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Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers

The real Alex Myers or simply an impostor? Gootecks, Mike Ross, and Max exchange kind words with XBL's #3 Sakura in Ultra Excellent Adventures ep.23

The good folks over at Cross Counter have uploaded the latest installment of Ultra Excellent Adventures.

Marking the 23rd episode in the series, Gootecks, Mike Ross, and Maximilian continue to battle any online opponent that crosses their path.

Today the boys come across Xbox Live's #3 Sakura who they suspect is none other than the SoCal sensation, Alex Myers. The gamertag he is playing under, "SakDaddyMyers," could mean he is simply an impostor, however.

Below you will find all of the latest Ultra Excellent Adventures action.

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Team Individualists Face-Off Episode 1, Ultra Street Fighter 4 stream ft. OverMostHeads, Ixion, MBR, Emersion, Valmaster and more

Today, a new event is starting, organized by the European team Team Individualists, which features members of said team (including names such as IND|OverMostHeads and IND|Ixion) going up against other top European players in an online setting.

The stream will go on for six hours, and feature tons of different content. We've also been informed that after this first show, there will be importance placed on audience participation, having stream viewers decide what players will go up next and what the regulations for their matches will be.

Today, it starts off with various team battles and sets between top players, which in this first episode include IND|OverMostHeads, IND|Ixion, LLL|MBR, LLL|Emersion, Fureur|Valmaster and more. Hit the jump to check out this first episode of Team Indvidiualists Face-Off.

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Ono was a prime factor in Tokido and Mago's Mad Catz sponsorship – MarkMan recalls his start with the company and discusses their rise to glory

The year is 2007. Mark "Markman23" Julio had just been hired to work at Mad Catz, a major change from the odd jobs he had worked before to support himself as a single father. The e27 article describes the Mad Catz of that time as being known for "pushing out third-rate cheap controllers." Even Julio says, "I used to be embarrassed to work with the company in the past."

However, the first major change occurred when Mad Catz partnered with Capcom to create arcade sticks for the upcoming Street Fighter 4. Julio's passion for fighting games made him an instant candidate for the team handling the project.

After the massive success of the fight sticks, Mad Catz decided to begin sending Julio to events as a means to raise sales. This new approach couldn't have been more indicating. "We noticed our web sales going up the more time we participated in these events. I was on a plane two to three times a month," Julio recalled.

Keep reading to find out how a suggestion from Ono-san changed the future for both Mark and Mad Catz.

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Phoenix Wright beats Doom's Foot Dive, Morrigan's Shell Kick and more with only normals; TAC infinite for Strider discovered in UMvC3

Today we have two videos of newly discovered technology for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. First, Aonien shows off Phoenix Wright stuffing the cast's various dive kicks with not one, but two of his normals. This even includes Doom's Foot Dive and Morrigan's Shell Kick.

Meanwhile, Kevin Tep has discovered a surprisingly simple TAC infinite for Stride Hiryu using only five attacks.

Below you can see the attorney and ninja as they work their way through Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3's cast.

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RedRapper (Zaid Tabani) releases new composition titled 'Umeshoryu,' says it will be his last fighting game related song 'for a while'

Zaid Tabani, known for his musical contributions to the fighting game community, has just released what will be his "last FGC song for a while. " What began as a theme for MCZ|Daigo, "Umeshoryu" is filled with passionate references to fighting games and their dedicated community through declarations such as "you always say it's a game, well I consider it art."

RedRapper, however, is not finished with his musical journey. Choosing to focus on his "own music" right now, he invites his fans to still follow him as he prepares to release a new album in the coming year.

Check out the video below to hear Zaid's concluding work for the fighting game community.

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Alioune's Decapre, the EVO 2014 champion, and Ryan Hart face off against Latif in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 Salty Suite sets

Another player whom we didn't get to see too much of on-stream during EVO 2014 was EVO 2011 SSF4 runner-up, Abdulatif "Latif" Alhmili, who is currently based in Saudi Arabia after finishing his studies in the United States, and now rarely attends majors.

