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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

New fighters in action, a new '-ality,' and more: Kombat Kast Mortal Kombat X live stream

Updated: The stream is now live.

The NetherRealm Studios team returns today to bring us another installment of Kombat Kast.

Over the past few days, we've been getting hints at what is set to be shown on stream today. This broadcast is looking to be jam-packed with content, so you definitely won't want to miss it.

We can expect to see the reveal of a new "-ality" today, along with some of the new characters in action for the first time.

The stream will begin at 1 p.m. PST (about 30 minutes from when this was written).

Check out the live video feed after the jump.

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Next Level Battle Circuit #113 results featuring Smug, Sanford Kelly, Shine, Insaynne, and more

Next Level Battle Circuit #113 results featuring Smug, Sanford Kelly, Shine, Insaynne, and more Updated: Results and stream archives have been added to this story.

Eariler: It's Wednesday once again, so it's time for some great fighting game action from The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

The games being played tonight include Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if there are enough entrants.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site, and results for last week's tournament are posted here.

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Super Smash Bros. 4: Learn how to steal projectiles and stop taking shield damage from them with My Smash Corner's new tutorial

In Super Smash Bros. 4, projectiles hurt. Even if you're quick enough to block them on reaction, they still inflict damage on your shield. So what can you do?!

Well, My Smash Corner has put together a tutorial that shows you everything you need to know about dealing with projectiles.

For projectiles that you can catch (such as Link's bomb and Diddy Kong's banana peel), using an air dodge or a dash attack is your answer. But what about fireballs, missiles, and energy blasts?

With projectiles like this, you'll need to use the Perfect Shield technique. This allows you to stop the projectile without taking any damage or shield damage.

You'll learn how to do all of this and more in My Smash Corner's latest tutorial.

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K-Brad loses the first Twitch Turbo subscription?! Watch he and Mike face the viewers and suffer an epic loss on Pro Talk

Last night on Capcom Pro Talk, Mike Ross was joined by EG|K-Brad. The two discussed the recently concluded SXSW invitational tournament and played against the stream viewers in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

For those unfamiliar with how things work on Pro Talk, if a viewer manages to defeat Mike Ross or his guest in USF4, they are awarded a free month of Twitch Turbo. The guys' luck was absent during last night's show, as they suffered the first Pro Talk loss in history.

This was one of those moments where the salt was just too real, and a loss like this hits much too close to home for most, if not, all of us. If you were looking for a great reaction GIF today, you've got one now.

Click image for animated version

Mike and K-Brad played a number of matches against the viewers, but we won't tell you if they lost anymore Twitch Turbo subscriptions. For that, you'll have to watch the episode below.

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Tekken 7 characters leaked: Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, and brand new fighters

It looks as though character data for Tekken 7, which was just released in arcades yesterday, has leaked a handful of new fighters.

Avoiding The Puddle reports that Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and another new female fighter will be featured in the game. Additionally, what appears to be a brand new male fighter was also found amongst the data. Although this mystery character's design looks to be new, this could also be an alternate costume for a returning fighter, but neither has been confirmed yet.

You can check out the leaked images below.

Click images for larger versions

Source: Avoiding The Puddle.

'I believe that Europe has the edge over the US right now' - ImStillDaDaddy talks fighting game beginnings, SF5, reasons he picked Guile and more

Just a few weeks ago, Cannes Winter Clash wrapped up, and a whole plethora of talented players attended the event.

Thankfully, I was at the event representing our site, and managed to grab many interviews with players, which we will be publishing daily for about the next two weeks.

Today, we have another of UK's top players, UM|ImStillDaDaddy, who speaks about his origins in fighting games, his reasons for picking Guile, his hopes for Street Fighter 5 and more. You'll find a snippet to get you started right below.

MajinTenshinhan: You started going abroad maybe 1 and a half years ago, and had great success. What do you think it is that gives you this edge to compete internationally?

UM|ImStillDaDaddy: Well, a lot of training, to be honest. But it's different offline than it is online. When I came offline, I had to learn the mental game. It was more difficult, the pressure, not at all like playing in the comfort of your own house.

I've always been playing my character, for years, I have so many games with him. I always wanted to do it with Guile, and he's not the toughest toughest character, so it's been quite hard work to do it.

