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Which fighting game player is the most popular on YouTube and Twitter? 34 of the biggest names in fighting games ranked

Who are the most popular fighting game players trending on YouTube and Twitter in the world? Japanese fighting game fan Tiger Knee Ojisan wanted to know the answer to that question, to the point that he decided to create a rather arbitrary method to judge the overall popularity of 34 notable names in the FGC -- and made a video to answer it.

His methodology for determining a player's popularity is quite simple: search on YouTube for the player's name, take the average view count of the top 5 videos listed for that player, and add it to the 10 times the number of followers he has on Twitter to drive that player's "PP" -- popularity points, we suppose.

Why 10x the number of Twitter followers? Beats me.

But surprisingly, in spite of the seemingly random formula, the list he has assembled seems to be pretty legit. In fact, the top two contenders on his list were even neck-and-neck in terms of the amount of PP they've amassed.

Check out the video below, and see if you agree with the list -- but do keep in mind that this is only one person's opinion of how a player's popularity should be tabulated.

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Harada: 'We're trying to make Tekken 7 easy to approach, a lot of fans skipped over TTT2 because it was too difficult to learn 2 characters'

After Bandai Namco Games's panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, caught up with Tekken 7 producer and director Katsuhiro Harada in hopes of gleaming more details about the sequel.

While Harada did not provide any concrete details, he did share quite a bit of the team's thinking behind the development of the new Tekken.

"With the previous installment, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, there were a lot more players skipping over the title because it was difficult to learn to use two characters, than we had imagined," Harada said.

"So in contrast to that, since Tekken 7 is a sequel in the mainline series, the expectation here is for us to take the series back to its roots, back to the sort of Tekken that everyone is probably most familiar with. That's the vibe that we're getting from our fans."

To that end, Harada said that the Tekken's series complex wake-up mechanic is currently under review, to potentially get simplified in the new game, but only in a way that core players would also be happy with it.

He also said that more details on the game will be revealed right around the Tokyo Game Show timeframe in mid-September -- that's when Harada is slated to provide fans with the next update on the sequel.

Check out our translation of the interview below.

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PR Balrog counters Gamerbee's Jaguar Kick with a reaction Ultra - first-to-5 with their mains in Ultra Street Fighter 4 after EVO

After EVO 2014, AVM|Gamerbee went on vacation in the US for a bit, and visited EG|PR Balrog at his house to lay the smackdown to play a couple of long sets, just for old times' sake.

That day the two Ultra Street Fighter 4 pro gamers sat down to play a number of sets using different characters, beginning with a no-holds barred first set where they both used their mains.

This may be the first time ever PR Balrog and Gamerbee have faced one another offline in Ultra Street Fighter 4; the previous time they played the Boxer vs. Adon match-up was back in March, and that had been in a different version of the game.

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Updated with images: 'Summer Vacation' Ultra Street Fighter 4 costume DLC announced, prize code for 'Capcom Fighter' title

Update: We've added all the images we could find of the Summer Vacation DLC costumes shown at Capcom's panel yesterday. Check them out below, along with a prize code to enter for the "Capcom Fighter" title.

Original story: Today during the Street Fighter panel at San Diego Comic-Con, new DLC for Ultra Street Fighter 4 was announced.

Numerous panel attendees on Twitter report that a "Summer Vacation" costume pack is on the way. This will feature new outfits such as bikini Decapre, prep school Dudley, golf club Dan, China dress Poison, Hawaiian Blanka, scuba gear Rufus, summer dress Elena, and more.

Click images for larger versions

Source: Shidoshi on NeoGAF.

Images from Siliconera and Famitsu.

Yoshinori Ono transforms into Hugono at the San Diego Comic-Con Street Fighter Panel - we've got photos!

Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono is known for being an eccentric fellow with a tendency to have fun. In the past we've seen him dress up as Chun-Li, the first lady of Street Fighter, at events, pose with his infamous Blanka toy, and even get the entire crowd to simultaneously Shoryuken.

