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Tiers for Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat X moves, characters, combos and frame data

Community reports multiple differences in Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PlayStation 4

Ultra Street Fighter 4 hit North American PlayStation 4's just a few hours ago. The community has quickly noticed a few changes in multiple areas of the game.

There have been reports of menu transitions being slower than normal. Beyond this some of the moves, such as Guile's Sonic Boom, have had aesthetic changes made to them. The Training Stage appears to have a slightly blurrier background.

Other reports have stated that it appears the game is actually the 1.04 version. Considering this is not the most recent version, it's very likely we'll see updates in the near future for the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

We have reached out to Sony, who handled the port, for details and are awaiting a response at this point. We will keep you updated with any and all information as it becomes available.

Hit the jump to see a video of Decapre's slower teleport on PlayStation 4.

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Luigi takes out every single level nine computer by doing absolutely nothing... and it's actually rather amazing

What's the secret to beating the incredibly difficult, level nine computer in Smash 4? Do nothing! That's how Omega Tyrant deals with them anyway, and it's actually quite impressive.

Tyrant has made a video wherein he pits his Luigi one on one with each character in the Smash 4 roster. He then puts his controller down and watches as every single one of them ends up hanging themselves in one way or another.

It's both hilarious and amazing at the same time, as some bouts appear completely lost for the green-capped plumber. Each time though, he ends up pulling out a miraculous victory... by doing nothing.

Check out a few notable examples here below, and get a taste of what we mean:

Click images for animated versions

Hit the jump to see the full video.

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See Sonya's full screen grenade snipe and rare footage of Sonic Fox getting Flawless Victoried; ESL Pro League top five plays of week three

We're just one day away from the week four finals of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League, and so we'd like to take a moment and look back at some of the top highlights from the previous top 16.

From seemingly inescapable rush down to stylish Brutalities, week three was filled with hype moments. Though there's been a handful of players like cR|Sonic Fox that've been fairly dominant both online and offline, we're beginning to see more up and comers closing that skill gap quickly.

Here's that grenade snipe we referenced in the title, CrazySteady's Sonya lobs a bomb at just the right time to catch Reefer Blown's Scorpion's jump:

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see the highlights.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 officially released for PlayStation 4 in North America

It's been long awaited, though it seems the last several hours of this morning have been the longest, but Ultra Street Fighter 4 is finally available to download on PlayStation 4.

Many gamers have been eagerly waiting by their consoles, refreshing every few minutes to see if the title would pop up. This version of the game will be the new tournament standard moving forward.

The PS4 version of USF4 will feature all DLC content for the game thus far, including every costume for every character. One of the biggest questions for the North American crowd in regards to the new release, is whether or not the online game play will be smoother and more playable than in previous console versions.

If you've downloaded the game and have been able to test it out, we'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Photo Source: Capcom Fighters' Twitter.

How to get your PS3 stick to work for USF4 on PS4: Follow these steps released by Capcom, similar to Mortal Kombat X

With so many of us getting Ultra Street Fighter 4 today for PS4, knowing exactly how to get your PS3 stick to work with your PS4 is vital. It's not as simple as plug and play.

Fortunately, Combofiend has released a guide detailing how to get your Mad Catz TE or whatnot ready as soon as possible.

Mortal Kombat fans might find the following guide almost identical to the one they've been using for MKX. That's because the backwards compatibility has been implemented in similar fashion.

To get playing with your PS3 arcade stick in Ultra Street Fighter 4, follow the guide below.

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Check out the first look at a Street Fighter 5 Charlie statue, Oro statue complete with turtle, and much more

BornFree has uploaded a preview for all the worldwide Street Fighter statues currently in development. There's a lot more of them than you might have thought.

While some of these are still pending approval from Capcom, almost all of them are gorgeous. Seeing Oro rendered as a statue with his turtle is wonderful. Also, the Evil Ryu statue featuring his alternative costume with long hair is refreshing. It's rare that we get to actually view statues wearing any outfit other than their primary ones, so it's a treat to see these designers take risks.

Particularly exciting is the first look at Charlie. He will make his display appearance at the Capcom Booth at SDCC this year. Despite being a work that's in progress, the model itself looks outstanding.

