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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax tiers

Seth Killian, Derek Neal demo Street Fighter 3 Online Edition for GameSpot

GameSpot got a whopping 30+ minute demo of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike from Capcom's Seth Killian and Derek Neal.

Derek plays on the stick in the background and while Seth is dishing the knowledge, you get to see a lot of the game's modes and what is has to offer. Notable stuff includes:

• The Battle log saves the last 100 matches.

• You get to see the Handicap Trials, including one where your character starts with almost no health.

• Video of the combo trials are included, and they work a lot like the ones in the SF4 series.

• The Save State feature is demoed, where if there's a certain set of circumstances you want to flash back to, like Ryu being an inch off the ground, you can jump right back to that state with the touch of a button over and over again.

This of course recaps a lot of previously covered ground, but if you're hyped about the game and it's various modes, it's a good way to see things in action before its released.

Tip from Rafael2487.

3 Green Bars series 3 trailer from CptMunta

CptMunta sent in the trailer for series 3 of 3 Green Bars. This is a YouTube travel log that looks at fighting game communities around the globe, but this time around CptMunta will focus on places a little closer to home like Melbourne, Australia and Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand.

Also submitted by Rafael2487.

Elena 3D model speed sculpture by James Van Den Bogart

James Van Den Bogart has posted an excellent video showing a 3D model of Elena from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike being created. This is a speed sculpture that starts off with a base model that barely has any features, but it quickly evolves into a very nice piece of art. This is awesome.

Mentioned by GlitchIA.

Guard Crush 21 live stream by Team Sp00ky

Guard Crush 21 live stream by Team Sp00ky Team Sp00ky is running the Guard Crush #21 live video feed today from Henry Cen's The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is the premiere game again this week, with some of the east coast's top players participating.

Hit the link below to view an embed of the live stream.

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eSports: An EVOlution in entertainment by Palindrome

eSports: An EVOlution in entertainment by Palindrome A very powerful and well written article has gone up on The article covers the growth of e-sports and compares fighting games to certain sports that share some similarities with them. It's very thorough and is a must read for any kind of gamer. Here's a snip from the article and hit the link to get to it.

Most fighting games are rather fast-paced and visceral as well. Games like Mortal Kombat, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 3, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II, and Tekken 6 are very colorful, feature full-contact battles, and have their own unique feel to them despite being in the same genre. However, this does bring up a point that cannot be ignored about the nature of fighting games: both the arena and the fighters themselves are a product. When I say the fighters are a product, I am, of course, referring to the characters in the game who have preset moves and stats. They have a set amount to their abilities that cannot be changed via exercise or training.

This creates a phenomenon not seen in other sports. The competitors must work around the virtual constraints of their chosen avatar. Unlike a conventional sport where players must maintain their physical condition, fighting game players must assume the identity of their character and use strategy to win. That's not to say that sports don't employ strategy, rather fighting games use strategy exclusively. The training a fighting game player undergoes is less about physical condition and more about timing to get combos down correctly and testing out the tools their character has. This is also enhanced by the fact that fighting games nowadays have new iterations/patches very frequently, meaning that gameplay and strategy is kept fresh due to game mechanic and character changes.

Tip sent in by Fawaz and Rafael2487.

Evo 2011: Inflitration and Laugh Interview with Zhi

Cross Counter TV uploaded another interview with CCA's Zhi doing them. Zhi had the chance to interview Laugh and Infiltration who are both top contenders back in Korea. He asked them about how Street Fighter fairs as an E-sport back in Korea. It's a pretty interesting interview that sheds some light on how fighting games are ranked in terms of status in different countries.

Tip sent in by neoWhite.

Cross Counter: Gootecks interview with Filipino Champ

CompLexity has uploaded an interview with cc.coL|Filipino Champ right after EVO 2011. He and Cross Counter's Gootecks discuss nerves while competing on EVO's stage and his accomplishments in AE and MvC3.

Sent in by Chris0419.

Roundup: Eight on the Break article, 3S pre-order information

Roundup: Eight on the Break article, 3S pre-order information

• Always Godlike's Denjin Dave wrote up a very interesting article about the arcade Eight on the Break and its long history on the east coast. Eight on the Break is based in New Jersey and has been visited by a multitude of famous players over the years. Tips from Rafael2487 and AG|IFC Ricky.

• Capcom-Unity has posted news about a pre-order bonus for PSN buyers of SF3: Third Strike OE. The bonus includes a free theme for the PS3 desktop, a 20% discount and an unlock of Gill without having to play through arcade mode. Sent in by Fawaz.

• An artist going under the name TheLeftHandedMonkey has posted a sped-up video of him painting a picture of Dan in the SF4 style. He also provides some commentary as he paints (which is slightly NSFW).

• Snoooootch has posted the winners of his "Making Street Fighter look like Tekken" combo challenge. The winner gets art of a game character designed by Snootch himself, so it's best to keep an eye on his channel to see if there are any combo challenges you can win. Sent in by Fawaz.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Highlight matches featuring FAX Gimoto's Makoto

XUpYourGameX has been uploading a lot of Japanese player replays on PSN lately. One of the players included in their updates is a very talented Makoto player by the name of FAXgimoto who won around 12 matches in a row in a 39 vs. 39 tournament in Japan. Hit the jump to catch all the matches.

Tip from Fawaz.

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Maximilian's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay breakdown part 2, Strider & Wesker

In part 2 of Maximilian's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay breakdown, he covers some of the remaining details about Strider, then delves into some of Wesker's changes in UMvC3.

