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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Ultimate Fighters Tuesday is live tonight featuring Brentt, Marq Teddy, Iansanity, Commander Jesse and more!

Ultimate Fighters Tuesday is live tonight featuring Brentt, Marq Teddy, Iansanity, Commander Jesse and more! We're all congregating here at Ultimate Gaming Center in Panorama City for Ultimate Fighters Tuesday.

UGC has become the regular spot for SoCal residents since the temporary closing of Super Arcade.

Week in and week out we've seen top-notch play as UGC regulars like Vicious, Commander Jesse, Hellfyre and Koryu try to defend their turf against the Wednesday Night Fights invaders such as Brentt, Snake Eyez, Marq Teddy and Iansanity.

This is actually week two of the current season. Last week's Challong is posted here, Challonge brackets are posted here.

Hit the jump to see the stream!

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Mortal Kombat X will let players turn off negative edge, tag special move inputs to be displayed on-screen during a match

The Know has just published a video preview for Mortal Kombat X in which presenters Adam Kovic and James Willems get their co-host Lawrence Sonntag (who went to visit NetherRealm Studios in Chigago) to tell them about what he was able to check out.

Lawrence went into a lot of detail on the game, some of which you've probably heard about already elsewhere. But there's at least two features Lawrence mentioned that we haven't really quite heard about in other interviews or previews: the ability to turn off negative edge, and helpful feature to tag special moves so that their inputs are displayed on-screen during your match.

He also recorded quite a bit of footage from his play session, and the entire verbal exchange between Lawrence and his co-hosts was pretty entertaining to listen to, to boot.

Lawrence Sonntag: Where that came from is that, according to the combat designer he was watching a lot of tournaments and some people in MK9 would lose tournaments because special moves would come out when they didn't want them to. He wanted to expose these options so that people can play exactly how they want.

Adam Kovic: So that's why I've been looking in fighting games all those times. Negative edging.

Check out The Know's video preview of Mortal Kombat X below.

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April EventHubs subscriber giveaway is Mortal Kombat X

Our bi-monthly giveaway for EventHubs subscribers is Mortal Kombat X, for the system of your choosing.

You can become a subscriber now for $20 USD per year, to be entered into the EventHubs bi-monthly sweepstakes. Your subscription will enter you in this drawing, and future giveaways as well.

You'll also get other great benefits for subscribing like:

• Ads removed from web and mobile platforms when signed in.
• A monthly newsletter only for VIPs where we talk about new features and site developments.
• Sweet highlights on your username in the comments area and user profile page.

February's winner, Subjectivve, has chosen to receive a copy of Mortal Kombat X for the PlayStation 4.

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Team Spooky's Victor 'Spooky' Fontanez joins Mike Ross on this week's Capcom Pro Talk, streaming live now

Team Spooky's Victor "Spooky" Fontanez is perhaps one of the most prolific tournament streamers here in the fighting games community. You've seen him stream and commentate many of the most successful tournaments on Twitch -- whether they be big events, or a weekly series at the grassroots level.

But how much about the man do you really know?

Join Mike Ross on today's episode of Capcom Pro Talk, starting at 7 p.m. Pacific Time, where we'll finally get to learn more about what lies beneath the man's cherubic smile and engaging personality.

Afterwards Mike Ross and Spooky will also be playing some USF4 matches with viewers on the PC version of the game.

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40% off Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, 75% off Injustice - PlayStation Store sale

The PlayStation Store has just been updated today.

In addition to the handful of new titles and demoes that have been added to the PlayStation Store, a number of older titles are getting their prices slashed as part of a PSN sale.

Two fighting games are part of the sale line-up, with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax's price marked down by 40% (up to 50% for DLC), and Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for the PS3 and PS4 marked down by 60% (75% if you're a PS Plus member).

Here's the full list of titles on discount:

Click image for larger version

How long will the prices stay discounted?

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Ed Boon: The obscure character Tremor was included in Mortal Kombat X due to 'this swell of people pushing for it with petitions online'

When Tremor, Tanya, and Predator were revealed to be playable characters that would be added to Mortal Kombat X via a Kombat Pack add-on, one question that many fighting game fans asked were "who's Tremor and Tanya?"

Tremor and Tanya, of course, are relatively obscure fighters who made their first appearances in the franchise from Mortal Kombat: Special Forces and Mortal Kombat 4 (MK4), respectively.

What's particularly interesting about Tremor though is that, unlike Tanya who was a fully playable character in MK4, Tremor would be making his first fully playable appearance in Mortal Kombat X. Back in Special Forces, Tremor was not playable and only appeared during the cutscenes. And although you could play as Tremor in the PS Vita port of Mortal Kombat 9 as part of a couple of special tower events, the character himself isn't exactly selectable in Versus mode or online.

So why did the folks over at NetherRealm Studios decided to make him playable now, almost 15 years after his first (non-playable) appearance?

"A big reason [we decided to make him playable] was because of fans yelling loud enough," NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon told GameSpot.

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How has Jin changed in Tekken 7? Day 1 combos and extended look at Jin in online matches and the newly-added Practice Mode

Earlier today the arcade version of Tekken 7 received a network update that added Jin to its roster of playable characters, as well as a new Practice Mode that arcade-goers could use to thoroughly explore character move sets and combos with.

To mark the occasion, the Koenji Cube arcade game center in Tokyo has uploaded some extensive play footage featuring the returning character, in both the newly-added Practice Mode as well as in online matches.

If you're curious about what's different with Jin in Tekken 7, the Practice Mode footage should cue you in on some of the new combo starters and possibilities with him. Alternatively, if all you want to do is see how good Jin actually performs in actual player matches, go check out the online play footage.

