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Tiers for King of Fighters 13

Ayano: Hugo, Poison, Rolento and Elena's hit/hurtboxes have 'changed in all instances' since SFxT - discusses their transition into USF4

In a recent Siliconera interview, Ultra Street Fighter 4 assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano talked a bit about how the four Street Fighter X Tekken characters, (Hugo, Rolento, Elena, and Poison), that will be playable in the upcoming SF4 series update, transitioned into the world of USF4.

Ayano begins by mentioning some of the more obvious changes made to these fighters, such as the addition of a super and ultra combo. He goes on to say that since Street Fighter X Tekken focused heavily on juggle combos, many of these characters' moves have been adjusted to fit the parameters of Ultra Street Fighter 4's combo system.

What's very interesting is that although the in-game character models of these returning combatants look very much alike across both games, according to Ayano, the hitboxes/hurtboxes have been completely overhauled. "Getting more technical, the whole method by which hit boxes and hurt boxes are applied and adjusted differs between SFXT and SFIV, so those have been changed in all instances, whether a character is standing, crouching, or jumping, etc.,” Ayano said.

Hit the jump to continue reading.

Rolento, Poison and Elena's English USF4 move lists now live, check them out exclusively on EventHubs; Fulgore moves and stats page also added

Ultra Street Fighter 4's release draws ever nearer, and as the weeks go by, more information continues to be unveiled. Earlier this week, the USF4 Nesica website added Japanese move listings for Rolento, Poison, and Elena.

Luckily, the EventHubs translation team, (which consists of fewer people than you may think), has already cracked the code and provided for us the English translations of these move lists. We have added all three characters' command lists to our Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 guide index, so you can look them over a few months before we get a stateside release.

Hugo and Decapre's move lists have not yet been made available, unfortunately, but you can rest assured that we'll have them up shortly after the Japanese versions go live. Thanks to the EventHubs team, the guides we have for you today are the first English Ultra Street Fighter 4 move lists that we've seen.

Additionally, Fulgore's full move listing has been added to our Killer Instinct guide index. Not only that, but a stats page for season 1's final character is live, and you can now select Fulgore as your main, secondary, or tertiary character in your EventHubs profile.

Hit the jump for links to all of our latest guides, and enjoy!

'Balrog has no good changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4; I have to change' - PR Balrog looking to drop Boxer soon

After suffering losses to players such as MCZ|Daigo, Bonchan, and RZR|Xian in the Topanga World League this week, it seems Eduardo "EG|PR Balrog" Pérez is looking to drop his namesake Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 character soon. Pérez is easily the most accomplished Street Fighter 4 series Balrog player to date, and numerous tweets from the Evil Genius are definitely indicating an impending character switch.

Although some may think that PR 'Rog is just upset at the moment and venting via the social media outlet, this may not be the exact case as he does provide some very solid points regarding why he may be dropping Boxer. Eduardo states that he cannot win with Balrog in long sets due to the character's linear play-style and a lack of mix ups.

When asked if he'd drop Balrog after 6 years of competitive use, Pérez seemed quite sure of himself, replying, "he's no threat anymore, so yes."

Hit the jump to continue reading.

Elena has 'juicy' combos -- Bonchan trades away Sagat's Tiger Knees for the Kenyan breakdancer's long legs in this USF4 character breakdown video

The official Ultra Street Fighter 4 Nesica official website has posted another new character breakdown video this week.

This time, we're getting an in-depth, analytical look at the Kenyan Capoeira fighter Elena from Bonchan, the suave hotness who has been dominating the ongoing Topanga World League tournament with a clean 3-0 sweep. Bonchan was also the one who gave us a concise summary of Sagat's key changes in USF4 last week.

Hit the jump to find out what Bonchan thinks of Elena, and what tools he'd used to approach an opponent with, translated by EventHubs's very own KarbyP.

