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Tiers for Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat X moves, characters, combos and frame data

'Stay hungry to fight hungry!' Going to your first tournament? Gootecks gives 5 tips to make your debut the best it can be

With the Capcom Pro Tour oiled up with $500,000, and a growing arsenal of popular games such as Mortal Kombat X attracting new players to majors, maybe you think it's about time to go out and test your might--and you should! Going to a tournament can be an extremely rewarding experience where you'll make friendships, memories, and rivalries that will last you a lifetime.

But tournaments can be confusing and disheartening if you're not equipped with the right ideas and approaches. That's why CC|Gootecks has offered up 5 tips for you to keep in mind when you go to your first tournament. It should be noted that this advice is useful to more than those that have never gone; maybe you went to your first tournament already, but the experience didn't play out the way you hoped it would.

Some of the advice is logical but often not thought about. Tip number 2 demands that you "eat light throughout the day." With tournaments comes fast food and any other greasy meal that's quick to put you into a digestive coma. Across from my first CEO was a Popeyes Chicken, and too many players (myself included) were running back and forth between the tournament with combo meals full of fried everything. Gootecks suggests keeping to fruits, vegetables, and nuts during the tournament.

To get all 5 of this tournament veteran's tips, check out the video below.

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Iron Man takes on Lex Luthor in the latest Death Battle! Which suit-bearing billionare will survive their explosive fight to the death?

We've got the Armored Avenger, you may recognize him from Marvel vs Capcom, going one on one with Superman's arch nemesis, Lex Luthor, in a Death Battle!

Wiz and Boomstick break down both combatants, usually giving us at least one nugget of information we didn't know previously in the process, and then pit them against each other in a fantasy duel.

If there's a wild card in this one, it's probably that Lex is armed with alien technology. Though Iron Man has dealt with gods and aliens before, "alien technology" is a pretty broad descriptor and could sway the battle depending on the specifics.

Wanna find out who wins? Hit the jump and check out the video.

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Combos, set ups and how to get the most out of his incredible uptilt; check out My Smash Corner's Mewtwo tutorial

Since the release of Smash 4, My Smash Corner has been bringing us top quality tutorials on characters and techniques. They've become quite a trusted source here on EventHubs for Smash content.

Today, we take a look at their brand new Mewtwo tutorial. In it, they bring enough tips and tricks to get you started with the newest Smash character.

For instance, Mewtwo has a couple different special cancels that are crucial to playing him effectively. This guide teaches you how to double jump cancel, fast fall, and more with the Pokemon.

Hit the jump to learn the basics with Mewtwo!

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Summoner Quan Chi can do up to 71%-damage combos, create a throw trap and perform a 'Bat-ality' with his deadly Demon Spawn technique

You may recall seeing a Lui Kang combo video from Carlos Azcarate wherein we saw the Shaolin fighter do a full 75% damage combo.

Mr. Azcarate is back with yet another high-damage combo video, this time for the evil sorcerer Quan Chi. Utilizing his Summoner variation, Quan Chi can extend combos with his Demon Spawn attack.

This attack sees Quan Chi summon a winged, bat-like demon that hovers above him until he decides to send it in a dive bomb swoop at his opponent. Beyond combos, he can also use it when an enemy attempts to tech his throw, hitting them while they're caught up in the tech animation.

This makes Demon Spawn-equipped Quan Chi a terrifying adversary. Hit the jump to see the technique in action.

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Skullgirls competitors will appreciate this stylish Cerebella combo video artistically edited with a Sherlock Holmes theme

Video creator draganos451 has had this concept brewing for the past nine months now. A recent update for Skullgirls almost made his vision impossible, but he trudged on and was able to finish what he calls his masterpiece.

The video only features combos from Cerebella against Squigly. The combos are all based around countering Squigly's Inferno of Leviathan move, wherein she sends a giant projectile to bounce about the stage.

With precisely-timed use of her Diamond Deflector move, Cerebella is actually able to continue her combos and use the Inferno of Leviathan to her advantage. The awe comes in when you realize, that not only does Cerebella have to time her Diamond Deflector, she has to also figure out combos with gaps at just the right times to allow her to actually do Diamond Deflector.

