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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Wao, Kindevu & Iyo: 2 out of those 3 have returned to playing USF4 after Capcom's $500,000 announcement - Find out who on AirBehr Chat Ep. 4

In this new episode of AirBehr Chat, CCG|Air, Behrudy and special guest Gootecks share their old memories on attending EVO in past years, their thoughts on next year's EVO possibly being turned into a 4-day event, thoughts on this year's Capcom Pro Tour, and -- kicking things off in the episode -- missing Japanese players who've recently made a return to the FGC scene.

Sometime between last year's Capcom Cup (where the announcement was made) and the Canada Cup Masters Series, Air caught up with some of his friends in the Japanese FGC scene, and managed to learn about what happened to three notable names in the scene there who've kind of faded into obscurity after Ultra Street Fighter 4 was released.

The three notable names are Wao, Kindevu, and Iyo. All three of them have quit playing Street Fighter 4 for some time now -- but apparently after Capcom announced that this year's Capcom Pro Tour prize pool would tally to a whopping $500,000, two of those aforementioned three are making an effort to return to the game. Can you guess who?

Find out which two in the video below.

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Aganos hits consoles on February 27, first look at 'Ghost Girl' in this Killer Instinct season 2 official reveal trailer

The official Killer Instinct season 2 Aganos reveal trailer has just hit the internet.

Those looking to get their hands on the character won't have to wait too long. Ultra Combo edition owners will gain access to the golem on February 27th, while Combo Breaker owners will receive him on March 5th.

This trailer also gives us our first look at the next character to come -- "Ghost Girl."

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

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PDP's Mortal Kombat X fight pads are now available for pre-order through GameStop and Amazon

Last month, we got to see a preview of PDP's Mortal Kombat X fight pad.

We now have an official release date and pricing for these awesome new accessories. They'll cost $49.99 and are set to hit stores on April 1st 2015, so we'll be waiting just over month.

We saw the sleek, new design offers a traditional D-pad, micro switch buttons and an extended right side for an easier grip with the left hand.

There will be one pad that works for both PlayStation 3 and 4, via a toggle switch. The same is true for Xbox One and 360.

In the preview, we only saw the design for the Xbox version and were hoping to potentially see an alternate art design for the PS counterpart. Alas, the PlayStation pad looks the same at this point, though perhaps we may see some custom choices down the line.

You can see both pads here:

Click images for larger versions

Jump on over to GameStop's site to pre-order either the PlayStation or the Xbox pads.

Alternatively, Amazon offers them as well.

Source: Gamestop via TestYourMight.

A crucial lesson in fighting games; Bafael teaches us how to think when it comes to punishing your opponents in this Cross Counter Training Primer

It's one of the most foundational lessons in fighting games. Punishing your opponents when they do something wrong.

Cross Counter has just come out with "Training Primer: Punishes" wherein they go over different lessons to help you with your Street Fighter fundamentals.

Though he explains it in terms of Street Fighter 4, this concept of punishing spans across virtually every game in the fighting universe.

In this video, Bafael goes over what it means to "punish" and how to set yourself up for optimal punishments.

This is often a concept that most of us feel we have a firm grasp on. Truly though, it's easy to overlook the finer details and suddenly find yourself in an intense tournament match without a viable answer.

For instance, do you know your character's frame data in relation to all other character's recovery times? If not, you're playing without a crucial part of what it takes to win at high level play.

Hit the jump to learn what other snippets of wisdom this video has to offer.

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Mew2King's 0%-Death sequence, Armada's Peach takes on 2 killer Foxes, EvenMatchUpGaming counts down the top 15 moments from Apex 2015

Recently, we posted EvenMatchupGaming's top Apex 2015 25th-16th top moments.

We now conclude the count down with the top 15 moments, and they'll have you on the edge of your seat.

Most of these moments are from singles Melee, but there are a few from other tournaments such as Smash 4 and teams Melee.

Watch as the likes of EG|PPMD, Alliance|Armada, MVG|Mew2King Leffen and others perform incredible come backs, drops, reads and combos.

Hit the jump to see it.

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Daigo's Ex-Tatsus destroy the likes of Bonchan, Uryo and Micahel Tan; Sako's ridiculous reads destroy Daigo! Crazy highlights from Topanga League 4

It doesn't really matter how many times you've watched MCZ|Daigo play, he seems to always have something up his sleeve that'll make you chuckle in disbelief or make your jaw hang in a glazed stupor.

