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'Man, I don’t even really play this game anymore' – Ernesto Lopez Jr. parodies the excuses that all gamers make

How often do you find yourself in a situation where your opponent makes an excuse for every poor decision that they make? How often do you see both players making excuses at the same time?

Ernesto Lopez Jr is known for parodying some of the things that gamers say (or never say) while playing fighting games on his youtube channel. Ernesto has created yet another video -- this time in anticipation of Absolute Battle 6 -- that showcases this with two players humorously making excuses at the same time while playing together.

So, what excuses have you heard over the years? Do any of these excuses sound familiar to you? Have you heard an excuse even more ridiculous than the excuses in Ernesto’s video? Ernesto wants people to tweet your best excuses to #ABSIX so that they can be featured on the Absolute Battle 6 stream.

Hit the jump button below to see the video.

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BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend coming to PC in January 2016

AcrSystem Works is continuing their line of title ports to the PC. We learned today that BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend will be seeing a release on the platform, thanks to Korean publisher H2 Interactive.

The publisher has already brought both BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND to PC, and Chronophantasma Extned is next in line. These ports, however, have stayed one step behind the latest BlazBlue installments, as another update -- Central Fiction -- is slated to hit arcades in Japan this Winter.

Chronophantasma Extend is expected to hit PC in January 2016, however, at this time we only have word of a Korean localization. If history is any indication, though, there's a good chance we'll see the game released in other regions down the road.

Source: H2interactive. Via Shoryuken. Sent in by nightmaresteam, LordAkira, and Nyoro.

The time I played 'Vanilla Street Fighter 4 2012'

Now, I know you might be thinking, "But, DreamKing... There is no such thing as Vanilla Street Fighter 4 2012!" Well, gather 'round, my friends, for I will tell you the tale of me not only laying eyes on the mysterious game, but actually playing it!

I recently took a trip down to a local indoor swap meet in search of exotic video game treasures and, truth be told, a new phone case. Though I did eventually acquire said case, what I stumbled upon when on my way out of the establishment was far more incredible.

To my surprise, this run-of-the-mill swap meet had a functioning Street Fighter 4 arcade cabinet sitting by the exit. Naturally, I raced over to it so I could get in a few games before heading home, however, this machine was extraordinary for a number of reasons.

Right off the bat, I noticed that this version wasn't one of the official installments of the Street Fighter 4 series. As many know, the series goes as follows: Street Fighter 4 (referred to as Vanilla), Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

No, this was a seemingly bootleg version of Arcade Edition called Vanilla Street Fighter 4 2012! (A title I made up based on the game's logo.)

Vanilla Street Fighter 4 2012 images image #1 Vanilla Street Fighter 4 2012 images image #2

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Combofiend shows the power of Vega's rushdown pressure in Street Fighter 5 using Claw Stance

When Vega was first revealed as a playable fighter, details on the character explained that his two stances in combat played specific roles in battle.

While fighting with the claw equipped, Vega can play a spacing game, keeping the opponent at bay with well-timed pokes. Without the claw, Vega can get in the opponent's face for rushdown and command throw mix ups.

Of course, Street Fighter 5's Associate Producer Peter "Combofiend" Rosas plays by his own rules. In this clip from PAX (courtesy of Khaos Gaming), Rosas shows how powerful Vega's rushdown can be, even in Claw Stance.

Combofiend demonstrates effective frame traps, pokes strings, and even some flashy combos in this Street Fighter 5 match. Check out the GIF below for a taste of Vega's claw pressure.

Click image for animated version

To check out the full match, be sure to hit the jump.

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Misse's explosive Makoto blows up Ninomae, Mago steals Daigo's tech and Pepeday serves up a ton of Tostadas; Topanga B League day nine highlights

Day nine of the 5th Topanga B League was jam-packed with exciting Street Fighter happenings. From super fast perfects, to dehumanizing move repetitions, day nine has a ton to offer.

We begin with one of the world's strongest Makoto players: Misse.

Round 1... FI-KO!!

In our first highlight, Misse goes full throttle against Ninomae's Rose. After an initial airborne Axe Kick to open Ninomae up, everything Misse does hits. This leads to a stun, which in turn, leads to a perfect right out of the gate.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for more.

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Filipino Champ discusses playing an FGC villain, claims Marvel as 'America's game' and gets very emotional in this Daily Dot interview

Wherever PG|Filipino Champ goes, some kind of tension is sure to follow, and that's exactly the way he likes it.

In an interview with Daily Dot, Champ discusses how he enjoys playing the role of an FGC villain. He actually states, "I love it when people boo me," as he thrives off of the idea that it ensures people will be invested in his matches.

