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Roundup: Seth talks Kuma in Street Fighter X Tekken, 3DS Super Street Fighter 4 for $29.99

Roundup: Seth talks Kuma in Street Fighter X Tekken, 3DS Super Street Fighter 4 for $29.99

• Speaking with, Capcom's Seth Killian talked a little bit about Kuma in SFxT, saying that he's a bit like Bob and Rufus currently, as he's a big guy that's really fast. He added that: "He has a command grab that has a lot of range, so he's pretty effective. He still has a bit of the jokiness about him," Killian added. "But to be honest, he's one of the least balanced characters. Someone came up to me and they were like, 'oh, I found a bug!' Kuma and Raven, when they whiff moves, they don't build meter. He was like, why don't they do that. And I was like, we've only put them in! [laughs]." From NeoWhite and Rafael2487.

• The 3D edition of Super Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS is $10 off on, bringing it down to $29.99. Also mentioned by Rafael2487.

• In addition to the New York City Fight Club on August 21st, Samsung is also hosting a SSF4 AE tournament on Saturday and Sunday. There are some nice prizes up for grabs. Also submitted by Rafael2487.

• Desk put up his version of the Deadpool/Trish MvC3 Peekaboo Glitch that was posted here yesterday that locks the opponent into place with one of Trish's traps. Tip from Rafael2487, Chauvinist948 and WreQLazZ.

• Doopliss illustrated how he believes it could be Rolento in the Ibuki oil/water effects in the latest SFxT video. An anonymous reader sent in a animated .gif file to further back up the Rolento argument.

• A couple of MvC3 combo videos were sent in. There's a Super-Skrull 100% combo from Hi Im Nastyy, a Dante, Ammy combo doing 1.8 million damage from Kota813, there's a second part here. Submitted by Fawaz and an anonymous reader.

• If you're a fan of Aris and Kayo Police, Avoiding the Puddle has a new t-shirt to check out featuring both people.

Street Fighter IV: Continue/revival/gameover medley by Filoscope

A really catchy medley was uploaded a while back and only recently was submitted. Filoscope uploaded onto his YouTube channel a remix of the continue screen. The remix is pretty well done and very entertaining. You'll find yourself sitting through the continue screen much longer than you are used too.

Tip sent in by NaokiB2U.

Guard Crush Team Battles 3 live stream

Guard Crush Team Battles 3 live stream Team Sp00ky is streaming from Brooklyn, New York, bringing the Guard Crush Team Battles 3 tournament live to people at home — or work — to check out.

If you're curious how the tournament is progressing, you can look at the bracket on Challonge. Some very good players from the east coast are in attendance at Henry Cen's The Next Level.

To check out the video feed, click the link below.

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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition: Combos exhibition by AkaneLV

Already back and thirsty for more, AkaneLV posted up a new combo exhibition for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. This covers multiple characters and has many diverse setups in it.

Mentioned by Rafael2487 and Fawaz.

Hugo, Raven, Kuma and Ibuki Street Fighter X Tekken footage

If you'd like to see more of the new Street Fighter X Tekken characters, Hugo, Kuma, Raven and Ibuki, OrkanONE and Larlusthx have some good footage to check out. This isn't EVO championship level gameplay here, but it's players running the game through some basic paces.

The first video is particularly nice if you're interested in seeing some of the character's normals, specials and their supers, as the competitors don't focus on playing and are just running through the move sets to see what's available, for the most part.

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Farewell vanilla Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo video

Jamheald and CPS2 did a farewell combo video tribute for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There's a lot of cool things shown in the 7 minute clip embedded below, as this is a nicely put together package of combos and music. Scope it out.

You can find a transcript here.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Jill combo movie by UGG-SIN2

A combo movie created by UGG-SIN2 was uploaded onto SMOAI2010's YouTube channel. It's pretty impressive and most of them don't require the lv. 3 hyper. All of the text is in Japanese but you don't need it to understand what is going on in the combo video.

Tip sent in by an anonymous user, ChunLiSexBeast and Rafael2487.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Sentinel TAC step-by-step tutorial

ProzacStylings has completed a tutorial for Sentinel that shows how to take advantage of the reduced scaling of hitstun after an aerial tag. The video includes notation for all the moves that Sentinel performs to keep the opponent in the combo.

Sent in by Rafael2487.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Dr. Strange & Nemesis breakdown by Maximilian

After the first paired release of UMvC3 characters yesterday, Maximilian's covers Dr. Strange and Nemesis in his latest video. He also briefly goes over some new changes to the old cast.

Tip from WreQLazZ, Rafael2487, XxsensenmannxX, Systemofadown77, Radykalny, FinalFantazy36, Brandon, RainStereo, neoWhite, and MoreHouse1982.

