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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Blanka confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken?

Two voice actors for Street Fighter X Tekken might have potentially confirmed Blanka in a recent Capcom-Unity video. They're discussing how everyone had destroyed their voices, especially the Blanka voice actor Taliesin Jaffe. He also did the voice of Blanka in Street Fighter 4, so he could be referring to that.

But check out the video below and judge for youself.

Tip sent in by alfarin.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: New match footage from YogaFlame24

YogaFlame24 sent in some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edtion replays that show off some top players who use some of the unpopular characters in the game. There are a few more replays including a Dee Jay match. Hit the jump to see them.

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Cross Counter - PAX, SummerJam 5 and EMP recap

In this week's episode of Cross Counter Gootecks is joined by Combofiend. They recap the Penny Arcade Expo, discuss SummerJam 5 results and talk about Empire Arcadia's suspension of their fighting game division.

Tip sent in by Rafael2487, Bitpix, majingoten454, jaiwhite205, Marn's Chair, Salvatoray, MrUSAtlas and GoukiRocha.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 videos: Moments, comebacks compilation and combos

Readers have sent in a handful of new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 videos for the community to check out. The first one is a compilation of MvC3 tournament moment highlights which was posted by AsianCrisis. It features footage from events like Wednesday Night Fights, CEO 2011 and of course EVO 2011.

Hit the link below to see more stuff.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character impressions from PAX 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character impressions from PAX 2011 A good write up for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was posted by Arlen Pringle from PAX 2011. He includes some interesting notes about the various characters in the game, towards the middle of the article, and there's some new things discussed.

Here's a snip.

Magneto: Everyone I saw was dropping Magneto combos left and right, as it looks like his long Hard Attack loop in the air is gone, and his EM Disruptor is slower than it was previous. That being said, his new move which allows him to push and pull characters anywhere on screen is extremely good. Characters like Haggar and Tron are going to have a hell of a time moving in on him.

Sentinel: Looks like he can’t do the corner hard drive loop anymore, and maaaaaaybe Hyper Sentinel Force does less damage, although it’s hard to tell.

Nemesis: Is a beast. He does a huge amount of damage, has the most health in the game, and is a threat from almost anywhere on the screen. His rocket launcher can whiff on smaller opponents, but is the perfect height to hit jumping opponents in the crotch.

A lot of his normals that look unsafe aren’t, and his reach is two-thirds of the screen with those tentacles. He is the ultimate newbie character, with easy combos and straightforward moves.

His only weakness is his limited mobility, as his dash is worthless. I won’t even call it a dash. Maybe a jaunt or mosey. Without assists or X-Factor he is a goner, but with either of those resources available, he is extremely scary.

Taskmaster: My man. He got one new move, a blockable command throw where he stabs you and then shoots you. I’m still not sure what the use of this is in combos, but you can OTG assist after. He got no nerfs, and with the air X-Factor addition I think he will move up the ranks a bit.

Submitted by Bluur, GHTel, Fawaz and Johnz.

UltraDavid's public service announcement

A video was uploaded onto RedRapper's YouTube channel featuring UltraDavid. The video sends out a message about how it is inappropriate and wrong to re-upload other peoples content or re-stream it without permission. It also sends out an even stronger message that if you don't follow the law then UltraDavid will find you and he will body you.

SF piano covers: Super Street Fighter 4 theme, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile & Balrog

Chocoblanka and PianoDensetsu both uploaded SF themes onto their YouTube channel. The first video is a cover of Balrog's theme that PianoDensetsu did. He also included the theme that kicks in after getting an ultra. Chocoblanka did a cover of many themes including the SSFIV theme, Ryu, and Guile. Hit the jump to watch the video.

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How to Skrull: Beginner's guide to Super-Skrull in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Freyzii noticed that Hi Im Nastyy put up his beginners guide to Super-Skrull in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This is a really detailed video, running through assists, normal moves, hypers and other stuff. If this is a character you're interested in playing, this is a great bit to watch to learn how to use him.

Seth and Sven respond to 3sOE patch and DLC comments

Seth and Sven respond to 3sOE patch and DLC comments Capcom employees, Seth Killian and Christian Svensson responded to some complaints from fans about Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, regarding the online matchmaking and DLC options. Here's a quick recap.

