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Moves database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

BS moments in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Rise's reverse timer scam, Naoto's 100% damage combo, double KOs & more

Does the timer not pause when Rise Kujikawa activates her Risette: Live on Stage Awakened SP Skill? That move can take a really long time to complete when Skill Boosted (C+D instead of C or D).

In any case, watch what happens when a Rise player lands her Awakened SP Skill when there's 10 seconds left on the clock. The move can technically be used for timer scamming, but you have to be careful with it, as the first clip in Greek Angel's 'Persona 4 Ultimax: Ultra BS Hold' clips compilation shows.

Other "BS" moments featured here include a hilarious double KO scenario, Mitsuru's godlike sidestep, Naoto's instant-kill combo, a 100% damage Narukami Yu combo and much more.

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The best 'Funny & Cool Moments' of 2014 from Persona 4 Arena, Ultra Street Fighter 4, sF2, SF3, KOF, MK and more -- LiangHuBBB's latest

LiangHuBBB's latest Funny & Cool Moments video isn't just full of all the crazy things that make playing fighting games (and watching them) so enjoyable this time.

For this compilation the vid maker has went through all of the series' pasts episodes for 2014 to sieve out the cream of the crop. If you aren't yet a religious fan of LiangHuBBB's, then there's bound to be quite a few spectacles here that will amaze you. And for those of you who've already seen all of his videos, you get to relive all of the best moments one more time, just before the year is done.

The Best of Funny & Cool Moments 2014 (ep. 87) opens with an amazing comeback from Jahn Lee in Dead or Alive 5, and continues with an astounding Persona 4 Arena match where the fight and eventual KO happens off-screen.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the video below.

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Palutena's Guidance cut-scenes for Robin (ft. Chrom cameo), Mega Man, Duck Hunt, Pit and more - early Super Smash Bros. Wii U videos

Looks like Black Friday and Thanksgiving came a little earlier this year for the good folks over at GameXplain.

They've managed to snag an early copy of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U, and have begun posting quite a few videos from the home console version of the Nintendo fighting game.

Most notably, they've got a series of videos showing the Palutena's Guidance easter egg cut-scenes for a whole bunch of characters (19 of them, if we counted them right), and they turn out to be quite entertaining. The cut-scene for Robin even features a cameo appearance from Fire Emblem Awakening's Chrom.

Watch on to see Pit's reactions to facing Mega Man, Dr. Mario, Pac-Man, Duck Hunt, Dark Pit, and even Pit himself (plus about 10 others) on the battlefield.

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Nemo and Sako make some of the best reads we've seen all year: Red Focus is the name of the game in this Topanga A League highlight

The Topanga A League is now officially underway, and today, as expected, was host to a slew of exhilarating Ultra Street Fighter 4 matches.

One of the bouts that stood out most to us was a match-up between two giants in the competitive scene -- HORI|Sako and BE|Nemo. The Rolento player started out a little rocky in the first match, but managed to snag the victory after Sako made a crucial mistake in completely whiffing with a Super attempt. The second game, however, was all Nemo as he showed that he now knew Sako's gameplan and exactly how to counter it.

In this match, Nemo made a number of amazing reads, completely dodging a couple of Sako's attacks using Rolento's Delta Attack (backflip). First he evaded an overhead and finished the round with a quick Red Focus combo. Then he made a perfect read on an EX uppercut...

Click images for animated versions

Nemo's use of Red Focus in this set was insane and exactly how the mechanic was intended to be utilized.

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The Runback 4.3 results feat. ChrisG, Clockw0rk, Alex Valle, Infrit, Tyrant, and more

The Runback 4.3 results feat. ChrisG, Clockw0rk, Alex Valle, Infrit, Tyrant, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: The Level|Up Twitch stream has gone live, and tonight on The Runback, we're about to see some great fighting game action from Super Arcade.

Tonight, the games being played include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, if there are enough entrants for each.

You can follow along with all of the action by checking out the brackets over on Level|Up's Challonge page.

You can catch the live stream below.

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What would Yun and Hakan look like if they fused into one character? Check out this interesting fighting game-based gallery by Oetaro

Check out this gallery featuring characters from some of notable fighting games including Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and Guilty Gear.

It's always interesting to see some of the unique takes that fans have on their favorite characters.

You can click the ones here to see bigger versions. Hit the jump to see the rest!

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Omega Mode exhibition announced for Capcom Cup, Alex Valle, Filipino Champ, and more to compete

Big news as Capcom Cup has just announced an Omega mode exhibition to be held at the Capcom Cup finals this December.

So far, we can expect to see AVM|Kelvin Jeon, pH|Hoodaman as well as those mentioned in the headline.

Hit the jump for more details!

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The divine combo video: Dante and Virgil utilize the snapback glitch for some combos straight from the ninth circle of... well, you know...

We've seen our fair share of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 combo videos in our day but this one is a little special.

TheKoreanDrifter, known primarily for their Dante tech, has produced a video wherein the brothers from Devil May Cry utilize the snapback glitch.

You know, the glitch that allows you to control two characters at once? As if characters like Dante and Virgil needed any special treatment glitches...

Naturally, this leads to some pretty amazing combos. You can check them out by hitting the jump.

