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'Necalli: Soul Consuming Darkness' - check out the trading card and Vine for Street Fighter 5's first brand new character

Update: The Necalli Vine has been added to this story after the jump.

The official Street Fighter Twitter account continues their "trading card" image releases with Necalli -- Street Fighter 5's first brand new fighter.

Part 1 of the trading cards typically shows the evolution of the character throughout the series, however, since Necalli is a newcomer we instead get a handful of screenshots this time around.

We also learn that his Street Fighter 5 nickname seems to be "Soul Consuming Darkness."

Necalli's Street Fighter 5 trading card image #1
Click images for larger versions

If the Twitter continues their pattern, we'll be seeing a Vine video with some fresh gameplay footage and facts about Necalli in the coming days. We will update our story once that is released.

Source: Street Fighter on Twitter.

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'This is probably going to be my last EVO with Mad Catz' - MarkMan announces his planned departure from the gaming company

Mark "MarkMan" Julio is, officially speaking, the Community & Sponsorship Manager for Mad Catz. To many in the fighting game community however, he's the face of Mad Catz.

Consistently appearing at major events, and always very approachable with his welcoming demeanor and upbeat attitude, Mark is surely established as a beloved family member of the FGC. That being said, it's with remorse that we bring you the announcement of his departure from Mad Catz:

"This is probably going to be my last EVO with Mad Catz... After I complete the Street Fighter V range of products and help launch them to market, I will be taking a seat back from gaming and focusing on other passions."

Hit the jump for more.

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Street Fighter 5 is getting a simultaneous release worldwide

During the PlayStation showing at this past weekend's Hong Kong video gaming convention, Capcom's own Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano took part in a Street Fighter 5 presentation.

While the two Street Fighter producers mostly recapped information that has already been touched upon, they did reveal a small detail that had been assumed but not yet confirmed.

"We will have a simultaneous [Street Fighter 5] release all across the world. No region will be late, and everyone will be able to play at the same time," Ayano explained.

"This is just a small expression of our gratitude to all of the people here in Hong Kong who've been supporting Street Fighter for so long," Ono added.

We've seen several instances where fighting games have been delayed in different regions. It's great to hear that players everywhere will be able to get their hands on Street Fighter 5 at the same time.

Street Fighter 5 is set to hit PlayStation 4 consoles and PC in Spring 2016.

Source: PlayStationHK. Contributions to this story from EventHubs' own MajinTenshinhan.

Super Smash Bros. 4 update to hit on July 31st; will add tournament mode, replay uploading, new stages and more

The official Japanese Super Smash Bros. Twitter account released a series of tweets earlier this morning detailing a new update set to hit the fourth installment of the game in two days.

According to the translated tweets, Super Smash Bros. 4's next patch will add a tournament mode, replay uploading, and make available new DLC. This new content includes various costumes for Mii Fighters and two new stages: Peach's Castle 64 and Hyrule Castle 64. Both classic stages will be available for purchase on one console for 250 yen (about $2 USD) and 350 yen (about $3 USD) on both consoles.

Super Smash Bros. 4 7/31 update image #1 Super Smash Bros. 4 7/31 update image #2 Super Smash Bros. 4 7/31 update image #3 Super Smash Bros. 4 7/31 update image #4 Super Smash Bros. 4 7/31 update image #5 Super Smash Bros. 4 7/31 update image #6
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to continue reading.

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Gamerbee used Healing 21 times in his EVO showdown with Infiltration; with her unorthodox style, is Elena the best pocket character in USF4?

The top three placers at EVO this year for Ultra Street Fighter 4 all brought out Elena at some point. She's only been in the game for its most recent iteration, but it's debatable that, because of her incredibly unique tools, she's the strongest pocket character.

In our EventHubs USF4 tier ratings, Yun holds the highest score at 235.3. In just the last week Elena went up nearly 2.5 points to 221.4, which is a pretty major jump for an established game. You can see her progress since June of last year in the graph below:

Elena's Tier Change image #1
Click images for larger versions

In AVM|Gamerbee's EVO set against Infiltration, he utilizes Elena's Healing a profound 21 times in just four matches. You'll see that set, our analysis of it and our overall thoughts on Elena after the jump.

