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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Mario had an ice projectile, Pac-Man's down+B could be used repeatedly - incomplete animations of all characters' 4th custom moves in Smash 4

Did you know? That during development, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS game director Masahiro Sakurai and his team originally intended for every character to have four Custom Moves instead of three?

According to an anonymous Japanese Smash fan, Sakurai mentioned that to be the case in an interview somewhere, and said that the number was ultimately reduced to three as four Custom Moves per character proved to be too much to handle.

How does Sakurai know that four Custom Moves were too much to handle? That's because they've actually tried to to implement that in the game, and were pretty far along -- in fact, incomplete animations of every character's 4th Custom Move exists on the final game disc itself.

Somebody has hacked the game and made a video documenting what these incomplete 4th Custom Moves look like.

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Starting January 13: Try Ultra Street Fighter 4 on your PS4, plus over 100 PS3 games, free for 7 days - PlayStation Now subscription plan prices

Before we go on, let me just take a moment to clarify that the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 is not coming out on January 15, 2015. No release date has been decided for the game yet.

This news item isn't about the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4. Rather, it is about the PS3 version of USF4 rendered playable on PS4s through the PlayStation Now streaming service, which will come out of beta to officially launch in North America next Tuesday, on January 13.

When it launches, PS4 owners in North America will be able to gain access to an entire library of over 100 PS3 games -- including fighting games such as Ultra Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue and Dead or Alive 5 -- at a subscription fee of $19.99 a month, or $44.99 for a 3-month pack.

Here's a partial list of the over 100 games available on the PlayStation Now service:

Click image for larger version

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New 60fps Dead or Alive 5 Last Round videos: Sparks fly, Phase 4, Bayman, Gen Fu and Elliot's new costumes shown

Now that we're just about a week or so away from Dead or Alive 5 Last Round's final new character reveal, Koei Tecmo Games America has saw it fit to release two new 60fps videos from the game to whet our appetite.

One of the two new videos feature a fight between Phase 4 and Bayman, which is kind of funny because they're both clones of two older characters, Kasumi and Leon, respectively one is a clone of Kasumi, while the other has a clone (Leon).

The other video pits DOA4 newcomer Elliot against his master Gen Fu. And they're all sporting new costumes privy to to this next-gen installment to the DOA franchise.

The videos also show off some of the new stage particle effects not seen in DOA5 Ultimate. Just look at those sparks fly between Elliot and Gen Fu... no, wait, I didn't mean to say that the two have a Batman-and-Robin relationship going on, but... never mind.

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'I could tell that Snake Eyez was really nervous... so I just jumped in!' - Momochi gives play by play analysis of his Capcom Cup matches

EG|Momochi, winner of this year's Capcom Cup, has streamed a recap for three of his sets at the event. It includes his matches against Infiltration, Snake Eyez and his only loss, which was at the hand of DIG|Ryan Hart.

The way he discusses his vs his opponents' psychological states at different points is extremely interesting. He even talks about certain times where he was nervous! Yes even the stone-faced Momochi gets nervous.

This is truly a gift from the Capcup champ as we get a bit of insight into the mid-game mind of one of the world's greatest.

Regardless of the character you play, knowing how to think in the moment is incredibly important. Using Momochi's commentary here is an invaluable tool to help you better your game.

Hit the jump and check it out!

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Combofiend: Players around the world agreeing on character balance made it easier to adjust Ultra Street Fighter 4

For the next entry in our series of interviews with Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, we take a closer look at the balancing process of version 1.04.

We asked Peter what they looked at specifically when tweaking the characters.

"When we went from SSF4 AE v2012 into Ultra, we had a vision of balancing the characters, it was a global vision though and we had to take everybody's requests from Asia, North America, South America and Europe — we looked at everything," he said.

The community didn't always agree on who the strongest characters were though — and if often varied by the continent they came from.

"The player bases in those regions saw the characters differently, and we tried to touch as many bases as possible and make sure people were happy," said Rosas.

"When we were finished with [the initial release of] Ultra Street Fighter 4 we thought, 'We did a pretty good job,' and as you can see here at the Capcom Cup, we have a very diverse set of characters playing," he noted.

