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'The Dee Jay mindset is to deceive your opponent' - KitasenjuDJ talks Dee Jay's playstyle, Topanga prospects, practicing a rare character and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

Since we've just gotten a batch of new people qualified for the 5th Topanga A League, we reached out to get some interviews.

The third interview in our series is with the impressive KitasenjuDJ, who managed to bring Dee Jay to new competitive heights with his superb performance in this year's Topanga B League. In this interview, he covers topics such as why he chose Dee Jay as a character, how he goes about finding tech and training with the character, his prospects in the Topanga A League and more.

You'll find a snippet below to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: Dee Jay is considered a pretty weak character by most players. Why did you choose to use Dee Jay, and how good do you feel he is compared to other characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4?

KitasenjuDJ: Before covering why I chose to pick Dee Jay, I'd have to go in to why I picked T. Hawk, who I was using at first. At the very beginning, I tried playing the original Street Fighter 4 a little bit with Ryu, but since that was my very first fighting game I had difficulty with combos and I didn't understand footsies very well so I ended up quitting pretty quickly.

However, when Super Street Fighter 4 came along and new characters were added, I met T. Hawk. T. Hawk felt like he had more freedom than his fellow grappler Zangief, and his combos were easy to do, so he was a perfect simple character for a beginner like myself. Because of this character, I was able to start having fun with the game.

KitasenjuDJ's response continues after the jump.

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Street Fighter 5 will likely feature 'a mixture of paid and earnable cosmetic content' - Matt Dahlgren discusses alternate costumes in SF5

During Tokyo Game Show, Dual Shockers was able to sit down with Capcom's Matt Dahlgren to discuss the upcoming Street Fighter 5.

Dahlgren reveals a few bits of interesting information as he and DualShockers discuss matters such as frame rate parity between the PS4 and PC versions, downloadable content, the fact that SF5 is the first Street Fighter "made for eSports" and more.

Dahlgren also reveals that not all cosmetic content will be obtained via monetary transaction. It's early, and it sounds like plans are not quite set yet, but Dahlgren states, "There should be a mixture of paid or earnable cosmetic content."

We already know that those who have pre-ordered SF5 will get one of four alternate costumes with their purchase, but perhaps we can expect to unlock other costumes without having to pay for them.

Hit the jump for the full interview.

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Pichu was designed to be the worst character in Melee, but EventHubs readers disagree; see translated developer notes on Melee's 'weakest character'

We almost always find ourselves discussing who the strongest characters in a game are, but what about the absolute weakest?

Source Gaming has gotten hold of some interesting notes straight from the original designers of Super Smash Bros. Melee. These notes discuss the creation of Pichu, and specifically note the character as the weakest in the game.

"In this Smash, the honour of being the weakest is bestowed to Pichu. Pichu has the physical weakness of shocking itself and taking damage when performing attacks that involve electricity. Its weight is the lightest among all characters too, and overall its attacks are not powerful, either."

Despite this intention, there are many who believe that Pichu actually isn't quite the worst character in the game. In fact, you EventHubs readers have actually decided that one other character is even worse than Pichu by a significant margin. Hit the jump to see who it is.

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'Why aren't fighting games the biggest eSport?' Daily Dot gets some interesting answers from members of the FGC

"Fighting games are the oldest eSport, why aren't they the biggest eSport?" Daily Dot's Efren Salinas confronts the competitors of Absolute Battle 6 with this intriguing inquiry.

Limited accessibility as compared to PC-based games is a big barrier according the AB6 competitors. Perhaps it's in the fact that fighting games aren't quite compatible for online play yet? Perhaps they are too difficult at an entry level to bring in enough new players?

Online compatibility, diversity in the culture and the difficulty of fighting games are all interesting points that're tossed around by Salinas' interviewees. In the video, you'll see what players like EG|K-Brad, F3|Alucard and Nebtune have to say on the matter.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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This guy can play Super Smash Bros. on a Dance Dance Revolution mat

We're not sure exactly what to make of this one, so we'll just report it as we see it. A player by the name of ATwerkingYoshi, which is a great name, has been developing his Super Smash Bros. 64 game in a very unique way.

He can actually play Smash 64 with a good bit of fluidity on a Dance Dance Revolution mat. We aren't really talking competitive level game play here, but he does take each of the initial characters through their Break the Targets mini-game with surprising ease.

