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Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers

This is true music we're making - Big Band plays Bugler's Holiday, other songs with his trumpet in Skullgirls Encore

Skullgirls is a fighting game known for some of the most soulful BGMs in the genre's history, no doubt thanks to its excellent composing credits which include Michiru Yamane of Castlevania and other Konami game music's fame.

But did you know that, with the addition of Big Band to the game's roster, developer Lab Zero Games has effectively given players a means to play entire songs in the middle of a match (or, more likely, training mode) through by having the character pull out his trumpet with medium punch, and then hitting the right buttons at the right time?

The process is incredibly difficult if you were to try and do it organically (i.e. without tool-assistance). But if you were to write down the inputs and do it as a tool-assisted video, the results can be quite impressive -- such as the efforts of Japanese Skullgirls player KST, which you can listen to below.

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First-time champions, roaring crowds, and tears of joy - a closer look at EVO 2014's two most emotional victories

EVO 2014 was undoubtedly one of the most emotional events of the year, and quite possibly, ever. We witnessed numerous public displays of emotion as players expressed their anger, exultation, and even sorrow due to the outcomes of their matches.

Two of the most memorable EVO moments were birthed from the conclusion of the Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma and Killer Instinct tournaments, as the grand champions of each game, Garireo and RM|CD Jr. respectively, openly expressed their elation with literal tears of joy.

Many of the viewers in attendance and watching from the comfort of home reacted to these incredible victories with applause. Others, those who may not have truly grasped the amount of dedication and time these players put in to achieve their goal, responded with mockery.

Vince Ingenito, IGN's resident fighting game expert, was in attendance that day and experienced the passion first-hand. He has since put together an excellent piece that analyzes the reasons behind these champions' initial reactions to victory.

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PC Mod: Vanilla Sagat now soft-serve in Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012

Modder JoeBushido has shown a creative new way to view the dreaded Vanilla Sagat. While this PC mod was developed for Arcade Edition v2012, it will make for a fresh take on the classic fighter when Ultra Street Fighter 4 and edition select drop onto PC August 8th.

Below are some images to get you started in a variety of flavors, such as neapolitan, mint, and strawberry. Hit the jump to see video of the Muay Thai master fighting it out in vanilla and chocolate.

Click images for larger versions

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Sako's Elena comeback on Marq Teddy's Guy, Gamerbee battles Momochi - more USF4 EVO 2014 replays ft. Xian, Mago, FChamp, and others

Capcom Fighters continues to upload incredibly hype Ultra Street Fighter 4 matches from EVO 2014.

Much like yesterday's batch, today we have a laundry list of all-star competitors. First up, you'll find the immensely hype, edge of your seat match between HORI|Sako's Elena and NGL|Marq Teddy's Guy. If you haven't seen or heard anything about this bout yet, you're in for a treat.

Additionally, we have other top-notch fighters here such as EG|Momochi, AvM|Gamerbee, RG|Filipino Champ, RZR|Xian, MCZ|Mago, NGL|Chris, EMP|Nuckledu, and SteamCo|Sanford Kelly.

You can catch all of the action below.

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Wednesday Night Fights off-season episode 1 results, archive featuring Snake Eyez, ChrisG, Veloc1raptor, Smug, Chris King, and more

Wednesday Night Fights off-season episode 1 results, archive featuring Snake Eyez, ChrisG, Veloc1raptor, Smug, Chris King, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: It's the first Wednesday night after EVO, and Level|Up is bringing us more fighting game action. Although they won't be streaming from Super Arcade in Walnut, California, tonight Wednesday Night Fights returns with episode 1 of their off-season.

We can expect some excellent Ultra Street Fighter 4 action tonight, as PIE|Smug, RG|Snake Eyez, GG|NYChrisG, Veloc1raptor, WL|Chris King, and more are set to compete.

Challonge brackets are posted here, and you can view last week's winners in our previous story.

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Next Level Battle Circuit #79 results, archive ft. Poem, Hiro, Spabrog, Shine, Solid, Tinshi, and more

Next Level Battle Circuit #79 results, archive ft. Poem, Hiro, Spabrog, Shine, Solid, Tinshi, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday night, so it's time for some great fighting game action from The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

PIE|Poem, EMP|Hiro, BIFU|Spabrog, Tinshi, Shine, WA|Solid, Mike Klitschko, and more are in attendance tonight to compete in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site, and results for last week's tournament are posted here.

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Akuma can activate his F+MP overhead while airborne, can also use Focus Attack right before landing from a jump - Ultra Street Fighter 4

StreamFighters uploaded a video this morning that shows off some interesting techniques Akuma can perform in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

First off, the video shows us that Akuma can begin his Focus Attack while still airborne. Right before he lands, if a player hits light kick and then FA immediately after the normal, Akuma will begin his Focus in the air.

A few other characters have had this ability in previous versions of the title, and we get see an example of how it can be used in this footage as Akuma absorbs Dhalsim's fireball.

What's even more interesting is that the same idea can be applied to Akuma's forward + medium punch overhead command normal. When done correctly, Gouki begins his overhead while still in the air.

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Lucina was originally conceived as Marth's alt costume, Robin's limited-use moves regenerate over time in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Since we posted our translations of Robin's move list -- including details on which moves can only be used for a finite number of times -- in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS from this week's issue of Famitsu magazine, some of you readers have expressed your concern for the character potentially being too weak once Robin can't use Elwind (up+B) anymore.

The 4-page spread in Famitsu magazine on Smash did not mention if Robin's limited-use moves would regenerate over time, and many of us (including myself) presumed that they would not; not unless Robin fell off the stage and respawned anyway.

But as it turns out, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS director Masahiro Sakurai did actually mention that Robin's limited-use moves would regnerate over time, in the same issue of Famitsu; it was mentioned in a column he wrote for the magazine, separate from the 4-page spread.

