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Tiers for Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat X moves & characters

Poison's odd hurtbox lets you do some unique and incredibly damaging combos on her with Ken, Ryu, Sakura, Seth and others

When the patch for Ultra came out and received the five most recent characters in Street Fighter 4, one of the first complaints players had was about some of the new characters' hurtboxes.

Elena was probably the most notable example as her unique design caused many standard combos to whiff half way through. Others like Poison and Hugo had some issues wherein hurtboxes would completely disappear at times. People voiced their frustrations, and in the 1.04 patch, developers tweaked things a bit to make these characters somewhat more like the rest of the cast.

Though hurtbox issues have been traditionally in the newest characters' favor, ks_tali has created a video showing that Poison is actually susceptible to a few otherwise impossible combos. Tali explains one of the combos from the video:

"cl.hp xx sonic boom FADC with Seth normally grants +7 frame advantage. On Poison, the boom always hits extremely meaty, granting about +13 advantage, at least from what I tested."

Hit the jump to see the video.

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PC modders make Rain, Tanya, Sindel, and Baraka playable in Mortal Kombat X

Earlier this week, we saw that Mortal Kombat X's final boss was made playable by way of PC mods. Now, it looks like more characters from the game's story mode can be used in battle.

PC modders managed to make Rain, Baraka, Sindel, and Tanya playable. Important note: These characters appear as CPU opponents in story mode and are not fully fleshed out fighters. This is not a case of DLC characters being hidden on-disc.

Even though they aren't full characters with Variations and the works, each still has a handful of unique special moves and attacks. It's pretty awesome to see MK favorites such as these in the game's training mode, even if they aren't actual characters on the game's roster.

If you're anything like me, these videos will make beg the Elder Gods for another Kombat Pack with these fighters included. Check out Rain, Tanya, Baraka, and Sindel in action below.

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Colors 1-9, full Ultra, and a quick glimpse at one accessory set - Cinder has some great looking options in Killer Instinct

Yesterday, the Iron Galaxy crew sat down to show off the next fighter set to enter the Killer Instinct season 2 arena -- Cinder. During their live broadcast, quite a bit of gameplay for the classic KI character was shown off, and there was definitely much to see.

First up, even though the viewer goal was not met, Cinder's full Ultra was shown on stream.

Click to see Cinder's Ultra in Killer Instinct season 2

Not only that, but all 9 of his colors were cycled through. There are some truly great looking palettes here, including #7's devilish dark red and #9's film noir style gray. Below are just a few colors to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to see the rest.

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Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.02 released - New costumes, online stability improvements, Jason online compatibility, balance changes and more

Updated: The official patch notes for today's Mortal Kombat X update have been added to this story.

Earlier: Today, the 1.02 patch was released for Mortal Kombat X, and it includes quite a bit of content.

Jason Voorhees was made available with online compatibility, and a bunch of costumes were released, listed here and pictured below - Pharaoh Ermac, Revolution Kano, Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile, Motherland Sonya, Tundra Sub-Zero and the free Klassic Sub-Zero costume.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for other notes on what the patch added.

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Mewtwo glitch may prevent you from being able to play online - Here's what to avoid to make sure you don't get hit by this game-breaking bug

Mewtwo isn't available to all players yet, but for everyone who registered both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 with Club Nintendo (for those of you outside of Scandinavia, who actually have Club Nintendo), it's already available for download and fully playable.

However, there are some issues that have come to light that may severely impact your gameplay experience, which you'd do best in avoiding. Namely, using Mewtwo in certain modes can cause troubles with your save file, which lead to you no longer being able to play online at all.

Hit the jump for the full details on what to avoid.

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Nemo vs. Xian first-to-15 set in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Over an hour of top-player action between Gen and Rolento

BE|Nemo is hardly an unknown player, making a very big name for himself in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but also producing fair results in earlier Street Fighter 4 entries using Chun-Li and Yang. However, once Ultra hit, BE|Nemo took the Street Fighter 4 world by storm with his Rolento, and showed everyone across the world just what this character was capable of.

So what do you get when you take this top-caliber player and match him up against the masterful RZR|Xian, who himself managed to put Gen on the map in a similar way, and even won EVO in 2013 using the character? You get a whole lot of action, that's what.

After the jump, you'll find video clocking in at almost 75 minutes featuring these two top players as they battle it out in a first-to-15 set.

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Boon doesn't recall discussion with McFarlane where Spawn was offered to NRS; MKX's variations were inspired by Street Fighter Alpha 3

Boon doesn't recall discussion with McFarlane where Spawn was offered to NRS; variations were inspired by Street Fighter Alpha 3

If you're hoping Spawn might still show up in Mortal Kombat X, you might have those thoughts stomped down a bit by recent statements NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon made.

Back in February of this year, McFarlane stated he gave NRS permission to use Spawn in a couple of games, but that there's a window of time.

Boon said he didn't remember those claims though, even though NRS was initially discussing having Spawn in MKX.

"Spawn was a character we definitely had discussion about who could be a guest character," said Boon.

"I saw an interview with Todd McFarlane where he said that he offered [Spawn] to us, but I don't remember that conversation," he added.

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Seth Killian: I think there are a lot of fighting game mechanics that are physically harder than they need to be

RETRO Videogame Magazine 7th issue is packed with tons of interesting fighting game content, including an interview with former Capcom employee, Seth Killian.

