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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

How many claps could a Hugo clap if Hugo could combo claps? Bafael's extensive USF4 tutorial details the massive giant

It's no secret that Hugo has been struggling to make a splash on the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tier list, even clocking in second-to-last place in our own rankings. Despite this, many players (myself included) finds the hulking warrior to be great fun. Even in recent majors, players have made huge strides with the character.

Fortunately for those ready to learn some very basic counting in German, Cross Counter has just featured another amazing Bafael tutorial, this time supplying close to twenty minutes of Hugo instruction.

The video alone is never enough for Bafael, though. Included in the video description is a massive write up to compliment the footage. It is absolutely phenomenal how Bafael has managed to maintain such extensive detail on his tutorials as he continues his journey to complete a guide for every member of Ultra Street Fighter 4's cast.

Check below to begin your journey into Hugo mastery.

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831 stun and over 500 damage on a single counter hit? Gouken shows why he'll always be the master in this Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video

Gouken is often seen as a zoning character who keeps characters away with his variety of fireball angles; however, LDEKIE has decided to put on a clinic showing the massive amounts of stun and damage Ken and Ryu's sensei can dish out on a counter hit opportunity.

Some of these new combos are thanks to the recent changes Gouken received in Ultra Street Fighter 4, such as his tatsu hitting low, while others feature frame traps to get the damage started.

Check below to watch what Gouken can do when he's given the counter hit and a few bars of meter.

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Extra Credits says walls of text and training rooms aren't good enough for the layman to grasp fighting games, tackles teaching complicated mechanics

Extra Credits, a popular YouTube channel known for diving deep into the mechanics and philosophy of video games, has recently set its attention on the fighting game genre.

Crediting the dedicated community for its keen understanding and appreciating, it also makes the claim that fighting games have never gotten the audience they could because “most players never get the play experience these games are designed around."

This conundrum is well known to the fighting game community. For anyone who has ever tried to get their friend to sit down and learn Street Fighter 4 only to watch them pick Gen, flounder around with a strange dance of chaotic movements, then ultimately lose interest and quit, this problem hits home.

Even developers have taken notice to this with examples including Street Fighter 4's lenient input system and Ultra moves. Nonetheless, Extra Credits feels this isn't enough, instead proposing an RPG type system where moves are slowly unlocked for characters in piecemeal.

Watch the video below to see their proposal, then sound off in the comments whether you think this would be the solution the fighting game community needs to grow or a strange misstep.

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Dogura and Galileo are saying their goodbyes to BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma v1.11... with a ft-to-30 to settle the score, once and for all

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasta Ver2.0 is coming out next week (on October 9) in Japanese arcades, and so Dogura and Galileo -- two of the strongest BBCP players in the world right now -- played a first-to-30 set earlier today to send the soon-to-be-outdated version of the game out with a bang.

The two have decided to play the long set not simply due to their immense love for the game, of course. As Galileo managed to take the championship title at EVO 2014 over Dogura, while Dogura's team defeated Galileo's to clinch the title at Arc Revolution 2-on-2 Japan national finals, the two players are pretty much tied 1-to-1 at this point, as far as major tournaments running on BBCP v1.11 are concerned.

So they thought it'd be fun to determine who is the better BBCP v1.11 player once and for all -- and there's really no better time to do it one week before everyone will get a fresh start again on BBCP v2.0.

Who will emerge victorious? Find out in the nearly 4-hour long video embedded below -- or just scroll all the way down for the final results.

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C. Viper standing LK pass-through glitch makes nearly all of Ibuki's reversal options whiff in Ultra Street Fighter 4

YouTube user Archie Utama has been posting quite a bit of Ultra Street Fighter 4 tech on his channel lately, mostly centered on the teenage wonder ninja schoolgirl Ibuki.

Today, he's posted yet another such video, but this time it contains anti-Ibuki tech, and his latest discovery (shown to him by HarukazeNinja) just might shock you, C. Viper's Thunder Knuckle style.

