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Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers

NorCal Regionals #9 results, battle log and stream

NorCal Regionals #9 results, battle log and stream NorCal Regionals #9 took place this weekend in Milpitas, California and the live stream was hosted by the IPlayWinner crew.

MCZ|Daigo Umehara, WolfKrone, EG|Justin Wong, Marn, EG|Ricky Ortiz, CCG|Air, Filipino Champ, TS|NerdJosh and Alex Valle all competed, along with several other players.

To check out the results and a battle log for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat 9, hit the link below. You can also find a stream archive of the latter part of the event.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Oni combo video from Desk

Desk has posted the latest video in his combo video series for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. This clip features Oni and you can find a transcript on here.

Tip from JanTheMan and HiRisk808.

Requests for more Street Fighter 4 updates prompting talks at Capcom

Requests for more Street Fighter 4 updates prompting talks at Capcom Capcom is internally discussing the idea of keeping the Street Fighter 4 series going, after being prompted by fan requests for additional updates.

Keep in mind discussions may not lead to anything, as the company has to figure if it'll make sense going forward. Still, it's nice to know that future updates are at least being considered after they said that SSF4 Arcade Edition would end the series.

Yoshinori Ono added a bit of fuel to this fire the other day when he said if he had a chance, he'd continue rebalancing the game.

Christian Svensson also made a number of other posts recently on the Unity Boards, mostly dealing with the PC release of the game. First up is the comment about the potential updates though, followed by everything else.

Will you continue to do Street Fighter 4 updates? — Slashy

Svensson: There's nothing currently under way, but the repeated requests for "more" is prompting some discussion between Yoshinori Ono, Seth Killian, Michael P. and I.

What's the release date for Europe?

Svensson: I believe the target SSFIV:AE PC release date for Europe is July 8th. For NALA it is July 5th, just a few days earlier.

I hope I can play the PC version without the DVD because I hate swapping discs. — Daniel

Svensson: There's no DVD disc check, just FYI.

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New Guy Super Street Fighter 4 AE highlight clip, Balrog & Yun combos

Beehol sent in a new Guy SSF4 highlight reel, which includes online matches against some notable players.

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Roundup: Shin Sakura PC mod, CEO 3s grand finals

Roundup: Shin Sakura PC mod, CEO 3s grand finals

• Orgolove pointed out a Shin Sakura mod he did for vanilla SF4 on the PC, giving Sakura new moves and abilities. There are a few videos here showing off the mod.

• The SF3 Third Strike Grand Finals from CEO 2011 were put online by BunnyBoom17. The match is between Gootecks (Urien) and LB|NYChrisG (Ibuki). Tip from ThanhDANGerous.

• Arcade: The Last Night at Chinatown Fair got the funding it needed to continue. This is a documentary by Kurt Vincent covering the closing of Chinatown Fair in New York.

• VRyu uploaded some match tips on how to take out Yun and Fei Long with Makoto in SSF4 AE, breaking down some very specific and useful stuff. From Tyc, YogaFlame24 and Phivers.

• Mad Catz is running another promo for the NorCal Regionals offering 20% off on the products on their main store website, excluding Xbox 360 TE sticks and FPS Pros. Use the coupon code TEAMMADCATZ here.

• Level|Up posted the top 8 for Vampire Saviour from UFGT 7.

• interviewed commentator extraordinaire, UltraDavid, getting his thoughts on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as well as older Capcom titles.

New and easier Dee Jay Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition combos

A new video showing some of the new and easier things Dee Jay can do in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition was posted by LowTierPlayer.

GamesRadar pegs Street Fighter 3 Online Edition's release date as Aug. 26

GamesRadar pegs Street Fighter 3 Online Edition's release date as Aug. 26 GamesRadar put up a preview of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, which is written from a more causal player's perspective, so there isn't anything in the way of new information, except at the end, they mention the game's release date as being August 26, 2011.

Capcom hasn't pegged an official release date for the game yet, except by saying it'd be summer 2011, but Ono added that it would be out after Street Fighter 4 Volt is released for the iPhone.

GamesRadar is a major website, but it's still possible this information is inaccurate, as it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, so take it how you may. Typically, XBLA and PSN games are released on Tuesday, and August 26, 2011 is a Friday.

Tip from Scheater5.

Cross Counter: CEO 2011 recap featuring Alex Jebailey

In this episode of Cross Counter, Gootecks and Mike Ross recap their experience at CEO 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Gootecks cover his games against Pokchop and DMG|Rico Suave and Mike recalls his run to 3rd place beating DMG|PR Balrog, EG|Justin Wong, Marn and TTC|GamerBee along the way.

There's also an interview with CEO 2011 organizer Alex Jebailey, talking about the experience of running the tournament, as well as future plans and how CEO came about.

