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Mike Ross took Hugo!? Mago selected Yang?!? Highlights of USF4 TGS exhibition between these two competitors

Mike Ross and MCZ|Mago had an entertaining first to 5 exhibition yesterday in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and we wanted to look back at some of the highlights you may have missed.

Ross shocked many people by picking Hugo instead of his typical main, E. Honda, in this set, but Mago had a surprise of his own, choosing to go with what many are saying is his new main, Yang, instead of Fei Long, which he's ran for the last several years.

Ross opened strong in this set, with a lot of very clever reads, which did massive damage to the low stamina Yang. Here are a few early highlights in animated form.

Click images for animated versions

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Zangief lands a miraculous 9 crouching light kicks in a dizzy combo, Cody teleports into his U1 from near full screen - RnK USF4 CMV IV

Team RnK (Rush and Kill) members, xOver & Lucius, have a real treat for Ultra Street Fighter 4 fans today, as they've released part four of their combo music video series.

There's a number of eye popping moments in this clip, including Zangief landing 9 crouching light kicks as part of a much larger dizzy combo, and Cody showing some teleporting skills you may not know he had.

There's a ton of really entertaining and well choreographed combos in this video, so sit back and enjoy.

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Blanka has a teleport that deals damage, Sagat's EX Tiger Raid does 9 hits - Daigo and Mago test out Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode

Yesterday at Tokyo Game Show 2014, Capcom unveiled their brand new, upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4 DLC, Omega Mode. We have since seen images and even video footage of the free content in action, but now we get to see a bit more.

During their presentation at the expo, Capcom brought in MCZ|Daigo and MCZ|Mago to give Omega Mode a whirl on stage. The two pro players tested out Ryu and Sagat against the Capcom devs, and we get to see some new tricks from a handful of characters.

For example, Blanka is used in one of the matches, and we see that in Omega Mode, the king of the jungle has a teleport move that actually hits on it's way up. This move acts much like Spinal's Shadow Skeleport in Killer Instinct.

Additionally, Sagat's Tiger Raid from Street Fighter Alpha 3 makes a return, and the EX version deals 9 hits.

You can check out the full presentation below, and the video embed will jump you straight to the Daigo and Mago footage.

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Updated: Omega Mode is meant to be fun, not balanced; update v1.04 inbound, fixes unintentional nerfs and PC online issues

Updated: Combofiend posted his latest blog entry over on Capcom Unity which divulges more information on the upcoming Omega Mode in Ultra Street Fighter 4. According to the Capcom representative, this new mode has a much heavier emphasis on fun than it does balance. The development team mainly focused on making all 44 characters feel new.

The upcoming game mode will be playable online, but only in an non-ranked setting. We can expect more information on Omega Mode as it surfaces.

This blog entry also states that a new patch is heading our way in October. The v1.04 update will fix the unintentional nerfs made to Decapre, Rolento, and Cody in the previous update, and will also add a Delayed Wake Up option to training mode. Additionally, a number of PC online connectivity issue fixes are being made, such as players receiving pings mid-match, causing slowdown.

A full breakdown for the v1.04 patch will be unveiled closer to the update's release.

Earlier: Over at Tokyo Game Show 2014 tonight, Capcom announced a new game mode set to be added to Ultra Street Fighter 4. This fresh content is called "Omega Mode."

In Omega Mode, characters gain access to a wide array of new, crazy special moves and changes. Ken can shoot fireballs from a kick special move, Guile throws three Sonic Booms in succession for 7 hits, and much more.

Click images for larger versions

Below we have added a video breakdown of this new mode.

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New character Catalina announced for Tekken 7, location tests start on October 3rd, netplay implemented, one more new character in loc test build

Update: It was mentioned on-stream that one more brand new character will be featured in the location tests, and was described as "very different" and "more along the lines of something you'd find in a 2D fighter".

It was just announced that a new character will be joining the Tekken 7 franchise, who is a latin american woman called Catalina. It was noted that she will be speaking a lot, and taunting the opponent while fighting, which is unusual in Tekken. She was also noted as being a good character for beginners to use.

It was also said that she would have a new style we've never seen before in Tekken. She will be available, playable, for the location tests that begin on October 3rd.

Click images for larger versions

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Tokyo Game Show exhibition results ft. Daigo, Bonchan, Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Tokido, and more in USF4

Updated again: You can find all of the exhibition results after the jump.

Earlier: Tonight at Tokyo Game Show 2014, a handful of truly amazing Ultra Street Fighter 4 players will be participating in various exhibition matches. Three different organizations will be running exhibitions: Mad Catz, Alienware, and AverMedia.

First up, Alienware will hold a special match-up between MCZ|Daigo and Bonchan. You can find the live Twitch embed after the jump, and an alternate stream will be run on Nico.

Once that's over, the Mad Catz broadcast is set to air their matches: Daigo vs. EG|Justin Wong, MCZ|Mago vs. Mike Ross, and MCZ|Tokido vs. YBK|Jayce the Ace. We ran a poll to gauge which players our readers felt would win, and you can find the full results here.

Lastly, AverMedia will be holding their own stream on which GamerBee, Bonchan, Kazunoko, and Karipaku take on challengers from the audience.

A slew of excellent Ultra Street Fighter 4 action is lined up for tonight, so stick around here at EventHubs as we'll be following each of the streams and providing results.

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Project M: Ice Climbers look beary cool in their new alternate costume, Pokemon recolors for Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Squirtle

The good folks over at Project M continue to run their Art Tuesdays every week in which they showcase a new costume or color palette for characters in-game.

