King of Fighters 14 Moves

R. Mika breaches the top 10, Ken moves up, and Nash loses the #2 spot: Another look at how Street Fighter 5's tiers are shaping up

Street Fighter 5 has been in the hands of the public for a little over six months now, and with its release, we here at EventHubs launched our tier section for the game allowing EH users to cast their votes on match ups.

We thought it'd be fun to take a look at how the tier rankings evolve throughout the first year of Street Fighter 5's lifespan. So, today we're analyzing the Street Fighter 5 tier rankings, as there have been a number of interesting changes. Last time, we discussed the tiers shortly after EVO 2016.

I want to say this for emphasis: we are not saying that the current tier list is the definitive match up chart for the game. We are simply continuing our series in which we'll be taking a comparative look at how our tiers change every so often. With that out of the way, let's check out the current tier chart

Street Fighter 5 tiers August 19th, 2016 image #1
Click images for larger versions

So, let's talk about what's changed.

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IISPO - 8-man Street Fighter 5 tournament live stream ft. Sako, Bonchan, Go1, Yukadon, Fuudo, and more

More Street Fighter 5 tournament action is going down tonight. The IISPO tournament is currently being broadcast from Odaiba, Japan and is gearing up to bring viewers some amazing play.

This event is an 8-man tournament featuring a handful of the strongest players on the scene today. The competitors are as follows: Mago, RZR|Fuudo, GO1, HORI|Sako, Yukadon, RB|Bonchan, Haku, and Yamagachi .

You can check out the live video feed after the jump.

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Alex Valle: Daigo and Tokido make playing Ryu look easy; Ryu requires extremely high maintenance and is predictable

LU|Alex Valle, a veteran in the fighting game community, has been using his personal Twitter lately to share interesting and useful bits of information pertaining to Street Fighter 5.

Last time, he listed five characters that are flying under the radar right now. This time around, we're treated to some talk about his former main, Ryu.

Though Ryu is often thought of as one of the strongest characters in the game, Valle believes that the world warrior struggles to keep up at higher levels of competition. In fact, he feels that BST|Daigo and Tokido -- two of, if not, the best Street Fighter 5 Ryu players on the scene today -- actually make playing Ryu look easier than it really is.

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Balrog's anti-air attempt passes right through Ryu's leg... Watch as PR Balrog is left in disbelief

In Street Fighter 5, we've seen some very interesting hit/hurtbox behavior that, well... doesn't seem to make much sense.

Recently, EG|PR Balrog took to his Twitch stream to show a bit of his match footage in which the strange behavior struck again and left him baffled.

For those who aren't familiar, Balrog's standing medium punch is a very strong anti-air button in Street Fighter 5. But as PR Rog shows us in his clip, Ryu's jumping heavy kick has a way of beating it, even when the MP is attempting to hit deep into Ryu's leg.

Click image for animated version

Bizarre hitbox interactions have always been in Street Fighter and fighting games in general. This instance has left us feeling much like PR Balrog in the story's banner.

Source: PR Balrog on Twitch. Via Jackaji.

Are unjust rage quit penalties happening in Street Fighter 5? Tampa Bison allegedly punished after opponent exits match early

Since Street Fighter 5's stricter guidelines for rage quitters went live earlier this week, reports have been coming in about players being struck with penalties when their opponent rage quits. There have yet to be any video clips backing up these claims, which has left many wondering if these unjust punishments are actually happening.

Last night, long-time FGC member and pro player Dexter "Tampa Bison" James took to Twitter to share a similar experience in which he lost League Points and was locked out of online play after an opponent exited early.

Tampa Bison went on to explain that the reason he was unable to capture footage of this occurrence is due to the PlayStation 4 disabling its recording feature during the game's blocked screens.

