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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Bonchan, Fuudo, Kazunoko, Momochi, Tokido and Mago are all going to Final Round 18

A little more than a week ago, Mad Catz's Mark 'Markman23' Julio tweeted about his excitement for Final Round 18, which is slated to take place next weekend, from March 20 to 22 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Now, thanks to a talk corner on today's episode of Kachigatari TV, we finally have a better idea on which Japanese players Markman may have been referring to -- well, six of them, at least.

All six co-hosts for the Kachitagari TV (Bonchan, Fuudo, Kazunoko) and Topanga TV (EG|Momochi, MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago) Web shows are going to be at Final Round 18, the former group revealed during the talk session where the members discussed their individual travel plans for the rest of March.

If you'd like to see the announcement yourself (Bonchan's announcement and his reaction when Fuudo and Kazunoko say they're going too), go to time code 01:42:35 in the show's Twitch archive below.

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NYChrisG gets picked up by Tempo Storm, will be travelling to Final Round 18 to represent the eSports organization

eSports organization Tempo Storm announced today that they're bringing NYChrisG into their fold, a move that will expand their competitive portfolio to include fighting games.

Originally a professional Hearthstone team, Tempo Storm first began expanding into other eSports fields when they picked up Heroes of the Storm team Symbiote Gaming to play under their banner earlier this year. NYChrisG is Tempo Storm's first competitive fighting games player.

“I met Reynad (Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk, CEO and Owner of Tempo Storm) through a friend, and as we talked I quickly learned how he was interested in expanding Tempo Storm into the FGC," NYChrisG said in a press release, on how talks of the sponsorship began.

"At the time I wasn't sponsored. I was looking for a way to travel to events and get into streaming to further my gaming career. We had the same goals in mind and we came to an agreement. I'm happy to say that I'm a part of Tempo Storm!”

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Guile's theme now has lyrics, highlight the one thing you've probably never noticed about this fiercely American Street Fighter

As the saying goes, Guile's theme goes with anything.

But even with that said, his theme goes particularly well with these hard-hitting lyrics that the creative folks over at Fox's Animation Domination High-Def show, which point out something you may have never noticed about the American Street Fighter. Or at least, I hadn't noticed until now.

What am I talking about? In case you're wondering: nope, it has nothing to do with Guile's apparently preferred mode of transport (image used in the banner up top).

Just watch and find out. Note that the language used in the video is mildly NSFW.

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What if Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Strife were playable in Smash Bros.? Mod lets him summon meteors, use Omni-Slash as a metor smash

Along with mods to make Chrom and Rayman playable, another great one that's been floating around on the Web lets you play as Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

This isn't the new Dissidia Final Fantasy, folks! But it's still pretty cool nonetheless.

Cloud has got some pretty cool moves in Smash Bros. -- apart from the usual sword slashes and smash attacks, one of his specials give him the ability to summon meteors that rain from the sky, while another lets him perform what I believe is the Omni-Slash, which as you'll see in this video, is ridiculously good as a meteor smash.

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Hisako can cancel command throw attempts into counters, has the fastest forward dash, and more - let's talk about KI's next character

This past weekend, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy unveiled the next spooky addition to the Killer Instinct season 2 roster -- Hisako -- during their panel at PAX East. Although the character isn't quite complete yet, the developers took the time to show off the ghost girl in her current form and discuss much of what she can do.

As the story goes, Hisako is a 19-year-old girl from a rural Japanese village who perished at the hands of renegade soldiers whilst trying to avenge her fallen family. Years later, the shrine made in her honor was disturbed by a "nefarious organization" (most likely Ultratech), and Hisako was awakened, seeking vengeance upon those who have tampered with her slumber. Her playstyle in Killer Instinct is described as "Counter-Grappler," which means exactly what it sounds like: her strengths lie in using counters and command throws.

At first glance, you may think that Hisako looks a lot like the girl from The Ring (at least, that's what I thought). But there are a number of nuances that bring an original feel to the ghastly girly.

In-game, Hisako has an incredibly slow walk speed; it very well may be the slowest of all the characters in Killer Instinct. To compensate, however, her forward dash is insanely fast and can even low-profile beneath projectiles. The KI developers mention that her forward dash is among the fastest, if not, is the fastest in the game.

Click images for animated versions

If you look closely, you'll see that Hisako actually drags her naginata (giant bladed weapon) along the floor as she walks, scratching a trail in the ground. It's the attention to detail and frankly, the little things that make her a joy to watch on screen.