Although they were cut from Super Smash Bros. 4 due to the limitations of the Nintendo 3DS, the Ice Climbers were still shown some love this week with these new "Bear Climbers" alternate costumes. Additionally, you'll find recolors for Project M alternate costumes given to Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Squirtle.

Below are just a handful of screenshots to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to see everything.

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Over 700 feel Daigo will beat Justin Wong at the TGS 2014 exhibition - Mike Ross, Tokido, Mago and Jayce results as well

Later tonight, Mad Catz will be streaming a series of Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibitions live from Tokyo Game Show 2014. The match ups are as follows:

MCZ|Daigo vs. EG|Justin Wong
MCZ|Mago vs. Mike Ross
MCZ|Tokido vs. YBK|Jayce the Ace

This week we ran a poll to gauge which players our readers felt would win each of these sets. The results are in, and over 700 voted that Daigo will prove victorious in his set against Justin Wong.

If you're wondering how the EH readers felt about the rest of the line-up -- Mike Ross vs. Mago and Jayce the Ace vs. Tokido -- be sure to continue reading. You'll find the full breakdown below, including voting percentages for each match-up.

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Count the number of Perfects and push ups! Alex Myers and LowTierGod duke it out in Wednesday Night Fights' latest USF4 grudge match

Earlier this week, another Wednesday Night Fights grudge match took place at the weekly event in Walnut, California. Alex Myers and LowTierGod battled it out in a first-to-five Ultra Street Fighter 4 set, but street cred wasn't the only prize on the line that night.

The loser of this particular set had to perform 30 push ups on stream. This bout proved to be incredibly entertaining, and with commentary from Aris and Blockbuster Jon, this is one you won't want to miss.

If you'd like to cut straight to the results, be sure to check out our Wednesday Night Fights 3.5 results story. This video contains a bit of language NSFW.

Catch all of the action below, and let us know who you'd like to see duke it out in the next grudge match!

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Desk returns to show that Chun-Li's LP into Lightning Legs is an excellent pressure tool, and incredibly difficult to perform in USF4

Combo wizard Desk returns with another Ultra Street Fighter 4 demonstration. Today we learn how to combo Chun-Li's light punch into Lightning Legs, and how it can be applied in a match.

Desk explains that this particular combo must be performed in the span of 12 frames. With the 3 frame start up of LP, and the 9 frames of hitstop, you'll have to input a kick button on every other frame.

This technique works as a great pressure tool, as LP is much faster than crouching HP. However, the difficulty level for pulling this off is much higher than the cr. HP - Lightning Legs BnB.

Check out Desk's latest tutorial below.

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS demo now available for free in the US and European eShop

With only 2 weeks to go until the launch of the game, tensions are running high among Super Smash Bros. fans, as many have been battling it out to get those early demo codes.

Thankfully, Nintendo have been kind enough to now upload the full demo for free, as announced on their official American twitter acount, for anyone to access. The demo is now available in the US, and was made available in Europe about 9 hours earlier.

Enjoy your smashing, and let us know in the comments what you think. Thanks to Snow for sending this in.

Stage Ultras confirmed for Killer Instinct - IGN walkthrough also covers all of Maya's colors, new UI and command list

Yesterday, we posted the official reveal trailer for Killer Instinct's latest addition, and the second character launched for Season 2, Maya.

If you're curious about more of the stuff she's capable of, then you're in luck. IGN have posted a Maya walkthrough which also details some new Season 2 stuff, such as stage-based Ultras. Additionally, we get to see all of Maya's colors in-game, along with her full command list.

We've also included a separate IGN video which has some regular match gameplay of the character. Find them both below, including screenshots of her colors and move list.

Click images for larger versions

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Comeback mechanics are all the rage nowadays - In Super Smash Bros. 4, the attacker's percentage affects how far the opponent will be sent flying

It's hardly a secret that the higher percentage you have in Super Smash Bros., the further you get sent flying. That's just, oh, you know, the whole point of the game.

What Super Smash Bros. 4 brings, however, which has also gone completely unmentioned on the official site, is that not only does your own percentage factor in — but the attacker's percentage does, too.

This technique, currently referred to as "The Rage Effect", is shown in this video with a side-by-side comparison of how far Bowser gets sent flying by Mario's up-smash when Mario himself is at different percentages.

With comeback mechanics being present in all manner of fighting games today, from Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom all the way to Tekken, it might not come as much of a surprise that Super Smash Bros. has adopted the same mantra. What is surprising, though, is that the detail-savvy Sakurai neglected to mention this to us. You can see it in action below.

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'Mario feels like the strongest character in the demo,' 'Mega Man is fairly weak' - EventHubs discusses Super Smash Bros. 3DS in today's Round Table

First and foremost, I'd like to give a huge thanks to SummerUndercover, Wintry, and Nyoro for providing the EventHubs team with Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes. This Round Table wouldn't have been possible without you, so thank you! We very much appreciate it.

Now, on to the crux of the matter. Today we return with another EventHubs Round Table discussion focusing on Super Smash Bros. 3DS and the demo that was recently sent out to select Club Nintendo platinum members.

How do the 3DS controls feel for Smash Bros.? Do the initial demo characters seem particularly strong or weak? Will Smash 4 be payed as competitively as Melee once it is officially released? We address all that and more in our latest Round Table.

Below you will find EventHubs' answers, along with our impressions of the game so far. Please feel free to answer the questions as well, and let us know what you think!

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The Runback 3.5 live stream ft. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Yatagarasu, and more

The Runback 3.5 live stream ft. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Yatagarasu, and more The Level|Up Twitch stream has gone live, and tonight on The Runback, we're about to see some great fighting game action from Super Arcade.

Tonight, the games being played include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, and Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late, if there are enough entrants for each.

To see results from last week's The Runback, check out our previous story here.

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