Though it was a little while back, Topanga League 4 saw The Beast run an Ex-Tatsu train over some incredible competition like FGC|Michael Tan and Bonchan, ,aking them look as though they were just beginners.

Not to be left behind by any means, HORI|Sako had some jaw-dropping moments during Topanga League 4 himself. The funny thing is, many of them were against Daigo.

His comebacks via some amazing Ultra reads will leave your jaw just as low as the Daigo video.

Click the jump below to see the Daigo/Sako insanity.

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Insane ledge guarding, brilliant reflects, on point forward airs and crazy reads make SBphiloz4's Zelda in Smash Wii U a beautiful sight to see

Zelda is a princess. She favors grace over speed. In Super Smash Bros., where slow and floaty often translates to, "easy target that I'm going to run circles around and tear apart," that's usually not a great trade off.

Though she is traditionally thought of as a lower-tier character in Smash 4, Zelda looks like a force to be reckoned with in the hands of SBphiloz4.

Here we have "Piercing Ankles II," a compilation of some of SBphiloz4's greatest moments in ranked matches thus far.

This video demonstrates how to play to a character's strengths. With Zelda's limited ability to combo, you have to make it really count when you take your opponent off their feet.

Take a look at the many different ways this player capitalizes on opportunities to get the K.O. once an opponent is off the stage. It truly feels as though once they're off against this Zelda, they're not coming back.

Hit the jump to see the video.

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Check out Xiaoyu's changes, final boss Kazumi in her demon form and a whole bunch of game play from your favorite characters in this Tekken 7 round up

Tekken 7 has hit arcades in Japan with its limited, early release and you've been sending quite a bit of content our way. Now Tekken fans have something to pass the time with while we await the wide release next month, and eventually get the game over here in the states.

We have a handful of videos of game play featuring Paul, King, Lili, Shaheen, and more all taken straight from Japanese arcades.

In addition to these, we also have footage of the game's final boss, Kazumi. The first round against her is pretty straight forward, but if you manage to get past that, she turns up the heat and engages her devil form.

Finally, YouTuber Sento has documented Xiaoyu's changes and new movements so you can see how she differs from her previous iterations.

There's quite a bit to get to, so click the jump and experience Tekken 7!

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Ayano: 'Creating a game with perfect character balance is actually very simple: Limit the game to one character' - Capcom talks Wild outfits and more

Capcom producer Tomoaki Ayano took to the Saikyo blog once again in order to address a number of Street Fighter related matters. This week, Mr. Ayano discusses Ultra Street Fighter 4's latest alternate costumes, but before that, touches on the game's character balance.

One user-submitted question is quick to state that the latest version of Street Fighter 4 feels much like it's previous iteration, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, in that there are a number of dramatically bad match-ups with odds favoring a handful of characters that are simply too strong.

At the end of the day, all this reader wants is for Capcom to make a game that has a more balanced roster. Ayano actually has a solution to this issue...

The secret to achieving perfect balance? Limit the game to one character.

You'll find a translation of the interaction after the jump.

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Could a masked gun-slinger be Mortal Kombat X's next new character? Erron Black introduced in MKX comic book

With the release of Mortal Kombat X just around the corner, speculation about potential playable characters and content is at an all time high. Just this week, we heard rumors of Predator being added to the roster as a guest character, and the day before that, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane gave fans hope that his character would be in MKX during an interview with GamerFitNation.

So what's the latest word on the streets? Well, in chapter 4 (digital) / issue #2 of the Mortal Kombat X comic book, a fresh face made appearance. Erron Black -- a masked figure that looks much like a gun-slinger from an old Western movie -- is seen standing among the ranks of other new characters: Kotal Kahn, D'Vorah, and even Cassie Cage.

Click image for larger version

According to the comic book panel, both D'Vorah and Erron Black are working with Kotal Kahn to destroy Mileena and the league of the Red Dragon.

While Black's inclusion on the playable roster remains speculation, it is definitely interesting to see him alongside Kotal and D'Vorah. Plus, we haven't seen a brand new character revealed in Mortal Kombat X since shortly after the game was first officially announced (all other reveals being returning MK warriors). I'd say it's about time for a fresh face, albeit, a masked one.

