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Yang AE matches feat. Ojisan Boy vs. Mago, Poongko and more

Ov3rheadGreg is hard at work uploading more highlights from top-ranked players. This time, he's brought Ojisan Boy to the spotlight, a former Sagat player from vanilla SF4 that has switched to Yang. In these videos, he fights Mago first in a set of three matches, then Poongko, Gamerbee and YHCMochi.

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Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Kuroda highlight reel

Learie99 sent in a highlight reel for Kuroda, a master Third Strike player that was created by agtool. For those who haven't heard of Kuroda, he is regarded as one of the best Third Strike players of all time with incredible intuitive knowledge of game mechanics and expert usage of lower-tiered characters.

If you want to see more Third Strike highlight videos, check out the rest on agtool's YouTube channel.

Guile theme - Street Fighter beatbox and guitar by Zack Andrew

Artist Zack Andrew has posted a new Street Fighter beatbox and guitar video, this time performing Guile's stage song.

Tip also submitted by DanceMasterV.

Dante Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos: The Hitconfirm Chronicles Vol. #1

Nini Heart put up an extensive Dante Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video titled The Hitconfirm Chronicles Vol. #1. There's over 12 minutes of action with a lot of great stuff in here.

This combo video/video tutorial shows how to get the max amount of damage/meter off particular situations with Dante and pals. Air to air, anti air, off assists, air grabs, normal grabs, etc. a lot of situations are showcased here with some optimal or near optimal combos, [mostly] without X-Factor.

Mike Ross, Filipino Champ take West Coast SBO qualifiers spot

Mike Ross, Filipino Champ take West Coast SBO qualifiers spot Level|Up announced today that Brokentier|Latif and Mr. SNK have forfeited their West Coast Super Battle Opera 2011 spot for SSF4 AE.

Team 'No SBO For You' confirms that they will forfeit their spot for the runner up team due to passport/visa complications.

Team Complexity.Cross Counter will now represent the US in the SBO 2011 SSF4:AE tournament in September.

Runner-up: Complexity.Cross Counter - Mike 'Vermillion' Ross and Ryan 'Filipino Champ' Ramirez.

Tip from Shffl, Samhuff, BADerRules, NovaX and BMO.

SSFIV Guile FADC Ultra tutorials by GerkorSuper Street Fighter 4

GerkorSSF4 posted a set of Guile tutorials explaining how to dash cancel into his ultras. They are pretty well put together and use slow motion to really show how the timing works. Despite the nerfs to Guile's ultra 2 the technique in itself is very useful to know for many other charge characters. Be sure to hit the jump for the second video.

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Daigo Umehara's (gameinn) 45 Win Streak

Ov3rheadGreg posted a video showing Daigo playing in endless battle. He held a 45 win streak and played many great players a long the way. Fair warning, the video quality is sub-par and tends to glitch a bit, but it's still over an hours' worth of footage showing one of the top AE players at work.

Tip sent in by J1NZ0.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike animated guide to Urien by SilentBob

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike animated guide to Urien by SilentBob Zombiebrian pointed out a really slick guide for Urien in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, put together by SilentBob here on the forums.

Instead of more traditional guides which just have text and a handful of images in them, SilentBob went through the trouble of adding animated sprites into all of the moves listings for this character, including some notes on how to use them properly.

This is a really nice and unique approach to a guide, and it's worth looking at even if you're not a fan of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. If you're looking to brush up on some Urien knowledge though, you definitely have to read this.

Here's a grab.

- Normals have a lot of range, priority and damage.
- Aegis Reflector is arguably one of the best Super Arts in the game.
- Monstrous damage on his combos.
- His dash has amazing speed and range.
- Great range on his grabs.

- His normals are quite slow which makes them easy to parry.
- It can be quite difficult to get out of pressure situations.
- He has a very steep learning curve.
- His projectile has a lot of startup and recovery.
- Lacks a proper anti-air.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Chun-Li true infinite combo by Desk

Also making the shift over to Machinima Respawn, Desk has posted a new clip for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition which shows an infinite combo for Chun-Li.

Mentioned by Eeprom.