It's evident that many hours went into making this video, both in the execution of the play and the editing. Hit the jump to check it out!

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These magnificent Street Fighter illustrations from Kandoken vary in style but are all pleasing to the eye

One of the most enthralling aspects of art is in the fact that no matter how many times you've seen someone's drawing of Ryu throwing a Hadouken or Ken performing an uppercut, as Kens seem to love to do, anyone and everyone who is willing to take the time to put their interpretation on paper offers something new and different.

Today we're featuring a selection from Steven, Kandoken, Mack, an artist who has been obviously working at his craft for some time now.

Kandoken Deviant Art image #1 Kandoken Deviant Art image #2 Kandoken Deviant Art image #3 Kandoken Deviant Art image #4 Kandoken Deviant Art image #5 Kandoken Deviant Art image #6
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see more.

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'Street Fighter Super Combo Special' comic book available today for Free Comic Book Day

It's Free Comic Book Day 2015 here in the states, and tons of comic book shops are handing out free books to those who show up.

For those unfamiliar, a handful of comic books from different companies is given out on Free Comic Book Day each year. These books are usually actual issues from current comic books series that you'll be able to find on the shelves, but are special FCBD versions specifically made for the event.

This year, the UDON crew is giving away a "Street Figther Super Combo Special" issues. You can check out the cover and a brief description of this book below.

Click image for larger version

(W) Matt Moylan (A) Jeffrey Chamba Cruz & Various (CA) Joe Ng

Five generations of World Warriors collide in this epic new Street Fighter story for Free Comic Book Day 2015! Ryu, Charlie, Crimson Viper, Ibuki, and more put their martial arts skills to the test as they battle across the globe. A self-contained story, perfect for newcomers to the Street Fighter universe, or longtime fans!

Will you be picking up the free Street Fighter comic book today during Free Comic Book Day? Did you already get your hands on it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Free Comic Book Day. Images via UDON. Sent in by AriesWarlock.

Killer Instinct's Shadow Mode will have Survival, challenges, rewards, and more; this month's update to also add 'Combo Breaker Training'

Just yesterday, a new Killer Instinct season 2 textual stream went live over on Ultra-Combo. In it, details about KI's upcoming Shadow Mode were divulged, along with the announcement of an all new mode, Combo Breaker Training.

The new Shadow Mode was originally scheduled to release with Cinder last month, but Microsoft and Iron Galaxy delayed it until later this month to get some more development time in. As a result, Shadow Mode will come equipped a number of options for players to check out.

At launch, all of the season 1 characters and both TJ Combo and Maya from season 2 will be available for Shadow creation. Players will be able to choose between a handful of modes in which they can rack up "Shadow Points" -- points used to challenge other people's shadows.

Click images for larger versions

Among the modes included with Shadow Mode are a survival option that allows you to fight through actual players' shadows instead of typical AI and a challenge option in which you can put up Shadow Points to challenge an opponent and potentially win big. You can also battle against your friends' shadows for free if you're looking for some extra practice.

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Cosmic Heel into cross-under U2, big-damage Red Focus combos, and counter-poking with Splendid Claw: Solidjin's USF4 Vega is godlike

Highly advanced Vega players in Ultra Street Fighter 4 are few and far between. The character's appearance in a tournament setting is almost nonexistent, and it's rare that we get to see top-notch tech for Claw these days.

Luckily, we were sent a "best of" video featuring a European player named Solidjin.

In this video, we see a number of high-level techniques performed in actual matches. Anti-air Cosmic Heel into a cross-under U2, crazy Red Focus combos, and even whiff punishing with Ultra 2, there's so much to see here, you surely won't want to pass this video up.

Check out Solidjin's Vega in Ultra Street Fighter 4 below.

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'I have a blanka ball... a charge move, uppercut, and a command grab. How is anybody going to beat me?' X-cellent Adventures episode 2

The X-cellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross is back, and story time is over! While the duo had nothing but praise for Mortal Kombat X's story mode, Mike Ross must now choose a character and train before he can begin his adventure to online play.

It doesn't seem to take long for Mike to find his perfect match. In case you haven't guessed it by Mike Ross's quote in the title or the banner, he has confidently settled on Lackey.

