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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Tier rankings: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition by Kindevu

Tier rankings: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition by Kindevu One of Japan's top players, Kindevu, posted some tier rankings for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition recently. Lynaken here on the forums translated the list for people to check out.

Back in January Daigo, Mago and Tokido posted their own tier lists for the game as well, and those were compiled into a top ten ranking for Arcadia Magazine.

Here are Kindevu's thoughts on how AE breaks down.

Yun, Yang, Fei Long
C. Viper, Sagat, Ken, Akuma, Makoto, Cammy
Zangief, Chun-Li, M. Bison (Dictator), Cody, Sakura, Balrog (Boxer), Adon
Rufus, Juri, Abel, Rose, Guy, Ryu, Vega (Claw), Dee Jay, Seth
E. Honda, Guile, Ibuki, Evil Ryu, Blanka, Dudley, Dhalsim, Gen, Dan, Gouken, El Fuerte
Hakan, T. Hawk

So what do you think of the new tier breakdown? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Seth's Ultra 2 Super Street Fighter 4 setups by Antiheroforhire

Antiheroforhire did a video showing a variety of ways to land Seth's Ultra 2 in Super Street Fighter 4. The clip contains notes on the moves performed and there's full information in the description in case you miss anything along the way.

Cross Counter Season 4 Episode 6: Clockw0rk vs Mike Ross

Here's what to expect from this episode of Cross Counter.

Slow news week in the fighting game scene! But we do have some SSF4 news as well as a MVC3 match between Clockw0rk and Mike Ross!

Submitted by Engrishlifes.

Community news roundup for April 30, 2011

Community news roundup for April 30, 2011

• CoolBoyCorporate has created a tutorial video showing off the 100% combos that Deadpool can execute while under the effects of Level 3 X-Factor. He also shows how you can start these infinites from anywhere on the screen.

• SmexyMillz has uploaded an MvC3 video featuring Zero. In it, he shows how to take advantage of the "flying screen" to make your mixups impossible to see coming. This is especially potent with Zero and his ability to easily cross up the opponent. SmexyMillz also has similar interesting content on his channel.

• Sumo has written the next entry in his "Why Fighting Game Stories Lack Substance" series. In this part of his blog he talks about how the players relate to the story.

• WinnerStaysOn (a weekly event held in London) has put up some new videos for the MvC3 side of the competition. The Grand Finals feature a player called HowtoRead who plays a team of Viewtiful Joe/Tron/Amaterasu. You can find out more about this event on their Facebook page.

Tanaka (Hugo) vs. Shiokara (Yang), Street Fighter 3 Third Strike set

Novakain noticed a video posted on TheShend's YouTube page showing a Street Fighter 3 Third Strike set between Tanaka (Hugo) and Shiokara (Yang). Tanaka has a strong Hugo, and you get to see some nice stuff from this low tier fighter.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Storm combo video from Tsu83

Tsujigiri83 put up a new combo video for Storm in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. If you check out the video on YouTube, you'll find notations on how all of the combos are performed.

Footage of Amiyu's Gen in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

The top BP ranked Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Gen player in Japan goes by the name of Amiyu, and he puts on one heck of a show with a character that doesn't receive a lot of time in the spotlight.

Here are a few of his matches.

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Svensson explains Capcom USA's involvement in past projects

Svensson explains Capcom USA's involvement in past projects If you've ever wondered what projects Capcom USA has been involved in, company V.P., Christian Svensson offered a short list recently on the Unity Boards. He also talks at length about the PC aspect of Capcom and how it's growing.

What are some examples of Capcom USA's influence in decision making within the company? — Product

Svensson: I'm going to bed but I'll start with a few quick ones:

The fact that MvC2 was re-released and that MvC3 exists at all is in very large part due to this office.

Most XBLA/PSN strategy has historically been driven from our office (Capcom Japan has since caught on).

Nearly all PC initiatives are driven by our office.

GGPO (or technologies like it) in anything are driven by our office.

The fact that the Capcom community has a voice in anything we do these days is directly because of our office.

On a related note, the fact that Capcom-Unity as a force across all of our territories, is because of our office... and it's going to become an increasingly powerful force in the future.