In his video, he demonstrates that apparently due to a hitbox glitch, if you were to perform a meaty standing LK with C. Viper on Ibuki right as the latter is getting up, almost all of Ibuki's reversal options will lead to a whiff as she passes through C. Viper's character model.

The only reversal option to not be susceptible to this glitch (assuming it was not intended by the development team) is Ibuki's UC2.

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Asuka & Paul's 'Rage Arts' supers; high-quality Tekken 7 footage ft. Claudio, Katarina, Xiaoyu, Dragunov, Leo, Steve, Kazuya, Bryan and more

Kazuya and Leo's Rage Arts super moves weren't the only ones captured on video earlier today. Looking over all of the shakycam videos that Tekken 7 location test attendees have posted on YouTube today, we noticed that Asuka's and Paul's supers were also documented in all of the early footage:

Click images for animated versions

Other than Asuka and Paul's Rage Arts moves, the early footage also shows Tekken 7's new characters Claudio and Katarina in action, along with many of the playable roster at the location tests. And unlike our previous post, all of that footage is fairly high-quality -- we've picked out the best videos we could find, this time.

Check them out below, along with a Tekken 7 changes overview vid from Level Up Your Game's Rip.

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Super Smash Bros. 3DS released today; here are all the easiest ways to unlock your favorite secret character(s)

Today's the day! Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is finally out in North America and Europe. If you haven't already got a copy, you can now pick one up at a video games retailer near you.

But before you make your way down to a retailer, you may want to first download the ver. 1.0.2 update patch for the game at home first -- it's required if you'd like to play online.

Pre-loading the patch could save you a bit of time and frustration, since you'd be able to jump online and start playing with live human opponents immediately -- the matches will go towards a count for unlocking the game's secret characters, after all.

Aside from the total match count, the secret characters can also be unlocked through the various other single-player modes in the game, which we're listing here for the benefit of those of you who'd like to go at it solo first -- or if you just want to unlock Bowser Jr. as soon as possible.

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See Kazuya and Leo's 'Rage Arts' super moves; nearly an hour's worth of Tekken 7 action in shakycam footage

Today was the first day of the Tekken 7 location tests in Japan. Although the official location test live streams will only start from from later tonight at 8.30PM (PST time), a few of the location test participants have been capturing videos of the game on their smartphones to share with the rest of the world.

Thanks to their efforts (as well as those of you who shared them with us), we get to take a good look of what Leo and Kazuya's "Rage Arts" super moves are like in the game.

Click images for animated versions

For those of you unfamiliar with Rage Arts, it's one of the two new elements that are being introduced in Tekken 7. Unlike the Rage system in Tekken 6 and TTT2, when your character's life is whittled down to a certain amount, Tekken 7's Rage system will not confer speed or damage boosts, but will instead give you access to a Rage Arts super move that you can combo into for massive damage.

The other new mechanic introduced in Tekken 7 is Power Crush, which you'll get to see in two 30-minute long videos that Twitcast user Eleodica shot from the location tests, embedded below.

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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS launched

To coincide with the North American release of Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS, we've launched tiers for Super Smash Bros. 4 here on EventHubs.

Like our other tier sections, this is a match-up based listing where every possible combination in the game can be voted on.

Once you've filled out the votes for a character, you can easily share them on social media.

Also, with this release a stats area is available, and you can find other Smash 4 players using our very handy Fight Tracker tool.

Once the Wii U version is released, we'll archive and reset these listings, and start again focusing on the main title that will be used in the competitive scene.

Updated: Tekken 7 gameplay footage; images show new fighter Claudio, character select screen, Katarina

Updated: Gameplay footage of Tekken 7 has just hit YouTube. Check it out after the jump.

The first-ever Tekken 7 location tests are currently being held in Japan, and although the live streams won't be going up until tomorrow, some lucky players are already getting their hands on it.

Luckily, FlyingWonkey of Avoiding The Puddle is currently tweeting out information about Bandai Namco's upcoming fighter.

Tonight we have a special treat, as Wonkey posted photos of Tekken 7's character select screen showing Katarina's official artwork. Additionally, we get to see a screenshot of an actual match, making these images the first real look at the new Tekken title.

