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Capcom fighting games revival project announced, widescreen ports of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and 3 other games coming to NESiCAxLive

Earlier today at the conclusion of the Tokyo qualifier for Capcom and Taito's Ultra Street Fighter 4 "Isshuu Sengeki Cup" Japan national tournament, Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano made an announcement for a "Capcom Fighting Games Revival Project", that will see four classic Capcom CPS2 fighters receive widescreen 16:9 ports for Taito's NESiCAxLive arcade platform.

The four titles are Hyper Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Vampire Savior. As the four games all originally appeared in the arcades in standard definition 4:3 format, these 16:9 ports will feature command lists for characters on the sides of the screen.

On top of the new widescreen format, all four titles will support player name display and allow arcade-goers to grind for player points (PP). Players' win-loss history for all four titles will also be available through the NESiCAxLive mobile portal.

Click images for larger versions

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VS Fighting 4 tournament live stream feat. Luffy, Ryan Hart, Dieminion, Alioune, Problem X, Valmaster, WhiteBl4ck, Phenom, ImStillDaDaddy and more

The latest Capcom Pro Tour premier event is taking place this weekend in Birmingham, England. Being a premier event, this means that the winner of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament here gets a guaranteed spot at Capcom Cup later this year.

Notable players expected to attend include MD|Luffy, DIG|Ryan Hart, Dieminion, BCN|Alioune, CG|Problem X, Valmaster, CDV|WhiteBl4ck, BX3|Phenom, UM|ImStillDaDaddy, Cuongster and more.

The main event is the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, but the event also has tournaments running for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma and Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo.

You can find the livestream below.

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Capcom Pro Tour Asia Korea qualifier results feat. Xian, Poongko, Laugh and more

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Capcom Pro Tour Asia continues with another qualifier event taking place in Seoul, Korea. The winner will earn a spot at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals set to take place in October of this year.

Tonight we have some heavy-hitters in attendance ready to compete in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

RZR|Xian, Infiltration, Poongko, and Laugh are just some of the players on the list. If you'd like to follow along with the action, you can find the event brackets over on Razer's Challonge page.

You can find the live stream, courtesy of Capcom Fighters, below.

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Sanford Kelly ranks USF4's Shotos from best to worst; may drop Oni for Evil Ryu - find out which Shoto is most popular here on EventHubs

SteamCo|Sanford Kelly is known for being one of the most prominent Oni players in Ultra Street Fighter 4 currently. It seems, however, that The King may be looking to switch out his main character for one that's a bit more effective.

As many players do, Sanford took to Twitter in order to get follower feedback on his potential switch. To start, he asked whether or not he should drop Oni as his main and pick up Evil Ryu. "I want better results, and Evil Ryu is a better character," he quickly followed up.

Sanford states that although the Arcade Edition Shotos both have similar optimal damage outputs when in the heat of battle, each has their own strengths at different ranges. He feels that Evil Ryu is more dangerous from sweep range due to his ability to deal more damage from a whiff punish, whereas Oni is most threatening when he's in the opponent's face and scoring counter hits.

The east coast Oni player adds that his current main suffers a glaring weakness against characters with strong zoning capabilities and long-ranged Focus Attacks.

Sanford proceeded to list the Shotos from best to worst.

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NorCal Fight Club League finale live stream, current standings ft. Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ, LPN, Hoodaman, BJ Unchained, more

Updated again: The live stream for the NorCal Fight Club League round 3/finale is currently underway. You can also check out the current standings and results for the previous two rounds.

Earlier: The second round of the NorCal Fight Club League is taking place in Milpitas, California. Many of Northern California's best will go head-to-head in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Tonight marks the second of three different rounds set to take place at various locations. The 14 players listed below will fight it out at each event, and the points earned at each round will accumulate. The player with the most points at the end of the season, along with the four players to place beneath him, will secure a spot in the A league for season 2.