He even ends up fighting Luigi at the end, so we get to see him take on an opponent with his feet as well. This just goes to show that possibilities are endless when you have a creative mind and a ton of extra time on your hands.

Hit the jump to see the video.

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This artist will draw you as your favorite fighting game character for less than 15 bucks

We've seen a handful of artistic fans draw some of their favorite fighting game competitors as their trademark characters, and now there's a service that will draw you as your favorite character for a nominal fee.

An artist by the name of Baldobaldari will draw you in the style of your favorite fighting game character for about 12€, ($13.40.)

We haven't utilized his service ourselves yet, but based on the body of work shown, he certainly seems legit. Still, we have to note that you should send money at your own discretion.

Below are a few samples of works by Baldobaldari:

Life Imitates Street Fighter image #1 Life Imitates Street Fighter image #2 Life Imitates Street Fighter image #3 Life Imitates Street Fighter image #4 Life Imitates Street Fighter image #5 Life Imitates Street Fighter image #6 Life Imitates Street Fighter image #7
Click images for larger versions

If you're interested in having your own character portrait, you can visit Baldobaldari's Facebook page, for more details.

Small glimpses of a new Street Fighter 5 stage and a possible new character have emerged on Ono's Twitter

Update: Ono has released another photo, this time including what could be an image of a new character with the caption "Blanka has some picture in his pocket. I make interception it! ;P " Speculations of Hakan and Zangief have begun circulating, though only time will actually tell.

Earlier: Early this morning, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono took to Twitter once again to give followers a quick look at something new for Street Fighter 5.

"Blanka has a chance encounter with new build SFV at my desk!" Ono says. Attached to this message is a zoomed-in screenshot of another new stage in Street Fighter 5.

In the images we see what appears to be a factory of some sort with chains strewn across the screen and a broiler looking mechanism on the left-hand side.

Quick look at a new Street Fighter 5 stage image #1 Quick look at a new Street Fighter 5 stage image #2
Click images for larger versions

Based on the image above, what do you think this stage will look like? And more importantly, which new character do you think it'll be connected to? Let us know in th comments below.

Source: Yoshinori Ono on Twitter. Thanks to ZHZ90, NyuBomber, Fawaz, neoWhite, Roxnroll, shekeib, LeonX, ImaPlayThis, Geniuzz, spman2099, Sage_Liebert, Catalysts_Evil_Brother and an anonymous reader for sending this in.

Shield damage on get up attacks decreased, invincibility on air dodges / back roll possibly reduced: Super Smash Bros. 1.1.1 patch notes

The latest Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS patch went live earlier this morning. Not only did it introduce new content such as the Winder Waker Pirate Ship stage and new Mii costumes, but it also implemented a series of balance changes.

Thanks to the effort of @Thinkaman over on SmashBoards, we now have a growing list of what changes were made.

Click the images to check out some of the discovered alterations.

Super Smash Bros. 4 9-30 patch notes image #1 Super Smash Bros. 4 9-30 patch notes image #2 Super Smash Bros. 4 9-30 patch notes image #3
Click images for larger versions

For the remainder of the latest Smash Bros. patch notes, be sure to check out SmashBoards. Be sure to check back periodically, as changes are still being added.

Contributions to this story made by Action_John.

Street Fighter 5's most drastic balance changes (if any) to happen at start of Capcom Pro Tour, next beta will have different characters

Twitchcon 2015 took place last week, and at the event VentureBeat managed to catch up with Capcom's Director of Brand Marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, to talk Street Fighter 5.

Though a solid portion of the interview was recap for followers of fighting game community happenings, Dahlgren did drop an assortment of informational nuggets that you may be interested in hearing.

Dahlgren explains that Street Fighter 5 is the first game being built for eSports, and this particular title will directly correlate and evolve with the Capcom Pro Tour. Balance changes will be made during the tournament circuit (March through December), and we now have an idea of what ideas Capcom has in mind as far as making alterations goes.

"So when we’re looking at rebalancing things, that’s our season that we’re going to build around," Dahlgren said. "The beginning of spring is where we would make any kind of drastic changes, to kind of work things out for the season. We’ll make sure to not do any significant balance adjustments before a huge event like an EVO or a Capcom Cup."

