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Damdai, MOV, Infiltration 25th Anniversary Grand Finals interviews - All discuss gameplay, what they'll do with their prize money and more

After winning their repsective games MOV, Damdai and WW|Infiltration do a quick interview with Gootecks on behalf of GameSpot. Many different topics are covered from how the players adapted to their opponents, What they plan to do with their prize money, and much more.

Hit the jump to see a walkthrough of the venue and the interviews with Damdai and Infiltration.

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Street Fighter X Mega Man - Capcom live stream, first eight bosses

Street Fighter X Mega Man - Capcom live stream, first eight bosses Capcom-Unity's Brelston will be playing through the first eight stages of Street Fighter X Mega Man today at 4 p.m. PST on their TwitchTV channel.

These are only the stages that were playable at the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Grand Finals last weekend, and Brett will not be showing any spoilers as to what's beyond the bosses nor their individual weaknesses.

Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available next week on Monday, December 17, 2012 the official 25th Anniversary for Mega Man. Additionally it was noted that Capcom has more installed for the anniversary, but we will have to wait to see what that is.

Hit the jump to see the stream.

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Mortal Kombat - Reptile a re-skin of Scorpion with both Scorpion and Sub-Zero's special moves initially

Reptile has made many appearances in a ton of Mortal Kombat games over the years, and a lot of people know of his origins that started in the original Mortal Kombat game as a secret character. On the Pit stage after seeing shadows fly across the moon, getting two flawless victories and performing a fatality, you would finally be taken into a fight against the elusive green ninja.

At the time, he was simply a re-color of Scorpion who had the special moves of both Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Additionally, you can find this version of Reptile in the new Mortal Kombat game from 2011.
Video from GameTrailers' series Pop Fiction.

Infiltration: In terms of Ryu, I believe Laugh has one of the best in the world and I played against Daigo, like I normally play against Laugh

After his win in both Street Fighter X Tekken and Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition v2012, WW|Infiltration did an interview with Zhi on behalf of Mad Catz. With the help of his translator and teammate WW|Laugh, Infiltration discusses many topics from the fact that he doesn't have a license, to how he prepared for the tournaments of 2012 and more.
Sent in by Graphf and an anonymous reader.

First glimpse of Mortal Kombat Legacy season 2 - set and character images

Season 2 of the web series Mortal Kombat Legacy is currently underway and we won't get a video preview of it until February 17, next year. Fortunately, director Kevin Tancharoen posted a few pictures from a recent shoot to give us a sneak peak.

Below you can check out the first look at Liu Kang (played by Brian Tee), a shot of a night time scene during a filming session, Kung Lao's signature hat and a flag that shows the classic Mortal Kombat dragon symbol re-imagined for the Legacy series.

Click images for larger versions

Via Kevin Tancharoen's Twitter and ShogunGamer.

24-hour fighting game stream this weekend for Family Fun Arcade - Arcade Relief

A 24-hour stream is taking place this weekend, December 15th, and many well known players and faces in the community are lending a hand to honor Family Fun Arcade, which will be closing its doors January 2013.

For 38 years, Family Fun Arcade has been a shining spot in southern California, and RedRapper put together this trailer to honor the establishment and promo this weekend's stream, hosted by Level|Up and Mike Watson.
If you'd like to contribute to the cause, you can PayPal your donation to donate@arcaderelief.com, or visit this page and click on the donate button.

For more information, hit the jump.

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Steam Midweek Madness: Street Fighter X Tekken on sale for $12.49, both complete Swap costume packs $3.24 - deal ends Thursday, December 13

If you're a PC gamer and looking to get your hands on Capcom's Street Fighter and Tekken crossover title before the 2013 patch drops next year, then look no further. Steam is currently selling Street Fighter X Tekken and both complete Swap costume packs for 75% off their original price.

Normally, Street Fighter X Tekken retails for $49.99 USD on Steam but up until this Thursday at 4 p.m. PST, you can purchase it for only $12.49 USD. Also, the complete Swap costume packs for both Street Fighter and Tekken, containing 19 costumes each, can be downloaded for only $3.24 each.

Tips by MajorPug, BestAlgorithm, RebornOdin, zx_adit and a few anonymous users.

