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Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers

Guy Super Street Fighter 4 and AE match highlights from Nox2

Daigo Umehara called him the best Guy player he had faced at the time, back in Decemeber 2010, and now Nox2, who hails from Kuwait, posted a highlights collage of some of his matches from Super Street Fighter 4 and Arcade Edition.

If you want to see more Kuwaiti players in action, check out this YouTube channel.

Mentioned by Boland, Yah655, SForce and Adi9495.

Street Fighter X Tekken character teaser #6

Capcom put out a new character teaser for Street Fighter X Tekken this morning. This is the 6th character teaser trailer.

Who do you think this is? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Tip from VashTheSlash, Uinseann and a couple anonymous readers.

Roundup: Event #44 for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, title update for PC Super Street Fighter 4 AE soon

Roundup: Event #44 for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, title update for PC Super Street Fighter 4 AE soon

• Event #44 for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is now available. It's Event Match 20. Challenge: Finish Arcade with your opponent's attacks dealing extremely heavy damage (final battle excluded). Title unlocked: Services for Sale. Submitted by ZeuX, Kash Howard and Freed Frichards from Xbox Live Junkies Anonymous.

• The title update for the PC release of SSF4 AE should be out very soon now, according to Capcom-Unity. Mentioned by ConneX.

Epic footage of James Chen owning a table was posted by Level|Up. Pointed out by PotatoHead.

• Kotaku posted an article talking about The 10 Best Moments in Pro-Gaming History, and a couple of Street Fighter highlights made the list. Tip from Gtfopanda.

• Mad Catz uploaded a longer video from the SSF4 AE launch party. Svensson talks again about the future of Arcade Edition, although he recaps previously known details, and MarkMan mentions he's working on designing the next generation of FightSticks.

• One of Evil Genius' newest members, fLoE was interviewed by Topics mostly cover the tournament scene and it's a good read if you want to know more about him. Mentioned by Bulgerine.

• NettoZero showed how Yang's taunt #9 can be used to avoid some low attacks in SSF4 AE.

Oni Super Street Fighter 4 AE movie from Japan, bread and butter combos

SMOAI2010 uploaded an Oni Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition combo movie from Japan to his YouTube page. Instead of highly flashy combos, instead you'll see more practical setups, with lots of corner juggles and hit confirms.

If you're looking to pick up Oni, or you're not highly familiar with him and want to know some of what he's capable of, check this out.

Mentioned by ChunLiSexBeast.

Marn talks about sponsorships in the community, DMG follow up

Marn talks about sponsorships in the community, DMG follow up Martin "Marn" Phan shined a bit of light on a subject that many people have asked about in the fighting game community — details on what sponsorships for players do and don't mean.

Sponsorships are not a universal package, and each company has a different thing they do for the players signed to their name, but still, Marn was with a big team and he shares his own perspective on how things went for him. Here's a grab.

• Free flights and hotels
• Exposure
• Sense of a family
• Salary (Only for some players)

• Contracts
• No salary (Most players)
• Stuck within a company.

Ok, it’s like 3:41AM so I can’t think of that many. But to cut it short… You’re not able to be sponsored by a big company like Intel without going through you’re sponsored team first. If someone approached you, gotta go straight to the manager first. And at first, yeah, a person like me can’t just talk to someone high up and expect results so you just have you’re team do it because that’s what you’re there for… Right? But if you just sit down and look at the facts, it’s all nonsense. Teams are sponsored because they promise views, they promise videos, they promise just content for the sponsors to get exposed. If you could do the same, why go through basically a talent agency?

Also, Jason24cf, who helps run Dominion Method Gaming (DMG), one of the biggest sponsorship groups in the fighting game community, responded to Marn's column with his own thoughts on the subject. Here's a snip from that one as well.

I do all in my power to promote him and other players on DMG. Can he do the same? Yes he can, does he want to spend that time and effort that it takes to contact companies and go through countless hours of back and forth talks with no results at the end?

That's up to the individual himself. I'm not saying that PR can do it because I'm sure he can. It's easier for him to focus on his game and know that he has someone who is really looking out for his best interest. Yes sponsors give money to the teams/players for exposure. That's no secret just look at NASCAR. Do sponsors tell you "yes or no"? In my exp I have never come across this.

Just some food for thought for those of you out there thinking about becoming a sponsored player.

Tip also submitted by Dommafia.

Wednesday Night Fights: Summer Edition 1.3 live stream

Wednesday Night Fights: Summer Edition 1.3 live stream The Wednesday Night Fights tournament is now underway in southern California. Scheduled games tonight include Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat 9.

The Level|Up team is once again streaming things for viewers at home, and you can expect some very strong players in attendance.

Check out the stream by clicking the link below.

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Guard Crush Team Battles 3v3 live stream

Guard Crush Team Battles 3v3 live stream Team Sp00ky is streaming the Guard Crush Team Battles 3v3 tournament today. The event is taking place at Henry Cen's The Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn, New York.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are the schedule games competitors will be going head to head at tonight.

To see how the live stream is progressing, click the link below.

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Live on 3: Ponder and Inkblot discuss EVO 2011

Live on 3: Ponder and Inkblot discuss EVO 2011 Ponder and Inkblot, two of the guys behind the Evolution Fighting Game tournament were guests on Live on 3 this evening.

Topics that will be asked about include: Names of confirmed Japanese, Korean and overseas players attending, those not named Daigo and Tokido. The total number of players attending. The type of coverage partnership that we will see out of EVO, including if Adam Sessler will return. The current state of EVO Japan and thoughts on expanding EVO out to more events per year.

