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Tiers for Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat X moves, characters, combos and frame data

Wavebounces? B-Reversals? Learn your Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U tech and outmaneuver your rivals in this tutorial

Professional Smash players appear as comfortable in defying the laws of physics while in the air as Super Saiyans. Want to make the opponent think you're jumping away only to turn around and hit them? Want to make it look like your jump is going to go over their heads but then suddenly stop your momentum and catch them off guard? If so, the latest My Smash Corner tutorial is for you.

This is an excellent breakdown of the moves. It even goes so far as to show hand movement on a GameCube controller. Even if you use another type of control scheme, no worries. These methods can easily transfer to any kind of controller within reason.

If you're ready to learn some of these top player techniques, check out the video below.

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Despite meter gain glitch, Kung Lao will not be banned at Combo Breaker

Kung Lao has an exploitable glitch in Mortal Kombat X where he can gain a bar of meter all at once from a teleport if it's on wake up. It's brought up questions as to the use of the character in tournaments while the bug remains unfixed.

It seems that Combo Breaker, happening in Chicago this weekend, has made its ruling. Kung Lao will stay. With that said, this does come with some extra regulations.

To find out how they plan to address the issue and their justification, continue reading below.

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Street Fighter 5 trailer comparison shows the latest build looking on the bright side

After watching Bison's reveal trailer, EventHubs user Hansel_G decided to compare and contrast the look of Charlie now and how he looked in his own reveal trailer. Surely enough, the latest trailer shows that the development team is still tweaking the lighting and graphics.

When Charlie's trailer was released, many fans noticed that the lighting and colors had become brighter and more vibrant. It seems like that trend continues in the latest one. Check out the images to compare, then let us know in the comments if you're digging this direction or if you'd prefer the characters to look darker.

Charlie Comparison image #1 Charlie Comparison image #2 Charlie Comparison image #3 Charlie Comparison image #4 Charlie Comparison image #5 Charlie Comparison image #6 Charlie Comparison image #7 Charlie Comparison image #8
Click images for larger versions

Source: Hansel_G's Imgur.

A fireball reflect, a speedy teleport and a slide that pops up? Velociraptor's analysis of the Street Fighter 5 Bison trailer

Something, something Tuesday...

Bison officially joined the cast of Street Fighter 5 today and there's quite a bit to talk about in regards to his trailer. I've isolated a handful segments to take closer looks at in hopes of getting a better grasp of everyone's favorite dictator's potential.

I have a few quick notes before we look at his specific moves. First off, his hair is a light, perhaps white color. I'm assuming this is to show age, though with Bison, that may be irrelevant... you know... since he dies and gets new bodies. Not sure that this trailer offers any real indicators of where in the Street Fighter timeline SF5 lands.

Secondly, many of Bison's moves turn his opponent purple, seemingly with Psycho Power. This may or may not have significance, it's not uncommon for certain moves to electrocute or set characters ablaze, this may just be a similar effect. In any case, let's jump to the moves in the trailer.

Finally, we see Bison flash yellow when he performs some of his enhanced attacks. My question here is, is this something that has just been recently added to the game, and is common to all characters now?

Pop Up

One of the first things to catch my eye in the Bison trailer is this new, pop up move which sees Psycho Power erupt from the ground and sounds like it hits three times:

Click image for animated version

It looks like he combos into it and launches Charlie up into the air. The big question from here is, "can Bison continue to juggle after this?" It's very hard to tell from the trailer because we don't actually see Bison recover from the move. If it's not a launcher, it may be a low attack meant to be used in low/high mix ups.

Hit the jump to see more.

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New Street Fighter 5 trailer featuring M. Bison

M. Bison was just revealed officially for Street Fighter 5.

The official announcement was made by IGN, and you can find the trailer after the jump.

Below, you can find a bunch of images taken from the trailer, and get a good feel for the latest iteration of Street Fighter's main baddie, M. Bison.

Bison 5 Reveal image #1 Bison 5 Reveal image #2 Bison 5 Reveal image #3 Bison 5 Reveal image #4 Bison 5 Reveal image #5 Bison 5 Reveal image #6
Click images for larger versions

If that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, here's his Super from the trailer in gif form, courtesy of EventHubs' very own Velociraptor.

The trailer can be found right below.

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IGN’s Vince Ingenito joins Mike Ross to discuss today’s Bison Street Fighter 5 trailer live on Pro Talk

It's time for yet another weekly edition of Pro Talk with Mike Ross. This week's featured guest is Vince Ingenito from IGN.

IGN exclusively revealed M.Bison for Street Fighter 5 today, so we hope to hear about the character in a bit more detail.

Each episode of Pro Talk features a segment wherein Mike and his guest play Street Fighter online. If the online challenger wins their match, they receive a month of free Twitch Turbo.

Hit the jump to see the live stream! #noturbos

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A brilliant Kotal comeback, a suspended, spinning buzz saw of death and 5 Quan Chi resets in one run; top 5 highlights from ESL League week two

We've seen two exciting weeks of the Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League play out thus far. As we await the conclusion of week three of the North American league, set to play out tomorrow evening, ESL has a highlight reel from week two to tie us over.

Top level kombatants such as REO, Shufflez and Shujinkydink show off their ever evolving skills and set ups in this young game. Take a look below as Shufflez makes a brilliant comeback read with Kotal Khan:

And that was only the second highlight from the bottom of the list! The rest of the countdown is comprised of clutch moments, strange set ups and ridiculous resets.

Hit the jump to see the Mortal Kombat X top five highlights from week 2 of the ESL Pro League.