Mentioned by Rafael2487, Matthew J., Chaosfire and Brandon C.

Redeem codes for Super Street Fighter 4 AE PC going out now to EVO attendees

If you registered for EVO 2011, you should be receiving a email with a redeem code for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on the PC. The email looks like the image below, sans the blacked out parts. If you haven't received this email yet, please check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there.

Click image for larger version

You can punch in your redeem code here on, but you'll need an active Windows Live account to sign into first. Getting an account going is free and fairly painless, if you don't have one. Most people reading this probably already do, though.

Next you'll need the Games for Windows Marketplace Client which is another free download, it's about 20MB. Once you launch that and sign in, click on Download up at the top, and you should see SSF4 AE PC in the list of stuff you can get.

This is a 7.17 gigabyte install file, so it'll take awhile depending on your connection, but this is a really sweet gift by the EVO staff and Capcom, so it's a good thing to follow up on if you attended this event.

Contributions to this story by SFilp and BlankaBeast.

Ken123103's Captain America Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo exhibition

Showing beginner, intermediate, advanced and some fun stuff thrown in for good measure, Ken123103 has posted a new Captain America Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video. Here's an embed.

Also submitted by Rafael2487.

Getting the right mindset by Ryan Hunter

Getting the right mindset by Ryan Hunter Ryan Hunter from posted a new blog entry. This one covers the current mindset of a portion of the fighting game community. He isn't attacking anyone, but is explaining the difference in mentality from the currently community when compared to the community in the past due to the availability of patches. Here's a snip from the blog post and hit the link to see the entire thing.

There is certainly a strong argument to be made on both sides, but that's not the focus of this article. The point is that patches are a reality. Every "current generation" fighting game has undergone at least one patch meant to tweak balance, fix glitches, add characters, etc. But what has this done to the overall mindset of the community? It seems clear to me that overall, players have become soft due to the knowledge of patches. I don't want to sound preachy, but in the days before SF4, everyone in the community seemed to have more drive than they do now. Back then, whether it was CvS2, MvC2, 3S, or whatever, you played the game for it was, and that was it. You accepted the game for what it was. If you didn't like it, you didn't play, as simple as that. Everyone knew there were glitches, and imbalances, and tiers, but to the people who wanted to play, it didn't matter.

Tip sent in by Fawaz, Rafael2487, Mjhalili and Gemakai.

Team Evil Geniuses interview with ChocoBlanka & Momochi

Team Evil Geniuses interview with ChocoBlanka & Momochi ChocoBlanka and Momochi, both from Japan, recently spoke with their sponsorship team, Evil Geniuses about EVO 2011 and what life is like being Street Fighter competitors, among other things. Here's a snip.

Angstygaijin: What are the differences between pro players in Japan versus America?

ChocoBlanka: I don't really think there's much difference between American and Japanese pro players. The differences that do exist are cultural and environmental. In Japan, the competitive gaming scene really isn't that popular in the mainstream when compared to America, so we'd like for that to change. We want e-sports to become more popular in Japan, and I think America has been a very good influence on that front.

Tip from CoolGrayAJ and Rafael2487.

1Up Q&A, preview for Street Fighter 3 Online Edition with Capcom staff

1Up Q&A, preview for Street Fighter 3 Online Edition with Capcom staff 1Up posted a question and answer session, along with a preview of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, with the Capcom guys Seth Killian and Derek Neal.

Both articles have a few juicy bits to grab on to, but there's nothing of the knock your socks off variety. Here's a bit from the Q&A.

Yerffejk: Is there a quick rematch option in one of the lobbies? This was a feature lacking from every version of SF4, and I hated it. You did too.

Derek Neal: The player match mode has quick matches, but the winner stays and the loser rotates. So the next guy in the line will immediately come up and go again. In the offline local match mode, there's a quick rematch feature that lets you immediately play again with the same guy and the same characters if you want. We can't do that on online ranked mode, because then people could exploit the system and abuse it and stuff. Otherwise we'd have it there as well.

Seth Killian: But in a two person lobby you would be able to play with your buddy and go right back in there. Ranked mode or otherwise it would be like, "Hey, you don't care about your score in this game. Just let me have a perfect record of 8,000 wins and you have 8,000 loses."

Also, in page one of the preview they talk about some of the development decisions that were made with the game, in regards to not removing Urien's unblockable and keeping certain bugs. Here's a rip from that one.

"With the Dreamcast version there were mainly two things. First, from the arcade version there were a bunch of things that were bug fixed that the community actually liked, "explains Derek Neal. "Things like Urien's unblockable, which got fixed for the console releases. But the community didn't want these things fixed. They made the game more fun." Neal also tells me the Dreamcast port jumbled a bunch of move properties, affecting the amount of damage characters inflicted compared to their arcade counterparts.

"It wasn't night and day, but yeah [it was] just enough to piss people off, "chimes in Killian, before he gives me an understandable comparison: "Imagine going back into your apartment and someone moved your TV two inches to the left. And it feels like... what happened? That's not right."

Sallee asks if Kara Throwing (the ability to cancel the animation of a regular move to increase the range of a throw) was one of those bugs -- an interesting question when you consider how integral this move is to most fighting games today. "That one is straddling the line between a bug and being an unintended feature, "Neal answers. "You're always going to have possibilities for Kara moves. We balance around them and accept that it's part of the game. It's not like a feature we put in there, but if it's an emergent property we try and acknowledge it."

Tip from Rafael2487.

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