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'I originally picked Dan because I got him on random select' - world's best Dan says he's dissatisfied with USF4 - EventHubs exclusive Ixion interview

Today, we have an interview with the man who many consider to be the best Dan-player in the world, IND|Ixion, for all of our loyal readers.

In the interview, Ixion covers topics such as why he chose Dan out of all characters, his thoughts on the changes that have been made in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and more. Below, you'll find a snippet get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: With the recent launch of Ultra Street Fighter 4, everyone has their opinions on what's right and wrong with this new edition of the game. Having played it for a little more than a month now, what are your impressions about this latest entry of the Street Fighter 4 series?

IND|Ixion: To be honest, I don't like Ultra Street Fighter 4. I wouldn't say that I hate it, but it's pretty much on the verge of hate. As far as I'm concerned, Capcom has screwed us over. There was so much talk about reducing vortex and that "with these new balance changes, every character will have a fairer shot at winning". The vortex part I feel they owned up to, but I'm not feeling the latter aspect at all.

I might be biased since I play Dan, but seriously, Dan is even more undermined now than he used to be, and it's due to his lack of crucial buffs and the demerits of Delayed Wakeup. I feel like, as usual, things that were already good got even better, while a whole slew of meaningless moves stay meaningless. Moves got buffed and nerfed for absolutely no reason - for instance, Evil Ryu's crouching Medium Kick and Guile's Air Grab got better, while Sagat's High Tiger Shot got worse.

And still, there are tons of moves that nothing happened to... Like, for instance, Rose's close Heavy Punch. I don't get the point of that one. You'll always use crouching Heavy Punch because it's easier for your input AND it does more damage.

Another move that has almost no meaning in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is Cammy's crouching Heavy Punch. I understand the reduction of damage and stun, but for some dumb reason they reduced the hitstun of it too, so that the crouching Heavy Punch -> far Medium Punch link no longer works. I HATE when you remove fun combos that aren't even close to being overpowered, it just serves to make the character more boring. There are other ways to nerf a character, so things like this make me really irritated.

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Big comebacks, Feng Shui Engine madness, and more: Rabbito shows his Juri skills against Dieminion, ChrisG, and more in USF4

Flying High brings us a new Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight featuring a Juri player by the name of ASAP|Rabbito.

As one of the highest ranked Juri players online, Rabbito demonstrates a slew of top-notch techniques and solid play here. The opponents faced throughout the video are no slouches either; the skilled Juri takes out the likes of EMP|Dieminion, GG|NYChrisG, Banana Ken, and more!

Game winning comebacks, tricky mixups and relentless pressure using Feng Shui Engine, and plenty of other impressive moments can be found here. You'll find ASAP|Rabbito's Ultra Street Fighter 4 Juri spotlight below.

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Honda wins over Zangief, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Ryu and Ken - Honda Fit car commercial parodies Street Fighter 2's Bonus Stage

If you consider yourself a fan of Street Fighter, then you're probably familiar with Street Fighter 2's bonus stage, where your chosen character is tasked with completely thrashing a brand new car as "a test of strength".

Whatever car that's supposed to be, it must be a pretty crappy vehicle for the world warriors to be okay with completely wrecking it.

if it were a beaut -- like, say, a 2015 Honda Fit -- then the world warriors couldn't possibly bear to tear it apart. Or at least, that appears to be the message these two Honda Fit X Street Fighter commercials that we've embedded below are driving at.

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SNK Playmore recruitment ad: 'Development on new 3D fighting game begins'

Following job postings last year for 3D CG designers, game programmers and planners who'd work on future 3D King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown games, SNK Playmore has once again put out recruitment ads for game developers.

The fresh batch of recruitment ads are dated July 4 (last Friday), and they're for four specific positions: an art director, game/pachinko planner, game/pachinko programmer, and a server engineer for smartphone games.

It's interesting the this time around, SNK Playmore is not looking for 3D CG designers -- presumably because they already have them.

