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Seon-Woo 'Infiltration' Lee now sponsored by Razer

When it comes to the Street Fighter 4 scene, Infiltration is definitely a household name. After a crazy impressive run back in 2012, he ended up winning EVO, and while he hasn't been quite as dominating since, he's definitely one of the best players in the world and consistently places high in almost any event he enters.

Because of this, it's been surprising to many that Infiltration has been a free agent for so many years. However, that is no longer the case.

It was officially announced today on the Game Start Asia stream, at this year's Game Start event, that Infiltration will be joining the roster of Razer.

This puts him in a team with fellow EVO champions RZR|Fuudo and RZR|Xian, as well as fierce competitors RZR|Gackt and RZR|RB. We hope that this partnership ends up fruitful for both sides, and can't wait to see what RZR|Infiltration has in store for us.

One of Melee's best players disqualified from Eclipse tournament, reports of controversial match outcome cited

Reports of a controversial match outcome stemming from the Eclipse Super Smash Bros. tournament in Oslo, Norway, have started to surface on various online channels.

Tempo Storm's Weston "Westballz" Dennis -- easily regarded as one of the world's best Super Smash Bros. Melee players -- was sent home from the tournament early today by way of a disqualification in the losers bracket. Westballz took to Twitter to explain the situation, citing unfair factors resulting in his winners side loss.

In the tournament's bracket we see that Westballz lost a winners side set to Muckduck, whose brother Zalvador has clarified is playing in the event using his ticket, hence the bracket listing. According to Dennis, his opponent began attacking him during what was expected to be a hand-warmer match, resulting in his first loss of the set despite no prior agreement that the match was actually a part of the tournament set.

Later, a screen blackout allegedly affected the players' ability to properly play out the set, and Westballz was ultimately sent to the losers side of the bracket. Westballz claims that his concerns for the questionable match factors were not met with reparable actions from the tournament organizer.

Håvard Ottosen, the Eclipse TO, also hopped on Twitter to share his accounts on the matter.

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PC mods bring Nadeshiko, Evil Ryu and Shadow into the Street Fighter 5 fray

Over the years, we've seen hundreds of PC mods ranging from the Street Fighter 4 series to the last two Mortal Kombat games. Today, however, we have something a little bit different.

PC Best Mods has uploaded footage of the very first Street Fighter 5 PC mods we've ever seen. Using the last beta phase as the base, these mods bring Nadeshiko (R. Mika's partner), Evil Ryu, and Shadow from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter into the mix.

Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #1 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #2 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #3 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #4 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #5 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #6
Click images for larger versions

While Evil Ryu and Shadow are simple recolors of their heroic doppelgangers, Nadeshiko's in-game character model has actually used in place of R. Mika, giving her all of the wrestler's moves.

You can check out a handful of videos showing these slick Street Fighter 5 PC mods in action.

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Poongko makes a comeback, MOV actually uses Ibuki's air flip, and getting stunned saves Bonchan's life: CPTA Finals day 1 highlights

Day 1 of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia finals concluded earlier today, and as a result we have for you some of our favorite moments from the first round of the tournament.

Below is just one clip to get you started.

That was a... stretch

Early on in the evening, RZR|Xian went up against Poongko. Using both Seth and El Fuerte, neither proved strong enough to topple the mighty Gen player.

In the third and final game, Xian secured a 3-0 victory with an incredible read: an U1 punish on Seth's stretchy st. HP.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for more highlights.

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Over 400 images of Super Smash Bros. 4 high resolution official alt. colors, costumes

Over 400 images of Super Smash Bros. 4 high resolution costumes and alt. colors

We just spent a heck of a lot of time compiling a huge gallery of high resolution Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork, showing all of the non-DLC characters selectable colors/alt. outfits.

There are over 400 images in this story, so those of you on slow connections might want to avoid, or visit when you have higher bandwidth to dedicate to the cause.

Nintendo released these press images back in the day, but fans added some versions for the DLC characters Ryu and Mewtwo.

If you're looking for a new avatar, or want to compose some new artwork, this is a great place to look. Note, we've broken up the images into multiple galleries to keep the thumbnails from being a bit intense once you open up a gallery page. You can find everything below.

