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Cinder's jumping medium kick gets better, Sabrewulf's Leaping Slash improves, tons of bug fixes and more - Killer Instinct 2.10 patch notes

The Killer Instinct 2.10 update will be going live tomorrow afternoon.

Official patch notes can be found here in this story and feature a ton of different bug fixes, along with a couple of character changes.

The focus of this patch seems to be on those pesky, unintended instances like where Aganos could be thrown out of a recapture stagger, while no other character was throwable in the same situation.

Hit the jump for the full Killer Instinct 2.10 patches notes.

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Karin build of Street Fighter 5 featured on today's WSO sessions, catch the live stream here

The Winner Stays On sessions continue in the UK this week with yet another very special feature.

Instead of the usual Ultra Street Fighter 4 being played, today's event will be host to the latest public build of Street Fighter 5. The game's latest fighter -- Karin -- will both be playable.

As usual, we can expect some of the UK's strongest players to attend. If you're looking to see more of the new characters in action, you won't want to miss this stream.

The live broadcast can be found below.

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Latif scores seven perfects, Nemo makes a clutch comeback with U2 in this Ultra Street Fighter 4 FT15 set

The Black Eye recently uploaded an exhilarating Ultra Street Fighter 4 bout between two of the best rushdown fighters on the scene. BE|Nemo takes his Rolento against Latif's C. Viper in this first-to-15 set.

These two warriors do a stellar job of keeping the hype up with their high-flying, hard-hitting characters, and there are a ton of impressive plays to witness here.

At one point, Nemo's Rolento clings to life with a pixel, catching Latif's jump in with U2 and following with some chip damage for the round. Latif, however, score an impressive seven perfects on Nemo. You can check out just one of them below.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to check out the full set.

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EventHubs asks: Should EX moves cause hard knockdowns in Street Fighter 5?

It's been a while since we've written up one of our EventHubs Asks articles, but we recently stumbled upon a topic of discussion that we feel our readers might enjoy.

Beginning_End over on /r/StreetFighter prompted fellow users with a question just a few days ago. "What would you guys think about making EX knockdowns hard knockdowns in SF5?"

This is a very interesting idea. With Street Fighter 5, Capcom has been quite vocal about omitting the hard knockdown properties from many attacks in order to avoid the set play that the Street Fighter 4 series is known for.

As it stands right now, only Critical Arts leave the opponent in a hard knockdown state. Throws, sweeps, command grabs, and the like no longer drop the opponent on the floor for an extended period of time.

This keeps the game moving at a faster pace, and doesn't allow players the opportunity to place their opponents into a vortex -- a set up that allows the aggressor the ability to attempt an offensive mix up that leads into another hard knockdown, rinse, repeat.

Should there be more hard knockdowns in Street Fighter 5?

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Meaty overhead leads to almost 500 damage, command throw combos after Crush Counter: Vesper's Street Fighter 5 Birdie guide

VesperArcade returns today with another useful Street Fighter 5 combo guide. Today, we get to learn the intricacies of the beta's only grappler, Birdie.

In this tutorial, Vesper covers Birdie's different bread and butter combos. Although he doesn't have much (due to being a grappler), there are a few tricks shown here that Birdie players will certainly want to adopt.

After a sweep, Birdie can set up a meaty forward + heavy kick overhead. If successful, he can then convert into a full combo using Critical Art for nearly 500 damage.

Click image for animated version

Additionally, Birdie can also combo into a throw or command grab after a Crush Counter. While this is a mechanic that applies to everyone on the roster, it's still not a very well known technique.

You can check out the Street Fighter 5 Birdie combo guide below.

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Absolute Battle 6 results feat. K-Brad, IFC Yipes, NuckleDu, NoelBHungry, Alucard

Updated with final results: This story has been updated with the final results for Absolute Battle 6.

Absolute Battle 6 is currently taking place in Plano, Texas, and we can expect three days of awesome fighting game action.

