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Tiers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Tekken 7 releases a myriad of customization options for 18 different characters

Here we find a whole slew of costume accessories for some of the combatants in the upcoming Tekken 7. These customization items were just recently revealed and are applicable to the following characters:

Claudio, Katarina, Kazuya, Heihachi, Lars, Alisa, Asuka, Lili, Xiaoyu, Feng, Paul, Law, Steve, Leo, Hworang, King, Dragunov and Brian.

It seems as though many of the accessories, such as the wings and the glasses, can be applied to multiple different characters. This leads us to question if any accessories are character specific or if they will all be up for grabs for any character to dress up with.

You can hit the jump to see the other nine images.

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Zangief's USF4 tier match ups broken down by Snake Eyez

We have another top player tier list today, this time from SoCal's Snake Eyez.

Snake has skyrocketed to the top of the USF4 class with multiple tournament victories and a top 8 finish at EVO 2014.

One of the most impressive things about this man, Snake Eyez has taken a character with some really difficult match ups and made them look like cake.

Snake Eyez says that Zangief only has 8 favorable match ups, 13 even ones and then a whopping 16 in the opponent's favor. What's more, some of Snake's tier chart really doesn't line up with many of the other EventHubs Zangief voters. Chime in and tell us what you think about this list.

Click image for Snake's tier ranking

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The Big House 4 results, battle logs and stream archive ft. Mango, Armada, Mew2King, Hungrybox, Leffen, Zero, Hax, Axe and more

Updated: This story has been updated with final results..

This weekend, one of the year's biggest Super Smash Bros. events is taking place, and practically all of the expected heavy hitters will be in attendance to duke it out in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M.

Among the expected attendants, we have C9|Mango, EMP|Armada, EMP|Mew2King, Crs|Hungrybox, Leffen, CT|Zero, VGBC|Hax, MOR|Axe, MOR|Chudat and many more.

You can find all of the action, live, right below.

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YOU LOSE! ViperGoomba shows us 38 gnarly 100% health combos with Gouken resets

For the small populous of Gouken players out there, these videos are exciting. For everyone else... they're terrifying. ViperGoomba, a double grand master on Xbox Live, has figured out reset combos that will defeat the entire USF4 cast in one reset.

Oh sure, every character has some ridiculous combo or gimmick but they're always incredibly situational and impractical... right? Not these. They require only 0.5 to 1.6 ex-meters along with ultra 2. That's not at all too much to ask from a zoning character.

Once we begin to see combos like these in regular game play, we very well may see the old man rise a few positions on tier lists. Who knew nothingness could be so deadly? A special thanks to ViperGoomba for linking this to us. Prepare yourselves and then hit the jump to see the videos.

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Possible new stage with all new 'rules' leaked for upcoming Super Smash Bros.

Today this image was posted on the Super Smash Bros. Facebook page. It is accompanied by the caption, "Kirby's going for a ride in a mine cart. Well, this situation looks familiar. This stage has some rules that are rare for the Smash Bros. series."

Nintendo and mine carts usually sends our memories straight back to Donkey Kong Country but with Nintendo's entire catalog at their disposal, this really could be a reference to anything. Perhaps even more enticing is the hint at some new mechanic for this stage.

It begs questions as to whether this "mine cart" stage will be a regular fighting environment or rather a bonus stage/mini game?

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Let's have some fun... Kaiser Rose, the #1 ranked Poison on Xbox Live, faces the likes of Native Impact, Dieminion and Smug in this player spotlight

Olympic Gaming has released a video of Xbox Live's top-ranked Poison, Kaiser Rose. The video features full-length matches against some of the titans of Xbox Live.

One of the five newest additions to the Street Fighter 4 series, Poison is a character the community is still getting acquainted with. Ever wondered how Poison approaches grapplers? Charge characters? Rush downs? Kaiser offers us some insight as we are treated to observing high-level play in some very different character match ups.

In addition to the video, there is also an interview wherein Kaiser discusses his fighting game history, approach, preferences and direction. It looks as though we can look forward to seeing more Kaiser Rose in the near future via tournaments and streams.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee on Oculus Rift looks and sounds amazing

Last week, we here at EventHubs posted a video that showed what Super Smash Bros. might look like if it were a first-person style fighter. Although this was simply an awesome, unplayable cinematic, one writer at The Verge was actually given a first-person-esque Super Smash Bros. Melee experience using the Oculus Rift.

This seemingly impossible feat became reality by way of the Dolphin emulator -- that which allows users to play their favorite GameCube and Wii games on PC or Mac. The open source software is fairly flexible, and is even capable of being programmed to support virtual reality hardware, which is exactly what Scott Kellum -- Vox Media's senior front-end designer -- did.

According to The Verge's article, simple in-game components that we don't pay too much mind -- such as the character select screen -- become incredible visual wonders when using the Oculus Rift. The "choose your fighter" menu is described as "a giant IMAX screen floating in midair," and the virtual reality hardware grants users the ability to examine it from a variety of different angles.

Although the write-up doesn't shed to much light on the actual gameplay experience, we are provided with an animated GIF of what Melee looks like when played using Oculus.

Click image for animated version

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Mike Ross plans to 'give you a Decapre performance that hopefully you will not forget' in latest Excellent Adventures episode, also feat. K-Brad

The Cross Counter gang is back with more wacky hijinks.