There's also a shakycam video shot by YouTube user theater10 that shows off some of Jin's Day 1 combos in Tekken 7.

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Mortal Kombat X move listings updated - Erron Black, Shinnok, Mileena, Kung Jin, Liu Kang and more added

DreamKing and I put in a long day yesterday to update our Mortal Kombat X move listings, and we've added some of the new characters, plus revised some of the older listings.

We'll have a complete listing up for the game as soon as possible, along with a rundown of the variations and what they do.

Plus, we'll be launching the usual sections like tiers and stats, on the same day that the game launches, April 14th, so please look forward to that.

You can find move listings for Erron Black, Shinnok, Mileena, D'Vorah, Kung Jin, Takeda, Liu Kang and updated sections for Ferra/Torr and Kotal Kahn. We've added links to all of the MKX moves sections below.

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April Fools roundup: Daigo retires from fighting games to become accountant, Tekken X Lord of Vermilion announced

It's April 1st... in Japan, and the ruses have already started to surface for April Fools' day.

In news that's sure to shock the world, until they realize what day it is, MCZ|Daigo Umehara announced his retirement from the fighting game scene to become an accountant.

One thing is for sure: You've never seen accounting at this level! Check out the full site here, which has several SF4 themed accounting images of Umehara, along with a nifty video (or find that clip after the jump).

Not wanting to be left out on the insanity, Square Enix announced a Tekken X Lord of Vermilion cross over game.

In a move that would make MUGEN feel inadequate, the team said there would be 765 characters, so get busy learning all of those match ups!

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Compilation of brutally disgusting Mortal Kombat X fatalities feat. Kitana, Ferra/Torr, Reptile and more

If you're like me, you haven't kept up on the fatalities that have been released for Mortal Kombat X yet, so this clip from CaRtOoNz fills that gap in perfectly.

If you're hardcore, you've seen many of these before, but this was all captured from a recent event, so many of the characters being ... fatalitied, fatalized, err, having a fatality performed on them, is all new footage, even if the actions themselves are stuff you've seen previously.

If you dare, you can find the clip below.

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Tsuko G's kazoo rendition of Ken's Theme (which you didn't ask for) is epic and actually pretty good

Kazoos are probably one of of the worst musical instruments ever invented. The sound it makes is so annoying that I think calling it a musical instrument is somewhat inaccurate.

Or at least, that's what I thought, until I heard Tsuko G's latest kazoo rendition of this famous video game track -- Ken's Theme from the arcade (CPS1) edition of Street Fighter 2.

The kazoo sounds in this track aren't anywhere near as annoying as I thought they'd be. In fact they complement the notes in Ken's Theme quite well. See if you agree in the video embedded below.

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Tekken 7 copy-and-pasted? Devil Jin & Josie Rizal's Rage Arts animations look remarkably similar to SoulCalibur 5 supers, fan points out

On Sunday, Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada announced that Jin, Devil Jin and newcomer Josie Rizal would be added into Tekken 7's roster of playable characters soon.

Character introduction trailers for all three fighters were also streamed, and many Tekken fans watched these trailers with eyes eager with excitement.

For a small number of fans, however, those fleeting feelings of excitement were soon overtaken by a sense of deja vu when they got to the part that showcased each character's Rage Arts. It was almost like, they've seen these Rage Arts super moves before, somewhere. Which was odd, because this is the first time ever in Tekken history that super moves are a part of the game.

But as this video from Tyler Bleu proves, those feelings of deja vu were right -- the three characters' Rage Arts super moves are not entirely new.

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Amazing LP fights Ryu in real-life, imagines what pay-to-win Street Fighter would be like

You've already seen the Amazing LP take on numerous The King of Fighters characters in a fight in real-life.

Now watch him go up against Ryu from Street Fighter. The previous time he was able to take on about a dozen different KOF characters. Since he's that formidable, surely he'd have no problem knocking Ryu out, right?

There's just one problem here: this isn't regular Street Fighter that the Amazing LP is playing. It's a version of Street Fighter from a parallel universe -- a universe in which Capcom has made the series pay-to-win.

How will the fight go? Find out in the special effects video below.

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Ed Boon promises better netcode, talks about 'easy fatalities', DLC character try-outs in Mortal Kombat X in this interview with AngryJoe

YouTube personality AngryJoe has just published an in-depth 20-minute interview with Mortal Kombat co-creator and NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon, and it is filled with several nuggets of new information about the soon-to-be-released new-gen fighter.

In this interview, Boon reveals that there will be ways for players to try out DLC fighters without having to purchase them beforehand, an "easy fatality" feature that you can unlock in the Krypt, and that Mortal Kombat X's story mode has "more cinematic footage in this one than any of the games we've (NetherRealm Studios) done before."

He also talks about how they're potentially looking at adding more DLC guest characters, and how they've sought to improve the netcode in Mortal Kombat X over Mortal Kombat (2011) and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

AngryJoe: Are there going to be any substantial changes to the netcode? Are you guaranteeing that it's going to be improved?

Ed Boon: Oh yeah, yeah, it's going to be improved over MK9 certainly, improved over Injustice. We really are focusing a lot on it, as well as the messaging [you get when something happens in online mode].

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Project M 3.6 adds new stages, music, alternate costumes, and is coming soon!

The folks over at Project M have released a brand new trailer for an update to their Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod.

Project M 3.6 is set to add new stages (including HD remakes of classic battlefields), fresh alternate outfits (like the one that appears to be a cyber-Charizard), new music, and more.

While the trailer did not specify when we can expect the update to go live, it does note that we will be able to get our hands on it soon.

Check out the new Project M 3.6 trailer below!

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