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Tiers for Killer Instinct

No plans for a 1vs1 mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, other fan questions

No plans for a 1vs1 mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, other fan questions Capcom employees answered a handful of questions recently on the Unity Boards. There isn't anything here that's going to blow your mind, but instead Capcom tries to explain some of the reasoning behind the decisions they're making about the games that are or aren't in development.

Will Marvel vs. Capcom 3 have a 1v1 mode, where you can only pick a single character?

Seth: Sorry guys, no plans for a "1v1" mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

I suppose if that's something you'd really like to do, you could set up player matches (with voice or PM) and just specify no tagging out, no using assists, etc., and just each play using the character you started with. That would essentially be an easy way to get what you're asking for, regardless of whether its been programmed into the game or not.

Shame, I would have thought a 1v1 mode would be easy to implement.

Rey Jimenez: Nothing that sounds easy is actually easy in reality to implement when it comes to adding a new feature, especially this late in the game. There's a lot more work than you think in the actual feature that needs to be done as well as additional user interface and debug time.

Wednesday Night Fights: GamerBee tourney results

Wednesday Night Fights: GamerBee tourney results Level|Up hosted another Wednesday Night Fights tournament, which is a Super Street Fighter 4 competition, and had Seasons Beatings champion, GamerBee, on hand to compete against several southern California players.

Alex Valle and GamerBee also participated in a first to ten set, and a video archive is available of their match.

To see the results of the tournament, find footage from the tournament matches and browse a battle log, hit the jump.

Perform this combo and win $50, more videos

Desk is challenging the community to perform this 126-hit Chun-Li combo in Super Street Fighter 4, and if they can successful do so, he'll award said person $50. There are a few more rules and stipulations, which you can check out by reading the YouTube description of the video.

Also, Desk put together another awesome Chun-Li video showing a 51-hit combo performed without using any meter and a short HD Remix Akuma clip as well.

Community news briefs for October 20th

Community news briefs for October 20th Here's a roundup of the recent notable things happening in the community.

• The complete alternative costume pack for vanilla Street Fighter 4 — which is also compatible with SSF4 — is on sale on the PlayStation Network for just $3.25. Look under SF4, then add-ons (DLC for disc-based games) to find it.

• SSF4 tournament matches have started going up on the Seasons Beatings YouTube channel.

• Marn posted a blog entry on Evil Geniuses explaining a few of the things that happened at Seasons Beatings and general community stuff.

• Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be playable at the London MCM Expo, October 29 - 31st. No word on if there will be new character announcements or more of the cast will be selectable.

Guard Crush 10 videos are available from Team Sp00ky, featuring Starnab and Dawgtanian, two of the top players from Europe against a lot of the American players on the east coast.

• There's a solid interview with Desk (a.k.a. BiffOTasty), going over his combo video work and a bit of personal stuff.

• A few Street Fighter things were posted on One is a video with Ken laming it out and another write up showing how a first date with Ryu might look. Both of these are ridiculous, so the humor is going to be hit or miss for some people.

• BossLogic crafted SSF4 Yun and Yang wallpaper and a bunch of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 wallpapers and another set here for various characters.

The Dr. Sub-Zero Dogface Show posted part three of their interview with 5 Star and Renic. You can scroll back through their YouTube channel to see earlier videos.

Contributions to this story by Kinesiologist, Darts, Grimmjow316, Mr. Clack, Actrmx,

Updated: Daigo money matches w/ Filipino Champ & Arturo

Update: Another set of money match videos between Daigo and Filipino Champ were added into this story.

Filipino Champ participated in a money match against Daigo Umehara at Seasons Beatings. Filipino Champ, who recently signed to BLG, might have been the only player to take out Daigo in one of these sets.

Also, TS.Arturo Sanchez got in on the action as well, hit the jump to view video from that set.

Juicy Bits Podcast: Seasons Beatings Redemption

Juicy Bits Podcast: Seasons Beatings Redemption This week's Juicebox Podcast is a recap of the Seasons Beatings tournament, and it weighs in just a bit over 25 minutes.

Juicebox also goes over some of the money matches that took place through the weekend and does his usual question and answer session at the end.

To see the results of Seasons Beatings Redemption and final additional information about the competition, click here.

Super Street Fighter IV is $25 on Amazon all Wednesday

Super Street Fighter IV is $25 on Amazon all Wednesday Super Street Fighter IV is on sale today on for $25 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

More than likely, you've already long since picked this up, but if you're doing some early Christmas shopping or want to give this to a friend or family member, it's a really good price.

Thanks to DML897, Markemark, HardRojo and Liluoke for the tip.

