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GameTrailers recaps notable features and concepts in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 preview

If you haven't been keeping up with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 news, but want to get caught up in a hurry, GameTrailers has a solid 3 minute preview of the game. It covers the main details you might be curious about, while rounding out the features that are the major selling points for this title.

Tip from Shadowninja.

Out of the box costume images for Street Fighter X Tekken on the PlayStation Vita

When Street Fighter X Tekken is released on the Vita next month, it'll come with additional costumes for the Tekken and Street Fighter cast members. Capcom Unity posted 10 images showcasing the latter roster, running through outfits for Cammy, Chun-Li, Poison, Hugo, Juri, M. Bison, Sagat, Dhalsim and others.

You can find more images after the jump.

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Boon feels next Mortal Kombat game must innovate, hints at being on next generation consoles

Boon feels next Mortal Kombat game must innovate, hints at being on next generation consoles NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon talked about the future of the Mortal Kombat franchise, and informed fans that development on the latest title hasn't even started yet.

He went on to say that he wants to innovate with a new game, and "just philosophically, I don't think we could take the approach of doing the same thing but adding new characters in our next Mortal Kombat game.

"If you introduce another edition of your game on the same console, you cannot provide a radically different experience," Boon noted.

He followed up that if NetherRealm Studios were to do a new Mortal Kombat game on the next generation systems, they could provide, "dramatically different experiences."

Source: CVG. Tip from Huart S.

How Virtua Fighter saved the original PlayStation

How Virtua Fighter saved the original PlayStation Speaking at a recent event, former Sony Computer Entertainment producer, Ryoji Akagawa, shared some insight into how Virtua Fighter shaped the original PlayStation hardware, steering the system towards 3D graphics.

Akagawa stated that, "If it wasn’t for Virtua Fighter, the PlayStation probably would have had a completely different hardware concept."

Back in the early 1990s, when Sony was developing the original PlayStation, 3D graphics hadn't predominantly taken hold in the video game industry. As such, they were considering making the hardware geared more towards 2D performance.

Former Sony Computer Entertainment chairman, Shigeo Maruyama, said all that changed when Virtua Fighter was released in the arcades, adding once the title hit — their direction for the hardware became, "instantly clear."

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Arcade endings for Jin, Kazuya, Lee, Jun and Combot

KronuzGaming has started to upload the arcade endings to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As these contain major spoilers, only watch at your own risk.

Below will be the endings to Jin, Kazuya, Lee, Jun and the Combot story.

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Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters for PC update from Capcom

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters for PC update from Capcom Derek on Capcom-Unity made a post earlier that gave a small update to Street Fighter X Tekken's PC patch for the 12 downloadable characters.

He noted that the development is essentially done and it still needs to be sent in to Microsoft, which as we've seen before with Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 patch 1.07 it can take quite a bit of time.

Today, I'm passing along an update about the next batch of DLC for Street Fighter x Tekken (PC), which among other things will include all of the new characters. Here's the update: the development work for this DLC batch is essentially finished, but we still need to wrap up QA and get Microsoft to approve it all before we'll actually be able to release it to the public. As soon as the status changes, I'll hop back on the blog and let everyone know.

Harada surprised by level of interest in Jun and Kunimtsu

NZ Gamer was able to sit down with Tekken's producer Katsuhiro Harada and get an interview. Here Harada discusses a number of topics including the evolution behind Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the Fight Lab, Kunimitsu, Jun and more.

Here's an excerpt to get you started.

Things got interesting when Harada-san was asked about the character additions. Upon explaining that Jun was the first character added when the arcade version was first being developed, while Kunimitsu was the first to be added to the console version, Harada-san claimed to be surprised in the level of interest in these characters. Despite the original arcade data suggesting that these characters weren't as popular as social media and forums had suggested (in the lower 50th percentile), he was curious to see whether players were willing to live up to their claims of pre-ordering and/or buying the game due to their presence.

So, having now included these characters, Harada-san had the following message for players: "So, these two characters are back in the game, now you've pre-ordered, right? Once the game we has been released, we'll have the stats to show just how popular they are." Having done his part to bring them back, Harada-san is fascinated to see how their usage turns out.

Click images for larger versions

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 beginner's guide by AAK - Unit 1: Basics

AAK has posted a a really well done beginner's guide to Tekken Tag Tournament over on Avoiding The Puddle. This guide is setup with many different images detailing everything that is being described to help you fully understand the guide.

This focuses on the basics of the game from the in game hud, controls, notation, blocking and movement. Below is a short excerpt from the movement section.

V. Movement

This is the core fundamental aspect people playing Tekken need to grasp. Since Tekken doesn’t have any zoning style projectiles, newer players automatically run up and start attacking (or mashing). What they really should be doing is trying to learn the deep footsie game and learn to space themselves properly.The first thing people might realize is how hard it is to simply back away from a barrage of attacks your opponents throw at you. You can’t simply jump away and air tatsu out of a sticky situation. Holding back to walk back goes at a fairly snail pace, and backdashing has an extremely ugly recovery time after the backdash. What you have to learn is backdash cancelling. This is a technique founded by the Korean immortals Sung Dong Min, Jang Suwan, and Jang Iksu Tekken back in the Tekken Tag Tournament days. It was the birth of a new frontier of turtling possible in Tekken.