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King of Fighters 14 received visual upgrades between trailers comparison shows

Quite a bit of disappointment has been expressed regarding the graphics in the upcoming King of Fighters 14 title. Based on the first and second teaser trailers shown, fans have been less than complimentary about the state of the visuals, as they currently exist.

While it's common knowledge that games at this stage of development are still receiving various upgrades, KingsofCO on Twitter pointed out that Kyo looks a bit different between versions, and picked up some graphical upgrades.

We did a few screen grabs did illustrate this.

King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #1 King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #2
King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #3 King of Fighters 14 version comparison image #4

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Check out BlazBlue: Central Fiction character select screen, game will have 3x story volume of Chrono Phantasma

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is going to hit Japanese arcades on Nov. 19, 2015, but we're already getting some great details about the new title ahead of its launch.

The game sports brand new artwork by Yuki Kato, and a terrific user interface for players to enjoy.

Not only that, but this new entry in the series sports three times the story volume of its predecessor, Chrono Phantasma, along with brand new characters, Hibiki and Naoto, thrown into the mix.

We've grabbed some screen shots of the character select screen, plus new user interface elements, plus posted a video of some gameplay, which you can find below, along with more details about what fans can expect from Central Fiction.

BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #1 BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #2 BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #3 BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #4 BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #5 BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #6 BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #7 BlazBlue Central Fiction images image #8
Click images for larger versions

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Capcom cites joystick compatibility and frame rate issues as reasons for unifying Street Fighter 5's platforms

Capcom cites joystick compatibility and frame rate issues as reasons for unifying Street Fighter 5's platforms

Capcom is hoping that Street Fighter 5 is able to unite their part of the fighting game community. Yoshinori Ono, who's a corporate officer, and head of their consumer games development division 2, recently spoke about the company's change in approach with the new game.

"In previous titles we'd say 'we're having a tournament' and it's like 'which version? Is it PC, Xbox, PlayStation? Which joystick should I bring? Which frame rate should I practice in?' It was all over the place.

"We wanted to have it be one place to play Street Fighter," said Ono through a translator on GamesRadar.

These were just some of reasons why Capcom made the decision to have SF5 only available on the PS4 and PC, and Ono elaborated further.

He said that Sony provided them with community building support, in addition to technological support and advice.

Ono noted that Sony helped them achieve their goals, giving them an all in one place where the community and everyone else can play together.

Kinetiquettes' brand new M. Bison statue actually levitates in mid air; check out some of their exciting new content in this special interview

A lot of exciting content is on its way from art and statue production company, Kinetiquettes.

BornFree shares with us his exclusive interview with the company's creative director, Adeeb MD. Though they cover quite a few projects, the highlight of the discussion is surely Kinetiquettes new levitating M. Bison statue.

Harnessing the concentrated essence of Psycho Power (magnets), M. Bison suspends himself as he observes his recently conquered dominion: your living room. Check him out by clicking the image below.

Here are a few images of Kinetiquettes' other projects, including sculptures, prints and a design for an interesting Poison/Hugo/Alex interlocking diorama.

Kinetiquettes image #1 Kinetiquettes image #2 Kinetiquettes image #3 Kinetiquettes image #4 Kinetiquettes image #5
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for the video interview, which goes into more detail on all of the above.

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Jason lives!... and kills in this combo, Fatality and story line round up; Happy Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th, and here you are, taking a break from watching the inevitable Friday the 13th marathons on every other channel. We know what you want, a Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees round up.

He's a character that we don't often see in tournaments, but we're still happy to have him in the Mortal Kombat universe as Jason fits in very nicely with the band of super powered misfits that make up the MK cast.

As an homage, we've collected a few videos to highlight Jason's MKX appearance. Learn some tech, watch his various kill moves in action, and find out what happens when you complete Tower Mode with him.

You'll see the quick videos after the jump below. Note that they're NSFW due to violence.

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Ronda Rousey is a total buzzkill in Street Fighter 2

Forget Akuma, Ronda Rousey is the one you have to watch out for in Street Fighter 2.