Seth implies other Shoto characters won't be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Seth implies other Shoto characters won't be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 posted a new interview with Seth Killian today where they talk about Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

At one point, while Seth doesn't outright say Akuma, Ken and Dan won't be in the game, he implies as much, stating that they're aiming for characters with more diverse styles in this title.

All in all, this is a pretty solid read, although there's a bit of rehashed info mixed in with the new stuff, it's still worth checking out. Here's a copy and paste.

AD: There have been some complaints about the lack of other Ansatsuken characters such as Ken, Akuma, and Dan. Are you trying to limit your character selection process to only a few characters per franchise like Tatsunoko VS Capcom did?

SK: I don’t think there was any conscious effort to limit certain franchises, but it’s great for character style diversity to reach out to a lot of different games, especially with characters that have never been in a fighting game before. There are important differences between Ken, Dan, Akuma, and Ryu in, say, a Street Fighter game, but in the over-the-top Marvel context, those subtle differences tend to get overshadowed so it’s usually more fun to bring in someone with a totally different style.

AD: The E3 build of the game featured a universal double jump and air dash. This was taken out of the EVO build. Why is that? Does this make any characters more susceptible to projectile or assist spam?

SK: It’s just a natural part of the game’s evolution–some characters have more mobility than others. This was a very conscious choice, and we want everyone to have unique strengths. Usually the ones that are less mobile have more nasty tricks up close, so when they do get inside, you’re really in trouble. The more mobile characters often have lower health, so they have to avoid trading blows to win, but overall every character has a unique “sweet spot” where they’re most effective.

Submitted by Mr_Pavy.

Follow up Super Street Fighter 4 developer blog post about Yang translated

Follow up Super Street Fighter 4 developer blog post about Yang translated David_I noticed that a second post about Yang in Super Street Fighter 4 has popped up on the Japanese blog, which was translated.

Since this was converted from another language, it may not be 100% accurate. Hit the jump for the entire post.

About Yang, Blog Number 2

Greetings! This is the Developer Blog!

As we eat the delicious autumn fare to our hearts' content, we're doing our best to operate at full power. Maximizing our output is the goal.

This time I'd like to talk about Yang's special moves.

Super Street Fighter 4 video compilation of Uryo's Sakura

Uryo, who's currently competing in the GodsGarden 2.0 SSF4 online finals, had a video compilation of his Sakura created by 0ShinAkuma0. This is some really nice footage of a character you don't get to see very often.

Additional thanks go to Adriaan for submitting this video.

West Coast Crown Super Street Fighter 4 vid, Ricky Ortiz vs. Alex Valle

The grand finals of the Battle for the West Coast Crown have been posted on YouTube. This is a long match between two excellent players, Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) and Alex Valle (Ryu).

GamerBee interviews from Seasons Beatings

GamerBee interviews from Seasons Beatings Following his victory at Seasons Beatings, three interviews have been posted with Taiwan's GamerBee. The first one comes from Protocol Snow, who took the image to the right, and it's a fantastic read, offering insight into the matches at Seasons Beatings Redemption, GamerBee's background and a lot more. This is definitely worth reading over.

Next, Free1Up has a couple of video interviews (Part 1 | Part 2) with GamerBee answering questions with the help of a translator.

The last interview comes from Fighters Fury, discussing the Taiwan scene compared to Japan and other topics.

Thanks to Yen and Lotuz for contributing to this story.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 videos from Seasons Beatings, more coming

Mr_Pavy noticed that Team Sp00ky has started to upload Marvel vs. Capcom 2 matches to the Seasons Beatings YouTube channel. With time, you'll see matches for other games as well, but here's a little taste to get you started.

Niitsuma answers Marvel vs. Capcom 3 questions from the community

Capcom Europe posted an 8+ minute Q&A session with Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer, Ryota Niitsuma. He explains the approach he and the development team took while creating the game.

This covers some stuff you've heard else where, but it's still enjoyable listening to Niitsuma talk about the game he's building.

Kudos to Cyberlink420 for mentioning this.

Seasons Beatings Redemption results, logs & notes

Seasons Beatings Redemption results, logs & notes Seasons Beatings Redemption in Columbus, Ohio has finished up. This was one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of 2010.

The live stream was hosted by Sp00ky at Team Sp00ky, who nearly put on a one-man show, foregoing sleep and working his butt off to provide a live look at the action for the community. Also, JChensor, Skisonic and others did a great job on the mics, commentating matches for fans at home.

The tournament itself was fantastic, with a lot of up and down matches, hype, drama and basically everything you could ask for as a fighting game fan.

To see how it shook out, hit the link below.

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