Tournament news roundup: Capcom explains how Pro Tour online registration works; Injustice added to MLG Anaheim, $7,500 up for grabs

This week we were hit with two important bits of information regarding major fighting game events. So, for convenience's sake, we thought we'd group them together, and give you all the 4-1-1 on what's going down. (Is 4-1-1 still a thing?)

First off, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas took to the Capcom Unity blog to explain exactly how the Street Fighter Online Series tournament registration works. In case you missed it, Virgin Gaming made the online tournament sign ups and qualifying matches live earlier this week.

Combofiend clarifies that once a tournament qualification period goes live, it's a race to fill up the bracket. Players must win three qualification matches in a row in order to secure a spot on the double elimination bracket.

The qualifying matches can be played any time up until April 15th, but once the 16 spots on the bracket are filled, the qualifying period ends. If you keep getting sent back to the landing page when trying to sign up, it's because the bracket has already been filled.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 brackets are already full in the US and Europe, however, there still may be some available slots in Latin America.

Hit the jump to read about Injustice's addition to the MLG Anaheim line-up. .

Conan O'Brien plays Street Fighter on massive 72ft high stadium screen: Clueless Gamer ft. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Street Fighter 2 is a fairly large game, both in popularity and depth; but during last night's Late Night with Conan O'Brien broadcast, the world warriors grew much larger... in a different way.

In the latest segment of Clueless Gamer, Conan, along with his Clueless Gamer sidekick Aaron Bleyaert, visited the AT&T football stadium in order to try out a few video games on the arena's massive screen. This monitor measures at 72ft high by 160ft wide, and weighs 1.2 million pounds.

Among the titles they tried out, the two concluded the segment by playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. While the skill here isn't anywhere near high-level, it is still completely amazing to see a beloved fighter played on such an enormous scale.

Check out the images below for a glimpse at the view.

Click images for larger versions

You'll find Conan's latest Clueless Gamer segment after the break.

Smug lands one of the most impressive Dudley combos we've ever seen, ends the round in 13 seconds

If you've been following the competitive Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 scene lately, or have caught a few broadcasts of Next Level Battle Circuit, chances are you may have heard of an up-and-coming Dudley player named PIE|Smug.

This guy plays Dudley the way he was meant to be played, and consistently lands classy, huge-damage combos in his bouts. In a recent online match, PIE|Smug was able to pull of an incredibly impressive combo that utilizes some tricky juggle techniques.

The combo not only looks awesome, but it sets the Dudley player up for a very quick round win, clocking in at 13 seconds.

Overall, this is just an awesome Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 clip. Hit the jump to view the match.

Angelina Jolie as C. Viper, Batman, Spider-Man, and Magneto get Iron Man-like suits, a Decapre wallpaper, and more: A BossLogic artwork gallery

It's been quite some time since we last featured an excellent fighting game artwork gallery here on the front page. What better way to get back on that horse than with one of the community's favorite, and frankly, one of our favorite artists?

BossLogic has been hard at work uploading new art on to his DevianArt page. What we have for you today are pieces from his "Iron Mash" series in which he gives familiar fighting game characters Iron Man-like suits, hyper-realistic works, Killer Instinct fightstick designs, parodies, and much more.

There is a lot to be seen here, so check out a few images below to get you started, and be sure to hit the jump for more.

Daigo, Mago, Tokido, and Bonchan to hold special Ultra Street Fighter 4 stream the night before launch; tune in April 16th

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will officially be released in Japanese arcades on April 17th.

To commemorate one of the most highly anticipated fighting games of this year, a handful of Japan's best Street Fighter players plan to run a live stream on the night before launch. MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago, and Bonchan are joining forces to bring us some quality Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage next week.

The live stream can be found over on Nico Nico, and the incredibly hype commentator, Nuki, will be the host for the night. The event will kick off around 8:00 p.m. JST / 4 a.m. PST (April 15th) / 7 a.m. EST (April 15th).

Unfortunately, Ultra Street Fighter 4's 5th character, Decapre, will not be playable upon release as Capcom is still fine-tuning her. Regardless, we can expect to see some great matches between the four top-level competitors.

