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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Street Fighter 3 3s Online Edition combo trials for Hugo, Ryu

ReNiC made his way through the 5 levels of Hugo's Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition combo trials, and also provided some commentary while doing so.

Also, C-Royd has been doing his own trial run throughs for SF3 OE, and posted a Ryu clip.

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Yang 100-hit Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition combo by Desk

Desk had this to say about his latest footage posted to YouTube.

Yang joins Chun-Li and Abel in being one of the few characters able to max out the combo counter in SSFIV:AE. Although the combo registers 100 hits, the counter cannot display anything over 99.

Frame precision is required for pretty much every hit in this combo. Yang must walk forward between every jab outside of his super and also for a few frames after every dash during. The jab into super at the end is also a 1-frame link.

Tips from Purplecstasy and Oroku_Saki.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike guides, frame data, colors and more

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike guides, frame data, colors and more It's been a long time coming — a very long time. Did I mention it's been awhile? But the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike guide here on EventHubs has gotten a ton of updates over the last couple of weeks in preparation for Online Edition's release, which is today on the PlayStation Network and tomorrow on Xbox Live.

Now you'll find moves listings for all 19 characters, frame data, color guides and a bit more info. Some of these areas are in the process of being updated, but you can still find some solid information about the game to help get you ready for the re-release of SF3 3s OE.

Also, the fun doesn't stop there, because if you check out the forums you'll find more guides for Third Strike, notable places to look include pages for: Urien, Ibuki, Ken, Yun, Twelve, Dudley, Sean and Alex.

Also, for those of you who dig numbers and want to jump straight into it, here are individual links to all 19 character's frame data pages.

| Akuma | Alex | Chun-Li | Dudley | Elena | Hugo | Ibuki | Ken | Makoto | Necro | Oro | Q | Remy | Ryu | Sean | Twelve | Urien | Yang | Yun |

Gigantically huge shout outs go to Nyoro, Trajanus and RPGFighter for making tons of contributions to the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike guide on the website. If you enjoy these new areas, please give these guys a shoutout.

Seth: Capcom, community's opinion of top tier in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is close

Seth: Capcom, community's opinion of top tier in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is close God's Beard on the NeoGAF forums posted an interview with Seth Killian. The topics covered here are pretty board, touching on Capcom's upcoming fighting games and some of their current ones, but it's a solid read, offering a bit of behind the scenes insight and a few other random fun facts. Here's a snip.

[Speaking of Marvel vs. Capcom 3] I know that earlier in the year you were asking the community what their opinions on top tiers were, what were Capcom's internal top 5 characters?

I was mostly just talking with some old friends rather than trying to conduct some kind of secret poll, but Capcom generally stays away from discussing that kind of thing because it makes people think there's some law or absolute reality to a tier list "because Capcom said so." Even if we did say exactly what we thought, it's only our opinion and everyone else is playing the same game. Pre release, of course we balance against our internal views with some input from location tests. After release, we balance considering the same tournament results the rest of the community is seeing. In terms of the top tier, my feeling is that the community and Capcom's internal perspective are pretty close.

Tip from KerrangCL.

Translation of Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 blog changes

Translation of Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 blog changes Updated: This entry has undergone several updates since it went live and now includes more characters and additional change notes about damage and stun values that have been altered from SSF4 Arcade Edition.

A translation is up from the recent Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developer blog which lists some of the changes the Japanese developers are looking at implementing in the version 2012 balance updates.

This contains change log information on Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, E. Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Balrog (Boxer), Sagat, C. Viper, Vega (Claw) and M. Bison (Dictator).

Hit the jump to check them out. And check back tomorrow, as the development team will cover another 13 characters.

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SFIII: 3rd Strike - Game Spot versus league battle (10th Dan)

Just in time for Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition's release The Shend uploaded a video showcasing some of the best in the 3s scene in Japan. This is a video of the 10th Dan in the Versus League Battles that are held in Japan. There are 10 levels in the league battle before the player and their character are forever locked in a ranking that few obtain. The 10th Dan battles always showcase the best of the best and this showing is no exception. The video contains great players such as Yamazaki (Twelve), Kei (Yang), Mori B (Ken), Vanao (Ryu), Pierrot (Ken), and YSB (Hugo) who all have amazing and clutch matches with each other. To top things off the commentary is top notch. Be sure to watch both videos in preparation for 3sOE's release tomorrow (PS3) and the 24th (Xbox 360). Hit the jump for the conclusion.

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Roundup: 8-bit Street Fighter 3 sprites, Legandary Taunt moveswap

Roundup: 8-bit Street Fighter 3 sprites, Legandary Taunt moveswap

• Guile_n_Nash posted some 8-bit versions of the SF3 Third Strike character sprites, although as you'll see, Guile is included as well.

• A video showing all of the character's in SSF4 AE doing Dan's Legendary Taunt, via a move swap, was posted by TheSakuraAkuma.

• Stiffler2100 put up a new SSF4 AE Gouken montage showing highlights from various online matches.