Games being played this weekend include Ultra Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat X, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There will also be side tournaments featuring Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Puzzle Fighter, and more.

EG|K-Brad, TSC|IFC Yipes, Liquid|NuckleDu, RZR|Perfect Legend, GoL|Ranmasama, BP|Brolylegs, F3|Alucard, LOD|OMG Itz Andre, VGP|Chaotix, TFA|German Luger, NoelBHungry, GoldenBoyNeo, and more will be competing. Once brackets are live, they will be available over on VersusGameplay's Challonge.

Additionally, AB6 will be host to another installment in the Ultra Fight Night exhibition series. Five bouts will be played out in both Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and the main event will be Tommy Gunz vs. Crackfiend.

Hit the jump to check out the live streams and schedule.

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Major shifts in Capcom Pro Tour rankings; nine players close to cracking Capcom Cup top 32

A ton has changed in the Capcom Pro Tour race in recent days. Both The Call of Ragnarok and EXG 2015 have awarded some crucial points that have allowed three new players to enter the top 32, thus knocking out three others.

Though the Capcom Pro Tour site has not updated with results from these two tourneys, we've crunched a few numbers of our own, and our calculations say that the new magic point total for qualifying is 92. Gonzales and FA|Ryan Hart should now sit at the 32nd spot, both with 92 points.

With his victory at Call of Ragnarok, YBK|Shirou has jumped from 41st to 22nd place. Perhaps even more interesting is intense race just outside of the top 32. Hit the jump to see who's on the brink.

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On the road to eSports? PandaXGaming's slick player cards and halftime show at AB6 attest to the FGC's increasing level of professionalism

While it may be a bit of a stretch to call it a mile marker on the FGC's road to eSports, we are seeing more and more professionalization in tournament presentation. At Aboslute Battle 6, SolidxPanda has put in quite an effort to set his stream apart from the norm.

This isn't the first time we've seen player presentations such as these, but AB6 isn't sponsored by companies like Capcom or MadCatz. This is a grassroots effort, motivated and executed by the local community. They've even featured a "halftime show," done by Daily Dot.

Take a look at a few of the player vs. screens below:

Panda Pics image #1 Panda Pics image #2 Panda Pics image #3
Click images for larger versions

This is a great example for future tournaments to take on. As we continue on the road towards eSports, growing attention to presentation is a great way to maintain professionalism and make a statement about just how seriously we take ourselves in the FGC.

You'll find another great example of innovative live stream presentation by Showdown GG.

Source: PandaXGaming.

Gootecks and Mike Ross run out of players to fight, so they bust out the dance moves - Excellent Adventures ep. 83

Gootecks and Mike Ross run out of players to fight, so they bust out the dance moves - Excellent Adventures ep. 83

Domo arigato Gootecks and Mr. Mike Rosso Roboto.

One thing you can count on for every Excellent Adventures episode is a steady stream of competition to face the guys — but in the latest set, the well started to run dry.

The guys were waiting for someone to join their room, and rather than just creating another one, or searching for a match, the Cross Counter duo decide to Roboto.

Gootecks leads the charge, showing some solid air chopping techniques, which reminds Mike of something from his past called RobotDanceParty.

I'm not making this up, here's a gif as proof.

Click image for proof

All of this mayhem and more can be yours just by checking out the last Excellent Adventures #83 episode below. It's too awesome.

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EGX 2015 results ft. Luffy, Ryan Hart, Problem X, Valmaster

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

While The Call of Ragnarok is going over in Norway, we have EGX 2015 happening in Birmingham, United Kingdom. This event is a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event, and a lot of UK players have shown up to grab the points.

You can expect to see MD|Luffy, FA|Ryan Hart, KIG|Problem X, YP|Valmaster, BX3TPL|Phenom, UM|ImStillDaDaddy, WSO|Deku Andreas, Gonzales, Melty|Cuongster, IND|Pro Fluke, Rize|Infexious, BTM|Hurricane237, UM|Tyrant, Melty|Will2Pac, UM|RMZ, UM|Isam, Packz, Afii, ECO|Ninja Shakz, IND|Incognitus and many more.

