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Tiers for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Video: Jin, Devil Jin, Josie Rizal (kickboxer from The Philippines) officially unveiled for Tekken 7

Update: We've added the official HD720p character trailers to this story. You can still check out the lower-quality 60fps videos, however, to see what Harada said as well as Yuriko Taiga's Josie cosplay.

Earlier: On a special Tekken 7 live stream broadcast from Bandai Namco Games's headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo today, Tekken project lead Katsuhiro Harada unveiled the next three characters to be added to the playable roster in the arcade fighting game.

They are none other than Jin, Devil Jin, and new character Josie Rizal, who is a kickboxer from The Philippines. Her character design was done by Mari Shimazaki, who served as a character designer on Platinum Games's Bayonetta. Shimazaki also came up with the designs for Tekken 7's Kazumi Mishima.

Another person who was instrumental in coming up with Josie Rizal's character design was Mad Catz's Mark "Markman" Julio, who has Filipino blood in him. Harada said that he was very glad that Markman could tell him a lot about Filipino culture, and offered advice that shaped many of the character's traits, including her name.

Jin will be made playable in Tekken 7 arcade from March 31 onwards. Devil Jin gets unlocked on April 7. As for Josie, Harada said that he originally intended for the character to be released during Japan's Golden Week holiday (first week of May), but at this moment they're not quite sure.

You've previously caught a glimpse of all three characters in our previous report here. Now see them in action in their respective unveil trailers below.

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Bonchan called Tokido a 'weakling' (lit. 'weak bug), not a 'coward'; Find out what Bonchan and Tokido actually said at Red Bull Kumite

One of the most entertaining things that we got to watch on the Red Bull Kumite stream today was MCZ|Tokido and Bonchan's back-and-forth thrash-talking.

The two Japanese players are practically colleagues, since they're both hosts or presenters on Topanga's weekly Web-streamed shows, and good friends in real life. So really they're just putting on a show here to keep you entertained, to bring the hype at Red Bull Kumite over to the next level.

But since only one of them -- MCZ|Tokido -- could comfortably make his comments in English, it was a little hard to understand the full extent of their back-and-forth when Bonchan's remarks, in Japanese, were not interpreted into English over the stream.

That's where we come in here over at EventHubs. We thoroughly enjoyed the exchange between the two Japanese players, and we want you to enjoy the full flavor of that exchange.

We've looked through the stream archive, and translated those exchanges for your enjoyment. So go grab some popcorn, settle down in your cosy armchair throne, and read on for MCZ|Tokido and Bonchan's comments fully translated.

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ZeRo, Mew2King, FOW & MJG are going to Japan to attend a 2-on-2 JPN vs. USA Super Smash Bros. for Wii U World Grand Prix on April 25, 26

Which country has the better top talent in competitive Super Smash Bros. for Wii U -- USA or Japan?

It's time to find out once and for all in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 2-on-2 JPN vs. USA World Grand Prix, to be held on April 25 and 26 at the Nico Nico Chokaigi convention.

Organized by Niwango, the folks behind Japanese video sharing site Nico Video, the JPN vs. USA World Grand Prix will pit the top two 2-on-2 American teams at Apex 2015 -- champions Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios and Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, as well as the runner-ups Freddie “FOW” Williams, Averil “MJG” Morrisette II -- against the Japanese champions from two nationwide tournaments (one of which MOV participated in).

The Japanese teams are Deus Ex Machina Iron Bottom Sound Experience (Daiki and Fsaan) and Hikaru to Yami (Luminas and Shadow).

In spite of the naming convention, the grand prix will be held in both 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 formats. The 1-on-1 matches will be played on a 2-stock, 6-minute time limit setting, with standard For Glory rule, while the 2-on-2 games are 2-minute time battles with items turned on. Customs are off, although Mii Fighters with the default move sets are allowed.

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In South Korea, Guilty Gear Xrd gets the eSports treatment - high-level match footage, production values

We know that Tekken is a pretty big deal in South Korea. But that's not the only fighting game that gets played in South Korea. Apparently, Arc System Works's Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- is quite popular over there too.

Or at least, that's the vibe I'm getting from watching episode one of this new video series on eSports TV's YouTube channel, which features some of Korea's best Guilty Gear players (I think), duking it out for in a... some kind of competitive format.

Because the entire video is in Korean, I can't make any sense as to what's actually going on.

But there are Korean showgirls who walk up to the stage holding giant placards that conveniently tell you how many games have been played in the current set, what appears to be high-level Guilty Gear Xrd footage, and metal music. So you should watch this.

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Red Bull Kumite results ft. Daigo, Xian, Luffy, Infiltration, Fuudo, Bonchan, Snake Eyez, Dieminion, Nemo, Ryan Hart, Tokido, Valmaster and more

Update: This story has been updated with results, battle logs and a stream archive.

