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Moves database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Why I taught fighting games' most famous moment to my college composition class

Despite spending evenings masquerading as an online warrior named “GentlemanTryken” in Ultra Street Fighter 4, most people throughout my day refer to me as Professor Tullis. I teach English, reiterating to a diverse student population how to format essays, argue logically, and interpret literature. This sounds like an easy gig—and sometimes it is—but there exists an almost insurmountable barrier that tries to prevent me from connecting my love of communication with my students. I've learned to call this blockade “a lack of interest”.

The first day of class in Comp. 1 is particularly problematic. Many of my students are fresh out of high school. Some of them have been spoon fed Shakespeare, To Kill a Mockingbird, and other state required texts. More than a few have little knowledge of active reading or good writing. Furthermore, the first day of the semester is usually all business. It's where the professor usually goes over their syllabus and discusses class expectations, which is also extremely important.

So how do you shake up the routine in students who've been going through the same day one lecture over and over again, who've grown up in an age where communication is flaunted all around us, but hardly anyone is effectively communicating?

My Answer: You show them EVO Moment #37.

Keep reading below to continue the editorial.

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Moment 37 | Reloaded early results, stream feat. Daigo, Justin Wong, BAS, John Choi, Sanford Kelly, Alex Valle, Watson & more

Moment 37 | Reloaded is kicking off today from Pomona, California and the over the course of this weekend we can expect some top-quality fighting game action.

This tournament celebrates the 10th anniversary of the legendary EVO moment #37, and the players that took part in that infamous Daigo parry are going to be in attendance to create some new incredible moments.

MCZ|Daigo, EG|Justin Wong, D44|BAS, John Choi, SteamCo|Sanford Kelly, LU|Alex Valle, Watson, and many others will be competing this weekend in games such as Ultra Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. We'll also see an exhibition between the same two players that made EVO moment #37 possible, so you'll definitely want to tune in.

The live stream is underway, so check it out below.

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Sakurai on why Ridley isn't playable in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

Ever since it was revealed that Ridley from the Metroid series would not be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but that he will instead be a boss character on one of the stages, one question has remained lingering in the heads of many Smash (and Metroid) fans:

"Why, Sakurai? Why? You made Lucina and Dark Pitt playable characters -- but not Ridley, who's one of Metroid's most recognizable and distinctive villains?"

It just didn't seem to make any sense. Fans were shown a teaser where you could clearly see shadows of what appears to be Ridley performing a grab on a Pikachu, and there was a lot of debate on whether or not Ridley was likely to be a playable character -- mostly because there were a lot of fans who'd like to see this happen.

But Masahiro Sakurai, the game's director and a man who worked tirelessly to make the game as delightful to fans as humanly possible, chose not to make Ridley playable. Why?

That's the question IGN got to ask Sakurai in an email interview. And surprisingly, the explanation Sakurai gave was very convincing.

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Did You Know Gaming's Smash Technical Play Special - tips for Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Wii U, Brawl, Melee & 64

Did you know: once upon a time, what we know today as "L Cancelling" was actually an official advanced mechanic that Nintendo originally described on the official website for Super Smash Bros. 64 -- but not anywhere else?

The mechanic was never once mentioned in the game's tutorial, or on the instruction booklet. So few players actually knew that Nintendo actually encouraged the use of this advanced technique, until it was subsequently removed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Did you also know that crouching in Super Smash Bross. games in general will not only reduce the damage and knockback you'll receive when hit, but may actually allow you to punish your opponent's moves, depending on your character?

Those are just some of the tips covered in Did You Know Gaming's Super Smash Bros. Technical Play Special, released on YouTube today. Check it out below.

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Guilty Gear Xrd demo comes to PlayStation Plus in North America next week for PS4 owners

A free Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- demo will be made accessible to PlayStation Plus members in North America starting next Tuesday, November 25, ahead of the game's December 16 release date, this week's episode of the PlayStation Blogcast announced. The demo will be offered exclusively to PlayStation Plus members.

Although no specifics on the demo were given, this demo is likely to be similar to the one made available exclusively to Japanese PlayStation Plus members a short while back. That demo featured only two playable characters, Sol Badguy and Ky Kiste, and only two modes of play: Tutorial and Arcade.

If you can't wait to get your hands on the Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- demo next week, check out Vesper Arcade's playthrough of the Japanese demo in the video below for a good idea on what you can expect.

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Vivi (Japan's #1 Chun-Li) performs a 218-hit, 840-damage Lightning Kicks loop combo on Dee Jay in Ultra Street Fighter 4

So we've known for a while now that Chun-Li has some really ridiculous Lightning Kicks loop combos. And that Dee Jay has one of the biggest character hurtboxes in the game, making him more susceptible to extended combos.

And we've certainly seen Chun-Li combo loops before, such as the 86-hit one that Desk performed in this CMV.

But a Chun combo that's over 218 hits? 300 hits (our estimation; the combo counter stops at 99 hits) (Edit: Our thanks to szakigeri who wrote in and told us the exact number of hits in the combo)? That does 840 damage on Ultra Combo Double and utilizes three FADCs? Yep, this combo builds up so much meter during its execution that you can actually afford to FADC for a third time.

That's not something we get to see everyday.

Japan's top Chun-Li player Vivi managed to perform a combo like that -- for the first time ever, he noted -- on his live stream this week. See it for yourself below.

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Topanga A League - Day 7 results, current standings, battle logs and more, Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament

Update: This story has been updated with results, standings and battle logs for day 7 of Topanga A League.

It's finally time for the curtain to open, and reveal one of this year's most prestigious events, Topanga A League, which will continue for roughly one month.

