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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: PSN Japanese ranked match footage

Ssf4evo has uploaded some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition ranked matches from the PSN. These matches are of some of the highest ranked players on PSN.

There is a lot of different characters used here Dee Jay, Dudley, Ken, C. Viper, Ibuki, Hakan and quite a few more.

Emailed in by Rafael2487.

Season's Beatings Velocity: Venue tour with Gootecks & Mike Ross

The Cross Counter team takes us on a venue tour of Season's Beatings Velocity held in Columbus, Ohio at Momo 2: The Spot. They also interview a lot of the people at the venue.

Tip sent in by Rafael2487 and hayate_no_tsubasa,

Season's Beatings Velocity Marvel vs. Capcom 3 money matches

ZAPSRK has uploaded a bunch of money matches to his YouTube page from Season's Beatings Velocity. There are a lot of notable players here BA|Viscant, BT|IFC Yipes, MarlinPie, cc.coL|Filipino Champ, LB|ChrisG and many more.

Hit the jump for a few more sets.

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Some footage of Daigo playing Akuma in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

A little bit of footage of Daigo Umehara playing Akuma in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition has surfaced. This is from his recent trip to Kuwait, and is against the Balrog player who goes by the name FujiQ8.

What do you think of Daigo's Akuma play? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Video uploaded by Pianistq8, submitted by an anonymous reader.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Rogueyoshi shows off new temporary game-freezing glitch

During the Curleh Mustache tournament held by BT|IFC Yipes and streamed by Team Sp00ky there was some talk about Rogueyoshi finding a new glitch in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that freezes the game but Dante can still do moves. This means Dante can get free damage on you at any time after this glitch has been initiated.

Rogueyoshi did this against LB|ChrisG in their match during the tournament. The glitch happens at about 0:50 in the video.

After the set between the two had finished IFC Yipes banned the glitch from the tournament.

Let us know what you think about the glitch in the comments.

Sent in by eidrian and a few anonymous users.

Poongko casual matches before Red Fight District tournament

FinestFighters has uploaded some shaky cam footage of TH|Poongko playing some casuals at the Red Fight District tournament in The Netherlands. These matches are against some pretty good players.

Hit the jump to see the other matches.

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IFC Yipes presents The Curleh Mustache stream by Team Sp00ky

IFC Yipes presents The Curleh Mustache stream by Team Sp00ky Team Sp00ky is now streaming The Curleh Mustache tournament for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 being put together by BT|IFC Yipes in Brooklyn, New York.

You can check out the bracket for the tournament here.

Here is what IFC Yipes had to say about it.

The time has come! The Curly Mustache Tournament Series is here! I'm calling all the top East Coast players to battle it out in this high-rollers tournament. This will not be your average monthly, this will be the tournament series of the season where you can let your true skill shine.

Hit the jump to see the stream.

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Xbox Live top players ranked matches from YogaFlame24

YogaFlame24 has uploaded a bunch more Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition ranked match footage. These matches have some of the highest ranked Xbox Live players.

Hit the jump to see the rest of the matches.

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Street Fighter X Tekken: Ono interview about story mode, characters & more

Buzzfocus did an interview with the producer of Street Fighter X Tekken Yoshinori Ono. Ono-san goes into some of the finer details of developing the Tekken characters, even compares Street Fighter X Tekkn to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and even some details about the story mode of the game.

Tip sent in by brazilanubis3.

User sad over Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Phoenix nerfs, Street Fighter X Tekken pre-order gem notes

User sad over Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Phoenix nerfs, Street Fighter X Tekken pre-order gem notes Capcom's Christian Svensson made a handful of posts recently on the Unity Boards. Topics range from Phoenx's nerfs in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, to what gems will be available in the special edition of Street Fighter X Tekken.

I actually cried today over the newest Phoenix nerfs in UMvC3. It's so sad to see your favorite characters get completely ruined. I guess I can only play offline now. — Ray

Svensson: Or you could keep playing her because you like her?

Or you could learn to love other characters if for some reason you can't overcome the balance changes?

Lots of options.

I looked at the GameStop listing for SFxT which was 10 dollars more and I just wanted to make sure of everything. They list their pack as the world warrior pack, yet the SE has the pack already listed within, I thought the SE had all the main gem packs (from all the retailers you pick) and a special gem pack just for perordering, the one with the C. gauge pack for 45 total. — Toshin

Svensson: From the game's product manager:

The SE includes 36 Gems (4 packs) and if you pre-order you get a 5th pack for a total of 45. The one pack that is forgotten in the post is the 4th pack, the SE exclusive "King of Iron Fist" GEM pack.

The pre-order is the Cross Arts GEM pack.

The following packs are included:
World Warrior
Iron Curtain
Lightning Legs
King of Iron Fist (special edition exclusive)
Cross Arts (SE pre-order bonus)

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Roundup: PC lighting fix for Super Street Fighter 4 AE coming, SCR announcement

Roundup: PC lighting fix for Super Street Fighter 4 AE coming, SCR announcement

• Capcom mentioned they're releasing a small patch for the PC version of SSF4 AE which fixes the lighting issue that DarkSamus brought to the forefront a little ways back.

• It was announced that the SoCal Regionals will be using v2012 of SSF4 AE a little ways back, and that Team Sp00ky will be streaming Final Round XV.

• Super Office Land did an Akuma the Intern video skit. Hit or miss humor here, some will dig this, some won't.

• Top Tier Studios has a SSF4 AE Pocket Guide for Android phones. It's .99 cents and has move listings and frame data.

• Affehl316 posted a SSF4 AE tutorial focusing on uses and combos for Zangief's lariat.

Stories submitted by DarkSamus, Rafael2487, InvalidSN and Dusty Feets.

Topanga TV: Kazunoko does ranked matches

Ov3rheadGreg has uploaded a Topanga TV video of Kazunoko playing against some people on Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition online in some ranked matches.

Tip sent in by Rafael2487 and an anonymous user.

Season's Beatings Velocity highlights video montage

HarmonicTunes did a sweet Season's Beatings Velocity highlights video montage, showing players who attended the event, various attractions and other cool stuff as well.

Here's what the author had to say about the clip.

- 339 Video clips to choose from.
- 196 were used into the program.
- 376 Photos taken.
- Roughly 20+ hours spent editing within 4 days.
- There are elements of almost everything that was there. Even if the airtime is less than one second, or any game play shown.

Tip from Rafael2487.

Cross Counter interview Flocker at Season's Beatings Velocity

Mike Ross from the Cross Counter team caught up with Flocker the winner of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at Season's Beatings Velocity. Flocker being a player who many people in the community weren't familiar with, surprised a lot of people with his win over BA|Viscant.

Tip sent in by Rafael2487.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Darkstalkers combo video, Assist Me questions & more

Hsien-Jo sent in a Darkstalkers themed combo video for Marvel vs. Capcom. Some snazzy video editing makes this a pretty good combo video.

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