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Why the tournament standard for Street Fighter 5 should be a best of five format

In an article a few weeks back I likened Street Fighter 5 to a chess match as opposed to a shoot out. The central idea there was to say that SF5 is based more on reads than it is on reactions.

As a result of the game's read-based nature, some would argue against the game's consistency when it comes to competitive play. With the exception of a few top players, placings for many competitors vary quite a bit from event to event.

The problem is this game is unforgiving and allows for very few do-overs, and the way tournaments are formatted right now may not best determine who is the better player.

It seems the true skill in SF5 is measured in an individual's ability to see their opponent and alter their own strategies. You might not be able to see Nash's dash coming, but you can see what prompted someone to perform said dash, and be ready for it with a beefy punish next time.

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Ryan Hart attempts to change Daigo's mind on a specific Street Fighter 5 match up, but it's hard to sway The Beast

BST|Daigo Umehara and Ryan Hart met in the top 16 winners bracket for Street Fighter 5 at EGX this past weekend, and Hart a few pre-match words with The Beast.

Hart, being a Japanese speaker, was able to ask Daigo which of their characters, (Ken and Ryu respectively) wins in the match up. Daigo expressed that he felt Ryu had the advantage, and Hart, who evidently did not agree, then attempted to change his opponent's mind with some stellar Ken play.

Click on the image of Daigo and Hart in the movie we all wish would happen to see their full conversation:

You can watch their EGX bout in the video below.

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ZeRo harassed by fellow player at Los Angeles Smash 4 event, security forced to step in

Gonazalo "TSM|ZeRo" Barrios' run at the 2GGT Abadango Saga Smash 4 tournament in Los Angeles last weekend would require he deal with opponents both in game and, surprisingly enough, in real life.

The top Smasher had a run in with an unruly fellow competitor that wound up escalating throughout the day. ZeRo took to his Twitter to share the situation with his followers as it began and progressed:

"Guy who would always say s*** in my comments showed up and MM'ed Me for 20. Two stocked him, called him free and said I don't want your $," began Barrios.

A short while later he tweeted out, "Same guy is now following me around the venue yelling stuff at me and bothering me People don't think things like this happen, so posting."

Things would eventually come to a head when security got involved. ZeRo shared a video of the escalating discussion between the player and security person.

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What do coaches whisper about on stream? Beards and karate of course... Ernesto Lopez offers a hilarious interpretation in his latest video

If you're a fan of Bad Lip Reading, you'll love Ernesto Lopez's "Coach Mics."

Ernesto has taken footage from tournament streams and dubbed in his own dialogue as he imagines what certain coaches may have been saying to players during crucial moments of tournament play.

You'd think these coaches would want to be helping with the game, but apparently they're more concerned with hair, karate, beards and YouTube subscriptions. Have yourself a laugh by checking out the video below.

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Dhalsim gets sucked into Urien's super, scary throw mix ups, and more: Sonic Fox is playing Street Fighter 5's newest character, and doing it well

A handful of top players in the community are taking a run at learning Urien in Street Fighter 5. One such player is cR|SonicFox, known for playing F.A.N.G in this game and having an outstanding Mortal Kombat X career.

In a recent set against TS|Sabin's Dhalsim, SonicFox tried out his new-found Urien. From what we're seeing so far, he's already looking strong.

SonicFox shows off a number of brutal set ups, including the one below that uses his opponent's fear of Aegis Reflector to reset the situation with throw and score a quick stun.

Click image for animated version

You'll also see a slick punish on one of Sim's extended limbs that actually sees him being sucked into Urien's Critical Art and hit with all 10 hits. Be sure to keep an eye out at around 7:55 in the video after the jump. .

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Street Fighter 5 PC mods: Yoga Master Shiela concept brought to life, and Rolento swaps bodies with Rashid

It seems like there's always new Street Fighter 5 mods making the rounds, and today we've got a couple here that definitely shouldn't be missed.

THEJAMK has put together another mod based on CFN concept art, this time taking a step away from the rejected costumes to bring us one of the yoga masters, Shiela. You'll also find here a mod from Luchok that swaps out Rashid for Rolento, making the soldier seem a lot more carefree than he usually is.

Here's a gallery to get you started. You can see the mods in action in the videos after the jump. Be sure to check the descriptions for download information if you want to use them for yourself.

Sheila/Rolento mod gallery image #1 Sheila/Rolento mod gallery image #2 Sheila/Rolento mod gallery image #3 Sheila/Rolento mod gallery image #4 Sheila/Rolento mod gallery image #5 Sheila/Rolento mod gallery image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Over 200 players registered for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator: If you like Anime, cosplay, and killer fighting game competition, don't miss CEOtaku

CEOtaku is taking place this weekend, October 1-2, in Orlando, Florida. The state's first Anime fighting game convention is back for another year of exciting competition, hype moments, and much more.

Alex Jebailey, founder of the CEO tournament series, is known for creating a large spectacle out of his events, and with him at the helm of yet another, you definitely won't want to miss it.

Not only will we be seeing games such as Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, King of Fighters 14, BlazeBlue: Central Fiction, and many others played over the course of the weekend, but attendees can look forward to checking out booths featuring numerous artists, a cosplay contest, and more.

To keep tabs on when everything is taking place at CEOtaku, check out the schedule below. You will also find the final entrants numbers (courtesy of Shoujozenzen) for each game on the line up, as well as the preliminary pools here.

Ceotaku schedule and entrant numbers image #1 Ceotaku schedule and entrant numbers image #2
Click images for larger versions

A trailer for CEOtaku can be found after the jump.