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Tokido goes up against USA's Snake Eyes, Europe's Luffy - EVO 2014 off-stream Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage

Did MCZ|Tokido even play on stream at all during EVO 2014 for Ultra Street Fighter 4? Does anyone remember seeing Tokido flex his murderface muscles as he gets ready to play USF4 on the official streams?

The Tokyo U grad pro gamer saw a lot of on-stream action at the King of Fighters 13 EVO 2014 finals, but unfortunately all of his best matches for Ultra Street Fighter 4 appears to have been played off-stream.

Today we bring you two of Tokido's notable USF4 matches from EVO 2014. One of it is against "the beautiful player", USA's RG|Snake Eyes, while the other sees the Japanese Akuma player take on this year's EVO champion, Europe's Luffy.

These international matches are the very essence of what EVO's all about. Check out the videos below.

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FG gods Daigo and Sako captain their own teams of 3 in a ft-to-5 Ultra Street Fighter 4 set, 42" Toshiba Regza TVs are on the line

Capcom Japan has posted today the third in a series of four promotional videos for Ultra Street Fighter 4 that feature some of Japan's finest players on as guests.

The first two instalments featured exhibition matches between MCZ|Daigo and Hori|Sako, but this time around, a total of six top players make their appearance -- MCZ|Daigo, Hori|Sako, Bonchan, Kazunoko, MCZ|Mago and RZR|Itabashi Zangief. The players are split into two teams of three each, competing against one another in a first-to-5 set with special rules.

And these guys are not just playing for fun, either. This is no exhibition match, ladies and gentlemen -- three sets of brand new 42" Toshiba Regza TVs are on the line here, which the members of the winning team will walk away with.

Which team will emerge victorious? MCZ|Daigo, Kazunoko and RZR|Itazan? Or Hori|Sako, Bonchan and MCZ|Mago?

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Daigo vs. Alex Valle, Luffy vs. Fuudo; Bonchan, Snake Eyez, Ricky Ortiz, Koji KOG, and more in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 EVO 2014 replays

Capcom Fighters have begun uploading Ultra Street Fighter 4 replays from the recently concluded EVO 2014.

Featured here we have players such as MCZ|Daigo, LU|Alex Valle, MD|Luffy, RZR|Fuudo, Bonchan, EG|Ricky Ortiz, RG|Snake Eyez, Koji KOG, Eita, and more.

Be sure to check out even more EVO 2014 replays over on Capcom Fighters' channel.

Below you will find a great assortment of Ultra Street Fighter 4 bouts.

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From first-person shooters to 4th at EVO in his first competitive fighting game: Gutter Magic brings the thunder in this EventHubs exclusive interview

EVO 2014, the largest fighting game event of the year, took place this past weekend, and with it came a slew of hype moments, upsets, and overall excellence.

We were lucky enough to catch up with one of the strongest newcomers to hit the competitive fighting game scene in recent times, and talk to him a bit about his performance at this year's event. After scoring first place numerous times in Killer Instinct at Level Up's weekly event, The Runback, Gutter Magic went on to win 4th place at this EVO, only placing lower than three fighting game veterans.

So what's even more amazing than all of that? Well, Killer Instinct is Gutter Magic's first competitive fighting game ever. Check out EventHubs' exclusive interview with this terrifying Thunder player.

DreamKing: So why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself.

Gutter Magic: My name is Neilimen Joel Alicea [a.k.a Gutter Magic] but people just call me Neil since its easier to say.

DreamKing: From what I've heard, Killer Instinct is the first fighting game you have ever played competitively. Is this correct?

Gutter Magic: Yes, Killer Instinct is my first fighting game I'm taking serious. I did put time into Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition v2012 as a Sakura player, but I felt I started too late to get into the game the way I wanted to with Killer Instinct.

DreamKing: What genre of games were you most into prior to fighting games? Did you regularly compete in said genre?

Gutter Magic: I played FPS (first-person shooters) mostly and competed locally back when I lived in Pennsylvania and once out here in California, but since I played the game type Free-For-All there wasn't too much going for it. I did play Call of Duty 4 competitively and was a leader of a clan, but it fell through after the clan went to play MMO's, which I wasn't too fond of at the time.

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Capcom releases costume trailer for the retail edition of Ultra Street Fighter 4

Preparing for the retail release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 on August 5th, Capcom has put out a costume trailer displaying the various outfits of the cast. Buyers of the retail version will have access to the entire wardrobe of Street Fighter 4.

Only a handful of characters are shown off in the trailer. Most likely there'll be more incoming as the release of the retail version approaches.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.

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Lucina has a 'mask on/off' taunt, Robin's down+B special can 'curse' his opponents to drain health in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Apart from the scoops on the new characters coming to BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine has also furnished additional details on the move sets for the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS characters Nintendo announced on Monday.

Check out the images below, along with our translations of the new characters' move descriptions.

Click images for larger versions

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Kevin 'Dieminion' Landon and Chris 'Kreymore' Landon announce departure from Empire Arcadia

Updated: We have just received word that Chris "Kreymore" Landon has also left Empire Arcadia. He made his announcement over on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

Earlier: Just a few moments ago, Kevin "Dieminion" Landon announced via Twitter that he too is no longer a part of Empire Arcadia.

Although Dieminion, known mostly for his extremely accomplished Guile in the Street Fighter 4 series, did not cite a reason for his leaving the team, he does send well wishes to remaining members.

Landon is the third former EMP member to announce his departure from the competitive gaming team this month, as both IFC Yipes and Sanford Kelly also declared their leaving.

There is no word yet on whether or not Dieminion has another sponsorship lined up, but we will keep you updated as the information unfolds.

You can check out both announcement tweets below.

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