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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Hawkeye Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 reveal trailer

BasGrosPoingPodcast has put up the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character reveal trailer for Hawkeye. Check it out below.

Mentioned by Alex_MMorales and Blazemanx.

SSFIV Yun ultra combo glitch

Antiheroforhire uploaded a bizarre moment in SSFIV: AE. This strange glitch involving Yun allowed him to combo his Ultra 2 after landing a trade sweep.

Desk was nice enough to message Antiheroforhire and explain what happened in this video.

AHFH: Bug-finder God extraordinaire, Desk (biffotasty), was nice enough to message me and explain why this works the way it does. In his words:

Desk: Yeah, that's really cool. I've been able to reproduce it, and it works because Yun's cr. RH has to allow for the 2nd hit of his target combo. So, the opponent will suffer a hard knockdown, but also be in a juggle-able state. This means that if you're interrupted you can reversal U1 or EX up-kicks and it will connect. The oddest thing is that if you trade with a normal and are able to hit back soon enough (there's a very small window), they'll be fully vulnerable to everything, even throws. This is why Seth remains grounded during the ultra. It's as if he was just in a vulnerable, standing state. Oh, and did I mention this seems to work on everyone?

Comic-Con 2011 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 panel video

GameSpot put up the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 panel video from San Diego Comic-Con 2011. In this clip Capcom staff covers the new characters, costumes and DLC for the game.

Tip from Alex_MMorales and Rafael2487.

Street Fighter 4 Game Mechanics: Meaties, safe-jumps, and option-selects

3nigmat1c @ SRK sent in a few videos explaining how to do some of the more advanced tactics in Street Fighter. All of the videos are very well done and explain in great detail what options each tactic has to offer. Hit the jump for the rest of the videos.

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Strider, Firebrand and Ghost Rider Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 reveal trailers

Rafael2487 and Alex_MMorales. noticed that Yatagami0 uploaded official reveal trailers for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showing Strider, Firebrand and Ghost Rider. You can see all of them by clicking the link below.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE: NSB x NSB online & SBO preliminary tournament

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: NSB x NSB online & SBO preliminary tournament SF4Maniac was kind enough to send in the results and the stream archive from the recent NSB x NSB online Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition tournament held on the PS3.

Some top names from Japan competed in this event, including EG|Momochi (Yun), Acqua (Yang) and Shiro (Makoto).

The results and the stream archive of the top 16 are available after the jump.

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Comic-Con Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament footage

Clockw0rk, Dios-X and Shady K. were competitors in the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament Capcom held at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. If you'd like to see how the game plays now with good players at the helm with all of the balance changes, there is some pretty solid footage near the end of the event, which is embedded below.

These videos were uploaded by Bouttobefinal from the Capcom-Unity uStream archive, so the quality isn't great, but it's still watchable. Hit the jump for a few more videos and visit the link above for the rest of the stream archive.

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CoolBoyCorporate covers changes to Ryu & Wolverine in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

On episode #3 of CoolBoyCorporate's Fighting Game Radio he discusses some of the changes that have been reported for Ryu and Wolverine in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and why they're a big deal for these characters and how they can be applied.

This is mostly an audio clip, but CBC does provide some visuals to illustrate some of the stuff he's talking about.

Tip from SkuceMatthew.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 special treat trailer, costume pics

THE_KZA posted a special treat trailer for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to his YouTube channel that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

THE_KZA also took several pictures of the new costumes at the panel too. For more photos and details, hit the jump.

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C-Royd Teaches Third Strike ep. 13: Parrying parts 2 & 3

C-Royd has a few new Street Fighter 3 Third Strike videos, again focusing on parrying. You can find the other one after the jump. He had this to say about his newest clips.

Did you know that when you parry in the air, you are put into a jump-forward state? well, that's what the video is about and i stretched it to about 15 minutes. Episode 14 introduces red parrying. I'll deal with Episode 15 really soon.

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TFR interviews Gootecks and Mike Ross

TFR interviews Gootecks and Mike Ross The Flashy Review posted an interview featuring Gootecks and Mike Ross. The interview covers many things including Bill S.978, their recent signing with CompLexity and EVO. Be sure to read the entire thing to catch many of the interesting things that are talked about.

TFR: It seems a lot of strong players have been signed in the past month or so; is that a good sign for the community? Is it indicative of a larger trend in gaming and culture?

