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Man plays Ultra Street Fighter 4 in his living room...while falling from 10,000 feet out of an airplane

I believe it is safe to say that many of us here have a deep interest in fighting games as a hobby. I imagine a few of us may have gone skydiving at one point in our lives but I highly doubt any of us have ever played any fighting games while skydiving at the same time.

NVIDIA has uploaded a YouTube video that is obviously intended to advertise their NVIDIA SHIELD product. This video showcases a man being dropped out of an airplane in a makeshift living room from 10,000 feet in the air while playing games such as Ultra Street Fighter 4.

The man falling from the sky plays through a few games despite flipping in the air several times. Once the man reaches a certain altitude, he abandons the falling living room and parachutes to safety.

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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Check out these awesome Street Fighter 5 avatars that are now available for purchase on the PlayStation Network

Street Fighter 5 avatars are now available for sale on the PlayStation Network. It appears that there are avatars of most of the characters that have been revealed for the Street Fighter 5 roster.

It is nifty that these avatars are available before the game's release for players to show their support of the game. Best of all, these avatars only cost $0.49 each.

Check out which avatars of characters are available below.

SF5 Avatars image #1 SF5 Avatars image #2 SF5 Avatars image #3 SF5 Avatars image #4
Click images for larger versions

Submitted by: KingSpica

How hard would it be to rip out somebody's spine? Vsauce3 analyzes the science behind Sub-Zero's classic fatality

For years, we've seen Sub-Zero rip out people's spines as his trademark fatality like it was nothing. How difficult would it be to rip out somebody's spine in real life though?

In the past, we've already seen some examples of fatalities being performed in real life but how plausible are these fatalities? Vsauce3 attempts to analyze the science behind ripping somebody's spine out.

During the video, we find out how much upward force to be necessary in order to rip off somebody's spine. Not only that, but we learn how ripping out somebody's spine would not be as clean as it appears in the video games as a result of a number of body parts that are attached directly to the spine.

As part of the demonstration, Vsauce3 had to get a machine to rip off the head of a dummy.

Both the GIF below and the video beyond the jump contains fake gore and should be considered NSFW.

Click image for animated version

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'Seeing Poongko win Shadowloo Showdown made me main Seth' - Gonzales talks about Seth as a character, Street Fighter 5, DreamHack prospects and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

We're very committed here at EventHubs to bringing you as many interviews with top players as possible. As such, we've reached out to a bunch of top-level Japanese players that people outside of Japan might not be too personally familiar with.

First in our line is Japanese Seth-player Gonzales, who has been turning heads all year long, traveling all across the world to participate in as many Capcom Pro Tour events as possible.

In our interview, Gonzales touches upon his fighting game history, Street Fighter 5 and DreamHack prospects, his reasons for picking Seth and much more.

Below, you'll find a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: How long have you been playing fighting games?

Gonzales: I started trying out fighting games when I was 6 or 7 years old. There was a small store close to where I lived, and I'd play at the arcade machines there. The games were King of Fighters 99 and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, but I never advanced much further than just being able to do the special moves.

That store closed down about 3 years later, and after that the only fighting gaming I did was playing Smash Bros. with all of my friends. But I kept playing games in general all along. Then, right around when I bought a Playstation 3, I saw advertisements for Super Street Fighter 4, so I bought it. So, when I actually started playing fighting games properly, I was around 17 years old.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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LPN shares his top four characters in the current build of Street Fighter 5

With special access to the Capcom HQ build of Street Fighter 5, Long "pH|LPN" Nguyen has spent quite a bit of time getting to know the characters in their updated states.

Today he brings us the final two tier sections on the list, A+ and S tier, presenting his top four characters in the game thus far.

Beta users will be interested to scope out the list to see any changes that may have happened since the time the game was available online just a few weeks ago.

Hit the jump to see who LPN thinks are currently the strongest characters in SF5.

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Best of Three debates the strongest team in the FGC, the importance of money matches, the final leg of the Capcom Pro Tour and more

Steven "Ace King Offsuit" Jurek joins Efren, Danke and myself in this week's Best of Three broadcast.

We delve through quite a few hot topics in the community, like Infiltration's partnership with Team Razer, and whether or not that means Razer is the dominant entity at the moment.

We also discuss the direction of the FGC in regards to team-based events, and whether or not we'll be able to mold a non co-op game into a more team-based model.

All this, plus the significance of money matches, the closing weeks of the Capcom Pro Tour and more await in the video after the jump.

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What happens when you put Zhi, Xian and Infiltration in a room with unlimited Red Bull and USF4? Cross Counter Asia is on its way back

Most of us are familiar with the entertaining antics of the Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross. Watching them take to the online world of Street Fighter to get emotionally shaken week after week never seems to get old.

Following a similar model are a pair of EVO champions, and one of the most notable commentators in the FGC. RZR|Xian, RZR|Infiltration and MCZ|Zhi are back to entertain us on Cross Counter Asia.

These three will be hilariously subjecting themselves to the bowels of the online Street Fighter 4 realm, welcoming an array of guests to join them in the process.

We've got the season trailer for you to view, and you can watch it after the jump.

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Mad Catz, Evil Geniuses, Red Bull or Razer? The results are in; see who you voted as the strongest team in the FGC

Update: We've closed our poll, and you can see who the EventHubs readers have chosen after the jump.

