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Tiers for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Super Street Fighter 4 AE replays of Uryo's Sakura from GodsGarden #4

If you didn't watch GodsGarden #4, you missed out. Not only was there some great play across the board, but a Sakura player, Uryo, ended up taking 3rd place overall and did it with some excellent play against some of the top Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition competitors around.

Jigo pointed out some matches on Ov3rheadGreg's YouTube page showcasing Uryo's Sakura against people like Poongko (Seth), MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) and Kazunoko (Yun). It's not often you get to see Sakura played at this level, hit the jump for more videos.

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Olaf's power of the creator: Ep.2 - stranger and stranger

Olaf did another breakdown of Dr. Strange in the form of a video. He also previously broke down both Nemesis and Dr. Strange in the form of an article not too long ago. The video goes over the effectiveness of Dr. Strange's very unique projectiles and he also covers how the glyphs work.

Tip sent in by Corybell.

Yogaflame24's top Japanese/American AE replays of the week

Yogaflame24 sent in another set of replays that show off many top players. These names include Wildcat, Ryukichikun, Sasaki, Gipie, Wolfkrone and BT|Latif. There's a good bit of replays to watch so be sure to hit the jump to get a good look at all of them.

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Roundup: Gouken animation, Planet Zero SBO results, HD cosplay

Roundup: Gouken animation, Planet Zero SBO results, HD cosplay

• Animatelife put up a short, but really cool original animation piece with Gouken and Akuma fighting. There's another clip showing all of the various elements coming together too.

• Hsien Chang (Yun) and Banana Ken (Ken) won the Planet Zero SBO Qualifiers and will be one of the teams representing the U.S. in Japan at Super Battle Opera. Mentioned by KB.

• PsYcHoCI2usHeI2 took HD video of some of the cosplayers, which includes some UMvC3 test footage, and other stuff, at a recent Capcom Fight Club.

• Borawserboxer went into the lab with MODOK for MvC3 and posted a video showing some cool stuff for him. Also, Persona put up a 1.4 million damage Spencer combo without using X-Factor or assists. Tip from Rafael2487.

• The official Street Fighter X Tekken website was updated to show that the game will offer the Fight Request option, where if you're playing single player, an online opponent can jump in and challenge you. Also, some people are speculating with the way the characters appear as is, there's 10 more fighters left to announce, but this page could easily be updated to accommodate more fighters. Submitted by TheDeadTexan and BrawlKarter.

ChaosProductionsInc, Geesolo, Pharaon92i, Rraimannjr and SitverGold all posted gameplay videos of Street Fighter X Tekken or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or both, from either a Fight Club or game expo. If you do a few YouTube searches, you can find a ton of channels with more footage on them. Sent in by Fawaz, ProtoMan Pillz, NumberOneTool and Brazilanubis3.

Rufus Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition combos by Mubress

Mubress wanted to put the spotlight on a guy that doesn't receive a lot of attention in combo video clips, Rufus. This short Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition vid runs through some of Rufus' lesser known and flashier combos.

Also mentioned by Darkspirit138.

Silky smooth hado - Evil Ryu Super Street Fighter 4 AE kara cancel ranges, tricks

LordOfUltima put up another nice video for SSF4 AE Evil Ryu players, showing the kara cancel ranges he has open to him, along with a few other tricks.

Tip from Miwand.

C-Royd teaches Third Strike: The D.E.D. option select

C-Royd is keeping his Street Fighter 3 Third Strike tutorials going strong with the re-release of the game right around the corner. In this episode he tackles the D.E.D. option select for Ken and Chun-Li.

Tips from Rafael2487 and Aer0blue.

Kind of NSFW Street Fighter 4 character poses

7amaad sent in a NSFW (Not Safe For Work, kinda) image collage of Street Fighter 4 characters in suggestive poses. This is pretty ridiculous, and although there's no nudity, you might have to answer a few odd questions from your co-workers or boss if they catch you looking at it.

Click image for larger version

One thing is safe to say after checking out the image... Gen is one dirty old bugger.

Funny and Cool Moments episode #40 from LiangHuBBB

Showing funny and cool moments from Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Street Fighter X Tekken and Mortal Kombat 9, LiangHuBBB has added the 40th (impressive!) entry in his series to YouTube.

Mentioned by DestinyZX1 and Use.Saber.

Cross Counter Live announcement, new YouTube channel

Gootecks and Mike Ross made another video officially announcing Cross Counter Live, the real time edition of their fighting game talk show. There's a new YouTube channel you can subscribe to here to keep track of the gang. Here's an embed of their announcement.

Tip from Mfinnegan73 and Kitesage.

Seth, Niitsuma explain Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fighter selection, gameplay tweaks

GameSpot has yet more Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 content to check out, this one takes the form of a 15 minute interview with Ryota Niitsuma and Seth Killian.

While you might expect this to be another recap clip, and while there's some of that here, the guys also talk about the character selection process, speaking specifically about the ins and outs of why certain fighters were picked.

They also mention there's a re-emphasis on zoning, making it harder to get inside since MvC3 was such a rushdown heavy game. Zoning is being improved by tweaking things like fireball recovery time and such. Also, Ghost Rider was singled out as a strong zoning character. The development team is also trying to make the characters stand out more.

The guys also get into why UMvC3 isn't DLC, cover the release window, and stuff of that nature. All in all, this is a pretty darn good clip, worth your time if you can spare the 15 minutes.

Tip from IceJohn, GHTel and Brazilanubis3.

Cross Counter: Marvel 1.0 featuring Clockw0rk - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tutorial

The Cross Counter team has put up a trailer for a new product they've released, a tutorial video for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 featuring Clockw0rk. If you'd like to order this, it's $10 USD from the official website, but you can save 50% by using the coupon code LAUNCHPARTY, but the code expires on August 27. Check out the clip below and hop the link to see more information about what's in the video.

Cross Counter presents Marvel 1.0 featuring Clockw0rk offers insight into one of the largest legends in competitive Marvel history. Find out how Clockw0rk's heart, innovation and creativity made him the people's champion, and how his MvC3 strategies can help you become a dominant tournament force.

A longtime West Coast MvC2 champion, Clockw0rk invented his unique lockdown playstyle among of sea of Marvel sameness, culminating with a top performance at the EVO 2010 finals and a $15,000 MvC2 match at SoCal Regionals 2010. His imitated-but-never-duplicated Strider/Doom team (a chip-damage duo that survives by executing like "Clockwork") earned him a fanbase around the globe, and now he's set his sights on conquering the next generation of Marvel.

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Magneto fuzzy guard technology for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Breslin of Versus-Scotland posted a video showing a wicked fuzzy guard setup for Magneto in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Check it out.

Tip from Milligano and an anonymous reader.

Cross Counter: Gootecks & Mike Ross - Street Fighter X Tekken, Southwest SBO

Here's what you can expect from the latest Cross Counter video.

In this week's episode, Gootecks and Mike Ross discuss the latest Street Fighter X Tekken trailer and character reveals. Which Tekken character is Mike Ross most excited to play as? Also, the guys go over the results of the recent southwest SBO Qualifiers, which were held in Texas and won by Team Utah. Finally, Gootecks and Mike reveal their big announcement about the future of Cross Counter... things are about to get LIVE!

News emailed in by SnakeX, Gam3fr33k, Marty, Rafael2487, Endz-o, 5 BP Flamoctapus, RandomDP, Dinker Donger and Pandasaurus.

Trish's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Peekaboo glitch explored by Desk

Desk posted a new blog entry and video which covers the recently discovered Trish Peekaboo glitch in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Check out the clip below and hop the link to see more information.

Tip from Rafael2487.

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