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Tiers for Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late

Give your opponents nightmarish flashbacks of Arcade Edition with these extensive Ultra Street Fighter 4 Yun tutorials

DaFeetLee has just uploaded an extensive Yun tutorial for Ultra Street Fighter 4. This is no quick class. Split into two parts, the first video clocks in at just over two hours.

The tutorial includes which normals and specials to abuse, combos, cross-ups, what to do post Ultra 1, and so much more.

And just when you think you're finished with learning Yun because you've made it through the video, DaFeetLee also has a massive, written guide that further details everything you need to know about this terror from above.

Alone either tutorial is well above standard fair. Together, though, they are absolutely comprehensive.

Watch the video below to begin your journey into the realm of red focus combos and tricky resets.

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Ono tweets cryptic picture about new fighting game, states that staff has gathered to start work

Ono-san has tweeted an update on the newest Capcom fighting game. In it he states, "Staff has begun to gather for making new title!! Let's keep going!! ;D"

This comes shortly after a recent recruitment post revealing Capcom has once again paired up with Street Fighter 4 creator Dimps.

What makes the tweet more interesting, however, is the picture attached to it. In it, a litter of Kidrobot figures stand around Ono-san's signature Blanka.

While it's easy to jump to conclusions, since characters like Charlie are in the image, it's important to take a hint like this with a grain of salt.

However, if you want to throw caution to the wind and wildly speculate like me, check out the picture below.

Click the image for a larger version

Tip sent in by sarif2soon.

'This guy's doing combo videos and it's a tournament!' – Compilation of Smug shows what happens when Dudley takes you to the corner in USF4

If Third Strike's Kokujin were to ever have a spiritual successor, it'd be tough to argue against PIE|Smug while watching this latest compilation video by The BEAST.

Combos, mix-ups, and stun after stun have even the commentators laughing and shouting in disbelief.

From wild comebacks to giving his opponents some air time, it's hard not to get caught up in the sheer power of Dudley when he corners his opponents.

Check below for almost ten minutes of Ultra Street Fighter 4 juggling action.

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Snake Eyez scores 16 second perfect with 3 lightning fast SPDs, FilipinoMan's clutch play is a must see - WCW4 match highlight

The battle to determine who would be sent losers at West Coast Warzone 4, and who would continue to fight on in winners during the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament was set. Consistent Wednesday Night Fights rivals FRQ|FilipinoMan and Snake Eyez sat down, exchanged a quick handshake, and prepared to engage in yet another Rose vs. Zangief showdown.

Although the current talk of the town is BE|Nemo's Rolento, (which we will be discussing soon), we here at EventHubs wanted to shine some light on a match that many may have missed during this past tournament weekend -- Snake Eyez vs. FilipinoMan in the USF4 winners semi-finals at WCW4.

The match started out with a bang as Snake Eyez made quick work of the exceptional Rose player, taking the first round with a 16 second perfect. After chipping away at FilipinoMan's health with a couple of minor attacks, the hard-hitting Zangief landed three Spinning Pile Drivers in succession, taking the majority of Rose's health bar.

Three SPDs from Zangief deal about 75% damage on Rose...ouch!

Editor's note: Click the images in this story to see animated GIF versions of these hype moments.

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These were the most popular games at Summer Jam 8 - Soul Calibur 5 beat nine other titles for entrants

Summer Jam 8 took place at the end of last month, and this particular major tournament was host to a hefty number of competitors spanning across 10+ different fighting games. With games like Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and even Ultra Street Fighter 4 making their first Summer Jam appearance, many may be wondering how many players competed in each title.

By using the brackets over on Big E Gaming's Challonge page, we were able to determine which of the games provided were the most popular based on the number of entrants each one had.

Below you will find the entrance numbers for all fighting games, (except for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M, as they were not available on Challonge at this time.)

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Sako and Mago demoted to Topanga B League, will join the 16-player fight for the chance to return to A League

The full line-up for Topanga League 4 (B League) is now out, and among the 16 players slugging it out for a chance to enter the A League is Hori|Sako, who was the champion of the first Topanga League.

