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Moves database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Yet another departure from EMP... see Armada's farewell tweet here

Top Smash Bros. player Adam Lindgren AKA Armada has announced that he is leaving EMP.

At this time, we are not sure why or on what grounds Armada has chosen to leave Empire Arcadia. Judging by his tweet, it looks as though he does not intend to be without sponsor for long.

You can check out his tweet by hitting the jump below.

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Weekend round up! Featuring videos from USF4, Killer Instinct and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Here at EventHubs, we get quite a few news submissions from all of you beautiful and faithful EH users.

It's hard to always get to all of them but we want to share as many as possible. We have a few videos here as part of our weekend round up.

The first video comes from Uryo's stream wherein he plays multiple characters against Itonoko's Elena. We could all use some Elena experience! Hit the jump to see this video and the others!

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Scorpion 'block infinite' found in Mortal Kombat X demo build; combo highlights for Raiden, Quan Chi, Kano and more from Paris Games Week

This past week France played host to the Paris Games Week 2014 convention at the Paris Expo in Porte de Versailles. A demo build of Mortal Kombat X was playable at the convention, and a number of members from the French MK community has been spending quite a bit of time with it, in an attempt to uncover as much about the game as they can at this early juncture.

And their efforts have proven to be fruitful.

Not only did the community members find a number of combo strings for various characters -- refer to the animated GIFs below -- they've also apparently found what appears to be a "block infinite" for Scorpion in the demo build.

100 100 100 100 100
Click images for animated versions

Read on to check out video footage of the Scorpion block infinite in action, plus a number of high-level matches played by Finish-Him community members.

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OG Shine's Yang tricks gets the better of Wolfkrone, Tampa Bison; his Gouken scores a double Perfect - Olympic Gaming's player spotlight

Olympic Gaming has published another one of their Ultra Street Fighter 4 player spotlight videos. This time they've cast the spotlight on OG Shine, one of East Coast's finest Yang and Gouken player.

While OG Shine's Gouken has an impressive showing here, as the talented player double-Perfects an opponent into oblivion, his Yang play is what truly dazzles in this compilation. In both of his matches vs. Wolfkrone and Tampa Bison, OG Shine performs a dazzling sequence of Yang resets and command grabs that lead to a dizzy, which you can see in the animated GIFs below.

100 100
Click images for animated versions

Like with all of Olympic Gaming's USF4 player spotlights, there's also a short interview with OG Shine accompanying the video.

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Peach 'Turnip Death Combo' loop discovered; can kill at 0%, works on many characters in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

A new "death combo" loop in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has been discovered. This time, the combo loop belongs to Princess Peach, a character with lots of potential that many players have been sleeping on, according to some competitive players.

Like the Zero Suit Samus loop before it, Peach's Turnip Death Combo makes use of the footstool jump to stun the opponent for an extended period of time -- but it also goes a step further.

Instead of waiting for your opponent to fully recover from a footstool jump (which allows you to score a free hit on your opponent), this Peach combo loops requires you to throw a turnip downwards at your stunned opponent as quickly as you can.

When done quickly enough, you can repeat the same turnip throwing loop for about 10 times in a row, before the turnip disintegrates, potentially leading to over 100% worth of damage. You can also close out the combo with a Smash attack, which results in an instant KO after enough reps of the loop has been performed.

Check out EOE's tutorial on how to perform Peach's Turnip Death Combo loop below.

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Mike Ross plays Dee Jay, Gootecks brings out all his mains against PxG Bitpix in Ultra Excellent Adventures Ep. 38: Futile

A new episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross have just gone up on the Cross Counter TV YouTube channel.

In this latest episode, Mike Ross continues on his Musha Shugyo to bring his Makoto up to par, but takes a breather mid-way to play some Dee Jay (bless that low-tier hero), only to be served a grim reminder from a Yun player that the struggle is indeed real.

Meanwhile, Gootecks gets into a bit of a fierce rivalry with PxG Bitpix after losing to him the first time on Xbox Live. Gootecks's defeat prompts him to seek out Bitpix several times in a row in an attempt to get that salty runback -- and he ends up bringing out all of his mains in a bitter attempt to settle the score. Will Gootecks succeed?

Find out in The Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross Ep. 38: Futile, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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Coach Steve's tier rankings for Blanka in Ultra Street Fighter 4

We continue our top player tier list with BIFU|Coach Steve's thoughts on Blanka.

Blanka is traditionally thought of as a character that has a hard time with a good portion of the cast in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Steve has been something of an inspiration to Blanka players as he has taken the Brazilian mutant to new heights reaching top 8 at NEC last year.

Steve gives Blanka an overall score of 218 with 18 favorable match ups, 9 even and 16 unfavorable.

Click image for Coach Steve's Blanka tier ranking

You can find even our other USF4 top player tier lists after the jump.

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Ghost Rider a 'plain and boring character?' Not in the hands of Mr. Flubbs! Check out his spectacularly spooky combo video here

Halloween is over but we all know what that means. Incredibly cheap candy and Ghost Rider combo videos!

Mr. Flubbs has put together a video showcasing some pretty interesting Ghost Rider tech.

This is traditionally a character that is not very commonly used. Flubbs goes as far to say that 'at the surface he seems like a very plain and boring character.' Perhaps with a bit more attention and some videos like this one, Ghost Rider will see a rise in popularity.

