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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax tiers

Kano's aesthetic comparison, new in-game screenshot, and Raiden's Mortal Kombat X Variations detailed

The official Mortal Kombat Facebook page continues to upload Mortal Kombat X related images on to their wall. In today's assortment we have breakdowns of Variations, visual comparisons, and a fresh in-game screenshot.

First up, we have three images detailing each of Raiden's Variations: Thunder God, Displacer, and Master of Storms. What follows is an aesthetic comparison of Kano's different looks based on which Variation is selected.

Lastly, NetherRealm Studios has uploaded a new in-game screenshot that shows Kano slicing into Raiden's chest with a giant hunting knife. If you're hankering for a quick Mortal Kombat X fix today, we've got you covered.

Click images for larger versions

Source: Mortal Kombat on Facebook.

Harada: Pokken Tournament won't feature high/low mix-ups or Tekken guest characters as it's a completely different game

Shortly after his appearance on the Pokken Tournament announcement livestream earlier today, Bandai Namco Games's Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter to respond to fans' questions and messages.

In his responses to these questions, Harada addressed a number of notable things that I'm sure a good many of us were left wondering about ever since news of the game's announcement broke earlier this morning.

Things such as whether or not there would be Tekken guest characters appearing in Pokken Tournament, or if non-humanoid or non-fighting-type Pokemon would enter the roster as playable characters.

Find out the answer to those questions, and more in our translation of the prompt Q&A on Twitter.

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Capcom suing Koei Tecmo for $9.43 million, claims patent infringement in 50 titles

Just on the back of SNK filing a criminal lawsuit against Square Enix, Capcom has now thrown its legal hat in the ring against Tecmo for patent infringement.

According to a report by Sankei, Capcom is suing Tecmo for patent infringement found in Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends and 49 other titles. The company is looking to acquire a total of about 980 million yen (roughly $9.43 million USD) from the lawsuit.

The exact nature of the patent is a bit vague. It seems as though Capcom is actually referring to the concept of expansion packs. Apparently, the suit was filed in 2002 for a function that allows you to add new content by combining an existing game with another piece of software.

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Fully grasp the nature of unblockables using Hitbox Viewer – Another RyuApprentice video that dives deep into the mechanics of USF4

Unblockables being removed from Ultra Street Fighter 4 was a big selling point for the newest iteration of Capcom's fighting game series; however, even in this latest entry, the hated component still occasionally appears.

While everyone has an opinion on unblockables, do they know how and why they exist? Fortunately, RyuApprentice saves the day with another excellent video, this time showing how unblockables as a bi-product of the space a character occupies on the screen to avoid phasing.

Check below to watch RyuApprentice's explanation.

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Pokken Tournament fighting game announced, developed by Bandai Namco under Katsuhiro Harada's supervision, slated for 2015

The new Pokemon game that The Pokemon Company has been teasing is a new fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Games, it was announced on a livestream this morning (night time in Japan).

Pokken Tournament is said to be developed under the supervision of Tekken Project series director Katsuhiro Harada and Soulcalibur series producer and main programmer Masaaki Hoshino.

Not much else is known for now, except that Pokken Tournament will head to Japanese arcades sometime in 2015.

A teaser trailer for the game was also released today. Although the game appears to be a 3D fighter in the same vein as Tekken, we find it very interesting that Pokken Tournament's gameplay will feature projectiles (Lucario's fireball) and jump attacks.

Check out the video below.

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Who is the worst ranked character across all Street Fighter games? Find out which warriors are at rock bottom in USF4, SF3 3S, SSFT2/HDR

When it comes to fighting games, often times the most highly debated topic you will ever encounter is: who are the best characters in the game? We've seen countless tier lists and top 10s from a multitude of players expressing who they feel are the best of the best. Today, however, we're taking a look at something a bit different...

Using the tiers section right here on EventHubs, we determined not only who the worst character in each Street Fighter game is, (Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo / HD Remix, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, and Ultra Street Fighter 4), but also figured out which character is the absolute worst spanning across the aforementioned Street Fighter titles -- by comparing their tier score average.

In order to calculate this average score we simply took the raw tier score for each character and divided that by the number of characters on their respective game's roster.

Below you will find a list of the four worst characters, with both raw tier score / average tier score, and a few statistics showing how much these characters are used.

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NorCal Fight Club League finale results, final standings ft. Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ, LPN, Hoodaman, BJ Unchained, more

Updated again: The final results/standings and stream archive have been added to this story. You can check out the results for all three rounds below.

Earlier: The second round of the NorCal Fight Club League is taking place in Milpitas, California. Many of Northern California's best will go head-to-head in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Tonight marks the second of three different rounds set to take place at various locations. The 14 players listed below will fight it out at each event, and the points earned at each round will accumulate. The player with the most points at the end of the season, along with the four players to place beneath him, will secure a spot in the A league for season 2.