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Hagejin would love to play against Snake Eyez to see how good he is - Talks Topanga League, Zangief as a character, Street Fighter 5 and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

Since we've just gotten a batch of new people qualified for the 5th Topanga A League, we reached out to get some interviews.

Our second interview is with Zangief master Hagejin, who touches upon his reasons for picking Zangief, how he'll try to overcome bad matchups in the A League, answers what he'd expect from a battle between himself and RB|Snake Eyez and more.

Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: How long have you been playing fighting games, and what fighting games have you taken seriously?

Hagejin: I've been playing fighting games since Street Fighter 2 came out (1991, was it?), so it's been about 24 years now. But I didn't start playing seriously until Street Fighter 4 came out, which was when I started participating in tournaments.

Actually, I used to not participate much in tournaments at all, and just playing in my local arcade and enjoying the feeling of not losing to the people in my area.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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Super Mario Maker stage, Pirate Ship stage from Brawl, Monster Hunter Mii costumes and much more in this latest Super Smash Bros. 4 patch

The latest Super Smash Bros. patch brings with it the previously announced Super Mario Maker stage, but it also has other goodies.

A stage many had been clamoring for, the Pirate Ship stage based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, has returned in its full glory. Also, Duck Hunt has been added as a stage on the 3DS version, free of charge.

Besides this, a new bunch of Mii Costumes have been added as well, the video and images for which you can find after the jump.

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Latif vs. Fuudo; an in-depth look at the history between these two titans of Street Fighter

Two great competitors of our time, RZR|Fuudo and Latif, clashed in the Grand Finals of EVO 2011 in a high octane bout filled with explosive sequences. It would be Fuudo who'd take home the victory, but Latif would leave a permanent impression on the FGC.

Four years later, the two would meet again in Kuwait in Winners Finals of K.O. Fighting Game Festival. This time around, Latif showed he had much more of a handle on the match, though ultimately Fuudo would come out on top again.

We're taking a look at these two epic sets, in an attempt to analyze exactly why they played out the way they did, what adjustments were made and what crucial sequences were most influential in deciding the outcomes.

Hit the jump to get started.

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'She will be a very gimmick-oriented mix up character' - WSO players uncover Karin's bread and butter combos and basics in Street Fighter 5

At a recent Winner Stays on Session, Capcom U.K.'s Matt Edwards sat down to explore the newest character in Street Fighter 5: Karin.

On a quest to discover her basic play style, he and WSO players focus on which of her moves are best used for anti-airs, counter hits and bread and butter combos. You can see one such combo below:

Click images for animated versions

One of the biggest conclusions they make is that Karin is a completely different character in and out of her V-Trigger state. Within, she has many options to mix up the opponent and throw them off guard. Outside of her V-Trigger, Karin feels much more basic.

Hit the jump to see their exploration of Karin.

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'I've been practicing Elena because of Smug' - Poongko confesses his reasoning behind picking up Elena

Known primarily for his Seth play, and perhaps some side El Fuerte action, Poongko surprised audiences when he brought out Elena to combat Naraks' C. Viper at a recent tournament.

Core-A Gaming caught up with the FGC's angriest player to ask exactly why the switch to a character with such a different style than Poonko's traditional chaotic offense.

He reveals, somewhat abashedly, that he's actually chosen to play Elena as a counter pick to PIE|Smug's Dudley. According to Poongko, the Seth/Dudley match up is 5-5, but Smug has become a demon for the Korean player, and he feels a change of pace is needed should they meet again in tournament.

You can hear everything Poongko has to say on the matter by clicking the jump below.

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Did you know Game and Watch can do 436% in a single attack, Yoshi can become microscopic and you can play as Master Hand? 20 strange Melee glitches

We should specify that not all of these are glitches, per se, but even veterans may be surprised by a few of these odd occurrences in the Super Smash Bros. Melee.

For instance, if Kirby assimilates Yoshi's ability to eat his opponents, (why would Kirby take that move?) he can actually shrink Yoshi down to just a few pixels in size. If Yoshi instantly mashes out of the egg Kirby puts him in, he'll be slightly smaller in size.

There's also a glitch that allows Samus to perform a super dash that takes her the length of the Final Destination stage. You'll see quick examples of both of these below:

Click images for animated versions

There are 18 more strange sequences in the video, all of which come with detailed descriptions on how to perform them. Hit the jump to see "20 Things you (Probably) Didn't Know About Super Smash Bros. Melee."

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