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Pullum hates hard-headed people, and is part of the same worldwide sorority as Karin - More Street Fighter EX love from CFN profiles

The Capcom Fighters Network profiles have taken a somewhat surprising turn the last few days, delving into Street Fighter EX characters.

These characters have long been considered off-limits to Street Fighter fans, considering the games were developed by Arika, and although each profile has a "Copyright Arika" mark at the bottom, these characters are still being introduced, and some even contain references to Street Fighter 5's story and current happenings.

Whether Capcom and Arika have reached some sort of deal or not, it's quite exciting to see. This time, we're detailing the extremely wealthy Arabian princess, Pullum Parna. Check out her image here.

Street Fighter 5 Pullum Parna Profile image #1
Click images for larger versions

Continue below for Pullum's full profile.

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Mortal Kombat XL's next balance patch scheduled for October 4th release

If you're anxiously awaiting balance changes in Mortal Kombat XL, you won't have to wait much longer.

Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, Ed Boon, took to Twitter today to reveal the next patch's release date. According to him, we'll be seeing the changes go live on Tuesday, October 4th.

But if you feel you can't wait that long to see what tweaks each character on the roster has received, fear not. The Kombat Kast will return on Monday, October 3rd to give a full rundown of what we'll see in the update.

Click image for Boon's tweet

Source: Ed Boon on Twitter. Sent in by nightmaresteam and an anonymous reader.

Urien's Critical Art hitbox is huge, and knee drop's is surprisingly small - check out how all of his moves work in Street Fighter 5

The Urien information continues to hit the internet, and this time alb3530 brings us a look at all of Street Fighter 5's latest character's hitboxes.

This video gives us a look at each move in real time, then follows with a slow-motion shot of everything. Seeing each hitbox allows us to determine how much range each attack actually has, as some moves actually hit closer or further away than they appear to.

Below are just a few screenshots of Urien's hitboxes to get you started. For the full view, be sure to check out the video after the jump.

Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #1 Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #2 Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #3 Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #4 Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #5 Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #6 Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #7 Urien's Street Fighter 5 hitboxes image #8
Click images for larger versions

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Julio, Gllty, and Chris T. recently visited Topanga TV; watch as they battle Haitani, Fuudo, and Bonchan in a 3v3 Street Fighter 5 match up

On a recent installment of Topanga TV, three American players made a guest appearance on the overseas fighting game broadcast. Gllty, FOX|Julio, and EVB|Chris Tatarian sat down to talk a little bit about themselves and play some Street Fighter 5.

They take part in a short interview in which each players shares a few things about themselves, followed by a 3v3 competition. The US players go head-to-head with a team comprised of MJS|Haitani, RZR|Fuudo, and RB|Bonchan.

Below is a quick clip from the 3v3.

Click image for animated version

You can check out the full archive after the jump.

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Updated: Capcom Cup is a two-day event - to be held in Anaheim, California on December 3rd; tickets available now

Updated: The official Capcom Fighters Twitter account sent out clarification about this year's Capcom Cup. The event will actually be two days, with top 32 to top 8 played on December 2nd, and top 8 played on December 3rd.

Earlier: Capcom Cup has been officially announced.

The finish line for the Capcom Pro Tour will once again be housed inside of the PlayStation Experience event. Instead of a NorCal setting this year, PSE will migrate south to Anaheim, California according to the PlayStation blog.

Though the PlayStation Experience runs both Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Street Fighter 5 fans will only technically need to purchase a ticket for Saturday as the finals will be held at 6:00 p.m.

You can see the PSE 2016 trailer and find a link to the registration page below.

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Why do you think Street Fighter 5's DLC characters haven't had a major impact on the Capcom Pro Tour so far?

We're up to six DLC characters in Street Fighter 5, but excluding Urien who's not eligible for Capcom Pro Tour tournaments yet, we haven't seen the new fighters have much of an impact on the Capcom Pro Tour so far.

Back in early September, we noted Guile was the only DLC character who'd won a CPT event.

While the characters have shown up here and there at events, it's still fairly rare to see the DLC fighters in the latter parts of a tournament.

Compared to Mortal Kombat XL (Alien, Triborg, Predator) and Smash 4 (Cloud, Bayonetta, Mewtwo), some would argue that the DLC characters in SF5 are more rare to see on the big stage.

We wanted to ask our readers why they think this has been the case, so we've setup a poll below.

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Street Fighter 5's Daily Challenges in danger of being too easy for their own good? Here's what we'd hope to see out of the game's newest feature

Street Fighter 5 has been out for nearly seven and a half months now, and last week's update finally saw the inclusion of the promised Daily Challenges.

These challenges would serve as another reason for players to explore the game, potentially being urged to use different characters, strategies and game modes to complete them.

Not only would they freshen SF5 up a bit, but they'd also be a brand new means of gaining Fight Money, the in-game currency used to purchase new colors, stages and characters.

Last Thursday's update saw said challenges go live, but they weren't quite what we expected.

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Filipino Champ goes live with Shaq on the Bud Light eSports' Happy Hour at 7 p.m. PDT

Loved for his top level game play, hated (or loved even more in some cases) for his on stage antics, PG|Filipino Champ is the fighting game community's rep on the Bud Light All-Stars eSports team.

This evening he'll be streaming live with none other than Shaquille O'Neal for Bud Light's Twitch Happy Hour. At this point we don't know exactly what game(s) will be played, but our fingers are crossed for some fighting game action.

You can watch the live stream via the embed below.

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