King of Fighters 14 Moves

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Mortal Kombat XL confirmed for PC, beta is now live; Ed Boon teases upcoming balance patch

Fans have been asking NetherRealm Studios for a PC version of their latest fighting title, Mortal Kombat XL, for quite some time. We've seen numerous hints at a potential release, but nothing concrete.

Today, it looks like PC users have been given want they've so desire. According to prominent face and player in the Mortal Kombat community Brant "Pig of the Hut" McCaskill, a Mortal Kombat XL PC beta is currently live on Steam.

Folks looking to try it out can do so until August 29th. But that's not the only exciting news to hit Mortal Kombat today.

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Killer Instinct 3.3.1 patch released - Full list of balance and system changes

The 3.3.1 patch was just released for Killer Instinct on Xbox One and PC, and thanks to Ultra Combo we've got all the notes lined up for you.

Continue below to read the full notes.

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Bombs away, side-switching madness and pretty damn long combos - Lucius' Ibuki highlight reel shows us just how scary she can be with the right reads

It's no secret that Ibuki is one of the more complex characters in Street Fighter 5, and she's unfortunately not seen much tournament play since her release back at the end of June.

Seeing a video like this inspires hope, though, that her complexity is beginning to be mastered by some players, and that more high-level Ibuki play will keep coming at us on a regular basis.

Here, you can see an example of where RnK|Lucius does the same basic setup in two different matches, visually, but ends up on different sides, basically turning it into a deadly guessing game for the opponent.

Click image for animated version

You can find the video with some really slick editing to max its music track below.

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SNK confirm theyr'e working on a patch for King of Fighters 14's netcode to reduce connection slowdown

We reported yesterday on VesperArcade's findings with the King of Fighters 14 netcode, and that it could be very hit-or-miss in different circumstances.

Thankfully, SNK have already issued a statement regarding this netcode issue and confirm that a patch is being worked on that will resolve some undesired connection slowdown problems currently plaguing the game's online modes.

You can find the full statement from them below.

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100% style combo, EXMrDandyJ's beginner guide, character tutorials, 10 reasons to like the game and more; King of Fighters 14 roundup part two

We've got another round up of King of Fighters 14 content for you today.

This roundup includes a KOF introduction from... four years ago. EXMrDandyJ's King of Fighters tutorial still holds merit as a great intro even to those just getting into the series with the 14th iteration.

CammyPlayer is back with another one of his countdown videos, this time featuring the brand new KOF. In it, he provides his top 10 reasons for liking KOF14, and in the process explains why more people should try the game out.

We also have a character tutorial for Robert Garcia, and an Athena style combo showcase which includes the 100% sequence below:

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter 5 bug? You can still slip on Birdie's banana after it disappears

We wouldn't go as far as to complain about Birdie as a character, but the Street Fighter 5 bloated brawler does have a bit of an issue with his banana toss V-skill.

Apparently said banana can still hit opponents after it has disappeared. We found the sequences below on YP|Filipinoman's Twitter, as they show the SoCal player tripping on Birdie's banana after it seemingly has disappeared.

Click image for animated version

This next one is even worse:

A player by the name of Arlieth investigated this further, and has come up with an explanation.

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Not sure who to play in King of Fighters 14? This easy to read character chart is the perfect guide to help avoid 'bad habit' fighters

It's day two of King of Fighters 14, and for all the players new to the series, the game's 50 character roster is likely quite intimidating for many.

Enter Antinomy001 and his brilliant character chart to help you get off on the right foot when it comes to KOF 14.

Antinomy does not simply list characters that are easy for beginners to play. On the contrary his chart does not necessarily encourage easy-to-play fighters, but rather guides players to characters that will help them understand KOF on a fundamental level.

He breaks down the roster into four categories, with "green" characters being those who will give you a basic understanding of the game without venturing off into styles that will only work at lower levels.

Some characters have easily exploitable moves that can become a crutch at early stages of play, thus leading to bad habits later on.

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Tokido pulled off the dirtiest Street Fighter 5 shimmy we've seen yet; watch him do the Hokey Pokey on Jyobin for big damage

He puts his left foot in, he takes his left foot out...

Not long ago we shared a Street Fighter 5 set between Jyobin and Tokido, courtesy of YogaFlame24. It isn't often that we write about the same set twice, but one particular sequence from Tokido's Ryu was so smart and impressive that we felt compelled to show you.

