Pokkén Tournament and both Super Smash Bros. games join Street Fighter 5 in surpassing 1000 entrants at EVO 2016

Even though EVO is still 3 months away, people are making sure to plan way ahead for the event.

It was said a while back that Street Fighter 5 had surpassed 3000 entrants, but SF5 isn't the only game going huge.

Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Wii U both got close to 2000 last year, and they're already both above 1000 for this year as well. But wait - that's not all.

One of the new entries in the EVO 2016 lineup, Pokkén Tournament, has also managed to reach above 1000 entrants - with 3 more months to go.

Hit the jump to check out the tweets from Tom Cannon confirming that Nintendomination is inbound for EVO 2016.

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6 million unique users played Killer Instinct during March, Microsoft reports - Franchise rises to an all-time high

It looks like the hype for Season 3 has delivered on all fronts, as Microsoft have reported that the game saw an all-time high of 6 million unique players logged in and playing during the duration of March.

This is unlikely to even be a boost due to the new season's release itself, since the Season 3 patch only went live at the very end of March.

This could hopefully mean further growth for the franchise, which is moving into new exciting territories with its third season underway.

Source: Game Informer.

Thanks to soultruthgemini and ImaPlayThis for sending this in.

Street Fighter 5's Birdie most closely resembles his Alpha 2 counterpart - Desk shows a visual comparison with epic cross-game combos

Desk returns with another amazing blend of old and new.

This time, we get a glimpse at the slovenly, hard-hitting powerhouse, Birdie, in the past and present. The combo video extraordinaire compares each of the fighter's attacks from Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter 5.

From the montage, we see that Capcom stayed fairly true to Birdie's design of yore (aside from his change in physique, of course.) But for the most part, his attacks stayed true to form.

Below you will find a quick GIF showing a custom combo that fuses footage from both games to make for one extended sequence.

Click image for animated version

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Shadow Mewtwo Infinite blockstring removed, Pikachu Libre pass-through fixed, and more: Pokken Tournament 1.2 patch notes

Pokken Tournament recently received an update that addressed some of the bugs and unintentional attack behavior that has been present since the game's release.

The 1.2 patch is available for download right now and requires 367MB of your Wii U's memory. It should be noted that those who opt not to download the update will be unable to access certain game modes, such as online play.

This patch does away with the Shadow Mewtwo blockstring infinite that allowed players to score a free win via time out. It also dials back the strength of support Pokemon Reshiram, reducing the damage of Blue Flare.

You can find the full patch notes after the jump.

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A $900 statue of 'Hot Ryu' exists, and it'll be up for pre-order very soon; also available in regular and Evil options

Street Fighter 5's "Hot Ryu" became a bit of a phenomenon when the alternate costume was first unveiled earlier this year. There's no doubt that the wandering warrior's rugged look had some hardcore fans, but we can't help but wonder if anyone is hardcore enough to buy this...

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles has created a series of Ryu statues that cost a whopping $900. You can purchse him in "Hot," "Regular," and "Evil." (Those aren't the official names.)

The price tag sits at $899.99 for each, but you can actually get a 15% discount if you pay in full. This will drop the price down to $764.99, but the discount will only be available for a limited time.

Pre-orders will open up on April 18th at 3 p.m. PST and the item is expected to ship on May 17th.

You can check out the Hot Ryu statue photos below, and hit the jump to see the other versions.

Hot, Evil, and Regular Ryu statues image #1 Hot, Evil, and Regular Ryu statues image #2 Hot, Evil, and Regular Ryu statues image #3 Hot, Evil, and Regular Ryu statues image #4

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'Daigo is still training; I'm looking forward to seeing how strong he is' - learn more about Infiltration in this MTV Cribs-esque interview

Core-A Gaming recently caught up with the player who is leading the charge in Capcom Pro Tour 2016 victories -- RZR|Infiltration.

Veering away from the regular interview style commonly used in this day and age, Core-A goes for more of a MTV Cribs-style piece, visiting Infiltration at his home in Korea. Not only do we get to see how the champion lives, but we are also treated to some insight on how he trains in fighting games, what his diet consists of, and more.