Source: LazyGamer. Via IGN. Submitted by madsoul242.

Bracket Reset #7 results and stream archive ft. Problem X, Andreas, Hurricane247, Isam, Tyrant, RMZ, Damascus and more

Bracket Reset #7 results and stream archive ft. Problem X, Andreas, Hurricane247, Isam, Tyrant, RMZ, Damascus and more Bracket Reset #7 took place last night, and a lot of UK's heavy hitters attended the event.

We've gathered the results of last night's event, alongside the stream archive, featuring players such as CG|Problem X, WSO|Andreas, BTM|Hurricane247, BTM|Isam, UM|Tyrant, UM|RMZ, GxC|Damascus and more.

Look no further than right below for the full details.

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ArcSys developing 2D Dragon Ball fighting game - Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, featuring over 100 characters, coming to Japan this summer

A brand new Dragonball Z: Extreme Butoden game for the Nintendo 3DS is set to launch in Japan this Summer!

The 2D fighting game will feature both one-on-one and team-style battles with a new "Z Assist" support feature and "Ultimate Arts" finishing moves.

With over 100 characters on the roster, Dragonball: Extreme Butoden will offer traditional, 2D 1v1 combat as well as team battles. These battles will also feature a brand new mechanic called the "Z Assist" as well as "Ultimate Arts" finishing moves.

Unfortunately, there is currently with no word yet on a Western release.

Click image for larger version

Source: Animenewsnetwork via IGN.

Image source: Shoengamez

Submitted by REItheBLOODEDGE and Robinpup.

Wednesday Night Fights 2015 1.1 feat Happy Medicine, Viennahotdog, Nekromantik, Jarenrune and more

Wednesday Night Fights 2015 1.1 feat Happy Medicine, Viennahotdog, Nekromantik, Jarenrune and more Update: The first Wednesday Night Fights Online Edition has wrapped up and we've crowned a champion! Grand finals saw SoCal's own Nekromantik and his El Fuerte against Jarenrune's Decapre.

This set actually saw a lot of longer rounds and a few time outs as both players resorted to safer play instead of simply going in. There may be a lesson here, as these players did make it all the way through a 256 man bracket to get where they ended up.

Who ended up taking it all? You'll have to watch the replay to know for sure.

Hit the jump to see the stream archive as well as written results.

Earlier: Wednesday Night Fights returns tonight with the first installment in their 2015 season. This time around, the WNF crew is operating their event entirely online on PC.

Every Tuesday, WNF will hold a qualifier that will narrow down the tournament to the top 16 players. On the following Wednesday, those players will battle it out for the #1 spot, which is what we can expect to see tonight.

Of course, the game of choice here is Ultra Street Fighter 4.

You can find the brackets on Xfire, so be sure to follow along with all the action as the tournament goes along.

Hit the jump to view the live stream.

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'You've turned off your brain!' - Mike Ross uses many of his characters against ComboFiend in FT5 on Pro Talk, Capcom Pro Tour stream replay

We have the first episode of Capcom Pro Talk season 2! Twtich|Mike Ross and Peter "Combofiend" Rosas discuss the details of this year's bigger, even more exciting Capcom Pro Tour.

In this hour long-video, they summarize the season and discuss the majors that will be included on the circuit.

They also delve into the details of the $500,000 prize pool that this year's Pro Tour offers. While the winner of the Capcom Cup Finals will take home $120,000, the reality is, they'll also be taking home hefty sums from the various tournaments they attend on their way to the finals.

Mike and Combofiend then duke it out with a first to five set in USF4. Hit the jump and check it all out!

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Kitana can reflect projectiles, parry attacks, and use Jade's weapon - learn about all three of her Mortal Kombat X Variations here

By now, it's no secret that Kitana will be returning to the fight once again in Mortal Kombat X.

Much like all characters in NetherRealm Studios' upcoming fighter, the princess has three Variations that give her access to different moves and abilities. Her Variations: Royal Storm, Assassin, and Mournful all her to reflect projectiles, parry attacks then follow up with a series of brutal stabs, and much more.

Below you will find a description of each one, along with the differences in her appearance that each comes with.

Check them out and leave us a comment saying which is your favorite!

Click images for larger versions

Source: The official Mortal Kombat Facebook page.

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