Daigo zones, Momochi goes in, Sako shows off and Bonchan gets beat up; top players take on Guile in Street Fighter

Some of the world's strongest Street Fighter players, MCZ|Daigo, RB|Bonchan, HORI|Sako and EG|Momochi, have been investigating Street Fighter 5's newest character: Guile.

We've seen a ton of potential in the new DLC fighter, both in defense and offense. Each player has a different approach to the character, and each sees success in their own way... except for Bonchan, he just loses.

Daigo, Sako and Bonchan play each other in the most recent episode of Daigo's live show, and Sako also shows off a whopping 43-hit, 652 damage combo. It's so long, we couldn't fit the full combo into the gif:

We also have 20 minutes of Momochi's Guile playing online against various opponents. There's plenty of top player action, so hit the jump and get started.

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Justin Wong shares his current list of top Street Fighter 5 characters

We recently saw PG|Filipino Champ and a handful of other notable community figures' top seven Street Fighter 5 characters now that the game is over 10 weeks old.

We reached out to EG|Justin Wong to see if he'd tell us who he thinks grace the top half of the tier list, and he kindly obliged.

Given Justin's fighting game resume and experience, we give quite a bit of weight to his opinions here. The game is still just 10 weeks old, and we're most certain to discover new potential with many of its characters.

Be that as it may, players like Justin have surely put their time in researching and trying to understand match ups as best they can. Given the community's current understanding of SF5 and its roster, we'd say there's plenty of merit in Justin's list.

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Who are the most popular Street Fighter 5 tournament characters? We breakdown the most common fighters in Capcom Pro Tour top eight brackets thus far

We're nine events into the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour, and now that we have a handful of results to go off of, we thought it'd be interesting to see which characters have been most commonly used in the top eight brackets so far.

We went back over the results of all nine events to document how many times each character has made a top eight appearance. To get an even clearer picture of how each character is doing, we ascribed point values to each place.

A character with a first place finish was awarded eight points, second place was awarded seven points, third received six, fourth received five, fifth received four and seventh received three.

Some players used multiple characters throughout these tournaments, but we only acknowledged the first-billed, and most used, character as displayed on the Pro Tour website. For instance, LPN used both Birdie and Alex at Northwest Majors, but we only credited his Birdie because he used him the most in this particular tourney.

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'I'm taking on an opportunity to do something I've always been passionate about' - Alex Jebailey leaving Iron Galaxy to pursue undisclosed new venture

Earlier today, Alex Jebailey took to twitter to let us know that today will be his final day as PR & Community manager at Iron Galaxy.

The decision came seemingly out of nowhere for most of us, but he does elaborate further in a Facebook post linked to the tweet. He will be announcing some time next week exactly what it is that's inspired him to move on from his position at Iron Galaxy.

You can read an exerpt from his statement below.

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'I feel like the more exposure I can get sooner on, it will make me better' - NorCal's Julio talks strategies, travel, and more on Best of 3

Last week, the Texas Showdown champion FOX|Julio featured on Best of 3 to talk his recent win, his future plans, and more.

Julio offered some great insight on his strategy on winning at a major. He feels that sometimes playing too much before a major can hurt more than it helps.

"I felt like every sequence I was busting out was on default setting," he says, in regard to his performance at West Coast warzone. Julio believes that playing fresh was one of the reasons he did much better at Texas Showdown.

When asked about his plans for the future, Julio spoke a bit about his desire to play internationally as soon as he possibly can. Being able to play against even more talent outside of NorCal may be the extra push he needs to take his game to the next level.

You can catch the full interview below.

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ChrisG hits the Guile Sonic Boom loop combo in an actual match; Fit3amir also scores 37-hit Guile combo in battle

With the recent discovery of the crazy Street Fighter 5 Guile loops, many felt these elongated combo weren't really too practical. Despite this, it looks like we're already starting to see them used in actual matches.

Both Fit3amir and NYChrisG have recorded clips showing these impressive combos being used effectively in online battles.

