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As Zangief advances in age, his muscles keep advancing as well - Latest CFN Street Fighter 5 profile details the legendary Red Cyclone

Next in line of the playable troupe, we have the Red Cyclone himself, Zangief getting a full biography.

Learn more about Zangief's personal philosophies and warm personality, but first, check out his images here.

Street Fighter 5 Zangief Profile image #1 Street Fighter 5 Zangief Profile image #2 Street Fighter 5 Zangief Profile image #3
Click images for larger versions

You can find Zangief's full profile below.

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2GGT: KTAR Saga results ft. Mr. R, Larry Lurr, Nakat, VoiD

Update: This story has been updated with full results.

Today, 2GGT: KTAR Saga is going on. This one-day event is a Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournament and features a lot of top-level talent.

Players attending include Mr. R, FAD|Larry Lurr, CLG|Nakat, CLG|VoiD, NME|Tyrant, iQHQ|Vinnie, PG|MVD, False, VGBC|Pink Fresh, Pugwest and many others.

Check out the action live below.

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Does the virtual nature of fighting games pose a threat to live spectator events like the EVO 2016 finals?

We've done it. We've gone from old, probably dirty, laundromats to the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Last Sunday's EVO finals were a monumental mile marker on the timeline of competitive fighting game play.

In watching EVO finals however, I couldn't help but ask myself, "Is this kind of... silly?" I figure people go to more traditional sporting events to experience the physical presence. The outdoor climate, the smell of the grass, the sound the of basketball, the crack of the baseball bat.

Where are those components at eSport events? You likely won't be able to hear the click of the buttons, and given the eSports culture, chances are the only smell you'll be smelling will be the day three body odor of a nearby fellow audience member.

Thousands upon thousands watched from both live in the arena and around the world via live streams and ESPN2. There's now no doubt that fighting games have entered the realm of spectator sports, and with that will inevitably come an admission fee to watch.

Will we be able to justify that fee?

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Did Mai really just do 85% in a single combo? The Combonauts aim to impress with their new King of Fighters 14 exhibition

With only the game's new demo at their disposal, the Combonauts have put together quite an impressive video showcasing the combo potential for a few King of Fighters 14 characters.

Interestingly enough, it's the smaller characters like Mai and Shun'El who seem to be able to dole out the most punishment.

Don't get us wrong, the massive King of Dinosaurs and the brawler Nelson can pack a punch, but check out this Mai combo, which ends up doing 85% of her foe's life bar when it's all said and done. You'll catch the full exhibition after the jump.

Click image for animated version

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A free roam camera trip through Street Fighter 5's Bustling Side Street reveals hidden portions of the stage we never thought we'd see

And here we thought we were cool when we first found the noodle room.

Though we're well acquainted with Street Fighter 5's Bustling Side Street, complete with breakaway walls and Fei Long Easter Eggs, a free roam camera reveals there's even more to the stage.

X-Kira Mikami Teru takes us on a trip through the cityscape with full 360 degree turns and ventures into the deep background to inspect all the minute details we'd never see otherwise. Below is a quick view inside the stage's restaurant:

Click image for animated version

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'The community should continue giving us constructive criticism' - Alex Valle responds to concerns about SoCal Regionals' omission of Marvel and KI

One of America's mainstay yearly tournaments, SoCal Regionals, has been officially announced for 2016. Upon inspection of the event's game list however, a good portion of the community has expressed some distaste in games chosen.

You'll see the full lineup in the image below:

SCR 2016 Lineup image #1
Click images for larger versions

You may have noticed that both Killer Instinct and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are not included, while both Smash 4 and Smash Bros. Melee are. Players from both communities quickly took to social media to call attention to their games' omissions.

We reached out to LU|Alex Valle, SCR's main organizer, for comments on the matter. According to Valle, the event is still developing, and there's a chance more titles could make an appearance.

"This year we are consolidating titles and we knew backlash was coming no matter what," he said. "While the roster size is much smaller, we are planning to possibly add a few more titles that make sense, focusing on core titles for a quality event instead of trying too much this time."

"We have only released our lineup without announcing any special features yet. The community should continue giving us constructive criticism and we will take note of things to work on."

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Alex Myers shows off the latest build of Juri in Street Fighter 5 from the Comic-Con floor

We saw her briefly in Street Fighter 5's story, and some PC users hacked their way into playing the early build of Juri, but we're now seeing gameplay of what's likely the character's final build at Comic-Con.

RN|Alex Myers jumped on one of the Comic-Con SF5 set ups to explore the sadistic fighter for himself, and he recorded five short videos so that we could share in his findings.

Click image for animated version

We've included all Myers' footage below. Those of you who are familiar with Juri's early build, please feel free to shout out any differences you notice in the comments.

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Street Fighter 5 PC mod: Chun-Li dons a new sparring costume

Brutal Ace has been hard at work putting out mods for the PC version of Street Fighter 5, and this time around he's cooked a little something up for Chun-Li.

This sparring costume mod has a couple of different variants available. The video after the jump also features a couple great covers of Chun's classic theme.

You can check out a few screenshots below. If you want to use the mod yourself, be sure to hit the video description to find the download links.

Sparring Chun-Li image #1 Sparring Chun-Li image #2 Sparring Chun-Li image #3 Sparring Chun-Li image #4 Sparring Chun-Li image #5 Sparring Chun-Li image #6
Click images for larger versions

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King of Dinosaurs' armored moves shake off everything from fireballs to super moves in this exhibition video

In the midst of trying to figure out whether or not the King of Dinosaurs is actually Tizoc, the players have been in the lab trying to get a good grasp on what the heel can do.

