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Daigo lists the top 5 Street Fighter 5 players from the US

Earlier today, we saw a handful of top-level Japanese players give their thoughts on who they think is best among their scene. A video has surfaced that shows another one of Japan's greatest sharing his top 5 list, only this time it's for players from the US.

Over at EVO this year, BST|Daigo Umehara shared with UltraTien who he feels are the best players in the United States right now.

The video notes that this was shot before the game's top 128 was even played, so fan-favorite LI Joe was not included on this list.

You can check out Daigo's list after the jump.

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'Purple Smoke of Deception' - check out Juri's Street Fighter 5 trading card

In celebration of Juri's official release earlier this week, the Street Fighter Twitter account has unveiled her Street Fighter 5 trading card.

Much like previous trading card-esque images, this one gives us a look at Juri's appearances in past Street Fighter titles. Since she first debuted in Super Street Fighter 4, the screenshots are solely focused on that series.

Additionally, we learn that Juri's Street Fighter 5 nickname is "Purple Smoke of Deception." I would have guessed her nickname involved spiders, but when I hear "smoke" and "purple," my brain goes right to this. Probably not what Capcom had in mind...

Juri's Street Fighter 5 trading card image #1
Click images for larger versions

We can expect to see her official Vine video soon, and we will be updating this story with it once it becomes available.

Source: Street Fighter on Twitter.

6 of Japan's top players think that Tokido is top 5 in Japan - including Tokido himself; See lists from Tokido, Haitani, Sako, Bonchan, Nemo and Fuudo

At EVO 2016, Sion got a chance to speak with many of Japan's top players about who they think are the 5 best players in their home country.

While most of these responses are somewhat to be expected, there are bound to a few names to surprise you as well.

Players who responded to this inquiry were Tokido, MJS|Haitani, RZR|Fuudo, AW|Nemo, HORI|Sako and RB|Bonchan, so these are definitely top class player's opinions.

You can find below what these masters of their craft had to say.

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Our first proper look at Kensou in King of Fighters 14 comes in latest video - Team Psycho trailer, also includes Athena and Chin

Though we've already seen some of almost all characters in the game, thanks to the 48-character playable build available at EVO 2016, there's been no official footage of Kensou until now.

If you happen to be a Kensou supporter, or a fan of Psycho Soldiers in general, then this trailer is the one you've been waiting for. Here's a bunch of images from the trailer.

King of Fighters Psycho Team Trailer image #1 King of Fighters Psycho Team Trailer image #2 King of Fighters Psycho Team Trailer image #3 King of Fighters Psycho Team Trailer image #4 King of Fighters Psycho Team Trailer image #5 King of Fighters Psycho Team Trailer image #6
Click images for larger versions

Check out the full video below.

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Juri crosses you up with her fireballs? Check out this interesting tech for Street Fighter 5's latest addition

Juri was just released this week, so obviously there's still a lot to be found with her. One of the most recent discoveries is this bunch of setups, where Juri can make her fireballs cross her opponent up, and ElChakotay also managed to find setups for this on quick rise as well.

If you're curious as to how this works exactly and what Juri can choose to do in these given situations, look no further than the videos below.

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'I tried copying Tokido, but I was unable to do it' - Daigo breaks down his epic EVO 2016 set with Tokido

At EVO 2016, two of the strongest competitors to ever play Street Fighter faced off in a Ryu mirror match.

RB|Daigo and Tokido were most certainly both in the conversation about who would take the entire tourney, but found themselves facing off on day two of the event. Though the battle was close, Tokido would end up taking it.

Along with RZR|Fuudo and MOV, Daigo sat down on his recent broadcast of Daigo The BeasTV to break down this exciting bout. The three came to an interesting conclusion as to why Tokido won, one that might not be apparent to the untrained eye.

First off however, here is perhaps the most tense part of their match, wherein Tokido nearly makes a comeback to send Daigo home in the second game:

Click image for animated version

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Nintendo held a 12 and under Smash 4 tournament at Comic-Con, and the competition was surprisingly good...

All Smash players are little kids. Great, now that we've got that hilarious joke out of the way, we bring to you a Smash 4 tournament where all contestants were indeed little kids.

Nintendo put together a tournament for kids 12 and under, and though every entrant was younger than Melee, the level of play was surprisingly good.

Here's a moment during Grand Finals wherein a Little Mac player by the name of Nathan accidentally KOs himself at a pivotal moment. The reactions here are priceless:

Click image for animated version

Shout outs to Ivan for having such a big heart.

The above isn't all that great of a representation of the overall play, as though these players are young, they definitely know what they're doing.

You can catch the full 12 and under tourney over at Nintendo's Twitch channel. Discovered via Kotaku.