In ChrisG's clip, the well-known tournament player lands a 30-hit Sonic Boom loop combo before sneaking in a quick throw. That's all it takes to get the stun and end the round.

Fit3amir's video features a 25-hit combo performed mid-screen, then ends off with a huge, 37-hit sequence for the win.

You can check out both clips after the break.

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The first, albeit blurry, look at Gargos in-game; Killer Instinct Season 3 teaser may drop next week

Killer Instinct Season 3's next playable character -- the Killer Instinct 2 boss, Gargos -- is set to be released later this month.

Back in the Season 3 launch trailer, we saw a few seconds of footage showing what his new design looks like. Today, the official Killer Instinct Twitter account gives us a fresh teaser.

What we see is the first in-game shot of Gargos, though, it's fairly blurry as to not give too much away. At the very least, we can see that his wingspan is quite large, which makes us wonder if flight will be a big part of his game like it was in the past.

First Gargos teaser in Killer Instinct Season 3 image #1
Click images for larger versions

According to more tweets from the KI account, we might be seeing Gargos' official teaser -- that which will appear at the end of Mira's trailer -- as early as next week. As we've seen in past teasers, we hope a little bit more of the character's story is revealed.

To see the Killer Instinct Season 3 launch trailer and the first appearance of Gargos, be sure to hit the jump.

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Mike Ross makes a Chun player fear his banana, FChamp 'whoops some ass,' and more - NorCal invades Excellent Adventures ft. Ricki Ortiz and FourWude

Gootecks and Mike Ross are back with more Excellent Adventures in the realm of Street Fighter 5. This time, NorCal joins the boys on the couch for some epic online battles.

Featuring PG|Filipino Champ, EG|Ricki Ortiz, and Fourwude, today's trailer already shows some hilarious and awesome moments. Watch as Filipino Champ discusses his ability to "whoop some ass," and an instance where Mike Ross makes a Chun-Li player fear his banana. (It's not what it sounds like).

The best part is, episodes #111-114 are already available for Excellent Adventures subscribers. If you haven't subbed, you can get a two week free trial right now.

For those who opt not to subscribe, you can purchase these new episodes for $4.99, or rent them for $2.99. Using the promo code EVENTHUBSMAY will net you 50% of your purchase.

Below is a quick clip of FChamp indeed whooping some ass, and you can check out the full trailer after the jump.

Click image for animated version

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Guaranteed full-screen punishes, better damage on anti-airs, and more: There's a powerful component to V-Trigger that people aren't using enough yet

Street Fighter 5's V-Trigger mechanic is a powerful asset for each character on the roster. Entering a powered-up state (in most instances), every world warrior gains new tools that allow them to turn the tide of battle.

But this fresh facet found in the Street Fighter 5 series provides certain characters with another strong ability that many might not be aware of. Upon V-Trigger activation, the game's action will freeze for a moment while the player powers up.

During this time, players are given a couple of seconds to breathe, which is actually more vital than it appears. While this break gives players a bit more time to plan their next move, the freeze can actually be used as a reactionary tool and one that isn't being used as much as it probably should.

So, let's discuss how the "V-Trigger freeze" can be used to your advantage and why we feel it's a powerful technique that we'll see more in competitive play as the game evolves.

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Filipino Champ, Luffy, Ricki Ortiz, Floe and others share their top seven Street Fighter 5 characters now that the game is 10 weeks old

Earlier today PG|Filipino Champ took to his Twitter to offer his top seven Street Fighter 5 characters, in order, to the world.

He also prompted his followers to share who they think are the best seven Street Fighters at this point in time, and he got some answers from a handful of other high level players.

In a reply, RB|Luffy said he agreed exactly with FChamp's list, and EG|Ricki Ortiz said the same, with the exception of swapping out the number seven pick for Vega. Even WSO's Logan Sama chimed in to offer his opinion.

Top 7 SF5 at 10 weeks image #1 Top 7 SF5 at 10 weeks image #2 Top 7 SF5 at 10 weeks image #3 Top 7 SF5 at 10 weeks image #4 Top 7 SF5 at 10 weeks image #5
Click images for larger versions

Okay, it's your turn to chime in. Let us know your top seven list in the comments section, and... be nice to each other. Photo credit Chris Bahn.