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William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte becomes Team SoloMid's first Super Smash Bros. sponsored player

It has been officially announced today that Team SoloMid (TSM) -- one of the largest League of Legends teams around right now -- will be branching out into fighting games.

To kick things off, SoloMid is entering the world of competitive Super Smash Bros. The first fighting game player they have enlisted is none other than Super Smash Bros. Melee veteran William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte.

Leffen most recently took third place at Apex 2015, and is probably most well known for his tournament wins over the 5 Smash gods: C9|Mango, Alliance|Armada, EG|PPMD, Liquid|Hungrybox and Mew2King.

You can check out what Leffen had to say about joining Team SoloMid after the jump.

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Capcom on Tour: Dieminion speaks his mind on the European competition he played at Cannes Winter Clash

Capcom UK community manager Matt Edwards recently made a trip down to Cannes for the Cannes Winter Clash event which, as you know by now, was full of Ultra Street Fighter 4 hype.

While at the event, Matt and the team at Capcom UK shot some great footage that gave us an inside look at CWC this year.

They also caught up with Dieminion, who was there as the representative from the US qualifier, and did a brief video interview in which the renowned Guile player talked about a number of subjects: his thoughts on the European competition there, the mysterious female Bison that he played on stream against, the vibe at this year's CWC compared to previous years, and more.

Another player that Capcom UK caught up with was Pro Fluke the El Fuerte specialist. Check out the video below to see both of their interviews.

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Gouken's jump MK 'cross-up' hits on the front but lands behind - learn the set-ups in Gaku_0_8's Ultra Street Fighter 4 tutorial

Remember Gaku_0_8's Gouken UC1 setup that works for both delayed and regular wake-up timings from last year?

After a really long time, Gaku_0_8 is finally back with another new Gouken tech tutorial video. This time, he's going to show you some set-ups that you can use to perform a very sneaky fake cross-up that is sure to confuse any opponent who doesn't know about the trick.

The set-ups work on a great many characters, although depending on who your opponent is, you'd need to use a slightly different whiff set-up to account for hitbox differences.

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China's Dark Jiewa makes it rain with his fight money at Abuget Cup 2015 - match videos also ft. Humanbomb, Saunic and more

Abuget Cup 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia was a fine display of Ultra Street Fighter 4 skills from the Asian region, not just from the seasoned players in attendance -- China's Dark Jiewa, Hong Kong's Humanbomb, and Saunic (who was previously part of the French competitive scene but now resides in Hong Kong) -- but also from fresh faces like Chuan from Penang, Malaysia.

There were lots of great moments during Abuget Cup 2015. But my favorite moment during the tournament has nothing to do with the matches played themselves. My favorite moment happened during the prize-giving ceremony, during which the tournament's victor Dark Jiewa "made it rain".

Click image for animated version

Now that's showmanship right there. I'm starting to like this guy.

Apart from making it rain, Dark Jiewa also put up a pretty good showing at the tournament this time around, no doubt the results of his intensive training with other top Chinese players like Qanba|Dakou.

You can now watch some of them even if you're not a subscriber of the Tough Cookie TV Twitch channel; BEast of the East (Beastapac) have uploaded the five last matches of the tournament on their official YouTube channel.

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Xian is not afraid of facing Daigo or Snake Eyez, names 2 other Red Bull Kumite players when asked who his greatest competition at the event are

March has been a great month for competitive Ultra Street Fighter 4 so far, with the finals of Cannes Winter Clash taking place on March 1, and that amazing Hori|Sako vs. MD|Luffy ft10 exhibition match that came a few days after.

And that momentum isn't looking to drop anytime soon; the SXSW Gaming Fighters Invitational (Texas) and Japan's Nine States Tournament (in Fukuoka; first qualifier for Capcom Pro Tour Asia) are both taking place later this week.

Near the end of the month, on March 28, there's also the Red Bull Kumite, a star-studded international invite-only tournament that will see the likes of RZR|Xian, MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Tokido, Infiltration and more competing for what's looking to be a lot like the second coming of Capcom Cup 2014.

To drive some hype for the event, Red Bull has just published their interview with one of the Asian players invited to attend the prestigious event. In this interview, RZR|Xian names two renowned USF4 players when asked who he thinks his greatest competition at the tournament will be -- and neither name is MCZ|Daigo or Snake Eyez.

Take a moment to guess which players RZR|Xian named, and keep reading to find out if you were correct.

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Watch Tekken 7's Lili land a death combo on Shaheen with 95% health, without activating her Rage Arts - bug in T7 that has been patched out

Update: According to EventHubs readers xdbs and God_Demon, this is a bug that has already been addressed and patched out.