There's many, many other examples but I'd add that Europe has a lot to do with adding the necessary leverage to drive a lot of initiatives forward if we don't have enough ourselves. Lastly, while we may push, moan, complain, prod and sell these concepts, Japan ultimately has to approve these things to happen so it is a team effort in the end.

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Weekly event listings April 29 - May 5, 2011

Weekly event listings April 29 - May 5, 2011 If you have an event you'd like to submit, you can add it into the Events area of the forums or you can send it in via the Contact Us form.

• Cincinnati, Ohio: PowerUp 2011, April 29 - May 1. Team Sp00ky will be providing the stream for viewers at home, 4 p.m. EST start time on Friday. Several top players will be in attendance and this should be an excellent tournament.

• Wellington, Florida: No Excuses 16, April 30. Live stream on, noon EDT start time.

• Singapore: Singapore vs. Malaysia Episode II: Attack of the Insert-Coin, April 30. Live stream on, 6 a.m. PDT start time.

• Irvine, California: UCI Ranbat 2.6, April 30. Live stream on by Offcast, casuals start at noon PDT, MvC3 and SSF4 around 1 p.m.

• France: Stunfest 2011, April 29 - May 1.

• Online, Xbox 360: Geni's SSF2 Turbo HD Remix Tourney XBL, April 30.

• Rancho Cucamonga, California: I.E FridayNight BattleGrounds, April 29.

• Oakland, California: SSF4 Tournament at Laney's Student Center, April 29.

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Community news roundup for April 28, 2011

Community news roundup for April 28, 2011

• LiangHuBBB has a compilation of perfect matches mostly spanning the Street Fighter 4 series, but you'll see other games in here as well. Submitted by zIIGhostIIz.

• IISETHII discovered a bug with Seth in SSF4 that works against Makoto. Also submitted by Duckmouth.

• MoD1ns1d3 put up a couple of nifty Guile SSF4 combos on his YouTube page.

• A set of videos showing how universal overheads can be used in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike were posted by C-Royd, available in two parts. Clips contain NSFW language. (Part 1 | Part 2). Tip from Warren T., ShaftyCakes and Indy00.

• Purbeast's SSF4 Android app which has frame data and other information is now free and ad supported.

• JohnRambo of put together a set of SSF2T highlights between M. Bison and Dhalsim. Mentioned by kSummer.

5 stages of PSN loss by DrGamez

Unfortunately, documenting all too well what's been going on with the PlayStation Network as of late, DrGamez, the guy behind the Street Fighter is Hard series (a.k.a. the C to Shining C achievement clips), put up a video showing his experiences trying to play Super Street Fighter 4 online recently.

Tip from an anonymous reader.

LiangHuBBB's Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, MK9 funny and cool moments ep. 31

Highlighting crazy and humorous moments in SSF4, MvC3 and now Mortal Kombat 9, LiangHuBBB has posted the latest entry in his series of videos. This is episode #31.

Tip from KizaruOfLight.

Comboing gunslinger style with Dante in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Cauldrath had this to say about the video.

I noticed that a lot of people aren't using many of Dante's projectile tools, so this video shows some of the moves people often forget about, plus what you can combo off of them.

Note that the back+H Weasel Shot and Reverb Shock xx Fireworks are both tight cancels, so watch the input display. I made sure to press only the buttons required to do each combo, so note the timing on those cancels especially.

Submitted by Chris.

Storm/Tron Bonne and Dante touch of death combos in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

SmexyMillz put up a couple touch of death combos in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Both use Dante as the secondary character, and Storm and Tron Bonne trade off on point.

Updated: Wednesday Night Fights 3.3 results, stream archive

Updated: Wednesday Night Fights 3.3 results, stream archive Updated: Wednesday Night Fights 3.3 brought in some players from the east coast last night. EMP|Twisted Jago and EMP|Remix were in attendance to try their hand against some of the best MvC3 players in Southern California.

Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, Marn and Maximilian, who does the very popular Online Warrior series were all competing.

Offcast streamed the action for viewers at home, and a video archive is available now. To check out the results and an embed of the final part of the tournament, click the link below.

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