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Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 ranked match replays feat. Seth, Rose, Cody, Guy

YogaFlame24 and Ov3rheadGreg have begun uploading SSF4 AE 2012 ranked matches onto their channels. Also their videos feature a wide variety of characters that may interest you. Hit the jump to see all the matches.

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Cross Counter Asia's Xian streaming matches of Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012

Cross Counter Asia's Xian streaming matches of Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Cross Counter Asia is streaming some Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 action right now on their channel. You can catch the embed after the jump.

Xian is playing Gen online right now and the stream is based in Singapore, so it's possible other strong Singaporean players will join later. Also the competition online is strong since the SGFighters account has a high player point ranking, making for fun matches. So far Sasaki's Cody, DATE MASAMUNE's Fei Long and T SRAI's Blanka have been on stream.

This is a good way to get some high-level AE 2012 action before Socal Regionals this weekend.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012: Daigo's Ryu strength, Kazunoko's Seth dominance

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012: Daigo's Ryu strength, Kazunoko's Seth dominance Lynaken and the Baka Oro blog have been posting lots of interesting match statistics from a single Japanese Shinjuku arcade recently and it opens up newer revelations about the scene in Japan.

Daigo has stood mostly undefeated in all of the sets that he fought in. With this level of commitment it seems all but confirmed that Daigo's new tournament character is Ryu. Notable match notes include Daigo's complete beatdown of the #1 BP ranked Juri Younashi and his back and forth sets versus Kazunoko's Seth.

Mago has been having a rough time beating Kazunoko and his Seth with the return to Sagat as his main character. Fuudo also can't get anything going against Kazunoko's Seth either. Fei Long and Sagat were considered two very strong characters in AE, but it appears that Seth eclipses both of these characters now.
  • Daigo Ryu || Jyobin Ryu: 2-3
  • Daigo Ryu || Kazunoko Seth: 6-11
  • Daigo Ryu || Kazunoko Seth: 16-8 (Match 2)
  • Daigo Ryu || Kazunoko Seth: 12-8 (Match 3)
  • Daigo Ryu || Kazunoko Seth: 7-7 (Match 4)
  • Daigo Ryu || Younashi Juri: 14-6
  • Daigo Ryu || Younashi Juri: 7-3 (Match 2)
  • Daigo Ryu || Hanamaruki Sagat: 9-4
  • Daigo Ryu || Nekojita Abel: 4-2
  • Daigo Ryu || AC Revenger Abel: 4-1
  • Kazunoko Seth || Iyo Ibuki: 4-0
  • Kazunoko Seth || Iyo Ibuki: 15-4 (Match 2)
  • Kazunoko Seth || Iyo Ibuki: 8-4 (Match 3)
  • Kazunoko Seth || Mago Sagat: 5-1
  • Kazunoko Seth || Mago Sagat: 6-2 (Match 2)
  • Kazunoko Seth || Mago Sagat: 5-2 (Match 3)
  • Kazunoko Seth || Fuudo Fei Long: 5-1
  • Kazunoko Seth || Fuudo Fei Long: 6-2 (Match 2)
Hit the jump for more stats.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 roundup featuring Blanka, Cody, Dudley and Juri

AE 2012's release today has prompted some new videos showing off the 2012 tricks characters received with the update. In today's post you can find four videos with presentations of these new alterations.

First up is L2P demonstrating Blanka's new ability to combo into Ultra 1 from his overhead Rock Crusher.

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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 is now live

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 is now live Updated: The patch for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 is now live on Xbox Live and the PSN. When you load up your game you will be prompted with an 11 Mb download notification. The PC version of the patch is not coming out the today but will come out later.

To recap, you can read the official change notes which were transcribed here on EventHubs. These notes include all of the changes, including the fixes that were made in the Alpha and Beta lists along with their subsequent revisions.

It was also confirmed that there are several undocumented changes in 2012, so it's recommended that you do a quick rundown of your main character(s) to ensure that nothing has been changed bizarrely without your notice.

Canada Cup 5v5 match analysis by Cross Counter

The Cross Counter team has posted an analysis of the Canada Cup International 5v5 Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition tournament.