Roundup: Street Fighter 4 series tutorial videos, how to do tool-assistance

Roundup: Street Fighter 4 series tutorial videos, how to do tool-assistance

• Ryu Apprentice has put up an archive with a ton of Street Fighter 4 series video tutorials on to his blog. This is a great place to find instructional videos on the characters.

• Error1 uploaded a clip to YouTube showing how to make a tool-assisted Street Fighter 4 series video.

• Capcom-Unity put up another Assist of the Day for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a little ways back. This is the 12th entry in their series.

• Eternal Rival clothing is now sponsoring the community groups Always Godlike and Team Fighters Alliance. Mentioned by TRU.

RF and Kindevu sponsored by eLive, en route to EVO 2k11

RF and Kindevu sponsored by eLive, en route to EVO 2k11 eLive Entertainment has sent us a press release detailing the recent addition of Kindevu and RF to their list of sponsored players. They also stated that they will assist both of these players in participating in EVO 2011. For those who do not know, eLive|RF and eLive|Kindevu were the SBO 2010 champions. A piece of their press release is given below.

eLive is an online system that gives everyone the ability to watch, talk and interact with fighting game videos online using an excellent overlay system with match commentary and chats. It is very popular in Europe.

Known as the best Sagat player in Japan in SSF4 eLivepro|RF, A.K.A. "The King", is now willing to show his skills on the international level and the 2011 Evolution will be an event worthy of this incredible player for sure.

Quite the versatile player, RF is good at many different games. Famous for being the best Faust in the world in GGAC, he is also a well-known KOF player (qualified every year for SBO). Winner of the SBO 2010 in 2 different categories, he also won the Stunfest 2011 in 2 different games: SSF4, and GGAC.

Recently, eLivepro|RF made a great performance during the Shadowloo Showdown 2011 in Australia. By placing 3rd in SSF4AE solo and 2nd in SSF4AE Team, he showed the world that Sagat is still a force to be reckoned with.

Called the "Genius", eLivepro|Kindevu took his first steps among the champions by playing CVS2 and the Guilty Gear series.

He first won the SBO 2004 in CVS2 with his teammates MCZ.Mago and Sawada, and finished top 4 during the SBO 2005 in Guilty Gear XX #Reload with eLivepro|RF and Kubo.

Kindevu began his international career by performing well in US competitions, placing 3rd for CVS2 and 2nd on GGXX#R during EVO 05, as well as 1st for CVS2 and 2nd for GGXX during EVO 06.
But the Genius really started to show his full potential with SF4: ranked 3rd in the Japanese National Championship in 2009, he became the National Champion in 2010 and also won the SBO that same year.

Friends in real life and eternal fighting partners, eLivepro|RF and eLivepro|Kindevu finished 2nd in SSFIV AE Team tournament during the Shadowloo Showdown 2011.

They are now united under the same flag and playing for the same team.

Press release given by Frionel. and BossLogic present new 3S:OE wallpapers recently did a feature of BossLogic and the wallpapers that he put together for the upcoming release of Third Strike: Online Edition. There's a lot of great work as usual by BossLogic, so preview some of the wallpapers below before checking out the rest of them at his Flickr page.

Click images for larger versions

Tip from ActRmx.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 combos be Keiko, Vol. 2

KeikoMars from the SFZ2 Blog posted the latest montage of custom combos in his series of Street Fighter Alpha 2 combo videos. If you enjoy watching combo videos for classic games, look no further. On Keiko's website, there is a simple transcript for the combos.

WARNING: The default volume of this video is very loud, so turn down your speakers.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Yun's 814 damage combo without Genei Jin, other stuff

SMOAI2010 recently posted a Yun Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition combo video, which includes a monster 814 damage setup, which doesn't involve Genei Jin. You can find this at the very end of the clip below.

Desk has this beat with his 845 damage Yun combo, but it's still cool to see another high damage setup that doesn't involve his super move.

Bionic Arm! Spencer Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video

UGG-SIN2 has returned with more killer Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos, this time featuring Spencer from the 2009 Bionic Commando game. This clip was uploaded by SMOAI2010.

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