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Tiers for Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat X moves, characters, combos and frame data

CEO will feature a playable demo for Street Fighter 5!

During the stream for Combo Breaker, a special announcement was made in regards to Community Effort Orlando next month.

Attendees of CEO will have access to a playable demo of Street Fighter 5. This will be the first time the game has been at all made available to the public.

As of right now, Ryu, Chun-Li, Charlie Nash and M.Bison have been announced for the game. This is an incredibly exciting announcement for Street Fighter fans as the upcoming SF5 is one of, if not the, most highly anticipated Street Fighter games of all time.

No further details have been released at this point, but we will keep you updated should any specifics be revealed.

Hit the jump to see the announcement trailer.

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Combo Breaker 2015 early results, streams ft. Justin Wong, NuckleDu, Ricki Ortiz, K-Brad, CD Jr., SonicFox, Air, Arturo & more

Story being updated with live results: It's finals day of Combo Breaker 2015, and we're updating this story with live results as they happen.

Combo Breaker 2015 is taking place this weekend, and it's got a ton of games, and a ton of competitors.

Players you can expect to take part in the event include EG|Justin Wong, Liquid|NuckleDu, EG|Ricki Ortiz, EG|K-Brad, TSC|CD Jr., cR|SonicFox, ZeRo, CCG|Air, BE|KaneBlueRiver, TS|Arturo Sanchez, EMP|KDZ, KIT|ForeverKing, REO, MOR|Rico Suave, HitBox|Tyrant, Wolfkrone, STB|Shujinkydink, EMP|DarthArma, VGP|Tom Brady, FF|ElvenShadow, Pig of the Hut, BT|Viscant, BananaKen, JRosa, TS|NerdJosh, KidViper and more.

As for games, you can expect to see Mortal Kombat X, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Killer Instinct, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Skullgirls Encore, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late, King of Fighters 13, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Divekick, Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Lethal League and a special mystery game tournament.

There are also a bunch of retro tournaments, featuring classic games such as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Vampire Savior.

Streaming duties are being handled by Team Spooky, VGBootCamp, BGCallisto and Galloping Ghost Arcade. There will also be an after-hours stream, featured on EG Justin Wong's stream.

Hit the jump to partake in the action.

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Evil Ryus make Mike so mad he almost throws his stick... salt levels hit a new all time high in Excellent Adventures ep. 65 - NIGHT OF RECKONING!

It's usually fairly hilarious when Mike, perhaps a bit too cocky for his own good sometimes, Ross loses a match here or there, but we're feeling for him right now.

Online warrior, Reck0ning Night, makes Mike's life so incredibly hellish that we're not even sure we're going to see him come back for future episodes of Excellent Adventures. It's... that bad. Like "go out for a walk and think about the things that are truly important to you in life" bad.

Here's a small taste of the salty episode:

Click image for animated version

Click the jump below to see the full episode.

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Kazunoko gets Kazunoko'd, Daigo dusts off his Ryu and Poongko scores another double perfect; Stunfest 2015 highlights

FA|Ryan Hart said it right when he claimed that this tournament was just below EVO status. A ridiculous amount of killers made for an incredibly interesting top 16. We've got plenty of top notch moments from Stunfest, so let's get started!

Mordesai's Reads

It's not every day you see a Vega in the later rounds of a tournament of this caliber, yet Mordesai and his Claw found themselves facing off against YBK|Santarouman's Sagat.

In a beautiful series, Mordesai reads exactly what his opponent wants to do, dancing around Santarouman's attacks and countering with attacks of his own. This sequence plays out in a perfectly graceful, Vega-like fashion.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see more from EG|Momochi, MCZ|Daigo, /r/Kappa|Poongko and others!

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Stunfest 2015 results Daigo, Momochi, Xian, Bonchan, Luffy, Ryan Hart, Infiltration, Kazunoko, GamerBee, Tokido, Fuudo, Mago, Poongko

Updated: Day 2 results have been added to this story.

