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Check out Street Fighter 5's alternate Main Menu theme and Brazil stage themes here

With yesterday's surprise beta access, we saw the addition of a number of new modes and features for Street Fighter 5.

Amidst this new content, we also gained access to an alternate theme for the game's main menu, as well as two themes for the "Hillside Plaza" stage, also commonly referred to as the Brazil stage.

We've also been enjoying the eight character themes that were recently released on Capcom Unity.

Hit the jump to listen to the music. Don't forget to let us know what you think of these tunes in the comments section.

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Fight Clubs: Zombiebrian's map will help you find fighting game scenes around the globe

Fight Clubs: Zombiebrian's world map will help you find fighting game scenes around the globe

Our head forum moderator, ZombieBrian, has been hard at work on a massive project to plot out the major scenes in the fighting game community using Google Maps.

He's had to overcome language barriers, and spend a heck of a lot of man hours compiling this map, but if you're trying to find a scene near you, this is a great way to do so.

If you'd like to add a listing to the map, you can contact ZombieBrian here on EventHubs.

The map is available below, along with an interview with Brian explaining how it works and came about.

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Mortal Kombat X hits record pace; are fighting games entering a golden era now?

Mortal Kombat X hits record pace; are fighting games entering a golden era now?

Mortal Kombat X is still leading the pack of 2015 video games sales, through September, according to a recent Time Warner investor relations statement. While no official numbers were given, the Wall Street Journal claims MKX has sold over 5 million copies so far, and this is without a release for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

This entry in the series has hit a recording breaking pace already, by having its biggest month ever for the franchise in terms of sales in April of this year.

Mortal Kombat X only trailed Super Smash Bros. Brawl's March 2008 launch for the best fighting game sales launch month ever, according to the NPD.

Not only is this wonderful news for the people at NetherRealm Studios, but these kinds of numbers will likely impact the entire fighting game community in a positive way. We explore why below.

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Latest Ultra Street Fighter 4 patch addresses audio issues

Latest Ultra Street Fighter 4 patch addresses audio issues

A new Ultra Street Fighter 4 patch dropped for PlayStation 4 users, bringing the game up to version 1.07.

Audio balance issues have been a long running complaint with the PS4 version of USF4, and the latest patch specifically addressed this issue. Here's the official patch screen notes, beware... it's intense.

Click image for larger version

Still, it's awesome the developers are paying close attention to what the community is saying, and addressing these things.

Submitted by an anonymous reader.

Mortal Kombat X PC mods bring classic Goro and Noob Saibot to life

We haven't seen much of Mortal Kombat X lately as far as news goes, but today we have something that might tide you kombatants out there for a bit.

A couple of clever PC modders managed to make a few alternate skins that look like classic Goro and Noob Saibot. Since Noob isn't actually in the game, the costume that was used as the basis was Sub-Zero's Blue Steel alternate skin.

You can check out a handful of screenshots that show both classic Goro and two different versions of Noob: original shadow Noob and the more modern style.

Mortal Kombat X PC mods, classic Goro / Noob image #1 Mortal Kombat X PC mods, classic Goro / Noob image #2 Mortal Kombat X PC mods, classic Goro / Noob image #3 Mortal Kombat X PC mods, classic Goro / Noob image #4 Mortal Kombat X PC mods, classic Goro / Noob image #5 Mortal Kombat X PC mods, classic Goro / Noob image #6
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see these Mortal Kombat X mods in action.

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Capcom gives us a taste of Street Fighter 5 themes for Karin, Rashid, Necalli, Birdie, Cammy, and more

In recent times, Street Fighter 5 themes have hit the internet only to be removed since they weren't uploaded directly by Capcom. A couple of days ago, however, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas posted a new entry over on Capcom Unity that gives us a glimpse at some of the official tracks for a handful of characters.

Included in this batch are character such as Karin, Rashid, Necalli, Birdie, Cammy, and more. Returning character have updated remixes of their classic themes, while the SF5 original characters have brand new songs (obviously).