Fortunately, after EVO this year was over and done with, the good folks behind Canada Cup Gaming held a Salty Suite stream where Latif got to go up against numerous notable players -- including three of Europe's finest: MD|Luffy, BCN|Alioune, and DIG|Ryan Hart -- in various long and short sets.

Check out the sets embedded below.

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Garireo: Bungee jumping in Las Vegas was what made my comebacks at EVO possible - 4Gamer interviews the BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma champ

Prior to EVO 2014, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma champion Garireo went bungee jumping in Las Vegas -- and that, he tells 4Gamer in a brief interview after winning the tournament, was one of the main reasons why he was able to make one amazing comeback after another in the losers' finals and grand finals of the tournament last Sunday.

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, we have a bungee jumping attraction in Las Vegas to thank for one of the biggest hype moments of EVO this year. Imagine that.

Having faced the scary feat of bungee jumping down 252m (the equivalent of 100-level building), Garireo was no longer afraid to perform Litchi Faye-Ling's dragon-punch reversal whenever he needed to, which he said was a huge factor in his comebacks.

This is a man who believes that mental and physical conditioning is just as important as one's skills in the fighting game; Garireo also talks about the sort of exercise regimen he puts himself through as part of his preparation for tournaments -- which is something that we don't hear about very often for pro gamers.

Check out our full translation of 4Gamer's interview with the EVO 2014 BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma champion below.

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Luffy vs. Ryan Hart: Rose's sweep is safe from Sagat's focus attack, fireballs gain meter 2x as fast - DreamHack Valencia 2014 USF4 grand finals

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament at DreamHack Valencia 2014 has just come to a close earlier today. If you missed the stream earlier, you can catch all of the action through the stream archive embedded in our story here.

Before you go, though, there is just one match I would like to draw to your attention. And that is the grand finals played between MD|Luffy (Rose) and DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat), which was truly a masterclass in learning the Rose-Sagat match-up.

Like Luffy said in this interview by 4Gamer, Ryan Hart and himself have played this match-up countless number of times, and are familiar with all of its ins and outs. And we get to see that match-up knowledge come into play as soon as mere seconds into the first round, as Luffy's Rose attempts to sweep Sagat not at max distance, but at just outside the range of his Focus Attack, causing Sagat's move to completely miss.

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DreamHack Valencia 2014, USF4 tournament results and stream archive featuring Luffy, Ryan Hart, Cuongster, Fasoll, F-Word, Perplex and more

While DreamHack Winter is still a ways off, there's no excuse to not take part in DreamHack Valencia, which takes place in Valencia, Spain this weekend.

The tournament features Ultra Street Fighter 4, and has noteworthy players such as the EVO 2014 champion MD|Luffy present, as well as other top European players like DIG|Ryan Hart, CDV|Cuongster, Fasoll, F-Word, Nercromina and more.

Streaming duties are being handled by Armshouse on the official DreamHack Fighters channel. You can find the livestream below.

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Rumour: Margaret may be a DLC character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Did Atlus accidentally leak the identity of a third planned DLC character for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, after Adachi and Marie?

Now that we're just a couple of weeks away from the Japanese release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for the PS3 and X360, Arc System Works is holding a series of game trial events across several prefectures in Japan for gamers to go hands-on with the console-exclusive characters, beginning with Tokyo's Shinjuku district this weekend.

Attendees to these Persona 4 Arena Ultimax trial events get to walk away with a complimentary A4-size plastic folder (called a "clear file" in Japan) with the game's cover art emblazoned on one side.

And according to one eagle-eyed NeoGAF user, it seems like the cover art featured on this piece of swag (images 1 to 3 below) is slightly different than the official box art for the game (4th image below).

