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Street Fighter 3 3S: SA2 Dudley tool-assisted arcade run

AlexxShadenk777 is back with a tool-assisted arcade run with Dudley in Third Strike. This time, he focuses on Dudley's Super Art 2 (Rolling Thunder) and tries to apply it in as many matches as possible. Dudley is a juggle-centric character, so seeing some of the very difficult juggles being pulled off is quite the treat.

Fighting game community documentary: Live competitive

A documentary was uploaded onto Dacidbro's YouTube channel named Live Competitive. It's very well edited and sends out a strong message to those who haven't shown up in the community yet. It's a shout to those who still haven't shown up to tournaments to enjoy the game with other people face to face. The documentary has many familiar faces in it despite it being a message to all fighting game fans.

Tip sent in by Fawaz and Rafael2487.

SSFIV AE: Gouken AE 100% health resets by Stiffler2100

Stiffler2100 uploaded a video showing just how devastating Gouken's resets can be when executed correctly. He states that some of them may not be practical, but with proper setup can be done in a match. With the buff to Gouken's U2 coming in a few months, the chances of causing stun will definitely increase. Stiffler2100 is the Gouken overseer and has a great guide in the forums be sure to check it out.

Tip sent in by WreQLazZ and Rafael2487.

New system for Street Fighter X Tekken will debut at TGS

New system for Street Fighter X Tekken will debut at TGS Yoshinori Ono will debut a new system for Street Fighter X Tekken at this year's Tokyo Game Show, September 15 - 18, 2011, along with new characters as well. No word on if this system has anything to do with the image he posted the other day that shows two super bars in the game, but here's the quote from his Twitter account, regardless.

Relax, everything is going to be perfect TGS Can't wait ^_^ — Kid_Nova77

Ono: Thanks, but we'll be announce about new system in Tokyo Game Show... so busy... ;)

Also, put up a short podcast interview with Yoshinori, where he mentions that the storylines between Namco and Capcom's versions of SFxT won't cross over and hints at mini games or some other kinds of extra modes like Tekken Ball could be added in, potentially as soon as TGS.

This isn't a long interview, and there's interesting stuff discussed, so it's worth hoping the link to hear Ono talk shop. You can skip straight to the Ono interview by jumping to the 01:09:00 mark of the podcast.

Source: Ono's Twitter. Tips from Morrellium_84, Brazilanubis3 and Fawaz.

Team Synergy Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo videos from Xuses

Xuses put up part 2 of the Team Synergy Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video series, which features a number of characters, but focuses a lot on Dante.

You can find part 1 after the jump.

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3 Green Bars series 3 ep. #2: Christchurch, New Zealand

CptMunta covered the episode with this note. He also has a bunch of links for those interested in his events in the video description on YouTube.

Thanks for tuning in to the 2nd episode of series 3 of 3 Green Bars.

My own scene in Christchurch New Zealand is covered in this episode. I discuss with the locals regarding the challenges of building a scene here and how the massive February quake has had an effect on our fighting game community.

I chat with Gino from Hamilton and DeeJ from New Plymouth about their FG communities. And Iain from Timezone arcade about Tekken 6 and the arcade scene here.

Smileymike's trailer for upcoming combo videos and matches

Smileymike and Snoootch have created a trailer for the reboot of smileymike's channel. Also in the description of the video they state that they want fans to comment on YouTube about which SF4 characters they want to see fight in stylish tool-assisted matches.

Tip from Snoootch, Alex_Mihai and Jamheald.

Yoshinori Ono interviewed about Super Street Fighter 4 AE and Street Fighter X Tekken

Yoshinori Ono interviewed about Super Street Fighter 4 AE and Street Fighter X Tekken Gamasutra has conducted a quick interview with Yoshinori Ono today. They discuss fighting game user interfaces, potential future games, merging the styles of two different fighting games and so forth. You can see a piece of the interview below and you can catch the rest here.

Gamasutra: In the case of Street Fighter x Tekken, you’re taking two totally separate playing styles and trying to merge them. How do you make this make sense for the player, in terms of gameplay?

