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Tiers for Killer Instinct

'Hit Box' stickless joystick combo video

A new combo video for the Hit Box, a joystick box that uses buttons for directional inputs instead of a stick, has popped up. This clip showcases how to perform many of the combos you've seen else where on this device.

After checking out the footage, do you think this something you'd ever consider switching over to? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the tip.

Part 2 of's Super Street Fighter 4 AE player interviews

Part 2 of's Super Street Fighter 4 AE player interviews Samjkim has translated the 2nd and final part of an interview had with several top Japanese players concerning Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.

The conversation seems to have a decent amount of speculation and theory talk, but it's still a pretty interesting read regardless, here's a clip.

KSK: So you plan to keep using Seth. How do you envision his gameplay?

Hiropon: Because he now needs to be more offensive, he might actually become more annoying. He was annoying before because he ran away, but now he’s going to rush down from all different directions.

Mago: His rushdown was always good to begin with. It’s just that he had no health, and it was hard to defend while fighting [?].

Hiropon: He’s been given more life and stun so I think it’ll be much better this time around. Before he’d get stunned very often against Viper, Ryu, or Chun… But I think the upper tier characters are still going to be a pain. Regardless, I think he still has a chance. Cynics want to place him pretty low, but I think he could be solid mid-tier.

In case you missed it yesterday, you can read part 1 here.

Original source: 4Gamer.

The Magic Of DMG.RicoSuave's Abel by YogaFlame24

YogaFlame24 returns with another excellent video compilation of Super Street Fighter 4 highlights, this one featuring DMG.RicoSuave's Abel.

Interviews with Seth Killian & Tom Cannon about tourneys

Interviews with Seth Killian & Tom Cannon about tourneys A couple of interviews with Seth Killian and one of the people in charge of the EVO Fighting Game Championships, Tom Cannon, were posted by PCWorld.

The first bit with Seth Killian briefly talks about Capcom's involvement in the community tournament scene. Here's a grab.

Is Capcom involved with fostering competition on a day-to-day level?

Capcom runs tournaments at larger events such as E3 or Comic-Con, and I attend dozens of tournaments personally, but the primary focus of our support is on providing early builds and resources to make sure the core fans get a chance to go hands-on with the games at events. They tell us what's working and what's not, and are basically a great way to help steer the development process.

Capcom also runs "Fight Club" events that have proven insanely popular. While they aren't tournaments per se, the intent is to try and recapture some of that same exciting arcade atmosphere and the "I got next" competitiveness that spawned the worldwide tournament scene.

There's a longer and more detailed piece with Tom Cannon, which of course covers EVO, sponsorships and the scene in general. Again, here's another slice from the page.

How does sponsorship work for tournaments and players? Where does the money come from for the SF side?

The sponsor pool isn't as big for fighting-game players, but that is changing with Street Fighter IV's popularity boom. Our 2010 stream was watched by over 2.4 million unique viewers. G4 did a piece on Evo 2010 that featured several top players decked out in their sponsor's shirt. Exposure is exposure. Fighting-game players don't need PCs and components to play their game, but these guys are being watched by an awful lot of gamers who do buy those products. That's why you're starting to see traditionally PC teams like Evil Geniuses pick up top fighting-game players.

Community news roundup for December 28th

Community news roundup for December 28th

• BossLogic has new Street Fighter Tron artwork up on his Deviant Art page for Abel, Cammy and Vega.

• DLG INC created a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 historic video series on YouTube. This has a lot of footage of the older Vs. series games mixed in with some MvC3 stuff as well, available in three parts. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

• There's a very different Street Fighter animation up on NewGrounds titled SF II: The Satire Edition by HadoukenDude. The humor in here is a bit off, and it's going to be VERY hit or miss for people. Some of you won't find this funny at all, while others will get some laughs out of it. If you don't like the first couple of jokes, chances are, you're probably not going to like the rest. Tip from KidSonic.

MvC comic images removed, more community news

MvC comic images removed, more community news

• The Marvel vs. Capcom comic images by Kevin Sharpe that were posted yesterday, showing Galactus and Taskmaster, have disappeared, and the link now gives a file not found error, adding a bit more fuel to the fire that this leak was something of significance, and was subsequently removed.

• Artist Sean Galloway has a piece of Street Fighter artwork up on his Deviant Art page with a different take on the usual anime style, featuring Chun-Li, Balrog, Guile, Sagat, M. Bison and Zangief. Tip from MrdrOfficer.