Earlier: A new premiere event is upon us, and this time it's Stunfest, taking place in Rennes, France. Most of Europe's heavy hitters will be in attendance, but that's not all - there's a huge influx of Asian players looking to grab that Capcom Cup spot and the prize money for themselves.

At the event, you can expect to see MCZ|Daigo, EG|Momochi, RZR|Xian, Bonchan, MD|Luffy, FA|Ryan Hart, /r/Kappa|Infiltration, Kazunoko, AvM|GamerBee, MCZ|Tokido, RZR|Fuudo, MCZ|Mago, /r/Kappa|Poongko, D44|BAS, GL|Valmaster, IND|Pro Fluke, Gagapa, YBK|Santarouman, /r/Kappa|Ebi, Eita, RF, BX3|Veggey and more.

As for games, you can expect to see not only Ultra Street Fighter 4, but also Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters 13, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, Soul Calibur 5, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Breakers Revenge.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will of course be streamed on CapcomFighters. The English language stream for the rest of the event is being handled by ArmsHouse.

Hit the jump to check out the action.

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Tanya to officially join the Mortal Kombat X cast in early June

Ed Boon poetically announced today via Twitter, that Tanya would be available in Mortal Kombat X very soon.

She will be the third DLC character, after Goro and Jason Voorhees, in a string of five characters that we're currently aware of. Below is the image Boon included in his tweet.

Click for larger version

Hit the jump to see the details in his tweet.

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Battle Arena Melbourne 7 results feat. Mango, Leffen, Armada, Perfect Legend, HeavyWeapons, ToXY, Somniac and more

Updated: Final results and stream archives have been added to this story.

Earlier: Battle Arena Melbourne 7 kicks off this weekend in Australia, running May 22-24, 2015.

Some notable players from outside the land down under are attending this event including RZR|Perfect Legend, C9|Mango, Alliance|Armada, TSM|Leffen, along with some of Australia's finest like HeavyWeapons, ToXY, DB|Somniac and more.

Brackets for most games are scheduled to be updated on CouchWarriors' Challonge page and Smash Challonge brackets are posted here.

You can find the live streams and schedules below.

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'There are only two reasons you'd ever use X-ray in tournament' - Ketchup and Mustard teach meter management in episode two of 'Casual to Competitive'

We posted episode one of Ketchup and Mustard's 'Casual to Competitive' Mortal Kombat X training series, and you guys ate it up.

We're back today with episode two, wherein the MK pros teach us the ways of meter management in MKX. They start with the basics, discussing how special moves work and how you can enhance them by using the meter that you build throughout the match.

This tutorial isn't simply for beginners, as K and M delve into some deeper theories regarding meter. As an example, one of the sub-topics they cover is the meter-costly X-ray. Though the X-ray appears to be an incredibly powerful tool at first, you can get the same 30%-40% you'd get from a combo using only a single bar of meter.

The twins also cover Stamina and when to utilize the Combo Breaker mechanic. Hit the jump to see the video.

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Top level mix ups vs top level rush down; this intense set between Smug and Broshadian will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time

This set is a textbook example of back and forth momentum. Both Dudley and Abel are characters who love riding that momentum train to break down and demoralize their opponents.

In this first to three set, the mayor of Duff City, PIE|Smug, takes on Canadian Abel player Broshadian. Things would start in Smug's favor, as you can see from the GIF below:

Click for animated version

But as is often the case in set play, Broshadian would answer back with a great mix up sequence of his own:

Things get hot quick and stay hot until the very last hit. See who wins this back and forth nail biter by hitting the jump below!

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Demon Jax, Bane-like Torr and Kung Lao with a mask and claw? Check out this early concept art for Mortal Kombat X

We have some intriguing concept art from the development days of Mortal Kombat X.

We've had some time with the game now, and we've gotten somewhat used to the appearance of MKX's cast. It's interesting to see what might have been, and what still could be, that developers tossed around when initially creating these characters.

