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F.A.N.G's Street Fighter 5 move listings

F.A.N.G is the final playable character for the Street Fighter 5 launch roster, but how his moves are performed have remained a mystery, until now.

John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero was able to capture how all of F.A.N.G's attacks are performed in SF5 today, and also offer a rundown of what they do.

Click image to view a larger version of F.A.N.G's moves

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Smash 4 tier lists from Komorikiri and FOW

Two strong Super Smash Bros. 4 players have weighed in on how they feel the game's tiers stack up.

Komorikiri and GW|FOW's both created separate tier lists for the game.

Komorikiri and FOW's Smash 4 tier lists image #1 Komorikiri and FOW's Smash 4 tier lists image #2
Click images for larger versions

FOW added these notes for his listing.

• Kirby secret match up destroyer.
• Meta Knight is GDLK.
• Ike best Fire Emblem character.
• Ness isn't top 10.

You can compare these to our listings here on EventHubs.

Dahlgren: With Street Fighter 5's launch, I believe you'll see more pad players than stick users initially

Capcom feels there will be a changing of the guard initially when Street Fighter 5 drops on Feb. 16, 2016.

"Since Street Fighter comes from an arcade heritage, a lot of people have this general belief that arcade sticks are the premier way of playing," Capcom's Matt Dahlgren told Games Industry.

Luffy, Liquid|NuckleDu, RB|Snake Eyez, Wolfkrone and many others actually played on pad in the Street Fighter 4 series — and they all made great names for themselves at the highest of levels of competition while doing so.

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'I'll find a character that requires me to play solid without gimmicks at first' - fLoE covers how to learn a new fighting game

Ari "fLoE" Weintraub has launched a new video series titled Floechart, which explores how to improve at fighting games.

FLoE's skills in the lab are extremely well regarded within the community, and it's pretty slick that he's exploring how to pick up and learn a new fighting game with Street Fighter 5 on the horizon.

In the first episode, fLoE interjects that one of the things he focuses on initially is finding a character that requires him to play solid, and doesn't rely on gimmicks to win.

You can find the entire video below.

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Capcom: Ken's looks in Street Fighter 5 were changed so he did not closely resemble Ryu

IGN had a chance to speak with Mike Lunn, who's a brand manager at Capcom, during PAX South 2016.

They asked him why Ken looks changed up so much in Street Fighter 5, and it appears Capcom wanted to make him stand apart from Ryu even further than they have in the past.

Instead of being a version of Ryu dressed in red, his looks are more distinctive now, as he's pulled down his gi and has a sporty shirt on, explained Lunn.

"We made [Ken] play a lot different as well, so I think the team wanted to separate them too a little bit more so it wasn't a white ninja dude and a red ninja dude," Lunn said.

Story mode details, Dhalsim's changes and more were also discussed in the video below.

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Street Fighter 5's menu interface was designed to 'keep everyone in tune with the community' - Ono talks about the importance of the FGC

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Ono discussed the topic of the fighting game community as one of the talking points, and how it's influenced the way they think about the development of Street Fighter 5.

He notes that this is something they learned during the lifetime of Street Fighter 4, and one way they started incorporating this into their overall plans was to launch the Capcom Cup.

Ono: As far as what we learned from Street Fighter IV, one thing was that Street Fighter is not just what exists in the content of the game. There’s this whole separate world of esports and the fighting game community.

Now we have the Capcom Cup, which is part of that whole esports strategy.

After the jump, you can see more of Ono's statements, regarding how they went about implementing more community-mindedness in Street Fighter 5.

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Throws have longer startup, different teching properties and can be counter-hit during startup - Learn all you need about throws in SF5

A lot of people joined the scene with the release of Street Fighter 4, and thus they may not be accustomed to just how different the intricacies of a fighting game can become when throw properties are adjusted.

If you go into Street Fighter 5 with a SF4 mentality, it's likely you'll end up frustrated with getting counterhit and not being able to tech when you believe you did. Therefore, this video from Nevillebamshew is an absolute must for anyone who wants to get serious with Street Fighter 5 - it details exactly how throws work, and in each step notes how that's different or similar to SF4.

Hit the jump to check out this informative video.

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'I believe that by release, everyone will be happy with how [KoF14] looks' - SNK also notes that future games won't necessarily be 3D in new interview

Note: The interview portions of this article were translated into English from Japanese by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor, the author of this piece.

Yasuyuki Oda, the battle designer for King of Fighters 14, recently did an interview with Japanese site GAME Watch, and in the interview they touch upon a lot of subjects, but the focus of this particular piece will be on the discussion of the game's graphics.

Ever since it was first unveiled, King of Fighters 14 has received a lot of criticism for its graphics, which have shifted from 2D to 3D, and according to a lot of consumers don't have the same level of quality as the 2D games used to have. Below, you can see Oda's response as to what their general approach to this feedback has been, internally.

GAME Watch: With this being the first numbered King of Fighters in 3D, what has the user feedback been like?

Oda: We've seen a lot of people rejecting the new look, so we're constantly working on brushing up the graphics. I believe that by release, everyone will be happy with how the game looks.

Hit the jump to see more of what Oda had to say regarding the graphical direction of King of Fighters 14.

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Five traits that separate high level fighting game players from everyone else

"Everyone knows playing any fighting game is just about making reads and countering correctly." That's what Tekken player Stephen "SpeedKicks" Stafford broadly boils effectiveness at fighting games down to. A very simple concept, but something very few begin to truly grasp with much sense of efficiency.

