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Moves database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Super Arcade's up and comers talk atmosphere, strategy and their favorite East Coast Sagat player... Wednesday Night Fights Hopefuls: PART DEUX

Due to the fairly enthusiastic reception of WNF Hopefuls, I went ahead and rounded up a few more WNF regulars who have never taken the whole enchilada.

In this episode, I speak with the likes of Hungbee, Combo Jack, ETR, and more. The idea here is to give everyone that isn't fortunate enough to be able to visit Super Arcade an idea of what it's like to play there.

I think it's kinda nice to be able to talk to and get to know the people we don't get to see each and every week on the stream.

Be sure to stay tuned for the blooper reel afterwards.

Now without further adieu, click the jump and check out the video!

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Donkey Kong pummels you off the ledge, pummels you some more, then spins back to safety in this Super Smash Bros. combo video

The point of this video is to inspire others to continue to delve into these characters and discover new combos and tech.

You'll see DK relentlessly pound R.O.B. around the stage. R.O.B. is the easiest character to combo but it's to the point where we kind of feel bad for him.

Kong's ability to follow his opponents a considerable distance below the ledge to secure his kills and then spin back up to safety seems to be a pretty useful tool.

Comment and tell us what you think!

Click the jump and check out the video!

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Learn how to play like Infiltration: UltraChen takes an in-depth look at the Capcom Cup contender

UltraChen is teaming up with Capcom Cup to analyze some of the players who will be at this year's Capcom Cup finals in December.

The first contender they take a look at is Evo 2012 champion Infiltration. They specifically break down his set against EG|Momochi in the grand finals of CEO 2014.

The best part of this video is the way it teaches us how to think while we play. Combine the first-class game play of Infiltration with the top-notch analysis/commentary of UltraChen and you have an incredible teaching tool.

They do a terrific job of highlighting the phases of Infiltration's psychological approach. Over the course of the match we see Infiltration encounter an obstacle, observe, download, turn the tide and finally go in for the kill.

He does all of this with such grace and fluidity that it becomes something of a work of art to observe. David and James help us appreciate every little aspect of said artwork.

You can view the video by clicking the jump.

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Daigo, Mago, Tokido & Sako looking sharp in manga form; the 'Mad Dog' & 'Hobi' pro gamers make cameo appearances in Brothers Conflict Purupuru

Yesterday, some images from the latest issue of the "Brothers Conflict Purupuru" manga series have been spreading around on the Interwebs via Twitter. And they have caused quite a stir among members of the Japanese FGC.

For some reason, MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Mago, MCZ|Tokido and Hori|Sako have made cameo appearances in the manga series's latest issue -- but that's not all. This isn't the first time Daigo and gang have been depicted in Japanese manga, after all.

What's truly curious is the way they are drawn here: is it just me, or do the four aforementioned pro gamers just look ridiculously dreamy in the manga below?

Click images for bigger versions

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Another Rosalina & Luma nerf has been discovered in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Like we thought, Luma's longer respawn times in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the forthcoming Ver. 1.0.4 patch for Super Smash Bros. 3DS isn't the only nerf that Rosalina & Lume will receive.

But whereas the previous nerf increased the amount of time Rosalina will have to go without a Luma, once it is KO'ed, by almost twice as long, this second nerf isn't anywhere near as significant. It will, however, force Nintendo to remove one of the player tips currently included in the 3DS version of the game.

Nintendo may also release an altered version of Rosalina & Luma's character reveal trailer -- one of the moments shown in that trailer is no longer possible.

Can you guess what the new nerf discovered is?

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Video: Mario has a 0% to death combo that works on Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Jigglypuff is, without a doubt, one of the lightest characters in the entire roster for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. A featherweight-class fighter, you might say.

And that has real gameplay consequences for Jigglypuff players -- he's one of the easiest to KO in the game. Jigglypuff can even self-destruct by activating the shield for too long and causing a shield break.

To balance that out, the character has got enhanced maneuverability options, which allows good Jigglypuff players to swiftly dodge many incoming attacks.

But all that extra mobility is useless if your opponent plays a mean Mario, and manages to land a grab on Jigglypuff.

As this video below from TTTTTsd will show, it's actually possible for Mario to KO Jigglypuff from 9% with a single up throw combo -- by ending it with one of the later hits on his up+B special, which has more knockback than usual.

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Air's advanced Poison tutorial: option selects, 400 damage meterless ground combos, counter-hit confirming into Ultra and more

At Canada Cup 2014 last week, CCG|Air put up a stunning performance with his new main, Poison, whom he switched to about a month ago after receiving tutelage from the well-known Vega and Poison player Reiketsu in Japan.

He's done pretty well for himself at that tournament, coming in at 3rd place -- and now he's ready to share some of his secrets to help other Poison players do better in future tournaments, rather than keep all the tech to himself.

In this nearly 10-minute-long tutorial, CCG|Air covers quite a few advanced tricks that every Poison player should know about: from backflip-crouch-tech option-selects, to 400 damage meterless combos on the ground off of Focus crumples and frame traps, and more.

Do note that this is an advanced tutorial, meaning Air has skipped over most of the stuff that he's seen in other Poison tech videos. So if you're coming in as a newbie to Poison, you might want to check out other tutorials in addition to Air's for the full picture.