Time to sit down with your super discounted candy and watch some awesome Ghost Rider combos.

Hit the jump to see the video!

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Beating an opponent to death with their own extremity, a fireball through the chest, and hat tricks: Ed Boon's top 5 favorite Fatalities

Whether to your enjoyment as an avid gamer or your dismay as a protective parent, Mortal Kombat's fatalites have been one of the most notable set pieces in fighting game history.

Fatalities gave MK a unique aura amongst its fighting game brethren. They were completely unnecessary to win or move forward in the game and yet they were the most exciting and memorable part for many people.

With the tenth Mortal Kombat game on the way, we've seen multitudes of creative and gory death sequences over the years. It only makes sense we ask Ed Boon, the series' co-creator, what his favorites are.

When I say "we" I mean our friends over at IGN, who were able to sit down and ask Boon about his favorite finishers of all time.

You can see the video by clicking the jump.

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Sales figures for Ultra Street Fighter 4 (retail and full digital editions) revealed in Capcom's FY2014 Q2 results presentation

Ultra Street Fighter 4 has sold a cumulative total of over 500,000 units across all platforms, Capcom revealed in a Fiscal Year 2014 Quarter 2 (FY2014 Q2) presentation to its investors this week.

This 500,000 figure accounts for the retail editions of the game as well as "full-game download" editions, which appears to imply that the digital upgrade editions of USF4 that came out in June for PS3 and X360 were not included in the tally.

Click image for larger version

To put that number in perspective, over 300,000 retail copies of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (again, DLC upgrade editions not included here) were sold during the fiscal year quarter it was released.

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You could get banned from Super Smash Bros. 3DS online play for 136 years, due to a glitch

If you consider yourself a fairly frequent user of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS's online modes of play, you may want to take a moment now to revise on what the game constitutes unsporting behavior, to ensure that you do not get smacked with a temporary online ban.

Because currently the 'temporary' bans are not quite that -- due to a glitch, the online bans now last for 71,582,700 minutes, or the equivalent of about 136 years. Or at least, the bans will last until Nintendo is able to issue a fix to remedy the situation.

Click image for larger version

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PandaxGaming's EU Endless Lobby debut stream ft. Ixion, OverMostHeads, Tyrant

Today marks a brand new chapter in the PandaxGaming group's Ultra Street Fighter 4 streaming history, as Panda and his friends have teamed up with the good folks over at European fighting game group Team IND (founded by Ixion and OverMostHeads) to bring you the PxG Europe 24/7 Endless Lobby -- which makes its debut on Twitch today.

The stream has just gone live, and Team IND's Narcissist is currently playing some games while waiting for stream monsters to join the USF4 endless lobby. If you're an Ultra Street Fighter 4 player living in the EU, you might want to go on Xbox Live and look for PxG Europe Live in endless lobby search to get some of your games featured on stream.

Later today, Ixion, OverMostHeads and Tyrant will also be dropping by the endless lobby to play some games with the stream monsters.

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Rolento setups: Jump HP hits from the front but makes him land behind his opponent, more ambiguous jump-ins and other tips from RyuApprentice

If you thought the Rolento meaty cr.LK setup that RyuApprentice did a video tutorial on the other day was pretty sick, then wait till you get a load of the vid maker's latest tutorials -- you haven't seen nothing yet.

RyuApprentice has recently started doing a series of Rolento "Mekong Delta Report" tech videos in which he documents a whole bunch of tips for the character, some of which submitted in to him by fellow Rolento players.

Although a couple of these are shenanigans that would work only if your opponent isn't aware of it, quite a number of them are actually fairly solid.

For instance, in one of these videos RyuApprentice shows off two different setups that you can use in which Rolento's jump HP hits from the front on your opponent's wake-up, but otherwise puts Rolento behind the opponent on landing.

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GamerBee USF4 highlights: Perfect rounds, best moments vs. Momochi, Xian, Luffy, Jayce the Ace and more

Bruce 'AVM|GamerBee' Hsiang had been feeling down last week when we saw him at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals last week.

The AverMedia sponsored player needed to place 4th or higher at that tournament in order to garner enough ranking points to make it into the Capcom Cup in December, and he appeared to be disappointed with his performance.

Making matters worse, on Sunday Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano provided on the Capcom Fighters stream a redeemable code for the title "Falling Star" in Ultra Street Fighter 4, which a disheartened AVM|GamerBee said on Twitter was the "perfect title" for him at that point in time.

All in all it had been a bad weekend for Bruce -- but we hope he's recovered from that and cheered up. And we hope for the same with those of you AVM|Gamerbees in the crowd.

But just in case you (or AVM|GamerBee) are still feeling down in the dumps, we think we've got the perfect thing for you to watch this morning.

Vid maker The Beast has put out another new USF4 player highlights compilation, and this time it stars everyone's favorite competitive Adon player. Check out how well Bruce knows his character below.

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Halloween day cosplay gallery feat. C. Viper, Makoto, female Ryu, Karin, Steve and more

Since it's Halloween, we wanted to shine the light on a few people's costumes at the top of the food chain, via some top notch cosplay. In this gallery we have images of C. Viper, Makoto, female Ryu, Karin, Steve and a handful of others.

You can find even more images after the break.

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