The Canada Cup International 5 on 5 is now out! Gootecks and Mike look over a couple key matches from the event, breaking down the player's choices, thought processes and options. First we take a look at Jozhear from Canada, in the middle of a win streak, facing off against Louffy from France. Finally we break down Floe vs. Kazunoko, a battle WITHOUT respect! Also... surprise Gootecks!?

Submitted by neoWhite.

Doctor Doom voice over play, She-Hulk, R. Raccoon Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tutorials

If you're a fan of the Doctor Doom voice over edit that Maximilian did, check out the clip below, and wait till Doom enters the fray.

After the jump, you'll find Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tutorials for She-Hulk, Rocket Raccoon and a combo video featuring C. Viper, Vergil and Trish, with a little Dante thrown in as well.

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PC AE v2012 in development, Street Fighter X Tekken teasers possible before 2012

PC AE v2012 in development, Street Fighter X Tekken teasers possible before 2012 Ono stated that the development team is working on the PC release of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 right now, and that we might see more Street Fighter X Tekken teasers before the Asia Game Show in Hong Kong, which runs from December 23 - 26.

Here's a run down.

How long till AE2012 for PC? :x — ProxyDamage

Ono: I want you to wait just a little more.... sorry. We're [in] development now.

Will we get any character teasers for SFxT before the Hong Kong show? — Saiyavenger

Ono: Maybe... hehehe~ ;P

Please work on Darkstalkers after SFxT Ono san :( — OhEsEm

Ono: My first doing after SFxTK.... I'd like to take rest with my family.... ;D

Are you announcing Dalkstalkers to the public on Twitter? — Jermaine611

Ono: If can I take approval for it then I'll be.... but it so hard ;(

Ono: I'll be to Asia Game Show at Hong Kong in 23th Dec. We'll have good news to Hong Kong's SF and TK's Fans!! I'm looking forward to meet ! ;D

Source: Ono's Twitter.

Street Fighter X Tekken: Dev blog information roundup part 2 recaps the gem system

Gregaman from Capcom-Unity posted part 2 of the translated developer blog that came out several days ago. He also includes a much higher quality version of the Speed Boost Gems in action when all three are active and equipped to Zangief. Read a piece of the blog below.

The Gem System, which as everyone knows, is a system that boosts a character's parameters and is a strategic and ground-breaking system for the fighting game genre.

Gems help form the foundation of the battle system in SFxTK and are broken up into two main categories. The first category is the Boost Gem. Whether you're using Ryu or Kazuya, the character you're controlling gets a boost with these Gems. The other category is the Assist Gem. This doesn't help out the character, but rather the player controlling the character.

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Capcom-Unity offers Heroes and Heralds primers for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

A new series of primers for Heroes and Heralds mode in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has started up on Capcom-Unity and will last through the week. Here is today's entry.

Click images for larger versions

An air-dashing Ryu? Invisible health bars? Regenerating Hyper meter? Something's definitely different about the matches inside our upcoming Heroes & Heralds mode, which arrives soon as free DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. In preparation for its impending release, we'd like to spend the week discussing the various aspects of this free add-on, which range from online and offline modes to elaborate character customization. There's a lot of great new content in here, so let's get to it!

First off - what is Heroes & Heralds mode? A sizeable update that adds a deep, customizable new angle to online and offline play. Each time you begin, you choose a faction - either noble Heroes or silver-colored Heralds of Galactus - and engage in a series of battles with the opposing side. Online battles pit you against human opponents, while the offline mode has you scrapping with AI teams.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Patch date announced, H&H included, Vita vers. has replays

UPDATE: Screenshots have been added into the story.

Inside Games has revealed that the patch (which includes Heroes and Heralds) will be coming out on December 19th, 2011.

Also included with the story are a bunch of screenshots that show off a replay system in the Playstation Vita port of the game.

Hit the jump for more images.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012: Daigo sticks with Ryu, Fuudo hits matchup trouble

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012: Daigo sticks with Ryu, Fuudo hits matchup trouble UPDATED: Lynaken added about 10 more match stats into the story.

The Baka Oro blog and Cross Counter's Zhi have been putting together more match statistics from the Japanese arcades courtesy of Japanese forums such as 2channel.

Daigo is no longer entertaining Akuma or Cammy as choice options according to these results and has been sticking solely with Ryu. Interesting stats include how he keeps an advantage over Kazunoko's Seth and how Mago is keeping it even between them. It also appears that Fuudo is having trouble with matchups that Fei won previously such as Rufus and Abel.

