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Tiers for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Magneto combo hyper gravity setups tutorial

A tutorial showing various Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Magneto combos and hyper gravity setups was put up by Anima922. The stuff shown in here ranges from bread and butter setups to more advanced tricks.

Via IPW.

Capcom game hype compilation #8 from MrPavy

Collecting various hype moments from Capcom fighting games, MrPavy has put up the 8th entry in his series. The video is almost 15 minutes long and covers multiple titles.

Updated: Dan quick throw after knockdown against Cody in Super Street Fighter 4

Updated: EXCh33ky sent in a new video showing how this works, as Cody is able to be thrown when he hits the ground if he does a Bad Spray wake up. The video also runs through several other scenarios to see if Cody can be thrown. To check out the new footage, hit the jump.

BBWFTyrant recorded an interesting thing that happened while playing Super Street Fighter 4. After a knockdown he went in to whiff a grab and instead of the expected miss animation, it grabbed the Cody player while he was on the floor.

Shuma-Gorath: Inta'dimensiona' Hustla' Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video

Mandingo spotted a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video for Shuma-Gorath put together by Gammon. This includes explanations and tips to help you replicate the stuff inside.

Ask Daigo Umehara a question

Ask Daigo Umehara a question Daigo Umehara is taking questions over on Capcom-Unity. You can query The Beast by leaving a comment after hopping the link.

Daigo will pick his favorites out and answer those at a later date. They'll stop taking questions on May 25, which is just a few days away, so head on over if something comes to mind.

Submitted by VegaMan.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Link Combos Vol. 1 put up a combo video for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo showing some standard Link combos. Everything is performed with a joystick visible on camera and the combos are replayed in slow motion to make them a little easier to follow along with.

Tip from Fawaz.

Ryan Hart in Japan - Week 2, more thoughts on Yun

Ryan Hart in Japan - Week 2, more thoughts on Yun LLL|Ryan Hart posted a new entry on further documenting his experiences while playing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition in Japan. Here's a snip.

Ryan’s strange training day:

“I can't say I had a good day today but nothing to do with my own performance. I am improving every day as I learn matchups and setups etc. But it was later on in the evening when Umehara and Kazunoko made an appearance and got into one of their sessions as usual.

One thing I saw that I didn't like today is as soon as Daigo arrived and sat down to play 80% of the players stopped playing totally and just watched. Of course I don't mean they all forgot their credits, stood up and watched. lol Of course they played the credit they were already using until someone beat them but once they lost they stopped playing totally.

All the machines are linked and at this their was Daigo on one side and Kazunoko (really strong Yun ranked number 2 after Daigo) on the other side so basically wherever you played you would end up facing one of those two. But I mean seriously, I had no idea this kind of thing went on in Japan.

Kara Ultra application for M. Bison in Super Street Fighter 4

Desk's newest YouTube upload explores a way to use M. Bison's kara Ultras in Super Street Fighter 4.

Tip from Oroku_Saki and waddledoo.

7 minute hitbox challenge Super Street Fighter 4 combo video from Sol T

The outstanding folks at put up a new video from Sol T showing some snazzy SSF4 combos being performed on the Hitbox, a.k.a. stickless controller.

According to the video description, Sol T was able to get the fundamentals of the Hitbox down in 7 minutes and made this clip for everyone to check out.

Sven trying to get PC Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition out before July 15

Sven trying to get PC Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition out before July 15 Capcom said previously that they were hoping to get the PC release of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition out in early July, but there wasn't much of a time line established beyond that. Clarifying the situation a bit more, Christian Svensson recently left a message on the Capcom Forums about the release date for the title, and also briefly talked about a few other aspects of the game.

Amazon Germany says that the PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 will be out on July 15, 2011. Is that legit? — Mike

Svensson: I can't speak for Germany but I'm hoping to beat that date by a fair bit in North/South America. In about a week or so, I should have a much firmer date to provide.