Fortunately, BornFree appears as passionate as the designers, and he goes into detail discussing his thoughts on each one.

I've grabbed images of a few that stood out to me. There's plenty more, though, so make sure to watch the video after you've checked out the my selections.

Street Fighter Statue Preview image #1 Street Fighter Statue Preview image #2 Street Fighter Statue Preview image #3 Street Fighter Statue Preview image #4
Click images for larger versions

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Capcom looking into PS3 arcade stick support for Street Fighter 5

After the announcement that Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PS4 would accept PS3 sticks, some fans started wondering if the technology could be applied to Street Fighter 5.

Apparently, someone at Capcom must have asked the same question because they're currently looking into it. Ultra Street Fighter 4 uses Lab Zero's drivers to allow sticks from the last generation to work on the latest release.

To put this into perspective, however, Capcom has only stated that they are looking into it. This isn't a confirmation, but it is a step in a direction that will please many players. They continued, "[We] will share more information soon."

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy using your PS3 arcade sticks with Ultra Street Fighter 4 launching today for PS4.

Source: GameSpot.
Tip sent in by Hondahands.

Wolfkrone's clutch finisher, NuckleDu's big victory and an incredibly back and forth Mortal Kombat X Grand Finals; Combo Breaker highlights

The second major tournament of this weekend played out within the limits of The Windy City. Combo Breaker saw a group of strong players including the likes of EG|Justin Wong, Liquid|NuckleDu, EG|Ricki Ortiz, cR|SonicFox and more take to the sticks at this Capcom Pro Tour event.

We've got a few of our favorite moments from the tourney to share with you now.

Wolfkrone's Clutch Combo

In his bout with EG|K-Brad, Wolfkrone showed a few times that his execution was not particularly on point. Those that are familiar Street Fighter 4 know that this can spell absolute disaster for C. Viper players.

In the third round of their third match, Wolfkrone narrowly escapes death and hits a big combo just when it matters most.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump for more Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat X action.

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Velociraptor's Top Tiers – a look at the strongest characters and styles throughout the history of Street Fighter 4

It's been six years since Street Fighter 4 dropped in 2009, and we’ve seen no less than five different versions of the game. With Street Fighter 5 on the horizon, we’re sure to see, not necessarily the death, but certainly the end of a major chapter of the SF4 era.

In this article, I'll be looking back at the five iterations of SF4: Vanilla, Super, Arcade Edition, AE2012 and Ultra, analyzing which specific character(s), and style of character was most favored in each and why. Please keep in mind that this analysis is my personal opinion based on my experiences with the community and the game.

As a final note, we very well may have discovered tech after the fact that would make certain characters even better in previous iterations. I’m looking at how the community handled these characters and not necessarily their true potential. So questions like “What if we had fleshed out Akuma’s vortex potential in Vanilla?” don’t really apply. Hit the jump to get started.

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'What the Hell is Yoshimitsu?' Awp Williams takes an in depth look at this eccentric fighting game figure

Alien, samurai, squid, ninja? Yoshimitsu's ever-changing appearance has had casual onlookers speculating his identity and origins over the years. Take a look at a few of Yoshimitsu's appearances from different games:

Yoshimitsu over the years image #1 Yoshimitsu over the years image #2 Yoshimitsu over the years image #3 Yoshimitsu over the years image #4 Yoshimitsu over the years image #5 Yoshimitsu over the years image #6 Yoshimitsu over the years image #7 Yoshimitsu over the years image #8
Click images for larger versions

The back story actually reveals that this iconic fighting game character's ongoing story arc is very rich.

Awp Williams, a YouTuber who enjoys delving into the more theoretical side of games, has done some research on Yoshimitsu and shares the beginnings of his findings with us in "What the Hell is Yoshimitsu? Part 1."

While better known as a Tekken character, Yoshimitsu has also been a large part of the Soul Caliber series. In this first installment Williams discusses Yoshimitu's story within the confines of Soul Caliber, and helps us better label him beyond the old "Creepy/weird guy with the sword" title.

Just as a heads up, the video is briefly NSFW and may be somewhat offensive to some. Hit the jump to see it.

