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Tiers for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Ever wanted to see the inside of a Japanese arcade? Spooky brings you on a tour in one of his latest videos from his trip to Japan

Ah, the arcades. While they exist outside of Japan too, there's nothing quite like entering a Japanese arcade, which by all accounts can be considered the proverbial mecca of not just fighting games, but all kinds of different games.

With Spooky recently visiting Japan to handle the tournament streaming duties during TGS, he decided to gather some more videos for all of his loyal yet-to-be-set-free viewers.

If you're interested in seeing what the inside of a Japanese arcade might be like, without putting up money for an expensive ticket, then you can get a free look at what the experience is like, thanks to good old "Mr. Victor Font" himself.

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'It's Pretty Awesome' - Maximilian's official verdict on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS in this video review

While Maximilian is hardly a pro Smash Bros. player, he knows quite a bit about fighting games in general. As such, in his review of the new Super Smash Bros. game, he manages to approach it both from a casual and a competitive aspect, and the verdict seems solid for both factions.

If you want to hear everything Maximilian has to say about the game, then fret not. We have the full video embedded right below.

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TGS 2014 tournament champion and El Fuerte master Pepeday set to head to The Fall Classic with the help of /r/Kappa

FGC|pepeday was not well-known when his name was listed in the same bracket as players like MCZ|Daigo, EG|Momochi, Kazunoko, MCZ|Tokido, Bonchan and many others during the TGS tournament last weekend.

But he ended up outplacing every single one of them, taking the entire tournament, and with a character that nobody expected to see win a major - El Fuerte. In light of this, /r/Kappa did what they do best, and got to work in getting this man out to a big event.

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Updates likely on the way for Super Smash Bros. 3DS, DLC stages may be inbound

With Nintendo's recent interest in releasing post-launch DLC for titles, as seen with games like Mario Golf World Tour and Mario Kart 8, many fans figure they'll follow suit with Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U.

Although there has been no official word from the company stating that their upcoming fighting game will indeed receive additional content, future updates appear likely now.

Earlier this week, a Pastebin user named Kaphotics posted text discovered from a ROM dump of Super Smash Bros. 3DS. The massive wall of text contains information found on the cartridge, including character information, in-game messages, options, and more.

Among the ROM dump text were a few peculiar lines that likely reveal some of Nintendo's future plans. First of all, an in-game shop is mentioned, and the only way to access it is to update the software.

You will need to update the
software via Nintendo eShop
before using the in-game shop.

This, along with another similar message, shows that the developers intended to update the game at some point, but it's still not confirmed if they will follow through on these plans, although given the evidence to the contrary, updates seem very likely now.

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Mago pulls off a crazy fast reaction U1, the TGS 2014 champ fights a Fuerte mirror - Tokido, PR Balrog, Poongko, and more in these USF4 replays

YogaFlame24 continues to upload top-notch Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage, and what we have for you in today's batch keeps with that motif.

In the following clips you'll see some of the Mad Catz boys go up against characters that are considered to be some of the worst in the game (Dee Jay and Hugo), along with the Tokyo Game Show 2014 fighting in an El Fuerte mirror match.

The matches you'll find in this story are as follows.

MCZ|Mago (Yang) vs. Danhiru (Dee Jay)
EG|PR Balrog (Balrog) vs. ma lung fan (Ryu)
MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) vs. Kyunzo (Hugo)
ProudStrawberry (Gouken) vs. Poongko (Seth)
FGC|pepeday (El Fuerte) vs. takupapa (El fuerte)

Keep your eyes peeled in the match between Mago and Danhiru, as the former flexes his reaction skills by punishing Dee Jay's jumping short knee with Ultra 1. Additionally, pepeday and takupapa demonstrate their respect for one another by beginning the third round with the same exact special move, followed by a simultaneous taunt.

You'll find all of the action below.

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Project M: Fusion Suit Samus may be the coolest thing you see all day - new, in-game costume revealed

The good folks over at Project M return yet again with their Art Tuesdays on which they show off a new, in-game alternate costume. Today, we have fresh digs for Samus as she dons her Fusion Suit from the Gameboy Advance release, Metroid Fusion.

Below you can check out an assortment of screenshots showcasing the Fusion Suit alternate outfit in action, along with her official character artwork.

Click images for larger versions

What do you think of Project M's latest costume for Samus? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Project M on Facebook.

Orchid's grenade toss is incredibly strong, air Breakers are a huge, but welcome change - DreamKing's Killer Instinct season 2 early impressions

Killer Instinct season 2's early access began yesterday, and with it came a slew of character and system mechanic changes.

EventHubs' own DreamKing (that's me!) has taken it upon himself to test out as many of those changes as he could. So far, I've played over 100 matches and spent a couple of hours in the lab testing out the specific character tweaks.

I have compiled my day 1 impressions on the game, and in this article I will discuss how some of the combat system changes affect the overall gameplay, along with my experiences using Thunder, Spinal, and Orchid.

You can read what I had to say below, and please feel free to share your experiences with Killer Instinct season 2's early access in our comments section!

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LowTierGod admits defeat by smashing fluorescent lights on himself and taking advice from his cat - WNF grudge match follow-up video

Last week's installment of Wednesday Night Fights was host to the second grudge match in the series. Alex Myers and LowTierGod went toe-to-toe in a first-to-five Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition set, and unfortunately for the latter, the former came out on top.

The stipulations for losing this set included performing 30 push ups on stream and creating a follow-up video admitting defeat. LowTierGod fulfilled the first stipulation the night of the set, but today his defeat video went live.

