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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

The Ultimate UMVC comeback compilation featuring Marlin Pie, Nemo, Flocker, Moons, Angelic, Insaynne, Flux, Unkn0wn and Alukard

Never. Say. Die.

That's an attitude you have to have if you want to make a name for yourself in the world of the FGC. When all odds are stacked against you, don't look at it as a death certificate, but rather an opportunity for greatness.

This is the final installment in Xuses' Marvel comeback series, and they're going out with a bang.

Perhaps the the most exciting of these comebacks are the ones that are done with characters that are not regarded as top tier. Seeing an Amaterasu or a Shuma Gorath take out a Doom/Vergil team is priceless.

There's plenty of video to watch, so you'd better get to it.

Hit the jump to check them out!

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Meet the men behind the music of Street FIghter Assassin's Fist in this roundtable discussion of the series' aural high points

Patrick Gill, Ryan Ansah and Gary Platts are the geniuses responsible for creating, performing and mixing all the scores for Street Fighter Assassin's Fist.

In this video, each goes over his own favorite musical moments in the series. With added insight from their input, we get to re-watch their favorite scenes and appreciate them on a whole new level.

Relive some prodigious moments from SFAF such as Ken's flaming shoryuken, Gouki's transformation and the epic climax between Akuma and Gotetsu.

Hit the jump and check out the video.

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Ed Boon's Magic 8 Ball - 'Two Mortal Kombat X character reveals next week? As I see it, yes...'

As we continue to eagerly await the release of Mortal Kombat X, Ed Boon and NeatherRealm Studios continually tease us with bits a pieces of information, one character at a time.

That is, until next week perhaps.

Ed Boon has been busy on his Twitter as of late, dropping lots of hints left and right.

We already know that something is planned, and that we'll likely find out for sure on NetherRealm Studios' live stream scheduled for January 29.

Hit the jump to see Boon's tweets!

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Punish your opponents for hitting you! Smash and Grab goes over Rosalina's kill moves, neutral game and other useful tech in this character breakdown

A very unique character in the world of Smash, Rosalina fights with her trusty Luma by her side.

Rosalina's special dynamic echos that of the Ice Climbers in that Luma fights alongside her, mirroring her moves and/or doing his respective counterparts for each command.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the realm of footsies. An opponent can actually hit Rosalina, but then be hurt or killed by Luma as they recover... when's Mahvel?

Smash and Grab always generates great content, so if you like what you see in this video then don't hesitate to jump over to their YouTube page and see all the other great info they have to offer.

Hit the jump to learn some Rosalina.

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Omen's Killer Instinct trailer includes a sneak peek at Golem, the next fighter to be introduced in Season 2

Iron Galaxy Studios has released the official character introduction trailer for Omen, Killer Instinct Season 2's bonus character that is given out free-of-charge as an exclusive to players who purchased the Season 2 pack -- the only way you're getting this character is by picking up the value-for-money pack.

The Omen trailer ditches the tongue-in-cheek humor featured in several of Killer Instinct's past character trailers, choosing instead to introduce the new fighter with an ominous vibe and a sinister tone.

You'll also get a good look of many of Omen's special attacks, including a Lightning Kicks move (that under the right conditions can shoot projectiles), and a slide that lets Omen switch sides with his opponent.

Click images for larger versions

Finally, as a bonus, the trailer also teases what appears to be the next fighter who will be introduced into Killer Instinct: Season 2 - Golem.

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Tales of drunk Daigo, drunk Xiao Hai & good samaritan Xian - AirBehr Chat ft. Gootecks S2 Ep. 1

Looks like AirBehr Dojo isn't the only show from CCG|Air and Behrudy that has returned for a second season this year. AirBehr Chat, which is a show where the two Canadian gamers talk about the FGC and life in general rather than play or demonstrate Street Fighter tech, is also back for a Season 2.

And they're kicking it off with a special guest: Gootecks of Cross Counter and Excellent Adventures' fame.

In this first episode of AirBehr Chat ft. Gootecks, the trio shares stories about some of the funny happenings that occurred during the Canada Cup Masters Series afterward.

