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Smug discusses who he's playing in Street Fighter 5, which characters look the scariest, how to sharpen your game and more in this BornFree interview

Just last weekend, 10 titans from the East Coast gathered to participate in the King of New York round robin, Ultra Street Fighter 4 send off tournament.

When the dust settled, PIE|Smug emerged as royalty with a convincing 9-1 record. YouTuber and Street Fighter enthusiast Mark "BornFree" Sheridan was able to catch up with the young champ for an interview.

Smug shared his thoughts on an array of topics ranging from his Street Fighter 5 impressions to how he feels about Ultra Street Fighter 4 not being at EVO this year.

He also gives a bit of advice on how newer players can better their game as they enter the fray. You'll catch the full interview below.

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How to avoid Ryu's formidable fireballs, a shocking discovery about Bison's Critical Art and great quality Mika play: SF5 round up

It's no secret that the only way to chip someone out in Street Fighter 5 is to use a Critical Art, but we're finding that even this method doesn't seem be all that effective.

A player named Nevillebamchew has gone to the lab to show us the best ways of avoiding chip death and guard break against Ryu's Shinku/Denjin Hadoukens.

In a second video we find that Bison's Critical Art has projectile properties. Knowing this, certain characters can better approach Bison despite the threat of a reversal Critical Art.

Finally, Negativedge has compiled and edited together a ton of footage of their R. Mika in the latest beta. You'll see some great examples of set ups, resets and all around effective play with the wrestler in her current build. Check out a slick OTG V-Trigger combo they use to pin Rashid.

Click image for animated sequence

Hit the jump to get started with the videos.

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Only the floor seats at EVO 2016 finals will be assigned

During the EVO lineup reveal tournament organizer, Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar, announced that we'll need to purchase special assigned tickets for finals day in the massive Mandalay Bay Event Center.

This change from the norm caused a bit of unrest in the community, as some anxiously began speculating about how they'd manage to sit with their friends and ensure they got tickets in a timely manner.

Mr. Wizard recently took to Twitter to give us an update on the situation:

Cuellar wasn't done there, as he actually had more to say about the number of available seats, and how quickly he feels they'll sell out.

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Bayonetta and Corrin available now for Super Smash Bros. 4, tiers and moves database updated

Bayonetta and Corrin are available now for Super Smash Bros. 4 players.

We've also updated our tiers page for the game, and added in moves database pages for both characters.

Bayonetta Smash 4 moves
Corrin Smash 4 moves

Bayonetta costs $5.99/£5.39, comes with the Umbra Clock Tower stage.
Corrin costs $4.99/£4.49.
All-in-One Fighter Bundle costs $34.93/£31.50

These characters can also be added to your EHubs profile pages and are now tracked on our stats area for Smash 4.

Capcom created fake character art for Zen due to buzz on the internet, female version of Blanka

When a character leak list for Street Fighter 5 hit the internet, it created quite a stir, as there was a fighter included named "Zen", who of course didn't end up in the final roster.

This internet buzz actually got back to Capcom, and so they decided to have fun with the concept by creating another character from India.

"I thought it was funny when a character called 'Zen' started blowing up all over the internet, so I created this Indian guy called Zen. He won't be in the game," Capcom Japan wrote.

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Ono: A normal development time used to be six months, we had 20 people working on a game

Discussing things that have changed at Capcom through the years, Yoshinori Ono reminisced about how game development at the company worked previously.

"It gets into sensitive stuff talking about the past, how things are now, and if one is better than the other," said Ono.

"A good narrative in terms of what my experience was: when I started at Capcom, a normal development cycle was six months from the very beginning of development to the [end].

"[Now] it's not uncommon for a team to be built with 100, 150, and even up to 500 people working on a single game.

"Back in time with Capcom, it was normal to have just a twenty person team. What was neat about that time was... I came from the sound team, but I felt that I was able to express my opinions very freely within this tight-knit group of people," Yoshinori said.

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Preview of Prima's Street Fighter 5 guide book

Prima has released a preview of their upcoming official Street Fighter 5 guide book.

This 400+ guide has frame data for every character, combos, character strategy sections and a bonus artwork section.

Prima will also being offering a mobile-friendly eGuide, which has all of the content from the print version, plus a web companion.

This eGuide will be updated to include frame data, game changes for the first season of DLC, for up to one year after the game comes out. You can pre-order the guide here.

Prima Street Fighter 5 guide preview image #1 Prima Street Fighter 5 guide preview image #2 Prima Street Fighter 5 guide preview image #3
Click images for larger versions

The guide will be available on Feb. 16, 2016, the same day the game launches. Also, we'll have a review of the guide posted in the future as well.

Momochi's F.A.N.G drains about 50% of Kazunoko's lifebar using critical art combo - Two pros square off in Street Fighter 5

Two top players took part in a Street Fighter 5 exhibition Capcom Japan held recently, EG|Momochi and Kazunoko.

