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We got some exclusive time with Street Fighter 5's F.A.N.G, here are our impressions

Two weeks, we’ll have Street Fighter 5 in our homes in just under two weeks! Actually, by the time I actually post this it may be closer to one, but there’s no way I’d miss the opportunity for yet another, now near cringe-worthy, F.A.N.G joke.

I was recently able to get some play time with F.A.N.G, and though there’s still a lot left to be uncovered and understood, I was able to garner up a collection of impressions on his general feel, flow and approach.

I took note of the Shadaloo character's most notable anti-airs, the uses for his specials and his go-to combos. In case you missed it, we'll kick things off by showing you his Crush Counter punish.

Click image for animated sequence

Hit the jump for more.

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Smug takes a page out of NuckleDu's book with a new pair of shades, Gootecks scores a double perfect and Mike plays Patty Cake on Excellent Adventures

PIE|Smug is getting comfortable as we jump into his third episode of Excellent Adventures.

The group continues their undefeated streak, and Smug breaks out with a pair of sunglasses so as to style even harder on his victims.

The team also continues their experimentation with playing under camouflage by choosing specific costumes on specific stages. Mike Ross' Halloween Honda blends especially well with the shadows in the Old Temple.

Will they make it through yet another episode without suffering a single defeat? Hit the jump to find out.

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'You have to mash in Street Fighter 5... you have to take chances' - Dieminion offers his impressions to BornFree

Continuing his series of interviews from the King of New York tournament, BornFree sits down with YOMI|Dieminion to discuss the huge changes currently taking place in the Street Fighter community.

Dieminion explains that he's ready to embrace SF5, and say goodbye to Street Fighter 4. He feels it would be too much to try to divide his attention between both titles, and that the community's attention and resources will be going primarily into 5.

Having spent some time with the beta, Dieminion offers us some of his observations thus far. He notes that Street Fighter 5 is a game filled with guesses while on both offense and defense.

Despite not many people using them yet, he states the importance of V-Reversals and how they'll be integral to high level game play. You can see the interview after the jump.

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Street Fighter 1 confirmed most frustrating fighting game ever? Maximilian embarks on his most unexpected Boss Rage yet

Street Fighter 5 is the talk of the town in the FGC right now, and many are looking back over the franchise's history in preparation for the monumental release.

While playing through previous Street Fighter titles, Maximilian stumbled upon what would become his most unexpected Boss Rage challenge.

Street Fighter 1 has never been seen as much more than an experimental spark in the annals of franchise history, and Max finds out exactly why as he tries to battle his way through the incredibly frustrating Arcade Mode.

The game's final boss, Sagat, has some ridiculous abilities that make us feel that it's more the game's decision to allow the player a chance at victory than it is the player's skill.

Watch as Max makes attempt after excruciatingly painful attempt to give the King of Muay Thai his trademark scar. Watch the epic battle play out below.

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'He has more normal attack variations than any other character in Street Fighter 5' - Matt Edwards introduces us to Nash

Capcom Fighters continues their character introduction series today with the "Paradoxical Avenger," Nash.

Nash was one of the first characters announced for SF5, and this is the first time we've seen him in action since the Alpha series.

Matt Edwards introduces us to SF5's updated imagining of this character, detailing his strengths and unique abilities. He describes Nash's style so as to help you decide if he's the right kind of character for you.

You can start getting acquainted below.

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Winning ranked matches rewards you with Fight Money in Street Fighter 5, leveling up a character offers bonus as well

Capcom's Matt Dalhgren recently told Venture Beat that Street Fighter 5 will offer a plethora of ways to earn Fight Money.

"Players are going to be able to earn Fight Money through playing single-player content that’s available. If you complete any of the character stories, you’ll earn Fight Money. If you complete survival mode with different characters, you’ll earn Fight Money.

"If you level up individual characters, every time you reach a new level, you’ll get some Fight Money," he said.

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Sheik, ZSS and Rosalina weigh slightly less - Community patch notes for Smash 4 version 1.1.4

The community has been working to compile the Super Smash Bros. 4 patch notes for version 1.1.4, which was released the other day.

Some of the things they've found so far include weight changes for Sheik, Zero Suit Samus and Rosalina. We've grabbed some images showing a few things that have been altered.

Partial Smash 4 patch notes for v1.1.4 image #1 Partial Smash 4 patch notes for v1.1.4 image #2 Partial Smash 4 patch notes for v1.1.4 image #3
Click images for larger versions

These are only some of the changes discovered for the 1.1.4 patch for Smash 4, head over to Smash Boards to read the entire breakdown.

Moves listings for Street Fighter 5's launch version

We've updated our Street Fighter 5 moves database page on EventHubs with the listings for the launch version of the game.

We will continue to update these listings as things change over time.

Our tech staff has put a number of improvements into play here, and you can now see variations and follow up attacks on the index pages.

These improvements are site wide for all games in our moves DB, not just Street Fighter 5.

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Most people that are complaining about Street Fighter 5 right now simply don't understand it; Alex Valle joins Best of 3

This week's Best of 3 news broadcast welcomed one of the forefathers of the American FGC, Mr. LU|Alex Valle.

