King of Fighters 14 Moves

Floating F.A.N.G, Super Saiyan Nash, flying Vega and more... here are the strangest things we've seen in Street Fighter 5

Have you ever seen a fireball pass straight through Ryu? How about a sighting of Birdie freezing in place and teleporting around his opponent?

Smash and Grab has gone back and rounded up some of Street Fighter 5's most peculiar glitches, odd interactions and weird hit box exchanges. Some of these have already been patched out of the game, but they're still pretty funny to see.

Check out the amazing Bison below, as he makes F.A.N.G levitate in mid air... before stomping him into the ground:

Click image for animated version

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Ally sends ZeRo home early from Smash Con after pulling off an insane 'zero to death' sequence from a single grab

Since the start of Smash 4, one name has occupied the top spot in both results and popular opinion: TSM|ZeRo. We now may be seeing that defined line between ZeRo and the rest of the pack beginning to haze around the edges, as one player in particular seems to be stepping up in a big way.

Enter Ally and his name-taking Mario, (you may recognize him as this year's Smash 4 EVO champion) who successfully knocked ZeRo out of Smash Con in a fairly unprecedented 13th place finish.

Not only did Ally take out the game's biggest target, he did it with a dominating 3-1 performance. Finishing a match against ZeRo with a win is a feat in and of itself, but it was one sequence in particular that had our jaws on the floor.

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Visual history of Chun-Li explores her appearances in tons of fighting games

Ever since Chun-Li made her debut appearance in Street Fighter 2, Capcom has been including her in a considerable amount of titles through the years.

To help document how her look has changed through the years, we've included various pieces of artwork starting from Street Fighter 2, working all the way up to Street Fighter 4.

While Chun-Li's core look has stayed intact, for the most part, the style and approach artists have taken with the character have definitely evolved. Check out our gallery below.

Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #1 Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #2 Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #3 Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #4 Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #5 Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #6 Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #7 Visual history of Chun-Li gallery image #8
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The guys go on yet another shopping spree, and LI Joe takes out Laura with just one hand in the latest installment of Excellent Adventures

The second episode of Excellent Adventures featuring LI "Bald Eagle" Joe dropped on YouTube this afternoon, and the shenanigans that ensue are as fun as ever.

Most of the time, when someone tells you that they can take someone with one arm tied behind their back, they're exaggerating a little bit, but every once in awhile there's a person that can back the claim up.

In a set against a Laura player online, Joe steps up to the plate and takes his opponent on with just one hand. After hearing that it'd be a suprise for him to even take a round playing as such, Joe manages to not only win, but to take a couple rounds pretty convincingly:

Click image for animated version

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ARIA and Kan-Ra rated the most difficult characters in Killer Instinct, Rash takes the title as most fun - check out the latest Textual Stream

The Killer Instinct Textual Stream is one of the many ways that Iron Galaxy keeps their player base in the know when it comes to development of the game. After a bit of an absence, the Textual Stream returned, this time around covering some info gathered from the survey they held last month.

One of the things the development team had a close eye on was how the player base felt about the characters; the survey asked players who they thought of each character's difficulty level, and which character was the most fun.

Character difficulty survey results image #1
Click images for larger versions

When it comes to who the voters thought was the most fun character in the game, it "wasn't even close." Rash came out on top as the clear fan favorite of the survey.

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Having trouble with Juri's knockdown game? This okizeme tutorial has got you covered

Juri has quite the arsenal of tricks at her disposal, and players like Marlonlonmilk are working to make sure that those tricks are fully understood. If you've been looking for ways to step up your okizeme game as Juri, look no further.

Marlonlonmilk has put together a video that covers many options that Juri has once she scores a knockdown. The detail found in this guide is pretty great; each move that can score a knockdown is featured, and several options regarding different wake up times are covered as well.

When a meaty move connects, the video pauses for a moment to show notation, and offer some advice on how to hit the timing properly.

Click image for animated version

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Yangcheng Cup results ft. Xiao Hai, MOV, Dakou, Bonchan

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, Yangcheng Cup is taking place in China, and while it's mainly focused on Street Fighter 5, for which it is a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event, it's also got some King of Fighters action going on.

Players set to attend include Qanba|Xiao Hai, MOV, PandaTV|Dakou, RB|Bonchan, HumanBomb, Qanba|Abao and more.

Streaming is being handled by Yangcheng Cup.

Check out the full event below.

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Kazunoko makes Cammy look overpowered as he destroys Xian, Nuki and Osayu in this incredible player showcase

Last year's Capcom Cup winner, Kazunoko, has shown us that he's just as big of a threat in Street Fighter 5 as he was in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

The Japanese pro continues his glass-cannon style play with Cammy, and it seems she's a perfect fit. Xuses has compiled a collection of Kazunoko's bouts with other top players such as RZR|Xian, Nuki and the number five ranked player online: fellow Cammy player Osayu.

