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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Just how strong of a seller is Street Fighter for Capcom? Latest numbers for the series as a whole and each game for Street Fighter 4, MvC3, and more

Update: A mistake in the article that implied the total of Marvel vs Capcom 3 sales totaled 7 million has been corrected. The Marvel vs Capcom series as a whole equals this amount. Secondly, while Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the lowest selling game listed, there are Capcom titles not represented due to their selling below 1 million.

Capcom has updated the sales of both their individual game sales and series sales for almost the entirety of their catalog. Sales, of course, are an integral part of getting funding for future titles, so where a franchise stands on this list shine shines some light on hopes for sequels and re-releases.

It should come as no surprise that Resident Evil takes the highest honor at a total of 62 million units sold worldwide. Specifically, Resident Evil 5 holds the number one spot for individual game sales at 6.7 million units. The highest selling Street Fighter title, Street Fighter II, closely follows in second at 6.3 million.

But how does Street Fighter hold up in sales overall? What is the worst selling Street Fighter title listed? And where's Marvel? Read below to find out.

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Take off your armor and go top tier! Zero Suit Samus breakdown covers kill moves, combos, neutral game, and more for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

For some more traditional fighting game players, making the adjustment over to the newest iteration of Smash has been taxing. If you're one of those people, and you're picking up Zero Suit Samus, worry no more.

Smash and Grab has released an excellent video detailing the character's best pokes, combos, and at what percentage to start thinking about kill moves. Even better, the instructional should only take about three minutes out of your day, so you can whip out your 3DS and start collecting those bounties.

Check out the video below to learn the ins and outs of one of the game's more highly ranked fighters.

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VRyu's Makoto makes incredible reads, the Smug army invades, and more – this stunning, 15-minute USF4 highlight video by i Shoryuken makes time vanish

Highlight videos have become fairly common in the fighting game community. From the well done Spotlight series to YogaFlame24's selected replays and others, having an individual compilation standout has become increasingly difficult.

So it gives even more credit when a video like i Shoryuken's latest highlight reel is so intense and tightly packed that its full fifteen minutes seem to go by in an instant. There are so many excellent moments representing a large portion of the cast and so little downtime or fluff that it easily raises the bar for what to expect from selected Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage.

To lose a quarter of an hour in a matter of seconds, check out iShoryuken's video below.

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Wednesday Night Fights 4.2 results ft. WNF Chris, Alex Valle, and Brentt

Wednesday Night Fights 4.2 results ft. WNF Chris, Alex Valle, and Brentt Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: We find ourselves in the middle of the week yet again. Super Arcade and Level Up are preparing this week's installment of Wednesday Night Fights.

After last week's tense exchange between Low Ti3r God and BT|Viscant we eagerly await to see what this week's installment has in store for us.

Injustice and Mortal Kombat 9 will have tournaments if there are enough entrants.

Challonge brackets are posted here, and you can find last week's results here.

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LeviStrauss 'Timer Scams' Daigo; NISHIKIN uses both U2 and Red Focus twice, mounts big comeback: USF4 replays feat. Pepeday, Inco, and more

We end off our news day with some spectacular Ultra Street Fighter 4 bouts.

Players participating in this assortment of matches include MCZ|Daigo, NISHIKIN, LeviStrauss, FGC|Pepeday, Inco, ProudStrawberry, and more.

In the match between Daigo (Evil Ryu) and LeviStrauss (Ken), the latter manages to brave a series of pressure strings from The Beast, winding down the clock and taking the round with a 'Timer Scam' Ultra 2. NISHIKIN (Blanka) also demonstrates some impressive play by landing two Red Focus combos on Kyunzo (Hugo), and also hits U2 twice in one match.

You can check out the animated GIFs below to see NISHIKIN style with Red Focus and mount a big comeback. If you want to avoid match spoilers, it is recommended that you skip the GIFs.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the matches.

