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Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers

Uryo's rushdown Decapre: quick and dirty tips to playing the Russian doll well; footage of matches vs. Cammy, Rolento

Master Sakura and C. Viper player Uryo has been at it with Decapre in Ultra Street Fighter 4 lately. And he's compiled a bunch of quick and dirty tips for anyone hoping to pick up Russian Shadaloo Doll, which Uryo says is a lot of fun to play, but definitely not in the upper tiers.

On top of the tips, he's also shared a video of him playing Decapre against a Cammy and a Rolento.

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Meet DJ 2D God, Mago-san's 'good friend'; Topanga TV Charity Cup PV debuts a mysterious 'new challenger'

Earlier today, Mad Catz's Mark "Markman" Julio tweeted out an image that caused quite a number of his Twitter followers to pull a quick double-take.

The image was a screencap made from the recently unveiled Topanga Charity Cup PV (video embedded after the break), and it showed a man who goes by the alias "DJ 2DGod (pronounced as "DJ 2DShin").

Whose facial features awfully resemble that of Mad Catz's very own Mago.

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Guile's Kara Cancel goes with everything: Sonic Booms, Flash Kicks, Focus Attack, even UC1 and UC2 in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Most of you are probably familiar with Kara Throws, Kara Tiger Uppercuts, and Kara Ultra Throw (for Hugo).

But have you heard of Guile's Kara Sonic Boom and Kara Flash Kick? Or what about, Kara Sonic Hurricane? Not really, right?

That's because most Guile players usually do not bother with it; even though they're technically doable, these techniques are fairly high-level, and quite difficult to pull off.

If, however, you're interested in exploring what Guile is capable of, you may want to check out RyuApprentice's latest tutorial video, this time focusing on teaching players how to kara cancel Guile's normal attack into one of his mainstay specials (or even Ultra Combos) for additional range.

Most of this tech would probably be too hard to consisntenly pull off in a real match; the Kara Sonic Boom, however, appears to be doable consistently with some practice, and will allow you to press your advantage better in Guile's zoning game.

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Poongko will not be attending EVO 2014

If you were looking forward to potentially seeing a hype rematch between MCZ|Daigo and Poongko this year at EVO, we have some unfortunate news for you.

Poongko, best known for his relentless Seth play in the Street Fighter 4 series, announced via Twitter a few days ago that he will not be attending the year's largest fighting game event this time around. He did not cite the reason for his absence, simply stating, "no comment."

This information is particularly disappointing considering that this year will serve as the very first Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament at EVO. The competition is absolutely stacked this year, and with the five Japanese fighting game gods in attendence, and players such as Kazunoko, Bonchan, Mago, Momochi, and plenty of others expected to compete, it's a shame we won't get to see how Poongko will stack up against them.

You'll find Poongko's tweet below.

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Wednesday Night Fights 2014 2.14 results, archive ft. Snake Eyez, Alex Valle, Marq Teddy, Brentt, Veloc1raptor, and more

Wednesday Night Fights 2014 2.14 results, archive ft. Snake Eyez, Alex Valle, Marq Teddy, Brentt, Veloc1raptor, and more Another installment of Wednesday Night Fights took place last night and streamed live from Walnut, California.

Ultra Street Fighter 4, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are the games that were played yesterday.

Players that competed included RG|Snake Eyez, NLG|Marq Teddy, LU|Alex Valle, Veloc1raptor, NGL|Brentt, Gootecks, FRQ|FilipinoMan, and more.

Challonge brackets are posted here, and you can view last week's winners in our previous story.

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Makoto connects U1 after st.MP, Chun-Li hits dash-up U1 after midscreen EX Spinning Bird Kick, and much more: Crazy USF4 resets and combos

The RnK Clan brings us a truly spectacular, multi-character Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video today.

Featured here we have characters such as Makoto, Juri, C. Viper, Ryu, Decapre, and more, using all of the meter in their arsenals to pull off many impressive combos and resets.

In one clip, we get to see Chun-Li hit a dash-up Ultra 1 on C. Viper after hitting a midscreen EX Spinning Bird Kick. Additionally, Makoto has the ability to hit her Ultra 1, mid-combo, after a meaty standing medium punch on Gen.

You'll find that, and a whole lot more in RnK's latest Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video.

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Next Level Battle Circuit #77 results, archive ft. Zeus, Smug, DaFeetLee, Poem, Henry Cen, and more

Next Level Battle Circuit #77 results, archive ft. Zeus, Smug, DaFeetLee, Poem, Henry Cen, and more Next Level Battle Circuit returned last night and brought with it some great fighting game action from Next Level arcade in New York.

PIE|Zeus, PIE|Poem, NL|Henry Cen, DaFeetLee, Adnan, EX Plague, and more competed in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site, and results for last week's tournament are posted here.

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Daigo: Guile, Dhalsim, Vega are bad match-ups for Evil Ryu, lowering his overall rank; Yun, Dudley, Cammy can win rounds in 10 seconds

In MCZ|Daigo Umehara's opinion, in Ultra Street Fighter 4 Yun is in his own character tier, followed by Fei Long and Cammy in the tier bracket below that -- but not Evil Ryu.

Evil Ryu, along with a number of other strong USF4 characters, belongs in the tier bracket after Fei Long and Cammy, MCZ|Daigo opined in a column published in this month's issue of Arcadia magazine in Japan.

