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Capcom Fighters Network announced, new community building tool built into Street Fighter 5

Amidst all the hype of the Street Fighter 5 Karin announcement at Tokyo Game Show, it looks as though Capcom had something else to share with fans. Introducing the Capcom Fighters Network: a community building tool that is built directly into Street Fighter 5.

The main CFN screen will show what is known as a "heat map" that displays where in the world matches are being played, which players are competing, profile information, past match history, replays, and more.

Capcom Fighters Network image #1 Capcom Fighters Network image #2
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Hit the jump for more about the CFN.

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Karin's Street Fighter 5 move list revealed

Karin was revealed in Street Fighter 5 just moments ago during Capcom's presentation over at Tokyo Game Show.

We've already seen screenshots and an official trailer, but now we have her official move list. You can check out all of her attacks below.

Karin Street Fighter 5 moves image #1
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Thanks to Nacho Ortiz for sending this over.

Rashid's Street Fighter 5 move list revealed

Rashid's move list in Street Fighter 5 has been spotted on the Tokyo Game Show show floor, and has begun floating around the internet for all to learn from.

Below is the full move set, which also contains his V-Skill variations. It also shows that he has a run (ostensibly instead of a forward dash), and some unique moves out of said run.

It would also seem that all of his special moves are entirely quarter circles, no doubt to make inputs easier during his more maneuverability-based tactics.

Rashid Move List image #1
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Cheng Kai "KarbyP" Sim contributed to this story.

Source: Nacho Ortiz's Twitter

'I realized that I had been the person I least wanted to be' - Hungrybox talks about his Smash origins, how emotions impact his play, and more

While the name Liquid|Hungrybox has become synonymous with high level Smash Bros. Melee play, it certainly wasn't always this way. The Jigglypuff master has also had, and arguably still does, his fair share of backlash and problems despite his success over the years.

Red Bull eSports has interviewed him as part of their "Friendlies" series, exploring what makes Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma the kind of player he is today. In the piece, Juan is quite open about his past, present, and potential future as a player and as a person, and how sometimes those things conflict.

He opens by discussing his origins in Smash, tying it back to his childhood. His competition was ignited through playing with his siblings, and it was a desire that only grew over time. Has he describes it, "the reason I started being competitive stemmed all the way back from simple sibling rivalry."

From this topic he moves on to talk about his early competitive life, his Smash Bros. heroes in an age with no Youtube or easy access to footage, the negative feedback he's received from the community, and how his emotions impact his gameplay in countless majors.

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Daigo or Mago could steal Gamerbee's #3 Capcom Pro Tour ranking spot at Tokyo Game Show this weekend; here's why that's important

The Tokyo Game Show Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament this weekend is gearing up to be a tremendous event. Not only will we see some of the greatest Street Fighter players on the scene today showing each other, and the world, what's what, but TGS is even more important for three warriors in particular.

As it stands right now, Twitch|Gamerbee has 692 CPT points, placing third beneath Momochi and Infiltration. As you can see in the current top 5 standings below, MCZ|Daigo and MCZ|Mago aren't too far behind.

Toky Game Show USF4 brackets image #5

So, why is this important? CPT points determine a player's seeding in the Capcom Cup bracket. In layman's terms, the more points you have when the deadline arrives, the better your starting match ups in the bracket will be.

Generally, the player with the highest ranking points faces the player with the lowest to start, 2nd highest faces the 2nd lowest, and so on. For example, MD|Luffy (highest points) battled Nishikin (lowest points) in the first round of Capcom Cup 2014.

CPT points could mean the difference between fighting Infiltration in the first round or playing against me!

Let's take a look at Daigo, Mago, and Gamerbee's current CPT points and the potential outcomes of TGS.

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Evil Ryu hits U2 from so far away after meaty DP, Akuma lands seven heavy attacks in one go: Awesome Ultra Street Fighter 4 CMV

Due to the influx of Street Fighter 5 news, and the fact that Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been a while, it's been some time since we've featured a combo video of the latter on the front page.