Streaming duties are being handled by Unequalled Media.

Hit the jump to check out the event.

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Watch one of the best comebacks of the year from Ryan Hart, Latif runs it back against Fuudo and more - KO Fighting Game Festival replays

Yesterday, we highlighted one of the best comebacks of 2015, today we've got the official footage from Capcom in glorious 60 FPS high definition from the KO Fighting Game Festival.

Watch as FA|Ryan Hart takes on YBK|KichijoujiKen. Not only that, but we've included a couple other top level matches from the latter portion of the event, including the grand finals bout of RZR|Xian vs. RZR|Fuudo and a runback of the EVO 2011 grand finals where Latif and Fuudo originally squared off.

There are some terrific matches here, so click the link below to get started.

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ProFluke's combos never stop, Gonzales' Seth never dies and Shirou never quits; top plays from The Call of Ragnarök

With a name like The Call of Ragnarök, we expect action on an apocalyptic scale, and Norway certainly delivered with their Capcom Pro Tour ranking event. We're going back over some of the moments that impressed us the most during this tournament.

Fierce After Fierce After Fierce After...

Kicking things off is El Fuerte savant ProFluke. In his set against RBN|Bliredd, Fluke quickly goes up two games to none. After a full, level three Focus Attack, he puts on an El Fuerte clinic that begins with a 16-hit combo, and concludes with a series of perfect mix ups.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for more.

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After four, long years Arizona re-hydrates its tournament scene with the brand new 'Rewired 2015'

This guy is better at Smash Bros. using his feet than I am with my hands

From 2005-2011, Devastation was the "big deal" event for the Arizona fighting game scene. After Devastation was cancelled in 2012, The Grand Canyon State become something of a ghost town where major tournaments were concerned.

After some tireless wandering in Southern California, learning from organizers such as the famed LU|Alex Valle, Nick "F99|Driftwood" Going returned to his home state with big plans. Teaming with local Smash Bros. TO, Justin "JBVH" Bruce Van Horne, Going is bringing about his first regional tournament this November 14th-15th: Rewired 2015.

"It's hard for some players to travel, and without a tournament worthy of outsiders, many in our scene can't grow," says Going, "My goal with Rewired is to establish a yearly tournament of grand scale that will attract out of towners and give our players the chance to learn, improve and shine."

Boasting an affordable entry fee of only $15, a venue that serves free breakfast and over $1,500 in pot bonuses, Rewired looks to establish Arizona a regular stop on the North American tournament circuit. Hit the jump to see the trailer.

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'I can't believe Ryan Hart is alive, that was over!' - Hart makes one of the sickest comebacks you will see all year

FA|Ryan Hart made one of the most unlikely comebacks you will see all year in Ultra Street Fighter 4 against YBK|KichijoujiKen at the K.O. Fighting Game Festival.

The set started off extremely lopsided, with KichijoujiKen handily defeating Hart's Yun in two straight rounds. Ryan then switched to Sagat, and lost the next round very quickly, barely scoring any damage, leading the commentary team to talk about how bleak things were looking for Hart's chances, as shown in the highlight below.

That all started to change in the next round...

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The Call of Ragnarok results ft. Leffen, Problem X, Phenom, Shirou, Gonzales

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

If you thought this weekend's action was over with the conclusion of Kuwait's K.O. Fighting Game Festival yesterday, think again. The Call of Ragnarok is taking place in Norway, and is a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event. Besides Ultra Street Fighter 4, there is also a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament being held.

Players you can expect to see include TSM|Leffen, KIG|Problem X, BX3TPL|Phenom, IND|Pro Fluke, YBK|Shirou, BX3TPL|Veggey, TT8BP|Android, Gonzales, Bashfest, RBN|Duppsko, Packz and more.

Streaming duties will be handled by RBNorway and Smash Norge.

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