A player, innovator and tournament organizer, Valle has been a major figure in the community since its inception. As such, he knows a thing or two when it comes to crossing such precipices as the one we find ourselves at right now with Street Fighter 5.

Valle gives his input on the direction of the FGC as he discusses such topics as the EVO line up, keeping Wednesday Night Fights up to date, Street Fighter 5 and more.

He specifically warns that much of the public opinion we've been hearing about SF5 is coming from players who don't really understand the game. In a statement about those who would feel they've already found major problems with the game or its characters he says,

"Most people aren't on Infiltration's level, most people aren't at top 100 at EVO level. All they see right now is what's easy to win with."

Mr. Street Fighter goes on to elaborate on the topic, as well as give a ton of insight on plenty of others. Hit the jump to see this week's BO3 broadcast.

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Mike Ross gets hilariously salty as he and Combofiend try to teach Street Fighter 5 to brand new players in IGN's Grudge Match

Street Fighter 5 is just ten days away, and it seems that just about everyone is hoping to get in on the action.

Capcom's Combofiend and Twitch's Mike Ross make a stop by IGN's studios to attempt to help out a few... less experienced players find their bearings.

While Brian and Max, the two IGN reps, don't necessarily shine in their gameplay, they do wind up in an intensely close match. Combo and Mike also square off in a few matches during the video to give us some higher level play.

After his beating back at the Mad Catz V Cup, Mike is certainly looking to get some revenge on Capcom's Community Manager. Will today be his day? Find out after the jump.

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'I personally don't like [Street Fighter 5] as of right now... it looks really boring' - NuckleDu discusses SF5, SF4 and more with BornFree

A contender for the best Street Fighter 4 player in America, Liquid|NuckleDu's resume over the past few years has been nothing short of impressive.

Combine skill, youth and just the right amount of cockiness, and it seems the result is a charismatic fan favorite that the community can't get enough of.

BornFree was able to sit down with Du at the recent King of New York USF4 tournament, and get him to open up on his feelings towards Street Fighter 4's final chapter, Street Fighter 5's upcoming arrival and, of course, his infamous taunting sprees.

Street Fighter 5 hasn't sparked much interest in the young player, as he reveals that it actually bores him more than anything right now. He very clearly states that we're still in the pre-release for the game, and things will likely change in coming weeks.

Du opens up quite a bit in this interview, giving us new insights into the mind of this usually quiet contender. You'll see their discussion below.

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Bayonetta looks incredibly good in Smash 4; see her character breakdown, touch of death combos and gameplay by ZeRo here

She's only been available for a few days now, but Bayonetta is making some pretty big first impressions in Smash 4.

With incredible combo potential, edge guard and more, the witch character is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Even scarier is her potential in the hands of Smash 4's most dominant player, TSM|ZeRo.

We have footage of ZeRo taking her into ranked matches, a tutorial so you can get started, a combo exhibition and more. Check out one of her touch of death combos below:

Click image for animated sequence

Hit the jump for all things Bayonetta.

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Check out F.A.N.G's best Crush Counter punish combo in Street Fighter 5

I was recently lucky enough to finally score some time with Street Fighter 5's final launch character, F.A.N.G. The poisonous charge character was just about everything I imagined: incredibly fun, and a total change of pace from the rest of the cast.

It's pretty evident that F.A.N.G's main game will be keep-away, but I still wanted to know what kind of damage he's capable of when decides to go in.

While playing against Capcom's Community Manager, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas, I asked him to show me his best Crush Counter punish.

Fiend obliged by using Crush Counter, V-Trigger and special meter to quickly demonstrate the hardest hitting sequence he could muster. Hit the jump to see it.

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Combos were removed at one point by Street Fighter 2's dev team, stage rock moves around to make corner traps tougher - SF2's 25th anniversary today

Today is Street Fighter 2's 25th anniversary, and we wanted to revisit some of the awesome details that Akira "NIN" Nishitani shared on his Twitter account a ways back.

Nishitani was the director of Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight, and during development the team removed one of the most signature features of the franchise — combos.

"At one point we weren't sure whether we should allow multiple moves to hit in succession in Street Fighter 2," said Nishitani, citing concerns that it might be unfair.

"We experimented with making it so that once one attack hit, the next would miss, and it ended up being dull," he noted.

Still, not all of the artifacts of this were taken out entirely, as with Chun-Li and E. Honda's mash moves, those properties are still in play.

"You can see some leftovers of that in Hundred Hand Slap and Lightning Legs. But even with running the risk of unfair traps, it's good that we ended up including combos," Nishitani said.

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Capcom: Necalli is a good starting point for new Street Fighter 5 players - damage output is one of the highest in the game

If you're looking for a character to get your feet wet with Street Fighter 5, you might want to take a closer look at Necalli.

Capcom stated that he's a good starting point for new SF5 players, similar to Ryu.

His damage output is among the highest in the game as well, especially off of a heavy punch attack.

Capcom's character introduction series continues below.

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