Several of King of Dinosaurs' normals and his command grabs have armor properties that come along with them. While this isn't really a groundbreaking mechanic for a grappler-type character to have, it certainly is interesting to see just how far that armor can carry him.

For example, you might think that using a super move might keep you safe from getting blown up, but as you can see here, King of Dinosaurs appears to be able to power right through super moves if you can time things just right:

Click image for animated version

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New Attack on Titan costume pack available now on Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round just got another anime-themed costume pack, this time around featuring an Attack on Titan crossover.

The new DLC includes a brand new costume for each character, and a new stage that features the Colossal Titan attacking Wall Rose.

The complete costume set costs $39.49 on PSN and XBL, and $39.99 on steam. Individual costume purchases from the set will run you $2.99, and the Colossal Titan stage costs $4.99.

Here's a few screenshots from the set to get you started. You can check out the full gallery after the jump.

Attack on Titan gallery 1 image #1 Attack on Titan gallery 1 image #2 Attack on Titan gallery 1 image #3 Attack on Titan gallery 1 image #4 Attack on Titan gallery 1 image #5 Attack on Titan gallery 1 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Chun-Li stopped at nothing to bring down Shadaloo to avenge her father - Latest SF5 profile details the first lady of fighting games

It's no surprise that after Street Fighter's rival duo Ryu and Ken, we'd see the so-called first lady of fighting games, Chun-Li, show up to the bat.

Chun-Li's backstory, motivations and general personality are outlined in this latest CFN portal profile. Check out her images here.

Street Fighter 5 Chun-Li Profile image #1 Street Fighter 5 Chun-Li Profile image #2 Street Fighter 5 Chun-Li Profile image #3
Click images for larger versions

You can find Chun-Li's full profile below.

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Stops Devil Reverse, gets through projectiles, and more: Prepare for Juri's arrival next week with this V-Skill video from Alioune

Juri is set to hit Street Fighter 5 as DLC this coming Tuesday. So, in order to help you prepare, we thought we'd share this video from exceptional player / lab monster Alioune.

Using the PC modded version of Juri, Alioune shows us some of the utility that her V-Skill can have when it is fully charged. For those who don't know, Juri can charge her V-Skill and cancel it with a forward or back dash, which will allow her to store the dash attack and use it whenever she sees fit.

A recent Capcom Unity blog confirmed that Juri's V-Skill will work in the same manner that it did in the story mode expansion, meaning this video will serve helpful for when she is officially released.

In the GIF below, you can see Juri's V-Skill beating Bison's Devil Reverse clean, as well as stopping Birdie during his V-Skill.

Click image for animated version

For a variety of other punishes, be sure to check out the full video below.

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Black Eyed Peas Vega, a cancelled comic book line, and X-Rated violence inspires the franchise's name: 7 things you didn't know about Street Fighter

Last month, ArcadeCloud put together a list of things that many Street Fighter fans may not know about the beloved game series.

These seven items and occurrences range from a failed comic book line that lasted only three issues, to some questionable design ideas back in the Street Fighter 2 days.

Though the franchise's name may seem straight forward, it was actually inspired by an extremely violent Japanese martial arts film entitled "The Street Fighter." This movie was so violent, it was the first to receive an X-Rating here in the US.

One scene in particular raised concern as the lead actor, Sonny Chiba, rips something from another man... below the belt. Other particularly violent scenes include a punch to the head that fills a man's mouth with blood.

You can check out both in the GIF below, but don't worry, the worst parts are censored.

Click image for animated version

One thing that I was unaware of -- although it wasn't an actual part of this list -- is that one of the members of the Black Eyed Peas played Vega in the Legend of Chun-Li film. I knew there was a reason I haven't watch that movie, other than it being notoriously bad, of course.

You can check out the video list below.

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PR Balrog shares his Street Fighter 5 Balrog match up tier chart

Over on Twitter today, Eduardo "EG|PR Balrog" Perez shared his match up tier chart for his trademark character, Balrog, in Street Fighter 5.

Now that Balrog has been in the hands of the public for a while, PR Rog gives us his thoughts on how he feels each character stacks up when facing the boxer.

The chart lists the characters Balrog is good against in Street Fighter 5, down to the ones he struggles more against when fighting. You can check out the tier chart below.

PR Balrog's Street Fighter 5 Balrog tier list image #1
Click images for larger versions

On Twitter, PR Balrog notes that his list is a bit biased towards Shoto characters, since he is personally good against them.

What do you think of PR Balrog's assessment here? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PR Balrog on Twitter.

Updated: Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman join Injustice 2's roster; HD trailer, play-style descriptions, and screenshots here

NetherRealm Studios has just revealed two new characters for Injustice 2 at their San Diego Comic-Con panel. Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman are entering the fray to do battle against the likes of Superman, Batman, and more.

The InjusticeGame Twitter account noted that Blue Beetle was very highly requested by fans. " So glad to make that happen for the players and fans," their tweet reads.

Blue Beetle / Wonder Woman screenshots image #1 Blue Beetle / Wonder Woman screenshots image #2 Blue Beetle / Wonder Woman screenshots image #3 Blue Beetle / Wonder Woman screenshots image #4 Blue Beetle / Wonder Woman screenshots image #5 Blue Beetle / Wonder Woman screenshots image #6
Click images for larger versions

According to the same Twitter account, Injustice 2 will have a tournament mode and will run on GGPO.

We also learned that Tom Taylor, writer of Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book series, is returning to work on a line of Injustice 2 comics.

As for the game's story, the panel revealed that Supergirl will be playing a large role. ""Supergirl is very pivotal to the two sides," Creative Director at NetherRealm, Ed Boon, said.

Hit the jump to check out the Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman Injustice 2 trailer.

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