Tales of a drunk MCZ|Daigo, drunk Qanba|Xiao Hai, and a good Samarian RZR|Xian who was out $400 that night (although only half of that had to do with his act of kindness).

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Kakutop League live stream, early results and standings ft. Luffy, Ryan Hart, Valmaster, veggey, Phenom, Gagapa, MBR and Kenpachi

Update: This story has been updated with full results and standings for day 1 of the event.

Leagues are all the rage these days, and if you haven't gotten your fill after the 4th Topanga A League and The Canada Cup Masters Series, you're in luck. Even moreso because the Kakutop League is free to watch.

Thanks in no small part to France's resident hypemonger Ken Bogard, the Kakutop League is officially taking place this weekend, featuring top European players such as MD|Luffy, DIG|Ryan Hart, GL|Valmaster, BX3|veggey, BX3|Phenom, Gagapa, LLL|MBR and LLL|Kenpachi.

The event is being streamed with French commentary at JeuxVideo. There will also be a Twitch stream hosted the first day by ARMSHOUSE which will only have French commentary, and one hosted the second day (finals day) by TS|Arturo Sanchez which will feature English commentary. Hit the jump for the embedded live stream and current standings.

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Curleh Mustache East Coast 5 UMvC3 live stream ft. RayRay, Coach Steve, K-Brad, Noel Brown, Flux and more

The Curleh Mustache East Coast 5 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament is happening today at the Next Level Arcade in 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Some of the biggest names in competitive UMvC3 from the East Coast and beyond are in attendance, including BIFU|Coach Steve, CTRL|RayRay, EG|K-Brad, UVG|Noel Brown, and CTRL|Flux.

A tournament is currently going on right now to determine who will earn the last spot for the Curleh Mustache invitationals, which will start later in the afternoon today.

There's also going to be an exhibition match between BIFU|Coach Steve and CTRL|RayRay later tonight.

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Pokken Tournament: all match-ups between Pikachu, Gardevoir, Lucario & Machamp covered in casual tourney matches from the Famitsu stream

During the Famitsu Pokken Tournament live stream earlier this week, Bandai Namco Games's Harada and the Famitsu show's hosts and guests played not one, not two, but a total of eight matches on the location build of the game.

Between those eight matches, they've pretty much covered every single match-up possible between the four playable characters announced so far: Lucario, Machamp, Gardevoir and Pikachu.

When we first ran our story on all of the new information on Pokken Tournament (details on controls and gameplay here), only two of those fights had been uploaded to YouTube -- and so that was all of the footage we could include in the story.

But now that some time has passed from the live stream, nearly the entire broadcast has been archived on YouTube.

You can find the entire broadcast archive below, along with time codes to get to the specific matches you'd like to see.

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Street Fighter 2's Car Crusher bonus stage replicated in real-life on Korean TV show

This is just nuts.

As everyone who's played Street Fighter 2 knows, after a world warrior has successfully defeated three opponents in the tournament he or she is sent to a Car Crusher bonus round where the objective is to wreck a car that's in perfect working condition, as some sort of crazy test of strength or skill.

Ever wondered how impressive or (more likely) ridiculous that would look like, if Street Fighter 2 were real and an actual Car Crusher bonus round took place in real-life?

Some TV executives in South Korea did, and they've arranged for the particular spectacle to be performed on a variety program, by a man decked out (poorly) in Ryu's outfit who may or may not be an actual martial artist.

Why am I questioning if the man performing the Car Crusher stunt is indeed an actual martial artist or otherwise? I think you'll see what I mean in the following clip from the Korean show, provided by Versus Fighting TV.

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King of Fighters 13: Unlikely comebacks, godlike reads & more - Dream Cancel's picks for the best competitive moments of 2014

Unfortunately, The King of Fighters 13 is no longer a main game at EVO 2015. It was only a matter of time before this would happen, what with the bevy of popular fighting games on consideration for the EVO lineup -- both the ones currently on the market, as well as unreleased titles on the horizon.

Nevertheless, just because KOF13 isn't an EVO main game this year doesn't mean that it won't continue to be a game played competitively at tournaments. It looks like there's still a good while to go before SNK Playmore would formally announce their next KOF title, and the game is still incredibly entertaining to watch, even if it's over four years old (three if you count from the 2011 release date for the console versions).

