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Street Fighter 5 roundup: Custom R. Mika fightstick artwork, Rashid's extended Front Flip range, and Vega corner mix-ups

Though we haven't seen much in the way of Street Fighter 5 announcements lately, today we have some great Street Fighter 5 tech for everyone to enjoy.

In this roundup, you'll find some very tricky wall dive mix-ups with Vega while the opponent is cornered, a way to make Rashid's front flip travel further, and more.

Hit the jump to check everything out.

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Makoto's super dodges an attack on wake up, uses scary corner mix ups, and more: Melee It On Me's Bobby Scar plays some serious Street Fighter

Melee It On Me's Bobby Scar is most known for his work in the world of Super Smash Bros.. However, thanks to Gootecks and Mike Ross' Excellent Adventures, we not only learned that Scar can play Street Fighter, but he can also play it pretty damn well.

Instead of fighting random opponents online, this time we get to see the Smash aficionado play out a serious Ultra Street Fighter 4 set. Going up against DM|Burn Notice at a recent installment of Churning The Butter, the Makoto player and the C. Viper, respectively, put on a great show.

Using Makoto's super on wake up to avoid a meaty attack and hitting his opponent with a devastating corner mix up are just a couple of the hype moments you'll see from Scar here. You can check out both in the GIFs below.

Click images for animated versions

There's much more to see, so be sure to check out the full set after the jump.

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EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players 21-30 - former EVO champ and The Coach represent

EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players 21-30 - former EVO champ and The Coach represent

We're closing in on the top 20 players in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but first we cover the 21st through 30th placers.

In tonight's listing, we have a former EVO champion, along with The Coach, a.k.a. PG|Coach Steve both making strong appearances.

The final two breakdowns will be coming Thursday and Friday night, running through the remaining 20 players, so make sure you check back to see who was voted as the best of the best by our panel.

Until then, look below to out who rounded out the top 30, and feel free to guess the remaining 20 players in the comments.

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Should the FGC fight against 'going eSports?' Mike Ross and Gootecks give their two cents on this hot topic

Plant our feet firmly, or dive into the future? Adhere to old traditions, or embrace change? Stick to the grassroots or go eSports?

This question has been ricocheting about the fighting game community for some time now, and as we see more corporate sponsors turn their heads in the direction of our hustling and bustling scene, we have to ask ourselves if we're ready for this change.

In their relatively new weekly segment, "Wise Words," Gootecks and Mike Ross take about ten minutes to offer their thoughts on a random topic sent in by viewers.

Having previously enlightened us on dating and the meaning of life, they now tackle the significance of the FGC's transition into eSports. Coming from their relatively insider point of view, the duo briefly weighs the pros and cons of this change.

What verdict do they arrive at? Hit the jump to see the video and find out.

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Are King of Fighters 14's graphics improving? This video takes look up close at the three trailers we've seen so far

It's no secret that fans weren't exactly impressed with the aesthetics of King of Fighters 14 upon the release of the first trailer, but developers have had some time to improve things now, and so we take a look at their progress.

A YouTuber by the name of ATRyoSakazaki has taken the time to splice images and sequences together from all three of the KoF 14 trailers so we can see not only the improvements, but the general changes too.

Take a look at the images of Kyo Kusanagi from the second and third trailers below:

KoF 14 Trailer 3 Comparison image #1 KoF 14 Trailer 3 Comparison image #2
Click images for larger versions

You'll find the full comparison video after the jump.

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The original Street Fighter themes have never sounded better; Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack is here

The music from Street Fighter 2 has been restored and remastered, and is now available for fans to get their hands on.

Brave Wave has compiled all of our favorite themes, along with a few sound clips, into one, big nostalgic package. They've included versions from both World Warrior and Super Turbo, so you'll get to hear a bit of the evolution of the music.

Below you'll find Ryu and, of course, Guile's themes to sample:

Unfortunately, the vinyls are all sold out, but you can still purchase the special three disc set, or download the soundtrack digitally. Head over to Brave Wave's store to see all the details, and make a purchase.

Source: Capcom Unity.

The PlayStation Store is offering 70% off Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, while Steam has discounts on a whole lot more; now is the time to shop

We find ourselves on the Wednesday before Black Friday... so... online fighting game sales? Apparently it's the thing to be doing, as both Steam and the PlayStation Store are discounting a whole bunch of their fighting titles.

In the PS Store right now, you can get a whopping 70% off Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- and BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, knocking them both down from $50 to $15. They've also got Ultra Street Fighter 4 at 30%, but these deals will only last until the 30th.

Over at Steam, they're slashing prices on a plethora of titles and add-ons for your favorite fighters like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Skullgirls and quite a few more. These deals will last until Dec. 1st.


Is your day going just a little too well? These ten heartbreakingly close Smash Bros. match finales might help with that

One of the dymanics that make Super Smash Bros. so unique in the world of fighters is the fact that a knock out doesn't come directly from damage, but rather going out of bounds.

You might be up by 100% over your opponent, but cross that threshold first for any reason, and you lose.

GRsmash has compiled ten of the most insanely close match finales in competitive Smash. In these clips, the apparent losers' lucky stars align, and they somehow walk away with unbelievable victories while their foes stand in awe.

Take this little sequence for example:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see the full video.

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Justin Wong discusses his disapproval of NuckleDu's excess taunting, plans for Capcom Cup and more on this week's Best of Three

If you missed this week's Best of Three broadcast featuring EG|Justin Wong, we have the video for you to catch up.

