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Urien's colors 11-15 and EX2 found, full Street Fighter 5 theme here

Urien is a little less than an hour away now (from the time this was written, of course), and fans cannot contain their excitement.

So, in order to help with the wait we have more colors for Street Fighter 5's next DLC fighter. An unnamed Imgur gallery contains Urien's colors default colors 11-15, as well as his Capcom Pro Tour EX2 color.

You can check each of them out below.

Urien's colors 11-15 and EX2 image #1 Urien's colors 11-15 and EX2 image #2 Urien's colors 11-15 and EX2 image #3 Urien's colors 11-15 and EX2 image #4
Click images for larger versions

Not only that, but Urien's full Street Fighter 5 theme is now available for your listening pleasure. To find an extended version of it, be sure to hit the jump.

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'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly found in Street Fighter 5's new update files; all 10 colors for Necalli's new outfit

People keep making discoveries in Street Fighter 5's latest patch files.

A new costume for Nash has reportedly been discovered in the September update by SFV Mods. As of right now, the alternate look is being called "Evil Nash," as there is no official description of it yet.

What we know so far is that this costume only has three colors for the time being, and is listed as costume 06 for Nash in the files.

Additionally, we get to see all 10 colors for Necalli's upcoming special alternate costume.

You can check out what Evil Nash looks like, as well as a handful of Necalli's colors, in the screenshots below. To see them in action, be sure to hit the jump.

'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly discovered in SF5 image #1 'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly discovered in SF5 image #2 'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly discovered in SF5 image #3 'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly discovered in SF5 image #4 'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly discovered in SF5 image #5 'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly discovered in SF5 image #6
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In-game Daily Challenges slide gives us our first look at what to expect; Versus CPU currently live in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's latest update is available for download right now, but it won't go into full effect until the servers come back online around 7 p.m. tonight. Despite that, some of the new additions from the patch have already started trickling into the actual game.

We have already seen each of the new stage KOs / transitions, but there's a bit more that may have flown under the radar.

Street Fighter 5's new Versus CPU option is now up and running. If you'd like to take on computer controlled opponents at varying difficulty levels, now you can do so. The new feature also gives you the option to start on the player 2 side, if you're more comfortable fighting on the right side of the screen.

Additionally, upon starting the game after the update, players are being prompted with an in-game slide that explains how the new Daily Challenges will work once they're officially implemented. You can see the slide, along with some screenshots of Versus CPU below.

Street Fighter 5's Daily Challenges / Versus CPU image #1 Street Fighter 5's Daily Challenges / Versus CPU image #2 Street Fighter 5's Daily Challenges / Versus CPU image #3 Street Fighter 5's Daily Challenges / Versus CPU image #4
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Capcom puts anti-cracking solution in place for Street Fighter 5 hackers

Along with all of the things we've previously detailed for the Street Fighter 5 Sept. 22 update, Capcom also put an anti-hacking solution in place.

This should help prevent hackers from attaining in-game currency, titles, costumes, etc. that they haven't earned.

"We're also rolling out an updated anti-crack solution (note: not DRM) that prevents certain users from hacking the executable," Capcom wrote.

"The solution also prevents memory address hack that are commonly used for cheating and illicitly obtaining in-game currency and other entitlements that haven't been purchased yet," that added.

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Files for Halloween stage and Effie, Necro's girlfriend, as a background character included in new Street Fighter 5 update

Data files for a new stage in Street Fighter 5, along with a model for Effie, best known as Necro's girlfriend, as a non-playable character were also discovered.

With Halloween a little over a month away, we should expect an official announcement from Capcom in the near future.

Effie's appearance highly suggests she'll be a part a background.

Halloween stage and Effie Necro's girlfriend (NPC) image #1 Halloween stage and Effie Necro's girlfriend (NPC) image #2
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Images from CountBlack on NeoGAF.

There's always bananas in the fruit stand... Street Fighter 5's new stage transitions are now live on PS4

Story updated with additional videos: We've added all of the stage transition KOs into this story.

While Urien doesn't seem to be playable just yet, stage transitions have been made available in Street Fighter 5.

This adds stage transitions - similar to the ones already seen in the Bustling Side Street stage - to Shadaloo Base, Hillside Plaza, Underground Arena, Forgotten Waterfall, Union Station, Kanzuki Estate, City in Chaos, Apprentice Alley and Lair of the Four Kings, for your enjoyment.

Check out the stage transitions in video form below.

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Which Batman villain would you most like to see in Injustice 2?

Injustice 2 is coming up next year, and the character gallery available to choose from is unbelievably vast.

So vast, in fact, that making a poll containing DC characters could impossibly contain all the characters you might want to vote for, even if we were to narrow it down to just bad guys.

With that in mind, we decided to zero in on specifically Batman, given that Batman titles tend to top the charts where DC is concerned.

In our poll, we've done our best to put in any and every Batman villain that's at least somewhat of a big deal, and also decided to include characters who've been on both sides of the fence - such as Catowoman and Riddler - as well as villains who might not be strictly Batman villains, but have had more than their fair share of run-ins with the caped crusader - such as Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy.

Of course, Harley Quinn and Deadshot are exempt from the poll since they've already been confirmed to be in the game.

Cast your votes - 2 votes per user - below.

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Soul Calibur has had a lot of exciting guest characters throughout its history - Here's who we're hoping to see if Soul Calibur 6 happens

There's been a bit of buzz lately regarding the Soul Calibur series, with rumors flying around that a sixth installment in the franchise might be in development.