The much-anticipated Red Bull Kumite is upon us, and there are a load of high-level players gathered for this high stakes Ultra Street Fighter 4 event.

The 14 players who are invited to take part in the main event consist of MCZ|Daigo, RZR|Xian, MD|Luffy, Infiltration, RZR|Fuudo, Bonchan, Snake Eyez, Dieminion, BE|Nemo, Ryan Hart, MCZ|Tokido, GL|Valmaster, MCZ|Mago and CNB|ChuChu, but two more players will be joining these prestigious ranks through a qualifying tournament which will be taking place ahead of the main event, on the Red Bull stream.

In this tournament, the likes of CG|Problem X, BX3|Phenom, Gagapa, CDV|Cuongster, BX3|Veggey, LLL|Emersion, Renegad, Jehosan, LLL|MBR, RB|Kayane and Easyman are participating, so it's definitely not going to be a walk in the park. It's a 128-man bracket, and the 2 top placers will join the aforementioned 14 players to form the top 16 of the Red Bull Kumite.

What are you waiting for? Check out the stream after the jump.

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Why did Bonchan use Ryu to counter-pick against Daigo, who he admits can play Ryu 'perfectly'? The key to his victory at Red Bull Kumite revealed

Shortly after Bonchan managed to beat MCZ|Daigo's Evil Ryu with his surprise counter-pick -- as Ryu -- at Red Bull Kumite, the event's French hosts did a brief interview with the Japanese player.

Although the short interview was interpreted back into French for the live audience and viewers on the main Red Bull Kumite event stream, Bonchan's responses were not interpreted into English for the benefit of everyone watching on the official Capcom Fighters Twitch channel. So here at EventHubs we thought we definitely should get that translated for you.

Just moments ago you managed to defeat MCZ|Daigo by picking Ryu against his Evil Ryu. Did you prepare a Ryu for the sole expressed purpose of fighting Daigo with it?

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The sounds of Mortal Kombat X - what you're REALLY hearing during all the decapitations and disembowelment

Mortal Kombat has always found a way to make us cringe with their trademark Fatalities.

The shock value associated with the game has always been strong, and developers have done a terrific job upping the ante with each iteration to keep things fresh and interesting.

In earlier versions, fatalities found most of their effect in the visual realm. Aside from a small "smack" or "break" followed by an over-emphasized cry from the victim, there wasn't much audial contribution.

With technology in gaming having progressed to where it is today, sound has become just as much a part of the gore as the impaling and dismemberment we see on screen.

In yesterday's Kombat Kast, we got to see a video of the audio engineers at NetherRealm Studios hard at work, creating the disgustingly awesome audio content for MKX. You can hit the jump to see it yourself.

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Balrog's EX Straight goes from +2 to +9 with perfect armor absorb - does this mean new potential for Boxer?

We have some interesting tech from Doopliss today in the form of perfect armor absorption.

What exactly is PAA? It seems as though you can actually negate the the stun animation for Balrog's EX Dash Punch. It occurs when your opponent hits you at the same time you hit them with your armored move.

Doopliss describes it in his video:

"My theory of what's happening: By absorbing a hit on the same frame you hit the opponent, you confuse the game into using the rules it normally uses for trades, where you only suffer the hitstop of the opponent's hit. EX Dash Punches have a lot of hitstop, so you get a lot of extra frame advantage when absorbing a light with this."

Though this may not be extremely practical, as it requires your opponent to trade with you, it does open up a few new possibilities for Boxer.

You can hit the jump and see exactly what we're talking about.

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See Jin Kazama game play footage from Tekken 7!

We have a pair of videos that feature Jin Kazama in action in the brand new Tekken 7.

Speculation was that the Tekken regular may not find his way into the franchise's latest game, but that was debunked recently when an information leak confirmed Jin amongst a few others.

Up until this point, we've only had a few screen shots of Jin, but now we've got nearly ten minutes of video footage.

He appears as a sub boss in the arcade mode, so we've only been able to see him as controlled by the computer. Still, players have eased off a bit and let the AI show off a bit of what Jin can do.

Hit the jump to see the videos.

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Erron Black is in Mortal Kombat X and he might be the coolest character ever; check out character breakdowns for Black, Shinnok and Liu Kang

We're just over two weeks away from finally having Mortal Kombat X in our homes. All the intense competition, exciting game play and brutal gore will finally be at our fingertips.

Yesterday, NetherRealm kept the hype going with their "Black Friday" Kombat Kast wherein they revealed Erron Black as a playable character. Alongside the outlaw, they also gave us some breakdowns for MK veteran Liu Kang and the evil Elder God Shinnok.

