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Last set of Street Fighter 3 Online Edition artwork from Stan Lau

The last bit of Stan Lau's Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition artwork was posted on Capcom-Unity this afternoon. It features Chun-Li, Sean, Twelve and Gill.

Click images for larger versions

If you missed any of Stan's previous work for the game, you can check out the older stories here and here.

FINALROUNDBATS Tokyo video series, entry #1

The first entry in a video series following the fights at FINALROUNDBATS Tokyo was recently put online. FINALROUNDBATS is a brawler tournament held in Tokyo with the aim to form a team of strong Japanese players in order to grab some prize money at the big Final Round tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.

This first clip was done by Studio Donbe in collaboration with Scott Popular.

Mentioned by Imp.

Snoooootch's Street Fighter 4 series juggle time combo challenge

Snoooootch issued a combo challenge to the community for the Street Fighter 4 series of games, trying to see who can juggle their opponent for the longest amount of time. Here's a video with an explanation followed by the rules.

1. The timer starts at the instant the opponent is launched. (Don't worry about timing them yourselves. I'll do it.)
2. Timer ends when the opponent hits the floor.
3. Obey meter.

And again, Yun has the longest possible combos with that darn super, and even though his super is already limited to its own timer, the moves done before or after the super will make the combos longer, based on the specific set ups. Duplicates will not be accepted! Neither will single animations like Akuma's U2. lol :)

Jamheald already posted a response using Yang in SSF4 AE, which you can check out after the jump.

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New costume pack for Super Street Fighter 4 AE, PC version released

The PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition has been released. You can grab the game on Steam, Direct2Drive and other online services. There is a retail version of the game that can be picked up on the Capcom Store, or at other select locations.

The Challengers Arcade Pack for the console versions of SSF4 AE was also released today. It contains two alternative costumes for Evil Ryu, Oni, Yang and Yun. Here are a few older screen shots of what these look like.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE - Dudley EX Duck combos from DreamKing23

A new Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition combo video for Dudley, showcasing his EX Duck attack, was posted on to YouTube by DreamKing23. This has combos for many different situations, such as a jump in, over head, anti-air short swing blow, etc. Also, the end of the video displays a few stun combos including a full stun combo on Balrog.

Niitsuma attending San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 plans?

Niitsuma attending San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 plans? Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer, Ryota Niitsuma is attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, which takes place July 21 - 24, 2011.

Capcom USA vice president, Christian Svensson, said previously that they're not done with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and that they still care very much about the game.

Some people are taking Niitsuma's appearance at Comic-Con to mean that we'll hear something about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 here in the next few weeks, although right now this is just speculation, as Capcom hasn't confirmed anything at this point.

Street Fighter is Hard #13 Abel - C to Shining C achievement

Documenting one man's quest to get every character in Super Street Fighter 4 to rank C 1,000 BP, DrGamez has a new video up in his Street Fighter is Hard series. The clip below is #13, focusing on Abel.

Mentioned by J1NZ0, George32027 and NMS84.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: 'Assist Me' featuring X-23 trailer

Maximilian is launching a new Assist Me series, this time with the lovable X-23. There's a short trailer showing fans what they'll be in for, and after checking out the end of this video — I think there's one thing everyone can pretty much agree on... Yogurt for the win!

Tip from EXBlankaBall, Rafael2487 and DestinyZX1.

Fightin' Words: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Jill guide with Clockw0rk, part 4

Keeping their Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tutorial series going strong, G4TV has put up another video with Clockw0rk, this time taking a closer look at Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil franchise. Clock explains some of the ins and outs of the character with tips, combos, resets and more stuff.

Submitted by an anonymous reader.

Street Fighter X Tekken's roster not finalized, how Cole got in

Street Fighter X Tekken's roster not finalized, how Cole got in In a brief piece on SiliconEra, Capcom's Seth Killian mentions that the roster for Street Fighter X Tekken hasn't been 100% finalized. He also explains how Cole from the InFamous games was added in as an exclusive character for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita releases.

"Discussions between Sony and Capcom came to it. They were looking for a character and Capcom got excited about Cole," explained Killian. "It seemed like the timing was about right with Infamous 2 coming out around this time and it seemed a character that had a lots of possibilities, in terms of gameplay. Obviously, there is a big range of moves and I think we fell in love with the electric tornado like everyone else should of. There was his shockwave in Infamous 2 and we liked that, as well."

Killian added that they do not have information on what's happening with an exclusive character on the Xbox side of things, yet.

Mentioned by David_I and Cpt. Jack House.

Wednesday Night Fights Summer Edition Marvel vs. Capcom 3 YouTube replays

Offcast has a handful of the latter Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches from Wednesday Night Fights Summer Edition up on YouTube now. Players include Richard Nguyen, Clockw0rk and TS|NerdJosh.

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Juri Super Street Fighter 4 AE changes and shenanigans and fuzzy guard tech

A couple of videos exploring Juri's changes in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and also an explanation on her fuzzy guard techniques were posted by Emperor_Cow.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE: 845 damage Yun combo, damage testing from Desk

Already back with more combo madness, Desk posted a 845 damage combo with Yun, along with other damage testing scenarios. Check out his blog for more details.

Mentioned by Oroku_Saki and Rafael2487.

Runnin' Sets Ep. 3: Combofiend vs. Mike Ross - Super Street Fighter 4 Pt. 1

The Cross Counter team has a new entry in their Runnin' Sets series, but this one switches over to Super Street Fighter 4.

After his disastrous performance against Combofiend in MvC3, Mike Ross attempts to redeem himself by running it back in SSF4! Will he do any better? Or is this rivalry destined to be one-sided?

Tip from EXBlankaBall and Endz-O.

Tiger, Tiger etc. - A tribute to Sagat by NMS84

NMS84 is back with a new character compilation. The clip below shows multiple match highlights for Sagat in the Street Fighter 4 series of games, featuring playings like Bonchan and Hanamaruki.

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