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Poongko performed a total of 23 uppercuts during his grand finals bout with Gamerbee at Japan Cup; see his hit/fail ratio here

Grand finals at Japan Cup featured ZW|GamerBee, Secret|Poongko and a whole slew of unsafe Dragon Punches.

Despite the incredibly risky nature of DPs in this game, both combatants threw caution to the wind with uppercut after uppercut against one another. Check out the sequence below to see what we mean:

Click image for animated version

As many DPs as Gamerbee went for, Poongko wound up using even more. Honzo Gonzo went back to the tapes and recorded Poongko's DP success rate round by round, and posted his findings to share with all of us.

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Release build of Urien to be showcased at WSO: Catch the Street Fighter 5 live stream here

The latest installment of the WSO sessions is going live here shortly, and Capcom UK is in attendance to show off the release build of Urien.

With Capcom's own Matt "The Street Writer" Edwards joining in on the action, we can expect to see a full breakdown of what Street Fighter 5's newest DLC fighter can do.

You can catch the live video feed after the jump.

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Necalli's new costume shown off in-game, footage of Street Fighter 5's Versus CPU mode from Tokyo Game Show

The CapcomChannel recently held a live stream over at Tokyo Game Show that showed off quite a bit of Street Fighter 5's upcoming content.

During the presentation, we were shown actual gameplay footage of the "Mystery Costume" from the Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle. As we now know, this is a costume for Necalli that was chosen by Capcom Cup 2015 winner GGP|Kazunoko, who also helped design it.

You can see it in action in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

Additionally, Capcom quickly demoed the new Versus CPU mode that allows players to practice up against a computer controlled opponent in an actual match. The new mode comes with the ability to choose difficulty before the match, so if you're looking to get practice against certain characters without having to lose points, this one's for you.

You can check everything out in the video after the jump.

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New character skins, colors, Kim Wu gets a new move, and much more: Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, free Shadow Lords mode, and patch released

Today is a big day for Killer Instinct fans. Season 3's conclusion is upon us, and with it comes several large releases that will undoubtedly keep you playing for hours on end.

Firstly, Killer Instinct's newest mode, Shadow Lords, is now available. This feature allows you to battle through numerous matches on your quest to defeat Gargos and stop him from conquering the world. Players are able to pick up loot along the way that allows them to add power ups, harness the power of guardians, and more to help improve the chances of defeating Season 3's boss character.

In Shadow Lords, players can unlock the new Astral Plane stage, as well as new "Mimic" character skins. You can also obtain two new colors for Gargos by purchasing the Killer Instinct Definitive Edition.

This physical copy of the game includes everything ever released throughout all three of the game's seasons. This comes along with the new Shadow Lords mode, and runs for $39.99 USD.

Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #1 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #2 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #3 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #4 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #5 Shadow Lords and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition  image #6
Click images for larger versions

Lastly, the Killer Instinct 3.4 patch is officially live, which adds a plethora of balance changes, bug fixes, and even gives Kim Wu a new command normal. You can find the full list of patch notes after the jump.

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Urien can charge st. HP and HK for better / more damaging combos; Capcom's latest character introduction features the Vice President of Illuminati

It's Urien week, everyone! The moment we've all been waiting for is drawing ever nearer.

On Thursday (Friday in Japan), Street Fighter 5's September update will be seeing an official release, and will bring us new stage KOs, Daily Challenges, bug fixes, and much more. But the largest draw for this update is the arrival of Urien, the game's final DLC character for this season.

The Street Writer over at Capcom Fighters has put together a character introduction video to get players better acclimated with the Vice President of Illuminati.

In this video, we learn about his V-moves and general gameplan, as well as a few interesting tidbits such as his ability to charge standing heavy kick and heavy punch to gain more hitstun and launch into better combos.

You can see some of Urien's combo ability in the GIF below. For the full video, be sure to hit the jump.

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter 5 PC mods: Juri is fresh out of the shower, Killer Instinct's Orchid prepares for battle

The Street Fighter 5 PC modding community continues to put out great work, and today we've got a couple of mods for you that have been making the rounds.

Today we've got a mod from Cammy made by OCZI that swaps her out with the likes of Killer Instinct's Orchid. We've also got a Juri mod from BrutalAce that makes it appear as though she didn't have quite enough time to be ready for a fistfight.

As always, be sure to check out the descriptions in the videos after the jump if you're interested in trying these mods for yourself. Here's a gallery to get you started:

SF5 Mod gallery image #1 SF5 Mod gallery image #2 SF5 Mod gallery image #3 SF5 Mod gallery image #4 SF5 Mod gallery image #5 SF5 Mod gallery image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Capcom responds to question: Why are you releasing Street Fighter 5 DLC instead of adding additional modes or improving existing features?

Today's Street Fighter 5 blog post from Haunts discussed quite a bit about Capcom's Pro Tour DLC content, and the FAQ at the end of the post delved into some hard hitting questions.

This FAQ clarified some fairly straightforward topics like how much of the CPT DLC revenue will directly go to support CPT initiatives, how long this bonus content will be available for and why the bundle is only on PlayStation 4. It concludes however, with a question that almost caught us by surprise.

"Why are you releasing DLC instead of adding additional modes or improving existing features?"

This question seems to be a set up to directly address the angry mob-esque members of the SF5 community before they light torches and grab pitchforks for their protest of this subject in particular.