Seemingly more of a zoning character with gun play and ground traps, Black has some pretty awesome looking moves. He can actually flip coins into the air and ricochet bullets from them.

As slick of a move as the coin flip is, Black's X-ray is probably his slickest.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to see the character breakdowns for Erron, Liu Kang and Shinnok.

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Sub-Zero revamps an old Mortal Kombat classic in his new 'Chest Cold' fatality

During the Kombat Kast early today, we saw a plethora of new Mortal Kombat X material.

Amongst this material was a spot for the new "Fatality Practice" mode. As far as we can tell, this is simply a mode wherein you can practice spacing, timing and inputting fatalities... or just use to quickly view the finishers instead of playing full matches.

In any case, we got to see Sub-Zero's "Chest Cold," or as some of the developers referred to it, "Skate Fatality."

You can hit the jump to see it for yourself.

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From mysteriously creepy to hellishly rocking, Hisako's theme is like a walk through a haunted house

When it comes to the game's score, Killer Instinct has been absolutely killing it.

Traditionally known for its rhythmic, power chord-driven riffs, KI delivers yet again with Hisako's theme, "Villiage of Whispers." This time, composer Mick Gordon does an eerily perfect job simultaneously scaring you and pumping you up.

It's almost a shame to know that players will be distracted with competition while "Villiage" plays in the background. It may very well be good enough to stand alone on your iPod.

Hit the jump and check it out... laaaa laaa la laaaa laa laaaaaa......

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'I want to see someone good at both Smash and Street Fighter' - Abadango talks best characters in Smash Wii U, the game's future, SF4 plans and more

Please note: This interview was originally conducted in Japanese, and subsequently translated by myself, EventHubs' very own MajinTenshinhan.

Just a few weeks ago, Cannes Winter Clash wrapped up, and a whole plethora of talented players attended the event.

Thankfully, I was at the event representing our site, and managed to grab many interviews with players, which we will be publishing daily for about the next two weeks.

Today, we have the Super Smash Bros. player with peculiar taste in characters who made a splash both at Apex 2015 and Cannes Winter Clash, Abadango, where he speaks on why Pac-Man, the strongest characters in Smash Wii U, his fighting game history, future plans and more.

MajinTenshinhan: To start us off, who do you think are the 10 best characters in Super Smash Bros. Wii U?

Abadango: Well, at the very top, we have Diddy Kong and Sheik. 3rd is Sonic. After that, it becomes more cluttered, and not exactly a straight up ranking order... I actually need to check quickly what characters are even in the game, since there are so many, haha.

Oh, Captain Falcon. Rosalina & Luma, Mario, Yoshi. That makes 7, huh? Okay, so 3 more.

Just for the record - Definitely not Pac-Man.

MajinTenshinhan: I'm sorry for asking such a difficult question...

Abadango: Haha, no, no, not at all, there are just so many characters!

MajinTenshinhan: What about Ness? I've seen a lot of people saying he might be top 5.

Abadango: Ness... Suffers a bit, because he feels like he has to wait for his opponents to make mistakes to get any kind of opportunity at all. He can't really start a strong offense on his own. He can't really get in without jumps, and his jumps aren't very fast...

Oh, yes, R.O.B.! And definitely Wario, Wario for sure. So... To make it 10, Fox, I think.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview.

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Stop what you're doing... it's time to FIGHT! Mortal Kombat X's official TV spot, featuring System of a Down, is live

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released the Mortal Kombat X: Official TV Spot. The spot depicts a collection of various people getting the message "fight" through various means.

They all form a massive, spontaneous fight circle that takes over an entire city amidst the backdrop of System of a Down's "Chop Suey!"

A mixture of classic Mortal Kombat wry humor and brutal action make us even more eager to start playing MKX. Eighteen more days... eighteen more days...

Hit the jump and check it out!

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ChuChu over Snake, Tokido and Bonchan?! The people have spoken and the votes are in! See who you think will win the Red Bull Kumite

We recently ran a poll to see who EventHubs readers thought would win the upcoming Red Bull Kumite.

Amongst the players invited there were some obvious frontrunners. MCZ|Daigo, RZR|Xian, MD|Luffy were just a few of the killers on the list, but you guys took things in a somewhat surprising direction.

Some of the more traditional heavy hitters such as Ryan Hart, Snake Eyez and MCZ|Tokido are not as close to the top as usual.

This makes one ponder whether or not there may be something of a shift in power beginning to take place amongst the mid ranks of some of the top players.

The world of Street Fighter is enveloped in a cyclone of intensity right now with so many players striving to qualify for this year's Capcom Cup. It wouldn't be farfetched to think some contenders are going to be hitting the training room harder than usual and surpassing their previous superiors.

Hit the jump to see the results.

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