Disgusting confirms, unrelenting offense and unblockable fireballs; Daigo fights his way into top eight at Stunfest

We've watched with much excitement as the competitors in Rennes, France whittled the Street Fighter 5 Stunfest bracket all the way down to top eight.

Amongst the myriad of top contenders, our focus has been especially on RB|Daigo, as we've seen very little SF5 tournament action from him up until this point. Not disappointing, Daigo has made it all the way to top eight, and we've collected a few highlights from his journey there.

Though we see them play week in and week out on Daigo's stream, Daigo and RZR|Fuudo were forced to duke it out at Stunfest as well. Fighting Fuudo's Mika in the neutral, Daigo kept things slow, simply fishing for pokes.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts, one of Daigo's standing medium punches makes contact, and he confirms it into a brilliant Critical Art to close out the round.

Click image for animated version

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Making Necalli's standing roundhouse meaty makes it one of the strongest moves in Street Fighter 5... here's how to do just that

It's a hard-hitting, long reaching Crush Counter that's very difficult to punish, but when you wrap Necalli's standing roundhouse inside these meaty resets, it becomes safe and leads to combos.

If Necalli meets you in the air with medium punch, you're going to have to make some major guesses to avoid taking a ton of damage and stun. Augmented with his command grab, these set ups become all the more scary.

Click image for animated version

It's bad enough the ancient warrior already has two very reliable anti-airs in his DP and standing jab, but this tech will urge opponents to keep their feet planted all the more. There's plenty more in the full video, which you'll see below.

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Mike Watson invested 80k into opening Super Arcade in Azusa; city continues to change requirements, backs bigger arcade across street

Super Arcade closed its doors in November of 2014, and despite a year and a half worth of efforts by owner Mike Watson, the plan to open a new location in Azusa, California still hasn't come to fruition.

A recent article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune informs us that Watson has now spent $80,000 trying to get his building up to code.

The city's Planning Commission has denied Watson not once, but twice now, citing the attraction of questionable clientele as a central reason. Now that he's trying to move into a different local, Super's owner is continually faced with surprises that deny him progress.

"The city could have given me a list of corrections in one bunch, but instead, they are doing it in increments,” Watson told the Tribune.

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Bandai Namco doles out details on their official Tekken 7 tournament series

Recently Bandai Namco took to their official website to hash out more details on the North American Tekken 7 tournament series.

The company has already been hosting events earlier this year in an effort to get the game into the hands of the players, but this official announcement marks intent to take what Bandai Namco has already been doing and expand upon it further.

The tournament series began back in February, and will continue on through November 6th at the Wizard World Comic Con. Each event features a $3,000 prize pool, with a final prize pool totaling $20,000.

The date and location of the final event has yet to be announced. The current tournament schedule can be found in the official press statement.

Source: Bandai Namco official website. Submitted by GamerDWreck.

Nash is a rogue badass and Decapre a central villain; Episodes 1-4 of Street Fighter Resurrection available to watch

After a positive response from the fighting game community to 2014's Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, producers jumped right into creating their next SF miniseries: Street Fighter Resurrection.

Resurrection actually came out back in March of this year, but unlike its predecessor it was not available on YouTube. As a result a lot of the FGC seemed to miss it, and so we felt it prudent to highlight the fact that episodes one through four are currently available to watch on go90.

The series follows Street Fighter 5's version of Charlie Nash, and may very well give us some insight into the game's story, which we'll be getting next month.

Below is a quick sequence that highlights Nash's "badassery" as he takes on multiple armed guards and introduces Decapre to his boot.

Click image for animated version

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Dr. Fatbody takes Bison's V-Skill to an all new level with these phat damage follow ups

We recently saw some very interesting M. Bison V-Skill tech from Venom 44 (special thanks to Jigawat for sending that in), but now we have yet another Dictator player taking things a step further.

Dr. Fatbody has been sitting on some Bison tech for a little while now, but has graciously chosen to share it with the community as a follow up to Venom's video. The idea here is Bison's ability to parry using his V-Skill, and then follow up after doing so.

At first glance this move looks as though it's only useful for dealing with fireballs, but as the good doctor shows us, a well placed parry can lead into some nasty damage.

Click image for animated version

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Stunfest gets stunned - Sudden power outage at Stunfest 2016 interrupts top 16 match

Technical difficulty issues caused a scare for Stunfest staff earlier, as an apparent power outage temporarily halted the tournament.

In a Street Fighter 5 top 16 losers bracket match between RZR|Xian and Packz, the power on stage suddenly went down, interrupting the second game of the set.

Gootecks immediately took to instagram to keep the community in the know as far as why the tournament stream suddenly went down, stating that there was visible smoke rising from the stage area.

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Adult content sponsors banned from Capcom Pro Tour under new rules, but Capcom later clarifies players from these groups can still compete

Updated: Capcom has issued a few more statements on the official Capcom Fighters Twitter page, stating that they will review the rule and have an update soon. We've added their statements below.

Players on these adult content sponsorship teams will still be allowed to compete, according to Capcom, but they will not promote sponsors they deem inappropriate.

Earlier: The Capcom Pro Tour rule set was recently updated to ban all adult content sponsors, and the players who were on those squads from competing, citing specifically "publishers of pornographic websites, or any other sponsor Capcom deems inappropriate at its sole discretion." The entire rule read:

Capcom will not allow Players to participate in any Tournament if sponsored by adult content sponsors, such as a publisher of pornographic websites, or any other sponsor Capcom deems inappropriate at its sole discretion. Players who are sponsored by alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or vaping (e-cigarette) products will not be precluded from competing in a Tournament.