About a month ago, Sven said that Capcom is working on a good solution for dealing with frame rates and online play for SSF4 AE and I believe he said they will know in a few weeks if that solution works. Can you give us more details about this now? — AlboFighter

Svensson: I need to check on the status of this before I communicate what's next. I haven't heard the end result. I'll be back. :)

Just wanted confirmation that the PC release of SSF4 AE will be 3D compatible, because it was mentioned in nVidia's latest beta driver release.

Svensson: Confirmed. It will support Nvidia's 3D Vision. We've been working with Nvidia to have everything rendering at the correct depths.

Trish Marvel vs. Capcom 3 no assist, Maximum Voltage hyper only combo video

Team Haz-Mat's man Haz made a Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trish combo video. This doesn't involve any assists and only uses her Maximum Voltage hyper.

Sakura Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition matches from Uryo

With the release of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition right around the corner, I thought it'd be fun to check in on Uryo's Sakura, who as of the last BP ranking breakdown posted here on the site was the #1 player overall, from a points stand point.

Sakura picked up a number of buffs that made her stronger in AE, and you can see some of them showcased in the videos below, posted by SMOAI2010.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Adventures of Tokido and Mago

While I don't see the word "Adventures" appearing in the official tagline for this video, this clip resembles the series from Gootecks and Mike Ross, as Tokido and Mago take their skills online to complete at Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Tokido uses a team of Wolverine, Sentinel and Phoenix and Mago chooses Amaterasu, Magneto and Sentinel.

Submitted by Toy_Boy, from SMOAI2010's YouTube channel.

Air updates his blog with Ryu vs. Fei Long matchup guide

Air updates his blog with Ryu vs. Fei Long matchup guide Air has recently updated his strategy blog where he discusses the Ryu - Fei Long matchup. He offers a lot of insight, including why throwing fireballs outside of Ryu's low forward range is a bad idea and how to punish Fei Long players doing EX Chicken Wing on wakeup. Here's a piece.

Far Range: I guess I can say this is the only safe range where you can throw Hadokens without thinking. Meter management is extremely important in this match up especially having full Super meter can be extremely threatening to Fei Long. Whenever you have a chance where you are safe, don’t hesitate to build some meter by throwing fireballs, whiffing jab SRK or doing air tatsu.

Mid Range: Throwing fireball might be risky because it is NOT safe on block because it is punishable by reversal Rekka unless it is max range low forward > fireball. If it’s not max range, it is recommended not to follow a fireball after low forward is blocked. The best thing you can do at this range is to block and punish whiffs and mistakes made by your opponent or sometimes random level 2 focus attack can give you some surprises.

Close Range: Fei Long has a very long safe poke string @ close range, so don’t mash on SRK after you block two low shorts otherwise it’s going to be blocked or whiff by the time Fei Long ends his poke strings. Fei Long also has really good frame traps to mix up with his throw and even his command throw, therefore sometimes instead of throw tech, mashing on low jab can get you out of that bad situation.

Arcade Edition guide update digest for 5-22-11

Arcade Edition guide update digest for 5-22-11 Due to the upcoming DLC release of SSF4: Arcade Edition on June 7th, I have begun fixing certain guides in response to the AE changelists that were posted a while back. Very few characters changed fundamentally, so this is just a quick heads up.

  • Arcade Edition Abel Guide: Added new damage values to Tornado Throw, Breathless and Soulless. Also rewrote some of the Breathless section.

  • Arcade Edition Adon Guide: Adon got a lot of buffs hitbox-wise to his normal moves, but his fundamental strategy has not changed. Removed the note talking about his fast wakeup time, which he no longer has.

  • Arcade Edition Akuma Guide: Removed the section talking about runaway Hurricane Kick. Wrote some new notes into Ultra 2 section. Fixed damage values on EX Hurricane Kick.

  • Arcade Edition Chun-Li Guide: No changes. For those who don't like their characters changing in every revision, Chun-Li is your character.

  • Arcade Edition Balrog Guide: Updated note on Balrog's Light Punches. Fixed most of the Headbutt section.

The next digest will likely include the rest of the characters who have modernized guides.

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