Seth worked heavily on Street Fighter 4, and became one of the most popular figures in the fighting game community during his time at Capcom, and he was asked if there are any past, or current trends, in fighters as a whole that he really doesn't like.

"I think there are a lot of fighting-game mechanics that are physically harder than they really need to be," said Killian.

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First gameplay footage and character breakdown for Cinder in Killer Instinct - stream archive

Updated: The live stream has now ended, we've added an archive to this story.

Earlier: The folks over at Iron Galaxy are all geared up to show off Killer Instinct season 2's next playable character -- Cinder.

Today's live stream will feature the first-ever gameplay footage of the fiery fighter, along with a full breakdown detailing what he is all about.

Additionally, we can expect to see Aganos' retro outfit, Cinder's accessories, and the next patch's balance changes it there are enough viewers.

The live stream begins at 4 p.m. PDT / 7 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. CDT.

Hit the jump to check out the live stream.

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Japanese start-up's 'Hado' augmented reality game lets you throw fireballs in real-life, intended as a next-generation sport

It's not eSports. Rather, it's intended to be a form of 'next-generation sports'. As in, it uses digital technologies to get people to actually move their bodies.

Or at least that's what Japanese software start-up Meleap envisions its "Hado" augmented-reality game to be.

According to this article on Toyokeizai Online, Hado is an augmented reality (AR) game played using a head-mounted display (HMD) -- which kind of looks like a smartphone strapped to a pair of goggles -- and a smartwatch.

Unlike virtual reality technologies like the Oculus Rift or Sony's Project Morpheus, the HMD used here is similar to Google Glass in that it allows users to see their surroundings, with graphical elements -- such as an enemy -- overlaid on top of the camera feed.

When a Hado player thrusts his hand forward towards the enemy, the smartwatch detects the motion's vector, and generates a fireball on-screen, like in the videos you see below.

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Potemkin pasta, Venom's billiard takoyaki, Faust's 'fatally stimulating drink' - Guilty Gear themed food from Pasela Resorts

The Pasela Resorts chain of karaoke parlors and darts cafe in Tokyo is no stranger to video games-themed food.

In the past, they've come up with numerous special menus fashioned after Capcom's Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Okami franchises, as part of a collaboration with the Japanese games maker.

For its next couple of video games-themed menus, however, Pasela Resorts will be working with Arc System Works (ASW) instead.

As part one of their collaboration with ASW, Pasela Resorts will be offering a Guilty Gear themed menu from April 14 to May 10 at three of its karaoke parlor outlets, and the Bar Rhythm darts cafe in Akihabara.

Here is what's available on the menu:

Click images for larger versions

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Juri highlight video shows you don't need Dudley or Yun to lay down the insane pressure – red focus into Ultra 1 concepts, dash mix ups, combos, more

Juri hasn't seen a lot of love at the highest level of tournament play in Ultra Street Fighter 4 lately, but that doesn't mean there aren't those pushing the character to her absolute limit.

RnK Clan has released a video highlighting the work of their player Lucius. Titled "Feng Shui Engine Madness", it lives up to its name in every way. Lucius's Juri is deadly even without her Ultra 1, but once she has it, almost every fighter encountered falls to her.

If you've ever thought about playing Juri, this is a player to imitate. The pressure Lucius is able to exert through high-low and dash mix ups along with a healthy serving of frame traps is stunning. Even when extremely down on health, the Juri main appears to make his opponent's advantage melt away in seconds.

To see what a threat Juri can be, check out the highlight video below.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 coming May 26th for PS4 as a digital release, will sell for $24.99, removes PS3's input lag, new screenshots revealed

PlayStation.Blog has just revealed the release date for Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PS4. The game will be released across Europe and the Americas on May 26th, 2015 at the price of $24.99. According to the the website, it will include all of the DLC that has been released "so far".

Perhaps even more exciting for tournament players is that the slight input lag associated with the PS3 version has been removed.

With the announcement comes seven new screenshots. After studying the images, the models and textures appear to be improved, most likely due to the higher resolution.

Click images for larger versions

Submitted by Djgeki, Shinkuu_Kikoken, XxTigerheartxX, Enrique and Snatcher.

More Mortal Kombat X combos than you can shake a stick at, 15 cast members featured in this mega roundup

Our readers have been bombarding us with tons of Mortal Kombat X content already, and in an effort to catch up, we've put together a mega roundup of the combos and tech they've sent in.

We've got videos for 15 cast members below, so if you play a wide variety of the cast, chances are you'll find something here that will pique your interest.

If you have videos you'd like to submit, you can drop us a line via the contact form, and leave them below in the comments. Note, it's best if you do both, because things can get overlooked in the comments, while our staff regularly checks the inbox for news.

You can find the ones we've put together below.

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Ed Boon: It's impossible for a fighting game to be perfect out of the gate; we want MKX to be as fair and refined as possible

Following up once again from Ed Boon's recent talk on the Twin Galaxies' live stream the other day, Mortal Kombat's co-creator spoke about the difficulty of creating fighting games, and how important it is that you stick with them to ensure they stay fair and balanced.

Boon was specifically asked in NetherRealm Studios is prepared to grow with Mortal Kombat X, as it evolves.

"We just want the game to be as fair as possible, as refined as possible," he noted.

"I think it's physically impossible to release a game and have it be perfect, predicting what everybody is going to do. Especially with a fighting game, a competitive game," said Boon.

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