Hori|Sako was previously in the A League for Topanga League 3, but has now been demoted to B League status along with MCZ|Mago. The two pro gamers appear to be confident of re-entering the A League, however, now that Sako has "awakened his inner Capoeira" and Mago calling himself the "new and improved" 2D God.

Other hot favorites included in the 16-man league include MCZ|Tokido, "Mr. Condor Spire" Kouji KOG, and BE|Nemo. They are joined by several relatively fresh faces, including Ninomae, who says in the Topanga League 4 (B) trailer that he's ready to show the world what Japan's Rose players are made of.

Check out the trailer below, along with a full line-up of players. We've also included Yossan (Juri) and Sasaki's (Cody) qualifying matches for the league.

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Daigo's AMA (Part 2): Bonchan is a weak character in Real Street Fighter - PS4 or XB1, Game of Thrones, and other questions

In this second part of the transcript for MCZ|Daigo's "Ask Me Anything" livestream. The Beast answers questions such as: who he'd love to challenge next after defeating RZR|Xian and Infiltration in long sets, what's the secret behind the Umeshoryu, why he's more eager to qualify into the Capcom Cup this year, and who would win in a real street fight between MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago, Bonchan and himself.

MCZ|Daigo also answers quite a number of personal trivia questions, such as what his favorite ramen flavor is, and if he prefers the PS4 or the XB1 when it comes to next-generation consoles.

Check out the translation below, as well as part one of the transcript if you have yet to see it.

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No chain grabs in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U confirmed in Japanese demo's loading screen

Although they can sometimes lead to infinites, chain grabs are considered a legitimate tactic in all three prior Super Smash Bros. games, useable (abusable?) by a good portion of each game's cast.

But for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, director Masahiro Sakurai and his team are attempting to root out chain grabs altogether, by implementing some preventive measures.

According to a Smash player who participated in the recent Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS preview event in Japan, a loading screen tip in the demo mentioned that you will not be able to grab the same opponent again for one second after grabbing him the first time.

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Daigo's AMA (Part 1): 'Nemo is a stronger player than I am; I would like to release an English version of my book but...'

Last night, while West Coast Warzone 4 was still taking place, Mad Catz's Zhi and Daigo held a livestream where Daigo "The Beast" Umehara answered a bunch of fan questions garnered through a Ask Me Anything thread on the "I Am A" subreddit.

The AMA live stream was fairly long, coming in at just over one and a half hours. Throughout the AMA session, MCZ|Daigo answered questions such as if he has plans to release an English version of his book, who he thinks are the next-generation fighting game gods, and if he feels he might have beaten John Choi if he had pulled out Ryu as a sub-character for the match.

Some of Daigo's responses are on the Reddit AMA thread, but as it turns out, The Beast actually answered a lot more questions -- but forgot to hit save on his written responses a whole bunch of times.

In an attempt to bring you all of the questions, we're currently sifting through the entire stream archive to transcribe for you all of the questions that MCZ|Daigo answered -- but we're not even halfway through the stream at this point, and the transcript is already quite long.

So here is part one of MCZ|Daigo's "Ask Me Anything" interview, hosted by Mad Catz's very own Zhi.

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Want to be good like Nemo? Then learn to play Rolento with these Ultra Street Fighter 4 tutorial and combo videos

Rolento a low-tier character, you say? Hold that thought!

Yesterday at West Coast Warzone 4, Ultra Street Fighter 4 Rolento character specialist BE|Nemo showed us that the former Mad Gear gang officer isn't someone you can simply write off in the game. This soldier's got some deadly tools.

If you feel like picking up the character after seeing BE|Nemo's amazing footwork at WCW4, Bafael has got a fairly comprehensive tutorial that covers most aspects of Rolento's game.

And while we're at it, we've also included two Rolento combo videos just so you can get a better idea of the juggle potential for the character's various moves.

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West Coast Warzone 4 results, stream archive and battle logs feat. K-Brad, Ricky Ortiz, Nemo, Filipino Champ, Snake Eyez and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results for West Coast Warzone 4.