The Kicker has created a video depicting what it'd be like to have Ronda in the classic fighter. The bottom line? She's OP.

Known for her absolute dominance in the UFC Octagon, Rousey is one of the most celebrated fighters in the company's history. She currently boasts the Bantamweight championship, as well as an undefeated record.

We take a comical look at some bouts between Ronda and few poor saps on the ST roster unlucky enough to have to fight her. Hit the jump to see the video.

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Dragons, trolls, samurai and M. Bison? Classic Street Fighter characters are invading Blood Brothers 2

Three classic Street Fighters are making their way into DeNA’s mobile RPG: Blood Brothers 2.

Ryu, Chun-Li and M. Bison will be featured in the strategic battle game as they fight off tons of mythical creatures to level up their abilities. Here's a snippet from the game's story line,

"M. Bison has inadvertently opened a portal from Earth to the Blood Brothers’ world of Arnashia. Seizing the opportunity, M. Bison hatches a plan to bring the most powerful entities from Arnashia back to Earth to fight alongside him.

The Blood Brothers have another idea–they open their own portal, sucking in Street Fighter’s Ryu who awakes to find legions of unspeakable creatures."

Here are a few images of the Street Fighters re-imagined for Blood Brothers.

SF Blood Bros. image #1 SF Blood Bros. image #2 SF Blood Bros. image #3 SF Blood Bros. image #4 SF Blood Bros. image #5 SF Blood Bros. image #6
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for more details.

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Who will win the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals? Cast your vote on who you think take home the gold here

After yesterday's qualifier, we finally have our full nine man bracket for the CPT Asia Finals. Congratulations to the final participant, Kindevu.

Perhaps the most unique event on the Pro Tour, CPTAF is a round robin invitational as opposed to a double elimination bracket. Seeing as there are only nine combatants, we can do a lot more pre-tourney analysis and speculation.

If you haven't already, check out the very informative breakdown of the event by our own MajinTenshinhan. Majin covers the possible outcomes of the tourney, and what each could mean for the Capcom Cup.

There's a lot riding on this nine man battle royale, and we'd like to hear who you think will take it all. We've put together a poll for you vote on your favorite competitor, and you'll find it after the jump.

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Between the Buster Sword, Limit Break and the Omnislash, Cloud looks incredibly fun in Smash 4; IGN breaks down the newest fighter's reveal trailer

The Smash community was widely taken by surprise yesterday when Cloud Strife was announced at Nintendo Direct as Smash 4's newest DLC character.

Wasting no time, IGN has come out with their latest edition of Rewind Theater, analyzing and speculating on the moves we see Cloud perform in his release trailer.

Marty and Brendan slow things down to give us an in depth look at Cloud's moves and appearance. Cloud looks incredibly swift in Smash 4, gliding above the ground instead of running. From what we've seen, Cloud seems to have a strong control of the horizontal space around him.

Some of his attacks are multi-hitting, locking his foe in a suspension before slashing them a few times. He also has the ability to power up with his Limit Break, gaining enhanced versions of attacks afterwards.

Hit the jump to see the breakdown.

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Fight Thoughts - Round 3: What does Capcom Pro Tour Asia mean for Capcom Cup 2015?

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new installment of Fight Thoughts where I, Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, give some insight into the tournament world.

Capcom Pro Tour has been incredible this year, with so many players from all corners of the world traveling worldwide to compete against eachother to grab one of those elusive 32 spots in the Capcom Cup, which is taking place less than a month from now.

Right now, there are no more points to be gained for players, and we only have two events left where players are even able to qualify. These events are Capcom Pro Tour Asia - taking place this weekend - and DreamHack Winter 2015, taking place in my homeland Sweden the weekend after next.

Capcom Pro Tour Asia is different from other qualifiers in the sense that it's a round robin which you qualify for, rather than being a standard open-entry tournament (though all qualifiers are standard open-entry, so there are no unfair advantages in play here). Hit the jump to see some analysis as to what this year's Capcom Pro Tour Asia will mean for the eventual Capcom Cup, and its participating players.

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