EG|Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ, pH|Hoodaman, pH|LPN, MMG|Julio, MMG|El Cubano Loco, Dirty Paws, Crizzle, Nando Tovar, BJ Unchained, Ramin, Crackfiend, Kelvin Jeon, and Nima are all expected to compete tonight. The tournament is character locked, and you can catch of glimpse of which characters will be used by whom in the image below.

Click image for larger version

Catch all of the action below.

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Daigo, Tokido, Mago, Nemo, Eita, ChocoBlanka, and more: Ultra Street Fighter 4 2014 Japan National Tournament - Isshuu Sengeki Cup live stream

Tonight we have some amazing Ultra Street Fighter 4 action coming to us live from Japan. The Tokyo qualifying event for the Ultra Street Fighter 4 2014 Japan National Tournament -- known as the Isshuu Sengeki Cup -- is streaming from the Akiba Square event space in Akihabara Crossfield building.

The action will consist of both a 3v3 and singles tournament, and many of Japan's finest are expected to compete. MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago, BE|Nemo, Eita, EG|ChocoBlanka, Akimo, Acqua, Nishikin, RZR|Itabashi Zangief, and more are among the listed players.

Since the event is taking place in Japan, a live stream can be found over on NicoNico, however, it is only available for viewing in that region. Folks outside of Japan can still catch everything over on Taito Live's Ustream channel.

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Cease and desist sent to Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late hitbox viewer creator, Arc System Works also ask to take down tournament footage

Shortly after the Japanese release of Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late for the PS3, Kenbot creator Dantarion began working on a hitbox viewer project for the game that he finally put the finishing touches to last week, on August 15.

The completed project was available on, and it contained not only hitbox data, but also the game's complete frame data and additional information on move properties.

But if you go over to that URL now, you won't find any of all that great stuff to help you figure out all the ins and outs of UNIEL.

All you'll see is a brief note written by Dantarion himself, explaining why all of his hard work is no longer there.

At the request of ARC System Works I have removed the hitbox viewer. They requested that I remove not only all artwork from my site, but also all frame data, hitbox data, and information about move properties.

They also requested that I remove tournament footage from my youtube, linking me to URL's I embedded on my blog.

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Get Skullgirls Encore (PC) for under $4 for one-day only; The King of Fighters 20th anniversary sale launched

The weekend is almost here!

If you're thinking of spending this weekend checking out some new fighting games different from the ones you normally play, and don't already own Skullgirls or any of the KOF smartphone titles, then consider yourself in luck!

For today only, the PC version of Skullgirls Encore can be yours for the low, low price of $3.74.

From now till August 26, SNK Playmore has also temporarily reduced the price of all iPhone and Android KOF games to $0.99.

Check out the full details of both deals below.

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Odd afterimage-removal glitch causes Yang's Super Combo to lose its effectiveness after Yun's UC1 is performed in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Victor Rivera has discovered and documented on video a peculiar Ultra Street Fighter 4 glitch involving the afterimages that accompany some of Yun and Yang's attacks.

According to Victor, the afterimages that trail behind Yun when he does his dash punch may on occasion disappear completely after an Ultra Combo is performed -- and if your opponent happens to be Yang, this glitch will remove Yang's afterimages as well.

What begins innocuously as a simple graphical effect glitch turns out to possess very real gameplay repercussions, as Victor discovers that Yang's Seiei Enbu Super Combo ceases to function properly when the afterimages are gone, as you'll see in the video below.

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Mago's master-class Yang goes YOLO with UC1, Vivi lands a 67-hit combo - Ultra Street Fighter 4 replays ft. Dieminion, Wolfkrone, Poongko

MCZ|Mago has been playing a lot of Yang lately. In fact, he's recently attained enough BP with his Yang to obtain the Master rank for that character in the arcade version of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

You can catch some of his Yang antics in action -- including an insane read where he punishes his opponent's block string with a prediction Ultra Combo -- with this set of USF4 replays from YogaFlame24 and i Shoryuken.

Also included in this set of replays is a match where Vivi lands a 67-hit combo on his opponent on Xbox Live (just in case you couldn't get enough of seeing the top Japanese Chun-Li player in action, after yesterday's videos), and other online ranked matches featuring Dieminion, Wolfkrone and Poongko.