'Alex is not a bad character, people are underselling him' - LPN is the first player to take Alex into top eight of a Capcom Pro Tour event

Long Nguyen, better known as LPN in the FGC, has been picking apart Street Fighter 5 since the very first beta dropped last year, and it's really starting to show in his play.

Hailing from the NorCal scene, Long has familiarized himself with just about every character, but chosen to main Birdie. Birdie certainly has his tools, but isn't regarded as one of the game's top contenders. As far as Pro Tour events go, we've only seen three other instances of Birdie in top eight, and only once before this weekend has a Birdie cracked top four.

At the recent Northwest Majors, LPN used a Birdie and Alex combination to make it all the way to fourth place before being eliminated by PG|Filipino Champ.

His incredibly impressive run using characters currently seen as lower on the tier lists caught a lot of attention during the tourney. It was sequences like the comeback below against PandaTV|Jiewa that really started turning heads in LPN's direction:

Click image for animated version

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The loops go on forever - IzumojinX nails 57 hit combo in this stylish Guile exhibition

Guile has been available for just a few days, and a ton of players have been hard at work in the training room trying to see just how far they can take him.

During the exhibition, IzumojinX shows off a variety of interesting setups. While you won't be seeing combos like these in an actual match, it is interesting to note some of the capabilities Guile has.

The Nash combo set up by a Sonic Cross shows that Guile has great juggle potential in the corner. His choice to use moves like Zangief's V-Trigger and Birdie's V-Skill to extend combos during Sonic Hurricane is a nod to IzumojinX's creativity.

Click image for animated version

The Sonic Boom loops that are made possible by Guile's V-Trigger have been prominently featured in videos like this. This particular combo utilizes a Sonic Boom setup that not only stuns Cammy, but also leaves her life bar nearly depleted after taking a super at the end.

Impractical combos like these definitely won't see the light of day in tournament play, but it's always exciting to get an idea of what a character's potential may be.

You can check out the full video below.

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First look at high level King of Fighters 14 play - KSB 2016 Top 8 replays

Thanks to SNK, we got our first look at high level King of Fighters 14 play this past weekend at KSB 2016. This tournament's build sported 24 characters, many of whom we haven't seen before.

Returning characters like Ryo, Vice and Kim felt very true to their previous counterparts, while having a few new tweaks. Others like Iori felt like a blend of different iterations from previous games.

Iori especially stood out when it came to character selection in this top 8; Jamuwo was the only player that did not have him on his team.

In spite of early mixed reviews for the series' new look, each time we see the game in action things do start to look better and better. The action in the game is fast paced, and mechanics like Just Defend and Maxmode fall in line with what we're used to seeing out of the series.

You can check out the action from the full top 8 in the video below.

Click image for animated version

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Instant air SPDs, Sonic Boom loops, and tight links all with one hand: Desk completes every character's trial #10 in Street Fighter 5 single-handedly

Desk returns once more with another Street Fighter 5 combo video that'll surely knock your socks off (if you're wearing any to begin with).

Completing each character's trial #10 in Street Fighter 5 can be a bit difficult, but Desk ups the ante by showing that he can finish each one using just one hand. In this video, we see trial 10 completed for each of the 18 characters currently on the roster.

These combos include instant air SPDs, Guile Sonic Boom loops, and some fairly tight links. You can check out a quick preview of what you can expect here in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

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Coaching officially banned at EVO 2016 for quarter finals and beyond

Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar -- one of the main EVO series tournament organizers -- took to Twitter yesterday in order to share one of the upcoming event's important rules. According to the two tweets sent out by Wizard, coaching will not be allowed in the latter parts of EVO 2016.

For those unfamiliar, coaching is a practice seen in tournament play where a friend or confidant will join a player at their station and provide them with advice between matches.

Coaching has been a topic of debate for quite some time now, with many feeling that it might give players an unfair advantage.

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