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Billy keeps comboing after his Climax super, K' nets over 90% damage - Combonauts latest King of Fighters 14 combo exhibition pulls out all the stops

Combonauts have done it again - the latest video in their King of Fighters 14 combo exhibition series shows a lot of really cool stuff with a bunch of different characters.

This video contains good stuff from Zarina, Terry, Mian, Billy, Kensou, Chang, Daimon, Ramon, K', Athena, Geese and, finally, Yuri.

For a glimpse of the action, check out Ramon's part of the exhibition here.

Click image for animated version

Check out the video with all of the action below.

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He's got great damage, neutral game and mix ups, but he might not make the top tier club; Urien breakdown from WSO stream

At this point in Street Fighter 5's life, the general tier list seems to have a major division between the characters that have the combination of invincible reversals and three frame moves, and those who do not.

Those who don't are by no means invalid by tournament standards, they're just playing with a notable disadvantage to the Chun-Li's, Ryu's and other fighters in the top group.

Looking at the Urien showcase on the recent episode of Winner Stays On, we begin to get an idea of how the character will play once he drops in the game's upcoming patch. Though he lacks a three frame move, he does have a few other tools that lead us to predict he'll be amidst the best of the second group of the tier list.

We'll kick things off by showing you some of Urien's damage potential. Not only does he dole out the big hits, he does it in style with his Aegis Reflector:

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter 5 servers projected to be down for 10 hours preceding tomorrow's patch

According to the Street Fighter 5 Server Twitter, the game's online functionality will be dark for a full 10 hours tomorrow.

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. PDT, no one will be able to use the game's online features. While these blackout windows are nothing new to the SF5 community, 10 hours is quite a bit longer than the usual.

Capcom does not always use the full time they project, and will sometimes relaunch servers early. This update is bringing with it not only a new character in Urien, but also new game features and bug fixes as well.

We'll keep you updated on when the patch officially drops and when you can get online to finally play as Urien.

Filipino Champ to stream with Shaquille O'Neal, may square off in fighting game exhibition

Having been elected as the fighting game community's representative on the Bud Light All-Stars eSports team, PG|Filipino Champ has been growing his brand in big ways.

According to a tweet he posted earlier today, the pro player is slated to stream with basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal some time next week. Champ will be talking with the 7'1" hall of famer about the BudLight eSports Bash at TwitchCon.

If we're lucky, we'll see the two square off in a fighting game or two. Street Fighter 5 is the hot title right now, but when you use fighting games and Shaq in the same sentence, there's no way to avoid bringing up Shaq-Fu.

Click on Champ Carter below to see the tweet:

TwitchCon 2016 runs September 30 - October 2 in San Diego, CA. Hit the jump to watch the greatest music video ever made.

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Oh! That Tokido got WASTED! Majorboy pulls out a ridiculous Ibuki bomb set up in this batch of Street Fighter 5 ranked matches

This is the first thing that came to mind when I saw Majorboy's Ibuki sequence...

In a recent set of Street Fighter 5 ranked matches, Tokido went toe-to-toe with Majorboy's Ibuki. During one of the five matches, Majorboy pulls off a lethal set up using her V-Trigger, which was spotted by Koryu87 over at /r/StreetFighter.

After a combo into Raida, the Ibuki player dashes up, whiffs a throw, kicks the bomb low, then hits Tokido's Ryu with an instant jumping light kick. This opens him to being hit with the bomb, and results in a nasty juggle combo.

The sequence is a perfect example of what Ibuki can do when she's got her bomb at the ready. Watch as Majorboy seemingly plays a 1-player game in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

Ibuki players everywhere should definitely check out the rest of the set, as there's a lot more excellent bomb usage from Majorboy to be seen. Hit the jump to view the full video.

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Are we being a bit too harsh on Street Fighter 5's DLC characters? Alex Valle's wisdom says these new fighters aren't as bad as we think

We are currently on the verge of having the full set of Street Fighter 5's season one DLC characters in the hands of the public. Each came with their own build-up and initial hype, but in spite of all that, the popular opinion says that the DLC characters just aren't quite as good as some of the higher tier fighters on the release roster.

If you ask LU|Alex Valle however, that point of view is overlooking a few things. It wouldn't be the first time he's set out to send the message that we might be sleeping on a decent chunk of the roster.

Recently, he sent out some words of wisdom on Twitter in an effort to ease the frustration of those that may be losing faith in their mains:

Click image to view the tweet

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Urien will be CPT tournament eligible next week, won't be usable for EGX tourney this weekend

Urien is set to drop this Thursday as a playable fighter in Street Fighter 5, but he won't actually be tournament eligible for a week after his release.

A premier Capcom Pro Tour event is happening this weekend with EGX, which is going to be a great event, but fans of the character will have to wait a bit longer to potentially see him in the hands of tournament players.

The weekend after features events Fighting Games Challenge and Abuget Cup, which we might see a bit of the character in action. ESL's Brooklyn Beatdown decided that Urien would not be eligible for their event, though.

A week after that, we've got premier event South East Asia Major, and in the U.S., The Fall Classic, and both of these events always have spectacular competition, so it'll be interesting to see if we see the newest DLC character featured there.

Also, you can scope out our event listings for a breakdown of upcoming tournaments.

SNK still interested in making Garou 2 and new Samurai Shodown; currently considering adding DLC characters to King of Fighters 14

Recently, both Yasuyuki Oda and Neo G of SNK Playmore sat for an interview with 4Gamer, and they had some very interesting things to say about what they would like to do as a team moving forward.