Check out the full guide over on Avoiding The Puddle.

Tip sent in by SJFox.

Van Damme's Bloodsport meets Mortal Kombat in ridiculous parody

GameTrailers has posted an interesting mashup video featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. The footage originally from the movie Bloodsport is accompanied by special effects frequently seen in the Mortal Kombat series from the "Test Your Might" mode to the Fatalities.
Video from TheVanDammeFan2009 YouTube channel.

NetherRealm Studios has no plans for another Mortal Kombat vs. DC, will develop them separately

NetherRealm Studios has no plans for another Mortal Kombat vs. DC, will develop them separately Ed Boon the creative director at NetherRealm Studios told Computer and Video Games that a sequel to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is unlikely and for now plan to develop both series separately.

Here is what Boon had to say exactly.

We don't have any current plans to mash the two franchises together again.

Never say never, of course, but we loved how our last Mortal Kombat game was strictly Mortal Kombat. And when you think about it, the last Mortal Kombat game we did, it really had the essence of the series more so than any other game in years.

With Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, there's two pretty different audiences; one which wants to see violence and blood, and there's another that wants to see grand superhero moments. We were kind of balancing on a fence trying to accommodate both audiences with Mortal Kombat vs. DC.

Do you feel this is a good idea from NetherRealm? Let us know in the comment section below.

Classic Super Street Fighter 4 replay Daigo vs. Robin01 - Arcade Edition v2012 matches featuring BrolyLegs, DoomDomainn, Gunshot and more

YogaFlame24 has uploaded some new Super Street Fighter 4 and Arcade Edition v2012 replays. To start us off we have a classic Super Street Fighter 4 match between Daigo's 27,000bp Ryu and Robin01's Abel.

After the jump you'll find various Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 matches with such players as BrolyLegs, LLL|DoomDomainn, TPH|Gunshot and more.
Hit the jump to check out more.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC leaked on European Playstation Network

Multiple readers are reporting that some of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 downloadable content is currently available on the Playstation Network in Europe. Below are screen shots showing the four DLC characters Ancient Ogre, Kunimitsu, Angel and Michelle, the Big Bikini bundle, a skirt for Lili and the Snoop Dogg stage.

Click images for larger versions

Tips by Matografy and an anonymous user. Big thanks to MajorDog for the screen caps.

Capcom reducing development on major titles to shorten time between sequels, beefing up DLC to keep players involved

Capcom reducing development on major titles to shorten time between sequels, beefing up DLC to keep players involved Eurogamer posted an interesting article earlier this morning concerning Capcom's video game development process. Capcom plans to shorten development on their popular titles in order to reduce the time in between sequels.

Typically, Capcom begins sales of their popular titles every 2.5 years due to the full development of a major game taking 3 - 4 years. By shortening the development on these major releases they aim to work on multiple sequels at once and potentially increase their earnings.

To give this some context for fighting game fans, Street Fighter 4 was released in Japanese arcades on July 18, 2008. The last official update for the game, SSF4 AE v2012, was released in December 2010. If Street Fighter 5 was released 2.5 years after the v2012 update, we'd see it some where around May 2013.

"In the event that there are few hits, it will be difficult to create a series title every year and earnings will be adversely impacted. For this reason, it is important either to maintain a large number of popular titles or shorten the sales cycle to ensure stable earnings.

"Among the multitude of major titles held by Capcom - such as Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, Dead Rising and many others - we will promote shortening of the sales cycle in pursuit of further earnings, stabilisation and growth."

Specifically, he went on, teams developing "major titles" will be "limited" to 100 people, "with multiple sequel titles developed at the same time".

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Dead or Alive 5 v0.75 combo movie for Sarah, gratuitous panty shots

Ahead of Dead or Alive 5's release, Emporer Cow has put up a combo video for Sarah, of Virtua Fighter fame. This clip focuses on her guaranteed setups from 2 in 1 Launchers, to Just Frame moves, sit down stuns, turn around stuns and critical burst.

This should also be interesting to the Virtua Fighter players looking to transition into DoA5 as Sarah's move properties and combo potential in this game are quite different. Also, for those of you who expect a proper amount of panty action in your combo videos, this clip should live up to your expectations, as it shows how you can customize that, err... region of Sarah when selecting her 2p costume.
Mentioned by Kupowns and Virtua_Kazama.

Combo mastery trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Namco Bandai just released a new trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 titled combo mastery. Coming in at just a hair below two minutes long, this shows some of the combos you can expect to see, and use, when the game is released in North America on September 11, 2012.
Tip from an anonymous reader.

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