"If you look at other tournament results, you'll see other characters who have never seen the light of day have jumped up," added Rosas.

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SOPO vs SOPO: The most honest Smash match up ever? Check out Wobbles, Fly Aminita and more in Even Matchup Gaming's top 10 solo Popo plays

For those of you at all unfamiliar with the Ice Climbers' dynamic, they're two characters, Nana and Popo, that work together as a team to fight. You need both characters alive in order to perform many of their special moves.

It's possible to K.O. Nana and leave Popo all by his lonesome. Alone, Popo is heavily handicapped as he loses many of his abilities.

It's all but a death sentence when you find yourself in a SOPO, solo Popo, situation. Even Matchup Gaming has compiled a video of the top ten SOPO plays wherein players are somehow able to bring it back from the brink with a lonley Popo.

Note that this situation means essentially playing with a hand tied behind your back. These players are fighting in one of the most bare-bones settings possible. Their tools are so limited that they are forced to rely on fundamentals... while dealing with Diddy Kong or Meta Knight.

Oh, and moment 4? It's SOPO vs SOPO.

Hit the jump and check out the Popos!

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Chin's Cody KOs his opponent in 15 seconds flat, perfect rounds, immaculate zoning play - Ultra Street Fighter 4 spotlight

Cody players, take note. If you ever find yourself in a whiffed-DP situation with three EX bars to spare, this is exactly what you do:

Click images for animated versions

That can get you over 700 damage in a matter of seconds. You've almost closed the round. Easy as pie... or as easy PIE|Chin does it.

Granted, you'd have to time the counter-hit HP just right, and your opponent has to be pressing buttons to get hit by it. But the pay-out is humongous, and you don't lose that much if your opponent blocks the standing HP.

For this and other exemplary ways to play Cody, check out Olympic Gaming's USF4 spotlight on PIE|Chin.

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Luffy's 5 consecutive reads, Infiltration's 'final pixel of health' turnaround, Tokido gets 2 rounds stolen in a row - USF4 Amazing Comebacks

Ultra Street Fighter 4 vid maker The Beast is back with another lengthy highlights compilation for you to look at. This time, he's focused on rounding up some of the greatest comeback moments we've seen in recent months at various USF4 tournaments and player streams.

These comeback moments feature MD|Luffy, Infiltration, Mike Ross, MCZ|Tokido, EG|Momochi, Ryan Hart and many more.

Here are three highlights we've picked out. From left to right: Luffy making five good reads consecutively to steal a round from under his opponent's nose, Infiltration mounting a no-holds-barred offense against hos opponent after almost losing by a Perfect round, and MCZ|Tokido who gets not one, but two rounds stolen from him back-to-back, just because he could not finish his foe off.

Click images for animated versions

There's a whole lot more where that came from. Hit the jump to see more.

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Decapre tech: Who needs FADC forward dash when FADC backdash into UC2 works, and is super safe on block in Ultra Street Fighter 4?

Remember that -5 on-block DP FADC nerf that was rolled out to almost every character with a dragon-punch-esque reversal in Ultra Street Fighter 4, including Decapre?

Now, thanks to the Ver. 1.04 change that allows Decapre to perform her anti-air UC2 without requiring a down-charge, the Shadaloo assassin isn't quite as subjected to the universal nerf anymore. See, you'd never have to do a Psycho Sting FADC forward-dash into UC2 anymore, which is unsafe on block.

Instead, the obvious option to go to every time would be Psycho Sting FADC backdash into UC2, which appears to be quite unpunishable when blocked, due to the distance the backdash would put Decapre at.

Check out the following video by Versus FightingTV to see a couple of situations you could easily apply this tech with, mid-screen.

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Gootecks: 'It's like going to an anime convention, except it's on Xbox Live' - Excellent [Omega] Adventures Ep. 47

"It's like going to an anime convention, except it's on Xbox Live," says Gootecks about the first episode of The Excellent [Omega] Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross (Ep. 47 this season).

You're in for a wild ride, viewers. It's Excellent Adventures like you've never seen it before. Omega Mode is being played in the new episode here, and according to Gootecks, it feels like he's playing a brand new game.

