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How Rising Thunder, headed by former Capcom legend Seth Killian, intends to evolve the fighting game genre

Seth Killian has been in the scene for a long time. More importantly, however, he's worn more hats than many could dream even dream of. As a player, commentator, and community manager, Killian is a personality in the genre looked up to by players across the globe.

But something happened to him. He got burnt out according to a recent interview with Kotaku. "I will always love them. There's a slightly religious zeal to my love of fighting games, but people can burn out on things."

His philosophical take on the genre hadn't changed. "I have a slightly messianic belief in fighting games, just for the way they bring people together. You can watch two human minds interact in this environment in a really fast-paced way." However, when thinking about making his own, he thought to himself, "What do I have to offer the genre?"

What he has to offer is Rising Thunder.

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Combofiend breaks down Ken's V-Skill in footage from Street Fighter 5

Since his announcement at SDCC, Ken has been touted as the most aggressive incarnation of himself ever seen in a Street Fighter game. With new properties added to staple attacks like his tatsu, players might not realize that perhaps the biggest addition to his rush down play is his V-Skill.

When activated, it causes Ken to dash forward. If you hit a button during it, it'll quickly cancel into an attack from normals to specials. You can even activate the V-Skill after you hit with an attack, allowing you to "run out of an attack" according to Capcom's Combofiend.

This latest footage, in fact, has Capcom's Community Manager, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, going through a wealth of ways to utilize the new move. To the casual observer, it may not seem like it will majorly impact his offense, but veterans should already be thinking of ways on how to use it to apply a stream of pressure.

Check out the video below.

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Necalli has a dive kick, a command throw that he can combo after (using meter), and much more: Let's talk about SF5's first brand new character

Just before the Ultra Street Fighter 4 top 8 at EVO 2015 kicked off, Capcom unveiled a new Street Fighter 5 trailer showing off the game's first brand new character, Necalli.

So far, we know that Necalli has a savage play-style that involves slash attacks, a command throw, and more. We also know that his V-Skill is a ground pound attack, and his V-Trigger gives him new frame data and a new critical art.

We here at EventHubs took a closer look at Necalli's trailer to see if we could uncover any more details about the fearsome new fighter. This is what we found...

Slash attack

Necalli has a grounded claw swipe attack that we get to see twice in the trailer. The first time, we see what looks to be the light version of the attack, traveling a short distance and putting a quick hurt on Ryu. Later, we see it used in combo, but this time Necalli moves forward quite a bit before attacking, making us believe that this is most likely the heavy version of the special move.

Considering that this can be used in combo, this is looking to be a strong tool for moving the opponent into the corner where Necalli can pressure with his seemingly strong normals and command throw.

Click images for animated versions

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EVO 2015 results ft. Daigo, Momochi, Luffy, Mago, Xian, JWong, ChrisG, Mango, Leffen, ZeRo, SonicFox, Ogawa, JDCR, CD Jr. and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results for EVO 2015.

EVO 2015 is finally upon us, so hopefully you've cleared your entire weekend and are ready for some serious fighting game action.

This year's main lineup will feature Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Tekken 7, Killer Instinct and Persona 4: Arena Ultimax. If none of these games tickle your fancy, though, don't worry - there are more side tournaments than you could ever hope for. For full details, check out our EVO 2015 spectator guide.

As for notable players, there are more than we could even attempt to count. Safe to say, if it's a player name you know, they're most likely there. Just in case, though, make sure to check out the EVO Player Locator to check for your favorite players.

Streaming duties for the main tournament will be covered on SRKEvo1, Capcom Fighters, SRKEvo2, SRKEvo3, SRKEvo4, SRKEvo5, SRKEvo6 and SRKEvo7.

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Street Fighter 5 gets its first brand new fighter; introducing Necalli

Just before the Ultra Street Fighter 4 top 8 -- EVO 2015's big finale -- Capcom unveiled the next fighter set to join the Street Fighter 5 roster.

Today, we saw the first brand new fighter to enter the game -- Necalli.

Necalli is the first of four original warriors making their debut in Street Fighter 5 and entering the Street Fighter franchise for the first time. Necalli is a savage fighter that battles using hard-hitting, close-range attacks. He has a command throw, a ground pound that can be hit at different places on screen, and more.

Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #5 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #6 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #7 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #8 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #9 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #10 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #11 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #12 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #13 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #14 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #15 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #16 Official screenshots of Necalli in SF5 image #17

Hit the jump to read about his V-Skill, V-Trigger, and also to check out his official trailer.

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'This is the fifth time I've ever played online' – Mike Ross, Gootecks, and Ricki Ortiz take it to the internet in Excellent Adventures episode 73

Mike Ross and Gootecks have Ricki Ortiz over to teach them how to make almost any character in the game hype. Starting with "Army Poison," Ricki sets the stage for some extremely exciting matches. Even Mike Ross admits after seeing her play the Final Fight veteran, "Maybe it's time I revisit this character!"

Can Gootecks play a Poison that matches Ricki's? Can Mike Ross actually make "Mike Ross reads?" Who is Ricki's second favorite character in the game? Wait. Who is Ricki's favorite?

Even though it's only her fifth time playing the game online, Ricki makes a great point after someone takes the CC crew's points and runs. "You can't get revenge. You can't offer them a money match . . . You could have gotten beat by Donald Duck for all you know."

Join the crew as they hang out with one of the greatest U.S. players in the history of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

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Luffy vs. Santarouman Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition match results, stream archive

Updated: We've added results and a match log into this story for the MD|Luffy and YBK|Santarouman exhibition match.

There has been quite a hype over Luffy and Santarouman facing off in an Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition match, and that day is here now.

Mad Catz is hosting the set, as both players compete for bragging rights in this first to ten bout.

You can find the results and a stream archive below.

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Ono has released another teaser image for the new Street Fighter 5 character

Early this morning, Yoshinori Ono released yet another teaser for this mysterious character. Likely, it's the same one we'll be seeing tonight. This correlates with the previews of previous announcements like Cammy and Birdie--not to mention it was confirmed that a roster addition announcement was coming today.

Last time, it was four claws marks. Now, it's a glowing red aura. Underneath the blocking Blanka figure, what looks like legs belonging to the new character appear at the bottom of the image.

Who could this mysterious figure be? Is it a new fighter to the franchise? Let us know your guesses in the comments below.

SF5 EVO teaser image #1
Click images for larger versions

Image Sources: Yoshinori Ono's and PlayStation's Twitter.
Tips sent in by HiryuMK, MaacDaaddyGanon, Marsattacks69, ZHZ90, and Gerard.

Jamie Lee Curtis attends EVO 2015 dressed as Vega, film actress brings Makoto, Dee Jay and Dr. B. with her

Back in January, we got word that famed film actress Jamie Lee Curtis not only plays Street Fighter, but was planning on taking her son to a big fighting game tournament to celebrate his high school graduation. Well, it seems that Mrs. Curtis is a woman of her word.

That's right, Jamie Lee Curtis was spotted at EVO 2015 this weekend, but you may have missed her considering she had her face covered while cosplaying as Vega. She didn't attend the event alone, as some of her family members joined her in their own costumes including Dr. B. from Tekken, and Dee Jay and Makoto from Street Fighter.

Jamie Lee Curtis attends EVO 2015 dressed as Vega image #1
Click images for larger versions

The proof is in the tweet. (Hit the jump.)

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The remainder of Capcom Pro Tour 2015 events are making the jump to PlayStation 4 after EVO

During Capcom's EVO 2015 panel today, quite a lot was revealed for Street Fighter 5.

However, amidst the excitement something pertaining to Ultra Street Fighter 4 and this year's Pro Tour was also mentioned: the remaining Capcom Pro Tour events this year will begin migrating PlayStation 4 instead of the usual Xbox 360 set up.

Capcom has fixed many of the bugs and issues found in the PS4 port at launch and is confident that this version is the definitive form of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Street Fighter 5 panel at EVO 2015 image #17

Since the game is not readily available in Asia just yet, Pro Tour events in that region will remain on PS3 for the time being.

Photo credit szakigeri on Reddit

'We used [Ryu] as the standard' – Combofiend discusses the development process, character design, and more for Street Fighter 5

Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, Capcom's Community Manager, stepped up to divulge a slew of Street Fighter 5 information at Capcom's EVO panel.

While most news has been focused on the reveal of the initial 16 character roster and the future of the title, Rosas gave a fairly incredible talk on Street Fighter 5's development process and core concepts.