The show has already started but these guys haven't been on yet, here's another little blurb about what's in store for viewers. Hit the jump to check out an embed of the archive.

On tonight's return of Live On Three with show #79, Evolution and Shoryuken founders Tom and Tony Cannon will come on the show for the very first time. We will discuss all things EVO 2011 including the recent stream and commentator announcements, points and change of bracket structure announcements, among other new changes that have been announced. Will also be trying to pry as much competitor information from the Cannon brothers as possible, especially which of the Japanese players are scheduled to attend.

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Final part of Capcom-Unity's interview with Daigo Umehara

Final part of Capcom-Unity's interview with Daigo Umehara Capcom-Unity put up the third and final part of their interview with Daigo Umehara, covering more fan questions. Here's an except from the piece.

4) Daigo, I have no doubt a lot of respect for you as a person and as a pro-player of street fighter.  My question is. How long does it take for you to adapt to a new fighting game such as street fighter and what do you like most about fighting games? the competitive drive, discovery of combos, tricks and setups, etc?


Daigo: Hmm… it’s hard to say, but maybe about 3 month? What do I like most about fighting games is the fact that anyone can easily pick up and enjoy a match regardless of his or her experience level.

5) Who inspires you when you play in video game tournaments? --Robert

Daigo: I wish I could give you a player's name, but I don't have any specific person in mind when it comes to winning. But the number of players definitely affects my spirit. The more there are, the more exciting it gets, and that’s a part of the reason why EVO is so great.

My father has always been my inspiration in my game playing career. He supported me in whatever I wanted to do and inspired me to do the best and be the best. I am very grateful of both my parent's generosity and warm support.

Tool-assisted Street Fighter 3 3s match & super play from AlexxShadenk777

AlexxShadenk777 put up a few more sweet Street Fighter 3 Third Strike tool-assisted videos. The first one is an Akuma vs. Dudley match, and the second is a super play run through arcade mode using Akuma, which you can check out after the jump.

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Capcom running Fight Clubs in the UK over next 12 months

Capcom running Fight Clubs in the UK over next 12 months Capcom fighting game fans in the United Kingdom are getting some serious love over the next year, as a post on Capcom-Europe's website offers a few details on what's in store.

Over the next 12 months Capcom will visit cities all around the UK giving gamers nationwide the chance to play the very best fighting games that Capcom has to offer, as well as games that aren’t even out yet. In other words, games FROM THE FUTURE. Leading the attempt to break the rules of physics will be Street Fighter X Tekken’s UK debut, and also possibly some other secret things that can’t possibly be confirmed yet. There’ll be DJs playing whatever passes for music these days, food and alcoholic drink. What’s more, all of this will be completely free. Free!

Here are some bullet points to help you understand the nature of these events:

• Free games
• Free food
• Free drink

The tour kicks off in London on Saturday August 20th at the KO gym in east London, with legendary Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono on hand to sign your Street Fighter paraphernalia and lay down the law in matches of Street Fighter X Tekken. Doors open at 7.30 p.m. and the first 50 people in the queue will get an extra special gift.

It’s not all about London as the tour then continues through the cities of Bristol, Edinburgh, Norwich, Brighton and Liverpool.

Due to the alcoholic nature of these events entry will be strictly for over-18s only. Sorry.

More dates and specific venues will be announced over the coming weeks.

DMG PR Balrog's Super Street Fighter 4 AE Boxer tutorial - Ep. #2: Special moves

DMG|PR Balrog put up the second video in his tutorial series for Balrog (Boxer) in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, this covers his special moves. This describes Balrog's most used specials and how to utilize them. There's some new changes in the frame data also.

Pointed out by SAMURAI and an anonymous reader.

Smile - A Street Fighter 4 series tribute to M. Bison by NMS84

Compiling some pretty cool moments from various Street Fighter 4 series matches, NMS84 put up a new tribute video, dedicated to M. Bison. This starts off with some... interesting music, but things get better pretty quickly, as the Bison players face off against some well known competitors.

Heavy metal brigade: Spencer, Arthur & Tron Marvel vs. Capcom 3 workshop

StriderHoang put up a really cool video exploring some of the team options and abilities for a squad made up of Spencer, Arthur and Tron. He makes use of the DHC glitch, DHCs, and offers general tips on how to take advantage of these characters.

Submitted by an anonymous reader.

Roundup: More PC Super Street Fighter 4 AE move swaps, weekly TE stick raffles

Roundup: More PC Super Street Fighter 4 AE move swaps, weekly TE stick raffles

• SqueeksoAo posted more move swaps for the PC version of SSF4 AE, available in five different clips: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Tip from Shajinja.

• DMG is running weekly raffle contests for a Mad Catz SSFIV Chun-Li Tournament Edition ‘S’ FightStick and Mad Catz t-shirt. $5 USD to enter, winner chosen at random. Check out this page for more details.

• Brian Kasugano did a bunch of miscellaneous combos for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There is some pretty cool stuff in here. Also mentioned by Cyborg_RJ and Campeao Mundial.

• You can grab Brady Games strategy videos for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on your iPad now.

• Mad Catz uploaded a video of the launch party for SSF4 AE held in San Francisco, CA.

• Ryu Apprentice added another short tutorial video to his YouTube channel focusing on execution tips for Akuma in SSF4 AE, especially for pad players.

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