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Dismemberment, contortion and... more smashing with rocks; Tremor's secret Brutalities keep rollin' in

Mortal Kombat's latest rock star reveals three more secret finishers in this Brutality compilation video from EventHubs reader NMS84.

If you weren't satisfied with lava baths, turning enemies into gold, various forms of impalement and head smashing, (and why would you be?) then get ready for even more earth-themed enders.

We've actually posted a few videos featuring Tremor Brutalities already, but we're confident that with this one, we'll have gotten them all. This brings Tremor's Brutality total to a whopping 10. The previous record was held by Jacqui Briggs, who has seven.

As per the usual with Mortal Kombat, things get a bit messy with human body parts and such, so it's NSFW. With that in mind, feel free to hit the jump and watch the video.

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If she weren't for the fan reaction, Nairo probably would never have used Zero Suit Samus - the top Smash 4 player talks tiers, best players and more

With a second place finish at this year's CEO and a third place finish at EVO, Nairo has shown the world that Samus doesn't need all her fancy gear to lock down victories.

In an online interview, Dezmu discusses a variety of game-related topics with the top Smash 4 player. These include why he uses Zero Suit Samus, his plans for the future and who he thinks are the best in the business right now.

Nairo explains that he didn't intend to use Zero Suit Samus seriously, but crowd reactions to some of his early matches gave him an inclination to keep going with her. She's not the most popular character in Smash 4, but being associated as the strongest player with her is certainly a draw.

You can see the interview, which is a bit NSFW at times, after the jump.

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'You’ve managed to become an idiotic pig. What’s the point of you staying alive?' - Nash's pop off against Birdie; check out SF5 win quotes here

They've been a part of the Street Fighter series since the beginning, though the loser actually speaks in SF1, and tradition continues in the latest iteration as the Street Fighter characters talk a little trash after each victory.

Whether it be a back-handed compliment from Chun-Li, a death threat from M.Bison, or some random fighting comment from Ryu, these fighters are never at a loss for words after a victory.

Blogger Mattfryou has researched and posted nearly all available win quotes from the current cast of SF5. Each character has a custom quote for each other character, and before you ask the answer is no. Unfortunately there are no Tuesday quotes from Bison.

SF5 Win Quotes image #1 SF5 Win Quotes image #2 SF5 Win Quotes image #3 SF5 Win Quotes image #4
Click images for larger versions

You can see all the current character quotes, including some from Ken, over at V-Trigger. Thank you to Mattfryou for sharing this with us.

Did you know that Gouken has mastered nothingess AND juggling? You'll see supers into ultra, ultra into ultra and much more in this style combo video

Though he's never been the most popular character in the Street Fighter 4 series, Gouken does get some time in the spotlight every now and then, and when he does, he shines.

Cjbquilix has put together a Gouken combo video that sees the old man flip his foes around the screen like they were juggling balls. He also features combos wherein Gouken hits two ultras, two counters and other flashy sequences.

While most of these aren't practical, keep in mind that practicality isn't necessarily the point here. These style combos are meant to wow you, and are probably best approached as a form of art as they take much premeditation and work to pull off.

You can see the video after the jump, and please let us know which combo was your favorite in the comments section below.

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Street Fighter 5 beta roundup: Chun-Li combos Critical Art from anti-air heavy kick, Ryu combos from overhead, and more

Updated: The Chun-Li re-stand combo was found to be illegitimate. The combo counter counts up so quickly during the F+HK that it appeared to be one complete combo. Still, we get to see a F+HK into cr.MK combo in V-Trigger.

Earlier: While the Street Fighter 5 beta was live (before beingofficially postponed), a number of players managed to record footage and put together combo/tech videos showing what the first six characters are capable of.

Today, we've rounded up some of the best and most recent submissions. Included here, you'll find an interesting combo that uses Chun-Li's flip kick as an air-to-air (while in V-Trigger) and re-stands the opponent.

Also, we see that Ryu has the ability to score a full combo after a meaty overhead.

Hit the jump for some awesome Street Fighter 5 tech.

