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Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Gouken Denjin Hadoken tactics, Evil Ryu BnB combos

Phunksim uploaded footage that explores Gouken's Ultra 2 in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, the Denjin Hadoken. This shows combos and follow ups.

Also, there's an Evil Ryu bread and butter combo video from DArK5taTiC. Nothing overly fancy here, but good core combos to know if you're looking to pick up this character.

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Fightin' Words: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Amaterasu guide with Clockw0rk, part 1

G4TV's Fighting Words is back, featuring one of the top Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players in the community, Clockw0rk. Today's episode is an Amaterasu guide.

It covers training mode tips, stance changes for Ammy, and other groovy stuff as well.

Submitted by an anonymous reader.

Video demonstrating Zangief's changes in Super Street Fighter 4 AE

WorstGiefEVER documented some of the changes to Zangief in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition in video form, and also showed how they can be used.

He made this addendum about the clip.

One thing I did not show was Crouching Light Kick options after EX Green Hand. You can do Crouching Light Kick, Standing Medium Punch, for example.

How to Hit Box: Lesson one video

The guys behind the Hit Box, i.e. the stickless joystick, have posted a tutorial video showing how it works. The clip covers the button configuration, hand/finger placement, the Jump button and ergonomics.

If you're interested or curious about this controller, make sure you check out the video, as it has a great explanation of what to expect.

Excellent Adventures: Season 3 Ep. 8: Hold Dat

Here's a rundown from the Cross Counter team on this episode.

In this Excellent Adventure... Gootecks and Mike Ross encounter a gauntlet of obstacles! Gootecks gets DISTRACTED! Mike faces a DAN player! The guys receive an OBSCENE MESSAGE! And MUCH MORE! This one is pretty good, folks!

Submitted by MrUSAtlas and J1NZ0.

Odo Faction Marvel vs. Capcom 3 montage, Option-Select team combos

Two strong Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo videos hit the web recently. The first one from runs through a ton of cast members, it's nearly 10 minutes long and has a lot of great stuff in it.

The next clip, from Option-Select, is focused on the MvC3 team of Dante, Amaterasu and Dormammu. It's a bit over 5 minutes long and you can check it out by hitting the jump.

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Useless but fun meter wasting Ken and Dan Super Street Fighter 4 AE combos

Some quick-hitting and fun combos for Ken and Dan were posted by Nemesis. These burn through meter and some of them aren't efficient, but they're fun to watch. Hit the link below for more.

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Video interview with Seth Killian, X-Factor discussion in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Dominion Method Gaming's Jason24cf caught up with Seth Killian at East Coast Throwdown 3 on behalf of for a video interview. The audio quality is a bit low, so make sure you turn up the volume.

Jason asks about the future of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, how SFxT is progressing, which Seth states is about 30-35% along in development, who some of the most requested DLC characters are for MvC3 and even more stuff. Make sure you check this out.

Also, there's a second video which shows Seth talking to some top players about how X-Factor works in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix, Guile changes in SSF4 AE, Yun's balancing and other subjects as well, which you can check out by hitting the jump.

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East Coast Throwdown 3 results and stream archive

East Coast Throwdown 3 results and stream archive East Coast Throwdown 3 has finished up and the stream was hosted by Team Spooky.

Games at the event included SSF4 AE and MvC3 Singles and Teams, Mortal Kombat 9, Tekken 6, Arcana Heart 3, Blazblue CS2, SF3: Third Strike and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Also, Street Fighter X Tekken and Skullgirls were available to demo and displayed on the stream.

Check out the results for SSF4 AE, MvC3 and MK9 and a stream archive below.

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Deadpool Merc Perk II: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos from Caj814

Following up his previous theme in combo videos, Caj814 shows off the next set of combos starting with Deadpool. Team Merc features Deadpool, Dante and Taskmaster; three strong characters who can take advantage of the DHC trick very easily.