But, the more I've traveled, the more I've enjoyed traveling, and the more I've managed to progress as a player, myself. All I want to do is just step it up even more, and progress my game.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PC gets netcode update via Steam Beta client

Since the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PC back in August of last year, players have reported a number of netcode issues. Today, Capcom has announced that a new update for the game is now available via Steam's Beta client.

With the help of Valve, Capcom has implemented a change that is aimed at improving online play for Ultra Street Fighter 4 warriors.

In order to try out the update, you'll have to follow these instructions:

To subscribe to the beta release, go to [Steam->Settings, Beta participation]. If it doesn't say "Steam Beta Update", click the [Change...] button, and select the Steam Beta Update and let it update. Then, select [Steam->Check for Steam Client Updates] to make sure you have the latest update, and then check [Help->About] and make sure the "Built" string is greater than or equal to Mar 13 2015.

Two of our resident PC players, TheUncharted and Tryken, have taken it upon themselves to join the beta program and test out the netcode update. You can check out their impressions after the jump.

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Wednesday Night Fights 2015 1.5 live stream feat. Ultra Street Fighter 4

Wednesday Night Fights 2015 1.5 live stream feat. Ultra Street Fighter 4 Wednesday Night Fights returns tonight with the another installment in their 2015 season. This time around, the WNF crew is operating their event entirely online on PC.

Every Tuesday, WNF will hold a qualifier that will narrow down the tournament to the top 16 players. On the following Wednesday, those players will battle it out for the #1 spot, which is what we can expect to see tonight.

Of course, the game of choice here is Ultra Street Fighter 4.

You can find the brackets on Challonge, so be sure to follow along with all the action as the tournament goes along. You can also check out last week's results here.

Hit the jump to view the live stream.

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Updated: Kombat Kast airs tomorrow, will show new '-ality'; Boon further hints at Spawn, and has Mortal Kombat X gone gold?

Updated: Ed Boon just sent out a tweet saying that the Kombat Kast is indeed scheduled for tomorrow. We can also expect to see another new "-ality."

Eariler: NetherRealm Studios' own Ed Boon has been very active on Twitter these past couple of days. Whether it be his own original tweets or simply addressing questions from followers, Boon has said some interesting things over on social media.

One of the first things you may have noticed in this story is the gold Mortal Kombat X logo in our banner. That wasn't a result of our awesome image editing skills, but rather, Ed Boon's new Twitter profile picture. This is leading his Twitter followers (us included) to believe that Mortal Kombat X has gone gold (meaning development is complete and the game is ready to ship out to retailers). With the game's release date now less than a month away, we feel that's a fair assumption to make.

If that news isn't good enough for you, though, you may be happy to hear that more reveals could potentially be dropping as early as tomorrow.

According to Boon, he and his team are currently attempting to prepare another Kombat Kast stream for tomorrow. During the last broadcast, it was mentioned that the next stream would show off the three newest characters in the Mortal Kombat universe: Jacqueline Briggs, Takashi Takeda, and Kung Jin, who are the daughter of Jax, the son of Kenshi, and a descendant of Kung Lao, respectively.

Perhaps we'll see the MK spawn in action tomorrow. And speaking of spawn...

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Dragon Ball Z: Super Extreme Butoden dated for June 11; demo with Majin Buu, Goku, Vegeta & Teen Gohan playable coming next month

Publisher Bandai Namco Games has announced a release date for Dragon Ball Z: Super Extreme Butoden through the pages of V-Jump magazine this month. The Nintendo 3DS fighting game, which is being developed by Arc System Works, will hit stores in Japan on June 11.

Prior to the game's release, however, a demo for the game with four playable characters -- Goku, Teen Gohan, Vegeta and Majin Buu -- will be made available to gamers in Japan. To gain access to the demo, you will need a special code that will come with the June 2015 issue of V-Jump magazine, which will hit newsstands sometime next month (the current issue, which officially comes out on newsstands March 20, is the May 2015 edition).

The player's progress (power level) in the demo can be transffered into the full game when it launches.

Along with the release date and impending demo announcements, the Dragon Ball Z: Super Extreme Butoden feature in V-Jump this month also mentioned a number of other details:

Click image for larger version

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For Mother Russia! Skullgirls project lead Mike Zaimont turns into Real Soviet Announcer for the game's first alternate voice pack

The Skullgirls Endless Beta (which comes free with the regular version of Skullgirls on Steam) was updated earlier this week.