Stafford's most recent claim to fame is his Tekken 7 victory at Kumite in Tennesse earlier this year. After his win at KiT, he released a list of five attributes that he feels top players excel at.

Much like his statement about effectively playing fighters, Stafford's list is populated with seemingly simple concepts. It's in his break down of each of these that we find some insight that sheds new light on our approach.

Though SpeedKicks offers his advice with Tekken in mind, his ideas here very much permeate through any and all fighting games. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

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THAT'S the voice actor for Zangief? Meet the voices behind the Street Fighter 5 cast

Some look surprisingly like the character they speak for, and some look like the last person on Earth you'd expect to be able to make that voice.

Street Fighter V Mods has done a bit of research to find pictures for 15 of the 16 voice actors for Street Fighter 5's starting line up.

In an almost poetic outcome, they couldn't find a head shot for Jack Calabrisi, the actor who portrays one of the game's most mysterious characters: Nash.

It's a bit interesting that many of us hear these people talk on a daily basis, yet attribute their voices entirely to fictional characters. Hit the jump below to see the video.

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Justin Wong shows us why Cammy is a force to be reckoned with in Street Fighter 5

There's still much to be unearthed when it comes to Street Fighter 5, but we've heard more than a few opinions on Cammy, most of which pigeon hole her into the "not great" tier section.

I personally beg differ on this one, as Cammy has some very powerful tools that lead into very big damage. Up close she's a frame trap monster with her crouching medium punch, while her crouching medium kick is a great footsie tool.

Both of these moves can be easily canceled into her Spiral Arrow, and if she has V-Trigger, she's quickly going to lop off about a third of your life bar. EG|Justin Wong has begun to explore Cammy, and has uploaded some footage from his Twitch stream.

Below are a few snippets of the action. The first shows off a clutch comeback while the second is an anxious race against the clock.

Click image for animated sequence

Justin hasn't mastered Cammy by any means, as no one has yet, but his play does cue us in to some of her strong potential. You'll see his full session below.

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Will Smug be able to help Gootecks and Mike Ross to their first (and only) undefeated streak on Excellent Adventures?

In eight years of Excellent Adventures, Gootecks, Mike Ross and their various guests have never managed a perfect win record in a four-episode segement. PIE|Smug is the final guest for Street Fighter 4, and the trio is trying their hardest to go out with just one clean sweep.

If there's one player that could help the team go undefeated online, it's Smug. The gang tries to keep the mood light enough, but tension builds with every dropped combo and missed punish.

To add to the anxiety, the ever confident Smug feels it's not enough to simply win, but that he must also do so in style. In one match, he allows his opponent to live so that he can attempt an unblockable set up. The result is none too good...

Click image for animated sequence

It's now or never that we'll see an Excellent Adventures flawless victory for SF4, and the team has to hold out for just three more episodes. Hit the jump to see how they do in episode 97: Rated T for Teen.

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Ono: We can say very firmly that no one will be disappointed with the level of story in Street Fighter 5

In a recent interview, VentureBeat caught up with Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and Capcom's director of brand marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, to discuss the highly anticipated title -- Street Fighter 5.

This piece focused mainly on Street Fighter 5's upcoming story and the free expansion the game will see in June.

Though the Street Fighter franchise is very much established in the competitive gaming world, Ono feels that due to a lack of an intricate story mode over the years, it is seen more as a "video tool" rather than entertainment.

"People use [Street Fighter] as a tool to play in tournaments," Ono begins. "That’s where a lot of the entertainment in it comes from. However, we do want to provide something for people who want to immerse themselves in a world. Those are gamers who are more into the video entertainment style."

Despite this, Ono assures that Capcom is working diligently to make Street Fighter 5's story very strong and give fans the depth they've been hoping for in a Street Fighter title.

"There have been people who’ve been disappointed with the way our story content has been handled in the past," Ono explains. "This time we can say very firmly that no one will be disappointed with this level of story."

Source: VentureBeat.

Full Street Fighter 5 costume color gallery for story and pre-order outfits, features all characters from beta #4

Yesterday, we featured a handful of Street Fighter 5 alternate costume colors here on our front page. But thanks to X-Kira over on the NeoFighters forums, now all currently revealed story and pre-order costume colors for each of the characters in beta #4 can be seen.

This gallery shows all 10 colors for each outfit, and we also see each of Nadeshiko's normal colors -- even though she isn't technically playable.

Below are just some of the images to get you started. Hit the jump to see the rest.

All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #1 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #2 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #3 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #4 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #5 All colors for SF5 story and pre-order costumes image #6

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February EventHubs subscriber giveaway is a $60 USD retail game of your choice

Our bi-monthly giveaway for EventHubs subscribers is a $60 USD retail game. You can pick any game on any platform, as long as it retails for $60 USD or less (before tax and shipping). This includes pre-orders such as Street Fighter 5, which we will pay for in full.

You can become a subscriber now for $20 USD per year, to be entered into the EventHubs bi-monthly sweepstakes. Your subscription will enter you in this drawing, and future giveaways as well.

You'll also get other great benefits for subscribing like:

• Ads removed from web and mobile platforms when signed in.
• A monthly newsletter only for VIPs where we talk about new features and site developments.
• Sweet highlights on your username in the comments area and user profile page.

Congratulations to December's winner, Omgitsjulian. Photo from The Invincilog.

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