• Many people wrote in about a horrible video featuring a wrestler guy who mimics a ton of Street Fighter moves. This either falls into the so bad it's good category, or so bad it's unwatchable. Tip from Saiferoth, Mrdrofficer, Ralphg86 and Throwryuken.

• TippingForties put up footage showing the Trish Peekabo glitch in MvC3 being used online, titled Team Captive Audience. Mentioned by Rafael2487.

Registration for Canada Cup 2011 has opened.

Video of Street Fighter 3 Online Edition's tourney mode, YouTube upload

For those of you wondering what tournament mode is like in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, Delriach put up some video of a 4 player setup he played through.

Also, after the jump you can see what one of the match replays uploaded straight from the game look like. It's uploaded at 240p, which is on the low side, but check it out for yourself.

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Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 AE dev blog will document changes to v.2012

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 AE dev blog will document changes to v.2012 Capcom-Unity translated the latest Street Fighter X Tekken blog development post, which had talked about the arcade location tests for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v.2012. A very interesting bit comes in the middle of the post, it reads:

We will also have surveys available at the location test. Yours truly will be there of course, so if you see me be sure to say hi!

So you all know that the purpose of this location test is to try out new balance adjustments. But it certainly would be helpful if you knew before going to the test what some of the changes are, or what to look out for.

...I understand. I do. So for that reason... the Dev Blog is coming back! For a special limited time only, 8/23 (Tue) to 8/26 (Fri), the Dev Blog will be posting up balance adjustments that have been made to the game, as well as certain points we’d like you the player to take a look at while playing! I’m sure you’re all already looking forward to it!

Instead of the community having to try and figure out all of the changes, the developers will be letting us in on some of the things they've changed. Keep on the lookout for these changes.

Also submitted by Marxlian, Jaiwhite205 and Gemakai.

Destructoid scores Street Fighter 3 Online Edition, review roundup

Destructoid scores Street Fighter 3 Online Edition, review roundup Updated: Links to more reviews have been added into this story.

Destructoid did a very complete review of the finalized version of Third Strike Online Edition, giving it a 9 out of 10 score. The piece covers every aspect of this game and gives an effective list of pros and cons, but despite the cons the game still receives a fairly impressive score. The entire write-up is pretty big so here's a snip to get you started.

There are a lot of combos here that require really tricky timing, calling for you to pause for a half second in between hits, then rapidly string together two or three attacks, pause for a fifth of a second, follow up with another hit, and so on. In short, the game's combo system is almost polyrhythmic in nature, making it quite frustrating to those who just want to jump in and quickly put together a bunch of attacks in unblockable succession.

This Online Edition of the game allows the impatient among us to change all that. Thanks to the full Dip Switch mode (unlocked by beating the game with all characters, or via paid DLC for $0.99), you can now activate all new gameplay systems, including ground-chain combos and air-chain combos. This essentially makes the game playable in an entirely new way, which, in time, may even require a whole new set of tiering specific to this mode. It will be amazing if Twelve (the worst 3rd Strike character in the game for competitive play) actually becomes a tourney-ready character thanks to those wacky new dip-switch options.

These sites also have reviews up, the scores are listed after the link: "A" rating 9/10 rating
TheSixthAxis 9/10 rating
IncGamers 9/10 rating
VGRevolution 9/10 rating
GameRant 4 out of 5 stars

Tip sent in by Monkeydhugo, Fawaz, Jaiwhite205, Asukajun and neoWhite.

Mad Catz announces new line of MLG Tournament Edition sticks

Mad Catz has a new line of Tournament Edition FightSticks, now sporting a MLG (Major League Gaming) theme. The Xbox 360 version has colored buttons, while the PS3 edition is the one with the white joystick/buttons.

Click images for larger versions

You can order either stick off of the official Mad Catz GameShark store for $159.99, and they'll become available August 26-28. Hit the link below to read the official press release.

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Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition theme remixes

SerenityWind has put up the official remixes of all of the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition songs. Some characters share a few tunes, so there are only 15 character tracks here. Also, there's the remixed theme which you heard in the trailer not too long ago.

Hop the link below to check out a few more song remixes, and leave a comment below with what you think of them.

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Desk shows and explains Super Street Fighter 4 AE Adon super bug

The newest video from Desk, along with a blog entry, continues to explore the Adon bug in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Setting up Adon's super move from the right distance makes an interesting set of circumstances take place. Check out the video below and hop the link to find out more information.

Tip from Rafael2487, SnakeX, Arcadiac and neoWhite.

Trailer: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: 'Assist Me!' featuring Jill Valentine

Maximilian is back with more action. This will be the season finale of Max's Assist Me series, and it features Jill Valentine. Scope out the trailer below.

Submitted by WreQLazZ.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE replays of Uryo's Sakura from GodsGarden #4

If you didn't watch GodsGarden #4, you missed out. Not only was there some great play across the board, but a Sakura player, Uryo, ended up taking 3rd place overall and did it with some excellent play against some of the top Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition competitors around.

Jigo pointed out some matches on Ov3rheadGreg's YouTube page showcasing Uryo's Sakura against people like Poongko (Seth), MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) and Kazunoko (Yun). It's not often you get to see Sakura played at this level, hit the jump for more videos.

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