One of the best aspects of this footage is we get to see a bit more of F.A.N.G in action, and in the hands of professional players no less. In one bout Momochi manages to land a near 50% critical art combo with F.A.N.G.

Both competitors square off against each other, and have some high damage combos along the way. Check out these gifs, and find the rest of the footage after the break.

Click images for animated versions

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'Personally, I think [Cody] is the strongest character in the game' - Sasaki talks his USF4 character choice, SF5 prospects, traveling abroad and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

We're very committed here at EventHubs to bringing you as many interviews with top players as possible. As such, we've reached out to one of Japan's top Street Fighter 4 players that our readers might not be all too familiar with.

This time around, we've interviewed Sasaki, Japan's top Cody player, who has been a mainstay in the Topanga B League for as long as four years.

In our interview, Sasaki talks about Cody's strength as a character, fighting game history, training regime and more.

MajinTenshinhan: Why did you start using Cody in the Street Fighter 4 series?

Sasaki: I used to play Ken. When Street Fighter 4 became Super Street Fighter 4, Ken's EX Shoryuken became weaker, and I thought "Man, that's boring" and decided to switch characters.

I've always gravitated towards characters that I think look cool, so I instantly chose Cody. I had no idea about how he played or how good or bad he was.

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the interview.

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F.A.N.G's Street Fighter 5 move listings

F.A.N.G is the final playable character for the Street Fighter 5 launch roster, but how his moves are performed have remained a mystery, until now.

John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero was able to capture how all of F.A.N.G's attacks are performed in SF5 today, and also offer a rundown of what they do.

Click image to view a larger version of F.A.N.G's moves

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Smash 4 tier lists from Komorikiri and FOW

Two strong Super Smash Bros. 4 players have weighed in on how they feel the game's tiers stack up.

Komorikiri and GW|FOW's both created separate tier lists for the game.

Komorikiri and FOW's Smash 4 tier lists image #1 Komorikiri and FOW's Smash 4 tier lists image #2
Click images for larger versions

FOW added these notes for his listing.

• Kirby secret match up destroyer.
• Meta Knight is GDLK.
• Ike best Fire Emblem character.
• Ness isn't top 10.

You can compare these to our listings here on EventHubs.

Dahlgren: With Street Fighter 5's launch, I believe you'll see more pad players than stick users initially

Capcom feels there will be a changing of the guard initially when Street Fighter 5 drops on Feb. 16, 2016.

"Since Street Fighter comes from an arcade heritage, a lot of people have this general belief that arcade sticks are the premier way of playing," Capcom's Matt Dahlgren told Games Industry.

Luffy, Liquid|NuckleDu, RB|Snake Eyez, Wolfkrone and many others actually played on pad in the Street Fighter 4 series — and they all made great names for themselves at the highest of levels of competition while doing so.

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'I'll find a character that requires me to play solid without gimmicks at first' - fLoE covers how to learn a new fighting game

Ari "fLoE" Weintraub has launched a new video series titled Floechart, which explores how to improve at fighting games.

FLoE's skills in the lab are extremely well regarded within the community, and it's pretty slick that he's exploring how to pick up and learn a new fighting game with Street Fighter 5 on the horizon.

In the first episode, fLoE interjects that one of the things he focuses on initially is finding a character that requires him to play solid, and doesn't rely on gimmicks to win.

You can find the entire video below.

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Capcom: Ken's looks in Street Fighter 5 were changed so he did not closely resemble Ryu

IGN had a chance to speak with Mike Lunn, who's a brand manager at Capcom, during PAX South 2016.

They asked him why Ken looks changed up so much in Street Fighter 5, and it appears Capcom wanted to make him stand apart from Ryu even further than they have in the past.

Instead of being a version of Ryu dressed in red, his looks are more distinctive now, as he's pulled down his gi and has a sporty shirt on, explained Lunn.

"We made [Ken] play a lot different as well, so I think the team wanted to separate them too a little bit more so it wasn't a white ninja dude and a red ninja dude," Lunn said.

Story mode details, Dhalsim's changes and more were also discussed in the video below.

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Street Fighter 5's menu interface was designed to 'keep everyone in tune with the community' - Ono talks about the importance of the FGC

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Ono discussed the topic of the fighting game community as one of the talking points, and how it's influenced the way they think about the development of Street Fighter 5.

He notes that this is something they learned during the lifetime of Street Fighter 4, and one way they started incorporating this into their overall plans was to launch the Capcom Cup.

Ono: As far as what we learned from Street Fighter IV, one thing was that Street Fighter is not just what exists in the content of the game. There’s this whole separate world of esports and the fighting game community.

Now we have the Capcom Cup, which is part of that whole esports strategy.

After the jump, you can see more of Ono's statements, regarding how they went about implementing more community-mindedness in Street Fighter 5.

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