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Air updates his blog with Ryu vs. Fei Long matchup guide

Air updates his blog with Ryu vs. Fei Long matchup guide Air has recently updated his strategy blog where he discusses the Ryu - Fei Long matchup. He offers a lot of insight, including why throwing fireballs outside of Ryu's low forward range is a bad idea and how to punish Fei Long players doing EX Chicken Wing on wakeup. Here's a piece.

Far Range: I guess I can say this is the only safe range where you can throw Hadokens without thinking. Meter management is extremely important in this match up especially having full Super meter can be extremely threatening to Fei Long. Whenever you have a chance where you are safe, don’t hesitate to build some meter by throwing fireballs, whiffing jab SRK or doing air tatsu.

Mid Range: Throwing fireball might be risky because it is NOT safe on block because it is punishable by reversal Rekka unless it is max range low forward > fireball. If it’s not max range, it is recommended not to follow a fireball after low forward is blocked. The best thing you can do at this range is to block and punish whiffs and mistakes made by your opponent or sometimes random level 2 focus attack can give you some surprises.

Close Range: Fei Long has a very long safe poke string @ close range, so don’t mash on SRK after you block two low shorts otherwise it’s going to be blocked or whiff by the time Fei Long ends his poke strings. Fei Long also has really good frame traps to mix up with his throw and even his command throw, therefore sometimes instead of throw tech, mashing on low jab can get you out of that bad situation.

Arcade Edition guide update digest for 5-22-11

Arcade Edition guide update digest for 5-22-11 Due to the upcoming DLC release of SSF4: Arcade Edition on June 7th, I have begun fixing certain guides in response to the AE changelists that were posted a while back. Very few characters changed fundamentally, so this is just a quick heads up.

  • Arcade Edition Abel Guide: Added new damage values to Tornado Throw, Breathless and Soulless. Also rewrote some of the Breathless section.

  • Arcade Edition Adon Guide: Adon got a lot of buffs hitbox-wise to his normal moves, but his fundamental strategy has not changed. Removed the note talking about his fast wakeup time, which he no longer has.

  • Arcade Edition Akuma Guide: Removed the section talking about runaway Hurricane Kick. Wrote some new notes into Ultra 2 section. Fixed damage values on EX Hurricane Kick.

  • Arcade Edition Chun-Li Guide: No changes. For those who don't like their characters changing in every revision, Chun-Li is your character.

  • Arcade Edition Balrog Guide: Updated note on Balrog's Light Punches. Fixed most of the Headbutt section.

The next digest will likely include the rest of the characters who have modernized guides.

Wednesday Night Fights 4.2 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 YouTube replay

In case you missed the action from Wednesday Night Fights 4.2 last week due to timezone differences or other obligations, LevelUp Series has uploaded YouTube replays of their MvC3 action and other stuff from the most recent WNF tournament.

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Dante's infinite combo without X-Factor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The Combonauts team discovered an infinite with Dante in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which doesn't involve using X-Factor or hyper meter to keep it going, and showed how it's done below.

Cross Counter w/ Gootecks & Mike Ross season 5 episode 1

Cross Counter with Gootecks and Mike Ross talks about the Mortal Kombat national tournament, the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 challenge issued by Daigo Umehara and of course other stuff.

Mentioned by JustEddie and Rafael2487.

Jill Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video by Tsujigiri83

A new MvC3 combo video is up from Tsujigiri83. If you check out the video description, you'll also find a full notation for the combos performed here.

Tip from Chris.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition BP category rankings by Lynaken

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition BP category rankings by Lynaken Lynaken has made a new posting on the Forums showing the Japanese character use rankings in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Each group has the number of players in each BP slot.

Lynaken breaks down each BP ranking by breadths of 5,000 points, starting from 35,000 BP and working his way up. Once he reaches 55,000 BP, he includes everyone above that rank without any sort of limit. For example, Daigo has around 200,000 BP with Yun, so he would fall into the 55+ BP category.

