'Yoshi has some of the best advanced techniques of any Super Smash Bros. 4 character' - ZeRo lists the top 5 fighters with the most potential

TSM|ZeRo is back with some more quality Super Smash Bros. 4 content. Today, we learn which characters the Smash champion feels are underestimated.

In this video, ZeRo lists the top 5 characters he feels have the most potential in the game. One of his choices is Yoshi, a character that we really don't see in competitive play much.

"Yoshi has some of the best advanced techniques out of any Super Smash Bros. 4 character," ZeRo explains. He goes on to say that Yoshi has amazing frame data, kill power, and solid combos that make him very strong, but still underused.

You can find out who the other four characters are by checking out ZeRo's video below.

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Nasty headbutt and stomp setups from standing normals: Learn how to perform and utilize them with Alex in Street Fighter 5

Cancelling down-up charge special moves after a standing normal attack isn't a technique we see used very often anymore. One of the most common examples of this maneuver can be found when watching any Street Fighter 3 Third Strike footage of Urien as he uses standing medium punch into headbutt for bread and butter combos.

Well, THE COOL KID93 hopes to bring this tech back with Alex in Street Fighter 5. This tutorial shows us how using standing normals to catch opponents with Alex's headbutt or foot stomp can be truly devastating.

First, we have to learn how to execute this technique.

Click image for animated version

The video goes on to demonstrate and explain ways to use these cancels after meaty attacks, jump ins, and more to keep the opponent guessing. You can check it out after the jump.

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Chun-Li continues her reign as #1, Dhalsim breaks the top 3, and Guile is already strong: Two months into Street Fighter 5's tier rankings

Street Fighter 5 has been in the hands of the public for a little over two months now, and with its release, we here at EventHubs launched our tier section for the game allowing EH users to cast their votes on match ups.

We thought it'd be fun to take a look at how the tier rankings evolve throughout the first year of Street Fighter 5's lifespan. So, today we're analyzing the Street Fighter 5 tier rankings two months in. Last time, we discussed the first month of tiers.

I want to say this for emphasis: we are not saying that the current tier list is the definitive match up chart for the game. We are simply continuing our series in which we'll be taking a comparative look at how our tiers change every so often.

With that out of the way, let's check out the current tier chart.

Street Fighter tiers May 6th, 2016 image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Character-by-character punish guide for Pokkén - This should help you see where you're allowed to poke holes in your opponent's offense

There's a video guide on punishes for Pokkén Tournament which goes through character-by-character which moves you should expect from them, and how to punish them.

The original video was made by Tonosama666, but was entirely in Japanese, unfortunately making it difficult for international players to make use of it.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Dakanya and Bitersama, the video has been fully translated and can now be perused even by non-Japanese speakers.

Worth noting is that this video mainly pertains to the Arcade release, and doesn't touch much upon the console-exclusive characters (being Braixen, Garchomp and Mewtwo), but even then it's a solid watch if you're looking to improve your game in Nintendo's latest fighter.

Check out the full video right below.

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Nadeshiko crossups, extended combos into super, and clutch Critical Arts - This R. Mika highlight reel has it all

We've seen some crazy stuff from Street Fighter 5's premier wrestlerette, R. Mika, both in tournament play and in combo videos, so while this highlight reel might not necessarily offer new things, it sure puts them together in a very hype montage of various clutch moments from online matches.

In this gif, you can see a pretty crazy post-stun combo, using both Mika's V-Skill and Nadeshiko to extend it as much as possible, and culminating in a Critical Art to finish her opponent off.

Click image for animated version

There's much more action in the full video below.

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Sol vs. Ky 'Clash' movie from Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator is truly a sight to behold - Lots of action with zero damage

In Guilty Gear, you can get moves to "clash", which basically means that they cancel eachother out. While this is a neat game mechanic in itself, it's also something that can be used to make really cool videos, like the one you're hopefully about to watch.

This video gives off a real cinematic feel, as Sol and Ky battle it out without leaving any room for error. Both characters come out with attack after attack, and defend perfectly against their opponent, making it look almost like a wild dance.

You can get a quick look at the action in the gif below.

Click image for animated version

Check out the full battle after the jump.

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Street Fighter 5 Guile roundup: Desk does Sonic Boom loops with one hand, 77% max damage combo, Guile and Nash get the 'sexy' treatment, and more

Tonight we rounded up some of the best Street Fighter 5 Guile videos that have been sent to us over the past couple of weeks.

Featured in this content gathering, you'll come across a combo guide to give you a Guile jumping off point, a funny character model swap PC mod, and more.

To get you started, here is one of the stylish combos you'll find in this roundup, courtesy of Doopliss.

Click image for animated version

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Viscant vs. Low Ti3r God, the runback: Watch these two players square off once again, this time in Street Fighter 5

Back in 2014, a feud between Viscant and Low Ti3r God started brewing. After a handful of online matches and a ton of smack talk on Twitter, the two players met up at Wednesday Night Fights for an Ultra Street Fighter 4 grudge match to settle the score.

Suffering defeat at the hands of Viscant over a year ago, LTG initiated another set, this time in Street Fighter 5. The two players had an exchange over Twitter yesterday that was far more pleasant and respectful than what we've seen in the past.

The bad blood is behind them, and it's great to see these two lock horns once again.

Throughout this set, Viscant opts to use Chun-Li, then switched over to Vega. LTG, on the other hand, jumps between Nash and Alex.