Ono: This is a truly challenging task, to be sure. But it is said that the original Tekken team was influenced by SFII when they made Tekken, so there are many aspects of Tekken that do translate well to Street Fighter.

The Street Fighter team was able to use these translatable aspects as a way to connect the two series and come up with a rule set that would make sense to fans of both series. The team is currently hard at work perfecting these rules as we speak [laughs].

I think the gate of entry into a new game is particularly important. We’ve made this game so that Tekken players will be able to use a button input style that they’re used to. It’s our way of preventing people from stumbling their way through that gate of entry.

Tip from Dragon_316.

Runnin' Sets ep. #13 Flash Metroid vs. Mike Ross - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pt. 1

A new episode of Running Sets featuring Flash Metroid and Mike Ross facing off in MvC3 has been uploaded. Flash Metroid plays his team of Dante, Iron Man and Tron Bonne while Mike plays his Storm, Sentinel, and Hulk team. Uploaded by Cross Counter.

Tip from Rafael2487, Oliur89, CGS_Jethuty and WreQLazZ.

SSFIV AE technology: Ibuki, Evil Ryu, and Oni

A good bit of tech has sprung up for these less-than-popular characters. Despite Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver. 2012 coming up around the corner it doesn't mean that new technology can't be discovered for the time being. Here are a few videos demonstrating some known or recently discovered technology. Hit the jump for Evil Ryu and Oni.

Ibuki double reset uploaded by EmM4nIbuki.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: C. Viper FADC tutorial/potential, Iron Man & Spencer combos

Gottnoskill put up a terrific C. Viper tutorial for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which takes a closer look at her FADC ability and how you can potentially do some nasty things with it. This tutorial is explained in a very clear and easy to understand manner, even though it's talking about very execution heavy techniques.

Hit the link below for more content.

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Roundup: Horribly interesting SF video and Ken theme history

Roundup: Horribly interesting SF video and Ken theme history

• A really horrible yet incredibly interesting live action SF video was uploaded not too long ago. It's all in Spanish and it was made in Colombia, but that doesn't affect how interesting it is. If you want to skip straight to the fighting go ahead and jump to 7:40 mark. Tip sent in by jdcamacho.

• An MvC3 Rap was uploaded a few days ago. The video is well edited and has some good laugh-out-loud moments. Tip sent in by One hundred percent.

• We had an article a while back showing a video that showed off all of Ryu's theme history. The same person created this video showing off the theme history of Ken. Tip sent in by Mr. Pavy.

• Ultimatesnake uploaded a few pictures of a gaming desk he created for SSFIV: AE.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: West Coast Qualifiers for SBO, other Level|Up videos

Level|Up has been hard at work uploading tournament footage to their YouTube channel, including the West Coast Qualifiers for SBO, which have been embedded below. These SSF4 AE clips include matches from cc.coL|Mike Ross, cc.coL|Filipino Champ and BT|Latif.

Hit the jump for more.

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Ono shows two super meters in Street Fighter X Tekken

Ono has posted a picture on his Twitter which shows two super meters in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Click image for larger versions

He also talked about how the status of v2012 of SSF4 AE and Street Fighter X Tekken is currently progressing as well.

We're coming down the homestretch for SFxTK's Phase1(Alpha)! and AE 2012.... We cant take rest day... ;(

Leave a comment below with what you think the two super meters in SFxT could be used for.

Submitted by Fawaz, Kuya117 and Luna.

Roundup: Cross Counter Asia interview, 3sOE ranked match fix

Roundup: Cross Counter Asia interview, 3sOE ranked match fix

Cross Counter Asia did an interview with Sonic from Singapore. The guy who created the 8-bit Daigo Parry video. Tip sent in by NMS84 and Rafael2487.

Amazon's deal of the day has Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition for the PC is on sale today for $19.99. Tip from LK and Simas86.

• Some Xbox 360 3rd Strike Online Edition players have noticed that by changing their location to Mexico and their time zones to Mexico City they can get into more ranked matches. Tip from EVIL_MECHANICK.

• Christian Svensson posted on the Capcom-Unity forums that the PS1 version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 is scheduled for release on the PSN somtime during late October. Tip from Jerry.

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