Ono keeps the train rolling on Super Street Fighter 4:AE update hints

Ono keeps the train rolling on Super Street Fighter 4:AE update hints Further raising the possibilities or his potential troll status, Ono has responded to more tweets with the intent of maybe updating SSF4: Arcade Edition. Interpret his responses as you will, but it looks like plans are becoming more definite to rebalance AE one last time.

How are negotiations with Capcom bosses about the new AE rebalance? =D — Daeyrat

Ono: Hehehe, I had something doing to our Boss... ;P

Please no more SF4. Next game. Too many versions already. — FACENC

Ono: Hahaha, I think that re-tune version doesn't Ultra, Super.... ;D Like a AE 2012 version.

Please patch the twins, they are too good — Hegzorjsy

Ono: We will be try re-tune like a AE 2K12 version. I under negotiation with Capcom VIPs now.

SFIV:AE needs a balanced roster that allows all characters to be [viable.] — MrCJolley.

Ono: If we take a chance, we will be it. I wish make AE 2012 version. ;D

Tips from Aluppoj, Denitô and Eltwopee.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition per-character BP rankings by Lynaken

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition per-character BP rankings by Lynaken Lynaken has been posting more BP rankings from the Japanese arcade players of SSF4: Arcade Edition. This time, he's posted the best ten players per character.

After you hit the jump, you'll see each player's ranked name, the amount of battle points they have and their rank within the arcade system.

Do you see any names on the lists that surprise you? Leave a comment about the ranks below.

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Shadowloo Showdown 2011 results, battle log and stream

Shadowloo Showdown 2011 results, battle log and stream Shadowloo Showdown 2011 in Melbourne, Australia has finished up. The Shadowloo crew provided the live stream for viewers at home throughout the weekend.

Players that attended included: MCZ|Mago, TTC|Tokido, Poongko, TTC|GamerBee, Momochi, Kindevu, Uryo, ChocoBlanka,|Gootecks,|Mike Ross, ToXY, Humanbomb and tons of other competitors.

For the results, battle logs and a stream archive, hit the jump.

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Roundup: Guy Super Street Fighter 4 highlights, MLG $9,000 MK9 tourneys

Roundup: Guy Super Street Fighter 4 highlights, MLG $9,000 MK9 tourneys

• A Guy SSF4 highlight reel was created by PC28385, this one features Elwoodblues85. Submitted by Thai Senpai and SAMURAI.

• Major League Gaming (MLG) is hosting a big Mortal Kombat 9 tournament, with a prize package of $2,000 up for grabs in the first tourney, and $7,000 in prize money for the next event.

• Jamheald did a MvC3 team combo video for Spencer, Wesker and Sentinel.

• Keeping the MvC3 combos coming, xNLG VaLoRx did one invovling Deadpool and Zero, using the DHC trick and 2/3 bars of meter, and scores 1,120,600 damage.

• Mike Ross and Gootecks did a mini video tour of Shadowloo Showdown 2011, showing some of the competitors and talking about the event. Sent in by GoodFool.

Filters in Street Fighter 3 Online Edition applied on per-character basis

Filters in Street Fighter 3 Online Edition applied on per-character basis Seth Killian broke down some of the technology in the upcoming release of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, talking about how the filters work, what the budget was spent on, including the game will have its own external servers in an interview with SiliconEra.

Killian dug into the details, "There are three filters, including an unfiltered version and we can’t take any credit for that. Even when the other two filters are applied they are applied on a per character basis. The way the original characters were drawn they were shaded differently. The use of negative space and shadows varies across characters. Even if you apply a filter that looks good overall to some of the characters, it doesn’t necessarily look good to all of the characters."

"That’s not even really where most of the money was spent. A lot of backend technology to implement our own game system of achievements and systems of unlocks. It was a matter of getting into the basics of the code and tearing the code apart from the arcade side to implement it properly. For 3rd Strike it’s the first time where we’ve had access to the source code, which really paid off," Killian concluded. Ripping apart the source code let Capcom add in replay sharing over Xbox Live/PlayStation Network and YouTube. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition also runs on its own external servers.

Make sure you check out the whole piece by hopping the link.

Tip from David_I.

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