Today, we have a short, but sweet CMV from the folks over at Versus Fighting Morocco. In it, we get to see characters such as Juri, Akuma, Ibuki, and more strut their stuff.

Possibly the most impressive sequence here includes Evil Ryu carrying Seth across the screen with ax kick loops, until he ends with a meaty LP Shoryuken and juggles into U2 from what looks like too far away to actually hit. Additionally, there is a combo that utilizes Akuma's heavy punches and kicks seven times, with the far st. HK being used to extend the sequence.

There's much to behold here, so be sure to check out this awesome Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video after the jump.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U join the MLG World Finals 2015 line up, $10,000 up for grabs

MLG is kicking off their 100th event next month in New Orleans, Louisiana. The MLG World Finals 2015 is set to take place on October 16 - 18, and we learned today that both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Wii U have been added to the event's line up.

October's World Finals marks the 34th MLG event to feature a Super Smash Bros. tournament. A double elimination tournament for both games will be run over the course of that weekend, and up to 256 players can register for each.

Additionally, entrants will be competing for $10,000 USD, so if you fancy yourself a strong Smash player, it'd probably be a good idea to join in on the action. The tournaments will begin at 2 p.m. CDT on Friday, October 16.

Registration is currently open over on MLG Store, so be sure to head over and enter. Single tournament passes will run you $50 ($30 venue fee and $20 tournament fee), or you can purchase a combined pass for $70 to compete in both tournaments.

Source: MLG. Mentioned by jvjardim.

Hi-res King of Fighters XIV screen shots give us a closer look at the newly announced PS4 title

Yesterday, a new title in the King of Fighters series was announced at Tokyo Game Show. King of Fighters XIV will be coming to PlayStation 4 consoles in Japan sometime next year.

With the announcement came a quick teaser trailer that provided us with a quick glimpse at early gameplay footage. Today, we have a handful of hi-res screen shots that give us a closer look at the newly announced title.

Hit the images below to see Kyo, Iori, and more of the game's first backdrop.

King of Fighters XIV hi-res screenshots image #1 King of Fighters XIV hi-res screenshots image #2 King of Fighters XIV hi-res screenshots image #3
Click images for larger versions

Via Siliconera.

Updated: Every attack is now a counter-hit when punishing blocked or whiffed Dragon Punches in latest Street Fighter 5 build

Updated: We have just been informed that the counter-hits not only come as a result of a blocked Dragon Punch, but also occur when a DP whiffs. We have added another GIF into the story showing this in action. Big thanks to KikoMasterRD for the heads up.

Earlier: The WSO live stream featuring the latest build of Street Fighter 5 is currently underway. During the broadcast, a very interesting bit of information was revealed.

When a Dragon Punch or invincible reversal is blocked, the first attack to punish the move will be an automatic counter-hit. Based upon the information from the stream, this only works for meterless reversals at the moment.

During this punish window, every button will result in counter hit. This means that players now have an opportunity to set up free crush counters without being forced to frame trap the opponent or make a hard read.

You can see an example of this new mechanic below.

Click images for animated versions

It should be noted that not all counter-hits will result in crush counter; only buttons that are designated for each individual character.

Source: Capcom Fighters.

Ono teases another Street Fighter 5 reveal for the Tokyo Game Show, can you guess who it is?

Ono is back to his mischievous ways, teasing another potential Street Fighter 5 character reveal for the Tokyo Game Show, which is happening September 17-19, 2015.

Capcom's stage event will happen on the 17th at 2:30 p.m. Japan time.

In one of the images below, it appears that Ryu is caught in some sort of air spiral attack.

Which character do you think this could be hinting at? Make sure you sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

Ono teases Tokyo Game Show Street Fighter 5 reveal image #1 Ono teases Tokyo Game Show Street Fighter 5 reveal image #2
Click images for larger versions

Source: Ono's Twitter, submitted by Typhoontimmy, Shin_Ken, Pickboy97, Dat_wuher, Masquedmonk, Afterburn, Nightmaresteam and an anonymous reader.