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A brawler/zoner hybrid, increased damage, and the solo act: Learn about Ferra/Torr's Mortal Kombat X variations here

NetherRealm Studios continues to spill the beans on what each character's Variations do in Mortal Kombat X. Tonight, we get a more in-depth explanation of Ferra/Torr's different options in the upcoming fighter.

What we have here are the Lackey, Vicious, and Ruthless Variations. One increases the duos damage output, another lets Torr battle solo, and the final Variation turns Ferra into a living projectile, creating a play-style that is both brawler and zoner-esque.

Click each image below to read up on Ferra/Torr's Mortal Kombat X Variations.

Click images for larger versions

Source: The official Mortal Kombat Facebook page.

YouTube looks better than ever! Watch silky smooth game footage now running at 60FPS

Back in June of this year, it was announced that support for 60 frames-per-second video playback would be added to YouTube. Those longing for smoother game footage, rejoice; that day has come.

The change has been implemented as of today, and clips running at the increased frame-rate are already hitting the internet.

Currently, this new option is only available for Google Chrome users, so those of you using Firefox -- or any other browser -- may want to make the switch to take advantage of the silky smooth video content. In order to view footage at 60FPS, be sure to select the HD option when viewing the video of your choosing.

In the meantime, check out this clip of Mario Kart 8 utilizing the new YouTube service and be prepared to marvel at its incredible beauty.

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Ixion's tier ranking for Dan in Ultra Street Fighter 4, feels Rufus is his easiest match-up

Another Ultra Street Fighter 4 character tier ranking was recently sent our way, and this time Ixion -- Europe's, and arguably the world's best Dan player -- brings us his match-up list for the Saikyo master.

Unlike some of the previous tier rankings we've featured here on the site in recent times, Ixion's arranges the roster from most difficult to easiest match-ups. It's no surprise that Evil Ryu sits atop the list as the most difficult opponent for Dan, but what's interesting is that Rufus is shown as Dan's easiest opponent to defeat.

Check out Ixion's tier ranking for Dan below, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Click image for larger version

You can check out even more character tier rankings from such players as Mike Ross, PIE|Smug, AVM|GamerBee, and more after the jump.

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Akuma hits 7 standing heavy kicks in one combo! Desk shows the power of meaty attacks and frame delay links in USF4

Desk is back with yet another Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video today.

The combo extraordinaire resurrects Akuma's st. LP - meaty st. HK loop from Vanilla SF4, and puts it to amazing use against E. Honda in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Using "Frame Delay Links" -- a technique that requires a player wait x amount of frames before inputting another button -- Desk has managed to land 7 of Akuma's standing heavy kicks in one combo.

Check it out below.

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High-level Mii Brawler, Charizard, Villager, Little Mac and Diddy Kong play from Osaka's 'Sumabato' Smash 4 Battle Road tournament

This past Saturday, on October 25, the SHI-Gaming group of streamers and tournament organizers held another Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS offline tourney, this time in the Suminodo neighbourhood in Japan's Osaka prefecture.

A total of 177 participants showed up for this first-to-2, 2-stock double-elimination tournament, which was christened the 0th Smash 4 Battle Road tourney as this was the first time the SHI-G group had done the event in Osaka. This was meant as a test run for future tournaments.

Nevertheless, many of Osaka's strongest Super Smash Bros. 3DS players signed up for this test run, and as a result we're getting to see some very interesting high-level matches featuring characters like Charizard and Mii Brawler -- customizable moves and Mii Fighter characters were allowed in this tournament.

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Ryu's ambiguous corner cross-under mix-up, Akuma whiffed Super setup that gives a guaranteed UC2, Tiger Shot loops - Ultra Street Fighter 4 CMV

CMV maker Luparez has been spending quite a bit of time training in the lab in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and he's finally ready to share his lab findings with the rest of us -- it's been two months since his last video!

In this multi-character CMV, Luparez not only performs some of the most fanciful combos possible in the game, but also demonstrates some of the mix-up and reset opportunities possible with many of the characters featured.

There's a lot to see here. My personal favorite: cancelling Akuma's fireball with his Raging Demon super, in order to force his opponent to jump for a guaranteed Ultra Combo 2.