West Coast Warzone 4 has kicked off and is streaming live from Orange, California. The event will run from September 5 - September 7.

Quite a few games are being played this weekend including Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, King of Fighters 13, UNIEL, and more.

EG|Justin Wong, Mike Ross, EG|K-Brad, BE|Nemo, Filipino Champ, MOR|Rico Suave, EG|Ricky Ortiz, LU|Alex Valle, FRQ|FilipinoMan, Marq Teddy, Alex Myers, Veloc1raptor, Super_Yan, MMG|ApologyMan, 1ATK|Miniboss, 1ATK|Infrit, Hitbox|Tyrant, and many more are competing at this tournament. You can follow along with the action by checking out the brackets.

Today's broadcast will feature team tournament action.

You can find the live stream and schedule below.

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Chun-Li's EX Spinning Bird Kick ghosts through Sagat – another strange Ultra Street Fighter 4 glitch

Update: As some of you have pointed out, Chun-Li's EX Spinning Bird Kick whiffing on Sagat as in the video below is not exactly a glitch, and is something that has been in the game since vanila SF4. Still, this is a piece of match-up knowledge that players unfamiliar with Chun-Li may not know about.

Earlier: Another glitch has shown its ugly head in Ultra Street Fighter 4, this time submitted by YouTube user Bruno Silva Ber.

The footage reveals Sagat jumping in as Chun-Li tries to anti-air with her EX Spinning Bird Kick. Instead of Sagat getting hit across the screen or even stuffing her attack, he instead lands healthily on the ground as Chun-Li's legs spin helplessly through her adversary.

Hit the jump to watch Sagat suddenly possess the physical body of a ghost.

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Ken and Akuma's HP SRK into EX Red Focus Attack is +4 on block, crumples on hit - but why doesn't Tokido use it in Ultra Street Fighter 4?

SRK FADCs are almost universally -5 on block, and even if you choose to release the Focus Attack before dash cancelling it's still about -2 at best.

But did you know that if you performed an SRK, cancelled that into an EX Red Focus Attack, let it rip, and then dash cancel the move, you'd actually be +4 on block?

This means that for an extra EX bar, you could not only make an SRK FADC (release) safe, but also -- if it's blocked -- continue your offense with a block string.

Even better, with characters like Ken and Akuma whose HP SRK does not launch on the first hit, on block it is completely safe, and on hit you get a focus crumple.

Not everyone in the Umehara Thread on the 2ch Japanese forums knew about it, and earlier today a conversation in the thread emerged that suggested that the maneuver may be too strong.

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A perfect round against Tampa Bison; Dieminion, Zeus read like a book - Olympic Gaming's spotlight on iRedman in Ultra Street Fighter 4

In the right hands, Guy can be a real force to be reckon with. What with his myriad ways to score counter-hits, Kaizen Izuna Otoshi air grab, and high/low run mix-ups.

All of those tools, and more, are shown in abundance in Olympic Gaming's latest Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight, which features iRedman's Guy.

In this nearly 10-minute long montage, we see iRedman bedazzle Tampa Bison with his bag of tricks.

He also makes an incredible comeback in his first round against PIE|Zeus, who had been sitting on a huge health lead, and makes all the right reads in his match against Dieminion.

Check out the highlights clip below, along with a brief interview with iRedman.

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Is Marth overpowered? Counter can KO an opponent at 55% damage in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Back in June, a bunch of Smash players who made it to Nintendo's E3 invitational Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS tournament came up with a rough tier list based on their brief impressions with the game's characters in that build.

On that list, Marth was said to be mid-tier. Of course, the game isn't out yet -- his competitive effectiveness as a character could certainly change once the game is out and the Smash community has had sufficient time exploring its ins and outs.

But for now, the consensus among the players who've went hands-on with previous build seems to be that Marth is certainly not top-tier, or even high-tier.

That impression may soon change however, as an anonymous user on the 2ch Japanese forums have posted an animated gif that shows Marth knocking out Mega Man, at 55% damage, in a single strike with his Counter (down+B) special move.

Click images for larger version

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