Consistencies in the Street Fighter X Tekken trailer splotches, Elena in latest video?

A number of readers have sent in theories on who they think the characters are that appeared in the latest Street Fighter X Tekken trailer. After spotting Dhalsim and Steve and Raven and Hugo — and quite possibly some other fighters, the community has been doing a really good job of tracking down characters that are later confirmed.

There have been some consistencies with how Capcom has shown bits of the other fighters to be announced — strictly speaking about the parts of trailers that show the character's artwork being compiled with oil/water — so they give us some basic ground rules to follow:

1. Street Fighter characters have only been shown along with other SF characters, when revealing their official partners. For example, Poison with Hugo, Dhalsim with Sagat, etc. The same is true with the Tekken side. It should be safe to say at this point that only Capcom fighters will show up next to each other and the same is true for Namco.

2. The oil/water splotches that have partial images of the fighter to be revealed next have always been on the left side of the screen, next to the other character. To date, they have never been above or below or any where else except on the left side, so this is the main area to look at on the pages that show the official character artwork in the trailers with the oil/water effects.

Now with that out of the way, a couple of readers felt they spotted Elena in the latest trailer. It seems like Capcom is getting a little craftier about hiding their fighters in these clips, but check out the images below and see for yourself.

Click images for larger versions

Elena pictures submitted by Alfarin, UltimaShadow, Moon_Girard and GreedyB.

So far no one has sent in anything conclusive — that follows the above consistencies — from the splotches next to Kuma, but if you spot anything, feel free to send it in as a news tip. Also, go ahead and leave a comment below on who you think might be in the oil/water splotches.

Roundup: BossLogic art, potential Hulk loop, Evil Ryu combos

Roundup: BossLogic art, potential Hulk loop, Evil Ryu combos

• Community artist BossLogic, in collaboration with Reza, did a few new Street Fighter pieces. A Mecha Akuma image along with Omega Seth. These are the first couple of items in a series that will be starting up. Tip from Brazilanubis3, Rafael2487 and Oroku_Saki.

• CrouchStrong posted what he thinks might be an infinite loop for Hulk in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It's possible the opponent may eventually drop out, but Hulk can repeat this a number of times doing a lot of damage in process, and probably finish off with a super to take out most characters. Mentioned by DinkerDonger.

• A really awesome video for Evil Ryu SSF4 AE players was posted by BlAcK MAGIK and EVAWINGZERO, showing new bread and butter sweep combos that work on a handful of cast members. Evil Ryu is extra deadly after landing an untechable knockdown, so this technology should open up even more offensive options for him. A second and third part will be coming soon. Also submitted by DarkSydeGeoff.

• LiangHuBBB did a Super Street Fighter Music Video with a bunch of sequences timed and themed with music. Tip from J1NZ0.

Nagoya Street Battle 28 Super Street Fighter 4 AE finals, Desk Cody combo

Ov3rheadGreg put up the grand finals from Nagoya Street Battle #28, which was a 3v3 SSF4 AE tournament. The teams consisted of eLive|Kindevu (Seth), Eita (Akuma), eLive|RF (Sagat) vs. Ad lib ouji (Fei Long), Chiba (Makoto), Jeppa (Rufus).

Also, Desk put up a pretty slick counter combo for Cody, which you can see after the jump.

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Rocket Raccoon Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character primer

Rocket Raccoon Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character primer Don't know who the heck Rocket Raccoon is? Have no idea about his abilities, powers or origins? Well, you're not alone and SumoSlamMan has stepped in to put the community in the know about this little critter.

Here's a snip to get you going.

Until recently, say 3-4 years ago, Rocket hadn’t been in much of anything since the 80′s when Mike Mignola (of Hellboy fame) was pencilling the critter in his 4 issue mini. Now he’s a central member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Not too shabby Mr. Raccoon.

For those of you uninitiated in Marvel cosmic lore Rocket was originally a glorified orderly on Halfworld, a planet that functioned as an insane asylum in the Keystone Quadrant. Rocket, along with his first mate Wal Rus, took care of the “Loonies” on the fertile side of the planet while the robots who’d originally served as the patient’s wardens built the inmate’s toys on the other half.

Tip from Brazilanubis3 and Rafael2487.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE combo video roundup: Gouken, Fei Long and Seth

There were a lot of submissions for combo videos today and you can watch them in today's roundup. The first video is a Gouken combo and reset presentation by stiffler2100 and the next are Fei Long and Seth combo exhibitions by AkaneLV.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Last Hurrah vol. 1 by Caj814

Caj814 has posted volume 1 of a new series titled, MvC3 The Last Hurrah, which is a combo video for the vanilla release of the game. This has some really cool stuff in it, and also covers some of the less popular characters.

Zoidbuggerme and Rafael2487.

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