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Moves database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Fei Long Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition guide updated

Fei Long Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition guide updated The Arcade Edition guide for Fei Long has been updated here on EventHubs. If you follow the link, you'll see a rundown of all of Fei's special moves, command normals, Ultras and combos.

Fei Long is a solid character that requires patient spacing in order to achieve victory. This patience is rewarded with Fei's great combo and corner game. Here is a piece from the guide.

Fei Long is a character that is based around controlling space in the air and on the ground while punishing whiffed moves. He has a brutal control of game pace along with a deadly corner pressure game. The entire focal point of Fei Long's gameplan is to force the opponent into the corner with his combos and pokes and then keep them there as long as possible.

There are holes in his gameplay though. He has no long-range cancelable moves, forcing him to get very close to the opponent for knockdowns and damage. His low game is also weak, making it hard for him to force opponents to crouch block. Lastly, his armor breaking game is one of the worst in the game, meaning that you'll have to constantly force your way into the opponent's zone to get them to stop Focusing.

A big thanks to DMG Inthul for showing me a lot of the strengths of Fei Long.

Collection of 100% Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos performed on Thor

Knocking out the character with the highest stamina in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Thor, GINZI posted a series of 100% combos for a variety of cast members.

Submitted by DrifterStatus and Han00034. Posted to SMOAI2010's YouTube page.

Felicia Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo movie

UGG-SIN2 put up another combo movie for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this time featuring Felicia, which was uploaded by SMOAI2010.

Tip from Sonho.

Video of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition's achievements

Cpt Jack House spotted footage from PushStartVideos running through the new achievements for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Some of these have been shown before, and of course the previous achievements from SSF4 are there too, but towards the end of the clip you'll see what's in store this time around.

More Capcom fighting game stages reimagined

Several more artists have turned in great remakes of some Capcom fighting game stages, ranging from the Street Fighter titles to Darkstalkers. The images here start off with the base image from the games and might have a work in progress shot, before showing the final rendering.

Instead of recreating the stages exactly how they were, these pieces of art are a reimagining of how the stages could look if they were taken in a different direction.

You can find more about all of the artists involved if you check out the credit links below each photo. Here's Sean's stage from the Street Fighter 3 series redone to get you started, hit the link below for a lot more.

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Character Battle Point comparison for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Character Battle Point comparison for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Updated: BlankaBeast noticed an error with Akuma's point tally. The list has been updated and Akuma's placement has been changed.

A reader who didn't leave their username or email address went through the trouble of compiling the top 10 Battle Point totals for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition's entire cast. This is based on the list put online in early May by Lynaken, which showed who the top 10 players were, by battle points, for all 39 fighters.

Keep in mind the Oni and Evil Ryu still hadn't been unlocked for a long time when this list was created, so their results are skewed a bit.

To check out the list, click the link below.

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Desk performs 191-hit combo using Chun-Li loop in Super Street Fighter 4

Desk has topped his old performance when he previously landed a 149-hit combo with Chun-Li in SSF4, now getting the counter up to 191. He shared a good amount of information about this video on his blog. Here's an embed of the video along with a snip of the explanation.

The reason this is such a huge improvement over the previous video is that, with super precise spacing, you can get 4 reps of the legs loop against boxer, into another cr. fierce. Allowing you to fadc forward and start again (you usually cannot get more than 3 before having to spend 2 meters). Unfortunately, even if you have the legs loop down 100%, this is still very, very, very difficult because of the spacing issues.

Excellent Adventures: Season 3 Ep. 3: New Costumes Yayyy

The Cross Counter gang has a new episode up of Excellent Adventures, the series that started it all.

Back at SSF4, Gootecks and Mike Ross decide to start fresh with new COSTUMES! New CHARACTERS! New LAG-FREE MONITOR! New INTERNET! And this means no more losing... right?

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demonic circle combo video by Kanoleon

A Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video featuring Devil May Cry cast members Dante and Trish was put up by Kanoleon.

Tip from HeroicFrenzy.

Sven: Super Street Fighter 4 AE balance working as intended, addresses DRM concerns

Sven: Super Street Fighter 4 AE balance working as intended, addresses DRM concerns Capcom's Christian Svensson has been very busy on the Unity Boards as of late, talking a lot about Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition's release on the PC. Most of the stuff revolves around the DRM (Digital Rights Management), but he also addresses a few other concerns that have come up as well.