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Bandai Namco is making a new Marvel licensed video game - full-length trailer for Disk Wars Avengers: Ultimate Heroes

Looks like mobile games company Kabam's forthcoming Marvel Contest of Champions won't be the only fighting game this year to feature characters and licenses from the superhero comics giant.

Bandai Namco Games has recently announced in Japan a new action-slash-fighting game for the 3DS entitled Disk Wars Avengers: Ultimate Heroes, slated to be released later this year in November.

Judging from the game's simple mechanics and its target audience (kids), this is likely a quick cash-in on the popularity of the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers anime that's currently airing in Japan, rather than a bona fide fighting game and one of the titles that Katsuhiro Harada and the Tekken Project development team are concurrently working on.

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The Runback season 3 premiere live stream ft. Clockw0rk, KaneBlueRiver, Alex Valle, and more in UMvC3, KI, and Yatagarasu

The Runback season 3 premiere live stream ft. Clockw0rk, KaneBlueRiver, Alex Valle, and more in UMvC3, KI, and Yatagarasu Level|Up is back again and is keeping the fighting game action coming with The Runback season 3 premiere. The weekly event has returned to Super Arcade in Walnut, California.

The games being played tonight include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, and Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm. BT|Clockw0rk, LU|Alex Valle, KaneBlueRiver, Gutter Magic, Hitbox|Tyrant, and more are competing tonight.

You can follow along with the action on Level|Up's Challonge website.

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Sakurai says glitches are the reason Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U have separate release dates

It is no secret that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U will be released at separate times this year: the 3DS version on October 3rd, and the Wii U version this holiday season. Many may be wondering why both games won't be released simultaneously, and luckily, Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai answered that question in his latest, semi-weekly column in Weekly Famitsu magazine.

According to Sakurai, the 3DS version of the game is currently in the debugging process -- a process in which a team of people test out the game in order to find any glitches for the programmers to fix. The Smash creator states that the debugging is done both in-house and overseas, and several hundred people are brought on to help check for bugs. From what Sakurai says, this process is incredibly grueling, and one of the main reasons both games are being released on different days.

"Debugging alone becomes a huge project. So much so that one of the biggest reasons for the separate release dates for the 3DS and Wii U versions was so that we could shift the debugging periods."

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Hugo hits 8 standing medium punches in one combo, four claps juggle Dhalsim into U2: USF4's giant grappler looks really stylish in this CMV

Cjbqulix recently sent us a brand new Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo video featuring none other than the largest grappler in Street Fighter, Hugo.

Although many of Hugo's combo possibilities have already been explored, this video gets a bit more creative in its approach. In it, we see a number of interesting set-ups, including a combo that deals a ton of damage, landing eight standing medium punches in one go using Decapre's Ultra 1.

Additionally, Cjbqulix pushes the juggle limits by hitting four of Hugo's claps on an airborne Dhalsim, and still manages to land Ultra 2 to close it out.

There's a lot to be seen here, so check out this awesome Ultra Street Fighter 4 Hugo combo video below.

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Will Brutalities return in Mortal Kombat X? 'Mmhmm, it's definitely a possibility *big grin*' - Boon hints at Sonya, says netcode has been optimized

In a recent interview with The Kombat Tether at Gamescom, NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon discussed the upcoming next-gen fighter, Mortal Kombat X. The MK creator touched on a variety of different subjects such as the game's netcode, the MKX roster, and even dropped a couple of cryptic hints at past features/characters we may see make a return.

We have heard previously that a certain "-ality" -- other than the Fatality, of course -- would make an appearance in Mortal Kombat X. Since Brutalities were originally intended to return in MK9, but did not make the cut due to time constraints, Boon was asked if we could expect to see them featured in the 10th installment of the Mortal Kombat series. His response leads us to believe that Brutalities may be back.

"Mmhmm. It's definitely a possibility. Yeah. *big grin*"

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