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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Steam Database drops hints for another potential new costume pack for USF4?

Some rather interesting speculations have been brought to our recent attention regarding a potential new costume pack for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Now, before we go any further, please note that this is SPECULATION and that nothing has been officially announced by Capcom.

With that in mind there are two pages in the Steam Database site that we'd like to direct you to. It's also important to mention here that the Steam Database site is not Steam itself, but rather simply monitors Steam's activity and looks for cues for future releases.

The first page of interest is found here. Now, this may look like a bunch of crazy numbers and make absolutely no sense to many of you... don't worry.

The only thing you need to take away from this is that it indicates that Steam changed their depots and added SOMETHING for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PC. At this point, we don't know what it is... but we do have a hunch.

Hit the jump to see why we think it's a costume pack.

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'Oooh, sweet set ups O' mine...' Guilty Gear Xrd players! Learn how to combo into Axl Low's Instant Kill with this vast array of set ups

This video features a multitude of different ways to close out a round by hitting a combo into Axl Low's Instant Kill.

Jump-in, high, low, grab, parry, you name it, this video will show you how to chain it into and instant kill.

The FGC spans across many nations and cultures and the information in this video happens to be in Portuguese. Can't read Portuguese? That's what Google Translate is for!

So hit the jump and check out the wrath of Axl Low!

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Daigo playing Ryu, takes on Blue Emblem in offline match - Attack of the Beast!! Gaming Legend “Daigo” vs. 100 Gamers event in Japan

MCZ|Daigo paid a visit to Takamatsu city in the Shikoku region of Japan this past weekend for a special "Attack of the Beast!! Gaming Legend “Daigo” vs. 100 Gamers" event that commemorated the release of the first volume of his manga series, Umehara Fighting Gamers.

As the name of the event suggests, while in Takamatsu city MCZ|Daigo took on as many event attendees as time would permit. The whole affair was streamed live on Nico Video, and Daigo also played a number of characters that stream viewers said they wanted to see -- including Ryu, Guy and Hugo.

Here are three highlights from the "kumite" matches:

Click images for animated versions

Although most of MCZ|Daigo's opponents weren't that strong, there was at least one event attendee he played who was also a notable member of the Japanese FGC: Blue Emblem (Guile).

You can watch the two top Japanese players square off against one another, offline side-by-side style, in part 4/4 of the archived footage below, starting from 26:40.

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Bafael's Elena USF4 tutorial: UC2 setups, best combos, counters for projectiles and Focus Attacks, and much more

Between Infiltration's surprise Elena pick at Capcom Cup 2014 against RZR|Fuudo's Fei Long, and RZR|Xian's Elena pick against MD|Luffy at the Canada Cup Masters Series, the African breakdancer is fast emerging as a solid side character to have stowed away in your backpocket.

If you've been thinking about learning the character's ins and outs to put Elena in your backpocket, there's no better time than now; Bafael has just published a fairly comprehensive video tutorial that covers just about everything you'd need to know to play her at an advanced level.

At over 20 minutes long, the tutorial not only covers basics like anti-air options, bread-and-butter combos and setups, but also goes into details on what to do (or not to do) against specific characters, counters for projectiles, grapplers and much, much more.

Check it out below.

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Kitana & Kung Lao's moves, hints of new stages (Fujin stage?) - Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer analysis from Perfect Legend, Maximilian

The latest Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer is a little different from all of the ones who've seen before; it packs a lot of detail into a very finite span of time.

In fact, the trailer is so packed that there are some seemingly insignificant minutiae you'll absolutely miss if you as much as blink at the wrong moments -- simply because they flash by so fast.

Good thing then, that two notable members of the FGC -- PerFect Legend and Maximilian -- have looked at the trailer forwards and back.

They've gone through the trailer with a fine-tooth comb, sieving out pertinent details like character move analysis and hints of what's in store for the game, and they've edited together clips of the trailer in slo-mo so that we can see what they see.

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AZ Driftwood's Fei Long beats John Choi, Velociraptor, Brentt; immense corner pressure, unlikely comebacks - Ultra Street Fighter 4 spotlight

Fei Long is still a force to be reckoned with in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and Tucson, Arizona's AZ Driftwood demonstrates that in Olympic Gaming's latest USF4 player spotlight reel.

In the matches picked out for this highlights montage, you'll see AZ Driftwood apply immense corner pressure and mount unlikely comebacks against the likes of John Choi, Brentt, and even EventHubs's very own John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero.

