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Poison, Sub-Zero, Cyclops, female versions of Aquaman and Thor, Spencer, and more: Fighting game cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con 2014

With San Diego Comic-Con 2014 having concluded this past Sunday, there have been a slew of photos of cosplayers doing what they do best at conventions and expos. Luckily, today we have a great assortment of fighting game related cosplay for you all to check out.

In this image gallery you will find many familiar characters portrayed, including Poison, C. Viper, Cyclops, Ryu, Cammy, Wonder Woman, and even female versions of Aquaman and Thor. Below are just some of the images, but for even more be sure to continue reading.

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Daigo, Xian, Kazunoko, and Xiao Hai invited to compete at Canada Cup Master Series - 8-man, pay-per-view invitational tournament

Last year, Canada Cup Gaming announced that they would no longer be running traditional major tournaments. However, this does not mean they have given up running events all together.

Yesterday, the organization announced that they will be returning to the tournament scene on November 7th-9th with the Canada Cup Master Series. Strictly an Ultra Street Fighter 4 event, the Master Series will pit 8 players (4 former Canada Cup champions, and 4 spots earned through seeding events), against one another in a first-to-7, round robin competition.

The past four Canada Cup champions: MCZ|Daigo, Kazunoko, RZR|Xian, and QANBA|Xiao Hai have all been invited to compete, and the latter have already confirmed that they will be in attendance.

This particular invitational event will have $20,000 CDN (roughly $18,432 USD) up for grabs. Below you can find a break down of the prize pot, along with additional information.

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Evil Ryu is engulfed in flames and loses effects on fireballs, Poison's EX Rekka doesn't combo on Fuerte, and more: USF4 glitches and interesting bits

A couple of weeks back, CrossCounta sent us a very interesting Ultra Street Fighter 4 compilation that showcases a number of glitches, interesting moments, and combos.

Among the crazy clips featured here, we get to see some classic pass-through glitch set-ups, Red Focus antics, and grab moves cancelling each other out.

What's even more interesting is the strange bug we see that involves Evil Ryu becoming surrounded by what appears to be flames, in addition to his red energy, after being hit by C. Viper's Ultra 1. In this particular bit of footage we see that the effects for Viper's ultra and E. Ryu's fireballs seem to be missing.

There's quite a bit more to see here, so be sure to check out this awesome Ultra Street Fighter 4 compilation below.

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'My top 3 EVO matches weren't that hard; my match-up knowledge was way beyond my opponents' - EventHubs' exclusive Luffy interview on his win and more

Olivier 'Luffy' Hay made headlines this year when he not only took home the EVO championship in Ultra Street Fighter 4, but became the first European player to ever do so during the Street Fighter 4 series.

Thankfully, we here at EventHubs' managed to score an interview with the Rose specialist himself, where he talks about how people currently perceive Rose, his mindset during matches, and just how he managed to bring home the gold title at EVO 2014. Below, you'll find a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: First off, congraulations on winning EVO. Being the first European champion is huge, and you did an amazing job throughout the entire tournament, beating more incredible players than we can even list, but in the end you had to defeat RZR|Fuudo, a former EVO champion, and then the current Topanga League champion, Bonchan. How did you feel, and what were you thinking, during these extremely high-pressure matches?

MD|Luffy: First off, thanks!

During these matches, I was extremely concentrated. I wanted to play my A game for the whole tournament, which I feel that I did well. I was only thinking about playing the matchup like I know it, and having good adaptation to what my opponent is doing, to get the strongest advantage for myself.

But in the end, I'm kind of dissatisfied as my top 3 matches weren't that hard. My knowledge of those two matchups, Fei Long and Sagat, were way beyond my opponents' understanding of the matchup. A satisfying win is when you struggle hard for it, isn't it?

For example, I was very happy when I saw the K.O. text against Snake Eyez, because I felt that it was a really great match, and that we both put on our best moves while knowing that our opponent is at 100%.

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Tiers sections for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Darkstalkers, Soul Calibur, and more added here on EventHubs

It's that time of the year again, folks. We here at EventHubs have added a handful of new games to our tiers sections.

In the EventHubs tiers, site members can vote on specific character match-ups in over 25 games. Not only that, but you can share your completed character tier lists with friends, family, or even enemies via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Below are a list of the freshly added titles and links to their respective tiers sections.

If you feel you have solid match up knowledge for any or all of these titles, please jump in and cast your votes!

Also, be sure to leave Josh a.k.a. TheUncharted a thank you in the comments for all of his hard work cranking out our new tiers sections.

'Eduardo sat in his chair for a good five minutes, hunched over and put his hands over his head' – Evil Geniuses reflect on Evolution 2014

Here is an interesting fact: Evil Geniuses have placed in the top 8 of Evolution no less than 16 times since the team's inception in 2010.

You would think a team posting such high results would be satisfied, especially when you consider they had five top 8 placements this year alone. On the contrary, Evil Geniuses still consider Evolution 2014's performance a "struggle."

Hit the jump to read more and view a list of their Evolution top 8 placements.

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Smug's rose taunt gives Third Strike flashbacks, ProudStrawberry makes incredible reads – tons of USF4 replays with Luffy, PR Balrog, Shine, and more

YogaFlame24 has uploaded many online replays of notable players to his YouTube channel. While the amount of matches is far too expansive to list, we've picked out some replays featuring PIE|Smug making his Dudley look like it's 1999, EG|PR Balrog with his back against the wall, and MD|Luffy defending himself as another Zangief tries to topple the world champion.

Also included are some matches with exemplary play using the new cast of characters.

Check below to watch the action.

