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Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition FAQ updated

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition FAQ updated Capcom employee, Neo Deus, updated the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition FAQ that was posted the other day with more content to answer some of the questions that came up from the community. Here's the rundown.

At what time will the AE DLC be available on June 7?

When your online marketplace of choice normally updates.

Does the boxed version contain all the alternate costumes?

If you've previously purchased the costumes (for either SFIV or SSFIV), they'll be there; if, though, you didn't play the previous games or just didn't buy the costumes before, you'll have to do so with the boxed version like normal.

If a Vector is spectating or watching a match of the four new characters, will alternate costumes be visible?


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More community news for May 15, 2011

More community news for May 15, 2011

• Snoooootch has a new clip showing more weird properties with Seth's super in SSF4.

• An SF3 3s Alex player by the name of Genki had a pretty good run at a tournament recently which TheShend posted. Tip from x Who Is Alpha.

• CoolBoyCorporate showed how to maximize damage with Haggar's Rapid Fire Fist hyper in MvC3.

• For all of you SSF4 Guy players out there, x Who Is Alpha is compiling match up notes here on the EventHubs forums.

• is running a Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition & FightStick giveaway contest. Submitted by Blaine B and Cinderkin.

Zero Raikousen loop in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Dooku9876 had this to say about the video.

Original combo by BlackRagna. However, haven't seen anyone else realize you don't need an assist to continue the loop, you can do the loop as long as you have meter. You can do at least 7 reps because you build around a half meter between the time one sogenmu wears off and the next one begins. With tweaking, this might be an infinite (not like it matters because you kill after 2 reps).

Loop notation:

(combo) - j. lvl3 buster - j.623A xx land xx (214AB - j. lv3 buster - j.623A - 6239A x 5) x n

Zero can do this solo as well, without any need for an OTG.

Submitted by Quas.

Spider Doom not Strider Doom Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video

A new MvC3 combo video from StreetTrooper is up on YouTube now. This starts off with some unique Spider-Man/Doctor Doom combos and throws in a little Sentinel as well.

Mentioned by Kid Kuma.

Training room episode 3 combos with Guile in Super Street Fighter 4

GeoM MoDInside is back with his third training mode movie in a series featuring his top-notch Guile combos.

If you missed his earlier videos, you can watch part 1 and part 2 here.

Submitted by Mr_Mineralz.

Community news roundup for May 15, 2011

Community news roundup for May 15, 2011

• YogaFlame24 captured video of a Seth player boosting in SSF4. Submitted by SAMURAI.

• Top Tier Tactics's WiNGSPANTT wrote a humor article about how to (not) survive at a tournament. General tips include how to be a jerk when playing and not playing.

• Team Haz-Mat sent in a note saying that there will be a stream tonight for a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament featuring players Juicebox, SaBrE, PJS Latif, Mr.SNK, Scumbag and more. This stream will be starting at 9PM PST.

• SMOAI2010 uploaded a video showing qualifiers for Super Battle Opera taking place. This is a general reminder that SBO, Japan's biggest fighting game tournament is coming up soon.

Exblackman wins May Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide competition with Ryu article

Exblackman wins May Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide competition with Ryu article Exblackman has won the second Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide competition here on EventHubs with this Ryu submission and takes home the $50 prize.

You'll find a breakdown of Ryu's normals, specials, and Hypers with a lot more information to help you pick up and learn this character.

Anyone can join this competition to write their own MvC3 forum guide. The next contest begins today and will end on June 15th, 2011. The prize remains at 50$ and will be awarded to the best overall character guide. If you're interested, all you have to do is visit the MvC3 character forums and make your own character guide thread to enter the contest.

Please use the subject Forum_Username's MvC3 guide for Character_Name when making a thread. For example, in Exblackman's case, his post is titled: "Exblackman's MVC3 guide for Ryu". This will make it easier to keep track of the guides on the various character sections, as those areas will collect other posts as well, besides guide submissions.

People who have won before in this monthly competition can't win again for a while, but later down the road an even bigger prize will be awarded to someone who has faithfully created the best guide of them all. This "big prize" will be eligible to everyone, even past winners.

Here's a piece from Exblackman's Ryu guide, in his Tactics section.

Against other projectile characters it is important to note that Hadoken often loses to other zoning character projectiles. Use this this to your advantage when you have meter. If a zoning character sees a hadoken coming a lot of the time they will use their own projectile to try to beat it. You can always cancel a Hadoken even late to Shinku-Hadoken. Do this as soon you see their starting animation to fire a projectile. This may take time to learn the timing but is a important skill to not only get some free damage but also to make your opponent hesitate to throw projectiles allowing you to keep your zoning an option to use in battle.

