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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Seth talks cheap bosses, fighting game stuff with Bitmob

Seth Killian talks about cheap bosses in Capcom fighting games and other general stuff in a recent video interview with Bitmob. There is some NSFW language in the clip, but there's also a good bit of ground covered here in this 14 minute video.

Mentioned by Rafael2487.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE Ibuki bug presentation by Smileymike and Snoooootch

Smileymike and Snoooootch documented some weird stuff with Ibuki in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Check out their video below.

Tips from I_want_your_sister and Rafael2487.

Runnin' Sets ep. 14 Flash Metroid vs. Mike Ross - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pt. 2

Flash Metroid and Mike Ross finish off their Runnin' Sets Marvel vs. Capcom 3 match in the latest video from the Cross Counter team. Check it out below.

Mentioned by RandomDP and WLA_Static.

Evolve: Theme of the EVO Championship Series 2011

RedRapper released Evolve recently, which was the Theme of the EVO Championship Series 2k11 song. You can check it out below and download the iTunes version here. This song features Dillon Hulse, Kanami Shimanuki, Mike Ross, Shizza, Henry Choi & IFC Yipes.

Tip from ThroughSilence, xaznharryx, *****Dildo, Temzudin and Rafael2487.

Wednesday Night Fights: Arcade Edition Season 1.1 stream

Wednesday Night Fights: Arcade Edition Season 1.1 stream Level|Up has kicked off another season of Wednesday Night Fights and will be streaming it live this evening on, starting around 8 p.m. PDT.

This is being hosted at Super Arcade in Walnut, CA, which is being managed by the old school player, Mike Watson. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are the games on the docket for this evening. There are some other special things going on at today's event as well.

To see how things are currently shaking down, and find the rest of the details, hit the link below.

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Updated: Street Fighter 3 Online Edition XBL DLC color pack 1 news

Updated: Street Fighter 3 Online Edition XBL DLC color pack 1 news Updated: Some new information about the problem that came up today with the first DLC package for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition for Xbox Live has been addressed on Capcom-Unity, it reads:

Hi everyone, we have a small public service announcement. Today, the "Color Pack 1" DLC for Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition released on Xbox Marketplace, but it contained incorrect files. The DLC has since been removed from the Marketplace and we are working diligently to get the revised DLC up on the Marketplace. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

For those of you who purchased “Color Pack 1", please contact our customer service department here (click on the "Ask a Question" option). Shortly after the revised DLC pack goes up on the X360 Marketplace, you will be contacted and provided with a redemption code, so you can get the correct one for free. Please note, you’ll have to delete the data you downloaded in order to get the revised DLC download to work properly.

Also, please rest assured that despite being labeled as such, the replay data is not "Match Pack 1". Each Match Pack that we are preparing will not only contain professional commentary, but also information on all the pro players that helped to capture the footage and a Match Pack that contains a “best of” selection.

We apologize again for this mistake, and will keep you guys up to date with the status of "Color Pack 1".

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Sin City Heat Super Street Fighter 4 AE replays: Latif, JWong, Valle and others

Level|Up Series uploaded YouTube replays for the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition portion of Sin City Heat, a tournament held a little ways back in Las Vegas. This features players like BT|Latif, EG|Justin Wong and Alex Valle. Hit the jump for more videos.

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Guard Crush #23 live stream by Team Sp00ky

Guard Crush #23 live stream by Team Sp00ky Streaming live again from Brooklyn, New York, Team Sp00ky is bringing folks at home some mid-week Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament action.

Today is Guard Crush #23 and you can find a bracket for SSF4 AE here on Challonge.

For a live look at the stream, hit the link below.

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Roundup: Juri Super Street Fighter 4 AE highlight, Makoto Street Fighter 3 short from Dhim

Roundup: Juri Super Street Fighter 4 AE highlight, Makoto Street Fighter 3 short from Dhim

• Beehol posted a SSF4 AE highlight compilation for Miya, who he believes is the best Juri player around. Also submitted by Fawaz.

• Dhim, a.k.a., NutsVsGuts, did a short animation video telling everyone to buy SF3 Online Edition. Tip from Farasect and Rafael2487.

Peaceful Jay's 24/7 fighting game stream now includes a news feed from a site you might be familiar with, along with a ticker that provides additional information while you're watching matches.

• Event Mode #48 for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was unlocked the other day. You have to beat arcade mode while not being able to guard (final battle excluded). Title earned after completion: "Carpe Diem!". Tip from Initial R, DK_Brawler and Tom.

Cross Counter Live replays feat. Gootecks, Mike Ross & Alex Valle

Video on demand replays of Cross Counter Live are available now. The show featured Gootecks, Mike Ross, Combofiend and Alex Valle. This is the second episode in the first series.

Hit the jump to catch the second clip.

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Techland interviews Seth Killian about Street Fighter X Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tekken X Street Fighter and more

Techland interviews Seth Killian about Street Fighter X Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tekken X Street Fighter and more Seth Killian has been making rounds to a lot of interviewers over the past several weeks. This time, he's being interviewed courtesy of Techland. The topics include the fighting game community's improved knowledge base, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Tekken X Street Fighter. You can catch a piece of the interview below and the rest here.

Techland: The other big thing you have coming in the fighting game genre is obviously Street Fighter X Tekken. What has the response been so far as fighting tournament season has progressed and what kind of feedback are you hearing from the hardcore fans? What do they want?

Seth Killian: This one actually worries me. Because you know the hardcore fighting guys are not shy about telling you what they think. If they're not happy, they're going to let you know. This isn't even sort of, “I'm sure I can put a shine on this if I wanted to,” but this is really the worrisome truth, which is that people are just having fun with it, and they're like, “This is awesome. I'm having a great time.”

And I'm like, “Well, don't you want to complain Nothing?” And so the element that they've complained about most had been the HUD and that the life bars were not clearly visible because they're orange but a different kind of orange and then ringed in orange flame. I was like, "Touché." We took that back to the dev team and they've already made adjustments there to try and clear that up. But I was like, “This is really the worst thing you guys have to say? Because I don't believe that for a second.” We're going to hear about it.

So, for me, it's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like everybody is setting me up with, “Oh, it's great. It's great. It's great.” And right before it comes out, I'll get hammered with, “Oh, this is horrible.” But, as of right now, it's been unadulterated love which is a little eerie.

Sent in by Fawaz.

Angry Joe interviews Seth Killian about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 information

Angry Joe has posted a new interview with Seth Killian today where they recap some of the more heavily debated issues surrounding the announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Angry Joe has had a notoriously negative reaction to UMvC3 in the past and it shows in his questions. Still, Seth's responses are good ones and worth a watch.

Tip from Rafael2487, y.kececi and Fawaz.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Expert MODOK play from BKB (Nos99)

A new video was uploaded onto the CrouchStrong channel which shows some deadly MODOK strategizing from a player called Awesomesaur. Watch how he takes advantage of MODOK's throws, fast overheads, Analyze Cubes and Jamming Bombs.

Tip from an anonymous contributor.

Devastation 2011 trailer one: Phoenix, Arizona tournament

A hype new trailer for Devastation 2011 was just released. This event will be taking place in Phoenix, Arizona on October 6 - 9, 2011. Hit the website linked above for more information and to register.

Mentioned by Rafael2487.

DLC color pack for Street Fighter 3 Online Edition out on PSN

D3v on Capcom-Unity put together a collage shot showing all of the new DLC color options for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition that were made available today. It's being sold for $2.99 USD on the PlayStation Network.

The Xbox Live release should be following very soon.

Click image for larger version

Tip from Badjab326 and Ketchup17.

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