• Versus City has another power players ranking for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, showing the longest win streaks so far.

• The official MvC3 Facebook page has a black and white preview of a print advertisement they'll be running in the future.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay notes, Portugal session

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay notes, Portugal session Kanta Kun and Blue Lightning typed up a ton of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 impressions from a build shown in Portugal.

There are details and gameplay notes for a good portion of the cast, including how specific moves work and some of the tactics and combos available for the fighters.

Hit the jump to read what they had to say.

Translation of 4Gamer Super Street Fighter 4 AE player impressions article

Translation of 4Gamer Super Street Fighter 4 AE player impressions article Samjkim has translated the first half of the article which gathered the thoughts of various top Super Street Fighter 4 players in Japan on the Arcade Edition changes and tweaks that were made.

There's a lot of interesting stuff here, definitely worth your time to read through. Here's a snip from the page.

KSK: How has Seth changed in AE?

Hiropon: He’s changed a lot. His jumping fierce had that really great reach, but now that’s gone. And his head stomps have lost a lot of active frames. So it’s much more difficult now to be tricky with him.

KSK: Ah, so he’s lost a lot of his gimmicks.

Hiropon: You really have to think about your 50/50s and rushdowns now. But since they detailed the changes before the release, I did some work beforehand by playing Super as if it was AE. So it didn’t feel that strange when I actually got to play AE.

The rest of the translation should be available tomorrow.

Thanks to kSummer for the tip.

GameTrailers best fighting games of 2010 award

GreatGiovanni mentioned that did a best fighting game of 2010 award, and a few Capcom games were nominated. Watch the clip below to see who won.

Updated: Video of Super Street Fighter 4 AE move changes, player matches

Update: Video of some of the move changes that were made to various characters in SSF4 AE have been added into this story, along with more player matches from Tokido and others.

Hit the jump to see more.

Community news roundup for December 27th

Community news roundup for December 27th

• According to several community reports, Arcade Infinity, in Rowland Heights, California, will be closing down on January 15, 2011. This is one of the most notable arcades that was still alive in the USA.

• Daigo, Mago, Tokido and possibly Kindevu all became Master Rank in SSF4 AE recently, accumulating 35,000 Battle Points. This was mentioned by Tokido.

• Also, Tokido wrote on his blog that Akuma's cross up Hurricane Kick in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition doesn't work the same way as it did in SSF4, citing a difference with the distance it travels, but it still works.

Inocamellia's Street Fighter tournament montage

Tokido uploaded a video montage by Inocamellia titled 'Street Fighter - We Want Fun', which has a bunch of tournament footage edited together with music, it's pretty slick.

Masterpiece: Street Fighter II, Ars Technica article

Masterpiece: Street Fighter II, Ars Technica article Ars Technica has a new article taking a look back at Street Fighter 2 and the technical aspects that went into the game that made it so successful.

This is written from more of a casual player's perspective, but it's still a solid read as it delves into things like how the graphics, sound and gameplay were merged into such a great game. Here's a snip from this short write up.

Graphics, in 12 luscious bits and super-crisp 384 x 224 resolution

It's hard to appreciate how good Street Fighter II's graphics were at the time, but the perspective effects of the floor and depth layering were really advanced for the time. Where most side-scrolling games at the time were a dead set of two or three layers of sprites, Street Fighter II's scenes were alive with animation and the pixel-level single-point perspective scrolling of the floor blew my mind when I first saw it:

What really made SFII's graphics exceptional were the artists' masterful handling of a limited color palette and that almost comically low resolution. If you've ever done graphics for Web, you know how difficult it can be to fit pleasing gradations into a limited GIF palette. Well, imagine doing that for an entire game level while factoring variable characters with their own colors. Then, with those limitations in mind, you have to make it attractive. It boggles the mind that the level artists chose a complex palette of complementary colors:

Shadowloo Showdown Top 8 Super Street Fighter 4 videos

Matches from the Top 8 portion of the Shadowloo Showdown tournament are now available. This featured Tokido (Akuma), Mago (Fei Long) and GamerBee (Adon) along with a ton of players from Australia, where the event was held.

Here's a taste of the action.

Community news roundup for December 26th

Community news roundup for December 26th

• A-Cho posted another set of SSF4 AE footage, this is part 6 and it's also almost 50 minutes long.

• NVNiko mentioned a video showing how to limit the opponent's defensive options with Ibuki in SSF4 when she has them in her vortex.

• has SSF4 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on sale for under $20. Submitted by Samuraikatana1.

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