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Having trouble against Little Mac? Just pick Mario and FLUDD your problems away

When Super Smash Bros. came out we all kind of expected Nintendo's poster boy to be amongst the best in the game. Let's not beat around the bush, Mario has never been regarded as one of the better characters in the Smash Bros. series.

It's still a little early to make any final judgements but Mario is looking pretty viable in this newest iteration of Smash... at least against Little Mac.

Brawl Karter has released a video wherein they showcase Mario's abilities to get Mac off the stage and keep him off.

Hit the jump to check it out!

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'Other Adon players are not doing as well as me because they did not put as much time and energy behind him...' Gamerbee on his life as a pro gamer

What is it that makes top players so good? That's a question we find ourselves asking over and over again. Constantly in the spotlight, they become celebrities in our community.

Often times we seek out as much information, in game and out, as we can about these players in our attempts to emulate their greatness and better our own game play.

With multiple top 8 finishes at EVO and the fact that he is widely regarded as the best Adon in the world, AVM|Gamerbee is, without question, one of the Street Fighter greats of this generation.

He was kind enough to sit down with RV Gaming and give us all some insight on his life as professional gamer.

'...when you become a Pro-Gamer, you end up sacrificing a lot because your opponents are always getting better, so in order to keep up you cannot stop thinking and training...' Gamerbee shares how his life has changed from 2010 when he placed in the top 5 at his first Evo to nowadays wherein he finds himself constantly traveling and training to and for tournaments.

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Beat your friends, quite literally, while you sleep: A closer look at Amiibos in Super Smash Bros. Wii U

One of the most interesting new features in the new Super Smash Bros. is the introduction of the Amiibo.

Amiibos allows you to construct and save your fighting personality into your character and then lets you sit back and watch as the game plays as 'you.'

IGN's Jose Otero was able to delve a little deeper into this exciting new game mechanic and has released a video explaining some of the Amiibo's features.

From learning your preferences to how to level up faster, this video gives us more insight on this bold new addition to the Smash Bros. universe.

Click the jump to see the video.

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Omega Mode changes for Abel, C. Viper, Fuerte, Rufus, Cammy, Dee Jay, Fei Long, and T. Hawk

Combofiend over on Capcom Unity brings us another set of Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Mode changes.

Today's batch features Abel, Cammy, C. Viper, and more. Changes include a powerful backfist for Fei Long, a Seismic Hammer-esque move for T. Hawk, and plenty of others.

You can check out a couple of them below.


Shoulder Tackle: Yup! Just as the name says, it’s a shoulder tackle. You can hold the button down to charge it—charge it to the max and you’ll get an increase in parameters, as well as armor break properties. You can cancel the charge by pressing a punch button, which also makes this effective as a feint move.

Click images for larger versions

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Smug converts raw LP MGB into Dudley infinite on Dieminion - check out this Next Level Battle Circuit highlight

Next Level Battle Circuit brings us amazing Ultra Street Fighter 4 action week after week from over on the east coast. Competitors like SteamCo|Sanford Kelly, PIE|Smug, Dieminion, and more compete regularly at the event, and if you're familiar with any of these names, you know that their skill levels are not to be underestimated.

A clip has begun making the rounds today that features Smug (Dudley) and Dieminion (Guile) in the losers finals of yesterday's Next Level Battle Circuit.

At the very start of the first round, the Dudley player threw out a cr. MP poke to feel out his opponent. Putting him at the perfect position, Smug went for a raw light punch Machine Gun Blow, and it worked.

The confirm led to several loops of the LP MGB infinite that works only on certain characters, and unfortunately for Dieminion, that includes Guile.

Click image for animated version

This combo is most commonly used to spice up USF4 combo videos, but it's awesome to see it used as a completely legit tactic in the finals of a tournament.

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Feel the sting: Can heavy underdog Bee overcome Filipino Champ this weekend at Canada Cup?

Canada Cup 2014 kicks off tomorrow, and runs through the weekend, and players like Poongko, FGC|Pepeday, CCG|Air, CCG|Chi-Rithy, Mike Ross and PIE|Smug are all scheduled to attend.

This weekend's marquee event will be a first to 15 between CCG|Bee and Filipino Champ in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and we want to know who you think will walk away with the victory — and how close it will be.

CCG|Bee is a very strong Canadian UMvC3 player, but Filipino Champ has proven he's one of the best players in the entire world countless times, so Bee is coming in as the heavy underdog in many people's eyes.

We've setup a poll you can find below, along with a a schedule for this weekend, and more details.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for sale on Groupon, includes free 'mystery game'

Just a few days ago, a listing for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax went live over on Groupon. Known for its deals, the service is currently offering Atlus' 2D fighting title on both Xbox 360 and PS3 for $5 less than the actual retail price.

As an added perk, however, Groupon is giving those who decide to buy P4AU a free "mystery game" for the same console.

Click image for larger version

You can purchase Person 4 Arena Ultimax (along with the mystery game) for $54.99 USD. The sale will last for six more days, so be sure to take advantage while you have the chance!

We have not yet received word on what the mystery game may be. If you end up picking up this Groupon deal, please let us know which extra game you get in the comments below.

Via Twinfinite.

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