It should come as no surprise that Street Fighter looks to both expand the scene while keeping its core intact for veterans. Rosas stated, "The overall for Street Fighter 5's development is to make it more intuitive to newcomers, but still pay homage to hardcore fans."

Some fans may find the execution barrier to be part of the game's charm, but the problem, according to Rosas, was that Street Fighter 4 was extremely complicated and difficult for new players to learn. This is something many players can relate to. Attempting to explain the many uses of focus attacks to the uninitiated is a good way to get their eyes to glaze over.

But there was more to Street Fighter 4's barrier than just the focus attack.

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Street Fighter 5 will have 16 fighters at launch, four of them brand new; Capcom will continually add characters post launch

During the EVO 2015 Street Fighter 5 panel today, Capcom opened up the gates and let loose a tremendous amount of information pertaining to the game's future. We here at EventHubs got the chance to discuss this new information with the company, and in turn acquired details on Street Fighter 5's roster size, their goal of making Street Fighter into a growing platform, and much more.

Capcom got started by explaining their new content strategy for Street Fighter 5, and how it differs from previous iterations of the franchise.

"We're positioning Street Fighter 5 as more of a service," Capcom's Director of Brand Marketing & eSports, Matt Dahlgren, told us. "We're moving away from having a disc-based model, such as compilations like Super Street Fighter 4 or Ultra Street Fighter 4, and focusing on Street Fighter as a platform itself, which is going to grow over time."

"Our goal is to have a constantly evolving Street Fighter world that delivers fun for all different player types."

Capcom reiterated that the initial Street Fighter 5 disc will be the only one you'll ever need to own. Then they announced something that is sure to please most Street Fighter fans out there.

"Moving forward, all balance and system adjustments will be made available for free to players. All post launch gameplay related content can now be earned by playing the game," Dahlgren stated.

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Ono teases in game Street Fighter 5 image, possible new character or move, for today's announcement

Though we know there will be a Street Fighter 5 panel today at EVO, around 2pm PST, Ono wastes no time in teasing us and giving us a hint image related to today's reveal. The image has Ryu getting hit by what seems to be a new move in the Brazil stage, with the traditional Blanka figure covering the other character quite well.

Here's the image in question:

Street Fighter 5 EVO tease image #1
Click images for larger versions

Who could it be? Someone we know, or someone new? Comment below with your thoughts.

Tip submitted by IntruderN313.

Source: Ono's Twipple

'MKX has expanded to a whole new audience' - Arturo Sanchez talks MKX scene growth, multi-game proficiency, character choices and more

Disclaimer: The posting of this interview had to be postponed due to various circumstances. The interview was conducted roughly 2 months ago. Much of the interview revolves around game mechanics and longevity, and is still applicable today.

With Mortal Kombat X lighting up tournaments lately, we here at EventHubs decided to reach out to a few players who've spent a lot of time on the game. Our second interview is with TS|Arturo Sanchez, known for his prowess in many different games, who lends his insight into Mortal Kombat X's potential longevity, his character choice, what impact playing multiple different games could have for him, and more.

Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: What character(s) are you going to play, and why?

TS|Arturo Sanchez: At this moment, I'm maining Takeda. Why? Because he's the closest thing to Dhalsim in this game... I can't stop playing long range characters. The thing is, since the game is still new, I don't know all of my optimal ranges, spacing and setups yet, since things are still in flux. It's still in the initial discovery period. Takeda has slow normals. I'm going to be struggling for a while, but I'm used to it. This is the path I chose.

Secondary would be Reptile perhaps, but the execution barriers are a problem for me. He is much more execution heavy than he was in Mortal Kombat 9. But he is so cool in this game! He has a Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike like Genei Jin activation in the Nimble variation that allows for some dirty, dirty setups. I might have to bite the bullet and just grind with him, as well.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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'I cannot help but feel blessed beyond what any creator could possibly deserve' - Ono celebrates Street Fighter 4's 7th anniversary

Today marks Street Fighter 4's seventh anniversary, and what better way us to celebrate it than its last time as the main Street Fighter game at EVO. That being said, Yoshinori Ono took to Twitter to talk about his feelings for the title in a number of emotional posts.

Ono goes on to talk about how the FGC has grown over the years, his gratefulness towards the fans and his staff members, and how a number of his staff members have been working with him for over ten years, some of them even involved in the first Street Fighter.

Hit the jump for more details.

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