Iyo has reversed his fortunes in the Seth matchup and now is winning more against Kazunoko. A Juri player named Younashi previously gave Daigo a run for his money only to beaten down 12-5 in the next GACHI.
  • Daigo Ryu || Jyobin Ryu: 3-7
  • Daigo Ryu || Kazunoko Seth: 4-3
  • Daigo Ryu || Kazunoko Seth: 4-2 (Match 2)
  • Daigo Ryu || Kazunoko Seth: 7-6 (Match 3)
  • Daigo Ryu || Mago Sagat: 3-3
  • Daigo Ryu || Machabo Fei Long: 4-0
  • Daigo Ryu || Namedaruma Cody: 1-2
  • Daigo Ryu || Yoshiwo Guile: 4-4
  • Daigo Ryu || Hanamaruki Sagat: 4-4
  • Daigo Ryu || Younashi Juri: 12-5
  • Daigo Ryu || Reiketsu Vega: 4-1
  • Daigo Ryu || Reiketsu Vega: 8-2 (Match 2)
  • Mago Sagat || Nekojita Abel: 6-4
  • Mago Sagat || Nemo Yang: 24-9
  • Mago Sagat || Hanamaruki Sagat: 3-0
  • Kazunoko Seth || Iyo Ibuki: 3-6
  • Kazunoko Seth || Nekojita Abel: 7-2
  • Kazunoko Seth || Reiketsu Vega: 2-0
  • Kazunoko Seth || Fuudo Fei Long: 9-7
  • Inco Rufus || Fuudo Fei Long: 11-5
  • Reiketsu Vega || Fuudo Fei Long: 3-2
  • Reiketsu Vega || Nemo Yang: 11-8
  • Nekojita Abel || Fuudo Fei Long: 7-4
Tip from Zhi's Twitter and Lynaken.

Top players discuss eSports and fighting games

Top players discuss eSports and fighting games The eSports debate has been a hot topic in the community lately. There has been a lot of comments on both sides of the fence, talking about if the fighting game community should try and get more of their mainstream games involved with leagues like MLG, IPL, etc.

Some of the arguments in favor of this move have stated there would be more money and additional opportunities for gamers to earn a living playing fighting games, while others are worried that these leagues won't be able to handle our community properly, and we'd lose a part of who we are.

To try and get a better sense of what's being said I've grabbed some comments from Twitter, and linked up a few shows where the issue was broached. I've mainly focused on gathering top player's opinions in this piece, as you'll find comments from EG|Justin Wong, PR Balrog, MRN|WolfKrone, MRN|Marn, LU|Alex Valle and some others.

Hit the jump to check out what they had to say.

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Cross Counter's Bar Fights stream & results, Box Arena Street Fighter X Tekken feed

Cross Counter's Bar Fights event has finished up, the stream was ran over on Team Spooky's TwitchTV page. This event featured EG|Justin Wong, BA|Viscant,|Combofiend, cc.coL|Filipino Champ, UVG|Noel Brown,|Mike Ross, MRN|Marn, FC|Jago, EG|fLoE, Fanatiq and BT|Clockw0rk.

TwitchTV is also had a "Fight of the Night" where the viewers vote for the most hype match of the night, which will award one of the winners an extra $500. Knives won for the best overall match against UVG|Noel Brown.

On top of all that The Box Arena will be streaming Street Fighter X Tekken from the event on their TwitchTV page.

Click image for larger version

Hit the jump to check out the streams, results and a battle log for the event.

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Street Fighter X Tekken on homestretch, character announcements in 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken on homestretch, character announcements in 2012 Yoshinori Ono jumped on Twitter to talk some about Street Fighter X Tekken. Character announcements, how far the game is in development and the launch event are all what he had tweeted about.

We're coming down the homestretch about Street Fighter X Tekken's master rom.... All Research and Development staff has be like moribund condition. ;P We'll be news in January.

We'll be announce lot of new characters for Street Fighter X Tekken in next year! I'll try to live up to your expectations. ;D

And we'll be ready Street Fighter X Tekken's launch event in March at LA!! ;D Plz wait it's detail news. ;D

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