Another new fighter has also entered the fray. A male fighter named Claudio can be seen in the official PDF detailing new mechanics that was released earlier today. Below you will find scans of the PDF showing move lists, and the photos showing the character select screen and gameplay.

Click images for larger versions

Flying Wonkey has provided a few bits of information, relaying what he's found out about the game so far.

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The Runback 3.7 live stream ft. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, PlayStation All-Stars, and more

The Runback 3.7 live stream ft. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, PlayStation All-Stars, and more The Level|Up Twitch stream has gone live, and tonight on The Runback, we're about to see some great fighting game action from Super Arcade.

Tonight, the games being played include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, if there are enough entrants for each. Additionally, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale returns to TRB tonight.

You can follow along with all of the action by checking out the brackets over on Level|Up's Challonge page. Last week's results can be found here.

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Wednesday Night Fights 3.7 results, archive ft. Snake Eyez, FilipinoMan, Chris, Velociraptor, Slayer, Just Frames James, and more

Wednesday Night Fights 3.7 results, archive ft. Snake Eyez, FilipinoMan, Chris, Velociraptor, Slayer, Just Frames James, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday night once again and Level|Up is bringing us more fighting game action. Tonight, the LU crew returns to Super Arcade in Walnut, California, and continues their 3rd season of the event.

Ultra Street Fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Injustice: Gods Among Us will all be played tonight if there are enough entrants for each game. Additionally, Mortal Kombat 9 is being played.

Challonge brackets are posted here, and you can find last week's results here.

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'Zangief was one of the worst characters in AE v2012, by far; sometimes he feels too strong in USF4' - EventHubs exclusive interview with veggey

Last weekend, DreamHack Stockholm happened, and Norwegian top players made a splash. While 1st and 2nd places went to European superstars MD|Luffy and DIG|Ryan Hart, respectively, 3rd and 4th place were claimed by BX3|veggey and BX3|Phenom, who have both been tearing it up in the European scene for a long time now.

In light of their continued high placings, we decided to reach out for interviews with both of them, and first up is the grappler of the North, Mr. Vegard "veggey" Kopangen Bugge himself. Below, you'll find a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: For how long have you been playing fighting games, and what was it that made you start?

Veggey: I've been playing since the summer of 2009. It started with a friend of mine, who said that I should buy Street Fighter 4, but I was like "No, fighters are crap". Then I said, "Okay, if your girlfriend can guess what number I am thinking of between 1-10, I'll buy it". She guessed 7, and I thought of 7, so I had to buy it. The mind games started before I even got the game! She would probably be godlike with El Fuerte, right? No...

You can find the rest of the interview below.

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Next Level Battle Circuit #90 results, archive ft. Smug, Sanford Kelly, K-Brad, DaFeetLee, and more

Next Level Battle Circuit #90 results, archive ft. Smug, Sanford Kelly, K-Brad, DaFeetLee, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday night, so it's time for some great fighting game action from The Next Level in Brooklyn, New York.

The games being played tonight include Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, if there are enough entrants.

Brackets are available on The Next Level Challonge site, and results for last week's tournament are posted here.

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Juri and Cammy's Summer Vacation outfits, MvC2 heroes destroy Sentinel, and more - Edwin Huang's fighting game artwork

We have featured UDON's Edwin Huang here on EventHubs before, but his artwork is so great that we feel one good turn deserves another. So today we have an assortment of great pieces from Edwin that range from fully colored products to commission work.

Right off the bat, what stands out to us is Huang's depiction of both Juri and Cammy's Ultra Street Fighter 4 Summer Vacation costumes. It isn't often that we see artwork displaying in-game alternate outfits, so this is a refreshing take on the two Street Fighter femme fatales.

Also included here are pieces showing some of the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 heroes (and Nightcrawler) in action, Hokuto from the Street Fighter EX series, and more.

Click each image below for a closer look, and let us know which are your favorites.

Click images for larger versions

Source: Edwin Huang

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