Credit for the idea and this contest goes to Zombiebrian, who has been a consistently helpful administrator on the forums for a long time.

Super Street Fighter 4 comeback compilation episode 17 by LiangHuBBB

A new collection of comeback moments in Super Street Fighter 4 was posted by LiangHuBBB. This is episode #17.

PlayStation Network is partially back online, restoration process begun

For those of you who haven't heard already, the PlayStation Network is partially back online now. This is a phased restoration by region — of some of the services — starting with online multiplayer functionality. Here's the lowdown from PC Magazine.

Sony Online Entertainment brought its PlayStation Network back online in parts of Europe and the U.S. Saturday following a three-week outage resulting from the hacking of the network by unknown individuals, the company said on the PlayStation blog.

The restoration of PSN service requires a firmware update on PS3 consoles and requires users to change their passwords. Sony is also offering customers free enrollment in identity theft protection programs in countries where they are available, the company said.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kazuo Hirai offered a video statement announcing the restoration of PSN services that began with an apology to users for the outage.

Story submitted by Alexg_2013, Mdg164, Tr4J4k_lion, DeckedValley, Juanrock, Aland, DK_Brawler, Bry, NMS84, MetallicA, x45x and Melflomil.

Damaging Guile Super Street Fighter 4 combos from GeoM MoDInside

GeoM MoDInside uploaded a great new Super Street Fighter 4 combo video for Guile. This has very powerful setups with one combo scoring a 712 damage total, and the others not too far behind.

ShadowlooISoL Xbox Live Super Street Fighter 4 highlights collection

Collecting various highlights from Super Street Fighter 4 Xbox Live matches, ShadowlooISoL put together a couple entertaining packages, showing some nice combos and mix ups. Hit the jump for another video.

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Super Turbo Saturdays #10: Unblockable Hurricanes w/ O. Ryu

A new episode of Super Turbo Saturdays from is up now. Here's a brief rundown of what's in this video.

In this episode, Damdai teaches Seb about O. Ryu's unblockable hurricane kick. Also, for you newer players out there, he deigns to teach us about what the heck old and new even mean!

Cross Counter: How To Train For A Major Tournament

Gootecks and Mike Ross discuss how to prepare for a major tournament in the latest Cross Counter episode. A general rundown of the tips are included in the description.
  • Play online
  • Record and review your own matches
  • Study other players' matches
  • Take notes
  • Play against the CPU on the Hardest Difficulty in Training Mode
  • Utilize Training Mode's Record/Playback functions
  • Practice combos in segments
  • Sleep and eat well

Submitted by waddledoo.

Guide update digest for 5-14-11

Guide update digest for 5-14-11
  • SSF4 Abel Guide: Added an extra bread and butter combo into the combo list. Also fixed some of the grammar and made some sections easier to read. Rewrote part of the Ultra 2 section and added a piece to the Falling Sky portion.

  • SSF4 Adon guide: Fixed a lot of the grammar and broke up some of the text throughout the entire guide. Rewrote some parts of the Jaguar Kick and Jaguar Tooth section.

  • SSF4 Cammy Guide: Rewrote parts of almost every section. Removed a bunch of useless information regarding Special Moves. Fixed a bunch of typos in the Combos portion.

  • SSF4 Chun-Li Guide: Basic cleanup and organization completed. Also rewrote the entire Tips and Tricks section.

E. Honda Super Street Fighter 4 guide updated

E. Honda Super Street Fighter 4 guide updated The guide to playing E.Honda in SSF4 has been updated here on EventHubs. In it I go over Honda's special moves, command normals and Ultras, especially on how they apply offensively and defensively.

From my personal experience, as long as you maintain a good anti-air defense and know when to pressure with Hundred Hand Slap, you can really make a match tough for a character, even if they can punish your Headbutt on block. Here's a piece from the guide.

E.Honda is a deadly powerhouse character with a great defensive and offensive game. His Super is incredibly damaging and his Hundred-Hand Slap is extremely difficult to counter. He also has a great damaging anti-air game, an above-average reversal game with autocorrecting Headbutts and a really powerful command grab to open up the opponent’s defense with.

Projectile characters give Honda tons of trouble though, especially when used by players who have mastered fireball zoning. They force Honda to abandon the charge for his powerful Headbutts and stop the advancing charge of the Hundred Hand Slap. Characters with great special moves and Ultras that can punish Honda’s Headbutt can give Honda a huge amount of trouble as his offense becomes incredibly limited.

The guide was written with a lot of help from match videos. If you have any suggestions or notice any typos, please post them in the comments of this news post or the comments in the character section.

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