Source: BeastNote and Nesica.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 full change list for Japanese arcade release

Updated with complete change list: We've translated all of the changes for the Japanese arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Today, a full change log for the arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 was released onto the net, on the USF4 Nesica site.

It detailed changes for all of the returning characters in the game, along with system mechanic alterations.

EventHubs' own MajinTenshinhan and KarbyP provided translations for the community. Hit the jump to view the complete breakdown.

How to Umeshoryu 101 — Mad Catz players Daigo and Mago walk us through the key changes to Ryu and Oni in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Capcom's detailed change logs for existing characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4 are a great way to quickly catch up on what the buffs and nerfs for each character are -- but they're not for everyone.

If you aren't already super familiar with the ins and outs of a particular character, the significance of each individual change may be lost on you.

To help players understand the character changes better, the official website for the arcade version of USF4 has been posting character breakdown videos -- and this week, Mad Catz sponsored players Daigo Umehara and Mago are doing the same for Ryu and Oni respectively.

Daigo talked about how the changes to Ryu translated into a much better risk/return conversion ratio whenever you go for a Shoryuken FADC.

Meanwhile, Mago picked out a few of Oni's numerous buffs to focus on, and discussed how players could change their play style to take advantage of them.

Hit the jump to see the character breakdown vids for Ryu and Oni, as well as written transcripts of what Daigo and Mago said in the videos, translated by EventHubs's very own KarbyP.

Death in 20 seconds: Mago quickly K.O.s Tokido's Akuma, applies corner pressure galore in IGT 2014 highlights video

If you didn't catch MCZ|Mago's performance at the IGT 2014 tournament, you missed a very strong showing from a player who's often overshadowed by other SSF4 AE v2012 competitors in Japan.

Mago proved he's still very much a force to be reckoned with, defeating people like MCZ|Tokido, RZR|Fuudo, Qanba|Xiao Hai, Bonchan and Infiltration on his way to securing 1st place at that event in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

DaBeast put together another excellent highlights video showing some epic moments from the event. This is only a 4 minute long clip, but there's a ton of action packed in.

Readers predict this player will take top honors at the Topanga World League

Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Topanga World League stream, we still tallied the results of the poll we ran a few days ago asking our users to predict the overall winner.

Readers could vote for Bonchan, MCZ|Daigo, RZR|Fuudo, Infiltration, EG|PR Balrog, Wao, RZR|Xian or Qanba|Xiao Hai, and hundreds of people weighed in on who they thought would take top honors in this Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 competition.

You can find the complete results after the break.

Greninja is a speedy character with a counter, chargeable projectiles, and possibly teleports: Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS trailer analysis

A huge wave of Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS news hit yesterday, and much of it was relative to the new, playable additions to the Smash roster. Of the 5 characters revealed, (4 of which are returning from past Smash titles), there was one fighter who is completely new to the franchise; Greninja is a Pokemon from the X & Y series, and he will be featured in both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the new Smash.

The Nintendo Direct broadcast yesterday was jam-packed with information, and some things may have fell to the wayside. Luckily, GameXplain took a closer look at the Greninja trailer, and has put together a video that analyzes what we were shown.

GameXplain points out that Greninja will fall under the "speedy character" archetype, using multi-hit attacks and great mobility. Some of the attacks we see in the trailer include chargeable projectiles, Substitute (a counter move), and what looks like a teleport.

You'll find this Greninja trailer breakdown after the break.

Classic Fulgore costume leaked in Killer Instinct, see it in action here

It seems that yet another Killer Instinct classic costume has been leaked in-game by means of some strange bug or glitch. With the large update that went live yesterday, a player by the name of Matthespio stumbled upon Fulgore's classic costume.

Needless to say, this was not an intentional discovery, and Matthespio mentioned that he simply jumped between a few different modes, returned to ranked matches, and classic Fulgore was there. You can see all of his different colors in the images below.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see classic Fulgore battle it out against an Orchid player online.

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