Desk doesn't want to be fed, he just wants to hunt - new King of Fighters 14 video features the King of Dinosaurs

The demo for King of Fighters 14 has been in our hands for a couple of days now, and naturally Desk has gotten right to work putting the combo system through its paces.

This time around, Desk focuses on the King of Dinosaurs, and some of the things he's capable of early on seem pretty impressive. Some of the combos that he has are pretty beefy for a grappler, and many of them allow him to confirm a command grab at the expense of meter.

For example, this particular combo stands out not only because of the damage output and corner carry potential, but also the fact that it ends in a reset:

Click image for animated version

You can check out the full video after the jump.

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Haunts speaks to the community on both clarifying plans for the Pro Tour DLC and the process behind communication with Capcom

In the wake of Capcom announcing their special Pro Tour DLC package last weekend at EVO, many fans were left feeling miffed over the whole ordeal. Many say that the content is overpriced, and more importantly, that Capcom should be more transparent about how they plan to handle the funds from the proceeds.

Capcom's Haunts has taken to NeoGAF this time around to speak directly to the community and bring some clarity to the situation.

According to him, a majority of the revenue from the DLC package will be invested right back into the Capcom Pro Tour. "We didn't create this content with the intention of making a profit for ourselves, it's to support the community," says Haunts.

He also speaks on the reason behind the lack of transparency on the Pro Tour DLC proceeds. "It would be easy if it was just going into the prize pool, but we also want to invest into the 2017 season as well..." Haunts states.

Haunts goes on to state that he takes full responsibility for communication being vague thus far, and that more context and updates on the matter are coming soon.

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Ultradavid - I don't want to see the FGC become like League of Legends, where one company has too much power

If you have any sort of vested interest in the fighting game community, then you more than likely have come across UltraDavid at some point by now.

A tenured member of the FGC, David has made a name for himself as a host/commentator to the level that some would call him the "American voice of Street Fighter." Daily Dot's very own Steve Jurek caught up with him for an interview a couple of weeks ago at CEO.

When asked about his comfort level in regards to his voice within the FGC, David responds: "Not just in this context, but I feel like sometimes it's thrust upon me to have responsibilities like that...I don't want to have it be that I'm some exclusive representative."

David goes on to state that he'd like to also hear different voices be heard, noting that there are many perspectives outside of his own that should be heard.

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LI Joe: I think Nash is around 5th best in the game; I do not think he's a dominant character - EVO 2016 finalist talks training, his father, and more

LI Joe has become one of the most talked about players in the fighting game community as of late due to his amazing performance throughout the EVO 2016 tournament weekend. As America's last hope in the Street Fighter 5 top 8 finals, and thousands of fans watching on both Twitch and ESPN2, Joe's inspirational journey through the brackets won over the hearts of most everyone watching.

Our friends over at Daily Dot Esports sat down with Joe this past Tuesday on their weekly eSports show, Best of III, in order to pick the brain of the EVO fan-favorite.

Among the talk about his experience at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and his father's surprise tournament visit, LI Joe spoke about where he feels his character, Nash, sits on the game's tier list. Though many believe that Nash is one of the best characters in the game, it seems as though Joe doesn't quite feelthe same.

"I do think [Nash] is a very good character," Joe starts. "I think he's probably like fifth-ish [on the tier list], around there. I do not think he's a dominant character.

"I think there are definitely characters that are better than him, for sure. He might be low-high tier or first place in the mid tier characters."

Joe goes on to explain a bit more in-depth where he feels his character stands in Street Fighter 5.

You can check out the interview after the break.

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Eyedol now available for Killer Instinct Season 3 Ultra Edition owners; check out the 3.3 patch notes ft. balance changes and bug fixes here

Killer Instinct Season 3 has just undergone an update. Arriving a little bit earlier than the originally scheduled Friday release date, players are now able to download the 3.3 patch.

This update adds Eyedol -- for Ultra Edition owners -- as well as a number of different balance changes and bug fixes.