Below is just a quick clip to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump to catch the action.

Click image for animated version

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Poll: Are you a fan of Street Fighter 5's new rage quit punishment system?

With the April update, Capcom implemented a new system to deter players from quitting matches early.

Instead of simply docking points from players with high disconnect rates, the new system locks offenders out of online play for a full two hours. This makes it so that rage quitters can't continue their bad habits as frequently as they were once able to.

We here at EventHubs have created a poll to gauge how our readers feel about the new system. Is Capcom's way of stopping rage quitters effective? Or should they do more to stop those who disconnect early?

Be sure to cast your votes, and feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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Gargos might be Killer Instinct's first summon-style character; More blurry screenshots reveal new info and may give a glimpse at official artwork

Okay, so he can't call upon those minions, but it looks like Gargos might be Killer Instinct's first summon-style character.

The official Killer Instinct Twitter account has released more Gargos teasers over the past few days. Three of these screenshots are blurry, much like the first teaser we reported on earlier this week.

One image in particular has Killer Instinct fans everywhere talking. We can see that Gargos has the ability to summon small demons in Killer Instinct Season 3.

The screenshot's caption readers, "Go forth, and do my bidding," leading us to believe that this will actually be a technique that Gargos can use in battle. If that's the case, this will make the KI2 boss the first summoner character in the series, short of maybe ARIA who can call upon assists.

The fourth screenshot below gives us a quick glimpse of what appears to be Gargos' official artwork.

More blurry Gargos screenshots in Killer Instinct Season 3 image #1 More blurry Gargos screenshots in Killer Instinct Season 3 image #2 More blurry Gargos screenshots in Killer Instinct Season 3 image #3 More blurry Gargos screenshots in Killer Instinct Season 3 image #4
Click images for larger versions

It won't be long until we see Gargos completely revealed. So far, what do you think of Killer Instinct Season 3's next character?

Source: The official Killer Instinct Twitter account. Mentioned by Sean_Saibot.

'I think Ryu can't beat Nash in Street Fighter 5' - Air and Behrudy share their top 5 characters tier list and explain why

The boys from the AirBehr Dojo are back with some Street Fighter 5 content goodness.

Now that the game has been in the hands of the public for a while, Air and Behrudy have decided to share their thoughts on who they feel are the top 5 characters in Street Fighter 5. Not only do they list their five choices, but each player gives us some insight as to why each selection was made.

As many of us know, Ryu is a very strong character in Street Fighter 5. Though Air feels that the traditional shoto has tools for nearly everything in the game, he explains that Nash might just be his kryptonite.

"I think Ryu can't beat Nash," Air starts. "When Ryu can't throw fireballs in a match at all, I think that match is a bad match up."

You can check out the full video below.

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Combos put opponents in a juggle state after 99 hits in Street Fighter 5, presumably to stop infinites from happening

A few days ago, Brian Kasugano was sitting in the lab and hoping to record a 999-hit training mode-only combo with Guile.

Unfortunately for Brian, the game's system cut him short, as Zangief suddenly went into an airborne juggle state after hit 99 - which suggests that this is a system in place to prevent potential infinites from happening.

You can see it in action in the video below.

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King of Fighters 13-styled sprites for Luong, Sylvie and the 14 version of Athena look amazing

There's little dispute amongst fighting game fans that the graphics in King of Fighters 13 are some of the best we've ever seen in the genre. With this in mind, King of Fighters 14's shift to 3D graphics has been tough to swallow for some people.

If you're longing for some highly detailed 2D sprites, you're in massive luck. Thanks to the fantastic French artist Ashina13, we can see what Sylvie and Luong might look like if they debuted back in King of Fighters 13, as well as a bonus look at Athena's KoF14 outfit, since she always makes sure to change her duds with each new title.

Check them all out in their full glory after the jump.

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Guile suggests that Karin and Alex join the army, is asked by Zangief to learn the cossack dance and more - Guile's victory and defeat quotes in SF5

In Street Fighter 5, Guile has a lot to say to the various other fighters joining him in the ring, from astonishment at Charlie's transformation to disapproval of Rashid's use of his superb speed.

In this video, you get to see what Guile's victory quote is against each character, and then what the other characters say when they beat him.

This kind of stuff is always interesting for Street Fighter buffs, so check out the full rundown in video form below.

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'Honestly, [Infiltration] is playing Nash in a way we didn't think you could' - Capcom's Combofiend discusses Street Fighter 5's most dominant player

On last week's episode of Capcom Pro Talk, Twitch's Mike Ross welcomed Capcom's Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas to talk all things Street Fighter 5.

The two covered quite a bit of ground, but Mike made sure to ask the hard-hitting questions, including who Fiend thought was the game's best player at this point in time.

After a bit of prying, Mike was able to get Rosas to acknowledge the dominant tyrant that has been RZR|Infiltration. With two Capcom Pro Tour Premier events, as well as Red Bull Kumite, under his belt, it seems no one is on Infiltration's level right now.

Given that Combofiend is one of the game's designers, it was pretty profound to hear him remark that "Infiltration is playing Nash in a way we didn't think you could." If there's a better testament to the Korean player's greatness than the fact that SF5's creators are taking notes on his play, we're at a loss tell you what it is.

Just about everyone sees Infiltration as an amazing SF5 player, but Combofiend doesn't think he's unbeatable by any means. In fact, he reveals some strategies that he thinks would trump the top fighter.

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