Don't believe me? Then check out this highlights compilation video put together by the good folks over at Dream Cancel, of the best moments in competitive KOF13 that they saw in 2014.

The highlight reel includes footage featuring a lot of familiar names on the tournament circuit, such as RZR|Xian, Qanba|XiaoHai, MCZ|Tokido, DIG|Ryan Hart, Reynald, Misterio and many more.

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'I only play two or three hours a week... getting more knowledge and watching videos is more important.' - Luffy discusses his gaming habits

King Jae, London-based YouTuber and gamer, was able to catch up with EVO 2014 champ MD|Luffy via voice chat.

In the interview, Luffy goes over his EVO victory, getting sponsored, how he approaches Street Fighter in general and the taxing traveling complications that plagued his Capcom Cup experience.

His advice to newer players: Don't be afraid to watch your losses. It's hard to watch those replays, but it's important to understand why you lost!

Hit the jump and hear what else the EVO champ has to say!

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100 vs 1; Daigo to take on a 100-man kumite at Shotenkaigi 6

Following the success of the last Shotenkaigi on January 18th, Niconico has announced that MCZ|Daigo will return for the sixth Shotenkaigi on January 25 at WonderGOO Moriya.

Here, he will face all comers in a 100-man kumite in Ultra Street Fighter 4. That's 100 people that will get in line and systematically be ripped apart by The Beast. We're guessing we'll see at least 75 Umedemons.

What's more, Bonchan will be making a special guest appearance to commentate, so things are bound to get interesting.

The event will be live-streamed from Niconico's website.

You can check out Beastnote for the original post and for all your up-to-date news on Daigo.

Photo credit: Karaface.

The #1 Reason Why You're Not Better At Street Fighter - Gootecks gives some tough-love advice for anyone who wants to get better at fighting games

When people ask me why they can do well online or at home, but then can't perform at the same level in tournaments, I take them through the "Velociraptor Stages of Fighting Game Development" lecture.

It goes as follows:

At first, you can't do your combos for squat. You can't make quick decisions and you don't know how to react to anything your opponent may do. So you practice, and pretty soon you get a handle on all of these things and you reach level one: Training Mode competency.

Now you're comfortable with your character, the space around you and doing your combos in training mode... but not when you play your friends. Eventually, you become familiar enough with the game that you no longer have to think about the small stuff as it becomes second nature. You've now reached level two: Casuals competency.

So now you beat up on your friends and you're hot stuff. Drunk with power, you go to a tournament and are quickly sobered up by the fact that you go 0-2. Why? Because the new pressure of tourney play made you forget all you'd learned. Fortunately, you go through a Rocky training montage and achieve level three: Tournament competency.

Now you're bodying fools left and right... that is until you get on stream. Suddenly, the nerves come right back with a newfound intensity you've never felt before. Thousands of eyes are on you, watching, analyzing, and you know it. It doesn't help that you're playing against a top player who is hitting every combo perfectly while you suddenly forgot how to make the guy on the screen do punchy moves.

The list continues on like this for every new setting with increased pressure until you hit Grand Finals EVO competency. Once you can play there as though you're at home in training mode, you've ascended.

How does one reach GFEC? Gootecks has written a blog on the matter. Hit the jump and see what wise words of wisdom the tournament veteran has to say.

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The European Kakutop League is right around the corner! Watch Luffy, Ryan Hart, Valmaster, Veggey and more duke it out to see who's top dog in Europe!

The fun all starts Saturday, January 24th as 8 of Europe's best come together to play in a Topanga-style round-robin tournament.

The line up is as follows:

- MD|Luffy
- GL|Valmaster
- DIG|Ryan Hart
- Gagapa
- LLL|Kenpachi
- BX3|Veggey
- BX3|Phenom

The eight players will be divided up into two groups of four. All of group A will play each other in first to 5 sets. The same goes for group B. The top two players of each group will then face off on Sunday in first to 10 sets for title of Kakutop League Champion as well as a part of the 1,500 euro prize pool.

Hit the jump to see who's playing who!

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