But what's even more interesting is the tagline and job description for what the art director would do, once hired into SNK Playmore.

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Balrog (Boxer) has a cross-up in Ultra Street Fighter 4? Setup works as a real cross-up on Cammy, Hakan; fake cross-up on M. Bison, Rolento

One of Vega's new buffs in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is that his jump forward LK now works as a cross-up -- but that's Vega, not Balrog who's getting the cross-up. Unless, of course, we're referring to these characters by their Japanese version names. In which case, Balrog (Claw) has a cross-up.

Still, that doesn't mean Balrog (Boxer) gets a cross-up in USF4. Or at least, that's the way it should have been.

USF4 Balrog player Javits Arias has discovered that Balrog's (Boxer) jump LK can cross up on certain opponents if performed at the right timing and positioning. He's come up with a setup where this works as a cross-up against Cammy and Hakan.

The same setup will apparently also work against M. Bison and Rolento, but as a fake cross-up; it looks like a cross-up and Balrog will even land on the other side, but your opponent has to block it as an attack from the front.

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'A lot of players think this match is in Dudley's favor' Smug shows why against Ryan Hart's Sagat - CEO 2014 USF4 replays

A little ways back, a fantastic Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament took place at CEO 2014 and now the YouTube replays are up for the finals and some of the pool play from the event.

One of the matches that caught the eye of the viewers was PIE|Smug (Dudley) vs. DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat).

UltraDavid said on commentary that multiple top players on the east coast felt this match is a big win for Dudley, and after watching the video, you'll probably agree.

We've also thrown in the grand finals match between Infiltration and EG|Momochi, along with another Infiltration set, this time against EG|Justin Wong's Elena.

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Aquaman can land a whopping 13 MB Trident Rushes in a row if he has a full bar to start - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Aquaman's Meter Burn Trident Rush attack in Injustice: Gods Among Us is...pretty good.

If you don't believe me, maybe EGP|Wonder Chef can convince you. Earlier today he uploaded a video that shows off some of the potential that this particular Meter Burn special move has.

Wonder Chef first shows us that one MB Trident Rush deals a whopping 14.29% of chip damage when blocked. But that's not all; the Injustice player goes on to demonstrate how much meter can be built by having the opponent block this same move repeatedly.

Aquaman builds enough meter to hit 13 Meter Burn Trident Rush attacks in a row. This can only be done if Aquaman begins with a full meter.

You can check out the footage below.

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Double dash combo on Cammy, EX fireball loops, cross-under juggle into U1, and a mirrored blast from the past: Poison stars in this USF4 CMV

Pepopulo's latest Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video was recently sent over to us here at EventHubs, and trust us, folks, this one is a real doozy.

Focusing solely on Poison, this CMV showcases a slew of impressive set ups using Red Focus, full meter, and more.

A perfectly spaced EX fireball that grants Poison two dashes before continuing the combo, a cross-under Ultra 1 after an uppercut - FADC, and a mirror combo that is performed in both Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter 4 are just a few of the awesome clips you'll find here.

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Full Curleh Mustache NorCal event replays now available - watch Filipino Champ, Apologyman, Clockw0rk, PR Balrog, and more compete in UMvC3

If you missed the Curleh Mustache NorCal event last weekend, then you're in luck. Team Spooky has already uploaded the entire Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 invitational event on to YouTube.

Today we have the final five parts of the tournament, including the winner's, loser's, and grand finals sets. You can check out all of the replays by heading over to Spooky's channel.

Players you'll find competing here include RG|Filipino Champ, MMG|Apologyman, BT|Clockw0rk, EG|PR Balrog, and plenty of others. Check out the finals below.

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EVO 2014 preview: Notable players, streams, brackets, schedule and more - July 11-13 in Las Vegas

It's that time of the year again, when we shut ourselves in for three straight days to simply enjoy the largest fighting game competition in the world, and EventHubs has you covered this year, as always, with full coverage of the event.