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This zero damage projectile video turns King of Fighters 14 into a dance party

The Combonauts are at it again, this time not with flashy combos or bugs, but with a stylish King of Fighters 14 zero damage fireball evasion video that sees much of the cast dance their way around projectiles.

Edited to line up with some catchy dance music from CVS2, the KOF14 training room quickly becomes a dance floor for the cast.

You'll likely find yourself tapping a foot along with the beat, but this video isn't just for entertainment. The moves performed are widely practical for getting around projectiles in game. We learn, we have fun, we go home happy.

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Xian, Daigo and Justin Wong were all eliminated in pools at Japan Cup; Is consistency becoming an issue in Street Fighter 5?

Three titans of the Street Fighter scene surprised the FGC last weekend not with the amazingly stellar plays or unbelievable reactions they're known for, but rather for being eliminated from Japan cup in the very first part of the bracket.

RZR|Xian, EG|Justin Wong and BST|Daigo have all been crowned victors on the EVO stage, and the latter two are arguably the most well known figures in the community. All three would not make it out of pools at Japan Cup in Tokyo last weekend however, prompting some discussion about consistency in SF5.

Both Daigo and Xian lost off stream, but you can see Wong's final moments in the tournament by clicking the image below:

Click image for animated version

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Brand new Urien footage in Street Fighter 5 also reveals easily the funniest stage transition we've seen yet

During a recent live stream from Capcom Japan we got to see more footage of the game's upcoming DLC character in all his Illuminati glory. Said glory was greatly reduced once we saw Urien crash into the hot dog stand on the far left part of the stage.

Something about wearing a giant hot dog on his head takes away from Urien's ominous presence:

Click image for animated version

You can see the full bout in the video after the jump.

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This Villager player thought he could get away with taunting his opponent, but the KO-ability on Luigi's taunt felt differently...

At the recent Welcome to the Next Level Super Smash Bros. 4 tournament in Missouri, two players took part in a truly spectacular moment during the top 8.

Sen. Sawft's was feeling himself when his Villager managed to break the shield of his opponent. He pulled off a full taunt during the stun, then hit her bowling ball smash attack, sending the Luigi player flying off stage.

Shortly after, HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE's Luigi dished out a bit of his own justice, knocking the Villager off the platform and spiking her with a taunt for the KO.

And the only thing to do after such amazing retaliation is pop off...

Click image for animated version

The moral of this story? Be careful taunting your opponent.

Source: SawtfSoup.

Poongko's ridiculous anti-air confirm into super, Haitani gets taken out by Keiji N's F.A.N.G: Top 5 moments from Japan Cup 2016

Japan Cup 2016 took place over the course of this past weekend, this Capcom Pro Tour premier event was absolutely stacked with talent.

If you weren't able to catch the action, you're in luck. Capcom Fighters has rounded up five of the best moments from the Street Fighter 5 tournament and compiled them into an awesome highlight reel.

In this compilation, you'll find hype clips such as Keiji N's F.A.N.G defeating MJS|Haitani's Necalli, Secret|Poongko hitting GGP|Kazunoko with some truly remarkable anti-air DPs, and more.

You can check out Poongko's stellar Critical Art confirm in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

For the full video, be sure to hit the jump.

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3v3 matches in Street Fighter 2? Mugenoman shows off a brand new take on the classic fighter

Long before the days where we had a community offering gameplay mods on Street Fighter titles, we had some savvy individuals putting their own spin on things through bootleg boards like Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition.

Over on the Mugenoman Player1 YouTube channel, you'll find a handful of videos that are a bit reminiscent of those old bootlegs.

Instead of adding wild things like dragon punches that come with a side of fireballs, we have triplet-teams scrambling to score a knockout all at the same time. It's hard to fathom a group of human players trying to come together to make this work, but the AI certainly manages to escalate things immediately:

Click image for animated version

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Guile goes by the words 'if it's my problem, I'll solve it', puts his own feelings about Nash's character change aside in favor of duty - CFN profile

Next up, we have the hypocritical "go home and be a family man"-sayer himself, Guile.

If you feel like you haven't gotten quite enough patriotism in your day so far, check out these images of Guile.

Street Fighter 5 Guile Profile image #1 Street Fighter 5 Guile Profile image #2 Street Fighter 5 Guile Profile image #3
Click images for larger versions

Continue below for his full profile.

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Like trophies in Smash Bros., but far more interactive: Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator's Digital Figure Mode is coming very soon

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator is receiving an update very soon. The ver. 1.04 patch is set to drop on September 30th in Japan, and will bring players the new Digital Figure Mode.

Xrd's art style and graphics make it one of the best looking fighting games on the market today, and with this new feature fans will be able to get a better look at all of their favorite characters. Digital Figure Mode allows you to analyze character models (reminiscent of the trophies in Super Smash Bros.), but brings with it a new level of interactivity.

Characters can be posed in different ways, have their facial expressions changed, can be propped up in front of several different backdrops, and much more. The variety of options open the door to a plethora of amazing screenshot opportunities.

Below are some images showing what the Digital Figure Mode can do. If you'd like to see it in action, be sure to check out the video after the jump.

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Digital Figure mode image #1 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Digital Figure mode image #2 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Digital Figure mode image #3 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Digital Figure mode image #4 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Digital Figure mode image #5 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Digital Figure mode image #6
Click images for larger versions

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