Earlier: As the FGC gets more corporate attention, we've seen some incredibly strong teams form.

With Razer's recent signing of Infiltration, there's been quite a bit of buzz about how strong Team Razer has become. Naturally this leads to discussion about Team Evil Geniuses, Mad Catz and even Red Bull.

We've set up a poll for you to give us your feedback on who you think is the strongest team right now. Taking into account size, diversity in strengths and overall accomplishments, who do you think has the strongest Street Fighter 4 representation?

Hit the jump to see more details on each team, and to vote for your favorite.

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Akuma, Bison and Sagat as femme fatales? Ibuki, Juri and Cammy as masculine militants? Check out these Street Fighter role reversals

An artist by the name of Steve Miller has put an interesting twist on a handful of the Street Fighter cast.

Instead of drawing them as their traditional sexes, Miller has swapped things around to make the males female and vice versa. The outcome is actually quite captivating.

Take a look at the first half of our gallery below and see for yourself.

Street Fighter Swap 01 image #1 Street Fighter Swap 01 image #2 Street Fighter Swap 01 image #3 Street Fighter Swap 01 image #4 Street Fighter Swap 01 image #5
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for more.

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This is easily the most comprehensive Street Fighter 5 R. Mika guide we've seen yet

You may have learned some things about R. Mika in Street Fighter 5, but never like this.

In his HOW TO R. MIKA 101 tutorial, Soul Train breaks down the character in an incredibly detailed and comprehensive way. This isn't just a guide to her best combos and how to do them. This is a guide that shows you how to efficiently play the character.

Below you'll find visual guides Soul Train has made to help you understand Mika's options at different ranges. In order, you'll see her basic drop kick range, general move range, frame data and when to use her charged drop kick.

How to R. Mika image #1 How to R. Mika image #2 How to R. Mika image #3 How to R. Mika image #4
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump below to get started with the videos.

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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator to hit Sony consoles in North America and Japan early 2016

It was announced today that Aksys Games will be bringing Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator -- the latest update in the Xrd series -- to consoles.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users in both North America and Japan will be able to pick up the game in the Spring of 2016.

Revelator takes the fighting system and graphics of Xrd and adds new content such as character balance changes. The game also features a handful of new playable fighters including Johnny, Jack-O', Jam Kuradoberi, and Dizzy.

For more information about Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, be sure to hit the jump.

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Nine rains meteors onto the opponent, fires a Kamehameha, and more: Check out BlazBlue Central Fiction's latest character in action

Yesterday, it was revealed that Nine is set to be playable in BlazBlue Central Fiction. Unlike yesterday's images, today we get to see the new character in motion.

A trailer showing off what Nine can do in BlazBlue hit the internet this morning. In it, we see a wide variety of her moves, some combos, and even her Astral Finish.

Also, there is one super move in particular that looks very much like Goku's Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z. In other words, it's extremely badass.

Click image for animated version

You can check out Nine's full trailer below.

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Street Fighter 5's first DLC characters aren't finished yet; Ono says 2020 might be the year of Skullomania (but probably not)

Back at Paris Games Week, GameSpot sat down with Capcom's Director of Brand Marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, and Street Fighter's Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono for a lengthy discussion about the company's upcoming title, Street Fighter 5.

The interview recaps information such as the way in which Fight Money will work, the new business model, and more. However, the Capcom representatives also share new information pertaining to the first set of DLC characters.

We know that Street Fighter 5 will receive six post-launch DLC characters before 2017 hits. Though fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the first real glimpse of these warriors, they're actually not finished being developed yet.

"Street Fighter 5 in itself is a 16-character game," Dahlgren explained. "The characters that are going to be released as post-launch content are not finished yet. They’re actually going to be released once they’re finished.

"So, we’re still working out the cadence on how quickly that’s going to happen, but what we’re working towards internally is about one character every two months. So we’ve been able to map out that we’re going to have six within the first year and plan to continue to build after that."

As for a DLC character limit, Capcom doesn't want to get overeager.

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LPN shares the next five characters on his Street Fighter 5 tier list

We're back with another portion of Long "pH|LPN" Nguyen's Street Fighter 5 tier list.

Today we examine the heart of the list, checking out the five characters that make up the "A" and "A-" sections of his list.

Though he's thoroughly invested the game whenever possible, Long has made this list from his experiences with the Capcom HQ build of the game.

After today, we'll have nine of the thirteen characters accounted for. As a reminder, Long doesn't imply any specific order within each tier class, meaning just because a character is presented first doesn't mean they're necessarily better.

Hit the jump to see the list.

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And then there was one... Poongko and Misse qualify for Capcom Cup, and all eyes turn to DreamHack

One auto-qualifying spot remains for the Capcom Pro Tour now that the Asia Finals have concluded.

Points can no longer be earned, so the only way things can change is if someone ranked below Qanba|Dakou, who currently holds the 31st rank, wins DreamHack Winter.

Poongko, who is slated as 16th in the standings, has virtually done nothing in terms of rankings but ensure Misse's Capcom Cup berth with his dominant victory at CPT Asia Finals.

As the final stop on this year's Pro Tour, DreamHack Winter will be the last influence on Capcom Cup. Hit the jump to see who is slated to attend this penultimate tournament.

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