Though he's qualified for the Capcom Cup, Justin's attendance at majors this year has been a bit lacking compared to in years past. He discusses with hosts Efren and Danke how his new day job has impacted his play and travel time, and how he feels about his performances this year.

He also offers he game plan for going into Capcom Cup, which is now less than two weeks away, and how he specifically plans to deal with players like Tonpy and RZR|Infiltration.

Efren and Danke then inquire about Justin's reactions to Liquid|NuckleDu's recent showboating spree in SoCal, and the Evil Genius is less than impressed to say the least.

All that, plus some FGC hot topic spit balling by Steven 'AceKingOffSuit' Jurek and yours truly. Hit the jump to see the broadcast.

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This Street Fighter 5 1:4th scale Nash statue from Pop Culture Shock is awesome and comes in a 'classic Alpha' option

Pre-orders for another Street Fighter 5 statue from Pop Culture Shock are about to begin. On November 30th, buyers can pre-purchase this epic 1:4th scale Nash statue (17 inches in height).

Four different buying options are available, but each will run you around $380 USD.

• The standard edition -featuring Nash with yellow vest
• The PCS Exclusive- includes a signed Art Print by Edwin Huang
• The Alpha Exclusive- showcasing Nash in classic SF colors
• The Player 2- Nash in his alternative colors

Pop Culture Shock - Nash Statue image #1 Pop Culture Shock - Nash Statue image #2 Pop Culture Shock - Nash Statue image #3 Pop Culture Shock - Nash Statue image #4 Pop Culture Shock - Nash Statue image #5
Click images for larger versions

This statue is expected to ship in Q4 of next year, so be sure to visit your go-to collectibles site or Pop Culture Shock at 3 p.m. PST on November 30th to toss your hat into the ring.

Source: Action Figure Insider.

King of Fighters 14 set to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive

King of Fighters fans know that the next installment in the series is set for a PlayStation 4 release in 2016. While this isn't really new information, the fact that the game will be exclusive to the console may come as a surprise to some.

According to an official King of Fighters 14 press release from SNK Playmore, the game "will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2016."

Just yesterday, SNK unveiled Andy Bogard as a playable character, bringing the number of revealed fighters to five. A sharp sighting in the very first King of Fighters 14 trailer may have spotted the game's character select screen with 48 slots, and if true, we still have quite a ways to go with the reveals.

A playable demo of King of Fighters 14 will be on display for attendees of the PlayStation Experience on December 5 - 6. If you'd like to get your hands on the upcoming title before anyone else, you may want to take a trip to San Francisco next month.

Source: SNK Playmore. Sent in by nightmaresteam.

'I hope that people who avoided Vega in the past will like him in SF5' - Reiketsu talks tournaments, Street Fighter 5, reasons for using Vega and more

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

We're very committed here at EventHubs to bringing you as many interviews with top players as possible. As such, we've reached out to a bunch of top-level Japanese players that people outside of Japan might not be too personally familiar with.

Our final player in this phase is the masked terror himself, Reiketsu. With strong showings across his several tournaments appearances this year using his stellar Vega, he's gearing up for DreamHack this weekend along with Gonzales.

In the interview, Reiketsu talks about his reasons for choosing Vega, how he feels about the drastic changes made to the character in the upcoming Street Fighter 5, DreamHack prospects and more. You can find a snippet below.

MajinTenshinhan: When did you start playing fighting games?

Reiketsu: The first fighting game I touched was the first version of King of Fighters 2002, so that was 13 years ago. At that time, I was satisfied just having learned the special moves for my characters.

It wasn't until Street Fighter 4 that I started playing fighting games seriously. A big trigger for me was seeing Kindevu's match at SBO 2010. The whole match fired me up, and I remember thinking "I want to be up on that stage one day!"

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players 31-40 - Evil Geniuses lands multiple spots

EventHubs 2015 top 50 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players 31-40 - Evil Geniuses land multiple spots

The second part of our Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 top 50 list resumes with the 31st through 40th placers.

A couple Evil Genius members make this section of the list, and BrokenTier also gets a couple of representatives up.

Once again, this year we mixed things up and invited top players and pundits in the community to vote on which competitors should be in the top 50.

In this story, you can find a complete panel list, along with the rules for panel members.

Hit the jump to read the 31-40th placements.

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Why it doesn't matter whether or not Daigo is 'washed up' in Street Fighter 4

When MCZ|Daigo loses, people tend to freak out. Just a few days ago, Daigo lost a first to seven set to Kazunoko at Topanga League without winning a single match.

This struck people as so unprecedented that it caused quite a buzz. Some of us even wrote in-depth analysis articles trying to explain how and why it happened.

Amongst all the civil discussions about Daigo's loss, many were very quick to exclaim, as is almost always the case, that Daigo is washed up, not as good as he once was and certainly no longer the best.

The following day Daigo turned around and won Topanga League, making him the only person to ever win back to back Topangas.

Despite this win however, The Beast very well might not be the best, or as good as he once was... but that's really inconsequential at this point. Hit the jump to read on.

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Four characters that really need to be in Street Fighter 5

In terms of Street Fighter 5, we already know that six characters will be coming out over the year of 2016. Unfortunately, the identities of these fighters are likely exposed by recent leaks.

After these initial six DLC characters, a second wave of downloadable characters are slated to be released as well.

In a recent video, Maximilian chimes in to tell us about four characters that he believes should be a part of this following wave. This isn't just a list of his favorites, this is a list of figures that are integral to the series, and that Max feels truly have a place in SF5.

Max gives his opinion on why each of these picks are important to the game, and makes some pretty compelling arguments for each one. Hit the jump to see the video.

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