And to top it off, the Cross Counter duo are playing with some of the brand new Wild Costumes DLC -- do you see the anime convention connection now? No?

Except, Mike Ross isn't very convinced that Excellent [Omega] Adventures is any different from regular Excellent Adventures. Talk about a Debbie Downer. What a bummer.

Who's right? Who's wrong? Be the judge of this Cross Counter dispute by watching the new episode -- The Excellent [Omega] Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross! Ep. 47: Suffer With Me -- embedded right below for your viewing pleasure

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Rolento has a ton of character specific combos into Ultra! Find out which combos work on which characters with this nifty video!

If you're going to master Rolento, you're going to need to know your optimal combos and punishes.

Apparently, he has a bunch of character-specific combos that lead into ultra one or ultra two.

Talk about technical! Still, if you're going to be serious about your Rolento play, you'll want to know each and every character specific sequence.

The knowledge that comes from this video very well may influence your choice of ultra combo in each match.

Hit the jump and check it out!

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'When making this game, it was necessary to think very seriously how to create new fun things' - Sakurai on Smash 4's more unlikely characters

Bit by bit, the interviews from Nintendo Dream with Smash 4 creator Mashahiro Sakurai are being translated so we can gain insight on the creative process that eventually gave us Super Smash Bros. for the Wii-U and 3DS.

Most recently, Sakurai commented on the process of choosing new characters to include in the game. Specifically, he discussed the more unlikely characters such as Wii Fit Trainer and Villager, who are not necessarily cut out for combat at first glance.

For Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it was discussed that non-combatant-like characters wouldn’t be added, but this time an important aspect of the concept was 'if that character is included, could interesting things be done and could that fighter express individual traits?'

Hit the jump to see more of the interview!

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Genius to SSStylish, watch Cloud 805 and Chris G bring it all the way back in these Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 comeback compilations

You can never count a good UMVC3 player out. Chris G and KIT|Cloud805 show us why in these excellent comeback compilations put together by XusesGB.

The common factor between these two players? Vergil. Surprisingly enough this is not at all a Vergil parade. These players are so versatile that they can make the impossible happen with a whole list of different characters.

Whether you're a Marvel player or not, these videos are inspiring. These two make it look so easy to be good at this game.

Cloud's ability to win with Dante without the help of X-factor or assists is fairly amazing in itself and Chris G's ability to use so many different characters at such a high level is one of the things that separates him from the rest of the crowd.

Hit the jump and check out these crazy comebacks!

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'Rose's problem is that she plays left and right, not upwards' -Filipinoman discusses the Rose/Rufus match up on Counterpicked!

With multiple Wednesday Night Fights victories, a 13th place finish at EVO last year, second place at West Coast Warzone, and 5th at UFGT, Anton Herrera, a.k.a. FRQ|Filipinoman, is currently the most successful Rose player in America.

In their most recent edition of Counterpicked!, was able to catch up with the 19 year old and discuss his approach to Rose's worst match-up.

Filipinoman feels that Rufus is the character that gives Rose the hardest time in Ultra Street Fighter 4. He says Rufus' relentless pressure and dive kicks make the match extremely difficult for Rose.

According to Anton, Rose is very good at controlling the horizontal space. Her problem lies in Rufus' angled dive kicks. She really doesn't have much of an answer if the Rufus player is applying the right kind of pressure.

Check out the whole interview after the jump!

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More details of Kung Lao's Hat Trick, Buzz Saw & Tempest variations in Mortal Kombat X - Perfect Legend's analysis of their potential using MK9

It's been a couple of days since we first reported that Kung Lao is the latest character reveal for Mortal Kombat X. Since then, although NetherRealms Studios have yet to release a character introduction trailer for Kung Lao, a few more details on the variations have emerged through an English magazine scan:

Click image for larger version

In lieu of an actual Kung Lao Mortal Kombat X trailer, Perfect Legend has taken matters into his own hands and offered MK fans a sneak peek at how the character's three variations would differ, by simulating their differences (based on the details from the magazines) using existing moves in Mortal Kombat 9.

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