Infiltration mentions that a large part of his training is done by simply researching players as opposed to actually playing. As such, he's been keeping an eye on MCZ|Daigo's weekly Street Fighter 5 stream.

He notes that fans have been saying his two Capcom Pro Tour premiere event victories would have had a different outcome if Daigo were in attendance. Since we haven't seen Daigo in any of the major CPT events this year, everyone is wondering how his tournament performance will shape up once he emerges on the scene, and so is Infiltration.

"I think the fans are waiting for him since he is a FGC icon," Infiltration starts. "I'm also looking forward to seeing how strong he is."

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Are these upcoming Street Fighter 5 stages? Steam lists Ryu, R. Mika, and F.A.N.G's backgrounds as 'stages'

By now, most of us know that many of the official Street Fighter 5 character art pieces feature backdrops that reflect actual stages in-game. What's interesting, though, is that some characters are seen standing in front of backgrounds that aren't playable in Street Fighter 5.

This has led to speculation that some of this scenery will make its way into the game in the form of extra stages down the road. Street Fighter 5's in-game shop tells us that there will indeed be more backdrops for players to enjoy, and we've also heard from Capcom that season pass holders will be given an all new stage as a thanks for purchasing.

All of that having been said, EventHubs user Jookey recently spotted something interesting on Steam. Apparently, some of the rewards you can pick up from SF5's trading cards include profile backgrounds.

As you would expect, these backgrounds come from the official character artwork, and we get to see them without the character included for the first time. On Steam, they are specifically listed as "stages," and there's one for R. Mika, Ryu, and F.A.N.G -- all backdrops not found in the actual game.

Are these upcoming stages in SF5? image #1 Are these upcoming stages in SF5? image #2 Are these upcoming stages in SF5? image #3
Click images for larger versions

Whether these will eventually be added into Street Fighter 5 as extra stages is still unknown. However, we do know that Capcom intends to add more and these are the only potential hints at what new stages might look like.

Do you think these backdrops will be added into Street Fighter 5? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Steam. Thanks to Jookey for the heads up.

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator will receive free story updates post-launch

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN already had a pretty hefty story mode attached to it, and the upcoming followup Revelator has the same thing planned.

However, beyond the story you'll be enjoying when the game launches on May 26th in Japan, June 7th in the US and June 10th in Europe, a Famitsu scan that surfaced today tells that there's more waiting.

The scan specifies that the current plan is to add more story content after the game has launched, and that this content will be free of charge. Though the article doesn't say anything on the subject, this could hopefully mean we'll be seeing additional characters added post-launch as well, much like what happened in SIGN, the previous version.

Below, you can see the scan in its original Japanese form, alongside a few story mode images.

Click image for a larger version

Scan Source: Baf0 on Twitter.

Mai returns to King of Fighters 14 alongside newcomer ninja/Mai fanboy Banderas

The latest King of Fighters 14 trailer is out, and it shows Mai Shiranui, mainstay of the King of Fighters series, being confronted by ... a huge fan.

Presumably a member of the new South American team, Banderas clearly has some boundary issues when it comes to his idols, as you can see in the first trailer that's actually narrated by the two characters themselves.

I guess Mai isn't used to being on the other end of stalking, huh?

King of Fighters 14 Mai and Banderas trailer image #1 King of Fighters 14 Mai and Banderas trailer image #2 King of Fighters 14 Mai and Banderas trailer image #3 King of Fighters 14 Mai and Banderas trailer image #4 King of Fighters 14 Mai and Banderas trailer image #5 King of Fighters 14 Mai and Banderas trailer image #6
Click images for larger versions

Check out the trailer below.

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Godlike shimmies, relentless pressure and more - Marn, Justin Wong, Mago, Haitani and many more feature in this Street Fighter 5 comeback compilation

Now that Street Fighter 5 has been active in the pro circuit for roughly 2 months, we've gotten to see a lot of incredibly hype matches going on at various events.