Any news on 3rd strike patch for the broken online matchmaking? So frustrating not getting a game even with 40mb line :-( — Jonnybeadle

Seth Killian: We're trying to wrap a lot of issues together for upcoming patch. Should be good.

I don't understand why there can't be actual content added as DLC (music and colors don't count) Such as, the stages from the previous games... — Burning Typhoon

Svensson: Point one, who said we've divulged everything that's in the works for DLC on SF3?

Second, as for the DLC we are offering, as always, if you see value in it, please purchase it. If you don't, by all means, don't purchase it. It existing doesn't diminish the value of SF3:OE in the least, which is already one of the best values for money on XBLA or PSN.

I think what's going on here... is he's saying he doesn't find value in the current DLC.

And he's asking about ideas he's giving for DLC he considers more valuable. — Storm

Svensson: I totally get it. And I'm saying, somewhat cryptically, "keep giving feedback and perhaps at some point we'll have something he finds of value."

Sources: Capcom Boards and Twitter. Tip from Fawaz.

Updated: Ono talks more about Street Fighter X Tekken details, partly shows Rolento

Updated: Several readers also wrote in about another picture Ono put up where they believe you can partially see Heihachi, from the Tekken franchise's, hair.

Yoshinori Ono has put up more tweets regarding Street Fighter X Tekken. In them, he reveals that:
  • The box art that was posted yesterday is for Western territories only.
  • Street Fighter X Tekken is "getting better" which can be interpreted as becoming more fun and more balanced.
  • New character teaser trailers similar to the ones posted before are coming next week as a prep for the Tokyo Game Show.
He also posted a new image showing Blanka holding a toothpick in a conspicuous reference to Rolento. You can also see Rolento in the background holding his green staff.

Click image for larger version

Tip sent in by Fawaz, JuicyHouse, Megadautilus and Luna.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Marvel and Capcom discuss Storm and Akuma's colors

Marvel has updated their blog today with a post recapping why all of the alternate colors were picked for Storm, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange and Dormammu. Storm is the only really new character being shown today, but you might like to see a recap of the other characters in case you missed their earlier reveal. Some samples are shown below.

Click images for larger versions

Ryan from Capcom Unity has also created a new blog post discussing Akuma's alternate colors. The descriptions and background behind the choices are very interesting and worth a read. There are also some samples posted below.

Click images for larger versions

Sent in by Fawaz, Alex_MMorales, Rafael2487 and GoukiRocha.

Weekly event listings September 2 - 8, 2011

Weekly event listings September 2 - 8, 2011 If you have an event you'd like to submit, you can add it into the Events area of the forums or you can send it in via the Contact Us form.

• Chicago, Illinois: Fighter X Shooter, September 2 - 4. Live stream on, 2 p.m. start time on Friday, 10 a.m. start on Saturday and Sunday, all times CDT.

• Long Beach, California: 2GG 3.1 CSULB - Free NOS & 3rd Strike, September 3. Live stream on, noonish PDT start time.

• Curitiba, Brazil: 2nd edition of Treta Championship, September 3.

• Rancho Cucamonga, California: I.E Saturday Night BattleGrounds, September 3.

• Orange, California: Thunder Dome, September 4.

• City of Industry, California: Widweek Mayhem - Wednesday Night Ranbats, September 7.

• Online, XBL: SSF4 AE monthly open invite, September 3.

• Cleveland, Ohio: Fox And Hound, September 4.

• Lowell, Massachusetts: Souper Bowl Tournament: Labor Day Weekend, September 4.

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The Monkey Paints: Cody from Final Fight

TheLeftHandedMonkey did a new time-lapsed piece of Street Fighter artwork for Cody. This is a really cool painting as you get to see the artwork come to life bit by bit.

Sent in by Through Silence.

Teaser: Berserker Rage Wolverine character tribute

BTS of FightersEVO wrote in about a new teaser video they did for an upcoming character tribute focusing on Wolverine. This is a little under 2 minutes long, but they pack a lot of cool stuff into that time frame.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Tron's Drill assist can kill Phoenix before transformation

Paper put up an interesting video showing that Tron Bonne's Drill assist can kill Phoenix before she transforms into Dark Phoenix. There are some specific requirements here, DeadPhoenix9065 believes she needs to be below 20% health or above 10% in health, while the video author states Tron should be around the mid-screen area while performing her assist.

A 720p HD video has been added in after the jump showing the same thing happening.

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