MCZ|Daigo's opinion of Evil Ryu is quite different from what most of us believe in, however. Many players (including Kokujin) believe Yun and Evil Ryu to be the top-tier characters in USF4.

So why does MCZ|Daigo think Evil Ryu wouldn't even make the list of top 3 characters in the game?

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Dee Jay's hand is too big; Yun gets 4x MP, Ryu & Oni gets 3x MP in combos against this poor, thin man in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Since Ultra Street Fighter 4's release, a lot of players have said that Dee Jay has gotten worse in this version. Even in our USF4 tiers list section. Dee Jay currently stands at #39 (out of 44), according to all of you who've voted. That means he's one of the worst five characters in the game.

But with that said, why exactly is Dee Jay so bad in this version? After all, according to Capcom's Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas, the character has been buffed quite a bit in a few areas.

If you've been wondering about that for the longest time now, then you need to check out Japanese USF4 player vaultfaiz's Dee Jay "Introductions" video where he demonstrates that not only does Dee Jay not have a good wake-up reversal option, but he also has a weird hurtbox attached to his hand, which allows quite a few characters to land combos that won't work on other characters.

Yun gets to land 4x MPs. Ryu and Oni each get 3 MPs in combos on Dee Jay. Even Dan gets to take a dump on him.

The video also shows that, due to increased knockback in EX Machinegun Upper, Dee Jay's EX MGU into UC2 combo will no longer work on E. Honda and Dudley (this was possible in SSF4 AE 2012). And when he performs the exact same combo on Poison... well, see it for yourself. Something worse happens.

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Gootecks revokes Mike Ross's license to Ultra in 'Ultra Excellent Adventures' Ep. 21

Episode 21 of The Ultra Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross is out on the Cross Counter TV YouTube channel early this week, thanks to a special sponsor!

In this latest episode, Mike Ross reverts back to serious mode, after losing a number of games in the previous episode of Ultra Excellent Adventures, and manages to body his online opponent with Ryu.

But then he gets too cocky and goes back to picking Dee Jay, leading to a performance that's so god-like that Gootecks had to revoke Mike Ross's license to Ultra.

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Estimated prize payouts for EVO 2014's main games - breakdowns for top 8

With EVO 2014 taking place next weekend, you're probably wondering exactly what's at stake this year. Luckily, an Imgur user by the name of acekingoffsuit recently posted estimated prize payouts for each of the main games on the EVO lineup.

These numbers were calculated using the number of reported entrants per game, the amount sent to the prize pot for each entrance fee ($10), any additional pot bonuses, and the official EVO prize structure.

Below you can find the estimated totals for all of the main EVO 2014 games.

Total estimated prize pots:

Ultra Street Fighter 4: $29,790
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: $10,140
Super Smash Bros. Melee: $9,700
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma: $35,080
Killer Instinct: $13,380
King of Fighters 13: $3,190
Injustice: Gods Among Us: $3,110
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: $7,570

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Dieminion clings to life with an amazing clutch victory as Rolento; Poongko, ProudStrawberry, Smug, stromKUBO, and more featured in these USF4 replays

YogaFlame24 continues to upload excellent Ultra Street Fighter 4 match footage on to his YouTube channel.

Today we have some exceptional competitors, hype moments, and overall great Street Fighter action. This particular batch features players such as EMP|Dieminion, PIE|Smug, Poongko, ProudStrawberry, stromKUBO, YHCmochi, and more.

In the final match we have included in this story, EMP|Dieminion shows off his Rolento skills against a Guile player named Mc The Big Boss. We don't want to give too much away, but there is an incredibly clutch moment in that bout that you won't want to miss.

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Harley Quinn, Mileena, Sub-Zero, X-23, Dante, Cammy, and even Ivy Doomkitty! - fighting game related cosplay from Wizard World Philadelphia

EventHubs correspondent Jason24cf took a trip down to the recent comic book convention, Wizard World, in Philadelphia. As these events are a great place for cosplayers to show off their latest outfits, Jason took the opportunity to snap pictures of many that were in attendance.

Below you will find a slew of photos featuring the fighting game related folk at Wizard World Philly. Additionally, we've included a few photos of Steve Mack, a Street Fighter artist, along with some of his work.

Check everything out and let us know what you think!

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Tokido to publish autobiography, explains why he became a pro gamer despite graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in Japan

MCZ|Tokido announced on his Twitter feed earlier today that he is getting an autobiography published later this month.

"I'm pleased to announced today that I'm getting a book published!" Tokido's tweet said in Japanese.

"Of course, there will be parts in this book that I think my fans will enjoy reading through. But on top of that, there are also parts that I think even readers who do not know anything about fighting games can enjoy."

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Daigo: 'I switched from Ryu to Evil Ryu because of Yun'; Ken, Akuma, Sagat are mid-tier but viable

Earlier this week, we posted a summarised excerpt from MCZ|Daigo's column in the latest issue of Arcadia magazine in Japan.

The exerpt itself was centered around Daigo's thoughts on the character tiers in Ultra Street Fighter 4. But as it turns out, the column itself was quite a bit longer, and contained a few more nuggets of info from The Beast himself.

For instance, MCZ|Daigo said that Yun was actually the main reason why he switched from Ryu to Evil Ryu. He also expressed his thoughts on where Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Sagat stand in the tiers.

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