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Akuma's dragon-punch FADC red fireball combos into hurricane kick - the Ansatsuken master takes on Bleach's Kenpachi in One-Minute Melee

Okay, technically that's not a dragon-punch FADC red fireball -- Akuma launches his opponent into the sky with a mere crouching HP, and cancels that into red fireball.

But we're nitpicking here. This is a fantasy fight, and the version of Akuma used for it does appear to possess his SF4 moves, even if he looks like his Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike incarnation.

In any case, ScrewAttack's One Minute Melee between Street Fighter's Akuma and Bleach's Kenpachi Zaraki is action-packed and definitely worth checking out. So make a guess who'd win this battle, and watch the video below to see if you were right.

Just a quick note before you go: Unlike ScrewAttack's Death Battle series of videos, One Minute Melee does not entail any kind of reseach whatsoever. This is purely about which fighter is a bigger badass.

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International E-Sports Federation World Championships results ft. Infiltration, veggey, Yagami and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results and battle logs.

Today, the International E-Sports Federation are holding an Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, with qualifiers having been held across the world, to seleect 10 competitors (though only 9 could make it), all from different countries. The battle itself takes place in Baku, Azerbajian.

With the prize pool as high as $10,000, there's a lot on the line for the competitors. The countries participating are South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Russia, India, Romania and the host country, Azerbajian. You can follow the stream action below.

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Daigo makes Bonchan pay for a whiffed DP, Kazunoko Perfects Nemo, Michael-tan's fearless DPs lead to stun: Topanga A League day 4 pro plays

Day 4 of the Topanga A League took place earlier this morning (morning here in the states, anyway), and with such a strong line-up of players competing, one can surmise that there were a number of high-level techniques to behold.

During today's broadcast, there were so many great moments that we decided to highlight various pro plays from different matches, rather than discuss one bout. Featured here, you'll find fan favorites such as MCZ|Daigo, Bonchan, BE|Nemo, Kazunoko, and more.

We start this highlight story out with a bang. Early on in the event, Nemo and Kazunoko crossed paths, and in the second round of their second match, Kazunoko flipped the switch and played Yun exactly how he should be played.

After an absolute mauling that took Nemo from corner to corner, Nemo attempted to break Kaz's momentum with a Red Focus Attack, but the Yun player evaded it perfectly and responded with a big combo.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for more Topanga A League pro plays.

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Cody can KO Oni with only one reset, hit forward + MP mid-combo, and much more: Character-specific USF4 combos

Joakim Tynell recently uploaded a couple of videos that Ultra Street Fighter 4 Cody players are definitely going to want to set their eyes on.

First up to bat is a clip showing a combo specific to Oni that deals an immense amount of damage. After the inevitable stun, Cody can reset with a cross-up jumping heavy punch, and if Oni doesn't block correctly, that could quickly be the end of his life bar.

If you find that you enjoyed the aforementioned character-specific combo, then you're in luck. What follows is a whole combo video devoted to demonstrating even more set-ups specific to other characters on the roster. You'll find combos into sweep, multiple heavy punches, and even one that uses Cody's F+MP mid-combo.

Check out the latest Cody tech below.

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Find the best Black Friday gaming deals this holiday season with Polygon's amazingly useful chart!

Thinking of buying Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario Party: Island Tour? If you get it from Kohl's, it'll be $149.99. If you go to Best Buy or Toys R Us you'll be spending $175-$180.

'Wow thanks Raptor! You're so great! How did you know that?!' Glad you asked...

The people over at have really outdone themselves this year by creating a chart that will help you find the best deals during your holiday shopping.

Hit the jump and start saving!

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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend coming soon to PC via Steam

Those of you waiting for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend to make it to PC, your wait is over on December 11th.

H2 Interactive announced today that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend will be making its way to Steam.

The announcement states the game will feature standard local and online mutliplayer modes as well as be available in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Those of you that speak Japanese can keep your eyes on Direct Games' website for more detailed information.

Source: H2.

Thank you to Kawalorn and ConneX for the tip.

Japan's best Hugo shares his tier list

CCG|Air continues his Japanese USF4 tier list today with another top player's input.

You may not have heard of him but StormKubo is, at least according to air, currently the best Hugo in the world.

Check out StormKubo's opinion on Hugo's best match ups below.

Hit the jump to get started.

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The Super Arcade/Level Up split: An insider's perspective on how things have changed thus far

'First and foremost, our parting has nothing to do with parties or individuals outside of Level Up and Super Arcade. There were no external influences or arm bending. The decision is mutual and there is no friction between Mike and Level Up.' That's straight from Level Up's post on the matter.

The 'big news' in our community right now is the sudden split between Super Arcade and Level Up. While there are certainly others involved, the faces of these respective enterprises are Mike Watson and Alex Valle.

Both of these men have been leaders in this community since day one. Albeit two very different styles in and out of game, both brought much to the table and have been there since the inception of the American FGC in the 90's.

Level Up and Super arcade seemed to have had a good thing going. A trusted company name with events to run and an iconic, centralized location where the events could run.

So what happened? Why the abrupt stop? So far we have a statement from Level Up and a blog post from Super. You can hit the jump to see both of these plus get a bit of my own perspective on how the arcade's atmosphere has changed thus far.

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