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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Live Ask Capcom session covers SF's 25 Anniversary, PC Street Fighter X Tekken

Live Ask Capcom session covers SF's 25 Anniversary, PC Street Fighter X Tekken Updated: A stream archive along with a transcript of notable details has been added into this story. There are light details on Street Fighter's 25th Anniversary, commentary about eSports and things of that nature.

Capcom-Unity started up their live Ask Capcom sessions again today, and company V.P., Christian Svensson, went on air to answer fan questions for about 45 minutes.

Hit the jump to check out the stream.

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Ono discusses rival scenes and teamwork in Street Fighter X Tekken

Ono discusses rival scenes and teamwork in Street Fighter X Tekken Game Revolution caught up with Ono to ask him questions about Street Fighter X Tekken.

Game Revolution doesn't cover many new bases, but Ono does discuss what you have to do to get some rival scenes and compares the team chemistry of the game to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Hit up GR to get the full interview.

So does that mean there are specific character rivals between the franchises?

YO: Yeah, as you play through the Arcade Mode, you’ll run into something called the Rival Battle, and if you play as the official tag partners that we’ve set up, for example Ryu and Ken, eventually you’ll run into a rival battle with Kazuya and Nina who are there to stop you. And Nina will be like, “Oh, do we really have to fight these poor-looking guys who don’t wear shoes?” And Kazuya’s like, “Yeah, we’ve got to beat them up.” So there are scenes like that that flesh out the relationships between rivals.

And there’s a lot of variety—that’s kind of a serious one, with Ryu and Kazuya and Nina and Ken going at it—but there are also really light-hearted Rival Battles as well, so we’d like fans to play through the story and just have fun finding out about all those relationships between the characters.

How much communication do the developers of this game have with Namco?

YO: As I mentioned before, in the beginning when we were trying to figure out how to transplant the characters into the game, we did contact Namco on a frequent basis to get advice. But once they told us that we had the freedom to do with the characters what we wanted, we decided we could just meet up whenever we would have dinner together or something, but other than that we’d just make the game and just show them later. So every time I’d go over to their offices and meet up with the Tekken team, I’d bring a new build of the game with me, we’d play around, and then go eat dinner. So it was more like showing them progress on the game rather than getting their feedback consistently.

For this past year in particular, there were probably times when the Tekken team found out about characters through websites and things like that, not even us telling them directly. And then they would call us after reading the news on websites and say, “Hey, I want to play as that character! Can you bring a new version of the rom over?”

Submitted by Chameleonice.

Daigo's Ryu vs. Inco's Rufus & shinochan's Oni in Endless Battle

Daigo has reappeared online in Endless Battles on SSF4 AE 2012. Ov3rheadGreg has captured footage from the nicovideo live streams of these players so that we could see Daigo's Ryu in action.

While there was some footage of Topanga out in the wild with Daigo's Ryu, these videos give a very extensive look at the skills of all the players involved. The quality is low but still very watchable.

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Tekken X Street Fighter could have 6-button system, 1 versus 1

Tekken X Street Fighter could have 6-button system, 1 versus 1 Harada was answering fan questions on Twitter and being his usual self when he started dropping more hints about the direction that Tekken X Street Fighter could go.

What you thinking about fighting system for TxSF? Is it going to be tag-team only, like SFxTK? - GreatKungLao

Harada: Considering 1 vs 1.

Will Street Fighter characters run on a 6 button or 4 button control scheme? - WingedAngelPit

Harada: I'll test 6 button system.

What would you like to see from Tekken X Street Fighter when it comes to gameplay systems and their respective configurations?

Tip submitted by Goodbye18000 who asked the question about buttons.

Sven comments on widescreen UI concept, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's sales

A little ways back we posted a concept user interface a reader created for Street Fighter Alpha 2 that took advantage of the widescreen format by moving around the lifebars, super meter and other things to the sides of the screen.

Capcom's Christian Svensson responded to the concept piece on the Unity Boards a little ways back. He also delves into UMvC3 on the PC and that title's sales performance on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Click images for larger versions

I did this in Photoshop. What do you think? — Monkey

Svensson: An interesting concept, and personally I like it.

But let me turn this around and ask a few questions.

My presumption is that more casual or new players to the series are going to want full screen (no black bars at all), which means, zoom & crop or stretch in some form with bars at the top. This is usually why we have it as the default in things like HD Remix, etc. Also, hardcore players know about other options and know how to put it into the 4:3 modes that they want (whereas the same can't necessarily be said about new players/more casual players).

Hardcore players are used to the bars where they always were. Yes, those guys won't play zoomed or stretched, but will likely want the bars where they were because they're used to gauging their play around proportionally perfect gauges as compared to the original.