Today at the San Diego Comic-Con Street Fighter panel, Ono came dressed as someone entirely new. That's right...he's Hugo. There really isn't much I can say here that the photos won't do a better job of saying.

Ono will forever be awesome.

Click images for larger versions

Photos via Michael McWhertor, Yoshinori Ono, Anthony Silva, and Gail Salamanca.

Street Fighter: World Warrior, the sequel to Assassin's Fist, announced at San Diego Comic-Con; Chun-Li, Sagat, Guile and more set to appear

The team behind the live-action Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist series has just announced that there is a sequel in the works.

Deemed "Street Fighter: World Warrior," the new series is currently in development and is set for late 2015/early 2016 launch time.

According to director Joey Ansah, the new series will introduce more characters from the Street Fighter universe, and will be larger-scale production than Assassin's Fist.

"The scale of World Warrior is much larger, picking up where Assassin's Fist left off as we follow Ryu and Ken on their 'Musha Shugyo' (warrior's pilgrimage)," said Ansah. "The Shadaloo criminal cartel will be introduced, led by the extremely dangerous M.Bison, which will naturally lead into the World Warrior tournament… and we all know what this means - fan favourites Guile, Chun-li, Sagat and Co. will be playing a big part!"

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Katsuhiro Harada: 'Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development and moving forward; it has not been cancelled'

During the Tekken panel at San Diego Comic-Con today Bandai Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that Tekken X Street Fighter, the company's 3D crossover with Capcom, is indeed still in development. Due to such a heavy lack of news since it's initial announcement back in 2010, many fans have wondered if the project had been dropped.

"It's still in development and it is moving forward," said Harada's translator, Michael Murray.

He goes on to explain that the reason we haven't seen any official Tekken X Street Fighter reveals is due to a tricky marketing situation the company has found themselves in.

"With all of the products that we have, there's that special timing that we need for it to have its own spotlight. So from the marketing side it's kind of a difficult situation. But it is proceeding, it hasn't been cancelled."

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Updated: Tekken 7 San Diego Comic-Con panel live stream archive

Update 2 [1.37PM]:Team Spooky's stream of the recorded panel has gone live.

Earlier: Bandai Namco Games's fighting game panel at San Diego Comic-Con is about to start. The stream is about to go live.

Tekken 7 producer and game director Katsuhiro Harada said at EVO 2014 to expect to hear more details about the next sequel, said to be "the final battle", in Bandai Namco Games's long-running series.

Join us as we find out what's in store for fighting game fans in this next installment.

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Updated: Full-length cinematic trailer added, Lars confirmed for Tekken 7 - more details from Comic-Con

With the Tekken panel currently taking place at San Diego Comic-Con, Polygon has reported some of the first details about the upcoming Bandai Namco title.

According to series producer Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 7 will have a "very detailed background story," and will conclude the Mishima clan saga.

Additionally, this installment will answer old Tekken mysteries such as why Heihachi is trying to kill his grandson, why Hiehachi threw Kazuya off of a cliff, who Devil Jin is and others.

Not only that, but Maximilian is also in attendance and has reported that Lars will be in the game. You can find the tweets below.

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Nuki was disgusted by 15-year-old Daigo's lame Guile in SF2 at first: New manga series depicts The Beast's teenage years, appearances by Xian, Tokido

When Nuki first met MCZ|Daigo, the latter had been a new kid on the block in the arcade that Nuki frequented.

The year was 1996. Although both Nuki and Daigo were both 15 at the time, Nuki had already been a familiar face in his local arcade scene. He was known not only for his amazing ability to rack up humongous win streaks, but also for being a nice guy in general.

Despite his friendly disposition, however, when Nuki first saw Daigo in the arcades, he didn't even bother walking up to talk to him. He was too disgusted by the lame way that Daigo had been playing Guile in SF2 to want to, the first chapter of "Umehara Fighting Gamers", a new manga series based on The Beast's teenage years, reveals.

Although it's entirely in Japanese, you can read Umehara Fighting Gamers for free in a "Shuukan Georgia" smartphone app that's available on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

The first two chapters, which came out today, not only features Daigo and Nuki in their teenage years; MCZ|Tokido and RZR|Xian also made cameo appearances in a brief introduction of the FGC to readers.