In the list below, the first number is the battle point ranking, and the second number is how many players are in that category. For example, 12 players had a Yun at 55,000 BP or more, 13 people had a Yun card between 55,000 - 54,999 BP, etc.

Click on the link below to see the full rankings. Each one is sorted by who has more players in the higher rank.

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LiangHuBBB's funny and cool moments episode #33

Showing highlights from Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat 9, this is LiangHuBBB's 33rd episode of funny and cool moments.

Sent in by LgacyX6.

Community news roundup for May 21, 2011

Community news roundup for May 21, 2011

• Organous wrote up a very in-depth article about the best times and locations to use Zangief's second Ultra, the Siberian Blizzard.

• C-Royd continues his Street Fighter 3: Third Strike tutorial with a Q&A video today. If you want the rest of the videos in his series, check out his play list here.

• As a highlight for those who use keyboards to play fighting games, xjxz0 sent in a demonstration video of him performing El Fuerte's Run-Stop-Fierce.

• Rogueyoshi put up a new MvC3 video of him trying out a different Magneto corner loop in an attempt to maximize meter gain.

• Team Haz-Mat posted a new video playlist of recent SSF4 battles between PJS Latif, Mr.SNK, Big Marcus and BLG Juicebox.

Sven: Demos for fighting games don't generate sales

Sven: Demos for fighting games don't generate sales Capcom's Christian Svensson talked about how much impact demos for fighting games have on sales recently on the Unity Boards, while also explaining that they take a lot of time and energy.

Topics also cover the recent bill that makes unauthorized streaming a felony, discounts on costume packs for SSF4 and things of that nature. Hit the jump to check out everything.

A key component of marketing a game is the release of a demo, prior to the game's actual release. Now, what I've noticed is that fighting games don't normally get that treatment. — Dubindoh

Svensson: Demos can help sales on some games. They can have no impact (or even hurt) on others.

Unfortunately, in my experience, demos for fighting games don't generate incremental sales. And as someone else pointed out, they do take a great deal of time and effort to create (time and effort we feel is better spent on the game itself).

Now our plans change all the time but at the moment, there are no current plans for demos of fighting games in our future unless they're mandated by the platform holder (as they are on XBLA for example).

Doing something like the Team Fortress 2 free weekends on Steam would require zero effort. — PKT

Svensson: That's not an option available on any platform except PC and even then, only if you're Steamworks integrated.

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Quasidomo vs. Justin Wong Marvel vs. Capcom 3 match from WNF 4.1

An entertaining Marvel vs. Capcom 3 match between Quasidomo (X-23, Tron Bonne, Doctor Doom) and EG|Justin Wong (She-Hulk, X-23, Chun-Li | Zero, Dante, Akuma) took place at Wednesday Night Fights 4.1, which Offcast recently put up on his YouTube channel. This is a back and forth set, and you get to see a terrific player use some squads in a tournament he normally doesn't play.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 online highlights version 1 Fall 2009

Horetep pointed out an online Marvel vs. Capcom 2 highlights package that BrettH123 posted. This spans multiple matches and features many different players and teams.

Collection of Darui matches, #1 BP ranked Dhalsim in Super Street Fighter 4 AE

SMOAI2010 posted a 20 minute collection of matches featuring Darui, the #1 battle point ranked Dhalsim player in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.

A number of people have been disappointed with the nerfs Dhalsim picked up in AE, but in this set you can see he's still a very effective character in the right hands.

Caj814's X-Men combo exhibition - Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Caj814's new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video features cast members from the X-Men franchise.

FIGHT: Arena of Gamers - Short documentary about the scene

xXxEtown spotted a video by Ddrfreak5o3 titled FIGHT: Arena of Gamers. This is a short documentary about the fighting game scene on a local and worldwide level.

This was a project for a class at the University of Oregon, and a special thanks went out to Best Bout Gaming for making it possible.

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