Submitted by J1NZ0 and Samhuff.

Ono talks briefly about rebalancing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Ono talks briefly about rebalancing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Yoshinori Ono responded to a few members of the community that think Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition should be further rebalanced. Some of the things Ono says are... difficult to make out, but here are his remarks, regardless.

Will there be a patch to rebalance God Yun in SSF4AE. Please Ono, we beg you! — Ganem19

Ono: If can I have chance, I'll be continue tuning. ;)

I think we would all like annual rebalance of SSF4 Arcade Edition via DLC. — FletcherBentley

Ono: It's so fast. I can't get approval from official Capcom. ;D

Why do you need approval to fix a game you released with imbalance? — Bfire0

Ono: I don't have Research and Development cost (money)... ;(

The problem isn't that Yun/Yang are too good it's that most of the cast got nerfed too much from SF4 -> Super -> AE! — tempusrob.

Ono: I try to catch up some opinion because I think Tool is everyone's.

Mentioned by Laurieyuken and Phivers, via Twitter.

Catching up with Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 assist of the day

Capcom-Unity has kept posting a steady supply of assist of the day videos for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where they take user-submitted videos and break them down to help players improve. Their count on the number of videos they've posted seems to be a bit off, but here's the latest updates regardless.

Assist of the day #8 — James Carey and Joopiterman

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Maximilian's 'The Online Warrior' Ep. #11

Maximilian is back, returning to his roots with another episode of The Online Warrior. This is a collection of some of Max's online Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches with some commentary pointing out various elements in the sets.

This hilarious bonus animated .gif file was sent over as well.

Tip also from Demon Dethchase.

BiZARRO Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos by Paolomiragli

If you want to see some random and weird Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos done around the time the PlayStation Network was down, look no further than this clip from Paolomiragli.

Svensson takes on Street Fighter 3 Online Edition fan questions

Svensson takes on Street Fighter 3 Online Edition fan questions Capcom's Christian Svensson answered a TON of questions on the Unity Boards concerning the upcoming release of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition.

The posts are spread across many different subjects, ranging from the YouTube upload feature, to GGPO spectator lag. Lots of good stuff in here, hit the jump to see everything.

When will we hear more about the YouTube upload feature?

Svensson: The answer to that question gives away a bit more about how the YouTube functionality works than I'm willing to say right now.

I'm going to have to beg for patience. We'll give a full rundown closer to Comic-Con or EVO.

And to be clear, our YouTube functionality isn't something facilitated by the Xbox libraries. This is our own implementation. As such, Microsoft's recent YouTube announcement has no bearing on our timing.

Are the stages and the music from the first two games going to make it as free DLC? — Crazy-Legs

Svensson: Not discussing DLC until after launch.

The version of SFIII OE that was shown at E3, was that the final version, or is there still more work to be done?

Svensson: It's a release candidate. Can't say final until it's approved by Sony/MS in each territory. It's in submission now.

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Interviews with DMG's PR Balrog, Perfect Legend and AtroCity

Interviews with DMG's PR Balrog, Perfect Legend and AtroCity Dominion Method Gaming posted interviews with three of their team members recently. PR Balrog, the newest addition Perfect Legend and AtroCity all got in some time with Jason24cf to talk about how things are going. Topics range from who PR Balrog is picking up as a secondary character in AE, to Perfect Legend's experiences playing against Tokido. Here's a snip from one of the articles.

Jason24cf: You have been on a tear recently, you won Final Round, and you placed 2nd at Power Up and you just finished 3rd at UGFT #7 in SSFIV. With AE dropping in a few days do you think your play will change with Balrog changes and if so how would you mix it up?

PR Balrog: I’m going to keep using Balrog at the start mostly because I still think he’s strong but not as good as he was before. I’m already decided on who am I gonna play as my secondary if I have to. Its going to be Yang and its just because I like his st. jab (brings back memories) but I’m gonna have to see how can I adjust myself to dive kicks, but all in all I think I’ll be fine since his play style is patient rush down not going all out.

Jason24cf: Also SF is not your only specialty you also place 5th in MvC3 consistently as well as just finishing 2nd in MK9 at UGFT#7. How much time do you put into each game to practice?

PR Balrog: Honestly I don’t play ssf4 anymore that’s of course until AE comes out and that’s because here in Puerto Rico no one plays super anymore they all play MvC3. And with MK9 only a handful of people play it, so almost all of my time goes into training mode in those 2 games and just use basic strategies against people and I guess its working for now haha.

UFGT 7 - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo top 4 matches

The Level|Up team recently posted the top 4 matches from the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament held at UFGT7.

This features Alex Valle (Ryu), DarkSydePhil (Dee Jay, Vega), EG|Justin Wong (Sagat) and Damdai (T. Hawk). There's 30 minutes of ST goodness here, with commentary.

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