EG|Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ, pH|Hoodaman, pH|LPN, MMG|Julio, MMG|El Cubano Loco, Dirty Paws, Crizzle, Nando Tovar, BJ Unchained, Ramin, Crackfiend, Kelvin Jeon, and Nima are all expected to compete tonight. The tournament is character locked, and you can catch of glimpse of which characters will be used by whom in the image below.

Click image for larger version

Catch all of the action below.

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SNK Playmore registers trademarks for The Last Blade, The King of Fighters, Maximum Impact, Athena Asamiya - hints of new titles?

20 years ago, on August 25, 1994, the fighting game genre was irrevocably changed when SNK released The King of Fighters '94 for its MVS arcade system.

KOF94 was the first fighting game ever to feature characters from various different titles crossing over into the same universe for an epic dream battle -- an idea that would later make its way into other major fighting games franchises, including Capcom's Vs. series, Super Smash Bros., and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of SNK Playmore's KOF franchise. Unfortunately, it looks like the fighting games maker has nothing to announce on this momentous occasion.

But it isn't complete radio silence on the SNK fighting games' front; today the trademark_bot Twitter account has uncovered a number of noteworthy trademark registration filings that SNK Playmore has recently made.

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It's official: Amazon, not Google, has bought Twitch for $970 million - Read the CEO's thank you note

Update: Twitch has just made the official announcement that they've been purchased by Amazon.

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said in his thank you note that in spite of the buy-out, Twitch will keep its independence and continue to operate from their current offices, with the same employees.

Click image for larger version

Full press release below:

SEATTLE—August 25, 2014—, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Twitch Interactive, Inc., the leading live video platform for gamers.

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Wario, Krystal from Star Fox Adventures, Rival Smash mode - Giant gallery of leaked Super Smash Bros. for 3DS off-screen images

Earlier this morning we posted some videos that lend a lot of credence to the leaked roster list and info for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS rumors -- but that's not all.

This rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper. The leakers have now also posted a giant gallery of off-screen images showing numerous different aspects of the game: menus, modes of play, stills of characters and even trophies.

At this point it's hard to believe that someone would go through all this trouble to doctor up a bunch of images and videos for the purpose of perpetuating a fake list.

But until they've been 100% confirmed, we're marking these leaked images and info as rumors for now.

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XBL's #1 Decapre takes on Dieminion, Lap Chi, Sabin, Alex Myers - Olympic Gaming's spotlight on NoobTron in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Olympic Gaming is back with another installment in their Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight video series. This time, they've chosen to feature NoobTron, who is currently #1 Decapre in the ranked match leaderboards on Xbox Live.

In this spotlight reel, Olympic Gaming has picked out a couple of choice NoobTron matches for your enjoyment, and they include matches against Dieminion, Canada Cup Gaming's Lap Chi, Team Spooky's Arturo Sanchez (Sabin), and /r/Kappa's Alex Myers.

Check out the spotlight video below, along with a brief interview to help you get to know XBL's top Decapre player better.

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Videos of Bowser Jr., Shulk and Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS support leaked roster list's validity

Over the past week or so a rumored leaked list of the character roster in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS has been floating around on the Interwebs.

While over here at EventHubs we had been hesitant on posting the supposedly leaked list as a news item on the site, due to the high possibility of it being fake, this morning some very telling videos of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS -- featuring gameplay footage of Bowser Jr., Shulk (from Xenoblade Chronicles) and Ganondorf in action -- has also been posted on the Web, injecting a much-needed dose of credibility to the leaked list.

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Chill music and hot combos combine in this community made Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 video – see how 'online warriors' take it to the next level

Flying High, usually being shared for his replay footage, has just uploaded a community combo project featuring technical triumphs from a large portion of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 cast. Even the music has been created by a fellow community member.

Arthur and Thor are just a few that hit some large numbers in this. Really, the imagination behind these combos is a great way to appreciate the collective power of online warriors.

Check below to relax and enjoy the combos of the hive mind.

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Q goes crazy and Sean parries like Daigo-light: Maximilian reminds us how intense Third Strike and other Street Fighters can be in SF Legacy Series

Street Fighter III Third Strike is already a fairly hype game with its parry mechanics and aggressive gameplay. When you pair it with Maximilian, though, you take it to a whole new level.

Maximilian has been doing his Online Warrior series for quite a while (I even fight him in one of the videos in a Dudley mirror match). This latest continuation, titled "SF Legacy," goes much deeper into the pinnacle fighting name than only this or Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Check below to get started on the Third Strike portion of Maximilian's fantastic SF Legacy series.

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Hugo hits Makoto with a fully charged red focus – part 2 of this compilation features red focus absorbs in ranked matches and tournaments in USF4

Since Ultra Street Fighter 4 released, red focus has primarily been utilized for its RFADC. Rarely have we seen anyone take the big risk associated with burning two bars of meter on a read.

But if you wanted to see how hype the regular red focus can be, then look no further. The BEAST has uploaded a compilation of live matches spotlighting the bravest of the brave flashing red.

Hit the jump for some amazing moments featuring a mechanic not often seen.

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