Those who do not own the Ultra Edition can still access the latest patch, but Eyedol will become available to everyone on July 29th.

You can check out the full patch notes below.

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Combofiend: We want to keep option selects in Street Fighter 5, but make them extremely challenging to do

Back in March, we learned of the existence of Street Fighter 5's jump-throw tech option select. This particular set up was deemed quite strong, and was patched out of the game by Capcom shortly after it surfaced due to how many different options it covered.

With Capcom planning on making big balance changes only once a year, we were left curious about what challenges their team may have run into when removing the powerful option select. Luckily, Street Fighter 5 Associate Producer, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, was happy to oblige during our chat at E3.

"We looked at all the various ways to address it," Peter started. "One of the big things we didn't want to do was affect the game too greatly, because we said we wouldn't make any real balance changes [for about a year.]

"At the same time, we didn't want the game devolving into option selects, that was one of our missions when we first designed the game. That solution was thoroughly tested, and it seemed to be the best one to stop that option select."

Combofiend feels as though the implemented fix has successfully done its job, as the OS isn't quite as prominent as it was before. "Now what I see is someone just jumping away because they're freaking out, versus before where it started to look like that's all anybody was doing," he said.

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Event listings launched on EventHubs, who'd a thunk it?

Dominique 'ArrogantAmateur' Gibson, Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon and the rest of the tech team have put the finishing touches on our new event listings section.

In this area you'll find a simple breakdown of upcoming major events, along with an area for user-submitted tournaments.

A handy widget can be found on nearly every page of our website, so you're never far away from being able to find which major events are about to go down.

Everything is sorted by the upcoming date, so you don't have to sift through pages upon pages of listings to find which events are taking place soon.

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Eyedol is one of the most powerful rushdown and zoning characters in Killer Instinct Season 3; here's a breakdown and look at his accessories

Killer Instinct Season 3's final character, Eyedol, is scheduled to be released tomorrow for all Ultra Edition owners. In anticipation of the original KI boss, Ultra-Combo has shown off Eyedol's retro costume and all of his accessories in a recent blog entry.

Not only that, but during EVO weekend the Iron Galaxy team gave fans a walk-through of what Eyedol is all about. According to the stream replay, Eyedol is both one of the best rushdown and best zoning characters in the entire game.

To balance this out, though, Eyedol's play-style is divided into two stances: Mage head and Warrior head. You cannot switch stances at will, Eyedol actually switches over time after an ender or special move.

The more you do, the higher chance you'll have of switching heads. Eyedol can actually strike himself in the face to expedite the stance change process, but he takes damage for doing so.

You can check out his accessories and the full breakdown replay below.

Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #1 Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #2 Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #3 Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #4 Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #5 Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #6 Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #7 Eyedol default, retro costumes, and accessories image #8
Click images for larger versions

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Juri official release trailer, date / time revealed; New Street Fighter 5 Summer costumes on the way

At the first of Capcom's San Diego Comic-Con panels today, the company revealed new information on Juri -- Street Fighter 5's next DLC fighter.

We have learned that Juri will go live on Tuesday, July 26 and players can get their hands on the new addition at 5 p.m. PDT. Alogn with Juri, players will be able to pick up her Story and Premium costumes, which can be seen in the images below.

Juri is back and craftier than ever, with a new look and more tricks up her sleeves. As a trained expert in Taekwondo, Juri also possesses a ki booster called the Feng Shui Engine built into her left eye.

In Street fighter 5, she is all about "flashy, fast and furious kicks," and has a numerous ki-based attacks at her disposal.

You can check out more screenshots, her trailer, and V-Move information courtesy of Capcom Unity after the jump.

New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #1 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #2 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #3 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #4 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #5 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #6 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #7 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #8 New Juri screenshots Street Fighter 5 image #9

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Mai does 90% damage in one go and Nelson does the same super twice in one combo - Brian Kasugano's KoF14 combo videos do not fail to impress

The King of Fighters 14 demo has been in the hands of players for a few days now, and Desk isn't the only combo video maker who's been hitting the lab.