King of Fighters 14 is soon to receive a balance patch, but that may not be all that the developers want to do with the game. Even though it's been previously stated that there is no DLC planned for the game at this time, so many fans have asked about it that the team is considering ideas for what they could do for a major patch in the future.

One of their major causes of concern with adding more characters is the current size of the roster; 50 characters is quite the package to release with, and adding additional characters to the mix could not only cause issues with balancing the game, but also alienate fans who may not want to see additional characters come on board.

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It's back! Urien sheds his suit to reveal the classic Third Strike costume in Street Fighter 5

Fans of Urien might be familiar with his Street Fighter 3 Third Strike intro. You know, the one where he powers up and his suit explodes off of him to reveal his... revealing fighting attire.

That animation is one of the character's trademarks, and people love it. Let's be honest, if you could shed your suit whenever you wanted simply by being a badass, wouldn't you do it? If you've never seen the intro, you can check it out below.

Click image for animated version

Anyway, Third Strike fans were hoping to see the same intro in Street Fighter 5, and though Urien does appear in a fancy suit, this time he keeps it on to fight. But it looks like Capcom threw in a little Easter egg just for said fans.

Earlier today, the Street Fighter Vine page shared Urien's Street Fighter 5 animated trading card. It shows a couple of quick in-game clips of the new character, and ends with what appears to be an alternate version of his intro where, you guessed it, he sheds his suit to reveal the classic Third Strike costume.

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What's it like when a room of 5,000 people get hype for an Injustice 2 tournament? This clip from the GameStop Expo is pretty amazing

At last week's GameStop Expo in Anaheim, California, WB and NetherRealm Studios had a spectacular presentation of their upcoming fighting title, Injustice 2.

During the GameStop Manager Show, a huge audience sat in to check out what the super hero brawler is all about. Luckily, attendees managed to capture footage of the event and the crowd.

Ed Boon noted on Twitter that the room contained roughly 5,000 people, and the clip that was shared by badsheepbeebee features the tournament portion of the presentation.

It's pretty amazing to see so many people getting hype for Injustice 2 this early in its development cycle. You can really feel the excitement from the crowd in this clip, and it sure as hell makes me wish I had attended that conference.

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Chun-Li, Rain, Cassie Cage, tournament Mileena and more: Rose Romanova's brilliant cosplay is sure to impress

Rose Romanova is a cosplayer that is no stranger to the fighting game community, having been present at events such as Combo Breaker 2016 and the ESL Mortal Kombat Pro League finals.

Today we wanted to share some of her work with you, as she has plenty for you to see. Here we have some costumes that she's put together featuring Chun-Li, Rain, Mileena, and Cassie Cage. Rose's attention to detail doesn't only shine with the presentation of her costumes; she also does a great job of portraying the characters that she chooses to cosplay.

Below are a few of her photos to get you started, and you'll find plenty more after the jump.

Rose Romanova cosplay image #1 Rose Romanova cosplay image #2 Rose Romanova cosplay image #3 Rose Romanova cosplay image #4 Rose Romanova cosplay image #5 Rose Romanova cosplay image #6

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LI Joe to Street Fighter 5 community: The game's input lag was clearly intentional, stop whining about it

The latest episode of The Jump-In podcast features American EVO hero LI Joe as he and Kim1234 walk about Japan and discuss all things Street Fighter 5.

Meandering around Yoyogi park, Kim brings up an array of topics such as how Japanese play contrasts with American play, which characters Joe wants to see in season two and how big of a deal SF5's eight frames of input lag really is.

Joe feels those who complain vehemently are more or less making a mountain out of a molehill. "It sucks that it's there," says Joe, "but I feel people jump to [the eight frames argument] for a lot of s***. Stop."

He also says that the input lag is "clearly intentional", citing the long length of time hit boxes remain active as evidence. You'll see the full interview, which covers plenty more, below.

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Urien's throw combos right into Aegis Reflector: If you think you're going to block his V-Trigger, prepare to get hit with combos and resets

Often times in Street Fighter, it's better to just eat a throw than it is to potentially whiff a tech and get punished with a big combo. This is even more prevalent due to the game's high damage output and characters' ability to shimmy.

Against Urien, though, this might not be the best bet.

During the WSO stream today, we learned that Urien can combo from his regular throw by using his Aegis Reflector V-Trigger.

This means that if he has a Reflector on screen, he can throw the opponent and have them bounce off after they hit the ground. Afterward, he can continue the combo.

Here's a confirm into Critical Art.

Click image for animated version

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Ibuki longs for a normal schoolgirl's life, but she hates detention - latest CFN profile delves into Street Fighter's resident kunoichi

The leading ninja girl of Street Fighter (though I've personally always preferred Maki) makes her appearance on the scene!

Check out Ibuki's images here for some kunoichi goodness.

Street Fighter 5 Ibuki Profile image #1 Street Fighter 5 Ibuki Profile image #2 Street Fighter 5 Ibuki Profile image #3
Click images for larger versions

Continue below to read Ibuki's full profile.

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Stream woes at Tokyo Game Show, the future of the FGC and EVO Japan; MarkMan joins today's live Best of III broadcast

Best of III goes live today at 4 p.m. PDT, and welcomes none other Mark "MarkMan" Julio as the special guest.

MarkMan announced EVO Japan earlier this year during the EVO 2016 finals, and will be discussing the highly anticipated event further on today's broadcast.

Today's panel will recap Tokyo Game Show, and the not so pleasing stream presentation that left something to be desired by viewers.

We'll also be recapping last weekend's Capcom Pro Tour events, discussing the new DLC content and talking about the forthcoming patch for Street Fighter 5. You can view the live stream below.

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