Updated: Part 2 added - Two of BrokenTier's best face off in epic first to 10 set - IFC Yipes vs. MarlinPie in UMvC3 part 1

Updated: BrokenTier has uploaded part 2 of the first to 10 set between IFC Yipes and MarlinPie. This video contains roughly 50 minutes of high level Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 action and coupled with part 1, there is a total of almost 1 and a half hours of fast-paced Marvel goodness.

Our friend Koogy sent in part 1 of an amazing set of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches between two of BrokenTier's best. BT|IFC Yipes and BT|MarlinePie square off in a first to 10 set that was recorded at NEC XIII. This is only the first part and we will update the story with the rest of the footage once it's uploaded.

Hit the jump to check out part 1.

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Dead or Alive 5 Christmas costume pack available on Xbox Live Marketplace, coming to Playstation Network on December 18

Tecmo-Koei has released their latest Dead or Alive 5 costume pack which contains Christmas costumes for some of the characters on the roster. Starting today, you can pick these up on the Xbox Live Marketplace but Playstation Network users will have to wait until December 18.

Below you can check out multiple images showing off some of these yuletide outfits and after the jump, BloodBurger has provided a video preview and pricing information.

Click images for larger versions

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ETokki Omni Arcade Stick video review from Level Up Your Game details differences between Korean and Japanese sticks, ease of modding and more

The guys at Level Up Your Game have uploaded an extremely nice review of the new eTokki Omni Korean Arcade Stick. This is a dual modded stick for both PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC that features a unique button layout and is extremely easy to mod.

This is the arcade stick that WW|Infiltration first used a prototype of during Evolution 2012. The company distributing these sticks, ETokki is owned by Infiltration's Street Fighter X Tekken partner Laugh.

Hit the jump to see the video that shows the differences between Korean vs. Japanese sticks, along with another short clip showing the internal system

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Izayoi's BlazBlue promotional trailer showcasing her specials, combos and super

Arc System Works released a new Blazblue Chrono Phantasma trailer today featuring the newly announced character Izayoi.

This trailer will give you a look at how she plays from her specials to various combos, her super and more
Tip sent in by an anonymous reader.

Ultimate Fight Night Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 week 7 featuring Lucky D, Native, Lion Heart, iPeru and more

Ultimate Fight Night Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 week 7 featuring Lucky D, Native, Lion Heart, iPeru and more Tonight's bi-weekly Ultimate Fight Night Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 week 7 is streaming once again by SolidxPanda. The sets should be starting at around 6 p.m. PDT.

Main Event
AG|Lucky D (Dhalsim) vs. MMS|Native

Co-Main Event
MellowEX (Dudley) vs. DMG|Lion Heart (Sagat)

Grudge Match
DMG|iPeru (El Fuerte) vs. GOL Toi504 (Chun-Li)

FNEX|Shine (Gouken) vs. Glitch (Rufus)
Jazdero (Ibuki) vs. Royal Plush (Evil Ryu)

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale combo videos featuring Sir Daniel, PaRappa the Rapper, Heihachi and more

PersonaWorld is back again with some new PlayStation All-Stars Batle Royale combos. The videos today feature some basic to moderate combos that gain a good chunk of meter. Even a few to combo into a super to get a kill for Sir Daniel, PaRappa the Rapper and Heihachi.
After the jump you can also find a Heihachi combo breakdown that features combos that gain anywhere from 60 to 210 AP from J312.

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Daigo: I make sure my opponents cannot hear my fireball inputs by using a technique developed for overseas tournaments

At this past weekend's Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Grand Finals Tournament, Zhi sat down with MCZ|Daigo for a quick interview and discuss some interesting topics. The Beast talks the new fireball technique he developed, why he gets up at 10 a.m. to go to the arcade, Infiltration, IPL eSports events and more.
Video via Mad Catz's YouTube channel and tip sent in by BumblebeeCody.

GamerBee's Adon takes on Kuraudokin's Cammy in an hour long Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 set

AvM|GamerBee recently played some Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition v2012 matches against a high level Cammy player named Kuraudokin. In total there is about an hour of great play with the best Adon in the world and a very impressive Cammy.

Hit the jump to see more.

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