Here's a comeback moment to start you off:

Click image for animated version

Watch all of AZ Driftwood's highlight matches after the jump below.

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Mike Ross finds a way to go dumb and smart at the same time, thanks to Gootecks in Excellent [Omega] Adventures Ep. 49

This latest episode of The Excellent [Omega] Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross opens with the latter experimenting in the labs with Omega Seth.

Tired of playing Omega characters more or less the same way he had been playing the vanilla Ultra Street Fighter 4 rendition of those same characters, Mike Ross decides to spend some time to properly learn the ins and outs of a Omega character, during one of the breaks in filming.

Unbeknownst to him, the Excellent Adventures tape had been kept rolling. And since Mike Ross had been doing so well in the labs with Omega Seth, part of his training session made it into the actual episode.

"I've told people time and time again that I want to go dumb. I want to go dumb in this game," Mike Ross says to Gootecks during his lab session.

"I think I've found a way to go dumb and smart at the same time," he continues.

What on Earth could Mike Ross be talking about? Find out in the The Excellent [Omega] Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross! Ep. 49: Smooch Smooch.

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'I’m going to make a game so good, it will make the original Street Fighter look like a knockoff!' - Akira Nishitani on creating Street Fighter 2

We have a real treat for you here. Shmuplations has translated a 1991 interview with developer Akira Nishitani about the creation of Street Fighter II.

In it, Nishitani describes the bold, leap-of-faith process that would eventually result in the creation of the foundation of the fighting game genre as we know it.

It's fascinating, having the retrospect that we have now in 2015, to be able to look back at the inception when the concepts that we're so accustomed to were brand new and unexplored.

We can see the humble beginnings of things that have become well-known staples in the genre. For instance, did you know that the Shoryuken uppercut came about as the result of a side effect from the creators tweaking the game settings?

From the earliest successes to major issues and the forward-thinking brilliance that overcame them, this interview documents a process that everyone in the FGC can appreciate.

I’m going to back up for a moment here to talk about the Final Fight development. Final Fight was actually going to be Street Fighter II. I had been diligently working on the design plans for another game, but Capcom told me we needed to make something with less memory (the price of ROM had just gone up, they said), and they ordered me to make a typical belt-scroll fighting game. That was how I got started on Final Fight, and since our Street Fighter game had some name value to it already, I thought I’d use that title.

I wasn’t really too enthusiastic about this project, and so, as you might expect, when we exhibited it at the AM Show it was roundly criticized. That prototype was “Street Fighter 89.” Everyone knows it as Final Fight now, the name we eventually settled on.

Hit the jump to find out original character names, abandoned ideas and more!

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Never Give Up! Even Match up Gaming's top 10 2v1 comebacks in Super Smash Bros - Even if you're not a Smash player, these are HYPE

In a team battle, not much is scarier than to be left alone on your last life with two hungry opponents ready to reenact the Wombo Combo on you.

Sometimes, the players with the 'never say die' attitude can perform miracles. Even Match up Gaming has compiled their top 10 favorite Smash 2v1 comebacks. Some of these are so intense that they'll envelop you to the point that you'd swear you were right there watching them happen live.

What better feeling than to dance around your opponents, narrowly missing each potential death blow and then eventually make them crash into one another like idiots? The number one replay gave me goosebumps...

Hit the jump and check em' out!

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New Smash tech! How to attack while holding an item! ...and yes, that means Diddy just got better... again

Much of the combat and advanced tactics used in the Super Smash Bros. series have been based on shortcuts or mini-glitches discovered over the years. Wave dashing, for example, was not necessarily intended to be in the game, but became a mainstay of competitive Melee play

Yesterday, we posted an article about new tech that will likely become a mainstay for Smash 4 play.

Today, we have yet another finding that will likely take hold as a common, expected tactic in game play.

The video here will teach you how to use a regular attack while holding an item. This opens up a new world of possibilities for item-toting characters such as Peach, Mega Man, and Diddy Kong.

To view the video, simply click the jump below.

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Odd glitch: Samus can lose 2 stocks at once in Super Smash Bros. Wii U

File this one under "cool and funny glitches in a fighting game". Mostly because I'm not quite sure if a method to kill the Samus you're controlling twice as fast counts as Samus tech.

PlasticWalrus6 has discovered that in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, if you attempt a suicide as Samus in one very specific way, you can get the game to take away two stocks instead of one when she reaches the KO blast zone.

