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Moves database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: High-level Guy videos from Kuwait's Nox2

Nox2, A Guy player from Kuwait that was described as "one of the best Guys I have ever played so far" by Daigo has uploaded his matches onto Youtube. These videos feature some really great high-level Guy play against many Japanese players. Hit the jump to see all the videos.

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Third Strike Revival: Ep. 3 - A hundred tackles

Cross Counter is back this time Gootecks sits down Yi "5 Star" Wang to discuss the history of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike scene.

From the Denjin and Family Fun arcade days to 3s Online, Gootecks and Yi cover the last 10 years of 3rd Strike.

Sent in by ShaftyCakes and USAtlas.

Roundup: Level|Up & Offcast, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 combos

Roundup: Level|Up & Offcast, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 combos

• Level|Up has announced they have officially brought Louis ‘Offcast’ Vigil to their team.

• Animemoshpit has uploaded a very well edited Tron Bonne combo video for Marvel vs Capcom 3,

• Ken123103 has put together Captain America mini tutorial for Marvel vs Capcom 3.

• PackzUKCody created a video showing option selects for Cody when fighting against a Juri.

• AkaneLV uploaded a Sagat angry scar combo video. It's not often we see many angry scars in game, so it's nice to see what Sagat can do with them.

Tips sent in by Rafael2487, and a few anonymous users.

Updated: Cross Counter Third Strike Revival Tourney #2 at WNF

Updated: The Third Strike Revival Tourney #1 loser and grand finals have been uploaded, you can check them after the jump.

The Cross Counter team has uploaded the losers finals and grand finals from this weeks Wednesday Night Fights down at Super Arcade in Walnut California. Hit the jump to see the grand finals.

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More video footage of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 changes

Diablohellknight has uploaded some more Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 footage from the build at Games Dubai. The footage shows off a lot of the changes to the characters. It also shows what some of the new characters can do. Hit the jump to see more videos.

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Updated: Cross Counter Asia Ep. #06 - 2012 AE beta changes

Updated: Two more videos have been added in after the jump which cover more of the beta changes in SSF4 AE v2012.

Cross Counter Asia is back, this time Zhi and Xian are discussing the new Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 changes that were recently released. In this episode they discuss Ryu, Chun-Li, E. Honda and Blanka. This is a 3-part series, part 2 and 3 will be out at a later date.

If you missed the changes you can check them out here, part 1 and part 2. You can also find all of the Alpha changes here.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE projectile comparison: Ryu, Ken & Akuma

VertigaDesignMEDIA put up a slick fireball comparison video for Ryu, Ken and Akuma in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. This does a stacked overview of these character's fireball speeds, and it's stylishly done.

Via Also submitted by Zombiebrian.

Incomplete Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 changelog and overview from Eurogamer Expo

ChromeAlchemist, Darkhadou, Vulcan 786 and Kayotskuo of, compiled a changelog and overview of some of the new fighters in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in video form recently, this comes from the Eurogame Expo 2011.

The clip above starts off by running through new fighters like Vergil, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider, but it also covers the returning cast members and shows some of their new abilities and move property changes.

Submitted by IG EspadaJerome, Alcheymyst and Gemakai.

Toronto Fighting Game Championships XII live stream

Toronto Fighting Game Championships XII live stream Team Sp00ky is now streaming the Toronto Fighting Game Championships XII. Players in attendance include WolfKrone, cc.coL|Combofiend, LB|ChrisGNY, Dieminion, FC|Twisted Jago, AG|MarlinPie, TS|Arturo Sanchez, Mr Quotes and NYCFab.

The official games they're having at the tournament this weekend are Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and Soul Calibur IV.

Hit the jump to see the stream.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches from L.A. Fight Club

RoyalFlush posted some match footage of the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 build from the most recent Capcom Fight Club in Los Angeles, California, held on Sept. 22, 2011. This is shaky cam video at 240p resolution, but you get to see some matches with Iron Fist, Vergil and some of the other recently announced characters as well.

Hit the jump for more.

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Sept. 22 top 20 BP ranked Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition players in Japan

SMOAI2010 did a new video showing who the top 20 BP ranked players for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition are in Japan.

For those who prefer a text list, hit the jump to check out the whole list.

1 BP 319688 WARRIOR Daigo (Yun)
2 BP 303025 U.MASTER Kazunoko (Yun)
3 BP 255781 U.MASTER Mago2DGOD (Fei Long)
4 BP 229520 U.MASTER Nemo (Yang)
5 BP 202488 U.MASTER Michaeltan (Ken)

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Replay footage by YogaFlame24

YogaFlame24 has uploaded some more Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition ranked match replays to his YouTube. These matches are all of players who have more than 4,500 PP and feature some well known names such as Air and Kyo anton.

Hit the jump to see more.

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3sOE patch in about a week, future update adds new functionality

3sOE patch in about a week, future update adds new functionality A future title update for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition will add some new functionality to the game, but this will follow after the currently detailed patch hits in about a week, according to Capcom's Christian Svensson.

Svensson also talked about a few other subjects that will interest some fighting game fans, and Ono made a few posts on Twitter as well, you can find all of the details after the jump.

Seeing as how 3sOE was a success why not do the same with Street Fighter Alpha 3? Just add the same features from 3sOE — Magnetowned

Svensson: It's way too early to call SF3:OE a success just yet. That said, we still have more to talk about on the SF3 front (new title update in about a week, new DLC coming, another title update in the future that adds some new functionality, etc.) before we consider doing other projects.

Is there any reason the opening/attract sequences were removed from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition? — Monkey

Svensson: There was never one planed for 3SOE that I'm aware of. I'm not sure of the exact reasons but a couple of obvious ones would be that it wouldn't make sense with the new UI and need for widescreen support so it would have had to have been completely redone.

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Street Fighter 3 MSF rank speedrun, Tokido/Eita Akuma mirror, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos

A number of cool videos were sent in by readers of the site recently. The first one is a tool-assisted Street Fighter 3 Third Strike speedrun of Arcade Mode getting the MSF rank every time out by AlexxShadenk777.

After the jump you'll find a SSF4 AE mirror match between MCZ|Tokido and Eita, who many consider to be two of the best (if not the best) Akuma players around, and a new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 bizarro combo video. But first, check out the 3s video below.

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New song from Aria about Yun - Oyasumi Genei-Jin

Aria's latest animated music video is about Yun's top tier status. It contains original animations along with a full song. Check it out below.

Heads up from MajenX, Aeon0rain, Rafael2487 and ThaGuy.

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