These songs differ from the usual background stage music we've heard in the beta tests, so you'll definitely want to check these awesome character themes out.

Hit the jump to view the list of Street Fighter 5 themes.

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Street Fighter 5's 'jiggling breasts' and 'large amounts of cleavage and/or buttocks' secure a T rating from the ESRB

Okay, I realize that its suggestive themes alone didn't net the T rating, but the "cleavage and/or buttocks" part was too funny not to highlight. I mean, how often do you read that in an official game rating?

But down to brass tacks. Earlier this morning, we learned that the ESRB has given Capcom's highly anticipated title, Street Fighter 5, an official rating.

Though there was speculation of the new fighter being rated M back in June, Capcom assured EventHubs at E3 that the game would eventually see a T rating. Now, it looks like the rating has been finalized.

The ESRB lists Street Fighter 5's content descriptors as mild language, suggestive themes, and violence, all things we'd expect in a Street Fighter title. Each game in the franchise has been labeled with a T rating as far back as we can remember, so it's no surprise to see the latest get the same stamp.

You can read Street Fighter 5's official rating summary from the ESRB after the jump.

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Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial launches on PlayStation 4, Gouken makes appearance

A 2.3 gigabyte update for the Street Fighter 5 beta just dropped for PlayStation 4 users, and it adds a tutorial mode to the game.

This tutorial walks players through the very basics of fighting games, plus a few specific things for SF5. It starts off with simply moving forward to the opponent, then covers things like high and low attacks, along with how to block.

It finishes off with using Ryu's V-Skill and V-Trigger. This is all presented with a story, which features Gouken, along with Ken and Ryu in their Street Fighter Alpha costumes.

Once the tutorial ends, that's apparently all of the new content that's currently available, as it jumps you back to the title screen. You can find screen shots below, along with a video.

Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #1 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #2 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #3 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #4 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #5 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #6 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #7 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #8 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #9 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #10 Street Fighter 5 beta tutorial images image #11
Click images for larger versions

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Is Ono hinting at Akuma in Street Fighter 5?

We're really trying not to get ahead of ourselves, but a post from Street Fighter 5's Executive Producer, Yoshinori Ono, has our full attention with his recent Twitter post.

Captioned only with "at Capcom USA office!" Ono has arranged a picture of the Street Fighter 5 Ryu logo, propped up against the Akuma statue from Hollywood Collectibles.

Please....  image #1 Please....  image #2
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see why we're seriously entertaining the idea of Akuma in SF5.

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Dhalsim may prefer fighting from the air in Street Fighter 5? TheStreetWriter shows us what he's discovered thus far with the long limbed Yoga master

Yesterday during the Winner Stays On session, Matthew "The Street Writer" Edwards joined in to show off what he's discovered with Street Fighter 5's Dhalsim thus far.

Edwards reveals some basic strategy with Sim, along with what he believes will be his go to attacks and possible strategies.

The first thing we have to address is Sim's incredibly creepy character select dance. His slow, menacing spin reminds us very much of films like The Exorcist, which is probably good for getting into your opponent's head early on.

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump for more.

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This upcoming documentary on Chinatown Fair looks to capture the essence, culture and history of one of the FGC's most iconic locations

A pair of avid filmmakers have created a documentary on one of the most famous arcades of our time: Chinatown Fair.

The film is called "The Lost Arcade," and focuses on the history and cultural significance of the FGC landmark. Producer Irene Chin describes historical establishment:

"Chinatown Fair first opened up in 1944 as a penny arcade, tucked away in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. It went unnoticed for decades- that is until the home console hit the market and every arcade in the city closed- except for Chinatown Fair.

The hardcore gamers all migrated to CF, and it became known for having the best players, like EG|Justin Wong, Tempo|ChrisG and Long Island Joe. Chinatown Fair was the epicenter of the fighting game community- it was legendary."