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'UMVC was my main game... it's time to move on' - Filipino Champ discusses his plan to focus games other than Marvel and Street Fighter

A recent tweet by Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 legend Ryan, Filipino Champ, Ramirez disclosed that he would not be focusing on his strongest game for this year's EVO. A fairly bold statement, in tandem with F-Champ's confident style, though no one would be all too surprised to see him still take UMVC despite not practicing. The logical question that follows such a statement: "What will F-Champ be doing with his time? Is he planning on moving away from competitive fighting games, or just shifting his approach?"

We reached out to the Marvel champion to get a few answers, and he kindly obliged us. Hit the jump below to see what he said.

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New Mortal Kombat X bug; Kung Lao's teleport can build a bar of meter all at once, may keep him out of upcoming tournaments

Yet another meter building bug has been discovered in Mortal Kombat X. You may recall the recent Ermac meter drain glitch, which is to be hot fixed soon. This time around it's Kung Lao who's tapped into the fountain of meter with one of his special moves.

Watch Kung Lao's meter as he performs wake up teleport here:

A whole meter just for wake up teleport. What's more, Kung Lao can do this in any of his three variations so if tournament organizers want to keep it out of their events, they're going to have to ban the character entirely.

No official statements as to whether or not Kung Lao will be allowed in tournaments have been made as of yet, but bans have been placed on characters with similar glitches in the past, recall Ermac's Spectral bug.

Hit the jump to see the full video.

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Mortal Kombat X Kold War costume pack released - Gameplay footage of Motherland Sonya Blade, Revolution Kano and Tundra Sub-Zero in action

We're not just getting costumes for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round today, but the Kold War pack of costumes for Mortal Kombat X have gone live and are currently available for download.

This pack contains Motherland Sonya Blade, Revolution Kano and Tundra Sub-Zero, which we've seen before, and have a lot of Russian influences. After the jump, you can find some video footage of the costumes in use, courtesy of RajmanGaming HD.

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Power Rangers-esque heroism prevails in new Dead or Alive 5: Last Round 'Fighter Force' costume pack

The latest costume pack for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round was just shown in trailer form, and it's an interesting approach.

In this pack, characters from the game are clad as Japanese-style heroes and villains, reminiscent of classic Super Sentai (think Power Rangers) shows.

This pack contains new costumes for Kasumi, Kokoro, Momiji, Mila, Ayane, Hitomi, Leifang, Tina, Christie, Nyotengu, Honoka, Marie Rose, Zack, Hayate, Hayabusa and Raidou. You can check them all out in their full glory after the jump.

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Blanche's second Brutality is a geriatric gore fest... see it here now!

With the update patch a few days ago, Mortal Kombat X received a new Brutality featuring everyone's interact-able stage grandma, Blanche.

What we didn't realize was there is a whole second Blanche Brutality, which you can execute by holding down when you finish your opponent.

While the first was satisfying enough, the second brings about a whole new level of ridiculousness and hilarity that syncs up perfectly with Mortal Kombat's brand of shock humor.

We don't feel quite as bad throwing the poor old woman around anymore, now knowing that she has a a violent and brutal nature of her own. The icing on top of this new finishing move is certainly the battle cry Blanche makes as she finishes off your opponent for you.

Hit the jump to check out the senior slaughter.

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Two stocks in nine seconds; Mega Man can kill at 0% using one of his more defensive tools

Primarily used of as a means of self preservation to bring him back from below the stage, Mega Man's Rush Coil may be even better utilized as an offensive weapon. Felix Faction has put together a video showing off some incredible uses for the robotic canine.

If positioned correctly, the Rush Coil can help spring enemies up past the kill threshold at any percentage. If players are able to integrate this tech into practical game play, Mega Man may become a force to be reckoned with like never before.

Check out how quickly Felix deals with Mario in this quick clip from the video:

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see the whole video

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Learn hellish vortex combos for Inferno Scorpion, 33-hit combos with Special Ops Sonya and safe Sharpen set ups for Kitana in today's MK round up

We have plenty of interesting Mortal Kombat X tech for you in another MKX round up.

Today's round up features Sonya, Scorpion, Kitana and Sub-Zero as they show off practical combos, set ups and strategies.

Sonya, for instance, can actually perform a 33 hit combo when her drone is out by using her Park Drone move to cancel the animation of her normal. Certainly a demoralizing sequence for your opponent as they sit helplessly and watch their character get beat on for a good 15 seconds or so.

Beyond this, we get to see some scary vortex combos from Scorpion, Cryomancer combos from Sub-Zero and Sharpen set up combos from Assassin Kitana.

Click the jump below to see the videos.

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Can there be only one? Justin Pottle examines the tension in the Super Smash realm as Melee and Smash 4 attempt to coexist

It's not completely unheard of, but it's rare to find that an earlier title in a competitive gaming franchise maintains popularity for long, if at all, once a newer title is released.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a rare exception to this rule. The 14 year old game has survived the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and despite losing tournament support for a full year from 2008-09, Melee somehow fought through and now maintains its role as most popular title in the series.

Now in 2015, a new challenger approaches in the form of Smash 4, and it's formidable. In a recent article, Justin Pottle looks at the impact Smash 4 has had since its release earlier this year, and tries to assess whatt that means for Melee's future.

"... less than a year into the newest generation of Smash, a rift within the community between the Smash 4 avant-garde and Melee traditionalists is deep and getting deeper. What competitive Smash ought to and will look like going forward—united, divided, or doomed altogether—remains unclear."

Hit the jump to read more.

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