On top of fixing a couple of bugs, this latest patch also allows Robo-Fortune's stage (work-in-progress version) to be selectable, changed the background music used for the NMO Arena stage for testing purposes, and introduces the first ever alternate voice pack for the game: Real Soviet Announcer.

Accessible only in the Endless Beta version of Skullgirls (for now), you can now swap out the game's default announcer for the Real Soviet Announcer by going into Main Menu => Options => Voice Setting. It's the third option on the Options menu.

When you do, you'll start hearing Skullgirls project lead/lead programmer/also-does-a-lot-of-other-things-guy Mike 'Mike Z' Zaimont say funny things in a Russian accent from time to time. Things like "Time to wrestle, like bear," "Be strong, like ox," "Are you crying? There's no crying in fighting games," and even "Toki wo tomare" and "Soshite toki wa ugokidasu" -- the last two are references to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Someone made a video compiling all of the voice clips for the Real Soviet Announcer. Check it out below, and see if you're able to keep a straight face on while listening to this (I couldn't).

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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round for PC: Minimum specs revealed, no online for up to 3 months, lacks certain features in PS4 version (Soft Engine, etc)

Now that the PC version of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (DOA5LR) is just two weeks away from its March 30, 2015 release date, Team Ninja has released some very important information that gamers should be aware of before making their purchases: minimum and recommended PC specifications, as well as some additional product specs comparing the PC port to the PS3 and PS4 versions of the same game.

Before we get into the minimum and recommended PC specs, it's important to note that although the Steam PC version of DOA5LR will support resolutions of up to Ultra High Definition/4K (if your PC will run it), in terms of the game's effects and features the PC port is actually somewhere in between its PS3 and PS4 cousins.

Here's a helpful chart that Team Ninja put together that highlights the differences between the PC port, and the PS3/PS4 ones:

Click image for translated product specifications

In summary, the PC port is equivalent to that of the PS3 version, with a few (but not all) PS4 bells and whistles added -- shadows, character selection IU (for selecting hairstyles, etc) -- and the ability to display up to UHD/4K resolution.

Read on for the minimum and recommended PC specs for the game.

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'Europe's biggest obstacle is lack of character diversity' - Problem X discusses Europe's strength, Street Fighter 5 hopes, top tiers in USF4 and more

Just a few weeks ago, Cannes Winter Clash wrapped up, and a whole plethora of talented players attended the event.

Thankfully, I was at the event representing our site, and managed to grab many interviews with players, which we will be publishing daily for about the next two weeks.

Next in line is one of UK's finest, CG|Problem X, who speaks about his switch to C. Viper, top 5 strongest characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4, the strength of Europe, Street Fighter 5 hopes and more. You'll find a snippet to get you started right below.

MajinTenshinhan: You used to play Seth, and still do, but switched mainly to C. Viper. Why did you pick specifically Viper, and how do you feel that the change has worked out for you?

CG|Problem X: I switched to C. Viper since she has more health and more burst damage. Therefore, her comeback factor is huge, making her a great character for tournaments.

I feel the switch has worked really well, as I am now able to cover some of the cast that was very hard for me with Seth, like Yun, for example.

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the interview.

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K-Brad joins Mike Ross to fight the Pro Talk viewers in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - catch the live stream here

Capcom Pro Talk returns tonight with its fifth installment.

Tonight, Mike Rose will be joined by the man, the myth, the legend -- Evil Geniuses' own K-Brad.

The two will battle against the viewers in Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PC. If you manage to defeat either player, you will receive a free month of Twitch Turbo.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream.

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A meterless pass-through glitch? Vega can slide right through opponents if he sweeps too close in USF4

Earlier today, we were sent footage of an interesting pass-through glitch in Ultra Street Fighter 4. For those unfamiliar, the "pass-through" glitch is one that allows certain characters to FADC an attack (usually after hitting an opponent close up), and dash forward, resulting in them actually traveling through to the other side.

What's interesting about today's clip is that this particular glitch does not require the use of meter. If Vega hits a jumping heavy punch and follows up with a crouching heavy kick (sweep), he can potentially activate the pass-through. According to the video's description, the jumping attack must hit in the middle of the opponent's body in order for the glitch to be triggered.

This is a seemingly new glitch (we here at EventHubs don't recall seeing it before this), and it apparently works on the entire cast.

Check out Vega's pass-through glitch in Ultra Street Fighter 4 after the jump.

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