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The FGC's craziest Ryu hasn't stopped throwing wild Dragon Punches: Jyobin vs. Tokido in this exciting Street Fighter 5 mirror match

Jyobin is known for being a wild, fast-paced player. Since back in the Street Fighter 4 days, the daring Ryu player has broken down opponents by throwing out attacks at times where most competitors wouldn't dare to.

So what happens when the craziest Ryu player in the FGC goes up against the best Street Fighter 5 Ryu player in the world? Hype. Hype happens.

Thanks to YogaFlame24, we have a set of five matches in which Tokido squares off against Jyobin in a Ryu mirror match.

Both players demonstrate exceptional skill in this bout, and we see that Jyobin still enjoys throwing out wild DPs. Check out this clip where Jyobin goes for a Shoryuken on Tokido's wake up and confirms into Critical Art.

Click image for animated version

There are several other instances where caution was thrown to the wind and uppercuts went flying, as well as some air Tatsu antics. But as always, you'll have to catch the full set after the jump.

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Zero Suit Samus takes a leap, Juri is at the ready, and Steampunk Dante: Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork

Heavy Metal Hanzo has an amazing portfolio of artwork, much of which is fighting game-related. Having worked quite a bit for UDON in the past, Hanzo's representation of our beloved characters is nothing short of excellent.

Today, we have a gallery featuring some of Hanzo's best work. In it, we have characters such as Street Fighter 5's Juri, Athena from the King of Fighters franchise, Rosalina from Super Smash Bros., a Steam Punk version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Dante, and much more.

Below are just a handful to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump for more top-notch art pieces.

Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #1 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #2 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #3 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #4 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #5 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #6 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #7 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #8 Heavy Metal Hanzo's fighting game artwork image #9

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Street Fighter 5 PC Mods: 'Nogi Mika' costume mod

Terry XX has cooked up another mod for the PC Street Fighter 5 players, this time around featuring Rainbow Mika.

Mika's "Nogi" mod replaces her standard wrestling costume with a sleek MMA variant. You can see it in action in the video after the jump.

Below are a few screenshots to get you started. If you're interested in more information on the mod, check out the video's description.

Nogi Mika image #1 Nogi Mika image #2 Nogi Mika image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Inspiration and central focus of the Fated Retribution story, how Akuma came to be a part of it and more; check out the Tekken 7 Gamescom showcase

Director Katsuhiro Harada and Designer Michael Murray were front and center to show off Tekken 7 at Gamescom, and during the showcase, they offer some interesting details on the development of the game.

Being a guest character to the Tekken franchise, Akuma's been getting quite a bit of attention since his reveal. When asked about how the crossover came to be, Harada shared some details about the origins of the crossover.

"The discussion to have Akuma cross over to Tekken actually started about 7 years ago. When it comes to why Akuma was the best choice from the roster, Harada had this to say: "The dark aspect of Heihachi, Kazuya and those guys personified Tekken from the user standpoint, and when we thought about who would be a good fit from Street Fighter, Akuma was an obvious choice," says Harada.

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'That was something I wanted to die with, being one of the only ones to know that' - Boon speaks on recent discoveries in classic Mortal Kombat games

Ed boon has been making the rounds so far at this year's Gamecom, showing off the latest build of Injustice 2. However, during an interview with IGN, the focus shifted to Mortal Kombat for a moment to touch on a quite interesting discovery.

Some of you may remember the discovery of secret menus in the classic Mortal Kombat games that managed to stay hidden for over 20 years. Boon thought it was cool that the community got a kick out of it, but he wasn't thrilled about his secret being uncovered.

At the time, Boon thought that his code was hidden well enough that people wouldn't ever figure it out, but there was no way to see what the future would bring to gaming."I didn't think that 25 years later that somebody could disassemble your code, or that MAME was going to exist," he says.

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Wanna see her kung fu? Ilona Shvets' Street Fighter 5 Chun-Li is incredible

We're very happy to bring you the amazingly gorgeous cosplay and photography work of cosplayer Ilona Shvets and photographer Eva Davydova.

