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Duck face and censorship; we take a look at how Cammy's looks have evolved with Street Fighter 5

Seeing as we've had the special privilege of watching Street Fighter 5 develop before it's even been officially released, we've gotten to see how Capcom has addressed and changed not only characters' moves, but also their visual aesthetics.

Today we're taking a look at Cammy White, who has been with us since E3 of this year. We've also seen Cammy in both betas, and even gotten a glimpse of her in the Dhalsim build. Below you'll see a still from Cammy's into during her E3 days, and then from the first beta.

Cammy Intro Pose image #1 Cammy Intro Pose image #2
Click images for larger versions

Keep in mind that not all changes are very conspicuous, as they may be more in texture or lighting. There's plenty more to look at, including the oh so popular into sequence censor. Hit the jump for more.

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Tekken moves are easy... right? Eric Jacoubus sure makes it look that way in his real life Baek combo video

This man is a machine! Best known in the FGC for his work as Curtis Stryker in Mortal Kombat: Legacy season 2, Eric Jacobus has been cranking out these fascinating videos wherein he brings Tekken characters to life.

Jacobus dresses as each character, then films himself very accurately performing a whole slew of their moves. With the sound and visual effects added in, it really feels like we're watching these characters come to life.

Below you'll see Jacobus pull off Baek's 10 hit combo:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see the full video.

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Infiltration's salt meter rises as Xian won't stop Healing, gloating or dancing on the latest episode of Cross Counter Asia

RZR|Xian, RZR|Infiltration and Zhi are back for another edition of Cross Counter Asia.

In this episode, Xian pulls out his Elena, and goes absolutely ham. A frustrated Infiltration tries character after character in hopes to gain a single victory.

Xian on the other hand, simply gloats with snippy comments, and even what we're now calling "the Xian dance," as seen below:

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see the episode.

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Soul Calibur fans encouraged to 'look forward' to future announcements as Lost Swords ceases operations

As of today, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, the free-to-play game on PlayStation Network, has been shut down.

Though surely in a disappointed mood, fans of the series do have something to look forward to. A recent post on the Soul Calibur Facebook page suggests some kind of new content in what we hope is the not so distant future:

"Soul Calibur Lost Swords has closed its service at 30th November. Project Soul thank all the players who enjoyed this game. Please look forward for the next announcement!"

Naturally, our fingers are crossed for Soul Calibur 6, though we're cautious not to get too far ahead of ourselves. Do you have any insight or thoughts as to what the announcement will be? Let us know below in the comments.

Sent in by nightmaresteam.

Newest Mortal Kombat X character(s) to be revealed this week

Back in early September, Mortal Kombat series co-creator Ed Boon revealed that there would indeed be a Kombat Pack 2 in store for Mortal Kombat X.

Boon posted the following image of four silhouettes on his Twitter, which got fans bouncing off walls with predictions and theories:

¿Quién es el siguiente? image #1
Click images for larger versions

And then? Nothing. Mortal Kombat X has lain seemingly dormant for the past few months... until now. Early today, Boon finally gave the community something concrete to look forward to.

You can see what he said after the jump below.

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Daigo vs. Dieminion, Kazunoko vs. Strider, Nemo vs. Dashio... vote on your favorites to win in the first round of Capcom Cup in our latest poll

As big as last year's Capcom Cup was, the community has been even more eager for this year's event, as the dance has grown bigger and badder in just about every way.

With a lot more money on the line, and a lot more players vying for it, we're surely in for a roller coaster of Street Fighter action come December 6th.

Seeing as we now have the full first round bracket for the event, we'd like to know how you EventHubs readers think things will play out. We've listed all 16 first round match ups, and you can select who you think will win each one.

Some of the earlier match ups may be a bit one sided, as the highest seeded players will play the lowest. When we hit the middle of the bracket however, we expect it may be a little harder for people to migrate to a clear cut victor.

Hit the jump to get started.

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'My biological dad told me you'll never be the best, I hope he sees me now' - Hungrybox's emotional DreamHack Winter 2015 Melee victory

DreamHack Winter 2015 concluded this past weekend, and one Super Smash Bros. Melee player made history by taking home the gold in Jönköping, Sweden.

Juan "Liquid|Hungrybox" Debiedma was crowned the DreamHack Winter 2015 Melee champion, taking the grand finals set over Alliance|Armada 3-1. What makes this victory even more monumental is the fact that Hungrybox is the first American player to defeat Armada on his home turf in quite some time.

Upon taking Armada's final stock of the tournament, Hungrybox immediately burst into tears of joy.

Click image for animated version

The 'Puff player's exuberance could not be contained, and in his post-tournament interview Hungrybox delved a littler deeper into why this win was so important to him.

"My dad just passed away -- it was my biological dad," he starts. "I know it's personal stuff, but he told me you'll never be the best. You'll be good, but you'll never be the best. So, I hope he sees me now."

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Karin has 'non-cross up' cross ups, resets that quickly KO the opponent, and more in Street Fighter 5

If you're looking to add some new tricks to your Karin arsenal in Street Fighter 5, look no further. CorkscrewBlowTV has put together a quick tech video that showcases a number of different tactics to help you score the V.