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Daigo takes the lead in the Capcom Pro Tour standings; see who else is currently leading the pack

After an impressive win from the Losers bracket at last weekend's Stunfest, MCZ|Daigo Umehara has now jumped up to 514 points, passing /r/Kappa|Infiltration in the process.

Despite a third place victory, Infiltration has been awarded Capcom Cup berth as both Daigo and EG|Momochi had already qualified via previous Premier tournament victories.

Thirty-two players will qualify for this year's Capcom Cup Finals, and they will prepare to pass the half way point of the season as we finish out the month of May. An interesting natural outcome of this year's system, many top players who have already qualified continue to attend, and win, Premier tournaments.

As a result, just as we've seen in Stunfest 2015, we can expect to see third, fourth and possibly even fifth place finishers of future Premier tourneys still securing spots for the finals. This is likely a result of the inflated pot bonuses Capcom has sprinkled the events with.

Hit the jump to see the current top 20 list for the Capcom Pro Tour.

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Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R is coming to Steam! More recent titles to possibly follow...

Some exciting news for fans of the Guilty Gear franchise, Accent Core Plus R will be available on Steam tomorrow, May 26th. It will feature a variety of different game modes, including online ranked battles.

Along with the game itself, players will receive a special bonus soundtrack:

"Indulge yourself in Ishiwatari Daisuke's world of heavy drums, bass and electric guitars! Experience first-hand the most core fundamentals of what makes a GUILTY GEAR!"

What's more, this may be the "last step" for the GG community as they petition to get more titles, namely CP and Xrd, on Steam. An exciting time indeed for Guilty Gear players.

Hit the jump to see the GGACR Steam trailer.

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MKX roundup: Jax scores 53% with one meter, Brutality combo compilation, Shinnok bug makes jumping punch hit mid, and more

Alright, folks! It's the start of a new week, and today we've got a fresh round up of Mortal Kombat X tech for you to check out.

This here batch of videos features combos for a handful of different characters, and odd bug, and more.

Also, be sure to check out the awesome Reptile combo that deals 62% damage using X-Ray.

Hit the jump to get started!

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 PlayStation 4 footage a day before its official release

Last week, it was announced that PlayStation 4 users would be able to get their hands on Capcom's most popular fighting title, Ultra Street Fighter 4, beginning tomorrow, May 26th.

While it's not May 26th just yet here in the states, it looks like some players have already downloaded the PS4 port. Today, a run through of the game's arcade mode was uploaded on to YouTube, allowing us to see the next-gen port in action.

While the level of play here isn't anything you'd see at EVO, it's still interesting to see how the game runs. Unless I've missed my mark, the game's graphics appear to have been polished up a bit.

Check out Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PlayStation 4 in action below.

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Combo Breaker 2015 results, stream archive feat. Justin Wong, NuckleDu, Ricki Ortiz, K-Brad, CD Jr., SonicFox, Air, Arturo & more

Story updated with final results: We've updated this story with the final results for Combo Breaker 2015.

Combo Breaker 2015 is taking place this weekend, and it's got a ton of games, and a ton of competitors.

Players you can expect to take part in the event include EG|Justin Wong, Liquid|NuckleDu, EG|Ricki Ortiz, EG|K-Brad, TSC|CD Jr., cR|SonicFox, ZeRo, CCG|Air, BE|KaneBlueRiver, TS|Arturo Sanchez, EMP|KDZ, KIT|ForeverKing, REO, MOR|Rico Suave, HitBox|Tyrant, Wolfkrone, STB|Shujinkydink, EMP|DarthArma, VGP|Tom Brady, FF|ElvenShadow, Pig of the Hut, BT|Viscant, BananaKen, JRosa, TS|NerdJosh, KidViper and more.

As for games, you can expect to see Mortal Kombat X, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Killer Instinct, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Skullgirls Encore, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late, King of Fighters 13, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Divekick, Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Lethal League and a special mystery game tournament.

There are also a bunch of retro tournaments, featuring classic games such as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Vampire Savior.

Streaming duties are being handled by Team Spooky, VGBootCamp, BGCallisto and Galloping Ghost Arcade. There will also be an after-hours stream, featured on EG Justin Wong's stream.

Hit the jump to partake in the action.

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