Earlier: "Eh? What the heck just happened? How much health did Shaheen have before Lili's combo landed?" a startled Tekken 7 match commentator asks in the mid-way point of the video you're about to watch, right after Lili knocks out Shaheen with a single combo that took away 95% of his health meter.

The Tekken franchise isn't particularly known for death combos, due to the way damage scaling is structured. They do happen from time to time though, mostly due to the Rage mechanic in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which provides a damage boost to fighters when their health falls below a certain percentage.

In Tekken 7, however, Rage does not provide a damage boost. Instead, it gives characters access to their Rage Arts super attacks.

Which makes the Tekken 7 moment you're about to watch even more interesting: Lili is at close to full health, and thus incapable of activating her Rage Arts -- yet she manages to perform an instant-death combo on her opponent, who had close to full health.

Is the combo overpowered? I don't think it is, since it probably only works on this particular stage, which I'm going to call the "Inception" stage, regardless of what the actual name is.

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Find out which fighting games have the highest number of people participating at Final Round 18 - over 1,500 already signed up

March 20th will see the start of Final Round 18, the first Capcom Pro Tour Premier event. This will truly kick off the highly anticipated 2015 Capcom Pro Tour in the US.

We're beginning to see the surge in hype for the Street Fighter scene, most likely due to the $500,000 bonus for the Pro Tour circuit.

We already know that Mark Man is "sending his boys:" This more than likely means the likes of MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Tokido and MCZ|Mago. If these guys are coming and bringing their friends... we're in trouble.

We also know that Infiltration, Kazunoko and KitasenjuDj will be attending thanks to a donation drive from /r/Kappa.

Hit the jump to see the numbers thus far.

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Full video of Iron Galaxy's panel at PAX East; See new character rivalry videos, the new single player Shadows mode and the Hisako walk through

Yesterday at PAX East, Iron Galaxy revealed their newest character for Killer Instinct as well as their plans for game's next update.

While we were able to relay some of the information via Twitter, we weren't able to see the panel in full. Iron Galaxy has since released a video of the panel, which we have here for you now.

You'll get to see their reveal of the upcoming "Shadows" mode, wherein players can save a virtual copy of their in-game personality for others to compete with. Iron Galaxy also shows their newest story developments, featuring Kan-Ra's feud with Aganos as well as TJ Combo's rivalry with Fulgore.

We also have game play footage for the Hisako reveal and breakdown by some of the developers.

Hit the jump to see the videos.

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16 top-level competitors, 3 grueling days, $20,000 - Who do you think will take it all at the SXSW Gaming Fighters Invitational? Vote here now!

We have EVO champions like RZR|Xian and MCZ|Daigo. We have international superstars like Ryan Hart and AVM|Gamerbee. We have classic, tried and trues like SteamCo|Sanford Kelly and EG|Ricky Ortiz. We have hungry, young blood like DL|Hamad and TL|NuckleDu.

Toss in greats like EG|Justin Wong, Snake Eyez, MCZ|Tokido and the current Capcom Cup champion EG|Momochi, and you have yourself a fight card for Texas' SXSW Gaming Fighters Invitational on March 13th-15th.

Any one of these competitors shines as a favorite whenever they enter a tournament. What happens when you throw all 16 of these names into a round-robin invitational? Well, we don't know! That's what you're here for!

Some of these fighters have been pretty obviously hot over the past couple months. That said, it's one thing to be hot, and a whole other to have the fortitude to remain solid through match after strenuous match against some of the greatest competition in the world.

We've made a poll and we want your input! Hit the jump below and let us know who you think has what it takes to best the other 15 killers on this list.

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Zero-Suit Samus isn't top 5 - Full Smash 4 tier list from Japanese gaming group SHI-G

Japanese gaming group SHI-G (which stands for Shinonome Gaming), a band of Smash Bros. tournament organizers and streamers, have just released this week their latest Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tier list.

As with their previous Smash 4 tier list, the process behind the consolidated tier list is a simple one: a total of 9 members in the group were asked to assign a rating of between 0 to 10 for each character, based on their potential in the default 1v1 tournament match format. The ratings are then tabulated and divided by the number of people who voted, to arrive at an overall rating for the character.

Characters that scored a 9 and above are placed in the A-tier bracket; B-tiers are 8 and above; C-tiers are 7 and above; D-tiers are 6 and above; and the rest are E-tier characters.

This time around, five characters scored a perfect 10. However, one of these five characters was subsequently elevated to the status of S-tier, as everyone in the group felt that way; the decision was unanimous. No prizes for guessing correctly who that character is.

Click images for larger versions

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