As you'll see in the gallery below, Ilona sports Chun-Li's Street Fighter 5 battle costume. The quality of these photos is downright breathtaking as the detail from the costume to the setting around her brings Chun-Li to life.

Ilona Shvets Chun-Li image #1 Ilona Shvets Chun-Li image #2 Ilona Shvets Chun-Li image #3 Ilona Shvets Chun-Li image #4 Ilona Shvets Chun-Li image #5 Ilona Shvets Chun-Li image #6

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King of Fighters 14 Dream Match exhibition results ft. Sako, Justin Wong, Go1 and Ogawa

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Right now, we've got the King of Fighters 14 Dream Match exhibition happening, with four top players from other games being approached by SNK to participate in a King of Fighters 14 exhibition event.

The four players participating are HORI|Sako, EG|Justin Wong, HM|Go1 and Ogawa.

Streaming is being done in Japanese at SNK Official and in English at fLoE's stream.

You can check out the full action below.

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Street Fighter 5's new rage quit punishment system may see some top-ranked players drop on the leaderboards

Street Fighter 5's latest addition went live just a few days ago, and with it, players are now seeing stricter guidelines for those who choose to rage quit when playing online.

The new punishment system makes it so that anyone who exits a match early three times within a two hour span will be banned from playing online for 24 hours and will lose 1,000 League Points.

In their latest update blog, Capcom noted that the initial rage quit penalty system implementation resulted in a rapid decrease of offenders. Now that the stakes are higher, what does this mean for Street Fighter 5's rage quitters?

The first, and most obvious answer, is an overall decrease in rage quitters. If the new system holds strong, we should be seeing less frequent rage quitting -- due to the 24 hour lockouts -- and an eventual decrease in rage quitters when the penalties begin to dissuade players from doing so.

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He didn't even use SPD: When Alex Valle overcame a terrible match up and defeated Bonchan at EVO 2015 - FGC Throwback Thursday

Since competitive fighting games have reached higher levels of popularity as of late, and we have a slew of fresh players who just recently joined the scene, we thought it'd be fun to relive some amazing moments in FGC history by way of "Throwback Thursday."

With so many potential moments to choose from, we are calling upon you, the EventHubs reader, to help us choose what throwback should get posted next. To participate, either link up a classic moment in FGC history below in our comments section, or send it out on Twitter and use the hashtag "#FGCTBT."

Each week, we'll select one throwback to highlight, and will give you a shout out in our story. This week's #FGCTBT comes to us courtesy of bagel_bytez!

During the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament at EVO last year, LU|Alex Valle found himself going up against RB|Bonchan in pools.

Though everyone expected to see Valle turn to his trademark Ryu and engage the exceptional Sagat player in a battle filled with fireballs and uppercuts, he shocked everyone watching when he decided to stick to his guns and roll with Hugo.

Click image for animated version

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King's standing light kick completely nullifies a fireball super?! Check out this King of Fighters 14 clip showing her interesting attack property

King of Fighters 14 hasn't been officially released yet, and we're already seeing some interesting tech surface. Just a few days ago, we saw King of Dinosaurs hit six off-the-ground moves in one combo, which is very impressive but a bit different than what we have for you today.

According to a recently recorded KOF14 clip, King's standing light kick has an interesting property on it. The attack has the ability to nullify projectiles, allowing her to avoid taking damage.

The video shows quick examples of her stopping two of Robert's fireballs in their tracks, then moves on to demonstrate the same situation for his super. Being able to stop a super with a well-timed standing light kick is strong, and definitely something aspiring King players might want to keep in mind when their opponent is looking for a chip damage KO.

Update: It has been pointed out to us that King's standing light kick has a guard point which allows it to power through single-hit physical attacks as well. This was demonstrated in the Team Women Fighters trailer earlier today. Thanks to That Twin Guy for the heads up.

Click image for animated version

You can check out the clip after the jump.

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