While we don't have anything to support these claims as anything more than rumors, it did make our imaginations start to run a bit wild. Ever since Soul Calibur 2 pulled off the novel idea of giving each console an exclusive character to their version - Link for the Nintendo Gamecube, Heihachi for the Sony Playstation and Spawn for the Microsoft Xbox - it's become a bit of a staple for guest characters to appear in Soul Calibur.

The fun, but also daunting, part of making a wishlist like this is that there are literally no limits. The guest characters so far have been from all over the place - Namco games, other companies' games, comic books, even movies.

With this in mind, me and Steven "Dreamking" Chavez did our best to think up characters we think would fit well in the game, and wouldn't be TOO unrealistic to maybe consider. Our main focuses when picking characters were that they'd be weapon-based, since that's pretty much what the Soul Calibur series is known for, but also it's a nice bonus if they lend themselves to a lot of customization - another staple of the series.

Continue below to check out 2 picks from DreamKing and 3 picks from yours truly.

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Urien joins the roster, stage KOs added and more - Street Fighter 1.06 patch currently available for pre-download while servers are down

Although the Street Fighter 5 servers are currently down for maintenance, the 1.06 patch is currently available for pre-download, so that you're ready to launch the game with all of its updates intact the second the servers are back up again.

The patch is 7.187GB in size, and containts Urien as a playable characters, stage KOs and more.

Street Fighter 5 Patch image #1
Click images for larger versions

For a fresh reminder of exactly what you've got to look forward to, hit the jump.

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Balrog used nothing but his own abilities to rise to the top, and tends to solve his problems with his powerful punches - Latest CFN profile

One of Shadaloo's Four Kings, the boxing champ who plays dirty, finally gets his own CFN profile.

I don't think the man needs any introduction, but just in case you've forgotten who Balrog is, check out these images of him.

Street Fighter 5 Balrog Profile image #1 Street Fighter 5 Balrog Profile image #2 Street Fighter 5 Balrog Profile image #3
Click images for larger versions

Continue below to check out his full profile.

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Billy keeps comboing after his Climax super, K' nets over 90% damage - Combonauts latest King of Fighters 14 combo exhibition pulls out all the stops

Combonauts have done it again - the latest video in their King of Fighters 14 combo exhibition series shows a lot of really cool stuff with a bunch of different characters.

This video contains good stuff from Zarina, Terry, Mian, Billy, Kensou, Chang, Daimon, Ramon, K', Athena, Geese and, finally, Yuri.

For a glimpse of the action, check out Ramon's part of the exhibition here.

Click image for animated version

Check out the video with all of the action below.

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He's got great damage, neutral game and mix ups, but he might not make the top tier club; Urien breakdown from WSO stream

At this point in Street Fighter 5's life, the general tier list seems to have a major division between the characters that have the combination of invincible reversals and three frame moves, and those who do not.

Those who don't are by no means invalid by tournament standards, they're just playing with a notable disadvantage to the Chun-Li's, Ryu's and other fighters in the top group.

Looking at the Urien showcase on the recent episode of Winner Stays On, we begin to get an idea of how the character will play once he drops in the game's upcoming patch. Though he lacks a three frame move, he does have a few other tools that lead us to predict he'll be amidst the best of the second group of the tier list.

We'll kick things off by showing you some of Urien's damage potential. Not only does he dole out the big hits, he does it in style with his Aegis Reflector:

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter 5 servers projected to be down for 10 hours preceding tomorrow's patch

According to the Street Fighter 5 Server Twitter, the game's online functionality will be dark for a full 10 hours tomorrow.

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. PDT, no one will be able to use the game's online features. While these blackout windows are nothing new to the SF5 community, 10 hours is quite a bit longer than the usual.

Capcom does not always use the full time they project, and will sometimes relaunch servers early. This update is bringing with it not only a new character in Urien, but also new game features and bug fixes as well.

We'll keep you updated on when the patch officially drops and when you can get online to finally play as Urien.

Filipino Champ to stream with Shaquille O'Neal, may square off in fighting game exhibition

Having been elected as the fighting game community's representative on the Bud Light All-Stars eSports team, PG|Filipino Champ has been growing his brand in big ways.

According to a tweet he posted earlier today, the pro player is slated to stream with basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal some time next week. Champ will be talking with the 7'1" hall of famer about the BudLight eSports Bash at TwitchCon.

If we're lucky, we'll see the two square off in a fighting game or two. Street Fighter 5 is the hot title right now, but when you use fighting games and Shaq in the same sentence, there's no way to avoid bringing up Shaq-Fu.

Click on Champ Carter below to see the tweet:

TwitchCon 2016 runs September 30 - October 2 in San Diego, CA. Hit the jump to watch the greatest music video ever made.

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Oh! That Tokido got WASTED! Majorboy pulls out a ridiculous Ibuki bomb set up in this batch of Street Fighter 5 ranked matches

This is the first thing that came to mind when I saw Majorboy's Ibuki sequence...

In a recent set of Street Fighter 5 ranked matches, Tokido went toe-to-toe with Majorboy's Ibuki. During one of the five matches, Majorboy pulls off a lethal set up using her V-Trigger, which was spotted by Koryu87 over at /r/StreetFighter.

After a combo into Raida, the Ibuki player dashes up, whiffs a throw, kicks the bomb low, then hits Tokido's Ryu with an instant jumping light kick. This opens him to being hit with the bomb, and results in a nasty juggle combo.

The sequence is a perfect example of what Ibuki can do when she's got her bomb at the ready. Watch as Majorboy seemingly plays a 1-player game in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

Ibuki players everywhere should definitely check out the rest of the set, as there's a lot more excellent bomb usage from Majorboy to be seen. Hit the jump to view the full video.

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