MR: Well, it depends. If you read on a headline that “Wolfkrone just got signed to Hood Street Gaming,” you’re going to be a little skeptical of that. Just getting signed doesn’t mean much. Fortunately, the players that have been getting picked up lately have been going to legit companies. fLoE, Momochi, ChocoBlanka – [Evil Geniuses] is really good. We found out that RF and Kindevu got picked up by eLive. You might say, “Well, what is eLive?” Heck, they’re sending them to EVO, so they’re doing a lot more than other companies do for their players.

TFR: So is it fair to say that, with those companies, these players are in arrangements that are going to pay their bills?

MR: We don’t know that, but what we can say is that they’re going to be in a situation where they can get more exposure, travel the world, and go to more tournaments.

G: The sponsorship thing is tricky because right now everybody is just trying to get travel paid for, but travel is only half the battle. You have [other] expenses when you’re traveling, and you have expenses when you’re not traveling. So the fact that everybody is getting sponsored is a good sign, but it’s not everything. What we need is not more players that are signed. We need more players having their bills paid by their talents, period, whether they’re signed or not signed. That’s why the signing thing is one of the indicators of growth, but it’s not the most important. A lot of people put a lot of emphasis on the sponsorship, like “Oh, this makes you legit,” or whatever. But I don’t really think it’s like that at all. Like Mike said, there’s plenty of players who can get sponsored, and then can’t find a way to get to different events. A lot of international players have that problem, where they’re sponsored, but there’s worry as to whether they’re going to get the events they need to go to.

Tip sent in by TheShane.

SSFIV AE: Evil Ryu Reset Tutorial by Micfly121

Micfly121 uploaded to YouTube a very nice and brief tutorial explaining how to effectively use Evil Ryu's reset potential in SSF4 AE. It's been known that Evil Ryu could reset an opponent after a Light Hurricane Kick, but this tutorial gives a good visual lesson on how it's done. The damage is quite scary.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 costume details, may be single player surprises in store

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 costume details, may be single player surprises in store A few new details about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were talked about today at a Comic-Con panel. This mostly deals with the extra pre-order costumes, and other minor information as well. Nothing amazing here, but if you want to check out everything you can, read on.

• Costumes available are going from four outfits to six, at least for now.

• Plans for DLC costumes are still being finalized. There will likely be more ways to pick up the outfits than just pre-ordering at certain stores.

• Capcom is still thinking of ways to get other cool costumes for the characters in the game.

• Someone was quoted as saying: "We're still working on this game so we haven't hit a point where we're even thinking about DLC yet. We put a lot of work into making those additional outfits, it's a whole new model design."

• Capcom has added more endings for all of the new characters. There are more expanded elements in the story because of that. More give and take between the characters. There may be some single player surprises as well.

• In the "Keeping It Classic" collection, Ghost Rider gets his 90's costume, Hawkeye gets his original look, Hulk has modified pants, She-Hulk gets her Fantastic Four costume, plus an alternate Dormammu and original Captain America.

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Street Fighter X Tekken's roster about half-way revealed

Street Fighter X Tekken's roster about half-way revealed For those of you wondering how big Street Fighter X Tekken's roster is going to get, Yoshinori Ono dropped a big hint today during a live chat session, saying the game's roster is around the half-way point. He continued to talk a lot about the game, offering up all sorts of interesting details, which have been transcribed below.

Darkstalkers and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition were also briefly mentioned, and you can find those details and more stuff after the jump.

General details — SFxT

• Capcom is some where around the half-way point for character announcements. Maybe a little ahead of the mid-point, maybe a bit behind it. Right now SFxT has 18 announced characters, 19 if you count the Sony exclusive character, Cole.

• SFxT's net code will not be SSF4 AE's net code, but you'll see improvements for sure. More will be announced on this in the future.

• Ono said that Haggar, Cody, Guy and Hugo being in the trailer didn't mean they'll be in the game, but where there's Poison there's usually Hugo.

• There will be some element of character customization in SFxT in regards to their looks. This will be announced in the future.

• Mishima vs. Shadaloo is a big part of the story for the game. This is another non-canon story, i.e. a "what if" scenario, not part of the main SF story arc.

• A lot of fan feedback from the E3 build of SFxT was put into the Comic-Con build of the game, Ono said, he specifically mentioned the lifebar changes.

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Comic-Con 2011 Street Fighter X Tekken panel with Yoshinori Ono

Video of the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Street Fighter X Tekken panel was posted by GameSpot. There's over 45 minutes of footage in here, and it shows Ono and Harada's challenges along with lots of other stuff.

If you're someone who prefers the cliff notes, you can scope those out here.

Tip from Fawaz.

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