So if either scenario caters to one audience or the other what segment of the audience would this layout be for?

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Super Street Fighter 4: Latif vs. Banana Ken, high damage Ibuki combo & more

PandaxGaming has uploaded some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 footage that was taken from their stream where RZR|Latif and TFA|Banana Ken play a first to 10 set.

After the jump there is the rest of the set, a high damageIbuki combo and some matches between Momochi and Chocoblanka vs. Kindevu.

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Street Fighter pixel art, 3rd Strike TAS run & how to TAS

Gouhibiki put together a nice video showing off awesome creation in Minecraft. A large amount of characters from the Street Fighter series all in pixel art fashion.

After the jump there is a TAS Street Fighter 3 Third Strike MSF speedrun and Error00001 showing how he creates his TAS videos.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Multiple combo videos and Rocket Raccoon technology

Persona has created another Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video. This time focusing on Chun-Li, there are some pretty awesome combos here along with some that are very specific like a corner combo that requires the opponent to have his other two characters dead.

Hit the jump to check out some more.

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Ridiculous reasons Street Fighter X Tekken characters travel to find Pandora Box

Ridiculous reasons Street Fighter X Tekken characters travel to find Pandora Box The Street Fighter X Tekken Japanese website has updated with bios for all of the revealed characters to date. It explains their reasoning for going to the Antarctic to find the Pandora Box.

Some of these, like Hugo and Poison, have extremely ridiculous reasons to explain why they're traveling.

Hit the jump to check out the bio's.

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Savage Saturdays #2 results and stream archive by Team Sp00ky

Savage Saturdays #2 results and stream archive by Team Sp00ky Updated: Results for SSF4 AE v2012, UMvC3 and KoF13 have been added into this story, along with an archive of the grand finals and additional match footage.

Henry Cen is running a Savage Saturdays tournament today at The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York, and Team Sp00ky is running the stream for viewers at home.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters 13 and Tekken 6 are the expected games on the docket for this event. Notable players in attendance include LB|NYChrisG, UVG|Noel Brown, EMP|Sanford Kelly, TS|NerdJosh, TS|Min and LB|Winrich.

You can scope out links to the brackets at an embed of the stream by hitting the jump.

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Ono: More Street Fighter X Tekken announcements end of January

Ono: More Street Fighter X Tekken announcements end of January Yoshinori Ono landed in London earlier today. He then started replying to questions to about Street Fighter X Tekken. Such as when new announcements will be and about specific characters.

When well be your next characters reveal ? - SHaQ_92

It will be in end of Jan and Feb. ;)

Tell me if Lars is in !! :D - K_Dasshu

Ummmm I can't speak about it..... now ;P

Please Ono-San, tell me Karin, Sakura or R. Mika are downloadable chars. at least! - AiranCasas

Hehehe~ I can't speak about [this until] the future. ;P

Tip submitted by zelgadiszero.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 replays featuring Poongko, Nagao & more

YogaFlame24, Ov3rheadGreg and FinestFighters are all well know for providing replays showcasing high level play; today they do not fail to deliver. These replays feature players such as TH|Poongko, ACE E I RI N, Nagao, overmostheads and many others.

Hit the jump to check out more.

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Super Street Fighter 4: C. Viper rushdown, Oni stun combo, 8 second kill & more

RnK Lucius put together a video showing off some C. Viper rushdown in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012. All of these clips were taken from online ranked and endless matches.

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Japanese Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Kubodsgarden results & stream archive

Japanese Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Kubodsgarden results & stream archive Updated: An archive of the stream and results have been posted after the jump.

The very first offline major for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is kicking off at 8PM PST (11PM EST) tonight titled Kubosgarden. It features quite a few top-level Japanese online players that you may have become familiar with in the past such as GX.

You can find the stream after the jump. Also, iPlaywinner has a complete list of players at the event so you can scope them out.

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Ono talks characters in Street Fighter X Tekken on Twitter

Ono talks characters in Street Fighter X Tekken on Twitter Yoshinori Ono has once again been answering many different questions and comments on Twitter, most of these are about specific characters such as Akuma, Roger and Dan.

Where is Akuma?? - The1likesaf

He is alway exist at anywhere in anytime! ;P Hehehe

Pandora Dan is the best boss. - Gryphman

Wooo! I never dreamed of such a thing! Hehehe~ ;P

Please Ono-Sama, answer just one question: are Bryan Fury and Cody going on SfxTk? - Zoe_Spriggan

Wooo, I can't answer [wait] for in future... ;P

Roger for DLC ? He's my main in Tekken 6 & Thanks for Paul ^_^ - Reypwns77

Please play Paul in this time! ;D

Please make more Stages :) -Addictrian

I'll be announce about one more stage in February. ;D

Tip submitted by zelgadiszero.

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