In this clip, we see Tokido pull off the dirtiest shimmy we've ever seen in Street Fighter 5. After hitting a standing medium kick into V-Trigger, Tokido makes it seem like he is going to confirm into big damage with standing heavy kick.

Instead of following up with a light kick for Ryu's bread and butter combo, Tokido dashes in, then immediately dashes back, baiting Jyobin into going for throw.

You can see what happens next in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

Everything about this play was spot on, including the quick confirm at the end. If you play Ryu, we highly advise you download this tech and use it to mentally beat down your opponent.

If you'd like to see the full set, in case you missed it, you can find it below.

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This Nurse Morrigan statue is the perfect blend of sexy, classy and inspired; check out these new images of this amazing figurine

There's no beating around the bush with this one, Nurse Morrigan is a sexual figurine. I'll let our commenters point out the specific details they find, and speaking of details this statue is incredible.

I call it inspired because there's no apparent reason to associate Morrigan with the sexy nurse cliche, but creators Tsuyoshi Hamasaki and Kinu Nishimura do a wonderful job of creatively and tastefully blending the two entities together.

Morrigan's vampiric nature obviously lends itself to the idea of drawing blood. The paradoxical allure and danger of a succubus inversely contrasts with the way people often harbor fear for syringes despite the fact that they ultimately offer better health. Also, Morrigan looks hot.

We've highlighted this statue before, but we've come across some new, higher resolution images that we felt it was our duty to share them. Please share your thoughts and reactions in the comments.

Nurse Morrigan... image #1 Nurse Morrigan... image #2 Nurse Morrigan... image #3 Nurse Morrigan... image #4 Nurse Morrigan... image #5 Nurse Morrigan... image #6
Click images for larger versions

You can order online at Found via Crunchyroll.

Street Fighter 5 story mode spoilers abound in new CFN profiles as mysterious woman Helen and Gill's secretary Kolin are detailed

Some of the latest CFN profiles detail the mysterious woman Helen, who seems connected to Nash's mysterious resurrection in the Street Fighter 5 story mode, as well as Street Fighter 3 boss character Gill's personal secretary Kolin, quite mysterious herself.

This piece will contain spoilers for Street Fighter 5's story mode, so if you haven't played through it yet, we suggest you go do so before delving deeper into this story. Check out Helen's image here.

Street Fighter 5 Helen Profile image #1
Click images for larger versions

Continue below for Helen's full profile as well as Kolin's image and profile.

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'The foundation is good, the connection CAN be perfect' - King of Fighters 14 netcode impressions from VesperArcade yield hit-or-miss results

King of Fighters 14 is finally upon us, and the question that's been burning on everyone's mind during the whole development is about to be answered - "How's the netcode?"

VesperArcade, frequent contributors to everything fighting game-related, have given us their qualified opinion, explaining what goes right and what goes wrong with the netcode.

The basic gist of it is that it's hit-or-miss and can be really, really good sometimes, but it's kind of hard to discern when good connections are going to be established based on the bars in the game.

To hear the full verdict and the reasoning for it, check out the video below.

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Mai combo trailer released for DoA5 Last Round, check out what King of Fighters' signature kunoichi is capable of when matched with other ninja ladies

While King of Fighters 14 is having its worldwide release this week, that's not the only game SNK's starlet Mai Shiranui is making an appearance in.

Her widely-covered guest participation in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is also coming up, and with her being out in the arcade version of Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate right now, Team Ninja sent out a video showing what kind of combos she has in store. Check out an example right here.

Click image for animated version

Check out the full video below.

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All character trials, plenty of awesome combos and more; King of Fighters 14 day one roundup

We've only had it for a day, but King of Fighters 14 players have been excitedly flooding our inbox with brand new content to share.

Kicking things off, we've got all the character trials, so if you're stuck on one in particular, you can see just how to perform it to perfection. We also have some basic and inspired combos from a handful of the cast, along with links to YouTube channels that showcase even more great content.

We'll start you here with the sequence below that highlights a bit of what Iori can do:

Click image for animated version

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New official screen shots of Mai Shiranui in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

We've known for a little while now that Mai Shiranui, a very popular King of Fighters character, will be eventually playable in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

This is coming straight from Famitsu, which details the character and highlights a few of her moves in DOA.

It appears as though Mai has a number of her trade mark moves that can be performed with traditional motions. Below you'll see some official screen shots of Mai in the DOA universe:

Mai DOA image #1 Mai DOA image #2 Mai DOA image #3 Mai DOA image #4
Click images for larger versions

Check out her DOA trailer after the jump.

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