Two of the best Juri players from Street Fighter 4 collide in Street Fighter 5... see what Ai Ai and Yossan can do with the sexy sadist

Ai Ai was the only player to ever take Juri into the top eight bracket of an EVO, and though he didn't travel as much, Yossan was the highest ranking Juri player in Japanese arcades, and revered as one of the fiercest competitors to play the character in Street Fighter 4.

Both players have wasted no time in getting to know Juri as she plays in Street Fighter 5, and we have nearly half an hour of mirror matches between them to share with you.

Though both players surely have much more SF5 Juri development ahead of them, (she's been available for only a day) they're already showing off some flashy play with her. Check out the sequence below as an example:

Click image for animated version

Also in case you were wondering, yes, just about every round starts with both players dashing backwards and charging up Juri's three specials.

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The fighting game community says goodbye to one of Street Fighter's most influential figures: Rest in peace Nohoho

One of the most devoted figures in the Super Turbo scene, Nohoho, has passed away.

Though he was an exceptional Blanka player, it was Nohoho's, (pictured on the right in the banner) commitment to bringing Japanese knowledge and tech to the American scene that truly made him stand out in the community.

Even before the comforts and ease of communication brought on by modern technology, Nohoho would capture footage using VHS tapes so he could share with the community. He also started one of the most famous ST blogs of all time.

The details of his passing are unknown, but our best wishes go out to his surviving family and friends. Thank you so much for your contributions to our community Nohoho, it's people like you that make our world go round.

Source: ST Revival. Sent in by LordAkira, Vernon and rafael2487.

Juri has an off the ground... V-Reversal? Oh Desk, what will you think of next?

How does he think this stuff up? Desk is back with a day one Juri combo video, and already he's discovered that her V-Reversal can hit foes that're flat on their back. Why does it have this property? Who knows, but it looks pretty slick:

Click image for animated version

Desk also highlights plenty of style combos with Juri, juggling opponents, downright beating them to a pulpl and even extending combos after hitting with her Critical Art.

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Necalli unconsciously corrupts others to become like him and hunt for strong souls - This mysterious warrior detailed in latest CFN SF5 profile

I think most of us who played through Street Fighter 5's story left with more questions than answers regarding Necalli after we were done.

However, it doesn't sound like Necalli's role in the Street Fighter universe is necessarily over based on the details noted about him in this profile. Read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions, but check out the images here first.

Street Fighter 5 Necalli Profile image #1 Street Fighter 5 Necalli Profile image #2 Street Fighter 5 Necalli Profile image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Check out all colors for Juri's default costume, story mode costume and premium costume

Reddit user Fikraag8 hooked us up with something truly special today - namely, all of Juri's colors for both her default costume as well as her story mode and premium costume.

If you're curious as to how far you want to go in Survival mode (or what to spend your hard-earned Fight Money on) for Street Fighter 5's latest addition, look no further - you can check them all out here. Her default costumes can be seen below.

Juri Default Costume Colors image #1 Juri Default Costume Colors image #2 Juri Default Costume Colors image #3 Juri Default Costume Colors image #4 Juri Default Costume Colors image #5 Juri Default Costume Colors image #6 Juri Default Costume Colors image #7
Click images for larger versions

Continue to check out her other two costumes' colors.

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That super sure lets her tack on good damage... Check out these day 1 Juri combos in Street Fighter 5

Even though we've gotten to see a bit of what Juri can do pre-release, courtesy of her brief playable appearance in story mode, she's now available for actual play.

And with this release, Black Koshinomi has jumped into the lab to experiment with some Juri combos. Here's a sample.

Click image for animated version

Check out the full combo video right below.

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Prepare yourself for top level DLC action as PR Balrog clashes with ChrisG in an absolute slug fest of a set

Guile and Balrog are charge characters right? So they're supposed to be down-backing all the time, playing more reserved? Not when ChrisG and EG|PR Balrog hit the sticks.

Two of Street Fighter 5's less explored characters, as they both came late to the party as DLC fighters, are showcased here as these two fighting game pros pit Guile and Balrog against one another in a classic Street Fighter bout.

Trading blow after crushing blow, their set is exceptionally brutal as they exchange primarily fierce attacks and devastating combos. Who comes out on top? Cast your bets and check out the video below.

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Have you seen the secret samurai armor room in the Kanzuki Estate stage?

You know that big wooden door at the extreme left of the Kanzuki Estate stage in Street Fighter 5 that totally looks like it should be a breakaway wall? There's an entire room behind it filled with samurai equipment.

Another free roam video takes us into this room as well as through every other nook and cranny of Karin's lavish estate, as we get to see both this stage and the Apprentice Alley in ways we never have before.

Here's a quick look at the side room:

Click image for animated version

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