Click images for larger versions

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Perfect, perfect, perfect - Snake Eyez USF4 highlights compilation also ft. Smug, Ryan Hart, Ricky Ortiz, Justin Wong and more

It's often said that Zangief is a character whose humongous health bar is a sort of currency that lets you pay for any mistakes made as you attempt to close in on your opponent.

Once you finally get in, you'll be able to repay the debt any multitude number of times -- unless you get pushed out again, that is -- so it doesn't matter if you take couple of hits here and there early on.

But that's not how RG|Snake Eyez plays.

In some rounds, RG|Snake Eyez's style is so rich and unique that sometimes he doesn't even need to spend that currency to buy his way into his opponent's defenses; oftentimes, RG|Snake Eyez will just waltz right through the front door, as if he owns the place.

In this highlights compilation made by EventHubs user deBeast, you can see him do so in a number of occasions, leading to perfect rounds against even players like EG|Ricky Ortiz and Marn. In the first match shown, RG|Snake Eyez almost gets a perfect on PIE|Smug too.

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Bonchan, Justin Wong, Dieminion, Snake Eyez, Xian, Haitani, Gamerbee, and more in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 EVO 2014 replays

Capcom Fighters is back with day 3 of their Ultra Street Fighter 4 EVO 2014 uploads.

In tonight's assortment we have even more all-star players including Bonchan, EG|Justin Wong, RZR|Xian, RG|Snake Eyez, AvM|Gamerbee, Haitani, EG|Ricky Ortiz, and more.

You'll find some great Ultra Street Fighter 4 action below.

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Mango: 'I am the greatest Melee player of all time; two EVOs? An MLG? Who has that?' - Smash Bros. champ talks EVO 2014 win

The EVO 2014 Super Smash Bros. Melee champion, C9|Mango, appeared on Live On Three with Slasher and djWheat earlier this week in order to discuss his recent victory. With this year being his second EVO win in a row, the legendary Melee player had quite a bit to say on the matter.

When asked where Mango feels his name falls among the best of the best in Super Smash Bros. Melee history, the back-to-back EVO champion was quick to respond.

"It's #1 and #2. It's #1, #2, and #3. I've done the research, and my stats and everything I've done are just so off the charts," Mango explains. "Now it's like, two EVOs? An MLG? Who has that? No one has that."

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Evil Ryu can kara cancel his ultra 2 in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - fully punishes El Fuerte's EX Quesadilla Bomb, Guile's Flash Kick, and much more

Ryu Apprentice has done it yet again.

Bringing us some stellar new tech, today we have a kara Ultra 2 for Evil Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Kara canceling this ultra with light axe kick will give you extended range on the comeback attack, allowing for full punishes that wouldn't be possible using its non-kara counterpart.

The input is as follows:

Quarter-circle forward, half-circle forward + light kick - kicks(x3)

Ryu Apprentice notes that if you do not have a button set that activates all three kicks, you can simply plink the light kick with medium and heavy kick.

Correctly performing this input will grant Evil Ryu with enough range to fully punish certain moves on block such as El Fuerte's EX Quesadilla Bomb, T. Hawk's EX Condor Dive, Guile's Flash Kick and more.

You can check out Evil Ryu's kara ultra 2 below.

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Tekken X Street Fighter - Harada wants to mix 2D fighting's jumping offense with traditional 3D style, according to these interviews from 2011-2013

Earlier today, the folks over at Bas Gros Poing sent us a very interesting video that divulges details on the mysterious Tekken X Street Fighter -- Namco Bandai's upcoming 3D style crossover title.

This information comes to us in the form of interview clips featuring Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and game designer Michael Murray that were shot in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The footage compiled here may have slipped through the cracks for a lot of us, as each of the original interviews were only ever posted over on Bas Gros Poing's French gaming site.

It's very interesting to see the progression of ideas here. Back in 2011, Harada explains that the development team was trying to figure out the proper way to implement fireballs into the 3D setting.

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