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Blanka's bugged out eyes, Sagat's fat lip, it's all here - Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues revealed at Wonder Festival

The yearly Wonder Festival recently took place in its recurring location of Chiba, Japan. At the convention, a number of amazing toys, figures, and more were revealed featuring a plethora of different video game and anime characters.

During the event, a line of Street Fighter 2 "Continue" statues were unveiled, and yes, they are exactly what they sound like. These busts depict the Street Fighter 2 roster in their loss screen form.

For those unfamiliar, if you lose in SF2's arcade mode you will be sent to a continue screen where your fighter appears wearing damage from the previous fight. Fans of the franchise will instantly recognize these battle-ravaged faces.

Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #1 Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #2 Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #3 Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #4 Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #5 Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #6 Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #7 Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues image #8
Click images for larger versions

Which Street Fighter 2 "Continue" statue is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Via Nerdist.

'I was really discouraged after winning Evo... I was at my lowest point' - Xian shares the ups and downs of his career in an interview with Red Bull

Most of the FGC knows him as the EVO 2013 Street Fighter 4 champion, or "another one of those guys you'll see in top eight," but RZR|Xian's gaming career actually comes from fairly humble origins.

Xian sat down with Red Bull eSports writer Michael Martin, and provided an in-depth chronicling of his unlikely path from playing with a "lackluster Xbox Live connection and with a dwindling arcade scene," to competing, and winning, on the world scale.

Xian's story is full of highs and lows, for instance, after winning EVO, a time that many would think to be a high, Xian actually sunk to a place of total dejection: “I was really discouraged after winning EVO. I was at my lowest point. When you win, your mind starts wandering. You do the most predictable moves. People figure you out easily. You can’t think properly about the risk versus reward of the moves you’re doing.”

There's much more to the story, hit the jump to read on.

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Daigo's Street Fighter 5 Ryu already shows promise as he takes on Human Bomb and others at the Hong Kong Anime Video Game Festival

In case anyone had any doubts, MCZ|Daigo Umehara is already really good at Street Fighter 5. The Beast recently made an appearance at a PlayStation event in Hong Kong, and made quick work of any and all competition, including Human Bomb.

Though Daigo surely isn't yet at the level we expect him to one day be at, the game isn't even out yet after all, he shows off his fundamental skills and abilities with strong footsies and okizeme. The sequence below serves as evidence:

Click image for animated version

If you'd like to see Daigo in action, here is the link to the PlayStation HK archive. Daigo plays at 18:00, 29:40, 35:00.

Thanks to sephirosuy for the submission.

Makoto gets counter hit while blocking, Seth shoots Rose through a wall and Sakura hits a full screen U1; check out this crazy SF4 glitch compilation

We've had Street Fighter 4 for roughly six years now, and chances are for anyone who's played the game for a good portion of those six years, they've seen a handful of strange happenings.

You've probably played a match wherein a character teleports through their opponent, or somehow makes contact with a move that should've whiffed by a mile. It goes to show you can work day and night trying to perfect a video game, but it's near impossible to get rid of all the glitches.

Smash and Grab has made a compilation video of some of their favorite goofy glitches and mid-match mishaps. They've spent hours figuring out just the right match ups, spacings and timings that send the game into moments of chaos as it scrambles to make sense of what's going on.

You may have seen some of these before, like Decapre's strange ultra two whiff, but some of these will have you rewinding the video as you yourself try to make sense of what you've seen. Hit the jump below to see the video.

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Gootecks and Mike Ross welcome WWE superstar Xavier Woods on Excellent Adventures as they take on the Street Fighter 5 beta

WWE superstar Xavier Woods. a.k.a. Austin Creed, has joined Gootecks and Mike Ross for a tangent line of Excellent Adventures titled, "The Beta Adventures."

In this episode, Gootecks tries to explain the basics of Street Fighter to Creed with the goal of making him, "at least better than your friends." Their platform? The Street Fighter 5 online beta.

From learning how to hold the stick to figuring out footsies, Professor Gootecks and Professor Ross train their WWE protege for the grueling world of online Street Fighter. How does he do? You'll have to hit the jump below to find out.

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