Decapre has been one of the most requested characters that the fans have wanted to see Mike Ross play in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and he starts off this episode honoring the request.

"As promised, I'm going to give you a Decapre performance that hopefully you will not forget," said Ross. Will Ross' performance live up to the hype?

Find out in the latest episode of Excellent Adventures feat. EG|K-Brad below.

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Rose's USF4 tier match ups broken down by EVO 2014 winner Luffy

Continuing our streak of top players weighing in on Ultra Street Fighter 4's match ups, today MD|Luffy turned in a list for one of the game's most polarizing characters, Rose.

After winning EVO 2014, a lot of people took to social media saying the character was broken and overpowered, but now we have a listing from one of the best players in the world.

Luffy's match ups consisted of 15 favorable, 13 even and 15 unfavorable. You can find the entire breakdown by clicking the image below.

Click image for MD|Luffy's tier ranking

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Gigacon 2014 results and battle log ft. Luffy, Ryan Hart, veggey, Phenom, Duppsko and more - Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, what will hopefully end up being Norway's response to Sweden's DreamHack is happening, and its name is Gigacon, taking place in the country's capital city, Oslo.

At this event, there's a Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, as well as a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament. With the EVO champion MD|Luffy in attendance, as well as the king himself, DIG|Ryan Hart, you can bet there's some strong competition.

You can find the stream and early results below.

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Tekken 7 alpha location tests - official live stream from Tokyo (Sugamo), Osaka (Nipponbashi)

You've seen all of the Kazuya, Leo, Asuka and Paul's Rage Arts super moves. Now tune in to Bandai Namco's official Tekken 7 location test live stream for your chance to watch the remaining playable characters' Rage Arts moves in action.

Today the official live stream is coming to us from Nipponbashi in Osaka, and tomorrow's stream will be from the Sugamo branch of Namco's arcade chain in Tokyo.

Do note that Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada has said that the location test build is only running at 60% graphical prowess, due to character lighting, skin shader and other effects not yet being implemented. All gameplay elements within the game are also subject to be tweaked and changed, depending on player feedback.

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GamerBee's tier rankings for Adon in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Today we have another Ultra Street Fighter 4 tier ranking for you to check out. Using the tiers section right here on EventHubs, AVM|GamerBee has cast his votes for Adon in the latest iteration in the series.

GamerBee exploded onto the Street Fighter scene with 5th place finish at EVO 2010 and hasn't stopped since.

Many would agree that GamerBee is a master of the Adon craft. Needless to say we were ecstatic when he stopped by EventHubs to give us his tier list for USF4. Do you agree? Dare you disagree? Let us know what you think about this list!

Click image for GamerBee's Adon tier ranking

You can also check out some of our past tier lists from other prominent players below.

Julio's Yun tier ranking
Kelvin Jeon's Hugo / BJ Unchained's Cody tier rankings
Velociraptor's Gouken tier ranking
Mike Ross' E Honda tier ranking

HELP!! I Super Smashed my 3DS! A few quick fixes for broken 3DS circle pads

No doubt many excited gamers have gotten their hands on the new Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS as it was released just yesterday here in the states.

The bad news? We've already seen what kind of toll over-enthusiastic Super Smashing can take on your 3DS' circle pad. An article from Kotaku showed us example after example of handhelds (pictured below) that were killed in action.

Click images for larger versions

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Smug 'downloads' XBL's #12 El Fuerte player after 1 round, Poongko walks all over E. Honda, Ninomae Hugo's LP FADC shenanigan - USF4 replays

Today we've got another batch of excellent Ultra Street Fighter 4 ranked match replays for you.

First up to bat in this in this USF4 replay round-up is a match between PIE|Smug (Dudley) and iPeru, the #12 El Fuerte on the Xbox Live ranked match leaderboards. At first Smug struggles to keep up with El Fuerte's antics. But only after one round, Smug figures his opponent out, and starts laying the smackdown convincingly.

The next match we have for you today sees Poongko, The Machine, walk all over an E. Honda player online; lots of dive kicks and instant overheads galore. Lots of tricky Seth antics on display here. There's even a moment where The Machine walks right up to his opponent, and throws out a seemingly random dragon punch.

Other players featured in this round-up include Japan's Ninomae (top Rose player, who has picked Hugo here; watch out for his LP FADC shenanigan), and Vivi, whose Chun-Li is known for consistently landing combos over 20 hits.

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Rage Arts in Tekken 7 are not fully invincible, can be beaten by low attacks - location test highlights montage from Level Up Your Game

One of the common misconceptions that fighting game fans have conceived, upon seeing the new Rage Arts super moves in motion from the Tekken 7 alpha location test is that it's a fully invincible attack that you can simply throw out to counter your opponent's move for big damage.

That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, as this Tekken 7 highlights montage from the folks over at Level Up Your Game shows, Rage Arts behave like Power Crush attacks in Tekken 7. That is, it is a super armored move (will take damage from incoming attacks), and that it can be beaten by low attacks.

You'll see that in two instances in the highlights montage below. Also featured in this montage are Xiaoyu and Steve's Rage Arts supers, which were not included in the previous compilation we posted.

For more Tekken 7 location test action, make sure to tune in to the official stream later today, starting at around 8.30PM PST.

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