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Tiers for Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late

Events 32 & 33 unlocked for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Events 32 & 33 unlocked for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 A couple more events were unlocked this morning for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Here's a quick run down from Xbox Live Junkies Anonymous.

Event 32 — Event Match 12
Finish Arcade with the other team's 3 members all being 1 character (final battle excluded).
Title Unlocked: Employee of the Month

Event 33 — Event Match 13
Finish Arcade while your opponent's vitality regenerates (final battle excluded)
Title Unlocked: Specialist

Haggar on point, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 play from Timothy

Offering a different look than you traditionally get to see from Haggar players in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a guy named Timothy who sticks him on point. While Haggar is known for his terrific assist, Timothy pulls out some nice combos here and has really good team synergy with his other members, Doctor Doom and Spencer, making for some entertaining matches.

These videos were recorded by, during their Throwdown Thursday stream. Hit the jump for more.

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Wednesday Night Fights 4.1 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 YouTube replays

In case you missed it last week, Wednesday Night Fights 4.1 replays are up on Offcast's YouTube page, featuring players like Clockw0rk, Nerses and P. Gorath.

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Street Fighter 3 Third Strike highlight reel of Hayao's Hugo

A Street Fighter 3 Third Strike highlight reel with some slightly NSFW moments featuring an outstanding Hugo player, Hayao, was recently uploaded by RVN. There are a lot of match highlights and even a one-handed 720 motion being performed.

Unique custom joysticks from B15 SDM Designs

Marill pointed out some beautiful custom joysticks put together by B15 SDM Designs. Featuring Capcom characters like Rose and Hsien-Ko and franchises like Super Mario Bros. and Ninja Scroll, these have their own unique style and look. Hit the link below to check out more.

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FrostByte989's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video guide to Wesker

The audio is this clip starts out on the low side, but it fixes itself around the 30 second mark. This Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video guide to Wesker was created by FrostByte989 and it runs through his normals, specials and uses for his teleport, among other things.

Ryan Hart documents his Street Fighter experiences in Japan

Ryan Hart documents his Street Fighter experiences in Japan LLL|Ryan Hart took off from the United Kingdom to Japan for a month of intense training, and he happens to be writing a blog documenting his experiences there. He talks about matches with top players, the characters he's playing and things of that nature.

This is pretty interesting stuff if you're curious about the arcade culture and what it would be like traveling overseas. Here's a taste to get you going.

Opponent adaptation skills and my progress

I've noticed a difference in how things are here in Japan on Street Fighter. When you play here it's really different. In Europe most people play online where you have the opportunity to connect to another player and play any set number of matches which have been agreed together.

Here in Japan however, arcade is the main medium that players use. As all the machines are linked, when you win or lose your next opponent is picked randomly. This means you need better adaptation skills on the spot as you never know who you will play next. It can be frustrating if you lose a really close game because you worked out the opponent too late but then when you go to rematch the player and get given another opponent instead. It's certainly something to get used to.

My Yun is out the starting blocks but I still have a long way to go before I'm ready for top tier warfare, with that said I’m confident in my progress from here on. :)

There's also one more short entry here talking about a match with Shiro's Abel and how things are progressing with Yun.

Kazuya (Alex) and Tanaka (Hugo) Street Fighter 3 3s matches

Keeping the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike theme going, x Who Is Alpha noticed a set between Kazuya (Alex) and Tanaka (Hugo) that was recently posted by TheShend. This is an entertaining video with a lot of back and forth moments, featuring two high level players.

E3 presentation materials for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike OE

One shot of some of the E3 presentation materials for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition was just put up by Yoshinori Ono. You can see a new Vs. screen, the menu and some artwork.

Click image for larger version

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ryu, Magneto, Sentinel combos from Rayray19wun

Making good use of different members of his team to continue combos Rayray19wun put together an MvC3 video for Ryu, Magneto and Sentinel.

New GAMEacho videos of Japanese Super Street Fighter 4:AE gameplay

The GAMEacho channel uploaded two new videos of Japanese players playing Arcade Edition in a 5v5 tournament. Since the release of AE for consoles is coming up soon, you might want to watch these videos to check out the new feel of SSF4. These videos feature:
  • Darui: #1 ranked Dhalsim.
  • KOG: #1 ranked T.Hawk.
  • Michael tan: #1 ranked Ken.
  • Uryo: #1 ranked Sakura and #4 ranked Viper player.
The videos also feature solid gameplay from less-known players, including some top-ranked Guy players.

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Dante Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo movie from Japan

Running through multiple damaging combos, SMOAI2010 put up a new Dante Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video. This is in Japanese, and was put together by UGG-SIN2 さん.

Excellent Adventures: Season 3 Ep. 2: Gootecks' Choice

Season 3 episode 2 of the Excellent Adventures of Mike Ross and Gootecks is available now on YouTube. Here's the official blurb.

In this Adventure, Gootecks can't decide between Balrog or Rose. Mike Ross attempts to show Gootecks how it's done, with both characters!

Advanced Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DHC X-23, Spencer combo from Desk

Spencer is one of the few characters who is able to both, set-up the DHC trick and combo out of it from another character, in this case X-23, as Desk shows in his most recent combo video.

You can find a full transcript of what's going on and a bit more detail on Desk's official website.

Ono posts new Street Fighter X Tekken teaser image

A new version of Street Fighter X Tekken will be playable at E3 here in a few weeks, Yoshinori Ono said on his Twitter page recently. He also showed this teaser pic.

Click image for larger version

Here are a couple notable tweets he made as well.

Will Street Fighter X Tekken be at E3 2011 ? — A_F_D

Ono: Yeah, I'll be ready [with a] new version [of the game] at E3. ;D

How long is it going to be before I can get my hands on 3rd Strike online. Please say soon. — Billdabeast

Ono: We'll be [making an] announcement [at] E3, maybe. ;D

Submitted by ARXIN.

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