In this league, you will find MCZ|Daigo, Bonchan, EG|Momochi, Kazunoko, Michael-tan, Uryo, HORI|Sako, YBK|Santarouman, FGC|EX Pugera, BE|Nemo, RZR|Fuudo and MCZ|Tokido.

First, there will be a online league with first-to-3 matches between all 12 players. The top 4 places in this stage will advance to the second level, wherewas placers #5 to #10 will battle it out in a new round robin which begins on November 22nd, where the top two placers will also advance to the second level. In the second level, which begins on December 5th, these top 6 players will battle it out offline, in a first-to-7 format.

While the tournament is presented in a pay-per-view format, the first hour of viewing is free each day, so make sure to visit Beast Note for the link to the appropriate day. Today's stream link can be found here.

Hit the jump to follow the 4th year of Topanga A League.

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Super Smash Bros. Wii U is getting rave reviews! Check out our roundup here

Super Smash Bros. on Wii U has been officially released today, and a number of online gaming publications have already posted reviews for the popular Nintendo fighter.

So far, it seems that the console version of the latest Smash installment has been very well received by critics. Of the ten different reviews we have listed below, no site gave the game below a 9 / 10 (or 4 / 5).

Hit the jump to check out the latest Super Smash Bros. Wii U scores.

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The RunbizzZack! 1.2 results feat. ChrisG, Clockw0rk, Infrit, Tyrant, Miniboss, and more

The RunbizzZack! 1.2 results feat. ChrisG, Clockw0rk, Infrit, Tyrant, Miniboss, and more Updated: Results and a stream archive have been added to this story.

Earlier: The Super Arcade crew is back again tonight with another installment of their new weekly event, The RunbizzZack!

Games on the docket for this event include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Killer Instinct.

As always, if you'd like to follow along with the action, be sure to head over to Super Arcade's Challonge page.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream.

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Chris G shows off some cool UMVC3 tech for Akuma in this tatsu-super 363 hit loop

Chris G has been in the lab apparently developing his Akuma combos and the results are pretty terrifying.

One jump-in scores you nearly 1.3 million damage from this tatsu-super loop.

The best part about this tech is that it's practical. Now a hit from Akuma near the corner means you're eating a super for ever bar of meter he has.

Hit the jump to see Akuma super, then tatsu, then super, then tatsu... then super...

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Smash and Grab goes over the do's and don'ts of Lady Palutena in this character break down

Smash and Grab has graciously put together a character break down video for Lady Palutena.

Being the 'Goddess of Light' we kind of had some high hopes for her as a character in the Smash Series. Despite said hopes, up to this point, she has been regarded as only a mediocre character.

Perhaps this is simply because people haven't given her enough of a chance yet. This video will get any Palutena player off to a good start as it discusses how to utilize her more useful moves as well as why her less useful moves should be avoided.

Smash and Grab always does a great job with specifics. This video will teach you the effects of moves depending on spacing, angle and damage percent.

Hit the jump and check out the video.

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Can't vector, can't tech, can't air dodge, can't jump... My Smash Corner shows us 'true combos' with most of the cast of Smash Bros. 3DS

My Smash Corner has been hard at work creating a new video for your Super Smash entertainment.

This video deals with true combos for all of the cast.

If you force an opponent to slide off a platform MOST characters, specified in the video, cannot recover via jump or tech. This allows you to jab lock combo them.

This leads to an on-spot get up which allows you to follow up with yet another move.

There are already many examples here but the potential with his concept is enormous. It's knowing and understanding tech like this that will separate the goods from the greats.

Click the jump to see!

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Orchid's grenade explosion hitbox reduced, sweeps are now unbreakable and can't be counter broken: Killer Instinct 2.1 patch notes

It's been a busy day in the Killer Instinct world with the release of Kan-Ra game play footage and the announcement for Riptor.

Things continue to chug along as the newest patch details have just been released via the KI forums.

These changes are set to take effect this upcoming Monday the 24th along with the release of Kan-Ra.

As stated during the live stream, Orchid players may feel a little down in the dumps as their character received a few nerfs on her damage and hitboxes.

You can see the list of changes for Orchid as well as for the entire rest of cast by hitting the jump.

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The Street Fighter scientist: Ultrachen takes a closer look at Capcom Cup contender Xian as he rushes down Poongko in this player analysis

UltraChen is back with another edition of World Warriors of Capcom Cup.

This time around they're breaking down Evo 2013 champion RZR|Xian's game play.

This video sees Xian playing in the grand finals of Capcom Pro Tour Asia qualifiers in Korea. He squares off against one of the most offensive players in the game, namely Korea's own Poongko.

Xian puts on an offensive clinic, commands control of the match and seems to be on the attack nearly all of the time.

One of the most notable aspects of Xian's game play is his ability to successfully attack through his opponent's offense. James Chen attribute's this ability to Xian's time spent analyzing the game and knowing just where the gaps in his opponent's offense are.

Really? Who else can wake up sweep against Poongko's Seth and get away with it?

You can view the video by clicking the jump.

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Killer Instinct live stream showcasing brand new character Kan-Ra!

Updated: Stream archive has been added to this story.

Earlier:We've seen the trailer for Killer Instinct's newest family member, Kan-Ra.

But we're not content with just the bare bones... it's not a joke because he's #notamummy...

Awesome jokes aside, this character has piqued our interests because it seems as though he's a breed we've never quite seen before. What exactly is a 'trap grappler' and how does he fair against the play styles of the other characters in the cast?

The Microsoft creative team is streaming the world's first ever glimpse of Kan-Ra in action. We'll get to see his moves as well as combos and basic strategy.

The stream goes live at 10AM PST. Click the jump to see it!

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