Combofiend talks about Street Fighter 5 and player feedback, Capcom's methodology, and how losing matches drives balance discussion

While we've already heard about how Capcom is gauging fan feedback for Street Fighter 5, not many realize how heavily weighed what the fans have to say is for their methodology. Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas, Street Fighter 5's associate producer, talked with Gamesradar about how the concept has evolved over the years.

In a piece titled "Is the customer always right?", Gamesradar examined how different companies handle, obtain, and use fan feedback. Combofiend offered quite a lot on the matter, beginning by saying that “for us, using player feedback to tweak and improve competitive videogames isn’t a new phenomenon".

Combofiend also discusses how the process of collecting feedback has changed, what Capcom's methodology is with Street Fighter 5, and how players losing matches in arcades deepened and drove balance discussion internally for Capcom, and otherwise.

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Three of Birdie's normals cover over half the screen - Learn how to master Street Fighter 5's gluttonous grappler with this extensive guide

Though we're certainly looking ahead to see how else is announced for Street Fighter 5's starting roster, it's always good to look at what we already have and start to analyze it in-depth. That's exactly what Soul Train has done, giving us an incredibly detailed beginner's guide to playing Birdie.

This guide has tons of information, separated into five different chapters. It includes normals and their proper usage, how to utilize his V-Skill and V-Trigger properly and set them up, and bread and butter combos all explained with real match footage and visual cues.

Another excellent piece of media to go along with his guide is a comparison chart showcasing the ranges of birdie's normal grab, each of his normals, command normals, and his light and medium punch hanging chain to help demonstrate how effective they can be for poking and space control. Here's the chart itself to get you started:

Birdie Normal Comparison Chart image #1
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Hit the jump to check out the guide in full.

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Masked Pikachu is Pokkèn Tournament's newest playable character

Bandai Namco has officially revealed a new fighter for Pokkèn Tournament. Today, Masked Pikachu joins the playable roster.

Masked Pikachu isn't a simple alternate costume for the already existing Pikachu in Pokkèn Tournament. Instead, the luchador version has a vastly different move-set that utilizes a series of wrestling moves.

In the official trailer that was released earlier today, we see that Masked Pikachu attacks opponents with drop kicks, elbow drops, and even a stunner.

Masked Pikachu in Pokkèn Tournament image #1 Masked Pikachu in Pokkèn Tournament image #2 Masked Pikachu in Pokkèn Tournament image #3 Masked Pikachu in Pokkèn Tournament image #4 Masked Pikachu in Pokkèn Tournament image #5 Masked Pikachu in Pokkèn Tournament image #6
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You can check out the latest Pokkèn Tournament trailer below.

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R. Mika and Rashid Street Fighter 5 build featured at today's WSO, catch the live stream here

The Winner Stays On sessions continue in the UK this week with a very special feature.

Instead of the usual: Ultra Street Fighter 4 being played, today's event will be host to the latest public build of Street Fighter 5. The game's latest fighters -- R. Mika and Rashid -- will both be playable.

As usual, we can expect some of the UK's strongest players to attend. If you're looking to see more of the new characters in action, you won't want to miss this stream.

The live broadcast can be found below.

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Rashid: A friend indeed - check out Street Fighter 5's newest fighter in trading card and Vine video form

Updated: The official Street Fighter Twitter account has uploaded Rashid's Vine video showing some new gameplay clips of the latest fighter.

Earlier: The official Street Fighter Twitter account continues to release their "trading card" images online. Today's features the game's newest fighter and second brand new character, Rashid.

This card shows a few new screenshots of the wind-based warrior, giving us another look at his jumping kick attack, spinning special move, and more.

Rashid's Street Fighter 5 trading card image #1
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to check out Rashid's Vine card.

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