And that's just the beginning. The fun really begins when you go into a a match with three or more players in it. As it turns out, by eliminating Samus through the double-death glitch, the game will actually cause your Samus to respawn even if she no longer has any stocks, effectively making her a ghost fighter.

You'll be able to do damage and continue to fight in the match the same way you did as when you still had stocks left. But as soon as there is only one player with stocks left in the match, the game will conclude -- meaning even if Samus is not knocked into the KO blast zones again, she is still deemed to be defeated.

Unless, of course, if you're in a team battle match with "share stock" rules in play, in which case you can come back to life by taking a stock away from your teammate.

But when you do that, something else odd happens, as you'll see in the video below.

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Desk Omega CMV roundup: Elena juggles with 5 Scratch Wheels, Dudley 27-hit combo, Gouken, Fei Long

Desk is back with another batch of Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Mode CMVs. This time, the videos cover Elena, Dudley, Gouken and Fei Long.

As with all of his Omega Mode CMVs, these videos start off slow, beginning with some shorter, more basic combos to demonstrate what kinds of juggles or combo possibilities are there for you to play around with. This is an approach a little different from his usual USF4 CMVs, which usually kick off with a flashy display of skill right off the bat.

So stay with the video for a little while (or skip to the middle part, if you'd like to), and Desk eventually gets to all the good stuff. In this batch of vids, watch as Desk juggle an opponent with five Scratch Wheels as Omega Elena, link together all sorts of normal and special moves into a 27-hit flurry with Dudley, pull off Gouken Hadouken combo loops, multiple reps of Fei Long's new move in a single sequence, and more.

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EX Pugera (Ibuki), Reiketsu (Vega/Poison), Kiryu Tsukimiya (Guy) - Japan's top character specialists sparring in long sets on Xbox Live

Between the Canada Cup Masters Series, Kumite in Tennessee and Capcom Cup we've seen a lot of high-level footage of top Ultra Street Fighter 4 players at work, sure. But what we haven't been seeing a lot of lately is high-level play for Guy, Vega and Ibuki.

It's not that these characters are not strong or tournament-viable. I don't know about Guy, but many top players have expressed their astonishment in how much stronger Vega has gotten as a character.

As for Ibuki, well, when two of the best USF4 players in the world -- MCZ|Daigo and Kazunoko -- claim that Ibuki is one of the top three best characters in the current version of USF4, even if you don't agree with their opinion, the truth can't possibly be too far off.

Wouldn't you like to see just how strong Ibuki can be, when played by the hands of one of the foremost authorities on the character in Japan?

That's exactly what we've got for you here today. Kiryu Tsukimiya, a top Guy player in Japan, has uploaded nearly two hours' worth of Xbox Live match footage between him and two other top character specialists: EX Pugera (Ibuki) and Reiketsi (Vega/Poison -- he's the guy who taught CCG|Air everything he knows about Poison).

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Guile's theme goes within Skullgirls - Big Band belts out the Street Fighter BGM, Sakura Wars theme on trumpet

As the saying goes: "Guile's theme goes with anything."

So why not within Skullgirls? The fighting game even lets you pull out a trumpet and actually play the tune mid-match. And, as you'll witness in the video below from Japanese Skullgirls fan KST (who previously performed Bugler's Holiday and the Super Mario Bros. theme with Big Band), the trumpet is the perfect instrument to perform Guile's theme with.

The real question we should be asking here is why it's taken someone this long to attempt it. This is just genius at work.

To top it off, KST also performs a part of the theme song for the hit anime show Sakurai Wars (Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan) with Big Band -- and this time, he's doing it in the middle of an actual combo that ends up killing his opponent.

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Momochi explains the snap-decisions he made against Infiltration, Snake Eyez at Capcom Cup 2014 - match analysis videos

Take a peek inside EG|Momochi's head, and learn more about the reasons behind the snap decisions he makes during those high-pressure match situations at Capcom Cup, in these match analysis videos provided by Momochi himself.

EG|Momochi recently started doing this Capcom Cup match analysis segment as part of his live stream programming, enlisting the help of his good friend Daichi who interprets for the Capcom Cup champion live on the air. So far he's analyzed his matches against Infiltration and Snake Eyez.

The match analysis videos are full of insight as to what to do and not to do in the Ken-Zangief and Ken-Akuma matches, as Momochi not only explains the reasons behind the moves he chose, but also points out mistakes that were made by himself and his opponents.

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