In this montage, we learn that Karin can perform a "non-cross up" cross up after a basic combo. Using her jumping light kick, Karin can strike a sweet spot that requires the opponent to block by holding back, but looks like it hits behind them. Not only that, but Karin also lands behind the opponent, making for a visually tricky and effective set up.

Click image for animated version

We also see a handful of devastating resets that, when used in conjunction, can KO the opponent in a matter of seconds.

Be sure to check everything out after the jump.

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Why pre-release changes in Street Fighter 5 are really important for us to talk about now

Street Fighter 5 is still a few months from hitting shelves, and Capcom has implemented an interesting new approach to developing its latest title.

Instead of keeping all testing internal, the company has turned the game over to the community to explore, allowing those who have pre-ordered SF5 special access to the beta version. While this approach may not suit other genres, we're tempted to say it's borderline genius for a fighting game.

During this process, we've seen quite a few people, (myself included at times), negate the significance of pre-release changes, implying that none of this matters until February 16th when the game actually drops.

There's some truth in that ideology, as players may be hesitant to get too well acquainted, and develop habits that no longer benefit them once the final version comes out.

A warning to those that err too far in this direction: you may be missing out on some important opportunities to better both the game, and your own play. Hit the jump to read on.

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Will shots of Ketel One make Mike and Gootecks better or HORRIBLE at Street Fighter? Find out in the first 'Lost Episode' of Excellent Adventures

The Lost Episodes of Excellent Adventures officially kicked off today with episode one: "Stick to the Script."

We revisit Arcade Edition 2012, and find ourselves in the living room of a very... relaxed Gootecks and Mike Ross.

You may not learn quite how to play a great Street Fighter game here, but you will find out how to make an "Excellent Adventure," which is comprised of two shots of Ketel One Citroen and some orange juice.

For some reason, our hosts seem to be getting progressively worse, and caring less, as the episode goes on. Check out the never before seen Adventures after the jump below.

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Elena wasn't the most popular character on the CPT? A theoretical physicist brings us the most popular characters, the most diverse players and more

As the community prepares for Capcom Cup next week in San Francisco, a theoretical physicist by the name of Ryan, a.k.a. "meowklaski," has gone back over the numbers for this year's Pro Tour, and shares a ton of interesting data with us today.

The first graphs here are all about character usage. Graph one shows us the top 50 players on the Pro Tour, and how many different characters they used. The second depicts the most commonly used characters amongst all CPT ranked players.

Pro Tour Stats 01 image #1 Pro Tour Stats 01 image #2
Click images for larger versions

Infiltration leads the pack, no surprises there, having used 14 different characters in Pro Tour tourneys this year. With just under 50 appearances under different users, apparently Sagat is the most popular fighter. Even though it seemed everyone had a pocket Elena, she comes in at number six with about 34 unique uses.

Hit the jump for more.

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WWE superstars Xavier Woods and The Miz go at it in Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition, and the pop offs are real

Xavier Woods, a.k.a. Ausin Creed, continues his video game-based YouTube series with a special Street Fighter episode.

This episode features fellow WWE superstar The Miz in a Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition exhibition. As is always the case with anything WWE, smack talking, salt and pop offs are in no short supply when these two face off.

Woods makes a special effort to point out that they've upgraded to using Mad Catz TE 2 fight sticks, and even makes a direct shout out to Gootecks and Mike Ross just a few minutes in.

You may recall seeing the WWE star on a few episodes of Excellent Adventures back in July and August.

Hit the jump to watch the video and find out who wins the CE exhibition.

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What would happen if you were able to perform an Ultra combo in real life? Vsauce3 combines fighting games and reality

Vsauce3 is back with yet another exploration of fighting game trademarks in real life.

This time he explores the art of the Ultra combo, asking what it would take to actually recreate the force behind Fei-Long's Ultra in SF4, and what effects this would have on a person.

Since Fei launches off ten punches in just one second, Vsauce3 has to gather four martial arts masters to attack simultaneously. Below you'll see said masters as they land ten blows on a ballistics dummy in just one second:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see the full video, which breaks down the science of Fei's Ultra.

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Hidden button in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 performs an instant character swap for one bar, videos show resulting glitches from use

Hidden button in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 performs an instant character swap for one bar, videos show resulting glitches from use

A mechanic was discovered in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 through save file editing a ways back by TheSkyrae.

It enables you to swap your first and second characters instantly, costing you one bar of super meter.

This feature was actually mapped to a single button which is otherwise inaccessible — unless you edit your save file — but the fact it exists, and at least was partially balanced (since it costs a meter) is fairly interesting. Here's a quick glimpse of the feature in action.

Click image for animated sequence

How this would have impacted UMvC3 would be pretty drastic, as it would have opened the door for several new combos and strategies.

Pat728 put together a couple of great videos showing how this feature worked, and even a combo/glitch video illustrating some of the wild possibilities it would have opened up. You can find them below, along with instructions on how it's done.

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Top 10 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players currently as voted by EventHubs readers

Top 10 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players currently as voted bv the EventHubs readers

A little ways back, we asked our readers to vote on who the top 10 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players are currently in the scene.

The nominees were pulled from the top 50 Capcom Pro Tour standings, everyone from the Topanga A League and the top 16 placers at EVO 2015.

Over 7,000 votes were counted. You can find the complete results below.

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