While yesterday brought Sylvie combos, this day brings something new and something old together, to give you something quite different.

One of these videos focuses on King of Fighters mainstay Mai and what she's capable of in this game, while the other one focuses on newly added boxer Nelson and his skills.

Check out both of the combo videos below.

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Double slowdown finishes, Poongko's Akuma comebacks and impeccably timed backsteps - Tekken 7: Fated Retribution EVO 2016 highlights

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution had a great showing at EVO 2016, even though the game hasn't been released outside of arcades yet.

Despite limited time with the title, many amazing competitors showed up, and it made for some crazy hype highlights, to be sure.

Here, you'll find a total heartstopper round finisher, with a double slowdown, as well as an unbelievable Poongko comeback.

Click images for animated versions

To check out the full video of highlights, continue below.

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'We should have better communicated that content would drop on an on-going basis' - Capcom EU reps talk about SF5's failings and its strong core

In a recent interview with MCV UK, two of Capcom's European representatives talked about what went wrong with the launch of Street Fighter 5, and how they feel about the strong core of the game itself.

First, European CEO Katsuhiko Ichii spoke about the game's launch.

Katsuhiko Ichii: The launch of Street Fighter V was not very good. We have heard and accepted all the users’ voices. It should have been better organised, it should have been better explained. Now, what we need to do is just improve the game. Right now R&D is working hard to add more content and make the users happy.

Continue below to hear what marketing director Antoine Molant had to add.

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'If command throws were left as they were, they'd be really, really strong' - Combofiend explains why SPDs are toned down in Street Fighter 5

Because command throws don't operate quite as they used to, the community has made the assessment that the grappler characters in Street Fighter 5 fall lower on the game's tier list than others. Combofiend does not agree.

"That's totally off. When I think of R. Mika, there's no way that she's weak. Once she gets in, you're freaking out," Rosas was quick to say.

"Birdie, he's not really a command grab character, his buttons are strong, but he has the ability to grab you when you're blocking, that's amazing. Laura, when she gets in, same thing, people are constantly trying to get away. She has her elbow to get in close, so I don't think she's very weak, and her normal buttons are pretty good.

"Lastly, Zangief, his range is really far, and he does a lot of damage. I think the issue may be when they refer to [command grab characters being weak], they're specifically referring to Zangief, and the fact that he's a little less mobile than the other three.

"That's the only thing I'm really seeing there, I don't really think command grab characters are weak, if anything — they're really strong, because they're the only ones that can stop you from blocking. If you're continuously blocking overheads, lows and highs, and somebody just grabs you, what can you do to stop that?"

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When Mang0 trains with a professional UFC fighter, everyone wins... except Mang0

C9|Mang0 is one of the greatest Melee players of all time, but his recent trip to Anderson Silva's MMA gym quickly reaffirmed that he should stick to virtual fights and stay out of the octagon.

In a training session with James "Moonwalker" Moontasri, which couldn't have lasted more than roughly 20 minutes, Mang0 punches, slams and kicks himself into utter exhaustion.

Here's a quick clip of the Smash god successfully body slamming the training dummy, which requires virtually all of his physical energy.

Click image for animated version

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Haitani's heart breaker, Stupendous' incredible run against Sako and Mago's bout with Ricki Ortiz; super hype off stream EVO 2016 matches

With over 5,000 players in attendance, there was no way we could expect to see every high profile match hit the streams. Luckily, Kevin "MyGief4You" Diederich caught some of the off stream gems with his own camera.

MJS|Haitani had to face off with Mago, and their set was a hype-filled brawl of back and forth momentum. Deiderich also caught footage of Mago's match with EG|Ricki Ortiz, as well as SoCal's Stupendous and HORI|Sako.

We're incredibly lucky to have caught this one, as Stupendous' showing with the oft regarded as low-tier Zangief is very impressive. Check out this sequence below. Oh, and "boofs" refer to successful Spinning Pile Drivers.

Click image for animated version

Check out all three matches after the jump.

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