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Cross Counter expands its Twitch presence – Alex Myers, Snake Eyez, BrolyLegs to begin streaming regularly on the channel

Updated: NGL|Chris has reached out to me to clarify that he will have a stream with himself, Alex Myers, and NLG|Brentt together. Cross Counter, known primarily for The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross, has added a multitude of players to their stream schedule. Tournament favorites such as Snake Eyez and BrolyLegs will have their own time slots to stream on the channel. Also, NGL|Chris, NGL|Brentt, and Alex Myers will be running a collaborative stream in which they all play Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Alex Myers has stated that this coverage will continue for a month. If successful, the new players will become regular additions to the team. Currently, the only confirmed schedule times currently are Snake Eyez streaming on Monday evenings and BolyLegs at 7 a.m. PST on Tuesdays.

We will make sure to update the article when we get a more solidified version of the new stream schedule.

Source: /r/Kappa.

Favorite/what were they thinking?! - read what the EventHubs staff thinks about the Ultra Street Fighter 4 Summer Vacation costumes

With official images for the full set of upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4 Summer Vacation costume DLC now on the internet, many fans have been quite vocal on social media about what they think of these alternate outfits.

Well, we here at EventHubs don't just report news on fighting games -- we're fans too! So we decided to have a discussion among ourselves and pick out our favorite costumes of the entire bunch, along with the ones we feel are a bit... obscure.

Below you will find comments written by everyone on the EventHubs team (including myself), and we encourage you, the reader, to get in on this discussion as well.

Check out which USF4 Summer Vacation costumes are EventHubs' favorite/what were they thinking?!

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Jaguar Kicks galore, touch of death combos, and more bullets than we'd like to count: Red Man shows the power of three Weskers in UMvC3

Red Man, the man behind the Maximum Wesker series, has created the ultimate tribute to his favorite Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character -- Wesker.

Using the the "save hack trick," Red Man was able to select three of the same character on one UMvC3 team. This makes for some very interesting combo set ups, as Wesker has a number of ways to extend combos using his own assists as back up.

Not only are the combos used here impressive, but the video editing itself is quite good, making this an enjoyable watch overall. Be sure to check out Maximum Wesker, the final tribute, below.

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Unreleased Killer Instinct music from 1994: The alternate Eyedol theme that was never used

Killer Instinct is known for having some of the best music in fighting game history, and it appears that a hidden gem from the original game has surfaced roughly 20 years later.

Robin Beanland, one of the composers that worked on the first Killer Instinct, tweeted out an unused track last week for Throwback Thursday.

This tune was originally intended to be the main theme for Eyedol, Killer Instinct's final boss, but Beanland notes that he immediately threw it out after hearing it in-game. Still, it's a pretty awesome track, and amazing to see that there are still KI theme songs we haven't heard nearly 20 years after the first game's release.

Below you will find an embed to Eyedol's unused theme. Check it out and please feel free to let us know what you think of it!

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Sub-Zero looks real 'ice in this fresh Mortal Kombat X wallpaper - seriously, it's quite cool!

The good folks over at NetherRealm Studios have answered the frequent requests for official Mortal Kombat X Sub-Zero artwork. Earlier today, a brand spankin' new wallpaper was posted over on the Mortal Kombat Facebook page that features everyone's favorite frosty ninja.

You can hit the image below, save it to your computer, and use it as the background to whatever you see fit.

Click image for larger version

In case you missed them, you can find similar wallpapers for each of Mortal Kombat X's newly introduced fighters: D'Vorah, Kotal Khan, Cassie Cage, and Ferra & Torr, by hitting the link.

Source: The official Mortal Kombat Facebook page.

Killer Instinct 2 may be heading to Xbox One, possible leak by Korean rating website

After the original Killer Instinct was released with the newest iteration on Xbox One, players started wondering if a Killer Instinct Classic 2 would be included with Season 2's impending release. Now a user at NeoGAF has spotted a listing for the game on a Korean rating website.

Originally released for arcade and later for the Nintendo 64 as Killer Instinct Gold, Killer Instinct Classic 2 might be launching with Season Two later this year.

Here is an image of the Korean rating website listing Killer Instinct Classic 2.

Click the image for a larger version

While it's still speculation, the listing popping up means there is a fairly good chance we will be seeing the game released.

Source: NeoGAF forums via Xbox Achievements. Tip sent in by DARKKARASBLADE, BEER_GAYTES, and Eldriken.

The secrets of KenBot revealed – Dantarion explains the mechanics behind the computer controlled fighter in his latest video

Last week, news circulated quickly about a computer controlled fighter capable of playing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 online and eliminating the competition with amazing reads. KenBot's reaction times and reads were so quick he almost appeared psychic, instantly punishing normal attacks with Ultra 1.

Now Dantarion has released a video explaining the mechanics behind KenBot's artificial intelligence. Displayed across the top of it is a black border filled with coordinates and values representing the location of each fighter and a complete breakdown of frame data. At one point, KenBot can be seen mashing the beginning inputs for its ultra, waiting only for the opponent to tap a button to finish the command and perform one of its instantaneous reads.

Check below to watch Dantarion explain his creation.

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Capcom Pro Tour Finals at San Diego Comic-Con results – Justin Wong, Snake Eyez, K-Brad, ChrisG, and more

Updated: This article has been updated with final results.

The Capcom Cup Pro Tour at San Diego Comic-Con will be kicking off its finals at 5pm PST. Players will compete to not only win the tournament, but also grab points to earn a higher ranking and qualify for a spot at the Capcom Cup Finals in December.

In attendance today are EG|Justin Wong, GG|NYChrisG, Snake Eyez, EG|K-Brad, among others.

Check below to for the Twitch stream to watch the live action.

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