Check out their mugs in the images below, as well as a concise summary of what the first two chapters covered after the jump.

Click images for larger versions

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5 Axe Kicks and 900 stun in a single combo; RyuApprentice's latest CMV focuses on Evil Ryu's 'stun gun' in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Prepare to get dizzied! RyuApprentice has published a new Evil Ryu CMV, this time focusing on the various ways you could pull out the stun-gun that Capcom gave the character, when you've successfully landed a heavy jump-in attack.

It may not be as abusable as the gun that Capcom gave T. Hawk, but it's still a fairly fearsome-looking weapon, if you can manage to pull it off in a real match against an unsuspecting opponent. Stay vigilant, online warriors! The streets in USF4 are no longer safe!

But that's a big 'if', of course -- many of the links you see in these combos are 1F links.

Still, it doesn't make any of these combos less entertaining to watch, especially since RyuApprentice managed to string together five Axe Kicks in a single combo -- and that's before Evil Ryu's opponent gets dizzied.

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The Runback off-season episode 2 live stream, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ft. Infrit, Miniboss, and more

The Runback off-season episode 2 live stream, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ft. Infrit, Miniboss, and more Level|Up is back again and is keeping the fighting game action coming with The Runback off-season episode 2. Unlike previous broadcasts, this event will not be taking place at Super Arcade in Walnut, California.

The game being played tonight is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Players competing include 1ATK|Infrit, 1ATK|Miniboss, and others.

You can follow along with the action on Level|Up's Challonge website.

If you missed them, last week's results are available here

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Hugo has a different kind of pass-through glitch: Light punches completely whiff on crouching Poison after body splash in Ultra Street Fighter 4

It seems that Poison's wonky hurtbox strikes again. We were recently sent a video in which Hugo's crouching light punch passes through Poison after a Body Splash in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

When Hugo hits a cross up Body Splash on a crouching Poison, both his crouching and standing light punches will actually go right through her, causing the attack to completely whiff.

This isn't the first time we've seen strange properties come as a result of this strange hurtbox, as earlier this week we reported on an odd bug that allows Poison to completely avoid low attacks when she transitions from a crouching state to a standing position.

Capcom's own Peter "Combofiend" Rosas informed EventHubs that the is company is aware of the aforementioned bug and is currently working on a fix, so hopefully our story here will get the word out to them about this new glitch discovery.

Below you can check out Hugo's light punch pass-through glitch.

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Wednesday Night Fights off-season episode 2 results, archive ft. Gootecks, Hugo101, Alex Valle, Jayce the Ace, and more

Wednesday Night Fights off-season episode 2 results, archive ft. Gootecks, Hugo101, Alex Valle, Jayce the Ace, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to the story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday night once again and Level|Up is bringing us more fighting game action. Although they won't be streaming from Super Arcade in Walnut, California, tonight Wednesday Night Fights returns with episode 2 of their off-season.

We can expect some excellent Ultra Street Fighter 4 action tonight, as Jayce the Ace, Gootecks, Hugo101, Happy Tang (a.k.a. Kai), LU|Alex Valle, and more are set to compete.

Challonge brackets are posted here, and you can find last week's results here.

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Wario's inclusion in Smash leaked by Nintendo? Super Smash Bros. 3DS appears under "Wario" game section in eShop

Earlier this morning something quite peculiar took place over on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Super Smash Bros. 3DS, the handheld version of the upcoming Smash Bros. title, prematurely appeared under the "Wario" game section.

All of the games listed under this section feature Wario in one way or another. What makes this interesting is the fact that though most of the titles shown are Wario series specific games like WarioWare or Wario Land, games like Mario Party and Mario Kart -- titles where Wario was not the main protagonist, but rather a playable character -- are also listed.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS has since been removed from the Wario section, but luckily Twitter users Yoshirider123 and Wario64 were able to snap quick photos of this strange occurrence before it was rectified.

Click images for larger versions

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