How confident? An impatient Mike finally asks Gootecks, "Can I go online now? I don't think anybody can beat me."

Check out the second episode of X-cellent Adventures below.

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'Vote for the future of SoulCalibur!' SoulCalibur is currently running a character poll, 'preparing for something huge'

SoulCalibur, the long-running, weapon-based fighting game series, is currently running a poll on their Facebook where fans can pick their favorite character.

Character–as in the singular form–should be emphasized here. The poll warns voters that you only get one vote, and also to "choose carefully and wisely".

This is reminiscent of a similar one Capcom ran two years ago. How much will this impact the development of future games? Does this signal major SoulCalibur content coming? The Facebook entry states, "Project Soul is probably preparing something huge... Stay tuned and spread the news!"

The website contains different links for PC and Mobile users. For those of you on PC, you'll want to vote here. Mobile readers will want to vote here

Who do you hope will make a return in the next SoulCalibur? After you vote, let us know in the comments below.

Tip sent in by Nightmaresteam.

No meter, no problem – Ryan Hart shows off a full range of meter less Sonya Blade combos that net close to 40% damage in MKX

Ryan Hart, currently recognized as one of Europe's strongest Ultra Street Fighter 4 players, has spread his dominance to Mortal Kombat X. Don't worry about being left behind, though; Hart is also creating content to help players catch up to speed with some nifty videos on what appears to be a new YouTube channel titled ProdigalSonComesHome.

In the latest, he displays a wide range of Sonya Blade combos, all meant to net you close to 40% without spending a bar of meter. According to the description, it's "just some stuff [he] found in on training mode." Hopefully all of this signals more Mortal Kombat X tech and combo videos to come from Hart.

To see the multitude of ways Sonya can devastate her opponents without even a single use of meter, check out Ryan Hart's combo video below.

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Daigo brings out an old favorite in Ryu, tries something new with Guile and then goes ham with his Evil Ryu on Fukuoka Gamers Club's stream

We're rarely found wanting for surprises when MCZ|Daigo hits the sticks. He recently played for about a half an hour on Fukuoka Gamers Club's stream. During this time, he briefly brought out his Ryu as well as his Guile before switching over to his current main.

In the first gif here, Daigo plays his Ryu in something of an Evil Ryu style. Instead of more traditional Ryu combos, he opts to go for the big damage/corner carry with an FADC. He then performs Evil Ryu's bread and butter with Ryu. You can tell his practice with Evil Ryu has certainly been influencing him.

The following gif depicts a bit of a difference in Daigo's decision making process. He normally goes for Raging Demons with his Evil Ryu at crucial points in a match. In this match, he hits a Raging Demon very early on the second round.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for the full stream archive.

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Tekken 7 demo will be at Texas Showdown and Combo Breaker and will feature new characters despite recent theft of game keys

Just a few days ago the fighting game community, and to an even stronger degree the Tekken community, was stricken with an unfortunate situation wherein the MadCatz representatives attending Northwest Majors 7 were robbed.

Amongst the various items stolen were personal affects and MarkMan's laptop, which contained very private information about Tekken 7, which is still in development. This immediately sparked questions as to whether or not we'd see Tekken 7 demos at future majors.

Thankfully, MarkMan has updated us with some good news via Twitter. After the mad scramble to make the best of a poor situation, it seems as though the Tekken team will indeed be at future majors with a playable demo of the newest Tekken.

Hit the jump to see the announcement.

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Unlimited editing time now available for all tips in the moves database pages on EventHubs

A number of our users had requested the ability to edit tips in our moves database after they were posted. While we gave our users a short window of time to mess with these things, if the game was updated or you wrote something that was off you didn't catch the first time around, you were out of luck.

To make this system MUCH more pliable and easy for people to follow up on previous details, TheUncharted, head of our tech team, made the editing time unlimited for all tips on every page of the moves database.

Not sure where the editing link can be found? Check out this screen shot, and then make sure you're logged into your account to see it on all of your tips.

Click image for larger version

If you have any trouble with this system, or questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments.

Note: This change does not impact comments, which still have a 5 minute editing window.

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