JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Overview: Character profiles pt. 2

Dubindoh has posted the third and final part on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure overview on Capcom-Unity.

Like last time he goes over the game's remaining characters, giving short explanation of the character and what they can do. Hit the jump to see a few more.


Iced has a very powerful Active Stand called Cream. Iced is definitely a weird character to play as; his movement speed alternates depending on whether his Stand is on or off. Add that to the fact that his normal moves are almost entirely exclusive to having the Stand on or off, and it feels like you’re playing two different characters at once. His most useful tools are his Dark Space, which you can switch direction in the follow up, and his Devastation, which is also an attack with a very wide hitbox.


D’Bo wields an Active Stand called Ebony Devil. Like Iced, D’Bo too feels like playing two characters at once. The main difference is that Iced keeps switching its form while D’Bo has the two characters on the screen at all times! This is not necessarily great news since D’Bo remains vulnerable as long as you control his Stand and even when you perform some special moves like his Dummy Hunter and the Dummy Cutter.

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Updated: EVO staff backtracks on Street Fighter X Tekken's removal from 2013 lineup

Updated: The official Evolution Twitter account was updated with a new message saying that the games for Evolution 2013 are still being decided on. It reads: "Contrary to what you might have heard, the roster for Evo 2013 is still very much undecided. Play the games you love!"

The thread where MrWizard stated that Street Fighter X Tekken wouldn't be in the lineup was also recently removed from the Shoryuken forums.

Earlier, in a rare moment of prohibition, long before any EVO 2013 games have officially been announced, MrWizard (one of the lead organizers for the Evolution tournament series) stepped onto the SRK forums to ensure there wouldn't be any confusion regarding the inclusion or exclusion of Street Fighter X Tekken.

The thread in question was a speculation topic about EVO 2013's game lineup and arguments were going on before Wizard stepped in.

Tip sent in by skyrimer.

Latif matches from Japan, A-Cho weekly ranbat and best of 11 against Hishou in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012

GAMEacho has uploaded the top 8 footage from this last A-Cho weekly ranbat for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012. RZR|Latif has been in Japan for awhile playing a ton of matches in the arcades and was in attendance for this weekly.

Below you can see how Latif fairs against some of the high level Japanese players and after the jump there is a best of 11 set between him and Hishou the 5th ranked Sagat in Japan.

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Capcom will continue ongoing support for Street Fighter X Tekken, still no plans for a no gem mode

Capcom will continue ongoing support for Street Fighter X Tekken, still no plans for a no gem mode With the recent announcement that Street Fighter X Tekken will not be featured as a main game at Evolution 2013, some fans have jumped onto the Ask Capcom forums to see what Capcom thinks about the situation.

Capcom-Unity, member Charles (The Insane One), posted a thread asking if it is time to retire Street Fighter X Tekken. Capcom's Christian Svensson jumped in to address this question, by quoting another user DarthEnderX.

How does Capcom "retire" a game? They've already released the game. And they aren't going to cancel DLC that they already made.

Capcom doesn't decide when people have to stop playing the game, so in what sense does Capcom have any ability to retire a game? - DarthEnderX

This is almost exactly what I was going to post. I'm not sure what is being requested.

If you are asking us to stop post ongoing support, the people who do still play the game probably wouldn't be to pleased if we did that. And there's nothing we are doing with sfxt that impacts other project resources at this time. - Svensson

In another thread, user Final_Fight_Forever was wondering if Capcom would reconsider giving Street Fighter X Tekken a no gem mode.

Still no plans at this time for that. Sorry. - Svensson

Via the Ask Capcom forums.

A look at the customization options in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

RobertCram has posted a video for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, were he takes a look at the game's customization.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will feature a ton of different customize options from the outfits, various items, the VS. screen panel and more. All characters start out with 3 default preset outfits and have 10 free slots to customize.
Tip sent in by SJFox, icejohn and an anonymous reader.

Winning vs. Character Loyalty - Maximilian's UMvC3 TOW ep. 38, P4A Online Noob Adventures pt. 4 - 5, Discovering KoF 13 pt. 1 - 4

Maximilian has uploaded a ton of new content as of late. Included in this story you will find his Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 the Online Warrior episode 38, parts 4 and 5 of his Persona 4 Arena Online Noob Adventures and watch how Max takes a crack at learning King of Fighters 13 in his Discovering King of Fighters 13 series.
Hit the jump to check out the rest.

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Yoshinori Ono helping out with Remember Me's combat system - title has combos, finishing and special moves

Yoshinori Ono helping out with Remember Me's combat system - title has combos, finishing and special moves Xbox360achievements posted an article today stating that Yoshinori Ono will be lending a hand to Capcom's new science fiction game, Remember Me. First revealed at GamesCom 2012, Remember Me follows protagonist Nilin as she hacks into and remixes people's memories.

Ono will be contributing to Remember Me's combat system which is said to include combos, finishing moves and special moves that Nilin will be able to perform using a power wheel menu. Remember Me is expected to release in May of 2013.

In case you missed it, you can check out the announcement trailer for Remember Me after the jump.