This latest video from XusesGB is a long one, but it's also a good one. In this video, you'll be able to catch 25 minutes of hype comebacks from the Street Fighter 5 tournaments we've enjoyed so far.

Check it out right below.

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Capcom's goal with Street Fighter 4 wasn't actually realized until Street Fighter 5; Yoshinori Ono discusses the franchise's path in recent years

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono recently sat down with Develop to discuss the path the company has taken over the last two Street Fighter titles.

He reveals an interesting inside look at how the company expected things to go.

"The idea behind Street Fighter 4 was to go back to basics and make a game everyone could handle," said Ono.

"That was something we achieved with Street Fighter IV when we launched it but such a high standard of play has developed over seven or eight years, there’s a very narrow point of entry for new players. It’s difficult to find something that pleases both ends of the skill spectrum without a reset."

A statement saying SF4 was meant to be a game everyone could handle will probably excite a few quick responses to the contrary, but remember that this was 10 years after Third Strike, an arguably more technical game than SF4 ever was.

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Canada Cup Vancouver series looks to keep Marvel alive with exhibitions between Justin Wong, Kane Blueriver and BEE; coming May 13th-15th

Canada Cup Vancouver Series will be taking the place of Master Series, one of Canada's biggest and well known majors, this year.

While the event will feature nine titles including Street Fighter 5 and Super Smash Bros. Melee, Tournament organizer Lap Chi Duong has made it no secret that one of the major purposes for this tournament is to keep Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 alive.

Lap Chi has scheduled three UMvC3 exhibitions featuring EG|Justin Wong, BE|Kane Blueriver and Canada's own BEE Marvel. The two EVO champs and last year's Canada Cup winner will each square off against one another on finals day.

Register and book your hotel, which offers free breakfast, before April 22nd to receive a special discounted rate. For more information, and to register head over to the Canada Cup tournament website and Facebook page.

Momochi teaches us how to Bison in Street Fighter 5

What's better than a free 16 minute tutorial video from one of the world's best Street Fighter players? A free 16 minute tutorial video from one of the world's best Street Fighter players with English subtitles.

We just so happen to have EG|Momochi's Street Fighter 5 M. Bison tutorial here for you today. The EVO and Capcom Cup champion highlights the dictator's strongest moves, and then moves on to offer some in depth strategies as well.

Also, as you may have noticed in the banner image, Momochi actually describes Bison's standing heavy kick as "delicious," which is great.

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Who are the best Smash 4 players in the world? ZeRo discloses his top 10 list of the game's strongest competitors

With a 56 tournament streak and an EVO victory, there really isn't any debate that Gonzalo "TSM|ZeRo" Barrios is the strongest Smash 4 player on the planet at this point in time.

Given his status as such, we turn a very interested ear to what Barrios has to say when it comes to the other titans of the latest Smash Bros. game. After all, he's probably the most qualified person on the planet to make this call.

In a recent video, ZeRo listed his top 10 Smash 4 competitors from all over the world. Not only does he order these players, but he offers a bit of reasoning behind each and every one of his picks.

Give the video a watch, and let us know if you agree with ZeRo's list.

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Attacks and combos seem to do less damage in King of Fighters 14 - check out this damage comparison with the previous game in the franchise

King of Fighters 13 and 14 have a number of overlapping combos and attacks. Players of the previous game will be able to jump into SNK Playmore's upcoming title and pull off some of their bread and butter combos with no problems.

However, one might be wondering how the damage of these combos stacks up between games. ATRyoSakazaki managed to put together a video comparing the damage of various sequences performed in both games.

Below is an example showing a Kyo combo that actually deals the same damage in both King of Fighters 14 and 13.

Click image for animated version

Though this combo is equal damage-wise, it seems that most combos and attacks in the video actually hurt less in King of Fighters 14. This could mean that the overall damage output in the upcoming game is lower or that there are better options for damage to be found.

Either way, you can check out the comparison video after the jump.

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