Take a look below at some of the early iterations of Liu Kang, D'Vorah, Cassie and others:

MKX Koncept Art image #1 MKX Koncept Art image #2 MKX Koncept Art image #3 MKX Koncept Art image #4 MKX Koncept Art image #5 MKX Koncept Art image #6
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to see more.

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'Quan Chi, in my opinion, is unchanged, just like Kung Jin; Sonya became more fair' - Perfect Legend talks Kung Lao improvements and more

Last time, we caught up with MK Tom Brady to pick his brain about the latest Mortal Kombat X patch. We also had the opportunity to speak with long-time Mortal Kombat champion RZR|Perfect Legend about Mortal Kombat X's first large update, and he had quite a bit to say.

Perfect Legend did not hesitate to give us the scoop on his Mortal Kombat main.

"Kung Lao is better. They nerfed his Cyclone from 5 frames to 7 frames, which means what he could punish on block he cant anymore."

Despite the nerf, PL feels that the fix to Kung Lao's Hat Spin and Orbiting Hat are considerable improvements. "Tempest [now] has a safe special to cancel into after a poke or string. It also allows him to properly link combos."

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A Double Dragon fighting game based on the 1994 movie? James and Mike Mondays tackle an obscure Neo Geo CD title

James and Mike returned to the realm of fighting games last week with their weekly "Let's Play" show -- James and Mike Mondays.

This time around, the guys play a very obscure title from the Neo Geo CD library. While the Double Dragon series is known for being a side-scrolling "beat 'em up" game, apparently, a legit fighting game was created that was based upon the 1994 Double Dragon movie.

A movie-based fighting game on the Neo Geo CD doesn't sound promising, but from the look of it the game actually looks fun. James (the Angry Video Game Nerd) goes so far as to say that this title is one of his favorite fighters of all time. Though he isn't a fighting game aficionado per say, James' judgement is solid.

Check out the Double Dragon episode of James and Mike Mondays below.

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ARIA has shotguns built into her knees, can call assists, and goes full anime: Let's talk about Killer Instinct's final character

Earlier today, we got our first in-game look at ARIA, Killer Instinct season 2's final boss character. Much like every other character that was released this season, this fighter has some very interesting capabilities.

ARIA is refered to as a "team of characters." She is unique in that she is the only character to have 3 health bars, however, her health is the exact same amount as everyone else's in-game. Instead of having her health split into 2 bars, it is simply split into 3, and you most deplete all three to defeat her.

Click images for animated versions

She has 3 body types: Booster, Blade, and Base. You can switch between types by pressing all 3 punches or all 3 kicks. Each mode gives the Ultratech CEO access to different attacks and traits.

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'Wanted for hoo-hahing, needle tossing, and firing shots' - there is a $500 Smash Bros. bounty on ZeRo's head at CEO 2015

ZeRo has made great success for himself since the release of Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS. With a plethora or first place wins under his belt, his streak in the 4th Smash title has been incredibly strong.

The streak has been so strong, in fact, that a bounty has been placed upon his head at CEO 2015.

After contributions by Smash Boards, players can collect a total of $500 by eliminating ZeRo from CEO's Smash Wii U tournament. If you can actually defeat the top Smash player, you'll score $100 for sending him to losers and $400 for sending him home.

Click image for larger version

CEO 2015 is taking place on June 26-28 in Orlando, Florida.

Do you have what it takes to dethrone ZeRo?

Source: CEO on Twitter. Via Destructoid. Sent in by sidney_E.

ARIA, Killer Instinct season 2's final character, stream archive added

Updated: You can now find the stream archive in this story.

Earlier: Combo Breaker is currently taking place in Chicago, Illinois, and the Iron Galaxy team is in attendance.

Earlier this month, we heard rumblings of a live stream set to air at the event on which ARIA, Killer Instinct season 2's final character, was to be shown off for the first time. Word on the time/date we could expect the stream were previously unavailable, but we now know that the stream is set to kick off today, about 15 minutes from when this story was posted.

If past streams from IGS are any indication, we are gearing up to see a full breakdown of what the latest Killer Instinct character can do.

You can catch the live video feed after the jump.

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