We've never felt bad for players like Xian before, but the way Kazunoko simply overwhelms his foes, we're starting to. Check out this crazy standing fierce punch whiff punish that Kaz confirms into a Spiral Arrow against Osayu:

Click image for animated version

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Well Played Cup 2016 results ft. Nemo, Kazunoko, Mago, Daigo

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

A Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event is taking place today in Tokyo, Japan.

There've been a bunch of qualifiers leading up to this event, so eight players are already set to be in the top 16 and get points, those players being AW|Nemo, Mago, HM|Go1, Yukadon, Youshikibi, VX, Iori and Kinachi.

Today, there'll first be a big qualifier to decide the last 8 spots, where among others RZR|Xian and HM|Eita will be participating, and then the main event where those 8 as-of-yet unknown players will join these other 8 to battle it out for the final points.

Streaming is being done at Beastapac.

Check out the full action below.

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Sirlin's cr.MP is the stuff of legends: Used move 18 consecutive times in grand finals in Alpha 2 days

One of my favorite moments in fighting game history was documented in David Sirlin's Playing to Win book.

Sirlin was facing Thao Duong in the Street Fighter Alpha 2 grand finals at East Coast Championships 4, and went to an infamous tactic which won him the tournament, and a spot in the proverbial FGC hall of fame (some would argue shame).

Being outmatched and feeling like he had no other alternatives, Sirlin picked Rose — who has one of the most ridiculous normals in Street Fighter history — Crouching Medium Punch, and spammed the move with a specific pattern and timing to win the whole event.

Spectators at the time said that Sirlin used Rose's cr.MP 18 consecutive times without he or his opponent doing a single other move.

We've recreated in the moment in question, even though the use of the word 'recreation' is a bit of a stretch.

In reality, we booted up Alpha 2 and had Rose spam cr.MP for days against Chun-Li, just to give people some idea of what the moment in question may have looked like.

Click image for animated version

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Were you unable to attend EVO this year? Experience the next best thing with Core-A's interactive, 360-degree camera walk through

With thousands of competitors and millions of spectators, EVO 2016 was the biggest and baddest EVO to date. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it out to the mega event to experience the hype live.

Enter Core-A Gaming with their brilliant idea to bring along a 360 degree camera to both the pool venue and finals arena.

If you haven't watched a 360 video before, they allow you to control where you're looking as the video progresses. On mobile devices you'll literally turn and move to change perspective, and those using a computer will need to click directional buttons on the screen to manipulate their view.

It's not quite the EVO experience, but it's still a pretty cool next best thing.

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Mike Ross is overcome by salt, loses his mind and breaks his stick on recent episode of Pro Talk

We have good news for everyone: If you've ever had your frustration levels skyrocket to the point where you've nearly lost it because of playing Street Fighter 5 online, you're not alone.

In fact, you're in the company of Twitch's own Mike Ross. On this week's episode of Capcom Pro Talk, Mike gave up one too many Twitch Turbos, leading to a frenzy of stick throwing, stick stomping and wallet tossing.

Click image for animated version

Guests EG|K-Brad and Floe tried their best not to provoke the show host even further, but in the end they couldn't stop him from simply getting up and leaving the show entirely. Feel free to have a laugh at Mike's expense by watching the video below.

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'eSports is gonna replace sports in the immediate future' - TriForce talks gaming, building the African gaming community and promoting positivity

Isaiah "TriForce" Johnson has quite the history in the fighting game community. Long before the FGC even began thinking of moving towards eSports, TriForce was building and developing an organized gaming vision in the New York-based Team Empire Arcadia (EMP).

Long story short, things didn't quite pan out in the long run for EMP, and TriForce took a step or two away from the gaze of the public eye for quite some time.

Just yesterday, an interview surfaced on YouTube featuring the unmistakable FGC figure from chapters passed. In the interview TriForce has more than a few things to say, commenting on the movement and growth of eSports and discussing plans to help grow the African gaming community.

He goes as far to say, right off the bat, that eSports is going to replace traditional sports very soon, but continues on to offer a whole lot more.

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Kramer streaming in his underwear, George attending Smash tourneys? The idea of Seinfeld characters in the FGC is hilarious

If you're not already aware of the Twitter "eSports Seinfeld", you need to be.

The central idea behind the account is to come up with funny eSports scenarios that the characters from Seinfeld would find themselves in. Being that Seinfeld was essentially a show about nothing at all, it lends itself quite well to the union.

This will really only apply to those who are familiar with the characters in Seinfeld, but if you've seen some of the crazy ventures Kramer sets off on, or can appreciate George's bumbling antics, you'll get quite a few laughs out of these.

We've collected a handful of our favorite FGC-themed tweets from eSports Seinfeld:

Seinfeld FGC image #1 Seinfeld FGC image #2 Seinfeld FGC image #3 Seinfeld FGC image #4 Seinfeld FGC image #5 Seinfeld FGC image #6

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Capcom Pro Tour Online Europe qualifier results and stream archive

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The first European Capcom Pro Tour Online event is taking place today.

You can check out the brackets and see who's in over at LevelUp's Challonge.

Once they get down to the top 16, they're set to stream on Capcom Fighters, so make sure to tune in.

Follow the event's streams and results below.

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