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Alex Valle shares his top 7 characters in Street Fighter 5, thoughts on Ryu, and why people aren't playing Rashid right now

We recently caught up with fighting game veteran LU|Alex Valle to pick his brain and find out his thoughts on Street Fighter 5.

In this interview, Valle tells us how he feels about Ryu in this iteration, gives us a bit of insight into why he plays Rashid, and more. Additionally, we learn which seven characters he feels are at the top of the tier list right now.

Below is a snippet to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to read the full interview.

DreamKing: Ryu is regarded as a very strong character right now, with some players feeling that he might actually be the best in the game. How strong (or weak) do you feel Ryu is in Street Fighter 5?

Alex Valle: Ryu is very strong in Street Fighter 5 for sure. However, to achieve success with him requires extremely high levels of spacing, fireball game, match up knowledge, and patience.

Many characters out range him, can get around fireballs, mash 3-frame light attacks in the middle of his pressure, or just put him in a bad beat.

Tokido is one of the only Ryu players consistently placing at the top while others are struggling to make top 8 around the world. Very similar to how RB|Daigo utilized Street Fighter 4 Vanilla/Super Ryu and showcased to the world how strong he can be.

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Alex parries Guile's full Critical Art and two Flash kicks simultaneously, LamerBoi's Rashid tech is filthy: These Street Fighter 5 clips are epic

We've been posting a lot of hardcore Street Fighter 5 tech this week, so right now we'd like to share a couple of fun clips that were sent in to us by a handful of readers simply because they're awesome.

In this video from Kionte Spencer, the Alex player pulls off one of the best parries we've seen in Street Fighter 5 so far. Starting with a parry of five V-Trigger Sonic Booms, the big finale features a full parry of Guile's Critical Art and two Flash Kicks at the same time.

You can find the final bit in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

Unfortunately, the final Flash Kick wasn't parried, but damn was that impressive anyway!

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Super Smash Bros. 4's 1.1.6 update is now live, Bayonetta reset in our tiers

Data-miners revealed the contents of Super Smash Bros. 4's upcoming update. Yesterday, we learned that the 1.1.6 patch was set to only add balance changes for Bayonetta.

When a game receives a large update with several balance changes, we here at EventHubs usually reset the tiers section for said game and allow our users to cast new votes based on the changes implemented.

Since Super Smash Bros. 4's latest patch is now officially live and only affects Bayonetta, we have reset only her votes in our Smash Bros. tiers. Now, EH users can hop in and cast new votes on Bayonetta's match ups.

As always, we have archived the standings before the tiers reset. Below you can see what Bayonetta's match ups looked like pre-patch, and how often she appeared in the "best/worst matchups" and "most voted" categories.

Click image for to view Bayonetta's archived tier information

Be sure to check out our Super Smash Bros. tiers and vote on Bayonetta's match ups, if you feel knowledgeable enough on the subject.

How SF5's input lag limits the footsie game beyond whiffpunishing - Informative video from Cagar shows adverse effects, especially to command grabs

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the input lag issue in Street Fighter 5, though most of this discussion has been focused on how it limits the potential to whiffpunish.

This is, of course, a pretty big deal, and it makes sense that it has become the main topic, but a new video from Cagar points out how much the general footsie game can suffer from this, especially when it comes to characters like Zangief who rely heavily on landing command grabs, and how much difference even just one frame can make in any given situation.

Obviously, you need to see the full video to get the full implication and the before-after scenario, but you can see below what happens with just 1 frame of delay added when Zangief does a reaction SPD to Ryu's close proximity.

Click image for animated version

Check the video itself out below.

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Dudley went from riches to rags to riches again - His background detailed in his SF5 profile, alongside his butler Gotch and Ibuki's classmate Sarai

The latest group of Street Fighter 5 profiles actually only have one character who's been playable in Street Fighter, but it's a big one - nothing less than the gentleman boxer Dudley himself.

In his profile, you can read a brief summary of how Dudley used his own fists to regain the fortune that was lost from him. Not just that, though, you'll also get some insight into his loyal butler Mr. Gotch.

Besides these two English professionals, we also have the profile for Ibuki's classmate and best friend, Sarai Kurosawa. She's actually a super expert at a Capcom game... Can you guess which one?

Here's Dudley's profile picture to get you started.

Street Fighter 5 Dudley image #1
Click images for larger versions

Check out Dudley's full profile, as well as images and profiles for Mr. Gotch and Sarai below.

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'Big surprise' planned for Dead or Alive 5 in the future, says Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi

In a recent issue of Famitsu, there was a spread focusing on Koei Tecmo and their upcoming projects.

Yosuke Hayashi of Team Ninja, who are subsidiary of Koei Tecmo, was also present, and left a small tidbit regarding the Dead or Alive franchise. And by small, we mean small. He noted, without going into detail, that there's a "big surprise" in the works for Dead or Alive 5.

Since he specified Dead or Alive 5 rather than the entire series, it seems safe to assume that it's not a sequel. With the incredible amount of post-launch support the title has already gotten, this would suggest that there may be good reason to start the signature ninja fighter up again in the near future.

Source: Gematsu. Thanks to nightmaresteam for sending this in.

V-Reversal can stop Zangief's V-Trigger without making contact; meaty feint setups not quite as strong with this tech

In Street Fighter 5, Zangief can use the vacuum effect of his V-Trigger to bring his opponent close. Using the spin for a short duration can actually suck the opponent in without the lariat portion making contact, which leads to some scary SPD, Critical Art, and pressure set ups.

LU|Alex Valle shared a very interesting discovery on Twitter earlier today. If Zangief attempts to use the V-Trigger as a meaty, players can still V-Reversal it despite never actually being hit by the lariat.

The following two GIFs show this technique in action and what could happen if players don't V-Reversal.

Click image for animated version

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