From there, the interview takes quite an emotional turn in the opposite direction. Champ has actually cancelled his plans to attend Absolute Battle 6, citing the reason being that he lost his grandmother whilst playing at AB5, and that there are too many painful memories associated.

After regaining his composure, Champ delves into the game he's best known for: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He argues that Marvel is still America's game, despite recent showings from other nations around the globe.

Hit the jump to see the interview.

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These clever Guilty Gear memes will bring a smile to your face, even if you don't play the game

Bedman in an Ikea ad? "The Leo King?" These are just two examples of the hilarity that's been coming forth from the Guilty Gear Meme Twitter.

This Twitter is devoted to a growing collection of visual Guilty Gear jokes, puns and creative memes. Though some of these require a bit of background knowledge in the game, others are self explanatory.

We've collected a handful of our favorite images from the page, most of which involve some sort of skewing of popular culture icons, and have included them below. You can hit the jump for our full gallery, which is sure to have you laughing.

Guilty Gear Memes image #1 Guilty Gear Memes image #2 Guilty Gear Memes image #3 Guilty Gear Memes image #4 Guilty Gear Memes image #5 Guilty Gear Memes image #6
Click images for larger versions

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'This is the Wednesday Night Fights I'd always envisioned' - Alex Valle is relaunching his tournament to all new heights

It's been about a year since Wednesday Night Fights departed from their local tournament setting, but starting October 21st, LevelUp is raring up to put on the biggest and baddest WNF to date. Boasting a brand new, multi-level eSports arena in Santa Ana, California, WNF plans to make its return in no small way.

"This is the WNF I always envisioned," said LU|Alex Valle via a quick interview. With the space now at their disposal, Level|Up can run just about any fighting game that players will come out for.

"Our new season will begin October 21st and run through December 16th. We'll be running only one night per week, but will have no problem housing the fighting game titles that took two full nights to play out at our previous venue."

There are quite a few more details to cover, including Valle's plans for his online weekly, new features of WNF and a walk through of the brand new venue. Hit the jump to see them.

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How do Daigo and Momochi think while they play? A play by play from their legendary set at Stunfest 2015 offers some answers

At Capcom Cup 2014, EG|Momochi claimed he felt like the game was almost running in slow motion for him. His vision was so clear that he felt like he was able to see his opponents' moves in a way virtually everyone else could not.

Truthfully, actually slowing the game down can indeed help you evolve your play by allowing you to take note and focus on things that would traditionally pass through your subconscious alone.

There are few better examples to choose from than Momochi and MCZ|Daigo's Grand Finals set at Stunfest 2015. Jay Rego continues his Analyze This! series by breaking down each and every movement from these two top competitors in game three of their set.

Seeing these two act with purpose in virtually every decision will quickly translate to new awareness in your own play. Maybe you find yourself jumping in too often? Perhaps you take risks at time you really shouldn't. Watching the video after the jump will surely help you overcome habits like these.

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'I don't think being younger helps you in SF4, you don't need young reactions' - Phenom talks Street Fighter 5, Capcom Cup qualification and more

After his great performance at recent international events, including a 17th place finish at EVO 2015 and a 3rd place finish at Summer Jam 9, we decided to reach out to Norway's best Street Fighter 4 player, BX3TPL|Phenom and hear his thoughts on a number of different subjects.

In this interview, BX3TPL|Phenom touches on Capcom Cup prospects, M. Bison in Street Fighter 5, if young players have any inherent advantages when it comes to fighting games and more.

Below, you'll find a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: You've had a very good streak this year, getting 17th at EVO, which was the highest of any European player at the event, and now with your 3rd place finish at Summer Jam you're in a pretty good position to qualify for Capcom Cup, especially with Call of Ragnarok coming up later this month in your native Norway. Do you think that you'll be able to reach Capcom Cup this year?

BX3TPL|Phenom: If all goes well, there might be a chance for me to qualify into Capcom Cup this year. I'm currently residing at the 40th place, with 37 points, and with Call of Ragnarok and other Capcom Pro Tour events on the horizon, I am basically one 1st place finish or two 2nd place finishes away from making the top 32 and qualifying.

With only a few ranking and premier events left, I will try my hardest to qualify and represent both Norway and Europe, that's for sure!

Hit the jump to catch the rest of the interview.

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Pokkèn Tournament arcade cabinet spotted at Round 1 in Southern California

Pokkèn Tournament has just started making it's way stateside, with cabinets currently occupying the Dave and Buster's in Time Square. Though players in New York are the first to get their hands on the game in the U.S., it looks like SoCal residents are going to get the same opportunity very soon.

