little damage is by either throwing a c.LK or c.MK out there. Both moves are fast enough to allow you to momentarily distract your opponent and give you the opportunity to wall jump your butt out of there!

Of course this all depends on which character has you in that strangle hold. Guiles are good at keeping you stuck there by hitting high with his sonic booms, leg sweeping you with c.HK, or grabbing you in midair. Best thing to do in those type of situations is try to read what your opponent will likely do. What are your opponent's tendencies? Does he always follow a sonic boom with a leg sweep? Is there some sort of pattern in how he's trying to keep me trapped in the corner?

Drippy_Nozzle said on June 17, 2010 at 2:27 a.m.

Any fuerte players know; For trial 24 (the 'infinite' combo loop) need to get the 3 HPs, can get 2 to connect, but the 3rd hard punch always comes out as his slower "long range" HP and gets blocked. I've seen the combo done and i know its supposed to just be the close range HP, 3 times. Does the strength of the punch button I use make any difference to the speed of the habanero dash? As i'm using LP dash then cancel with LP, would he stay closer if i used a MP or HP dash? or should I keep going as i am and i'm just trippin out...

Drippy_Nozzle said on July 1, 2010 at 3:04 a.m.

I managed it in the end, forgot to update. It worked fine for me with LP dash. All trials for all characters now complete. Very pleasing.

snakeeater91 said on August 2, 2010 at 2:39 a.m.

@191 if that happens you need to run a bit more/you're stopping a bit too early.

SF4junkie said on August 17, 2010 at 2:57 a.m.

the hurricane of mexico is so much fun to use...too bad his damage output is so low...close range hk(drop kick) is a great set up for ultra 2 since they usually try to block the kick

Existent said on September 4, 2010 at 4:14 p.m.

10 seconds!?

SF4junkie said on September 17, 2010 at 12:14 a.m.

Why is he only getting nerfs in the dlc? Damn it Capcom.

Any strong foes?

Random vs Random?

PSN: OoDemonSeedoO
XBL: GotDemonSeed

the_frog_splash_lives said on September 19, 2010 at 10:13 a.m.

got last two trials left for elf and i am a pad player any help for 23 will be fine please guys 24 well i know i can do it with some practice but linking the kicks in 23 is a shlep. funny how i got an almost 60 per cent win ratio with elf and i can't rsf....

latin10 said on October 20, 2010 at 11:09 p.m.

ELf is fun to the constant hate mail I get for catching morons in ultra one and getting rage quits and even more hate mail(esp shotos he do jab dp's and suddenly realize that they have been faked out and he is on top of them sending them for a ride) for a the fact he requires skill to play not like the millions of Shoto's Bisons, Balrogs, Blanka's, E Honda's, etc. Most important be completely unpredictable,make them predictable, keep and eye on their ultra meters, and most important run stop it will win a match.

Mr_Clack said on December 21, 2010 at 11:44 a.m.

lol @ 198
A player named LamerBoi Rage Quit on that Ultra u discussed in the EVO online pools. Ironically El Fuerte for the 1st time came REALLY close to winning a big tourney. Too bad it was online so ELF's links were hard to connect.

Thirtyfour said on April 4, 2011 at 5:18 p.m.

what a bullhit character.
cant wait til AE

the_frog_splash_lives said on April 5, 2011 at 12:58 a.m.

looking for an elf mentor please guys trying to seriously level up my game.

sinecausa said on July 21, 2011 at 9:29 a.m.

I dont get this Trial-Combo: Crouching MK + Super...i dont know what im doing wrong?! am i too slow??

Guilessonicboom said on December 23, 2011 at 10:36 a.m.

El Fuerte - The epitomy of DIRT!

09gmw028 said on February 29, 2012 at 6:48 a.m.

I really can't understand this guy, he almost play like Ramon (kof series) but faster and a lot of running around. Gameplay wise is better than Dan but story wise Dan's story is better.

CrabNdumplin said on April 3, 2013 at 5:35 a.m.

I've always a huge fan of Street Fighter's grappling/wrestling types.Alex,Hugo, R.Mika(Who I really wanted in SSF4AE..sigh!)..I love El Fuerte (Grade B) but I'm really having a hard time getting the RSF on a ps3 pad though..Any suggestions???Should I map the buttons differently (I use the default settings) or something?

leandro_f said on August 13, 2014 at 10:26 a.m.

The description for the shower kick should be corrected. No more corpse-hopping for Fuerte with it.


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