Here's a complete run down, hit the jump for a lot more.

Are we going to get a rebalanced version of SSFIV AE? — Imdahman

Svensson: Arcade Edition is "working as intended" from a balance perspective.

Will the PC benchmark tool for SSF4 AE be released separately?

Svensson: Sorry, the benchmark will not be released separately.

I think what he means is you can only use 15 of the 39 cast members if you are using an offline GFWL profile. Pirates can do that and I guess that's to restrict them from features until they buy the game and register it online. — A

Svensson: Correct. Only 15 of the 39 player characters will be selectable if you aren't authenticated (not just offline account). We preferred doing this rather than not having any playable experience offline (which many other games do).

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Weekly event listings May 27 - June 2, 2011

Weekly event listings May 27 - June 2, 2011 If you have an event you'd like to submit, you can add it into the Events area of the forums or you can send it in via the Contact Us form.

• Chicago, Illinois: Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament, May 27 - 29. The Level|Up Crew will be hosting the stream on, unsure of start times, but you'll be able to find an embed of the stream here on the site when the tournament kicks off. This is a big event with players like EG|Justin Wong, WolfKrone, fLoE, Alex Valle, DMG|PR Balrog and EG|Ricky Ortiz in attendance.

• Brooklyn, New York: Beatdown 2 Memorial Service, May 29. Fingercramp will be streaming this tourney on, 5 p.m. EDT start time.

• Conway, Arkansas: Saturday Night Smackdown, May 28. Live stream by Interrupted Gaming, 2 p.m. CDT start time.

• Cologne, Germany: Road 2 EVO, May 28 - 29. This event will be streamed live, 2 a.m. PDT start time both days.

• London, United Kingdom: London Comic Con MCM Expo, May 28. Capcom will be demoing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition here Saturday morning. There will be a 30 minute demo of the game and the chance to play it up on stage.

• Fort Lee, New Jersey: Salty Battles I, May 27.

• Online, PlayStation 3: UYG 2v2 All Star Team Tournament Series, May 22 - 28. Live stream hosted on every night at 9 p.m. EDT.

• Detroit, Michigan: LAGG Tactics, May 28.

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Bas breaks down Capcom vs. SNK 2 match from Stunfest XI

Regarded as one of the best Capcom vs. SNK 2 players around, and some say, the best, Bas put up a replay with commentary of the Stunfest XI finals, and graciously breaks down the match with the help of Frionel.

This video starts with a little preliminary discussion about A-Groove vs. K-Groove, but there's a good bit of knowledge dropped throughout the 35 minute clip. If you are still a fan of CvS2, you should check this out.

Submitted by Gegz.

Salty Conflict Online 2, Peaceful Jay Super Street Fighter 4 Online Tourney

Salty Conflict Online 2, Peaceful Jay Super Street Fighter 4 Online Tourney The second Salty Conflict Online, hosted by the Peaceful Jay team has begun. SCO takes place weekly every Thursday on Jay's public SSF4 stream. There is no entry fee to enter the tournament and the prize is 100$ to the first place winner out of 32 entrants.

The tournament lineup is decided on the skill of the players applying. If you want to be considered for the tourney, you must join their lobby when SCO is not running and show them your skill level.

Players in the tournament tonight include TS|Sabin, EMP|Dieminion, Banana Ken, XSK Samurai, Nashfan, Lucky D, PJS|Lamerboi, DMG|Rico Suave, PJS|Latif, PJS|Ramen Addidct, Ravaii, DMG|Atrocity, DMG|Insaynne, Perfect Legend, Jakob, PJS|AceKombat, Seiei Enbu and Sksksksksk.

Hit the link below to bring up the live stream of the event. There will be four brackets run through in order and and the winners of each bracket will face off in a final four showdown.

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Raw tagging Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video

Making great use of raw tags in combos, Richard S. put up a video exploring a tactic I haven't seen used consistently in a combo video before.

This clip shows some good ways to raw tag in one of your characters during a combo, and keep it alive, without using meter to DHC.

Super Street Fighter 4/Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comeback compilation ep. #18 from LiangHuBBB

Showing comebacks in Super Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, LiangHuBBB has a new entry in his series. This is episode #18.

Mentioned by KizaruOfLight and DreamcastFan.

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