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus console release set for October

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus console release set for October It was posted in an article by Andriasang recently that Arc System Works has announced the timeframe in which we will see Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus hit consoles. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 players will be able to download this game some time in October of this year.

The name of the arcade version includes the "R" due to hardware it retains, however, the console version will simply go by the name Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus. Upon release this game will be based off of it's Playstation 2 version but will be updated later on to mimic the arcade port.

Tip by icejohn.

Namco Bandai Smash Bros. game on Wii U will have new characters

Namco Bandai Smash Bros. game on Wii U will have new characters During an address at the CEDEC developers conference, Masahiro Sakurai, designer from the Smash Bros. series, briefly mentioned the next entry in the franchise he's working on with Namco Bandai, stating that, "It's fun making new skills for new characters."

Possibly hinting at who some of these characters could be, back in June, Sakurai added that he's doing his best to bring old characters back to the series as well.

Those of you hoping the next Smash Bros. game will have a huge roster should keep in mind this statement made by Sakurai.

“It isn’t a matter of ‘if the next game has 50 characters, that’ll be enough.’ There is a certain charm to games that have huge casts of playable characters, but they tend to have issues with game balance and it becomes very difficult to fine-tune each character and have them all feel distinctive…. In terms of quantity, we’ve probably already reached the limit of what’s feasible. I think a change of direction may be what’s needed.”

All of these comments taken together suggest that some old faces may be returning, at the expense of a few fighters who appeared in the last Smash Bros. game.

Which previous fighters do you think will be making a comeback, and which ones would you like to see dropped from the Wii version? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Via: The Official Nintendo Magazine UK.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 mega roundup: crazy touch of death combo on Thor, Shuma-Gorath and Vergil synergy, MarlinPie trolls and more

Karitakanehakaesanai uploaded footage of a truly remarkable Ultimate Marvel vs, Capcom 3 combo using Nova, Dr. Strange and Spencer. This combo begins with 0 meter, uses an insane Dr. Strange corner loop and did I mention it's a touch of death combo on Thor?
Hit the jump for more.

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Updated: Stream archive and results added, IPL's Dead or Alive 5 I'm a Fighter World Championship round 2

Updated: Stream archive and results added, IPL's Dead or Alive 5 I'm a Fighter World Championship round 2 Updated: Results and stream archive have been added to the story.

IGN Pro League is streaming their Dead or Alive 5 I'm a Fighter World Championship round 2 today from San Mateo, California. The first qualifying pool is set to kick off right now at 4 p.m. PDT / 11 p.m. GMT.

The first prize winner will be awarded $1,400 and a trip to the Dead or Alive 5 launch part that'll be taking place in September. Below you can check out the schedule and more prizing information.

3PM – Doors Open; Casual Play
4PM – First Qualifying Pool (single elimination)
6PM – Second Qualifying Pool (single elimination)
8PM – Top 8 Finals (double elimination)


1st Place – $1,400 and a trip to the Dead or Alive 5 launch party in September!
2nd Place – $400
3rd Place – $200

Hit the jump for the results and stream archive.

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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 roundup: Dhalsim troll reset, Gouken unblockable on Guy and Guile, combo guides for Seth and Adon

OldMenandPandas put together a video showing off an interesting reset using Dhalsim in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012. This reset is used after Dhalsim throws a fireball then teleports behind the opponent. The idea is to use Yoga Tower or his taunt #8 to rise above the opponent and have them cross under for a mix up.
Hit the jump for more Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 videos.

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Updated: Justin Wong's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Wolverine tech, full combos from back throw

Updated: Two more videos showing a combo following a forward throw in X Factor level 2 /3 and off of a back throw in level 2 X Factor have been added to the story.

EG|Justin Wong revealed some new technology he discovered with Wolverine in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 today on Twitter. Below are Justin's Twitter posts with notes on his new Wolverine tech.

• Logan x factor 2/3 forward throw in the corner you can dash and hit st.m into combo before they land on the ground.

• Logan in berserker rage: if you do back throw anywhere you can dash and jump MMLS x3 before air combo so you can combo off throw w/o assist.

• Logan xfactor 3: backthrow anywhere and get a free combo.

• Logan xfactor 2: you can do backthrow anywhere and dash and jump MMHS x3 before air combo.

Justin requested that someone record footage of this new technology and StuckInMyPants was the first to answer the call. The two videos featured here show Wolverine getting a full combo off of a back throw in both X Factor level 3 and after Berserker Charge is activated.

Hit the jump to check out the remainder of the demonstrations.

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Batman vs. Spiderman Death Battle from ScrewAttack

Screw Attack has put together their latest Death Battle this time pitting the Caped Crusader against your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The video gives you a bit of background on each hero before they engage in battle.

If you're a fan of either hero you'll surely want to watch and find out which masked warrior comes out on top.
Tip by Bryan Baker.

Large batch of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 footage from GamesCom 2012

Flying Wonkey over at Avoiding the Puddle has gathered up quite a few videos of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from GamesCom 2012. Although some of these videos aren't the greatest quality, you can still get a good view of gameplay, practice mode, the Playstation 3 trophies and more.

For more Tekken Tag Tournament 2 videos be sure to check out the post on Avoiding the Puddle.

Hit the jump to see more.

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