The site will be updated live with the latest results, battle logs and happenings throughout the entire event as they occur, so as to make sure that our loyal readers don't miss a single moment of the action this weekend.

Read on in the full story for a rundown of notable players at the events, what streams to watch, as well as the event schedule.

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Confirmed: Gen's Ultra 2 is advantageous on block when cancelling pre-jump frames - EventHubs tests and shows you how to do it

Earlier this morning we posted some Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage of VS|Bigfool showing that Gen's Mantis Ultra 2 can be made + on block. This was a bit of a mystery to us and many of our readers, but thanks to EventHubs user SimSimIV, we were able to recreate the situation ourselves.

In order to make Gen's ultra 2 advantageous on block, you'll have to cancel his pre-jump frames during the input. Although that may sound difficult, in reality, all you'll have to do is end your ultra input with up-back. The proper motion is as follows:

[Down, down-back, back], [down, down-back, back, up-back xx 3 punches]

In this video you'll see me perform the aforementioned input, and as a result, both Akuma and Zangief are unable to punish Gen. For comparison's sake, I also perform the U2 normally, which leaves Gen open for punishment.

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Gen's ultra 2 is +5 on block!? Bigfool shows the power of Gen's buffs in Ultra Street Fighter 4 against Ryan Hart and Problem X

Gen apparently has a way of executing his Mantis ultra 2 (Shitenketsu) so that it's +5 on block, according to one of the commentators at the Warriors Return 3 tournament.

VS|Bigfool puts Gen's ultra 2 on full display many times throughout his matches at the event, one time against DIG|Ryan Hart's Akuma who tries to punish the move on block with a Heavy Dragon Punch, with reversal timing, but it's blocked regardless.

Bigfool's Gen was an absolute monster at this tournament, landing multiple ultras and showcasing many of the new buffs this character received.

If you want to see how deadly Gen can be in Ultra Street Fighter 4, you need to watch these matches against Ryan Hart and CG|Problem X. Note: Clips contain NSFW language.

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Find other fighting game players in your backyard with our Fight Tracker

One of the great features that often goes overlooked on our website is a super handy Fight Tracker, which has over 37,000 people in it from around the globe.

The Fight Tracker can be used to find other fighting game players right near you, filtered specifically by the systems, games, and characters they play.

All you need to get this rolling is to sign up for a free account on EventHubs, which takes seconds and then punch in your ZIP code and you'll be shown all of the members in our database who are close to you.

Even if you're not interested in meeting up in person, finding other gamers who are close to you for online matches will help reduce lag and make for a smoother experience.

If you haven't done so already, make sure you stop by today and check it out.

Dudley and Cody combo Ultra into Super, Ryu passes through Decapre, Fei Long juggles two Chicken Wings, and more: Snoooootch's USF4 combo video #1

Snoooootch is back and better than ever!

Bringing us his first full-length Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video, Snoooootch shows off some very impressive set ups, many of which involve using Decapre's Ultra 1 as a means to interrupt certain moves and continue with the awesomeness.

Dudley and Cody combo their Supers after hitting Ultra, Ryu uses the pass-through glitch on Decapre, and Fei Long juggles not one, but two Chicken Wings after a Flame Kick, FADC -- there certainly is much to be seen in this excellent combo video.

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King of Fighters 13 and Street Fighter X Tekken for under $10 each! Both games now 75% off on Xbox Live Marketplace

If you're an Xbox Live user and are looking to spice up your fighting game life with a couple of different titles, then look no further. Both King of Fighters 13 and Street Fighter X Tekken are currently 75% off in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

KOF13 is part of the Ultimate Games Sale's daily deal and will only be discounted on July 8th. The digital download will only cost you $7.49 USD (cut down from its usual $29.99 price tag).

Street Fighter X Tekken, however, falls under the Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale's weekly deal, and will run you $9.99 USD all the way through July 14th. Both titles can be purchased by Xbox Live Gold and Silver members.

If you've got $20 to spare, you may want to consider adding these games to your library.

Source: Major Nelson. Submitted by Burnt.

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