The Lost Arcade premieres November 14th and 18th at IFC center in NYC as part of DOC NYC film festival.

Hit the jump to see the teaser.

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Karin can perform her EX command dash without using meter, and it may not be a glitch

We'd normally chalk this type of thing up to being an unintended oversight on the developer's part, and it very well could be, but we have some reason to believe that Capcom intentionally made Karin's EX Tenko free to use under certain circumstances.

In the second beta build, Karin became accessible to the public, and after hours of delving into the character, pH|LPN discovered that doing the Just frame version of EX Tenko doesn't cost Karin any meter.

This doesn't work if Karin is cancelling from a normal, so it almost looks as though this was an intentional reward Capcom placed in the game for correctly performing the Just frame from the neutral. That could be wrong, and if so, we'll surely see this removed in future builds.

Hit the jump to see the video, which breaks down the tech, and shows a few practical applications for it.

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Prepare yourself for Street Fighter 5 and learn to read your opponent's mind with Jay Rego's latest tutorial

With the upcoming release of the newest Street Fighter, the community plans to welcome in a whole slew of new faces to the scene. Fighting games in particular can be very intimidating to jump into, especially when the beginner is amongst more seasoned players.

Rego, known for his focus on the mental part of fighting games, has recently released a video tutorial for newcomers on how to more easily pick up on an opponent's intentions while playing.

While a few players will pick up on this concept naturally, it can be a very big oversight for others. Rego uses Street Fighter 4 in his video, but the concepts he's discussing are pretty universal to fighting games, and will transfer easily to SF5.

Hit the jump to see the training video.

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Updated: 'There are no plans for Arika characters to appear in Street Fighter' - Ichiro Mihara clarifies

Updated at 11:17 a.m.: It looks like the previous tweets used in this story were mistranslated. Arika vice president Ichiro Mihara has since deleted the original tweets and posted more to clear up the misunderstanding. "Since people overseas are freely translating my tweet, I removed it."

He went on to say that Arika characters will not be appearing in Street Fighter. "There are no plans for Arika characters to appear in Street Fighter," Mihara clarified. "If I don't write it this clearly, people are going to keep asking Capcom, it seems."

New translations were made in-house here at EventHubs. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Earlier: Capcom is no stranger to character requests; from Alex to Geki, fans have asked for everyone under the sun to make a return in the latest Street Fighter games.

Though the Street Fighter EX series wasn't as popular as mainstream titles such as Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and Street Fighter 4, the game's original characters are asked for by fans more than you'd think. Unfortunately, Capcom hasn't been able to make their return a reality due to the rights actually belonging to a company called Arika -- the company that led the development of the 3D Street Fighter titles.

Arika vice president Ichiro Mihara took to Twitter recently to give fans a bit of insight on where things currently stand.

“Regarding Street Fighter EX, as long as we are not discussing Capcom characters (e.g. Ryu), we have the rights to our characters,” Mihara explained. “Specially interesting is that we arranged to have the priority in 3D fighting game development with Capcom after Street Fighter EX […] but it seems [the contract] wasn’t valid at the time of Street Fighter IV’s development.”

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ARIA and Cinder get Shadows, XP Boosters now available for purchase and more; Killer Instinct 2.11 patch notes

Updated: More patch notes including character changes have been added to this story.

Earlier: Killer Instinct Season 2 is getting brand new, shiny patch today. It's scheduled to roll out at 4 p.m. PST, so we should see these changes in effect very soon.

While there aren't any character alterations this time, we do have a handful of new features and fixed bugs to make playing experiences more enjoyable.

You'll see said new features listed below:

• You can new purchase the long-awaited XP Boosters from the Store!
• Shadow Lab – Added ability to watch Shadow Match replays in Shadow Activity!
• Shadow Lab – Added Cinder and ARIA Shadows
• Added HUD Meter Volume slider to Audio Options

Hit the jump for the rest of the patch notes.

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