In it, he admits that Myers was the better player last week, and then goes on to consult his pet cat on whether or not he should be punished for his loss. The cat shows no mercy...

Watch as LowTierGod hits the lights in his WNF grudge match defeat video.

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Nana and Popo haunting the newest Smash Bros.? Remnants of Ice Climbers discovered in the 3DS version

While it's commonly known that Ice Climbers were removed from the Smash Bros. roster due to the 3DS's hardware limitations, a recent glitch in the handheld version has now revealed remnants of the cut characters.

Gema Yue recently discovered that when you play as Villager and KO two Dr. Marios simultaneously with 100% damage, the game will begin chanting and praising none other than Nana and Popo.

Destructoid tried replicating the glitch, but found that the chant correctly matches Villager. Whether this was fixed for the U.S. release or a hoax remains unknown.

Check below to watch the original footage.

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Triple Dante video has 600 hit combos, breaks Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 in incredible, new ways

Since the discovery of the Deadsnap and Save Hack glitches, combo videos have slowly started to come out of the woodwork utilizing these unused "features".

Few of them, however, reach the level of Alrikir's Dante combo video. It features seven minutes of incredible action. The inventiveness speaks for itself in this video, from 600 hit combos to showing what multiple Dantes on the screen at the same time can do.

Check below to watch the Devil May Cry protagonist break Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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Juggle characters into Ultra 1, counter focus attacks, mix-up your opponent and more - learn everything you need to know in this USF4 Decapre tutorial

Bafael has recently become an absolute force when it comes to releasing well made tutorials for Ultra Street Fighter 4. With character breakdowns of Poison, Rolento, and Ryu, he has now set his sights onto making a guide for Decapre.

In it you'll find tips on anti-air attacks, focus counter options, her best combos for punishes, and so much more.

Never being satisfied with only the video end of tutorials, Bafael has also released an extremely in-depth, written guide.

Haven't seen a tutorial for a certain Ultra Street Fighter 4 character? Bafael plans to have a guide of this same caliber for every single fighter on the roster, starting with the cast's newest additions. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for further updates, and we'll always bring you the latest and greatest of them here at Eventhubs.

Check below to watch another outstanding Ultra Street Fighter 4 tutorial by Bafael.

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Taunt an A rank Hugo, suffer the hard-hitting comeback! Khanniball takes on Chris, Brentt, and more in this USF4 spotlight

Olympic Gaming returns with another astounding Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight. Tonight we're giving DS Khanniball's wicked Hugo his 15 minutes of fame, (well, about 13:40).

Unlike a traditional highlight reel, this compilation features full-length matches that are meant to show newcomers, intermediates, and even the pros a thing or two about USF4's monstrous grappler. And Khanniball definitely delivers the goods here.

There are a number of high-level techniques being put to use here, including the kara EX Ultra Throw. One of this writer's favorite moments comes after Chris, most known for his frequent placings at Wednesday Night Fights, decides to taunt Khanniball after scoring a stun. Let's just say, don't ever feel yourself too early.

Check out the full player spotlight below, and let us know what you think of Khanniball's Hugo in the comments below!

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Updated: Pre-orders now available, play TJ Combo a day early; Killer Instinct Season 2 early access now live — balance changes in full effect

Updated: Pre-orders for Killer Instinct season 2 are now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Those who purchase the game will get access to TJ Combo, along with Killer Instinct 2 Classic.

Earlier: Killer Instinct Season 2 early access is now live for all owners of the game, and what this means is that all balance changes that have been made to Season 1 characters are now in effect.

Another nice bonus is that anyone who pre-ordered the disc version of Killer Insinct Season 1, as well as anyone who grabs the opportunity to pre-order the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct Season 2 (available tomorrow), gets TJ Combo available right off the bat tomorrow.

That's not all, though. If you pre-order Killer Instinct Season 2, you also get Killer Instinct 2 Classic Online as a bonus. All other users have to wait until the official launch on October 15th to play with this new character.

In case you don't remember what balance changes are coming into play come the new season, you need not worry. We have them all listed right below, character-by-character.

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Duck Hunt dog's sinister laugh, Palutena's weird pole dance, and more: Check out some of the best/worst Super Smash Bros. 3DS taunts

With the Super Smash Bros. 3DS roster containing 40+ characters and each fighter having 4 different taunts, it's safe to say there are quite a few personal actions in-game. Luckily, the folks over at Kotaku caputred a handful of the best and worst SSB. 3DS taunts in animated GIF form.

The ones selected range from Luigi's plank maneuver to pretty much any of Pikachu's taunts.

We have included a few that we thought were great, along with some that are not so great. You'll find the best below, and be sure to hit the jump to check out some of the worst.


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This ain't a placeholder, people! Maya's actual Ultra Combo shown off at Tokyo Game Show 2014 - Killer Instinct season 2

Back when the first footage of Maya in Killer Instinct season 2 was shown off at Tokyo Game Show 2014, fans wondered what the returning character's Ultra Combo looked like on next-gen. Unfortunately, since the game is still in development, Maya simply had a placeholder Ultra that was a copy of Orchid's in KI season 1.

But now footage of Maya's actual Ultra Combo has surfaced, and we have it here for you today. This particular stylish finisher looks a bit slower than the others, and the duration appears to be the longest in the game, so far.

Having said that, the animations look great, and we get to see Maya performing crazy dagger toss loops, her Jungle Leap, and more.

You can check it out below.

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