IPlayWinner reports that a Pokkèn Tournament arcade machine has been spotted at the Round 1 gaming establishment in Puente Hill Mall located in the City of Industry.

The Pokkèn Tournament machine is a head-to-head cabinet set up, and it currently sits in front of the game card counter. However, the machine is currently not in service, and Round 1 has made no official statement on when the cabinet will be active or whether we'll be seeing Pokkèn at other Round 1 locations.

Last week, Pokkèn Tournament saw its latest character reveal in Masked Pikachu -- a luchador outfit-wearing Pikachu that uses wrestling moves to best its opponents. Pokkèn Tournament is slated for a worldwide release on Nintendo Wii U in Spring 2016.

Source: IPlayWinner.

Smash Bros. player takes 'The Poongko' to the next level, tears shirt and pants off before tournament match

For those unfamiliar, a professional Street Fighter player by the name of Poongko has established a bit of a trademark move when playing in tournaments. In a handful of his matches, the Seth player ripped his shirt off to further hype the crowd, and himself, up for the coming match.

We've seen other players perform similar antics, but Poongko is most well known for removing his shirt.

At a recent Super Smash Bros. tournament called Tech the Smash 4, a player named JTMerrell took "The Poongko" one step further. Approaching the set up for his next match, the Ness player ripped of his shirt, then tore off his pants. I'm not making this up...

Click image for animated version

JTMerrell went on to play his set in only his underwear.

You can check out the video of the entrance and his set below.

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Santarouman and -6 will not participate in qualifiers for Topanga A League, 4th placers Misse and Gachikun take their places

Update: -6 has also dropped out of the running, and will be replaced by Team Red's 4th placer Gachikun.

The 5th Topanga B League just ended, and after a series of burning matches, the qualifiers were decided.

Unfortunately, YBK|Santarouman who got 3rd place in his side of the league, which made him eligible to participate in the playoffs together against the other side's 3rd placer, MCZ|Tokido and BE|Nemo, had told the Topanga organizers ahead of time that he will not be able to participate.

Since YBK|Santarouman has to withdraw from the competition, Misse, the 4th placer, takes his place in the playoffs which will be played on October 4th.

Hit the jump to see who did end up qualifying for Topanga A League, to know who you'll be able to cheer on for the rest of this year's Fall.

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A desert city, a wrestling ring and 'Cafe Eliza?' Has Capcom been putting Street Fighter 5 stage hints right in front of us this whole time?

With each new character reveal in Street Fighter 5, we've also gotten a character portrait. Each of these portraits show the character in an action pose, and then depict some kind of background setting.

One theory by a gamer named Cadualtobelli suggests that each of these background settings references a playable stage in Street Fighter 5. We already know that SF5 won't have a stage for each character, but with the 12 portraits that we've seen, we can speculate about a few stages that will be revealed later on.

The first bit of evidence that we have to establish is that these portraits do indeed depict actual stages in the game. Some are obvious, such as Karin's lavish, Japanese home. Others are not as obvious at first glance, such as Birdie's, which portrays him in some giant tunnel.

A close look at the Cammy/Birdie reveal trailer shows us that Birdie's image actually shows him from within the Train Station stage. Note the similar row of lights running along the tunnel's apex, as well as the large posters along one of the tunnel walls.

The same goes for Charlie's character art, which we ended up discovering was part of the Forgotten Waterfall stage. This also makes sense seeing as Charlie was "killed" at a waterfall.

London Tunnel image #1 London Tunnel image #2 London Tunnel image #3
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for our speculations on future stages.

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'I'm going to bury Tommy Gunz's gaming career in his hometown this Saturday' - Crackfiend preps for his exhibition at Absolute Battle 6

Many fighting gamers will be traveling to Dallas this weekend for one of Texas' most prestigious tournaments, Absolute Battle 6. Panda X Gaming will be holding their Ultra Fight Night live at AB6, and one exhibition in particular has a lot of people talking.

Anthony "pH|Crackfiend" Ngyuen will take on Christopher "Tommy Gunz" Acosta in a first to seven set in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Gunz, known in the community for his somewhat boastful and outlaw-esque persona, recall his famous set with Justin Wong, has developed quite a feud with Crackfiend after verbally attacking the NorCal scene. The two plan to settle it this Saturday at AB6.

"I need to embarrass him." says Crackfiend, "and talk (crap) the entire time we play, it's not enough to just win, I need to make a statement." Gunz would have a few words of his own on the matter, "To be honest, Crackfiend has no chance in hell of beating me. I guarantee he has not played a Hakan on my level. Final result: 7-3 me."

This isn't, by any means, all the event has to offer. Hit the jump for more details on AB6.

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