All that and more in Luparez's "Experiments in the Lab 9" CMV below.

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Luffy (Rose) vs. IronTrigr (Abel): Extremely close ft-to-5 set in which the UK player scores a Perfect on the EVO 2014 champ

Rose vs. Abel. That's match-up we don't get to see very often, especially at high levels of play as top Rose and Abel players are few and far apart, and they rarely get to play one another.

So it was a bit of a rare treat this morning when we woke up to find in our mailbox this following high-level first-to-5 set between France's MD|Luffy and one of UK's best players Hassan 'IronTrigr' Laghari, sent in to us by Balg MD.

Normally a first-to-5 set against MD|Luffy, on its own, isn't really a big enough deal for us to feature in a post (maybe in a roundup, if it's any good). Preferably, we'd like to see heavyweights on both corners of the ring.

But this set between MD|Luffy and IronTrigr isn't like most other -- it's filled with moments, and came down to the wire. IronTrigr even manages to score a Perfect round against the EVO 2014 champ. We think it's worth checking out; take a look below, and tell us what you think.

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Ghandi sits next to you on stream, 3 MorriDooms in your EVO pool, and more - the best of '#FGCHorrorStory'

Halloween is right around the corner, and last week, in the spirit of the holiday, a hashtag hit Twitter that spread across the fighting game community like wildfire. Social media users began sharing their FGC horror stories, and so many people participated, that "#FGCHorrorStory" actually became a trending topic on Twitter in the US.

We here at EventHubs has sifted through the seemingly hundreds of posts to find our favorites, and we share them with you here tonight.

This goes without saying, but many of these Tweets were made in jest. So please keep that in mind before you continue on.

Now! Hit the lights, nestle under the covers, and prepare for the Sp00kiest, spine-tingling FGC stories you'll read all day! Mwuahaha! *lightning strike*

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Dudley's MGB loop lasts too long on Hugo, Rose Throw KOs are amazing, and 'Dudstep' is the best music ever - this USF4 CMV packs a real punch

A new Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video was sent our way earlier today, and this one sure is a doozy.

Tonight's CMV features the classiest pugilist in all of Street Fighter -- that's right, Balrog, get on his level! Dudley is the man of the hour, and this particular compilation of clips will have you thinking his previous occupation was "circus performer"...because of the juggles. Nevermind...

In this combo video, you'll be witness to a number of amazing juggle combos, a combo using the Machine Gun Blow loop on Hugo that goes on for much too long, and a Rose Throw KO that ends with the creation of an entirely new style of music -- 'Dudstep'. Believe me, it's exactly what it sounds like.

This montage is both impressive and creative in many ways, and it's not easy to impress this writer with Dudley combos as I've seen a fair share in my day. You'll find this classy combo compilation below.

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Daigo may have lost to a Dhalsim at EVO, but he still thinks the character is weak - EventHubs's post-CPT Asia interview with The Beast

EventHubs caught up with MCZ|Daigo for a brief interview after he clinched a victory over RZR|Xian in the grand finals of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia tournament, earning himself a spot in the Capcom Cup 2014 finals later this year in December.

In our interview with The Beast, we asked MCZ|Daigo on his afterthoughts on Capcom Pro Tour Asia, whether or not he agrees with BE|Nemo's assessment of Ryu and Gen being bottom-tier, as well as a couple of questions submitted in to us by you readers (EventHubbers?).

KarbyP: Firstly, congratulations on winning Capcom Pro Tour Asia and qualifying for Capcom Cup 2014. How are you feeling right now?

MCZ|Daigo: I'm feeling very relieved right now. Now that I've managed to make it through to the Capcom Cup finals. Initially I didn't have any plans on attending the Capcom Cup finals, but mid-way through the Capcom Pro Tour -- about two months ago, shortly before the Taiwan qualifier -- I decided to give it a shot.

Since then I've been quite worried about whether or not I'd be able to qualify, so right now I'm really glad that I managed to.

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